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Chrystal Persuasion: Chapter 1_Fucked Up

by edintx99

Chapter 1: Fucked Up

His cock was deep inside me, each thrust bringing me closer to the edge, his hands clasped tight around my throat… “Holy fuck!”

I sat bolt upright, gasping for breath, sweat pouring off my naked body. The room obliged with a set of cartwheels and my stomach reciprocated with a bilious wretch. I fell back into the bed, shut my eyes and tried to recall… anything…

Yes! Yesterday Alexandra convinced me to hit the clubs.

“Chris, you haven’t been out in a year. You need to get fucked!” Alex, ten years young... Continue»
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Seducing mature

Seducing mature friend

Sean and I had been friends for about 8 years through work. Unlikely friendship, because I’m in my 30’s and gay, Sean is 62 and married but it worked and we always got on well.

Sean is about 5”10, grey and thick set with a big belly, which has been the butt of our jokes a number of times. We always had banter and I think the appeal was because he made me laugh some much with his wicked sense of humour.

I had been tempted many of times to make a move, because we quite often lift share, however I was uncertain how he would react, because even though we exchange ... Continue»
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Nancy Ivy and me a chance of a lifetime

As I came back from taking Donna to work there stood both Nancy and Ivy, it had been over two years since I'd fucked them, as I got out of the car they both said hello, I walked up to them and said "Do either of you two want a coffee" and they both said "Yes", I put the kettle on, made the drinks and the three of us sat in the lounge.

As we were talking about nothing in particular, Nancy said "I'll just pop round home and turn the oven off", as soon as she'd gone Ivy said "I've been thinking about you", "Really" I replied, she shuffled over to where I was sat and started stroking my cock, I... Continue»
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Satisfying mother 3 FINAL

I waved at the black limousine. It had a placard with my name on it in the window. It stopped in front of me. I opened the back door and climbed in as an outbound jet roared overhead. I was passing through O'Hare International Airport on my way to make a sales call in Atlanta.

"Welcome to Chicago," said Mother opening her full length fur coat. Her blue eyes sparkled mischievously. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black panties and thigh-high stockings. The panties had a smiley face on them and written in yellow above it were the words, "Welcome Home, Son."

"Hi, Mom," I said smiling ... Continue»
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Asian Escape

When Suzy became pregnant with MY baby it was a mystery to her and everyone else. She was baffled. Little did she know it was because I came in her panties. She thought "How could this have happened?" She was still a virgin! Even when my young daughter was licking her pussy, her tongue never penetrated her deep enough to rupture her hymen. Maybe there was just enough of a hole in it that sperm could penetrate. But where did the cum come from? Her short lived relationship with a boy at school never resulted in sex. She called it off when he was pushing her to fast to have sex. All he really wan... Continue»
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Visit to Sex Shop in Coppenhagen 3

Ingrid in her sexy black satin maids short dress and white lacy pantys tottered up the main street
I accompanied her in my tight orange mini dress white stockings and white suspender belt
I was wearing Open crotch orange pantys with white bows on the crotch and
another white bow on the arse love hole opening
I loved the lusty looks we were getting from old and young men
they openly showed their lusty desires to fuck us with their leery brazen gazes
as I waggled my arse in my tight orange mini dress as I smiled sexily at them

We arrived at the cinema just as the mature English couple M... Continue»
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Satisfying mother 2

I awoke the next morning to find that Mother had already left my bed. I yawned and stretched then threw the covers off of me and got out of bed. I was so sated from last night's sex I didn't even have my usual morning erection.

Mother was wrapped up in her terry cloth robe making breakfast in the kitchen and talking on her cell phone. I waved at her as I went into the bathroom. She smiled and nodded at me while continuing her conversation. I deduced she was talking to my father.

Hot water sprayed from the shower head and I stepped under it. I lathered my body vigorously with soap and re... Continue»
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The older man

The wife and I had gone on a weekend away, this particular day we'd gone off on a day trip. Our coach driver, Mick, was very easy going and taking his time pointing out all the local attractions as we passed. When we got to our destination we had a couple of hours to kill. The wife and I were looking around a small village when we bumped into Mick.

He said he enjoys his job but doesn't like been away from home, he was 61, married with two grown up boys. We spoke for a while then walked back to the coach with him. When we got back to the hotel the wife went for a lie down as it had been a ti... Continue»
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spying on them

As I have written before, I grew up in a big f****y with many females and was exposed to nudity during my formative years. Once you see a real woman naked and with so many options, it is almost impossible to not want to see more. So I spent most of my teenage years spying on them. I cut a hole in the towel closet in the bathroom so I could watch from an adjoining closet and at one point I replaced the bathroom mirror with a two way mirror so I could watch them from my bedroom closet. Eventually they discovered it but we never talked about it in the open. I still think back to those days and wi... Continue»
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Dom In Denial - a fantasy about dominating and pre

We've been messaging each other for months, finding out more about the other, seeing what made us tick... what made us hard. We've finally met, in the bar of a hotel midway between the towns we both live in. We introduce ourselves to each other, aware of the strange feeling of meeting what is essentially a stranger that we already know. There will be another introduction later, of course - that's why we're here. That's why both of us are shaking, ever so slightly. The tension is delicious.

We finish our drinks and go to our room. Once we are in, my personality changes - I am in the scene.
... Continue»
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A Friend for life

Donna and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary when one of our neighbours who we'd befriended about six monthe prior came round to ours really upset. Something had happened in her f****y and she needed someone to talk to. Jessica was a plump short girl, she was wearing a grey top and her usual jeans, in fact since we've known this couple she's only ever wore jeans.

Jess and Donna were having a coffee and she was unburdening all her troubles, when her husband turned up, she told him she'd be round in a while, he said "Ok" and went home. After an hour or so Jess said she'd better ... Continue»
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Alone with his mother (2)

part Two

In general, in the evening we walked in Andreeicha. Nikolaevich was on duty, his wife sat with us, maybe an hour or two and said goodbye, went home.

Fire, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes (garden and greenhouse at Point noble, and some farm envy. Fighters And again there is something to do. A. And supplied fresh fruit and vegetables poldivizii), barbecue, famous nutcracker my boss, jokes (oh, and a whale them was my boss, even laugh), pleasant conversations at the table (everything mom about life in the city questioned), f****y photo album, and then, of course, drinking s... Continue»
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Summary of a date

I wanted to give an update of how „date night“ went last Wednesday. It was a lot naughtier than I or my wife expected!
She had not seen Lover U for about 3 months due to his schedule, our schedules, work travel…the usual. But within 1 minute of walking in that hotel room, their mouths were locked together in long, deep, passionate intimate kisses. I adore watching my hotwife kiss her lovers! She had her hands on the back of U’s head, pulling him close, stroking his hair and he had his hands on her face. Of course I would be jealous if my wife fell in love with another man but I have no proble... Continue»
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Chapter 5


He opened his eyes as the sunlight started to fall across his face. The net curtains danced gently as the cool breeze wafted through the window. He was aware of the weight of her head on his chest, her hair tumbling across his skin. Her arm was across him, her hand resting on his shoulder. He listened to her breathing and found his own falling into the same rhythm. He stroked her back, loving the silky feel of her skin.

He cast his mind back to the previous evening, finding it hard to believe it had all actually happened. A jumble of images played in his m... Continue»
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Alone with his mother (1)

I will never forget those feelings and emotions that I experienced when waiting for her in her bed.

Heart beat that steam hammer, thoughts rushed furious round dance .. A groin filling with a sweet languor excitation incredible on its severity .. These feelings can not describe. Freezing shivering somewhere in the heart of the unknown, but this is desirable and what is about to almost accomplished. Anticipation of .. fear .. No, even terror, in the knowledge that I have dared to tell his mother .. And do not even say, and with such unexpected ease demand from her.

That demand .. And so... Continue»
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I Watched my Daughter Fuck our Neighbour

Janice, my next door neighbour, left to visit her mother for a week, and her husband started hitting on our home, where I, a divorcee, and my teen daughter live, he thinks we are 'Fair Game', and if I am honest, it's laughable, but dangerously possible.

My Daughter called out for me to come to her bedroom, which I did. Upon arriving there, she was looking out her bedroom window, so I went across and looked out to where she was looking, and my heart almost stopped beating, Brian, the neighbour I was talking about was standing completely naked, in his yard, stroking his cock.

What caught m... Continue»
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Link and the shopkeeper [L.O.Z fanfiction]

I am a shopkeeper in Hyrule castle town and everyday was a normal day for me until that day...
the day link came to my shop.

it was a normal day as usual and i was doing my job, then link came in. he didn't do anything odd, as a matter of fact, I was the odd one as I kept staring at him for a good while. I was amazed that he was in my shop and i noticed that he has a very feminine figure. soft lovely lips, cute ears, legs that dazzled me and a round ass to boot.

this was the first time I acted this way, especially with a man. Link defeated Ganon and I expected him to be more masculi... Continue»
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'little s*s' chapter 4

I was a wreck about four days before prom. I couldn’t sl**p. I knew I was attracted to Jason but my feelings for scott were based on severe infatuation. I was actually painting my toenails when I heard a soft knock on my sliding glass door. I didn’t know which b*****r it would be. I can’t lie I wanted it to be scott.

I hobbled over to the door and let him in. I had to rag on him. I said ‘I thought you were going to make me wait. He didn’t even answer. I was so not wearing cute pajamas. I was totally wearing one of the t-shirts they give you when you donate bl**d. It didn’t mat... Continue»
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My Step-Daughter and I go Camping

The story that I'm about to tell you took place 4 years ago when I was 53 and my step-daughter was 26 years old, the oldest of three step-k**s, 1 boy 25 at the time and the youngest a girl 23. This story is about the oldest step-daughter and myself. The wife and I met at a swingers party 2 years before this story takes place. Her three k**s are not into the swingers life styl like the wife and I are. A little about me, I'm only 5 feet 5 in. with a little bit of ... Continue»
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FTM Encounter

This is a fantasy about an encounter with a female to male transsexual. The possible categories really don't have anything that fits. Thanks to member ftmcock for his inspiration :)

I'd finished my regular workout and was showering at the gym. This place was a proper hardbody establishment. Not some yuppie spandex stairmaster place. This is all about weights and reps. So I was feeling pretty good about the shape I'm in and slightly getting off on how my hard, tight body felt as I lathered myself. The shower is a communal room, four showerheads. Normal etiquette dictates that you don't check... Continue»
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