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Horny for Mum - part 10

**This will be the end of this tale**

Those 5 minutes felt like hours. I opened mom’s door to dim lights and my mom propped up sitting in the middle of her bed. She was wearing a black & red corset that could barely contain her breasts with tiny satin bikini panties. There were garters that attached to the corset and attached to black stockings. Her hair was done up. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder but it did. She lifted her arm and crooked her finger for me to come closer.

I walked to the bed and she moved to kneel on the bed before me. She grabbed my t-shirt and... Continue»
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True Wife Story 1 - the first night we met.

My wife has been telling me stories about her cuckolding me since the day we first met.

We first met at NATTC Memphis in December 1974. She was an E-2 and been at the Naval school site since the first week in December and was assigned to the Naval Anti-Submarine warfare school admin section awaiting her training assignment. I didn't arrive until December 27th and was an E-5 assigned to the new Air Traffic Control school which had moved from GLYNCO,GA. The four weeks before I met her is another story.

That Friday night I went to the base bowling alley to get a beer and something to eat be... Continue»
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My wife and I have always fantasized about her getting fucked by some big stud, and she sure got all of that and then some on our last trip to the Caribbean this past January. On the second day of our vacation, I noticed a very well-hung man coming across the nude beach and asked if that was the sort of guy she wanted. Jan answered with an enthusiastic yes, adding that she’d try to wangle an introduction. We spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up the sun and then decided to go hang out in the hot tub.

We had been in the tu... Continue»
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I've always gotten excited by reading letters from men who have watched their wives being fucked by strange men. I have talked to my wife Valerie about this, but the idea never really appealed to her. Recently we had an experience that changed our lives.

About a month ago, my company held a convention. I was asked to give a speech to one of the committees. I brought Valerie along so we could do some sight-seeing in my spare time.

It was a terrible coincidence that our wedding anniversary fell on the same day I was scheduled to... Continue»
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The Girls' Bathroom

My back hit the cold tile wall with a loud thud, sending shivers up my spine as I gasped in surprise. I caught my breath quickly and looked up to see my girlfriend, the one who had shoved into the bathroom wall.

"Damn, you've gotten strong, Vicky..." I commented, honestly impressed.

"You've trained me well," she replied strutting over to me.

I rolled my eyes playfully, until I was caught completely off guard when she smashed her lips against mine. My eyes were so wide that I thought they'd pop out of my head.

Victoria broke the kiss and backed away, leaving me bewildered and breath... Continue»
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wifes panties in the hamper part 2

I have decided to share one of the best experiences i have had with my wife..from my previous stories my panty fetish is clear. She now knows i sniff her panties and i lick them clean. Sometimes i dont play with them for a long time then other times i go daily to the hamper for relief. There is no pussy that compares to my wifes. and the way her pussy clings to her panties will leave you beggin to lick them as i do.
Last week was one of those weeks where i couldnt get enough of her panties. Now that she knows i play with them, she makes an attempt to put them in the wash as soon as she change... Continue»
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My early troubles: Part 2

My school days have sucked since maybe like the second grade. My mom didn't have the slightest idea of all the crap that took place at school and very few of it was actual learning. After my mom dropped me off and drove off to work I walked over to my fourth grade class where Nicole was probably already thinking of ways to make my life miserable. I got to class right on time as the first bell rang and I took a seat at my usual spot just three seats away from Nicole. I instantly took out my diary and started writing about what happened last night. I was finished with my diary, and after I put i... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 9

I left mom in the kitchen and went to my room. I figured I said my peace and went to take a shower. I turned the water on and stepped in to the cold stream. The shower helped to bring down the boner I had. I started shampooing my hair and my eyes were closed when I heard the shower door open.

“You are such a bastard young man! How dare you say and do that to me?”

I quickly doused my head under the shower to clear away the soap and prepared for the argument that was about to ensue. As I opened my eyes, instead of facing a pissed off mother, she stood before me naked.

“Make... Continue»
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becoming a slut

It all started when I was 13 and discovered the joys of wearing women's clothing. It started with my older s****rs panties then my highschool girlfriends things by the time I was 18 I had a pretty good collection of womens clothing even with never having the nerve to purchase any of them myself. Then came the urge for more when dressing up and masturbating wasnt enough I wanted more. I always considered myself straight despite my crossdressing but when dress would get the urge to please a man. So one day I got my s****rs 7 inc dildo. I got dressed up in some sexy thong panties some nylons and ... Continue»
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My First Time

It was 1958. I was used to showing my dick with the other guys. We used to compare dick sizes.

I was very religious, but I was also horny. I had a fetish for lingerie. I would steal panties and bras off the laundry line. Then I would uses them to dress up. I didn't know how to jerk off at the time. I was 12. I had a bunch of guy friends and we used to compare dick sizes. Although we didn't jerk off. Didn't know how.

It was early that summer, when Chuck who was 14, told me we could have some fun. Since I was used to comparing dick sizes, I didn't think any thing was out of th ordinary. He... Continue»
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Neighborhood fun part 1 (Introduction)

My name is Mike, I am a 30 year old emergency room physician, just your average guy standing 5'7 and 170 lbs with average looks and a charming personality, but I pack a 10 inch long 5 inch diameter cock. That's one of things my wife loved about me, the way it stuffed her tiny pink cunt and stretched her little pink ass. My wife had a daughter Hayleigh, from a previous relationship but I loved her like she was my own.

When my wife died in a car crash about 3 years ago, my stepdaughter Hayleigh and I decided to move out of the city and get away from the hustle and bustle. We found a house i... Continue»
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The Booty Inspector of the Old West (pt. 3)

The Booty Inspector pt. 3 by markfayer

“Freaky Felatio Foursome”

Dick and his intrepid Lieutenant, junior, had no sooner arrived at the Barnaby’s Circus Fairgrounds when they spied the performers’ ring of campers set about in a cozy circle, creating a small common open space for the freaks and Acrobats and other members of the Freak Parade.
“Alright, Dick, what’s our plan of Attack?” quipped Junior.
“Well…I figgur we just waltz into the Boxler b*o’s trailer, give them an offer they caint refuse—by which I mean they get to fornicate with our Nubian Amazons-in-tow in a no... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 8

I woke up the next morning with a hard cock and reached for my mom. There was no one with me. My first thought was to question whether last night was just a dream. But I then opened my eyes and looked around. I was naked in my mother’s bed and my crotch was a mess of our dried cum. Thankfully it was NOT a dream. I finally smelled bacon and knew mom was cooking out normal Saturday breakfast.

I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Mom was at the stove, wearing a tiny little robe and the barely covered her panty covered ass.

“Good morning mom.”

“Good morning bab…... Continue»
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Horny for Mum - part 7

I was astonished as my naked mother lay on top of me. I had just had sex! With my mom! All those years of fantasy had come true and it was better than I had ever imagined. My cock was still hard and resting between her cheeks. My hands were rubbing her back and ass as came down from her intense orgasm.

As she regained her senses, she began to kiss my chest. She moved up my neck and her lips met mine. Her tongue entered my mouth and I instinctively matched her. We kissed passionately and my hands started to massage her ass.

“Thank you baby. I needed that.”


“Yes ... Continue»
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Friends: The Sex Party

Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Sex Party

"There's nothing on TV," Joey said as he tossed the remote control onto the table. "I'm so bored." The six friends sat in Rachel and Monica's apartment that evening.

"Yeah, I know," Ross complained, "Even the Discovery Channel sucks tonight."

Rachel was snuggling with him on the couch. She smiled at her geeky boyfriend as she rubbed his chest.

"Ohh, not just tonight, sweetie," she teased. This got smirks from the others. "But Joey has a point," she added, "I don't get many evenings off from the coffee shop, and I'm wasting this one watching T... Continue»
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Cross Dressing, Pegging and the Promise of a Three

After my last session with Ann, the gorgeous older woman (we’d call her a MILF nowadays) who’d discovered my love for cross-dressing, things were quiet for a couple of weeks. She’d only ask me to visit her when she knew her husband and son would not interrupt which so far meant when they had gone off to watch their football team playing away. It seems that they had a run of home games.

Mind you, keen as I was to play with Ann again I did also enjoy replaying our sessions whilst lying on my bed, dressed in my mother’s lingerie, and having a good satisfying wank.

I was particularly keen ... Continue»
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best friend

my buddy and i had been friend from day one. we grew up together. played sports together. we partied all the time and both had women come and go. i had finally found a steady girl friend, but for some reason he could never keep a girl friend. "i perfer being single, play the feild." he would always say.

after being in a steady relationship we naturally started hang out less and less. and eventually months went by. one day i decied to pop in and say whats up. see how things were going. figured id suprise him with a six pack of beer and some pizza just to hang out like the old days. little d... Continue»
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Our First Encounter......

This young very sexy woman started responding to my messages on this site, I was very excited to chat with her and several times (to many to count) had to masturbate while reading her messages and watching her vid and some pics she has posted on her profile page. We finally agreed we had to meet, I was so intensely nervous that I felt like a 15 year old boy getting his first pussy to finger! So it was set we were going to meet at a hotel - I got a room and sat inside with these intense feelings of "what am I doing here" I dont even know what she looks like or if that was even her in those vids... Continue»
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My transformation

Being what I am now have taken few years but most of the changes had happened in the last couple of years, most of them started 7 years ago when I met my Man. Before meeting him yeah a couple of experiences happened in my life, but I was always so reserved, so shy, scare of finding out what this prohibited world had to offer, having a hard time fighting against my true self, accepting me as I really am, is like this side of me was always trying to come out but the circumstances and society around me, f***ed me to keep it hidden, to think that this is wrong, so you have no other choice then... Continue»
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The Work Colleague (Part 2 - Her P.O.V.)

The same storyline/situation as 'The Work Colleague', but from her perspective this time. Feel free to read them side-by-side!

I was still pretty new to the place, but I'd been there long enough to know that there was a cute guy working in the office adjacent to mine. I'd caught the odd glimpse of him through the window, and I thought I'd seen him looking at me too but couldn't be sure. From where I was he seemed like a fairly handsome guy, about 6ft tall and slim, not overly muscular or anything. But now I was about to see him close up for the first time and actually started to feel the bu... Continue»
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