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Helping my Neighbor

I needed some help one day. I thought maybe Alex would be home. I remember sucking his cock at Christmas. He tasted so good then maybe he will taste just as good now. I went outside to see if he was in his yard. I walked around for a little while and then I noticed him pruning some bushes. I yelled over and he got up and came over towards me. He asked if there was a problem. I didn't want to come out and say that I wanted his big cock. I said no ptoblem but I could use his help getting some boxes down from upstairs. He told me he would be right over. I told him just to come in and come upstair... Continue»
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pleasure for ass mm &mf (second part)

She licked her lips then put her tongue on the tip of my cock. She teased the hole before taking all of me in her mouth. I could feel the head of my penis against her warm, wet throat. She slowly pulled her head back, her tongue sliding against that vein until only the head was in her mouth. She began to suck as if she was giving me a hicky.

She pulled her head back and there was an audible ‘pop’ as my head came out of her mouth. She looked at me for a moment then reached into the night stand again. This time she pulled out a small tube of oral jel. She squirted some around my pee ho... Continue»
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Miss D.

It started when I was in junior year in high school in science class with Miss D. She was a cute blonde with shoulder length slightly curly hair. She stood at 5’4” tall and had small boobs to go with her tiny frame. She was perfection to me. She had the sweetest hint of a southern accent, and every time I heard her talk I would get weak in the knees. I was always one of the first to arrive in Miss D’s class. During test I would always raise my hand to get a little personal attention from her, even if I knew the answer. She would come over to my desk and get so close that I could feel her warmt... Continue»
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Chinese guy first time

A few years ago I was on a gay website and sent a few messages out but never really got much back as I really like Chinese and Oriental guys Got a few messages from Indian guys but not really interested. After a few weeks I stopped checking my profile and then months later I got a emal message that I had a message
Went and looked and it was from a Chinese guy, a student in the same town as me. I sent a reply and back came his e mail address. We swapped a few messages and he was intersted in the same things as me, wanking being nude, etc. I had fantasized for a while about meeting a Chinese ... Continue»
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Jessica's farm adventures Pt.3

By the time I was 15, having sex with Hardy was my only bad habbit, I would try new things, new and I enjoyed it every time. I made friends with this one girl from school named Sally who was about my age and she would come over to visit me at the farm every now and then. Nobody had found out about my dirty little secret including my new friend. Over the summer I turned 16, and about a month later I went into the barn early in the morning one hot summer day because I heard we finally bought some horses. Uncle had bought them from a friend of his who was selling his land and didn't have a place ... Continue»
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Valentine's Dinner with Sir

Valentine’s Day happened to pop up shortly after Sir and I began corresponding, and He suggested we take a break from our “First Night” adventures and instead focus on the holiday. He asked me to begin by describing a perfect Valentine’s dinner, and we took it from there. Needless to say, it got very hot very quickly.

A busy high-end restaurant where we have a booth, one of the round ones so we can sit next to each other. i'm dressed as You like; after some long and hard sex You have selected my clothing (of course this doesn't include a bra because my tits are w... Continue»
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one last fucking thought!!

One last fucking thought…
[/image]The stink of the room hung like wet velvet from everything. The days of unbridled lust still burning bright as Sadie the Cunt and Peter the Prick made their way through their own debauched bucket list. Now on the second hotel…well actually the third if you include the London tryst, where in fact the room was a virtual stank fuck toilet by the time they were done…
I sat straddling the luggage rack again…my half prolapsed very used holes hung low through the luggage straps, I watched him tie me to it …red rope…then my tits are bulging, veins throbbing, he’s... Continue»
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Accidental Shower

(MMF, wife-sharing, inc)
b*****r and s****r and her husband, a wild accident
turns into i****t and a threesome all wrapped up in

My b*****r, Tom, worked with my husband. They were
friends before I ever got married, always meeting after
work and having a couple of beers. As a matter of fact,
it was through Tom that I had met Doug. As time
progressed, it seemed that the two of them were
inseparable. In fact, Tom often spent the night, with
the two of them going to work together the next
morning, sharing the same car.

I came home from work one day, exhausted from... Continue»
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Uncle Steve

My 18th birthday is today, mom and dad have invited the whole f****y and some of my friends for my big blow out. Dad went to the airport to get my grandparents and my Uncle Steve from Florida. Mom's parents are already here. Granny is helping mom in the kitchen and gramps is helping my b*****r Sam put up the tables and chairs.

I look at myself in the mirror and say this weekend will be the best. I'm getting my shorts on and look at my breasts in the mirror. Nice firm mounds with perky nips. I circle my nips then pinch them as they grow harder. I squeeze my mounds and pinch again. I'... Continue»
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A Sixth Sense

Damon pulled up to the office an hour late. As he walked through the office everyone said "Good Morning" as he walked briskly toward his office. Jesse followed him back with his messages. He had no sooner sat down when she appeared in front of him.
"Brad called and wants you to call him back as soon as possible." She was nervous and Damon could tell.
"What's wrong Jesse?"
"Nothing. I think he sounded angry."
"Fuck Brad. Let him stew. Come over here honey." She smiled and moved around his desk. He reached out and caressed her hips. "I miss you. I want you to go to lunch with me."... Continue»
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Dancers Debut


Jennifer never thought it would come to this. The
21-year-old college junior had no idea it could feel
this wonderful. A virgin up until about a month ago,
she had had a couple of relationships with guys, not
quite going "all" the way but getting far enough to
get turned on every now and then.

She had had orgasms in the past, masturbating whenever
she thought she needed the release. The guys she had
been with had touched her. She had been topless and
had her large nipples sucked on more than one occasion
and even let one of them lick her clean-shaven pussy.
She h... Continue»
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A Cousin's Love

(mf-teens, inc)
With a loud sigh, the slender, tall handsome man lifted
himself up on his hands and knees; his back bowed
slightly as he looked down beneath him. There below his
hard, flat stomach he could see the thick furry shaft of
his huge cock just before it disappeared into the
loveliest woman he had ever seen. As he slowly, but
firmly thrust his hips upward, causing that fat shaft to
sink into the dainty little body, he felt the woman lift
her body up off the bed in an effort to receive as much
of his cock as she possibly could.

The two lovers were together again. ... Continue»
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Rene & Me Chapter 3

My uncle Bernie was all too anxious to know what happened when Rene woke me. As soon as Rene's foot had stepped off of our back steps, Bernie was in my room asking what he wanted. I looked up and my sexy uncle was standing in the door way. He had removed all of his clothes except his tiny bikini briefs. His cock was hard and the head was protruding out the leg hole. It seemed to be oozing pre cum. "So........spill,". he asked. "No......Why?....... I mean what's up with you and Mom wanting to know two don't tell me everything you do.," I replied. Bernie actually blushed, "We... Continue»
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Andrea, Andy and Me

(MMF, wife sharing)

At the time I write this story Andrea, (My wife)
is 36 years old, and quite a knockout. She's always
been into bodybuilding and has been a runner since she
was a k**. With all of the attention that she has given
herself, it really shows. At her age she still has a
hard body, and a deep rich "California Girl" tan. Her
chestnut hair is beautiful. And her dark brown eyes
seem to see right through me sometimes. My Andrea is a
beautiful "self made" woman that any man would be proud
to call wife.

It is funny the effect one person can have on
another. ... Continue»
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A Brother and Sister on Holiday

Their parent's holiday in Spain is ruined when their
father breaks his leg. So 18 year old Ryan and his 17
year old s****r Clare go instead. Although they
intended to enjoy the holiday in their own way, the two
find that they want to spend all the time with each
(MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, rom)

"Wow, Clare, this is some apartment," gasped Ryan as he
unlocked and pushed open the door of the timeshare
apartment, between Malaga and Marbella on Spain's Costa
Del Sol.

"Gosh it is super," replied Clare.

The two explored the apartment and discovered that
... Continue»
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A Modern Love Story


God, there has to be an easier way to make a living.
Dave Parker was on his back in the loft of an old
detached house in Surrey. The owner, who had recently
been widowed, was having some work done on the house
before she put it on the market.

The Private House Sale Act of 2007 compelled the vendor
to indemnify the purchaser of a property in the event of
any major work needing to be done in the two years
immediately after the sale. It was possible to get
insurance cover for this contingency, provided the
property had been surveyed and subject to an approved
... Continue»
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Chrissys proposal (sequel to nude beach dream)

I had to swallow hard when my dream came back to me with a flash. I stood at the door for a few seconds before I could compose myself and invite her in. This wasn’t the Chrissy I remembered. The Chrissy I remembered was a young girl that loved to come visit me and play with my two cats. Sometimes she would stop just outside the front garden on her little bicycle and watch the kittens. Yes, it was that long ago.

This was a different Chrissy. She was about 175 and it looked like her long blonde hair came down half of that. She was wearing a thin summer dress that reached just above her knees.... Continue»
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Valerie's First Flashing

This is a true story about a trip to London with my girlfriend. I’ll try to tell it as it happened and as I remember the day as, it was very unexpected. It was the start of a sort of freedom for us which we developed between us over time.

This took place on the late 1980’s.

Valerie and I had departed Bristol for a trip to London, there was a dinner dance for a works do and we were staying in a London hotel. Valerie was excited at the opportunity for a night away. She was very reserved and had a posh accent having gone to one of Bath’s better girls schools, she is quite petite about 5’ f... Continue»
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The title of this story isn't really accurate as I wasn't fucking Uncle Bobby see Uncle Bobby was fucking me! He wasn't really my uncle he was just my mother's boyfriend but he lived with us so it was kind of like he was my Dad I really like him a lot he gave me lots of attention and took me places and gave me money for doing chores for him he really was a good guy! He had a boat and it was a nice one too he kept it docked at the Marina and one weekend he asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him well I loved to fish and I loved boats so hell yes was my response and we set out to go fishi... Continue»
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Jessica's farm adventures pt2

I woke up the next morning eager to have Hardy's stiff cock shoved back into my pussy and I knew that my uncle wasn't gonna be done with him for at least two more hours since they were moving around the cattle. As the morning went on i tried to watch tv or do anything to make time pass quicker anxious to play with my new best friend Hardy and this time will be even better since I already lost my virginity to him yesterday in the fields. My pussy was aching for attention so I locked my room leaving the tv on and I took off my shorts followed by my panties letting them fall to the floor. I jumpe... Continue»
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