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Wife becomes black cock slut

ohn and Amy have been married for almost 5 years now. They have had a good sex life,

John is 23 years old, and Amy is 24 years old. John stands 6'2", with dark brown hair and blue eyes, weighing about 200 lbs. Amy stands about 5'4", with long brown hair and green eyes. She weighs about 190 lbs, with 42D tits.

They had hired a local lawn company to do their yard work for them. Roger is a 40 year old. He stands 6'4", with dark skin, a shaved head, and dark brown eyes. He had a muscular build, weighing 200 lbs.

Amy pulled into their driveway, an hour earlier than normal. She noticed T... Continue»
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Shower (Fingercuffs too)


(Fingercuffs too)

"Ive told you before. Its not a shower." Mark says, his grin becoming even wider. "Its a wet room." Personally I have always considered it somewhere between the two. His bathroom is gorgeous. Plenty of pure white tile with random grey and black tiles spread around the walls. ... Continue»
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I cum riding a train with a stranger

It was a summer rush hour in LA. I need to take the train to meet a friend early in the evening for a party in a club.

I'm all dressed up in a tight fitting top that doesn't leave much to the imagination. I'm not wearing a bra either. My silk skirt is short and flirty. A small breeze will lift it up to show my white thong that is clinging to a shaven pussy.

As I was standing and waiting for the train, I can tell that I'm getting some attention when my skirt lift up with the breeze. I can only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present to my f... Continue»
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Disabled, But Still Able

It was in November that Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed. He still had motion in his arms but his fine motor skills and his fingers were affected. The nerve damage to his legs was complete and he would be using a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He wondered at the time if he would ever have sex again. It was only the following summer that his questions were happily answered by the personal care attendant he and his mother had hired.

"So then, we hire her?" Brian's mom asked.

"I like her. I say yes,” Brian replied.

Brian saw a weight immediately lift off his mom's... Continue»
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One of those days

Originally posted @striesonline some time ago. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to reflect the authors own taste and sensibilities.

"Oh bollocks! bugger off!"

Jimmy cursed as the phone disturbed a leisurely perusal of his fathers private porn stash. It continued to ring, demanding an answer so he tucked his erection carefully back into his underpants, swung his legs off the bed and pulled up his jeans. "Fuck it!" Jimmy muttered, leaving a page open showing a voluptuous blonde taking a thick cock in her red lipped mouth. He'd soon get rid of whoever it was and continue where ... Continue»
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Daughter Did Porno - The Confrontation

This is a follow up from a previous store:

My wife and I waited patiently for our daughter to come out of the secured area of the airport. Allison had been in Mexico with her friends on spring break. Her mom waited anxiously to hear all the fun things that had happened.

I was also anxious but for other reasons. I had found out just how Allison had afforded the trip after I said I would not pay for it. She had done a porn video! It just so happened that she did it for one o... Continue»
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Morning Sex... What happens? **it happens.

True story, no embellishment, just happened about 15 minutes before I started writing this down.

What happens when you fuck, basically, first thing in the morning. You don't even get out of the bed, you just start sex! Think about the things people do as soon as they wake up, of shortly thereafter. First thing is pee, maybe wash up, maybe poop, etcetera.

This morning I woke up dreaming about my wife's dirty holes. I reached over and carressed her big, soft, curvy, asscheeks, and she farted. A huge airy fart followed by giggling. "What a dirty girl", I said. There was more gigling... Continue»
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The BOLD Steward

Hi All

Just a small recap of myself. I am a crossdresser from India and living ina joint f****y and all my crossdressing sessions are done when i am travelling and alone. So here is what happened on one of my work trips last week.

I had some work in the town of Raipur in central india. I reached by flght in the morning and checked in to my hotel. i had a shower and changed and went to meet my client. i got free with the first round of meeting in a couple of hours. i had lunch with them and was free around 3 pm. I had to stay there for 4 days so I asked my cabbie to take me to a place whe... Continue»
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at the laundrymat

She offered to stay and babysit the laundry load at the out-of-the way laundromat they had found. If her husband told her she was wrong about one more thing... she might need her own hotel room. Relaxing with her phone was more fun than grocery shopping with the k**s anyways.

She glanced as a younger man came in. Scruffy, blonde and anxious to get the job done, he opened the first machine and started stuffing it with clothes. A young woman came up to him and a very familiar litany began: "too full" "wrong machine" "not the right way". The housewife chewed on her bottom lip. 'All the lonely ... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge

I'm not going to lie, this is another story based in fact. I wrote this to get past a particularly nasty divorce. The actual situation was different but the hurt, anger and rage are too very real. I hope you enjoy it.


Part One: The Discovery

August 15, 2010:
Sam Johnson hated going into the bank. A long time computer nerd, he so much preferred doing everything possible online. Paying bills. Ordering gifts. So much simpler than having to go out and interact with people.

Today's quest was something he always left to his wife Teresa, digging out the k**s' birth certificate... Continue»
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My s****r and me in Vegas

I suppose you could call it what you want, but fucking my older s****r
started when I was sixteen and she was twenty two. She had come home
from college traumatized by her rejection by her then fiancé George.
Jill was a very passionate and emotional person and the rejection by
her fiancé, a well off young businessman had been hard on her. My
mother told her to come home and get herself together, that she could
finish her degree in the fall, so she came home.
First, let me tell you that Jill was hot back then. She was
tall, had long, blonde hair that fell to her shoulders in waves... Continue»
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I Gotta Jack Off!

I rushed home as fast as I could, my cock throbbing from
getting a look up Missy Coen's skirt at the end of school. Who would
have guessed that the class bookworm went commando?! She wasn't as
hot as a lot of the other girls in my class, but holy shit, she had
the sexiest looking pussy! I know I've got about 30 minutes before
my little s****rs get home, but the way my dick is leaking pre-cum, I
doubt it'll take me more than 5 minutes to blow my load!

As soon as I was inside and locked the door, I made a beeline
to my room and tore off my pants and boxers so I could s... Continue»
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Parking lot sex w/unknown young woman

Sometimes things just happen in the most serendipitous manners. You are in the right place at the right time and then WHAM….
Take for example this little incident from a couple weeks ago….


After work I drove over to the fast food place and got a large iced tea and then drove to the far end of the parking lot like I do a couple times a week. It is not that I am really weird; it is just that I have to wear dress clothes, including long slacks to work in and I like to hike after work out at a park nearby. When I was young, I worked in restauran... Continue»
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Indian Neighbors put on Window show

It is late. Mom used to say, "Nothing good happens after midnight." This story proves Mom was wrong


With the recent upsurge in summer heat, I went for my evening jog later than usual. I started at 11:15 and since it was my six mile day I wound up jogging into our quiet little dead end street about 12:20 a.m. I walked down the sidewalk drenched in sweat, heart pounding and a ton of endorphins flowing through me making me feel like anything was possible.

I stopped at a fire hydrant and put my foot up on part of it to stretch and looked up at the house I was s... Continue»
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Back in the UK, Training a Slut

I returned to the UK after the contract finished in Thailand, 2 things you notice when you come back from Asia after a long stint is a: how big everybody is b: how fucking cold it is. I had rented out my property while I was away and the managing agent met me and talked through some of the issues, but the place was clean and tidy and I was tired and could not give a fuck.

During the last month in Thailand I had hit the bars hard and must have double my score of whores and needed to recharge. I only had a few days before I started working for a UK company and needed to get some stuff togethe... Continue»
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Meeting for the 1st time

I'm waiting on the corner dressed in thin cotton shorts (lining removed as instucted)no underware, a white sleevless t/shirt and open toed sandles. I've been here for ages, stood waiting and not able to move because you told me to wait however long I had to wait.It's getting chilly and I've got goosebumps on my skin. A car pulls up and the window is lowered, I'm told to get in put on the blindfold, sit still and face the front.I've already been told that there is to be total silence throughout the time I'm with you. I feel the car start to move and then your hand on my thigh, gently stoking ... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I

My s****r and I walk to and from school since we just live like twelve blocks away from the school, and she is in the eleventh grade and I'm in the twelveth grade, fixing to start one week of Spring Break, since our lives are about to change, as soon as school is out and we get home on this Friday afternoon, unknown to us.

At noon during lunch break, my s****r's boyfriend broke it off with her and she was pretty upset with him cause of the way he broke their relationship off. He walked into the Cafeteria with another girl and they sat down with each other at the same table, which my s****r ... Continue»
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Something New: Part One

My wife Andrea’s libido had seemed to slow over the last couple of years and for sexual release I’d been left to internet porn and my hand. This afternoon however she’d been restless and frustrated. I’d barely sat down after work when without preamble she looked at me with the old spark in her eye. “I need you to fuck me right now.”

I was suddenly hard, internet porn is no substitute for actual sex. My cock bulged against my slacks and tented slightly uncomfortably as I stood my wife noticed my predicament and smiled naughtily. “Oh dear, that was fast.” She rose and crossed the living room ... Continue»
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Her eyes watered. Her mascara was starting to run at the corner of her eyes. Her forehead wrinkled. Her blonde hair was pulled back tight into a pony tail and my hands cradled her head, palms against her ears. My cock was deep down her throat, my balls resting against her chin. Her mouth was stretched wide around my shaft, her tongue struggling forward under it, the tip of it just touching the top of my sack.
Her eyes looked up at me...pleading? I couldn’t tell. I could feel the subtle vibration in her throat as she struggled not to choke...a low moaning throat gag. I held my cock deep. My p... Continue»
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Ssbbw ex girlfriends mom - handjob

Ms Trisha was a bigger lady, an SSBBW. I never knew I was attracted or had the fetish I have for them until her.i dated her daughter for 2 years. Samantha was a smaller bbw big boobs42 DDD

I used to always go to their house and swim and hang out. I remember her mom not being ashamed of her body around me. Matter of fact she acted like I wasn't even turned on by her. She NEVER wore a bra and almost went topless every time we went swimming. I would always just stare at her tits and her hugmungous ass!!

After a month of me and Samantha arguing. We started getting distance. One night it was ... Continue»
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