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Need advice: Is my friend and his wife hinting at

I’m not sure how to start this. I guess over the past little while I’ve been getting a vibe from a friend and his wife, and I’m not entirely sure what it means, if anything. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure it out.

The whole thing started pretty innocently. My buddy’s wife had a k**, and afterwards he told me she’d been feeling a little self-conscious about her about her looks. I thought that was a little ridiculous, because she’s a good looking woman, and if anything she was now thin with curves and big boobs (she didn’t have those before). Anyways, when we’d hang out he’d of... Continue»
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Car Service

I was not very happy with my mother. I got home late since my parents had a party and I did not want to hang around and it would be too noisy if I stayed in my room so I had gone over to a friend's house. It was closer to 1 AM than midnight and I was surprised to see how many people were in the house when I came home.
I was annoyed by the fact that almost every adult there was really d***k. It was noisy and people behaved like fools. I guess that when you are sober you see things in a different way. Some of the people were making out and I knew that they were not couples, they were married to... Continue»
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The bitch

I hate my dad's new girlfriend. She was bossy and snotty towards me. I don't know why she had such an attitude towards me, but it did not feel good to be in the house when she was around.
Sure she had a hot body and a very pretty face, but she was a total bitch to me! Kept asking myself how my nice and good guy of father could have this bitch around. I don't think he ever got to see her true behavior when he was around. She put this nice face and attitude, but as soon as my dad was far away enough not to hear what she told me, then it would spew out of her.
She kept telling me that I was wor... Continue»
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Not proud

Is there anyone else who fucked a woman and will never tell anyone else about it?

My friend, Travis and I had been running out 10 K run as we normally do every other day. We biked and swam too, so our goal was to be competing in Iron Man races.
It was early Friday evening and we got back to his house drenched in sweat. His parents had a big house with a swimming pool and gym in the basement of the house. They also had a sauna and a hot tub outside.
Our legs were really sore so we jumped in the hot tub. Since it was only the two of us, we did not get swim trunks.
It was really relaxing ... Continue»
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Face time

I had been working with this model on a couple of fetish projects. Most of them had some kind of bondage theme, while this does not really excite me. This model did really got my bl**d boiling.
She was a curvy soft spoken woman in her early 30s. She seemed to be a shy woman, until she stripped out of her clothes to become a very different person.
I don't know why she wanted to do all the bondage photography, but since I liked her so much and enjoyed seeing her naked body displayed in front of my lens, I kept working with her.

At a couple of our sessions where she was tied up and restrain... Continue»
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Fat neighbor

I am a young housewife that has been married for about 5 years.
Before I got married I held several jobs, ranging from office work to retail and as a waitress. Since I got married, I managed to loose my office job when the company down sized. My hubby thought it was not worth looking for a low paying job so I went back to school to get my college degree. I graduated a few months ago and have since looked for a job. I want to get a job in a Finance department, but have not found the right job yet.
This means that I spend a lot of time in the house when I am not on the job hunt.

My hubby t... Continue»
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Stories of Lizzy Chapter 1

Lizzy let herself fall on to the couch, weary from all the household chores that have occupied her for the better part of the morning. She closed her eyes as she felt the tiredness and dread wash over her. Not the tiredness or dread of household chores, but that from a simplistic and mundane lifestyle. Every day, her life revolved around the usual works of cleaning and washing. The little reprieve that she could afford herself was a nice afternoon alone at home, sitting by the pool or windowsill, with a nice cup of tea and a good book. Things were worse now, that her husband was out of town fo... Continue»
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How I turned Bi

Leaving Bombay (Mumbai) I journeyed towards my destination. Being a 26 year old intern make's you run around with hectic schedules. This time I was bound for Hyderabad.

I reached the hotel where I had made my bookings. A short while later I was in my room, a room with a view of the city and a verandah running across which served 3 rooms and had tables before each door for the evening tea. As I brought my piping hot cup of tea, my head automatically snapped to my left, almost as if involuntarily. There sat this lady, dressed in a black gown. As she raised her leg to cross over the other, the... Continue»
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Our First Swinging Experience

It all started when Justin (my husband) and I were dating. I’d catch him staring at some girls when we were together and asked him how he’d like it if I checked out every guy I met. To my surprise, he said he’d love to see me with other men! Neither of us did anything outside the normal relationship bounds but did discuss it during sex. It turned him on when I would wonder out loud how big another man’s dick is or that other men were sexy.

We got married in 2013 ... Continue»
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Coffee adventure

written for glnwar148

I went to get a coffee at this cute little shop I know as I walked in there were a people there nothing special but the girl at the counter was especially beautiful she was a petit vixen couldn't be taller than 5'6 or so but i didnt mind it put her face directly at my breasts. Anyways im 6'2 and very busty at a 36dd and very sexy I was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sport bra ready to go to the gym as i waited in line for my coffee i couldn't help but notice the brunette servicing everyone she looked beautiful even though her uniform wasnt very flattering b... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #8

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #8 – Clang

[Warning - there is no sex in this story, please don't hate me for that, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless]

While most people had been in bed when the explosion happened, within a few minutes they all were outside of the inn, watching the add-on burn up as the deafening sound of sirens began to fill the air. There was no telling how much damage had been done, but many feared that pantry food would be their only supplements for the time being.

Tori, Beck, Andre, and Sam all stood together on the steps, looking out to the... Continue»
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Hook, Line and Sinker - Sergio

Hook, Line & Sinker:

Following my encounter with Sergio, my hubby’s coworker at the local track which ended up with him releasing his entire inventory of sweet Latin cum down my throat he began calling even more than before. This was no surprise at all. I knew after that blow job I gave him that he would be begging for more and not to mention I wouldn’t have minded having his stiff brown cock in me either.

Things were kind of odd at first. I would talk to him on the phone while he was at work, with my hubby. And of course he was talking about when we could hook up, etc. He was p... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote XV - Cheats and Chumps

Guys, I just wanna say thank you so much for being such great readers. I love all your PMs and comments and suggestions. It's great knowing that you enjoy my work so much.
Sarah grinned up at her lover’s face. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked as she squeezed his cock between her breasts. “You like feeling my big tits around you.”
“Oh yeah baby,” Jerome replied, reaching for her breast.
Sarah slapped his hand away. “No touching,” she warned.
Jerome raised his hands and leaned back in his chair, watching her. Sarah kept eye contact as she slid down and took the head of his big bl... Continue»
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Our Long Journey Into The Lifestyle, Part Three

So from this point forward, we started incorporating these ideas and fantasies almost every time we had sex. Always during foreplay or while we were fucking, and I'd ask her what she wanted, and she'd reply, "Another dick in me."

"Where do you want it?" I'd ask.

"One for my mouth, and one for my pussy."

Certain friends of ours, she had certain places she wanted them. When our friend Jim came up, she wanted to get fucked, but she really just wanted to suck off Scott, a mutual friend from high school. He was pretty tall, and she explained that she thought he'd have one of those long bu... Continue»
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Our Long Journey Into The Lifestyle, Part Two

Now I knew that there was this seed that had been planted -- and I certainly didn't know back then if it was a seed I wanted, or a seed she wanted, or we were just playing around, or maybe all three. I just knew that watching her cum while thinking about taking two guys at once was fucking hot, and that it was something I wanted to bring up again.

Things went a slightly different direction first, though.

Over the next few weeks, I don't think either of us brought it up. We just continued on with our sex lives as normal, and it didn't come up. It was probably about a week or two later w... Continue»
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Our Long Journey Into The Lifestyle, Part One

The only way to really start this is at the beginning, though it takes us back a good 20 years.

Right now, my wife Samantha and I are in our late 30s, but when we first met, we were teenagers in high school. I'm a year older, and had dated around a bit before we got together, had a few serious girlfriends I'd slept with, but she'd only had a couple of boyfriends, none of whom had gotten past "second base" (hey, we were k**s, that's what we called it back then).

We hooked up when she was 16 and I was 17, and I was her first. I didn't know it at the time, but though she was different fro... Continue»
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Carin getting caught

For all of you that were wondering what happened to me, I had life take a turn for what I thought was the worst. Turns out now, long after my fear has subsided, it was more fun than I would have ever expected.
Dawn and I were enjoying our monthly massage parlour adventures, dressing up as ordered, and putting on a show for the men that watched or got a free view of everything behind the masks we still got to wear. I loved the special feeling of a man looking at me with lust in his eyes as I'm brought to an orgasm before him. So I often found myself naked on a table before a man getting servic... Continue»
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Caught Red Handed

Kevin worked part time in a small, f****y owned grocery store while attending the local community college. He had worked there since he was a sophomore in high school. Now at 20, he was still a bit of a loner, not a real popular kind, but he worked hard and lived at home while going to school.

Mrs. Johnson's husband Arnold hired him, and he worked weekends during school, and when he was on Spring break he worked full time. He did the same on his Christmas break, and during the summer. One afternoon when Kevin came in after class to help Mrs. Johnson with the new stock that had arrived she ... Continue»
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yo Hetero con gay en la playa

Esta historia es verídica. Me pasó este verano en las playas de cerca de Alicante (España). Os pongo en antecedentes. Soy hetero, muy hetero sin ningún interés en hombres. CAsado hace mas de 10 años, treintañero, muy deportista, ojos verdes, buen cuerpo, vamos que no tengo problemas para ligar y eso que me freno bastante.

Siempre me han gustado las playas nudistas, que el sol te de en todo el cuerpo, ponerte morenito el culo (uno de mis mayores encantos). El caso es que hay varias por aquí cerca, pero esta me gusta bastante, son unos acantilados, con el parking para coches más cercano a 15 ... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 7

“Janet turns you on doesn’t she?” asked Claudia.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in these two rooms who don’t turn me on,” I replied.

“But yes, I do find redheads very attractive,” I said.

“It’s not because she is the skinniest woman in the room?” asked Jack.

“Not at all,” I replied.

“I actually prefer women with curves to skinny women, plus skinny women tend to be pillow princesses and I’m more into women who are aggressive, confident and like to be active partners,” I continued.

“You like aggressive women, eh?” asked Claudia as the sound of someone in the next room having a m... Continue»
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