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My Online Hook Up From St. Louis

My Online Hook Up From St. Louis - “He Came As An Innocent And Left As A Stud”

“We met online”, and for 4 solid months we chatted, daily, not a foul word, never a single selfish want, it was amazing, I never imagined that
I would find some incredible friends in those dungeons of smut, yet they exist, what a wondrful guy, I would hate to see him get a rotten bitch, he is so deserving if anyone was, it was him : ) , he flew in from St Louis just to meet me, had no expectations, I could tell,...he was shy, smart, kind, brave, perfect gentlemen, what a nice guy, and here I was, “the c... Continue»
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My Fantasy

My cell phone rings, it's my ex-boss. Wondering what the hell he wants, I answer "Hello". "Hey Adam, you remember who this is right?" I reply "yeah, what can I do for you this time?" He replies "There is this job opening up that is exactly what you do. I want you to do an interview." Now, I wasn't really looking for a new job, I was happy where I was and had been here a few years already. I sigh, not really ever turning down an interview, at least for practice purposes. "Fine set it up." I tell him.

The day of the interview comes. It's the usual tell me this, tell me that, give me your stre... Continue»
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Our Favorite Routine

We have a routine we both like. We go to the bedroom. She takes the comforter off the bed and lays it out on the floor then puts a couple of pillows down. This is for later.

I undress and lay across the bed. I watch her undress. I love her body. She is a beautiful Puerto Rican woman. She has large dark nipples and a hairy dark bush I love. She lays down next to me and I take her in my arms and we kiss. I love the feeling of her body next to mine.

After a few minutes she pushes my head down on her right tit and I begin sucking her nipple. With her hand pressing down on the back o... Continue»
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One day about noon I came out of the back room with my hands full of shoe boxes and my uncle was waiting on this cute girl about my age. I smiled at her, she smiled back and I commenced putting the new shoes out on the shelves. She left without buying anything and my uncle then left shortly thereafter to go golfing. The afternoon was uneventful until she came into the store about 5:15. I showed her several pair of shoes and she was one of the most modest girls ever saw. She was wearing a skirt but she was so prim and proper I never got even a glimpse of thigh or panties. She kept her hands in... Continue»
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The Rack
It was a hot muggy cloudy Tuesday afternoon at the end of July. My Uncle was off golfing and the store was dead. Maybe 10 customers all day and here it was 3:00 O'clock and there had been no shoppers since lunch.
Then "The Rack" walked in! She was a real cutie, about 10 years older than me but what stood out about her the most were her incredible boobs. They were firm and huge, but not so huge as to be droopy and ridiculous. She wore slacks and a peasant blouse and her boobs put a real strain on the neckline of the b... Continue»
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Another afternoon with Frank

Sunday morning I woke up wet and in serious need of relief. Mornings like this are becoming more common. At around noon I headed out for a jog. After almost 5 miles I was back at my apartment building. The jog gave me time to think and that seemed to make me even more horny. During my run I kept thinking about Frank, a retired guy that lives in my building. Frank and I have been friendly for over a year. It was just this summer that I took things to a new level. A couple of weeks ago was the first time I went beyond teasing to actually fucking and sucking Frank. (You can read a previous post f... Continue»
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stealing female work colleagues tights/pantyhose

this happened about 14 years ago now in my old workplace. it was a large building and had various deparments and teams over 3 floors. one particular day i had to spend most of the day on a different floor doing some training. on my normal floor where i worked in my team was also a team who spent some time in the office doing paperwork but also some time spent out of the office on the road doing various projects. one of the ladies in the team who was prob in her late 30's early 40's was blonde and slim and quite tall. in the morning when i first came into work i noticed she had a skirt on with ... Continue»
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The BOLD Steward - contd.....1

In continuation to where i left of last time. ( )

I opened the chain and peeped out it was Bhanu.

Me- Are you free now?
He- No!!! will be busy for a couple of hours still.
Me- WHat you want now?
He- My friend also wants to do with you...!!

I skipped a heartbeat, thinking this guy must be telling all the staff there.

Me- Forget it!!!! I dont want to do anything with him or you. Leave now and dont bother me again.

I was a bit scared as in India people are not open to the concept gaysex. Many people would get very ang... Continue»
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My Dirty imagination ;-) Chapter 1

I arrived on the doorstep of a huge house, feeling a little intimidated and small in comparison. As I knocked on the brass door a few seconds later a woman appeared at the door, mid 40s, tall, brown ei black hair in a pencil skirt and a shirt. With heels on as well she looked rather intimidating but smiled and said “oh you’re his present” I half smiled and nodded not knowing what to say. She invited me in, fixed me a drink of cider saying “its what all the young boys love isn’t it” and led me down into the cellar. She then told me she was going to get me ready, she asked me to strip from my bo... Continue»
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Victorious: Catorade

Jade West sat on her bed, crying. This was her first Valentine's Day in three years she spent alone. She made it clear to everyone that she didn't care about Valentine's Day, but secretly, she liked it. Beck went out of his way to do things he normally wouldn't do for her and to actually show here some form of sentiments. She was stuck at her house while her parents were out on their date.

Meanwhile, Cat and Tori drove up to the West residence with the biggest grins on their faces. Jade had confessed to Cat over a text message that she was actually ups... Continue»
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After graduating from a rural High School, I worked for my uncle at his shoe store in the city. I needed a summer job to pay for university so it was an ideal fit. Since I was 18, and not a minor, he could leave the store for me to run. He liked to golf and if it was a nice day, he would leave when the urge hit him and I would not see him until the next day. I enjoyed working in the store. It wasn't so much the selling of shoes that got me all hard and excited as seeing women try them on that filled the bill. Even back in the 60's, lots of women wore shorter sk... Continue»
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Caught and used

Caught and used

When I was 21 I was working in LA as carpenter. One of the guys I worked with and I became good friends and
did a lot of things together. I moved away and he got married to a great lady. We talked every couple weeks and
got together to camp and fish a couple times. It had been 19 years since I moved and a couple months since we
last talked, so I was surprised when his wife called to tell me he had died. He told her I was the best friend he
ever had. I went to the funeral and his wife Connie said I could stay at their house while in town. I met Carol... Continue»
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A Nudist Beach Encounter

I visited the beach about thirty kilometres from the nearest country town. I knew it would be quiet when I arrived, with only two cars in the carpark. There were two guys fishing together which accounted for maybe one car. The beach itself was absolutely beautiful, nice sand, sheltering trees right down to the dunes; the beach was probably a couple of kilometres long. It was when I was a few of hundred meters from the carpark a woman walked out from under some trees onto the beach. She was naked, a bit older than me by probably ten years, but in not bad shape, and had a magnificent tan. I bid ... Continue»
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f****y Business: P**nography

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

My p***nts were both p*rn stars. My m***r continued working throughout her pregnancy, evidently there is a market for pregnant p**nography. You could say that I had my first 'facial' while still in the womb. I was born on set, during a shoot. While filming, my m***r's water broke, all over my f***r. My m***r went into labor, but instead of taking her to a hospital, the director kept filming. They did, thankfully, c... Continue»
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Underworld: Whitney, Death in the Maiden

Alone in one of the countless dungeon torture chambers of the Underworld, Whitney felt the disturbingly familiar mix of excitement and utter terror coursing through her mind as she stared at those horrifyingly sharp looking spikes that ominously lined the open doors of the Iron Maiden who’s deadly confines Whitney found herself securely shackled within.

Even now, over a year after that fateful night when Whitney willingly accepted Lady Jenova’s offer of eternal youth and beauty, even knowing its dark and terrible price, sunset still came as a shock. One moment Whitney was relaxing by one o... Continue»
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My name is Jonathan. I am by all means your average 16 year old k**. I get pretty decent grades, I am on the school soccer team, and I just got a new car for my birthday. Things were great until that one day that would change my life forever.

Being a normal 16 year old boy, I did what every single k** my age does: masturbate. I typically did this every day or so. I would get home from school around 4:00, seek refuge in my room and rub one out before anyone got home. I had my own computer so I was able to scour the internet for videos that tickled my fancy and typically these were vid... Continue»
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Fucking my first tranny - Fun times with Jennifer

This happened about a month ago, it was one of those days where I felt really horny so I had to do something about it and I just didn't want to fuck a woman this time. I've been really curious about trannies for a while now, I once fucked a friend of mine when were fooling around (I should write a story about him too!), but the combination of tits, smooth ass and a cock would always catch my interest and would get me really aroused every single time I thought about having sex with one.

A little backstory to this before we go any further...

Through this bullshit dating site I came across... Continue»
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you never know

I had found the door to your place unlocked. Your instructions were to make myself at home, and so I
decided to look around. When I approached the bedroom I heard some kind of noise and peeking
inside I found you; Sitting on and tied to the dresser with a blindfold covering your eyes. Your
breathing was heavy and irregular. I approached you, slowly, without noise. I wondered if you could
tell someone was in the room with you. When I was next to you I gently reached out and touched your
leg. You flinched and tried to pull back but the bindings prevented it. “Who’s there?” you asked. B... Continue»
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One night of Pleasure (Incomplete)

This is an incomplete story a writer friend wrote, if you want more comment below.

I'm laying in bed and I call you to come and lay with me. You slowly make your way to the bed

smiling, asking me "Hey sweetie? What's up?" I tell you strip off your clothe for me and lay down. I rest

my cheek upon your chiseled chest, look at you smiling from ear to ear. My left hand starts to playfully

caress your right hand. Gently touching and holding between each finger. Analyzing every single line and

indention and kissing them lightly. I stare deep into your eyes pulli... Continue»
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A language exchange

A few months ago I was on a short trip to China, in the nice city of Hangzhou. As I was exploring the city and the difference in culture, I went online to find someone with whom I could hangout and explore even more the place. I was pleased to see that a girl responded to my invitation. We met in a restaurant on the third day that I was there. I had seen a picture of her on the chat application we were using but I didn't realize how cute she was actually before I saw her in real life. She was stunning beautiful, a nice smile, beautiful lips, small in stature but full of energy.

We spent th... Continue»
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