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Midnight walk on the beach

My air conditioning broke last week and my house was as hot as hell so I decided to go for a midnight drive. I drove to 7-11 for a Big Gulp and then made my way to a small secluded beach near my house. There was only one car in the parking lot when I pulled in, but the beach looked empty. It was a cloudless night, and the moon was full so it was actually not all that dark out. I decided to go for a walk on the the beach. I left my sandals in the car along with my t-shirt. All I had on was a pair of athletic shorts - no underwear. I walked down the shoreline to the far end of the beach... Continue»
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Fucking Christine

Fucking Christine
Christine was a full figured sex bomb. She had long brunette hair and a nice set of tits. She had deep grey eyes and was one hot Mexican bitch who wanted to fuck me off. I remember dancing with her, and my hard on bulging between my pants. Her pussy probably got real wet from my manhood. I waned to cup her ass cheeks in my hands and ram my tongue down her throat.
I can imagine having her hot pussy—fucking off together. We’d start frenching and grinding on each other, she can’t wait, so she reaches into my pants and pulls out my erect dick. Stroking it hard, she gets on her... Continue»
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Fucking Andrea Remix

Fucking Andrea Remix

It was one of those weekend nights when Andrea and I were separated but still fucking each other. I had called her a few times and she had called back several times too. One night I recommended we get together and see a movie. During the conversation it turns out that we don’t have enough time, so I invite her to come over my place to watch a video. She says yes.
We meet up later near the grocery store and hook up. I buy her some Coronas and I get myself some wine coolers. We keep talking, not disclosing how horny we are. I drive her over to my studio apartment. It wa... Continue»
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The crazy sex

my girlfriend and her mom. We just went in city for shopping, food, ect. At Walmart, after I walked off from my girl to go piss, I came back and she hadn't seen me. I wanted to see how she would react to this. I walked up behind her and grabbed a big handful of ass and rubbed my hand down her thigh. She was wearing some extremely short shorts, yes jean daisydukes pretty much. She freaked at first and then realized it was me and then she was ok. I continued to give the little gestures of getting her excited.. the usual. My arm around her hip would slide down her thigh with a little pressure. Sh... Continue»
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Drink or Dare

crossdressing – threeway – first time – oral – anal – strap on

Ever since I was a c***d I had always fantasized about being a girl. Every chance I got I would sneak into my moms closet and try on her panties, slips, nylons and dresses. The feel of the sheer silks and nylons against my skin would drive me crazy. When I hit puberty and discovered the joys of masturbation these two activities seemed to combine perfectly. So much so that while jacking off dressed as a girl I would fantasize about being sexually used by men. Eventually I felt I needed a real life person to place my desire... Continue»
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Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way - chapter 2

bisexual - mfm

I remember dreaming a good dream, about my wife. About how she called me her faggot and I called her my dyke. I remembered that it actually had happened.

Have you ever had those mornings where the first thing you feel when you start to wake up is your hard cock? Well, that is the kind of morning I was having. I could feel my 6" cock pulsing through the restrictive bedsheets.

I reached down to touch myself, but I couldn't. Then I tried my left hand, but that didn't work either. It felt as though something was holding me down. I opened my eyes, but everything was s... Continue»
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First meeting with married dom

I had met a few guys off various chat sites as I started to finally explore my bi side. Most of them were married guys like me. Those sessions were over all too soon, nothing more than fumbles and the occasional suck which usually ended when I made the other man cum. I was looking for more, a fuller experience, one that would include getting naked with a man, maybe a man that was a bit more dominant than the nervous, tentative guys I had met previously.

I started chatting online with an older guy named Chris. He told me he was also married, but seemed much more experienced and relaxed t... Continue»
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the world's luckiest gigolo PADF PF PF..

 Importance of Great PF Music PF flow PF vibes PF
inc as I am in absolute harmonic PF musical bliss PF listening to Surf Shack radio inc Chris Rea "Looking for the Summer" Reversegangbangs PADF PF.. Yeah obviously gals love PF great PF musicians and even just brahs who appreciate and flow well avec / thus correlate to fun times inc partying and meditating avec harmonious tunes 
The Importance of Timing
Ode to ["Jeannette"] arguably the most mindblowing gorgeous woman who I have ever managed to meet, pick up easily repeatedly, have her rub her massively perfect medio size F natural tits in... Continue»
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prude spouse part 1

Andrea is going to be my wife.After so many years of refusal she finaly agreed to marry me,i can't wait to have sex with her,she is a vergin, at 24 she never had a boyfriend or anybody touching more then her arm,simply repulsing any physical contact.This was driving me mad with frustration but also with an immense desire for her slender legs n very perky, medium breast but above all was her prudence to excite me the most.Just 24 more hours and a dream will come true.Andrea decided the exact wedding date so that would fall on her most fertile time of the month. Now watching her while she is on ... Continue»
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Slutted out by the BBC that owns me

I’ve been Sir’s slut to call ever since he sent me the message on A4A telling me he wanted to **** my ass and make me his bitch. Since that night when he f***ed me down and stuffed 10 inches of cock down my throat and fucked my face raw I’ve been his bitch. He has always told me he was going to slut me out to other tops here but since he usually said it while he was fucking my cunt or watching me suck his cock clean after he had fucked me I figured it was just something that got him hot saying. I was wrong, a couple days ago I got a Whatsapp message from him short and simple as always, “what u... Continue»
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Time With Someone Who Adores Me and I Adore Equall

I didn't write this story. This is from someone who I adore and who knows just what I like and how to express it very well in writing.

I think about how good it would feel to kiss you, deeply and passionately, feeling you hungrily suck on my lips and tongue and hearing you groan. I think about lying on a bed with you and not worrying about time as we've got days together alone. I think about pulling each others clothes off and me savouring the moment where I unclip your bra and slip it off, followed by sliding your flimsy panties down your legs.

Then once we're both nake... Continue»
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Nylon footjob from wife

My wfie works at a place with a crazy (but awesome for my purposes) dress code. It requires women to either wear pants and a jacket or a skirt and a blouse. Since their air conditioning isn’t that great, coupled with people using space heaters at their desk anyways, it’s always hot. My wife, therefore, chooses the skirt choice, which also results in her wearing heels or wedges. In the winter it is even better, because if women wear a skirt, they have to wear nylons with them. For a heel/nylon guy, this is the one redeeming quality of winters around here. While everyone else puts their sexy sho... Continue»
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seducing the new girl

A new girl in the office is always is always good news for me as it gives me a chance of seduction, I love to be a straight girls first lesbian encounter and teach her all I know so when I heard a new girl was starting on, Monday morning I looked forward to meeting her.

I was in my office around 10 AM when there was a knock on the door I said come in and Sam my manager walked in with a very attractive blond and introduced her as Fay the new girl in purchasing so I stood up introduced myself and welcomed her to the firm, she looked to be in her mid twenties slightly shorter than me with a s... Continue»
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First time with my stepdad

We have a bar in my house and me him and my husband were drinking one evening. Well my husband had too much too fast so he went to bed and passed out. Me and my stepdad stayed awake. Well he started flirting and hitting on me and to be honest it was turning me on, especially when he'd do a little groping or grabbing. I noticed he had a huge bulge and said something like "looks like someone is getting excited!". He was like, "want to see just how excited I can get?". I remember biting my lower lip and was like "Maybe". Before you know it he's pushing me to my knees and I'm grabbing at this huge... Continue»
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NightClub Pt.1

Young Ted had a tremendously arousing and sensual experience just two weeks ago and it's time that you heard about it. The story begins with the young man walking home from a movie and seeing all the pretty girls going into the night clubs that line the streets on his way home. At each one he stopped and looked longingly at the pretty ladies. He couldn't help but think of all the fun they were having and all the sex the guys that got to go home with them were no doubt having. If only he could get inside one of those clubs!

The reason Ted was at the movie theater was because they only charge... Continue»
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s****r's Home Movies Ch. 03

"All I'm saying is that you are missing out on a lot of fun, Ron.
Dating is a ritual of growing up that you shouldn't just ignore."

I love my s****r but she could pick the most inopportune times to bring
up my lack of dating. Like this time, she was sitting astride my morning
hard-on, undulating her hips with an incredibly slow movement that she
called foreplay fucking. She said that in the absence of other foreplay
like oral stimulation, fingering, etc., this would build her arousal toward
a nice vaginal orgasm. Whatever, it felt great and I wished she would just
stop ta... Continue»
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s****r's Home Movies Ch. 02

"Don't look so forlorn, Ronnie," my s****r said, wrapping her arms
around me from behind as I stared out her living room window. "We both
knew this day was coming."

"I know," I answered quietly, placing my hands over hers. "I just
didn't think it would come so soon."

"None of us did." Maryanne rested her chin on my shoulder and I could
feel her breath on my neck. "Mark was as surprised as anyone when he
became part of the troop withdrawal."

"Don't get me wrong, s*s," I said, turning to face her. "I'm very happy
for you that Mark is coming home," I said, looking... Continue»
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s****r's Home Movies

Hi Geek!" Maryanne's voice came through the speakerphone, using the
nickname that she had affectionately called me for years. "I'm having
trouble e-mailing a video file."

"That's because of the blonde filter on your computer," I teased, using
a running joke between me and my older s****r.

"Blondes have more fun and geeks don't have a social life," she said,
which was her standard reply to any blonde joke. I don't mind the
nickname. After all, I was a serious computer gamer and, yeah, I guess, I
was a geek.

"The only reason blondes have more fun is because they are... Continue»
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25th Class Reunion

I have to be honest, when I first received the, 'hold the date' notice for my twenty fifth high school reunion, I deleted the e-mail almost instantly. As a forty three year old mother and career woman, I had left my school days far behind me. My f****y and I lived just over one hundred miles away from the town in which I grew up and I rarely went back to visit, particularly since my parents retired to Florida a few years earlier. If fact, I had not even thought of my alma mater in ages.

I know a lot of people look back on that time of their life with misty eyed nostalgia, but my high school... Continue»
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Episode 59 - Father's Day 2020

Mr Jones latest K1ddie-Synth Angie is working in the kitchen when his smart-watch detects the regular up and down movement of his left wrist, which can only mean one thing –he’s masturbating in bed again. Angie quickly scans all the household sensors, detecting Mrs Jones ‘exercising’ in the downstairs gym with her ‘personal trainer’ Teen-Synth Brian. She is teaching him the best anal penetration depth to maximise the length of her orgasm on the rowing machine. Brian is a quick learner, knowing just when pound her deep and slow or keep perfectly still and let her do all the work.

Angie pulls... Continue»
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