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Craigslist Suprise

I was looking on craigslist one day for some stuff I needed around my ranch. I notice the section titled "casual encounters" and thought I would check it out. Now I am country boy,
about six foot seven tall, two hundred fifty pounds. I am told I look all cowboy. I have been married and divorced four times.
Looking at the ads I could not believe what these ladies had posted. Then I came across one that caught my eye. It said: couple looking for sperm donor-no strings attached. I had done this for my second wife's s****r. Her husband could not get her pregnant, so me and three other guys... Continue»
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Paul was a quiet shy but good looking guy. He had been raised by his single mother who was very attractive. He had so far never dated but he liked to stare at his sexy mom. One day when he came home from high school his mom asked him "Don't you want to have a girlfriend and go on dates?" He replied "Yes, but I am shy and wouldn't know what to do if I was on a date." His mom hugged him and said "You are very handsome and I know the girls will love you. Let me teach you how to treat a girl." She then took him to her bedroom. She said "I am going to kiss you and I want you to open your mouth and ... Continue»
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Teen Femdom

My wife had passed away about a year and a half ago and my sex life
had deteriorated to masturbation. Most of the time I utilized the
ever growing collection of magazines and material that I would
download from the internet. Occasionally I would be treated to a show
by my next door neighbor's k**. Kim was a senior in high school and a
real knockout. Her mother was japanese and had passed on a
captivatung look to her daughter.

On this particular friday, Kim had gotten home from school and was
sunning herself in the backyard. I got out the binoculars and had a
perfect bird's eye ... Continue»
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my wife on holiday

hey, sorry its been a while been very busy lol, so this carries on from the holiday to spain i started to tell about in a previous story. after spending a week sitting around with her tits out and having that spanish guy cum over her while we were fucking jessys started to get more and more horny, all the time, she was flashing me around the hotel and out in the lil town at night, she was being a dirty lil whore. one night we were playing crazy golf in the square in the middle of the town and she took her knickers off and gave them to me and continued to play, bending over to get her ball in h... Continue»
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my babysitter took my virginity

When I was 13. I had been very sick with a k**ney infection and had to stay in bed after i got out of the hospital. My dad took my b*****rs to one of the ir football tournaments and mom had to stay home with me. She got a call to go help her mom and found a babysitter for me. Jerry lived down the street and was 16. He came over and mom left. Jerry knew he would have to spend the next 2 nights watching me. I was supposed to stay in bed except for bathroom, and once a day I could go to the dining room to eat. Jerry was good to me and he allowed me to eat in the kitchen for lunch and dinner. He f... Continue»
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Holiday in Barbados

We like going on sun holidays and as Linda had always wanted to go to the Caribean this particular summer we managed to get a cancellation to Barbados.

It was not peak season nut the place was busy enough with alot of couples there. It was our first time in one of these resorts and it took a short while to get used to what you were allowed to do and weren't.

There were places it was OK to bathe topless or nude, even walking around topless or nude was allowed in certain places aswell. Linda had always enjoyed bathing topless and seeing the lingering looks turned us both on, the people wer... Continue»
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iCarly: iStay Over For The Night

(I do not own the right to the characters, I am just having fun with them)

“C’mon Sam! Hurry up!” Laughed Carly, bouncing on Sam’s bed.

It was rare that Carly slept over at Sam’s, usually it was the other way around, but Spencer was out of town on a trip with his friend Socko, and Sam had begged Carly to sl**p over, promising an awesome time of it.

Carly had given in to the blonde girl, and was now actually looking forward to spending some time alone with Sam. It always seemed like Freddie or Spencer was around and Carly missed her girl time with Sam; the two of them just chatting and... Continue»
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A sexy meeting

It had been so long since they were both together, stealing a couple of hours at a time, meeting very quietly without anyone seeing them. Today was different, his house was empty, she had a day off from work and they had planned this day for so may weeks. Pete was very excited, he had cleaned the house, made up the bed, made some snacks, opened a bottle of red wine and had showered and shaved, everywhere, Tanya liked to kiss his skin and lick all those erotic places but she did not like hair. In the bedroom there were 2 cameras, some rope and a blindfold. Petes cock was hard at the thought of ... Continue»
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Thy Name is Whore

As I looked over the restaurant to find the client I was supposed to meet, I saw my ex-wife Susan. She was sitting with a slightly heavy middle aged man. You could tell he was once in good shape but good food and time had taken a toll on his physique. Susan was sitting right next to him and you could tell he was in his glory. The guy screamed money.

As I stood in the foyer and looked at her, a whole flood of memories came back to me. It had been three years since our divorce and the emotions came right back to the surface just like it was yesterday. This is how I got to where I was standing... Continue»
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She cheated and wished she had not after.

I paid for my sexual desire and vow to never do this again. have always had feelings for authority figures and police officers got me excited the most. So at 23 I married a guard from the jail. Was the house wife as we tried to have a c***d. That failed and by 40 I got depressed. Dr's told me to find something to occupy my time. I took a job as a dispatcher at the police department. Work might night to eight and this is this shift my husband works.

Worked with a man who I find exciting and sexually desirable. I giggle like a school girl when he was around. I finally told him he was an ama... Continue»
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Marcy The True Cum Slut

This story is true and about my beautiful wife Marcy and how she became a com slut/lover.
We had been married for 5 years it was my 3rd marriage and her third. Marcy is a brunette with shoulder length hair, 5"6',135, greenish eyes and nice 38c tits and beautiful shapely legs and 40 years old. When we married Marcy said she had never sucked a cock and I believe her as she knew nothing about how to suck.But wasn't long before I had her sucking my cock and told her she had to swallow so from the very start she always swallowed my cum.We had a great sex life but I wanted her to ... Continue»
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cuck couple

I met Nick and Carol on line. We traded emails and video chat for over 4 months getting to know each other. Nick was a salesman who traveled a fair amount so I got to chat with Carol more often.
She was a dental hygienists but only worked 5 days every 2 weeks. In chatting with the both of them individually I discovered their individual desires and when we all chatted together I got the full story.
He was wanting to make her happy what ever it took. She wanted a man to treat her with respect but be controlling in the bedroom, someone to be submissive to. I t was obvious by chatting with them ... Continue»
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A Loving and Forgiving Wife

Donna forgives, but punishes Hank for stepping out.

Donna was mad. She'd just been told by a near total stranger at a seminar she had just finished attending that her hubby, Hank, had stepped out on her with the woman's best friend, Wendy, while he had attended a convention several years ago. Donna sat on the bus on the way home and calmed her feelings and thought about what to do.

Her Hank was handsome a 55 year old, he had distinguished silver streaks in his hair, he had a high sex drive and she knew many women were attracted to him. Donna suspected from time to time that he mig... Continue»
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Billy works at the body shop and works on a body

Billy works in his b*****r in laws body shop for summer work. Women comes by with fender dent and ask me to fix it. I tell her my b*****r in law owns the place, I just work here. She ask me if I want a trip around the world? Some day I hope to, I point her toward the office.
my b*****r in law (BIL) comes out laughing at me. Its the 70's and my knowledge of the world is not so great. he tells me what the trip around the world, that when she starts at your toes and runs her tongue around your body. Stops off for a blow job from there she tongues you hard and than gets on top and fucks you.
I... Continue»
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Careful What You Ask For

Kat and myself were at home watching TV on a week night when the door bell rings looking at Kat I ask if someone was coming that she knew saying no I open the door to a couple a woman about 30yrs. maybe 5'7" thin but good in the right places the man 6' maybe 150lbs. but kind of nerdy looking. He ask does Kat live here and I showed them in they introduced themselves as Steve and Lori Jennies he was the s****r-in-law of Helen Toms one of Kat's ladies. Kat and I ask them to set and they took a set and started to explain why they were there. Steve worked as a accounted at a big bank in the ci... Continue»
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It was around one in the afternoon and I was driving back from work after a long shift and I was dirty and looking forward to a nice bath as I pulled in to the car park outside my apartment. I knew it was going to be a bad day when I pulled in and there were utility vehicles and workers around the apartments.

As I made my way in on of the workers informed me that the main water line had broken underground around the back and they were just starting to dig it out which meant the water was going to be off for the rest of the day and all I wanted was to get clean and I was covered in filth fro... Continue»
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Good gril

“Good morning my treasured one,” your Master greets as you wander into the room still sl**py and dreamy from the events of the day before and an ensuing deep restful slumber. “Come, sit by me and let me hold you.”
You pad into the room in your deliciously naked state uncaring of your nudity and comfortable in the glow of love and reverence that surrounds you this morning. Master has been good to you and the fear and mistrust of the days before are becoming just a memory. Today there is nothing but the glow of love... Continue»
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Tire change help..

So one morning I was driving home from the store and along side of the road I see a late model minivan pulled over with a flat tire. I pull over to see if I can help the owner out and find the lady on her smart phone searching for a tow company to come out and put her spare on. I asked her if she would like a hand, and that I would be happy to help. She looked to be very happy that people still stop and help others, but seemed rather sk**dish about it, I would too if a stranger pulled up and my car was stranded, but I think that the moderate amount of traffic that was on the street and peopel ... Continue»
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Getting revenge for years of mother in law problem

For the twenty years of our marriage my mother in law has been hell for me. She and her friend Wanda have made up lies to end our relationship. She attended the wedding, but would not speak to me.
Would think I ma a bad guy, I treat her daughter like shit, not true at all. She has done this to every son in law. Her other three daughters will not speak to her, have not for over twenty years now. One ex son in law she did talk to had purpose. she was fucking him when he came to visit. Was every sunday and he brought his daughter (her grand daughter) to visit. Would set her up with a cartoon wh... Continue»
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The Haunted Blue Jeans

The Haunted Blue Jeans
By: Jessica Rabbit

"I hate extended business trips". This is the second time I have had to use the
hotel laundry facilities. "It is bad enough to be gone so long that you use all
your travel clothes, but then to have your company not reimburse you for the
cost of having a laundry service perform this deed makes it even a more bitter
experience", I thought as I rounded the corner to the laundry room. It's a
small laundry room with only 3 washers and dryers, plus a table to fold your
clothes on. As I dump my jeans, shirts, and Jockey shorts into the washer ... Continue»
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