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First time cheating on my boyfriend

I'm currently 18, last year when i was 17, I attended a modelling event in a hotel in Manchester. My then boyfriend couldn't come with me, his boss wouldnt give him time off, so had to go alone, i was NOT happy!
I got the train down the night before, so I was up bright and early, with no rushing about, although that caused more expense as had to pay for a hotel room with late check out for the next day too :(
So the day came and since 10am I'd been doing the usual things, trying not to not fall over in my heels, chatting to photographer/agents/agencies, talking to other girls and avoiding th... Continue»
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webcam mom

This story relates to my mom rittu who is 42 years of age and has a sexy luscious fig of 36 34 38 and she used to wear tight blouse and her nipples were always erect and hard as it can be seen in the blouse.My father had left for Chandigarh to setup some business over there whil I was studing in college in delhi.
We were living in rented apartment but enjoyed good life and dad used to send us money.I always admired mom for her sex beauty and always wanted to be by her side but mom never gave me a chance and always told me to concentrate on her studies.I kmew mom wanted to have a big cock in h... Continue»
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First time sex..

Diana is 21 years old. She's the middle c***d of my girlfriend. She stands 5'7" tall; is all of 115 pounds; has dark, medium-length brown hair with the cutest bangs that hover over her large, yet sophisticated glasses; has the cheekbones and face of a runway model; long, thin arms; toned legs; beautiful olive skin; a v-shaped back with an extremely thin waste that tapers down to an ass ANY man would feel an immediate tingle in their cock for; and while extremely bright and bubbly, she also has a "dark side" to her (I suspected at first, then found out later it was true - thus this story).

... Continue»
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I showed her how (pt2)

So there we were,both of us, looking into each others eyes. Me; still in aw, her; licking her lips! She leaned in to my ear and whispered;
- How was that love?
- was great I mumbled.
- You like it when "mommy" takes control baby?
- Yes, I said, more firmly this time.
- Well, let's continue!
She took a step back, undressed herself and for the first time I saw her naked. And what a sight! Her breast perky and perfectly sized, her stomach tight and firm leading you down to her well shaped and trained tighs and then; as she turned around to take off her shoes, she ent over and agai... Continue»
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Ready, Mom?

Introduction: I think I should tell you about my f****y first. I’m your average 18 year old teenager. Dark hair, brown eyes, athletic figure and 6 feet tall. My dad works as an accountant in a local firm and manages to do pretty well. He’s about the same height as me and is starting to put on some weight at 41. My mom on the other hand, has kept her figure in check over the years. She’s a typical stay-at-home 37 year old mother but doesn’t even look a day over 30. Motherhood has been kind to her. She has a beautiful 5’8 hourglass figure with firm 36D breasts, which I managed to find out while ... Continue»
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Karen and I were together as an item for most of that first semester. She broke up with me after Christmas, saying she wanted to see other people, and we drifted apart after that. We still saw each other around campus, of course, but like so many others in the dorms, we just became acquaintances who used to have sex. I spent the rest of my freshman year being more or less of a male slut, trying to bed any girl I could. When the semester ended, a lot of people went home for the summer, but I managed to secure a summertime job on campus, so I stuck around.

The summer was fairly quiet. I worke... Continue»
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Big tit college girlfriend -- my first good fuck

Even though I went to college in the 60s my sex life in those days wasn't all that hot. I lost my virginity late in my freshman year, and fucked a girl (who was more friend than lover) a couple of times early in my sophomore year, but then I got into a long relationship with a tight-assed bitch who was "saving herself" until she got married. Yes, seriously! In the 60s! And I, like a fool, put up with that shit. She would sometimes give me a blowjob, but those were fairly rare. And neither of the first two girls I fucked was on the pill and I had no condoms, so I had to pull out before I came i... Continue»
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Jake and sexy Tgirl Amanda were next on our "

So after we went out with Pete and Becky all day
Jet Ski's, Diving, and sneaking off for some impromptu blowjobs or a quicky, Alex and I decided that we'd ask Pete and Becky if they'd mind if we brought Jake and Amanda into our group. We described them to them, and they were hooked.

That evening at dinner Alex took it upon herself to make the first move. She sent over some drinks, and they came over to our table and that's where this story begins.

Amanda asked if we were swingers, when I spoke up and told her that even better than that, we're all bi swingers. Her jaw dropped and he... Continue»
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The Cock Suckers by loyalsock

"Come on in, Peter," Laura Rogers said with a big smile, "how was school today, dear!!" "Pretty good, Mrs. Rogers," the eighteen year old replied quickly, "but I was so excited about our session, my mind wasn't really on my studies!!!" "How sweet of you to say that," Laura answered while kissing the young lad on the cheek, "now be a good boy and show me your penis!!!" Hurriedly Peter unbuckled his belt and shoved his jeans and boxer shorts down around is ankles, letting his semi hard penis bounce free from its cotton prison!!! "My, my, "Peter," Laura Rogers whispered in a very husky voice, "yo... Continue»
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Suck Hole by loyalsock

18 year old Shannon was having the time of her life. Dancing at the party in a club had erased all the stress from her mind away. She didn’t mind when men casually touched her bum or her 32b breasts. In fact, she even liked the attention.

After dancing her troubles away, Shannon realized that she needed to answer nature’s call quite urgently. She went to the washroom. There were no guy or girls washroom. It was just a room with 5 cubicles. Shannon quickly chose a cubicle and closed the door. She undid her belt and jeans and slides them down to her ankles. Next was her red thong. While relie... Continue»
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Blindfolded encounter

I really had that fantasy and have gone thru with it. It still turns me on to think about that encounter and sometimes feel like doing it again. Just a bit nervous about risking it again!


I have been having this craving for a BBC and a special fantasy for a while! Well.. I always crave BBC so that’s not new and I often get little fantasies I like to play with but sometimes some are more intense than others and you just have to get out there and make it happen, right?

So, I was using the Craigslist ads quite a bit a ... Continue»
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Catholic School Girl by loyalsock

Mary's all girl school was no picnic. The classes were hard, and the teachers mean. 18 year old Cherry, a sophomore at St Mary's was a model student, although she secretly hated the place. All A's in her classes, a star volleyball player, and very, very beautiful. Cherry with her shoulder length auburn hair, nice 36 C breasts, and a sexy smile that seemed to leave time frozen for anyone caught looking. Life was indeed good for Cherry, she however didn't agree. Cherry was tired of being in an all girls school. She was old now, a full 18 years. She wanted to see boys and go on dates, holding ha... Continue»
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Judy gets a thrill

After our weekend fun everything got back to normal except one day at work Judy was in my office. We were going over some reports and she was sitting across from me at my desk. For the longest time she kept everything just business. It was getting close to lunch time and I asked if she wanted to take a break and get something too eat. She said sure and I asked where she wanted to go for lunch, she just sat there a minute then said why don't we just order sandwiches and have them delivered here. She said we can just get something from the deli across the street. I ordered our lunch and we w... Continue»
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Big One

I chatted with him online a few times, John is an older gentleman in his profile he describes himself as an aggressive top. His profile listed him as 8+ for cock size
so like a rookie I assumed it was eight. I was off work and said hello, he asked if he was every going to get a chance to fuck my sweet ass.
I'm very into playing with my ass when I jerk-off but only once have I been with a guy and that experience kinda turned me off.
So this time I jumped at the opportunity I agreed to meet right away within the hour.
I got ready, arrived on time and headed to his door, John is about 6'4" mu... Continue»
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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-3

Louise is a shy slender black-haired beauty half way her twenties with firm tiny tits, as a teen still
Louise is desperate to break her block, finish her MA thesis before the end of Summer as time runs out
Louise is accepting my final offer of help and my condition of complete obedience to her new Professor
Louise is to learn a lot from him, not only in academic skills but also as his submissive sexy servant

Louise lets Anne know over the telephone under which conditions she will finish the thesis with Peter
Louise lets Anne know she makes a lot of progress first few days and her P
... Continue»
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Fucking After English Class by loyalsock

I sit in the front row, staring at her uncontrollably. Her name is Ms.Davees and she is my English teacher, just saying that would do her no justice so i must explain that she is perfection at its finest. She's tall, about 5'8, shes slender and has amazing tits. If i had to guess, i'd say they were a perfect C36. Her shiny honey blonde hair falls to her nipples. God i want to fuck her like she's never been fucked before. I think about her naked everytime i see her, i try to picture it but its so hard when you've never seen someone that beautiful without clothes. She is my own personal movie st... Continue»
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Eating Her Out by loyalsock

They all sat around, talking and drinking, and laughing but Caroline wasn't. She couldn't believe what they were all saying. "So there I was. Naked. Can you believe it...naked and he's smiling at this" as her hands waved down and around her wide and thick figure. "He says to me 'You have to have one of the most alluring' and I swear by that. He said alluring to me. She went on. 'figures Cecelia and as god as my witness...I'd love for you to sit on my face..." That's right. That is what he said ladies."

They all about gasped, including Caroline, as they heard what Cecelia was telling them. S... Continue»
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Nuns Initiation by loyalsock

"Have them come over at eight" he told her. "They'll need to know a few things."

She went and instructed the 3 new nuns to head over to the rectory as told. There were s****rs Natalie, Maria, and Theresa. All were about 25. All were new to the parish. All of them were going to get instructions by Fr. Angelo and although he wasn't too much older he was going to have his way with the new and somewhat pretty looking nuns.

"Good evening s****rs. Come on in. Let's go in here. Please. Sit down" he told them.

They followed him in and took there seats. He was quiet for a moment and then looke... Continue»
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The Train Journey by loyalsock

I was travailing to see a friend in Norwich and I had caught the train from Liverpool Street we had just left Chelmsford and a woman across the train had been looking at me and given me a smile from time to time. She was I would say about 50 and had a slim body(a great figure) and wonderful boobs they looked big and firm and really stood out due to her slender body, she had dark brown hair and what looked like deep brown eyes nice long eye lashes and I would guess at about 51 10" tall and looked great.

I got up to go to the toilet and shut the door behind me had a pee washed my hands and we... Continue»
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How I Met My Wife

I first met my wife 2 years ago at a work Christmas party. She was there with her then boyfriend, Lance, who was a young sales guy I had recently hired. We were introduced, I shook her hand and that was all the interaction we had. That said I couldn't stop staring at her when no one was looking. She was the hottest woman I'd ever seen. Molly was/is very petite but great curves, brunette,with big brown eyes and a great smile. I caught her looking at me a few times too. Even though I like to think I don't look my age and I try to keep in shape, it didn't occur to me that she might be attrac... Continue»
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