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Another Granny pick-up

I’d just been shopping and was sat in the car having a cigarette watching people when I saw this chubby elderly woman struggling with her shopping. Being the gentleman that I am I got out of my car and approached her, “Can I help you with that” I asked she replied “Oh yes Thankyou” as I loaded the shopping into the boot of her car.

“Anything else I can do for you today” I asked, she looked bemused and said “What do you mean” I replied “Are you married” “Widow actually” “Oh how long” “Six years and I nursed my husband for four years before he died” “Ok again is there anything else I can do f... Continue»
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1st gay fuck

Taking the last sip from my now stale beer, I figured it was time to head back to my lonely apartment. Having spent the past five years of visiting the bars and such hoping to meet up with some desperate girl or even one too blind to see who she might be sitting with, I was about ready for just about anything. Walking outside the cool night air woke me from some of my sexual depression but not enough to make me feel better. Taking the one hundred and eighteen steps to my apartment building, that should tell you how often I have made the trip back alone, I dug into my pants to get my door key. ... Continue»
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Swimming with a larg man.

More of my diaries.

Sorry it takes long time for this one to come. I was very busy.
I was in 13 and I nearly grown up my body was like a girl big boot and breast. My father was sl**ping with me nearly every night. I had a lots of sexy clothes my father bought for me .
In school I still was a boy and I needed to wear very big school wear to other guys don't see my boobs.
Last few years I changed my school few times because when some one realised about me, my father very quickly change my school to avoid trouble.
I get to use to have a double life. I kind of like it.
I was going to ... Continue»
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First time showing

After a night out with friends and work colleagues Lisa (my wife) and I were staying at her friend Gary's house as we live quite a distance from everyone else. We and another couple made our way back where we continued talking and having some more drinks. After about an hour the other couple left and shortly afterwards the wife said she was going to bed. Gary and I wished her goodnight and carried on chatting. Gary was a work colleague of my wife's who I'd met once or twice before and had always come across as a nice guy. After a few more drinks he asked me if I knew that he was bisexual, I sa... Continue»
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I met Mr. Three Foot a bar it was a place I had never been to before but had heard you could find hot guys there…
I saw him at the bar alone and I thought hmmmm either he want's to be alone or he's very fussy about who he talks to...He was tall good looking kind of swarthy with a olive skin complexion I thought what the heck if he blows me off I split and find another cock...So I slithered over and parked myself next to him ordered a drink and tried to look uninterested but he caught me looking at him through the bar mirror and smiled then he turned to me and said “Hello I'm Mr Three F... Continue»
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my christmas

Season's greetings to all my readers. I thought I
would share a very memorable New Year's Eve true
experience with you. This true story happened a number
of years ago, but it remains our most unforgettable NY
Eve ever. Hope you like it, and comments are always
welcome! Photos posted on KB with story.

For Christmas that year, I had given my wife, among
other gifts, a set of adjustable nipple clamps,
connected by a chain. It was apparent that she got
turned on when I or another BBC played rough with her
nipples and tits, and she couldn't wait to try out her
new toy. While ... Continue»
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Venture into the unknown - first time with a guy s

We waited in anticipation for her to arrive. Simon and I had decided to book a local call girl for some 3-some action. During our friendship we grew quite close, realising that we were both very similar. We were socially challenged, meaning that we were drawn to each other and tended to stick together. We had worked together for quite a few years and even when we both moved on to other employers our friendship continued.

On this particular evening we had a few drinks and ended up on the subject of sex. We both agreed that we were a bit awkward around women. Simon divulged that he had r... Continue»
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Babysitter nailed

Tina and Jerry had been married 4 years and had identical twin boys, Jerry had a high powered job and was always away on business, they had an open marriage and Tina had slept with a few guys, but it was for pure sex and to quench her high sexual appetite. It was Friday night and it was Jerry’s company’s Christmas party Jerry had phoned saying he was running about a hour late and told Tina to go and book into the hotel the company had sorted, Gill turned up to look after the boys and Tina set off in the taxi, about ½ hour later Jerry turned up letting himself in “hi Jerry” Gill shouted out as ... Continue»
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s****r in law catches me

My s****r in law is 46 years old she is a size 14 to 16 with dyed mousy blonde hair cut in a bob to her shoulders and size 36b tits that droop slightly.I have always fancied her and imagined what she would look like naked does she shave her pubes? Does she let it all grow? Is she dirty in bed? What turns her on? And thankfully I now know.
It all started a few months ago Jane was stopping at our house my wife went upto bed but Jane and me carried on talking and drinking.I was telling her a joke and on the punch line she laughed and said "oh my god you... Continue»
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Teens in the woods

I was walking. In the woods near my house one warm summer evening when I heard some voices off the path. Being a bit nosey and having nothing better to do I worked my way into the bushes slowly and carefully. Eventually I was looking into a small open area surrounded by thick bushes. There in front of me were two boys, probably late teens and a girl a little bit younger than them? There were empty beer bottles on the ground next to them. The boys were standing up talking and looking at the girl lying on a blanket who appeared to be more than a bit d***k.

Then one of the boys said " well if ... Continue»
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My Neighbors Daughter

My neighbors daughter
My wife was great at sucking cock. She could throat fuck with the best of them. About 10 years ago she stopped sucking me…and fucking too. We’d fuck about once every 2 or 3 months but my ED problem along with her gaining weight left us with no real interest in one another. I am in my early 60’s now, keep fit, flirt like hell with all the women in the stores and malls. If you got a woman that looks twice at another man, it might be me she is notiing. But the bitch I’m married to is in her late 50’s. If she is getting dick from someone it isn’t my 61 year old cock.
... Continue»
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30th birthday gangbang

Cassandra stood staring at herself in the mirror of the poshest hotel in Glasgow , the night had been nearly 2 months in planning when during a d***ken night of sexual play with her husband when he asked her what she wanted for her 30th birthday she joked a gangbang . well it was mostly a joke , like a lot of ladies it was a fantasy she had always wondered about but like most ladies never done anything about it . in the time between then and now as her husband brian teased her about how he was setting it up she had cancelled it and then reagree'd to it so many times until here they stood , her... Continue»
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If we met...

If we met up, I want the sexual tension to be so thick that I can't stand talking to you without picturing myself inside of you.. If you aren’t entirely comfortable with me at that moment and it made you a bit nervous I’d ease the tension by massaging your shoulders. Working my way down your back I’ll familiarize myself with each and every one of your curves. Noting all the spots in which you were most sensitive, cataloging them to know exactly where to grab or rub past to push you just a bit more in the heat of the moment. Your bodies' responses will undeniably welcome my caresses. Before I'v... Continue»
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Lunch Break Meeting

Lunch Time Meeting
It was another boring day at work for James and looked like carrying on that way. Out of boredom and in need of some excitement he began browsing some gay hook-up sites, which he had used before, though not having actually met up with anyone for many months. Looking at the sites, or more accurately the pictures of all the naked or semi naked men and so many hard cocks, reading their profiles and their sexual preferences and interests did add some excitement to James’ day. But now his thoughts changed to the fact that he would have some free time on Monday the following week... Continue»
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Another couple on vacation

We save up money and finally went to the luxury resprt in the carribbean for a week. Cindi, my wife is 28, long blond hair, 5'8" and athletic. She tries to tan all over on vacation so she still has some tan lines
I'm 6'4", also athletic and not near as tanned
We spent the first couple of day strying to do every activity possible, sailing, scuba diving, you name it. We kept bumping into a slightly younger couple along the way.
Richard and Denise are about 24 years old. Richard inherited his wealth and Denise is a real looker. She's 5'5", alson blond hair but cut short and has boobs compared ... Continue»
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A Christmas Present

My bath was just starting to cool down when I heard a
car coming down the drive to the house. It was my best
friend, Alyssa, coming to visit and right on time, as
usual. I smiled to myself and got out of the whirlpool,
drying off as I heard her make her way inside and
upstairs towards my room.

"Kathy?" she asked as she came into the bedroom.

"In here, Lyssa," I replied as I moved over to the
shower stall.

She walked through the open door as I got in the shower
and reached for my razor. "I'm still getting ready. I
wasn't expecting you quite so soon," I lied.

Lyssa sa... Continue»
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Master / Dragon's Desire

Master / Dragon's Desire
Once upon a time, in a land that existed long ago, there was a small and quaint little village. This village was absolutely marvelous. It had people that knew everyone in town and they all live in harmony for the good of the village. The men worked the fields and the mills and the women taught the c***dren and cooked the meals. They even had a beautiful little stream that run through the middle of the village.
Even the buildings in the village were beautiful. The most pride was put into the sparkling white marble of the church. Every Sunday people when to church at... Continue»
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Thunder Fucked... or... Virgin Storm!

It whooshed out of my mouth in a harsh whisper, “Oh, my god.”

My front row seat let me see every detail even in the flickering tiki torch light.

She owned the outdoor stage. Her hips swished back and forth, her stride sensuous grace. Her long chestnut hair, glowed a burnish bronze. The hot humid night fueled my desire and the girl was walking lust.

I poked at my buddies arm. “Larry…. Larry, look up there.”

He was sitting next to me but his attention was focused on the buxom blonde seated next to him. “Hum, what?”

“God damn man, look!”

He glanced a moment at the stage without... Continue»
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First Time Pussy Licker

Even at 18, I was awkward. I wasn't in the popular social clique, but I had my friends at school. I always loved horses though, and when I was younger, I started working at a stable, exercising rich people's horses. I shoveled hay, handled the a****ls, and kept myself fit.

I went to dances and had some boyfriends, but nothing more than I kiss. When I look back, I was so naive, I really didn't know much about anything, let alone sex. This was all pre-cell phones, pre-internet. Sex education was word of mouth, and the friends I hung out with were more into school, work or horses.

It was at... Continue»
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A Better Whore than his Mother

Twisted families and cocksucking betrayal with his mother's boyfriend . . .

Times had been tough since the f****y breakup and she did what she had to do to make ends meet. She spoke of how some of her dates were “professional” and since it was evident that she liked sex and needed money, then so what? At least she was discreet.

Early in life, she had been a runaway; a prostitute, so prostitution was by no means a new thing. Then, she married a smooth-talker who, like so many men, was a philanderer but, unlike many, not a good enough one to... Continue»
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