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Black Meat - KOMPLETTE Story (Literotica Story by

Black Meatby Worrak©


Ein Gutes hat der Irak-Krieg (und das ist auch wirklich das einzig Gute): Er spült jede Menge schwarze GIs nach Deutschland, die nach mehreren Monaten im Einsatz extrem ausgehungert und extrem spitz sind.

Und Frank kennt diese GIs. Franks Name ist in der ganzen Black Community bekannt und wer als Farbiger nach Frankfurt versetzt wird und Lust hat auf 'ne weiße Muschi, der ruft Frank an.

Denn Frank kennt auch die Frauen, die auf dicke, lange Schwänze stehen, wie nur Schwarze sie haben.

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Polly and Len Pt 3 (Blue leotard and Tights)

I delighted in seeing Len behind my boyfriend's back over the next few months. Every couple of weeks we'd meet up in his luxury apartment he rented when he was in the region. I had a key so I could wait and dress for him. Before he came home I slipped on my wig, tarty make-up, two layers of glossy black tights, a small skintight blue lycra leotard and four inch heels. I slowly swished over to the bar area and prepared our drinks, and put on some romantic music. I smiled as I thought about us, while I poured the drinks, wiggling my arse ever so sli... Continue»
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First Time at Spa

This happened exactly two days back. For last 2 months I was going through a dry spell after breakup with my girlfriend. But for last couple of days I was really feeling horny and wanted to have sex desperately. Thoughts of calling an e****t or visiting one started to go through my mind but nothing materialized.

Two days back while returning through office, I took stairs instead of lift and saw a Thai spa. I knew about the spa for a longtime but never had any interest in visiting it. It has glass door covered with black film so nothing is visible. I walked down the staircase very slowly to ... Continue»
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Easter Gay Cruising

This is a tale of my Easter Bank Holiday gay cruising and the fun I had while I was there.

On the Saturday, I drove to my favourite cruising spot near Thetford forest and parked the car in the Forestry Commission car park.
I was a bit early and there didn't seem to be anyone else around yet, so I decided to go for a walk along the paths through the woods. There are several areas that guys use to park and have sex, so I checked each one out, as I made a tour of the area. No one about, so I ended up walking around in a big circle and arrived back at my car and decided to wait and see if any... Continue»
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High School Girls

High School Girls
A Rings of the Oni Story

by Jaana

"Three teenage boys find their simple lives completely overturned, and
their friendship put to the test, when an unexpected find grants them
both nightmare and gift beyond price."

*** WARNING: The following story contains graphic depictions of sex,
female transformation and female arousal. You have been warned! ***

"Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with
whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart."
- Marcus Aurelius, 'Meditations'

"For I have been a traveler in a... Continue»
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The Meet Up (part 1)

We've been chatting online for a fes months now and finnaly your curiosity conceded
you to meet in person. After work you ho to the adress i gave you and at the door you find a note under a black cloth. You pick it up and it reads "Go to the back and blindfold yourself." You're not sure about it but your curiosity gets the better of you,you want to see what happens. You walk over to the back and place the cloth around your head,blindfolding yourself. You wait to see what happens and suddenly you hear the door creek open. You want to see but you can't, you only remember what i look like from t... Continue»
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Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

I had been chatting on the net for several weeks with Erasmus, a nice huge black man that I had met at some friend`s party some time ago.

We talk mostly about sex, of course and I had been telling him that my fantasy was to be sold as a slave and used as a sex toy by many men.

He laughed, telling me that he was able to fulfill the fantasy of every white woman.

Some weeks ago he invited me to have dinner. My loving Victor was away from town for several days, so, he would not even notice my cheating with Erasmus.

We met at a nice restaurant outside th... Continue»
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I was surounded by five more of the worlds biggest huge black cock's they were huge powerful massive shafts that were swinging down past there knees all five of these stud friends of David's as the huge men were all over me as i was still impailed on David's imense hard cock being held up like i was on display these men were super strong muscles bulging out they were pumping up there huge biceps flexing there arms making them swell like many black mountain ranges for my eyes to soke up and my eight inch clit was vibrating from this hot spectical that was beeing put on just for me ,David lifted... Continue»
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In the ladies room

I work at a bar. The end of every night shift i have to check the entire bar. One night though I just had to do my count out for the end of the night andi didnt get to check and see who was still left. Finish my countout and start to clean I open the womens restroom door, and there were 2 patrons. 1 a lady who frequents the bar often, pretty good looking latina girl, early 40's, short and a little chubby (in all the right places)
2. Another lady who i know realized was using her penis to have sex with the cute lil latin girl. I stood there for a minute mouth agape the Tranny I used to know a... Continue»
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Three Girls at a Barbeque

It's still a mystery to me how this all got started. I went over to my
s****r's house for a barbeque and she had a lot of people over. Somehow, I
got stuck at a table with about seven little girls. I say little, but they
weren't really that young.
At twenty six, I find girls that age difficult to talk
to, but they had no problem talking to me and among themselves. They were
going to a parade later and my s****r. Sherrie, begged me to go along.
I've seen a parade and this one would be like all the others so I didn't
want to waste my afternoon. My s****r's pleading caused a... Continue»
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Nurse Maid by loyalsock

"Where are we headed," Angie asked, as Petra slipped her car into and pulled smoothly into traffic? "It's a surprise," Petra said with a gleam in her eye, "you'll find out when we get there!!! "We're no going to the stables again today," Angie rejoined, "it's too damn cold out side for riding a horse!!!" "Keep you tits in your bra , girl," Petra replied, "we aren't going horse back riding, but if I remember right, the last time we went, you had about a hundred orgasms!!!" "Oh, phooey on you," Angie retorted, "I just don't feel like freezing my ass off, that's all!!!" "And it's a very pretty as... Continue»
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The Wife and 3 Young Guys

September 2014, my husband and I decided to visit one of the many nude resorts here in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since we live in Pinellas County, I suggested to my husband we drive North about an hour to resort and see if we can find someone to get with.

For a few days prior to visiting this nude resort, I suggested to my husband that I wanted to find a guy to possibly get with while we were there. As usual my husband is game for anything that is fun and enjoyable. However, he said on one condition; that if we find someone he wants me to be slut. So on our drive there, my husband asked me how h... Continue»
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My fantasy pt 1

This is my fantasy based on finding out one of my friends was gay.

My friend Nick was always a little 'different'. We took the piss out of him as lads do, but he had a very sexy Indian girlfriend who he claimed to fuck regularly so we never suspected he was anything other than straight.

One summers day I visited Nick as I was in the area. He was wearing shorts and was more serious than usual. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had split from his girlfriend. I said that was sad and that I had liked her (in fact I regularly wanked thinking about her!). I asked him why they had spli... Continue»
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my wife takes advantage of 18 year old neighbor wh

My wife of 23 years and I have been trying to spice things up in the bedroom, so we have been exploring different sexual theme's and scenarios and lately she has become more sexually driven by the idea of being taken by a younger guy....young like 19-20 young, so much so I have been bringing her to huge orgasms very vocal and squirting, something that was new to the both of us, it seemed the more descriptive and detailed of asking her questions about what would she do with a very young boy and could she even handle a boy that young and horny, she assured me that she could and would have so muc... Continue»
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risky moments

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch.

... Continue»
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It had been expensive but after the latest in a long series of disastrous break ups Andrea finally decided to swear off real men for a while and purchased the sex bot upgrade for Max, her Enf***er 900 home security robot.

It was late Friday afternoon, almost a week since Andrea first ordered Max’s upgrades, that she finally received a text message informing her that Max’s upgrades were complete and her robot would be returned home that afternoon. That evening, Max was waiting by the door to greet Andrea when she returned from work, “Good evening Andrea, it’s nice to see you again. And how ... Continue»
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Borderlands the sexequal part 1

Lilith stormed into Crimson Raider HQ, WHERE THE FUCK IS ROLAND she shouted. Everyone there just looked at her in surprise the firey siren no taller than 5'10 and sporting a curvaciously fit body with a nice set of c cup breasts stood ready to rip someone a new asshole in response to her question. Roland walks downstairs from the command room demanding to know what all the shouting was about and saw Lilith his girlfriend turn and walk towards him and slam him in the face then walk upstairs several of the guards and Tannis te unofficial HQ secretary looked shocked at the blatant display infront... Continue»
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Interracial Profiling Gone Wrong

A successful, law-abiding black man get's fed up with being racially profiled and goes off the deep end.

I'm a black man. I'm not a thug. I don't sell d**gs. I won't hurt you.
I'm actually a doctor. Went to college and medical school. I help people.
But none of that matters when you're a black man, you see. White people only see you one way.
I've been pulled over by the cops too many times to remember. Questioned. Harassed. It's humiliating.
And it's not just the authorities. It's regular people too. ... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 9

Chapter One

It started out as a very stressful weekend. My step-monster had stolen the money from the sale of my salon. Master had arranged to meet with her to discuss the problem. She had threatened to call the gossip magazines and out Master for being in the BDSM lifestyle.

Master offered her $1,000,000 for her to go away and never have contact me again and to buy her silence. In order to get the money she would have to submit to Master for the next three days.

This is Sunday, the last day of her submission. Master has had me me busy doing other things because he felt that I... Continue»
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As long as I can recall, even before my knowledge of sexuality even existed, I have been a deeply sexualized person. I had a multitude of crushes in my early years, mostly older women such as teachers, women in uniforms excited me in unexplainable ways that caused a wonderful tingling sensation between my legs. When I discovered masturbation it suddenly opened a whole new world of imagination as these women became characters in my fantasies that I could manipulate like a puppeteer guided a marionette, but my knowledge was still poor and all I could see use doing was being in bed kissing passio... Continue»
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