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She is pretty little thing. About 5'3" , 115 and tiny little A cups that are mostly just nipple. She does have beautiful brown eyes.
We had met at lunch with some of my buddies. There were five guys and two girls, but she stood out. I was imidiatly taken by her as she was pretty shy and not the flirty slut that her friend was. I got a nice little handshake when she arrived, and a hug (and her e-mail) when I left about an hour later.
Her friend, is a pretty Hispanic girl who is a stripper and a fine piece of ass, but not a very nice person.
Tinkerbelle though, is a sweetheart. 19 years ... Continue»
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The day I totally submitted

I had to write about this before I get a shower and go to sl**p. I was invited over to Tim's house to watch the B-Ball tourney (28 year old that took my virginity). I was hoping for a little action because he told me to shave down and wear my red French cut panties. I was really disappointed when he came to open the door and I saw 3 guys sitting on the couch yelling and cheering at the Kentucky game. I thought my hope of getting some cock today was dashed but boy was I wrong. I didn't make it 2 steps into his house when the older of the 3 without taking his eyes from the TV said "get the fuck ... Continue»
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Extreme Maid Training with Mistress Madame C

Life has become an extremely busy in the C household – and, the general house slave as of late had NOT the met the high standards and range of ever changing skills set out in his contract. As a result -he was fired!
The household had to advertise for a new assistant; one with an open mind, one who was adept in the art of assisting Madame’s every whim and alternative lifestyle and, one who was aesthetically pleasing to Madame’s eye and that of her guests.
After many months of searching, the day finally came when a suitable match was sourced and arrived for an interview with Madame C.
Miss ... Continue»
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A nuns seduction

It was late July and s****r Joanne was walking back to the convent after inspecting the apple orchard. She would do this more and more frequently through summer, thinning the fruit and improving the crop. The orchard was some 2 miles from the convent and she enjoyed her walk as it allowed her to relax, and let her mind wander away from her religious teachings. Her route took her past the garden being worked by a middle aged gentleman who she recognized. It was the painter, Mr Robins, who was employed by the abbess to attend to the exterior or their buildings.
Mr Robins was clipping t... Continue»
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Rubber Slut Gang Bang with Mistress Madame C

I could not believe what I saw in a well-known ladies underwear shop today….
A rather handsome man blatantly sifting through silky lingerie sets-all in large and medium sizes, what was even more apparent was the bulge in his jeans as he was touching and feeling the textures of the clothes.
I boldly approached him and told him what I thought was going on….that he wanted to try on and wear what he was handling. He turned bright pink dropped his hands over his jeans and the bulge that was ever growing and finally admitted he fantasised about the texture of womans lingerie, rubbing over his coc... Continue»
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Enf***ed Feminisation by Mistress Madame C

Michael had worked as my general handyman around the house for at least ten years. He was a quiet soul, softly spoken, very much old school and so,so incredibly polite. I had never ever let him know of my passion for alternative kinky play, I didn’t think he needed to know however, certain items in the laundry room must of caught his attention at some time over the years he had worked for me..but, dear Michael, the polite gentleman that he was, had never ever said a word…he just carried on with his duties.Until…….
Last week I called on his services to repair a leaking pipe from the boi... Continue»
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Nipples And Titties by loyalsock

It all started as another typical shopping day at the supermarket. I wouldn't mind shopping, except that Carl and I work such long hours. I usually work at least 48 hours, and sometimes as many as 75, except for November and December, when I work more still. So you can see why I don't like spending much time on things like grocery shopping. I was mulling all of this over as I cruised the aisles, until something broke into my consciousness. A very attractive lady was coming toward me. She was wearing an extremely tight white silk top--she obviously had huge breasts and...her nipples were sticki... Continue»
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I challenged him

A two-week temporary roomie, who was connected to me through a mutual friend, a girl I had dated briefly some years back. He lived on the other coast, but was in town working for a two month run. His gig was now over, but he had some interviews to do in town for new work, and no place to stay. The old gig booked him out of his digs the day after he was released from the job.

Once Terese connected us, he offered me a nice sum up front to stay in my back bedroom for the 14 days he needed before heading back east. I was happy to have the extra cash, as well as the company, and he seemed prett... Continue»
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How I Started being an Exhibitionist

I was in my early forties when I finally succumbed to the urge to show myself naked to a strange man. I was always proud of my body, with my large breasts, thanks to my Greek grandmother, and my not-too-big other parts, thanks to my French grandmother, who I suspect also gave me my appetite for sexual adventure.

I always enjoyed surprising my lovers by letting a house-gown fall open when they least expected it, or let my tits show as I leaned over to pour their coffee at breakfast. Even after a night of being naked in bed together, the brief flash of my big tits was a great turn-on, for... Continue»
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Hillary by loyalsock

Hillary was getting bored. She sat staring off into space from her

dorm window. Today was one of the times she wondered what made her go

to school on the West coast. Far from home and few good friends, she

started to feel all alone among the native Californians.

As she watched the other students walk along the path below her window,

she suddenly caught her breath as around the corner came an incredibly

gorgeous guy. She watched intently as he walked by, admiring his sunbronzed

muscles rippling under his shirt, the muscular legs, firm ass, the confident

way he walked. Sh... Continue»
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Pizza Woman by loyalsock


I was in a rut. Another Friday night alone. Just like last Friday and the one

before that. Sitting here watching some stupid info-mercial aimed at inbred

trailer trash. My God- I was watching and thinking of buying the assinine

product!!! I needed to do something...quick. Hell, I’ll just get a pizza

and take it from there. Yeah, a pizza with everything.

With shaking hands and trembling fingers, I picked up the telephone and

triumphantly placed my order: "Three pizzas - the works, and a six pack of

diet coke." I impatiently waited for my gourmet feast to arrive.

Nee... Continue»
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Charlie, Bruce and Daniel had gave me a deal I was foolish to take, but if I did they would not m***** me for the rest of the year. I was to service their friends in the old boat house that was at the closed end of the lake on the next Saturday.

I had met Charlie and was lead to the boat house and told to conceal myself in a corner and when I heard the phrase there any fuck birds in here...I was to come out and do what ever I was asked. Of course Charlie had to sample the goods first. After Charlie was satisfied he left, I didn't have long to wait...I could plainly see a guy in his ... Continue»
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Making love with a friend

It was a winter afternoon in Arizona when I lost my virginity to a girl named Emma. At the time, we were merely k**s. I was 14 and she was 13. At the time, we had known eachother since I got into middle school. We even dated for a while until she moved to Maine. During that time we never made love. Now every once in a while she would let me touch her, but no sex of any kind and she had the most amazing body in the whole school. And since we were in the eighth grade she had the most amazing body in the entire class.
Smooth curves. C sized breasts. Long, brown hair with brown eyes. She was wha... Continue»
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Explode inside me

Part 1: I was alone all day watching tv. There was pretty much nothing for me to do. Getting up, I opened the window shades and the sun shined in. It looked like it would be a good day. I headed to my room and got dressed. I grabbed my phone, wallet, backpack and my gun and went to the front door. As I opened the door, I looked back and said "Today is going to be great".

I walked outside feeling the weight in my stomach. The feeling you get when you are on a roller-coaster. I could feel the coldness of the gun pressing against my thigh as I walked down the road. I looked around trying to sp... Continue»
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my fantasy part I

I've always been interested in being a prostitute but never had the guts! This is what I would do if given the opportunity!!

It was another morning alone in my dump of a one bedroom apartment. Sexy shemale porn playing on my laptop and me performing my usual morning edging session!! I was strolling the web and came across some pictures of sexy crossdressers hooking on the streets! This made me want to cum so bad but I couldn't because I was edging and it felt to good when I stopped myself from cuming. I usually edge for an hour or two until I get so much precum my hand is sliding up and do... Continue»
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My girlfriends boss.

I had been seeing Stacy a while now and popped over to the place where she worked for a lunch date.
When I arrived at her office she wasn't there and after a few minutes of waiting I decided to leave, then a door opened and Stacy's boss walked in.
"Oh hi there, you came to see Stacy?" she asked seeing me sat at Stacy's desk.
"Yeah" I replied politely.
Stacy's boss Lynne was kind of a Milf, a hot mature woman that seem to have a hell of a body and a large cleavage under the business suit she wore.
"Oh well I had to send her out to do a couple of errands" she then said.
"But you can wait i... Continue»
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Toilet sex

I was just getting out of the shower and was about to dry off when the feeling came. The movements in my stomach told me everything, I had to shit really bad. Not really caring that I was still dripping water, I put of the toilet seat and sat down. If you had that "I really got to go" feeling, than you know how it felt when the fist bomb dropped. I was on the toilet for about thirty seconds when I heard a loud knock on the door. "Babe, are you done? Hurry up I want some food" the voice said. I knew that it was my girlfriend Leanna.

She was a drop dead beautiful blonde girl. If you mix all ... Continue»
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The Femina Island's

Thisis a story from The Femina Island's

The Femina Island's

A Jog On The Beach

Part 1

Rebecca & Regina jogged down their private stretch of beach. It was late in the afternoon but the tropical sun was still high in the sky. Summers at the shore were wonderful. Long days filled with Sunshine. They jogged the half mile trek toward the jetty. The NO TRESPASSING SIGNS - PRIVATE BEACH were still in evidence at the top of the dunes, spaced along Shore Road by Sheriff Jimmy Fox. Rebecca smiled as she thought about the Sheriff back at her Beachouse.

Once passed the jetty they jogge... Continue»
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The Bet

“You’d really do that?” Todd asked. “You’d give me a blow job if our basketball team wins tonight? And if we lose I will give you $50 right?”
“Sure will, if you win that is. A bet is a bet, isn’t it?” Replied Angie. “Fact is I would be willing to give the team a blowjob if they could ever win a game” Angie added. “If you can pull it off tonight I’ll be ready to suck any cock that helps win the game. Oh, and be ready to pay up. Cause a bet is a bet. And I have a feeling I am going to win big tonight. I’ll see you at the after game party to collect.”
“Far out! Yeah, unless we win... Continue»
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It was a cold, wet, miserable Tuesday in November last year and I got asked to take the place of a work colleague at a networking event.

To say I'm not a big fan of these sorts of things is an understatement, but I liked the guy who asked so to help him out I agreed to go.

As I walked into the venue a hot girl was stood outside smoking. I thought "if she's going in here I can live with this". Sure enough she followed me in and I immediately started chatting to her. She was already tipsy and very flirty but I just assumed she was being friendly. We spent the night chatting and it became c... Continue»
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