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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 2

This is part 2 to a fictional story I came up with for fun. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes and i hope you enjoy.

Part 1 Recap

I introduced a girl I met online Trish to my mom. She came over for dinner and they both really hit it off. So much so after a couple bottles of wine and flirting they began to grope each other. Realizing I was there they knew it was wrong but didn't want to stop. So mom asked me to leave so they could continue and as I reluctantly watched from upstairs jerking off. It escalated until they were passionately fucking eachother. After they were done mom w... Continue»
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57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1o

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1
My name is Christine Slack, I live in a big west country town and I am married to Jack , yes I can hear you sniggering, Jack Slack! We have been married for 3 years and his name is very appropriate as believe it or not he has not been able to raise much more than a laugh in the last two years poor lamb.
He`s a year or two older than me at 37, we live together in a fairly posh area of suburbia, he is manager of a security company, me, I am a very respectable housewife, at least on the surface. Stand 5ft 6” tall, have a 36C-30-32 figu... Continue»
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57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt2o

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt2of4
Next day was Steve`s day with that cow at number 19 so I slept in till dinner giving my situation some heavy thought, here I was a married respectable housewife with a hubby that was more keen on alarm systems than my body.
I have a three day a week tryst with my postman and now have a weekday afternoon`s date with a delivery driver whom I hardly know except that he`s a photographer and a big bodied blackmailer! I must be raving.
At 2, after a light lunch I started to dress for Eddy, the driver, black lacy knickers and bra, sus... Continue»
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57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt3

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt3
Tuesday began with the usual late brunch, rain drizzled down the windows, thou roughly depressing, Jack hadn’t seemed to notice either me or the lousy weather and had set off with his phone in his ear without even a cheerio.
I burnt the toast daydreaming, and it was the last of the bread, so it was a quick run to the shops or a soggies breakfast, the shop won and dragging on a mack and wellies off I set.
I got back to find my instructions from Eddy on the mobile, which I had left on the dresser, my instructions were to wear just the... Continue»
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Penny's Third Day

Penny’s Third Day

Penny loved what had been done to her throughout the second day and was quite proud of her accomplishments so far. She was so thankful to her guide, Bridget. She made sure she showed it too! Whenever she had the opportunity she would always do what she could to help Bridget cum during the class activities. Bridget was the kind of slut she looked up to, and craved her approval. So when she was to be picked up this time by Mr Johnson she thought she might share Mr Johnson’s cock with her during the daily sponsor debriefing.

Mr Johnson arrived in time to see the teacher... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

It's beautiful night out as we walk through the park together arm in arm. We have just finished having a great evening out together including dinner, wine, and a stunning lady sitting across the table from me. As we are walking home together I can't help but admirer your sexy body and how amazing you look tonight in that short skirt. My mind drifts to seeing your wet pussy under that skirt and how I wish I could just take you right here in now. The sound of your voice pulls me back to reality as you lead me over to a park bench. We have a seat as I put my arm around and hold you close against ... Continue»
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My last day working at the stables

The day started off like normal, i woke up with a hard on and got dressed and made my lunch and went to work at 5 in the morning, so i get to work, i work with horses you see, i have a chat with my boss and get straight into the usual routine, so and the day starts to wind up my boss says to me that im going to be holding onto the horses to be xrayed today by the vet, so i said ok then so the vet came out i got the first horses for him and we went about buisness, untill i found out that the lady he brought with hiim to help wasnt wearing any panties, so im standing there hanging on to the hors... Continue»
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How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part IV

I was standing in the doorway to the nurse’s office. It was warm in her room, and the lights were a little dimmer.

“Come in”, said the nurse. And I moved into the room to her desk. It was quiet in there, cold and flu season was over and nobody got hurt in gym class that morning...nobody was playing sports haha. “You’ve had a full morning” she said. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these fun days, I’m glad you gave us the opportunity!”

I smiled big, “Oh no, thank you all. This has been an amazing day so far, I never knew I could feel the things I’ve felt today.”

The nurse smil... Continue»
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A Lewd Awakening

A little something I wrote for a certain someone! Enjoy!

It was with the familiar mask of warmth that buffeted her pristine features that she began to stir. The morning rays of sunlight had crept through her window and infiltrated past her curtains, shining onto her beautiful face and basking it in a glow that almost made her look like divinity. Her eyelids began to flutter open, quickly blinking away the blurriness of the deep sl**p that took her whilst her spine contorted and arched into a lazy stretch underneath the covers. She felt the deliciously soft fabric of her covers rub ove... Continue»
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Hookers I Have Known

Downloaded from the internet with the author's permission, this story has certain clues as to where it is set!

Author's Preface
Goddesses, Divine Beings, Ministering Angels and Objects of Worship;  or alternatively, Trollops, Strumpets, Jezebels, Sluts and Whores;  what's the difference, I love them all.  Whether it's because bad is good, and wicked is even better;  or whether they offer an irresistible gift to mankind for which they truly deserve our love, is no matter.  Fair enough, I'm a romantic;  I need to make love where some other men just need to unload.  I'm a natural cuckold, t... Continue»
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Company of Women

Three days into the job and things had already taken a very peculiar turn.

Eric never expected to be laying under the desk of one of the three most powerful women at the firm, let alone with her scuffed Klogs resting firmly on his chest. Liz, the junior VP, had seemed so professional in her fitted jacket and slacks. But since when was resting her feet on a colleague's chest professional?

Liz grinned as she laid out her "rules".

"Rule number one," she said in a clipped and even tone, as if she expected his ready compliance in all things. "Do what I say and exactly what I say. That's ... Continue»
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I was on my knees between the plastic blow up doll's legs humping away as my wife and her new found friends Gloria and Barry lay on the bed naked, half d***k from the bottle of wine and exhausted from their marathon sex session laughing as I entertained them by putting on this show. As I humped away knowing that I was going to cum any second, I thought back to how this had all started.

My wife Pattie and I have talked about, and flirted with the idea of cuckolding for quite awhile. We had one rather pleasing experience with another male, but he was from out of town and haven't had much luc... Continue»
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Creampie Request

"Okay, if I swallow all your cum, what do I get?" Monique asked.

What do you want?

"For you to, also," she smiled.

You see, Monique is my girlfriend. She's twenty seven years old and as hot as fire. Her body is in perfect shape. She works out all the time. Her hair is long and her eyes are blue.

She's also adventurous in the sack, and that's how all this began.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

She said, "It's simple. If I can swallow it, so can you. Next time we fuck, if you ask me to let you suck my pussy after you cum, I'll return the favor the following morning with a suck a... Continue»
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Smoke curled from a cigarette gently balanced in the ashtray. Her lipstick formed a faint red curve over the filter tip, a curve he longed to touch, to draw to his mouth as he breathed the heat from her mouth. She sipped her coffee, while he reveled in the image, her face, filtered through the light fog of smoke, her sky blue eyes peeking through the mist.

Harry watched as Debbie picked up the cigarette, noticing the tip glow as she drew in a long breath. He leaned forward as she blew the smoke into his face, his eyes watering at the burn. She immediately took another drag and blew the smok... Continue»
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A Collector

Jeremy pulled just past the open parking place, turned on his blinker and putting his car in reverse he carefully backed into the space, swinging his wheel as he cleared the car in front of him. He then put the car into drive and straightening his wheel he pulled forward. It was quite rare to score a parking place close to the laundromat and he just parked directly in front. He then walked around his car, opened the back door and pulled out a bin of clothes.

Looking around the place he saw that he was the only one in there, so he quickly dumped his clothes into the dryer and then set his bi... Continue»
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Coming of Age

Sally worked for my parents as domestic help. I always found myself drawn to her. She was unusually tall at an even 6 feet. Her features were quite attractive but she always dressed in plain clothes with no makeup with her hair tied in a severe bun. Did I mention that Sally also belonged to my parents? She was a robot, which were common domestic companions in 2027.

It was a few days past my 18th birthday and mom and dad finally had the confidence to leave me alone for a week in the summer. They left me with the usual warnings and told me that I could only have Sally’s help to clean up the h... Continue»
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A women dominated society uses the males to breed

I woke up slowly and looked around the room that had been my prison for the last 10 days. The bed was surprisingly comfortable but the chains that bound my arms and legs restricted my movements and it was difficult to find a restful position that did not cause an ache in one part of my body or another. Given the circumstances it would be easy to think that this was a punishment and not the height of success for men in our civilisation.

Ours is a society ruled by women, where the men are kept to work the land and to serve their women mistrisses. Yet once, every 3 years, came the ceremony kno... Continue»
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Chocolate covered foot fetish

"Will you zip me up?" My girlfriend Sara asked me hurriedly. "Come on we can't be late, this is really important."

"It will be fine, we have plenty of time, I have already called the cab." I said as I slid my hands inside her open dress. I reached around in front and caressed her breasts. She looked amazing. Her straight long brunette hair flowed down her back as the red satin dress clung to her curved form like red paint poured down her shoulders. She couldn't wear a bra with low-cut dress so I reached in and felt her naked breasts and her heart-beat thump fast in her chest. Tonight was im... Continue»
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Christmas Cuckold

She motioned to me with her finger from the bed to come closer. She was absolutely gorgeous, her long red hair spread out on the pillow, her makeup still heavy from her date last night. I walked closer, the lock on my chastity device clicking against the plastic tube, a stream of pre cum dribbled from the tip. She held her hand out as I approached and fondled my balls. I bent down and kissed her on the lips.

"Merry Christmas Duchess!" I said as we broke our kiss. I was growing inside my plastic prison but loving every minute of it.

"Merry Christmas to you to my little boywife!"

She c... Continue»
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Bus Ride With April

Dylan hugged his parents good-bye as the bus pulled into the station. He had had a good visit with them, but since he lived a three-hour bus ride away he was only able to see them about one weekend a month. He looked forward to his next visit, but he also looked forward to getting home to all the games that he hadn't packed, not to mention the friends he had made since moving. He had packed light; everything he had needed to bring for the weekend had fit into a backpack, the same one he had used when he was in school. He didn't bother to give it to the person loading the luggage compartment, o... Continue»
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