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55 Penny and rick pt5

55 Penny and rick pt5
Before you begin it is advisable to read the stories no 51 Penny and Ricky 1 to 4
However in case like me you’re too tired to go look!
My heroine is Penny South, 45 ish, never married big breasted nice if a little plump figure, 5ft 8, ash blond shoulder length hair, a masochist who lives from her art, and her immoral earnings from the pain she loves. She lives with her son Ricky who is a youthful sexual newbie, in a bungalow isolated but with a converted wash-house that doubles as a dungeon for her three regular clients master John and Master Jack, who visit alternate ... Continue»
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Im 42 yrs old. divorced, and a closet gay sissy. I always have been.
I cant start from the begining cuz of the u******e thing so Ill start on my 18th birthday.
I went to school for half days, then work for the other half. every day I would stop at home; while my parents were at work, and jack off.
but not like most boys. most boys would blow their load, wipe it up and be done. That was fine at first but I wanted to be as perverted as I could with my hour of total privacy. See back then, growing up in a small town before internet, I was sure that nobody masturbated as much as me and I wou... Continue»
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From the Mind of Maggy

Excuse the incorrect spelling, if there is any. I am a Humble Woman after all.
The Question is: Is this Fictitious?

The afternoon was glorious. The sun had come out and I decided to go for a walk by the river, close to my home. I wore only a long, white, summer dress and no underwear and as I only had to cross the lane and climb over a wall, I decided to go bare foot.
The grass felt lovely and a gentle breeze made my dress ripple making my nipples harden, almost immediately. I could see the river and the large Oak that stood by it and almost broke into a run to get there. Then a fro... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 10

Stacey got down on her knees in front of me and then bent forward and opened her little round tanned ass cheeks, I could see her little brown hole begging me to stick my cock in.
I knelt down behind her on the rocks by the river and positioned my cock, it nudged against her little tight hole and she let out a soft groan.
By now Kate, Stacey's twin s****r and Mary and Kira had climbed out of the river and were now sitting around us eager to see me stick my cock in Stacey's ass.
I pushed forward forcing my cock head into her little asshole, Stacey groaned loudly as I pushed deeper into her vi... Continue»
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A late night wake up

I walk in to the room the only light is from the TV, you fell asl**p in the recliner. You must have just gotten out of the shower you are naked under that blanket. The volume is down low, I sit on the couch next to you and watch you for a bit. After a few minutes you let out a little gasp and a moan, it seems the dream you are having is pretty good. You start to mumble softly, harder, faster. A smile creeps across my face watching you squirm under that blanket. You moved around so much that the blanket has fallen away, you seem to be sweating a bit so maybe you were to warm. I watch a little w... Continue»
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The Consultant and Me

It had become a long day. My body was aching and my feet were sore from heels the whole day. I finally got to sit down and relax behind my desk before I left for home.

I slowly slipped my heels off, one by one, then slowly stretching my leg, one at a time, into the air and flexing it. The pantihose I had on made it feel so smooth and sexy. It was worth dressing up a little more sexily today. The consultant I had the meeting with was also very sexy. He had a beautiful face, luminous light green eyes, dark brown hair and beautiful lips. My finger would love to trace them.

I stood up slowly... Continue»
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The Games We Play

Hello All,
This is my first erotic story that i have written. I welcome your feed back Thanks.

The Games We Play.

The night was great, out dancing to my favorite local band, with my girlfriends and some drinks. It was a well needed change from the craptaskic week in the office. The dancing had worked me up to a nice horny state of mind. This one guy at the club was so hot. He stood approximately 6 feet tall. He had a air of mystery about him, long black hair and a nice tight ass. During the second set the band started to play Closer from Nine Inch Nails. As I love this song I was out... Continue»
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2015 continued 5/5

June 23rd Just moved into my new flat and finally had a little bit of privacy. I'd been talking to a guy online for a few months and had agreed to let him do me. Thing is, he wanted to tie me up and I wasn't sure at first but eventually I came round to the idea and agreed to let him have his way. The idea was.. He would tie me up then make me cum right away as fast as possible. After i cum and lose all interest in sex, pretty much like all guy's do . But I'd be bound to the bed tightly,unable to undo myself, completely at his mercy. He was then going to fuck me nice and slow however he liked... Continue»
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Carrie's wrist was getting tired hammering the dildo in and out of her sloshing pussy. There was a puddle of cum and pussy juice on her sheets, leaving a big dark stain. Each plunge the dildo made inside of her squeezed and purged more juice out of her. Her clear, shiny nectar had been transformed into a frothy, white cream.
She pulled the dildo out with a sloppy pop, pulling thick sticky ropes of cum with it. Her lips wrapped around the dildo and she hungrily slurped the cum off of it. The puddle of cum began to disappear as it soaked into the sheets and mattress. Carrie ran her hands up and... Continue»
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Road Trip

The lines on the road were speeding by as Carrie accelerated up to 80 and hit cruise control. The air conditioning was teasing and licking her nipples. It was dark and comfy in the big SUV and they still had another 100 miles to go before they were even in the same state as her mother. Krista and Chris were in the back seat fucking, and she was jealous beyond belief.
She only caught a glimpse of the her son and daughter when a car driving the other way briefly illuminated their tangled bodies, other wise, she was only able to hear the wet thrusting, the fleshy slaps, and whorish moans coming ... Continue»
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Fisting in Houston

Chris laid on the bed. The sheets and covers were cool and clean, recently changed by the maid. He stared at the generic flower paintings hanging on the wall that it seems all hotels seem to share in the decor. The room was lit only by a lamp by the bed. It wasn't a 5 star hotel, but it was clean and comfortable and quiet. Most important of all, it was private.
It was 5:30 in the afternoon, she wouldn't be off until 7, sitter wouldn't be to her place until 8, so she should be there around 8:30 or 9, depending on how quickly she got ready. He checked his in box again and read her text messages... Continue»
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Kitchen Conversation

Krista walked to the kitchen table and sat with her b*****r. Chris's eyes followed her naked tits as she sat down. She was wearing a pair of bikini bottoms so small that her pussy was trying to eat them, but no top. Her hair was tied in a loose pony tail on top of her head.
"I remember all of that. She was so loud when she was getting fucked." Krista lit a cigarette.
"Yeah," Chris sipped a glass of juice. "It gave me plenty to jack off to. I loved listening to her."
"Well, you had a great location to listen to that, your room being sharing a wall with hers." She took a drag of her cigarette... Continue»
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Pool Party

Chris woke up to the sound of laughter out by the pool. It was about 11:30, his room was flooded with warm yellow sun light. He sat up in bed, wiped the sl**p from his eyes and looked out the window. His mom Carrie, s****r Krista, and two other women were sitting by the pool drinking and smoking. He rubbed his eyes again and saw that they were all topless, and his s****r was completely naked. Interesting.
He knew that his mother would never invite any one over who wasn't comfortable or discreet with knowing about her "special" relationship with her son and daughter, but he had to be careful. ... Continue»
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Left Alone

Krista gave her mom a kiss on the cheek as they stood in the doorway. Carrie was leaving for 2 weeks to visit her cousin in Colorado and her cab to the air port was waiting. That meant she and her b*****r Chris would be home alone for the next two weeks. It meant that if things went according to plan, neither she nor Chris would be wearing a stitch of clothing for the next two weeks.
"Tell Chris I love him and I'll see ya'll two in a couple weeks. You have my credit card for food and stuff, right?" Carrie asked as she grabbed the handle on her roller luggage.
"Yep. I'd expect a few hundred b... Continue»
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Fun on the couch

Cum rolled down Carrie's pussy and pooled between her ass cheeks and the couch cushion. Her daughter's left leg was hung over her right inner thigh. They both had their legs spread wide, their fingers slowly working their clits. Krista scooped a glob of white spit off of her tongue and spread it on her pussy, then dipped her fingers inside of her. She whimpered and continued her slow masturbation, sliding her fingers in and out, grinding her clit into the palm of her hand. Her mom's legs felt soft and warm.
"Wanna' smoke?" Carrie paused her fingering and pulled a cigarette out of the pack on ... Continue»
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From the bathroom window

Carrie stood in the bathroom toweling herself off. She could feel the air conditioner blowing a crisp breeze from the floor vent straight between her legs. Goosebumps popped up all over her body and her clit tingled with excitement. She'd just gotten back from a business trip and was agonizingly horny. She thought about how she was too tired and busy to take care of her self while in Colorado. She had hoped she would be able to get someone off of Craigslist or Xhamster, but she ended up going to bed 4 nights in a row, horny, tired, and frustrated. The worst night was when the couple next door ... Continue»
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My mother in law

My mother in law

A couple of months ago I had to pop round and drop some things off to my mother in laws, she knew I was coming and we arranged for me to drop the stuff off at 1pm.

It was a hot day, the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight, I rang the door bell a few times but didn't get an answer, so I used the key my wife gave to me, I let myself in and called out for my mother in law, she didn't answer and then I noticed her out in the back garden weeding out her flower pots.

My mother in law is 60, short probably about 5ft 6, short hair, average build, and I'm guessing 34c boo... Continue»
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I'd finally made it.

Years of hard work, making a name for myself in the advertising industry had finally paid off. As the youngest Senior
V. P. in the agencies history I was way ahead of the game. Combine that with a move from dreary NYC to LA as a successful, highly paid bachelor and it's easy to see why all was well with my life.

Every day seemed like another day in paradise. Beautiful weather, a commute in the company helicopter from my home in Newport Beach to our offices in LA, membership in the best tennis and golf clubs...perfect. And the women. Nowhere in the US are the... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Saga

This is a collective work of bisexual/lesbian fiction, four chapters drawn together for your reading pleasure. And maybe to challenge your attention span a little, because some of us like it short and sweet and others like to take their sweet-ass time. Enjoy!


What a waste!

Such was the thought that crossed Rachel's mind as she lay naked atop her bed during the more restless nights. Because Steve had become disinterested, and more and more distant as time went by, she had put herself into raising their daughter right, holding down a ... Continue»
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What a f****y to Live in

Growing up in my f****y was different than other families for the most part, as far as the way we may be dressed around the house, which in our case may be, undressed or next to nothing on, to cover any part of us.

Going to the bathroom or from the bathroom for a bath or shower or just coming from having a bath or shower, usually was the time none of us in the f****y would have any clothes on at all.

Every morning mom would get up and go to the bathroom and do her bathroom duties, then come out and go to the kitchen to start fixing breakfast for everyone, and while she was cooking ... Continue»
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