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In Hell Part 1

Jennie was dead.

The opposing truck's headlights had morphed into a great white expanse after the deafening crash. There had been no pain, not even any sensation beyond utter surprise. Some d***k wanker had taken a turn way too hard and fast, right into the only other vehicle driving around at this ungodly hour. And wham, that was it for Jennie van Sant, and her best friend Catherine Belmont. Cause of death : Loss of third dimension.

A shame, really, but Jennie always knew her last words would go something like "FU-". She lived fast, loose and without much of a plan. She had been an emac... Continue»
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interracial massage

i am a white chubby guy who likes wearing panties and tight pants, mostly leggings.
one of my friends with benefits, older black guy, got a massage table and wanted to try it out and he knew i gave good massages so he texted me to come over in my usual clothes so i got on a pair of blue panties and a pair of tight black leggings and a black shirt. i got there and he showed me his table and asked me to give him a massage. he laid down face down and i worked on his back and legs. he turned around and i started down at his feet and worked my way up to his crotch. i grabbed his cock and jerked i... Continue»
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The Wedding (Challenge #2)

It was the day of my 25 year old daughters wedding. As far as I know she had never had sex with a man. How did you have a talk about what is expected. I am sure she know. She was 25 and we had never keep the talk about sex from her as a k**. She know a lot sooner then her friends.

So I a 45 year old woman was having a talk with my 25 year old daughter. I have to admit I was wondering what all she knew.

Sara, what do you know about pleasing a man? Sara looked at me and smiled. Mom I have gave a blowjob before. Just because I never had one in me don’t mean that I have not done... Continue»
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Internet hook up in Muskegon,Mi

Well we are talking on the phone for a while . and we are getging to know eachother. So we decide to meet up at the bar.  So i put my jean shorts my jordans and a button up on. I then drive to the bar. But you call me and ask me to stop and pick you up. so i pull up to your house . and get out and stand next to my passenger door. So when i lift my head up. My jaw drops.i see you walk you. You are wearing this really sexy dress stockings garderbelt no panties and some matching high heels. Your heels match your dress. So you walk up to me wrap your arms around my neck. And give my a hug. So i ... Continue»
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My girl at the bar

    My girl at the bar

Well im gonna invite you out to the bar. You are gonna turn me down again so i get all bumbed out. So i end up at the bar getting d***k. Next thing you know. This sexy ass ladie puts her arms around me and kisses me on the cheek. I said hold on girl i have a girl friend and. Im loyal. You whispered in my ear . i know. I slowly turned around and smiled once i seen you. And as soon as i turned around. You jumped in my arms. We started kissing. And then you hugged me so tight. I looked you up and down  And started drooling a lil bit. Lol when i seen you were wearing a sk... Continue»
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Job Posting for a New Lover (Satire)


Mistress Emma is a 49yo , SWF, 5'9", 240lb, 42DD, BBW, uninhibited, sexually adventurous, dominant female who lives in the Portland, Oregon area.  By day she is a senior project manager for a large company, with a Master's Degree who has travelled to 4 continents and over two dozen countries.  She doesn't do d**gs, drink excessively, gamble or have financial problems.  To the outside world, she is a very responsible, respectable and productive member of society.  Her one vice is that she has a VERY, VERY dirty... Continue»
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The Leatheress 101 - "Poker Night"

I hadn't gone to Bruce's house that night with any expectation that I'd be finishing the night by blowing him on his black leather sofa, but that is the way it turned out. Don't get me wrong; I'd had an interest in him ever since the first time I saw him a few years before that, as a live reporter on my local evening news, but it's not like I truly ever had envisioned a scenario where such an interest would grow to become anything more. It is just funny how things work out, sometimes.

I guess we should probably start with some backstory. Myself, I always had an interest in dressing up in an... Continue»
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Awesome night after work in Muskegon,mi...... hell

Well my name is Rikko Suave. Im 32 single no k**s. About 5"11 165 lbs blue eyes light brown hair. Im White Native American and Polish. With ten tattoos.
I worked at Mr.Scribs pizza witch is only in Muskegon ,Michigan.. I worked until 4am. So i was working the drive through window that night. Busting my ass like always. So I'm working the drive through. Its around 2:30am. Almost time to close. Next thing you know this sexy ass black Ladies came to the drive through d***k.
They both started flirting with me. They looked like they both left the night club. Kiana had on this sexy ass blue and b... Continue»
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One Hot Night

The day was hot, record setting hot and the night was no better when my air conditioner stopped working. A call to the manufacturer informed me I had operated the machine eleven hours longer than they recommended. They tell me to leave it off for two to three hours then see if it functions. What to do in the meantime? Without the air conditioner, the temperature rose quickly in my shitty one bedroom apartment. I desired to be some place else. Might as well hit up the Yellow Clam, seeing how my last visit left something to be desired.

The Yellow Clam was originally a brothel for Chinese wor... Continue»
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my 1st dirty (female) teacher

Hello thank you for reading this! I would really appreciate any comments this is my first story. Message me if you have a request for a story!

The first time I met this teacher I was in year 9 of high school. She wasn't currently my teacher but she still got me hard every time I saw her! So not a lot happened until year 10. In year 10, she was my English teacher and I was so happy. I got to see her everyday. Every lesson my cock would be rock hard and she'd have a different sexy outfit that was always tight to her curves. As soon as I got home I would run upstairs, lock the bathroom door ... Continue»
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A Dirty Story

Late one evening you text me. "Are you around?" "Yes, been in Dublin with the lads, heading home in an hour. Why?" "Meet me, Bray Dart Station, 30 mins" you text back. With that I point the car south and spin out the N11, making Bray in record time.
You get into the car, kiss me gently on the lips and whisper "I want to get real dirty this evening with you". Taking my hand and placing it between your thighs. You are wearing black leather knee boots, medium length skirt, no knickers, and a black medium length coat. And a black lace bra. My cock stiffens with urgency, "fuck I want to get reall... Continue»
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Flight of Passion

A small jet is flying somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea at thirty-five thousand feet. There are only three people in the main cabin for this flight. Myself, a female passenger and a flight attendant. The flight attendant is seated at the very front of the cabin. The female passenger is seated in the first row of seats in the cabin while I am seated in the second row of seats. We have never met before. The female passenger is wearing a stylish white blouse and a form fitting blue skirt which stops just above her knees. Her make up and long black hair are done to perfection. She is a vision... Continue»
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How I became a Voyeur Part 4

This is the last installment of my true experience probably best to read them in order
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

The next morning after beating off again (my cock was sore) to the memory of her. I headed out back to her place. On the way I was trying to come up with an answer if she asked me if I was by her bathroom door yesterday while she was having a shower. The best response would be deny deny deny. It was an old house so floors just ... Continue»
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Excessive Sex Drive Male Multiple Orgasms

I have this insane sex drive, and I've always known it. Being 20 years old, lean, tan, and toned, with sandy blond hair and I'll admit a gorgeous face (I've been told), I've always had plenty of opportunities to exercise it. But some days, I even surprise myself with what I wind up doing and how many times I can cum. This was one of super fun days of sex where everything just happened to go my way.

I woke up to a blow job in progress to start with. Julie had spent the night, and we'd had sex twice and fell asl**p around 1 am. As I awoke from my haze, it was in sheer pleasure that I realized... Continue»
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103 gran takes us to visit the duke

103 gran takes us to visit the duke
Life trotted on as it does for pauper or king, in our case for me it meant, a night of vanilla lust with alternately aunt May, or granny Rose, then perhaps a day or two resting followed by another with one of them. Most youngsters of my age would have given gold to be in my place, but I found it after a while a bit tiring. Don`t get me wrong no way would I have changed it but, like all things regularity breeds tedium.
I need not have worried, my gran bounced into the kitchen one afternoon all excited and announced that she had been contacted by the d... Continue»
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The dating game - introduction

Hey, y'all, what's up?... :)
First of all, since this is the introduction of some incredible stuff I want to share to you....let me introduce myself:
- I'm 31 yo;
- I live in Europe;
- I'm really into my job;
- I love sports;
- I lllllove women. :) ;)
I was thinking this days...which would be the secret of happiness for a man? That 1 bilion dollars question, whose answer would REALLY make a guy happy?...
Would that be...
how can I be rich?
how can I get a nice car?
how can I eat without getting fat? - this just might be the 1 bilion dollars question for a woman...:)) but, although... Continue»
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A Surprise visit continued

When Daniel was satisfied he stood and dressed, looking back as he opened my bed room door, Daniel said "...remember you are my Bitch. I expect you to service me every day you are home. So, I'll see you tomorrow..." I heard Daniel open the front door and I curled up in a ball crying as his seed continued to leak out of my butt and dry on my lips.

I was sl**p when my folks got home, the crack between my buttocks was caked with Daniel's dried male spunk. My butt hole ached, yet longed for the feel of Daniel's cock to invade it again. I slowly left my bed and found that I was wobbly on my f... Continue»
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Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two

Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two
The phone rang. It was 3 AM on Thursday. The boy awoke and fumbled around for it. It was someplace under his hoodie by his desk. He found it and answered it, half rolling away from his sl**ping roommate in his bunk so as not to wake him.
"Mmnnn Hello?"
"Hello Vic! How is my nice hunk of Vanilla dick?" It was Wendy. She was horny, excited, and on the phone.
"I'm good," he said trying to keep his voice down, "what are you doing? It’s a little after three,"
"I am thinking about you; about your cock, and about being fucked by you. I'm thinking... Continue»
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Sexy Sara

I met Sara on a dating site - she was a little older than me, and at first, I thought she was very modest. Boy, was I wrong.

I met her at a local bar, and we had some dinner and drinks. The conversation was great, and an older patron kept telling me how lucky I was to be sitting with such a sexy woman.

Eventually the conversation turned to sex, and we headed out.

On the drive home, she talked about how she shaves her pussy, and lifted her dress to reveal she was wearing no panties. I started to finger her as I tried to drive (manual transmission lol). I had to stop fingering her wet p... Continue»
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Me my sist and her husband whent to Croatia for holidays. When we got to the resort we went straight to the beach and for the first time we were sunbathing without any tops...
Already in the plane I have seen him looking at my tities an ass when I was going to the toilet.
So now her husband could not stop looking at my titites when they were fully exposed.

My s*s Anna is older and more chubby than me so I think Robert appreciated the difference.
I went for a swim. First it was just me in the water and after 20 min he came to cool himself down.
I swimmed on my back with my legs spread so... Continue»
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