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sissy caught by daddy

I was so scared ,Dad had caught me several times dressed up in my s****rs clothes but the last time he told me that the next time he caught me the punishment would make me never disobey him ever again,and that was less than a week ago.Now here I sit on the foot of my bed wearring my s****rs satin lace panties and bra,her stockings,heels and her favorite slutty skirt and top.I had skipped school just so I could dress up and had just finished putting on my lipstick when dad walked in and caught me.He laughed and told me that the school called him because they didnt believe the lame story I told ... Continue»
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Caught by the Neighbor Crossdressing While Home Al

Do you know a crossdresser who got caught in the act?

This is a real life story of a crossdresser caught in the act!

This happened around when I was 15 yrs. old.

As my s****rs were off at college and it was just my mom and I at our apt. I was home from school as we didn’t have any school that day. But my mom was still at work. So I got myself all dressed up looking pretty. As I thought I will make it a girl’s day in. I decided to wear a pair of my mom’s dark navy pantyhose with one of my s****r’s jean skirts and a blue and white sweater with some black 3 1/2 heels.

I put my ma... Continue»
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(true story) My first Interracial Experience

So this is a chapter from my book, In Spades. This is a true story and you can learn more about me and the book on my profile page:

Gin and Bourbon


So this is where things really started I guess. It was the first time I cheated on David. Then things just sort of got out of control, the way they sometimes do. It seemed to me that David and I had a pretty average sex life. After the k**s, we still probably found time for sex a few times a week. David was never a bad lover and I still loved the way he smelled. He had ... Continue»
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Student becomes a GAY MALE WHORE

First of all, this is a completely true story and now that I'm out, I might as well tell all of you how I became a GAY MALE WHORE!

I was in High School and on the wrestling team. I had a great body and really had just started developing as a man, hell, I barely had pubic hair

but I did have a large cock for a boy my age and I waas kinda proud of that.

After gym class one afternoon, several of us were in the locker room showering off and my coach, Mr. Parker, came over to me when I was drying

off and said he needed to see me after school. I dressed and met him in his office wh
... Continue»
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Freaky Friday fun!

Freaky Friday fun!

OMG-----Last Friday was incredible! When I got off of the commuter train Barb and Scott were there waiting for me. When we got to the car Barb said that Scott would drive while we sat in the back seat so we could all chat. We talked about what happened on July 4th, my cuckold boyfriend and their personal history which was really nice. By the time that we pulled up to their condo building it felt like we were old friends. They live on the top floor of a six floor condo building with a very private balcony and it's the tallest building in the immediate area.

Once ... Continue»
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Kira and me

I announce that we are
going to be playing strip chess, and you laugh. For each piece you
lose, you lose an article of clothing. I set it up on the counter, and
we begin to play. You are a bit better at it than I am, and I am down
to my underwear in no time. You still have pants on. Your eyes gleam
as I smile as we play. The wine flushing my cheeks. I make another
move and eliminate your queen, so you lose your pants. You exclaim
that it isn't fair that I have two forms of underwear, while you only
have one. I laugh and say alright. I remove my bra to make us even.
The rest of the clo... Continue»
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sunt un tanar de 18 ani,cu o mare pofta de sex,mai tot timpul ma gandesc la sex si am pula sculata
Locuiesc cu mama,o femeie de 41 de ani,voluptoasa si frumoasa si foarte sexi.
De foarte mic tata ne-a lasat si nu mai stim nimic de el,de atunci am fost barbatul casei
si in fiecare noapte dorm cu mama in pat.
De cand eram mai mic mama era exhibitionista in fata mea,umbla mereu in lenjerie si chiar dezbracata,acoperita de halat,sau
rochii sexi.Ma invata sa dorm in chilotii,iar de multe ori vara dormeam in pula goala,acoperit dor de cearcas.
Ea dormea mai mereu intr-o pereche de pantal... Continue»
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O mama fiul...

S-a intamplat intr-o zi de vara mai exact intr-o dimineata trezindu-ma pe la ora 10:30 si ca orice persoana(om)cand se trezeste dimineata se duce sa faca un dus asa ca m-am dus sa-mi fac un dus stand in dus mai mult de o ora mama vazand ca nu sunt in camera mea a inceput sa strige prin casa:
-Da mama...
-Esti la dus...
-Ce doresti...
-Pai vreau sa-ti spun ca te astept in bucatarie sa bem cafeaua impreuna...
-Da mama asteapta-ma acolo ca vin si eu imediat...
Si bineinteles ca dupa mi-am facut dus m-am dus(indreptat)spre b... Continue»
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Weekend la Constanta

Prima parte:
Sotia este din Constanta si intr-un weekend ne-am hotarat sa o vizitam pe mama ei.
Plecam de vineri si urma sa revenim duminica seara.Petreceam acolo tot weekendul.Soacra mea este o femeie de 45 de ani,voluptoasa,cu sanii maricei la care am observat de multe ori ca nu poarta sutien iar din cand in cand,i se ridica semet sfarcurile.Are un mijloc de viespe iar fundul este destul de bun pentru varsta ei.In fusta fundul parca cerea sa fie mangaiat.
Zis si facut.Plecam la drum.Scapam de aglomeratia Bacaului si dupa 2 ore iata-ne in Constanta.Descarcam din masina lucrurile si eu m... Continue»
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BDSM Fantasy 1: Because she is worth it.

I lie in my bed and stare at the ceiling while I enjoy the silence of the morning when the birds still sl**p in their nests and there is no sign of man on the streets. The sun is not yet up for hours and the only light is the light of a street lamp shining through a gap in my roller blinds leaving me in a surreal world of black, white and shades of grey.

The silence of the early morning ends when next to me, a body moves and I hear the unintelligible murmur of someone talking in her sl**p. The body turns to me and I feel an arm over my chest and a warm body creeps close to me. As a protecti... Continue»
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Mother takes her Sons Virginty

I was young, ignorant about sex and had a very strange up bringing as a young man. I knew both my parents were swingers, having caught them

fucking other people several times when they thought I was sound asl**p in my room and I had even found hidden and watched video tapes of

them fucking each other as well as other men and women they met somewhere or other! From the videos and pictures I had seen, I knew my

mom was a total slut and she did some things that shocked the piss outta me and even my dad was kinda wild and I once even saw him eat the

cum a man had deposited ins
... Continue»
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My Wife In The Hands Of Black Men

My wife and I had been married for almost three years before it happened. Our sex life had been very standard up to that point;straight sex two or three times a week, a little oral sex if I asked for it and she was in the right mood, but nothing kinky. No anal sex, fisting or swapping, etc. Not that I hadn’t asked for it but she just wasn’t interested in anything that ‘hurt’ involved. I am 32 and my wife is 28. We have one c***d, a girl of 8,and live in a nice suburban neighborhood with a white picket fence. My wife, Shilpa, works out regularly and her body shows it.There is not an ounce of fa... Continue»
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My Son’s Secret Desire – Mom & Sam

It had been a few months since I had discovered my son's attraction to older women. I still looked through his sketch pad at the young boys and the older women having sex. It excited me so very much!

My son now had sex with me whenever he wanted and he was becoming a wonderful lover. We had decided from the beginning that we would live out whatever fantasies we had and with a teen boy that can be a challenging commitment.

Our first fantasy was for me to have sex with another woman and once it was clear; to have Tony join us.... Continue»
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What is feels like

Imagine being bent over, legs slightly parted, ass tilted up. You feel him behind you before he touches you. All your senses are focused on your asshole…it clenches in response. You feel on overwhelming urge to be spread open. Then all of a sudden there is a low growl and your ass cheek is grabbed and pulled to the side. You feel it start deep in your belly and then spread out to your cock and balls. You want him to stick something inside of you…anything…his thick finger, his cock…his tongue. The first thing you feel is his wet spit followed by a string of obscenities at how fucking ho... Continue»
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Thailand part 6

The next couple of days and nights were calm and relaxing, the couple managed to be civil and entertaining as I remembered them. Affording us some very good dinners after work for me and sightseeing for them. I decided to take the last day of their stay off to allow us to have late drinks somewhere together.

We decided to start at the Indian restaurant again but the only table we could get on a Thursday night was at 6:00. As is always the case something came up and I rushed to get back to the apartment and shower change and relax, something had to go so the first couple of beers at the res... Continue»
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Lesbian twin s_ister Part 2

Lesbian twin s_ister Part 2

The sun was just rising behind the trees lines at the back of the pool when I woke up in Sara’s large king size bed; we were both naked. Her arms were wrapped somehow around me and she snuggled up tightly into me. She looked so at peace and happy and it took me a little while to put everything what happened last night into place. The smile on her face and of course on mine, plus the sticky mess between my legs refreshed my mind rather quickly. The smell of stale sex and sweat still lingered in her room. Did I let this whole situation get out of hand? Did I, or be... Continue»
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Travis walked into the kitchen to find Jennifer, cleaning up after dinner, alone. She was humming softly to herself, with her back turned to him, and hadn't noticed his entrance. He stared at her for a moment, taking her in. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a tight fitting purple tank top which she had jogged in, as well as a pair of black running shorts. And shorts they were-- they demonstrated her long, toned legs and showed off her shapely heart-shaped butt without leaving much left to imagination. He would occasionally get a glance at her profile as she ... Continue»
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Helping Grandma

After serving time in the service then getting an honorable discharge, I decided to go to my grandma's house to see her before going on to mom and my stepdad's place, that was off in another state or two from where my grandma lived. The main reason for going to grandma's place first is cause I really wanted to see how she was doing since my grandpa had died one and one half years before, plus I needed to get an address for my mom and stepdad's place any way, and I knew that grandma would have their address.

I pulled into the drive way at grandma's house and saw that her yard was in need of ... Continue»
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A Great Trip To The DMV!

Had a pretty interesting day, thought I'd take a few minutes to put it down here and share with you :)

I woke up around 7am to the horrible sound of the alarm, I took the day off so I could go to the DMV. I wanted to get there as early as possible and just get it over with, but at that moment I convinced myself I had all day to do it and hit the snooze button a few times. During these short sl**ps I had the most fantastic sexual dreams, nothing elaborate but intense all the same, a solid fucking. I finally woke up fully, turning off the alarm and ready to get up, but feeling really amorous.... Continue»
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I'm coming home.........

The text from Mistress pure;y read, "I've missed you coming home Monday midday, rest of day off" It came in Monday morning. I had had an uneventful Sunday which had allowed me to complete some washing and house work.
Monday morning was relatively plain, with the exception of a letter from my doctor asking me to come in for some tests on the following day. I rang and made an appointment for early morning.
Mistress arrived shortly after noon. She looked tired and travel weary. I had dressed plain in a grey figure hugging skirt, Hold up stockings a plain white thing, low kitten heeled sling bac... Continue»
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