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Jade and the pro-bono lawyer

Jade was recently incarcerated for shop lifting. With no time to prepare to getting a lawyer and the public defender failing her miserably, she received a sentence for sixty days. Due to overpopulation she was sent to a maximum security women prison. Within the first week she was already feeling about to break inside the prison cells and then it happened. An officer called her out of her cell, cuffing her hands behind her back as standard procedure. Jade was scared asking the guard, "what's going on? Where are you taking me?" The stiff brute was practically dragging her forcing her by her arm.... Continue»
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Teenies' first time ex encounter..

My name is Suleman. I am a college student, living my Auntie Shareefan. She is a widow. She has married daughter who has migrated to Canada with her hubby and two suns. Auntie lives in Karachi in a nice own house. She is in late sixtee. She had adopted me from my mother. My mother is blessed after me with two more sons and three daughters. She lives in Lahore. Uncle had left a sufficient resources for Auntie. She is happily placed in life. She had provided enough to her daughter and she now and intends to pass her inheritance to me. There is a nice housewife living next door to us. Her name i... Continue»
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Teacher and her lesbian schoolgirls. Part 4

Finally, I have written the next part to this story. Hopefully, part 5 will follow a lot quicker!!!

That afternoon I found it hard to concentrate on my teaching, especially as the last lesson of the day would have my two new young lovers sitting at the front of the classroom.

Sure enough, just as the lesson began, the two of them walked into the classroom and sat down immediately in front of me, and just as immediately, opened their legs showing me that under their short uniform skirts they were wearing nothing whatsoever, and I could clearly see their trimmed pussies, displayed for me o... Continue»
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A few years back I had a situation arise that caught me totally off guard. This occurred while I was s******n and Becky, my cousin, was t******n. While we didn’t actually do things together because of the age difference at the time but we were together a lot because of f****y and only living a few houses from each other. We would run into each other at school because the eighth through twelfth were in the same school building.

It was Saturday morning about eleven AM. I was in our garage working on putting things in order. Mom and dad had decided to spend a weekend at som... Continue»
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A Submissive little boy : ch 2

I stayed there for a minute in a kind of shock. Seconds ago the only things that were registering in my tunnel vision trance were the man above me and the hardness filling my mouth. Now my senses started to come back. My lips, still slightly parted as if expecting more man meat, felt faintly numb. The video monitor flickered its faint light. The speaker next to it produced loud rhythmic moans.

Looking up, I saw a blonde, curly-haired, heavy-chested woman, bouncing up and down on a man in feigned ecstasy. It brought me out of my reverie. I listened for other sounds, and down the hall I heard... Continue»
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The Preachers Wife

My buddy lived next door to me. His father was a preacher at a big church in town. His mom was the typical conservative preachers wife type. Average looking, blonde brown hair, not over weight, a few wrinkles. Not wanking material at all. Any way I would spend the night over there and my buddy would spend the night at my house. So spending the night, you sometimes see things, which are not too big a deal. But some times they are a big deal.
This night I spent over at my buddy's house. We were all to get up in the morning and go fishing, very early. But for some reason they left me. They ... Continue»
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The break in

IMPORTANT: * All Writing credits go to hilary74 (only came up with initial idea)*

The door was not quite closed, leaving a crack for me to look through. I could hear voices, male and female, too soft to make out what they were saying. The female giggled more loudly and the male said the name, Lucy. The girl answered more loudly, "I don't want to do that, Harry," so now I knew their names.
I adjusted my mask and took out my gun, a very realistic automatic. I kicked the door open, and shouted "Nobody move!" The two people in the room saw the gun and froze. Behind my mask, I smiled. The man w... Continue»
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hottie sized 32.28.36

I am 19 years old shakib a enginearing student. I have well shaped average body size & 7 inches penis. today I am gonna tell u'all my story. . I am used to study in by balcany. A year ago another building is been constructed next to my building & there is another balcany very close to my balcany. . There is been a women named zubina, 24 years old, who daily dry clothes on that balcany. but the problem is she always come wearing hijjab in front of me. her whole body is been covered, except her attractive eyes. she has black dot (til) on corner of her right eye. . she just talks with me & we cha... Continue»
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My way to Cuckold

I have translated this from German such a good story, i think it should be shared
original is here
My wife and I are a couple in their fifties and rather conservative. Our c***dren are grown and out of the house.

My wife Anne and I had earlier in our marriage a completed sexual life. The to

I regret that over the years became increasingly monotonous. My wife is in spite of its 51 years still an attractive woman. Even though their pool is somewhat expansive and yet quite hang her large breasts.

I think it's still cool when her lush pubic hair untamed f... Continue»
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Малка и глупава

Бях малка и глупава, когато в единайсти клас леля Поли – колежка на майка ми – реши да ми разясни как точно “стоели нещата между момчетата и момичетата”, и що е то онова толкова сложно и желано за всички възрастни нещо, наречено “секс”. Мама беше учителка по български и литература, а леля Поли пък беше математичка и всяка седмица ходех у тях, за да решавам задачи, понеже хич ме нямаше с уравненията.

През един прекрасен, съботен следобед пак бях у леля Поли за поредния урок. Днес обаче някак си усещах, че нещо не е наред, че нещо ще се случи – сякаш витаеше във въздуха, натежал от хубавия, т... Continue»
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On that day, I was reading stories in iss in the morning and I listened sweeping sounds at the outside of my house. I was so horny by that time because of the stories effect. I understood that its my maid sweeping outside. I dont have any intentions on her upto then.As I read many maid stories, I wanna try my luck that day.

So, before she enter home I started acting as if am still sl**ping in my bedroom. My dick which is of 7 inches is in its 90° because of stories effect and can be seen through my shorts as there is no underwear inside. She came inside and started sweeping hall and then my... Continue»
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The night I fucked Crystal Lauhon in her Ass!

One night I was sitting at the bar drinking and the cocktail waitress Crystal was serving me my drinks. Crystal was beautiful and she was 8 month pregnant and she has beautiful feet with those black flats she wears all the time. I always dream about sniffing Crystal shoes and sucking her feet. While Crystal serve drinks I'm sitting there thinking about fucking her in her pregnant ass. My dick was hard as a rock. Crystal walked over to my table and we was talking about sex and I asked her have she ever been fucked in her ass? Crystal replied no. But Joe alway's wanted to, it hurt too bad, I co... Continue»
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My Panty Wank Story

Part 1

Chapter 1
I am in my 60's, single and semi retired & so have lots of time to plan my big wank sessions.

I am obsessed with jerking off while wearing panties

While I have bought panties myself I prefer to use panties that have been worn by girls that I know.

I spent lots of time working out how to get these 'used' panties.

I live in a block of apartments and am on the management committee which has many advantages. I have many reasons to be wondering around all over the place.

I put on a pair of sexy lacy panties & loose clothes (to hide my hard-on) & wonder around ne... Continue»
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Couldn't Have Planned It If I Tried

OK, well, and don't think less of me, because this was an all time low for me......

the setting: a uncontrollable horny morning where nothing will work but a tight pussy or warm ass or mouth at a minimum.

a CL ad surfing that wound up finding a hot college guy while was out Friday morning (19, almost 20 that wanted to try it with an older man....I know, I know, don't say it).

a chance meeting at his house while his dad was out of the country and his step-mom was playing tennis with the ladies.

a murphy's law thing where if it can go wrong, it will, but then correct itself......
... Continue»
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Slave Wife Tanya For Rent and ****

Slave Wife Tanya – Weekend Slave for Rent

The men could hear the roaring engine long time before they could actually see the car. The road meandered through an isolated mountain area and the nearest neighbors were many miles away. Finally they watched the Range Rover take the last turn and drive up towards the hunting lodge. The dogs began to bark but were quickly silenced by their owners. It was Friday late afternoon and the heat was intense.

The car stopped in front of the group of men and out stepped a very large and completely black man with an aura of great authority. “He loo... Continue»
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Las Vegas is world famous for gambling. Secondly for all the various exhibitions, and thirdly for famous artist performances. And then the sex. Prostitution is forbidden within city limits, but in the local phone book you will find about 100 pages solely for “private dancers”. A euphemism for female entertainment anyway you like it.

Just outside city limits, you will find the famous chicken farms, large legal brothels, where almost every sexual desire can be satisfied. Almost. There are some desires that need more refinement.

Millions of... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 1

My wife Natalie and I met when I was 19 and she was 18 and in 6th form school, We were both virgins.
Natalie is a size 16 with and amazing body and large breasts, The first thing I noticed about her as she was talking to her friends was that she smoked. I have always had a smoking fetish but never told anyone about it as I thought people would find me weird!
We ended up dating and our sex life was amazing and over the next few years things were perfect between us.

After we bought our first house she became pregnant and a little girl was born.
We soon got back into our routine of work and... Continue»
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Kitty's Weekend for a Huge Cock

I have to tell about an experience that I recently had with an old school friend. His name is Avik. I had moved far when I turned 15. We accidentally met one day at a mall. He was not able to recognize me at all and of course he was surprised to see me as a female because he had last seen me when I was 13-14 yr old boy. He was here for some work issues. We exchanged numbers and I got to know that he still stayed at our old town. It was good to know that he was bi and really interested in me too. After some days’ chatting we got the pleasantries out of the way, he sent me some pictures of his h... Continue»
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Near Miss (Part One)

This is the second instalment of my story that started with “Please Miss!” and continues the story of a young man’s awakening lust for his English teacher.

Near Miss (Part One)

Another day, another English lesson. In the two weeks since my amazing encounter with the delicious Miss Smales, I’d had little opportunity to try and get myself another detention with her as she’d been on a training course for one week and the following week, it didn’t seem to matter how much I slacked off or how often I tried to sneak a glimpse up her skirt, she didn’t react.

This week, however,... Continue»
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Jenny trains hubby turns in to cuck


We had only been married about a month when my wife, Jenny, and I attended a party for a friend's birthday. We had been there a couple of hours and had a few beers. I think Jenny was in the lounge whilst I was in the kitchen with a group of lads. Anyway, the conversation got around to what we liked about girls' underwear. There was a general agreement on stockings and garters. When I agreed with this someone said that presumably Jenny wore stockings. I didn't know what to say to this. I didn't want to say yes because this would have given the secrets about my wife's underwear away, bu... Continue»
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