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written on 2015-08-08

Maybe one of my best experience.

To refresh the context. On this period, with my best friend we have try some things.
My last acquisition was a magic wand and a full lycra hood (total obscur).

She love playing with me. And I'm in total trust with her

We have not play again since some month (I was on couple in the meantime

We are at my flat in the evening.
The deal is if I refuse to do whatever, I will not have the right to cum tonight.
Nothing to eat, so we order pizza.
Waiting, we talk, and she want I show her some t... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like s****r.

I am loving my life! I am 25 years old and doing very well for myself. I have a great job that pays me great, and my sex life is at an all time high, though I am not ready to settle just yet. One of the reasons is because I have a fetish for black cock. I enjoy sl**ping around with black man, weather they are married or not. To be used and fucked by a BBC is my definition of nirvana. I don't mind them at any age, but I prefer older black men.

Although I no longer live with my parents I occasionally sl**p over their house (where I grew up) when I have had too much to drink and don't feel li... Continue»
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blackmailed wife part 3

i tell him'' only absolute and unconditional obedience will keep this from your wife''still sobbing and on his knee he thanks me promising to do anything,i let them know that in case an accident would occur to me the day after the videos would be posted on social network by three different bloggers.I have to cover my ass from any possible attempt to fight back they must feel utterly power less and vulnereable.Both are still sobbing,while sitting on a bar stool i get Andrea to take her shirt off, suck my cock and look at me in the eyes,i like her pretty face covered with tears and my dick in he... Continue»
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blackmailed wife part 1

Andrea,my young wife,is a teacher,slightly stuck up,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She and our toddler just came back from eastern europe,where they spend the summer with her parents and beloved f****y.During that time i was able to get a few things done,one was installing micro security cameras throughout home,invisible to a naked eye ,Andrea hate cameras so i had to do it without her knowing,also hoping to record fucking her but the low light conditions always make the camera enter the... Continue»
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A Huge Cock Growing Up

It was the first day of High School for Trevor. He was 13, going on 14,
young for his grade, but that's what comes with a November birthday. He was
also smart, blond, blue-eyed and cute as all hell. Not that he realized it
yet. Trevor, while not unpopular in Junior High, never really fit in.
Somewhat shy and reserved, he was happy when his parents moved during the
summer into a new school district. He'd made a few social faux paux in
Junior High, and we all know how cruel teens and p*****ns can be, and the
stigma followed him from 7th grade into 8th, but now he'd have a chance for
a fr... Continue»
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My Son's School Trip

My son's JJ's 4th grade class was going on a trip to the National Zoo in Washington D. C., and of course my wife Shirley had volunteered me to be one of the parent helpers. I am a 30 year old black male and this is just what I wanted to do, spend a day with a bunch of loud, unruly 8 and 9 year olds. But duty calls, and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

JJ and I got to the school early that morning, and JJ's teacher Mrs. Anderson was there getting things in order. She was an attractive mid 60's white woman, wearing a pair of jeans that showed she still had a nice shape. The bus was j... Continue»
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Bi-fantasy: tied and being fucked

This story is the result of a chat with Ron2632. Together we built up a horny fantasy. Check my profile if you want to see my pictures. Love to read your comments!

Ron and I have arranged a meeting a hotel. I always have fantasized about having sex with a man, but so far I have no experience at all. So when I knock on the door I’m a little bit nervous about what will happen. Ron told me he likes bondage and that he is a dominant type.
When Ron opens the door he is only wearing a bathrobe. He orders me to also undress, so I take of my clothes. Except for my shiny wetlook boxer short.... Continue»
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White boy gets into Fraternity

College was tough for me. I’m not one of those cool k**s that hang out at parties; I’m more like one of the shy k**s that no one notices. I can’t blame them, to be honest. Who would even notice a wimpy little shrimp like me. I’m 5’7” and barely 140 pounds. I can’t help but be jealous of all these muscular jocks that are so cool around girls. These thoughts were only further confirmed as I walked down the sidewalk, seeing dozens of buff jocks with a girl around each arm.

I couldn’t help but notice the sea of dark muscled bodies, and the girls that were swooning over them. Huge muscular... Continue»
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I'm from Fresno and love sexy Asians. Here's a sexy story of the last couple I played with...
It was a Friday night out at the bar when I seen a sexy Asian couple come in there were several empty chairs next to me the came sat down in the seats near me . I said hi to the gentleman and his wife . I introduced my self and said it's my first time here .he said cool nice to see a new face here most are regulars. I said let me buy u2 a drink what ever u want . The orders drinks and we cheer's. As we talked I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful Asian wife she was 5'4 100lbs nice ... Continue»
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Mom’s Used Cunt. part 2

Here I am lying in my bed staring up at the ceiling thinking back to last night when I fucked my mom, when who should walk in to my bedroom but her. She had on her tee shirt, cum nightie and straight away, I noticed her braless tits pressed up against the thin material.

Mom sat down on the bed
“I know what you did last night” she said then crossed her legs slowly making sure I saw her do it.
I started to turn red and I was getting prepared for a right good rollicking when I released she was wearing nylons, how strange I thought with her nightie.

Mom crossed her hands and placed them on... Continue»
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An Officer & A Gentleman

The alarm went off and I groaned while reaching over to hit the SNOOZE button.
“Damn.” I said getting out of bed.
As my usual routine, I turned the TV on, turned to channel 2 and waited to see what Atlanta rush hour traffic would have in store for me.
“We go now to Karen Minton with your weather.” Fred Blankenship said on the television.
I shook my head.
“Makes no sense how fine that man is.” I said walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
It was supposed to be cool that day, a nice November day. I turned the shower on, just as I heard that all lanes were blocked on GA-400 due y... Continue»
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Nicole was in her late 40s but looked much younger. If you've read my previous stories you'll know how we met but for those that haven't I'll briefly explain. I'd been fucking a mature slut from work following a works Christmas party. The woman in question was the filthiest woman I'd ever been with, there was nothing she would say no to. After a couple of wild nights we had extended the invite to a friend of mine and the three of us enjoyed a threesome. The following week Christine asked that we do it again only this time she'd bring a friend and i invited a third guy to join us. The friend in... Continue»
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Playing Uncle with an Xhamster Nympho and her Bull

Chatting with a girl the other day she said, “I have this fantasy of having a big black man fuck me. A stranger. The thing is, … I want someone else in the room that could stop it if things got out of hand. You would be the perfect guy… if we lived on the same continent!!!! I would just tell the guy you were my perverted uncle that wanted to watch!”

That got me to thinking…. So what if one of my “nieces” around here wanted to try……

I looked over at Steph and wondered which of us was more scared. We had talked ab... Continue»
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He touched her...

He pushed closer. She didn’t even realize that there was space between them; her back pressed against the wall while her hips eased slightly forward as if they were searching for something on him to give her release. Her mind questioned every moment as time passed in slow motion. She didn’t know him nor did she care. He came upon her like wind passing through the subway tunnel. She first saw him on the subway. He was dressed in a business suit and was carrying a black leather folder. He did not look particularly attractive to her. In fact, he was the part of the lower half of average did made ... Continue»
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Surprise Surprise III final part

"There are enough guys for us here for now" Nicole said "next time we'll invite more. Besides, where would we get more from now?"

She was right. I was so turned on that i would have loved to see how many guys these sluts were prepared to be fucked by, but it would be difficult to arrange for more to come at this time. It was 2am and the girls had arrived just after 11pm. They'd each taken well over 6 loads each, the majority into their arses but their faces had also been covered in our cum too.

Despite knowing there would be no more guys tonight I couldn't help but wonder how many Chris... Continue»
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One Night in September

“It is so damn hot” I said as I opened the window in my bedroom.
Being that I was on the second floor of my house, I looked forward to a nice breeze to blow through my bedroom on that September evening.
I walked into my bathroom, turned the shower on and removed my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror, turning around from left to right. The Zumba classes were paying off, along with the monthly membership to the tanning bed. I unclasped my bra, finally letting my 36Ds go free. I instinctively rubbed them, gently squeezing them. God, it felt good to be out of the bra. I wiggled out of t... Continue»
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Unorthodox Fertility Clinic

Interracial, BBW, Cuckold, Impregnation, slight use of racial slur

Sally desperately wanted a baby. Unfortunately, Tom had limp swimmers. They tried everything, but didn't have success.

Her friend, Latisha, suggested a very unorthodox method. Her friend had a "clinic" that boasted a 80% success rate. While not exactly great numbers, Sally was willing to check out.

The clinic was not what she expected. But then again, there many things that would happen in the next few days that was unexpected.

As she entered through the back door of a two story house, she was led downstairs to... Continue»
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at my friends house

I spent nearly every day at Jeffs house swimming. While in the pool I could see Mr. Franks looking out the window, sometimes he'd be fully dressed, others I could see his shirt off.
We'd get out and take our showers, then eat a snack and watch t.v. Then go bike riding.
One day I went to Jeffs house, Mr. Franks opened the door. He said Jeff was at the dentist office and be back in a couple of hours. I said ok, and asked if I could swim while he was there. Mr. Franks smiled, rubbed my back and said sure go get dressed. I went upstairs and took a shower and put on my swimsuit. Heading through ... Continue»
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A Night On The Town

It was an oddly warm friday evening when I arrived at Mr. W's house. Mr.W is a 29 year old man of average height, has smooth milk chocolate skin, and when i got to the door and knocked he opened the door with a smile on his face that grew even bigger when he saw the anckle length trenchcoat I was wearing,"how was it?" Mr.W asked looking right into my eyes, "how was what?" I asked back genuinely curious about what he meant, "coming all the way over here, on the bus, wearing just that coat?" Mr.W asked reaching his hand over and tugging at my coat while still looking into my eyes, "embarrasin Si... Continue»
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Sex With a BBW

I had the weirdest thing happen to me last week. I work at grocery store. I have been working there for about a year. I take classes at college in the evening. I enjoy working with the public. In the morning, it's usually all the housewives doing their weekly shopping. It's kind of weird, but working here is kind of a chick magnet. Housewives are always bored and looking for sex. I have hooked up with many of my customers. While I was finishing up with a customer, this interesting black woman was at the counter. She was probably in her late twenties. She had a pretty face, and was a bbw. She h... Continue»
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