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The Sales Pitch

I am currently working as a door to door salesman, who is pushing the latest and greatest product, and I must say I love my job. So I walk up to my next door, knock and give it a few seconds. The door swung open and a tall handsome fellow answered. like most reactions I get his jaw dropped. Let me explain the product I am selling is a state of the art lycra fabric workout gear which is designed to instantly dry when coming in contact with fluids. When the door opened I was wearing one of our top sellers, super tight blue bike shorts, enhancing every curve including the outline of my sem... Continue»
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How I Lost My Virginity

******* This is the true story of how I lost my virginity *******
** Thought that I would share this, haven't told anyone before **
** Please comment to tell me what you thought of my first time **
****** Add me as a friend if you want to ask any questions ******

It was the end of September 2012, I was your usual 19 year old guy studying at university but had not yet had sex (was hoping that it would have happened by now). A couple of my friends were invited to a flat party at one of their friend's place. They invited me along since I had nothing else planned that night. So, at aroun... Continue»
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Notes from a filthy 90s teenager....

Back when I was a dirty teenager in the late 90s

As a teenager I was always extremely horny. I mean I had it real bad, I used to have to go and wank my pussy in the toilets at school during the day, I'd been raiding my dad's porn stash for years, and increasingly I was beginning to tease men on the train on my way to school, by opening my legs up wide and letting them see my white knickers.

Perhaps it wasn't surprising that I was a horny little bitch. My parents were constantly going at it, I could hear them fucking from my room all the time. I used to listen to them and frig my young l... Continue»
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part 2 Me and my wife are blacked owned and made t

My wife was sitting on the coach when she heard a rattle a truck pull up. 2 doors were opened and closed and a load knock was heard on the door. She went to turn the knob and boom the door flew at her . hey you dumb white cunt are you Leroy whore. Yes sir she said and she was pushed to the floor. Take my cock out and suck it cunt . She reached up and did his zipper and a the smell of sweat and pee hit her nose . She closed her eyes and went to sucking his cock hard mmmm that good cunt you need some more work but good bitch .Rufus bent her over the coach and lifted her dress he saw panties ... Continue»
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The hotel fun with mum and her work friend.

It was coming up to Christmas and it was that time of year when all the Christmas parties happen. This year I had started work in the same office as mum, so instead of normally picking her up from them parties I was now going to one. The company had taken everyone to a hotel for dinner and dance night. Being a bit of a distance away and both wanting to drink we stayed about 5 minutes away in a travel lodge. We had only booked the one room but with single beds. Me and mum are pretty close so it would never bother us about sl**ping in the same room. After checking in we had started getting ready... Continue»
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First Time in a Swinger's Club

I was at a conference in Phoenix fifteen years ago. It was a good conference in a large city with many amenities not found in my small town. After the day was over I went driving looking to see what kind of hot fun I could find. I was driving down Indian School Avenue when I saw a building with a sign blaring out Enounters. Swinger's Club.

I wasn't at all sure if they would allow singles into the club, but they were very happy to take my $35. It was around eleven P.M. I walked in and saw many people sitting at small round table talking and sipping sodas. A commotion in a far corner... Continue»
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Late night shopping

It was approaching the peak of the Christmas period and shops were always trying to out do each other by staying open late. The wife and I had taken advantage of this and were out enjoying a walk down the high street looking at all the displays the shops had done in their windows. Part way down the high street there was a shoe shop that as I'm sure you can imagine the wife enjoyed visiting to admire and occasionally buy. I didn't mind because a friend I had known since high school worked there.

This night we decided to go in and see him and to wish him a happy Christmas as we wouldn't see h... Continue»
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wide tells s****r

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My wife Linda has always been very close to her older s****r, Stacey. There isn't much the two of them wouldn't discuss, and quite recently Linda has begun to include details of our sex-life in their discussions - with what turned out to be very interesting and erotic consequences. This account will be quite long, so please bear with me.

Linda is a voluptuous 32-year-old green-eyed blonde, standing about 5'6". She is of medium build, with shapely legs and a very delectable 36D pair of breasts. She has one of those soft, beautiful faces that can be angelic one minute, and lewdl... Continue»
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Sam and I Fucked by Brett

When I returned to the tent, I found Sam awake, sitting up with a grin. "It's about time you got back." She says with a grin.

"Oh, I was just uhhhhh." I stammer trying to come up with a lie.

"Fucking Brett, yeah I already know." Sam said.

"Wait, how do you know?" I asked sitting down next to her. "I watched, and damn was it hot, especially when he came in you" Sam said smiling. "You didn't really think I was asl**p when you left did you?"

"Well I just couldn't help myself, I need his cock again." I said thinking about his cock.

"Well you've got a decision to make, because ... Continue»
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When She Ask Him, “Did you fuck my husband?2

It wasn’t long before the familiar sound of fucking came from the bedroom and Tom began to masturbate faster. The fucking sound suddenly slowed to halt and Tom heard Tammy clearly say, “Honey, why is your ass hole wet?” Tom grew immediately livid, stopped masturbating, threw a blanket over himself, rolled over on the couch and feigned sl**ping. Expecting all hell to break loose, Tom hid under the covers. In moments Tom heard someone get up from the bed. Soon after, he heard heavy footsteps toward the door and the bedroom door opened. Someone then went into the kitchen, turned the light on and ... Continue»
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The Lunch Lady

You can see her photos in my album (I want to fuck her)

I hooked up with the lunch lady. After weeks and weeks of going over to her house everyday after school she finally let me up. She is kinda a weirdo. She doesn't have cable...uses an antenna to get basic cable and doesn't have the internet. Anyway. I went up stairs to her house cause it was snowing and she said I can come up to get warm before going home.

As I walked in I realized that lunch ladies really don't get paid very well. She lived in a small studio apartment. No bedroom, the living room and bedroom were together. Her bed ... Continue»
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Revenge On My Bitch s****r..Or So I Thought

I guess b*****rs and s****rs are supposed to not get along growing up but my s****r Kelsey and I had a whole other level of issues with each other. I was the "Little b*****r" to her even though she is only a year older than I. Kelsey just turned eighteen and is always flaunting her looks to every guy in town who will look. She has long blonde hair, large tits and a nice ass all packed into a short, petite body. I am seven teen and even though she is my s****r I will even admit Kelsey is sexy as hell. To make my life worse my parents work a lot so its usually Kelsey and I at home and she uses t... Continue»
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A Christmas do shag

It was my works Christmas do tonight and we all trooped off to the Raj, in town. There were about ten of us and, if I’m honest, it was a good evening. Made much, much better by the fact that I bumped into my old friend Carol. She was also there on a works do and I was sitting there, checking over the menu, when I felt fingers walking along my shoulders.

Surprised, I turned around and there she was, looking absolutely fucking stunning. We exchanged pleasantries, then my colleagues began ordering starters and her friends called her over.

“See you soon,” she said and winked. I smiled at her... Continue»
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For a good time call Lilly

For a Good Time Call Lilly

Lillian had been driving nonstop since she left home early that morning. She was in a hurry to get to Manuxet State University to start her first semester. This was her first long road trip, and would also be her first time away from home, but she was glad to be getting far away from here boring hometown and starting her new college career.

She was blonde with a lean well-proportioned body and reasonably sized C cup breasts. She was dressed in shorts and a tank top, as conservative an outfit as one could comfortably wear on a summer day in the middle of the des... Continue»
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Indian co worker

I knew nothing could ever happen between my coworker Jasmine and I, but that sure didn't stop me and many other guys from checking out her sexy body whenever we could. You see, Jasmine is Indian, and because of her strict upbringing, she would not get involved with any guys that weren't also Indian. What a shame because the body on this girl was amazing. Standing at only 5'1'', weighing probably less than 100 pounds, her tiny frame featured large firm tits and a curvy little butt. Her ample rack looked like it made up half her total body weight. Her smooth darker skin was creamy and perfect, a... Continue»
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Repossessed: COD Chapter 2

The master's eyes are fixed on you as he slowly walks toward you, his bare feet silent on the hard stone floor. "Kayla," he says, "get a prod and a flogger. I want him to know pain before pleasure."
"Yes, Master," she replies, standing and walking over toward one of the racks on the walls.
The master stops directly in front of you. "Look me in the eye," he commands. You do. His eyes are steel-gray and intense, as if he looks past your naked flesh and judges the weight of your soul.
He runs his hands across your chest, tracing the ridges of your ribs. "You are mine now. You have no will of ... Continue»
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OUr German House keeper

My wife, Darcy and I are very fortunate. I studied hard in college in technology and I landed a job right out of school that has made me very rich. I’m 28, Darcy 26. I played basketball in high school and college, 6’4” and lean. Darcy is 5.5” and about 115 lbs.
We live in an estate that has a large house, tennis courts and swimming pol the landscaping prevents any outside viewers so Darcy spend much of the day laying naked by the pool when she isn’t at the country club. I’m sure our housekeeper and gardener know as much about her body as I do.
Darcy is tan all over, medium length blond hai... Continue»
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Follow up

It's a little hard to write a follow up story to how I met my boy on the side. As you can imagine any kind of affair is going to be a constant series of brief hookups that are basically the same story. Generally speaking I would get horny at work, text him to see if he was around, stop by his place on the way home and hook up. Go home to my wife. The most brazen thing I have done was take a trip to Las Vegas with him. I pretty much kept my dick in his ass the whole time. It was very hard to go out with him because he was very flamboyant and god forbid a picture gets snapped and posted. I'm jus... Continue»
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Gassed in an Elevator

This is just a short story inspired by an excellent tale I read on here, but please know that this is entirely fictional, and is my own creation, please enjoy :)


"Ok, I'll see you sometime soon, thank you for the nice tea, speak soon!"
I chirped to my friend, having just kissed her goodbye on the cheek.
I only visited her for a couple hours to have a good ol' girlie natter over a cup of tea at her single-bedroom apartment. She said one last "bye" before closing her door as I headed to... Continue»
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A long nite

I'de met a man online. I watched his cam, saw his need and his wonderful cock.We'de had a difficult time actually meeting so I told him I was going to Lowes, he should meet me there.We described what each other was wearing, I arrived there early.Frank was tall at 6'4", older and had a goatee.In the tool section (of all places) I saw a man meeting his description.He smiled. I smiled at went down a deserted aisle.Gathering my shorts I pulled them tight on my ass and bent over to look at something on a bottom shelf.In a security mirror over me, I saw him at the aisle opening, leering at my ass.He... Continue»
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