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Trapped f****y

I am a near to forty white male. Not flabby, I live a simple existence farming a little food and raising a few a****ls on a farm.
I hadn’t done too bad for myself and lived on a large property a fair way out of town.
Working remotely meant I did not have the dramas of the commute to work with the traffic and parking.
I can be out in the country living the country life but the good pay of being high up in a large software company.
I travelled a bit and had a few girlfriends over the years, even though I was a computer nerd loaner who did not get out much except for a couple of trips oversea... Continue»
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I Gave Away A Jade

When I graduated from college I went to work as an architect and was doing pretty well, so Jade and I married the next year. The first year went ok, but the only problem was in the bedroom. I just wasn't able to give my lovely jade the loving that she needed. She said that it didn't matter, but I thought it might.
Then a couple of years after that I came home from work about 6:30 and the house was empty and all dark. I was sitting on the couch drinking a soda when I saw splash of lights on the front windows. I just waited for her to come in and when the door opened I could hear her laughing l... Continue»
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3sum masti with gujrati couiple in 2012

Main phir aa gaya hun aap logon se apne anubhav batane ke liye ,jo pathak naye hein unko bata dun ki mera naam rajesh hai aur meri age 30 hai ,pahle maine kuch din gigolo ka kaam kiya par ab main ek pvt company mein job karta hun ,jin ladies ko maine sewa di v mujhe ‘nari sewak’ ke naam se bulati hein ,ab main gigolo ka kaam to nahi karta par ek comsite par apna cam broadcast karke couples ke sath online masti karta hun aur yadi couples mujhe like karte hein to main unke sath3 sum enjoy bhi karta hun ,lekin ab main paise nahi leta .par aane jane ka train aur air ticket ka kharch... Continue»
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Turned Into A Sissy Boi

It started innocently enough. I was spending another weekend with my girlfriend and we were in bed late one Saturday night. She had just cum and I was rapidly on my way there. I was on top pumping in and out of her. She snaked her hand back and started lightly brushing her fingertips around my butt-hole. I let out one moan, then another, and on the third one, I shot my load inside her. It was one of the best orgasms of my life!
“Oh, you liked when I played around with your backdoor, huh?” she said a moment later with a teasing smile.
“I sure did! It was great!” I responded. Lookin... Continue»
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Night Club Fucking

As a white middle aged woman, one of my most favorite sexual pleasures is hooking up with a black stud and having him fuck me senseless. Since I am married, my husband and I enjoy doing this together - he sits back and enjoys watching. We seldomly do this on our home turf, rather when we are out of town on vacation or business. Most of the time we prearrange the hook-up, but sometimes not, as going in cold is a different and exciting experience. We visit South Florida often, and this particular trip we were in Miami Beach. South Beach is a wild and crazy area code - party central. The clubs ar... Continue»
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Locked In My Room by loyalsock

'And so I said to the mailman. . .' Mom said while no one was listening.

We were having dinner and everyone was enjoying their meal, except for mom. She was talking about everything and no one was interested. Me and my s****r kicked each other beneath the table. I didn't like her that much. She was 20, one year older than me but she was always better at everything.

After everyone was finished mom hadn't had a bite of her food and started to gulp everything in.

'Come on Elice, we don't want to be late!' Said dad to mom.

They were going to some fancy show somewhere north. I hated ... Continue»
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I Cut Her Lawn and More

My mother had suggested I might consider cutting Ms Betty's lawn as none of the other boys in the neighborhood would. All the other mothers hated Ms Betty and wouldn't allow their sons to associate with her. She was one of my mom's friends and I thought nothing of it, so I agreed to do it every week. It seemed Saturday mornings would be best, so I put her in my schedule and planned on the following Saturday to the first.

I was doing a great job with my lawn cutting service, picking up new clients from word of mouth after I did a lawn or two, but my schedule was becoming full. I needed to sa... Continue»
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Gloryhole Cum Facial

I really enjoy exploring ways to get myself more aroused and ways to have more intense orgasms with an incredible amount of cum spewing about. In general, I prefer to be a bottom who services the other man and his stiff cock to orgasm, but, I do not mind returning the favor and sharing my cum with others. I have been lucky enough to suck a few cocks and even swallow a load of sweet cum or two. I have also been able to receive a real cock driving in and out of my tight ass until he burst. I must say that with each experience, I get a little more comfortable and a little bit more adventurous... Continue»
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Bus Ride With S*ster 1 by loyalsock

How could I refuse?

My s****r had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her.

Let me explain: Our f****y has always been adventurous. Meaning, we traveled a lot, especially when Christine and I were young. Christine's then-boyfriend was well aware of that fact, and he surprised her with tickets for a 3-day tour.

However, plans changed when Christine discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating... Continue»
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Bus Ride With S*ster 2 by loyalsock

"Now I'm going to be sticky," Christine sighed.

I looked at the side of the box, which was slowly leaking at a very minor pace. It hadn't even dripped to the floor yet, that's how slow it was. Yet my s****r was already worried about it.

"I think the next stop is less than an hour away. You should be fine. We'll clean it when the bus stops."

"Easy for you to say," she whispered with a sharp look on her face. "You're not the one sitting next to it. I am."

"I guess so, but..."

Before I could reply, Christine, my naked s****r, sat up and lightly jumped on my lap. Her naked ass was ... Continue»
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Pat and the weight room

It had been a couple of weeks since that day of sexual exploration ( I called It). We had seen each other a couple of time since then but did not really talk about what happened or anything along that line. It was more just normal conversation about computer and game and normal stuff we talked about, but nothing was said about that day.

One day I was bored so I decided to head over to his house to see what he was up to. When I got there he answered the door in a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt. He invited me in as I asked him what he was up to. He said that he was just going down i... Continue»
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Pat got a little pushy

This happened 2 days later, I went to his house. He answered the door in just his boxers. I asked what he was doing and he told me he was watching the rest of that video.

I asked if I could join, and he let me in to watch. We watched for about 10 min when a gay section came on. The guys were 69’ing and I made the comment that it looks like him and Edward from the other day. He looked at me and smiled then turned back to the movie. He was rock hard in no time and I was getting stiff myself. I stood up and walked over to him as he was sitting on the couch. I pulled my pants down and ... Continue»
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Pat, Edward and me make three

This happened about a week or so after the weight room.
I went over to Pat's house to hang out. He was not doing much just little stuff around the house. We started to watch TV and shortly after he asked if I wanted to watch his new porno that he just got in the mail. Well of course I did, so he put the movie in. I was not sure of the name but it started right in to the sex first was two girls going at it. Lots of licking and fingers it was great. He was sitting on the couch I was sitting in the chair by the couch and we were both just watching the movie. About 3 min in the doorbell ra... Continue»
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Adult Bookstore Bisexual

Well, one night I got up and decided to go down to the Adult bookstore. I got out of the car and went inside. I got some tokens and went back into the arcade. It was very busy tonight and I heard some guys talking about a couple who had just gone into a booth. I walked down to the last booth and went inside. I locked the door because I was feeling very nervous. I figured the best way to get over being nervous was to strip naked right there in the booth. I unlocked my door and peeked out and then shut the door again. I was stroking my hard, shaved 7" cock when the first guy walked in. He w... Continue»
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First time with Pat, but not my last

First time, but not the only time...

My first time doing anything sexual with another person was with a friend that lived around the corner from my house. Pat was a couple years older than me with a lot bigger build. It was a cold quiet day in January. I was up first thing in the morning shoveling snow to clear the sidewalks. I would normally clear the sidewalks for as long as I could not stopping at just our house but shoveling the neighbors as well. As I was shoveling I noticed my friend from around the corner shoveling the sidewalks moving towards me. We both kept shoveling until... Continue»
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BBC At The Adult Theater

Well I got the urge again. This happens all the time and usually goes away after a few sessions of jerking off to blowjob videos. But this time was different my urges got bigger and bigger and I got hornier and hornier. So I put on a pair of pink panties with light green flowers and headed out to the city. I finally decided to check out the adult movie theater so I could just "look around." Little did I know what I was getting my self into.

Upon arriving, I parked my car and walked past the front door a few times. The outside was nothing special, a building attached to others with b... Continue»
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My Daughter Did a Porno!

“But daddy all the k**s are going to Mexico for spring break!” Allison said
“That may be true but I don’t have an extra two grand laying around so that you can run off and party!” I replied
Allison was in tears and my heart wanted to melt. She had always been my little girl and most of the time I could not say no but this time was different. I really could not get her the money. I knew she really wanted to go away with her friends. She was a freshman in college and even though she was only going to the local community college. H... Continue»
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2015 sex so far

I'm going to tell you about the sex I've had this year and rate it out of 5.
JAN 28
I'd been talking to a guy called Oralseeker on a website who lived close by and we arranged for him to pick me up in an hour. He told me he wasn't going to fuck me but he did have a few toys and I agreed to give him a little show,fucking myself for him and eventually sucking him off. With my hole freshly shaven I set off and was soon in his car heading back to his place. As soon as we were inside I stripped naked while he fetched the toys and poppers. He had a thick black butt plug and a massive 10" black d... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

As I drove to the restaurant, I could see in the rearview mirror that mom and Janet were talking back and forth to each other but, I could not hear what they were saying, which told me they were whispering to each other.

Once I was parked in a parking spot at the restaurant and was getting out of the car I could see that mom and Janet's dress' had rode up more on their thighs, making it easier to see their bald pussy.

When I opened the back car door to let mom out of the car, I saw that the hem of her dress was just past the very bottom of her butt cheeks and I could see her pussy from t... Continue»
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b*****r Caught Peeking at s****rs

Growing up as the only boy in a house with three older s****rs and a mom can be a real drag. Every aspect of f****y life is female. Shopping, talking, even what they watched on television or what music they listened to. The girls got all of the easy inside chores while Norm was left with mowing the lawns, trimming the shrubbery, raking leaves, etc.

He often wondered if life would have been different for him had his dad not been killed by a d***k driver when Jim was only 3. He barely remembered his dad but kept a photo of him in his room and would look at it every night before going to bed ... Continue»
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