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s*s getting fucked

So my s*s and i have been at it again playing around! The other day she texted me and asked about if i knew anything about anal, and of course i did so i filled her in and asked why? She said her and her bf haven't been getting along and she was talking to her old fuck buddy. She said his cock was to good to give up and yeah she showed me and its pretty good. She said they got into it the other night and she pulled his cock out and it shocked her because she didn't remember it being so big. He bent her over and fucked the hell out of her and of course she loved it, but he pulled out and threw ... Continue»
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Suzy wanted to try dogging

This story happened a few years ago at a local well used car park.

It was a weekday afternoon and I was taking a few days vacation. The area where Suzy and I lived is quite quiet through the day as most people were of working age and were out doing their thing.

Well boredom had crept in this day as we sat and watched TV so Suzy piped up that we should go to the coast (which was only 20 min away)for an afternoon ride out to shake off the boredom. Well the weather was quite cold but the sun was shining so I readily agreed, so Suzy took off to the bedroom to get herself ready. On her appea... Continue»
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M I L part I: You want me to do WHAT to your mothe

“You want me to do what to your mother?” Part I

Let’s start by defining who we are. I‘m not religious, as in going to worship often (almost never now), but align myself with a religion, however, in name only. My parents were very religious to the point of ad-nausium. During my growing up years, religion was crammed down my throat to the point of turning me off toward it. However, I still believe in God…. It’s His fan clubs I have a problem with.

My wife came from an even more religious f****y. Two of her uncles are clergy. Her Father and Mother were active church goers, and active ... Continue»
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M I L part II

Aunt Mary

This is a sequel to: “You want me to do WHAT to your mother?”

A quick synopsis of the first story.

Wife asked me to “service” her mother, as her father had a stroke and heart attack, then he dies. So for 3 years, she did not have sex. My wife said “No holds barred, but keep it down to every couple of weeks or so. I want to be kept satisfied and mom gets you afterward.” Since “mom” (as she wanted us to call her) had married Dad just out of H S, she did not have “man” experience before hand. Moreover, dad was ultra religious. In their religion, women served the man, and th... Continue»
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I felt awful and was a bit scared when Babushka told me to get into her room..

Let me tell you how I got to this point.
My parents hired this Eastern European woman to help in the house with me and my siblings, she was also our housekeeper. I think her name was Sasha, but we always called her babushka, meaning old woman or grandmother.
Truth be told she was not that old when she got hired. Maybe mid 30s. She spoke English with a heavy accent, pretty much broken English.

She was strict, yet very loving. She was a tall big woman. I always thought of her as a fat old woman. Her chest was... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - Friend With Benefits

This is my second story. Feel free to read the
first one. Don't forget to like & comment at
the end. Thanks, and enjoy!

Reconnecting with old friends is always an interesting experience. People change so much over the years. They grow up, they become more mature. They are almost like new people, but at the same time, the old person you knew is still in there.

After 3 years of seperation, an old friend by the name of Hayden randomly facebook messaged me out of the blue.

I'd known Hayden for ages. He was the boyfriend of an ex co-wor... Continue»
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I was a popular guy at my High School, mostly among the girls. Before I hit puberty I was a nobody, then my body changed and even more so my penis started to grow in size and soon it was well known around school that I was hung like a horse.

The first once that suddenly showed interest in me, was the "slutty and easy" girls. None of them were very attractive, they all liked attention and got it from the guys by sl**ping with them. At first it was fun to get their attention, but some of my more normal female friends warning from doing anything with them, since I would be clumped into their "... Continue»
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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-2

Louise is a shy slender black-haired beauty in her early twenties with firm tiny tits as a young teen
Louise is desperate to break her block, finish her MA thesis before the end of Summer as time runs out
Louise is accepting my final offer of help and my condition of complete obedience to her new Professor
Louise is to learn a lot from him, not only in academic skills, but also as a submissive sexy servant

Louise is desperate to demonstrate her dedication as a sex slave of her Master Professor Peter Poet
Louise is happy with his invitation to show him her hot sexy skills in munchin
... Continue»
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louises first encounter

First encounter.
Louise, looked out of the car window, rain tricked down the glass, as they waited the lights, a dreary Devon day. She was going to stay with her aunt and uncle again, mum and dad having to go off on another business trip. Luckily it was just across town so she could still continue at the school she loved and with her friends, but she hated leaving her room and all her treasured possessions, 18 going on 19 now, puberty just upon her, she valued the little room and its privacy, her aunt Polly and uncle Sid, wonderful folk that perhaps thought of her as the daughter they had ... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 40&41

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 40

The next morning, Haden wo... Continue»
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The Possibility of Being Caught

Having sex in a place or situation that holds the possibility of being caught has always sharpened the thrill of the moment for me. I'm not talking about public exhibitionism; although I can understand the excitement of people with that particular fetish.

I've experienced the heightened arousal fueled by knowing I could be caught at any moment, for as long as I can remember. Probably my first such memories revolve around when I used to slink into my Mom's bedroom and get her stockings and panties from her laundry hamper and masturbate with them. I can recall with crystal clarity the po... Continue»
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Taking One for the Team - Chapter 4: The Hangout

The following is the long awaited 4th part to my ongoing true story...each story is stand alone but it definitely helps if you've read the previous chapters!

It had been about 4 months since I had my last male to male encounter. That time in the gym with Marks friend who I didn't even drove me wild and I knew I needed more. I continued to cruise the gym every day, but I only ever saw him a few times, and each of those time he was either passing me by in the parking lot, on... Continue»
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Fantasy Photoshoot Threesome

'Julie, they'll be here soon' I said to my beautiful wife.
'Ok, I'm just nipping upstairs to get ready' She replied. I watched her incredible ass as she climbed the stairs.
I couldn't believe she had agreed to do another photoshoot for me. I had put the idea to her quickly after her ladies night out, when she mentioned it would be fun to do again, but with two guys. The same rules apply, both my wife and the two male models can touch, stroke, caress, tease, kiss and lick one another, BUT NO PENETRATION!! I would be taking photo's on my camera, suggesting ideas, and just watching as they impr... Continue»
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What is it about a womens bulge

A very attractive women once bumped into me in a very crowed club in Mexico City, I turned to say excuse me. I was speechless at her beauty. She was wearing a short skirt, garters below the skirt and knee high boots. She just stared at me and with out saying a word she bumped me again. I felt something different something firm and it moved it was very intriguing. I kept looking at her and without saying a word I couldn't move, I wanted to say something and I couldn't. She slowly put her arm around my waist and she slowly rub her crotch on my leg. I was frozen standing there looking at this gor... Continue»
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A short story of the past good days.

This is Kimmie with a short story from the days when we
started having full sex. This was at the age of about
1three or 1four. We never thought to write down the exact
date and time.
Tim was asl**p in bed with me after our parents went to sl**p
for the night. He was just wearing a pair of gym shorts and I
was in gym shorts with a half tee shirt on. It came to just
below my breast. When ever I would stretch or reach above my
head the lower part of my boobs an sometimes my nipples would
be in full view. There were times when I would see older
b*****r and even dad looking at me ... Continue»
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18 yo Johanna & the men

Sure, Johanna had been with several men at the same time before. But she fantasized of more. To be taken by the more gigantic cocks than she could keep count of. Although she just turned 18, she loved the idea of ​​countless men that would take her, one by one, long and hard. She often fantasized about being a little sex slave who did everything she was told.

And now she stood there, naked on her knees with her hands in handcuffs behind herback. Around her stood around 20 well hung men, all in their 40s, all stroking their cocks. She was a little afraid and wondered what they would do to h... Continue»
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I had been to a club with my friend Sally. We are both married, attractive and unfaithful, though our husbands know what we are like and encourage us. We had been to a black bar in South London, I always go commando and I was dress in a leather min skirt, tight low cut blouse, hold ups and thigh length leather boots, and Sally was dressed in a similar way. We had had a good night Sally had been taken home by a guy and I had been fucked in a back room by two young West Indian guys, they had kept my bra as a trophy.

I asked if the bar had a reliable taxi company, they rang a company and it ar... Continue»
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Her Black B'day Present

Her Black B'day Present
It was August 2014 and it was my wife's B'day soon and I had decided that after all the years of fantasizing about her being taken by a black man, watching as she cum so intensely while thinking about it and watching porn movies of big cocked blk guys destroying white women's pussies, mouths, and asses with their cocks that I was going to make it happen for her. I knew she didn't believe that I really wanted her to do it down deep but I knew that it made me really hard thinking of her moaning and screaming while some big cocked black man was pressing his dick deep into... Continue»
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My glory hole visits

The last time I went to visit the glory hole was when I was in Corvallis. I went in around lunch and a found an empty booth. After feeding the machine I sat down and started stroking my cock. I waited and stroked for about 15 minutes before I heard the door in the next booth open and close. I looked through the hole and watched this guy pull his pants completely off and then I saw his real nice cock. It was about 5 inches long and soft. I watched as he stroked it for a few seconds and then I put a finger in the hole. He slipped his cock through and into my awaiting mouth. He tasted pr... Continue»
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Hospital bed

I recall years ago when I was laying on a hospital bed and getting an ultrasound done to see if I had a bl**dclot in my leg. I had not had any sex for awhile and all the nurses were hottttt to look at. As I lay on the bed waiting for the ultrasound tech to arrive, my mind wandered to sex as usual due to all the pretty nurses walking around. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door and in my doorway was one of the hottest looking gals I'd seen in a long time. She had long brown hair with brown eyes and what apperared to be a perfect set of little titties and then her legs...mmmmm....she was bui... Continue»
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