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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 3

Jake met his friends at the bar and after ordering a cold one He decided to return Allyson´s calls. But she wouldn´t answer.

The girl was busy packing up her things in his room, totally ignoring her cell phone, totally ignoring her cell phone. She was done crying and now anger began to take over.

“Son of a bitch!” – she cursed as she took the books she had lent him even if he Jake was not the kind of guy who actually enjoys reading. That would be me.

Her tea was getting cold in the kitchen so I decided to take it t... Continue»
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My First Gay Time

This describes my one and only gay experience with another man. It is a mixture of fact and fiction, but mostly fact.

Many years ago I was staying overnight with a friend at his parents’ house. He had recently told me he was gay. I told him I wasn’t gay but that we could still be good friends. We shared a double bed that night. I had no intention of having sex with him, but things don’t always happen as one intends.

As I lay beside Pat, I couldn't help but think about him being gay and me laying beside him under the covers in my t-shirt and jockey shorts. I laid very still beside ... Continue»
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Introduction to Bi

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An open-minded young man is introduced to bisexuality by a sensuous couple I was 29, and still recovering from my fiancée's breaking up with me. I hadn't dated in many months and found it difficult to motivate myself to get out of the house, so when I saw an ad for a weekend seminar on personal goal-setting, it sounded like a good way to break out of my rut and be among people again, and maybe learn something us... Continue»
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Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 2 and 3)

Reverse Cuckold Surprise (Part 2 and 3)

Note: The following story is a work of fiction. All events depicted are just fantasies.

Part 2-
The next morning I woke up before my wife did. I went to pee and started remembering the night before. My wife had gone out on a "date" with another man. Then, she told me about sucking the guy off. The oral sex part wasn't true, but it was a wild cuckold fantasy of mine, and it turned into great sex. After the sex, just before we went to sl**p, she said she wanted to talk to me about "this" (meaning my dream of her having sex with other men) when ... Continue»
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Just a dream?

I woke up to a wonderful scene or so I thought, because everything seemed so real and nothing was out of the ordinary. My wife and I were getting ready for bed as usual and kissed goodnight and I left to shut the door because we slept in separate beds, not because we don't love each other, but because I snore and it's just a win, win situation. As I am walking back to my room I notice my friend sobbing a little in her room. My wife, her friend, and I graduated college together and couldn't find that dream job so we decided to move in together, work odd jobs and split the bills up. We have live... Continue»
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Older man Frank Part 1

Fictional story. I'm from germany, please take that into account while reading my english story ;-)

So this would be the place where I would have sex with a man for the first time I thought, while entering the weekend house of Frank, the old man, who I met on the internet…
But let’s start from the beginning. I am a 25 year old student who loves girls, especially when I see a hot girl on the street I instantly think about what I would do with her. But for a while, I think about having sexual contact with men, but only older men. It all began with wanking myself while thinking about being na... Continue»
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For Kaytelee2002 my little slut !!!!!!

"Please, Sir. May I cum?" She begged desperately, testing the restraints and hoping he would finally allow her desires. Eyes wide and pleading like her long slender legs, she had started dripping in anticipation, as if her body believed that a more attractive home for his torments would somehow earn her an orgasm. Unfortunately for her, this was not the case.
"I've taken my time to make sure you feel the pleasure you've earned. Made you nice and comfortable with these ropes. Even made your pussy nice and needy for me. Still, after all this you ask for more? Don't you appreciate all the litt... Continue»
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My Wife's Best Friend

bisexual wife - threesome – fmf – friend - swinging – bikini – facesitting


When I stepped naked from the bathroom and strode into the living room of our small apartment, as I did every morning, I was shocked to discover that my wife, Brooke, was not the only one sitting on the couch in the living room. Beside her sat her best friend, Nikki, and, wow, was I giving her an eyeful!

Besides my slim and somewhat muscular body, I was showing a shrunken four-inch version of my eight-inch long cock which I knew was four inches more than my wife was comfortable with me showing her ... Continue»
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Lor and I went into our flat leaving Olivia sunbathing in her lacy pink bra and panties

My wife Phil came home and came into the sitting room where I was watching porn
"Hi darling your favorite girl,Olivia is putting on a sexy show next door" I informed her
Phil was wearing a black cross over dress which was held closed by a small bow
As she walked it opened and revealed her skimpy red satin panties and her matching red
frilly see through bra as she rushed up stairs to,look out the bedroom window
As I entered the bedroom Phil was watching
Olivia bent over her young schoolgirl daughte... Continue»
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Shemale Surprise

anal – shemale – transgender – transsexual – oral – pantyhose – first time – stockings – wedding – lesbian

"You can stay with Robert if you wish," Mary said on the phone.

I looked up from my laptop where I was pretending to be working when, in reality, I was reading, for the hundredth time, the brilliant novella 'Shemale School: a Teacher Seduced'. The story had created a new obsessive fantasy I had never even considered before: to be with a Shemale.

I even contacted the authoress to tell her how much I enjoyed it, and have since became one of her editors. I had just finished e... Continue»
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Third party story

This is a third party story (so bear with me) told to me by a friend (who I trust) about a lesbian experience he and his wife had with a waitress. The story is embellished (a little) by me but is as accurate as I can remember?

For the sake of the story let’s call my friend Andy, who I’ve known for many years and his wife (not real name) Jane. Jane is a woman you would notice in a bar she has a great figure (often wondered what she’d look like naked) she’s pretty in her early fifties and very caring person. Jane is always well turned out and looks good casual or dressed up. The image you n... Continue»
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Art Class

bisexual - mfm - anal - bottom bitch - panties

David LaValle was the type of guy that everyone gravitated to. Handsome, out going, talented, confident, sexy. Not macho sexy, just good looking soft-spoken, mysterious sexy. Our sophomore year at college in Vancouver we ended up in art class together. For all his magnetism he gravitated to me. He was a wiz at art & drawing; I struggled. He could whip out drawing after effortless drawing while my efforts were slow, plodding & amateur.

Regardless, he befriended me and do not make my feel bad about my artistic shortcomings. Many people ... Continue»
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а человека (ты и твой друг). Один из вас – ведущий, другой – ведомый. Ведомый называет любой предмет, на который падает взгляд. Ведущий начинает показывать, что с этим предметом делать – найти ему аналогию, обобщить до более высокого уровня, разобобщить до более низкого. Чтобы делать это молча, очень хорошо подходит такая система знаков: большой палец вверх – обобщение, вниз – разобобщения, вбок – аналогия. Делать упражнение с 1 предметом около 5 минут, стараясь переходить между классами очень быстро, а не путешествовать только вверх-вниз по посуде. Потом вы меняетесь ролями.

Это упражнение... Continue»
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My best friends mother part 3

I decided to take Lucy (my girl friends little naughty s****r) to my best mate dave's house. It wasn't planned we were just driving by and we had some time to kill.
We got the and parked up and we walked up to the door and rang the intercom. Dave's mother answered and let us in. We got in and sat in the kitchen at first and Miss Brown dave's mother offered us a drink and sat down and said "dave's out for the day but you two can stay for a while if you want'. I took her up on her offer and me and Lucy went to the living room and turned the TV on.
We sat watching Tv for a while and then i nee... Continue»
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My best friends mother wants it PART 2

She saying "what are you doing little boy, your gonna make mummy cum",
I say "mummy needs a fat cock in her wet pussy",
she said,"no no no you can't" .
I continue to play with her pussy then put her in a head lock and said "this is you re-match", we wrestled a bit, she got out of breath so easily got her on the floor on her back. I kneeled down over her and pin her arms then counted to three. She said you win again, but instead of getting up i got both her big soft tits out instead. She said "you dirty boy,can you handle them", i didn't answer i just unzipped my jeans and got my... Continue»
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Taking it in the butt: Part II. By a real dick..

Getting my butt pounded by the Dom girl was one of the most exciting things I ever did. My butt was sore for 2 days. I loved the soreness. Every time I sat down I was reminded of taking the rubber cock a little too deep.

We texted about the experience over the next few days. And the one day, out of the blue, she asked if I was ready to get fucked by a guy.

I was apprehensive at first, but she told me she showed him my pictures and that he was excited. He wanted my ass. She then sent me a picture of him. He was tall and lean, with dark hair. Slightly older than me. His cock was shaved, ci... Continue»
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Teri and Tom

Being on display in public is an interesting experience! Especially when you know someone out there is examining you but you can't see them. But that is what Teri and Tom had requested. They are somewhere in this place looking at me, judging. Am I worthy, sexy enough? Teri and Tom are a cuckold couple in their forties. We had hooked up through a website/email invitation. She had though my profile was hot and my photos sexy. But she also wanted to see me in the flesh, in a public place. I had reviewed their profiles and here we are….
Suddenly from behind me, a male voice, "May we join you?"
... Continue»
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Operation dress for success

It has always been a fantasy of mine to watch my wife pick a man up at a bar take him home and fuck him while I am watching from a closet (we have had threesomes but never just me watching w/o him knowing I’m there), so after many discussions about it she has agreed to try it. She even came up with a code word for our plan, its called operation “Dressed for success”.

We now start making plans on how to accomplish this. After talking while on a road trip, we come up with the location that we think might be best and even came up with hand signals in case one of us were uncomfortable with the ... Continue»
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Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy Lessons

By billy69boy

I was so engrossed in solving my daily crossword puzzle that I hadn't noticed my young neighbor approaching.

"Good morning, Mr. Gaines! You're up early today," the sweet voiced girl called out cheerily. I immediately looked up from my newspaper and instinctively closed my legs so as not to embarrass the girl, or myself, for that matter.

"Hello Kendra, how are you?" I had forgotten that school was done for the summer, and as in years past, Kendra had come over to do some sunning and make use of my pool. I hadn't seen her in a bikini since last se... Continue»
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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 4 of

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 4 of 4

Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a f****y pool party.

Part 4

Rick held Kimberly's back against him. His arms under her knees, spreading her legs wide open. Both men were rock hard and wanting a release. Mark saw the opportunity and slid into the warm pool water.

“Man, you really did a number on her.” Mark laughed.
“I’ll be honest with you, man. I’ve been wanting to do this to her for a long time now.” Rick admitted.
“Yeah, you’re not alone there. Try living with her. Blue balls every day seeing her wal... Continue»
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