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Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 03

Thanks to all who provided great feedback, both supportive and critical, in support of this series. DkGy

Guilt filled Vanessa's psyche and large tears welled up in her eyes. She, a middle-aged housewife and mother, had just fucked a young man who was one of her son's best friends and acted like a wanton slut while she did it. He had satisfied her by fucking her like no one ever had. She'd never felt such passion and lust in her life. She felt thoroughly satisfied physically, but that did nothing to assuage her guilt. And she feared what she now knew - that she would always want and dream ab... Continue»
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My cousins and uncle

I was driving to my Uncle William’s one day in a nearby village just after I got my first new car to show him what I had bought. I was about 25. On the back lanes near to where he and his f****y lived, there was an old semi-ruined farm building which had been used for storing equipment and other things. It was well known in the area for providing suitable cover for the sort of activities best done in private. is a tree. As I slowed down for bend near to where the building was, I saw that there were two bicycles parked alongside the side wall nearest to me. I thought it might be worth a look so... Continue»
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My wifes friend Lou!

It had probably been 3 years that my wife had been friends with lou, she was 29s, 5ft 9 and her body size I would say was a size 16 with rather large breasts (she never looked fat just well built, but all to proportion) I had always had a bit of a thing for her and had many a wank thinking about what I would do to her. This was always helped by the fact she used to frequently discuss her sex life with my wife and offer tips etc and often when I was around.

It was just a normal night Friday night and bec(my wife)had gone to the pub with lou, this was a once a month thing. Now it was normal f... Continue»
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My First Blow Job

"I really don't want to mow the lawn," his k** s****r said. "It's so hot out!"

The 13 year old girl was laying on the couch with a pouty look on her face

"You have to," he said to her, using the commanding voice of an older b*****r. "Mom said."

She put down her book and sat up. She give him her sweetest saccharine smile. "You could do it for me."

"No way!"

"Come on, I'll do anything you want!"


"Yeah, anything! I'll clean your room for a month!"

"No deal."

"Come on, I'll do anything!"

"Anything at all?"

"Yeah, anything at all!"

"OK, give me a ... Continue»
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Bangkok babes have more

When Pat moved to Singapore to take a new role he didn't expect his life to take such a massive turn. 'It's just a new job in a different country' he thought to himself. Jan was happy as it meant she was closer to her parents and being back in an Asian country made her feel better, even though it was crowded and hot all the time. Pat had met Jan in her home country Thailand years ago while on holidays. It was the best thing to happen to both of them! They felt they were too young to get married and settle down yet, their relationship was strong and very passionate. Their apartment was onl... Continue»
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Being home for a longer stretch than usual, I was supposed to be watching a neighbor’s house while they were on vacation. About three days after they left, I noticed some activity next door.

I grabbed the key and walked over, pausing to listen at the door. I didn’t hear anything unusual, but I quietly let myself in. I could hear music playing softly in one of the bedrooms and saw the door was slightly ajar.

A slim blonde wearing a fishnet halter dress with attached stockings was dancing in front of the mirror. She had a very tight body and I was enjoying the view as she swayed seductivel... Continue»
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That evil girl!

'Cheap flights Cam!' Jess said over the phone to Cameron, 'What?' he replied, 'Cheap flight to Thailand, Honey!' Jess repeated. Sitting at work Cameron thought while Jess talked away, 'She’s such a hedonist that girl!, never a dull moment in her life and there is not a chance in hell of me stopping her!' he thought to himself, best be on this team rather than on the other side. 'Great idea, you pay for the flights and I'll pay for the rest!'. 'Done' Jess replied and hung up her phone. Since moving in together Jess and Cameron had had a whirlwind romance. Jess loved to live life to the ful... Continue»
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Episode 43 - Jenny at the Diner

Early Years
Hi I’m a vagina; I belong to Jenny Cumslut. I’m sure that’s not her real surname, but she likes to be called that. I’m Jenny’s best friend; I’ll do anything to make her happy and she loves to stroke and rub me all the time. Jenny Cumslut adores Cum – she cannot get enough of it. She will do anything to swallow the stuff, coat her fabulous tits in it, fill her arse with it, or best of all let me suck it out of the end of a nice boy’s cock. We were born around 1985. We spent the second half of the 1980s planning how to get cum, then the whole of the 1990s covered in the stuff... Continue»
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Bad Girl

(another original flight of fantasy by Me the first in a series of stories. In this context Daddy is a Daddy Dom and it is Role Play with people over the age of consent)

I was getting ready for a party, wearing a halter neck dress that plunged deeply almost but not quite showing off my ample breasts and taking advantage of my bountiful cleavage, it was short enough that when I bent over the boys would get a look at the sexy mesh and lace panties that whilst they covered all the important things were shear and almost see through.

I had applied more makeup that I would normally be allo... Continue»
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Fisting Fun

(A flight of fantasy written by Me)

He looked at her naked, blindfolded, tied to his bead. A wicked grin across his face. He watched her pussy juice leak out, in anticipation of what he would do.

She tried to move but was tied tight with little movement available to her. His smile widened as he began to shove her lace panties roughly inside her, not easy as they were dry and huge to fit her voluptuous curvy body. Eventually he got them all the way inside. She wiggled her hips and pushed down with her pelvic muscles trying to dislodge them. He simply pushed the small amount that she had... Continue»
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The Wedding Party

This is a little story about something that happened to me over the weekend. I am usually not this bold but these events were too good not to share! I hope you enjoy my writing, they will be few and far between.

I have been planning my s****r's wedding for a few months now. The time came to send out invitations and write the ceremony with the officiant, so we made a weekend out of it. The bride, groom, myself (maid of honor), the bridesmaid Christy, and officiant/best man Mark. When the invitations were cut out, glued, stuffed into envelopes and finally finished, the real party bega... Continue»
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My Troubled Years in High School...

Once Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had taken my virginity, against my will and I didn't report them, they took advantage of me when ever they wanted to. The fact that I was scared of them did not faze them at all, matter of fact looking back they used it to their advantage.

Just to keep them from savagely taken me, I had to allow them to have their way with me when ever they wanted. This usually happened two or three times a month, how I graduated I never will know, yet some how do to their numerous assaults I was able to find a way to get into college and have an allowance...that's a story f... Continue»
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College life spring semester 23


I woke later than normal on our Spring Break trip to see Garrett and Corey
talking with Scott missing but accounted for. He was staying with Aiden
for the night and had called Garrett to say so.

"Garrett thinks I'm making this shit up about last night and what we were
told," Corey stated after I finished in the bathroom.

"Garrett, it is so true," I said. "I'm in a daze to be honest with you.
Not a one of them other than maybe Kendall and Noah can say a word about
the three of us now."

"I can't believe Bryson of all people..." Garrett said in great disbeli... Continue»
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My Massage

Carol came over to give me a massage and I laid naked on my bed as she undressed and spread my legs and squatted between them. Carol is a beautiful sexy woman. As much as I prefer men I do sometimes love a sexy big busty gal. Carol is a great female sex kitten. She does prefer the woman to the man. She was rubbing my back with the warm oil as I felt her hands massage and rub my ass cheeks. Then I felt the oil over my pussy and soon inside my cunt. She had two oiled fingers massaging my wet cunt deep. Then her lips began kissing my ass cheeks and soon I felt her tongue against my asshole. She l... Continue»
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Captain Jack's Journal

Jack Robert's, a retired Navy Seal, monitored his security system at the complex. The complex, all it's systems and the select few who lived there was by his design. They were safe, secure and unknowingly serving Jack's purpose.
Every cent of 31 years of service, 2 years of "Soldier of Fortune" and 57 years of life would be repaid by the occupants.
These are excerpts from his Journal.

Feb 5, 2037

Complex complete. System test f****y, Stan and Margie Stone. 2 months inside. System tweaks and upgrades complete.
Stan Stone had the looks of a Greek God,a perfect body and wealth. He ... Continue»
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A Show for Sir

Sir is away on a business trip. I miss his touch. My body literally aches for him when he is gone. His calls help but they are not his touch. I’ve been given no command to restrain yet I have. I am miserable, a constant throbbing in my pussy reminding me over and over how bad I need and want to cum. My thoughts are interrupted by the ringing of my phone, the tone makes me smile instantly.
“Hello Sir, I miss you.”
“I miss you baby girl, I won’t be away much longer.”
“I’m glad to hear that Sir.”
“Good girl, have you been taking care of yourself.”
I know what he means, but I would like to ... Continue»
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My Wife and My b*****r

My b*****r and I play video games as often as we can, so we can get a chance to see each other once in a while. We are only a couple of years apart, so we have always been really close. So, one evening I called my b*****r and asked him if he wanted to come over to my house to play games that night. He agreed to be over in a couple of hours. When he showed up, we had some drinks and started playing. After a while I told him we should take a break. We sat down and had a few more drinks with my wife. I pulled out a deck of cards and suggested we play some blackjack.

There were no objections, ... Continue»
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Cuckold Birthday For Me

My gf and me became a couple a few years back. She told me that she was a hw for years with her x. During our sex she used to tell me all her stories, and it was a great turn on for me. I tried to convince her to become a hw again for a long time, but she refused, saying she has had enough of it.

Then, on my 46th birthday, she calls me at work saying she has a special surpise for me, and to come home asap. I thought she propably made us some dinner. When I got home and entered the living room, I saw a uniform thrown on the floor and thought it was my son's. I called for her, and she told m... Continue»
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My young Cuckold Lover

Many years ago my husband and I were clubbing one night in the Bavarian Alps. We were in one particular Après Ski Club that was extremely crowded. My husband had been in a down mood all week and I was tired of trying to be Miss Upbeat. Our sheet time had suffered and I was more than a little bit horny. I was wearing a lacy button up shirt and a yoga pants that had me feeling quite sexy. Combining the dancing with the alcohol had me ready to jump his bones. However, as much as I tried to get my husband "in the mood" he just laughed off my playfulness and wanted to sit like a bump on a log.

A... Continue»
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My afternoon with Sir

It has been days since I’ve had the pleasure of having Sir between my legs. I ache for his touch. His commands when he left me last were simple yet so hard to follow. No getting myself off, no touching myself at all. He wants me so frustrated that I explode with only a touch. I feel he will get exactly what he wants. I was also commanded to find something we have never tried and be able to explain it to him in detail. Hours of watching porn, looking thru gifs have left me so incredibly horny, my pussy is in a constant state of want, wet and throbbing for his touch. The hours leading up to his... Continue»
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