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Club My Place...We finish with Veronica

All she could hear was the lapping and squishy sound of Veronica's pussy. It was hard for me to drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand on Mike's cock. The faster she stroked the faster he seemed to lick at her moist cunt. The thumping of the car seat was an indication that she was fucking his mouth with that tight lil pussy. He was the lucky one this time. She had already had my share at Club My Place of that nectar. Sasha could tell that he couldn't get enough. It sounded like someone that had just ran a marathon and they were just handed a bottle of water. My man was gulping it up as ... Continue»
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First time FAIL

6/13/2012 *name used pseudonyms, but based on true events*

One of my friends, Brad, was having a kickback. Nothing major Him 3 other friends me and our female friend in the group Veronica. SO as you can imagine from a bunch of game artists and programmers it was a pretty standard night. Video games, beer, music, a comic book argument about Before Watchmen which almmost came to blows and so on. 2 of the guys left early around 11 p.m. because they had work in the morning. Leaving Veronica, Brad, Tyrone, and myself. Tyrone had the most to drink that night and violated the alcoholics sacred hym... Continue»
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The Agony & Ecstacy

Out of town on assignment, I was staying with my friends in an upscale part of town..MONEY! He was out of town for the day, and I, was house sitting during the evening. His wife was out with her girls friends, partying it up.

It was a boring evening channel surfing and reading a book. The book as better than TV and I was on my 2nd glass of wine, when I heard the rear door open.

In waltzed, very carefully, Linda, who appears very sexy and quite too much to drink. She leaned against the wall trying to, gracefully, remove her shoes. Her long hair, plus her low cut tank top displayed a fine... Continue»
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Jessica 4

Jessica woke dazed and sore, and sticky from the layers of dried cum

that had coated her body. She shivered in pain. Nightmares had tormented her

sl**p. She dreamt that she was drowning, but the blue-green sea was replaced

by oceans of white sperm. Every time she raised her head, a wave of milky

semen would crash over it. She kicked her legs and flailed her arms, but to

no avail. Over and over the white storm buffeted her about. Her every muscle

ached and cried out in agony. Choking and coughing, she was tossed and turned

in the relentless tide.

Graduall... Continue»
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My First Date: Part Two

After a while we got pretty tired of just lying in the sun so we took a little dip in the ocean, it was cold, but fun. We went back to our blanket after drying off and lotioned back up again. It wasn't long before Jimmy wanted to make out some more and since this was my really first date without supervision, I felt like going crazy. We started kissing and feeling each other all over, still dressed. Jimmy had his hand down inside my bottoms and I really wanted him to do more, so I did what he did before, I slipped them off, while I was doing that he smiled and started to take off his trun... Continue»
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Chapter 1

My name is Susan but preferred to be called Sue. I am 45 and have a decent body, although a bit on the curvy side. I am blessed with firm, large breasts that I (unsuccessfully) try to hide. This is a story about my Son and I. My Son is 18. His name is Ray and he is a wonderful Son and a beautiful boy. He is so sensitive and caring, nny Mother would be proud of have such a Son.

It's Friday afternoon and my Son is home from school. He is waiting in his room for his mother's daily visit. As I walk towards my Son's room, I can't help but think that it's not supposed to be like thi... Continue»
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Jessica 1

Jessica married her husband of three years, Michael, right out of

college. Their whirlwind courtship was happy and full of joy and

togetherness. After college, Michael got an excellent job with a large

corporation which enabled them to buy a good home in a nice neighborhood near

the city. They lived the life of the perfect couple. Until that fateful


Michael came home with an unusual frown on his face. Jessica greeted him

at the door, as usual, in sweatpants and a loose top. He grimaced a bit upon

seeing her.

"Hon, I'm afraid I have... Continue»
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Jessica 2

Part 2

As the limo sped on into the day, Jessica could not but wonder what was

happening to her. The men in the car were silent for an hour or two, then she

heard low whispers among them. Abruptly, the large auto slowed and veered off

what was obviously the interstate, but Jessica had no idea where. Her hands

were still cuffed behind her back, and she lay almost prone on the rear seat.

The sperm had long since dried on her face, but the mask was still in place.

She tried sl**ping fitfully, but could not bring herself to forget the awful

humiliation of the ... Continue»
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Jessica 3

"We're not done yet, though." said Eva as she toweled the sperm

from her hair, rubbing it through her fingers like fine conditioner.

"I think they have a video planned. I wonder who it'll be tonight."

"What do you mean?" asked a still-trembling Jessica.

"Every now and then, Sir John does a video of a girl here, either

to keep her under control, or to sell to a private collector. We've

had some fairly famous women here who suck cock like crazy, and they

can't to a thing because Sir John always keeps a copy of the tape. If

it got out, it would rui... Continue»
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Diana - 1

He carried her across the door step. Placed her slender,

tall body down as they reached the front foyer of the house. She

looked at this man she had just married. She realized she did

not know him. She knew him, but not well. He smiled at her and

took her hand. Leading her down the main hall of the house to

the sitting room.

It was a large home. A mansion of sorts. It had a sitting room,

living room, library, solarium, formal dining room, breakfast

room and kitchen with attached pantry on the first floor. On the

second was four bedrooms, plus the ... Continue»
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Diana - 2

When morning came, Mark told Diana to go to the hot tub again,

she did so, he joined her a few minutes later and served her a

light breakfast of fruit and toast, along with coffee. They ate

and Mark kissed her tenderly. "Are you ready for more my love?",

he questioned. "Yes darling, more than ready." Diana said.

Mark began to gently touch her body everywhere and kissed her,

inserting his tongue deep into her mouth. Both teasing each

other with their tongues, playing tag inside her mouth. He then

stood and looked down at Diana and said, it is time. "You wait
... Continue»
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Diana - 3

When Mark moved towards her, she flushed with bright redness. He

pulled her by the elbow and ordered her stand, once he had

released her bond ankles. She rose and immediately hung her

head, even though she could not see the person in the room with

Mark. Mark pulled her chin back up and removed the leather strap

and dildo from her mouth, after warning her not to speak. Then

he removed the blindfold from her eyes. It took a few moments

for her eyes to adjust to the light in the room. When they

finally did adjust, she saw before her another woman.

She wa... Continue»
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The Boss,Part 1

Maryanne Whitaker strode confidently into the main office. She

looked around at the staff assembled there and smiled inwardly. She

could sense that they all feared her, and with good reason. She was

the boss...

She had started this company over eight years ago and had built

it into a multi-million dollar import/export business. She had

hired every person in the room, paid them very well, and didn't

have the slightest hesitation to fire any one of them, and she made

sure they knew it.

Her presence alone was enough to inspire awe and fear. She stood

5'9" tall,... Continue»
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The Boss,Part 2

Michele took a small placard she had made and attached it to the

side of the cart. It read: "Our Founder". True to Michele's

promises, Maryanne was kept like that all day long. Most of the men

and, surprisingly, even a few of the women volunteered to take

shifts teasing Maryanne's ass. While the rest of the office went

back to work the person on duty stood beside the squirming nude

body of their former boss and worked her to the edge, over and over

and over. They'd insert their finger into her asshole and jiggle it

around, laughing as the hapless woman squirmed and ... Continue»
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The Boss,Part 3

The following Wednesday, Michele decided to pay a visit to the

Evans Agency to see how "smelly twat" was faring under her new

mistress. As part of the sales agreement, Joyce Evans had promised

to bring Maryanne back to her former office one day a week, but

Michele was itching to see her in her new environment.

For years Maryanne and Joyce had battled over clients. The Evans

Agency was the "enemy" and Joyce Evans was "that bitch". Now the

Evans Agency was Maryanne's new home and "that bitch" had complete

control over her. Complete control to get even with her for a... Continue»
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a*****ion Day 5 THE END

Today when I woke up, I was not tied. Stretching slowly, I go up and

walked to the main room. The girls were still tied, and were asl**p on

their sides. I could see that they had tried to escape, but without

success. I patted each of them on the ass and they soon woke up. I

quickly untied them, and let them up. When I walked into the kitchen

they followed. I had them get on their knees and talked to them.

"Today will be different that the last few days." I told them. "Today

we will act as tho everything was usual, and we may even go somewhere

for dinner. How's th... Continue»
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My Personal Fag (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

(MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

It started out as a fucking lark, honest to god. I mean I wanna puke just thinking about a guy sticking his dick in to another guy's brown hole. I can't even thing about a hot chick sitting on the can taking a turd, much less sticking my dick in some guy's shit hole.

But even with that said, when in my first year at Foothill Junior College, I met this guy named Brandon I struck up a friendship. We were in line together registering for classes.

Brandon was a good looking guy and we h... Continue»
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The Boss

She reached under the table and unzipped her bosses pants. They were attending a conference together and she wanted him to know she was there to please him. As she grabbed his cock he looked surprised at her and she smiled. "Are you enjoying the dinner Mr Jones?" she said as she grasped his cock. She ran a finger over the tip and saw the look on her boss's face as he tried to appear normal. She then gabbed his balls and squeezed them. She looked at him and said "I am having a ball of a time. I think you are too." She played with his cock more and then her finger found his ass. She circled it b... Continue»
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a*****ion Day 2

I awoke refreshed and a bit horny as I do every morning. Looking to

the side, I saw her still bent over the horse, and asl**p. I got up and

went over and let my hands roam over her body. When I played with her

nipples, she moaned even in her sl**p. From behind, I could see her

pussy was wide open, but not really wet tho. so deciding to awaken her,

I gave her a couple of swats with the belt again. She woke up with a

scream! A few more hard strokes and her ass was turning red again!

Stopping for a minute, I played with her pussy and cunt. All too soon,

she was wet once m... Continue»
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a*****ion Day 3

I woke slowly and noticed the smell of bacon cooking. I just lay there

with my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling and remembering yesterday. My

nose itched and I went to scratch it but couldn't! My eyes snapped

open, and I saw I was tied to the bed! What the hell was this? I pulled

as hard as I could, but the ropes held. I hollered at them and Cathy

came into the room with a large smile on her face.

"I see that you are finally awake." She said. "We decided that it would

be only fair if the tables were turned a bit. so today you are going to

be OUR slave!"

... Continue»
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