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Money at the Airport

The wife and I had gone down to London to see a show, we’d gone on a trip where you get the journey down from up North, theatre ticket and an overnight hotel room all for one price. We’d been out and seen the show and had got back to our hotel, which was situated near the airport, at around 11:30pm.

I wasn’t particularly tired but she was knackered and after eating she’d had a shower and was soon nodding off in bed. I decided to go down stairs to the smoking area and have a cigarette. I was smoking when I realised I was busting so heading off to the toilet I was surprised to see, upon enter... Continue»
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Webcam Allie

I guess I was so turned on that I didn't hear the front
door or my dad's foot steps coming up the stairs or
even notice him watching me, panties to my knees, bra
and top pulled up over my boobies while I touched my
body for that webcam.

I'd been flirting with this guy on line even though he
was 27, twelve years older than me. But he'd been
sending me hot pictures of himself for weeks: first of
his face, then with no shirt (hot!) and finally him
stroking his stiff dick while looking at pictures of me
I'd sent him -- at first, fully clothed, then in my
skimpiest underwea... Continue»
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Willing s****rs

Tracy was sitting on the living room couch upset that
she had to baby-sit her younger s****rs Alley and Kelly
again. They were her 13 year old twin siblings and all
she really wanted to do was to get away.

But since she was 15 years old, her parents trusted her
to be more responsible than her b*****r Rick who was
barely a year older. Besides, Rick and she would always
fight for one thing or another and always tease each
other. The other day he started teasing her about her
larger than normal tits. Tracy fought back but the
truth was that she did have larger breasts than ... Continue»
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Did you answer an ad like this?

He was pumping her mouth hard when I walked into the room. Her head was hanging of the end of the bed. Her face covered with spit, cum and make up run all over her face, notably her lipstick and mascara. She kept gagging on this meat rod of 10 inches as he thrusted in his black meat into suburban white mouth. The lipstick ran because of the spit and cum. The mascara because of the tears.
Her pussy ass husband tweaked her nipples on her 42C tits as he wanked his 4 inch cock. Her cunt was getting lapped by a blond whore that was taking it in the ass by another huge black cock. She wimpered int... Continue»
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The Vibrator

Dana was your average 18-year old. She was 5'5" about 115lbs with short dirty-blond hair, slight-to-medium build, and quite good-size but firm breasts. By all accounts, Dana was well on her way to being a very attractive young woman.

"Dana! Don't forget to clean out the basement while I'm in town today. Ok?" Yelled her mom as she was getting ready to leave. "Sure mom, no problem."

As her mother left Dana went downstairs to the basement. Old furniture and boxes were s**ttered all around the place. 'Damn, look at this junk. I wonder why mom bothers to keep this shit,' Dana thought to hers... Continue»
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Visit From My Niece

I received a phone call this morning from my s****r who
lives in Iowa. She wanted to know if I would look after
her daughter for a couple of weeks. Steve, her husband
won The Salesman of the Year award which was a 2 week
trip to Europe for two.

They wanted to make this like a second honeymoon and
didn't want their daughter along. My s****r is several
years older than I am and their daughter is now 16. I
haven't seen them in a long time, maybe 3 or 4 years.
The last time I had seen Laurie; she was about 13 and
cute as a button, shy and quite.

"When would you need me to w... Continue»
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Watching Mom

Paul moved quietly along the side of the house,
hoping his eyes would adjust to the dark so that he
wouldn't go tripping across a hose or some booby-trap
left by his 5 year old b*****r. He kept his eyes
fixed on the window 30 feet ahead from which a pale
light was barely reaching out into the night.

Just to his right was the rough cedar fence put
up to keep the crazy next door neighbors at bay and to
give some privacy so Paul and his f****y could enjoy
their swimming pool. To Paul's left was the cool, dark
brick of his house and he touched at it for guidance in
th... Continue»
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s****r's Surprise

It was summer time and my s****r was home from college. Seems that since Cindy went away to college, she became more of a party girl and really has been causing my parents a lot of grief. Anyway, at that time, I was 24 and working nights at the local airport.

My parents had gone away for two weeks vacation to Florida, so we had the whole place to ourselves. Cindy used this as an opportunity to get high all day and night and party with her friends. Cindy had been seeing this married guy for the past year and half.

He never promised to leave his wife or anything (according to Cindy), but... Continue»
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Spice Is Nice

"Dave, could you look after my nieces? They are here for the week, but I have to attend a meeting and I don't want them alone. You don't have to stay in my trailer but if they need something, I told them to come to see you, ok?"

My neighbor Kate was a very nice lady but she smelled of cigarette smoke all the time. I thought about fucking her, but she wasn't my type. She did have some nice boobs, I'd seen most of them on a few occasions, when she would bend over to pick up her newspaper in the mornings.

"Sure, Kate. How old are they?"

I was working on my 54 Chevy and was head down ... Continue»
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Uncle Gregg

Thirty five years ago I married Liz and moved away from f****y and friends. After 35 years of marriage with no c***dren Liz left our marriage. It felt strange, confusing, to be alone. Last summer I returned home for the first time in 35 years for a kind of reunion. It was a good move. Things felt normal again, even though everyone there had aged 35 years.

At the reunion my youngest s****r Mae introduced me to her 19 year old daughter, Trixie, whom I had never met. Trixie was breath taking. She had a girls face but a 30 year old woman's body. Mae asked me to consider helping Trix get into ... Continue»
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The Shed

Lara Givens was hot. She had just finished mowing her yard and needed a break. This was the kind of work that her husband used to enjoy doing, but since he had died six months ago, it was now left up to her and her 10 year old son Eric. He was the spitting image of her husband. It had been tough on the both of them, but in different ways altogether.

Eric was in need of a father figure in his life, and since they had no neighbors for miles around, he spent most of the time to himself now. She on the other hand was needing more than just a father figure. She missed the companionship and th... Continue»
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12 months had passed by since I last shagged my mother in law, Donna said this Saturday morning “I’m going into town and I want you to fuck my mum one last time but do it the rough way” I replied “Are you sure” “Yes” she answered. I dropped her off in town and as she got out of the car she said “The rough way Ok”, I smiled.

As I parked the car near where she lived and let myself in with the spare key we always had, I made myself a coffee and had just sat down when she came in the room from upstairs. We greeted each other and she asked where her daughter was and I replied “In town”. She car... Continue»
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Sibling i****t

All stories have to begin somewhere so let's go back to the time when we moved into our house. I think I was four and that would make my s****r six. Our birthdays are a month apart. The house only had two bedrooms so Stephy and I shared a bedroom with a bathroom attached. We weren't modest and we went naked for long periods of time.

For the first few years we shared a double bed but about the time Stephy turned 12 Mom got rid of the double bed and got us our own single beds. The room was big enough for us. There were two closets and I had my stuff on my side of the room and Stephy had he... Continue»
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Second Cousin's First Time

As a gift, I received a ticket to a car race several hours from home in a town where I had relatives that lived only miles from the track, so naturally, when we
told them we were coming to the race, and did not want to drive back that night, they offered to let us stay with them. I humbly accepted knowing this was the home of two of my favorite second cousins which I hardly ever get to see except at a few reunions and holiday dinners every few years. I always looked forward to seeing them.

We arrived at the home greeted with open arms by the two girls' parents who were themselves on th... Continue»
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Serving My s****r

I’m sure would have been different if she were fifteen and I was only twelve, but just the opposite was the case. I was almost three years older than my pretty little s****r.

I had just "enjoyed" a serious growth spurt and had reached almost six-one and about 165 pounds which was Ok but the big thing, no joke intended, was that my genitals had matured wonderfully and impressively. At least they were impressive to the guys I showered with. It was hard to measure because it curved upward when it was stiff, but it was at least seven and probably closer to eight inches long and about as big... Continue»
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Sex With The Step Daughter

About 5 years ago my wife died in a car accident and a couple years ago I started dating and just re-married. I married a 30 year old mom, Kim, who had a c***d when she was 16 but never married concentrating on raising her c***d, on college and then her career. She was working as a consultant for the company I work for and we talked and flirted for 2 years before she finally agreed to go out with me. I am in my early 40's and
have 2 c***dren in college.

A few months after we got married Kim and I were in bed and she was on top of me in the 69 position when I noticed Kim stop sucking m... Continue»
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My Wife and Patrick

This story was written by my dad.
We were staying at this hotel, it had a kitchen that we had to share.
We did have a refrigerator in our room but the stove, sink, washer and dryer were in the kitchen.
We also had our own bathroom but that was all we had. .
The beds were in the main room a fall Bed for the wife and I and bunk beds for the k**s.
My wife has a pair of breast, her bra size is 50dd. Yes she's a little over weight.
I was working second shift, 3:30 p.m. till 12:00 a.m. I would get home about 12:20 a.m.
After I went to work the wife sat in the room with the k**s until it... Continue»
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Ali and carmen

She sat there even in all her weariness and thought of him.

They were to the world two spirits separated by nearly everything. But if you were to ask either of them they would tell you that the other completed them. Without the other either of them would be lacking in someone they had perhaps searched their whole life to find. Though neither of them would have ever expected that they would find it as they did.

She thought back to a night previous. Two simple words he had shared with someone else that night. Those words, "I am submissive." They had served to bring life to a fire deep with... Continue»
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Thia - die Matumbi

Die folgende Geschichte habe ich für einen brasilianischen Comiczeichner geschrieben. Dieser hat die Geschichte dann zeichnerisch umgesetzt. Er trägt hat den Künstlernamen Nill. Die eingefügten Bilder sind der Seite Seiren Quadrinhos entnommen. Ich bin mehr oder wenig zufällig auf die Seite gestoßen und hatte mal eine Frage an die Betreiber gerichtet. Irgendwann fragten sie mich, ob ich nicht einmal eine Geschichte als Vorlage besteuern will. Hier also nun meine Geschichte:

Thia – Königin der Matumbi

Im Jahr 1905 stand ein Gebiet im Südosten Afrikas – welches wir unter dem Namen Tansa... Continue»
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one lucky customer

Here I was working from home and in imagefap looking at photos of men sucking cocks when a customer arrived, so I shrunk the window and opened my business app so I could serve him, I watched him walk in from the fron gate and in the time it took him to get to the front door I had put my still hard cock back in my pants and put on a work shirt and walked to the door, My hardon was poking out a bit and I didn't care cause it felt good and made me even more horny.

I greeted him and shook hands and I realised that was the hand I had been jerking off with a minute ago, he was tall and lean a... Continue»
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