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1- I want you to blind fold me... Have the music on (the "dark" music;)... I want you to tease me with your mouth and hands until I can hardly stand it anymore... A touch here, squeeze there, pinch my nipples... Slide a finger inside me real quick... Suck my nipple... I never know where or what you're gonna be doing... Different positions... On my back, legs spread, leg cocked up, on my side, doggy style... Your mouth on my pussy, your fingers inside me... Your tongue in my ass... Mmmmmm.... Your finger fucking my pussy while your tongue fucks my ass!!! YES!!!! Then I want you to fuck me in ev... Continue»
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A footjob from Rachel

On Saturday night we had a take-away and it was a nice evening, made better by Rachel’s bare leg brushing against mine under the table. Occasionally she would slip her bare foot out of her flip flops and run her toes across my ankle and foot.

Afterwards, we sat in the lounge with the patio doors open. We were sitting in armchairs, next to one another and Rachel put her legs across my lap. "Would you mind massaging my feet, Pete?” she asked, “they ache a bit.”

Slowly, I started to rub her feet. They were incredibly soft and my erection was almost instantaneous.

Starting at her heels,... Continue»
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My wife had been going on at me for awhile that granny Carolines garden needed tidying up, so I finally gave in and said that I would do it. I had been busy weeding the borders and edging the lawn, I was on my knees pulling up the weeds from one of the borders when Granny Caroline said
'You will have to let me know how much you want paying'
'Don't worry about it' I replied
'Well how about I about I pay you with this?' Granny Caroline said.
I stopped what I was doing and turned around and there was Granny Caroline stood in the back door way wearing just her support Corselette and stockings ... Continue»
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Suprise Sex With Girfriends Mother And Father

One night we were watching TV at her house. Her mother
came in and sat down across from us. As they were
engrossed in the movie, I was more interested in looking
up the mother's dress. Her dress was only slightly above
her knees. Her legs were parted and I could her white
panties. She caught me looking, got up, and left the
room. She came back and sat down. She scooted up the
edge of her chair and resumed watching the movie. She
had taken her panties off! I could clearly see her pussy
hair. Her lips were big and ... Continue»
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2 Holiday surprise

2 Holiday surprise
Happy Englishmen like me toddle of for a holiday once a year, to get away from the world.
Now if like me you had a stressful job (or at least I did have back in the 80`s) to avoid a stressful holiday, you needed to satisfy the wife as to where you went, while still managing to keep the k**s happy while not having to travel overseas, mainly as I can`t stand the French, have no interest in the rest of Europe, and couldn’t afford to go further afield anyway!
To fulfil all the criteria would be a good trick I knew, so we had discussed our holiday destinat... Continue»
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young man spies on my milf, her young lover and me

I arrived home and saw Joeys car in our driveway. I figured he and Peggy were making love in the pool so I went out back. Sure enough he was lying on top of her balls deep in her luscious pussy with her heels digging into his cute ass cheeks. I didn't want to break the mood, so I stayed on the patio out of sight for a few minutes watching him thrust over and over plowing deeply into her pussy while she held him by his back and her heels making such deep dimples in his bum cheeks. I was so caught up in it that I was near cumming and as peggy let out a deep moan and joey said awe fuck here I cum... Continue»
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Swimming pool

Before I start my story I just want to say a big thank you to everyone both men and other ladies who have given me such fun since joining this site I also want to thank you all for the joy and excitement I got reading your stories, watching your videos and also chating with you, I dont mind admiting my finges have been etremely busy and my panties wetter than ever before, anyway on to my story which by the way is quite true, hope you enjoy,
As a married woman I wanted to please my husband by staying slim which over the years since we married I have managed to do through exercises like yoga, ... Continue»
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Early days down at the allotment

Jenny - A long tale (M++ F, NC, Teen)

She had been coming around to my house since she was eight years old and
every time she always helped me on my allotment.
Her mum had always come with her and she didn't mind, when we would return
after, spending a couple of hours up there, we would sometimes arrive back home
a little dirty but what with the digging and weeding, you had to except that, she was
well know by the other gardeners and they teased her once in a while but, no harm
came of any of it. In time, she started to grow up very fast and I started to think maybe
she ... Continue»
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Borderlands the sexequal part 3

As Axton shoot off again Roland was getting annoyed and said ' look man athena's one hot piece but theres a time and place for that besides I got a job I want you to handle'. Ya about that i'm on vacation man cant you get one of the others to do it Axton said as he was straightening himself out, you and Athena are the only people close enough to the spot I want you to check out. So whats the job Athena said as she whiped the cum off her face and tits, well word is theres a vault key running around the wasteland in the hands of two pencil pushing corporate guys and I dont want handsome jack get... Continue»
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First my hubby let his friends use me

First time Hubby let his friends have me.
A true story by LadyM/Sue122
It was my husband’s birthday and we had gone out to dinner with four of his friends. It was a very nice dinner at a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally d***k. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys.
After dinner my husband invited his friends over for some pool and a few beers. All the guys gladly accepted the invitation. When we got home I got the guys their beer and they started playing pool. I was in the kitchen mak... Continue»
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When my girlfriends mom caught me masturbating in

I was living over at my then girlfriends moms place
After moving out of home.
I was 18 and my girlfriends mom was 36, I had just
Got home after work and Linda (my girlfriends mom)
Said "I'm doing a load of laundry so why don't you
Jump in the shower and I'll wash your work clothes for
You" as she said that she bent over to grab some clothes
From the basket and I could see right up her skirt and saw
That she wasn't wearing panties, I felt an instant rush and
Tingle in my penis as I became hard and said in a nervous
Trembling voice "ummm ok" and headed to the bathroom.
I stripped nake... Continue»
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The first cock I deep throated

"Come here" he says, barely more than a whisper. He's sitting in the chair next to his bed. I obey him because I am compelled to follow his implicit instructions. There is no forcing of the issue, not from day one. I give in to him because I want to, or more importantly, because I need to. Need... is a strong emotion.

I walk to where he is sitting in the dark. My heart is already beating wildly in my chest. I don't fear the unknown with him. Trust is another strong emotion.

"Kneel" he tells me. I do. There is no other choice for me, though he's done nothing more than speak softly. My leg... Continue»
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The first cock I deep throated

"Come here" he says, barely more than a whisper. He's sitting in the chair next to his bed. I obey him because I am compelled to follow his implicit instructions. There is no forcing of the issue, not from day one. I give in to him because I want to, or more importantly, because I need to. Need... is a strong emotion.

I walk to where he is sitting in the dark. My heart is already beating wildly in my chest. I don't fear the unknown with him. Trust is another strong emotion.

"Kneel" he tells me. I do. There is no other choice for me, though he's done nothing more than speak softly. My leg... Continue»
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It happened

We had a very open relationship, not to the point where we slept with other people. I mean it was open in the way we talked about our desires and wants. My wife and I had been together for over 20 years and we still loved to fuck. Hardest periods of our marriage had been when my wife was pregnant and we were told not to have sex due to her difficult pregnancy. This happened at both of them. But we got two beautiful k**s so it had been ok not to fuck my wife.
My statement about us not sl**ping with other people was not entirely true. During the second pregnancy my wife had asked her best frie... Continue»
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The Horny MILF at Work

Bob looked across the table at Janice and started his favorite fantasy in his mind about fucking his sexy MILF coworker. She had the most amazing ass. He loved to see her black pants as she walked around the office. To go along with that wonderful ass was a pair of delicious looking tits. Bob was married and he was more than just a little bored with his life as it was. He really did not want an affair but he could sure use a casual fuck.
Janice was also married and appeared to be quite happy. She was not like model beautiful but ... Continue»
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Another f****y affair chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ruth my 34 year old wife was clothes shopping for Josh our 15 year old son; however she saw a beautiful bathing suit and decided to try it on while Josh was trying on clothes he had picked out.

As Ruth impatiently waited for Josh to emerge from the dressing room she decided to show him her suit, Ruth walked down the common hallway to Josh room and opened the door.

“Mom can’t you knock?” said the naked teen as he quickly tired to cover himself up

“Stop it I have seen it before she said, what do you think of my suit?”

There stood before him was his drop dead gorg... Continue»
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An older man

As I watched him slip his hand down the front of Julia’s panties, I realized I knew almost nothing about this guy. Maybe that was why this felt so exciting? My friends were normally our go-to for fucking around, but there was no denying that we both enjoyed it when she was with much older men.
The man in question was someone we’d chatted with a few times on xhamster. He was 58, and judging by his video collection, he liked watching beautiful girls fucking. I’d never thought we’d actually meet up with someone in person, but as fate would have it we ended up being in the same town at the same t... Continue»
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local gym locker room

I finished a long workout in the middle of the night again. as I was playing basketball by myself, I noticed my friend from last time was here up on the second floor. i made my way up there and see him all the way in the corner riding a sit down bike, hidden by the treadmills and ellipticals. I sat right next to him and he knew who I was right away. we chatted for a couple minutes when I reached over and started touching his inner thigh. he was wearing tight bike shorts. he relaxed back in his chair as I rubbed his inner thighs. I noticed his bulge start to show through his shorts, so I placed... Continue»
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Sarah: Lessons in Mild Kink - 1

Sarah…I’ve written about her before…about bending her over a pool table in her hotel suite and fucking her…and about fucking her by the light of a full moon. She was ten years older than me and way more experienced. She’d been married twice and had given it up to innumerable boyfriends in and around the marriages. She taught me so much about sex. She was intelligent, well-educated, and a respected professional in her field.

And she made it very clear, very early on in our relationship that she wanted me to treat her like a whore. And she loved to act the whore for me by introducing me to n... Continue»
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My Deadly Dream

My Deadly Dream (NC, Zoo)

So after getting some good advice from some of the members from a forum, I ended up getting a variety of a****l toys, for you to try out, which would hopefully get you use too the size and feel of something other than my cock in your pussy.

The evening started well, I had prepared a nice meal and we both enjoyed a great bottle of wine, then it was into the bedroom. Before hand, I had already made the room as warm and as comfortable as I could, I had already gotten out a number of toy, oils and some lubricants, ready for the evenings activities. As we mad... Continue»
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