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The Car

Laying here on the couch relaxing with him, my feet in his lap. I had been incredibly horny all day and he was obvious to that fact but it surprised me when I felt his fever warm hands trail up my thigh.
I spent the next 40 minutes being finger fucked and pulled into orgasm three times. My pussy was wet and pulsing for more. It was amazing but I needed to be pounded and fucked by him. To be reminded that I was nothing but his cock whore. He leaned over me and made me beg and whimper for it. He knew I wanted it and how badly. I was getting impatient, I grabbed his hand and dragged him out to... Continue»
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I am yours

I am yours

The morning was a cold one. I stand outside waiting your arrival. The sun barely peaking up over the mountains out east. I breathe in deep and it sends shivers up and down my body, goosebumps rise and nipples harden. I had missed you. The thoughts of our previous encounters race through my head, making me wet, increasing the urge to just take you over the second I see you, but I must resist. You told me just before I came outside to meet you that I wasn't to speak a word or move until I was commanded to. I move my fingers over my pussy, slowly grazing my clit and then I se... Continue»
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The teaching assistant. Part 1

It was a hot, summer day. I had met this bi guy, D., online a while back. He’s a couple of years older than me, with a half adult, half boyish look. The half adult part of his looks is due to his rather scarce beard. It only makes him cuter. He started the conversation and it went on quite smoothly. I found out that he’s writing a PhD thesis and that he’s a TA at university. He didn’t want to tell me what exactly he teaches, but I didn’t mind that. We talked for what seemed to be ages. After exchanging all the required types of photos, we decided to get together at my place.

He came by bik... Continue»
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Cowboy Cock - Part 4

Well, the a couple of weeks later Roy calls and asked me to go out of town to dinner with him and a couple of friends. I guess to come degree our “secret” relationship was a little less secret than ever intended. I convinced myself to go. My husband worked nights which made things fairly easy. And I would keep him well fucked so he never really questioned much.

We ended up at a high end Mexican Restaurant where we drank, ate and talked for a long while. All of us were having our share of drinks, but me maybe a little more than the others. I was drinking tequila and loosened up real qu... Continue»
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Mother decides to act like a slut on a wedding par

It was back in the 80's. I was just 14. Our f****y was invited to my cousin wedding party. My parents were having a kind of middle age phase so my father decline the invitation. My b*****r has a bit older and didn't want to waste a Saturday night on a boring wedding. Plus we had to stay at my aunt's house that night. My mom really insist that I came to visit her side of the f****y. I had to go, although I preferred to spent my Saturday doing something else.

Looking in retrospective. It may have been the day that changed my life forever and that determined my sexual behaviour for years to co... Continue»
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When the lights go out

When the lights go out

I went to on a vacation trip from Tuesday to Friday. I shared the same room with my girlfriend and two other girls (I am also a girl). We had a little fun during lights out and this is the story of our first night together physical and sexually.

Tuesday night: The two other girls went to sl**p before we did. My girlfriend was on the phone with one of her friends and I was in bed getting comfy thinking that nothing was going to happen. A few minutes later I felt my girlfriend come into bed and I could hear my own heart beating. I was building up the courage to go t... Continue»
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Old Friends

So I went to a health at work. A co-worker talked to an older nurse. After a few seconds, a realized that the nurse was Jill, a lady that was a leader of my old Boy Scout troop. I stood fro a second waiting to see if she recognized me. After a few seconds, she did.

"Oh my god, it's you!" she yelled. We hadn't seen each other in 15 years. She gave me a hug.

She had aged considerable, with crow's feat and her hair was white. she had plump cheeks and glasses. She had a tiny nose her lip had light hair on it. She was only mildly attractive at best and I never thought about her in ... Continue»
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My Wife’s Panties Filled

One Saturday afternoon my wife asked if I had any interest in going out for a few drinks with some of our friends that night. I really wasn’t interested given the travel schedule I had coming up for work, but I agreed since its been a long time since we did anything fun.

The evening started with a small group of us (who are in our mid 20’s) meeting up at the local pizza parlor for a quick bit to eat, then we all headed over to Surf-Sides Tavern which is our local bar. As the night went on I watched as the gang enjoying their multiple dinks and started laughing as a few of our friends began ... Continue»
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Fun at the Office

About a month after the problems and fun with my mother in law I had to work late one Friday and called the wife to let her know. The wife said ok and told me that cindy was there and they were just sitting around talking and drinking anyway. She started teasing me telling me that I would be missing out on all the fun they had planned. I was a little frustrated having to be stuck at work and couldn't be there to play with them. I think the wife knew it too and started telling me that she had just got out of the shower when cindy showed up and was just wearing a towel. I started teasing h... Continue»
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Wedding gift

I (jen) rolled over and groaned. Where was I? I opened my eyed and surveyed the room. I remembered, I was at my boyfriend’s friend’s house. Last night I had went over there to talk to him about my wedding. He was going to be the best man. We had got to drinking a little bit and I was feeling very horny and uninhibited. Steve(the best man) caught onto that quick and kept encouraging me to drink. One thing led to another and Steve led me to his bed.

“Good Morning Jen, sl**p well?” Steve inquired. “Shit Steve, how could we have
... Continue»
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An email from Ruby

It was about three years ago when Ruby and I(Roja) first met. We were working together in an office, sharing a desk. Our boss spent most of his time out of the office usually on business meetings. He never said exactly where he went but he told us that he knew he could trust us to get on with the work. Ruby and I didn’t mind this at all, so we never asked where he was going. Since Ruby and I were the only employees, with the boss out of the picture we could relax.

The work was fairly mundane, answering the phone and filing, stuff like that. I thought Ruby was so beautiful with her long b
... Continue»
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My adventure in train with two old men

Hi, I am Roopa, 23 years old. My figures are 34 28 36 and my height is 5 feet 6 inches. I am studying in college doing engineering. I do not know why I like to show off my body to older men. However, may be it started when I was growing up and I observed men looking at my growing breasts and bulging ass. That excited me and I did not know what it was. I understood it as I grew up. The long stares of hungry men, especially older ones excited me and I started to dress provocatively. I wore chuddidar, skirts and t-shirts. The t-shirts and chuddidar tops would have deep cut in front that would ... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 12

Chapter One

When I wake up Master is reading the paper. There is a knock at the door. Master just gives me the eye and I pop up to answer the door. It’s room service and the young man wheels the tray into the room. He doesn’t seem surprised at my nakedness. I’m beginning to think that I’m going to be his tip until Master hands him a $20.

We eat a light dinner and get dressed. I say we, I am wearing my red heels, Master’s collar and red vinyl coat that only reaches mid thigh. The car meets us downstairs and whisks us away. When we stop, there is a large, rather old grey building. Mast... Continue»
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Married To A Muslim And A New Life

I am 20years old studying in engg college near delhi my name is priya. I was not the best looking girl in my batch but i managed to come in top 10. Many boys gave me good attention and i had few hook-ups in first 2 years of college but nothing lasted more then couple of months. At home , i had my mother only dad had expired when i was 4 year old .. Mom took real care of me by working in a it firm . We never had any money problems in our life mom earned well and had enough of f****y wealth too. Life was happening cool and full of adventures mom had less time to see when i am going and co... Continue»
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My plan for my gangbang

I am married marwari woman having two k**s. My hubby is having own workshop and with god grace he is earning good sum. He is an engineer and I am also an engineering graduate. Both of us shared the responsibilities of business. I am doing marketing and sales and he is looking after purchase and manufacturing. In this field I got seven friends. Jai is one of them, who are very close to my hubby and me. We have f****y terms.

I am 35, 5’6”, fair, with stats of 34B, 30, and 36. I always prefer Punjabi suits and loose tops with loose trousers. At home I always prefer loose nighty without br
... Continue»
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Another Year Starts. Part One. For Wendy

It was the first day of counselor meetings with my students. I watched hubby get up and dressed for work. He came to the bed and kissed me and left. I got up in the bedroom and pulled out the outfit I had planned for today. I was humming as I slipped into my crotchless panties. It was a pair like this one that first turned one of the young men I counsel into my procurer so many years ago. Over the years I had many procurers. It ALWAYS worked to give me what I wanted and needed.

I've been a counselor for almost 26 years now. I work with mostly young men in their freshman year...but b... Continue»
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The Survey by loyalsock

Debbie Warren sat quietly in her large easy chair when she was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. She quickly bent back the corner of the page, closed the book, and crossed the room to the desk where the phone was located. "Hello, this is Debbie, how may I help you?" A soothing feminine voice on the other end of the line replied smoothly, "Miss Warren, my name is Miranda Gaines, I work for a company that specializes in doing survey work for large companies all around the world." "I was hoping that you could take a few minutes to answer a few questions on your shopping habits." "I guess,"... Continue»
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Vegas changes a man. part 1 (Adopted cousins and t

So newly not a virgin anymore me was in Vegas to visit f****y. I was hornier than ever and in the city of sin I was ready to have fun. The type of fun I encountered turned out to be extremely different than what I expected, but I'll remember it forever.

My whole f****y except me and my adopted cousin went out to drink for the night. Being in Vegas a couple a days I was starting to get board so I sat on the coach and started to watch tv. That's when I saw my cousin walk from her bedroom towards the shower her tight cloths not leaving much to the imagination. Her short blue hair shinning, and... Continue»
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the night I had 3 guys cum in me twice

So i was at this club and I was horny as can be and wanted to get laid real bad. I met this guy who was there at the bar and he kept looking at me ass, so I asked him do you like what you see, and if you do what are you going to do about it. He looked at me and said come with me and I will show you the time of your life. So we left the club and went back to his place. On the way he call someone and said to meet him at his place, I wasn't sure what that was about but I soon fond out.

When wee got to his place there where to other guys there. One white guy tall about 6'1" slim build and on... Continue»
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How I became a black cock slut III

Ok, as you probably know by now, my journey to become a black cock slut was not of my making. It wasn’t my desire at all. It was my husband’s. And instead of being a man and just sharing it with me, he dreamed up quite an elaborate and expensive scheme. First he surprised me by giving me what I’d always wanted: big tits. But at the time I thought he was just doing something nice and loving for me. But no, his plan went far deeper. After moving he opened up my naughty side by play acting with me. It all started with smoking. He knew my history for this. I had shared with him what I th... Continue»
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