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Bath and a Shave

She called a few days ago and asked to meet again, saying she wanted a bath and it shaved again. I had met her thru Ms.P. I had given Ms.R. a bath and a shave. The first meeting had gone well so I agreed.

I walked into the smell of fresh fish being fried and some steamed veggies. Ms R. was a great cook. she was showing some gray in her red hair.

Looking down at her ample chest I could tell she had them in a push up bra. She was in her late forties but looked younger. I was a few years older.

After dinner I went to start her bath filling. She stood still while I removed her clothing.... Continue»
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Truth or Dare

Victorious: Truth or Dare



"Babe," she tried again.


"Babe," Tori whined again from the side of the big red couch in her living room. Jade rolled her eyes. She and Jade had been officially going out for eight months going on nine, and they both couldn't be any happier.

"Yes?" she reluctantly asked without taking her eyes off of the gruesome movie on television, lightly chuckling as another dumb girl got murder with a spoon.

"I'm bored."

"Okay. What do you want me to do about it?"

"Let's play Truth or Dare!" she screeched excitedly. Jade ... Continue»
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Evening Footjob

It was early September and we were having an Indian summer. We were in P's flat, watching a trashy video, with the curtains and windows open to the balmy night air and sounds of the road. She'd been to have a shower earlier and was now leaning against me wearing a pair of panties and a vest top. Her hair was pulled back, she smelled sweet and clean and fresh and I just wanted to ravish her, right there.

"Did you want a drink or something?" I said.

She mimed gagging from thirst, so - laughing - I went into the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine and got a can of Strongbow for me. When ... Continue»
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Secretary/slut give the boss relief.

'Jen!? Get in here.'

It had been a bad morning and the afternoon didn't look like getting any better. The presentation I was working on just wasn't coming together. I needed to take a break and relieve the tension. In other words I needed to take out my annoyance on my office slut.

Responding to my shout the intended reliever of my frustration tottered in to my office on ludicrously high heels. Her tiny black skirt barely covered the lacy tops of her stockings and her lovely hard nippled breasts jiggled under her transparent blouse.

'Yes Sir?' she asked, perhaps already guessing what ... Continue»
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3 on 1

The joint was jumping all night - packed to the bream with sexy, young people. It was opening night, and our new bar was the liveliest place in town. At different intervals throughout the night, I would just sit back and take stock of all of the energy.

My three angels behind the bar had served more drinks and worked themselves until the sweat drenched their white tank tops. As an act of solidarity for opening night, Candy had suggested they all dress in their white tank tops with army green pants and black boots. Everyone in the place, even the women, were turned on by our new bar and my ... Continue»
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3 Good Friends

Angela and I had been married for almost 2 years, and things had been going wonderfully (thank goodness for long engagements!) and our life together was moving forward smoothly. Or so I thought, until Angie's best friend Debra, came to visit.

Deb had just gotten out of a long, bad marriage and Angie took it upon herself to invite Deb to stay with us for a couple of weeks, not wanting her to be alone while her marriage was crumbling and getting Deb away from her jerk of a soon to be ex-husband.

I took the news as smoothly as I could, I understood that my wife's friend was depressed and we... Continue»
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When I travel I really don't worry too much about the rent car, I generally choose a certain size and just let car gods at the rental agency decide which car I get. I sometimes call it rent car roulette and it's not until I'm handed the keys and given the parking space number that I find out if I am a winner or not. Sure I could look at the key tag, but it's so much more fun to walk out looking for M-9 or D-83 while pressing the unlock button on the key fob. That way you find out what you are driving as the car introduces itself to you with its flashing lights.

During one of my trips I did ... Continue»
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Sitting on duty in his squad car, drinking coffee, a police officer checked his watch. "Hm. 5pm already?" Just at that moment a white car flew by. He checked the radar and clocked it at 120mph. "Damn. 120?" He switched his lights on, and raced after it. When he finally caught up, the car was already pulled over on the side of the road, so he pulled up behind her. When he ran the license plate, the owner came back as a Gabriela Montgomery. He promptly got out of his car, and when he walked up to the window, he saw the woman inside applying lipstick. "This is going to be interesting," he thought... Continue»
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New Lover - Hotel (Part 2)

I stand before you as you sit on the bed, you undo my belt and trousers, as you pull down my briefs my erect cock springs out you grasp it firmly in one hand, with the most softest of touches you rub my precum all around my glans with a finger, you then suck it and simulate with your finger want I am wanting you to do with my erection. You lean forward and kiss the very end, then you lips envelop my shaft deeper and deeper far into your throat, the sensation is wonderful, I pull your head hard against me, gagging you pull your head back, my cock is joined to your mouth with strings of saliva. ... Continue»
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Mature Sexy Wife Gets SWAPPED PART 1

Having a rather sexy mature wife (55) has its advantages and of course some disadvantages. A size 12 with a sexy look and a fucking slut in the bedroom. If you like the loud, vocal, screaming type then my wife is the one for you. About a year ago I was pounding her pussy one night and she could not get enough. I was on top, then she was on top. I fucked, pounded, fingered, ate that horny sexy pussy for about 45 minutes and she wanted much more. I unloaded in her pussy while she was on top and after filling that pussy with all kinds of hot Italian cum she looks at me and says " How hot would it... Continue»
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Clay Comes to sunny Southern California

After my trip I got back home and into work, the gym, the new guy who moved into my complex, and frankly, kind of forgot that Clay had wanted to visit. He had never told me any specifics about when he would be coming to town, if his Dad, Nate or Coach were also coming. One afternoon as I was leaving the gym after a great workout and rough spin class, I was starved, and got a text from Clay saying that he was at the college, went to some classes, got a tour, and was going to work out with the team until around 7, and he would be over after that. He ended with an apology for short notice, ... Continue»
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Petite Exchange Student from Japan

It was not the best time for an exchange student to be staying with us for the summer. My wife and I were experiencing the roughest time in our relationship.

Two weeks before Kimi was to arrive, my wife, Liz, and I had our worst fight. Liz had gone out to a college friend’s bachelorette party. I hadn’t thought much of it. She was out until the early morning. When she woke up at noon the next day, we didn’t have much time to get ready for the wedding. We rushed over to the ceremony. I didn’t know most of the people, so I had a f... Continue»
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want ad

I’m in the market for a slut that can pass for a lady in public when required. This will be a highly structured and disciplined, 24/7 live in arraignment for a three-hole slut only. I am only interested in anatomical females that were born anatomical females. The position will be one of working Ranch Wife on a real Texas Cattle Ranch. Age and size are flexible as long as she is capable of fulfilling her duties, is healthy, presentable and has good personal hygiene. The successful applicant will be honest, intelligent, submissive, an excellent communicator and eager to please and learn new thin... Continue»
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We Found Pleasure in Her Pain

With pain, there would be pleasure tonight.

There was a time when I could not get enough of her. I loved her the way other people loved those special to them. She was beautiful--perfect in my eyes in every way--and then the lust went out of me. I could only think of dominating and humiliating her. Yet she still desired to pleasure me, so submitted to my will.

Three weeks, four continents, twelve capital cities; non-stop work. I had been without her company and with no other woman the entire time. The only thing I could think of was getting home to my penthouse suite and indulging my crav... Continue»
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In the back of the cab

Myself and my ex in the back of a cab !

I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself and my ex girlfriend at the time, we were both 20 she had long brown hair and a body like you've never seen, perfect pert tittys and a round scrumptious ass with a tattoo going down her left side from her ribs and stopping at her pantie line. And I'm 5ft 11 gym fit with full sleeve tattoos dark wavey sort hair, now to the good bits :)
We had been to a friends house for a few drinks and a take away on a summers evening we had been there a good 6 hours drink beer and eating good food, when jade came... Continue»
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Suffolk hotel first bi experience

By Gazza1234

Another night – another small hotel is my way of life with the work I do travelling the country selling a variety of products, as a sales agent, on behalf of my clients. It’s a living, and sometimes quite lucrative, but here I am in nowhere Suffolk on a January night.
The hotel’s quite nice but, as far as I can tell, it’s almost empty. The Christmas and New Year trade’s long gone and the spring visitors are some weeks away which is why I got a good room at a very fair rate.
Orders processed, e-mails checked and replied to, I head to the small bar for a pint and a few pages o... Continue»
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Two good friends... (Barbara) Part 1

(This happens to be a wet dream... it is a work of fiction.... )

I arrived to her house early enough on a Saturday morning, rang the bell and got her answer.. "who is it? is it my lover?"

I said, "no it is the plumber, I came to check some pipes..."

Then the main entrance opened with a buzz, and there she was in the house entrance "come on in, the problem is in the kitchen" smiling at me.

Barbara is a 6'1" slim brunette, with a lovely set of 34 c boobs and a nice size 7 panties. Very long legs complement her great body. She is a widow for now 7 years and has two boys. She and... Continue»
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Slut! I will do what you want.

Slut! I will do what you want.
For a number of years I have enjoyed a strong, sometimes kinky, but always eventful, sexual relationship with a very, very sexy woman. She is still married to her husband, a guy who does not perform in the bedroom and is somewhat under endowed. His sex drive and potency is nonexistent which as much as she loves him it leaves her extremely sexually frustrated. After discussions with her husband, this has brought her to my bed for sexual gratification. She is a conservative dressing mom during her normal life, looking after her f****y and home, but when we get to... Continue»
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Camping with Aunty Alice, and with 6 Boys

I counted the heads as the van drove off, seven men and myself. I was eighteen and sort feeling self-conscious, having no girlfriends to chat with, or compare notes, but more important, not to have competition with to flirt, me and seven guys, wow, this was really happening, and deep down, even though I felt intimidated, I felt a sexual arousal, I hoped did not show.

Trekking in the rough was an outdoor pursuit I have always loved doing, at one with nature, down and earthy, a real outdoors girl, nude walks and naked swimming, rocked my boat, in secret of course, and now, here I was about to... Continue»
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1st part.

In a hotel room:

It is a heavy night, with heat and low clouds that reflect the lights of the city, a gentle northerly breeze comes without being able to change anything.
It's hot in the room, the man lying in the bed barely covered with sheets, naked. Only the reflection of the city lights illuminate the room. He lies sprawled on the bed, sl**pless, staring out the window trying to find that place within oneself that brings the dreams.
She appears at the door like a ghost, wrapped in a towel, without a sigh or murmur, her body still wet from the shower.
The man turns in the bed to look ... Continue»
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