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Miss Vicky

It was already 7pm, when Vicky returned home from her work. Wet and a little cold from the drizzle and feeling tired, as she had a hard day at the college. Exam time was near, so everybody was a little more edgy and frantic than usual.
As Vicky couldn´t be bothered to cook, she slammed a ready-meal in the microwave and opened a bottle of red wine. She took rather a large sip and exuding a big sigh, fell back on the sofa. What a day, she mumbled. PING, her food was ready. She got up, wizzed her meal another 30 seconds and then at her meal in total silence at the kitchen table. She had to hurry... Continue»
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Gregory & Mom

Gregory and Mom
The story of a Young Ebony Sissy Boy pt1

I lie between Gregory’s large smooth thighs and slam my cock in and out of his boy-pussy harder and faster as I feel myself about to cum. He grunts and throws his phatt Brown ass right back at me, matching be stroke for stroke like the complete bottom Bitch he has become. I know that I am going to cum in another minute or two and I know that it’s going to be big. At that moment I hear the door to the house open, then his mom steps in and yells “hey boys, I’m home”! Gregory freaks out and tries to get away, but I hold his ankles tig... Continue»
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Seduced By A Granny

"Honey, I'm home," I joked, entering the apartment me and Jake recently rented.

I assumed he was home since I heard the shower running. I needed to use the toilet myself so I knocked on the door before entering; right there peeing my guts out, feeling relieved.

"Oh, that was nice", I said and washed my hands. "I hope you're not too busy. I got plans for us and it involves the opposite sex. You hear me?"

"What? Who's that?"

I learned that the voice behind the shower curtain didn't belong to Jake. She stuck her head out the curtain and I got a good look at her. This was not Jake's u... Continue»
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Magic Cock Male Multiple Orgasms

Candy and me, we were made for each other. 

Candy loves cum, and I can cum multiple times. 

I'm not talking that bullshit you read in porn mags where you just bring yourself as close to orgasm as you can then back off. I'm talking full-on ejaculations. There's something about my dick where it doesn't go all sensitive after I've cum. It stays hard. Rock hard. And so long as I keep on fucking or having it sucked or stroked or whatever, I can cum as many times as I want. 

You could say Candy's a cumslut. She loves it in her pussy, on her boobs, in her mouth, on her face, anywhere. She lo... Continue»
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My slut wife

Another day was me and my wife in a bar, was going on a party among friends, she found at a certain time I was half d***k, so she announced she was going to the bathroom, I just making me distracted, but I had realized she exchanged glances with a guy.
She took to come back, so I went to check the bathroom and was a surprise, she did not see me, but I could see she was in a corner in the darkened leaving the boy stick his cock in her pussy. She had her hands flat on the wall next to a tree, with the butt raised to facilitate the fuck they were doing. He was fucking her hard, I could hear her ... Continue»
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Episode 60 - Jenny meets Richard

Jenny hated sports at Junior High School – all sports really – her tits were just way too big. She had tried numerous sports bras, none seemed to contain her ample tit flesh. Anytime she had to run or jump, or worse turn a somersault – they would leap out, threatening to leap off her chest. Jenny had even tried crepe bandages and sticky tape to hold them in, but with no luck. Jenny hated sports, but had the hots for the tall, fit lads that played them. She would skip games lessons and sneak off to the swimming pool to watch the muscled legs pounding up and down the lanes, imagining handling th... Continue»
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First Time Pegged

"Hunny?!" I Shouted, shutting the door behind me; I had just got home. There was no response.

I walked through the house looking for my wife, I knew she must be home. I needed to know if the mail had arrived.

"Sweetie?" I heard her purring behind me. She was stood against the door frame, naked except for her new feeldoe. "It came this morning." She said with a grin.

My cock stirred, I hadn't cum in days, not since I told her my fantasies, not since we ordered it. Now it was here. It was time to give her my ass.

I had always dreamt of being ass fucked, but it was just a fantasy, I ... Continue»
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Men can have multiple orgasms- (1)

Role-playing (bad girl and her daddy)
I got to his hotel (he was in town on a job) and he met me outside and took me to his room. I asked him if he wanted me to dress and he said yes. He took off his clothes and sat down and watched me as I took my clothes off and slipped on a pair of white pair of panties with a flower design on them. Then I put on a black nylon camisole with lace trim and sat down and put on a pair of white lace thigh highs. I stood up and put on my plaid schoolgirl micro mini skirt. Then I looked at him and said don’t be mad at me daddy I’m sorry I was bad. Please
... Continue»
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I want you to watch me with a girl.
At first u just sit in a chair dressed while we play on the bed. We kiss because I like kissing girls, we stick our hands up eachothers skirts and play with each other's pussys. Cause the clits to swell and the pussys to drip. Then the shirts and bras come off as we take turns sucking on each other nipples. Then the skirts come off. She removes my panties with her teeth and eats me out by sticking her tongue up my pussy while she rubs my clit. I take her panties off and turn her around and u watch as we eat each other out at the same time. I grab the vibra... Continue»
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Jonny Wants the choir to be his e****ts

Jonny Wants the choir to be his e****ts

Since the first night that Angela sucked her husband (Pastor or minister John) as he ate his tea, Angela gave him head at every opportunity. When he woke in the morning his wooden shaft was sucked and licked before he got out of bed. John ate his breakfast at the dinning table after his first experience of a blow job from Angela and he always indicated she should get under the table and go to work. Tea at John's home was always accompanied by a blow job. On the rare occasions John was at home watching tv Angela gave him a blow job, then they would go ... Continue»
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Good Golly Ms Molly! (Story 1, Part 1)

Story is for Xhamster friend - exclusively for her. But she wants everyone else to hear it and get off to it as much as she has...

You look like you’re a bridesmaid possibly for someone’s wedding. You have got this sexy little smile from cheek to cheek and got sexy hair up, perfect place for you to suck cock, and beautiful big green eyes. Your figure is flawless and seeing you dancing up in down in the strapless dress, your tits just jiggle up and down.

I meet you at the reception and we hit it off pretty well. We danc... Continue»
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Interracial neighbor fantasy

I am a happily married man in my 30s, but I confess to harbor an explicit fantasy about the neighbor across the street.

I moved into the apartment across the street from the beautiful chocolate goddess I will call Sarah. The first thing that caught my eye about her was the fact that she drove a red moped. Every day, I would sit from porch and see her pull up, with her juicy, tones thighs straddling the the slightly too large seat. Sarah also has an credible ass, comparable to Lira Galore (look her up). She dressed somewhat unconventionally, also. I would almost call it dorky or else not in... Continue»
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Fantasies Come to Life Creampie

I had not been completely satisfied with the status of my sex life between my wife and I. Oh the sex was good; I just wanted a little more excitement. One night we were sharing some of our fantasies. Turns out she had fantasized about being taken by f***e. I shared some of mine with her as well. The result of this was one night that was certainly exciting.

It was a Saturday and Karen told me she was going to go running. She stays in great shape and looks marvelous. I told her I had some errands to run and I would be home in a couple of hours.

When Karen left I put my car in the garage so... Continue»
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My Little Girl is a Pervert

My Little Girl is a Pervert

Mistress Lisa became owner of my life a week ago when she showed me that she had caught me fucking someone who was not her mother. So my dear little girl, who had turned 18 only a few weeks earlier, beat the hell out of me and then used me… well you can read about that in “My Little Girl is Responsible”

The second Thursday went down this way…..


Lisa or, I mean Mistress Lisa met me at the door to our home. I walked past her and put my computer bag on the couch. As I walked past she slapped my ass hard and I yelped. A c... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 7) The party

It all started with a Facebook group. A group of people drawn together by common interest not related to sex. Well not in the beginning anyways. All involved had attended a bourbon festival and such each had joined a Facebook group that was for this festival. After chatting and laughing at each other's post day in and day out it was decided that the small circle of friends in that group made our own group and that's how our group of friends we had never even met was born. We had started to become really close, even just thru interaction on Facebook. It got to the point where post and chat on t... Continue»
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Janet Gets Lucky


Janet Gets Lucky

It was spring break. Janet's husband and daughter were
on their normal schedules, so she was home alone.
Enjoying her much needed respite from the relentless
demands of college, she was sl**ping late on a Tuesday
morning when Mr. Coffee began its classic hiss and

The smell of coffee finally roused her, clearing the
fog from her sl**p addled mind. After lying in bed for
another ten minutes, she finally pulled back the covers
and swiveled around, sitting on t... Continue»
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Win or Lose? Creampie Eating

I guess it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for” but I’m not really complaining, since what I wished for, ultimately, was a better sex life. I certainly got that, but it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be when I was wishing for it. My wife, Lily, and I have been married for a long time and during all our years together she’s never, willingly swallowed my cum. I’ve gotten lots of blowjobs, but she’s always pulled away at the last instant and finished me off by hand.

At one point, early on, I tried asking, that turned to begging. When begging failed, I tried stealth – not giving ... Continue»
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Win or Lose? PT 2 Creampie Eating

It had been over a year since Janice made her bet with me that I couldn't last long enough to make her cum before I blew my load in her pussy. I lost twice the first night, and I lost every time since then, but I still held out hope that I could win. My prize? If I win my wife will, for the first time ever in our relationship, willingly suck me to completion and swallow my cum. My penalty? If I cum first, I have to go down on her and get her off with my tongue. In the process I end up eating all the cum I shot into her pussy.

Since that first night I have lost countless times and been 'f***... Continue»
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Helen's naughty tennis lesson.. A little fan

A warm sunny morning in the south of England.
Dan was sipping his tea while reading the Saturday papers when Helen walked in and did a little twirl, asking,
"Do you like my new tennis dress"
"Looks very good on you, a bit short for tennis though I would have thought"
"What do you mean, short"

"Well when you bend over to pick up your ball anyone standing behind you will have a lovely view of your arse''
''Oh Dan sometimes you can be such a prude, all the tennis ladies wear dresses like this''
''Would this new dress have anything to do with that new coach at the club you were telling me... Continue»
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Dogging experiences of a slut wife

It was my hubby, Andy's, 40th birthday last week and with abit of planning and searching on the internet i managed to make one of his fantasies come true. For the past few years we have spoken, normally when having sex, about having other couples and singles join us for fun. We have done the dogging bit, but only let people watch, this always turned both of us on, but we never took it any further.

Anyway i found a free contact site,signed up and started to put my plan into action. I looked at adds from couples, females and males. I also put my own add on saying what i was looking for. I sta... Continue»
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