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my wife the slut

While my wife is not really a prude, she is definitely not the type of lady who shows off her body. She rarely wears any clothing that shows off her ample cleavage, only occasionally teasing me with a slightly low-cut dress or blouse. She is very attractive, despite having three k**s, including a set of twins, and recently celebrating her 40th birthday.

For many years I have tried to convince Greta, my wife, to become more of an exhibitionist. I’ve wanted her to go braless or to show off more of her 38D chest to my friends or even to strangers when we visit other towns. She has always refus... Continue»
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Bat Manager

I was the new fastball team hitting Coach for this years up coming season.
It was very nice going to help Coach the best team in fastball.
I have just had a meeting with our new team Catcher John Holden,
He was around 5'10 a good solid 180 short brown hair with a nice brown trim goatee,
We wear in the locker room when we could not find the proper size ball pants for him,
I was looking all around for a sized 36 waist with a 30 inch leg.
Finally I found one and the other lock up cupboard.

All the guys were changing in the Locker room when I walk in for a quick chat.
I saw John putting... Continue»
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Bat Manager

I was the new fastball team hitting Coach for this years up coming season.
It was very nice going to help Coach the best team in fastball.
I have just had a meeting with our new team Catcher John Holden,
He was around 5'10 a good solid 180 short brown hair with a nice brown trim goatee,
We were in the locker room when we could not find the proper size ball pants for him,
I was looking all around for a sized 36 waist with a 30 inch leg.
Finally I found one and the other locker cupboard.

All the guys were changing in the Locker room when I walk in for a quick chat.
I saw John putting ... Continue»
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A friendly surprise

I have been checking out this site for years and have always been satisfied. Lately I also hit a few other swinger sites. I dig amateur videos especially BBW's, CD's, and TS's of course mature amateurs are also hot.
So, I got to chatting to a guy on one of the swinger sites after he posted some photos of his wife. He was local and we chatted for a few weeks and he since he was local, asked if I wanted to come over and see the videos and stills he had in person,maybe even be JO buddies. He and his wife were close to my age, in their 40's and I said sure.
He and I met for coffee and he passed... Continue»
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Russian Shemales 3: The Revenge

I am asking the translator what that means: The Revenge. There is no revenge in my story! And she says it is a kind of joke. Like the Electric Boogaloo. I do not understand why that is funny, but she is telling me to trust her, and continue with my story.

When we grew awake in the morning, Svetlana wanted more sexy sexy time, but I said to not. Because Mr. Aronoff would be there soon to pick us up for the bus ride back to home. Svetlana, who looked more like Serge in the morning, said quietly, he did not want to go back home. I pushed him into the shower to wash off the cosmetics fro... Continue»
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My earliest and best memories of Mona were of her breasts, bush and bum. She was only thirty and they were magnificent. In our daily lives I always seemed to be able to see them. Of course much of the time that was just so easy, after all she did get around the place naked. Even when she wore house clothing it was something scanty. Her breasts would fall out when she bent forward, or her backside bared when she bent over, or when she crouched down the skirt would rise up displaying her bush. She didn’t seem to mind what I saw, ever. Then of course I gave her a cup of tea and toast in b... Continue»
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Gay naked twister

We are sitting in the living room. I’m on the couch; you’re in the recliner. We’re drinking, because drinking is what we need to do if we’re really going to do this tonight.
Are we really going to do this tonight?
After several drinks we decide to get out Twister. It’s a k**’s game, but we’re both d***k enough that we’re feeling pretty playful. We put the mat on the floor and start the game. A few turns in, you make the suggestion that we should play naked.
I guess we are going to do this tonight.
The clothes come off and we play a few more turns. Left hand, red. Right foot, gree... Continue»
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Not Your Average e****t pt2

“That was pretty good grilled cheese,” Holly said from her seat on my couch. She lifted a glass of sweet tea and took a sip. “Good tea, too.”
“Thanks,” I called out from the kitchen. I placed out plates in the sink and walked back over to the couch and sat down beside Holly. “What would you like to do next?”
“I dunno, we could just hang out a bit or we could go back to the bedroom...”
I walked over to my DVD rack and started going through my collection. We settled on one of my favorites and I popped it into the DVD player, grabbed the remote and moved back to the cou... Continue»
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Lucy and Emma Part 2 (Saturday Special)

As Emma stirred from her deep sl**p Lucy took it as an opportunity to roll her naked body within the arms that had softly held her all night, By the time Emma opened her eyes Lucy had managed to completely roll over so that they two were know face to face so that when Emma opened her eyes her vision was filled with the smile that seemed to be a permanent part on Lucy’s softly featured face. To this this sight Emma lightly smiled back and tried to speak but as she did the remnants of last night soon hit her her throat closed parched of moister her head throbbed with pain as the consequences of ... Continue»
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Recently my wife and I attended a ten day swinger’s cruise in the Caribbean. It was a first for us, somewhat of a coming of age, a time to do something completely different, a surprise present my wife had been hiding for some time. I knew she was bi-curious, but until this stage, it had only been a dream of mine that I long thought I would take to heaven with me.

On the second night, we both attended a masquerade party on board. We were both excited and at the same time nervous about what we would encounter that night.

My wife dressed in a black slip on dress, revealing her rather lar... Continue»
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i love cock

I watched as my wife knelt in front of her boss and he unzipped his pants and brought his big, thick cock out in front of her face. There was a bubble of precum oozing from it, and he put his hand on top of her head and told her to kiss it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as my wife leaned forward and pressed her lips to the head of his cock, making a wet sound as she kissed it for him. When she pulled back his precum was on her lips and she ran her tongue over the sticky goo. “You’re cumming already,” she said. I closed my eyes and shook my head. This couldn’t be real. I had come by her ... Continue»
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Biker Ken

I was going for my afternoon walk in the woods,
There is a place that I found very private around 100 metres from the dirty road.
They place was great to lay me blanket out and it had a nice huge Maple Tree,
I was also about 10 feet from the Brook that was going through the forest.
It was around 1 pm when I heard a motor bike coming real close to me,
Next thing I knew I was beginning to drift off.

I woke up suddenly and there he was standing about 8 feet from my feet.
" I said can I help you Officer " He reply back was he just checkin things out.
He the ask me what my name is ? " I t... Continue»
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New-Year without panties

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

Amy Starts the New Year without Panties
by Bakeboss


Amy and George get invited to the 'A' list New Year
Party and Amy decides that for one night anything goes.
(MMF, wife, exh, bi, swingers)


I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I
called my wife as soon as... Continue»
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Aaa "Strawberry ice cream"

This is my first of many stories to come, so don't be shy to leave comments of advice and I tneveryou in advance for reading my stories ;). I been waiting my whole life to let these stories out and now I finally get a chance.(All my stories would be true and just give me credit if you choose to repost.)

Since this is my first story,I'll tell you about my first time eating her special strawberry ice cream;).
I was under the age of 10 and my mom drop us off over a close friend of hers house while they go out to club and party. Shelly was the lady daughter who job it was to watch over us.Shel... Continue»
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My first adventure

I joined the army after I quit school in the 12th grade. After joining the army it put a crimp in my dressing up as a girl. I did wear panties whenever I got the chance but I really wanted to dress up completely as a girl. I wanted to go out dressed and I have to admit I was attracted to several guys in my unit. My third year in the army I went to Viet Nam in December 1967. I was in the 101st Airborne. I had a best friend in my unit and we were friends since we were both assigned to the infantry unit. He didn’t know anything about my sweet secret. We had planned to go to Thailand for Rest & Re... Continue»
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You were are Police station to report the theft of the your is evening

in a moment ...a lot of noise


the hearthquake....

everything is moving

you fall down
people screaming...
when you get up...
you see a lot of confusion
all police agents are laying onb floor
no light
just few light from windows
you hear a noise behind you...
4 guys are running...
getting guns and other things from floor...
rough guys
maybe prisoners
you are just watching when you realized that they are around you....
one of them get your arm
: and run towards outsside
the... Continue»
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me mom dad

me n my dad r good friend anybody see us will tell we r not father n son the way we talk. I always wanted to fuck my sexy mom she has a nice body big boobs round ass she always wear shree at home or we go out one day me n my dad were drinking I asked my dad that I wanted to fuck mom he said ok but my sure don't tell any one I said ok I well not tell any one than he said nobody will be home tomorrow so we can have some fun I will ask her at night ok n let u now I said ok so I want in my room n dad want in his room mom was takeing shower after shower mom n dad were talking about me dad asked mom... Continue»
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Life in San Diego

Life in San Diego was great. No, I will change that and say that life in San Diego was fantastic. First a little about me. I was 18, in the Navy, skinny as a rail, very shy around people but very knowledgeable about the ways to sexually please men. I never approached men nor did I ever expose myself nor did I swish my ass when I walked but there must have been something that attracted men to me. Since I was knowledgeable about satisfying men I always dressed in clothes that I could take off and put back on very fast. These clothes consisted of loafers with no socks, chinos that had an elastic... Continue»
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turkish hijab turbanli sikdim kanıtli


Slm sevgili arkadaşlar sizlere başımdan geçen gerçek ve ibret verici bir hikaye yazmak istiyorum inanan inanır inanmayan inanmaz. Ben 30 yaşında 8 ay önce evlenmiş biriyim. Akraba aracılığı ile eşimle tanıştık aylarca konuştuk nişanlandık ve evlendik. Ilk buluşmamızda eşimin kendinden 3 yaş küçük olan evli kız kardeşi vardı yanımızda bizi başbaşa bıraktı gitti. Baldızımın ismi arzu eşimin ismi burcu. Arzunun kocasını tek nisanda gördüm sadece hoş peş muhabbetimiz. Nişandan sonra arzunun eşi eve misafirliğe davet etti işim yüzünden gidemedim memlekete gelince ilk fırsatta geleceğimi söy... Continue»
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Buck and Gina Part IX

Continuing Sunday from Part VIII.

Jane had left, leaving me alone with Gina for the afternoon. Gina brought me into the living room and told me to sit on the couch. I did and she turned some music on and then started to dance seductively - shaking her booty and her breasts. She slowly took her top off, revealing her breasts - she hadn't worn a bra all week. She shook her breasts and slowly danced to me, leaning over so that her breasts were in my face - I moved forward to kiss them and she reach down to grab my shirt - and pulled it over my head. she danced away - showing off her ass... Continue»
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