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The Hunt Part 1


“You have a good time, honey. I’ll see you on Monday.” Carla kissed Michael goodbye, off for his semi-annual hunting trip with his friends. Every six months like clockwork, he would leave on Thursday morning and return Monday afternoon. Carla knew it was more drinking and playing cards then hunting, but Michael was a good husband, and she respected the time he needed to bond with his male friends.
Michael met up with John and Sam on the outskirts of town, parking their cars in the airport parking lot, but then they all hopped into Michael’s car. It was about a three-hour drive before... Continue»
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Mom in the Hizzouse

I really should have thought twice when I accepted Mom's call. But, she'd been down since Dad left, and I hadn't been around to see her much, being busy with my own life.

She wanted to come Downtown for a girls weekend with me. Life in the burbs was apparently getting claustrophobic and she wanted to go shopping and whatnot. So, I invited her to come Friday after work, and stay the weekend in my tiny little apartment.

Friday night, and we went out for a drink in a swanky, but dreadfully dull hotel bar. As depressed as she was, she kept up good spirits, smiling and chatting away about... Continue»
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I stayed up pretty late last night, watching this movie so I slept in a little later than I normally would. I lie in bed on my back in a sort of half wake half sl**p frame of mind, just being lazy and loving it. Languishing in bed like this was very sensual and i started to feel the eroticism grow as well as my cock.
Suddenly the atmosphere in the room was different, nothing dangerous or threatening...almost like somebody else was there; but I heard no one enter the room, and no one else was in the house. I kept my eyes closed, still lan... Continue»
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Granny in the store

The wife was at work and I was doing the shopping, down one of the aisles was a slim mature woman trying to reach the shelf above her with difficulty. She was wearing jeans and a multi coloured slip type top, she was very attractive and pleasent. "Can you pass me a box from up there please" she said, "Certainly" I answered, and somehow we got chatting.

She was 62 and married, her husband was in banking doing a 9-5 job which left her on her own all day. As we chatted she bent down for something off the bottom shelf and she looked sexy from behind, "Do you like what you see" she said, "I cert... Continue»
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surprise by s****rs

I remember the summer my s****rs surprised me with their secret. I was the oldest c***d, and pretty much did anything I wanted. I was 2 years older than one of my s****rs and 3 years older than the other one. I was a typical 13 year old male, high sex drive and all. I would steal panties from my s****rs room to rub on my cock and balls as I masterbated. I went in and got a good dirty pair one day, and thought I would go to my shed and rub one out. I could smell the musk of the panties from my pocket as I tried to sneak out the back door past my s****rs. My parents were bar owners and were alwa... Continue»
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Mature and the ass virgin

It'll be around eight years ago now, when I was younger, 42. A couple were good friends of ours, still are today, but then we used to see them very regulary unlike today when it's monthly. One Sunday they were having a BBQ, so we went up and during the day it eventually came out that their youngest son had come out and revealed he was gay, he was 18.

A few weeks later I saw him walking home from school, "Jay" I shouted, as he came towards me I said "You sure you're gay", he said "No not sure I just think I might be", I said "Come down to ours and we can talk about it" "Ok" he replied. As we... Continue»
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Karen: The Nympho (Part 1)

The following stories are true, but some of the events have been changed to make it more wankable etc...

Its September 2000, im a 24 year old, who hadn't much sexual experience (Lost my virginity to girl called Claire when i was 21, and had few hand-jobs off a woman called Jayne who was 10 years older than me).
Then i met a girl called Karen in a bar near where she lived in a small town in south Manchester, she was 19, and was off big build but slim looking with blue eyes and short brown hair and what i could make out was a nice set of boobs under her top.
We chatted for ages & exchanged ... Continue»
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Innocence Lost - Ch1: The Beginning

Gwen and Pat had been best friends since kindergarten. Their Mothers even worked the same late shift at the local factory. Gwen's Mom was shift supervisor while Pat's worked on the assembly line. Now at the age of 14 the girls knew each other's most intimate secrets and no topic was taboo. Their usual chats were dominated by boys they liked and how far they would go given the chance. One night Pat mentioned "I think your Dad is the sexiest out of all our friend's Fathers. In fact I was talking to the other girls and we voted him our favourite FILF." More than a little shocked, Gwen felt a twin... Continue»
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My Blue Eyed Lover

It was around about December I was trying to get over someone I only had one date with so
I started going on other dating sites. This particular one was a sex site basically, I was
looking to hook up with a rich guy but it didn't turn out that way. There was one guy in
particular that I was talking to, he seemed nice, but I was talking to 2 other guys at the
same time on instant message. I wanted to tell them I had to go so I could focus on him.
We got along really well and he was telling me how much he loved my beautiful pictures.
I told him I liked his too he only had a few and wh... Continue»
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Uncle Ken

Uncle Ken

My mother’s suggestion that we accept his invitation for me to spend the coming two weeks of the spring school holidays with “Uncle” Ken pleased me. It was much better than being home alone in our small flat while she went to work each day. Besides Uncle Ken had always been nice to me. Whenever he visited us he usually gave me a small present. He owned a car too, which made him special to a teen year boy like myself.
Uncle Ken picked me, and my small suitcase, up early on Saturday afternoon for the drive to his place on the other side of the city. His home was to me a fantast... Continue»
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The Pool Party-Kristen Archives

By Parker

WARNING: This story involves rather a good deal of non-
consensual sex, humiliation and any number of other things
which should not be undertaken in real life. If you do not
want to read this sort of material, STOP NOW!

Copyright 1994 by me (Parker). Feel free to distribute
(unaltered of course), but be discrete.



No one was happy to see Jennifer.
Which, to an outsider, migh... Continue»
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Friday night home alone

Friday night home alone

That unforgettable Friday night I was home alone; Victor had left in the afternoon for a two days quick trip to New York.
After some light supper I went upstairs to enjoy a nice hot shower. I rinsed the bubbles from my hair, turned off the steaming hot water and stepped out of the shower. I covered my body with a soft bath towel and started to dry my curly hair.
But before finishing it I felt horny again and I put my left hand inside the towel, fingering my sensitive pussy lips. That night I was really fucking horny, although Victor had fucked me nice and sweet dur... Continue»
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Threesome fiction

So here is a story a wrote awhile back for my woman. I'm just curious what y'all think. Not claiming to be a writer or anything. So thoughts appreciated! And it is a fantasy, so hopefully sometime it can come true!

Threesome fun
You and I had been talking about experimenting with another woman in our bedroom. You asked me to look into finding a woman for us. I was super excited and ran to my laptop. I looked on Craigslist and found a few women in our area who wanted to join a couple in the bedroom. I emailed all of them and sent them pictures of us. I got a few replies, and then I kept ema... Continue»
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May's Taboo Chapters 3 and 4

May’s Taboo
Chapter Three

After getting dressed I looked at myself in the mirror and for an instant I hesitated about letting Mark see me dress liked this. Then I thought about the little show I just put on for Mark and I wondered if he went back to his room and started to jack off again. Summing up my courage I walked down the hall to Mark’s room and knocked on the door and at the same time I opened his door, walked inside, and ask him wha... Continue»
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Niagara (continued Chapter 39-Chapter 52)

Chapter 38.

I triggered Henri's private elevator and the doors eased to a meeting. I'd not waited their departure from the M1. I exited quickly but under control as the valet held my door open after graciously prompting me to take the key ring. "We have the duplicate, sir. How was your evening, Mr. Clarke?"

"Fine, thank you."

"Good night, sir."

I felt more than a tinge of embarrassment. Word must have filtered thru by now of our relationship. I tried to read the faces of the young men who seemed to swarm the M1. But, I found nothing discernable. Just genial smiles or an ear... Continue»
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fantasy cum true

To this point my stories are all true...tis one is a fantasy of mine...

My girlfreind is a sexy red head fitness nut killer muscular feminine body nice big melon sixe tits, flat hard abs tight ass and legs that could squeeze the life outa you, nice and shapely from doing lots of eyes bright red full lips, and bisexual nymphomaniac. I as well am a fitness nut at 6 feet 210 of ripped cut muscle short dark hair and a thight ass that likes a big solid cock as well...Im bisexual as well, but I havent told Heather yet. Most women get turned off at the thought of bi guys and sh... Continue»
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my first mature woman

my story

its about my sex live here on Curacao
this is one of my favorite mature story:

before the story begin let me tell you a little bout my self
i'm a youth rastaman living in the slum, skinny looking with a big fat smoke joint, yes, i have a big fat cock
romantic bout a dominant hung guy

so now that i have your attention let the story being

so one day i went to work after school, high in the cloud as always, there i saw a new woman working there, and my mind went pow!!
she's a hot chubby latina, small tits with a big ass, and with a very attractive face
she is in her ... Continue»
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Trying to get back into normal, turned into a thre

It could have been better but it's still good.

I'm not a big fan of my body at the moment. I have a belly pouch, stretch marks and huge and sloppy boobs. And they leak. Whenever Rita starts to cry, they start to flow. Better or worse right? He's my husband so he better enjoy the worse part.

We have the place to ourselves starting last Saturday through the end of this week. Saturday night I'm getting my man right where I like him. Plus we've hit the "week to 10 days" doctor advice. Also I'm getting a little bored sucking cock. While I think I've achieved expert status, enough a... Continue»
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My b*****rs Birthday Surprise

I decide to have a birthday party for my Twin b*****rs. The Party will be at my friends bar. It's this shitty little townie bar on main street right alongside the railroad tracks. I invite some of my b*****rs friends and cousins, and it's clearly a cock party, no girls other than ME. Tonight, I have dressed extra slutty, a rainbow colored halter top with no bra, (my god, my sweet titties are fighting gravity and losing their battle) and a short white skirt with no panties. As I stroll in all eyes are on me and I crack a cat that ate the canary smile. I lean in and give Scott a kiss, He runs t... Continue»
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Sawp Meet

A friend from work called me on Saturday afternoon.
"Hey man. What are you and your wife doing tonight?"
"Not much. Why? What's going on with you?"
"Well Cindy and I are meeting Hank and Joyce at The Corner Pocket Pub to play some pool. Why don't you guys stop by too?"
"That sounds like fun. We'll see you there."
So I called the wife and asked her if she wanted to go. When I got home she was soaking in the bath tub. I knocked and walked in to greet her.
"Hey baby."
I watched her as she ran a wash cloth over her beautiful tits. Then she arched her back and slid the cloth ... Continue»
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