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Virgin's First Part 1

I have never told anyone about that hot August weekend so unless Mary told someone no one knows. I have definitely made it a point to never tell my wife because she believes she and I were each other's 'firsts' in all sexual ways.

Torrie and I had been dating for 8 months when I got restless in our relationship and started talking to Mary. Mary was a cute petite redhead I went to school with. After several weeks of regular telephone calls Mary suggested we go see the movie "Romeo and Juliet" Saturday evening. This was in the day when drive-in theaters were in every town. "Romeo and Juliet" ... Continue»
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Virgin's First Part 2

When I awoke Sunday morning I lay in bed thinking about the previous evening. I had had my first lesson in both French kissing and nipple stimulation. I experienced touching and tasting a wet pussy for the first time and I received my first (and second) blowjobs. I even received the promise of Mary popping my cherry if I had a condom when we went out that evening.

Just thinking about these new experiences caused me to have an erection. Knowing jacking off would not compare to a blowjob I decided to dress and make the most of the day. After eating breakfast with my parents I went out, washed... Continue»
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Beautiful Fuck

It was a warm Monday afternoon in late May, and everybody was anxious for the coming summer. As I stepped onto the school bus, I saw her. Her name was Lindsay and we had been friends for the past few years. We had always flirted, but nothing had ever happened. She was about five and half feet tall with dark brown hair and an amazing figure. Lindsay wasn't drop-dead gorgeous with her whiter than normal skin, but her spicy, promiscuous attitude and sense of style was enough to drive a lot of boys crazy, me included.

She gave me a smile as I sat down next to her.

"How was your day?" she as... Continue»
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Cherry Is Given

"I'm ready for you. I want to feel your cock inside me. I can't imagine giving this to anyone else."

Kayla trusted me. She knew I wasn't simply looking for a lay or a simple trophy notch. I had spent countless hours with the young woman. I had let her know that I had a true interest in her as a person and she opened up to me. The only move I made to her was to kiss her the first time.

After that, I let her lead the way to what she was comfortable with. My concern with her was the age difference. Not that the twelve years difference bothered me, but her being an attractive twenty year o... Continue»
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my not mom she is a cunt

by yesterdat I introduced my mo to a friend, they both starting to flirting in the act, this is what he told mom after watch her naughty pics:

You are so fucking sexy! I would love to bend you over and use your hot wet pussy till you are begging for my thick cock. I wish you to star in a porno where I fuck you in every position and leave your cunt a quivering cummy mess. My thick cock would so make you cum like a dirty whore.
Would you like that honey? To be my hot little porn star slut?
I would let you wear a mask while I fuck you like a dirty slut if you are shy and don't want your face... Continue»
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the journey to anal addiction. . .

As of to date, I've only had my ex wife take me. Pegging if you will. She spent years getting me to the point of anal play. (but that's a different story) Everything had been set up for that night, planned out, prepared for. We both knew exactly what was going to take place. This was one of her fantasies and I was there to be rode. So as I laid there on my stomach, with a pillow folded and placed under my hips, forcing my ass up for easier access, spread eagle, tied up tightly so I couldn't move. And then she surprised me with the blind fold. Turned up the radio so loud that I couldn't really ... Continue»
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Wrong Room

The Schaffer f****y was all smiles on this particular Friday afternoon. They were leaving for their annual summer vacation. Their bags were packed, the SUV loaded, and all that remained was for them to load themselves up. Every year they took a weeklong road trip with no fixed destination. They just simply picked a direction and went. As they pulled out of the driveway Amanda Schaffer noticed out of the corner of her eye that her son Ryan was starring at her.

"Is something the matter honey?" She asked.

"Oh....uh.....nah, I was just day dreaming." Ryan said slightly shocked that his mothe... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Asked Me For Advice

My stepdaughter Sandy is 41 now and has never once asked for any advice from her mom or I. But her mom and I were over at her and her husband's New Year's Eve and, although there was some drinking going on, no one was anywhere near d***k. Or even tipsy. But even just a few drinks can cause lips to get a little loose and during some back and forth clowning around, some of the conversation drifted into a bit of sexual nature. Sandy's husband Rodney, who is eight years her senior, has already had some heart issues, having stints already at what I would call a young age. So he is on some bl*... Continue»
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Poker Game

My boyfriend, Joe, usually had a poker game about once a month with the guys and I usually would just go find something else to do, or go hide out in another part of the house so they could have their guy time, however tonight was different. I was getting ready to leave work and Joe texted me and asked me to hang out at the poker game with them tonight. I said okay, not really sure why all of a sudden he asked me to do that but I figured whatever.
I arrived home and Joe was setting up the table and getting stuff ready. He kissed me and then asked me to go put on something sexy so I could g... Continue»
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PAWG Coworker

I was working a new fast food job as an assistant manager in training. There was another trainee working along side. Her name was Jen. Jen was a bigger girl. She stood about five eight with a thick body. She had big breasts that tapered nicely down to her big ass. Her hair was pinned up under her cap and her face wore no make up. So she was rather plain looking. But we went through training together trying to help each other along. The restaurant was crowded and cramped. A full crew made it hard to move around. So everyone tried to stay in their respective positions. But as a manag... Continue»
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Mother Training

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are u******e,

Scroll down to view text

Karen's Bitch Training

An attractive but frigid young woman kicks her husband
out of the house. She is soon a victim of the same
young black man that is abusing her teenage daughter.
This is a very rough story, not for the feint of heart.
(Mdom+/Ff, nc, intr, rough, b**st, s&m, bd, ws)


... Continue»
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Hard at Work

This naughty little story, although entirely fictional, is based on/inspired by real life experiences I've had.
Enjoy reading it, I certainly did writing it! :P lol

So I've been working this office job for a while now. I started out when I was 18 and ever since then I've been a busy hard-working worker. I shan't bore you with the ins-and-outs of the job (who wants to read about such a thing on a porn site?! lol).

Anyway, having been working hard for a few years, I figured I was more than deserving of a promotion. There was just one big thing standing in my way, Mr. Richards. The bo... Continue»
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Jay and Deb after a bad day at work

When I got home from work I was pretty pooped, and not in the best of moods. My day had been a bitch, and so had my boss.

The wife was doing the laundry, and I surprised her by being half an hour early. We were still suffering from the after effects of an argument a few days before, so there was tension between us.

I flopped in the livingroom and turned on the TV. She came in and sat on the adjoining couch. After a few moments, she said "Are you still mad at me?"

After brief consideration I answered, "Nope."

She then asked, "Wanna go upstairs and have sex?"

I couldn't le... Continue»
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Crossing Lines Chapter 2

Crossing Lines Chapter 2

“How’d it go?” Beth asked when I came home. “Did you get extended?”

The image of Dr. Cargill’s extended 8 inch cock flashed across my mind. I drew a breath and announced that he had taken care of me. I now had 3 additional weeks to complete my thesis.

I wanted to tell Beth about the adventure I’d had that afternoon but the reality of it was that there was no way she would approve of her husband going down on his male professor and then later surrendering his anal virginity to such a magnificent cock– no matter that it was ultimately to improve their future to... Continue»
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Bruised Manhood Times Two!

For BadSarah...what we discussed in chat lol

The swing had to be strong because the action was going to be vigorous! The cost wouldn't be mine of course but his and it had to be here by the weekend. The forecast was for heavy snow and the threat of cabin fever required us all to have something to keep us entertained. Three cruel women and two, make that one and an half men.

The half man was invited because he pressed his girlfriend, a BFF of mine for a threesome and insisted on having two women instead of an extra man. Thinking of himself of course in this day and age was enough to conv... Continue»
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Super Bowl Fun. Denver in Super Bowl again! Yeah!

This story happened during Super Bowl XXII 1988 Washington vs Denver

I was a big Denver fan and my husband and his two friends (Gerry and Carl) were rooting for Washington. Gerry and Carl were both divorced so it was just the four of us eating, drinking and watching the pre game. Hubby had always told me that his friends thought I was sexy.

So we made a bet that if Denver won they would have to strip for me, and if Washington won I would strip for them. No problem in my mind, I had faith in Denver and John Elway. I had never seen Gerry and Carl’s cocks so I was looking forward to seeing ... Continue»
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Eclipse: The Waning Of John Blake


John had shown no movement for six days. He had made no sound. He was only recently released to his present hospital room from the strictly quarantined, Infectious Disease Intensive Care Ward. He hovered in a state of half-consciousness as his wife Julia, finally allowed at his side, held his hand as she listened to the man in the white jacket at bedside. “Well, at least we know whatever bug he's got is no longer contagious,” said the doctor, one of the country's leading specialists in tropical diseases, “but this thing still has a nasty hold on him. He's not u*********s – in fact, he... Continue»
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Young Guy From An ABS

I had just dropped off my wife for the weekend at her s****r's like I have for years. They like to shop and go to plays...and it gives us a break from each other. We haven't had any sex in years and the only sex I have had in that time, other than with myself, was with a young couple (my first story on Xhamster) - but even that was a couple years ago. So quite often I would stop at an ABS near my home. I loved to at least dream of having sex with someone else. I would not jack off for a few days, get a few books or videos, and spend a few hours making myself feel good. And although I would dre... Continue»
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Loosing my freedom to being fucked in the ass.

So I've been in a relationship with a girl for 4 years now, very happy with the sex, but as a Bi guy I some times need to have my ass ruined and my girl is very submissive so very unlikely to happen, recently I've been having the same fantasy over and over and i'd like to share it with you all.

Before i start you all need to know something, even though i can cum as i ride a dildo (it's my fav way to cum when wanking) I've never been able to cum as someone's fucked me, no matter how hard i try, this led me to make a promise that a few of my Bi/Gay friends on here will know; *if anyone makes ... Continue»
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stuttering Jeremy -2

"I don't know Jenny," I say. "We're talking borderline i****t here. I'm just helping him overcome his stuttering," I insist but she's not dissuaded.

"Seriously, Sara, you can't send him out there to blow his top as soon as he touches something wet and warm ... you've got to help get him ready," she says. "Who else can do it?" she asks, taking my hand and pleading with her eyes. "Please, Sara."

"I'll do what I can," I promise, my pussy excited at the prospect of teaching Jeremy about sex.

"This will really be something" my s****r says quietly. "Training a young virgin from scratch. I a... Continue»
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