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Halloween Party – Part Three

Please read the first two parts of this story.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The rooms started to get more crowded. Across the hall, I heard two men talking dirty to a girl. Siobhan showed me to the room. That was the room where she had sucked off her boss. He was still in there. He must have taken a little blue pill. This old man with white hair all over his body was standing with a little hard-on and telling a girl what to do... Continue»
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Hannah Puts Her Ass On The Line

Hannah headed off to the rich side of Hardintown. She was going to have her first client meeting since joining BD and Associates as the sales entertainment coordinator. That meant she was fuck whoever she was told to. So far her boss Mr. Washington had trained her to be a good fuck for his black customers but today was the real deal. If she could get Mr. Hall to sign the contract there was a huge bonus for her.

Hannah still had mixed emotions about what she was doing. She was fucking just like a common whore but she also did en... Continue»
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Granny Knows Best

I could feel the cock swelling inside me, any moment I would be receive the reward I had been working so hard for. With every thrust, then he pulled my hair and pushed in deep and everything just froze for a moment. Then he exploded deep inside me, I love this so much that when that gush of spunk hits my walls it triggers my own orgasim. My pussy clamps down tight around the cock, almost as if to milk more cum from it. It was a large thick load. As soon as we both calmed down he pulled out of me, I turned and knelt down and cleaned our juice from his cock with my mouth. I stood up and he pul... Continue»
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Is It A Chance Encounter?

The woman sitting at the bar was all alone, and if anyone had been watching her closely, they would have seen that she was not a happy person. At forty two years old, Katie felt like she had lost everything, and she just wanted to have a few drinks by herself and wallow in self pity.

She had been sitting for nearly ten minutes on the comfortable bar stool, nursing her drink, when a person sidled up to the bar and sat down two seats from her to her right and ordered a light beer. It was a feminine voice, so Katie glanced over and saw that it was a young woman who looked barely old enough to ... Continue»
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The hitch hiker

Rebecca walks down the dark country road, thumb out hoping for a ride.
Her hair a mess, dress crumpled and matted with sweat,stockings torn,feet soar and shoes skuffed from walking so far. How much farther to a phone she wonders.
Robert tired from driving 16hours, and 5hours more to go. Coming home from a training seminar in Arizona for a new job.
Wondering if this is the new start he's been hoping for.

Driving down the dark road he sees what looks like someone sitting on the side of the road. Ashe gets closer it is, wondering what she is doing out here at this time of night he pulls ov... Continue»
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The neighbours wife

I've always been infatuated with the neighbours wife, she is very attractive for her age which must be 50 something at least. She has a young face and a very curvy body. Every time I see her she never looks bad and always seems to want to look her best all the time no matter what.

During the summer months here in England we can enjoy a lot of rain but on the rare occasions it decides to be sunny she is in the back garden in a tight flowery sun dress or laying on her wooden chair trying to tan in a variety of revealing bikinis. She must be a show off as we live down a country lane where pass... Continue»
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Pat the Weekend Whore

Pat the Weekend Whore

My husband/pimp has rented me out for the weekend, to himself. I am to be his whore for the weekend, starting Friday at noon until Sunday at noon. He has instructed me that I will do things I have only fantasized about, and that I will be nastier and sluttier than I have ever been. My pussy is dripping just thinking about it. He knows how nasty I love to be.
Friday morning, I start getting ready for my weekend job. After a nice long shower, and shave, I put on my sluttiest makeup. I then put on my whore clothes, black corset and hose, red leather skirt, sheer red blou... Continue»
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Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 2

Mistress Dee took a quick long stride through the open door. Being in the position I was my cock was pulled tight and up toward her shoulders. I needed to walk quickly in order to minimize the pain. Looking over her shoulder she chuckled, “Keep up dearie, my guests need to know how willing and supple you are!”

She led me to an area encircled with hay bales, where a number of couples sat, enjoying the afternoon. The area was well lit from a cupola, the glass, letting in the warm sunshine. Doors on either end of the room were open allowing the warm country breeze to slip through the room. Loc... Continue»
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Punished By Fan

Today, after I had finished work and came home I decided to go in gym. Accidentally, I took shirt with Italian flag and did not noticed it. Of course, my neighbor immediately saw it and got furious: “Hey girl! Today is football match Croatia Vs. Italy and you should shame your self! Now come here to see what can happen to you with that shirt!”

I was afraid, so I followed him into his flat. He sat down and simply said “Down on your knees and please my cock Italian bitch!” I was hypnotized and horny and soon I was on my knees sucking his cock and giving him titjob at same time.

[image]http... Continue»
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Last summer I had nice time on island Brac (Croatian Island). One day I took walk around island and after some time I realized that I am not sure about way I should take to go home. I decided to go further and soon I ran into nude beach. Since I had bikini on my self all people were looking at me and I was feeling really unpleasant. I decided to walk faster as I could and after 10 minutes I left nude beach.

Day was hot and after long walk I toook some rest on small beach surrounded by small rocks. I realized it will be hard to find way home, but my fears were spread when I saw nice villa j... Continue»
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Playing Tennis & F***ing Big Penis

Last couple months I am learning to play tennis in order to be in better shape for summer. Recently, I asked my tennis coach to teach me extra hours and he proposed to me that we have it at his house on his private court, I immediately accepted since I knew it will be good chance to enjoy in watching and teasing him.

After I came into his house, I went in dressing room to prepare for lessons. In that moment he got phone call and asked me to meet tim on tennis court. 10 minutes later I was on tennis court, but he was still speaking over phone - it was not nice conversation, obviously he had... Continue»
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Delivering Big C**k

Few days ago I made order over Internet… On last Saturday I had meeting with my friends and of course after it going out and have some fun in clubs.

I decided to wore summer miniskirt and brindle panties - without bra, it is summer and I have some goods to show. I knew that all guys will look at me and my outfit and it had already made me wet.

Just before going out I heard somebody is in front of my door. I opened it and there was handsome delivery guy. It was not his 1st time here since he was delivering me stuffs before. He was just starring at me saying “Well Sandra you are looking gr... Continue»
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Bosses Revenge

After morning adventure I continued working on all stuffs I had to do before afternoon meeting with boss. After some time I got message on my phone - guess who - boss. “I will destroy your ass. You will be begging me to stop, but I will not do it. I will try to put my balls in your asshole”. During the day I got more messages with similar content and it was clear to me that he is really angry and horny all time.

About 4 pm, he called me and order me to come in his office. After I went in he simply attacked my boobs by squeezing them and moving my shirt. Suddenly he took me for my neck and o... Continue»
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Bondage Suckpants

Long time ago when I discovered this “device” on the Internet, I thought that it would be fun to try it. And forgot for a while.

But recently Dworkin wrote about his experience with this garment. And it all began again…

As I mentioned in that thread, I would prefer to wear the hood, and I would like to have a man in the pants, and I would like to be bound. I would like to feel how (at the beginning) a soft flaccid member, which neither looks nor feels like a danger or anything threatening, becomes more powerful. It elongates and enters my mouth, filling it completely, but does not stop a... Continue»
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Just a Job

As a student, beside part-time job in office I started to work as e****t and massage girl. Soon, my schedule was full and many clients wanted to take session with me. One gentleman in late thirties set up session for Saturday afternoon. After I let him in, we had small chat about massage he wants to get and prices.

His words were “Darling, I will take the most expensive one and you can do to me whatever you want” I said “Of course, but please you have to pay in first”.

[... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

I was in my 20’s the first time I sucked a cock, and, ironically, at the time, sucking a dick was the furthest thing from my mind.

I was living in North Carolina; for years had been watching porn at home on videotape, and every once in awhile, I visited the porn booths at an adult bookstore. Some of them had glory holes but whenever a man poked his finger through, I would either leave or stand with my back to the hole while I jacked off watching my straight porn of choice.

On this occasion, I was in a porn booth, watching a video of a swingers orgy, wishing I could be in the middle of a... Continue»
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Summer in USA 4th part (Public Sex 8th part) - Car

1st experience with BBC left big impression on me. I was turned on every every single moment after Mike or Mr. Bone as he ordered to call him has left villa. I knew that Mr. Bailey will not be jealous and also I was pretty sure he already knows what has happened.

Since Mr. Bailey was still at work, I decided to take a nap, use gym and swimming pool and afterwards to do something useful and wash car which Mr. Bailey gave me to use while I am on vacation. Also, I knew that soon he will come home and I dressed white shirt and hot pants. It will make him crazy I thought and started to wash car.... Continue»
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Summer in USA 3rd part (Public Sex 7th part) - 1st

Spanking session was something I was really enjoying in, but it was much bigger thing for Mr. Bailey. “Sandra I was never so horny and turned on, I had feeling that heart attack will hit me. Honey here is my credit card - I know you want to see city, malls and other stuffs, so have fun until I do not call you for early dinner”. “No problem” I replied, “See you later Mr. Horny”, kissed him and went out of office. After few hours he called me and invited me for dinner in new restaurant near to his workplace. During the dinner he told me that he will gonna be busy tomorrow, but his best friend Mi... Continue»
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Summer in USA 2nd part (Public Sex 6th part)

After great fun by swimming pool Mr. Bailey took me out for dinner. I was flattered by having romantic dinner in nice and prestige restaurant.

He was telling me about his life, job and other things and in one moment he said to me “Sandra, I have still to work this week, but after it I am free and on vacation, so we will have more fun. Sorry for this, but I did not expect that you will accept my invitation. Now, as CEO, I need to finish couple of meetings before my vacation starts. Anyway, here are all details about place I am working, so you can call me and visit me whenever you want ”.

... Continue»
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The birthday party

It was a favour to Sally that started it all, she asked me to drop off Dan's birthday present. Sally would be at work. So she gave me the key to the flat, the present and a card, and of course instructions for what to do. And I did follow the instructions as far as I could, but fate intervened, more of that later.
At about six pm I met Sally, and went on to the flat. I let myself in with the key and had a look about, in fact I had a good nosey. Dan is quite a hunk and It was quite exciting to wander round his empty flat, I even opened a couple of drawers and had an imaginary conversation ... Continue»
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