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Making the milf list 4

The whole week things had been weird. Mom and I could not look at each other. I am not sure what her issue was but when I did look at her, I tended to stare which led to sorting through the files of my memory; Kyla, Laura, my naked mother, all of which made me hard and I would have to retreat from public view till my pussy rocket followed the gantry back into seclusion where it belonged. I kept waiting for some sign that mother was weakening, that she needed hard cock and would take the colossal risk by bidding for mine. When she made no move, gave no positive sign and avoided my eyes, I began... Continue»
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Wild Wild Beach

I kept on walking and walking alone down the shore line in the middle of nowhere. After all, I think it was ideal place for me to be at the moment. I just couldn’t handle being around people after what happened in recent days. Being betrayed by the only friend and girlfriend who you thought was the ONE is tough by itself but when such people are trying to set you up and kill you.. hell, that’s devastating. You fly to the foreign country to save the most precious people in your life just to find out that you are the prey and suddenly your life turns into a horror movie. Well, I survived in the ... Continue»
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Pink Leather Bag

This story was written in one draft with no editing for a special friend of mine. She liked it a lot so I decided to post it here too.

I saw it when I walked into her bedroom, the pink leather bag sitting on her nightstand. I didn't know what was in it, only that she promised I would enjoy what was inside.

She tells me to remove all my clothing, and she strips down to her underwear. I am told to lay on the bed and I see her reach into her bag. She pulls out a pair of pink handcuff, the first of her toys from the bag. She cuffs my hands to the bed and returns to her bag. I s... Continue»
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Anna's Gift

It all started when Anna had insisted on taking Ellie out for drinks after work one Friday night. It’s not like Ellie knew Anna all that well, but their schedules meant that they often ended up eating lunch together, and a lunchtime talk had gotten to be a bit of a routine for them. And then one day Ellie found herself telling Anna about the breakup of her marriage, moving into a small apartment in the city, and how she was feeling a bit down about it all. Anna just listened to it all, offering sympathetic noises at the right moments and occasionally patting Ellie’s hand comfortingly. Ellie go... Continue»
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My First Bi Experience

So this is the true story of my first bi experience.

When I was little I used to play with my next door neighbor everyday. We did everything together. We would play, watch TV, swim, ride bikes and everything else normal k**s do; he was truly my best friend.
With being so young, we were often curious about the world. I remember bothering my parents with 'Why?' questions until they couldn't take it anymore. Something that peaked my interest was the human anatomy. When my best friend and I would go swimming, we would see each other naked. I don't know how it came to happen, it was so lo... Continue»
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My Neighbour was Fucking my Daughter

I moved into my apartment three years back and almost immediately was befriended by the widower downstairs, a man some thirty years my senior, and because of his age, saw no immediate threat to me or my daughter, who was eight.

Over the years I remained celibate, and at 27 never sought the high life or fun times, just remained at home and had the occasional drink with Peter downstairs, a sort of convivial arrangement, as he like myself kept much to ourselves, and over time became a substitute grandfather to Heidi my daughter.

For her tenth Christmas, Peter bought her a computer, somethin... Continue»
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Sarah's Teen Lovers 2

This is the second chapter about my sexy 42-year-old
bride and her recent interest in younger men. She is
very sexy, very fit and loves to drive her studs crazy
with her sexy lingerie, jewelry, stockings and naughty
high heels! Hubby is treated to lots and lots of hot
action as his wife explores her new desires!


Hello again, I thought I'd take a few minutes and let
all of you that were interested in my first report know
what my sexy bride has been up to since that weekend she
met with her first teen lover. For those that missed
that letter, I set my bride up (at her... Continue»
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Sarah's Teen Lover

Sarah is a sexy housewife in her early 40's that has
spent her entire 20+ year marriage cuckolding her very
happy husband. She decides that she wants to try out
some "young stuff" and hubby is more than willing to
help her find a new lover!


Sarah and I have been happily married for about twenty
years now. We have raised our c***dren and find
ourselves now in our mid-forty's. We are still both in
very good physical condition and enjoy a freedom that
most couples our age are quite envious of.

Our marriage started out quite auspiciously with me
catching my wife to... Continue»
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The Making of a cockslut 3

It was two am when I got home from the bath house, I was still on a high from my experiences that evening, my head was spinning. My apartment was empty, my wife was away for a few days, hence my ability to slip out to the bath house, I stripped off and threw my clothes in the laundry, as I padded around the apartment naked I went to the bathroom to take a piss. As I stood there holding my cock it occurred to me that for all the cocks that I had handled and cum I had received, the only one not to cum was me, best I remedy this now!

I went to the bedroom and pulled the covers off the kingsize... Continue»
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tyler and my wife

I met a new young man at work, and took a quick liking to him. Tyler had just started a week earlier and I needed assistance in the lab that day, so his boss sent him over. I was really getting to like him and could see my wife liking him also. I continued to work with him for several days and when Friday came I thought about our garage and mentioned to Tyler that I could use some help reorganizing the garage. He agreed and I gave him our address and we set a time for 5 PM. He arrived and we began working. Peggy began flirting with him almost immediately. As it got to be dinner time she had se... Continue»
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Life Changing Encounter

My name is Tony and I want to relate my story about a recent change in my sexual attitudes and preferences. When I was small my parents were divorced and my father never came back to visit me or even write a letter so I grew up with my working single mom.
During most of my life I was heterosexual. When I was twelve I came by some Playboy magazines, given to me by a friend, that displayed impossibly beautiful women in various suggestive positions. I had not had an orgasm yet but during the last few months I would wake up with a stiff cock which, at first, was disconcerting as I had no idea w... Continue»
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sexual frustrated.

I am a 52 years old married for 34 years.
Hear to tell you there is nothing I have not to seduce my husband,
Now I know he won't 's hard and he is tired not asking for a three hour rump a hour will do
Hell even 30minutes.........
I have set on his lap with a short dress on no panties grinding into him,
I have tried stockings matching bra and garder and heals.
Even put on one of his button up dress shirts with nothing else.
Fixed my hair how he likes painted my toes and fingers red,applied red lipstick.
Still nothing worked now I am very frustrated.
One day after work he went ... Continue»
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Husband came home d***k

My husband frequently goes out drinking and that's okay with me as he never stays out too late. Recently he said he wanted me to go with him and we could dance at least since I don't drink very much. When we got to this new club he found I saw a lot of black men inside. I said something to my husband and he said "well they know good music and how to dance. Come on hon let's have a drink." I was okay with this and we found a table near the dance floor. He had me wearing a micro mini skirt and a thong panty, no bra and a white cotton type top. The blcak lites were making my top look funny and it... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #9: Aisha's Lesson

Aisha and I in one bedroom while Ai and Alex are in the second for some sexy stereo chamber music

After Aisha tells us three her earliest erotic experiences and the rest of her sexual history I take
Aisha to bed with me where we lay down as spoons with her beautiful bottom warming my wooden manhood

Alex and Ai are together in the other bedroom where we watch them on my big screen by my two cameras
Alex is less shy than Ai and takes the initiative teasing and tasting her firm tits and hard nipples

Aisha discovers she loves to be a voyeur and she is easily turned on by
... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 4)

I stood in the middle of the livingroom and turned to face the door, standing in the doorway looking very bashful, eyes fixed firmly on the floor was Claire. She took my breath away and i hadn't seen her face yet, for being so short she had pretty long legs, beautifully clad in sheer black stockings with perfectly straight seams up the back of her slim shapely legs, she was wearing red patent open toed heels, or i suppose you'd call them peep toe as only the second and third toe were visible, her stockings so sheer thart i could see her toe nails were painted the same shade of red. My eyes ... Continue»
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The Music Teacher [fic]

In my final year we went away with the school to Spain. I was 18 and it was my first time away with my classmates. A few teachers tagged along to chaperone us. One of them was this smoking hot music teacher. She was blonde and what can only be described as extremely fit.
She wore glasses and always these black tight trousers that emphasized her perky bum.

It started when we got to our rooms. I was with my best friend and two other students in a room (all male) and the teachers had a room to themselves.

On the first night we had all got pissed in our rooms. I had a few "glasses" of vodk... Continue»
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The trucker and the pornstar wannabe.

I have cams in my big-rig cab since that time I picked up a girl and she made false accusations. I never did what she said, and it turned out that she had a history of it making claims. The charges were dropped, but it taught me a lesson. I like company on long trips and the cams cover my ass.
So I was happy to pull over for a cute girl on the I5 ramp at Patterson.
She didn't even ask where I was going, just tossed her backpack into the cab and climbed in after it.
"Where you going?"
"South. Los Angeles."
"I'm going to Long Beach"
"Is that good?"
"Yeah. I can drop you somewhere in L.A."... Continue»
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Slut t's report for 11-09-14

I went over and took my pants, panties and bra off and knocked on the door he grabbed my hair pulled me in and said on your knees whore I handed him the note and got on my knees he shoved his cock into my mouth and told me I better suck it good as he read the note. He didn't say anything he just grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth making me gag on his cock he then grabbed my hair pulled me back and said for me to get my phone and get back on my knees. He told me what to text you as I was sucking his cock. He told me to reach around and slide a finger deep in my slutty ass while he ... Continue»
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So there we were cyprus

So there we were, in the 1960`s 20 years old British soldiers, seconded to the UN in Cyprus for 6 months. The island was an island of two halves Greek and Turkish with a United Nations neutral zone known as the green line Twix the two sides, Both Greek and Turks had a fair size military presence, and the UN had contingents from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Canada and the UK. Austrians supplied the hospital and the Finnish policed the job the British contingent supplied transport and logistics in UN colours and in addition the British had a garrison complete with hospital a port and an air... Continue»
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My Virginity

I gave Gina another night of unbridled sex just to keep her quiet, during the lull while she tried to regain her breath and composure, she asked me about my virginity and how I lost it, she didn’t think it was with Maria and I had to agree, I told her about Mrs Harris, our neighbour when I lived at home with my parents, she was a friend to my mother and father, she was in her early thirties, my mother was quite a bit older but they got on well, she had three c***dren, two girls and a boy, she was quite a big woman in every way and as I found out later, very rarely wore any underwear so her vo... Continue»
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