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My shemale neighbor part 1

hello guys and gals this is a fantasy I had when I was in high school hope ya'll enjoy.

"Good Morning class today we have a new student" our teacher said. "Hey my name is Sabrina and I'm from California" said the new k**. She then took a seat next to me. She looked at me a said "Do you live in Hollow Creek". "Yeah I do" I answered. "Cool can you show me what bus to get on after school" she asked. "yeah no problem" I responded. Sabrina was a cute girl stand at 5 feet 8inches she had a butterfly tattoo on the left side of her neck, her boobs were c cups, and she had a cute bubble butt.

Af... Continue»
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A Fat ASS ;)

I remember I was fresh out of college and my wife wanted to visit her f****y. We drove the long drive and when we made it it was rewarding to see her hot mom because she was so much taller than I was. My face came up to her breasts and if I hugged her normally I would be hugging her ass. She was In shape for her age and height which was awesome. She is a modest lady and always wearing a silky black dress which hugs her wide hips and dips inside her cheeks. She has bent down in front of me many times to pick up stuff from the floor and it was tempting every time to reach and get a nice gentle g... Continue»
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Hotel Slut:
I take you to the hotel for some fun. So I decide to tie you down to the bed like a dirty sissy slut like you should be. I strip you naked and tie you down on your back with your head over the edge of the bed. This leaves your mouth open so you can be face fucked and the big cocks that will be coming can slide down your throat. I leave you there and go down to bar, but I leave the shades open so anyone passing by can see what a sissy slut you are.

I go to the bar and run across a group of men in town for a convention. Knowing that conventioneers are always horny and looking for... Continue»
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Amy's Return

The phone screen displayed Amy's name, I had not spoken with her in months, my curiosity piqued I took the call but let her speak first.
"Hello Daddy" her voice low and sultry the way I taught her.
"Hello Amy, I see that hunky basketball player dumped you."
"Uh, what, how did you....huh?"
Ah the youth, so predictable. But I suppose I was no smarter when I was her age, looking back on those times, yes, I was just as dumb. "Because I know you my dear, remember I was the one that taught you. You were always my favorite." Trans girls like real girls love compliments and she was one of the s... Continue»
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Rare chance

I needed to go into work to complete a project, on a Saturday, expecting to be the only one in the building. When I got there, I was the only one there. It was a single story building ad the windows were closer to the ceiling so no one could see in or without climbing on something first. It held only two separate businesses, one related to advertising and one was for insurance.
I had worked for about an hour when I heard a knock on the door. Since I was alone, I asked who it was. And it turned out to be Jeff, one of the younger Insurance agents next door. I opened the door and Jeff was sta... Continue»
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A Steeler Visits Charleroi, PA

A Steeler visits Charleroi, PA

By Buck Jones

A Love Story

Victor Strelsky at 26 had reached his dream of being drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers. His dad had begun promoting his football abilities in the eighth grade. He had a gift. He found the ball and the ball found him. Victor sailed through high school into college on his athletic abilities. Turning pro was the natural step in Victor’s career. There was just one glitch: Victor is gay and he knows well that gay doesn’t play well in the NFL. Victor has become the supreme actor, convincing himself that his dating is serious an... Continue»
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I watched as my sons football team made the winning play, jumping up and cheering along with the rest of the crowd of parents, faculty, students and locals who'd come to see the game. My son had done a great job tonight, and hopefully would be offered a scholarship. My wife couldn't come tonight, our younger daughter was home sick, so I had come alone to the game. I gathered my coat and walked to the back of the stadium, waving at my son as I passed. The crowd thinned out quickly, the cool temperatures rushing everyone back home.

Standing along one wall I saw a woman walking toward... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction

I met a beautiful young woman on here the other day and to my surprise and joy, I discovered she was not very experienced and wanted a mature man like myself to give her pleasure like she has only dreamed of having to this point in time.

We role played and talked some things out and… well, this is how she would love for it to happen!!!


I finished my last set of lifts in the hotel gym and was headed to the sauna when I saw her. She was climbing out of the pool in a turquoise tw... Continue»
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Being trapped, a rewarding experience

It was many years ago, I was a newly minted Sargeant in the Army and was on a 48 hour pass in Bangkok. I was celebrating being promoted and had a few bucks in my pocket and a massive hard on. I went down to pig alley and went to several bars where the local girls were doing their version of Go Go dancing. Most were without tops and their small breasts with erect nipples were glistening with sweat in the tropical heat. My cock was certainly not softening in that atmosphere. A fairly tall girl approached me. I am a nipple fan and her's were extended a full inch above her small but firm bre... Continue»
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It was early June. The days were warming up but the nights were still cool. It was Friday, a perfect reason for not going to work. You wanted to get out and explore, check out some new trail up by the mountains that you hadn’t hiked before. You set out a little after 12 and got on the trail by 1. About an hour into your hike we bumped into each other. I was hopelessly lost and not very competent with a compass. You didn’t mind helping me because I was decent looking and friendly yet a little shy and slightly boyish. After your tutorial I asked you if you wanted to continue to hike the... Continue»
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the wife and her s****r..

it was a Friday night and the the wife's s****r was visiting us as she was going through a rough patch with her husband, we were sat having a drink and the door bell went, Susan asked my wife Jane who could that be? Jane looked at me and i looked puzzled then i remembered i had rang Ged to come over and have some fun with the wife and i, it totally slipped my mind.

i looked at Jane and said it was Ged he was popping in for a drink with me! i answered the door and i shut it behind me and told him what was going on he said it was ok he would come again another night, i said no do come in for... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part 2

Jenny, Mum and Dad.
Part two
When Sharron felt Brains cock twitch against her and saw the look on his face she snapped him back to reality and said, “What the fuck are you thinking?” He look at her and said, “I think that she might have heard us and it might have turned her on or she’s just horny like you and needs to do herself before going to bed. I don’t fucking know.” Sharron wondered the same thing but had to ask about his twitching cock.

He now had that guilty look on his face and said, “Look at her. Look at how beautiful our daughter is. Look at what she’s doing and don’t tell me ... Continue»
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fucking for money

This story was shared to me by one of my friends. She is a tall busty blonde, she has a nice ass and a pretty face.
She was f***ed into marrying someone she did not love for financial profit. Her father established that she'd marry one of his business parteners.
She found out this about a year before the wedding. Her parents left her to finish her studies and even gave her total fredom.
At first she was just partying with her girlfriends but one night she met a guy. He was a rich guy, a "bad boy". She knew hes bad news but she insisted on getting to know him. She tolk me that in the same n... Continue»
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In the tub

Our neighbor down the street was a single old lady in her sixties. I called her Miss Mae. At the time I considered her kind of feeble but that was just because of her age. My mother encouraged me to do things for her that she couldn’t do for herself and I often was over there to do odd jobs and sometimes she would keep me there just to chat. I might unload groceries from her car or use a ladder for things or change faucet washers or plant a bush.

Our relationship changed when I was older. It was not unusual that when I was over there that I would have to pee. Miss Mae always wanted m... Continue»
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butt rub

I had always been helpful to my neighbor, Mrs. S., a widow thirty years my senior. She would have me doing things that she couldn’t handle herself and couldn’t afford to pay for. I was glad to be of service. I was middle aged and she was really up there. As people often do, we often talked about ailments, aches and pains. One day when she sensed that I was holding back, she insisted I tell her what was troubling me. I finally told her. I had been troubled for months by an itchy butt, that at first I wiped myself too hard, then, later wiping was not enough. I would often have to get up... Continue»
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Class was halfway finished  and I was buzy staring at the white board blankly as the teacher keeps on explaining and writing down work ,boring me sooo much ,then I felt my phone buzz, I pulled it out and i got a text from you:

"Baby help! Im in the girl's bathroom ,I need your help , ill explain later , juzt please come baby :( "

I then thought of a plan to get out of the class, so I asked the teacher if I can go to the infirmary to rest a bit , cause I'm not feeling too well, she luckily bought my act and let me out with a pass

Then I ran as fast as i could through the hallway to th... Continue»
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The Trilogy Pt 3

The Trilogy, Part III
A Rough Morning
It was just how you liked it that morning, and I was more than glad to give it to you.

“Let me go to the bathroom and I’ll be right back,” you say, climbing out of the bed and make it to the bathroom. You leave the door partially open and it makes me realize just how much that is arousing me. You are very aware that it has been a tremendous interest for me for years and you know that this is a good way to get me going.

I waited for you to open the door to the bathroom and catch you off guard. I take you by surprise by pushing you against the bathr... Continue»
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The Trilogy Pt 2

The Trilogy, Part II
Into The Night

An unknown time has past after our post coital haze cast its spell on us. I open my eyes. It’s still dark with the exception of the street light passing through the window across the bed, softly lighting it on a pleasantly warm evening. I am facing the wall opposite of the windows. There’s a tender breeze bathing the bed, slightly moving the sheer lace curtains as they move to and from the window casings. Thoughts roll through my head while I’m still foggy. I look at the clock and realize it is only half way through the night. I’m very glad that I... Continue»
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The Trilogy Pt 1

The Trilogy, Part I
Short, Sweet, Romantic

The silent song of true love and dedication is playing swiftly as we are locked arm to arm, eye to eye; heart to heart. We begin dancing wistfully as if the sound was the aria of our lives. Can you just imagine us dancing together in such a sound of solitude? Just you and me in a silent room, all alone. Slowly I begin to undress you, my arms making gentle moves as they caress the skin below your shirt until it lies on the floor. I gently push you sweat pants down until they join your shirt on the floor. You step out of them with haste and I ... Continue»
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Tracy Plud 2 Ch 2: Angela

Angela stepped off the curb and crossed her way over to the park. It was a warm, yet somewhat muggy night, which was uncommon for mid-April. Her long shirt hung widely and low which accentuated the width of her hips, but concealed the pudge of her belly that protruded over and rested on top of her waist. The way everything under her shirt appeared outwardly hid the most recent changes in the way her girth was presented. She wasn’t exactly happy with her new appearance over the last couple of years, but it wasn’t enough for her to stop appreciating it and playing with it as a sexual wond... Continue»
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