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Well, it would be on a night when your boss asked you to stay late to finish up some work. Since we
were planning on going to a gig later that night, you told me to stop by to keep you company while you
finished and we could go straight to the show when you were done.

I quietly let myself in and, being the mature adult that I am, sneak up behind you, reach around, and
pluck off your glasses, giggling as you swat at my hands and snatch them back. You laugh out a “hi” as
you turn back around to the project you’re working on.

I rest my folded arms on the back of your chair, and peek ove... Continue»
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Relief is just a quick blow job away!

I’m older now, not so ‘cute’ anymore but…I still love being used and providing some pleasure to other guys when I can.

We recently opened a small hostel and I was spending a lot of time there because we were having problems finding people to work. Especially someone for the overnight duty because most Vietnamese are afraid of ‘spirits’. The job demanded that the person sl**p in or near the front desk (common here) and be available to allow guests in and out.

After a month a young guy showed up and applied for the job. Like the majority of young Vietnamese guys – he’s 22 – slim build,... Continue»
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Taylor Made

My first story.

Taylor Made.

I saw her from a distance, her bare ass sticking out like a beacon in the hot sun. She was sun bathing, laying on a towel, on the beach, on this small island nation I was visiting on vacation. I was walking along the beach, looking for fish and shells and that sort of thing, when I saw her, and I found myself memorized, held captive, my rapt attention upon her.
Now, you might be thinking, I’m some sort of closet perv or something like that, but I assure you, I’m nothing of the sort. I’m very open about what I like, sexually and or otherwise. It's the ones th... Continue»
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BBC Gang Bang Indian Pussy

One of our biggest fantasies was to have a group of young, sexy, strong black men gang bang me while my husband watches. It was our anniversary and I wanted to surprise my husband. He is so good to me, letting me get all the big black dick I want, anytime I want. He knows that a big black dick gives me so much pleasure. Having him watch while I get aroused and fucked by big black cock makes me so horny....

I found 5 strapping, strong, sexy black men ready and willing to fuck me raw and hard.

I blindfolded daddy, handcuffed him and had him sit down in the corner. He wasn't allowed t... Continue»
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My first time with older man

I used to work in a theatre, selling programmes, drinks, ice creams and helping out with whatever needed doing around the place. After every the final show of every run there was a ‘last night party’, the bar stayed open and the drinks flowed. In one particular show there was an older gay man in one of the roles. He was in his early sixties I guess and rather portly with a large belly and double chin. He was good fun and I'd got to know him a little bit during the run, telling him often that he was barking up the wrong tree when he’d flirt with me.

The night of the party he’d been at it a... Continue»
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I had found a dogging website late one night. I had always been fascinated by the thought of dogging. I mean the fact that some woman is alone in a park and you can just walk up and fuck her and then leave I thought was pretty cool. And I want ed to go see this first hand when I had the guts. Then one night this one ad showed up. This woman named Sara was going to be dogging in the park near my house. WOW! So I waited till the date and went to see what was going on. I found them, Sara and a fat man named Ron. Ron was her husband. Sara was a skinny woman not very good looking. Black hair on h... Continue»
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The After Date

Mom was still up when I came home from my date with Michelle. She was laying on the couch asl**p. Her night gown was very sheer and I saw her black hairy bush through the fabric. It had been a few weeks since I had her pussy. Now that I was dating Michelle I was getting my pussy from her. Mom didn't seem to mind as long as I would take care of her needs on Sundays.
Michelle and I went out to the drive in and ended up doing it at the show. She had to get up early to work so I dropped her back home at nine. It was now about nine thirty. I was still feeling horny and there was Mom. I... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce Janie (and me) Part 6

This installment of the saga follows on from the episodes linked here:

Categories.... This story has anal, first time, blow jobs, gay male, lesbian, crossdressing, voyeurism, taboo.
Pick your poison.

Lucy had been masturbating while she watched Janie fuck my ass with the big strapon.
Now she suggested that since it had ... Continue»
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Couple with stranger man

"I don't know, sweetheart. All it says is be ready at 5 and pack a weekend bag!"

"Ready for what?"

"I don't know!"

"Well what does the invitation say?" You shout down the stairs at me.

"I just told you. That's all it said!"

"You are remarkably unhelpful" you complain and retreat back into the bedroom. Pondering what to pack for a weekend we don't know where, attending an event that is a complete mystery. My bag was easy to pack, a few pairs of pants and button down shirts. Easy as pie.

There's a car honking its horn outside, a black limo as it were.

"Honey, let's go!"
... Continue»
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An online meeting in person

It was the morning around 10 on one of those perfect spring days, the kind that compels you to stay outside and enjoy nature. I was sitting in a diner waiting for her and wondering if her online pictures were real. She was a 40 something brunette with a beautiful body, her face was still unknown. We had both been chatting online for a few weeks and had been sexual, friendly and eager to talk to each other, in the way that you become almost d***k on a person.

After drinking some coffee, people watching, wondering if she would come and if she did come, if I would be attracted to the woman ... Continue»
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My friend Rob fucking my wife

While ago, my friend Rob was checking out my wife, Linda. Linda came in the living room while we were watching the game on TV. She went to the fridge bent over to grab something. I looked at Rob and saw him starring at her ass. Linda went back upstairs, Rob leaned over and told me that my wife has a nice ass. He like her tight pants that showed her ass off. Half time came along, Rob went upstairs to use the bathroom. Around 5 minutes later I heard some chatter coming from upstairs, so I went upstairs to see what was going on. Rob standing in front of Linda's room where she writes her stories.... Continue»
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Inicjacja cwela

Ciężko jest powiedzieć, kiedy zacząłem czuć, że jestem cwelem. Tak samo jak ciężko jest określić moment, kiedy czuje się, że jest się przedstawicielem płci męskiej lub bycia gejem. Zazwyczaj nie zdajemy sobie sprawy, kiedy o tym wiemy. Oczywiście odpowiednia musztra jest potrzebna, aby zweryfikować jakość cwela. Czy jest się tylko cipeczką, marzącą o kutasach, czy rasowym kundlem, który nie tylko myśli o opierdalaniu pał, ale podstawą jest zaspokojenie samca wszystkimi możliwymi sposobami. Zawsze zaczyna się wszystko od pornoli, fascynacji i wyobrażeń- i godzinnego walenia konia w łóżku, ł... Continue»
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My Fantasies

Women can also enjoy sex and have wild fantasies too.

When my mother was in her late teens she had sex with the son of a f****y friend.

She became pregnant and ran away to Manila and worked as a massage ther****t and then gradually became a sex worker. She met my dad when she was already pregnant and when I was born I was sent back to Cebu to live with my grandfather and another half s****r. I was the second Secong bastard c***d - LOL Second Secong....

I met my f****y maybe once a year. My mom and stepdad did marry and had three c***dren. My parents love them and I always fe... Continue»
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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 5

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 5

After breakfast we jumped into Dr. O'Bryan's Jaguar with Bob in the front
seat and me in the back. Bob started laughing as soon as his dad started
the car. "Dad, I cant't believe you called it the 'naked truth'. That was
so funny. Of course, now John knows that we camped out naked. I'm sure that
freaked him out."

"I'm sorry, guys. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to mess with
you two. I still don't understand why John David didn't just go back to his
house after you finished playing cards," Dr. O'Bryan replied.

"I know what you me... Continue»
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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 4

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 4

I hugged him for a full minute after John David left. Our soft cocks
gently touching in between our thin bodies felt so nice. I did not want
this moment to end, but I knew our time was running out. I looked into his
green eyes and smiled. His usually wavy blonde hair was wet with sweat. I
kissed him gently on the lips and hugged him with my hands upon his hard
ass cheeks.

"Bob, this is all too wild, right?" I asked.

"Yea, just a few hours ago I was worried that what we were doing was so
gay that maybe we should stop," Bob said. "Now. ... Continue»
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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 3 (Revised)

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 3

I awoke as the morning light filtered in through the mesh-covered
windows of Bob's tent. It took less than a second for the night's events to
come tumbling into my brain. It had been both the scariest and most sensual
night of my young life. First, my best friend Bob and I admitted that we
had a crush on one another, and he had even kissed me and jacked me off. It
had been way better than any of my boy-meets-boy fantasies had ever been.

Now, there I was, only twelve years old, in the infancy of puberty,
lying next to one of the sexiest boys I... Continue»
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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 2

Don't read this story if you're under 18, easily upset or have problems
(serious or minor) with gay-themed erotic stories. If your country/area of
residence says this is naughty and i*****l, well, I'm afraid I don't have a
"get out of jail free" card you could use. Please, use your common
sense. While the characters in the stories may or may not practice
safe-sex, you really should. Not that you're foolish enough to eschew
condoms merely because fictional characters don't use them, are you?

Do not forget to donate to, our host. They are super cool and
worthy of our support.... Continue»
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Strip Poker and Speedos part 1:

My best friend Bob and I were in junior high school and we were
inseparable. We had been friends since the third grade and even chipped in
to buy Jackie a birthday present in the fourth grade since we both liked
her. We played together every weekend and even camped out at his house when
he got a tent for Christmas.

Bob's dad was a doctor, and this was an amazing tent with more than enough
room for two energetic seventh grade boys. The night started with us eating
snacks and playing cards until I suggested that we play strip poker and Bob
agreed. It was a warm Louisiana evening and ... Continue»
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Office Mature

This is a true story.

There's a woman in my office whose ass I am in love with. We'll just call her Mary for this story. She's not particularly good looking but I find her incredibly sexy. Mary is not really fat but she has big tits, big belly and a huge round ass. I think it’s from having a couple of k**s, the type of body that drives me crazy. I was 30 when this story took place and Mary was probably in her early 50s.

I doubt I'm the only guy in the office who has noticed this ass. She always wears really tight business type pants. I've often seen her leaning on a desk talking to some... Continue»
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With my mom

This was a long time ago, I was 18 years old when this happened. I bought a computer with a printer, this was the first computer in the house that had internet. The computer would be in my room, since I bought it. My mom would use it at night, so it was little bit hard to sl**p with the over head light on. My mom started to turn that light off and just use a desk lamp. My mom wore nightgowns at night time, with nothing under it. One night, maybe 2 or 3 am I was woken up by a noise. I heard my mom moan, I looked over and my mom was masturbating, not sure what she was looking at but she had her ... Continue»
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