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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

My lovely wife just came in from an evening out. It's 3:30 AM. She nudges me to see if I'm awake. As I acknowledge that she awoke me, she has me roll over on my back, and as soon as I'm in position, I feel the heat, smell, and wetness of her juicy drippy and gooey pussy surrounding and almost smothering my upturned face. After a moment, I get my nose clear for proper breathing. I then immediately get busy licking and sucking the flowing and draining juices running and oozing from her very wet, and obviously very fucked pussy.

Tonight she doesn't provide me any hand pleasure to my aroused p... Continue»
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A Night of Exploration Part 2

Delia stayed between Kali’s legs eating and Draven went over to Maura, he told her to get up and then placed her in front of him where he could look at Kali and Delia. Kali watched him as Delia continued to lick and then use toys to put in het pussy. Draven kept his eyes on Kali then looked down at Maura and said, “Suck my cock sissy and it you do really well I’ll let Kali fuck that sissy ass of yours. First I want to hear you beg for my cock then you will suck me off. I will decide what happens next but only if I am satisfied.”
Maura took his cock in her hand and began to stroke. Kal... Continue»
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alya dan om bejo

Alya berdiri di tengah pos kamling sambil memeluk dirinya sendiri yang kedinginan terkena udara malam. Tubuh Alya masih terus bergetar, bukan dikarenakan oleh dinginnya semilir angin tapi karena perasaannya yang campur aduk.

“Uhhhhhmmm.” Desah Alya lirih saat tubuh hangat Pak Bejo memeluknya dari belakang. Pria tambun itu tidak perlu berbasa-basi dan ingin langsung menyantap hidangan utama yang lezat yang disuguhkan oleh ibu rumah tangga yang masih muda dan sangat cantik ini. Tangan Pak Bejo bergerak menyusur seluruh tubuh Alya sementara dia menempelkan tubuhnya sendiri di belakang sang ibu... Continue»
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alya dan om bejo anals

Pak Bejo mengelus seluruh tubuh Alya tanpa ada perlawanan berarti. Seluruh perasaan dan keinginan Alya untuk melawan hilang ditelan oleh kenikmatan orgasme yang baru saja dirasakannya. Pak Bejo mengecup pantat Alya yang bulat, mulus dan kencang. Beberapa kecupan meninggalkan bekas cupang memerah di pantat Alya. Pak Bejo merenggangkan kedua sisi pantat itu dan mulai menjilat lubang kecil yang berada di tengah, tepat di atas bibir vagina Alya yang masih meneteskan air mani. Lubang anus Alya dibuka sedikit melebar.

Tanpa aba-aba, Pak Bejo mencelupkan jari ke dalam vagina Alya, menciduk cairan ... Continue»
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Tricked by a Black Man

Joyce and I had been married about three years. The incident I'm about to describe took place almost 15 months ago. Joyce was a virgin when we got married and neither of us had much experience sexually. I was aware from seeing other guys in the shower after gym class at school, that most if not all the other guys were much bigger than me when it came to penis size. To be quite honest, that was one of the reasons I was glad Joyce hadn't had any premarital experience.

I always felt that someone who enjoyed sex from "bigger" men, might find that I did not measure up to their previous experienc... Continue»
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Wartime Passion

A few years ago, my wife was having a midlife crisis while I was away serving in Iraq. She was both lonely and horny. She had been without me for nearly 8 months and I still had four more months to go on my tour of duty. Char is an attractive 40 year old woman, 5'8" tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She keeps herself in great shape and still has a body to prove it, 36-30-36. Our sex life is absolutely wonderful when I am there, and I would not change a thing. She is a Hottie and we are still best friends, soulmates if you will.

I tried nearly everything to take her loneliness away and ... Continue»
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Girlfriends son

I had been dating a woman for about a year. She was in her thirties at the time, and had a young son I got along with fine. We had a great relationship going, and she loved the fact Her son and I got along well.
One day I received a phone call at work that stopped me in my tracks. She said the neighbor across the street called and said they caught her son and theirs doing something discusting, and I should have a talk with him and find out what it was since no one would say. After a mind taxing day I went to her house, we ate dinner and I took her son back to his bedroom to find out what happ... Continue»
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Raman and his wife

Anita and have a very exciting marriage. She’s a wonderful lover, friend and a very beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her, and one can see them looking and lusting after her whenever they are out in the evening. Raman finds this exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing and insists that she go braless as often as possible, especially at home, because nature has blessed her with a pair of the sexiest breasts possible; perfectly round and succulent capped by chocolate-pink colored nipples which invariably peep through transparent dresses. Anita is 28 years old. She h... Continue»
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ayah mertuaku yang ganas

Ungkapan kagum Pak Bambang membuat Dina kaget, ia terhenyak dan mundur ke belakang.

“Kamu cantik sekali. Aku puas punya menantu seperti kamu.” Wajah Pak Bambang yang sudah terbakar nafsu birahi membuat Dina bergidik ketakutan. Saat masih menjadi boneka Pak Pram saja kakek tua ini dengan mudah bisa menidurinya, apalagi sekarang saat mereka tinggal serumah. “Kalau nanti si Dudung absen meniduri istri barunya, Bapak bersedia mengambil alih pekerjaan itu. Mempercepat memperoleh keturunan.” Katanya sambil terkekeh-kekeh.

“Ma-maaf… tapi saya sedang tidak ingin diganggu, bisa Bapak keluar dulu ... Continue»
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anisa dan om bejo

“Tolong kasihani aku, tinggalkan aku sendirian…” bisik Anissa lemah, “tolong…”

“Rasanya Mas Dodit pasti akan sangat berterima kasih seandainya kita berdua memberinya hadiah yang terindah yang akan selalu ia ingat sepanjang hidup.” Tangan Pak Bejo turun dari dada Anis ke perutnya, tangan itu menepuk pelan perut langsing Anis, “Hadiah terindah berupa seorang anak dari kekasihnya tercinta yang didapatkan dari sperma seorang pria tua buruk rupa.”

Anissa menutup mulutnya karena kaget dan takut, dia terhenyak berdiri dari posisinya yang rebah di ranjang, dia memang sudah diperkosa Pak Bejo, ta... Continue»
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anisa dan om bejo part II

Anissa sedang menikmati lantunan lagu jazz lembut yang mengalun di radio ketika terdengar ketukan pelan di jendela mobilnya. Wajah Pak Bejo yang tiba-tiba muncul mengagetkan dara itu. Anis memencet tombol membuka jendela.

“Ada apa, Pak?” tanya Anissa.

“A-anu, non… sepertinya saya kehilangan kunci mobil sewaktu buang air kecil tadi.”

“Aduuuh… Pak Bejo ini gimana sih?” nada suara Anissa meninggi karena jengkel, tapi gadis itu segera memperbaiki nada suaranya agar Pak Bejo tidak marah. Mereka hanya berdua saja di tempat sepi ini dan hal terakhir yang diinginkan Anissa adalah membuat Pak ... Continue»
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Fantasy - 2 Older Women...........Ladies.......mak

I go to a house, knock on the door, one woman answers, dressed in skirt above the knee, blouse, hair down, but is on the phone, so she asks me to step in so that the door does not slam, so I do. She drops something on the floor, leans forward to pick it up, revealing her boobs, which I see, and she knows it, so she goes red, I say no need to get embarrassed, fine figure, great boobs, lucky guy to play with those, she then starts to say how her husband is not interested, and starts to this point I think there is just two of us.

So, she then starts asking me questions, about wh... Continue»
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Unexpected Gym Buddy

After a hard days’ work and a long rail commute home, it was a bit of an effort trying to get motivated and head along to my local leisure centre to work out. Spending far too much time sat down in an office means too little exercise as it is, so the gym is an evil necessity in my book.

Begrudgingly I drove to the gym and headed to the changing room to get out of my suit. I opened the door of the male locker room, the familiar smell of multiple deodorants lingering in the air and the sound of running water from the showers that were located next to the lockers.

I walked over to the bench... Continue»
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Married suck and fuck

This is an expanded version of a chat i had with a friend. Such a horny tale i had to share it.

I'm a happily married man. I love my wife. I love my life. Yet, there's always been this itch in the back of my mind to try something else. See, my wife and I have a very diverse sex life. About a year ago, we bought a strap-on for her. There's no feeling like being taken by your wife. My legs are tossed up, crossed behind her back. Her big tits bouncing in my face as I get fucked. I'll write stories about that sometime...

But this story is about where it took me. One weekend, she was away vis... Continue»
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Friends s****r Liked Me From c***dhood

Here I am tany(name changed) a normal guy with 5 feet 7 inch height and literally I am a normal guy not like hero’s of other stories and the heroin of the story is super sexy she is obviously my friends s****r.

Now without bothering you guys much lets come to the point for obvious….her name is laboni she is the relative of one of my best friend whom I visit regularly. From the fast day I have seen her I was in dream of her because of her frank nature and specially because of her smile which was more than attractive than a
... Continue»
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High Jacking

It’s been more than three years & to this day I’ll never know what came over me on that red-eye flight back to Baltimore. I’ve never done anything like it before or since. I’m not that kind of woman (or at least I didn’t think I was). Sometimes it seems like I just dreamed it.
But I can’t forget the exhilarating, sweeping sense of power & erotic ecstasy it gave me handling that handsome stranger’s huge cock — & the dirty pleasant of sharing him with the flight attendant. My God! I’m cringing & blushing just writing this. It’s both the most shameful & most thrilling experience I ever had.
Wha... Continue»
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Lucky Me

I don't know if I consider myself lucky, or unlucky. Like most, perhaps
a bit of both. But looking back now, I'd have to say the day I broke my
arm, along with my opposite wrist and a broken leg as well, turned out to
be one of the luckiest moments of my entire life.

We had just graduated from high school and a bunch of us seniors had
planned on a senior camping trip. (The girls were all supposed to come up
the following day and at least spend the day with us). After setting up
camp my friends and I decided to go for a hike, climb a few hills (looking
for make-out spots w... Continue»
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Lucky Me part 2

I'd enjoyed one of the deepest most relaxing sl**ps I think I had ever
had. Still half asl**p in fact, semi-dreaming as images filled my head,
along with some very pleasant sounds. I was still struggling with images
that now began to fade like vaporous ghosts, while other things became
gradually sharper in my mind. Sounds...movement, giggling. I woke up.

As my eyes popped open, I felt movement on the bed next to me. I didn't
have to do much of anything but lay there taking in what I now saw.

"Morning sl**pyhead," Kathy said grinning at me, as mom then did. She
wa... Continue»
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How I Drilled My Mom! By The Help Of Tinder

Hello people out there, this is a true event which took place few months ago…

I use a social app called tinder . I just matched a girl on that app.. And after a conversation with her for 4 weeks.. We had a topic out and we talked about our sexual life. I told her about my sex scenes with my girlfriend and she told me her sex scenes .. And I don’t know the topic got so interested that we started talking about our f****y sexual life’s..

Here the point came where the girl told me about her f****y sexual life.. She told me
... Continue»
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Our first time

She slowly started to kiss me paying attention to every nook and crevice of my body, exploring me, finding new erogenous zones never before encountered with my many trysts with the male race. This was my first Lesbian encounter. I was almost cumming before she had even reached my nipples. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. Luxury
Girls’ night in was the decision for tonight.

Cat and I have been going out a lot recently.

Clubbing, picking-up and general abusing our bodies with all-nighters mixed with copious amo... Continue»
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