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Cousin Katie

"Where's Katie?" mom asked, as she counted heads and dinner plates.

"I don't know, probably playing Nintendo."

"Go and find her, your dad is about to carve the turkey."

My cousin Katie and I didn't see much of each other when we were little.
She lived in the suburbs of Detroit, and my f****y moved around a lot. So
we really only saw each other on the big holidays. She was only two years
younger than I was, so at these f****y gatherings we would always seem to
end up hanging around with each other. She had dark brown hair, and was
always tall and thin. She was ki... Continue»
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My Aunt Liz

From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful
demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a
c***d and she came over to visit her younger s****r (my Mom), she would
always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then;
even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was
wrestling or tickling, or a combination of both. Aunt Lizzie lived in our
state's capitol a couple of hours away from us so it wasn't as if we saw
her on a regular basis, so it was a real treat when she came around. But
a... Continue»
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First time with a married woman (TRUE STORY) Part

I'm going to tell you a couple TRUE of stories that happened 15 years ago when I was in my early twenties. Few information: English is not my mother tongue, and this is my first time to write ANY STORY.


I was working for a business consultancy company, and it was my first job, fresh out of college. I was a junior employee and big shots would hit a home run and leave me with customers, to finalize on the ideas and findings.

We were working for a company that had HQ in a remote part of the country and few of their staff (roughly 5-6 p... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 10

Robbie briefly contemplated making dinner. Briefly. He'd never made a meal in his life and being a self-centred teenager didn't see why he should start now. It was woman's work. His contribution to the end of Joyce's working day would be to bend her over the back of the chair and ease some of her built up 'tension'. He'd run her a bath.....A small gesture, but, he knew women appreciated such things.

At 530pm he heard a car pull on the drive, dashed upstairs, started the bath running. then was back down before his landlady was through the door.

"Evening sexy....good day?"

"Just so...... Continue»
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My First MILF - Part 2

This is the ongoing fictional saga of the best summer of my life … the summer of my "first" … which also just happened be my first experience with the MILF of my fantasies. To maintain the continuity of the story, I strongly urge that you read Part 1 before reading this submission …

My First MILF
Part 2

The following Monday afternoon, I was back in the shed waiting for Brenda to get home. I felt like I still needed to hide; despite what had happened in Brenda’s dining room, I still didn’t feel safe. What if I had only dreamed about what had happened? I had relived that dream so man... Continue»
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Old Friends

Helén and Catherine are old friends from back in the days when we lived up in Stockholm. I send Hubby up to Stockholm four to five times a year for romantic hookups with them to keep in touch.

Helén is a beautiful brunette with a shapely but very petite body. Hubby and her served on the board of a club together back then. Hubby was the president and Helén was the secretary. And I do mean a real secretary in every way. He taught her a lot about administration and well as a few things about lovemaking. Eventually, he hired her to work part-time with his company, both for her... Continue»
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The neighbour's Son Part 3

One morning I bed I told Jane that Peter’s mum, Sarah had asked my advice a week or so ago about a problem with Peter. I confessed that she was concerned about him using her underwear to masturbate with. My wife was a bit shocked.
“His own mother’s underwear?” was her reaction. I explained that it was not that uncommon and that I was sure he also used his s****r’s but did not say why I thought so.
Obviously I did not tell my wife about the phone sex I had had with Sarah after our little discussion which had got her so turned on she needed some relief, as had I!
I suggested that we should ha... Continue»
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The neighbour's Son Part 2

We were lying in bed in the morning a few days later enjoying a nice cuddle. Jane was on her side facing away from me and I was behind her, my stiffening cock rubbing against her soft arse cheeks. This never fails to arouse me. There had been no mention of Peter since his visit, but there was something different about Jane. It would be difficult to describe, but often she looked like her mind was miles away. Also we had sex every day, which we had not done for a while. Every time I fucked her, I pictured Peter wanking off over her tits.
So, I was lying there getting excited, rubbing my cock ... Continue»
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Clay and Cole

I had spent some time writing down erotica stories about my true life experiences. Everything happened to me, but it didn’t always happen on the same day.

One evening I was particularly horned up and I re-read the stories about my cousin ‘Cole.’ He is a few years older than me and when we were boys we would shower together. He taught me how to suck his dick, and later ride his cock, with everything coming to a climax in a threesome with his best man before he got married. After that, I moved away from home, so did he and his wife. I heard that they became extreme right-wing conservati... Continue»
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Sex vawe in Indian culture.

My name is Kumar. I have recently grew up mature. Everything about me is changed. My voice has become heavy like my Dad's. My height hs now 5 feet 8 inches and I appear taller than I was only a month ago. My genitals now give me a sensation when I look at them in mirror. My Dick is fat and full length. We have a very large f****y on both paternal and maternal sides. As such I had many boys and girl friends. In our school age, we boys used to compare our private parts in secret. We used to be very intimate with our girl cousins and take great interest in marriage and its pleasures. I had friend... Continue»
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Мой первый раз с бабой валей

Мне было 18 лет лето подходило к концу. Через 2 недели мне надо было идти на учёбу. Как-то дома я работал помогал по дому. После работы я пошёл в дом лег на диван и начал отдыхать. Мама на кухне готовила кушать. Вдруг зазвонил домашний телефон тут же мама пошла и подняла трубку после не долгого разговора она сказала мне что бабе Вале нужна помощь по дому, т.к. её дочь с мужем и детьми уехали на море она осталась одна.

Ну вот я у дома баба Валя меня встречала ей недавно исполнилось 50 лет. Меня женщины в возрасте не привлекали ни как, хотя Бабушка Валя выглядела очень даже красиво для своих... Continue»
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Moms maid.

Let me start by saying this took place when I was still living at home and not working yet.

My mom had a housekeeper hired to come in a couple times a week. She would clean do the laundry and such. I would guess she was close to 40. Fairly tall and slimish with darker skin and very long dark hair. I think she might have been native American. She was a bit plain and never talked much or smiled. I was so young and inexperienced I was curious about any woman though.

One day I was up early going to the bathroom and saw her inspecting my hand towel closely that had came from my hamper. I ... Continue»
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Bi-Curious: Part 3

Part 3:
... After I was done sucking Ryan's cock for the first time I finished myself off as I made a mess all over myself and on the floor beneath me. We cleaned up before getting dressed again and as Ryan was bringing his pants up to his waist he said, "Not bad for a first timer... I thought you were amazing." I smiled at him as I put on my shirt and I came closer to him kissing him lightly, when suddenly we heard a noise coming from the front door. Ryan's mom had arrived home from book club only minutes after we finished cleaning up after ourselves. But we had lots of homework to take care... Continue»
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Bi-Curious: Part 2

Part 2:
After Ryan's dad got home I rested a little more on the couch talking with Ryan. We then got up and went back outside to play an actual game of basketball. He basically let me win because he was more athletic in every way. Mrs. Conner came back with groceries and our dinner which looked just as delicious as it smelled. Eating dinner together with Ryan and his parents felt a little awkward because there was always the chance that they would suspect that we were more than just friends. Regardless of whether his parents liked me or not they never had to know what was really going on betw... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 6

When I got home, I decided to get some rest and recharge, seeing as how my dick had become the flesh equivalent of a machine gun. A little while later, my s****r woke me up and took me to a bar where we shot a few games of pool and ended up dropping about $10 worth of quarters and one dollar bills in the jukebox before closing time finally came about around 1 in the morning. Some time before that, a bartender had brought me a drink saying it was “compliments of the two Irish girls over there” and pointing in the direction of two chicks. I saw the pair of Irish chicks again in the parking lot I... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 5

Kris was working the late shift that night and asked me to come/sneak in and keep her company with some of the other clerks, Katrina and Patrick. I had become acquainted with Kris one sunny summer afternoon last year in a conversation with Patrick over zombie movie budgets (essentially summarizing with the words, “Unless you’re George A. Romero, then you can do whatever the fuck you want.”), and I had always thought of her as beautiful right off the bat, so I quickly obliged. I went home to sl**p and tell my s****r of my adventures of the week. She was most impressed, to say the least, and beg... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 4

I woke up the next morning to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Higher Ground” coming out of my alarm clock at 7:00 am. The house was empty, my dad going into work early this week and my mom at work, meant I had the house to myself.  Rolling out of bed and doing the morning paper crossword over coffee and oatmeal, I pondered on what today held for me and what was to come. I received a call about 9:00 am from Rachel, a girl I went to high school with and who was now going to college about an hour and a half north of here. Her roommate went home to be with their f****y for a funeral and Rachel wanted some... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 3

It's a bit long, but I adapted it from 3 separate posts that I had written years ago, so enjoy/comment/whatever.

“Will?” Erin said.


“Meet me at the access road by the power station. You know, the one up the road from the construction company.”

“Yeah, I know what one you mean. See you there.” I hung up and instantly threw on a pair of non-marking soled sneakers and an old grey volleyball hoodie an ex from the next city over had gotten me while we were dating, grabbed a small flashlight, and slipped out the back door, leaving a note that I was out with my s****r. I walked ac... Continue»
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Jenny the Korean milf

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I usually go to grab a bite at this diner right by my house, and it's run by this Korean lady Jenny. She is 54 years old, small tits petite with shoulder length hair, full lips and a gorgeous face. I went their maybe 6 times before i even attempted to talk to her because her accent is strong. But i eventually decided i should make some conversation as she is always polite.

I asked her about her background and we started to chat about different cultures. She asked me where i was from, and she told me her cousin was married to a man from m... Continue»
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You MY woman – ALL woman

I started jerking off to ejaculation when I was around14. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. I collected fuck mags and porno tapes wherever I could find them, to use as visual aids. Just looking at those sexy nude women being loved up by their hot men made my dick so fuckin' HARD! Because of that I was able to convince myself that I was normal, of course, in retrospect it is obvious that I was identifying with the women.

One day when my AUNTIE HELEN was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer.... Continue»
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