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Luststute Sabine – benutzt als Hündin

Luststute Sabine – benutzt als Hündin
(c)Krystan Knight

Die Männer standen im Dunkeln, als sie den Raum betrat. Schwarze Strapse, Korsett und High Heels waren ihre Tracht. Das rote Hundehalsband war zum Teil durch ihr lockiges Haar verdeckt, welches offen über ihre Schultern fiel.
Sabine war kein Schulmädchen mehr, sondern eine reife Frau. Trotzdem glich ihr Blick in diesem Moment dem eines scheuen Rehs. Sie wusste nicht, was man von ihr erwartete. Wie eine Hündin wurde sie an einer Leine vorgeführt.
In der Mitte des Raums waren zwei Matratzen aufeinandergestapelt. Ein Scheinwerfer leuch... Continue»
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mum, me and my best friend

My best friend, T, and I were coming up to our house to watch a video, as I drove into the drive way I saw dad slam the door and mutter “I’m going to the club” as he screeched off in his car. When T and I entered the house mum was tearful and we didn’t know what to do. I motioned for T to sit down and mum asked him if he wanted a drink, he said he did.

As I loaded the video up mum came in with some drinks, I asked her if she was alright and she said she was and then she went upstairs. Twenty minutes later she re-appeared wearing her housecoat, she asked if we’d like more drinks and T said h... Continue»
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I typed:
She was about your height, 5’ 4, and it was her brown skin that first caught my eye. She looked like she was maybe Filipino. Around 40 I guessed, but it was hard for me to tell. Not that mattered though, because her body was …snatched. She always wore these spandex tights because I guess she worked out a lot. Mmmm…she looked like she would be fun. One day I came to the gym to play racquetball and I didn’t see her at the office. I didn’t think anything of it and went to the court. On my way I saw her working out , doing bent over rows and damn… her body wasn’t just tight, it was scu... Continue»
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Neighbors Hear Moaning as Girlfriend Gets a New To

I was in the midst of a separation from my first wife and had been seeing a FWB from work for a few months now. I was her supervisor when we first started fucking and I have to tell you, that added so much excitement to the relationship. We had sex all the time, we even fucked a few times at work. She was amazing, so responsive, so dirty, and I loved the way she would talk sweet and dirty. She was a smaller BBW with curves in all the right places. She was built for sex, five foot six, 40F breasts that were magnificent and dense for their size, a big tight ass, barely a tummy even after two k**... Continue»
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A new game. (working title. rough draft. based on

(questions? comments? constructive criticism? all feedback is welcome, this is my first short story, please let me know what you think.)

I have the coolest best friend. his name's Mitch. he likes movie going and videogame arcades as much as me. It seems we instantly built a friendship on those common intrests, and we would bump into eachother regularly on our way to see a new movie or arcade release. He would say things like "hey there", and "you again?" with each encounter. I'd just smile brightly and stand there and wave to him briskly as he tried to make small talk. He did all the... Continue»
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Dream of Me

Me and my live-in gf have been together 8 yrs, I love her but she's selfish and usually a cunt unless she wants something ..or..she's sl**ping.
Today was hot outside, so hot my window air conditioners were lagging behind, leaving the house a little warm. This prompted my gf to take of her pants and bra off as she lounged on the living room couch for a cat nap. she sl**ps heavy.. a college girl by day, a waitress at nite..she usually sl**ps hard and today was no exception. It had been an hour of lightly snoring when I noticed she finally fell into a deep sl**p - zero noise, zero movement and... Continue»
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The Night Mare

Originally posted @storiesonline, this tale is part of a longer series exploring a teenage boys coming-of-age during the 1970s. Each 'apparition' represents an aspect of his psyche, some of which are yet to emerge, in a Jungian nightmare that delves deep into his tormented soul...

The devilish apparition loomed over Jimmy with fiery eyes burning his soul to cinders:

"Feed on my flesh."

A deep voice, redolent with attar and unspeakable lust, rumbled through his mind.

This can't be happening, he thought, frantically scrabbling away from the b**stial figure. It followed ... Continue»
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(Femdom story) Wendell and how he got that way by

These stories are favourites of mine and would like to share.

Wendell would never forget the time he met Diana. Just eighteen years old, but street-wise and self-assured as a Mafia kingpin, she was sitting at a small table by the dressing room, leaning back in her chair with her legs kicked open wide. She was laughing with another dancer about something and smoking a cigarette. He’d always remember her white knee-high leather boots and white boy-cut panties and white lace bra; how tight her stomach was and how strong her thighs looked; her hair - shoulder-length blonde with bang... Continue»
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An exhibitionist on the road.

For anyone who read our previous true stories, you'll be fully aware of Mrs. O's love of flashing. Her latest show came during a drive to the coast.
It was a hot day and we were both at home off work when she suggested driving to the coast for the day. We got our stuff together and set off with me driving. Mrs O was wearing a white vest top and shortish red cotton skirt. As she settled into the seat beside me i couldn't help noticing how much of her legs were on show, the skirt barely covering her panties. At the fist set of lights we came to i leaned across and ran my hand up her leg resting... Continue»
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Tattoo (incomplete story)

((Unfortunately, this is an incomplete story. This was a common project with my roommate Lady-Jen but unfortunately we have no idea and no motivation to finish this story))

It was pitch black. Kelli tried to focus her eyes. She fluttered her lids repeatedly.
Pitch black.
She felt something caressing her face, but couldn't tell exactly what. She opened and closed her eyelids again.
A shiver of apprehension ran through her. Something was wrong.
She started to move her right arms up so that her hand could rub her eyes. Maybe her eyes were just full of sl**p... Continue»
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She showed me how a bj feels

Hi, my name is John. My story is about the summer my
s****r Melissa and I shared when I was fifteen. She was
seven-teen at the time. My story begins about three
weeks into our summer break.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend Mia. We had
been dating all year and I thought it would last
forever. She said she needed to spend time with others
and wanted to date other people that summer. None of
her reasons were very good. Well, we separated. I was
devastated. I didn't understand what had gone wrong.
For about a week, I ran through every-thing in my mind
to try and figu... Continue»
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Mom totally d***k passes out

My name's Ronnie , my folks got divorced a little over two years ago and my Mom took it pretty hard , as it came to a shock to her that her husband had been having an affair for the past several years , which led to him leaving her . After the divorce , my Mom began to drink , mostly at night after dinner , but as time went by , she began to drink more. At first bottles of vodka came in 5ths , then by the gallon . The minute she entered the door after work , she would head to the kitchen make herself a screwdriver and continue drinking most of the night until fairly well into the... Continue»
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Velvet Crush: A New Beginning


I finally realized where I was, as I pulled the filthy blanket down to find that I was naked. I was lying on a mattress in a dirty room, in some house, somewhere in LA. Our tour had ended nearly four months ago and I had been on a sex and d**g binge since then. It had begun as a party to celebrate our tour and after a sequence of events, had degraded into my demise as a street whore, d**g abuser and live sex act star.
After two days of partying, I had returned to see my mom and grandma off to Japan. They were going to be flying back in a private jet with my grandma’s husband, who ... Continue»
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All Hallow's Eve in the Land of The Creeps

This is what happens when an ordinary horny guy and his voluptuous wife decide to take a relaxing little weekender wandering the twisted world, such as it is and will be in the fantasy future mankind....

We set up our Halloween eve's camp at a clearing deep in the so-called "haunted" woods, 'cause we weren’t scared of shit, and mainly 'cause we were horny as fuck for each other and couldn’t wait. We tore our clothes off, tossing our packs and gear everywhere in our haste to be in each other’s arms. My eyes were blissfully closed while I basked in that familiar wet warm feeling of my cock g... Continue»
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Now on Offer!!

There's this girl in a local shop I frequent. She's not conventionally pretty; rather, she's this slight, awkward thing with a constantly worn, if not exhausted, air about her. I guess her employers keep her busy. She has dark circles under her eyes, and her work attire is this rather perfunctory black number, which swamps her small frame and renders her anonymous.

Despite this, I find myself drawn to her, inexplicably so. Knowing full-well of the biological predisposition for men to assume attraction from women-often where none exists- I objectively believe her to harbour some level of att... Continue»
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hoes that rip you off

I have been ripped off 5 times I think maybe 6 not sure. Be I am sure every time I got ripped off it was a black chick. This morning before work I went too see a white chick no problems everything went smooth she did just like she agreed on the phone nice video. A friend of mine told me about this fine ass black chick he went to see he also told her about me. So I called the hoe and we talked about fucking on video and she said its cool but it would be extra. I said ok cool I get there it was the chick in the pix and she was fine nice big booty tits a few tats. But I notice something her perso... Continue»
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Okay, I admit it, its all my fault. I was the one who suggested going out for a drink. It was me who thought we could take Mark along as he seems a bit down just recently. It was also me who agreed to going back to his for a nightcap. I gladly accept all the blame for what happened next. Even if none of it was my idea.

It had been a fun if low key sort of night. Just three friends hanging out in a local pub. Mark's a bit like me in his sense of humour. He doesnt so much tell jokes as bounce off things other people say. He isnt quite as bitchy as me th... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 9

Robbie opened the front door to his temporary residence and dragged his bag in. The house alarm starting beeping, reminding him that Joyce was the most organised person he know. He fished the piece of paper from his pocket, that Joyce had given him, bearing the alarm code and switched if off, He noticed it was the year of his own birth., and stored that information for use at a later date.

He left his bag in the hallway and went for a poach about his new home for the next fortnight. He had memories of being here as a c***d, but, it was a long time ago, and then, he was more interested in ... Continue»
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I decided to do a scene with Both my Trainer Ian and one of my best friends( and fuck buddy, when neither of us where in a relationship) Richard. They as Dominants and me as Submissive.
All of my other friends decided I was completely out of my mind or had a sudden lapse in rationality, since they both were possessive and sadistic. And always competing against each other in anything and everything.
I would be lying if I say I wasn't nervous about it, but I wasn't about to say no to a new experience. So here I was in front of Ian's dungeon, with a rapid beating heart ....
As if
... Continue»
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The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man Underfoot

This started as a text chat with someone who has a crushing fetish. I realized after a while that I had basically written a piece of erotica so I copy/pasted it, cleaned up the grammar a bit, and now post it here for your consideration.

You can clearly see the dirty sole of my shoe as it hovers over you. I'm keeping my heel on the floor though because I don't want to just squash you, I want to play with you first. It's not often that I get to torture a little man.

I lift my foot, turn it a bit to the left and stamp it down hard. The SMACK sound it makes on the floo... Continue»
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