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Fucking my S*s

As parents drift apart, a b*****r and s****r get c
However thick my parents thought the walls in our house were, they weren't thick enough. I'd lost count of how many times I'd lain in bed listening to mom and dad fighting when they thought we wouldn't overhear them. I was at a point where I almost didn't care anymore, but I couldn't say the same for my little s****r.

Once the yelling started it was usually only a matter of time before Monica would be up and looking for something to take her mind off of our parents' increasingly obvious issues with each other. Most of the time that distrac... Continue»
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Best Friend'sMILF

I remember a few years ago, I stayed over my buddy's house as we were going to a concert the next morning. We were both asl**p by 11 but I woke up around 12:36 to go to the bathroom. When I walked out into the hall, I saw that the bathroom door was open and the light was still on. When I walked in, I saw his mom, Jennifer, a hot redhead with glasses, D cup tits and a wonderful ass, sitting on the bathroom counter fingering herself. Why she wasn't in her room, I don't know. I turned quickly hoping to avoid talking but she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. I couldn't help but stare at her delic... Continue»
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My Life as a Shemale Part11

The weeks went on and I had recuperate from my weekend at Suzi's. I have to say that it was very exhausting but I am glad I had done it. It wasn't the same as the sex I had before, it was different and thrilling. I did like being exposed and abused.

My body had changed, I was by any standards becoming a beautiful young woman, as my 14th birthday approached my breasts became nicely shaped, no more than a handful but Sam had been right, perfect. My skin was a silky white, perfect and soft. I was maybe a little too skinny and my legs still had this coltish look. My blonde hair had grown out ... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 17&18

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 17

Over breakfast with Andrew... Continue»
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First time

I had prepared. I was ready.
My heart was beating fast nonetheless, as I was walking down the alley. Thoughts kept running through my head and I wasn't totally sure if it was the right thing to do, yet I went on - kept walking.

It was autumn and the sun had sunken early. Walking fast was a good idea, it kept me warm. It was a 20 minute walk from home and I knew where I had to go. The closer I got, the more my heart was beating. I entered that street that he had pointed me to. A street somewhere close to the city center but still fairly outside. A street where you could still find a spot f... Continue»
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a moment in time,

One Moment in Time

I wasn't all that far from being a virgin when we married, neither of us had experienced much sexually . Irene had engaged in foreplay with a few boyfriends in high school and perhaps a dozen more in college. She knew what and where a man's penis was and had admitted to having spooned a bit.

Me, I had mounted all of two girls missionary and only once each. Neither of us brought experience to the wedding.

We met in college as freshmen and ma... Continue»
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Don't mess with Mr.Hanson (like Miemke Thorsu

A friend of mine -Ramon- said that Miemke Thorsun sat in my favorite-bar.
She stated before everyone in the bar that I was impotent and did not manage to fuck her.
Ramon said: Will you allow that cheap little whore to keep on like that or are you going to do something about it
I said: No, I guess I have to do something about it.
-Is it the usual gang that hangs in the bar?
-Yeah, you know ...ex-cons,bikers,freaks.Ramon laughed:
-I think I know what you gonna do Hans,you're gonna fuck her in the bar in front of all the guys.
I said:
-Not just fuck her, I will give her a good beating... Continue»
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The Best of Both Worlds (Weight Gain)

It was May 31st, an important day for Kristin, because it meant that she was on vacation for 3 whole months. Kristin is an exercise teacher at the local gym and has reached the pinnacle of her profession with her own VHS tape, and DVD (as she insisted to keep up to date) line of exercise videos.

She got in to exercise in college while majoring in Computer Science. Freshmen year, the famous 15 pounds had found their way to her slender frame. While not being bothered by it much while it came on, she was upset as her pants stopped fitting and her body jiggled with its newfound flab. Her f****y... Continue»
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It was a warm day in early summer on an exclusive boarding school for girls in the southern Netherland countryside. In a top floor study-bedroom, s*******n year-old Sixth Form pupil Olga was enjoying what she liked best: applying her tongue and fingers to a girl’s cunt and hearing the whimpering moans as she took her to climax.

Olga was an adept pussy-eater who had given satisfaction to quite a few girls in her class; she followed the adage often uttered by her teachers, although they probably had other endeavors in mind – ‘practice makes perfect’. The little hussy in fron... Continue»
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Mistress Vera and her slave part 2

Mistress Vera and her slave 2

Chapter 3

Upstairs Mistress Vera had changed. She sat relaxed on her sofa wearing a simple t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. She was talking on the phone. “Yes at eight,” she said. “Yes okay I‘ll see you soon, bye.”

She hung up the phone but almost immediately picked it up again and began dialling another number. She talked to various people before she finally stood up and wandered into the kitchen. There she selected a cookbook from a shelf and opened it on the table, it was stained with spatters of sauces and dough. She had always liked cooking but ... Continue»
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Mistress Vera and her slave part 1

Mistress Vera and her slave

In the dungeon the slave kneeled and wriggled slightly in her bonds to again feel the pleasure of her imprisonment. Her whole body was encased in leather, a black cat suit stretched from her ankles to her jaw with a single zip down the back to release her when the time came.
Black leather boots, which reached nearly to her knees covered the cat suit on her legs, as did the steel collar which covered the leather around her neck.
The tag on the zip was clipped to a ring at the back of the collar so that even with her arms free she could not remove her u... Continue»
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Charlotte becomes my slave

Charlotte, a very nice looking 22yr old girl, wasn't sure why she was going to see Vera today, other than because Vera told her she should come back. She certainly didn't look forward to these "appointments", if that's what you could even call them at this point, and her back was feeling much better. Yet here she was, walking slowly towards Vera's house for another treatment that she didn't really need or want.

Charlotte wondered if perhaps she did like the treatments, but simply wasn't willing to admit it. That was a possibility, especially since Vera wasn't forcing her to come, rather... Continue»
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the story of Pornographic film

Early years: 19th century
Images from early Austrian erotic movies (about 1906, first image showing Am Sklavenmarkt) by photographer Johann Schwarzer and his Saturn Film company
See also: History of erotic depictions

Production of erotic films commenced almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture. Two of the earliest pioneers were Frenchmen Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner. Kirchner (under the name "Léar") directed the earliest surviving erotic film for Pirou. The 7-minute 1896 film Le Coucher de la Mariee had Louise Willy performing a bathroom striptease.[4] Other French... Continue»
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Dog Bitch to Gloryhole Hooker

My wife and I had reached a point in our relationship where we needed to find new sexual territory. We started to play around with domination fetish stuff. After a while we found that she really got off on humiliation and being degraded. So I started giving her orders to tell me her fantasies and she did her best to obey. At first it was all tame and some of it for my amusement (like kissing other girls, etc) but after a while she was texting me from her work in the middle of the day. I'd make her take selfies from the bathroom at her office and send them to me along with naughty fantasies. Th... Continue»
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The disconsolations of Anita

The Disconsolation of Anita

Anita was deeply unhappy. She couldn’t get Robert to cancel the cartography course and come with her to Frinton. She came back from her daughter’s house, laden with shopping and after a while she went upstairs to the bedroom. She looked at the large double bed and a wave of loneliness came over her. She caught herself in the full length mirror and wondered what was it about her that caused Robert to ignore her wishes. It must be something about her older body that no longer attracted him.

Slowly she removed her clothes in front of the mirror. She pulled off... Continue»
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Preggers and Hot by loyalsock

Wanda waddled into the kitchen with a tray full of dirty dishes while thinking about how tired she was all the time now, and she still had two months to go before she was due! She felt like a fat cow, after gaining thirty pounds during this her first pregnancy, and while she was usually a svelte 125 pounds, her tits had turned into mini Goodyear blimps, and her belly looked like she was stealing a water melon from a fruit stand while hiding it under her dress! No wonder Dave had seemed to lose interest in sex!!! When she looked into the mirror she appeared to be anything but desirable, and to ... Continue»
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The store

The store

Being a business owner in miami Beach i always had what to look for going to open my store. Miami Beach after all is a sin city, women are not usually naked but are really fast at removing their light tiny clothes, have a nice car and be your own boss and you are every bitch's dream in town.
One day at the store, business was slow and the my only employee asked to take the rest of the day off, sitting there alone in walks a lady with a short skirt long silky legs huge boobs almost popping out of her tiny shirt that only had 2 buttons between her boobs with no bra you can see a ... Continue»
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Cindy First BJ

Cindy First BJ

This event happens back in my early teen years.

Cindy was a neighbor girl that lived about a mile down the road from me. Since she and her older s*s was the only k**s my age within walking distance we hung out together most summer days. Cindy older s*s soon became uninterested in hanging with us as she became interested in boys closer to her own age. Cindy was about a year younger than me. Growing up we 3 had played games like house, doctor, and other games. I had seen them both naked, and likewise they had seen me naked, but as we hit puberty that all change and the gam... Continue»
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Prison Ain't So Bad

"I can't fucking believe it, not too long ago, to this day, I was living a good life, I was drinking champagne with my girlfriend Alexis, not the brightest of girls but damn she had a nice body, that night we drank until we couldn't and fucked until the sun came up, now look at me, travelling on this bus heading to prison, all because I was stupid enough to commit fraud".

The bus pulled up at the prison and instantly the convicts gathered by the fence, I could hear them all screaming and yelling, even managed to hear a few things being said, "Fresh fish!", and "Welcome to hell!" were the on... Continue»
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Male Cherry goes...POP! Pt.3 Male Cherry goes...PO

After Dinner we headed to Caesars Palace. Bryan wanted to see me on the dance floor again so we went to the hotel’s hottest club. After waiting in line for 20 minutes we entered a small area jam packed. The music was good but it was difficult to dance. I gave up. We sat down and ordered a drink at the bar. “You’re looking very nice tonight”, Bryan said while breathing at the nape of my neck. I thanked him. “Oh my God, I want to relive this afternoon. I’ve never had a man suck the soul out of me through my clit!” I said. He laughed- Oh, there is more where that came from. After a few people lef... Continue»
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