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Prison Sex With Kent

It is a common misconception that prison sex is violent, f***ed and brutal. Nothing can be further from the truth in most prisons. My lover Kent and I have been sharing the same cell in a minimum security prison in Wisconsin for two years. Our room/cell could pass as a college dorm room. We are deeply in love with each other. Homosexual relationships in prison are quite common; in fact the majority of prisoners are bi-sexual or become outright homosexual while in prison. The guards look the other way because allowing this activity keeps the inmates in order. In general homosexual couples are m... Continue»
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milf down the street

I have always had a fantasy about milfs, I don't know what it is about them. They just make me so hard. In my neighborhood third are a lot of single moms I only started realizing that as I got a bit older like around 18 years old. Always walking their dogs in the park where I was usually smoking a joint lol, well I ended up fucking 4 milfs around the area but that's a story for a different time.

This new woman moved close to my area and she was amazing a little bit taller than me (I'm 5'10) she had the most amazing legs and fat ass, big breasts and long brown hair.( She's Portuguese... Continue»
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Real desi 28 year old big ass and big boob bhabhi

Hello friends, My online name is DON, and I am an avid reader of various sex sites. Since I can read Hindi and English both, I have read various fantastic sex adventures stories on global websites. However, this is the first time I am writing one of my true affair I had with a married woman in Delhi. I generally travel with car to office, but sometimes to touch some nice asses (my fantasy is beautiful ass, slim tummy and big boobs), I travel with metro. So, one fine day I was returning from metro and a pulpy woman entered my boogie. She has this huge ass oozing out in her tight jeans, big boob... Continue»
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I Scared Off Dads GF So I Took Her Place

My name is Katie and I live in my dad in a small apartment in a smaller, rural town. Its been just dad and I since my mom left a couple years ago which turned my dad and I's life upside down. As the months passes as began doing better realizing mom wasn't coming back. As weird as it is to admit I took it better then dad did because he really loves her and never did anything wrong in the marriage so it was hard for him to comprehend why she left. Also I knew it had to be hard for me because I look a lot like my mom. I have her blonde hair and blue eyes, also my face does look a lot like hers an... Continue»
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Introduction to The Lifestyle

This story from a He-MAN wit a INSpired MInd
involves becoming a Slave training.... I both enjoy the fantasy and situation.

I have been talking to Jennifer through emails, instant messages, and on the phone for the last several months and it was now time for us to finally meet in person. We had discovered each other in a chat room quite some time ago during a discussion about a woman's natural tendancy to be submissive to a man, and somehow we ended up going to a private room to further our own discussion on the subject. She was currently in a marriage with a man that she felt no physi... Continue»
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The New Neighbour Chapter 2

The New Neighbour

Chapter 2

i awoke to the distant sound...a low growling... off in the distance.... my eyes opened.. i tried to focus.... the bright sunlight shinning trough the window..i lay there trying to get my bearings.... i was home in my own bed.. thank god to many hotels.. i thought... i stretch out feeling my legs and arms flex as i tightened there muscles...the sound was still there ... i listened and i suddenly recognized it as a vacuum...growling off in the distance.... i move to the e... Continue»
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angel buxoms nite with mr super cock (by me from a

My huge stud Mr. Supercock held me by my little hand and led me into his private elevator to take me up to his private residence leading me over to a seat ,sort of like a throan sitting down in it he lifted me onto his lap and was squeezing my huge tits through my sexy new bra ,"Fuckin huge tits you have my little slut as he mauled them with one hand his other went for my tinny throbbing clitty his big strong fingers engulfed my entire clitty/cock the second he touched me I came a huge gush of cum blasting through my sheer panties into the palm of his hand jetting out a small load maybe a bit ... Continue»
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super cock 14 inches meets angel buxom (written by

This how I see the biggest cock in the world violating the biggest tits in the world ,was looking at the news one day when they had announced the opening of a very unique new building that was just built in NY NY and clamed to be the tallest in the world at 4500 stories tall it was the biggest building on the planet ,it is uniquely shaped like a massive erect cock shaped after Mr Supercock the longest most powerful cock in the entire world the next biggest would only be about half his length the building is owned by Mr Supercock ,multie zillinare porn king ,king of the cock.
They showed some... Continue»
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Angie, Susan, Tiffany and Amy set out for the concert in the Capital City. Their favorite group finally was playing in this big city. They had traveled miles just to see this concert and hook up with some guys or at least get to a party. They decided to cruise through the town since they had arrived much earlier than they had expected.
Amy was the first to spot it. The little store on the corner lot. The red and green neon sign read “Adult Movie and Bookstore.”
“Let’s go check this place out!” Amy exclaimed.
“I don’t know about that.” Susan remarked.
“What else do we have to ... Continue»
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My group sex session

It had been about a year since Sam and I had our first gay sex experience. We had more experience now and had started to try new things. One of the new things you are about to read about is a gang bang we had.

"Go upstairs and get yourself ready!" Sam ordered me "the boys will be here soon". Sam had aranged for 4 of his bi and gay mates to come over. He had aranged that I would service all 5 of their cocks together and I would do whatever they requested me to. The way he had described it to me was I would be their 'cock slut' for the evening and that they owned me. I loved the sound of thi... Continue»
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How we got into the Lifestyle

I had been trying to get my wife to try bringing someone else into the bedroom for a while. Another woman would have been perfect, since we are both into women. However, my wife wasn't comfortable with seeing me with another woman yet. So I suggested another man. She was more comfortable with that, but still not exactly on board with the idea. For the next couple of years I would bring it up occasionally, until she started to get accustomed to the idea. Then eventually on board with the idea. She was excited to try it at this point, but still nervous as well. She said she would do it, but made... Continue»
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Sonny Jim - Where does this phrase come from?

I do not know where the term comes from but locals sometimes use it to designate a uppity European who has issue with the locals.

A good while back, long before we were married, heck, even before we got intimate......

I'm going out with Ken after work and meeting up with his pal Roger. Ken mentions these Euro folks might be meeting us. Roger's words were "Just a couple Sonny Jim's". I asked "What is a Sonny Jim?" and was told "A white person of little consequence". Then it was added "They just don't like us very much".

So these fellows show up. I could not differentiate them f... Continue»
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Online Sex Slave Turning a Real Sex Slave (Based on my true story of my life)

I started my life as a Cam sex slave at very young age, when I was curious of chatting on yahoo. I created an account teenslaveboy17 and started chatting with girls, and guys. The girls never gives importance so, I started chatting with the guys. Mainly I used to get old guys. The basic question asked in chat is “what is your asl?”, or “what you like?”. During my initial days I never understood those questions, but later I realized that they were interested in sex likes. So I started to share my interest with tho... Continue»
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My summer at my buddys granparents farm

We were there to help his grand dad with farm chores. We would be paid at harvest and get our food and housing all summer long. I was 16 and could drive the farm equipment, but he was only 15. So I did the chores he told me and then reported back to the farm house. I usually found his gran mom there cooking or cleaning, and my buddy on the road with his gran dad. So I had nothing to do the rest of the day.
I showered and sat down to breakfast with his grandmom. She was a sweet woman who he married after his wife (my buddys real grandmom) died. The age span was pretty big but i figured it had... Continue»
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The House Husband

The House Husband: Part 1

"See you later," she said through a mouthful of croissant. "I'm not sure when I'll be back tonight, big pitch today."

"No problem. We'll expect you when we see you then, won't we Mollie."

She kissed her daughter on the cheek and patted her hair. "Remember she has a rehearsal for the play after school tonight." And she glided out the front door.

Graham sighed. Of course he would remember, he was the one who always remembered things. Karen didn't - she was too busy having important business meetings and working all the hours God sends. Still, he knew it made... Continue»
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Me and Shelly had been best friends since we first went to school, and as our parents always said we were inseparable. Throughout our lives, when one of us ended up in some sort of trouble, you could be guaranteed the other was close by. We both lost our virginity on the same night to 2 college guys at a frat party we gate crashed, Shelly was on the bed while the other guy fucked me on the floor.
Shelly is a gorgeous looking redhead, she always keeps her hair quite short, she has large breasts, probably a large C to a D cup, and a full figure. She is probably a few pounds overweight, but me ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #4

iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #4 – Chapter 4

August 23
UCLA- Pierce Hall
Room 321

Much as he wanted it to, sl*ep was just not coming to Beck Oliver as he lay, staring up at the empty ceiling and wondering what the heck could have happened to his roommate.

More worrisome for the handsome teen, was that he didn't quite know exactly how to feel about this development. On the one hand, he was a jerk and an asshole, who may or may not have messed around with Tori, but he was also a human being. And as bad as he thought Hunter was, Beck knew deep down tha... Continue»
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Doing my part for the League and the BBC delivery

I have been accused of a few things over the years, but never of being dull, or afraid to try new things. Since I became enamored with black men, and specifically their cocks, things have been even less dull, and I’ve become more adventurous than ever. My husband has been supportive of my escapades, this was after all, his idea to begin with. He was right, I was a naturally slutty white girl for them. Fair skinned and with an innate yearning to suck cock even before I sucked my first black guy, I have never had an encounter I regretted, or that they did either. Living in the snow white suburbs... Continue»
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Lunch time delights outside!

We agree to meet for lunch in a bar in town.
The day is fresh, but bright and the sun feels good after a period of gloomy weather.
I arrive first and find a bench style table in one of the bay windows of the bar.
You arrive slowly after looking fantastic in your office outfit of black above the knee dress, jacket, tan hosiery and black calve length boots. Very nice indeed!!

I get up to great you and we smile as our eyes meet. I buy you a drink and we return to our table making small talk.
I cannot take my eyes of yours they are full of life and sparkle. I only avert my gaze to your legs... Continue»
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How Easy Tina got Her Nickname

How Easy Tina got Her Nickname

On our way home from our wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Ocean City, we were all talking while waiting in holiday traffic. My wife Tina was in the backseat and Barbra was up front. I asked Barbra what was Tina like as a teenager. Barbra asked me if I knew what Tina's nickname was in high school. "No." I replied. "Easy Tina she said, how did she get that nickname I asked?" "In high school every boy that she went out with got to second base by their second date." Tina looked at her s****r and gave her a dirty look. "Well it's true." Barbra replied. "... Continue»
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