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How I Became A Witches Foot Slave

How I Became A Witches Foot Slave

I was short $300 on rent and the ladies who lived next door had to move. They offered me $300 to help them move, so naturally I accepted.

I woke up at 6 am and had their truck loaded by noon. It was a six hour drive, but I needed to be back before the end of the weekend so I proceeded to unload everything as soon as we got to their new home. It was a secluded old house far up in the mountains, so when I was done I decided to stay the night and wake up the next morning and make the drive home.

There were three of them: the mom, Lorraine,... Continue»
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Bad Mom

I was 13 and it was 1967. My ad was in the military and we had just moved from Hawaii to Southern California. Besides mom and dad there was my older s****r (14), youngere b*****r (11), youngest b*****r (9), and baby s****r (8). Things were strained as dad worked lots of hours as this was the Viet Nam era and in Hawaii my youngest s****r had been run over by a neighbor. A total accident but mom blamed dad and he just worked more hours being away from home more and more. It was for me my best year in school. I hhad the exact same books as the year before in Hawaii. My only non 'A' wasa '... Continue»
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Confessions of a Buttsniffer

Confessions of a Buttsniffer

by BryanLL

From my earliest memories I have been infatuated with girls’ butts. Even before I began my schooling, I would stare at the round butts of any girl of just about any age and that is something that has not changed over the years.

I recall my mother’s friend coming over to talk and bringing with her a daughter who was one year younger than me. We were encouraged to go into my bedroom and let Candace rummage through a large toy chest to see if there was anything that interested her.

I didn’t need a toy chest to have an interest; Candace was all I... Continue»
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.......Mt Frist Train

My First Train
There are so many sex terms used today it is mind boggling and each term has different meanings to different people. For example, “Gang Bang.” To me it means a women or a transsexual whom of their own free will copulates with three or more men. When a woman or a transsexual services seven or more strangers, she is having a train pulled on her. This is the story of my very first train.
A year after my wife found out I was a male-to-female transgender and I became her cuckold we both had a few new lovers. One of the guys I was fucking pretty regular call me up one evening an... Continue»
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PIGGY BITCH/ Episode#2 /Part#1

The Red Dot Tavern was always filled to capacity in the bar area at night. After ten o-clock the half bar half arcade tavern serves as an afterhours spot. Singles go to mingle, lovers go to cuddle, and I go to drown away the memory of the Piggy Bitch. Not to forget the disgusting event that occurred. The foul b**st made my cock boldly go where no cock has gone before. The way she looked, smelled, and took all of my black monster consumed my entire being. My soul desired to fuck her fat sloppy asshole into submission. Thank goodness the tavern was dark. My cock was lifting the table with a Pi... Continue»
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No library.

Mr.T and I have recently attended a black time event out of town at a casino resort.

The two of us looked good Damn good him in his tux me in a gown .
The event was a two night three day event one night he took me the second night he took his

Him and I spent the day to gather did some shopping ,some gambling we won some took it back
to the room ,so I would have more to play while he was gone.
As we are sitting there talking he smiles sorry we could not find a library last night.
Looking at him kiss him deeply telling him thank you .
We have time to kill before he ... Continue»
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LISA #3: Love Lasts Long

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

Lisa Love is as smart as slender - like me Lisa speaks several languages next to her mother tongue
Lisa Love loves to write with me - longs to join me as soon as she possibly can, which takes
... Continue»
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Dearest Friend

Submission, fixed some format issues.

The following is a work of fiction. The people are real. But the encounter is pure fantasy.

They went to school together as k**s. Not really friends, more acquaintances really. 25 years later there was a Facebook post about their high school home coming. A bunch of the folks from the mid 80’s classes were meeting at a bar to have a few and pretend they were 18 again.
He recognized her instantly. In his mind she hadn’t changed at all. Granted, there was more of her to love, but he liked “a little something to grab a hold of”. He was surprised t... Continue»
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A tribute to Ms. K

Her name was Joy Kenny. She was a neighbor of mine while I was a teenager. My mother was older than she was but they both was housewife's. So they became friends besides being neighbors. Often when I arrived home after school Joy will be in the kitchen. Joy was 10 years older than I was but I had a enormous “crush” on her.
Let me describe this creature of my young fantasy. She stood about 5' 8” or so. A delightful smile which I see now even though more than 50 years has past. She had short fire red hair with the deepest blue eyes that will make men melt. The memorable thing about her is her ... Continue»
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My s****r-in-law the Sub

My s****r-in-law the Sub
I have been married for many years, and have always had a great relationship with my in-laws. In particular, my s****r in law, there is only a four year difference in our ages, and she has really maintained her appearance over the years.

My s****r in law is Mary Louise, and she is 5’7”, 140 lbs, auburn hair cut kind of short, but kept very nicely. She has small but perky tits, and a fine ass. I must admit, that I have always wanted to get a better look at her body, but for the most part, I have only been able to sneak a peek here or there. I’m not sure if she has... Continue»
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Jenny Part 1

Jenny part 1

The first date

Jenny pushed her back against the freshly closed door and fell until she sat on the floor her head in her hands as she weeped her heart broken and head filled with rage. Her precious girl Sarah been taken away like she was every weekend by her dad Jenny’s adulterous ex-husband her first clenched angry that he was still part of their lives.

Jenny stayed curled up in a ball of sorrow and hurt until she heard the bleating of her phone and with a heart filled with sadness and teary eyes burning read

“I hope we are still on for tonight, I will see y... Continue»
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I love to play with words and You!

I love to play with tasty tongues and also with You

I love to play with languages and I love to play with you
I love to get you on your wrong foot and drive you mad

I love to mix my many languages and twist your tongues
I love drive you really mad - Ich treibe es hier mit Ihnen!

Ik drijf van pret in bed met mijn mooie blote blondines

I drive them as mad as wet while they trib their pussies

I love to lick long and feel their tasty twats before I fill them
Ich liebe lecken und sie zu schmecken die geile Schnecken!

Four foreign tongues in only fiv
... Continue»
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BBC psychosexual thriller...continued

FOLKS, I am just starting this story as of 6/1/14. Much more to come as i prepare this very true story of my ultimate humiliation as a 21 year old intern along with my then girlfriend. Hope to finish this post later this week. I kept getting timed out by xhamster and was f***ed to start over.

On my home page I state my first bbc experience was at a glory hole. It was my first "voluntary" bbc experience.
It is merely my opinion but we all have something in our background that drives our current fetishes. Mine of course being my addiction to black cock. I *know* exactly how I ended up su... Continue»
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We Try A New Swingers Club

We Try A New Swingers Club

Lisa pointed out the advert for a swingers club on an internet website. It seemed like a commercial affair, a little different to the clubs we’d experienced over the years. We decided she would call. The woman who answered was helpful and emailed more information. Both of us perused it with interest and after discussion decided to attend a mixed couple’s and single’s night the following Saturday evening.

As we drove we confirmed our usual body and verbal signs to indicate to each other our acceptance or rejection of any situation on offer. We arrived at the v... Continue»
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The Cafe

Mac loved young girls. They had to be of legal age, barely, to keep him out of jail but his pleasure was in big titted horny youth. Today he was meeting a young gal at the cafe. She was told to wear just a tank top and short skirt. As they took a table to the rear of the cafe, he sat beside her. He looked her over loving her big firm tits in the tight top. They got their drinks and ordered and her ran his hand over each tit making the nipples pop against the thin fabric. He slid her chair closer to him and spread her legs showing that she wore no panties as was asked. He rubbed her leg and the... Continue»
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Fun With Craigslist

You probably don't have time to search for my old
stories, so I will recap the basics here. I LOVE trying
on different personalities, and the Internet has always
given me an outlet for that. I have emailed and chatted
with many friends, and have met more than a few now in
person. I am also happy with my life, and do not want
to add any unnecessary complications. To combat these
problems, all of my personalities have one thing in
common – all are married. Now in truth, I am not – but
I am also not looking for a boyfriend online. (I am in
a serious relationship, and no, he ... Continue»
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My New Cuckold

These nylons are hard to pull up. Can you see the line
down the back? My grandmother wore nylons like these
back in the fifties. Let me get this garter hook
snapped. There! I'm done with the hard part!

Here comes my hubby, Roger with my heels. I think I'll
tease him with my feet! He loves me so much. He's
kissing me and I'm playfully shoving him away. He's
still not dressed. He's been running around the house
all afternoon naked. He's been stroking his cock and
playing with his balls.

I've got my foot resting on his balls. He's playing
with his little cock. No. I'm not ... Continue»
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Las Vegas Awakening

"Rodney, Rodney, I won, I won!" It was my wife screaming
into the phone so loud that I thought everyone at work
could hear her. Not that it made much difference. We
lived in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I
worked at the f****y feed store with my b*****r and

"I won a week in Las Vegas on that radio show! I was the
ninth caller and I won us a vacation."

Little did I know what a change that was going to make in
our lives. We'd been married three years and had been
sweethearts since the sixth grade. We had wanted to get
married since we were fiftee... Continue»
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Susan enjoyed teaching history at the local high school.
She taught senior students and derived a great deal of
joy seeing the faces of the future sitting across from
her. She taught history the last period of the day just
before going home to Karl her husband. Sometimes when
Susan arrived home she would be so wet and horny, she
would quickly lead Karl upstairs for a "quickie" before
dinner. He never knew the reason for Susan's mood.
However, she kept a secret from Karl about her teaching.

Susan's real reason for enjoying the last period of
history with the seniors were t... Continue»
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