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My first day a sex slave pt.1

Before I begin my story, i must include a few details about how these events were inspired. My name is Micheal. When I was just a boy around 8 or 9 years old I started masturbating by humping my bed or the couch until I'd cum and my dick didn't even let out clear semen at the time just a dry cum. My 17 year old cusin Danny was living in my house at the time because his parents, my Aunt an Uncle left town and decided it was best for Danny to stay in his home town so he could finish high school here since his senior year was coming up after a long summer. My parents didn't mind having their nepp... Continue»
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A Body Made for One Thing Pt.2

I just could not sl**p that night. All I could think about was her and what if felt like to have her. I found out her name was Andrea and I got her number once I finally got out of tha bathroom.
What had come over me? What was I thinking? I had sex with a woman that I didn’t even know and I tried to impregnate her! I never just fucked girls without wearing protection, but it never even crossed my mind with Andrea. Her, I just had to feel, I just had an undeniable need to breed her. Now, alone in my bed I was worried. I was supposed to go visit her in a few days and I didn’t know w... Continue»
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My first time with another woman

I arrived at the condo complex and all 4 the guest parking slots were taken, so I parked up the hill on the street off of University. She met me up on the hill and she had on a simple black short-sleeved dress that stopped above her knees and she wore tan stockings and strappy hills. My thigh-hi’s were bothering me, so we stopped inside the restroom in the exercise room and took them off and shoved them in my purse.

Without stockings on and walking down the very step hill down towards the Seattle Convention Center, my feet started to hurt with forming blisters, but thankfully I had some fli... Continue»
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My First Time Masturbating

Why me, thats all I could think of, why me. My parents and s****rs had taken off for the whole day to go shopping and have fun and I had to stay home and mow the damn lawn, why me.
There I was gasing up the mower feeling sorry for myself, of course if I\'d done it yeaterday I\'d be out having fun too, when I heard music on the other side of the privacy fence. I peeked through a crack in the fence and my heart started pounding and it was hard to breath because there ten feet away stood Sara the neighbor girl every young guy dreamed of.
She was tall slender and had tits and an ass to die for a... Continue»
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Masturbating in front of a very sensuous man

The way I like to masturbate in front of a sensuous man is laying on the bed, totally naked and watching him as he stands there in all of his male splendor. His love rod totally hard and standing up. I will turn my self towards him as to where he can view my entire naked womanhood. I then will begin by slowly running my fingers very lightly up and down my body.

I will start breathing in short fast breaths as I feel my nipples begin to swell and harden. At the same time, my flower will begin to open and my nectar will start to flow. I will very lightly circle my now very swollen nipples with... Continue»
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Fucked at the Pub

I went to a local pub this evening for a music pub quiz with my friends, and half way through a group of men three men sat at the table next to us. We were struggling with the quiz kept asking the men for help with the older songs, as we are in our early 20s and they looked to be around 40. I immediately fancied one of the men; he had a couple of tattoos and the stupidly attractive facial hair some men my own age struggle to grow. Throughout the night I kept throwing glances his way, and occasionally I'd see him staring at me (or my breasts).

Now I have to admit something about myself whic... Continue»
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Icy Finger Masturbation

Last night, I had a bit of fun with a new kind of clit diddling. As with all new ways of toying with my clit, I just had to watch it, so I took out my mirror and assumed the position. I put a glass of ice water by my bed and started to rub my clit in the usual way. A few minutes of medium instensity stimulation was all that was needed to get a generous flow of pussy juice started. After I made myself wet to my satisfaction, I dipped my fingers into the glass of ice water and allowed them to soak for a while. My pussy was deprived of that oh-so-sweet massage, but I waited in anticipation o... Continue»
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The Making of an Exhibitionistic Masturbator

I\'ll admit it. I\'m shameless. I like masturbating for an audience even if it\'s just for an audience of one. If there\'s someone else there watching... well--then--that\'s even better!

As a teenager, the only masturbation shows I gave were more for educational purposes. I showed my boyfriends how I masturbated so they could learn how to finger me. I don\'t think that there was this understanding that I was doing it to get them off and get my exhibitionistic self off even though it was plenty exciting for both me and them. It was more a \"here, let me show you how to do me\" kind of ... Continue»
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Laura 6 - Laura Makes A New Friend

Laura is an erotic pen pal of mine. In her 40\'s, she is a self described big beautiful woman. Curly black hair, green eyes, five foot nine, 44 DD Cups and plump belly and ass. She has developed an insatiable sexual curiosity, and is interested in trying out new things.

She occasionally sends me e-mails of her latest adventures, which I combine, clean up and turn into a story for her. In exchange she allows me to repost where I wish. She swears all this is true, I have only her word for it though, so read at your own discretion...

I finally did it! I\'ve been saying for a while I wanted ... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 5

From PL:

Laura is an online friend of mine. She occasionally sends me a hot e-mail (or series of), which I clean up some and put into story format. Here\'s her latest, due to a lack of time it\'s not quite as cleaned up as some of the past ones but I think you\'ll enjoy anyway.

Laura\'s Story: - Fun with Steve

I\'ve had some really hot experiences lately, let me tell you about one that\'s making me horny right now. I think I mentioned before my neighbor Steve, the gay guy. Steve is in his late 40\'s, about 5 foot nine, clean shaven, gray hair, pretty big belly (too many keg parti... Continue»
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Laundry Room Masturbator

This being Masturbation Month, I thought I would try to do something to spice up my self-pleasure routine, just to mark the occasion. Although I masturbate all the time, I don’t really do anything really wild—not any more, anyway. But I wanted to break out of the routine—as fun as it is. One sure-fire way to change up your jack-off experience is to change the setting.

My apartment is the at the end of the building, next to a stairwell leading to the underground parking. Just off that landing is the laundry room—just a small room with a handful of coin-operated washers and dryers. For some r... Continue»
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Mandy Masturbates

This is a true story. My (at the time) girl friend told me about it shortly after we started dating. We had just fucked like mad, and were enjoying the nice afterglow, caressing and talking about masturbation habits. She told me this story, which got us both so hot and horny we wound up fucking all over again...


Mandy arrived at work late as usual. It wasn\'t that she minded her job as a weekend security guard, but it wasn\'t thrilling either. Joe, the evening guy let her through the gate. He grumbled about her being late, but then he always did. As usual she smiled, batted her gra... Continue»
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Wife Plays While Hubby Is Away (True Story)

Wife Plays While Hubby Is Away

Authors note: My wife related this story to me while I was on my last trip out of town. In a series of erotic phone calls and e-mails she gave me the details. It was so hot I wrote it up, using her point of view.


I hate it when my husband has to go out of town on business. My bed gets so lonely without him. I miss his warm, nude body beside mine at night. But let me back up just a hair...

It was early Monday morning. He and the k**s had just left, he was dropping them off at school, after which he had a quick meeting at the office then would be ... Continue»
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A Day To Myself (True Story)

A Day To Myself

My husband has encouraged me to write about a most wonderful day I had, a day to myself. First though a quick description. I\'m 5\'9, with neck length brown hair. I\'m forty something, and I reluctantly admit on the chubby side. My husband seems to really like it though, so I guess it\'s not all bad. My breasts are quite full at 44D, I\'m quite proud of \"the girls\". I leave my crotch naturally hairy, although I have shaved it from time to time in the past.

My sweet hubby likes to go to flea markets and the like, and was going to one this particular Saturday. He voluntee... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 4

From PL:

When I wrote \"Other Peoples Houses 1\" I sent it to a few friends for them to review, Laura being one. Even though I hadn\'t heard from her in some time, she sent me back this delightful story. I cleaned it up, removed the \"hey how ya been\" stuff, and put it into her perspective.

Laura was delighted with the result, so without further ado...

Laura\'s Story:

Wow Plump, what a hot story [Other Peoples Houses 1]. I really got off on reading about you two fucking in the house. I wound up playing with my pussy, right there at the computer.

What really got me hot though wa... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 3

From PL:

Laura sent this to me, it was pretty hot so after jerking off a few times to it, I decided to clean it up some and share with the rest of you...

Laura\'s Story:

I was really turned on by bhan\'s story, so much so I decided to do some of what she described. I waited until the day before my day off, then before leaving work I made sure to drink, and drink a lot. When I got into the car, I slipped my bra off so I could easily reach under my shirt and play with my big DD cups.

I squirmed inside my faded blue jeans the whole way home, but knew I wanted to save it. I got to my a... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 2

A note from Plump Lvr:

This story is one that Laura and I had worked on as part of her original story, only it got left out for reasons of length. I convinced her to complete it with me, and submit it. Here it is, hope you enjoy...

Laura Masturbates At Work

OK, before I can tell you the main tale, I have to give you a bit of history. Since I was quite young I have enjoyed the taste of my own body. I don\'t remember how young I was when I first started, 12 or 13 maybe, I just recall thinking that I smelled good and wondering how it tasted. Naturally curious I just did it, sticking a fi... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 1

The details of this story were sent to me in an e-mail by a lady who calls herself \"Laura\". She asked me to help her turn the raw details into a readable tale. Over the course of a two months and many e-mails the story below evolved until she was happy with it.

My contribution came mainly from simple things like breaking into paragraphs with white space, spell checks, rearranging a few things, suggesting some alternate words, and cleaning up sentence structure here and there. All of the details though came from Laura, dispensed slowly over many messages.

It also grew quite a bit, as ev... Continue»
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Fucking the Twins again, and more.

The twins Jo and Linda decided to throw a pool party while their parents were away over the summer. Plans were made and invitations made by word of mouth. Went like this: Bring your favorite drink. Swimming required, bathing suits forbidden, Everyone wanted to be invited but the list was restricted and some of the larger football players were lined up to man the gate.

Their house was kind of secluded and with the fence privacy was ensured. At least private to those that were in the back yard. A lot of people chickened out at the last minute and chose to not swim even though it was hot as a... Continue»
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What Kind of Club Is This? - Part 2

So leather man begins to undress Becky. His wife, (leather woman), also helps. Although this room is set aside for whatever may go on, it is not totally private. Meaning, as Charles the owner/manager said to us as he exited the room, "Anyone and/or everyone is allowed to come in and watch." "If you want any of them to join in well, that's a decision to be made by the parties in play." Becky is totally nude now, and leather man is sucking on one of her nipples. His wife has crouched down and is beginning to lick Becky's pussy. I am really amazed that Dorothy, a gal that I felt be a bit on... Continue»
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