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Also Spanked Sarah Schuster


Sarah’s head jerked up as the hand connected with her bare buttocks.

“Please, Mum! Please! Pleeeeeease!”

Smack! Another blow stung her


“This will teach you for being a dirty little slut!”


Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Sarah wriggled but her ankles were too firmly tied to the back legs of the dining table chair and her wrists handcuffed to the front legs. Small breasts wobbled slightly at each blow and her belly was a little sore from the chair back.

“You’re a little whore aren’t you?” her mother’s voice was harsh and gutteral.

“Yes!”... Continue»
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Wife's horny moment.

Wife's horny moment.

Yes this was one such occasion. We were young,enjoyed sex and experimented. Both were what I'd describe as average looking,but when it comes to the naughty bits,I had 6 inches slack making about eight hard. My wife was quite deceptive down there. Following on from a nice firm pair of large nippled titties,she had an almost girlish pussy,it looked so small in the hole you'd think it was unused,surrounded by a small pair of labia lips with a matching hood over her clitoris. That clitoris was equally surprising,at rest,again it looked almost c***dlike but arouse it and it... Continue»
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Full Physical

We were moving around and I had to get a full physical for a new job. There were 4 on the form that they company recommended so I picked one and made an appointment. I told Teresa I would be there and left and went into the small office. There was a really nice looking woman behind the window, conservatively dressed with just a little grey in her blonde hair. She was about 5'8" and had a very nice figure. She said Hello and said are you the 10 Am appointment? I told her I guessed so and she asked me to fill out paperwork and I would be called in a little.

I sat down and did the paperwork an... Continue»
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a real bag boy

And then there was this time when I was 18 that I was at the A&P shopping late one nite. There was a 16 yo I've seen their before, He offered to help me carry my bags home for a few dollars, talking to him on the way to my house I ask him why he was out so late. Bobby told that he need money since his dad wouldn't give him any and could not find any work. Telling me that his mom ran off 6 months ago. As we were walking I keep looking down at his ass in the tight shorts, he was about 4'11” Blonde hair with a nice tan. When we got there we had a couple of cold beers since it was hot out .

... Continue»
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This was not how I intended it to be!

But Bruce I loved the shock you gave me.


Here I am in the bath squishing warm soapy water in and out my cunt by opening and closing my thighs. The very thighs that still ached at the tops from my recent ordeal. Fuck that was big! That being Bruce's knot. I knew my dog was randy,but then again he always is so I got well and truly caught out this time by the horny bastard.

I had drawn a lovely warm bath intending to soak and play around with my middles for a while. I knew I'd get... Continue»
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my roomate pt 1

I was in my 1st year of college when my room mate quit school. At the semester I got a new room mate he was 6' 1" 200 former high school athlete named Kris. We hit off great. Later I learned he had a girl friend named Kate they were hot and heavy, I could hear them in the next room fucking every night she was very vocal talking about his big cock how she loved it suck it and fuck it. I lay in bed beating my meat listening to there sex. My girl friend had broken up with me and I was horny as hell.
As the semester continued it became apparent Kris liked to show off his body. He would walk ar... Continue»
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Kaley Cuoco Photo Shoot Fuck With Pictures


"mmmmm, that's great Kaley, you look great"


Kaley Cuoco is doing a new shoot for FHM Magazine with a photographer she's never worked with before.

"Sexy, now maybe lift the dress a little Kaley, tease them a bit"
Kaley giggles and raises the bottom of her dress up a little with one hand.


"yeah that's re... Continue»
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A Special Introduction

I had lined up a "double" with Angela, an e****t that I had seen before. I knew she was a bit of a loudmouth and more business than pleasure, but she always did it for me, and she had a rocking body. She had also described her doubles partner, Mia. Mia sounded hot, and I had some extra cash on hand so I decided a three way would be a fun way to spend some time.

When I arrived at the a nice apartment that Angela was apparently using for her activities, I was pleasantly surprised to meet Mia. She was short and somewhat thin, but her tits were huge (like 38DDD) and looked to be pretty new. ... Continue»
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How to detect copyright violations[edit]

Often, people upload images, particularly photographs, that do not abide by our licensing requirements. This is done sometimes in good faith, sometimes in bad faith. So here a brief how-to for detecting many copyvios with a high probability. It is not possible for us to detect all copyright violations. However, we can detect a great number of them by simply having a look around, especially in Special:Newimages, and watching for tell-tale signs. Here is a list of signs of probable copyright violations:
Photographs by professional photographers
Few o... Continue»
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Story of my LIFE

Hey Y'all. I'm Raissa the hot-girl-next-door type. I've been a sexual person since I lost my virginity at 15.
It might sound tacky but I love having my pussy touched and played with all the time.
I don't know what it is but none of my girlfriends seem to be the same way. I can't get enough sex and that's just it so I end up masturbating a lot. The photographer was funny because he seemed to make funny faces when I was masturbating.
I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it or confused by it all. I haven't left my town since I was twelve.
When I was boarding through the security checkpoint plac... Continue»
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My first time...

There she was, it was Darlene! God she gave every k** in school a raging hard-on whenever she walked by in those tight Jordach Jeans. She was so gorgeous. Unfortunately, I was just a freshman in Junior High and she was part of the older cool crowd. Plus, every guy wanted her! She had those sexy eyes and her dark complexion. She walked with confidence and she knew that she had a body to kill for and everyone wanted to get into her panties. God! I know I wanted to get into her. I just knew she was incredible in bed. I would have done anything to get a little kiss. I just knew that she was a grea... Continue»
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She had first day of college the next day, a Monday. She was tied up all day with that until well after 6. O.J. had gone home that morning. She was adamant that her relationship with Keenum would end that day. She also knew that the very sight of him made her melt. So why fight it?

She was at her strongest after a good hard fuck. Hell, after two good hard fucks she would have even more control, more resolve. So why not end things with a bang?

It was twisted logic that gave Ashley a sense of control that day: if she were to let Keenum fuck her a couple of times, she would then have the s... Continue»
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Halloween Fantasy with Kellykins

This is who the story was made for.

It was Halloween and I was feeling down. I had just broke up with my girl friend and was looking at another night alone. That’s when I got a call from my friend Pat looking to cheer me up. He told me a costume party at the local college and he was taking me. Well faced with a night alone or going to a party with lots of hot girls in what was I to do. We came up with a couple of quick costumes and headed out.

We get to the house that is hosting the party to find it in full swing. As we walk through the door we see... Continue»
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On Friday night hubby and I went to a club for adults in Tampa. I really didn’t know what to expect but hubby and I wanted to check it out. Hubby asked that I wear something sexy, a short skirt and a top that showed off my boobs. We arrived around 9:30pm paid the membership fee and walked into the club section. Hubby got us a couple of drinks and we sat and just watched what was going on in the club. There were a maybe 3-4 couples sitting at tables and a single guy sitting at a table. The single guy walked over to our table and asked if he could join us. He was very good looking, clean shaven ... Continue»
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Ashley was awakened the next morning by a movement in her bed. She opened her eyes a little, and noticed that it was O.J... He had stripped to his underwear and slipped into bed with her. She smiled, and kissed him, snuggling closer. He was a little late, it was almost eleven, though to her it seemed like it was very early. After all, she was kept up by Keenum until nearly four thirty!

She closed her eyes, guilt going to war with arousal within her. She felt good in O.J.’s arms. She felt safe. She enjoyed her time with him, and was happy with him.

So why was she always running to Keenum... Continue»
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Ashley did not even bother trying to convince herself to skip out on a visit to Keenum’s place on Sunday. She had already decided that Monday would be the day that she would end things with her lover-on-the-side, so she was able to justify sneaking over there for one last ‘fling’ the day before.

It was stupid logic, but by far the easiest way to do things. Ending things with Keenum would be difficult, and any excuse to put it off by a day was eagerly embraced.

Choosing O.J. was the right decision. The more certain she that she would break up with Keenum on Monday, the more she was conv... Continue»
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Fucking The Fireman - (True Story)

I was 21 at the time on summer break from college. I spent most of the summer working out, sl**ping late and jerking off to internet porn. Occasionally I'd find time to work on the house but clearly my schedule was booked. This was a college bachelor’s wet dream.

One random hot summer day, I noticed a message in my inbox from an older man telling me I had a nice body. The body is the only thing he saw because I needed to be discrete given my social status. Coincidentally enough, his body was the only thing I saw on him as well. Being the kind hearted soul that I am, I messaged him back ackn... Continue»
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sunbathing...blackmailed by sisstr part 4

Wow in only 4 days i had done so many first, seen my first naked girl, been wanked off by a girl, masterbated in front of a girl and cum for her, tasted my own cum, have someone else taste it, exposed my hard cock to others..all this without leaving the house!
Oh my naughty sissster , it had all started with her blackmailing me and now..what next?
As normal i went down to get breakfast in my dressing gown, d*d was at the dinning room table paperwork all over the place, Clare in her room, m*m in the garden. She came in saw me and smiled, she had a small pair of shorts and a strappy top, her l... Continue»
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Through a Crack in the Lounge Door Part 1

Morning until just before lunch

Andy was lying on his bed thinking over the events of the day when he hear a familiar sound coming through the walls,


It was the sound of his s****r having a third orgasm of the day.

The day started when Andy walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. It was Saturday morning around 10.00. Their parents had gone away for a holiday and left the two of them to fend for themselves

Pat, his s****r older by 2 years who was home from University for the Easter break, had just finished her toast.... Continue»
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I was in a club with friends. I was at the bar taking a break from dancing when I noticed a young woman starring at me from the other side. I smiled, she winked and I decided to go over to talk to her.

I introduced myself and she just said " Amy." She then said " would you like to join me?"

" Yes I would love to." There was no seat so I squeezed in next to her. Her crossed bare knee was touching my stomach. She had on a little tight black dress and I was wearing a tight blue strapless leather dress.

She is 28 years old. When I told her my age she said " I knew you were older but not... Continue»
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