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counselling part 1

i'd been having weekly counselling sessions for a couple of months, delving into my past and present, trying to work myself out a little. every Monday, 330 would come and i'd lay myself bare and reveal another tale of woe and hope to get some closure. my counsellor was a woman in her late fifties, blonde and attractive in a mrs robinson kind of way and she had more than afew sexy mannerisms and ways about her which always led me to think about later that night in bed.
I arrived as usual for my latest session and after the small talk was over with she got down to business. "where would you li... Continue»
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A moment in Taos

I recall another meet I had with another dresser who happened to live in Taos NM. Again I met her on-line and after exchanging a few e-mails we planned to meet. At that point in time I was like an hour and a half away from there. She offered to meet at her place and she told me to text her when I got closer. But I had somewhat of a dilemma. Since the drive was going to take a while, I was debating whether I should dress first or find a place closer to change. I’ve only been to Taos like one other time so I wouldn’t know of a place to change in a hurry and wasn’t going to stop at some gas stati... Continue»
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The stalion

Anna walks around the state fair by herself, all her other friends are gone ... she walks by herself and looks
at the horses in their metal stalls, they are all in a huge tented area ... She always liked horses, they are so strong,
powerful and muscular ... in the far corner of the huge tented area in the middle of the grounds, she notices a great
big black stallion all by himself in his stall ... she looks and she is shocked to see he has a huge HARD ON ... his COCK
is the biggest one she has ever seen ... he seems to be really excited looking at a mare in another stall nearby.
He m... Continue»
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My first cock

My ex-wife found my secret stash of photos on my computer and confronted me about them after I got home from work, at first I thought I was in BIG trouble but turns out she was turned on by them and wanted me to get dressed up and be her sub sissy right then. I was shaking and still in shock that I was hearing what I was hearing, I mean I had been a closet CD for years and all thru my first marriage, and here I was with the option to share something I love with someone I love. Seemed too good to be true. I went into the ro... Continue»
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gameday/gamenight in public

i've come up with a nice little game to play we call it gameday or gamenight we have a few different variations of the game the way we first started playing the game was my wife would strip down completely naked and i took some sunglasses and sprayed the black so she couldn't see out of them, then she got onto the car again with nothing on and i drove to a minor league baseball park {when they weren't playing) as this was to have some fun and try not to get caught thinking we would have a wide open parking lot with no one around. I figured we would start slow to get her comfortable wit... Continue»
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Part Four - The First Time

Part 4 – The First Time

I rented a nice hotel suite. Actually, I rented two adjacent rooms. It had a bar and restaurant down stairs. Friday after work we checked in. We had a nice dinner and discussed the game plan. I told her I had meet two young nice looking guys at work. They were in town for business and planned to stop in tonight around eleven. (The truth is I did not meet them at work but instead I called an e****t service. I asked for too young guys for my wife. At this time we were not on dating sex sites and there was no craigslist.) She was exc... Continue»
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Part Three - My Secret is Shared

Part 3 – My Secret is Shared

“I have a hard time saying no.” Jennifer has told me. That's an understatement. To date I am aware of four guys she was with while we were dating and three in the first four years of our marriage. My guess is there are probably more that I am not aware of. The point is my wife is a slut. She likes sex and is not going to stop enjoying it with other men. I am now fully aware of this fact. And the fact that I get a huge turn on knowing she is such sexual woman not ashamed of enjoying sex. Imagining her fucking those... Continue»
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Part Two - More Cheating

Part Two- More Cheating

Back together. Things are good enough. My wife continues her old habits. 'Once a slut always a slut' is the focus of this part.

Once a week Jennifer would play on a coed softball team. Typical stuff with some beer drinking afterwards. She would often get home rather late from the games. A few times extremely late. One night I was asl**p when she slipped in the back door. I listened closely as she tip toed around the house. Foot steps getting closer to our room I suspected she would quietly slide into bed, like ... Continue»
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Part one - Suspicions Turn to Reality

Part One- Suspicions Turn to Reality

I have been asked many times how we managed to enter the the lifestyle. Well, it has been a slow arduous journey. A process full of ups and downs and twists and turns. Only fully embraced by both of us for the last ten years. In this short essay I will attempt highlight the key moments that transformed us from your typical married couple to one that realizes sex is sex, it is fun, why deprive yourselves of living the fantasy. The following events are 100% true.

I was infatuated with her fro... Continue»
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The Transformation --- Prologue

I come from a very poor f****y of eight. My father is a mine worker who became very ill only a few months before the beginning of this story and got into early pension for a very small income. My mother is from very orthodox origins without any school and she can barely read and write so she was a housewife for her whole life. As the oldest male c***d from 5 s****rs and 3 b*****rs I had to quit school and find work to earn something so our f****y was kept fed. Our only property was our house in a very bad state so we had nothing to sell to get some money. If we sold the house we would have now... Continue»
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Super Market Part.4

Super Market Pt.4

So it’s the dreaded day we are due to visit my b*****r for diner (see Pt.3) I nervous am ready long before my wife is, who is taking longer than usual to get ready. As usual when I was getting ready my wife had laid out a pair of her panties for me to wear, a pretty pair of black lace panties with pink roses on. Joining me in the lounge she informs me that she had taken so long because she has been shaving her pussy and has been trying on lots of pairs of panties then viewing herself in the mirror to see which ones where the most see through to show her pussy of the best. ... Continue»
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Super Market Pt.3

Super Market Trip Pt.3

My humiliation reaches a new level.

One Friday evening after I return home from work, my wife informs me that we are going out for the evening to the local pub, and to shower and change and be ready to go within the hour, informing me she has left a pair of panties out on the bed that I must wear out tonight. I know what this means, she is feeling horny again!

So I shower and return to the bedroom to get ready, she is already dressed and ready to go out, low cut top, mini skirt and the boots she got from the shop (in Pt.2) she looks very sexy and I tell her so.... Continue»
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Super Market Pt.2

Super market trip Pt.2
After the events of my wives trip to the super market I was looking forward to her next trip out to get men’s attentions. It happened the following Saturday.

Getting up in the morning my wife told me she was off out shopping, the wicked smile across her face told me everything, she was feeling horny and was off out to show herself off to other men again. I asked if I could take my car and follow her as I would like to watch what she did, but she wouldn’t have any of it, saying this was her time out alone to enjoy herself and that she wouldn’t be long and that I shoul... Continue»
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Tom comes knocking

One evening after a few glasses of wine it becomes obvious that my partner is feeling really horny, I tell her that I have an idea for us to do something different for her. I tell to go shower and to put something nice on, which she does, returning to the lounge a while later wearing a thin blouse with no bra, her nipple clearly erect and visible through her top and her favourite miniskirt. I lead her up to the bedroom and tie her to our bed, arms and legs spread, she’s wearing very pretty pink sheer knickers and looks amazing. Next I blindfold her, I can see by her nipples that she’s very aro... Continue»
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My Ex, My Cousin's Ex, & My Ex's b*o

This is my first of many short stories. They are not going to be very detailed but they are all 100% true. My first story is going to be about my first girlfriend Theresa who I dated for a little under a year. Theresa was 5'4", long brown hair, beautiful eyes, great smile, and some nice fat titties to boot. She was my first fuck and I was her 10th or so, so I had always suspected she was a bit of a slut but I didn't care, it was pussy and it was fun. One time we were at a party and we were both d***k off our asses and this one girl I made out with one time was there just letting dudes take her... Continue»
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Working Gurl

Working Gurl

My name is Danielle and I’m a working gurl . I started working in 1991 at the age of 20, my first job as a hooker was working out of an Adult Book Store North of Ft. Worth, Texas on I-35W South of the airport My boss was an older tranny named Jannice she ran the book store. On nights when she would call me in she would set me up in a booth in the video room. I never knew who or how many would come in to my booth. I was to service all that came to see me. Was I doing this for the money? Oh hell no I was in it for the cum. But the money was good too.
It was a Saturday night arou... Continue»
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Asifa 3/10

I barely got any sl**p. Whether it was the pain in my clit or the fact I slept with at wash cloth shoved inside me along with a pad to help catch any bl**d that was still leaking out of me I was sure. All I know is that the alarm went off way too early.
I stumbled into my bathroom which is technically the guest bathroom upstairs and stripped down only to look in the mirror and see my scribed words of self-identification.
“Oh right, duhhh,” I thought as I got re-dressed and went back to my bedroom to grab my clothes for the day. I couldn’t risk anyone somehow accidentally seeing any of that.... Continue»
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Ally's Club 4 - The Twins FMF, adding color,

Ally's Club
The qualifications are very stringent:
Disease Free
In good overall health, weight below 200 lbs. unless over 6 feet, then the limit is 230 lbs.
You want to be more sexually active and are open to explorations beyond traditional sex.
Have a net worth in excess of $1 million.
No current relationship ties.
Can keep secrets.
All sexual activity is limited to members of the club, no outside sex

The Twins are actually s****rs, April and June, two years apart, who really look like twins, mid 30's, 5 ft. 8, 140 lbs. ish, dishwater blondes, C cup breasts.
April meets ... Continue»
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Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 2

See Part 1 to find out what happened right before this....

We made our deal. I get away with my "youthful indiscretion" by giving my body to my next door neighbor.

"Go in the house and put on some clothes. Then come to my house. But be sure that there's nobody walking or driving by and nobody hanging around outside when you walk over so there is no chance that anyone will see you doing it. Go in the back and come in through the back door. Lock both doors behind you as soon as you're inside. Then walk up the stairs and I'll be up there waiting for you."

Five minutes later I was in his... Continue»
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The Theater

My girlfriend had just left me without giving a reason. I think she was being polite for I had given her many. Not that I was a bad person or anything it’s just that I was always in a constant state of arousal. Bored I grabbed my jacket and went for a walk.
After an hour of aimlessly strolling through the core of the city I happened across an adult theatre. Not a bookstore but an actual theatre. I decided to enter.

“To the right are the straight films,” said the usher/teller. So I look straight I thought to myself as I enter. I notice the doors ahead but I chickened out and veered to th... Continue»
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