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seduced Black Next Door Neighbor

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

I live next door to this really nice black couple; they have a teenage age son that is

very, very cute. He is 18 years old and has a slender build, but I find myself fantasizing

about him every time I saw him.

I can't stop the thoughts from invading my head whenever I see him outside. My

husband travels a lot so I have plenty of time alone at night thinking about Gary, and

what he would do to me.

One mornin... Continue»
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anal game

I have a wife who just would not do anal try as i would she would not have was then i hit on my idea if she was thinking of something else maybe well its worth a try,
So i take her to bed slip out her 44hh tits and suck gently then harder on her large nipples she responded as they got harder and harder i felt the warm wetness of her cunt and let my fingers slip up her as she arched her back to get mor pressure, I rammed in my hard cock pushing her to the edge of the bed her head and shoulders hanging over the side i kept fucking her pushing her further over she grabed the sheets to hol... Continue»
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Addicted to Cum

When I was twelve, my divorced mom, older s****r and I moved in with a man who would become my stepfather and his fifteen year old son. The house only had 3 bedrooms so I had to share my "stepb*****r's" double bed. We had some previous sexual encounters, basically every time we were alone. It started with him talking about hard dicks and cum and quickly led to him showing me how he could jerkoff. I was captivated the first time he shot a load. I couldn't wait to see him do it again.
I could get hard at the time but couldn't cum yet. He taught me how to give a handjob and the thrill of knowin... Continue»
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Nice Outdoor Handjob in the Wild

So today we went for a nice bikeride in the great outdoors. just though i would let you know about a quick handjob i recieved from my lady. we took a sideroad running down the hill towards some fields.

when we got to a secluded place, i took my pants off and she got to the business. I must have cummed in seconds, giving how hot the situation was and how worked up i was after hours of cycling. ive never done it in the outdoors so the whole experience was completely new to me. best part? cumming on the floor and not having to bother to clean it up hehe... Continue»
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Bicurious to orally bi

This is a true story of my journey from being a straight guy to loving the feel of cock. This being the only place that I can share it, it is not something that you can talk with your friends with over a pint lol. I hope you enjoy.

It all started in my mid 20s (I am 40 now)when I read a letter in a porn magazine that stuck with me. Basically a straight guy sucked another a guy and to his surprise he enjoyed it and said it was nice. When watching mmf porn,I started to think that the pleasure can be maximised if they all touched and enjoyed each other. I was very curious about it but shocked ... Continue»
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Getting in contact with my Ex s****r in Law.

Hello John,
How are you I haven’t heard from you for so long, I know Heather, I have being doing the back garden, I have only just finished the final wall I built, it looks great, you would love it. Oh I bet it’s great, I need someone like you to help me here, I’ve finished the bathroom kitchen, front room and the bedrooms up stairs all on my own, who said I couldn’t do it. I know you could do it, just because that stupid b*****r of mind left you doesn’t mean you could fall on your face, good for you Helen, I’m really proud of you. Oh thank you John, I always knew you where the one who was th... Continue»
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Stephanie-my first bisexual encounter part 2

I sat up running my hands along her soft damp inner thighs. Stephanie kissed me again and grabbed a fistful of my hair yanking my head backwards exposing my throat. She stroked her tongue down my neck to my hard nipples and sucked hard and fast.
"Let me do you now", she said similing lustfully. "Now lay on your back and open your legs wide." I did as I was told. She knelt between my legs and slowly kissed my inner thighs. Finally after teasing me she slid her tongue over my clit causing me to shudder. She dug her fingers into my hips and delved her tongue deeper into my pussy. I held her ... Continue»
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The biggest cock I ever had... or so I thought.

By the by this is not a fantasy. I'm the luckiest bastard ever cuz this happened.
A little about me. I'm bi & love sucking cock. I've had plenty & have become quite the cocksucker. Put it this way... I've never met a cock I couldn't take balls deep! I'm quite the deep throat expert & I love it. I rarely get anal because I'm a “size queen” when it comes down to that. But not for oral sex. Just be d&d free & hard! I get off just fine giving a long, deep, wet BJ.
I was perusing through a “hooking up” website (as I have many times before) & found an ad that caught my attention. “Married black m... Continue»
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Your Apartment...Part 2

Your Apartment...Part 2
I’m sitting on the couch feeling the cum beginning to dry on my face and body, while you lay on the floor dozing. Suddenly she announces, “It’s been fun, but I’d better go.” She stands and starts to take the 7in strap on off when I make a split second decision, “why don’t you stay and we’ll grab a shower” I tell her. “Sure, why not” she says and we both get up and start to walk to the bathroom. You stay put for a minute, watching her big juicy ass as she follows me into the bathroom.
By the time you get in there, I have the water running and she and I are once again k... Continue»
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revenge of the sluts

ME and Tammy sat in our rooms in or two mistress Pheobe and Paige's house. As usual we had dog collars around our knecks and we were attached our 'kennels' our kennels were cages in which we slept in should we miss behave. They were never cleaned and there wasn't a toilet in there. When we were put in there we were tied and gagged until we were collected. "You know," tammy said "Mistress's are always saying we're putting it on when they whip us or put them nipple clamps on us."
"Yeah but what can we do about. As we joined Trinity SLut school we have no human rights anymore except they can't k... Continue»
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A School trip became a perfect day.

This story is a true story it really happend to me.

Intro, Me and My class were off to a field trip we went to a Christmas market in Germany.
the entire class would go there about 60 k**s 2 touring cars full. Luckily when we would get there we’d be free to do whatever we’d like go see the market or go to a bar.

Me and a Girlfriend and decided to take a quick peek at the market and we considered it a little bit old fashioned, we did get some gluhwein to start the day. And we went looking for a bar it seemed like a bit of a boring city I can’t evenly remember it’s name.

During our ti... Continue»
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First time with amazing girl!

I don’ know what happened to me that day, I guess I just lost it.
I was slightly sick and slightly angry at the world for all the injustice it seemed to mete out to me on a daily basis and so I just lost my cool.
I was going to get laid. I’d never had sex before but I was going to get laid, without thought or consideration I was going to get laid!

I jumped out of bed around midday showered and called her to tell her I was coming over. Now this was a cool friend of mine who I was just getting to know and I knew she would be home alone. I had taken her out to the drive in once a long time a... Continue»
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Jenny in Uncle Mike's Office

Jenny was back in London with her Uncle Mike, just Mike to her now as they were enjoying a relationship which although long-distance was turning out to be fruitful for both parties. They had made love the first evening, then the following morning Mike had to go to his Office in the centre, kissed Jenny and left for the station.

"See you about 6" he said, and left leaving his brief-case in the hall. Jenny had been hoping for one of his spankings, and felt let down so selected a porn channel on her laptop, propped it up on the coffee table, settled down on the sofa, slipped her panties aside ... Continue»
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before wedding day!

Step daughter shows daddy pent up love before wedding day.
I met Dawn when she was 7. A cute girl with big brown eyes and brown hair. Dawn's mom and I had just returned from a date. She was separated from Dawn's biological father and the divorce was nearly final. Dawn initially was guarded when she met me, and I can't say that I blame her. She didn't see her biological father much during the separation and the prospect of seeing him after the divorce was slim.

As time went on Dawn seemed to warm up to me and once she saw more of me, she actually enjoyed my company, and I hers. Th... Continue»
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Jennifer's Whipping

Bring her in."

The girl was led into the room by a woman dressed in a black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. The woman led the girl by a chain attached to the collar padlocked around her slender neck. The girl was dressed as they'd instructed her, in white blouse, plaid skirt, white knee socks and black patent leather shoes. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, and looked much younger than her nineteen years, partly due to her A-cup breasts that poked against the white blouse. As she entered, she instinctively shaded her eyes against the glare of the bright lights focused on her, and ... Continue»
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my mother and me

I got so turned on watching my best friend bobby screw

my mom. I couldnt believe how sexy my mom was
I was an only c***d, and my dad died in a car accident when I was 3 years old, so I had

no real memories of him. His death left just me and my mom alone, but thank

goodness he had good enough insurance that there was a small trust fund set up for

me, to pay for my college, and enough after that, so that if we lived modestly, not

poorly, but a middle class life, there was enough money so that mom never had to

work again. We also got lucky, because an investment buddy o... Continue»
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This is a story about two misfits who discover they aren’t misfits after all. They just needed to find the right fit.

Chapter 1

Jakob was pissed! He didn’t want to go on the stupid senior trip in the first place and now, because his dad had to get back to the farm chores, Jakob was more than an hour early for the departure. Moping, he boarded the coach, went about two-thirds of the way down the aisle, and climbed into a seat. He hated most of his classmates and thought that they hated him. He was just a dumb-ass farm boy; they lived in town or in the new residential developments on... Continue»
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Serenas camping trip

I got some holidays arranged off work last month as me and my mates who regularly hang out down the pub decided to go for a camping trip
up wales, its going to be me, adam, john, alex, pete and sarah and stacey.

Alex is a guy who works in scafolding, Adam in IT, alex is job less bless pete and sarah are a couple and stacey is the singleton
Though im sure adam has a bit of a crush on me, He wont admit it tho and i soo wanna catch him out

We got to our camp site and was arranging the sl**ping arrangments

Stacey will be paired up with Alex
Sarah abd Pete together
John will be by him ... Continue»
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“It’s my turn now

My name is Thomas, but to be honest only my s****r calls me that. Everyone else calls me Tom. I’m nineteen years of age and I am currently in college in Bristol studying Geography. I play football for the college team so I would describe my self as reasonably fit, for a student that is. I have an active social life, college was one of the best decisions of my life, and I’ve learnt so much about life.

I mentioned my s****r, her name is Georgia who is two years older than me, she lives in London and has just started work for quite a large legal firm, it’s not the best job but she... Continue»
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a hot night with my cousin

im 20 years old and have a healthy relationship with my cousin Michelle, shes only 2 years older than me so we have often hung out a lot.

we have a lot of the same friend and often go out drinking in town together, when we do we often end up back at her house with our friends as it is the closest to the city center.

This one night we went back to hers and it was just the two of us, we had both been drinking and were rather merry in the idea that we were happy and loud when we got back, fooling around mixing more drinks and laughing together in her kitchen.

we decided that it was time ... Continue»
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