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Caz's First Gangbang

I was out with Caz in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck Caz. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off.

She was the epitome of a cockteaser, although I had heard stories of how often she ... Continue»
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Computer Problems

My computer was playing up it was running slow and I was getting annoyed with it. A mile from where I live is a shop that deals with problems like I was having so I took the computer down to them, they said they'd have a look at it and ring me with a diagnosis. Two days later they rang and said they'd fixed it and would deliver it the next day.

A knock on the door and there stood a chubby young lad with my computer. He came in and set it up and was telling me in computer jargon what he'd done and how it was running now. I offered him a drink and as he drank it we were talking. His name was ... Continue»
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well this is the wife writing this story in my words. i guess we can start as growing up being with a black man was very taboo so to speak. and even though both my s****rs had mixed k**s and only dated black men but for me i hadnt.i was also very shy when it came to sex even talking about it until i met my husband he was by far the largest that i had ever had and the only one that i did other sex positions besides missionary with. he had to teach me how to suck dick and we would watch porno's together and they were with large black men the first one that i remember is Mandingo and Lex, Lex wou... Continue»
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Slave in white leggings

You have been told to go upstairs and put on those white leggings and the skimpy top we bought in Inverness, no bra or panties,and the two leather cuffs on your wrists that you will find laying on the bed, your wondering where your Master is going to tie you up,not outside, as its too cold, maybe in the garden room, or the garage, perhaps to the spare bed or here in our bedroom.

You brush your hair and put on some lipstick, a nice and sexy red.

You go down stairs into the kitchen where your Master waits, you watch his reaction to the way your dressed, he looks at you witha satisfied smil... Continue»
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MEMORIES #5: Fran's Fun on a Bus

I am a tall tasty, big-breasted, good-looking lovely lady of thirty-three
with a normal sex drive and several gentlemen friends whom I see regularly

I have always been rather conservative where sex is concerned
but recently something hot happened that opened my eyes to the
possibility of pretty pleasures in the most unlikely places!

I travel to and from work by bus. I almost always manage to get a set in the mornings,
but at night I'm often obliged to stand. About four months ago, returning home from work,
I was standing in the rear of the bus that was even more crowded th... Continue»
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Strip Club Cum

It's been a long time since I have been to a strip club, but after a night of drinking with the boys I decided to make a stop and see what was going on. I pulled in, paid my cover, got a drink and sat down. Not right up at the stage but a table a few feet back. I'm watching the action, which wasn't much for a Thursday night, checking my phone, etc. Not totally paying attention to the surroundings.

From a distance here comes a tall blonde stripper looking at me asking what the fuck I'm doing looking at my phone. I say, I know, but there's not much happening here. She asks to sit ... Continue»
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Agents - Buzz saw Kate

The information hadn't come cheap but finally in Hong Kong Kate at long last had found her first solid lead on the elusive DeCavelle Investments Group. Her informant, a Chinese industrialist with a serious girls and gambling problem, had for two million dollars US, sold Kate copies of the customs paperwork that accompanied the half-dozen DeCavelle Investment's Buzz Saws he'd purchased for his Thailand lumber mill earlier that year. The shipping invoices didn't list a company name only a street address, a street address in Bogota Columbia.

f******n grueling hours later, as an exhausted Kate... Continue»
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Agents - Spilling her guts

Paula's high-pitched screams of terrified desperation echoed off the stone walls as the hit man thrust the knife deep into her lower abdomen and began to slice her open.
It had been late when she got home. She'd parked her car in the parking garage across the street for her apartment building and been waiting for the elevator when suddenly she'd been grabbed from behind. And before she could scream she felt a sharp pain in the side of her neck as her a*****or injected a syringe full of powerful sedatives directly into her bl**dstream.
Paula awoke to discover herself bound tightly against a... Continue»
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Agents - Going down

Going Down

Having successfully recovered the stolen Russian thermonuclear weapon Lesley decided to take a well-earned week off shopping in Paris, “It was my second evening in Paris and I’d stopped at a small café to enjoy a glass of wine as I watched the Eiffel tower silhouetted by the slowly setting sun. I’d just paid my bill and was walking back toward my hotel when I felt a sudden sharp pain in the small of my back. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up here, wherever here is.”

Lesley awoke to discover she was hanging suspended in a small metal walled chamber, her wrist... Continue»
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Cat in Heat

With best regards to my roommate Catherine, visit her profile:

I sat on my room working as I did most days, concentrating as I typed, a soft clicking sound filling the quiet afternoon. I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw the girl crawling out of the door. A sigh escaped my lips. Cat had been incessant this morning, pawing at my for food, circling in and out of my feet trying to get attention and now, I was sure, she wanted a specific type of attention. It had to be the cooler weather that was making my little cat so frisky. Frustrated... Continue»
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Two Cops Check Dumb Blonde for d**gs

I'm new to writing erotica and I would love to hear your thoughts on my story! I hoe you enjoy!

It was 5 a.m. and Jack’s shift was just about over. Jack enjoyed his job as a State Patrolman and loved the quiet, rural area he patrolled. He had parked his patrol car just off the 2-lane highway out of view, hoping to catch one more person speeding before going off the clock. Jack’s fellow patrolman, Joe, should be coming up soon, so they could grab some breakfast before heading home.

Jack heard a car approaching and caught a glimpse a cute little black sports car with long blonde hair fl... Continue»
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Three ugly Africans


Traveling is my favorite thing. I've been all over the world without any problems, until Africa. I had rented a car to explore one of those exotic dictatorships of the dark continent and I was having a really great time. As a gorgeous, blond, single woman, I have come to enjoy men learing at me lustily, undressing me with their eyes. It was a blast, until I tried to leave the country...

Handcuffed behind my back I sat on a wooden chair next to a table in a room with no windows. I must have been there for an hour when a uniforme... Continue»
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Sharing my wife with friends

This story is about a young couple where the husband
discovers his sexy wife has complete blackouts when she
drinks. So he uses it to his own advantage.

For those of you who think this is not possible, think
again. This story is loosely based on fact and I know
someone who can be abused in this way when d***k and
asl**p or even partially awake and remember nothing in
the morning. So enjoy the story and believe is CAN

I’m not sure when the change in my attitude to Vikki
began. I’m also not sure what set it off but I have an
idea about that.

She was 18 ... Continue»
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Black Island Cherry

We had been married for some 16 years and were not exactly living 'happily ever after' and they say. Somewhere in those years we had had the standard two k**s, both of whom were teenagers now, and while we had grown apart somewhat, we had kinda mutually agreed to stick it out and be parents until the youngest reached 18, then maybe if things hadn't improved, we'd reassess and perhaps split the sheets. Seemed reasonable and the adult thing to do to me....but I wasn't quite sure of my wife's intentions.

I had been faithful...thought it was what I agreed to in the vows, and despite several... Continue»
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Fantasy about tying wife & blindfolding her

One evening my husband Tom asked if he could tie me
naked to the kitchen table and fuck me. It seemed a bit
silly but if that would make him happy, I didn't mind.
He stripped me naked, blindfolded me and put a gag
around my mouth. Bent me forward across the table,
spread my legs wide and tied each ankle to a table leg.
I was laying across the table with my arms either side
of my head and my hands clutching the far edge of the
table (It was a narrow table.). He then put rope around
my wrists and tied the ends of the rope to the table
legs on the far side. When I was tru... Continue»
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Myrtle Beach and Ariana

Here is that story...


“How much longer?” my little s*ster, Taylor moaned.

“Just a little while,” I answered. I was driving my s*ster from New Jersey to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina just to meet some celebrity she’s obsessed with. She pulled out her phone and held it in front of my face, with a picture of the celebrity on the screen.

“Isn’t she cute, Adam?” she yelled. I pushed her hand out of the way of my view of the road.

I nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, yeah. She’s real cute,... Continue»
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College life 19


After I turned out the light, I rolled over to my side. Being just about
asl**p, the light between our beds came back on.

"Matt, I'm sorry dude. I guess you had every right to get pissed at me,"
Kris said. "Are you pissed that Colt fucked Monica in your bed?"

I rolled over, "No, Kris I'm not really pissed that Colt fucked Monica

"Or are you pissed because Colt and I are becoming such good friends?"

"Kris that doesn't bother me either," I replied. "I'm glad we have a lot of
friends here. I'm sorry I blew up on like that."

"No dude, it was... Continue»
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The need for oral sex

Tammy sat on her bed crying softly. Another month had passed since her boyfriend had died. It was a tragic car accident that had left her alone and depressed. Every passing day seemed to pull her deeper into despair. She was left to a life of loneliness and misery.

The car accident had not only killed her boyfriend, but it had left Tammy's face disfigured. She had two huge scars running down the left side of her face and burns covering her forehead and scalp.

High school was supposed to be a happy time in a young girls life. Now it was a living hell for Tammy. No boy wanted to date her. ... Continue»
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Total Recall, is it fantasy or reality.....becomin

" that's the year-end completed and the company tax return has been submitted, should have no problems now, all ready for next year".

Distracted by the phone call, Simon browsed his profile on xHamster on one computer, while looking at the screen of his other, longing to unpause "Breaking Bad". Simon didn't mind doing work on the side, and he wanted to be more socialable, hence why he had agreed to be the accountant for his mate, but he always wanted this to be on his terms, and midway through an episode of Breaking Bad during a rare day of holiday wasn't the right time.

Th... Continue»
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Surprise Spanking at Adult Video (updated)

This is based on a true story.

Many years ago, I was newly married and starting my career at a major corporation. I was sent down to Dallas, Texas for 2 weeks to help install a new branch office. Being that I had a wife at home I didn't want to cheat or find some one night stand. I opted to go visit an adult video store instead. I found a place where you can choose which movie you want to watch and then go to a private room to watch it. Since this was all new to me, I picked what looked like a good X rated movie and I was assigned to a room. The room was the size of a regular bedroom with ... Continue»
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