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Grandad of love, my birthday.

I woke up in the morning and Faith was lying between my legs gently rubbing my cock to life and sucking the head.
"Happy birthday Eric" she grinned before deep throating me.
Faith sucked me hard for the next ten minutes and licked my balls until finally I felt my balls churning and I shot my load down her throat.
Faith then sucked me clean and afterwards she went to make my birthday breakfast.
Most of the rest of the day was phone calls from friends wishing me a happy birthday and unwrapping a few cards and presents people had got me.
It was late afternoon when Faith brought me a drink an... Continue»
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My Girlfriends 1st Gloryhole Visit For Vday (True)

This is a true story of mine based on my valentines day present I got from my girlfriend Sarah that I had to share with all of you. Enjoy

Usually for valentines day my girlfriend Sarah do extra special for each other usually something sexual. We we usually get new toys for the bedroom, sexy linguine or if we feel up to it we will invite a friend over for a threesome. This year Sarah for a month prior teased me on how she had something really cool she was going to do. It got to the point where I begged her to tell me what it w... Continue»
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The Auction

Liz was standing naked on the stage with about twenty other beautiful and sexy girls. The men were standing around waiting to bid on the girl of their choice. The money spent went to support the many orphanages around the world. The girls were blonde, brunette, Asian, black and Indian. They all had large tits and a great ass. It was a must to get into the bidding. The men paid thousands of dollars for a week end with the sexy bodies. The auction started with the girls parading around so the men could see all of them and choose the one they wanted to bid on. Any girl was worth the money but som... Continue»
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I was powerless

This is fantasy as far as anyone knows.

We were working hard for my daughters birthday party, she was all grown up now and back from school it was a hot day. I had cleaned and covered the pool, although a swim would have been nice there was too much to do. We had ordered and confirmed the caterers order, and the drinks had arrived along with my friend Sean's son Dave who was to be the bar tender for the party.

It was not time for a drink and a break, I grabbed a beer and then Dave insisted on bringing drinks ad ordered to the rest of us while we all relaxed. I was the only one he didn't... Continue»
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Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were

When I was younger, I found a small yellow book in my parent’s closet, called Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask. I learned about how to have hot gay sex in the bowling alley men’s room, and why not to stick a lightbulb up your ass. I used to bop my baloney a lot, and sometimes would drive to the edge of the city, near the mountains where young couples would park and fuck. One night I recognized the car of one of my friends, a 6’ 4” strapping jock, one of the hottest guys in school. After a while, the car door briefly opened, and then the car took off. I was the on... Continue»
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Long hairfucking of my maid

it was my home town whr the whole environmnt turned me on to oil hair fetish. 95% of the women thr, they keep longhair n uses oil heavily its our lands tradition. hindu religious womens r vry much available wid their oily longhair glory in thr. n i grow up in habit of combing n playing wid oily longhair frm the vry beggining of my life. wid granmothers frns, n s****rs frns, neighbour aunts, i uses to playwid it b4 i felt about sex. but i felt later dat i used to get aroused in c***dhood wenevr i played with oily longhair. wat evr its a story of wen i was 27 yrs sexually experienced single. fin... Continue»
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Slutty Cheating Asian Ex-Girlfriend

This story is completely true and is about my ex with whom I broke up few years back. I have tried to keep it as brief as I could but giving the nature of this story I also aim to give an intro about her and our relationship and finally talk about the reasons of our breakup.
PART I (The Meeting)- This part gives a bit of her intro and our first sexual encounter

Staring off with our first meeting which happened back in late 2009 ( I was 25 then and she was 22). We met at work while I was on an international site visit. I first heard her voice, which I thought belonge... Continue»
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Long to short haircut - Fetish (ENGL.)

I found this story at www.
I'm not the owner!

There once was a girl named Judy. Judy was 16 years old and had blonde straight shoulder length hair. She was in great shape which made her very beautiful. It was June 4 and it was a very hot summer so far, because she lived in North Carolina. Judy was a very popular girl. One day after school Judy decided to go for a haircut at a local salon.
Judy had gotten there a little early so she sat down in front of the stylists chair waiting. The stylist showed up with girl around 18 years old. The girl started negotiating how to cut it with the sty... Continue»
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Always owned by MD

It had been a year since I had seen or heard from her. We had parted on great terms and wished each well the last time we had met. She had called randomly about something important, once we had cleared that up we began chatting like old friends. Her husky voice, switching from sweet and young sounding to commanding had made my cock grow. Out of nowhere she asked, "well, are you hard?", 'dripping' I had replied, my voice changing, softer, compliant. She laughed. 'well, well, nothing's changed has it?' 'I will always be yours, no matter what Mistress" I blurted out. She laughed again before tell... Continue»
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The Immobilizer / A Tickle Torture Story

It was the year 2032. The world had changed a lot and technologies had reached new heights. Basically everything had become high tec.
Zara was a college student. She really wanted to become a mechanical engineer. She had always been fascinated by technologies and the theory behind it. One of her greatest interests was robotics and futuristic machines that had now been introduced all over the world, and always changing.
It was Friday! Yay! The last day before the weekend! Zara had arrived at college. She entered her room to see a different lecturer sitting at the desk. A female. Her origi... Continue»
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An old High School friend

Jane and I went to school together from elementary school, through High School. Her last name and mine shared the same letter, so we had the same home room every year and she lived about 8 blocks from me, when we were growing up. I liked her, we were friendly, but she was like a little s****r. (meaning petite, she is 6 months older than me) Jane was part of my inner circle of friends and we all went out clubbing on the weekends and went on “group” dates were went out to eat, drinking or movies. I was never really attracted to her, I found her cute, but in a sibling kind of way.
Let me t... Continue»
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The Big Issue seller

I was upstairs watching some video’s on xhamster and was in desperate need of a long good wank, the wife was at work and we hadn’t had sex for a couple of days so I only had to look at a naked woman and I was fucking hard. I’d done the usual wanking methods, got hard had a bit of a pull let it go soft, half hour later the same and so on, but now the time was right.

I was watching one of my favourite video’s and was into it when there was a loud knocking on the back door. ‘Fucking hell’ I thought, all fucking day and why now? I hurriedly put on my dressing gown to hide my massive stalk and o... Continue»
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Play Ball

There is a point where innocence, curiosity, desire, courage,
opportunity, knowledge, experience and just dumb luck all collide. Today
is that day for two people living miles apart just across the street from
each other.

Our story begins like most, in a residential block in any mid-sized
city. A typical neighborhood, on a quiet street just a couple of blocks
from about anything you think of. Two churches are within six blocks, a
supermarket is over on the main street four blocks away. An elementary
school as well as a junior high school, neighborhood pharmacy, barbershop... Continue»
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Hagarch House

It is breakfast time. I have put the coffee on the table for Mr Hagarch, Miss Noenoe his s****r and the beautiful Miss Tigresspalm. I am getting, of course, nothing. Except my morning whipping, which is due after breakfast, on random parts of my naked body.

I am kneeling, sitting on my heels, keeping my hands on my thighs. I am fully naked, allowed to wear a T-string only in my period, or when walking in the city. At the grocery i am addressed just "nakie" and have to wait till more decently clad ladies finish their shopping, of course getting the whip for being late when i come home. It i... Continue»
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schoolgirl c/d in old ruin fucking himself with

being found in derlick building or woods dressed in my school uniform and made to pose for pictures f***ed to insert anything im told to old bottles.rotting carrots and a whole cucumber thats so rotten as soon as its pushed all the way up my arse it explodes into a mess of soft and stinking brown stuff running down my legs ,the laugthing gets louder as a broomis pushed in out faster cocks shooting cum over a hard cock starts to fuck me .and my arse is grabbed pulling back forcing it deeper into me the camera flashing again and again how both hands are hold me ones pulling my c... Continue»
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After we’d done a threesome with the other man hubby suggested we did one with another girl. I must admit I was up for that as I’d had a girl on girl experience before and found it to be interesting. He said “You know how good you came when Tom touched you well imagine another girl doing it”, he was right and I said “But who” and he said “When we get a chance”.

Two months later we were shopping in a different supermarket in town when we bumped into a girl I used to work with, her name was Ruth, she was just as thin then as she was when we worked together, we ... Continue»
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Why I like ugly women?

I like ugly woman. Of course I also like cute or beautiful woman, but when I fuck ugly woman, I am really excited. So I can make love with any women, fat or skinny, black or yellow or white, young or old. Even I can make love is invalid women, and actually I had some experiences with them.

Why I like ugly woman? The root of this queer favorite derived from my early twenties` experience.

I happened to come to know a woman when I was 21 years old, it was the day, several days before I turned to 22. Very hot summer day.

Her name was Noriko. She said she was 23 year... Continue»
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The Clean Up

This is the follow up to Laundry Day that I pulled off of my old profile. I hope you enjoy and tell me your thoughts please.

Amanda was the first to stand and helped Ariel to her feet. They went to the bathroom where they have a jacuzzi tub big enough for 2. Ariel sat between Amanda's legs placing her head on her chest. "I still can't believe we haven't done that before. I liked it more then I thought. Hell I loved it." Ariel chuckled. Amanda was still taken in by the whole experience and getting horny all over again just thinking about it.

"Fuck it! It's another time already!" Amanda s... Continue»
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BigBoy and his Bitches

My story begins right after my s****r was rewarded a scholarship to go abroad and study under a famous Master Chef. She was having second thoughts about accepting it because she couldn't afford to have her Bullmastiff Bigboy boarded. She couldn't stand the thought of having to give him up. He had been our mother's dog and Bigboy was at her side when she had passed away, true to the last. Mom had asked Cheryl to take good care of him and she had. Cheryl had lived on the farm with mom and had the same love of the farm and the a****ls as her mom had. After mom had passed Cheryl had taken care of ... Continue»
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Recuerdo que en mi niñez acostumbraba acompañar a mi madre a hacer las compras en el mercado local por las mañanas; uno de los lugares preferidos de mi madre para comprar las verduras era un local modesto el cual atendía a una mujer de edad avanzada junto a una niña de mi misma edad que era su ahijada, esta niña se llama Teresa pero de cariño todo el mundo le decía Tere. Mi madre sentía una especial debilidad por esta chica y supongo yo era por su triste historia de vida pues sus padres habían emigrado a los Estados Unidos y la habían dejado al cuidado de su madrina. También a este trist... Continue»
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