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The dressing room

We were both stunned when the gallery in New York suddenly began selling my work for such a large amount of money. I am a very simple girl that has never had a lot of money. For god’s sake I had never even been on an airplane or in a major city. Being in new York and seeing my art on display in one of the most cutting edge galleries in the world was a shock for me. Suddenly I did have a small fortune to play with. I had no problem parting with the money because I knew my work was in high demand. You could tell I didn’t like the city very much. In many ways I was quite miserable being sw... Continue»
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A Mother's Love know no bounds

I don't know how you would classify this story, as a fetish or simply a mother's love, one step too far.

I am a woman in my mid thirties, in my sexual peak, not too overly obsessed about my looks, and if I am honest with you, I do feel dissociated from men, but at the same time aware of their sexual desire for me.

Some might classify me as a tease, and again if I am totally honest, I am a woman who does masturbate a lot, sometimes averaging three to four times daily, a little obsessive I agree, but I never seem to hurt from such excessive vaginal manipulation, I feel pleasure, on a const... Continue»
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Judy from Golds Gym

Judy from Gold's Gym (Part 1)

Hi all,
My name is Jake. I am 25 years old, and have never had any interest
in women that are "Grannies". They just never turned me on.
I actually engrossed myself in my work in materials management for a
manufacturing company, and never really had time for a long term
relationship. However, I met Judy while working out at my local Gold's
Gym, and she changed my thoughts on older women. This story is
about the relationship I had with her while I worked that job.
I worked down the street from this Gold's Gym that was pretty plain.
It seeme... Continue»
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Public Blowjob In The Car

Mick and I went shopping at Harbourtown shopping Centre here on the gold coast march 2014 , we shopped for a couple of hours and then went back to the car .
We put the shopping away at then sat in the front seats and then I noticed mick looking down my top at one of my nipples which was peeking out a bit so I popped my tits out for him .
Mick then started playing with my boobs in the car in the car park and just as quick his cock was out and he was wanking away , this got me very excited so I started rubbing my pussy and as I was doing this there was an Asian lady standing right next to mick... Continue»
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Mother & Neighbor

Then he removed his la*ra from her mouth and said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with and then asked her to suck his balls and he guided her face to his huge balls, she took each of them in her mouth for about a minute and then he again put his dick near her mouth, this time without saying anything my mother opened her mouth without any resistance and took half of it in her mouth and held it like that and then pulled away and then in again, I c... Continue»
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Petra presents Penelope

Penelope is pretty. She is a blonde beautiful shy sexy student. In Poland her name is Penelopa.
This is the story of her first experience in lesbian love with Petra, who hosted her in Holland.
Penelope first met Peter in the net. Peter speaks Polish and wondered how he could please her?

Penelope confessed she lost most of her interest in men in five years of making love with them.
That's where Petra took over. She is his grandd0d, who was raised by him from her earliest years.
She still often lives at his place, uses his computer, as she does not have her own, nor a phone.

... Continue»
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Hockey mom

This happened 2 years ago, and another true story. 100% true

I've know Liz and Ted (Not there real names) for at least 7 years I think. our youngest boys go to school together and have played hockey together for sometime.

Liz is 5.9 with blond hair brownish green eyes full figure large fake tits not sure how big but they are not her's and are very nice her Nipples are about an inch in length at all times longer when she is horny. Nice round bubble ass with long legs. I wouldn't say she was hot or beautiful. But there is something about her that makes men just wanna fuck her. So that I ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 4


I am always more nervous when Miss Zena comes to the apartments of my Mistress, Miss Karena. They are both young but Miss Zena is, in fact, six months Older. She is, therefore, that much more experienced. She is also more vicious and seems to be constantly egging my Mistress on to excess cruelties.
It was so from the very start.
I remembered the first day of my arrival. The day when I was given to this girl as her personal male slave. Can you imagine what it is like to be the possession ... Continue»
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I love to eat a woman with her straddling my face. Nothing turns me on more than that moment when her climax is all consuming and her need for release removes all rational and petty thoughts from her mind. Stabilizing herself on my forehead and thrusting her pelvis up and down into my face for her own selfish pleasure and needs, it is pure delight. 

The following is one of my favorite stories on that same subject that I like to relive in my thoughts whenever I need a little erotic escape. 

I had come home from the office early that day and went for a short run in the park. When I got bac... Continue»
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Driving to school when I see a girl chasing the bus she was wearings a pair of skinny jeans and a yellow tube top that looked like it was ready to fall off at any second as she jogged after the bus. She gives up trying to reach the school bus and sit down to take a rest and adjust her top and sexy black thong that rode up because of the running. I stopped and finally got a good look at how attractive she was. She had a her brunet hair in a braided ponytail and wore glasses. She had very large breast they had to be at least 36DD her top was really thin and it was chilly so her nipples erect.
... Continue»
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Best Halloween Ever

It was October and Halloween was coming up in a week. I love Halloween, I can dress up as whatever I want and pretend that I am someone else. And others can pretend that I am someone else as well. And with that being said I was going through a Goth phase. And so I thought it would be fun to dress completely different and go as glam as I could. I bought a sexy red dress and a blonde wig as I was a brunette at the time. With a new dress that meant I needed new shoes as well.
I came home a few days after buying my outfit and decided to try everything on and see how I looked dressed up like Barb... Continue»
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Babysitter Dominates my Wife Again.

Fiction, etc, etc. The is a first part to this if you're bothered enough to read it.

I lay in bed the morning after, the daylight filtering through the curtains giving enough illumination for me to see my wife’s peaceful, sl**ping face. You’d never think to look at her now that she’d been slapped by the babysitter last night, made to suck cock and eat pussy, to suck my spunk from the babysitter’s freshly fucked cunt. A few days ago this would’ve been unthinkable, but it’d happened and she’d thanked me for arranging it.
I’d dropped the babysitter, Danielle, off home afterwards and come ... Continue»
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Face Sitting

I love to eat a woman with her straddling my face. Nothing turns me on more than that moment when her climax is all consuming and her need for release removes all rational and petty thoughts from her mind. Stabilizing herself on my forehead and thrusting her pelvis up and down into my face for her own selfish pleasure and needs, it is pure delight. 

The following is one of my favorite stories on that same subject that I like to relive in my thoughts whenever I need a little erotic escape. 

I had come home from the office early that day and went for a short run in the park. When I got bac... Continue»
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My bro-in-law's second dip

As Indian’s do, after marriage, we all lived together as a f****y the first year, It’s so I got to know everyone at my in-laws. My both b*****r-in-laws and I became close friends and f****y. Few months after marriage I learnt from the older one that the younger one had a crush on me, which was cute I thought. As the years went on hubby and I moved out from his parents, the younger B*****r-in-law was growing up and his little crush on me either disappeared or maybe he just got better at hiding it. He was still sweet to me and on a few occasions I caught him stealing a glance here and there. But... Continue»
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Chapter 2: Mother and daughter bond over sex toys.

Chapter 2: Veronica borrows the toy.

The echoes of her mother's scream's still reverbrated around V's head. She was so wet and couldn't help but say yes. " Ok mum but I haven't even tried using a toy before. It's kind of silly but I don't want to embarrass myself in front of you - I might cum even harder than you just did!!"

"pffft don't be silly Missy, these toys will 100% make you cum and I'm here to guide so you shouldn't be worried. Put this way - if you want scream as deep and as loud as you want I dont mind

Veronica thought about it and smirked. "Well if that's ok then mo?"

A... Continue»
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My Little Sisters Sex Diary

A few years ago, I moved back in with my parents. I became depressed after the man I loved (supposedly) died while touring in Afghanistan, and I needed the support. When I moved back in, I discovered just how big of a whore my little s****r had become while I was away. (And how big of a slut she had been without my noticing.)

One Friday night she left to attend a college frat party while mom and dad went on date night. With nothing to do so early in the evening, I decided to do some chores. I had a light dinner, cleaned up, swept, and read to myself. It was typical until I got curious as to... Continue»
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The First Time

My wife Brenda and I parked our car at Sauton Sands Devon and walked along the beach until we found a secluded spot among the dunes. We had seen nudists on previous holidays but never felt confident to try it ourselves, but it wasn't to long before we were both naked, but sheilded by our straticly placed windbreak.
It must have been about an hour before I noticed a face between the grasses looking down on us. I wispered to Brenda, "we have company". To my surprise, she said "I know he's been there for about five minutes. I found this quiet a turn on. I imagined given this situation, she woul... Continue»
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Miss Marvel vs Dr. Evil

Previously, on “The Amazing Miss Marvel”: After pursuing Dr. Evil around the Universe and defeating his goons trying to defuse his plan to destroy the fabric of reality, Miss Marvel uses the powers of her Tattoo of Knowledge to discover the Doctor’s secret lair and pays him a visit.

“Freeze, Dr. Evil! Your plan is over. Surrender or face the consequences!”. Stated Miss Marvel after entering the Doctor’s Lab.

“You are a fool, Miss Marvel! Don’t you understand I needed you to come to my lab so I can harvest your powers and feed my machine! You are the last piece of my plan!”. Said t... Continue»
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Doctor student doctor part 2


As I lay on the exam table with my legs and feet up in the stirrups the five doctors stood at the end of the table. I has just had a breast exam by all five, my doctor and 4 students including one woman doctor. My ob/gym taught at the university and he wanted to have them observe and participate in an exam. Of course they all had or had seen a vulva but not in a formal exam. The doctor had just removed my gown as I reclined on the table with now my newly shaved pubic area exposed and very wet. I had consented to this situation because he asked me to assist him in helping trai... Continue»
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Chapter 1: Mother and daughter bond over sex toys.

Veronica lay on her bed and watched as Anita slowly undressed in front of her. The 53-year-old women mesmerized her daughter by gentle exposing her barely contained breasts under her bra. She eventually removed her demin jeans and allowed her daughter to see her fleshy camel toe bulge under her white panties. Anita’s slightly wrinkled skin glistened in the morning light perfectly exhibited her mature figure and this sight was clearly exciting and yet frightening for Veronica.

Anita noticed a slight reaction from Veronica and chuckled “Not bad for an older woman V? – Trust me you are going ... Continue»
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