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1st part.

In a hotel room:

It is a heavy night, with heat and low clouds that reflect the lights of the city, a gentle northerly breeze comes without being able to change anything.
It's hot in the room, the man lying in the bed barely covered with sheets, naked. Only the reflection of the city lights illuminate the room. He lies sprawled on the bed, sl**pless, staring out the window trying to find that place within oneself that brings the dreams.
She appears at the door like a ghost, wrapped in a towel, without a sigh or murmur, her body still wet from the shower.
The man turns in the bed to look ... Continue»
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Camping with Aunty Alice, and with 6 Boys

I counted the heads as the van drove off, seven men and myself. I was eighteen and sort feeling self-conscious, having no girlfriends to chat with, or compare notes, but more important, not to have competition with to flirt, me and seven guys, wow, this was really happening, and deep down, even though I felt intimidated, I felt a sexual arousal, I hoped did not show.

Trekking in the rough was an outdoor pursuit I have always loved doing, at one with nature, down and earthy, a real outdoors girl, nude walks and naked swimming, rocked my boat, in secret of course, and now, here I was about to... Continue»
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my first sexual encounters pt 2

PT. 2

The following is a continuation of a recollection of events from my youth. I was never for ced to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occured. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago, so here goes...

Following the first attempt at anal sex, things went back to normal. I would still hang out with Eric and we would jack off and I would suck... Continue»
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Public pantyhose masturbating again.

After the last wanking session in the woods with my friend where we had the added excitement of being watched we decided that a third person in pantyhose watching us and joining in would be even better. How to find that third person? The answer? Xhamster. I checked out lots of people's profiles who seemed to live in a reasonable distance of us and finally settled on one who seemed to fit the bill. After exchanging several messages and some private pics he agreed that he would like to meet with us, so we arranged a date and time. The day came and I dressed as usual in my sheer to the waist tan ... Continue»
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The Massage

I'd spent 4 days at the gym after work and my muscles were so, so sore. I had seen a massage place in Osborne Park and thought I would go a get some help. It looked like any normal massage place and when I went in they led me to a room that was much larger than any massage room I'm used to. It had a couch, beautiful lighting and amazing music playing. I took my clothes off, I'd just shaved every where so my balls and cock felt amazing on the towel as I laid down.

The door opened and shut quietly. I had my face down on the massage table so I couldn't see anything. As she walked past though I... Continue»
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Cruise fun

It started innocently enough.

My wife and I were on a cruise. We were down at the pool sunning ourselves and enjoying a couple of island style drinks.

I first noticed the teen while he was checking her out. She was adjusting the top on her swimsuit and he couldn’t keep his eyes of her big tits. Truth be told, not many men can. My wife has large soft breasts that look good in any clothing, and look even better out.

As I watched him, he kept trying to get a better vantage point. He’d move chairs, stand up, sit down ,bend over, hide behind sunglasses, walk by….anything to get a peek at ... Continue»
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Dogging with TXLassy

If you have not read my other “Dogging” stories here is some back round info. I am a ex stripper and exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising, exhibitionist and voyeurism. To wit: Couples, single men, women and strangers watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Web have sex in cars or outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forest, country roads and sometimes they join in.

We have been dogging in the daylight, dusk and in the dark of night.
We have been dogging outdoors in par... Continue»
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more than a walk in the park

More than a walk in the park
I was 48 living alone and it was summer,all the women in there light summer attire and I loved to watch them as I was now.I came to the park often as I liked people watching and had a few nice places in it I could watch them,I liked it when there were young courting couples about as they had very few inabitions and I sometimes had some sexy glimpses from them banner1 I was near the lake today as it had less people about, the gardens had too many oldies in it.

I had settled on the grass below a grass bank, I knew several couples used to make out on it. It was... Continue»
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This Betty

Yea I told you how I met Betty. And there were more meetings. As I first meet her I answered an advertise to do a photosession with her for a Magazine. Well she kept my Contact info or at least her husbad did. Cause he tricked me to visit her again. But this time it was more different that I meet up with Betty.

The phone rang and I answered it was Bettys husband in the other line. Hi he said sorry to disturb you. Do yiu have possibility fuck my wife he said.. WHAT I said. He said you Heard what I say. Or shall I explain more? yes do that I said and then he began tell me taht Betty was signe... Continue»
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Anita enjoys three huge black men

Anita enjoys three huge black men

Friday afternoon I was at my office when my loving wife Anita texted me.
One of her old black lovers, a young guy called Thomas, had called her telling that he wanted to come home and give her a good fucking because he was feeling horny.

Anita asked if this was fine to me and obviously I told her that would be right…

I got home a bit later than usual and expected her to tell me all about what Thomas had got up to with her.
As I opened the door I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex done by Anita. There was grunting from the guy, moaning fro... Continue»
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The Tale of Brad and Michelle

Brad and Michelle's tale
A true story as told to Fred Lake, © 2015 Fred Lake

Brad and Michelle are a married couple in our swinger club. They have been swinging for twenty years, having started after several years of marriage. They saw other stories I had transcribed about couples in our swinger group, and wanted me to add their own.
They were a lusty couple with a good sexual appetite that was not diminished by having two c***dren. They had talked (privately) about wife-swapping as it was then called, but had no idea about how to get into the hobby. After Michelle got her tubes t... Continue»
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Cocksucker Blues

Cocksucker Blues
By Linda Laving

It was open mike night in the club, and I was in the closet that passed as a
dressing room on my knees as the owner, a 30-something Italian guy, grunted
and I felt the warmth flood my mouth as he drained his thick musky cum onto
my tongue.
I sucked out the last few drops when he was done and swallowed down the
mouthful, which joined the previous four I'd already consumed that evening
and felt it sliding down my throat on the way to my stomach.

I was already dressed for the show in a black leather mini skirt and black
leather knee length boots wi... Continue»
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Stepdaddys accident

This is a story from my teens. Many coincidences led to a very special experience with Him, my father. None of us would have seen it coming and would never believe it would happen, but it did. If he hadn't been in that bicycle accident I would never have had to care for him as I did for a brief period of time. With bandaged hands, stiches and some titanium in his under arm he was more or less helpless and totally dependent of my care. The doctor had estimated 2 weeks until the stitches could be removed and potentially even more for the fractures to heal. Mom had passed away some years ago and ... Continue»
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"Dumb" Blonde

So there is this girl around town name Sally. She's 19 but still in high school because he failed a grade. She was the typical blonde bimbo: make up, pigtails, perky tits, and an ass that can stop traffic. Oh, and as dumb as a rock. She made a few passes at me, then last week i decided i needed a treat. She came over for advice on a project when i led her upstairs.

My closet has a normal railing and then a lower railing about at stomach level. She was still in her cheer-leading outfit and obviously had no panties on. I asked her to kneel in front of the bottom railing so i could see ... Continue»
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When did I realize I enjoyed sharing?

So I've been asked a few times over the years by friends, girlfriends, and other guys that have gotten to enjoy my girlfriends exhibitionism from time to time, "How did you get into this?" or "When did you realize you liked watching your girlfriend pleasing other guys?".

I think the first way I should answer that to let you know that I have always been a sharer. If I had something that other people liked or wanted or enjoyed then I enjoyed sharing it with them. Even when I was a k**. I grew up in the Nintendo era, and as k**s we would always trade games with the other neighborhood k**s I wa... Continue»
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Led Astray and I LOVED IT!!!

We all say "I was led astray" and last night,it was my turn....Went out last night with my future s****r in law and some of her friends,drinks were flowing,wine was good the men looked good and the girls well,who doesn't enjoy a group of beautiful 40 somethings with wine in there systems???Well I have never been with a woman but my lesbian friends tell me "Every woman is attracted to other women whether she knows it or not."I aren't going to lie,I know I am attracted to women,I go to the gym with friends we do classes,go for a swim,Jacuzzi,sauna etc and all the time after finishing class I che... Continue»
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#muse...#moments....#creativity ....#words

It was with the familiar mask of warmth that buffeted her pristine features that she began to stir. The morning rays of sunlight had crept through her window and infiltrated past her curtains, shining onto her beautiful face and basking it in a glow that almost made her look like divinity. Her eyelids began to flutter open, quickly blinking away the blurriness of the deep sl**p that took her whilst her spine contorted and arched into a lazy stretch underneath the covers. She felt the deliciously soft fabric of her covers rub over her flesh, prompting a sl**py grunt to rush past her luscious li... Continue»
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Sindy meets Nina - part 2

I was on my 3rd sensuous wave. I was lucky I stopped myself on my first and Nina had nearly put me right over the edge the second time, but I was too turned on now, my cock throbbing, hurting it was so hard, twitching forwards and backwards, balls soft and relaxed underneath. Nina was beside me, her fingers stroking the white skin of my thighs. I gave her the faintest nod, tried to relax, tried to make it last a few seconds longer. Without thinking I moved my hand onto Nina's cock, her pre-cum lubricating my palm, quickly hoping she wouldn't be disappointed I broke the rule.

She didn't look... Continue»
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First fuck

I had met this girl Emily in class and we were becoming friends. We started seeing more of each other and one night at a party she started making out with me. This was the first time I kissed a girl so my cock swelled as I felt her soft tongue in my mouth. I put my hand down her pants and felt my first set pussy. She let out a slow pant and told me "not here" and proceeded to rub my cock a little. I had never received such attention from a female. She was exactly my type blonde blue eyes and decent sized tits. She was in all advanced classes too and we were both virgins.

Weeks continue to ... Continue»
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Last Night at Local ABS

There is still dried cum on my face as I write this post. I decided earlier today that I just had to suck some cock and earn some cum. So I put on my white satin cami, black g-string, my Dolce & Gabana Light Blue perfume, and threw on some "man" clothes for "cover" and safe travel. It was kind of quiet when I got there with only a few guys milling around. Nothing too interesting for the first 20 minutes or so. So I wandered booth to booth, peeking in to see if someone had their cock out and wanted a blowjob. A guy in his 70s wearing his granny panties diddling his micro-penis. No other cocks t... Continue»
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