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Work Out

That evening, Sue and Tom, her husband, go to their usual gym.
It was 9:30 p.m. a few men and women were busy in bodybuilding and fitness.
They went into the locker room to put on proper attire: she very tight little shorts, showing prominently superb firm buttocks, a bra also slinky, revealing her beautiful breasts naked under her top. He wears a t-shirt and shorts.

They go into the room and began their exercises.
A beautiful woman approaches Sue for help, she looks from head to toe, Her eyes hints at a desire, their bodies touch, the hands of the woman brushes her stomach, then chest, ... Continue»
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Sex in the Dressing Room

"OK I have this in white also if you'd prefer but let's just see how you
like the fit and feel for now." Irene said having regained some
composure. "If you'll just step down from the platform I'll show you the
best way to put this on. Melanie obediently stepped down maintaining her
shy cover up. "Lean forward from your waist and just let your arms hang
naturally from your shoulders." Irene marveled that in this position the
young woman's breasts should be sort of hanging down but they were so firm
there was virtually no change in the position of the girl's boobs from when
she had been ... Continue»
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Doctor Examines Young Girl

The doctor stood back, holding the end of the stethoscope in her hand. She
reached forward and placed the instrument above my left breast. Listening
intently she moved it directly between my breasts in my cleavage; then
below my breasts on my ribs. Doctor Morgan seemed satisfied with her
findings so far. She hung the scope around her neck again and said:

"Now I'm going to examine your breasts."

My heart skipped a beat as she continued; "Remove your bra for me, please."

I reached behind and my trembling hands fumbled with the hook.

"Let me help." She offered, stepping forward an... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Our last supper.

After leaving you in the bathroom I finish drying myself and dress. I leave the bedroom and finish preparing for our evening meal. We managed to find a few candles whilst we were shopping, two tall red ones. I put these in a couple of candle sticks and place on the table and light. We also have half a dozen others that I place around the room and also light. Its just getting dark now and no other lighting is necessary. I lay the rest of the table and select some soft music; it is now ready for us. Just one thing missing, you.

I can hear the hair dryer runni... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – The end?

Our last day. The sun comes up, just as it has always done. Bathing the world in its glow. But here nothing can seem to warm us. We both know this is the end of a wonderful vacation. The things we have done and experienced will live in our memories forever. The people remembered, never to be forgotten. Why did this day ever have to come? Why can't we just stay here, together? I'm sure the world won't notice two more people missing.

Reality kicks in. Although neither of us has had a good night we realise it had to come and we must go on. Life goes on and there is not... Continue»
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oh jordy

It was a nice warm night and it just started we had burned the hay stack from the harvest we had a couple of weeks back and we were lucky enough to had a nice stormy week so we could burn it down to ash.

it was around 8 pm when we burnt it and as time went by a few drinks later i had seen a friend of mine that i have talked to for sometime now and we had know each other from talking over msn and whatever later then she told me she had liked me and i said i had liked her too a bit but she lived in the country side with her father and i lived in the city with my s****r and mother me and her w... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – You just relax.

I don't think I've ever slept so well as that night. Can't think why. Perhaps they were both vampires and drained all my energy. Don't care; it was one hell of a night. But it's now morning and another day dawning. I look down at you nuzzled in my arms and you are looking up at me, smiling. "Penny for your thoughts." you say.

"Oh, I was just wondering if you were trying to kill me," I said and gave you a big hug. "Dare I ask how you arranged that?"

"Oh, easy really. Maria told me last night that she had taken a liking to you at her birthday party. She aske... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 1

Chapter 11 – Floating on Air

The next day we both sl**p in. I have never slept so well as I have since I've been here with you. But this is ridiculous, it's gone 10am.

I look down at you and you are still sound asl**p. I decide to give you a bit longer and slowly get out of bed. I wander through the villa. Looking in places that I had not realised existed. Opening cupboards and drawers just to see what is in them. Most are empty but one has a folded air bed and pump. I pull it out and take it out to the pool. A bit long winded to inflate but I have it up in about ten minutes.

Then it... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – So little time

The next few days just disappeared as if they didn't exist. No matter what we did time flew bye. We even tried to recreate some of the things we had already done. Even a visit to the Secret Cove. But when we got to the place where we left the car last time there was already a car there. I went down to check the shelf and there was a rock on it. It was as if something was telling us our time was up. Neither of us wanted our time here to end. If we could just stay, but we knew that wasn't going to happen. Even making love wasn't the same. We both wanted to please e... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Secret Cove

The bed shook and I came awake with a jolt. "Come on lazy," you whispered in my ear, "I have the whole day mapped out." I lay there, slightly shocked, but with a smile on my face and a massive question mark hanging over me.

"What the hell has she planned?" I thought. So up I get, all the usual morning stuff and then it's dressed and out.

"Sorry," you say, "First we have to do some shopping." oh well, good things come to those who wait. So it's off to the local supermacardo and stock up with all sorts of food.

"Picnic," I think, "But where?"

Bac... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Just A Local Girl

The morning started in its usual way, the sun came up, and so did I. Lying there, half awake, staring at the ceiling with a throbbing erection. The things you do to me in my sl**p. Lately I have been waking up like this, mainly because you love to cuddle, and hold something. This morning was no exception. You stir, slowly sliding your hand up and down my cock making him twitch. Still half asl**p you look up at me, smile and then down at him. Quick as a flash you move your head down, down, engulfing him in one swift movement. That hot mouth clamping on my throb... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 -- Two's Company

Another beautiful morning dawned and we lay there in each other's arms. We admit to each other, that after the previous weeks activities, we are both a little sore. So decide to have a nice relaxing day by the pool. We have enough food for a couple of breakfasts and a lunch. So will go to Carlos and Maria's restaurant for our evening meal. Shopping can wait for tomorrow.

So that's how we spent the day. Just relaxing. Mind you it was difficult to keep my hands off you. Especially with the need for regular reapplications of the sun tan cream. But we managed it. T... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 -- Up on the Roof

I slowly surface. Things are turning. I'm lying on my back. I lift my head and turn it towards you. You're on your side, facing me and up on one elbow, a smile on your face. Your other hand is doing things to me that sends my head reeling. "Lay back and close your eyes," you say, "It's taken me ten minutes to get him hard without waking you so just enjoy."

I close my eyes, lay my head down and groan. Feeling your fingers doing wonderful things to me, my toes are now in knots. Then you stop, I feel you moving, getting off the bed, "No peaking." you say. Then I ... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – It's Just A Razor!

We pack up and come down to start getting ready for the evenings fun. As we enter the bedroom you stop, turn and face me. A slight frown comes over your face and you say, "I have a bit of a complaint. After this mornings fun I ended up with a hair stuck between my teeth. Now I know you said that you had tried shaving in the past but stopped because you nicked yourself too much, but can I try?"

I tried to look shocked, but it doesn't work. "Go on then, but please be careful."

So out comes the scissors, shaving foam, razor and towel. Then you start. With... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The things that your fingers can do.

The sun comes up heralding another day. We both stir. Bleary eyed over the first few days of the vacation. I lie there thinking have we really done all that in just a couple of days. Made love, so many ways, so many places. You slip out of bed heading for the bathroom. I watch you and say to myself "You'd betta believe it." I lie back and smile. What wonders has the day in store for us?

First we have to get out of here; it's maid's day. So we shower, separately, saves time, then dress for the day. A light breakfast and out. Much more of th... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Those Threads That Bind Us

We crawl out of the pool and return to the bedroom, showering; taking far longer that it has a right to, just can't seem to keep my hands off you. The only clothing that seems right are the sarongs'. One each, mine around my waist, yours covering your body from your breasts to your knees, just.

We go to the kitchen, for some reason we are both ravenous. Part of the deal was a small stock of food, just enough to get us through the first morning. Problem, they forgot the bread and milk. Never mind, if that is the only problem it will be a small price ... Continue»
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Good friends continued...

I'm lying on my back on his bed soaking wet still from my shower, he is face buried between my legs giving me the most amazing oral... Up and down and circular motions, cupping my balls, it was the best feeling in the world. Then he goes for something I was not yet expecting,, as he is sucking me he puts his finger in my mouth and I'm sucking his fingers while he sucks my cock,... He pulls his fingers out and flips me on my stomach, at this point I know what this is working up to, or so I think. I'm now face down on my friends bed, still attempting to catch my breathe from that previous build ... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 1

Chapter One -- The Meeting

You hear about these things in the papers, two people meet in a chat room on line and one thing leads to another. But neither of us expected it or even dreamed of it would happen to us.

Over the months and years since our first meeting our circumstances changed to the stage where there was nothing stopping us. So that's what we planned, a meeting. A neutral ground was decided best so a vacation was organised. An island in the Atlantic, private villa, secluded, pool, sounded like paradise. Now all we had to do was to make it work.

We managed to get flight... Continue»
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Going to See my Big Black Cock King in miami

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Anyway, Im going to see Eugene; my Black Cock king who lives two blocks from Miami Beach. i bought three new slutty outfits to make him happy and three new interracial porns for us to watch. i... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – A Bit of A Splash

I open my eyes, I'm staring at the ceiling, and it only seems like seconds since I closed them. But there is something wrong. The light, there is light coming in through the window. Not a lot but I can make out everything. Has it all been a dream? Am I home? No, something is different. I hold my breath. Is this real? I listen, breathing, I can definitely hear breathing. With pounding heart I turn my head and there you are, lying next to me, looking beautiful in your sl**p.

I smile, and then it hits me. "Christ what happened last night," I think to myself. "... Continue»
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