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Spying on my s****r in law

This whole thing started when we purchased this home and I was painting the master closet. I was taking all the switch covers off and realized when I removed a solid cover down low that it only had one screw on the top. So this thing would swing back and forth. So as I remove it I see there's a one inch hole. So I look in and see it goes right into the guests bathroom. We haver f***ed hot air and the hole came through the back of that res****r and someone had painted it black so nobody could see you. I laughed it off as who is going to look at their k**s.almost a year goes by and my wife's you... Continue»
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A special night on Chatropolis - Part 1

I had been looking forward to this night for some time. I just wanted to enjoy myself on Chatropolis, looking at the naughty pics the others posted, posting some naughty pics myself and jerking off at the same time.

I sat on my bed, naked, and ready to go as my l***** b****** entered my room. I had never been caught being naked and watching porn, much less jerking off by anyone before and I wasn't expecting him to be the one to run in on me.

His eyes grew big as he spotted me sitting there, naked, my cock half erect in eager anticipation, my cock tip slightly covered in moist precum. I t... Continue»
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blowing his mind

I went to one of those old fashioned schools where they had prefects and liked to indulge in corporal punishments. These were usually administered by a prefect unless the crime were particularly heinous then it would be done by a master.
The best thing about the place from my point of view was the time I spent in the bogs wanking with my two buddies Nick and Ed. Two of us would meat up at lunch time, slip into an empty cubicle and toss each other off, all great fun. Eddie would meet me on Saturday mornings, when his mother was at work and we would go through her very nice underwear and sniff ... Continue»
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I am eastbound from the West Coast to the Upper Midwest, riding a train. Train travel has become my primary method of long-distance travel in the U.S., in addition to driving a car. I find it to be relaxing, and romantic.

Today, in the Dining Car (communal seating), I was alone until a Dining Car attendant e****ted a young blonde woman to my table and asked if I minded a partner. I looked up, saw the prospective diner's face, and assured the attendant I'd love to have company.

Lorilei is her name, and she was seated directly across the table from me. This gave me ample opportunity to tak... Continue»
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Cousin Takes the Lead (just over the age of consen

Quick background before we get to the story about my large breasted cousin who seems to have thought about sex all day. I lived in a large city but most of my relatives had left for suburbs, as this was the 1950s and cities were tough. I lived in a peaceful neighborhood of small homes, but it wasn't a place my relative liked to visit. It was declasse. My father's b*****r in law was a pretentious lawyer. He bought a small farm in a suburb near the Hudson River. Everyone thought he was nuts. He had two daughters. One was younger than I and a frail, unattractive girl with a flat chest. T... Continue»
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Sex and Health

Sex is good for your health, then the obvious next question would be, how should you arrange your sex life so as to maximize the health benefits? Is a series of one-night stands as salubrious as a long-term coupling? Could a few bouts of masturbation be as nourishing and wholesome as a single night of conventional intercourse?

Not that masturbation is so bad. A 1988 study found that genital self-stimulation increases pain thresholds and produces an analgesic effect in women, and a 2003 study linked masturbation to a reduction in prostate-cancer risk, which the researchers attributed to ej... Continue»
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Asked to Flash (Cont 3)

The following morning I woke up and looked over and the wife was sound sl**p snoring away. I got up and went to the bathroom and after I came out I looked in on cindy and she must not have moved all night long, she was laying on her back with her legs still spread wide open. I stood there looking at her a minute and smiled then took off and went into the kitchen and started making coffee. When it was done I was sitting there having a cup and heard someone in the bathroom. A few minutes later cindy came stumbling into the kitchen and said that smells good. I told her to have a seat and got... Continue»
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Early experience with a guy

I remember starting to get strong sexual feelings when I was about 12 years old, I knew I was attracted to girls but also was curious about boys as well. I first masturbated shortly before my 13th birthday. It was such an exciting development that I couldn't wait for bedtime so I could get under the covers, pull my pyjama bottoms down and stroke my hard penis.I was hooked on the feeling of my thighs turning to water, my tummy tightening and the flood of release as I pumped my warm semen out all over myself.

I spent the next couple of years masturbating furiously whenever I could, sometime... Continue»
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Broken taboo (google-english))))

Scenario (event, without dialogue and storyboards). 

1. f****y breakfast. Essence - actors and submit their initial positions relative to each other. Mom, daughter, father, son.  Son goes to college, his father work, the mother - is going to work, but looking for something in the room. Daughter thinks that her mother was gone. 

2. Daughter agrees on the phone about the meeting with the guy. Verbal sex session thus, Mom heard it at the door, masturbating.  Doorbell - my mother is f***ed to hide in the closet. 

3. Lover is a black man, who immediately begins to scribble daughter blow... Continue»
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Lesbian desires

She watched the gentle rise of the girl’s breasts, listened to the soft sound of her breathing as she lay on the broad sunbed beneath the verandah. Dappled sunlight played across the girl’s lithe body, caught on strands of dark hair that fell across her beautiful face. Her full lips were parted slightly and she slept fitfully.

Rebecca reclined in the hammock, long fingers gently stroking Presley’s shapely foot and calf, enjoying the unbelievably soft skin, tanned and svelte, smooth as silk beneath her fingers. Long, lean legs, narrow hips and a flat stomach, abs relaxed now, full, feminine ... Continue»
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Sir - Full of Surprises

“Baby girl I have a surprise for you.”
“A surprise Sir?”
“Yes, we are going away on a little trip.”
“What should I pack Sir?”
“You won’t need much baby girl, I’ll take care of it. Charles will pick you up in an hour, be ready.”
“Yes Sir!”
It’s been a while since Sir took me anywhere overnight. I’m so excited I can’t sit still. He had said I won’t need much, I have no idea where he is taking me. Charles arrives right on time, just as he’s closing door, I ask to wait I need to run back in to grab my phone charger.
“You won’t need it Miss, there’s no service where you are going.”
“No ph... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

John Cox, 50 year old father of 7, tossed and turned trying to sl**p. No money, scr****g for food and an uncertain future, sl**p eluded him. 42 year old Connie lay next to him thinking.She had something to trade of value, she had pussy. It had gotten her everything she wanted before John and a few things after John. He had pumped her full with 7 k**s, blown it out so there would be no more.The years had passed and their sex life was seldom and boring. John had been an executive and it was a fact he spent time dipping in the secretary pool. She was already milking the Milk Man, increasing her ... Continue»
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My Clothes Collecting

From a young age I have been addicted to wearing womans any womans sexy lingerie to masterbate. Other than wearing my step moms things I did what ever I needed to do for things to wear. Since we lived in an area of Las Vegas that was 70% apartments I built my collection of things by searching each and every laundry room that each building had which contained a washer and dryer for the smaller buildings and at the larger apartment complexes they had large rooms with between 6 an 20 of each. I would spend hours when I was horny going around checking them for ladies doing laundry. I would take br... Continue»
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Jenny part 2

Jenny part 2
First night out

Jenny sat twirling and spinning the soft purple package tied with white ribbon on her hands, thinking of of the beautiful Rebecca that had given it to her nearly a week earlier. She stopped spinning the parcel her hands almost shock as she read the label

Do Not Open until Friday my love

Jenny took a deep breath as she twisted her wrist and checked the date on her watch to check that it really was Friday, which of course it was she had waved good bye to Sarah for the weekend an hour earlier.

Jenny excitedly resisted the urge to rip the p... Continue»
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Cheating College Girlfriend with 12 inch BBC Part

This is true story about my freshman year in college. A little background information about me. I grew up in the inner city, I was hardly ever around any white people. After high school I went to a southern college on a football scholarship. I am black, 6’7 ,weigh about 240, age 19 at the time, and very ripped. Before college I had been with a dozen girls, all of them were black. If you are into interracial cheating, college teens, and dirty talk this true story is for you.

The dorm room I was assigned to was supposed to be all for myself, no roommate. However a few days afte
... Continue»
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School , house, school and female clothes

hello everyone.
I wrote another chapter of my diary for you.
this chapter all about my teacher and father and how I got confused between them and their request.
day after that day in my teachers house I didn't go to school and pretend to be sick. I really didn't want to go there anymore. thought of finding exit way of being under the control of my teacher and being under his weight and his cock was killing me.
I told my parents I'm sick and day after that was weekend my mother and s****r had a plan to see my anti she was living in nearby city.
my father take them by car and I was a
... Continue»
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Kitchen Counter

We are both in the kitchen. It's an early morning, we both just woke up. We are not even dressed yet. You're on your panties and a tank top and I'm on my boxers and an undershirt. As you are bent over the sink. I come behind you and I hold you really close and I start nibbling on your neck. With my tongue I trace the contours of your neck and shoulder. With one hand I grasp your ass tightly. With the other I grasp your breast firmly. As you start to moan I flip you around and I start kissing you. We start kissing passionately. With every kiss we gasp to catch some air. A grab your ass with bo... Continue»
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My First Lesbian Experience

I think I always knew I was attracted to women as well as guys. I would catch myself staring at girls, transfixed by their beauty, lush curves and soft skin. But I hadn't yet admitted it to myself. When I had let it slip to my then bf that I liked to watch lesbian porn he was intrigued. Maybe at first he was afraid I'd dump him, but after that he wanted to help me explore that attraction.

First we watched porn together. He questioned me on what parts I liked, which always led to him vigorously eating me out. But what he couldn't try to replicate was my desire to touch, and taste. So after ... Continue»
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Fantasy Nearly Fulfilled Ch. 03

When I returned home from work that evening, Gwen greeted me wearing a short sexy little robe that showed off her cleavage almost to her nipples so I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hard nipples could easily be seen poking against the material of the robe. She gave me a hot, wet kiss and ground herself against me. I reached down and squeezed her ass, discovering that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Mmmm", I said, "what's my hot little slut been up to today?"

"You'll see" she said, "let's go upstairs and I'll show you."

I figured we were the only ones in the house because... Continue»
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Sitting on My Son's Lap

It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldn't fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

I heard him come out of the house. I turned around and saw him carrying his 42 inch flat screen TV.

"Where are you going to put the TV?" I heard his father ask.

"I don't know, but I don't want to leave it. Maybe we can move some stuff around in ... Continue»
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