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Ana and the black janitor

Ana and the black janitor.

That Tuesday evening I was working late at my office. The place was not much crowded. I headed towards the washroom. The day had been warm and I was wearing a black skirt which was reaching almost my knee and a light white shirt.

As I was washing my face, some strange shadow moved on the mirror.
Then I saw Manfred, the black janitor, standing behind with a weird smile. When I turned to leave, he pinched my buttocks. I shouted in surprise and turned and slapped him hard. Due to that slap he became very angry and just caught my hand and dragged me into a washroo... Continue»
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Welcome home treat

It had been a long 6 months away from home with work, and I couldn't wait to get back home and get in my own bed for the night, the journey home was a nightmare with plane delays and then road closures, it had taken me 11hours to do a 6 hour journey.

Once I had finally gotten home I threw my belongings in the lounge, locked the door, stripped off and headed for the shower. I noticed my bedroom door was ajar as I walked past to the bathroom, I just assumed I hadn't shut it before I left.

As I was showering I heard the door creak open slowly, I thought an intruder was in my home, I ripp... Continue»
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Birthday Session


I received the ultimate gift from my wife on my birthday. I had no clue she was getting this ready for me. She did a masterful job protecting it from me so I couldn’t catch on. It helped that I was distracted with work, of course. What was it, you ask? 10-day-old disgusting, smell and sweat-soaked, worn pantyhose, worn at work, to bed (she actually covered them with clean socks so I wouldn’t find out), to the gym, 16 hours a day, for 10 days straight. They were tan colored, somewhat see-through, and set up just to soak up the sweat and smell worse than socks ever could. ... Continue»
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Spring Break Footjob

Being a college student, I was so looking forward to my first spring break trip with my girlfriends Maggie and Kelly. We were heading to the Bahamas and I had finished packing that morning when we found out that our plane had been cancelled and we had to take an alternative flight that, for one, was the "red eye" which departed at midnight, a slight layover in Miami, then on to Treasure Cay in the Bahamas.

When we boarded the plane, we only had two seats together in the front of the plane and one in the back. Since Kelly was very nervous about flying, Maggie decided to sit up front with he... Continue»
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my first time

so i use to talk to this girl to get pics of her naked nice tits and ass but one day i was chating with her and got on cam and show her my cock then she told me her gay friend was watching and i got even harder so i told her i did'nt care so i keep jacking off and cum soo much later that night i got a new # text and it was him we talk for a few hrs then he ask of a pic of my cock i ask for what he told me he like it and wanna to jack off to it i told him if he sends me one and right after that i had a nice hard cock pic got me rock hard in a sec so i sent him one and a few mins later i got a p... Continue»
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My Smothering Fetish

I have a smothering fetish. For the longest time, my wildest sexual fantasy has been to smother a guy until he passes out. It'd turn me on even more if he was surprised by it. I'd lure him in by telling him to lick my vagina. Excitedly, he'd lower his head down to my pussy. Then, just as he's about to start licking, I'd squeeze his neck with my strong thighs, aroused beyond belief as he gasps for air but chokes on my sweet, wet pussy. He may mumble "stop" or "I can't breathe", but I'd just keep squeezing until he passes out! Ooh, how much I'd love that.

I'd also like to smother a guy in oth... Continue»
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Georgina – The Gang Bang

Georgina's mind whirled at what had happened. Her ass still felt stretched after being used by Mr. Moore. Then when he blasted his sperm on her face, she had been so excited as he smiled at her. Then he told her that the job was hers but then he told her about the fifty black men who would use her!

"I need the money!" She told herself as she cleaned up and put her clothes on

Then she tried to imagine letting so many men use her! Use her ass! She felt absolutely desperate as she stepped back out of the bathroom after cleaning... Continue»
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When they were growing up my daughter had a friend through a club they belonged to, called Gemma. She lived locally and my wife and I soon got used to her turning up on our doorstep most weekends and after school. Gemma's mum had been young when she had her and was still young and hot. I was secretly very pleased that the girls were such good friends, as we became friends with her mum too.

The problem was that I don't think her mum was ready to settle down to being a mum. Gemma's dad lived a distance away and rarely saw her. There were a few different men over the years, who would live with... Continue»
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The best friend that's out of your league.

Have you ever hard a best friend that was incredibly gorgeous? That you wish you could fuck the life out of but she wouldn't give you the opportunity to? Well this is the story of how I finally fucked my best friend Simone. She's 19, 5'3", 36" 26" 30" body measurements, tattoos everywhere, lip, tongue, nipples (small sexy gumdrop nipples), and pussy pierced. Has the most beautiful big brown eyes you will ever see and her lips would make any guy hard to have her suck his dick. I mean from head to toe flawless and the sweetest person in the world. I wanted her badly.

So, we were watching t... Continue»
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New To The Neighbourhood I meet My Neighbours (Fir

The job transfer from the remote mine to the city was welcome but the search for a suitable unit was more frustrating and took a couple of weeks. Eventually I found a comfortable two-bedroom unit at the rear of a block of four not too far from town. On a Monday morning I acquired the keys from the agent and arrived an hour later with a professional cleaning crew. It took most of the day to clean the place, except for the carpets that they were going to steam clean next day. In the late afternoon I was wandering around the unit thinking about the placement of my furniture and belongings, due... Continue»
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P and I spend an amazing night with Ivy!

P and I have been buddies and fuckbuddies for a little while. We're both bi and we hooked up through my fiancee (she loves to watch us play together) and we found that beyond playing with her, we had a bit in common. We're the same age, but where I'm kind of bearish, he's smooth. My cock is thick with a big mushroom head and his is longer and thinner. We both love to suck and stroke together, although that's as far as we had gone until that night.

P called me one night, wanting to have a guys' night out. Drinking, gambling and hitting strip clubs and sex stores. My fiancee said to have fun... Continue»
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S1ster's Show

"Will the passengers for Plein Sud du Ligne on Air Pandora flight 25935 please come to the information desk."

The tannoy was barely understandable, but I got the gist. When I reached the information desk, it was chaos. All 500+ passengers of the Airbus 380 seemed to be s**t1ered around the desk and a lot of shouting was going on. Instead of trying to manoeuvre myself to the desk, I went over to a neighbouring airline's desk. It was empty except for a single attendant following the commotion at her rival's desk.

"Excuse me," I said politely to her.

She looked up. "Sir?"

I tossed my ... Continue»
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A bride's tale

I woke up to the sound of our neighbors pulling up into their driveway. The car's headlights briefly penetrated the roman shades, casting shadows on the dark bedroom ceiling. I turned on my side, one hand tucked under my pillow and the other, fondling Ryan's bare chest. I watched it rise and fall in sync with his deep breathing. His handsome face was calm and relaxed. I moved my hand lower to his muscular midsection, tracing the outlines of his athletic abs with my fingers. Ryan is a wonderful lover and my face still had a post orgasm glow to it.

I looked at my hand and saw the sparkle ... Continue»
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Attention Whore girlfriend

My girlfriend is in fact a little trampy attention whore but just for me. The more I ignore her, the more she wants me. I love it. Don't get me wrong, I tend to her needs but sometimes the things she does really makes my bl**d rush to my cock in an instant.

On a day off from work, I'm enjoying it by relaxing winding down just playing some video games. When Nicole gets home, shes instantly bitching about her day at work. I pretend to ignore everything she says. As I continue to play CoD online, Nicole just stops and angerly says, "are you even fucking listening to a word I'm saying?" I don't... Continue»
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Jim's Discovery - Part 1

Jim was halfway through his afternoon in the office. He hated his job. Well he didn't really hated it, it was just too boring. Especially on such a nice Friday afternoon. He tried to concentrate but he couldn't, the job was just too boring, but then was saved by the bell. Or rather the ringing of his phone. He looked at the display and saw the number of his mother.

"Hi mum, how are you?", Jim answered the phone. "Hi Jimmy, I'm fine, how are you?" "Great mum, but I'm at work, so I don't have too much time. What can I do for you?" "Ohh I'm sorry to interrupt you honey! I just have a favor to ... Continue»
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Cold October rain

I'll write this in several segments, "Cold October rain" is the beginning of how I met my last lover back in 2001.

My husband and I lived in what was a semi rural town with lots of freedom after we were married. An older house with two lots on a not so busy street with fairly nice older neighbors who minded their own business unless stirred, but friendly enough folks. Well, as with all things, change was in the wind. The older neighbors began dying off, replaced with younger people who demanded change in the neighborhood and township. Our somewhat rural atmosphere began to be regulated ... Continue»
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My wife interracial gangbang with boys. Mature, an

My wife of 20 years works for an estate agency firm specialising in lettings. Several of the leased properties she manages are rented out as flats to young people on the periphery of being in care. One of her management duties is to inspect these properties on a regular basis to check for damage and that the conditions of the rental agreements are being adhered to.

Ruth is now forty two years old. She is a petite, dark haired woman with a slim figure and large, pendulous breasts. Her hair is generally worn tied up and she needs to wear glasses most of the time. In short, she looks every in... Continue»
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Dancing And Deepthroating

I love going to techno parties, it just something about dancing to the hard bass. So I start dancing with this guy that I’ve been eyeing all night. We start talking and he makes me laugh and thats admirable. But i have work the next day and so I tell him that we should go. He is kinda bummer cause its not too late, but I give his ear a lick and eyes obviously widen. We catch a taxi and speed on over to my place. We arrive and I tell him the elevator is broken, but it really isn’t. But I’m on the 5th floor, so its kinda a hike. So he opens the door to the stairway and I grab his crotch. Very li... Continue»
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Teaching deepthroat by example AGAIN

So I did finally heard from my friend again. We met up for coffee and turns out that she was quite turned on by my domination of it all. So we set up a date for another deepthroat session, but this one was all about me, and it was last night! I’m guessing that you want to hear all about it… And so I guess I’ll indulge your dirty horny drooling mind.

So right off the bat, she sits me down and tells me that she just wants to finger herself while her boyfriend fucks my face. I’m a bit surprised, but very wet at the thought. And I ask her of any other stipulations. She wants me wearing a poka-... Continue»
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Teaching deepthroat by example

So I was sick a few days ago with a cough and so I bought some cough spray. Only after using it did I realize that it totally numbed by mouth… Although I’ve learned to suppress my gag reflex, sometimes it unavoidable when a cock with a large girth is just too much for me. And thats what is so frustrating, I love big cocks. They just seem to demand attention. A thick cock is my master and I will work hard to throat it deeply. So you can see my frustration, no one likes the gagging sound, at least in my rules book. Such is life.

I met up with a few girlfriends for a late dinner yesterday afte... Continue»
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