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A Threesome to remember

I Rang the Doorbell again, and just as I turned to walk away, the Door opened a little! "Hello luv..I've just come to repair your boiler" "Oh right she said, you'd best come in then"
She opened the door and i walked in. "It's in kitchen she said"' pointing down the hall.
She was wearing a housecoat and looked as though she'd just got up out of Bed. "I'll be back in a minute" she said, and with that went upstairs. I watched her walk , and my eyes slowly inspected from her feet, up to her Bottom, which was only just being covered by her Robe. Wow, I thought!
I made my way to the Kitchen and ... Continue»
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My Not So Innocent Cousin

My Not So Innocent Cousin

By billy69boy

I picked up my phone. "Hi mom, what's up?"

"Someone's here to see you," my mother replied rather cryptically, "can you come over?"

My mom lived about a mile away from my apartment, so it wasn't a big deal.

"Who is it?" I inquired curiously.

"You'll see soon enough: it's a surprise!" she answered enthusiastically.

I walked through the front door and looked into the kitchen. Sitting at the table with my mom was Serena, my cousin whom I hadn't seen in years.

"Well, hello!" I blurted out. I was definitely surprised to see her, no d... Continue»
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Becoming a Cuckold 3

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch. 3 of 3
by DirtyMindedMom

I stood at the foot of the bed watching my wife masturbate. I was naked, my cock hard and dripping pre-cum. Irene was also naked, her legs spread wide as she worked the large rubber penis in and out of her very wet pussy. Hearing her moans sent tingles of pleasure up my back. I was dying to stroke my dick, but she’d told me I wasn’t allowed to touch myself. It was torture.

“Oh, Chet,” she groaned. “Fuck me. Fuck your sïster’s pussy with that huge cock of yours.” She was imagining her bröther there on top of her. As demeaning as i... Continue»
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Why We Like Threesomes

This writing is my attempt to explain why I love sharing my wife with other men. There really is no other feeling that matches what it’s like to be lying in bed next to your naked wife, having caressed her, kissed her and hold her and she responds likewise to how much you love her, and seeing her on her back with her body giving her up showing how much she needs and wants raw, uninhibited sexual satisfaction. The man we have both agreed to share her and our bed with is now naked and his cock expresses how much he desires to take her and make hot, naughty love to her. She is eagerly spreading h... Continue»
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Spoiling her beyond

It's about our third time we have been able to meet in person. Some gay friends of yours have gone away and have given you the keys to there place it's close by discreet and we know we have nothing to worry about so can relax and enjoy ourselves it's been quit a mission finding a place time in the day is never really to much of an issue.

You push the remote to allow me in no one can see my car once in the property you go up stairs waiting naked on the bed with your eyes closed as instructed by myself but in a kind naughty manner

I walk into the room in only my skants. Placing a blindfold... Continue»
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Punishing a naughty husband

I had suspected my hubby had been a naughty boy. We had been swinging for years and had a lot of fun. A lot of filthy dirty fun.
But we had one golden rule, we only played together. But I had seen his most recent visa bill and there was a charge for a hotel in Shawhead,several miles from home,that we hadnt used,and also a charge for Ann Summers. And Mork ( not real name obviously ) hadn't bought me sexy underwear in years.
So he must have had a meet without me. I wasn't at all upset, I mean I had looked at him fuck many women over the years, but he should have asked. Was it Marge I wonderd, ... Continue»
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Erotic Online Desi Sex Chat Between Amateur Indian

I am Jay 28 and she is Piyu also 28. We are from 2 different cities, met on a social networking site and have had a great time together. We are not just physically in love with each other but emotionally too. And we have no hangups about accepting it, though we are not married to each other.
We also used to chat a lot. Couple of our chats we saved and today I am reproducing one such chat.

piyu :: : I cant say these things myself..not a word those gaalis nothing i can ever imagine uttering them myself…actually funny if i can l
... Continue»
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Why my wife has a wet pussy

Thursday when I got home I found my wife sunning by our pool. She was topless only wearing her favorite bikini bottoms. They are a Brazilian style that she has had the inner lining removed. She was laying on her back with her eyes closed so I leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

She sat up and asked me how my day had gone. I told her just fine and I asked if she had been a good girl today. That's my way of asking if had been fucking without being so rude. She said yes that she had done the shopping and cleaned the house then decided to catch some rays. I commented on how tanned her ti... Continue»
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The Shower Room

I sat on the edge of the pool, the lanes were marked with dark blue
linesand the water sparkled a cerulean blue. The water was clear and cool
and I sank down into the pool at the deeper end, treading water to stay
afloat. My bathing suit hugged me in all the right places, and though I
was not fit and slim, I knew I looked good. The months of doing laps here
at this pool was paying off. I arched my back as I dove beneath the water,
my eyes open and aware. I glided along the floor of the pool and slowly
swam to the surface. I began my back and forth motion of doing laps. First
... Continue»
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Mom Catches Son Masturbating Using Her Bra And Pan

My interest in mom became more and more. At least I felt like going her and sitting there next to her and massage her legs with her permission even while she read the porn books.
That would give a great arousal I thought.
this afternoon as usual I peeped into mom’s room. She always left her room door open. She could see me as I stood by the door.
holding the book in hand she asked me ‘yenu’, meaning what.
‘Nothing mom,’ I answered.
I didn’t know how to begin the
... Continue»
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For Your Masturbation LOL

Hay friends! I'm Ashok
I wrote some stories for you to do masturbate LOL
I need comments please if i get more comments daily i update lots of stories in your own language too..... thanks
Let me start from here
My first Story Here


This is a story about a married lady who explored the kinky virtual world to get out of the day to day boredom.

Rekha, 23, was what one could call a perfect marriage partner. She could pass for a model any given day. She used to be slightly slim then what she was now but the extra kilos had added more to her charm and looks. The extra kilos were gained... Continue»
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Girlfriend gives up her ass for the first time

Hai, I'm Ashok

I love my girl Chloe we have been dating since we were Juniors in High school. We are eighteen year old seniors now. Chloe is really hot at 5’5 with dark brown hair and green eyes. One of her better features is her smile. She has a big beautiful smile and her lips feel wonderful wrapped around my cock. Her breasts are B cups and her build is petite. Her ass has a beautiful shape with just the right amount of curve to it. Her pussy and asshole are waxed smooth and there isn’t a stray hair on them.

This is the story of how I finally popped Chloe’s ass cherry. Our Senior year... Continue»
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First taste of cum for a Crossdresser!

I had never really been with another man before and I had always thought about it as I dressed up as a slutty girl and played with my little toys to orgasm. I'm a little tall at 5, 9 and with heels a monster! I have an average body, nothing feminine, but not out of shape and a nice big bubble ass.

Until that night. I had been sent to Dallas for a business trip and was super excited to dress up in my hotel room and play around! I played around a couple days in my room and just got dressed did my make up and wore my wig playing with my little dildo before passing out exhausted from all the... Continue»
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Gym Story Interlude

Whilst my little bitch recovers so he can tell you what happened next I thought I could tell you about my first experience with another girl and how it resulted from hot man on man fucking.

I had been at Uni for about two months and was sharing an apartment with Kate. Well actually it was a small granny flat in the garden of her wealthy parents. Kate was very athletic with dark brown hair and pert little breasts. I was single, but Kate had a long term boyfriend Mike she had been with since she was at school
One Thursday I came home to find Kate in tears. I eventually got out of her th... Continue»
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My First Crossdresser

Only a few years back in my young 20's i discovered Craigslist. I had no idea something like that existed and was immediately drawn to it. After building up the courage to meet up with a few guys a couple times i found an add in the T4M section. I got instantly hard when i seen this girls pictures. A slim sexy girl with an ass to die for and a desire for Cock. After some back and forth emailing for a few days we agreed to meet in her place.

I went around to her place late that night when the coast was clear of her housemates about 1a.m or so. My heart was pounding and i was really excited, ... Continue»
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Got home after a year away

Where to begin to start off I am married to a 5’3 Latina little chubby with brown eyes and dark long hair that goes to her middle back we here in TX during this time. This story come to when I got home from a deployment, when I left to go overseas her and I talked about should the sexual urge happen I don’t mind if she jumps on it. For me I got no problem with her playing around. Sometimes thought I did not know how much she played around. For the first few months all was well until the ninth month. She sent me a letter and once I got the ability I was able to talk to her where she asked if sh... Continue»
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Two Bound Cocks At My Service (Fortage, MMF, DP, C

Come closer, my lover…I want to share a fantasy with you. I want to know that your cock is throbbing as you read this little daydream…I am going to make you cum for me. While I tell you my fantasy, I want you to obey me…to do as I say at each point along the way. Promise me now, that you will, and I will make you spray your hot cream all over your belly, pooling in your navel and dappling your chest with delicious drops of pearl.

(This is a story that came out of a conversation with our sexy, kinky, and charming friend Kaiser; I have incorporated many of his lines, especially because... Continue»
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The Mexicn 9 that i fumbled away

I've noticed recently that my dick doesn't get fully hard 100% of the time anymore. Just the other day I was fucking a sex buddy and my dick was only half hard. She still enjoyed it and I came but I wasn't destroying her pussy like I usually do. The weird thing is she came harder then when I pound her so I was like ok maybe its just in my mind. Then on Saturday I ran into a ex girlfriend when I was out. We both got fucked up and was about to fuck her when she had to suck me for 10 min to get me hard. Once again I was hard for only like 10min then back to 3/4 hard. Strange thing she lov... Continue»
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Helping my wife's Boss

My wife is all the time volunteering me to help her boss, Julie. It involves household repairs like changing out a faucet, checking out her air conditioner or trimming her trees, the kind of stuff that I don’t want to do around my own house let alone someone else’s. I usually try to get out of doing it but my wife nags me until I give in. Julie doesn’t even pay me, at least until recently, but my wife makes it up to me by giving me sexual favors in return for helping Julie out.
Julie is not an attractive woman but she is not ugly either, she is only about 5 feet tall and I would gues... Continue»
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likes and dislikes

For each activity, there are two answers. The first is whether you have done the activity, and the second is how much you enjoy the activity or (if you’ve not done it), or how much you want to try it (if you haven’t already) answer with yes or no and numbers 1-5 for degree of interest with 1 being low interest and 5 being highest.


Anal Sex (get): + 5
Armpit Sex (get): - 1
Ass Cheek Sex (get): +3
Butt Plugs (get): + 5
Dildo – Anal (get): + 5
Dildo – Oral (get): + 5
Finger Sex (get): + 2
Genital Intercourse: + 1
Hand Job (give): + 2
Including others: + 5
Licking (get): + 1
... Continue»
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