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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 1: Hermione Grange

Harry awoke abruptly. He was covered in sweat and was all wet. This was the
second night in a row had these dreams and he knew he had to start acting on
them or he’d go insane. These new dreams were wonderful and even stronger then
his nightmares had every been but they also left him in frustrated mood. He
carefully put his hand down his pants; it was a mess and his cock was still
throbbing slightly.

He smiled as he remembered the dream it had been nice and he could only imagine
what it would be like in reality but he didn’t want to do that or he’d just grow
hard again. With a... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the Black s****rs

Narcissa awoke only to find herself strapped to a table completely naked. She struggled against the bonds, but found they were solid.
Narcissa craned her head to find her s****r Bellatrix chained to a wall just as naked as she was.
“Bella, where are we?” Narcissa asked.
“I haven’t a clue” Bellatrix said.
Soon the door opened and they found their s****r Andromeda walk in.
“Andi, thank Merlin you’re here please you’ve got to release us” Narcissa said pleadingly.
But their s****r said nothing and stepped aside and in came Harry Potter. He had a smirk on his face.
“How are my whor... Continue»
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Happy birthday cuckold

My birthday is in July and this year I got just what I wanted. I'm a cuckold husband and normally Im not allowed to be home when my wife entertained. At five foot four and one hundred pounds she is a real hot package. Her thirty four B tits are topped with three quarter in long hard nipples. She rarely wears a bra and most of the time panties either. She loves the attention she gets when she wears tight short outfits.

When came home from work the day of my birthday I was greeted by my wife wearing a very short white cotton skirt and a light pink cotton tank top. Her hard nipples where easil... Continue»
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A Surprise

Since that night, Harry could not act like he usually could around Hermonie. Her shinning eyes, her firm ass, and lovely attire, was driving him insane. Hermonie had not told anyone else besides Ginny, (Harry and Ginny hook up in the 6th book at the end, lets see how this changes things?) and Harry had not even told Ron his best friend. The ups though, he felt like a Wizard king who could do no wrong but only without Hermonie around. Soon Harry began thinking about doing it again, but the problem was the spell he had used was nowhere to be found. The night he and Hermonie had sex he left it in... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the patil twins

Padma and Parvati stood at attention as they waited for their boss to come in.
“Miss Patil, and Miss Patil I’m glad you could make it” their boss said smiling
“We came as soon as we got the note” Padma said
“That’s good, I heard that Ravenclaws were prompt” the boss said smiling
“But sir, I was in Gryffindor” Parvati said
“Yes, but since you two work close together I knew that your s****r wouldn’t let you dawdle” the boss said smiling
Neither Parvati or Padma said a thing on this
“Now, you’re probably wondering why I called you here?” the boss asked
The twins nodded
“I called you two ... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the Gryfindors

Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were in their shared dorm waiting for their dorm mate Hermione Granger. The bushy haired girl told them she had a surprise for them and told them to wait in their dorm. It was close to eleven in the evening. They didn’t care about how late it was since a Friday. They had no classes tomorrow. What bothered them was that Hermione was sure taking her sweet time to bring whatever surprise she had. Soon the door opened and Hermione poked her head in.
“Good, you’re still here” she said.
“Where else would we be?” Lavender asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice.
... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the teachers

Elizabeth felt a pair of calloused hands roam her body and she moaned. Merlin, the lad had magical hands. They knew how to touch her and where. They then cupped her swinging breasts and she groaned. She was on her hands and knees with Harry in back of her thrusting in and out of her gushing cunt.
“Mmmm, Harry” she moaned.
“Yes professor?” Harry asked.
“Harry, you know you should call me Elizabeth during your tutoring sessions” Elizabeth chided gently.
“Sorry, Elizabeth” Harry said.
“No problem Harry” Elizabeth said.
Harry pumped into Elizabeth a few more times then he came in her. Elizab... Continue»
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Mardi Gras Slut

I love going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with my husband. We are both white,41 years old and straight. I'm 38DD-31-39,with long,dark brown hair,green eyes,and as my husband puts it,a pile driving ass. Also,I'm a slut whore for long,thick,black cock.And I always find all I can handle in the Crescent City.

This year I went alone as my husband had some business overseas. Well,I almost called this trip off,but reluctantly agreed and took my diaphram along because I was expected to be at my most fertile time of the month during my stay in New Orleans.I knew I would be involved in a great deal ... Continue»
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Wife Gets Even

Bill?" It was June again.

"Yes" I replied

"Now it is time for you to prepare for tonight." She continued. "First off if you truly love me and wish me to consent for you to remain my husband you better follow through with my next demands. Do you understand and agree to do as your told?" June asked.

"Yes I understand and I'll comply" I meekly replied.

"You are forbidden from masturbating until I tell you otherwise!" She ordered sternly. "I know you must have whacked off on my video already. I hope you enjoyed yourself because I control that part of your body from now on. Now remo... Continue»
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White Wife - Black Baby

I have something to tell you that will make you proud of me. My wife is a very fertile young lady, she has 1 k** from her last marriage and still has a hot body to die for. She has really light almost perfectly white skin. With bright lights on, you almost need dark glasses to look at her, her skin is that light. Both me and her ex are white also.

Our story: We told my wife's doctor we are trying to have a baby together but she hasn't been able to get pregnant. He ran all the tests and both of us came back extremely fertile. The doctor told us he is unsure why she hasn't been able to get p... Continue»
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Meeting Julie - First steps towards an adventure

The email was pretty much like most of the others, short and to the point – What a lovely body you have, great pair of boobs, I would so like to make love to you.

And that made me stop and read it again. Normally these mails were much cruder, telling me for example how much I would be screaming within minutes, and how many gallons of cum would be offloaded over me, sometimes so much that I could imagine myself being drowned in the torrent !

But this one was different.

I looked at the sender and suddenly my mouth dropped. It was from a woman !

A woman had contacted me and she wan... Continue»
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Park Service 2016 #2

It has been a while and a lot has happened.

First my wife had an accident. That changes prospective. If you want to know more, it would be a non-porn story of panic and realization.

I talked with Mike and came to know him better. Simply put his father is a fallen veteran. His mother bounced from boy friend to boy friend, and when Deb gets into a certain mood it is a throw back for Mike. Thus when Deb is really horny it is a turn off for Mike. So he is OK with her getting fucked from time to time by myself or others as he cannot always perform.

However Deb has slowed it down too. Thu... Continue»
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Reluctant Booth Wife

Not in a million years would I have ever dreamed I would be sitting at a keyboard and typing this account of what happened only a few short months ago. I had thought about putting this into words several months from now, but decided I needed to do this now, not only because the memory is fresher, but also due to the fact that I will soon be pre-occupied with a situation you will soon read about.

I don't quite know where to start, and I don't want to bore you will meaningless historical details of my marriage so I'll try to hit the high points and go straight to the "meat".

My wife and ... Continue»
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New Neighbour New Role Part 2

'Wake up sweetie,' Said Vicky, rubbing my sore butt. 'Here, take your medicine and I'll sooth your pussy.'

She passed me another of the tablets that Mistress Jen gave me earlier.

'What are they for?' I said, swallowing the pink tablet.

'Conditioning. Besides, you promised Mistress didn't you?'


'Now stretch out on your front whilst I soothe your hole. My it is so puffy and pink.'

I moaned as Vicky started rubbing lotion into my hole. 'It feels so good.' I said dreamily.

'It should. It's got clove oil in it.' Vicky started dipping her index and forefingers of bo... Continue»
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The Photoshoot

This is a true story....

Josh was my best friend...and also my secret gay playmate when we were teens.

Our thing was on and off. I was always on but Josh had severe gay denial issues and he would often tell me he wanted to end our sexual relationship.

But he always came back. This is about how he came back for more sex.

Josh was into photography. This was long ago when cell phones didn't exist. He had a nice expensive camera, and he converted part of the basement of his house into his dark room where he would develop his photos.

We were hanging out at his house one afternoon. No... Continue»
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Wife Submits To Her New Lesbian Lover

It has been two weeks since I learned that my neighbor Angela had turned my wife Carol into her submissive lesbian lover. I returned from a five day business trip and that night I noticed that Carol’s ass had several reddish marks on it. I asked Carol what happened and she explained that she had fallen off a treadmill at the gym and bruised her whole back. What I really suspected was that Angela was being a little “rough” when she made love to my petite wife. I called Rob a retired cop friend of mine and told him the whole story. Rob said “don’t worry I’ll do a “bag job” (i*****l entry) to he... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Revenge

Eighteen year old Sheila Coronet admired her reflection in the
full length mirror as she fluffed her shoulder length blonde hair
and batted the long lashes of her big baby blue eyes. Every thing
was perfect today. She had graduated high school yesterday morning
and was to be wed to Gregg Wilson on Saturday afternoon. Gregg had
been the captain of the football team and she had been the captain
of the high school cheerleader squad. They had been elected Most
Popular and Most Likely To Succeed by their classmates. He was
tall, handsome and his f****y was one of the wealthiest i... Continue»
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It's all about Jay and this Cougar

I never thought I'd be calling myself a Cougar. But I'm a cougar falling in love. Again. Sometimes I think my IQ is close to my shoe size the way I fall for guys so quickly.

It's closing in on a 3 week anniversary and what a great time it has been. Learning all about a person and being close to his one and only is a gift. He has a wicked sense of humor and is great with the youngsters. He even does diapers! Rita has taken to him like a duck to water and I can see a bond there already.

The only item I'm somewhat concerned about is the fact that I'm not yet carrying. That fir... Continue»
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The Long Con - A Cuckold Story

so once upon a time there was a very hot wife and while there is so much more to her as a strong, take-no-shit kinda woman, for the purpose of this story we're going to focus on some of her other traits... specifically that she liked to fuck... a lot. and what's more; she was good at it... like... really really good at it. Wifey was sexy and sultry and filthy and patient. her eyes glinted with trouble and her half grin's sharpness instantly melted when she caught her lower lip between her teeth. her's was a body perfect for fucking, hips swaying her firm thick ass behind her. tits filled a lit... Continue»
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A chance encounter with friends

Occassionally reality and fantasy collide. Sometimes it is very messy, such as when a wife discovers a man's prediliction for being whipped by a neighbor woman. Other times it is wonderful!

This is a quick "diary entry" about one of the latter such instances that happened this summer. It is not full of details because of the need for discretion, but.... Let's just say it is ALWAYS good to meet fans of my writings and especially this wonderful f****y!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!

Last month I had a business deal in north central England that had to be finished face to... Continue»
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