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Summer in USA (Public Sex 5th Part)

Next weeks since my last adventure in village was finished, were quite tough for me. I had to catch up everything on my faculty, but luckily I had finished everything in time and started with my summer plans.

After giving my final exam for this semester I decided to visit website and see if I had new message (I knew it will be tons of them). Summer was already in Croatia for some time and of course I saw lot of offers for going on Croatian, Spanish and Italian islands.

Still this was not so exciting for me like message I got from Mr. Bailey - 40 years old man from USA. Message was polite... Continue»
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The swimming hole

Tommy grew up on 160 acres in rural Oklahoma. His f****y owned the land since the Oklahoma land run. Growing up on a farm had lots of perks. He was free to roam all over and his parents never worried.

One of his favorite places to go was the swimming hole in a creek about a mile away in the middle of the mile section. It was a small creek most spots were a mere inches deep, but there was one spot right after a bend that washed out to 10 ft deep. The ridge above the spot was 15 ft above the water. On the inside of the bend was a sand bank that stayed dry unless the creek was flooded.

To... Continue»
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Submisse Whore Wife

The raw, cold wind had been buffeting her face for the past hour, turning it rose-colored with burn.

Pat pulled her fur coat closed, tight across her chest, tucking her hands under her arms to keep warm as she stood waiting. Waiting patiently for someone. She paced back and forth on the street in her thigh high black leather boots and full length coat. Her long ginger hair blew across her face as the car turned the corner illuminating her on the dark street.

The car pulled up beside her and rolled the window down.

"Hey Sugar, looking for a good time?" she enquired as she tucked her... Continue»
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My First personal Experience.. My f***ed **** in p

This is story of my husband Ayan & myself Sara. we got married exactly 3 years on 29 Sept..Being a shy girl - i did not allow him to touch me even aftter few days of marriage. Somehow he did also not push for Honeymoon, as something or other was happening in our joint f****y - so we hardly got a chance to be together in private. At workplace his Boss Kunal did not like my hubby and wanted to put him in trouble..Soon once in a office party his Boss saw me, maybe he got jealous that his stupid employee got a hot & sexy wife like me. So Kunal hatched a plot to trap my hubby, and involved Altaf ... Continue»
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French nature (Public Sex 3rd Part)

After first exciting day in Paris and hot sex in ambulance my French lover took me for sightseeing of Paris. Whole morning we were visiting famous places in Paris and he was really trying to make me feeling nice and important.

I was enjoying it, but also I could not stop thinking on hot sex on parking lot from yesterday. I saw he is a little bit shy in taking action, so I suggested him to show me nature around Paris. We were already near to high way when I said to him “I think you would like to feel more pleasant while you are driving, so I will be free to do this.” He asked me “What?” and ... Continue»
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Free Vacation (Public Sex 2nd Part)

After my adventure which helped me to give back loan I became real sensation on dating website. I just place few photos I have made during bus adventure and already next day I had lot of queries about my free time and possible new adventures.

I got interested for one message from older French guy in late thirties - He was inviting me for nice weekend and fun in Paris. I had wish to visit Paris when I was little and my feeling about that city did not change. After changing few messages and conversations over Skype and phone, he bought me air ticket and on Friday afternoon I l land in Paris, ... Continue»
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Cuckold Husband and Librarian wife 3

After giving her wish some thought...She decided that she wants to spend more time with him...Like staying over Saturday night without me. She had to work at the Library for the 9-6 shift. The got together for lunch most days this week as she wanted to explore his masturbation issue. She was mesmerized by watching him make himself cum and really likes when he cuts with his big load onto her. She is taken by the fact that she can turn someone on like this and then having him jack himself off all over her. He said that after she gets off from work he has something special planned for her. When s... Continue»
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My Slut Mom Fucking Campers And Chaperons

This is a fantasy story of mine..Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I always hated when my mom made me go on our schools yearly camping trip because I was more of a keep to myself kind of person and hated being around a bunch of people from my grade most of whom I barely knew or talked to. To make this year probably the worst yet my mom signed on to be one of the chaperons along with two other of the dads. Now I loved my mom but I hated the way everywhere we went guys leered, catcalled and would just come up to her to ask her out even when I was with her. My mom is very pretty with long blonde ... Continue»
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The First Time Together

The first time I was fortunate enough to pull down his pants, as clear as day I remember gasping in ecstasy 'You never told me you were so big '. Not only was it a generous size, but a handsome one at that, of really good girth and just perfect in my eyes. I felt like I'd stumbled across some treasure and now that I found it, X would mark the spot and it wouldn't go out of my sight again.

'I don't know when it would have come up in general conversation darling during the time we've spent as friends'. 'Well we've stepped over the friendship zone now and the only way to go is forward' I tho... Continue»
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The Layover

On Monday, February 7th, I got an unexpected email. It was from a guy I
had chatted with online a couple of months ago. His email said that he
was in town for an overnight layover and that he was at the Embassy
Suites Hotel at Logan Airport and he would be leaving early in the
morning. John acknowledged that it was short notice, but gave his cell
phone number and asked if I wanted to hook up.

Though the email had come earlier in the day, it was around two thirty
in the afternoon when I saw it. I thought about it for a good half
hour before deciding what to do. I called my ... Continue»
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The Hunter

Part One: Showtime

When our new neighbor forgot (?) to pull her shades down she put on quite a show for my husband and me.

"Honey," my husband called to me from the bedroom. "She's doing' it again. Come watch."

We had a new neighbor, a single woman named Shayla. We had talked to her over the fence a few times, but really didn't know her very well. We thought she was a little shy. We were going to be proved wrong on that.

A few weeks after she moved in Lee and I were lying in bed with the lights out when he noticed Shayla turn the lamp on in her bedroom. As we lay there she... Continue»
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A Brief Encounter

The New England autumn rain had stopped by the time I drove the rental south on Route 95 back toward my hotel. It was late and the taillights of the few cars on the highway shone on the wet pavement ahead of me. I had traveled back to my home town to visit f****y. Not a particularly happy visit. A funeral, in fact. Despite the sadness that brought us together, it was good to see people who I hadn’t seen in so long. It was over though, and I would fly home the next morning.
Those thoughts occupied my mind as I drove, and I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention as I got a little... Continue»
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Teaching Kurt and Dani

Sometimes, people have no idea what they are doing.

That was a truth that Monica knew well, though she had no idea it was about to hit so close to home as she drove her Lexus up the driveway to her spacious residence. The divorce from her husband five years ago, after a rocky f******n years of marriage, had left her with a nice settlement and a beautiful daughter. She had gone from having no skills in the workf***e to a near-six-figure income during those five years. At the same time, her daughter had grown from a gangly teenager into a beautiful young woman. She considered herself very luc... Continue»
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Near Miss (Part Two)

This is the second part of the “Near Miss” story and the third instalment in the series that started with “Please Miss!” and follows a young man’s lustful adventures with his English teacher.

Near Miss (Part Two)

I gulped, suddenly realising just how vulnerable I was. Miss Smales knelt between my legs, her hand cupping my balls, gently massaging my swollen, tender nuts as Miss Markham absent-mindedly stroked my cock with a faint smile on her face.

“You didn’t answer my question, Richard.” she said “Did you enjoy the show? Did it turn you on, watching me get dressed? I s... Continue»
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Mindy Masters lay stretched out on her bed wearing nothing but a
yawn. It was a scorching hot summer day, not to mention boring. Mindy
was wondering how in the world she was going to make it through a whole
long, hot summer without a man.

Mindy, a petite 20-year-old brunette, was home for the summer and
separated from her boyfriend, Vince, who'd had to return to his own home
town hundreds of miles away. Vince had given her plenty of steady loving
over the past three months, and Mindy missed it desperately. In fact,
she missed it more with each passing minute, and aft... Continue»
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My First Black Cocks

I discovered that I enjoyed watching porn films when I mistakenly clicked on our PC's history and found out that Richard my husband, had being viewing various sites. I guessed he was watching when I'd gone out or to bed. I didn't mention it to him, reckoning that most men like porn and anyway I had my own secret fetish which he was unaware of. There was nothing wrong with our sex lives, we were quite adventurous, though with him frequently travelling and working away we didn't fuck as much as I'd have liked.

Sometimes I'd look at the history and find he'd deleted it, more often he forgot. ... Continue»
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The Day We Caught the Train - Part 2

Edinburgh Waverley

The taxi pulled up in front of Kate's house and we stepped out into the shadow of the house. The air was a little chilly and Kate had picked up a light jacket from the hooks by the front door and carried to the taxi. She commented on how cold the air was but once she'd stepped in to the sunshine she warmed up immediately. I was walking a few steps behind watching her very well proportioned arse, hips and legs sashay casually to the car....and enjoyed it very much. It's nice to observe from a distance what you ... Continue»
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Ultimate goal

Ultimate goal

I had the shared house I live in all to myself for a week and decided to
make the most of it.

I made sure I was clean on the inside first by giving myself three
enemas, I then emptied the contents of three tubes of Nads into a bowl,
starting from my feet I covered every inch of my body from the neck down.
I waited the indicated 10 minutes, got in the shower and flannelled
myself, watching with delight as all my body hair disappeared down the
drain. After towelling dry I lubed my butt plug, bent over and pushed it
in, the feeling is so gorgeous, holdin... Continue»
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I first met my wife whilst I was on a break in Durban, South Africa five
years ago. I was based in Lusaka in the final year of a four year
assignment in Zambia and I needed a week or two in a somewhat normal
country and found a small but elegant beachside guest house on the
internet and booked in for a week. The owner promised to send her
daughter to meet me at the airport in Durban and drive me to the guest
house. There was no direct flight from Lusaka to Durban so I had to fly
into Johannesburg and then transfer to a domestic flight. It wasn't
particularly taxing, ... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on vacation (Part 2)

The next day we didn’t hit the beach until the afternoon, but when we did it followed the pattern we’d established in previous days; Anna went topless, and I enjoyed watching the steady stream of men who wandered by us checking out her tits. As the sun began to dip on the horizon, I began to wonder if she’d forgotten about her promise to go bottomless on the beach, but I wasn’t to be disappointed. As if reading my mind, she shot me a sly smile, and asked if I was ready.

“Ready? What do you mean?”
“…Oh, I think you know…”

Slowly, she slid her fingers down her body to her waist and hooked... Continue»
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