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My Mother In Bathroom

I am Vinay, 20 years old and my mom Sutapa 42 years old with a hot saucy and curvy figure of 38-34-42. She is a beautiful lovely lady, famous in our locality for her ass, I think every man in our locality masturbates in her name. She is a sex goddess to any one. A perfect Indian sex bomb shell with huge round juicy boobs and a grand ass. Her ass is something every man desires. She wears saree in the house usually.

Whenever she goes out side I see all the men in the road looking straight to her huge ass as it jiggles when she walks. But that was the day that changed everything. It was very h... Continue»
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The Park: Mark and Sarah part I

I'd just broken up with my girlfriend of four years. I was completely gutted, I was going to propose. I had come back early from work one day to hear moans and slaps coming from the bedroom... odd, I thought, so I crept quietly up the stairs. Looking through the open door I could see Tina on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her pussy and slapping her arse. She was squealing with delight.

"Bitch" I thought angrily, "you were always so tame in bed with me."

Next I hear her moan "fuck me in the arse, Jason, you know that makes me cum". Her lover pulls his cock out of her pussy and ... Continue»
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Long trip

I finally get back into town and once I leave the base I head strait to your house. I call you as I'm on my way and you tell me that the door will be open when I get there so go ahead and come in once I get there. I finally get to your place and walk into your apartment and see you standing there in a little sexy black outfit that I have never seen before. I had already had a raging hard on as I was driving over and didn’t think that is was possible for it to get any harder but you proved me wrong. As I walk into your house you ask me if I like what I see and I tell you that I love what I see ... Continue»
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I so needed a vacation badly. I couldn't find more than a part-time job, my apartment was too small, and I'd been single so long that my mother thought I was a lesbian. I couldn't believe she asked me if I was gay last week. The question just made my mind spin. I was in a dire situation, the best and cheapest idea I could come up with was to spend an off-season weekend at a nearby ski resort.

When I arrived the place was all but deserted. Perfect. I went up the steps to the lobby and approached the front desk. A man about my age with dark luscious skin was working diligently on what I thoug... Continue»
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The Other Daddies Pt. 2

As I silently made my way to the basement my mind was reeling from what I had just witnessed. My wife had just fucked two men, two huge muscular men with huge cocks, at the same time. Not just at the same time, double penetration!

I made it down to the spare bedroom in the basement and closed the door. My wife didn't like coming down here so I should be safe. I pulled out my cock and furiously jacked off, the raunchy images still searing through my mind. I had never seen my wife so sexual. With me she always seemed like a dead fish, but with these men she was a wild b**st. Despite ha... Continue»
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Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story

I was shocked as she was when I came face to face with Connie the mother of my daughter’s best friend. We were both standing in the hallway behind the video booths that had glory holes.

I could see that Connie had seamen on her chin and I could see additional stains on her dress. I knew that she had been enjoying anonymous sex just like me. I suddenly wondered which of us had sex with the most cocks.

Jeff laughed as he realized that we knew each other. He opened the door and we both stepped into the alley. We walked toge... Continue»
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I was 25 and working to finish my PhD. My older b*****r - who was 38 and had married y oung - and his wife Janettte were looking to take a holiday without their two ki ds, Mia and Jen. Mia was 14 and Jen was 10. I agreed that I could stay in their house for 2 weeks in August and let them have a holiday.

Mia was a tall slim redhead with long hair and fair skin. She was precocious for her age. Her breasts though small were already developed and she had hips that made her look good in tight jeans, which she wore a lot. She also liked to wear tight yellow leggings that made her look as though s... Continue»
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Dragon's Hole Part 2

On the long trek back to the room, something else catches your eye, another sign. This one says Dragon’s Persuasion. Just the name on the sign is enough to pique your curiosity, so you turn and head down this hallway. Unlike all of the other halls that are adorned in medieval decorations, this one has various colors running horizontally down the hall. The colors, you notice, are the colors of the rainbow, but very faint. You wonder what could be down this hallway and continue along until you reach a heavy oak door. You push this door open and right away, you hear moans. Not the same moan... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Slut

Here I am, surfing on my favorite porn site. My dirty little urge has taken hold of me again. After a long period of deniying myself the need to dress up, i relapsed again. I bathed and thought of trimming my pubes a bit, but ended up shaving myself completley again. I tend to do it in my urge to cam and show off my sexy body and after cumming i regret it instantly. It makes my life difficult because i have to hide my hair free body from all my workmates and friends. So here i am, shaved, smelling really good from my favorite gucci scent, wearing my dark hair wig, my sexy stockings and lingeri... Continue»
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Not Free

Sue was standing by her pimp as the three rich men in their sixties looked her over. She would go to the one willing to pay the most for her body tonight. Sue was twenty two but looked much younger and the older men loved that. She also had a great figure with big fleshy tits and a nice round ass. She loved sex and loved it kinky. She wore a skimpy thong and a push up bra which showed off her large jugs and her pussy that was waxed bald and smooth. The oldest man handed her pimp fifty dollars and whispered something to him and the pimp then turned to her and said "Take off your bra. He wants ... Continue»
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The Toy Run (Part 2)

After the surprise hummer from the Orange Julius girl. I entered the toy slinger on the upper level of the mall and decided to get the fuck out of there as quick as possible. I hit the doll aisle for the girl gift and didn't expect to see that there were so many options. I thought my "mother fucker" was spoken soft. but an employee came around the corner and said, "excuse me sir, there are c***dren present". I ignored them until they asked if they could help me. After mentioning that I was doing the "Toy's 4 Tots" thing, the clerk changed his entire attitude towards ... Continue»
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Birthday Morning

Carrie pulled the long zipper up to the middle of her thigh. The black leather boots fit her curvy legs snugly. She had just a tad bit of flesh overhang the top of the boots. Every nerve in her body was tingling with excitement, from her finger tips to her clit.
She pulled the bubble gum-pink lipstick from her make up bag and coated her lips, then tossed her fingers through her blonde curly hair. She piled the curls high on her head in a loose bun. A few strands hung down by her creamy neck. Aside from the thigh-high, high-heeled boots, Carrie was wearing nothing but skin. The clock... Continue»
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tv sex

4 week I was in a well known high street shop that sells men and ladies clothes..i was looking at jeans I went to try them on in cubicals men to the right ladys to left .as I shut main door it caused a draft and blew a curtain open I see this guy with good size cock in suspenders belt black stockings with his cock and balls on show he was clean shaven.i didn't bother buying any think as all I could think of was his little arse and cock I wanted to fuck him as its been about 14 months since my last had tv sex.i waited out side for him to come out wen he did he was dressed in the black stocking... Continue»
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Young vs Old Interracial Pregnancy

When my wife was 50 she had a weekend to herself, and decided to relax and suntan. So she visited a nude campsite we use, she loves being nude, feeling the breeze and sun on her skin. She may be 50, but easily passes for 40, she's drop dead gorgeous, 42DD-35-41, long blonde hair, blue eyed, curvy, all natural figure, full hairy bush, large pussy lips, veiny breasts, nipples facing down. When she walks in the nude, her big breasts swing from side to side, and her butt cheeks sway very sensually. She's noticed that she's a magnet for black men, they can't resist a curvy, beautiful mature white l... Continue»
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Dragon's Hole

I had just gotten off of an Internet chat with Joe and Dragon where Dragon had told me her idea of opening a kinky hotel. I made a mention of making it kind of like a FWB&B. Dragon, myself, and Joe all tossed around ideas about what we could add to the new business idea running through our perverted minds.

The hotel, Dragon's Hole would be someplace secluded, middle of the forest in Oregon would be perfect, I think. As our visitors approach the hotel, they arrive through a wrought iron gate with a Dragon's head inlaid into both gates. The path leading up to the front desk is adorned wit... Continue»
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Morning trifecta

"Lie on your back and spread your legs, bitch!"

She does as I ask. She always does as I ask.

We began the session with her asking permission to suck my cock. I gladly granted her request and pushed her head down to my crotch. She loves to suck cock. She's good at it. I love to have her do it. Well duh...what guy wouldn't?

But now I'm hungry for the taste of her cunt. As soon as she's in position on her back I reach down and spread her cunt lips open with my finger and begin to stroke her clit. She's soaking wet, as I knew she would be. Sucking my cock always gets her wet. Always.

... Continue»
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Heels and Skirts

Carrie adjusted her tits in her bra. It was about a size too small and piled her fleshy globes up nice and high, exaggerating the jiggle when she laughed or walked. She stepped away from the mirror and turned to look at her profile. Her denim skirt was short and stopped about a half inch below her ass cheeks. When she had worn it in the past, the skirt would ride up and give little flashes of the metal hoop she had woven through the little hood covering her clit. The piercing was one of her favorite things to play with. She constantly found her self playing with it, whether it was out of... Continue»
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55 Penny and rick pt7

55 Penny and rick pt7
October soon past, cold winds blew round the cottage and they were glad of the stock of rabbits in the freezer, Master John came again in early November turning up with no warning, taking her into the chamber in some sort of black mood and whipping her fiercely for just a few moments while Ricky stood mesmerised as the man came all over her back, paid and then just left.
His mother more still secure on the block un-satisfied frustrated and in need of much more now, turned to him and begged him to complete the job. Which of course he did; firstly with a crop and then,... Continue»
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55 Penny and rick pt6

55 Penny and rick pt6
Friday was a very long time coming, Ricky finding butterflies in the belly and the mind as the week went on, Penny though seemed resigned to her fate, losing her thoughts in the jobs around the house to keep her occupied, and hiding her fear for her sons sake.
Schoolwork finished, as did the homework, and the lad went and collected his trophy`s from the snares he had laid, returning to the cottage, and dealing with the carcases before washing up. The old clock ticked away the time relentless as ever and he found Penny stood waiting him in the living room, shackle ... Continue»
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Coffee and Cuckold

A tale of pure fiction.


I met Jane and Tim on an adult dating site. They were a married couple in their late twenties looking for a bi male to join them for fun.

They seemed nervous about sex with another person so I met them in town for coffee first. Jane was slim, short dark hair and small but perky tits. Tim was also dark haired with a slim, toned body. From their tans they'd just come back from holiday, so sat in a quiet corner with a coffee each, that's where the conversation started and we all began to relax.

They'd been to San Francisco for two weeks and had spent the ti... Continue»
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