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The to drummer boys

I’m just , in high school. I live in an idiotic small town, and I’m the biggest outsider there is. I’m a homosexual. The small diversity in the town is what really kills me. If I tell someone I’m gay, they usually just look at me with open mouths.

Well anyway, I am about five feet and six inches. I’m rather short for my age. I have short brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I’m rather in shape, but I’m not bulging with muscles like I would like to be.

The story starts off as a normal day of school. First I sit threw a boring lecture of The Raven. Then I go off into some lame algebra junk. ... Continue»
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Fucking My Lovely Son

Please Note: This is not my story or neither written by me but it is a real story happened to my online friend. Based on my request, he wrote this erotic story.

My name is Pomela D’souza. I am an Indian from Bombay living in Bahrain [the Arabian gulf]. I am 5ft 7,I have a juicy ass, 34d boobs and I’m slightly muscular. I am 43 years old and I have a husband named Paul, a 15 year old son Shawn and another 3 year old son Mike. I’ve been fucking Shawn for almost 4 years now. This story is all about how it all started. I only told my friend Carol about this and she suggested that it would make ... Continue»
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Slave Daddy

Oh, you've been a very bad Daddy, haven't you?" I smiled to myself as I looked through the recent sites list in the web browser.

I was sitting at my father's desk, in his study, and I hadn't meant to snoop, I was just checking my email, but I'd happened upon the favorites list as I waited for the web page to load. And there it was, "Bound for Glory" neatly bookmarked, and so I'd instantly become more interested in what my dad was doing with his spare time.

It was an odd feeling, seeing pictures of myself naked on my own father's computer.

He hadn't mentioned anything, of course, wh... Continue»
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My daughters cuckold

My wife was gone for the weekend, and I was planning to take full advantage of the time alone. She may have suspected from time to time that I may have had come less common sexual interests, but I knew better than to even ask if she might be inclined to encourage or participate in them. As much as I loved her, I also knew she was pretty narrow minded when it came to sex. Even trying new positions required a lot of patience, planning and persistence; she was not one to try anything new until she had time to think about it for a while. As a result, when she went away for any length of time I wou... Continue»
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Meeting up

Role-play time again! Fetishist fantasy only, sixth-form student over the age of consent, nothing else implied. Apart from that, zip down, get a grip and let's go.

It's after-school time and we've been exchanging some really filthy texts all day, mostly anatomically unlikely or downright unhygenic, and we're both in need of some extra-curricular activity before going home. We arrange to meet in the park, it’s got lots of secluded areas but there are always people passing through so there’s an element of danger should we decide to get up to anything naughty … which is why we’re there reall... Continue»
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His Birthday Fantasy

He woke up from his vague dreaming to the sound of soft clinking and rustling at the foot of his bed. He instinctively moved to pull the fluffy pillow from off of his head, but found that he couldn’t pull his hands down from the upper corners of the bed. he tried to sit up, but his ankles were held fast, bound like his wrists so that his legs were pulled spread eagle, almost to the point where it hurt his hips.

His wife’s voice greeted him as she lifted the pillow away from his face. “Morning, sl**py head. Happy birthday!”

The morning light bathed their bedroom in a gentle yellow, not ... Continue»
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Our little secret Part 1

Hi my name is Tom, this story took place a few years ago. At the time i was still living at home with my parents. I'm an only c***d and at the time i was a virgin. All i'd ever done was kiss a girl, but nothing more. When this story took place my dad had walked out and left my mum for another woman.
My dad walking out had hit my mum really hard, she was a real mess. f****y and friends were really kind and supportive, but it was only when my aunty Teresa came to stop with us that my mum started to get over it.
Aunty Teresa ( or aunty T as i call her ) was my mums cousin, she was a few years y... Continue»
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Meeting Mistress Joy [Part 1]

SO after my recent break up, I started chatting online to various people on various sites, just to see what would happen.
Then I get a message from this one woman on this dating website, we got to chatting and soon exchanged numbers, after the chatting got a little bit more raunchier, it turns out we were both on the same Hook-up site as well, which is where we discovered that we were also after the same thing.

After exchanging some pictures and pure filthy talk, we got on webcam together and just chatted, it was obvious from the time our cams turned on that we were horny and wanted each o... Continue»
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My First Sex with my Gym Trainer , I was just 18

My First Sex!! Hello friends,

This is my first real life story hope you guys like it.

It was about 3 years ago.

Me, Shamitha, 18 years of age doing masters degree. A virgin by all means. Always fantasied about a having sex with a well built man with a pretty good stamina. I never had the courage to approach. In college many guys had given those lust full looks when I wore western cloths which highlighted my tight ***.

I have been always proud about my hip, its my strength. Boobs were ok with 32 size but not too big. My slim waist and wonderful *** makes guys go wild. I did not proc... Continue»
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My oral fix


This is my first attempt at writing, I hope you enjoy it and would love to here from you,
It's a true experience I had a few days ago ;)

We are laying next to each other kissing deep and passionately, running out hands over each other stroking and caressing each other. We are naked our bodes intertwined as we gaze into each others eyes, our hands gently caressing each other. You move me slightly onto my back kissing my neck, your hands slowly stroking my stomach, moving up to just brush against my breasts and back down again until they just tease the top of ... Continue»
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I am now a member of the "Mile High Club"

Yes, I can't believe it. I was returning to San Diego from Chicago. The whole trip home was a mess: 1)the early flight out of Chicago was cancelled due to storms, 2) Six hours later, I finally got a flight that had a layover in Dallas, but it left Chicago an hour late, and 3) in Dallas my flight to San Diego was delayed 90 min! I have never experienced this kind of travel chaos in all my years of traveling--I've heard of others having horror stories, so I guess it was my time to experience it.

The time finally came to board my plane...I heard it was a full flight. I glanced over the others... Continue»
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"The Last Week of the Summer Holidays."

The Last Week of the Summer Holidays.
John Kavanagh.
While being home from school for the long summer vacation had been very pleasant, sexually for the most part it had been difficult living where we were in a rural part of southern Ireland and though I had made the best of it my carnal appetites awoken on hitting puberty last term at school along with all the opportunities offered by that situation had caused me to develop a great appetite for sex – sex of pretty much any kind!
It was with some anticipation that I set out on my journey back to school and a visit to... Continue»
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Visiting My Aunt mF

Visiting My Aunt.
John Kavanagh
My aunt and I had always been close, ever since she had looked after me from just after I was born due to my parents being abroad and I regularly visited her and her husband, they having no c***dren of their own, usually at half term holidays. So it was in the November as a thirteen year old having just entered puberty some six months prior and having just started to explore the big world of sex that I found myself once more at their home.
Visiting my aunt, as old habits die hard and as usual, after my uncle had left early for work I ... Continue»
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"A Cottaging Education" Mm, first time

“A Cottaging Education”

(M, m, first gay).

As a teenager in the UK when I reached puberty I, like so many of my male contempories enjoyed the opportunities offered by the plentiful provision of “cottages” maintained by thoughtful local Councils – primarily as public conveniences but regularly used for the purpose of a meeting place for uncomplicated and instant sexual gratification between men. I learned much from those experiences and the knowledge that on having the urge – which was then pretty frequent – one could walk into a “Gents” lavatory and have the go... Continue»
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She has no choice

I have been wanting to share my wife with another guy for sometime know. So my buddy who rarely get's sex from his wife and has wanted to fuck my wife for a long time is delighted to be the other guy. So when the perfect chance to do it had arrived. I called him and told him now's our chance. I also knew we would have to just take her and do what we want with her because she would say no because she was friend's with his wife! When he showed up I put a home video of her fucking herself with her favorite dildo, it was awesome she is laying in our bed with her huge tit's and sexy pussy exposed... Continue»
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Hot for Teacher - Part I

Christopher walked down the path from the school and by Ms. Palmer's house for the first time in what was almost 10 years. There she was, sitting on her back porch, smiling and enjoying her manicured yard filled with wild flowers and blossoming trees. Christopher passed the bushes that he once ducked between and instead opted for the side gate. She greeted him with her usual smile and a bottle of water.

There weren't many things Christopher cared to remember at the 10 year reunion, but Ms. Palmer and her house was the first place he wanted to visit. They remained in touch through the years,... Continue»
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Daddy takes Care of His Woman

You grab my naked ass with your hands and dig your nails into me. Those pretty pink nails tear my skin, as I

continue crushing my pelvis and hips in-between your passion humid thighs. I moan, "Damn this pussy is so good."

Simultaneously, you clench the muscles of that addictive cougar pussy.

It is obviously that you intend to prove to me you can still fuck better than any woman my age or younger. My Cock

may be monstrous, but you can take me head on, and you know that I like that about you.

You are 10 years my senior but you can still tighten that ripe and well seasoned ... Continue»
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Does the punishment fit the crime? stolen from my

I was recently made aware of some issues in our lives and bedroom that needed to be addressed directly. Some of these issues are as follows.

My wife was having orgasms during times controlled or supposedly controlled sex.
Now I'm not so domineering, that I am without some sense of understanding. Occasionally, there are going to be slip ups, where we get carried away in the intensity of the moment. However I thought that I may have identified a pattern. I took some time to consider the possibilities, the last thing I want to do is, jump to some paranoid conclusion and start making unjust ... Continue»
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Julie's early secret lover

The story goes like this... 
Thinking back to when I had finished my first year in middle school and I was moving on to 7th grade but before that, summer break had started, which meant I would finally get some time off after a long school year. I was 11 at the time and I was turning 12 in a week. According to mom, I was going to a summer camp this year and I wasn't much of an "outdoors" type of girl so I didn't much like the idea. I would still have every other weekend to visit my dad which made me feel better already. 

My parents divorced when I was 6 years old and it turns out that my da... Continue»
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Valentine visit in blue jeans and black belt

My favourite friend made much impression last year with her last minute message to my granddad
The slender sexy yummy young blond beauty begged him for his congratuations on Valentine's Day!
Not only because of friendship to a favourite female friend but because of her birthday that day
Granddad got very fond of the shy sexy sweetheart but I knew she was mine as we are both lesbians

Soon I sneaked to the laptop of my old man when he was asl**p to talk to the tasty fresh friend
Soon I sneaked into her dreams - I wrote sexy stuff like granddad does, which only confused her
"Seems so r
... Continue»
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