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Caught By SIL

I didn`t really want to do it but I had promised my wife I`d go round her mums and move some things. I knew Anna might be there and really didn`t want to see her, she`d been offish with me the night before. I let myself in, the house was quiet so I made my way upstairs to the spare room, I could hear the shower running so someone was in.

I went into the spare room to get the boxes and on entering could see Anna`s clothes from the night before in a heap on the floor, her gorgeous short white dress, heels and O wow my heart skipped her white lace thong!

I could still hear the shower runnin... Continue»
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Cheryl's Return to the XXX theater

Back to the XXX Theater

We were parked in the dimly lit parking lot behind the XXX theater, I stepped from the driver’s side and quickly moved around to the passenger side to let Cheryl out. As I opened the door I also extracted my cock from my loose fitting pants.
“What the fuck are you doing?” She chuckled as she watched me begin stroking my cock.
“Jacking off, slut, so suck the head of my dick while I jerk it,” I directed my wife as she turned, placing her feet on the ground, legs spread her bare pussy quite visible in the light.
“Ahh, I’m there, cunt. Jack me off you fuckin’ cock w... Continue»
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Nadia Taken

Nadia the hot coworker
Nadia is a hot woman in her mid 30s who has been working in IT for a small company in a rural town she’s been there for a few months now she frequently wears a lot of leather outfits mainly leather skirts and tight tops showing off her big breasts and nice ass she has a nice figure to her. She works under the department head Bill he is your average guy comes to work gets the job done goes home he is signal guy no k**s mid 30’s. He has been hitting on Nadia ever since she started working their she always turns him down saying you’re not my type what she doesn’t know is b... Continue»
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Mauricio - Part 1

One evening while my husband was out of town I decided to go out to eat and have a few drinks with a few friends at a local restaurant. There were several of us there sitting at a large table, talking, drinking, eating and having fun. As we sat there, I noticed the owner was paying particular attention to our table. He made sure every few minutes to check on us himself to make sure we were all doing ok. I also noticed he was trying rather hard to make eye contact with me.

I decided to go to the restroom to see if he was actually giving me the eye or if it was just in my head. As I wa... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 8

Cockatoo Part 8

Shane's lips brushed mine so gently I wasn't sure he had kissed me at
all, as if he was still giving me the chance to back out. I closed my
eyes and pressed my lips onto his and I felt the pressure increase and
we were kissing properly, his lips crushing mine. I felt lightheaded,
and the bl**d began to pound in my ears as I felt his arm pull me
closer. I hesitantly put my hand up to his face to stroke his cheek, and
I was shocked to feel his stubble beneath my fingers. It was enough to
jerk me into the reality what I was doing and I froze. What the hell was
I doing? ... Continue»
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My best night, and best partner. Part 1

I have had a good run of some great times of sex. I usually have to count the many conquers that make up my little list. But all have to measure up to each other, measuring on the best to the worst. Right now this story is my top fuck. Its not how many I did, or how big things were, its more about the time spent and the build up to it. I am all for call and then fuck, but this one was a nice build up to an amazing night and morning. So here we go.
I met Melissa when I came for a visit to my s****r's house. I knew of her but this was the first time we met, as an adults. Melissa as a young l... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 16

The Sleeepover - Chapter 16

by samslam

The next morning I wake up to the world's most wonderful sensation. It starts out as this amazingly erotic dream that is so vivid it feels like it is actually happening. Gradually I start to ascend out of my dreamlike state and realize my cock really is engulfed in a warm, moist mouth and a tongue really is teasing the underside of my cock. I start humping my fully aroused cock into my s!ster's mouth before I even open my eyes.

"Oh God, Lauren!" I moan as I start spurting cum into her warm mouth. "What a great way to wake up!" I'm ... Continue»
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Night on the Dock

Well it was a nice moon lite night out and we had made our way down to the boat dock over looking the bay. We sat and had a few drinks as I was sitting on the top of the steps and you where just on the steps bellow me. You was leaned against my inner thighs as I started to massage your shoulders. Not much was said as I continued to massage them. I would with each massage motion run my hands down your outer arm. As I brought them back up to massage your shoulders I would brush up against your breast. After several minutes of massaging you I started to run my hands over your breast I could feel ... Continue»
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Mother's lover Harry, was now my boss.

'This is your big chance'.

His words echoed in my head. It felt as if I was on the verge of something big in investigative journalism, working in my home-town rag, a little newspaper with a readership of under 5000, but it was a start, during Summer recess from collage.

My meeting was to kept under wraps, a morning coffee with the editor, a man known to my f****y, a man I had known since I was eight years old, so I trusted him, and oddly it was he who encouraged my interest in reporting and it was he I looked up to for advice, and now, after that meeting, all I could think about was bein... Continue»
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I think ever since I can remember, I was the hopeless romantic. I would open doors, pull chairs, bring flowers, and offer my assistance if someone needed help. It seems like this art form is dying day by day right in front of our eyes. I can assure you, there is nothing romantic about what transpired in my first encounter that cold January night! I remember it like was yesterday, not in a good or bad way, just as one of the funniest sex stories I will write about of sexual encounters of my life. Hopefully if you guys like this one I will have many more to add to the list! I am a goof ball and ... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 3): 4some with wife's frie

Christina and my wife worked together, we had known her and her boyfriend Allen about 6 months before we had our first threesome with Lynn.( part 1 of this series) Christina is actually the reason that we decided to start playing with others anyways. Like most 20 something year olds Christina liked to drink and party and so did we. It didn't take long before Christina and her man were invited over to our house to hang out and drink. After that first night we became great friends and hung out regularly. Now the reason that I had mentioned Christina was the reason we went looking for Lynn is bec... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 6

Meanwhile, Belle's life followed its early pattern. She was summoned up to the Palace perhaps three or four times in a week... and still always to perform the most menial duties. She either had some decorative use or something more functional like acting as an ash-tray holder or a drink and food trolley. In general she carried out these tasks to the satisfaction of the overseers and only on one occasion did she earn herself a punishment. Sheer fatigue caused her to become slightly unbalanced whilst she was holding a tray of drinks upon her back as she knelt on all fours. Naturally the wine sta... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 8

The light woke Melinda. Though she had no way of telling, it felt earlier than she was usually woken. But the door, which usually opened as soon as the light was switched on, remained closed. Instead, the little whir of the electric motors that controlled the video camera attracted Melinda's attention. She was being watched again. The lens zoomed in on her body.
As usual she was lying on her back, her hands cuffed above her head, her legs f***ed open by the metal block. The thought of being watched made her nipples harden.
She stared back at the camera.
It must have been half an hour before... Continue»
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Surprise surprise

It was the early hours of Saturday morning and, not unusually, my wife was working away. I had been out for a few beers and almost immediately crashed on the sofa when I got in. I'm not sure how long I'd been asl**p when I was awoken by a text message. I jumped up, startled firstly by the loud alert and then secondly panicking who could possibly need to text in the early hours of the morning.

The number wasn't one I recognised and the message simply read "hey, you up?". Curious as to who it was I immediately replied "I am now. Who is this?". I could see they were almost immediately typing ... Continue»
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Taking my first 'monster' black cock.

I’ve been a slut for most of my life. I had my anal cherry popped when I was nearly 11 after at least a year of doing other things with a friend. By then I was an accomplished cock-sucker and was ready for it. By 13 I’d had my first black cock and was hooked; that was the year that I also experienced my first little gang bang with some friends. My mother confided in me, later in life that, had I been a girl (knowing how much of a slut I was), I would have probably been pregnant by the time I was 12 (if not sooner).

When this happened I was 18 and the slut switch was stuck ‘on’. Although I... Continue»
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I come from Bournemouth in Dorset, I am a male whore and this is my story. I dedicate this work to you.




I decided to write about my e****ting exploits because; I have been doing it for a number of years and recent events which have opened my eyes in regards to human nature.
Don’t get me wrong, I ... Continue»
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How to deal with bad neighbors

Leroy didn’t care much for the way his neighborhood was changing. When he had purchased his house it was a black neighborhood in the inner city, but a few years back one of the city’s universities began expanding rapidly. Now the neighborhood was full of rowdy d***ken college k**s. A fraternity even bought up the vacant lot behind his house for their frat house.
One day he looked out back and saw a confederate flag hanging from the side of that frat house. “Oh, hell no!” He thought to himself.
Leroy and his wife Ebony were upset that there in their own backyard was a confederate flag. ... Continue»
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Picked up in the DIY store

The wife and I were looking for some shelving at a local DIY store, when this young man caught my eye, strange I thought. As we looked around the store, it took us around 20 minutes and then we decided to leave, on our way out he came up and slipped a piece of paper into my hand, when I got home it read ‘If you fancy meeting up text me’.

I must admit I was intrigued. A couple of months later he was still on my mind so I text him. ‘You doing anything tonight?’ about ten minutes later I received a reply ‘I finish at 8’. I told the wife I was going out with ***** a good friend for a drink or t... Continue»
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Committed, but Deprived - Follow Up

If you've read my post of a couple of days ago, "Committed, but Deprived," you know about Amy and me - a whirlpool and a soak - and shared masturbation in my hotel suite. You also know I informed her we could also share masturbation together on web calls.

Well, as promised, we did strike up a phone call after she returned home. She was alone, as her husband is gone a great deal. Her k**s are very active in social and sports activities, so she had the house to herself. I asked if she still wanted to create an account on a social web site, and she said "Yes - Absolutely!" With that, I directe... Continue»
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Love Dress

As Bruce steps up softly behind me, he slides his hand around my side and caresses my belly as he pulls me back into him. As his other hand grabs my left side, his right one slides down the my bare leg where the slit runs almost to my waist, and he begins to pet my smooth leg under the leather. I catch my breath, then lose it again immediately as I feel his whiskers poke my bare right shoulder at the base of my neck, and he sweetly bites and kisses me there. I take a long drag off of my cigarette, inhaling deeply as my free left hand reaches back to find his stiffening bulge through his sexy... Continue»
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