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Jamie had never been one to show off and let others watch her as she enjoyed her sexuality. In fact, she was very different than many very sexual women I had been aware of over the years in as much as she seemed to manage just one lover at a time seldom seeming to play with a new one until she had stopped the relationship with the previous one. I doubted that she realized the pattern and hesitated to even mention it

I was one of the few exceptions to her “pattern”. We maintained a relationship of very intense emotional communication that turned as sexual as a relationship could be while ... Continue»
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Slut wife exhibitionist

After meeting and fucking Biff (yeah I know, but that was what he wanted to be called) Cindy kept in touch with him and tried to work out another time to see him. She came to me and asked if I minded if she stopped into the bowling alley where he was in a league. I of course told her to have fun. I watched as she took a shower, and then got dressed for her night out. By the panties she slipped on, black lace, I knew she was hoping the night would end in sex. She wasn’t disappointed.

She left the house around 7:00pm and headed out to the bowling alley. I thought about following along... Continue»
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Slut wife loves sex!

I just experienced the most amazing week of my life! My best friend, Eric, came to visit me for four days. He looks very similar to me, and was mistaken as my b*****r by those who didn’t know. My wife, the one who has bore two of her father’s c***dren, has always been reserved about sex with anyone else outside the f****y, but this past week was a major step away from that trend.

Eric wasn’t used to all the walking and exercise I put him through as we explored parts of the local wilderness. When we returned from the jaunt, Eric and Nicole broke into the beer he bought. I was satisfied with ... Continue»
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Play at an Adult Bookstore

I have posted some photos of several girlfriends of mine as they played with men and women at a local adult bookstore near downtown Dallas, Texas. I thought I’d share some details of part of one of those memorable evenings.

This store has a couples-only policy on Friday and Saturday nights. At nine, the entire upstairs is swept clear of all single men around 9:00 P.M. Only single men willing to pay a sizable sum of money are allowed upstairs at that time because it is open only to couples. Some arrive before 9 to take advantage of the horny men who are hoping to score with a horny woma... Continue»
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Fun on the Road

I had a conference in Houston and with the airport hassle and costs I decided it would be easier to drive than fly. I had driven down from our home via I-10 with no problems and the meetings all went well.

That all changed on the trip back. I decided to take smaller roads home due to stretches of highway paving on the west-bound lanes and the resulting back-up that seemed to run for miles. Around midnight on a deserted stretch of highway miles out from home it started raining and turning colder. As if that wasn't bad enough all of a sudden the lights went dim and red lights started co... Continue»
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Sex Without my Husband

Sex Without My Husband
Hello, my name is Nicki, married with three c***dren. My husband always tells me I'm a knockout. I have some of the not-so-great leftovers from having my babies but I try to keep in fairly good shape. I have shoulder-length brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a great pair of boobs and smile. My husband is always telling me I am a beautiful "self made" woman that any man would be proud to call his wife.

It is funny the effect one person can have on another. Take my story for instance. I have been married to my husband for about a year or so, and during our time toget... Continue»
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Easter in Lochwinnoch

Easter in Lochwinnoch

The BMW turned onto the 737 and headed southwest towards the sunset. Aaron turned up the heat in the seats and his passenger burrowed into his shoulder. They were heading to Lochwinnoch to spend the Easter long weekend at his cottage just off the golf course.
The cottage had been in the f****y for over 200 years. When the golf course had been constructed the crofter’s cottage, which overlooked the 15th fairway, had been left in tact. It was part of the agreement between Aaron’s uncle and the developer. When his uncle died, Aaron had inherited the cottage, a... Continue»
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rescuing Tamara


Back in 1984 I was at my girlfriends just finishing dinner, when her phone rang. Chris answered & after a few words handed it to me.
" Tamara (her roomate ) wants to talk to you. puzzled I took the phone. "hey Tam, whats up?" Her voice was slurred badly, she was hammered! " Guy I need you to come get me please, I'm so fucked up I will get arrested if I try to walk home."
"Tam, I just finished a 12 hour shift, I'm beat, take a cab."
"I'm broke, please! I'll make it worth your while." She begged.
"how are you going to due that if you hav... Continue»
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Caught In The Act By Daddy

She laid on her bed in nothing but a t-shirt she had stolen from his room, she loved having his smell all around her whenever she got the chance especially times like now. She had gotten out of school early and rushed home just so she could enjoy some alone time before her parents got home from work. She hadn't been able to get him off her mind all day every time she though of him it sent shivers down her spine.

So when she had gotten home and after a quick check around the house to make sure she really was home alone she had slipped into her parents bedroom and grabbed the shirt. She then ... Continue»
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The way I learned how to please a man

When I was young I used to go swimming a lot at a public pool near my parents house with a couple of friends from my neighborhood who were also my age. We usually went together but as we got older there were a few times when we would get away with just two of us going there together and there were a few times when I would just go alone...

Summer was almost over and it was the friday before school officially started again so I decided to head for the public pool by myself since my close friends were busy reading a book for our 7th grade summer reading log that I had already finished. I was 1... Continue»
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I wrote this a while ago so I thought I would share it!

It's the first story that I've ever written so it's probably not the best, and it probably has got mistakes in it but - Please be nice!


I could feel from the energy in the room that he was watching me, the sexual tension building. Getting up from my desk I walked towards the filing cabinet, deliberately walking past Nathan’s desk, our arms brushing in the progress and I could have sworn I felt a spark snap between us. I 'accidently on purpose' dropped my pen to the floor as I looked for a file. Glancing in his direction, I sm... Continue»
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The best stories are real, pt1

The best stories come from real life.
My wife had dated the same bull for several years. He was tall, 6,2" towering over her 5'8" frame. He's skinny and she's a mature, plump little married woman. He's 32 and she's 50, with ripe full breasts and large pink nipples. The crease in her legs has no hair, while his thick black cock protrudes from a wad of silky black hair. His nuts hang real low, 6 or 8 inches and each large nut is distinct through the black skin on his nuts.
It's 8 O'clock in the evening on Friday and "Jim" has just arrived and is sitting on the couch looking through the C... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 9: Passion Renewed

Having called in sick, Sean and Pamela spent an entire day in bed
watching video of Pamela frolicking with first Darla and then Melissa. The
last time Sean and Pamela had made love this many times was on their
honeymoon. Finally, even the powerfully priapic male half of this duo was
f***ed to admit that he was, for the moment, hors du combat and
strategically withdrew from the battlefield.

Pamela was relieved to hear it, for truth to tell she was sore in every
orifice and was discovering stiff muscles in places where she didn't even
know she HAD muscles. Sean hadn't appro... Continue»
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The Business Meating

I imagine meeting you in a hotel. We are both there for a business meeting but after hours...We had set up another "meating" to deal with.

We meet in the hot tub. We are sitting near enough to talk and relax. Under the bubbling water I am lightly rubbing your crouch with my foot. On the surface we seem like two traveling business men. Under the water we are as hard as nails.

After a few minutes a few other people come to the hot tub, a young couple and another business traveler. I slide over near you and say to them "There is always room for more." They all sit down and begin to talk ab... Continue»
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College ABS Daze

My first college experience happened at a porn shop. I had never been in one. Everyone I normally hung around went home for the weekend and left me alone: Alone and horny. I hadn't jacked off or fucked for about two weeks.

I drove to a seedy side of town. And found a shop that looked likely. I really thought I would buy a magazine and go home. They advertized having an arcade. I had no idea what that meant.

I went inside and saw a selection of magazines that got my boner hard as soon as I walked in. I Loved the cover pics of woman getting fucked and sucking and was in heaven. Then I noti... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 6: While the Cat i

Sean and Pamela's relationship had changed. The discipline session had
revealed things requiring both reflection and discussion. While the
spanking wasn't repeated both of them knew that it could be without either
of them having to say anything, and the door was now open to other

They also reviewed the ground rules in the wake of Pamela's newly
re-awakened bisexuality. Further exploration would be all right --
encouraged in fact -- as long as all of the action happened in their bed
and was captured for Sean's viewing pleasure with their camera system.
Si... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 7: While the Cat i

When Pamela Mainwaring went to work on Monday she wore a big smile, but
she was also exhausted. Her pussy and ass were both sore courtesy of
Darla's strap on and something called a "feeldoe," not to mention assorted
other vibrators, butt plugs, and miscellaneous toys that Darla had insisted
she try at least once. Pamela had no idea how many orgasms she had
experienced since Friday night but it was a pretty high number. She felt a
little guilty about the fact that Sean was stuck up in the Canadian
wilderness with a bunch of guys and only his right hand and a bottle of
lotion for... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 8: Sean Comes Home

The door connecting the kitchen with the garage opened and Pamela struck
a pose. Sean emerged from the doorway and saw her. He set his bags on the
floor and stepped to her, saying nothing. She said nothing. And then his
arms were around her and they were kissing.

"Oh, Sean, I've missed you so much, darling," Pamela said after they
came up for air.

"I've missed you too sweetheart," Sean replied, giving her an extra
squeeze. "Is this outfit for me, or were you expecting company," he added
with a sly grin.

"Don't spoil it," Pamela said punching him lightly on th... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 3: Home Movies

Putting down his phone, Sean got up and walked into the master bath. He
took a hot shower and put on a short shaving robe which he belted.
Slipping a pair of fleece lined moccasins on his feet he padded out to the
living room to wait for Pamela's return. Melissa had been a real
firecracker in bed and he knew he'd want to see her again. But it was
Pamela he really wanted. She was his one true love and no matter how hot
other women might be, she would always be the one for him.

Footsteps in the corridor from the garage announced Pamela's return.
Sean stood to greet ... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings, Chapter 4: Threesome

"Hi, Darla, it's Pamela.... Yes, he wants to meet you.... No, I didn't
tell him we'd had our little bit of fun.... That will be our secret for
now.... Haven't quite figured that out, no.... I think I'll surprise him
by joining the two of you and making it a threesome... I know, isn't it
hot? Christ, I feel like a teenager... Yes, a post menopausal teenager...
OK... Let's meet tonight... Food court at the mall in front of the coffee
place... Can you be there by six? ... Yes? See you then... Kiss-kiss...

Pamela ended the call and switched to text mode. She ... Continue»
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