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Diary of dirty fantasies V

There is one expression in English language that describes extremely well the things that I'm going to tell in this story, especially the way they affected my daily life, which is: "Shit got real!" Yes! I love this expression because it describes in three words that transition from a life led in some sort of boring dream into a hazardous and extremely exciting one. Anyway, to conclude this long and probably boring introduction: Here is my story!

It all started few weeks ago when my new neighbour moved in to my building. This is my first diary entry about that:
I don't have anything spec... Continue»
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Didn't want my cum

This is a short story about one day when my girlfriend came to visit me in college. My first year I had an apartment to myself because of my parents and every few weekends my g/ f would visit me. When she came we would sometimes have sex our relationship was a bit strained at the time because of the distance. I would always try to make the sex we did have that much better for myself by edging for a while before she came and taking a lot of supplements meant to improve make orgasm.

One weekend she was coming by I had edged for a while the week before, I would basically spend a lot of my off... Continue»
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Wife And Best Friend

Mike is close friend of mine we meet when his f****y moved across the street from me at the age of 9. One thing special about Mike is his the size of his cock, when we were young I would often joke about his long dick, calling him pony dick, Johnny Holmes Jr. making fun of is size.

Well into our early 20’s Mike was getting pretty popular picking up women at the disco clubs, I mean a lot of women and for me it was like hanging out with a rock start. He fucked around for many years with countless women. He once had an older lady in Arizona that he would fly out to have sex with. The old lad... Continue»
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WiFi Cafe

She watched him from two tables over. He was tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes so dark they got lost in his eyes. He was clean shaven with a strong set jaw, his shoulders were broad, and he looked like he worked out.
She had been in the café for a good two hours, searching the internet for various things, and instant messaging friends that she had in cyber-world.
A twinge in her bladder told her it was time for a bathroom break. Making sure she had her purse, she got up, and walked back to the bathroom.
She came back a few minutes later and sat back down. Almost immediately a m... Continue»
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My Camping Trip

I went camping with my aunt, uncle and cousin. My Aunt Dawn, in her 40’s so is my Uncle Sal, my cousin Jackie was around my age, a year younger than me. They had a small pop up camper that had three beds. Two of them was a full size and the third a twin. I had the twin size bed, it was right next to my cousins bed, on the other end was my aunt and uncles bed. We got to camp, no one was really around us, we set up and made a camp fire. Around 11pm everyone went to bed, I have trouble sl**ping at nights, so I was awake, it was dark but not dark enough you can see anything. I could still see.
... Continue»
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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 10

“Jac you have to go carefully and you will get to fuck Janice.” Jane said on her mobile. “How do I do that Jane?” “You have to go slowly. Next time you are out in the car. You need to start in the usual was with kisses and feeling her tits. Get her to feel your cock. After that I suggest you ask her if you can put your hand on her knee. Later ask if it is ok to slide your hand up her skirt. She will probably say yes. Don't try to fuck her then. Tell her that you want it to be special. You want to make love to her properly. She will probably ask me what I think. I will tell her she can use my b... Continue»
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In the hospital II

I drifted back off and woke the next morning when a morning nurse came in. She gave me my medicine and water, then asked how I felt. I told I was fine, good she said. Let's get a look at you stiches, she pulled the sheets back and propped my leg up. She uncovered and checked the wound, then recovered it. Nice and dry, she said. She looked over at my other leg and smiled sheepishly. I asked her what was that about, she said it was nothing. Jokingly I said " don't make me chase you to find out " she laughed. " we heard you had a visitor last night and I see it was true ". Really I said. " and w... Continue»
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Gym pegging

my world of pegging is only just beginning but every time I get pegged it gets me that little bit hornier. This is one of those events that sparked my addiction to taking cock from a woman and being her bitch

When I woke up this Saturday morning I was hornier than usual, but I had to suppress my urges in order to make a 5:30am group fitness class. I put on my normal workout clothes, Gray/ White Stripe Shimera Boyshorts panties, Nike loose leg shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, socks and New Balance cross trainers. I like wearing the boy shorts for two reasons, one- they are very comfortable and two, ... Continue»
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A Wife's Surprise

It all started on an uneventful weekend. I had been pestering my wife for months to really surprise me with something wild and out of character. So much so that I had resorted to looking at porn again, something I only do when she hasn't been naughty with me.

I was watching TV on the couch when I felt my wife's hand cover my eyes, blocking my view of the Saturday night television shows. Her warm breath was sliding by my ear as she told me in a whisper it’s time for my surprise. I pulled away and turned to see her wearing a beige trench coat, knee-high off white socks and brown leather, high... Continue»
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The Most Humiliating Weekend of My Life

I live in a pretty big house in a quiet upper class neighborhood outside of Boston with my wife Beth. We have been married for almost three years now and while I hold a corporate position with a Fortune 100 company, Beth is still just a housewife. I don't mind really because she keeps the house and all of my clothes spotless, she's a great cook and we plan to have k**s soon. She never complains about anything and is great in bed too.

Combine all of that with her pretty face and smoking body and I'd have to say Beth is my ideal woman. So life is great, that is life was great, until two we... Continue»
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Project Pussy Drama Part 2(True Story)

If you read the first part you should know where we left off.

"Diamond, you in there". Me and Mariah paused for a bit and looked at each other. She looked nervous. I never seen her look like that before. She was always so cocky and nonchalant. She seemed shook, something I never thought I would see in her. But it was so attractive and cute. It's like I seen this lioness before and all of a sudden I see this scared lil kitty. But I knew how she felt because I was on the same situation and I'm nervous too. I had to say something fast though, so I just said " yea, I'm in here." Then my cousin ... Continue»
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For Daddy...

As Daddy enters the room, I sit there on my knees with my hands in my lap. Looking down at the floor trying not to look at Daddy until he acknowledges me. I respect him too much to say anything until he speaks to me so I sit quietly biting my tongue and waiting. Daddy is loving taking his time to acknowledge me because he knows the moment he walks in the room, my excitement starts to build and it is a struggle for me to keep my place where I am kneeling.
Daddy still not saying a word, slowly unzips his zipper. That is the only acknowledgement that I need I know what Daddy wants and needs. My... Continue»
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My Wife Made Me Her Cocksucker

Even before we were married, my wife Sarah controlled our sexual life pretty strictly. When she discovered I was a virgin when I proposed to her, she told me she wanted me to stay that way until after the wedding. She was not a virgin by any means, I learned. But she did stay faithful to me and didn't look for sex elsewhere, I learned. I was just happy someone as beautiful and gorgeous as Sarah wanted to be with me.

Jake, her best friend from c***dhood, who was gay, black, and huge, told me that she used to be a slut, but he always hung out with her, and she hadn't been with anyone that ... Continue»
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Teacher II

For the first time I felt his hand on my dick, his firm but soft hands felt good. I arched my back pushing my hips forward giving him full access to me. Mr. Roberts said " You're so hard, do you like me touching you" My breathing was quick, and My head was spinning. Yes sir I finally said. He closed his fingers and thumb around the tip and slid down sending waves of excitement through me. He stroked me a few times then he cleared his desk and told me to hop up. I hopped on the desk in front of him and spread my legs. He leaned over and licked the head which was electrifying, then moved down ti... Continue»
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Andrew’s Angel

Andrew always grew up feeling more then just a little different from the rest of the boys. He never felt sexually attracted to girl’s bodies but instead felt attraction for their clothes. He knew he was straight because he never liked guys so he just assumed he was straight.

This began his seventh grade year and followed him into his senior year of high school. He started off by reading sissy literotica and watching sissy hypnosis. He then began experimenting by trying on his s****r’s clothes that she had left behind when she went to college. It then progressed to putting tampon... Continue»
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I'd visited the park regularly after the night on the picnic table, it was still something I thought about and even jerked off to at times, being use by to hard cocks and my first time being fucked, remembering how good it felt,that cock exploding in my ass,pumping it's hot cum into me. Now it was what I wanted, every encounter I now had, ended with me letting myself be fucked,a few times buy more than one ,sometimes one was not enough,I liked cumming hands free and did what I had to to get satisfaction but it was getting harder.
... Continue»
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Amazing Gracie (Pt 3)

Amazing Gracie Pt. 3
(The GILF down the hall)

The following happened one night about a week or ten days after Gracie and I first met.

I showed up at Gracie’s door and knocked gently. Gracie opened the door dressed, not in slinky lingerie, but in appropriate outdoor summer wear. She had on a loose fitting blouse / shirt hanging outside (not tucked in) a pair of khaki color shorts. She was barefoot and had a glass of wine in her hand. I had showed up hoping for a night of hot nasty sex, but her dress and appearance had me wondering if she was sending me a signal that tonight was going to... Continue»
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As a schoolboy remember my first time going to public toilet with my schoolmate Pancho
He was gay but I was bi loved all kinds of sex
Pancho had taken photos of his s*s in skimpy panty's and lacy bra and promised to show
them to me in the toilets
When we arrived we went in and he brought me into a cubicle
The ladies toilet was beside it and there were peep holes at the back of the bowl
and said if I peeped through the hole I might be lucky to watch a girl or women undressed
and on the toilet
Pancho took out the photos of his s*s
"OK Don here is the ... Continue»
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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

So, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy (it had been a week since I gave her head and I was still hungry for taco;) ) so we had a good session, missionary to doggy to legs up and back to doggy for my big finish. I had done laundry the day before, but had neglected to place sex towels by the I told her to drain the mess onto my hot watching our sex drip out!:p
Well she had to go and run some errands and deal with so... Continue»
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My wife the e****t

My Wife “The e****t Call Girl”.

My wife and I had been together for 2 years, we had met on a blind date arranged between two mutual friends and we hit it off from the word go, she was 18 years younger than myself I was 39 at the time.
We did everything a normal couple does and had a blast of a time, she got pregnant after a holiday on a Greek Island and of course 9 months later we had a lovely Baby Boy. It was after the birth of my son when she sort of changed a little in different ways.
Sex became even more frequent than before and it was pretty frequent before, sex in unusual plac... Continue»
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