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BBW Sarah

Sarah and John have been friends a few years now. Sarah was a sexy BBW, brunette, pretty, nice tits, and loved sex. She was 20 years old but loved hanging around 43 year old John. They had lots of fun together especially partying. They drank almost every weekend. She had a hard time keeping a boyfriend because of her size. Younger guys don't really go for chubbier chicks.

Saturday night came, Sarah and John went to the bar with some other friends drinking beer and doing shots. Sarah tried all night to get a guy closer to her age. Not much luck for her though, she even told a guy she wante... Continue»
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Woman Judge Was More Than Fair 2

Sandi and I dressed and just in the nick of time too as the doorbell rang just as I fastened my belt. "Welcome" Sandi says to the judge as she opened the door. "Come on in, I have someone for you to meet." As they approached I could easily see that the judge was a woman. Not only was she a woman but a very gorgeous one at that. "Dee, this is my neighbor Jim." "Jim, Dee."

"Nice to meet you Jim" she said as we shook hands.

"And nice to meet you" I replied, holding on to her hand longer than most first time handshakes. When she looked puzzled over this lengthy handshake I quickly... Continue»
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Jenny - Part 1

John and Jenny are great friends. John is divorced, Jenny has a boyfriend. John is 43 years old, and Jenny is 25. They work together and almost always have lunch together. Jenny is very attractive, 5 foot 4, blond hair with highlights, small A cup breasts, dark brown eyes. They have been friends a few years now, and knew each other well.

Jenny was outside during her first break, having a smoke. John strolls out and sees Jenny sitting there. He lights up too, and they start to talk. John being the horny old guy that he is, is of course thinking dirty over Jenny. His cock wakes up, starts t... Continue»
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Naked Pictures of my Wife at Indy 500

I like to carry naked pictures of my wife with me when I travel, and I do lots of traveling for work. Every year I used to go with friends to the Indianapolis 500, and it was a crazy time, we would go down to Indy the night before, and party all night, and look at all the girls down there who would show their tits, this was the main attraction, then watch the race the next day. This time I was riding with my buddy Bret in a van his b*****r in law had. I didn’t know his b*****r in law very well, and so I wasn’t sure what kind of van he had. My friend Bret and I had known each other for a while,... Continue»
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My first sex gay experience in chennai

My name is ashwin, age 23 I'm working as a call taxi driver in chennai. One fine day I'm in duty I got a pick up and I reached there and I met 3 guys(my customers) varun, Sanjay and deepak their age between 24 to 26 only. They get in and I start driving the vehicle. Varun sitting in front seat and Sanjay and deepak sitting in rear seat. while on driving varun ask me about my job. I told them if I drive for whole day I'll get 500₹. He was shocked and asked me are you serious? I said yes and Sanjay laughed and asked me so you will do any kind of job for earning more Ah? I replied him sure I do a... Continue»
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Mary the Secretary Part One

Mary just got hired as a new secretary for the company. She is about 40 something years old,4 foot 10, blond hair, big D cups, and is little bit on the chubby side. She's married from what I heard.

John was a maintenance guy, and got a call for fixing the drawer on Mary's desk. Just so happen that day Mary wore a knee length skirt with a sweet blouse showing her huge cleavage. John arrives knocks on Mary's office door.

"Come on in, door's open", Mary yells. "Hey, John glad you're here, this dang drawer keeps getting stuck, see what you can do huh".

John says sure, no problem and... Continue»
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The Newly Cuckold Husband

Most of the stories I have posted so far have centered on some of my experiences on board my 100' charter yacht. It was a very high end (and expensive) operation based in Alaska.

One year a couple was on board for a 12 day trip. They were unusual in that they were African-Americans, and in their early thirties. Very few minorities signed up for trips, and not too many people under 50 y/o. The cost for a trip was very high and typically younger people were unable to afford it.

This couple was very light skinned and and attractive, but I senses that they weren't real happy. I tried get... Continue»
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Training Begins

"On your knees, face in the pillow. That is it, show your ass to me baby." She giggled as she smacked his ass.

He moaned as she smacked his ass again and again, her hand alternating between running over his cheeks and smacking them hard, occasionally sneaking down to graze his hard shaft or pull on his balls.

"Well, well, well, it seems you are liking this quite a bit my little slut." She smiled as her hands wrapped around his hot, throbbing cock, stroking and squeezing him as she pumped slowly.

"Give me some of that sweet precum, I need some lube" She giggled as s... Continue»
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Club Encounters

Club Encounters. For a lackluster start when we arrived at 12 AM the club was pretty dead besids from a few single guys of all ages and a couple of ladies. Oh yeah let us not forget the 2 really old men who walked around nude in the club until they left around 2 am. Back to the exicitent. The club started to pick up at around midnight with other couples, signle ladies, and signle men. While we were sitting donw stairs waiting for the fun to start a few of the signle men approached us. None of which interested the wife. Too bad because if one did boy was she gonna give them a show. After the cl... Continue»
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Happy Trails

Once every so often, I go out of town to indulge in my crossdressing fetish. Nothing too fancy, just a reasonable motel within an hour drive. Just far enough away from the daily personal and professional grind.
Most of the time, this involves me playing dress up in the room and satisfying myself with my toys. Over time this has gradually progressed to a point where I have gone outdoors dressed up. The most recent event involved me enjoying a quick late evening dip in the hotel hot tub.
My most recent excursion was a step further for me. About a 10 minute drive from the hotel is a mixed use... Continue»
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Arizona Club Encounters Swingers Club

Club Encounters. For a lackluster start when we arrived at 12 AM the club was pretty dead besids from a few single guys of all ages and a couple of ladies. Oh yeah let us not forget the 2 really old men who walked around nude in the club until they left around 2 am. Back to the exicitent. The club started to pick up at around midnight with other couples, signle ladies, and signle men. While we were sitting donw stairs waiting for the fun to start a few of the signle men approached us. None of which interested the wife. Too bad because if one did boy was she gonna give them a show. After the cl... Continue»
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Dressing The Husband Up In Panties

I don't know how to start this story other than to say that my husband loves panties and lingerie. I know that there are thousands of men out there with this same fetish and this story is for the women that love them to help with some new ideas. First a little background information on myself. I have almost been married to Steve for 10 years now and we have 2 lovely c***dren together. His job keeps him away long hours and requires him to take frequent business trips but he has always there for both the k**s and me. I'm lucky in that I get to travel with Steve on many of his trips to cities tha... Continue»
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Emz on holiday

Earlier this year I first noticed Em on holiday, in the hotel. I could tell she was possibly around 30. I'd seen her in her sexy bikinis. And they wonderfully showcase what is a perfect body. Two strings and two small triangles joined to cover her perfectly shaped breasts. The bikini bottom is cut low. It is the view of her great ass, barely covered by these bottoms, and her long curvy torso that catches and keeps my gaze every time. Especially when she would lie on her stomach on a raft in the pool. I cannot take my eyes off of that perfect ass barely covered in the bikini bottoms. I get hard... Continue»
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A very strange weekend

I had met a guy fro Africa on line that was in college, we had corresponded numerously times and went out to lunch a couple of times. Nimbeou had asked if I would come to meet his parents and spend the weekend as his guest, I made my way to Nimbeou's home. I was greeted at the door by his father and mother that expressed their gratitude of my staying with their son while they were gone, taken some what aback I just thought that they had misspoke.
Nimbeou showed me to my room and helped me unpack, he then took me down to the basement where there was a small gym that they had set up. Nimbeou ... Continue»
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Double Sounding

I have a urethral sound and use it quite often. It vibrates making my experience even more erotic. I never thought I would find myself inserting anything into my pee hole. But after watching some videos of other men I decided to give it a try. I began with small objects. I found a tapered oil painting brush and decided to try it. The end was small. I put on a video of a man sounding and lubed up my brush with Vaseline. Slowly I penetrated my hole. It felt very weird at first and I really didn't have the will to do it very deep. So I stopped and jacked off the old fashioned way. But ... Continue»
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The Rise Of the Star (Chloe Grace Moretz) Ep:4 - W

>> The Following is the work of fiction. Non of it is related to actual life events of anyone mentioned in the context. Do Not copy or reproduce the following. This is from the personal collection of cleanslate, the author of the following context. <<

>> Note: This is the new Episode of the series The rising Star, if you haven't read the previous Episodes, i highly recommend you read them first on my profile. <<

The Rise OF The Star

Episode 4 : Welcome To Bermood.

[image] Continue»
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Wife first gangbang

My wife and I recently went to a swingers club for the weekend for her birthday. Friday night was gangbang night. We have always talked about going to something like that and my wife has never had a gangbang, although she does not like the term gangbang, she has no problem with having multiple men.

We got to the club in the afternoon and checked into the room. We took our time relaxing before the night events. Then my wife started to get ready. She put on her black thigh high stockings, blue lingerie with crotch less panties and high heels. (Pic below) We went down stairs to the club area a... Continue»
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Teen Does As She Was Shown

Ok over the years my wife (Kat) has turned many seemingly straight women into lusty pussy munching sluts and fucked there brains out with her 11" strap-on too. Most were or are married mothers most between 22 and 40yrs Kat herself is 48 now but still has the body and looks of a 24yrs model. But the story I am about to tell you still amazed me and living with Kat that is very hard to do.

About 6 years ago Kat found Kim a 29yrs. mother of then a girl 9yrs. Stacy a spunky tomboy type at first like most others Kat either picked up Kim and took her somewhere to fuck or Kim came her... Continue»
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The ‘Hot Mom’ and the Foot Rub

The following is a true story.

When my friend Lena went off to college out of state I was crushed. Lena and I had been part of a fun-loving crowd in high school, but after graduation, everyone disappeared one by one. Except for me. Stuck in my small town, I found going to the local “commuter college” boring and anti-climatic.

So when Lena called from Arizona State to tell me to pick up some “stuff” I’d left at her mom’s townhouse, I was happy to oblige. After all, what else did I have to do?

“My goodness, you look like you’ve come from a funeral,” said Lena’s mom, Lois, when sh... Continue»
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Love At Home


By: Londebaaz

What a misery, dad was only 42, healthy as a work mule and looking great in all manly sense but now he was no more for the last 3 months due to a road mishap. Mom was still in a shock but remembered and had planned this get together in his memory one last time.
A small gathering [dad and mom’s close friends and confidants] had gathered for a late lunch. I don’t think anyone felt comfortable to see mom so taut and downed but she kept sipping her favorite vodka sitting on a corner bench without much conversation with any of them and now the crowd w... Continue»
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