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New Colleague

Nicola started last month. She was thrown into the deep end by landing her first day on the same day as the staff conference. Being the gentleman I am I decided to stay with her to prevent her feeling overwhelmed.

Over the course of the day it became apparent something could happen. Even amongst her first day nerves she managed to give off all the signals that she fancied me.

She was 21, blonde, good body but just on the cusp of being chunky. Her eyes were enchanting.

We talked daily after that and eventually a social event came around. After a few drinks the flirting intensified a... Continue»
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My first cock sucking experience

I am a very normal straight guy. I enjoy looking at women and I have never been attracted to any guy. A few years ago I started looking at online cam sites. There I noticed that all women want you to pay for their services and that you're not interesting for them when you don't pay. I also noticed that this is different for men. Men like to chat, they like to show and they love to cum online. So I started to look at men more and more. I created an account on cam4 an got more excited every day.

So one day I decided to put on my cam and go online myself. What an experience. I felt very nervou... Continue»
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Fucking The Sexy Mature Wife and Her Hot GF

My wife is a very sexy 52 y/o. Most think she is early 40's. When you are married to something that looks that good you need to make sure you fuck that pussy often and real good. Typically she gets it 3-4 times a week from me but lately she wants it every night. Last week in the middle of fucking her hard and fast about 3 in the morning she is screaming for me to fuck her harder and deeper, telling me fuck me like Tara's BF's fuck her. Well that explains it all. Tara is my wife's GF. Same age as Jill but even fucking hotter looking. Jill is a size 6 with great tits and ass and a very sexy look... Continue»
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Masturbation Show

Last week I took a quick peek on Craigslist just for fun. I found a post by a young guy who just moved to Kamloops to attend TRU looking for a masturbation friend. He stated he was looking for either a male or female to masturbate with and that he was open to a little more if things were right.

I had never responded to anything like this before, but I was horny and really curious. My sex life has been great and am almost entirely with women at this point; I have a regular little hottie that i have sex with at least once a week. She was unavailable and I felt like something different, so... Continue»
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Miss Bunny B Tortures Me.

I am just walking around the mall wandering the way a bored husband does as the wife is shopping. I eventually get in 'Barnes & Nobles' to purchase a few books for research. As I walk in I go to the history section. What I saw next changed my life for good.

I see this young woman in the fiction section looking for some books. She is a striking figure! She is a white woman who is about 5'6, thick, with large breast, and her eyes looked like they could f***e any man to fall in love with her. The way she was standing there and reading books made her look like a queen. She has an allure that i... Continue»
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Photo shoot

I had known louisa since we where teenagers, she had not changed much in 25 years as would be classed as a very curvy lady. she was not much over 5 feet tall, lovely round firm ass and her biggest asset was her large breasts, I guess 34/36 DD plus. after I left military I spent many an evening drinking vodka with her and sometimes her husband or girlfriends in her hot tub and often when alone we would openly discuss sex and fantasies.

one of her fantasies was being tied up and having no control over what happened to her, and further to this she loved the burlesque scene. I had often wonder... Continue»
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Last night me & two mates went out in the pubs in Rotherham, in one of the pubs I spotted a women that I had fucked before & she was well pissed,

So I went over & said, Hi Jackie how are you, I;m ok thanks a little pissed, I would say more then a little & laughed she ask me to buy her a drink ok what do you want I'll have a double whisky she says with a laugh so I goes to the bar leaving Jackie to chat to my mates,

When I got back one mate says to me she's some nice tits I hadn't noticed but she was also wearing some legging that showed her camal toe looks like a nice cunt on her too,

... Continue»
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Haunted House Hook Up

In well done, professional haunted house attractions, adreneline runs high, need to be with someone else becomes paramount and strangers are knit together in strange circumstances that otherwise would never happen!!!

That's what happened the other night for me. I don't kiss and tell all... But I will tell you how the most fantastic weekend of my life started!!


I have always loved haunted houses! I went to them all of the time when I was single and for several years I worked in seasonal haunts on the weekends! The downside though is that when you are 50 and your w... Continue»
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Lost Sub Finds Stable

On one evening Mi Lady Karen brought me home, I already knew she was dominant and expected her men to be submissive, but still was shocked when there were two women there waiting for her. She ordered me to strip and so I removed my clothing except for my underwear. She asked if I wanted to join her stable, and if I did I would be treated as the peasant she considered all men to be. I told her yes and she slapped me and reiterated that I was to strip. Unaccustomed to being nude, let alone in front of women, my excitement and fear left me only semi aroused. The two women were introduced as ... Continue»
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The Wrong Draw

Three years in and there was nothing. No love, no happiness and very, very little sex. We’d been through tough times before but our relationship was literally at breaking point. A part of me wondered if it was just a lack of release causing all the problems but bear in mind, I was the first man she’d slept with… she was not the first woman I’d slept with. Not by a long shot. For this reason, I constantly found myself comparing the little sex we did have with my past experiences and becoming horrifically bored with the routine. Kiss, clit rub, missionary, cum, tissue for her and relax.

Her ... Continue»
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A Secret For Some

There I was, heading to my errands for the evening...It was the same ol' night, after night, after night, after night...I was bored of the same ol'. That night I had my music blasting as usual, as I pulled up to my destination and parked. I caught a younger buxom staring at me that night from the corners of my eyes, her stare heavy with the eyes of judgement...ready to drop her strap on me like a gavel, if she had either strap on, or gavel on her...and pass her judgement on me...only in my fantasies..if she could dare say anything to me, as a dickslap with turn my audio down. I woul... Continue»
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Daddy cured my Nymphomania

I flit through time like a time lord, recalling those incidents that made me subjective to sex, little packets of space where my interaction defined who I am, and as you cannot go back in time, except in your head, I move forward, building and enhancing my approach to sex, trying to find that perfect time, where age and beauty, merges into a perfect fuck, so I jump 'time', back and forth looking for answers, from my early teens up until now, a full blown woman, bedding boys and men with an equal zealousness, it's not their age that concerns me, it's just their cocks, that's where my adoration ... Continue»
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Communal Masturbation for Gay Men

What is communal masturbation for gay men?

This is a question that I have been asked often.

If you've heard of a circle jerk then you basically know what communal masturbation is.

I belong to a wonderful communal masturbation group made up of gay men. Everyone in the group is a homosexual, some like myself are out, and others are closeted.

There are currently 14 men in the group (although not everyone is able to attend each session). The ages of the men range from 39 to as old as 81. The average age is around 50.

Of course some of the men in the group are closeted and ma... Continue»
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Cuckoldry - Wife Given Permission - Husband Devast

One evening we went out for drinks in a bar with music.
My wife was looking sexier than ever. At one point I
had to use the men's room. When I came back I saw her
chatting and flirting with another man. She was
touching his arm as she spoke. She nodded and went up
onto the dance floor with him.

My wife danced with him and it looked like she was
trying to fuck him. I could make out my wife kissing
her partner on the lips and rubbing her crotch against
his pelvis. I felt both jealous and aroused. My
erection was hurting me in my pants. His hand was in
between her legs a... Continue»
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New York Zebra Club - A Young Wife's Demise,

It was really painful the first time I saw my wife with another man. I guess that I had known that something was going on for quite awhile but just didn't want to admit it. So I went along as though everything was fine. We had been married about three years and had move to New York City about 18 months ago. She was both pretty and cute. I adored her. She was about 5'5" long light brown hair, brown eyes and had a smile to die for. About 1120 pounds she had smallish breast curved hips and the most sensual thighs a guy could imagine. She was 24 at the time. The fantasy cute young wife. I loved he... Continue»
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The Wedding

The Wedding
Nikkie Silk
Part One
Trust me when I tell you I don't normally check the wedding announcements. I hate weddings. Ever since I was a page boy at my aunt’s wedding, when my mother made me wear a pale blue tuxedo. I was six, for God’s sake. She said I looked so cute.
Aunts and Uncles oohed and aahed at me as I walked down the aisle with the rings on a little satin pillow, but I hated it. You see, what I really wanted to be was one of the bridesmaids in their gorgeous frothy, frilly pink dresses. Even at that tender age I knew that I would rather be a girl than a boy.
There I’ve ... Continue»
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Gay Encounters of the sexual kind.

Gay Encounters of the sexual kind by Phil McCrackin

It all started when I replied to a contact on a well known site for men looking to hook up. The advert was for a 18 - 20 year old who wanted to be restrained, and taken full advantage of by who ever happened to be there at the meeting.

After making contact, I was sent an email about the encounter, and what was expected of me; a date and time along with the address and directions of how to find it.

When I arrived, I couldn't help noticing that the house was painted pink

I entered the the unlocked door as arranged, and w... Continue»
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a quick tune up, part 3

continued part 3. please leave comments and let me know what you think.

It took a few days for mike and I to recover from the night he returned from the airport but then we got back into our routine of having sex every day or at most every other day. Most times it wasnt as wild and exciting as that night but we both were very satisfied after. Over the years Mike had gotten me quite the collection of toys which worked well at keeping my needs under control. One thing i missed when he was gone was satisfying his needs. We had the occasional intimate phone calls or even a cam session th... Continue»
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Sonia And Lance And I - An MFM Meeting

In a country city I met Sonia and Lance, a couple in their thirties, in a dance club for the mature age set. We got talking and seemed to like each other, so sat at a table to have a few drinks together. Lance was a solidly built muscular dark haired guy. Sonia was of medium build, with a very pretty face, and large breasts apparent from her low cut cleavage. They were happy people and we had a good time enjoying the place without anything unusual happening; that is until I went to buy a round of drinks. On the way back to the table I noticed that Sonia didn't have any panties on; her mini and... Continue»
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lara the milf

i came back from my jog feeling good, all sweaty. as soon as i opened the door i could smell it. i could hear them talking and laughing, my son trent and someone else in his room, hanging out and listening to music, partying like school k**s. his door was open so i went to say hi. you guys having a party? i said as i stood at his door, oh, hey mom! trent said all casual, his friend's eyes opened real wide as he checked me out in my little runner outfit, super tight, little shorts, tight tank top, sneakers. this is trevor, trent said, introducing his friend, i went in smiled at him (what a cuti... Continue»
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