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2015 sex so far

I'm going to tell you about the sex I've had this year and rate it out of 5.
JAN 28
I'd been talking to a guy called Oralseeker on a website who lived close by and we arranged for him to pick me up in an hour. He told me he wasn't going to fuck me but he did have a few toys and I agreed to give him a little show,fucking myself for him and eventually sucking him off. With my hole freshly shaven I set off and was soon in his car heading back to his place. As soon as we were inside I stripped naked while he fetched the toys and poppers. He had a thick black butt plug and a massive 10" black d... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

As I drove to the restaurant, I could see in the rearview mirror that mom and Janet were talking back and forth to each other but, I could not hear what they were saying, which told me they were whispering to each other.

Once I was parked in a parking spot at the restaurant and was getting out of the car I could see that mom and Janet's dress' had rode up more on their thighs, making it easier to see their bald pussy.

When I opened the back car door to let mom out of the car, I saw that the hem of her dress was just past the very bottom of her butt cheeks and I could see her pussy from t... Continue»
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b*****r Caught Peeking at s****rs

Growing up as the only boy in a house with three older s****rs and a mom can be a real drag. Every aspect of f****y life is female. Shopping, talking, even what they watched on television or what music they listened to. The girls got all of the easy inside chores while Norm was left with mowing the lawns, trimming the shrubbery, raking leaves, etc.

He often wondered if life would have been different for him had his dad not been killed by a d***k driver when Jim was only 3. He barely remembered his dad but kept a photo of him in his room and would look at it every night before going to bed ... Continue»
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i made my b*****r A CUCKOLD

It all began when the doctor revealed that my wife
wasn't getting pregnant because of my low sperm count.

"You don't have enough sperm and what little there is
just too weak," the doctor said in a professional
tone, as my wife and I took in the disastrous news. He
then discussed the various options available to us, but
they were all expensive, and not covered by my health

Betty was devastated at the news, but she said she
still loved me, and didn't blame me. And besides we
only had to wait a year or two until we could afford
an alternative fertilization ... Continue»
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My first gay experience in Panama City spring brea

It was my first time in Panama City for spring break and like any teen I spent most of it drinking and chasing girls. One night I drank way too much and got lost from my group of friends.. I was hammered walking down the strip towards my hotel room which was miles away when a car pulled up beside me.

It was a young mixed k** probably early twenties offering me a ride home, I was tired of walking but cautious to accept his offer. I went against my better judgement and said yes. I got in and told him the name of the hotel and that it was about 3 miles up the road on the right, he then smil... Continue»
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Older step s*s uses me - Part 1

The weekend was fast approaching and my mum announced that her and my step dad were off for the weekend and were going alone. They were off to Cornwall to stay in a caravan for a few nights on a short break. My older b*****r was going to be left in charge but I knew he was going to go out with his mates as normal and go clubbing, get d***k and stay out all weekend. It was a weekend fending for my self. I was used to it. I was only young, 15 but very happy and self sufficient.

Well Friday arrived and mum and dad went off for their break away. Off I went to school. I came home and sat watc... Continue»
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Fun on the Common. Part 2

After I had got back to the car, I opened the windows. My shirt stank of pee and it was because of that I knew that it hadn't been a dream. After a few moments, I realised that I was going to roast if I didn't move. I was hungry again and thought that I should stop soon to buy more food! I didn't want to stop at a supermarket but knew that I would need to shop later. I remembered a newsagents that sold odd things on one of the ways home that I could choose. It had a parking bay right outside! I pulled into the parking bay. There was a bus stop just before it and I made sure that I was not park... Continue»
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Down On The Farm

Nick got into his car and started on his road trip to the mid west. He had to be at a meeting at the end of the week, but he deiced to take some vacation time he needed to use or lose to spend some with f****y on the way.

As he drove along, drawing nearer to his location he noticed the check engine light begin to flash on and off intermittently. He'd had his car gone over before he left for his trip so nothing like this would happen. He was in Kansas in the middle of nowhere as the flashing became more persistent.

He looked out his window seeing nothing but farmland for miles around. S... Continue»
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My First MMF Experience

Five years ago in March, hubby had to go to a conference in Vegas and I got to tag along. Since it was our first time there we went out a couple days early to have some fun. Day one was scoping the area and I found out that the first of March is College Spring Break time! We couldn't believe the number of college k**s that go to Vegas for Spring Break. "Cheap rooms and food and sex is legal" one of them told me.

Day two I was ready to have some fun. I put on a thin halter dress that came to mid-thigh with an open back that clung close to my body. After we ate supper we stopped and had a fe... Continue»
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Living in Cockington.

My f****y and I arrived in the village of Cockington on a hot Saturday afternoon, it was a lovely little place full of small cottages and large country houses and it was going to be the perfect place for the k**s to grow up and live.
After the removal van had left and we had spent several hours unpacking everyone wanted to go for a wander, so Milly my teenage daughter and ben my youngest went off to find the park, my wife Veronica went to find a local shop and I thought I would go visit the neighbours and say hello.
Strolling down the lane the first house I came to was a lovely old cottage w... Continue»
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Caring Doctor

This is a fiction story I posted on another site.

That morning I woke up to a weird sensation. My penis felt bigger, but it didn’t turn out like the dream-come-true many guys hope for; on the contrary, I sensed that my limp dick was unable to extend and get hard. Pushing the covers aside, I pulled down my pyjamas to take a look and saw that my cock definitely had an unusual shape: the foreskin had swollen, covering the head with an awful amount of skin. I’m uncut, so having the head covered was not strange, but it had never looked like this.

At 35, and not lacking an occasional fuck fr... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl


Meet Shadow, Shadow is not his real name, just a nick name. He has a beautiful daughter, he loves her very much. In hindsight he and her mother weren’t mature enough to have had c***dren at that time but he has no regrets, he loves her, she makes life worth living. It’s not easy being a single parent either, he had to grow up fast, never got to go out every Saturday night, have a bachelor pad or any of the things young free men get to enjoy. Now that Brianna is a little older he is trying to make up for lost time. Tonight is his first date since Brianna’s mother.

“Are you... Continue»
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A Freshman Surprise...

So I haven't completed this short story I started a week or two ago, but I would like some opinions none the less :) Merci <3

Luke looked forward to Friday night more than he looked forward to Christmas each and ever year, because even Santa couldn't leave hot pussy under the tree for him to unwrap. That's why he loved clubbing so much, he knew there would be plenty of girls from his college dancing sloppily in the crowd each and every weekend...ripe for the picking. The cab ride seemed longer this Friday which was probably due to the anticipation Luke was feeling- he had not been o... Continue»
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Legendary Whore

Legendary Whore

Part One

I wrote this as a gift for gg854

I grow bored as I wait at the coffee shop, I don’t even drink coffee, I’m British! The tea here is awful. I take out my fountain pen and begin to write notes for a dirty story. I give up and start doodling, I draw the cute coffee shop girl’s head with a look of ecstasy on her face, she has a bruise on her neck cleavage so I write ‘Choke me daddy!’ underneath. Next I draw a woman holding a man’s head between her legs then superimpose the coffee shop girls head onto it. I tear the page off, put it down on the... Continue»
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The woman inside

I've lived for a month in the new flat, an attic with a garret window closed with shutters. Right in front there's a lower building, with a terrace and a garden on top. The owner is a long and dark haired girl, with pronounced cheekbones and light eyes, that I had already noticed almost on the first day. Today I saw her hanging out the clothes to dry, wearing only a pareo that barely covered her body and I could not help observing how cute she was, and tender, with those sweet round soft tits and the hard nipples hardly held in by the light tissue. Then she went back inside, but short afterwa... Continue»
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First Time as a Whore for money

I was pimped out quite often before this time but never for money. Usually I was taken to parties while I was the party favor or I was taken to cruising areas and John would bring back men to his car for them to enjoy my naked body. At the time I never thought John was a pimp. I thought that he was just a man who had a great imagination and who enjoyed sharing me with other men. That all changed one night when John told me that he knew 3 men who would enjoy paying money to have sex with me. Of course I agreed but the words "paying money" did not register with me.

He drove us to a motel ... Continue»
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My Cocksucking Life

It all started when I was ## when my Mom, and myself
moved to San Francisco. This was during the war. Mom
had separated from my Dad and when we moved to San
Francisco we moved in with my grandmother and her son
who had a 2 bedroom apartment. I sl**p with my uncle
and my Mom sl**p with grandma. Mom was out most of the
time looking for work and my grandma went to work at

Every Wednesday my grandma would take me to a place to
eat before she went to work. This one day, after she
left for work, I had to go to the bathroom. So I went
upstairs and went in to the bathroom... Continue»
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3 A Dairy conversion Part 2

3 A Dairy conversion Part 2
Monday arrived and off to work we both went, neither of us wanted to make the call to the agent saying we couldn’t take the place, it was Thursday tea time before we decided that Ann would do the deed the next day.
They say if you want to make god laugh tell him your plans, our plans came tumbling down that night when my job, that seemed so long term, vanished in a smoke cloud, the main building burning to the ground.
We staff arrived at work the next day to find that other than a week or two`s work, clearing the site of salvage then we would all be re... Continue»
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Pussy Cat

I didn't start out to be a bad girl. I didn't wake up one morning, and
think today I'm gonna be wicked. It just kinda crept up on me. I was
pretty normal, until eighth grade or so. Then I took off. Then things got
fun. I don't mean I was bad like I did crimes and shit, I was bad like...
like I screwed around and stuff. I learned about sex and that stuff. You
get the idea.

I got my cherry popped when I was thirteen. That's about par for the
course, around here. Most of my friends had already done it, by the time I
finally did. I liked the boy that did it, that's why... Continue»
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Mom In Te Shower

I was ## when I found the sex education books in my
mom’s night stand. The books showed sketches of the
male and female reproductive organs. I had never seen
anything like that before. Growing up on a farm I had
seen a****ls mating all the time. (I really liked
watching the bull breed our cows.) But I had never
thought about men and women mating. Reading those books
started an intense desire to see what a female looked
like naked.

That night I realized that our old farm house had a
bathroom with a clear window . The best chance I would
have of seeing a naked woman wo... Continue»
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