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Master and couple

I have been a Master now for a number of years but have only ever worked with woman and younger girls but never with men but one day not so long ago I got a message from a woman called Kelly asking if I ever did anything with couple's or not and she told me how she had always fantasised about being used by a dominant man while her Husband Steve is f***ed to watch and she also told me how the sex life was getting less and less so they needed to do something to wake it back up and that maybe something like this might be what they both need.

I messaged he back saying that I had never done anyt... Continue»
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When it's Good, it's Damn Good

As my first story on Xhamster, I found it fitting to write a true and personal story. One that portrays a bit about who I am and where I come from while also entwining some sexy tidbits. As I mention later on, I have a day job which I love, but I also have a night job which I love even more and that's writing. This isn't the sort of thing I typically write, so it might be a little different. A fair warning, this story does have some length to it. Although I would hope if you're reading stories, length isn't an issue.

I have known this woman since before my twenties, going on 11 years now. A... Continue»
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Day After Liquor Store Booty

Geneva Campbell put on her small silver hoop earrings and walked to the kitchen. She said to her husband, “I’m going out now.”
“Alright,” replied Barry Campbell. “I’m going to watch the game this afternoon at Phil’s. So I’ll be gone when you get back from church.”
“Okay. I’ll see you tonight,” she offered as she walked out of their house and got into her white 2014 Lexus LS 460.

Barry continued watching ESPN. He picked up his phone and made a call.

“Hello,” answered the sweet angelic accented voice.
“Hey, sissy!”
“Hi, papi,” Mateo Rivas beamed.
“My wife just left. You ready for me?”... Continue»
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The Cop & The Chubby

-Watching TV. You?
-Laying in bed dick hard thinking bout your fag pussi hole.
-Oh wow!
-Come over tonite. My wife is getting ready for work. k**s are sl**p.
-What time?
-Be here at 11:30. You can stay til morn.
-You know the drill. Park at the Krogers on Wynnton. Text me and I’ll come pick you up.
-OK Daddy. See you soon.

Russell Jones put his phone back on the nightstand. His wife of nine years exited the bathroom fully dressed in her scrubs. She kissed him before heading out of their two-story Dutch Colonial style four-bedroom house. She was on her way to the hospital... Continue»
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Sex Party

I said I would tell you about the small gathering of Ladies who like me were selected for a BBC sex party, part for breeding and part for our multi orgasm pleasure with these a****l monsters.
The 2 rooms were one for breeding Ladies and the other for us to have our pussies filled and filed over and over again.
One of the Ladies who loved to breed with African BBC men was Sue. Sue is a blonde Lady of 35 yo and about 5' 3" tall. She has a big ass and titties with huge brown nipples. Her belly is well stretched as she has had a few k**s to varied men over the years. To better describe her belly... Continue»
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A Thousand Words - Part One

Summary: 'A picture is worth a thousand words', and it was never more true for what Rhea had in mind for herself and her husband.


The Rake:

"It's fascinating how the perception of people towards an activity, thought and sometimes even a person changes with a change in environment". At least, that is what Rhea contemplated as she walked the length of the art gallery, admiring and sometimes abhorring the paintings and photographs on display. The exhibits were based on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, and naturally, the ... Continue»
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A Visit From An Old Boyfriend

My wife has told me many stories over the years, and it makes me hard when she describes sex with her other lovers.

Her very first boyfriend had the biggest cock of all of them, and she told me he made her cum multiple times every time they fucked. I've often looked at her busted hymen and imagined him taking her cherry with that big cock.

One day last summer, she got a message that he was in town, and asked if I minded if he came over for dinner. I didn't mind, and soon we the three of us were drinking and talking after dinner. My wife wore a summer dress that was mid thigh, and cut to ... Continue»
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Master's Three-Hole Fuck Toy - Part Two

She made it across the street, through the hotel lobby and up to John's room with two minutes to spare. She wasn't quite sure how - her legs were now shaking so badly, she could hardly walk another step. She took a moment to collect herself, took a couple of deep breaths and knocked on the door. She could feel her heartbeat pounding in her throat.

John opened the door, pulled Kitty into the room by her arm and shut the door firmly after her. The next thing she knew, he had both of her wrists in one hand above her head, had her pinned up against the wall and was kissing her f***efully. ... Continue»
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Enjoying a Strangers Cock!

We were going home after a day at the mall , as we got on rt 43 , I reached over and rubbed Ed's Cock! I asked him if he wanted a blow job as he's driving! Hell yea! Ed pulled out his Cock , I started sucking! Ed started to pull my top off,I said people will see me! Good he said! Ed said get nude ,I want truckers to see you! I took everything off! And see me they did! Truckers were checking out my Ass as I gave head! You know how truckers are,sharing over the CB! We were close to our exit and it was getting dark out! I was grabbing my clothes , when Ed said keep them off! We live two blocks... Continue»
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Crossdressed Pigslut Takes a Cottage Assault

my sexual deviance is based largely around the high heel... of course with the females who wear them but also the nastiness i can get up to when wearing them myself..
i wont meet anybody for sex unless i'm wearing a pair of fuckme heels which are of a certain standard , the idea of wearing just stockings revolts me , as does wearing a pair of heels that i deem un-sexy.
the next obvious step up from wearing heels and lingerie and little black dresses is to be presented to somebody else who appreciates this sort of presentation. these somebodys are easily found online , however they can al... Continue»
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Nude Linda Made to Bend and Then Slippered Very Ha

My name is Frances and I'm recently retired. My lover and long-time partner, Mary, tragically passed away last year. I miss her so much.

I have found with grief that you don't just mourn for the person you have lost, you kind of mourn for the whole world. But it's so difficult to encapsulate an emotion in words.

Nearly three decades ago I was witness to an incident that changed something inside of me - irrevocably.

Friday, 21st March 1980, my birthday: thirty three.

I was a secretary at a high school on the South Coast and it was coming up to five o'clock. Most of the pupils had go... Continue»
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A Story for Susan - Part 3

Susan was delighted at being appointed to Chief Buyer for Sex Toys at Amazon and set about building her team to improve the products and achieve her annual targets. Her first recruit was of course Bindi – the beautiful, busty, Indian who devoured men and women in equal numbers – appearing to be innocently hetero-sexual one minute and then deeply-lesbian the next. Susan strode into the board room, delighted to see her old boss Mike fully clothed this time, with the new Head of HR, Mary, sitting very close, with his hand on her stockinged thigh.

Bindi outlined her ideas for the new male mast... Continue»
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HOW TO: First Dry Prostate Orgasm

I am only posting this to help spread the joy to others who have tried to achieve a DRY Prostate Orgasm but never could. Or anyone who just is not sure how and needs pointers. Firstly just a bit of background. I am in my late 20's and never really though about anal play until about 5 years ago. I am also straight and married but do wonder from time to time what a gay/shemale/bi experience would be like so I guess I am open. I am not saying you have to be like that to achieve this wonderful orgasm but that is just my mind set. It might not work for super straight people. This is going to be lon... Continue»
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Strictly cum inside me (Darcy)

First time writing all feedback appreciated but try to be constructive not just mean. If you like it I will possibly start a series. thanks in advance


Darcy Bussell was pacing back and forth in her dressing room 10 minutes before going out for tonight's episode of "strictly come dancing". "Fuck fuck fuck!!" she cursed to herself running over the recent events in her mind.

She had come in to her dressing room to find an anonymous envelop left on her desk. When she opened it she found a usb stick containing a video of her giving head to and fucking her Gardner in a public toi... Continue»
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Star Trek the next penetration

Captain Jean-Luc Picard tossed restlessly about in his sl**p. Dreams of attacks on the Federation by it's adversaries such as the Dominion, The Romulans and the Borg filled his head and made his slumbering form wince. His teeth u*********sly gnashed together as he dreamt of Federation ships being destroyed by his enemies photon torpedos and phasers and his fellows dying screams echoed in his ears. With a bl**dcurdling yell he sat upright as fast as a shot, beads of sweat dripping from his knotted brow.

"NOOOOOO!!!" he shouted aloud.

His breath was in ragged gasps as he came to the immedi... Continue»
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10" Black Master phones Eve and gives her the

This a half-truth story. I am meeting a black guy on Monday. Let's call him T. Absolutely smoking hot black man who lives near Manchester. I really can't wait. This story is a scratch I need to inch.


I was worried. Why hadn't he called, messaged on fabguys or texted me? I was in a shambles. All I could think about was Master's big black throbbing 12" cock. He sent me a set of gorgeous ... Continue»
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Photo shoot with Asian got sexual.

So first a bit of background knowledge, I'm a young man, late 20s living in china. I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist and wanted to try my hand at some nude photography. I advertised on several sites for photographers who want to use me as a model. Being in china there weren't many takers apart from afew gay men who clearly wanted to just get off to seeing me naked. I was at the point where I almost took one of them up on it. Until one day I got an email, it was from a Chinese woman aged 38... She was into exhibitionism too and had lots of photos taken of her around her local town nake... Continue»
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Stripping Anonymously For My Mother

It was due to my college tuition that it all happened. After my parents had divorced two years ago my father had moved across the country and cut off all contact with me. My Mom had had to take two jobs for awhile just to get out of the pile of bills she was under partially due to the divorce so when it was time for me to go to college I had to pay my own way. My first year I had to work long hours to pay for it and it was difficult to find enough time for studying let alone for a social life.

It was during the summer when I was nineteen between my first and second year of college that my ... Continue»
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Hard at work

So i haven't really talked to Cher much since our Saturday encounter at work. I went down to purchasing, smiling at my neighbor, Niki, who had gotten a job there shortly after i drilled her ass.

Cheri was getting chips out of the vending machine, bending all the way over. I swung by and playfully slapped her huge ass.

"Hey, who did tha... oh it's you." She smiled at me.

"Nice butt," i whispered. I picked up the supplies i need and started back to the office. On the way back, Cheri caught me .

"Hey can you help me with something in this storage room?" she asked casually.

"Y... Continue»
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Strange Trail

It was a strange trail that Tod began that night. It was to take him in a direction that, while he may have fanaticized about, he would never have thought possible. His mother, Kitty, had been much in need of a vacation, after having worked the last two years without a day off. His father’s death had left her with a small computer repair facility to run with little personal knowledge of the business. After finally getting it to the point where it would run with a manager, she had sent Tod to stay with his father’s s****r, Nora, for two weeks, while she went on a cruise with a cousin.

Tod d... Continue»
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