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My friends Dad

Well it started when i was in my early teens and went to visit my friend after school one day and his dad came to the door and told me he was at ball practice but could come inside and wait for him if wanted. so i went in and sat down and noticed he was wearing cut off sweats and no underwear and obviously was hanging out and he wanted to know if i was ok with watching some porn with him...well being i was a horny young guy at that age i agreed and we watched some pron for a few minutes before he was fully erect and hanging out the side of his shorts...he calmly asked me if that bothered me an... Continue»
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saving marriage

Story begins at day when wife Tessy noticed her husband Eddie doesn't make love with her with same passion as she does. Cause of that she started to spice her sex life with some hot lingerie such as corsets with breasts out, crotchless panties, bras with hole at nipples,...
Either that didn't help much, her husband was always to tired because of work, something else on his mind, or he said she will get cold wearing that. So, as their anniversary was coming soon, she promised herself to make him a surprise he wont forget, and that he will make love with her even with greater passion than she e... Continue»
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Bus ride rom bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok 3 days before Chinese new year is a bad idea I you want to travel onward. All the tourist buses are packed with people heading home or the holidays but I just had to get down south where the action is, so I found my self crammed on a bus that couldn't take another sole.

Whilst waiting for the bus to pull off a young Thai lad came and took his seat next to me. as he sat down he turned to me and flashed one of them great smiles that the thais are well known for and introduced himself to me in almost perfect English "hi. I'm Min, pleased to meet you" he said. Giving him my ... Continue»
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Making Her His

The sweet scent of Sabina’s perfume filled the house. David was getting hard just thinking about his wife getting ready for her first date tonight. Yes, David was a very lucky guy. He met Sabrina straight out of college when she came to work at the insurance office he worked at as an agent. He thought she was so gorgeous the minute he laid eyes on her.

Blonde hair, knockout body with big boobs. She was his perfect dream wife and he knew it the instant he laid on her that Monday morning. He remembered being kind of shy with her. He figured he’d never stand a chance in hell to get her
... Continue»
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Teacher learns a lesson part 2

We left Mrs Collins in her car by the beach just after she had Joshs cum sprayed all over her face and hair .Right she thought im a strong women i can outthink this little freak as she took a deep breath and stared to drive back to the supermarket to drop Josh off .When they got there Josh just said see you Saturday at 10 00 am .Josh rode home on his bike grinning all over his face he had done it he never thought she would do as i told her Josh thought to himself .When he got home he went straight to his room to text Lizzy be at 54 Ash walk Saturday at 11 30 am your dreams are about to come tr... Continue»
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My Son My Lover Part 2

Saturday morning at 7:30 am I woke up to my son asl**p in my bed and I smiled and gave him a little kiss and he had a half a hard on and want to the kitchen to start breakfast and at 8:00 am my son woke up and want to the bathroom and I put his breakfast on a plate and he came to get his breakfast and we ate are breakfast and I got change in another outfit and want back to the kitchen and the time was 8:45 am and my son come in the kitchen to get a drink and his cock go hard as he saw me and he got his drink and I was sucking his hard cock as he drank his drink and I made my way up his body a... Continue»
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I Love To Have Sex In An Porn Theater

At An Adult Theater In Flint....
I was just at a theater in Flint. I saw on a gay hook up site that the deja vu adult theater was a good place to go to suck cock. And it was for sure. I had three lovely cocks unload in my mouth. What you do is if you want to suck cock you sit in an aisle seat and someone will walk up with their cock out and your off and running.I sucked my first cock (The boy next door) in 1971 and have been hooked ever since. I was wearing short shorts and a flowered top. And sitting in an aisle seat and sure enough a guy walks up his cock in hand. Wow, I went to work right ... Continue»
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I My First Time As A Girl

My First Time I Had Sex With A Boy, I Was Dressed As A Girl.
The boy next door first noticed one Halloween back in 1971, My s****r helped dress up in one of her cheerleader uniforms. In the seventies I wore my hair shoulder length. Blue and gold. To hide my penis, (Not that it took much hiding) She put me in a tight panty girdle. The funny thing was, that my tiny testicles went right back up into a pocket just above the point where the penis came out. My s****r was just amazed and had never seen this and ask if it hurt? To me, I told her "in fact it felt a lot better, that they do that all t... Continue»
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I Have Anal Orgasms

My First Love George..I Was His Wife....
The boy next door first noticed one Halloween back in 1971, My s****r helped dress up in one of her cheerleader uniforms. In the seventies I wore my hair shoulder length. Blue and gold. To hide my penis, (Not that it took much hiding) She put me in a tight panty girdle. The funny thing was, that my tiny testicles went right back up into a pocket just above the point where the penis came out. My s****r was just amazed and had never seen this and ask if it hurt? To me, I told her "in fact it felt a lot better, that they do that all the time and I though... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 21)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Twenty-One

The birds chirped outside, slowly waking me with their cacophony of sound. The warm sunshine shone through my bedroom window and fell on my face, heating my skin gently. I heard the clang of the chain from the side of my bed as I slowly came, rubbing the sl**p from my eyes. I slid my legs over the side of the bed and sat on the edge of the mattress, Emily stared up at me from ... Continue»
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My first time.

I found myself a somewhat horny girl from a young age. I remember at age six, stealing my Dad's porno mags and stashing them behind my bed to read at night, so I could get that tickly feeling between my legs that I liked so much. After my Mum found them and gave me a strict telling-off for it, I wasn't deterred in the slightest. I found myself constantly nicking the mags to look at the pictures and, when I got older, read the stories. Only now I was careful to always put the magazines back.

My life took a turn for the better once we got the internet, when I was around fifteen. Being quite c... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

This is an excerpt from "Her Husband the Whore" available now on Amazon []

II. Confession

My heart was beating so fast that I didn’t know how to calm it down, it felt like it would beat out of my chest and my stomach felt like it was on a spin cycle. My cock was harder than I could ever remember it and my mouth was watering like I was about to sit down to a steak dinner. This was my first time -- the first time that I ever got as far as to go through wi... Continue»
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Schoolfriends initiate me into getting shared...

I Love Being Felt Up In Public

How School Friends Initiated Me in Getting 'Shared'....... Myboobs were too big for my age ...They always attracted attention from others --It was so right from my school days.....I enjoyed guys and gals, staring at them....Loved when someone crushed them in crowd......Or touched them deliberately........When touched, I wanted the guy or gal to press them nicely to send shivers of pleasure in my whole body, and that happened most of the times...........
With just some touching, my nipples would grow stiff and would poke out from under my blou... Continue»
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Bukkake Holiday

"Mmmmm, that's nice and warm,' I purred, as another load of cum landed on my face. I groped my spunk-coated breasts, massaging the warm, succulent goo into my skin. I looked around the room. I was surrounded by men, too many to count, all naked, hard and ready to cum. This was a situation entirely of my own doing.

I am a spunkaholic.

I have a fetish for cum - everything about it. I adore the taste. I love how it feels on my skin. The aroma is delicious. It feels so warm when it lands on my body, or on my tongue and down into my belly. Every year, I take a week off and go on a spunk-fuel... Continue»
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You wrote me this and I fucking love it! We had been apart for a little while and you do know what effect it had on me don't you? I hope you don't mind me posting this as I want the world too know how much you turn me on,how much I ache for you,need and want you.

Want to wake up in your arms and feel your body pressed against mine as you sl**p.
Even before I open my eyes, my body is responding to your closeness.
My nipples wake up before the rest of my body. From soft, pink cherries they slowly grow into hard red cherries aching to be touched.
I can feel a soft twitching in... Continue»
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The Greatest Gift Part 1

It was a Friday evening when I first saw them moving into my apartment building. He was an older guy with a younger looking wife and they were moving furniture and boxes into the building. I offered to help as I enjoyed meeting new people and it looked like they could use the help. I did enjoy meeting the neighbors. She smiled and then the husband said they could use the help. One of his daughters was supposed to help unload, but she was unable to make it. They had a car load and a pickup truck load of furniture and boxes. We unloaded fairly quickly. I let them know I was up a floor and down... Continue»
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The Greatest Gift Part 2

The day was here. It was the day for me to have sex with Nancy. I had been thinking about it every day and now I was unable to focus at work because I was thinking of how I needed to perform that evening. The whole event had an almost clinical feel to it. I was pretty nervous as I got home early from work. Several thoughts were running through my mind. Would Nancy enjoy it, how would Don feel, could we still be friends after this? I was a bit of a wreck. I thought I would not be able to control myself so I decided to masturbate if only to calm down. It worked. I was relaxed after orgasming. T... Continue»
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Hilary was a bitch

Hilary was a first class bitch. She was a bully, or tried to be, but she was fun once the table was turned. She sat behind me in math class and used to talk shit all the time. She would laugh at me, call me little man, ask me if I had ever cum yet, and tell me that I would never get a good piece of ass. She had a friend that sat back there and laughed and joined in and between the two of them I was intimidated.

One day the friend wasn't there. She started her shit again, but I snapped. I quickly wrote down the following note.

"Shut the fuck up you whore. You would not believe the numbe... Continue»
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Old convertible!

I have this wonderful old convertible Sprite. It runs beautifully since I had been taking it in to this vintage repair shop. They recently sold the business and I haven't found anyone who treats my car the same way and it hasn't been into the shop for at least 6 months.

It was a beautiful day and I didn't have to work. I had only plans to go to dinner with my friends at 7pm. I decided to take a drive around the lake,the long way, enjoy the scenery and the weather. So I dressed in comfortable clothes, keeping in mind I wanted to take advantage of the sun and get a tan while driving around.... Continue»
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I was work as a counselor for people with gender identification. One day a beautiful lady, Pham, approached me for an assignment related to her doctoral work at an university nearby. Her work was related with gender identification issues.

Our scientific bent of mind and approach to research enabled us to relate closely to each other. I would say that was an attraction. We met at least thrice a week for one year and all that we did was to talk and share notes on gender identification issues over coffee, tea, lunch and dinner. We spent days and nights talking about it over phone, at office ... Continue»
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