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Straight Boy Bottom - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Awakening

You may remember that last chapter I told you about the time Nathan slipped
into my shower and fucked me good, introducing me to my first one-on-one
sex with a man, without my girlfriend Gwen around. Afterward, Nathan and I
laid in Gwen's bed and took a nap.

I woke about 2 hours later. I was on my stomach, and had no difficulty
knowing what had woken me. I was completely naked still, and the sheets
had been pulled off of me. And there was unmistakably a tongue in my ass.

I began moaning softly as Nathan's big hands kneaded my ass cheeks and
spread them ... Continue»
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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Forest of Despair

(The tale of a Muslim princess that finds her English knight in shining armor)

Story by Alhena

1462 A.D.

I ran as fast as I could; trying my best to avoid the dark brown tree roots that seemed to be springing out of the dark green forest floor. I must have been in this place for at least 2 hours. The night within these woods seemed to be never ending. But the woods didn't start coming to life (quite literally) until a few minutes ago. I must have turned som... Continue»
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Bad Deal? Gay

The story started off innocently enough, or maybe not so innocently. My story is not complicated, I am a guy who craves servicing really well hung guys. Long, thick cocks...ones that hang and sway when flaccid and draw admiration when hard and proud. A local internet bulletin board makes it very easy to seek this kind of talent, posting an ad for mutual blowjobs generally will get a fair number of like minded guys to respond. However, there is one small catch...while I am very discriminating in what I want, very well endowed only need apply, I am not nearly so blessed. I fall way at the other ... Continue»
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Call Center Blowjob

Story by Priya

Tonight was the final night of my work week here for my call center job at the office in Kolkata, India. I essentially answer the phone to answer consumer questions for an American company that was outsourced to this city.

To describe myself; I am a 32 year old Indian woman named Alicia. I look pretty decent, with pretty black hair and D cup breasts. Breasts that I only enjoyed flaunting to one person in the office. And that person is Mike; our office manager. Mike was the only white guy in our office; but ... Continue»
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Story by Latisha

It was Halloween night and I had just entered my friends large one story house for the Halloween costume party he was hosting; as he did every year. I was supposed to go with my buddy as Mario and Luigi, but he got sick eating too much candy he bought 2 nights ago. There was no way I was going to go dressed as Luigi. People would think I just look like some asshole plumber. So I had to switch his costume and dressed up as Mario.

I entered the house party with Halloween music and sounds that were remixed int... Continue»
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Bighairyharleybiker Road Trip. part 1

I have spent a few hours (probably days) reading these stories and recently thought people may enjoy reading about a few of my experiences. To start off with I’m no writer but I do my best to use spell check punctuation and complete sentences, but you may find a mistake or two.

A little about me, I’m no wonder stud! Just an old biker. I’m 50 with a belly, shaved bald head long beard and an average cock. I can’t “pound” a woman for hours, but I will always make a woman cum before I do and I live to eat pussy.

I hope to tell so of my biker experiences that I have lived, these are real st... Continue»
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New in Town

There are certain perks to being a Real Estate Agent in a large city. This was one such occasion. I was contacted by a young couple a few weeks back about houses in good neighborhood. They were in their late 20's, both highly educated with good incomes. The wife, Monica, had accepted a position with a large insurance firm. Her husband, Eric, was an engineer. Eric, traveled often for his work...which left Monica to finding a house. I had only spoken by phone or with emails about possible houses on the market. Monica had found a few houses on our website she was interested in and I had found a f... Continue»
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no strings quickie again

I have another encounter to tell. recently I was contacted again by the guy I first met at a gloryhole and then later in another semi public place. I received a few other emails and really enjoyed that fact that he loved using me as his slut. He asked if he could fuck me again and where would I be willing to meet him so he could use me to cum. We eventually agreed that we were both horny and available later on a certain evening but could not decide where. I was so turned on that I told him to just come by my place if he promised to be fairly quick. He said that he wanted to fuck me again and c... Continue»
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A camping Trip to remember: More fun with Bud, my

That summer spent with Jason, aka Bud was quickly becoming one of the best summer’s I’d ever had. His nightly visits after work became a habit I wasn’t willing to give up anytime soon, and before long I became addicted to his perfect body, especially his beautiful cock that had me perpetually mesmerized every time it was in my mouth or my ass. It was an addiction I wasn’t willing to give up anytime soon.

We decided to get away from the realities of our everyday lives and take a short three-hour drive to go camping in the south western part of Wisconsin. So after loading up the camping i... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation

Growing up in a small town, we lived on a farm, so the only erotic stimulation was from fantasies created in my mind as there was no Internet and I did not have access to any pictures or videos. I remember when I found my older b*****r's magazines hidden in his closet while looking for something else. Imagine the warm sensation I felt and the erection as I started looking through the pages of these beautiful women in their sexy poses. I believe they were a couple of Penthouse and Playboy. Obviously, the pictures were arousing, but I also recall being equally stimulated by the stories. One of ... Continue»
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Our first Threesome adventure - Wife took deeptroa

There is a slut in every girl and luckily I get it out with my wife ( how I done this is different story)
Luckily also I have a c***dhood friend who is very nice with 8 inch cock ( not circular cock but wide one)
Once my friend suggested me that he is interested in my wife and that line stuck in my mind so after 3-4 years, I decided to have threesome
Currently he (Mr NS) is working guy with a wife in different city and I convinced him too to have fun with my wife he agreed. In this process I have convinved my wife and friend for this and it was lengthy process and require strategy and pati... Continue»
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العسكري ناك بنوتي

انا عمرو شاب مصرى الان انا 32سنة (دى قصة حقيقة جدااااااااااا وحصلت فعلا معايا) منذحوالى 10 سنوات كنت اؤدى خدمتى العسكرية فى الجيش المصر مثلى كاغلب شباب مصر وتبدا قصتى عندما كنت عائد الى وحدتى العسكرية من اجازتى الطبيعية وكانت وحدتى فى السويس وانامن الشرقية اى ان المسافى فى القطار العادى حوالى 5 ساعات وكنت ارتدى ملابس مدنية وهذة جريمة فى الجيش المصرى عقوبتها السجن ستة اشهر وكنت خائف جدا لانى اعلم انى اعمل مخالفة كبيرةوركبت القطار على انى مواطن مدنى وليس عل وضعى الحقيقى انى جندى بالقوات المسلحة لن اطيل عليكم فى سرد هذة التفاصيل رغم اهميتها فى سياق الموضوع كانت الساعة الثامنة مساء عندما ركبت القط... Continue»
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Hotel Room With Two Bi-Curious Buddies

My story involves a lifelong infatuation with my best friend. For many years we have both fantasized about jerking off together. We have also talked about jerking each other off, and maybe even a little oral. We had many times to act on this fantasy; however, we never really got around to it for one reason or another.

We planned a guys' weekend. We have talked about getting a hotel with a hot tub suite. We got some beers and some stuff to snack on and lock the hotel door. We watch each other pull out our cocks and let the good times roll. We are both about seven inches long, very thick a... Continue»
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Wifey, Pam, Asian Jonny and a cum burger for the c

Wifey loves her technology, so there are a lot of shopping trips to the local Best Buy. She flirts with all the guys (and some of the woman) that work there. I’m sure she has had some hot wife dates with some of the guys; I hear the whispers and laughs behind my back when she lets me go in with her. But I’m not privileged to her dating life so I can’t say for sure, and I wouldn’t abject if that’s what she wanted (just wish she would let me watch). It was late on a Saturday afternoon and we both had other things to do, so this trip was just supposed to be a quick in and out.

I was to drop h... Continue»
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Doggy Delight

"Come on", he said. "Want to try it doggy?"

They were making love. She had just bucked to a huge, quaking orgasm, and was lying there enjoying the afterglow. He was still randy, his sturdy cock gently pulsing in time with his heightened bl**d flow and he was keen to enjoy more pleasure.

"Ohhhhh," she complained, "You've just blown me away and you want to start again. I dunno, what's a girl gotta do to satisfy a man?"

She slowly, almost grudgingly, rolled over from lying on her back and onto her knees, waggling her buttocks sensually as she deliberately placed her knees wide open, show... Continue»
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For a number of years my wife Diane and I have been running a special swingers club
Diane is a mature blonde big tits nice firm arse and gorgeous long legs
She always wears very sexy panty's and bra suspender belts stockings etc
The club has various sections dealing with horny themes
The main one is the anal section


I introduced Diane to anal sex on our wedding night

We were staying the night in her s****r Mary's house after a quiet registry office ceremony
with Mary and her husband Paul as witnesses.
Diane wore a very tight white transparent dress with red satin lacy... Continue»
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Saskia's Sweet Seduction #4

Saskia still shivers from coming, while her mind makes loops of all the lust and love, which have happened to her.
She had this perfect plan to seduce me, which turned sour, or sweet? She isn't sure yet, but in fact she surrendered.

Saskia is happy to be his sub and even enjoyed to eat out some woman for the very first time! She wonders whom?
She suddenly feels shy and ashamed, as I remove the blindfold and she looks up, seeing Stella's triumphant smile.

Saskia is completely confused! She had hot hopes of being my girl for long, but never tried, as I had a steady girl.
She g... Continue»
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Kimmie & Tim, OUR life together womb to prese

Hi, Kimmie and I have written our story before on here but it has vanished some how.
Please have patience with this first part of our story. We want to give you the background
information that will make the followup sections of our life much easier to understand and
enjoy what is told. The "juicy" stuff that everyone on here enjoys will be in the later parts.
We are going to attempt to retell what our joint life has been like, be it the GREAT times
or the really bad times. At this present time we are approaching our 28th birthday.
Our parents and f****y are the very best. Kimmie and... Continue»
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The Virgin and the Gloryhole

The Virgin and the Glory Hole

Synopsis: Young girl looking to loose her virginity finds a gloryhole.

Being unpopular and ugly in high school was difficult to say the least for Kim. It seemed all that anyone talked about these days was sex. Everyone at school was fucking like rabbits but her and they made sure she knew it. Every day she got teased for being a prude virgin on top of having frizzy red hair, big thick glasses, and having mosquito bites for tits.

Kim’s self-esteem plummeted after the ugliest guy in the entire school turned her down. She had never even had an orgasm. When... Continue»
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Fist time Bisexual experience

I can't believe that I, the consummate heterosexual male, am writing to you about something that I never would have thought even remotely possible.

I am married (happily) and enjoy a great sex life with my wonderful wife. We do all the "normal" sexy things that two people of the opposite sex can do together. We have even gone so far as to have sex in the car while driving (oral only, thank you), and had intercourse in a public park at night, and a few other risky activities, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have done anything with another guy.

My wife and ... Continue»
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