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My First On-Line Meeting #4

The heat and the brightness of the sun coming thru the window awake me.
I went downstairs naked looking for her. I entered the kitchen and a brunette woman turn arround, saw me naked and screem!
-Who are you!?
I was very disoriented... -who are you?- I replay.
My blonde beauty entered laughing, leaving a paper bag over the table.
-I see you 2 had the chance to meet - she said -He is a friend... (this is how she introduced me) and she is my s****r...
-I should go to put some pants :) I said before disappearing...
Then we had breakfast, the 3 of us, and we where sharing our crazy ... Continue»
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Reminisces of my golden age.

I am a Hindu woman. My name is Supari. I am now a widow at age 60. Ours was a love marriage. My husband died when I was fifty. He had a sewere heart attack. We have four daughters. They're all married ad living with in-laws. My story began when I was a young girl of 12 years. . I had an older s****r, Kamla, She was sixteen. We lived in a shanty town. We were poor and belonged to a Dalit (formerly Untouchable low) caste in Hindu culture and society. Dad was a daily working laborer. Mama worked in a couple of houses as a sweeper and a cleaner. She would some times takes us with her to learn an... Continue»
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A Sucker for Big Black Cocks

While making the final adjustments to her dress, my wife Joy, said with a big smile "I wouldn't miss this party for anything in the world! Jamal said he has a real big surprise for you tonight! And I know what it is" Joy teased. Jamal was one of several black men who along with my wife belonged to a social group for interracial harmony. Several of my wife's friends, other white women, also belonged to The Order of The African Spear. As Joy readied herself for the party she couldn't help showing her excitement as she rushed herself and me, her pitiful husband, out the door. I couldn't help noti... Continue»
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Sissy Faggot Born

''Why are you here'' the question I had been dreading had just been asked....I was standing naked save for a pair of Barely Black tights with small high cut white panties underneath and high heels which I had 'borrowed' from my Daughter....... unknown to her I had been wearing her undies tights and heels for some time as I had an unexplained obsession to wear her things. I would put them on and wank myself stupid looking at my reflection in her wardrobe mirror.
I knew what I was doing was wrong but the urge to continue was powerful.....I had no inclination or fantasy to fuck my daughter or an... Continue»
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Jenny and Laura

I used to work with a lady called Jenny until she retired last year. She was a total flirt and not bad looking either for an older lady. The last time I saw her was at the xmas party where she was pretty d***k and kept putting her tongue in my ear and talking dirty to me. We had a goodnight kiss, a really deep tongue session with tongue sucking and a good feel. She was rubbing the front of my trousers while I fondled her large soft breasts. Her taxi arrived and we parted. we kept in touch and the other weekend we arranged to meet for a drink.

I arrived at the pub, near to her home, and saw... Continue»
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Hot summer evening!

Hey guys! Hope y'all are fine and horny like me... lol
Today I'm writing a story about an incident which happened 5-6 years ago, between me and my cousin.
I and my cousin were not that close. But, damn she is amazingly beautiful. She is pretty damn cute, long curls, beautiful eyes, and hot body. So, I'm completely fallen for her... She is all filled out with amazing breasts and just the right amount of pop to her ass. She just turned 18.

It was ... Continue»
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Sissy Faggot Born

''Why are you here'' the question I had been dreading had just been asked....I was standing naked save for a pair of Barely Black tights with small high cut white panties underneath and high heels which I had 'borrowed' from my Daughter....... unknown to her I had been wearing her undies tights and heels for some time as I had an unexplained obsession to wear her things. I would put them on and wank myself stupid looking at my reflection in her wardrobe mirror.
I knew what I was doing was wrong but the urge to continue was powerful.....I had no inclination or fantasy to fuck my daughter or an... Continue»
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Mom's answers

Almost all of these questions I got when we were having a bottle of vine and mum was little bit d***k. Some of them I get during day and weeks. Many of you had the same questions as I had. Enjoy!

Q: I'm sure you're aware that your son is listening in to you & your hubby fucking - does this turn you on even more ? Would you like him to join you both for a horny threesome ?

A: Yeah I know that he's listening to us and it's a big turn on to me. At the beggining I was pretending I don't know about him but it's stronger than me. I love to fuck with husband, moan and scream, knowing my son is ... Continue»
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Dads Work out. Pt. I

~Another fantasy of mines. Might be two parts. might be more.
Note: All characters are over the age of eighteen.

Hi, I'm Amber; I've been meaning to get this down to you people for a while now. Well, waiting six years after the events was long enough. To talk about my experience and well, still going love life with my father.

I was eighteen when my dad decided that he needed a change. He smoked, watched tv way too much and drank beer while he did it. To say the least, dad wasn't in very good shape. He liked to joke that round... Continue»
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Brittany The Cheerleader

It was my second year as an assistant counselor at River High School. I was young, in my mid twenties. Everything was typical in the small town school. I would help students with scheduling issues, direct them towards colleges, and help them with different scholarships and programs that would benefit them. It was entirely unremarkable and nothing out of the ordinary happened until I met Brittany.

One day a woman walked into my office. She was tall for a woman of her age, yet very slender and petite, with an almost non-existent chest, gorgeous round bottom, tanned skin, and long deep brown... Continue»
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The Bus Home

~A sweet Fantasy of mines~

I'm Alexis, 24, not so ditsy blond, ice blue orbs for eyes. The works for the perfect body. A spoiled single c***d of a loveless marriage that ended up with me having to travel between my lovely states of California to Canada. Now I was spoiled, only because my dad made me that way. But that's a different story then this.No, this story is about my trip home from visiting my dad right before my big legal 18 birthday.

It was a late and tiring night for my Mother and I. We've were just leaving the bus port to home, back in the US. I sort of hated Canada in ... Continue»
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the night it all happened

The night it all happened

I had been making a plan for a couple of weeks and tonight was the night it was all going to happen. I had been getting ready most the afternoon and was very excited. I knew my husband would be home from work soon and was getting a little nervous about telling him. I thought this is what he has been telling me he wants so I’m just going to tell him it’s going to happen tonight, then I thought, should I just surprise him? Should I tease him? I’m just going to tell him, he is going to know something is up from how I’m dressed up. I see him pull up and now I am really... Continue»
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Encouraged by the ex

So, I think it started with my ex. She was a mean d***k and drank a lot. She got violent and insulting. We had sex pretty regular at first and one time she reached up as I was getting close to cumming while in missionary and pinched my nipples hard and said "cum in me you little bitch" I did instantly and she just laughed. I asked what was so funny and she told me her friend Stephanie thought i was a pussy and told her to pinch my nipples next time we were having sex to find out. I said, "that's fucked up. You and your friends talk shit about me?" She said, "shut up bitch, you liked it." I sto... Continue»
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Halloween, a pregnant wife, and her slutty friend

It was September, my wife Kristine was 7 months pregnant with our first, due in November. It had been a good year, ever since she had gotten pregnant, she had been really horny. Almost constantly, she was easily worked up and ready to go. At this time, she was still enjoying the fantasy of being shared and fucking other guys, and her being pregnant even played into the fantasy. I was still trying to push the issue, even though I knew she wouldn’t be fucking anyone else, I tried to talk her into more photos or flashing or sex in public. Alas, even though she was always very horny, and look... Continue»
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It's been a long hot summer

If you've read my blogs you know that Kimmy and I have had some incredibly hot encounters, but the summer months have been rough on a married closet sissy like myself.f****y obligations ,works schedules and vacations have left little or no playtime lately.But things are starting to get back to normal. The sky"s opened up and our schedules synced up for a window of opportunity this morning,neither one of us could host but we did have some time to get together,I must interject that we have a sort of sissy bucket list that we want to work through what happened this morning is ,or was on that list... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife

Me & the wife recently went away for a few days in Dorset, we stayed in a lovely executive caravan. The owners of the caravan assured us that if we had any issues they would contact a neighbour who would be happy to help with any problems. On the 1st morning we discovered the TV in the main bedroom wasn't working properly, my wife emailed the owners regarding the problem. We heard nothing back until the following morning when shortly after getting out of bed a chap knocked on the caravan door, he was about 60yrs old, 6ft & had a broad Yorkshire accent. He told my wife he had been contacted by... Continue»
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Fucking My Wife's Best Friend While She Watch

This is the true story about me finally getting to fuck my wife Sarah's best friend Jessica (The blonde). Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Since the first time I met Jess I wanted to fuck her and if you look at her you know why, because she is insanely sexy and has a banging body and amazing, big tits. Also Jess was very sweet because she was raised in a "Churchgoing" home. I always brought it up to Sarah that I would give anything to fuck Jess but a big problem was tha... Continue»
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Friends: Dear Diary

Friends: Deleted Scenes - Dear Diary

"Now where did she hide those damn candlesticks?" Rachel asked herself.

Chandler was moving in with Monica, and that meant that Rachel was moving out. She was very happy for them, even though she and Monica had been passively fighting over a pair of candlesticks that each girl thought she owned. Rachel was alone in the apartment so she decided to do a little searching. She went into Monica's room and quietly began looking through some boxes in her closet.

Near the bottom of one box, she found a book. It had a small flimsy lock and the words across ... Continue»
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iFuck You

iCarly: iFuck You

It was nearly time for the next show, and Carly was preparing something special. She deliberately hadn't discussed it with Sam and Freddie, because she knew they'd never agree in advance, but she kinda reckoned that they'd be willing to play along once the show was under way.

She was wearing her shortest skirt, without any tights, and had bought some cute panties to wear underneath, although if all went to plan she wouldn't have them on for long. She had taken off her bra, and just had on a skinny-fit pink t-shirt that fitted really tight round her little ... Continue»
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Cat The Businessman #1

Victorious: Cat The Businessman #1


Cat turns her head towards the staircase curiously.


It's coming closer, and Cat turns her whole body, facing the staircase.


Trina comes stomping down the stairs, yelling her s*ster's name. She freezes on the stairs, seeing Cat staring at her from the sofa, a smile on her lips. Trina recovers herself, descending down the rest of the stairs.

"Oh. Hey Cat. Where's Tori?" She questions, looking away dramatically and fluffing her hair.

Cat purses her lips, shifting on the lounge to glance around. She s... Continue»
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