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A little Spa encounter and whatever pops in mind

This is my first entry in here so where do I begin. I'm an 18yo female, bi-sexual (By the way, it's quite strange that you can't check a box somewhere for being bi-sexual on a site like this) and I was born in Germany but I've been living in the US for a couple of months now. So if anything I have written is totally unintelligible feel free to correct me so I can edit it; I promise I won't get offended ^^

I was thinking about telling the 3 or 4 people who will be reading this about an amazing encounter I had recently.
One of the things that thrills me the most is masturbating in publ... Continue»
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Serving the Mistress

The phone rang four times.

Hello can I speak to Igrid please.

This is Ingrid, a well modulated sexy voice replied.

Ingrid, you have a bridal gown advertised in the newspaper, can you tell me
something about it.

Yes, its very beautiful; The top is satin and quite tight to mould to your
figure. The sleeves are very puffy at the top and can be worn on or off the
shoulder. They have a little ruffle tied with ribbon that hangs down. I wore
the gown with tight elbow length gloves, cut away at the fingers and
trimmed with lace.

How about the skirt, He asked consulting... Continue»
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His New Panties Lead to New Things

It was Friday afternoon and I had returned to the hotel suite after finishing with my best friends dress rehearsal for her wedding which was Saturday evening at 6 pm. I had about 4 hours to kill before my husband and I needed to be at the rehearsal dinner. Steve, my husband, was out playing golf with my dad and my b*****r and wouldn't be back for another at least two, maybe three hours. Dinner was being held at the resort we were staying at dress was to be "dressy casual," so I wouldn't need much time to get ready. We had flown in that morning unfortunately one of our two suitcases had eithe... Continue»
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Finally Wearing His Panties Again (Rimming, Dildop

For the past sixteen months, my sex life has been scaled back to what I would call "ordinary." My husband and I moved to Hong Kong with our c***dren for a temporary assignment with his company that ended just two weeks ago. We decided before we left home that it would be best to leave our fetishes behind because we would be closely "supervised" by our host country. That's not to say the sex was not good, but it sure didn't reach the levels of pleasure that we had discovered in the previous three years. For those of you who have read some of my previous encounters, you will understand exactly w... Continue»
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New Panties For Him With A Twist

Almost two months passed before my husband Steve and I had any appreciable amount of time alone since his business trip to Las Vegas. We have been married for years, but just last year, we discovered his love of panties and other sexy pieces of women's lingerie. Yes, he loves it when I dress up in a little babydoll and matching panties, but what really turns him on is when I turn the tables and dress him up the same sort of skimpy lingerie.

He's been wearing panties exclusively for the last year and our sex life has never been better. I had him organize all of his panties last night before ... Continue»
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Deep Throat Games

I had always wished Lori would fulfill my fantasy and deepthroat me during oral sex. Lori, my wife of four years, is a stunner. At 5 feet and 7 inches tall, she has oversized breasts and the ass and legs of a sprinter. Before I married Lori, I had many girlfriends. One of my girlfriends was such an accomplished cocksucker that she could take my whole prick in her mouth and tongue my balls at the same time. My wife Lori sucked my cock, but she couldn't or wouldn't deepthroat me.

My life changed the night I complained about Lori's oral skills during a blowjob. She immediately stopped sucking ... Continue»
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Husband's Horny Ass (bi-male, MMF)

"Would you like some ass fucking?"

"Well yes," I said, "I didn't think you wanted it."

Jane gave my ass cheek a little squeeze.

"Dave, I think you've got it backwards," Jane said. " The ass fucking is for you."

"No, I don't roll that way," I answered her.

"Dave, are you sure?" Jane answered, "because someone with as horny an ass as you have should try it at least once."

Jane is my wife of 5 years. She is so beautiful and sexy. I'll try to describe her and do her justice. Jane is 31 years old and is 5' 9" tall. Jane has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears her ... Continue»
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Cuckold Hotwife Interview

This is an interview we did as a couple for an on-line swinger magazine. The interviewer we'll call "Int", my husband we'll call "Cucky", and I am CG (my hubby calls me cuck goddess):

Int: thanks for participating in this interview. You both seem like a fun couple who have really embraced the lifestyle. I have no real agenda and am hoping we can just have a nice free flowing conversation.

CG: well thanks for having us. You're very beautiful

Int: thanks, so are you! And sexy!! So, how long have you two been in the lifestyle.

CG: almost 25 years. My husband a little longer.

Int: w... Continue»
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Happy Marriage #2 (bi-male)

Well, our marriage just keeps getting better. My wife and I love that I'm submissive and that I was bi-curious. I say I was bi-curious, because my wife set me up to realize I am truly bisexual. After begging her to use me like a sissy slut with a strap on, she not only treated me like a slut with her strap on, she happily watched me with another man.

She set me up with her best friend, Kathy and her husband Tom. On Halloween night, my wife watched as I sucked Tom's cock, swallowed his sperm and then got ass fucked while she made love to her girlfriend. The whole time I was dressed in slutty... Continue»
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The company's Christmas party

I don't normally like Christmas parties, colleges getting d***k and sucking up to the bosses, or sitting around talking about work, how boring is that. My wife had refused to go for this very reason, but I couldn't get out of it because of my position as a manager. So there we all are in a posh hotel 80 miles away in Lincolnshire.
The night started out as expected, the stories of the funny things that had gone wrong, and the brilliance of the person who put it right, so I had decided to go to my room as soon as I could. After the meal my colleagues had started to split up into small groups a... Continue»
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Made me a woman pt.2: Degradation

I'm regaining my senses... im on my back, in my bed, im naked, i feel an around me, and heavy breathing next to me. My big black man was sweating and panting. im sweating, my body is shivering, and my ass is raw and leaking out his cum. His hands start running all over my body groping my tit, rubbing my phat ass. i can feel myself getting excited again and getting hard. he notices that so he spits in his hand and grabs me by the crotch. again his massive hand completely takes me and he starts rubbing me. i start moaning and gyrating my hips on his hand. he leans over and whispers in my ear "yo... Continue»
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Vacation at Hawaii, the second day

Vacation at Hawaii, the second day

The next morning I was having a late breakfast with my loving Victor at the hotel veranda, when I saw my brand new black lover Byron among the people.
My cunt started to be wet when I looked at him, while my dear hubby read the newspaper and he did not notice anything.
Byron suddenly made a sign to me, indicating I could go outside to the parking lot.
Few seconds later I told Victor I needed to go to the bathroom and headed to the main stairs. He nodded with his head and continued reading the news…

I went directly to the parking lot and found Byron w... Continue»
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Bicycle Mechanic 3

Tami's mean look dissolved into a smile and a giggle, as her self-esteem had been stroked. Her young hand resuming its job of stroking my self-esteem.

My right hand came up to her head and I gently rubbed her hair and head, conveying that I thought she was silly to think otherwise. Tami laughed at herself and began stroking my cock in earnest. She was still leaning into me and straddling the girly bar between her seat and handlebars. She took her right hand off her handlebars and brought it to my cock and like a pro slipped it under my balls. She gently began to fondle them and tug on them... Continue»
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Bicycle Mechanic 2

Tami held her handlebars and lifted her ass up on her seat. She was steadying the bike by holding the handlebars and pushing the pedal under her left foot backwards to keep the back tire from rolling. Her right leg was stretched to the ground as she stood on her tippy-toes. Her young leg muscles flexed and I yearned to massage them.

A silence fell over us again as I put the adaptor on the value stem and the hiss of the air broke the quiet. Tami wiggled on the edge of the seat to balance herself and then pointed her left leg and knee outwardly, exposing the inside of her thigh to me. I held ... Continue»
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The real me..

Finding the real me

I live in Perth, Western Australia and go to a place called Perth Steam
Works. It's a small building down a side street and not much to look at.
It's a place where Gay men can go, it's clean, discreet and unobtrusive.
I don't consider myself gay as I have no interest in men that is until I
am dressed. Is this the same for all like us?

I have been there a few times with the sole purpose of getting it off
with men. Normally I take all my gear with me in a bag and change there
but it's difficult because there are no changing rooms, or none that I
have seen, an... Continue»
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The Pervert 3

Well, since my last post concerning my adventure with the perv Merle I've had another one. There are a couple from a few months ago I still haven't written about but I will. Merle and I did not fuck again though he did call a couple of times.

We both needed to cum bad that night and that was accomplished. He still wants me to do the threesome thing but I'm not really ready yet but the idea still really turns me on.

I wasn't even going to write about this experience because 1. It's really strange 2. I don't know why I even did it. And 3. Who would ever do such a thing?

Because this p... Continue»
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The Master Next Door v1

The Master Next Door

Lauren didn’t know what was happening to her. Her body was on fire but all she felt was overwhelming pleasure.

She looked around but there was only blackness. She could make out flashes of dark limbs and skin.

She tried moving but a heavy f***e pinned her from above. Something powerful. Thrusting into her and taking her breath away.

She writhed from the heat building between her legs but could do nothing as the furnace engulfed her. It was like she was being simultaneously torn apart and made whole for the first time. She felt powerless but alive
... Continue»
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Silver Chains (Male Bondage)

She led him slowly, only touching the small of his back to indicate where she wanted him to go. He stepped carefully, keeping his arms close to his sides as he did so. It took all of his patience not to demand where they were going, even though this endeavour had been his idea to begin with.
With each step, he grew more apprehensive, calming his breath only when she indicated that he stop and stand still. He began to question this fantasy of his, this desire to let another have control of him. The door swung open, a rush of air fanning over his neck where she whispered that he step forward, ... Continue»
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Neighbor Charlotte

Right after John got divorced, he was sitting home, just chilling. Knock came on the door. It was Scott from across the street. He invited John over the next Friday night. He was having a small party with booze, bonfire, and music. John said we'll see.

Friday evening came, John hemmed and hawed about going to Scotts. Scott liked to party and get high. He was married, but his wife and him fought a lot. They we're together I think mostly for their 3 k**s. Her name was Charlotte, five foot six, thin, small breasts, average looking with blondish hair. John heard the noise from across the str... Continue»
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Rent a room for college

I was on my last year of college and had been sharing an apartment with a bunch of guys. It was fun to start with, but I needed to concentrate on my studies and not party so much this last year. I had the whole summer to find another living place, but had no luck so far.
I went down to the local bar one evening and to meet some of my friends. We had a good time and drank my beers slowly. My friends started to get pretty d***k and I was not in a mood to deal with them. So I was about to leave when this couple in their 50s started to talk to me in the bar. They asked why I was going to leave wh... Continue»
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