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First Visit To A Nude Beach 5

George is really going to town now and my wife is squeeling with delight over his fat cock inside her. George suddenly hollers out, "Im cumming!" "Ok to cum inside you?" "Oooooooo yes" my wife says. "Please do." "Don't you dare pull it out." George lets out a big groan and slams against her ass and holds it there. "Oooooo yes" my wife moans. "Ooooooooo I feel you filling me up."
"Fill her up honey" Marie hollers at her husband. George is grunting and groaning with every release and my wife greedily accepts every pulse of his warm semen insid... Continue»
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The Stud ?

This story was told to me by a lady I dated while in collage. Saw her last
week and remembered it.

Mike was the stud in high school. Captain of the football and track team. He
had laid every cheer leader and most of the pom pom girls by his senior year. Football
had just ended and there was a party at the beach Friday night. Mike didn't need a date,
would pick up one there and fuck her on the sand. Didn't care if she was a freshman or
senior he get fucked that night.

The party was going strong when he got there. Lots of girls and lots of beer. Of
corse he d... Continue»
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Меня зовут Александр или Саша. Вернее раньше то я был Александром, а сейчас стала Сашей. Когда все это началось, мне было 18 лет. Как многие ребята в этом возрасте я много мастурбировал, и делал это с удовольствием и помногу. Хотя после каждого раза мне было немного не по себе, как будто я занимался чем то плохим. Но поделать с собой ничего не мог и каждый раз, когда член вставал, а делал он это в подростковом возрасте по любому поводу, я брал его в руку и мастурбировал. А потом – опять угрызения совести.

Мой рост был тогда, да и сейчас тоже, 175 см, худощавого сложения, а голос всегда бы... Continue»
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s****r's Friend Discovers my Big Dick

This is a continuation of "Lil S*s Discovers my Big Cock"

After I had my little adventure with Britney I wondered if I would feel guilty but when she snuck in my bedroom later that night and begged me to fuck her again I did not worry about any more

This went on for the next several days and frankly she is a real good fuck and I would have been plenty happy with just her for the summer. One day she came home and as usual was on her knees sucking me when there was a sound outside. I checked around and did not see anything and went back and let her start riding my cock. I had just finis... Continue»
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Charlie Avoids Being Fired (bi-male, MMF, DP)

My name is Sam and I manage a small company offering leisure services. There is a small team of staff and the nature of the business means that some weeks we just see each other at team meetings and work independently the rest of the time.

Four weeks ago I was working on my own at a computer in the office. I needed to research something on the internet and opened the browser to look for the information that I needed. When I started typing something into the address bar the autofill came up with a site that I definitely wasn't looking for. I realised that someone had been using an office c... Continue»
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Jenny (part 3)

Here is part 3...

You are laying on the bed with wet hair from sweat and Jenny's sweet juices. As you hold onto my cock I climb on the bed and spread your knees. I start placing kisses on your thighs until I reach your pussy. It's completely drenched from Jenny's effort and I lap up the remaining juices. You start rubbing the back of my head and moan slightly.

I work my way up tracing my tongue around your navel, then lick and suck your nipples, until I reach your neck and ears. You are grinding your crotch on mine as you grab my cheeks and start kissing me. I can feel the heat of your p... Continue»
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My Very First Time - losing my innocence

Loving me for the first time

Introducing myself as a young girl
When I was young teenager I didn't have a lot in the way of body confidence. I was very skinny and when I dared to look at myself naked in my full size mirror, I just saw a young girls innocent body, I was very innocent. I'd started puberty at 15, much later than my friends who were fast starting to develop. I remember how embarrasing it was in the school gym showers, there was no privacy and I was always on the butt end of some really cruel comments about my little girls body and my flat chest. I had a very imma... Continue»
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Watching the nieghbour shower

At the time of the remarkable incident I was sharing an apartment with a workmate. He was often away with his girlfriend at the time leaving me to ponder the best strategy to find a girlfriend of my own. I was somewhat introverted and somewhat awkward around members of the female sex, as I look back I realise there were missed opportunities!
This particular evening neither the TV nor books nor radio were holding my attention for very long. Yep you guessed it boredom city! This in Montreal was inexcusable, it is a city of many wonders and delights which some years later I still remember fon... Continue»
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Bi Time with Wife and Eric ( bi-sexual, Threesome,

My wife and I have been swinging for a couple of years now. Although we have had few experiences, they have all been good. Our latest experience happened a few short months ago.

For the last year or so we have been members of an on-line swinger personals site. We have met some real losers on there but for the most part, the experience has been great. The last guy we met for fun and games, we met through there. We have mostly met guys from there because the single bi female is more elusive than bigfoot. Bisexual couples are almost the same. Bisexual single guys though are everywhere. Yes d... Continue»
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The Placebo Concert

"Harder, faster, forever after <3"

I arrive to the show, the band plays, you know what you get. Beautiful music, interesting people, then suddenly the firm grasp of a soft hand against my throbbing 20 year old cock.. I turn around and stare into a 40 year old's eyes, she smiles and we fondle as we enjoy the show. I stroke her pussy through her cotton, I kiss and lick her neck as Brian sings "late at night, whilst on all fours, She used to watch me kiss the floor." I can tell we're dying for some action.. The encore ends, the fun begins.

I look at her, she looks at me, I'm a Welsh... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 1

Out of this world Part 1

One night, I went to my boyfriend's house after a long, stressful day at work, only to find him in bed having sex with two other women as I entered his bedroom. I stormed out of his house and back to my car crying my eyes out. Once I had regained my composure, I took out a small notepad out of my glove box, wrote “Asshole” on a sheet. I then got out of my car, to put the note in his mailbox, but instead I picked up a large rock, using my hair tie, I attached my note and threw it through his living room window. I then returned to my car and drove home as fast as I... Continue»
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You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fis

Victorious/Sam & Cat: You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish

Jade West – Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Gillies
Tori Vega – Victoria Justice
Samantha ’Sam’ Puckett – Jennette McCurdy
Suzi Suzuki – Suzanne Maria Kowalski

Cat Valentine – Ariana Grande
Suzi Suzuki – Suzanne Maria Kowalski

Jade was frustrated. She had just had a couple of hours of outstanding sex but, nearly an hour after, tired as she was, she could not fall asl*ep. Normally... Continue»
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Prom Night

I knocked briefly at the doorframe before poking my head into her room.

“Amber,” I said, “your date’s here.”

“Michael,” she responded incensed, “what are you thinking just barging in here while I’m getting dressed? Do you think you can just barge in here?!?”

I glanced briefly at my fiancée’s teenage daughter, who appeared to be fully dressed, aside from trying to finish the zipper of her dress behind her back. She was youthful looking, maybe 5’ 6”, with blonde hair, smallish but perky breasts, well-toned legs, and a perfect ass. She was 18, a senior in high school. At 40, my soon... Continue»
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naughty mother, even naughter daughter - story 2

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies - you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!

Seeing as you are about to have a solar eclipse tomorrow (20.3.15), I’m reminded of the last one we had in the UK, 1999.

Pam, I and her daughter drove off to the south coast together to see it. It was a long day away in each others company and we need a bit of space betwee... Continue»
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Bi Bi Baby (bi-sexual)

John couldn't wait until Nora left for her Saturday meditation group meeting as he was horny as hell and couldn't wait to strip and stroke while surfing the net and hopefully receiving some sexy emails from some of his cyber friends around the world.

Nora had gradually cut him down to having sex every other week or so for the past year and he had taken to masturbating at the computer while writing and receiving sexy messages. Nora always had the libido of a sick frog but, at least for the first ten years of their marriage, she put up with sex a few times a week since he had the libido of ... Continue»
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Hit and Run

I work in the city as a delivery driver. When I get my deliveries done and have some time to kill I drive to tourist area and check out the ladies. A couple of the alleys go right behind the condos that are full of tourist, they leave the curtains open. The windows are right level with the truck I drive so I can see inside the condos perfectly. Some times a guy can drive by and catch a woman naked or some people fucking, it is all in good fun.
So I am puttering down this alley, caught one lady top less, then I come to this window, wide open window, and this woman is standing in front of ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-8

Jennifer continues her tale about taken to jail at the border of Slobodia together with tasty Tanya.
Jennifer assumed their invitation to interview President Peter Petrovic will ease the border crossing.
Jenny and Tanya are held captive for a night, promote back into VIPs and get very astonished there.
Jenny and Tanya are in the Presidential Place finally. Only last moment they find out who is whom!

Jennifer gets very wet at my lap telling me the first part of her story with Tanya in sexy Slobodia.
Jennifer happily notices my pants became a tent wetted with her running pussy ju... Continue»
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The Foursome (bi-sexual)

Joe and I had only known each other for about a month and, after our first meeting, which originated with my personal in the bi site, we had gotten together a couple of times a week at my place at lunchtime and fed each other our delicious cocks. We had talked about our women and both of us felt it wouldn't be difficult to get them involved also and we had been laying the groundwork for the past couple of weeks which we hoped by now would come to fruition. Joe told me that his girlfriend, Lisa, had been in a threesome once and said that she had enjoyed it very much.

My wife, Tyko, sometimes... Continue»
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Milking Machines by loyalsock

The room was large, at least seventy by one hundred feet, with a series of televisions sets hanging from the ceiling that were broadcasting the days latest soap operas to the one hundred twenty women sitting quietly in overstuffed easy chairs!!! But along with the sound of the dialog come from the sets, a steady whir could be heard eminating from the electric milking machines that were connected to the breasts of each woman there!!! Most of the women were in their early twenties, and after having given birth to babies of their own and begun begun lactating, the Licky Lacky company hired them... Continue»
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College slut

I’ve been seeing Alex since the beginning of this school year. Our relationship is pure sex. No romance, no dating, nothing like that. Just incredible, kinky sex. Over time, we’ve gotten more and more comfortable with our dynamic – I don’t want to call it dom/sub, but…fuck it, it’s dom/sub. I am very comfortable talking about my fantasies with Alex, and he is very good at getting me to admit some of my more hidden thoughts. Long story short, I fantasize about getting used by multiple men, but only with Alex’s permission. As in I fantasize about him letting his friends use me because I’m his sl... Continue»
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