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Jerking for the Boss: Part II

--don't forget to read Part I first!--

I'm not sure if he planned on me telling him to get naked but he certainly didn't hesitate a moment getting undressed. Still in a button up shirt and dress pants, he quickly unstrapped his belt and removed it from his round waist. About 5'5", he was a heavier guy and people always joked around the office about seeing him nude. The jokes usually revolved around being traumatized but as I rolled onto my side and continued to massage my cock, I was transfixed. I've got a thing for chubby so what I was seeing was amazing. The dress shirt came first, pants ... Continue»
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Encoxada... a willing work of art in Italy...

Another day travelling through Europe, another astounding city and the end of an amazing day taking pictures and meeting new people …the waterways, the elevated gardens… the architecture…the understated majesty of the buildings.
Oh and the ladies…oh my goodness…what can we do about those…amazing works of art far better than any museum viewing…I’m twisting and turning my head as I walk along just trying to keep up with it all. Do you know those jokes about European women and flat booties? Well times have changed…lol

[image] Continue»
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Dark Clouds Horizon (story)

The sky was dark and dreary for the afternoon, the clouds so thick that the sun was unnoticeable by any observer. The wind was hustling across the sand and the waves crashed against the shore with each gust. Then there was me, sitting at the pier.

It was a very solemn place when you looked at it. The city behind the view when I look back past the Highway 90, with the casino's standing tall. Brushing my hair aside, I looked back out to the gulf; listening to the waves. Thoughts poured into my heart as I watched a few seagulls fly off in the distance.

Though my thoughts were interru... Continue»
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The Ride

I maneuvered my old hand me down pickup along the dark wooded back road that my GPS told me would lead to the small resort that I had booked for Shelly and I. Too bad that she wasn't going to be there, that bitch, two hours before we were supposed to leave she called and told me that she was leaving me for that jock asshole Evan. Of course I couldn't get my money back, so I grabbed a bottle of whiskey from my dad's liquor cabinet and headed out alone to get d***k.
The road twisted and turned through the mountains of western Massachusetts and probably would have made a great place to shoot one... Continue»
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My neighbor ans his son fucking my wife

I had already noticed that my neighbor visited my wife in my absence, often came home and found the exit, always with a different excuse.
Once I decided to come earlier, but I did not go home, outside looked out the bedroom window crack and saw the two in bed, he was sticking his dick in her pussy pleasure. I was excited seeing it and hit a hand job there, as watched my neighbor put cock inside her. She curled her legs on it and moved her ass frantically to the stick entered deeper into her cunt until he cum.
I waited a bit until they get dressed and then went home. Again they have an excuse... Continue»
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THe Back Packer Visitor

The Back Packer Visitor
I had been a long time since the wife and I went anywhere together. It was a lovely day so I suggested we go for a drive and spend the day at the river, we could hire a boat just the two of us. She was delighted and rushed to get sandwiches and drinks made up for us and I grabbed a carton of beer from the outside fridge and off we went. The river was about twenty miles away but it was a nice spring day and the weather was great so the drive would be good.

We were almost at the turn off from the highway and noticed a guy sitting on a log, his hands in his face. My ... Continue»
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Sex Ed / Health Class Fantasy

I want to pretend to be a school girl and you are my Sex Ed and Health teacher.

I walk into the classroom and notice I'm the only student while you correct papers at your desk and don't look up at me. You tell me class was canceled due to an assembly and I should be out there with the other students.

I am wearing Mary Janes, a plaid skirt and white blouse, my uniform. You notice my blouse is knotted up and out of standard and I apologize and tell you I was hot and uncomfortable. You look at me disapprovingly suspecting I'm flirting with you and not only am I too young to do that but yo... Continue»
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The Bartender

My fantasy from the other day … It’s still burning in my mind. So much so that I dreamed about it last night.

I was sitting at the bar on the Gulf Coast watching the rain splash the water waiting for you to show up. Not only was it the end of the tourist season but also bad weather seems to keep people indoors … if you can call sprinkling rain “bad weather.”

I can say that sex was the last thing on my mind when I parked myself at the corner of the bar. I was wearing a wife beater, a bikini, and a long gray skirt – totally ready for the beach and not a hookup even though I knew you would ... Continue»
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wonderful Mexico beach experience

everal times my wife and I have vacationed below Cancun on a small cove with cabanas on the beach. At least once each trip she and I after drinks and dinner close by, end up having naked sex on the beach in the moonlight . One day at lunch, this trip, I went up to have lunch and noticed an attractive younger well dressed black guy trying to figure out how to order a beer and a hamburger, as he did not speak Spanish. I helped him and we had lunch together.

He was there to meet friends. While lunching he told me that they had not been able to get away at the last minute This left him alo... Continue»
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The Queen

The Queen lay back on her featherbed, urging the young lad that was betwixt her legs onward. He was young, far younger than she usually chose, but he was eager to please, and she eager to train, he glanced up at his mistress, his lips, nose and chin glistening from her essence. He replaced the void of his mouth with three of his work worn fingers and stroked her as she had shown him until she writhed on the bed. Without much warning the Queen spun the lad until he was pinned betwixt her legs, she guided his manhood into her and she rode him until the ropes of the bed were squeaking, the Queen’... Continue»
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Night with a Friend

As we sat in the darkness, looking out across the water and admiring the reflection of the moon, I was watching you, smiling, and listening to you tell me your thoughts of the world and your day. I doubt that you noticed me looking you up and down, liking the way your pants hung gently, just a little bit off your hips. You were relaxed, reclined in your chair with your long legs stretched out in front of you. You made me laugh and I enjoyed the little grin on your face. Like so many times before, I got distracted by all of you; your eyes, your lips, your hands, the sound of your voice... Makes... Continue»
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First DP (MFM)

Did you jerk you cock off for us the last time we had a chat? Did you spray your cum, imagining it spilling out of my pussy and ass, covering my face, or creaming over Clyde’s cock? We are so excited and turned on by you...we love your aggressive, sexy, hard fucking... I so want to be used like I know you want to take me; pin me down so I am unable to move as you have your way with me! Make me feel your dominant, masculine strength, feel your f***eful, hard fucking! We imagined you with us last night, and the intensity of our love-making still raises goosebumps over my body as I think of i... Continue»
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Mrs xxxclitman's first threesome

By: Mrs. Xxxclitman

This is the story of my first threesome as best I can remember. This happened before I met Mr. Xxxclitman. I was d***k and I don't remember some of the events but what I do remember is as follows:

It had been awhile since my ex husband and I had separated. I kept busy with work and friends. A couple of co-workers were having a get together at their place and had invited me to attend. There were several people going so I thought it was going to be like any other hang out; talk with friends and some drinking. When I got there there were about 10 or so people there alrea... Continue»
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The Gala Dinner

Those of you who have read my blog ‘knee trouble’ will know I have an ongoing arrangement with an older widow who lives close. Since our first encounter there have been several further meetings and fun. However, one from last month is still in my mind. She is a well-known woman in the community thanks to her husband been a member of local government and she outwardly plays the part very well coming across almost as aristocracy although deep down she isn’t.
She is very well spoken and for a woman now close to 60 she presents herself well and always like to dress to impress. To this end I call ... Continue»
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Strangers cocks

I was a bored housewife married for 15 years with one man in my life til one day I came and caught my s****r on her knees in our kitchen sucking my husband off. I was furious. We fought and she left in tears pleading I didn't tell her husband. Hubby looked at the floor sheepishly as I savaged him. I asked how he'd feel if he'd come home and caught me a that - he replied he wouldn't mind if it was what I wanted. I went fucking mental, not the answer I'd wanted.

That Friday I was going out with the girls and I told him I was going to fuck a stranger just to see how it sat with him - he just l... Continue»
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Factory Lovin' Fun

Factory Lovin' Fun. ( By Fanny Sleekin...... ha ha )

I very recently started work in a factory on the edge of town, where they make underwear for teenagers mostly. In my department were two girls who were obviously lesbians, I found myself being strangely attracted to them. One was a bit butch called Jenni, but she still looked pretty, and the other was very casual in her appearance, named Emma, slightly more rugged looking, I was to later find out that they were an item.

I got to talk to them a lot over the coming weeks, they were ever so friendly as they showed me the ropes, lit... Continue»
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My mature next door neighbour

This is a true story and still happens till this day but i havent been lucky enough yet....
my next door neighbour is in her 50's lovely curvy figure a real mature woman she lost loads of weight as she used to be quite big when she was in her 40's had 2 k**s all grown up had a few boyfriends just got rid of one now... she would always call me too look after her computer and stuff because she wasn't very good with technology one day i came across her old photos in my email as you do when sorting out and deleting emails. i had forgetting they was even there because i sent them to myself a few y... Continue»
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Dirty Harry

Once the school day was over, I had attended a football practice and my then girlfriend Dawn had been doing an after school gym class. It was a cold and dark autuminal late evening by the time we were finished up and on our way back to my parents house for a meal. We were both tired and cold so decided to take a short cut to the house which entailed cutting off the corner of a housing block by crossing through a private residences yard.
Now the house to cut through was owned by an elderly guy called Harry, who had lost his wife a few years earlier and liked to get out for a drink to take awa... Continue»
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Making Lauren Cum

This is an incidence which happened a long time ago, It's about a girl named Lauren, I still get super hard if I think about her. I can say she was my first so called "girlfriend".

My f****y moved to Ohio when my father got transferred. We moved into the new house, I saw this girl in the neighboring house and she kinda turned me on at the first sight itself. Her name was Lauren she was a couple of years younger than me ,we were both very young then and naive, needless to say I was a virgin. I had a sexual crush on Lauren since the first sight.

Let me just describe Lauren. She was tall ha... Continue»
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The Boss's Wife PT 2 ' Morning Workout&#

I wake up like normal it’s 6:30 AM, throwing on my bike shorts and sports bra and I’m out the door running. Right at about the third mile I’m feeling pretty good all except for my ass being a little bit sore not too bad for being bent up like a pretzel in the back of Jamal’s car.

I can’t get over how guilt free I feel! Bill is out getting his. “Why not me?” Just the thought of Jamal’s cock and the urgency that he had. Is it just something about horny men? I don’t know but it made me feel very sexy and wanted.

Bill has always been a good provider, but as of late not so good of a husband h... Continue»
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