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Memoirs of long ago

Memoirs of a past that had some great times in it, this is a true story that happened to me in the early 1970s so I am showing my age now.
I married young, just 19 and my wife was 17, we married as was the standard of the time, because she was pregnant, a man did not run away like they do today, he stayed and faced his responsibilities.
I was already working for a large department of government and held a secure position so income to support us was not a problem and by the time I was 21 had saved enough money to put a deposit on a home and that is where life became interesting.
My wife cam... Continue»
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Diane educates a young man

Diane was driving home after dropping her son off at college. It was a sunny crisp September morning and she was day dreaming about what she would do when her husband returned from his work placement in China. He had been away 2 months and it was going to be another before he was back in their bedroom. Meanwhile her fantasies were getting wilder and more frequent.

Already, even before her alarm had sounded, she had rubbed herself to a gasping orgasm to the mental image of her being taken from behind over their sofa. Her husband holding her by the hips and driving into her till he had sat... Continue»
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And Mother-in-Law Makes Three! - Part 1

Sue and I have been married for five years. With an age gap of ten years she is now twenty-seven, I'm thirty-seven and her mum, 'D', is forty-seven.

Both women are quite beautiful. Nice shapely figures, long shoulder-length hair, very pretty, smiley faces and loads of fun.

I have to admit I fancied D from the word go. Although I kept it to myself and behaved accordingly Sue was aware and often k**ded me on about it saying her mum was very fond of me too.

A year ago Sue's dad passed away. He was only fifty-five so it was a bit of a shock to all. Especially D.

Since then D has withdr... Continue»
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Aunt Feminizes Nephew

Aunt Feminizes Nephew
By Greyhalm ©

It was Wednesday lunchtime and the manager of the medical practise where I worked at the reception told me the centre was closing this afternoon for stocktaking. It was short notice but I was pleased to have my afternoon off. I went home.

I entered the front door and saw immediately my nephews’ school satchel and shoes in the hallway. He was in his last years of seniors and should have been at school. I though he must be ill and called out his name „Philip!" but I got no answer. He must be in his bedroom probably in bed. I climbed the stairs and as I... Continue»
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I stood in front of the Greyhound bus station and watched her
walk away. In the three years since I turned 18 I have tried four
times to get sexually involved with a woman I was dating. Sylvia was
the fourth to spend a week with me making love. She was also the
fourth one to tell me I was a lousy fuck.
I tried to accommodate them and do what they wanted, but
whenever I tried to 'eat pussy', I just gagged and choked on the
smell. As far as fucking was concerned, well just the idea of
sticking my nice clean dick into a sloppy loose slimy cunt generally
turned me of... Continue»
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One Night in Bangkok

The sun cast an orange glow over The Grove as it set in the
Great South Bay as if consuming all of Fire Island in its flame.
Nick Morell walked along the boardwalk. The gentle autumn
breeze caressed his long, brown hair as he hurried on his way.
Nick's 5'7" stature cast a shadow on the walks much greater than
his height. His defined features created a handsome picture in
the late afternoon light. He walked past the fairy tale houses
with their unique names - Helping Hand, First-on-Main, Utopia,
Ballroom, Shadows. Nick's lover had been away from the Island
for... Continue»
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Revenge Is So Sweet. #4

Revenge Is So Sweet. #4

I want to catch everyone up. I had just watched my wife have sexual relations with her black minister on a movie camera I had installed in our home and I watched the whole scene.

The following is what my next move will be. My wife was supposed to go down to her friend Ellen's apartment who lived fifty miles away from our city. She was going to stay until I got back from LA. I had my friend Mike put a GPS on her car. Now, it was time to check my computer and see how far she had gone. When I ran the tracking on her, sure enough she was fifty miles away, which w... Continue»
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71 Dawns Birthday neartreat

71Dawns Birthday near-treat

So as a scribe here I am again reporting one of Dawns escapades, Dawn as you know is a lady that I am pleased to say I write for, she has a cuckold hubby named Andy, and a master named Ray. Each year at birthday time (they are both near one another date wise), they have perhaps just the one ritual birthday “treat” together.

Me, well I pick up the notes after and write them into stories for you all dear readers! See my story of last year`s [] for an idea of the style and what we all expected this birthday! ... Continue»
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MILF Wife Gets No More Anal From Biker Boyfriend

It had been four months since I came home early from a business trip with the multi-million corporation I founded only to find my forty-three year old suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by her young biker boyfriend in our basement. After that I began to notice my wife’s whole demeanor changed. She started swearing a lot; every other word out of her mouth was fuck, asshole, or bitch. She began to drink a lot at home and on occasion you could smell the aroma of pot around the house.

She began wearing clothing only a biker chick would wear. Tight cut off shorts showing half her ... Continue»
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My Parent's Friends...

My Parent’s Friends

I often think my parents were slightly naïve in some respects. I used to get a good telling off for what I believed where minor offences like home work not done, coming home late etc. but for some things I don’t even realise they thought anything was wrong!

Every Saturday night they played cards with a couple they had known for years, certainly as long as I had been aware. I was 19 and working as a trainee manager in a department store in my home town. Saturday evening meant meeting up with mates for a few drinks so when the time to say goodbye came I popped into the... Continue»
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Mr James

My friend Wayne introduced me to Mr James back in college. Wayne used to work for Mr James at the peanut farm doing odd jobs. The pay was decent and Mr James was a kind, generous man. For some reason, Mr James took a liking to me too and treated me very kindly. Looking back, (we were so naive)... We were both from a small southern town and were blind to the real world. So, anyway, time goes by, Wayne graduates and moves off to Alabama but I stayed in touch with Mr James. Every so often I'd drop by the farm to say hi and we'd occasionally go out for lunch. He would always insist on paying of co... Continue»
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At the Handicraft Shop

I really liked that shop. This big department store-like seven-story
building in the middle of Tokyo had always had a magic appeal to me.
Already some years ago, when I had been on an internet in Tokyo before,
I was regularly on my pilgrimage to "Tokyu Hands". In the middle of
the building always had been the metal department. A lot of things to
stimulate your fantasy. And a lot of things you had to pay a fortune
for in an online-sex-shop.

That I liked bondage, especially when steel was involved, was not new
neither to me nor to my best friends. In my younger years, at high
scho... Continue»
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Frat Boy Master

I go out to the bars once in awhile. Usually it's a waste of time but
sometimes I get so horny I'm willing to throw away a few hours for the
chance at some hot sex. This was one of those nights. I took a shower and
checked myself out in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty damn good for
35. 6'2" and a lean, hard body. A nice thick cock and big, hairy balls.
Six pack, long hairy legs. Hell, I was starting to get hard just looking
at myself. I turned around to check out my ass. It's always been one of
my best features. High, tight and totally smooth. I pulled on a pair of
... Continue»
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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 1

This is a story fictional story of mine, I hope you like and sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes enjoy.

I met this girl online she was beautiful curvy with big tits and a gorgeous ass. She had blue eyes, brown hair and a sexy smile. She seemed perfect being witty, fun, polite, outspoken and alway very confident, or was it obnoxious. We had fucked a couple times by this point and we both seem to be hitting it off. Im really starting to like this girl so I decide to introduce her to my mom. My mom was hot for her age, being a tall women with a huge ass. She had decent size boobs that ... Continue»
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Wife Gets Even By Pegging Me

Last week I had the day off. M my next door neighbor Carol called me to fix her garbage disposal. The fix was easy so we had some coffee and began talking. The subject turned to sex when Carol said “hey Ken, Jean says you have a seven and a half inch monster? I laughed. Carol replied well I’m lucky when my old man can get it up just to his puny four inches. I was not surprised when Carol reached under the table and began rubbing my flaccid cock which did not stay that way as she gently rubbed my now turgid member. Soon all 7” inches was bulging out of my pants as Carol continued to gently m... Continue»
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My First Time In school(Based On A True Story)

I'm not a great story teller but I'll try.

So it was my senior year in High school. Me and my friends just got done taking our senior exams. Being seniors after the exams we got to go home early. But I decided to stay a little and say my goodbye's to all the underclassman etc. I pretty much knew everyone in school. I was also cool with everybody....Except this one bitch, which we'll call Jezebel. I knew her and nearly all my classmates since elementary school. I had beef with many close friends growing up, but we all eventually became cool overtime. But no, not this bitch.... Continue»
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Wes Checks Out Our Toys

It was such a warm evening Suk and I decided to sit out on the patio and have our tea out there. We had been there about ten minutes when Wes, her neighbor and one of the guys in our group, yelled over the fence at us. We had found out that before my hubby met him with the intent of introducing him to Suk, he had been spying on us for a while. Most of the time she and I would be completely naked. Tonight, in our panties, we invited him over to share some tea with us. Aside from our weekly meetings with him, Scott and my hubby, Suk and I, together and alone, met with each of them on the side. W... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)
by Claude van Feinbode

"I know," said Gina. "Fuck me, and you'll be a virgin no more"

My cock was already sliding in and out of Gina's tight ass. I couldn't see Jenny as she pushed her beautiful cock into Gina's wet pussy, but all I heard Gina say was, "yes…that's it…..slowly….look at your dick…just look at it as it moves."

I was on my back and I could only imagine the sight that Gina beheld. Two cocks pushing in and out of her. I was holding Gina's hips as she moved rhythmically to the tempo of two cocks pleasuring her. I took my ri... Continue»
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Where She Wants Me.....

I love to write. In fact, if I could make a real living at it, that would be my preferred career choice.
However, writers block, deadlines, overall motivation, and my "other," career choice, have thus far anyway prevented me from doing so.
Hence at the moment anyway, it remains a hobby to be indulged in whenever the Muse strikes me.
This work is one such moment.
I hope those who read it will enjoy it, and be kind in critiquing it.
Constructive thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.
Mean spirited jabs obviously are not.

Where She Wants me:

Immobilized, that's what I was... Continue»
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First time

I will always look back at the summer of 2015 as a major turning point in my life. Now I had always fantasiesed about being on the receiving end of a well endowed guy, but had resigned myself to the fact that I would never actually go through with anything of the sort. There I was lying in bed one morning feeling extremely horny. A couple days before I had downloaded grindr on to my phone and had set up a profile. Many messages appeared but I was just leading people on in truth. I had the day off work and just lay there masturbating, sharing sexy pics with random guys until one local guy caugh... Continue»
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