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Pungent flower 5: Pampering

A lazy staturday started with my door bell ringing, it was Bodan and with his lovely cousin. I invited them in and helped with their luggage. I had cleared up the bedroom next to the kitchen for them, where they settled. After a brief survey of the house I asked them to setup their room and take rest. Everyone was tired so we ordered food and just relaxed watching TV. I did not want to make any moves too quickly. I just wanted Anita to get a little comfortable here. A few days passed without any major incidents, but her tempting body and innocent face were driving me crazy. I tried to talk... Continue»
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Pungent flower 3: Auto hardon

Bodan told that Anita had found work as a helper at a boutique and they will be dropping her off on the way to office. As the auto-rikshaw travelled through the bumpy roads of Pune, mine and Anita’s body would slam and rub against each other. I felt the warmth of her shoulders on my arms and the softness of her curvy butt on mine. I intentionally rubbed out my arms on her juicy biceps on the bumps. Then I got my backpack off and put it on the other side so we were squeezed into each other even tighter. From the corner of my eyes I saw that Anita had noticed this. She looked down bit on her thu... Continue»
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Fucking An Annoying Guy Stalker Of Mine (True)

This is a true story of mine that took place when I was in college, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I got to know a lot of people in my college apartment building most of whom I became good friends with and others were just acquaintances. When the new group of people moved in there was a guy named Ryan who quickly became a stalker of mine. He lived a couple floors up from me and would always show up at my apartment or text me wanting to hang out. I tried to be friendly with him because most of the other people in the building w... Continue»
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Spying on Anita and my special guest

Spying on Anita and my special guest

That Friday evening I had invited home to have some dinner an old friend; a black guy from my former office; who I had not seen in any time.

Anita seemed to be disappointed. She surely would have preferred to go out that nice night, alone by ourselves.

Everything was ready for a nice dinner, but then I noticed we had no more red wine. I told my friend Lukas I could run to a near store to get some.
I kissed goodbye Anita and left, but after walking two blocks I realized I had forgotten my wallet, so I headed back home quickly.

I opened the fro... Continue»
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The Long Way

The college had just started and I was faced with a new experience, new people, new city, everything was different from what I got used to. It didn't take a lot of time to meet people, it's the way things work, but after coming out from a serious relationship, emotionally crippled, my lust for sex was at its highest.

The very first day I only knew one girl, who seemed sweet, but I didn't want to do anything with her, I just wasn't feeling up to it. We were wandering about the college building when she introduced me to her friend, Natalie, who is a violin player, a part time actress and a si... Continue»
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The Show - continues (part 2) - Brent and Denna

The Show continues…part 2

Brent has just turned 18 – tall, fit young man but very shy. He has the raging hormones of a typical high school boy and is always a bit aroused. He shares a home with his single mom, and his older si***r who is in school at the local community college in the dental hygiene program.

Denna is his 20 year old si***r is a hot looking brunette with a short pixie haircut slim waist and ample breast. Our story picks up as she is about to go out on a Friday night with some of her girl friends.

Brent has been in heaven for about two weeks now. As a shy yo... Continue»
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The adventures in becoming the maid Trish

The adventures in becoming the maid Trish.
By Lindsey Anastasia

It was hard to believe that a whole year had passed since I arrived at this place. The place was called "The Mansion" and it was run by Mistress Deena. It was a very large facility almost hotel like size and Mistress Deena's main focus was on training and transforming males into beautiful feminized submissive permanent full time maids. The first day I arrived at about 10am and after a long cab ride I was dropped off at the front automatic gate. I gave the driver his fare and then gave him all the rest of the cash... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 2

Please read the first part of this story.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Just then a younger woman sat down. She was nude apart from her Viking helmet. She was an attractive pale redhead with a smooth, thin body. She was hot.

I asked her how she got here. As she started to speak, cum oozed out of the side of her mouth. I noticed that she had this giant cum shot on the side of her face. She smiled and explained that ... Continue»
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I hired her to pull weeds! the sex was amazing!

I hired a gal Britney to pull weeds she is a very attractive and sexy I am a 61 year old man and she is a 33 year old Woman. She showed up in jeans that hugged her butt and sent a tingle through my cock, I was showing her where she should start and as I walked past her from behind my hand kinda brushed across her ass we both pretending it didn't happen but I saw a little rise in her eyebrows and a slight smile on her face, I went into the house and she started to work I was checking her out through the window as she was bending over to pull the weeds I felt a surge of power rush through my coc... Continue»
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New Life

Our New Life

A husband reveals his desire to crossdress and is met with unexpected enthusiasm from his wife. She changes his life in ways he had never dreamed possible and creates a life for him where he is totally helpless and dependant on her.

I was halfway between sl**p and fully awake effort to breathe. It is
being done for me. I can hear a mechanical sound that coincides with
every breath I take in. A click starts it and then the whirring sound
of an electric motor running.

The first few times I awoke to this sound I went through a period of
confusion and it ... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 1

I had no interest spending Halloween in the suburbs. My friend, Billy, had been spending almost a year trying to convince me otherwise. He and his longtime girlfriend, Sara, were invited to party last Halloween. Actually she was invited by a coworker. She wouldn’t go without him, so the hosts let Billy join her.

Sara worked for some engineering firm in the ‘burbs. She has been there for four years. Last October her best friend at work convinced her to... Continue»
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sex in south india on job

i am a very horny guy . but i look cute .. so gals and women give me a lil attention, after completing my degree a got a good job as a banker and was sent to south india. After reaching there i was lil depressed but one thng was gd that there i was like a diamond for the gals and woman since i was quite handsome and smart . so in this way my search began and there was one assistant of mine , she was just ok ok sort of the girl , but she was very nice. so i started get friendly with her, initially i was not attracted towards her, but eventually i used to stare at her and i found that she got a... Continue»
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A story about a group of men duped by their wives into attending the W.I.T.C.H. Institute in order to learn more appropriate behavior. They are f***ed to do many humiliating things to "earn" tokens acknowledging their accomplishments.

Women's Institute for Training ......... Husbands

Some of them were caught cheating on their wives. Some were caught in
various ways while wearing women's clothing. Others were miscreants who
had in some way so displeased their wives that their actions had driven
their wives to take drastic action.

All the men h... Continue»
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the real me

the real me

I live in Perth, Western Australia and go to a place called Perth Steam
Works. It's a small building down a side street and not much to look at.
It's a place where Gay men can go, it's clean, discreet and unobtrusive.
I don't consider myself gay as I have no interest in men that is until I
am dressed. Is this the same for all like us?

I have been there a few times with the sole purpose of getting it off
with men. Normally I take all my gear with me in a bag and change there
but it's difficult because there are no changing rooms, or none that I
have seen,... Continue»
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[image]http://www.gigaglitte... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index-10

My door opened and Kira followed my son into the room. He wore only his boxers, already tenting. Kira was clothed in a nightshirt, her swollen breasts pushing out the fabric, her nipples visible beneath.

I nodded towards the bed, and they sat next to me. I stood and faced them. "So ... I take it you two are eager to get started." The looks and nods confirmed my thoughts.

"I want to introduce you to each other's bodies. You should get to know each other, first with your fingers and your lips. And I'll show you what feels good to me..."

I knelt in front of my son and smiled up at him. "... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index -10

We're here, Kira.

It was the first time I'd heard Jackie's voice while watching someone else's experiences.

Kira was seated on the edge of Dex's bed, my son hunched over with his back against the wall at the top of the mattress, his hands held over his crotch. I couldn't help imagining that the opening in his boxers might have otherwise shown his genitals. My daughter watched him quietly, then said, "okay ... they're watching, Dex. So ... can we talk?"

He shrugged.

"I'm sorry you had to find out like this ... you know I always loved playing games with you ... I always looked forwar... Continue»
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hey guys and gurls...this is a story i wrote after a proper camsession i had with my former onlinedaddy...i think some of you might knew him...c2cmaster...he had his own slutstable with a blog where he posted plenty recordings he mad while viewing his sluts on webcam...i found this in the depth of my harddrive and thought i should share with you...enjoy!!! This pic was originally shot before daddy popped online!

First of all I have to say that fully dressed long sessions with daddy are very rare. So anytime we planed... Continue»
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Very True Sexual Encounters with Strangers.

GoT more than I bargained for on a Train Journey

Friday night meant a night out in town with my girlfriends, and as they all lived in town, it meant a short train ride for me.

Being a leggy blond meant short skirts and stocking as an added attraction for men to buy me drinks, all part of the cheap night of fun and perhaps sexual pleasure if the bloke appealed.

I got on and sat down in an empty seat, admittedly showing an awful lot of leg, as the hem of my short skirt sat under my bum. Don't get me wrong, that was its sole intention, and I quite liked how my legs looked,... Continue»
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Lesley part 35

Kevin thought he heard the noise of a door closing, but was too engrossed, watching his unprotected cock disappear into Lesley's backside to care. He'd had anal sex before....just once.....and it had been a disaster. This time, the experience was mind blowing. This Lesley, while not being n oil painting was by a million miles the best fuck, he had ever had....and he'd been here less than an hour! While attempting to enter his first anal partner, she had screamed so loud she woke a neighbour who nearly rang the police. It didn't go much further. Of course, attempting to go in dry, had been mu... Continue»
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