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LISA #2: Les Love-2

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

I will also host my best girlfriend from here at my home, finally she is not afraid anymore to meet me
I will be busy teaching those two slender sexy sweet yummy young blonde beauties both only
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Carol: My Mentor Part I: Background

This is not exactly a true story, though there is a kernel of truth to it. Rather, it is a fantasy of mine that evolved from the fact that Carol, the heroine of this story, so to speak, actually did make herself totally "available" to me, if you know what I mean, in an attempt to get me to go out with her in college and--at least for public consumption-- become her "boyfriend." I turned Carol down not because I didn't like her or because she wasn't attractive, but rather because she had a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most sexually experienced coeds on campus, and I was relativ... Continue»
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The Wrong Bus, Part 3

This is part three of the story. Please remember I did not write this story I love it so much that I want to post it and share it with the rest of you. If you want to show some appreciation please give it to the original author her email is at the bottom of the story

The Wrong Bus, Part 3
By Sissy Trisha

I finally got home after what seemed like an exceptionally long cab
ride. The cum that had leaked into my panties and shorts had finally
dried on the drive home. I walked into my house ready to pass out on the
bed. The first thing I noticed walking into my bedroom was a pile of my
u... Continue»
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My Wife at the Company Beach Party (FAN EDIT)


All credit goes to the original author of the story Mr. Clarkoverns his page can be found at this is a favourite post with a few fan edits as tribute to the originality of the author. please visit Mr. clarkoverns site for more of his great work. I Do not own nore claim to own the characters, plot, or any part of the story that is the authors original work.

original story can be found here:
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The Lonely Wife 5&^

Chapter 5
The next Saturday I was to meet my teen lover again and was looking forward to a good fuck session with that big cock. I went to the same hotel and checked in. I pulled my car around the backside of the hotel since I wanted to get my car out of sight. As I turned around the corner I got a big shock when I saw my husband’s car parked there.
Son of bitch that bastard was already there probably fucking his lover!
I moved my car about a block away and walked back to the hotel. I went to my room which looked over the parking lot where his car was parked. I wanted to see who he was wi... Continue»
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Lingerie, Louise, and Kim.

The lingerie ladies show was soon to start. The women's club were certain particularly beautiful women that had trysts during the times their well to do husbands "played poker". The poker game was a front for the men in the swingers club known for thier proclivity to let us just say, well dress up in a manner in which the women were aware and as the women club were of a lesbian encounter group, and the men of a cross dressing, lingerie wearing transvestite group, the whole of all in the exclusive swingers club was that of a open secret The women got together that night to have... Continue»
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When we arrived at the Blue Room for Drip's private dance, there waiting was a bottle of chilled expensive red wine, shrimp cocktails, rolled chronic and a mirror lined with coke. The beefy bouncer cracked the seal on the wine, laid some fresh towels on a fancy stand near the couch then exited with a sinister grin. About ten minutes passed then Drip glided into the room wearing only silk pajamas and Versace slippers. He looked really nice oiled and masculine.

" Ms. Taffy will you do the honors of pouring us a little wine sweetheart?" Drip asked me seductively.

"Yes" I reached ... Continue»
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daddy's a sissy who wears pantyhose too.

Daddy started to wear mommies pantyhose and high heels after mommy made him into a transvestite for fun and profit. At first, he got caught wearing my pantyhose and masturbating in them with mommy. Then mommy told daddy that since he enjoyed wearing pretty intimate items while together, they would go all out and invite some of the womens club over to have a lingerie show. Mommies friends were sexy lesbians who knew mommie before. Even though they were married to men with responsibility their husband's also were hot looking cross dresser like daddy. The girls got the fashion show to... Continue»
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Lizvette weekend part 2

As she slept beside me on the sofa in her school skirt and knee socks I studied her. Long black hair, waving just slightly where she had curled it with her iron probably, Thick full lashes and a natural unpainted mouth. Her arms and legs were tucked close to her body, as if she were shielding herself, but the room was not cold. Between her thighs were the now milky white streaks of the cum she drained me of, at long last I thought, for her sake. She would need a bath, but I decided there was time to let her sl**p.

On the table was the sandwich she had made for me. I took a bite and found it... Continue»
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e****ts on many whores dot com

I just read a comment some person left on my profile that I really didn't like because it made no sense. This person ask what is the purpose of my site is it to shame the women ? Then it blocked me from their profile so I couldn't respond. If the person take time to read my blogs and watch the clips they would no what it is about and those women are not shamed into anything. They no exactly what they doing all up in the camera trying to do a good job. I don't hide cameras and sneak video women they agree to fuck on video before I go see them . If I pick up a street hoe I ask them and they agre... Continue»
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BBW Fucked By Dads Friends

My name is Melissa and I am eighteen years old. I live with my dad in a trailer park in a small rural farm town. My dad and I have been living alone since my mom left four years ago and my dad hasn't been the same since. He started drinking all the time and is usually hanging out with his friends at our place playing poker and listening to oldies music. Usually when his friends are over and there drinking I will say hello to them but usually I stay in my room because it gives me a headache listening to them hooting, hollering and talking about girls they've "Banged". My dads friends are always... Continue»
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Stranger on Stranger...

First let me say this...stranger with stranger sex is dangerous for two reason, first, there are some real nuts out there that gets their kicks from hurting or harming you. Secondly you never know what type of STD you may or may not end up with so I don't recommend this for anyone.

Some time ago I was in a local park that has many walking paths that lead through heavily dense bush. Daylight or twilight, you can find guys going at it. Doing the day I like to walk through and observe, twilight and early night I like to participate.

My normal dress is short pants(thin underwear), socks... Continue»
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Mother's Day Weekend Part One {True Story}

It was around 11:00pm on May 10th 2012; also known as the kick-off of a all-time fantasy.

I was on Facebook and I recently got a message from a older friend of mine.
Her name was Mary(Not Using Real Names)and she said "Hey long time no talk." I replied saying
"Yeah I know right, what are you up to." "Not a damn thing," she said "I saw you were online and
wanted to see how have you been." At this point I had visions of her and her ass all of sudden.
I quickly had to adjust myself as my pants were becoming tighter. The conversation went on for about three hours, but within those three ho... Continue»
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Letter to my GF

I’m addicted to eating shit from men and womens arses. I have been eating shit for over 50 years and love it. I eat my own shit nearly every day and although I enjoy it, nothing is better than someone especially women kneeling over my face and taking a dump straight in my mouth.

I‘ve been eating shit for over 50 years ago since I was about 10 years old and shortly afterwards I ate shit from anybodies arse who would shit in my mouth, of course I would drink piss from a cunt or cock to flush the shit down my toilet throat. My preference is to eat shit from a woman but shit has the same wonder... Continue»
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Evil stepmom - Evil Steps****r.

So my father left the house heading for Hong Kong, it was a couple of days after he had watched me fucking his wife, my stepmother, and after a lot of arguing and shouting he decided he needed to go away for a while, so he left and now I was alone with Melinda.
Well it didn't take too long before we were back to normal, it was just a couple of days later when I came home and Melinda was sunbathing topless by the pool.
Her perky white boobs and their rock hard nipples were just sitting there gleaming in the sunshine and almost immediately I had a rock hard cock and few seconds later Melinda w... Continue»
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Michelle's Big Surprise Part 3

Michelle's surprise 3

This next part takes place the following night.Here is what happened in my next dream.
It's a week later and My s****r Vanessa came to town to see me as it is Her birthday this weekend.We are watching a movie when the phone rings."Hello Claudia it is great to hear from you how are you"I asked."I am very good and very horny are you alone My friend Jasmine and Maxine are very horny as well.Are you up for some hot action baby"Claudia replies."Yes it would be a nice suprise for my s****r Vanessa you all can fuck her as well come on over.It will be a 41st birthday she won'... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 4

I woke up early in the morning in a bit of a haze sensing someone near me and then remembered going to sl**p with my cock buried in my mom’s ass and realized it was my mom next to me. I put my arm around her; she immediately took my hand moving it up to her tits and squeezed my hand. I followed her lead and fondled her tits while she wiggled her ass against my crotch. I was still sl**py and dozed back off with I’m sure, a big smile on my face and a somewhat aroused cock. I must have dozed for a couple more hours, for when I woke, my mom was just coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. S... Continue»
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Bus story by Cezar73

Bus story
i can recognize you in the dark...

slutty smell....

still on the bus....

i hope you remain alone here....

i was wandering what to do to you....

it is late ...

other passengers are going out of bus...

: another stop...

other 2 in bus...
you know iam watching you....

: i move and go close to your seat...

: the bus is emptynow....

just the driver....

: me and you...

the driver gives a look with mirror....

more interested in you than me.....

our eyes are talking....

driver is a smart guy...

not so young ..

put my hand in the pocket ... Continue»
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my wife seducing my banker

Hi I am stive white man from brooklyn new york its is my real story , my wife is from mexican her name salma , we are marred 2 year before, we are meet at my friend marriage , we share contact and meet again love each other. I am running business in broklyn , 1 year before some improvement in my shope and I took money from some financers, persa he is a jew , but business not going good the credit was increased I cant pay such money because its more than imageble.he send some guys in my shope and destroy somethin.. I don’t know what to do . I talk to my friend and my parents they didn’t help me... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 3

Here I am eating my dinner sitting across from my mom. So what is so unusually about that you might ask? Well, my mom is sitting there with nothing on except her thong panties. She is a beautiful woman with wonderful big tits that I can’t keep my eyes off and when I’m close to her now, can’t keep my hands off. It hard to imagine that it was but a few days ago that if I ever got just a glimpse of her cleavage or upper thighs, I would go into my room and jack off. Now I’m actually sitting across from her while she is essentially nude. She is just delightful, sitting there talking about what has ... Continue»
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