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A Business Trip- The Husband's POV

Hi, Everybody! I wrote this as an exercise, to try things from a different point of view. It was recommended by a friend that I try it this way, as my writing has been in sort of a rut. In this case, I tried a man's POV. I find writing in this view very hard for me, as I am constantly wishing I am the bad girl in this scenario... but oh the fantasies! I'll let the reader discover the plot and perhaps you will leave me comments on it? Oh, and please don't forget the usual copyright blah, blah, blah...

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Sex Night – Unexpected Surprises

My wife and I got married when we were both teenagers and have been married for over 20 years now. As you can imagine our Sex life was pretty crazy when we first married. Not only were we newlyweds but we were also full of teenaged hormones and inhibitions. It seemed like all we did was have Sex. Hot wild sex. 7 days a week most of the time several times a day.

Now let’s fast forward about 22 years. We are still happily married and the proud parents of 4 c***dren. We’re both gainfully employed and leading very busy lives. So busy in fact that we didn’t have a lot of time for each other. Sex... Continue»
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When you need it

I should have known what you had in mind when I saw what you were wearing to bed…

It had been a long, week for both of us. Nothing particularly difficult. For you it was just the usual endless schedule of pick ups, drop offs… taking our three k**s from here to there, squeezing in your tennis, Pilates and running. I love it that you spend so much time staying healthy. Not only does it keep you young, but it makes me so hot feeling your strong, lean body when we make love. After 20 years of marriage I still get butterflies thinking about you.

For me the week had the usual busy work schedul... Continue»
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I Bent Daddy Over

 Ha, does mom know , I know she is a slut.
 He told me smutty stories an i saw his shorts gettin excited, ' Are u thinkin of gettin sucked or suckin dick' as I rubbed his crotch... He tried pushing my head down but i resisted an called him a cocksucka...
 U wanna know, open the dvd case' , brought it an sat next ta him on moms bed in my jammies an showed me pix on his phone... Mom lickin girls i've met pussies, B Fuckin them, FAT ASS with his dick in her used cunt & vibe up her spread ass!!! Then her suckin black dick an gettin sloppy tits creamed on... B & black dick on her tongue, tha... Continue»
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Confessions #3: Polka Penelopa

Penelope from Poland is a blond beauty, a slender submissive sexy student of spanking
Penelopa is her name in Polish, most of her Confession was in Polish, hence hardly quotes
Penelope understands English pretty well, she hardly has an idea how to write in English
Penelopa was sometimes so funny in Polish, so I leave bits of it, her quotes in Italics

Penelope persists in silly sins, provoking boys and touching her private parts everywhere

Penelope welcome, I hope you haven't continued your bad habit of touching yourself so often?
Penelope: I touch myself everytime and everywher... Continue»
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The Box Part 1

The Box: Part 1

My boy friend Luke was coming back to town and called me. It was a warm Friday afternoon, hazy, hot and humid. He asked if I would like to meet him and some of his buds for drinks later in the evening. He also asked if Jolene would be interested in coming. Jolene is a friend of mine and I felt a bit jealous when he asked. Jolene is very well built and a sexy brunette. She’s tall dark and beautiful with large boobs that just don’t bounce, long smooth legs and an ass that everyone stares at, and she knows it. Jolene is 38 and is always dating someone new but recently she has b... Continue»
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One of Her Fantasies

Laying there, early morning cum still dripping off my swollen lips, "So what do you think about when you masturbate or when we are having sex?" Ugh, Really?? I hated that question, why do I need to share those thoughts out loud, I thought to myself....but then again why not. My fantasy scene was always the same thing, over and over, and it would make any married man smile to know that his wife's hottest fantasy was the two of them with a random hot Black or Latina chic! Especially my husband.....

As the Host leads us through the corridor to the back of the establishment, my mind is racing,... Continue»
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Thank you retail (a cuckold story)

It was a night that I could never forget but it started like any other. Another long day at work dealing with the public. I work at a small retail location and rarely have customers, so I get to spend some of my day surfing the internet and I always seem to end up on porn sites looking to talk to random guys. This day was no different. I was able to chat with a few different guys and they proceeded to tell me how much they liked my pictures and how much they wanted to fuck me. This always made me a little wet while at work. This day I chatted with a guy named Adam. Adam was different then th... Continue»
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Fun in the Barracks: Part One

Fun in the Barracks, Part One

By: KS444

This story takes place in Alaska in the late 70s’.
After finishing my Army basic training I was sent to my first duty station in Alaska. The first few months were rough. Being the new guy and having no rank, I caught most of the shit details, but that was Army life. I didn’t take it too personal, I knew the next new guy to come along would experience the same thing. It also helped having a room mate that had been there awhile and knew the ropes so to speak. My room mates name was Dave. He was a shorter guy from the Philly area. He had a... Continue»
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Something written in lust

She was bored, plain and simple. There was nothing on tv, all her friends were away either on holidays or working and she was stuck here, watching the house as her parents had gone to some birthday. She switched off the tv and stared at the ceiling. Without thinking or hesitation, she let her hand slip downwards, across her still soft nipples, pinching them slightly between her thumb and index finger, making them hard and aroused. She let her hand journey down further, finally reaching her skirt.
She slid it up and pressed her fingers against her clit, rubbing it in circles, massaging her cu... Continue»
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After the show with Miley Cyrus

Disclaimer: This story isn't true.

Incase you forgot what Miley Cyrus looks like, here's a reminder:

I recently had the privilege of working backstage at a Miley Cyrus gig near my hometown, I work as a roadie and generally follow my b*****rs band around, but when they're not on tour I get thrown a lot of work by local venues. I can't say I'm a Miley Cyrus fan, but I take whatever work I can get. I don't know if many (any?) of you know what goes on backstage at spectacle gigs, but it involves a lot of hectic work right before a... Continue»
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She fingers herself...

She is lying naked on the bed, waiting and ready. She runs her left hand down over the curve of her bum, reaching further to gently stroke her inner thigh and the smooth lips of her pussy. The touch shoots a flutter of excitement through her belly and makes her pussy slicken.

She closes her eyes, thinking of her boyfriends fingers as they touch her pussy, imagines that its his fingers that are gently pushing into the hot wet between her legs rather than her own.

With two fingers, she draws back her pussy lips so that her clit is exposed and the finger she brushes over it is already d... Continue»
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Tennis with Anna Kournikova

I had just moved in to the area and didn't know anyone. I left my friends and f****y behind and moved out here to L.A because of work, a pay increase of about ten grand a year to be exact. Once I had enough time under my belt here I could move back home and use my experience from my time here to get a high paying job like this one.

I had gone to bars to pick up girls and maybe make some friends I could hang out with out of work. Not that the guys at work didn't want to hang out with me, just that I didn't want to hang out with them. They were the kind of people that you knew got picked on... Continue»
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Girls Baseball Team Rewards Male Coach

Rick never thought of himself as a pervert and often wondered how a grown man could get so turned on by u******ed girls, especially when there are so many good looking sexing women available, at least in his area. Being a college athlete with a muscular build, he never had a problem attracting ladies and often took advantage of it.

Leaving college, he was drafted by a Major League baseball team and spent six years in the minor leagues. Most people don’t realize that minor leaguers don’t get paid very much and they don’t have all of the perks that big league players do. After 6 years of pla... Continue»
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Cuckolded from the day we met

I met my wife Kelsey, in college, she was a freshman (18) and I was I senior(21). We meet on campus at the recreation center ,where we would make small talk, and sometimes flirt while we worked out. She was a hot number at 5'7", 110lbs, brunette, with hazel eyes. After a couple of weeks I finally worked up the courage to ask her to a party at my fraternity. Kelsey happily accepted. I picked her up at her dorm and drove to the house where and introduced her to a couple of b*****rs. I was the house DJ so I spent most of the night in our make shift booth, but I made sure to check up on her qu... Continue»
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BBW fisting Bandit

i cannot confirm or deny whether characters in this story are related to people i know in real life. :unsure: (though i made a poorly conceived attempt at photoshopping a pic of the woman being mentioned as the victim, which i will not show.

There was a small town somewhere in the north in California that suffered under the fists of an unknown tormentor; and this I mean literally. This psycho left its victims with huge, gaping holes; holes that were abnormally large; about 9 or 10 inches in diameter. They pick off their prey in the night, they always go for the most vulnerable; p... Continue»
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finally went back to spa excess 2nd time there gay

I was so horny yesterday around 7pm, and constantly watching gay porn. I have only one experience with men, and that was last year at spa excess in Toronto. Last night I want to see if I could stop being shy and try men again. I was very horny and needed some action. When I got there I purchased some lube and poppers. I got in to the locker room and put my clothes up. I went straight to the shower and cleaned up. I went into the spa, if you have never been to a bathhouse it is very dark. I wandered around getting my feel for the place. There are several mazes set up a few rooms with glory hol... Continue»
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My day off work

I took today off work to relax had a busy weekend. Got up after wife had went to work so I got dressed and started to play with my doll and toys figured I would have fun. I went downstairs and got out the doll and our toy blowup bed. Put a dildo in the motor and lay on bed and started the motor and let it fuck my sissy ass good and deep. After a few I put the largest dildo in motor and put it deep in my ass and turned it on and it started to fuck my sissy ass good and deep also. I loved it but I could tell that our doll was waiting so I got off the bed and sat down on the cock of the doll and... Continue»
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Pool Jerk

While on holiday in Florida with a friend, I stayed at a 3 story motel which had a pool. After a day's site seeing we would go back to the our room, shower and change before going out on the town.

One particular day we had walked miles and my friend said he was going to take a nap before we set out for the evening. I was still wide awake and feeling particularly horny so I decided to cool down and take a dip in the pool. I slipped on a pair of ordinary shorts without any underwear underneath, threw a towel over my shoulder and headed for the pool.

The pool was situated on one side of the... Continue»
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Girl night out goes wild

Girl night out goes wild.

My husband Victor and I started dating during our last year in high school.
He was my first boyfriend and the first man I ever kissed.
Until the night before our wedding, he had been my only lover, and I haven’t been with another one since my marriage to Victor. First time we made love was when both were eighteen. It was really wonderful because we loved each other so much. But, physically, it was very painful.
Victor’s dick was the first thing ever inserted into my tight vagina. I had never even used a tampon, nor had never fingered myself or shoved a dildo d... Continue»
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