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Sex with coworker

My 15 year marriage ended in divorce. Of course I gotbinto another relationship right away that ended after about 3 months. A work convention was the last place I wanted to be. Past conventions had been boring and uneventful. Upon arriving at the hotel the first day the "team building" exercises (getting d***k) were underway. The small bar in the hotel was filling up quickly as the night went on. Met some people from another dept in the company and we decided to get a big booth. As we all sat down I noticed a beautiful woman in a tight shirt and short shorts and another guy walking towards the... Continue»
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Sowing Off Wfe to Neighbor Part 2

Well my wife told me how Ralph started to touch her nipples, and she felt his big hard veiney dick, and she was about to have an orgasm by just touching it, so she pushed him down, and started to rub her pussy lips up and down the length of his shaft the bumpy veiney coarseness of his cock felt great as her clit rubbed across it. Then she said she needed to have it inside of her, so she lifted herself up and directed his dick head to the opening of her vagina, and started fitting his fat dick into her tight pussy.
Her pussy was really wet, and Ralph was oozing precum, but he was so thick, th... Continue»
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Wife Visits Hunting Cabin and Fucks my Best Friend

My buddy Dave and I love to go to his hunting cabin, and fish, and hunt, and eat food that our wives won’t let us eat at home, and drink beer, and etc. Dave has wifi at the cabin, and there is a kitchen, and a bathroom, and two bedrooms. In one of the bedrooms there are two single beds with about 24 inches between them. In the other bedroom there is one single bed. Sometimes we have another friend join us, and our other friend was going to show up a few days later. When we have a third person, Dave and I usually stay in the room with two beds, because we are used to each other, and we don’t sn... Continue»
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Sexy Housewife Affair with Young Boy

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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Moni gets some BBC

It was 9 months after we were married. My hubby Marc and I decided to go south of the border for a weekend trip shopping. it wasn't a long drive so we got there early and we did a bit of shopping and went to dinner. We decided to go have a few drinks in our hotel lounge (it was 1978)
We had 3 or 4 drinks and it doesn't take that much to get me going,there was music so we danced a bit. We went back to our table and there was another drink there for me that we didn't order. I took it and scanned the bar to see where it came from and a tall black man nodded to me and I smiled back. I told ... Continue»
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moms and sons

How many women can honestly say they've fucked the same boy they once babysitted? I'm one woman who can.

Believe it or not, I first heard the term cougar on one of those afternoon TV talk shows I'm addicted to. This one had a bunch of women on it—women of a certain age, as the expression goes—all of whom had one thing in common: they were over forty and they had fucked men half their age. The women on TV were pretty well preserved, considering, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I still thought that none of them had anything on me. At forty-nine I think I still look great. I work out... Continue»
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Moni with new neighbor

Our new neighbor

Let me tell you how it all started with our new neighbor Rick.
Back in the mid 80's we had a new neighbor move in next door. Hubby Marc introduced himself and learned he was a police officer transfered here from another province. Hubby told me he was divorced and asked to be tranfered to a new detachment. He was older than we were by 10 years but we soon became friends. We were all into the outdoors so when we decided to go camping one weekend Marc invited Rick to come along since he had a fishing boat and we had a camper.
We arrived at the lake on a friday night an... Continue»
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Moni used again and loves it

True story

A few years after we were married we took a road trip down to Phoenix , We were both young and carefree having been married for such a short time. We arrived in Phoenix late at night as Marc decided to not stop and get here quicker . We were both tired and also a little lost.
We drove around looking for a place to stay but couldn't find any vacancies in the area we were.
The guy at the last motel told us to try a place and gave us the address. We drove out looking for the place and had no luck. We had no idea where we were anymore and the neighbor hood looked a little run do... Continue»
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Ron’s sl**p was disturbed as the comely woman he’d been shacking up with the past few days rose from bed to get ready for work. It was Thanksgiving Day and she was needed at the restaurant to serve the families who wanted a feast without the hassle.

With sl**py eyes he watched her shapely nude form walk away towards the bath, her hips sexily swaying. Ron smiled. He had mind to get up, bend her over the sink and fuck her again, but he’d already had a long night. Wordlessly she dressed as Ron passively watched. Within minutes she was out the door. Ron rolled over and dozed off.

H... Continue»
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It had been several years since I’d seen my k** s****r, Beth. It’s not that I had anything against her or anything; on the contrary, I always got along with her just fine. It was just that once I was finished with high school, I couldn’t get away fast enough from my dysfunctional mother and her latest husband. Let me tell you, Mom was a real piece of work. The less I saw of her, the better.

So like a lot of k**s who needed to get on with their lives and needed somewhere to get started other than dead end jobs at a fast food joint, I joined Uncle Sam’s Navy. I can’t say I had an absol... Continue»
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RoadToGlory: MilfHunt - Lisa White Cock-Sucking As

This is a short story about an Asian milf teacher who loves to suck white cocks subdue to sexual humiliation..
Name: Jing (Lisa)
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: ~170cm
Weight: ~57kg
Breast: A cup
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

A few years ago, I've first met Lisa during the final year of my college life. She was a lot younger then and single at the time. She was the centre of all the college boys students as she often dressed in her neat white t-shirt that tease your eyes as is sometimes can be seen through. She coupled her white t-shirt with a tight skirt that exposed close to half of he... Continue»
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My ebony BBW coworker pt. 2

When Justine asked me this, I nearly blew a load in my pants from excitement! I said with some enthusiasm, "I would love to show you my bedroom!" She looked up at me with her bright, hazel eyes, smiled, and led me down the hall. She turned her back to me and began to remove her top, revealing her lovely chocolate skin. She had such beautiful folds on her sides, and a giant tattoo of a gothic cross down the middle of her back. As she strutted slowly, I could see she was wearing a lovely purple satin bra, which she unclasped and removed with two hands. She dropped her bra on the floor, and I cou... Continue»
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Hottest 3way Part 3

My final sexcapade with my sexy new friends was unfortunately, not a 3way. A few weeks after our second encounter I was shopping in the grocery store when I ran into wifey. She was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants, running shoes and a very tight v-neck t-shirt that showed off just a touch of her perfect cleavage. After a few moments of small talk she told me that hubby was away for a few night for business, and that I should stop by that night around midnight. I told her if I could get away, I would come over but I felt a bit weird knowing her hubby wouldn't be there. I wondered if he... Continue»
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Work Slut - Afternoon

The work slut had enjoyed our encounter and although initially embarrassed about letting me fuck her up the arse in the heat of the moment soon realised there was no need to be embarrassed at all. It was now clear to me she was an absolute slut but nobody but the two of us knew that and neither of us regretted what we'd done.
Things progressed over the following weeks and we began spending lunches parked in secluded locations in her car. Some days she simply suck me off, other days we'd do the best we could at fucking in the passenger seat of her car. Whilst neither of us had any complaints ... Continue»
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Tanya's Campout

The phone rang, picked it up, it was my s****r Teri. She called and asked if me and the hubby would be interested in camping next weekend. Told her I would ask Phil, my husband, and call her back. Phil and I discussed it and decided, why not. Called Teri back and told her we would and discussed the where's and when's.

I am Tanya, forty four years old, short with a nice build. Phil and I have been married twenty three years now. It's been a good marriage. He has a wonderful job. I stay at home. Things were great until about five years ago when the sex went to the toilet. We rarely have se... Continue»
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What my wife did with a coworker

If you have read my other adventures you know my wife is a hot wife/ slut wife/ cuckoldress. She has blonde hair and blue eye and is five foot four one hundred pounds , she has thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs. In the office she works at one other lady is in a cuckold marriage and they share stories during their lunch hour. They try to out do each other.

Part of their job is meeting salesmen from outside source providers. My wife has met over thirty guys for ( dinner ) and it always ends up with her having sex and coming home with a creamypie for me to eat. But that's not what this ... Continue»
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Underwater Cum drowning: How long you guys think,

How long you guys think, she can hold her breath? Imagine I fuck her while she is fully underwater, not able to breathe. I will not allow her to get her head above the water until I will shoot my cum into her throat! So one last breath for her then we start to test her breathhold skills! First I deepthroat her gullet, I like how she gags and chokes underwater, now and then I thrust my cock so fast and deep into her gullet that a big torrent of water is flushing down her throat too, making her choke and cough under water making her demand to breathe unbearable! She is already short of oxygen, ... Continue»
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Makind Jenny a Slut

A few months ago Hope and I went out for diner. Before dessert arrived I had to go to the washroom. I walked in at the same time as another guy in his 20's. He introduced himself, which I thought was odd, as John. He told me he has seen Hope and I eating and he thought she was pretty. I has also noticed his wife and she was hot. She was blonde about 5'7" with nice b cup tits. He asked if Hope & I has a good sex life and I told him it was great, but asked why he was asking a stranger. He explained the he and Jenny, his wife, met as teenagers and being very religious didn't have sex unt... Continue»
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s****r's share everything

I gave "Assmeanything" an idea for a story & he came up with this for me...THANKS!

So it all happened when I heard my fiancé and her s****r Suzie stumble in from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes my fiancé brings back some of her friends to chat over that night's incidents, but as I lay in bed upstairs trying to get back to sl**p I thought I could hear male voices. I thought I must be dreaming and drifted back off to sl**p.

A little while later I woke again and heard male voices again, they seemed to be groaning and I could definitely hear a woman's voice in bet... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 04

The conclusion.

The only place I could go was to my parents'.

I tried calling my mother on her cell but it immediately went to voicemail. I didn't bother trying my father; he never used his phone. It didn't matter because it wasn't as if they'd turn me away. At least, I didn't think they would.

They lived about two hours north of the city—maybe an hour and a half away from my house. What used to be my house.

The bus ride felt interminable, but the driver did make good time. It was nearing 8pm when I stepped outside, blinking back tears. A bunch of taxis were lined up ... Continue»
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