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Dear Serena Sutherland,

So it would start that you come all the way, from Texas to bring me back, an to be your husband, we're sitting in a McDonald's eating, and you tell me "Well for one Mr. Willis, all of us in the lone star state absolutely love your music and your type of entertainment, and I was wondering if I could persuade you of coming back to Texas with me, and letting me help you start your record label on a bigger platoe." I say "Well I love the West Coast, I'm born and raised in San Jose, I don't know if I could turn my back on my hometown." You say "I'm sure they love you out here, but you've been worki... Continue»
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gym Jock Santiago

I know its been a while since my last story was posted, truly been busy, haven't had the chance to sit and write about my hot stories, do i decided to make up for it and prove my stories are real by uploading pics and a short vid of it ;) i hope you guys ( or girls) like

Ive been going to this gym near my apt with my roomie who happens to be a local, so he knows a lot of people there and introduces them to me, im the new boy in the neighborhood so don't really know many people, i act very straight nobody knows i like boys, except for my roomie he knows but doesn't care. One of our work out... Continue»
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Breeding Tiffany ( A True Cuckold Story ) My Fuck

The Events Below are real they took Place 5 months ago

My name is Morgan 24 years old from Egypt

I am Middle Eastern , Hazel eyes , Black hair , Strong Jaw
6.2 ft , Wide Shoulders , Wide Back , 22 inch arms , Very Muscular ,and 6.5 inch Cock , very thick

7 months ago i started chattting with this Very Sexy Couple from USA , Tiffany and Mark

They were the sexiest young couple , i saw their profile and Messaged them Straight away tiffany was the one online at that time , I checked her pics and loved them , she went crazy when i showed her My Cock , We got along quiet well a... Continue»
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Days went by after the episode with which I ended the first part of my story, without anything interesting to happen.
Then came this hot sunny day, it was in the month of May…maybe, I can`t tell you for sure. All I know is that, in that day, I was in a really bad mood. For me it was just one of those days when you don`t want to do anything and don`t want to see anyone, and especially, you don`t want to go to work. But I went eventually, and maybe it wasn`t such a bad thing I did…you`ll decide in the end.
In that day came a moment when I went in the same office, with my same female collegues ... Continue»
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Does feminism hurt masculinity?

Not really sure this is the place to have any kind of blog, but at the same time i like the idea of expressing myself on a site where no one really knows me.Huh...that's kind of cowardly isn't it? Either way, I wanted to talk about sexist people and actions that I've witnessed recently and why they came to be. This should go without saying but i don't think myself as sexist. Yea women and men are different, but does that mean that one of us is inferior to the other? Absolutely not.

So why is the stereotype that plague our sexes so strictly upheld. Women claiming that they can't do certain ... Continue»
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INTRODUCTION: This is a series that will cover the adult porn website known as in order to give all 9 Million + Members Information about the Early History of, as well as A Review & General Explanation concerning the Terms / Policy that Members Must Agree to, in order to Join the website known as Also, as presented in the “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TO MY FRIENDS,” various topics will be covered in this Essay.

IMPORTANT!! All information within these Essays will be based only on the Rules, Terms, Policies, and By-... Continue»
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Cuckolding My Husband With Hung Boy

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I will admit I look good for a women of forty three years old, constantly getting hit on by guys every time I go out but the one guy who should be taking advantage of my body isn't and that is my husband. I still have my slowing blonde hair and amazing body but for some reason my husband has stopped being as sexual with me as he's been in the past. Now day's sex for me is about a ten minute disappointment where he comes and I go to bed without getting a release. I was nice about it for awhile but its seems to have been so long... Continue»
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Curious Daughter’s First Ass Fuck

Amber bounced to her room. She was so happy! Her mommy had a date with Sara's daddy that night and was excited about getting fucked!

Life had changed so much since her f****y started having open sex with each other and their friends. Tonight would be good too since it was going to be her night with her daddy alone. Sex with him was special! She was already getting wet when her cell phone buzzed. It was her friend Beth.

"Hi Beth! What's happening?" She asked hoping for the latest gossip

"Amber you have to see this video I ... Continue»
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This month I met with one of my female ex-collegues I used to work with and….wow! so many memories came in my mind…
First of all, you must know that, in my working place, there are very few male employees. I mean, for several years, I was the only male on the floor where my office is. Then, you must know that a lot of my female collegues (some of them being real hotties) are married women or just involved in long term relationships, VERY unsatisfied by their men, so you can imagine that, with one like me, being in my 20`s, with a nice future in front of me, for lots of them being the only one... Continue»
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Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.

I was working in a grocery store as a produce manager, it was kind of a temporary thing, but it was a decent enough job. Well one day I was going through the produce section, checking inventory and straightening up the stock when I hear my name being called. A woman's voice and I turned around and it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name was Maria, and we broken up on not the best of terms, mostly because she was absolutely bat shit crazy. But that had bee... Continue»
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A 21yrs old white Canadian girl i met in Vienna, A

2014 winter time in Vienna.

It was a very cold winter time in Vienna, i was out because i had a date with a girl i met a day before so i was waiting for this girl to come and meet me in a particular place, but unfortunately/fortunately she wrote me that she would be coming late. So i decided to take a little walk before she comes, as i was walking i saw this beautiful chubby girl walking alone, i dared to approach her which she was impressed and happy about it.

Me: Hey gorgeous, how are you?
She: I'm fine and you?
Me: Of course i should probably be fine by standing with a beautiful gir... Continue»
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A late night university project..

It’s getting awfully late, and Britney & I have been working for I don’t know how many hours on our degree’s final project. We’ve been working diligently in our living room, curled up across from each other on the couches, empty snack wrappers strewn about between the books and laptops, the cat happily curled up in her lap and some top 40 in the background.

As it passes midnight, my eyes are aching. It’s time to take out my contacts. As I stand up and tell her I’m going to run upstairs to take out my contacts, and get ready for bed; she takes the opportunity to do the same. She makes for th... Continue»
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the $1,00 watch

This one is true

This is a story about me being away and my wife comes dressed as a hooker.
“Absolutely not,” I yelled at my wife. “You don’t need a $1,000 watch.” I said as I walked out the door.

That was the angriest I ever left my wife. She wanted to buy a $1,000 watch and she didn’t have any money in her bank account. She expected me to buy the watch for her. That’s why we have separate accounts. We each have our play money and I wasn’t going to use my money to buy her a watch.

I did call her on the way to make up. I was on my way to a project about 2 hours outside town. I was go... Continue»
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I read this profile online one day and it quoted an article about sucking dick and swallowing jizz. I wish that I had seen it many many years ago. I could have shown it to my wife as an inducement for her to give me head, like when we were single and she was trying to persuade me to marry her!
The author is unknown to me, however, I think it's worth sharing, so here it is:
Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND among people suffering from depression, many felt much better after sucking a Dick. This is because Dick juice contains a protein that the body converts into se... Continue»
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The Judge:

Well, I met Don through a mutual friend he worked with. He was a recently divorced judge and was just looking to just go out and have fun. I agreed to meet one day for lunch at a local restaurant. He was very flirtatious. He had hungry, wondering eyes left you would expect from a man who hasn’t been properly fucked in a while. I was not really interested in him. He was rather on the heavy side and just not really my type. We did talk on the phone though for several weeks. I was just being nice and being a person who was there for him as company during his new divorce. Our schedules nev... Continue»
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My t-girl experience

so I FINALLY got with this t-girl named Chrissy, turns out my gay friend from school Martin calls me up, he's like, ya wanna go to this special club with me? oh yah! :) so I meet him there & he's def'ly dressed as queer bate! lol I wore a skirt & a cute sleeveless top cause it's still hot as f*ck here even in october, Martin's in white shorts & a pink golf shirt. he flashes me his undies outside the club, he's wearin like, the tiniest thong - ever! plus he's already hard. so I'm like, you want some relief on that before we go in? he goes, hell no, I'm not shootin my wad unless I'm sitting ... Continue»
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True Stories: My First Time as the Other Guy

Her pussy felt so slick, and she squeezed my cock so tightly, that nothing else seemed to matter. As I spread her legs wider and plunged inside her harder and faster, I didn’t notice that her headboard was hitting the wall, and that we were probably making more noise than we should have. Then, there was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Linda? Are you okay?” It was her mother.

A jolt of panic shot through my chest, and I scrambled off the bed, slamming my knee against the bed post in the process. I muffled an expletive and hid behind her bed with my pulse racing. How the hell did I get my... Continue»
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Late night craigslist BBC

I had been looking for a low key way to feed my lust for some hot action and found myself on M4M on Craigslist. I was 21 at the time and an athletic build so I posted an add looking for someone similar to my age and down to have a good time with NSA.

I got plenty of emails from willing suitors but none caught my eye. Finally I got an email from a guy who said he wasn't too far from me and could pick me up and take me back to his place, he wanted to exchange pics but was skeptical because he wasn't out yet either. It was perfect, someone just as paranoid as me about people finding out my li... Continue»
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The Others

The choice of a rugby mad university town was a clever one and I congratulated Kyle on his intelligence. Plenty of post game drinking and no shortage of bars and pubs.

We explored the town centre and then headed back to the hotel to make ourselves ready, I was to be demure and sexy but not slutty.....I needed a drink as soon as I stepped out of the shower and the realisation of the evening started to become real. I could not really complain as it was all my fantasy and desires being played out with Kyle's understanding.

A short dress, black, grey and white stripes with a pair of sheer... Continue»
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Photo Day

I was so excited once I got out of bed. Today was the day! The photographer was coming to our house to do the photo shoot!! I had worked Mark over pretty well the past few days and he finally caved in. I was going to share the center with Monica. She's definitely a hot little number! I went through the normal routine of the day. Take a shower, feed Mark clean up. Anything to keep my mind off of the pending party. I know it sounds silly, after all I DID spend the last few days begging to be a part of it. But I still get just a wee bit nervous. I think every center does. Or at least, let's put i... Continue»
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