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Susan enjoyed teaching history at the local high school.
She taught senior students and derived a great deal of
joy seeing the faces of the future sitting across from
her. She taught history the last period of the day just
before going home to Karl her husband. Sometimes when
Susan arrived home she would be so wet and horny, she
would quickly lead Karl upstairs for a "quickie" before
dinner. He never knew the reason for Susan's mood.
However, she kept a secret from Karl about her teaching.

Susan's real reason for enjoying the last period of
history with the seniors were t... Continue»
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The Woman Next Door

Bill and Rose were sitting watching television. Rose sat
on the floor between Bill's legs; Bill's hands were
mechanically stroking and lifting Rose's large tits
making her smile and squirm, pushing her back against
his cock. That didn't seem to be having any effect on

But it did have on Barry, the little boy from next door,
who was spending the night with Bill and Rose. He was
supposed to be watching the television but was taking
sly, furtive glances at what Bill was doing to Rose's
tits. His little boy cock had grown hard, pushing against
the inside of his trouser... Continue»
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An Affair with Michele

This is my first attempt at writing about an actual
encounter. Enjoy!


Michele is 30 married with two k**s. I'm 28 also
married, no k**s. She is 5' 6", long straight black hair
just past her shoulders. She weighs about 105lbs, with
nice brown eyes. She's a very pretty woman with small
breasts and a killer ass. She always dresses very
conservatively at work. She wears mostly slacks with a
blouse or sweater, but I've always been attracted to her
anyway. She has a way of being very classy and very sexy
all at the same time. I have fan... Continue»
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An Affair with Michele 2


Michele is 30 married with two k**s. I'm 28 also
married, no k**s. She is 5' 6", long straight black hair
just past her shoulders. She weighs about 105lbs, with
nice brown eyes. She's a very pretty woman with small
breasts and a killer ass. She always dresses very
conservatively at work. She wears mostly slacks with a
blouse or sweater, but I've always been attracted to her
anyway. She has a way of being very classy and very sexy
all at the same time. I have fantasized about her for
years. Here is another episode of our encounters.

Michele and ... Continue»
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Here Cums The Bride

I have been married to my beautiful and sexy wife Judy
for five years now and I love her more now than the day
we married. To start this narrative I want to go back to
my wedding day five years ago yesterday.

That morning I drove out to the old resort hotel, where
the wedding was to be held, about two hours early. I had
worked at the hotel while I was in college and it's
where Judy and I met.

As I wandered around the grounds I remembered all the
fun I had the three summers I spent working weddings and
parties and now three years later I was back for my
wedding. As I wal... Continue»
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A Just Reward II

Continued from "A Just Reward". I follow my young black
colleague and my wife as they make their way into our

I followed as Renee guided Tyson to our bedroom. They
walked slowly, as if they had all the time in world, and
I noticed how Renee pressed close to him as he spoke to
her. They spoke to each other softly, Tyson seemed more
confident now, his black hand on her butt almost seemed
like a stamp of ownership.

I was a few steps behind when they reached the door of
our bedroom. Tyson must have said something funny to her
because she suddenly giggle and tur... Continue»
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Mom turned me into a MALE WHORE

My name is Mike and I have a true story that I want to tell for the first time. It's about my mother and just how slutty she was and what she did to me and my s****rs.

I was in high school and did the usual things like play sports and hang out with my friends as much as I could. I was a single c***d and we had an average f****y in the suburbs and lived in a very nice neighborhood too. My parents had been divorced for several years and my mom would go out on dates occasionally and it was normal here for her to stay out late but she would always call and let us know since we would be home alo... Continue»
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Amber Turns A Boy Into A Man

Randy was at his first junior high party. It was summer
between his seventh and eighth grades. The thirteen year
old was still fairly innocent to the ways of the world.
However, it was a swim party and Randy certainly took
notice of some of the well-developed girls in his class.

Amber, on the other hand, couldn't be more different than
Randy. She drank, smoked and had sex with five boys in
her class. Three of the boys that she had been with were
at the party, and at that moment she was in bed with Tom,
the host of the party.

Tom and Amber were sharing a cigarette on his b... Continue»
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My neighbour and her teenage daughter (4)

Sorry it took so long guys but here you go.

Here is the penultimate installment of my story, and with sincere apologies I believe I have removed “Angela” who made an unwelcome appearance in Part 3.

I have been reading through the various posts in the Forum – Sex Stories section, and this has only confirmed the need for me to move on which I will do with a sense of regret. If you read the thread “Another Rule Change????” from Panther68 the reasons will become clear, and if time permits a review of “Why I’m Leaving XNXX” from Daddycums expresses my sentiments perhaps better than I could ha... Continue»
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Changing Room Adventure with Clara

“See, isn’t this fun?” asked Clara with an armful of clothes and a smile on her face.
I laughed and showed her the single shirt I had found
”you’re k**ding me right? This is all I’ve found in twenty minutes, I don’t think I’m as good as you at this whole shopping thing.”
”You’re such a guy!” laughed Clara brushing her hair back over her ear, “It’s a good thing you bumped into me here, you need expert advice.” Clara scanned the giant clothing shop were we had recognised each other through the crowd of customers “I think the changing rooms are over here, you might as well try the shirt on.” ... Continue»
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A Just Reward

When I first took the job at Eastside Law Firm, I was
fresh out of law school, tenacious and ambitious. That
was almost 10 years ago. I worked hard and my hard work
paid off and slowly I rose through the ranks within the
firm and also acquired substantial wealth. I was able to
purchase a townhouse on the eastside and the lawyers
token BMW. Four years ago I married Renee. I'd be lying
if I said that it wasn't my money that attracted her

We met at a social function, introduced by one of the
partners of my firm. She was 28, blonde and gorgeous.
Dressed in a figure hu... Continue»
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my swimming lesson

It was on 8th standard summer holidays that my parents decided to take me to a one month summer swimming camp. They had separate section for boys and girls taught by two different trainers at different timing. We paid for the classes and I even started going for the evening boys classes for one week. Then it happened. I fell sick, making it unable for me to go for the remaining classes. By the time I became well and got fully recovered, the swimming class was over. Nevertheless my parents wanted me to go and check if something could be done about the remaining classes.

I went and checke... Continue»
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A hot week with the ex gf. 1/5

So in a terrible moment of weakness i decided to invite my ex gf to visit me when my current gf was away on a business trip. I asked my x if she would like to visit me and ill play tour guide for the whole week and well have a good time like we used to. So she said yes and lucky she was free this week too so she said yes.

My gf left and tomorrow A would arrive by train. So being filthy of mind i planned our week with great attention. I went out to buy some gifts for us to enjoy. First i went to a designer outlet and i bout two pairs of high heels for her to wear as its winter and she proba... Continue»
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Older women are freaks

It was october when i went to visit my father down in louisiana. I was 18 and fresh from basic and AIT, at 5'10 and about 185 with short black hair and a boyish face. My Father owns a bar and after seeing him and celebrating together i started noticing this women at the end of the bar. She was short maybe 5'5 ling blond hair nice D cup tits and nice tight looking ass. she wore this tight green dress and cowgirl boots. She was much older then me, i would have to say around 50. My father looked at me and said "you dont want to mess around with her, ive heard some stories." but being young i didn... Continue»
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best experience ever!

This is a very true story that happened when i was 20yrs old and till now 15 years later make me realy harder than other encounters in my life.
I was home from university summer vacations while my girlfriend took a summer job in the university she studied. Her best friend was anna(fake name) where her boyfriend was in the army by that time. Since the four of us where very good friends and we were always going out together, all the time before we left for studying or during vacations, it came as normal to me and anna to go out some nights this summer just as friends.
By the way anna was as ... Continue»
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My love.

Well, seeing as you can't be at home with me I'll come to you. When everyone goes out I'll lock us in your office. Seeing as you so subtly hinted you'd like me to strip for you. I could probably sit on your desk, slowly taking off all of my clothes. I'd have your favourite red underwear on and surprise you with new stockings. After that if you haven't already started touching me, I'll start until your big hard dick wants more.

Well I'm going to guess that you want to watch me so I sit on the edge of your desk right in front of your chair. I tell you to come closer, spread my legs and balanc... Continue»
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The initiation of Claudia (1)

The initiation of Claudia (1) It is now three days since I met Claudia a beautiful brunette woman 32 years with generous shapes and heavy breasts that I like in a bar in the city where she was having a drink at the bar.  I invited him to take a last drink at home and we made love immediately. Excited we gave this three times in the night.  Tonight I gave him an appointment with me. I concocted a good little Asian meal.  She arrived, splendid in a small quite short black skirt and slinky with a white blouse neckline glimpse largely leaving her beautiful breasts.  Halfway through the meal, I ask... Continue»
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Sex With My Wife and Teens

Chapter 1 My Wife and I on Sex Spree

My wife Phil works part time in a big council estate with single mothers.
Phil is bi sexual and loved consoling the horny single mums.

One day I came home and went upstairs to go into our bedroom
But when i got there Phil had hung a pair of her red pantys on the knob of bedroom door
I smiled it meant she was "breaking in a new mum" while green pantys meant I could go in and join the fucking party
She always kept a pair of green pantys under a pillow on the bed
If she waved them it would be my signal to go into the bedroom and catch them fucking
... Continue»
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Only In My Dreams

At 40 years old I am still pretty active and in quite good shape. Retired
military and still loving to keep the body strong. I attend the local college
and working night's security, for a well established adult club. This muggy,
full moon night, I came home and to my surprise, found my wife's, closest
girlfriend. She lived a bit away but works the local club/bar that was near our
home. She always uses the house to change and get a quick bite to eat before and
after work. I guess tonight was no different. All the same... ... Continue»
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Oct.28th...shaved in the hospital.

I recently fell off of a bar stool in my kitchen on a hardwood floor and idiot me broke my hip just before Halloween.
However,the reason for this story is that while in the hospital for 2 weeks going though surgery and physical therapy it seemed that my shaved cock and balls grabbed the attention of quite a few people there. I mean it COULDN'T have been the first time that nurses and my anesthesiologist and surgeon have seen this before but it started when a female nurse was helping me into the shower. She was trying to maintain her respect of my privacy by keeping me as covered as possible ... Continue»
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