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My first time, Sissy Cuckold for BBC

After ten years of marriage, my wife and I wanted more. First we went to some strip clubs together. One night one of the girls my wife liked told us about a swingers club. So we gave it a try. Best decision we'd ever made.

We went, at first just wallflowers, but then warmed up and started dancing and meeting other couples. When we got a little braver and went into the back where things happen, we watched other couples pairing off. We'd sit on a couch, drink and talk about what we saw that we liked. It was overpowering. Then we'd go home and fuck like rabbits.

They had theme nights, and t... Continue»
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Just keeps getting better just keeps getting worse

A long time ago, when I was a lad of 18 or 19. I had a friend who had a s****r who was drop dead gorgeous. Not to skinny but not to fat. Long legs, tan skin, long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and, last but not least, a nice round ass and perfect DD or possibly even E breasts. Needless to say I have spilled more then a fair share of seed thinking about that Italian goddess, but she never really looked my way. At least until one fateful day.
I remember I had just received my very first digital camera from my parents for Christmas a few days ago. I walked over to my friend’s house to show him... Continue»
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The Party

Let's go back in history. It's important to know some few historical facts in order to appreciate this story. We are talking about St Petersburg 1991. The Soviet Union had just crumbled and construction plans for the new Russia were on the way. I'm running a security detail in Russia's second city. it's a large hotel project and I live in a small building on the building site, inside the fenced perimeter. The actual physical protection is done by the Russian militia, the local police department's own security branch.
Now, the Russian police were by then corrupt, very corrupt, and they had bee... Continue»
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More great wanking

Well another night out with friends and as I hoped a few of us were heading back to Garys house. Gary is a work colleague of my wife and the guy I first experienced the pleasure of mutual wanking with. Last time we were together Lisa (my wife) walked in on us, made herself comfortable and watched as we did what every man does best. Tonight there was another couple and another work colleague of Lisa and Gary (Rob) at the house. After a few drinks the other couple made a move home and Lisa said she was going to bed. She looked at me and quietly said have fun. The 3 of us were talking and I thoug... Continue»
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A note to all who read this, all of it except the delivery guy part did happen... That part is pure fantasy, except I might have had him carry me half naked and squirming out to his truck, but that's another fantasy for another day.

Lori was in the ladies room, touching up her eye makeup when the fire alarm buzzed and the PA ordered the building cleared. She finished the job in the employee parking lot. She used a friend's truck, which had big mirrors, and big everything else for that matter. The air was muggy summer-thick and she felt her makeup and hairspray melting into a sticky paste. T... Continue»
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Peter, ch. 4 - The Party

Peter came to the house. It was our annual holiday party with about 20-30 friends and neighbors. Always a good time with lots of drinks, lots of laughs, and usually a memorable moment or two throughout the night that would give us something to talk about until the next December party came around. Usually nothing bad or torrid but always something "on the edge" of decorum.

Peter brought a friend, Paul and they both mixed in with the rest of the party perfectly.

It was quite an evening. The wine, beer, scotch, and frozen mudslides flowed freely, the music got louder throughout the night,... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 15

sl**p was difficult. They lay beside each other on the double mattress with Esmeralda on Melinda's right side, the only possible position they could adopt by virtue of the metal manacles that bound them together, but as soon as they dozed off their bodies would forget their constriction and one of the girls would move their hand over pulling the other's with it and waking them both instantly as the metal cut into their wrists. The metal was cold too and, though not tight, weighed heavily against their flesh, hard, unyielding and uncomfortable. It was dawn before they eventually slept at all an... Continue»
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My first gloryhole experience

I was reading a story the other day, one of many that I’ve seen entitled ‘my first gloryhole experience’ and I found myself thinking back to mine. I can’t believe that I’ve not written about it before because it was one of those many ‘first steps’. So, I looked back thru my diary and found the cryptic entry and here it is ‘decoded’.

I was quite young when I actually had my first gloryhole experience. I don’t know why it had eluded me for so long as I had already experienced so much and so many things to do with sex by then, especially sex with men. I was born and brought up in Leicestershi... Continue»
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Like a Good Neighbor

This story is about a fat wife who proves that she is an absolute whore for black cock

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Elena is a voluptuous SSBBW that has a very strong sex drive. In fact, her husband cannot begin to keep up with her, let alone completely satisfy her.

Phil is a typical modern white husband. Small dick, low confidence in the bedroom and submissive. He loves to eat his wife's pussy and often fantasizes that she is full of a black man's sperm.

Max moved next door last week. He is a large, black man with big shoulders and... Continue»
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The Boss

(Fantasy) I had a dream last night.
My office is off the beaten path so to speak, down the end of the hall no window, most of the time I travel, so half the time other workers (only 3, beside the owner and his wife)
I’m at my desk surfing porn on laptop, lost track of time and getting close to lunch. Owner wife had left for the day. Bill the owner had left for the gym. (He usually goes just before lunchtime and comes back a half hour later) I went out front everyone else had left to go out to lunch. Bill had come out had a tee-shirt and running shorts. He said “Going for a run see you in... Continue»
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Panty story found in web

I was house sitting my girlfriends (now ex girlfriend) f****y house for a night while they went to see f****y. I had to work so couldn't go with them...

Bit of background first: So my ex gf had a s****r that was a couple of years older and very attractive. I'd also heard from rumours that she was a slut although she was good as gold with me and nothing flirty or anything ever happened until one time... I ended up seeing her on a night out and both d***k, we went over to each other and started chatting about things we shouldn't (Can't remember what was said exactly)and it got a bit flirt... Continue»
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kate Wednesday night

I got home and carried out Kate's instructions
Kate phoned and said she might be late, but sally would be coming round to drop some stuff off,
What are you doing she asked,
Just watching telly I replied,
OK I shouldn't be long just a late appointment
I watched telly for a hour, the bell rang
It was sally, I invited her in and made her a drink
Sally put down two carrier bags and we went into the garden and just chatted
She was wearing her work uniform, a black skirt , grey blouse with yellow piping round the collar,she had black tights and flat shoes
She lit a cigarette and crossed... Continue»
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CDSISSY first time sucking&fucking

It's was my first time alone at home, I got some weed from my friend.
Smoke a big fat bowl got so high start to clean my room,so I start in the closet
I spot a gym bag so open it and in side was some girls pantys & bra's
Plus stockings, min skirt, dress ,and some sexy hot l(ong)
I start to get horny my dick got hard as I look at those girly clothes,
I site down on my bed pull at my hard dick grade a red hot panty's
Stock my dick god it felt so good,
About that time something in side my mind seid hay put on the pantys
So I did,and i felt good the I put on the red bra at went with t... Continue»
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Cuckolded sissy slut

My partner was a really kinky bitch. I remember going to her house and having wild sex all weekend; sucking on her tits and pussy, and fucking her all weekend long. On the Saturday night she stuck a finger in my arse and I was suddenly changed. It all escalated from then on in.

That first finger had hit the spot, causing me to crumble. My legs were spread as she fingered my hole.

'Get up,' She said, and I did.

She guided me so I was facing away from her. I was watching her in the mirror, as she proceeded to finger my hole whilst she jerked me off, looking directly into my eyes.
... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 12

„I shall go to the races this afternoon,“ announced Princess Karina.
„Yes, Highness.“ Kemal, Head of Stables, bowed low. „Will you be racing yourself, Highness?“
„I will.“
„Black Beauty and Saucy Lady will be in immaculate condition, Highness.“
The faintest trace of a smile flickered over the tall, dark, flashing-eyed woman. „As always,“ she murmured.
„Thank you, Highness.“
Kemal bowed low again and made his way from the royal chamber. He was pleased. It was always a good thing to have Princess Karina at one of the weekly race-meetings. It gave them added status, added excitement. Which ... Continue»
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Giving her a good soaking

It had taken long enough to organize, but it was worth it.

Finally she was there, lying on her back, her white thong already darkening where it pressed against her wet, ready pussy.

But we weren't here for pussy.

No, the 6 of us, footballing mates from a Sunday league side, were here to fulfill a fantasy - hers and ours - that centered on her tits and our cum. And now, as she lay in front of us, coyly looking each of us in the eye, running her tongue over her lips, we couldn't wait.

"Oh boys," she said, breathlessly. "I do hope you've been saving it all up for me."

"Fuck" sai... Continue»
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The business trip - 2 guys, 1 fleshlight

It started on one of my business trips. My colleague, Dave and I had to attend a conference in Geneva. We are both straight, in our early thirties, and still in the phase of being horny almost all the time.
We’ve travelled together a few times before, and we always end up talking a lot about hot chicks and stuff. He is happily married though.

On my longer trips I usually bring my fleshlight. When I get back to my hotel room I take a quick shower, and have a good bate session using the fleshlight. I’m a pretty heavy shooter, so I jerk off 2-3 times a day. Otherwise I leak too much precum... Continue»
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My first meeting...

After some persuading I had agreed to meet with Len. He was going to be on holiday in Spain, and I was there with my yacht.
We agreed to meet at the marina bar and see what happens.

When we eventually met up, I knew all I wanted was his cock, but I needed to be in control, and as he has a severe stockings fetish, I was wearing the right clothes to entice him into my way of thinking.

After a quick chat and few drinks we went back to my yacht, as we started to kiss and just as we got into the bedroom I grabbed some used stockings from the floor. The first I placed over Len’s head. Nex... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 4

Chapter 4
On Monday when Francis returned to school he entered the History class and saw a seat near Harris the tall slim awkward boy who wore glasses and seemed shy. Francis said hello and smiled to himself wondering if Harris was inquisitive as to what he had seen at the gallery. As for Harris there was no question as to what he had seen at the gallery and was exited by the event. That night he masturbated his long thick cock and at one point he held it in two hands as he stroked it. He could only imagine what the couple did or what he hoped they had done that night.

The History profess... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 4

Chapter 4
More to Learn
Sunday morning around 11:00 Daniel awoke from a long well deserved and needed sl**p. He was lying back thinking about the previous evening and trying to recollect what had transpired. He remembered in the afternoon going to the pool and meeting Campbell with the huge cock showing in his Speedos and Arthur the cute boy of East Indian heritage. Later he went to the party at their apartment and was chatting and socializing with their friends mostly gay guys who were super friendly.

He had a few minutes to speak with Campbell who cornered him for a private chat and sa... Continue»
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