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some where over the rainbow part two

I woke to the sound of rain hitting the window, and thought oh no the day is going to be ruined, we had planned to take off early to go site seeing, but this is going to put it all off for a while, i look at you sl**ping so contently, i smile and cover myself back up and snuggle up to you. I reach over and feel your warm thigh, i slowly start rising my hand and feel your cock i start to play with it and i look at your face.... you smile and tell me if i don't stop i will have to finish you off, i laugh and tell you ok i pull down the blankets and wrap my lips around the h... Continue»
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Black College Janitor tongued my white virgin wife

My 24 year old young white wife is one hot woman. One night, we were on the settee watching a porn film. I was seated whilst my wife was in a laying position with her head resting on my lap. As the film progressed, I began pinching her large tits, and my wife, still glued to the screen rubbed her bare cheek against the bulge in my shorts. Just out of the blue, I asked her if she had ever fantasised about being fucked by another man. Very surprised, my wife paused for what seemed a minute, then continued grazing my bulge as if
she did not hear my words. This worried me slightly and so ... Continue»
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Sailing, Sun and Sex - Part 3 - Erotic Sex in the

It's Monday and we have a wee lie in after the previous days travel and sexual exertions. Eventually rising at 10, we shower and have a light breakfast before climbing up the hill to the old village which clings precariously on the edge of a steep wooded hillside. It's a twenty minute haul but well worth the effort. The views from the small taverna's veranda are spectacular taking in the many beautiful islands dotted around the crystal clear sea and the mountainous mainland.

Drinking fresh orange juice we soak up the scenery whilst chatting endlessly.

Lunchtime is soon upon us and we go... Continue»
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Trip to the lake part 1

Trip to the lake part 1

Here in the vicinity there is an area in the mountains with three small lakes around some hills, woods, and Ofcourse to the lakes through beautiful green meadows with small clumps of bushes, shrubs and trees.

On a hot Saturday in July last year, we decided, me and my husband, once again there to go to relax and sunbathe. When we arrived we found that it was quite busy so not what is normally the case. We packed our bag with towels, etc., and marched off to a place to look.
It was so full of everything that we have gone a good 20 min. On the way to our mooring ... Continue»
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The Bridge

true story

unique Experience

Today at the super hot day buzz me the whole time so nasty things through my head, my husband is in five days at work and today he comes home at last.

Normal case I him. Around his neck and we have the same sex after such a long time but today I'm going to let him annoyed and fidget something
I pull me in sexy underwear, a nearly transparent bra and thong with slot, thereby Think about how I like to dance him on the nose well. A mini and an upper part where I have a nice big neck, I do it alone he flies off already.

It's time, he comes home and I ... Continue»
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My new black boyfriend (Part 3)

I didn’t plan on seducing Ramell. I just wanted his attention. I didn’t want to admit that I was feeling a little lonely and needed some attention. When he and Brian came over to paint the shed in our backyard, I told myself that I’d just watch and enjoy the view. When they arrived, it was already pretty hot and it wasn’t long before both boys had stripped off their shirts. His dark black skin was showing a few tattoos and I wanted to see them up close.

Instead, once we’d gone over the job, I stayed inside and watched them from the window in Jessica’s old room. Before they’d arrived, I’d sp... Continue»
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My wife Jessica and her work friend

My wife Jessica and I have been married for 12 years now and although our sex life used to be quite adventurous, we have slowly become more and more conservative.
I have always had fantasies about seeing her with other men, and enjoyed reading about wife sharing on the internet and in magazines, but only began to talk about them to Jo about a year ago.
Since then we have often enjoyed talking about my fantasies whilst we make love, describing how I would watch another man take her and make her cum.
About two weeks ago, whilst we were having sex, I was feeling that it wasn't particularly ... Continue»
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...And My Best Friend Too

"...And My Best Friend Too"

(part 2 of a two-part story with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande)
(part 1:

Victoria opened the bedroom door slowly making sure not to make too much noise. She snuck back into bed and carefully slipped under the blankets as to not wake up her sl*eping friend. She settled into the bed, spooning her friend, nestling her head on the redhead's back kissing her shoulder before readying to join her friend in slumber. Just as Victoria closed her eyes she felt Ariana move from her grasp.

"Where were you... Continue»
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The Bus driver part 2

Myself and Gerry have meet once in over the last 6 months,
I take it he has meet someone or he is very busy with his life.
It was time to look for a new pickup truck as I ran into Gerry again
at the new Ford Dealership in town, He came right over to me and see
how I am being and doing these day's ? He told me that his cousin is a the
Sales Manager here his name John Hoffner. I can see Gerry is very busy
speaking to one of the salesmen as he told me to give him a called tomorrow.

John came right over to me when I was looking at the new F1 pick up truck,
I told him that I was a very go... Continue»
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Several times a week I go to the health club for a mild workout. I often see a guy named Mike. We chat as we workout. Now I am a secret TS so I'm totally clean shaven but also lots of guys who are into working out are also. Anyhow Mike is a real hunk! As most guys do Mike will make an occasional joke about the size of his penis. The bulge I secretely glance at looks pretty good but real size hard to tell. So last week we were done together so we were showering & boy was he right about the size of his cock. So he caught me looking & said "see told you it is pretty big". I said "yes it ... Continue»
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Beech Mountain 6--7--8 Connie


I travel light,and packing was done in minutes. I left by the rear exit, to avoid Stanley. I wasn't afraid of him. I just didn't want the hassle of arguing or causing a scene.
I was down the mountain and at Sandra's in less than an hour. I made my way inside, and at that hour- 10:45am , the place was pretty full. Donna waved from the juice bar as I carried my things to my new home. I just threw everything on the bed and went back down to the bar.

“ Well Dano, I didn't count on seeing you again for a few days. What's up?”
I laid out my sto... Continue»
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Tasha and the Rich White Lady

Tasha is 19 years old. She has black skin, and dark curly hair. Her body is petite, unusual for a black girl, with small B-cup breasts, and a skinny waist. But she doesn't mind. A bright girl, top of her class, she's never had much use for slutty things. That was for other girls.

She's happy with her summer job at the New Salem Library in the Watkins Reference Wing. It's not a great job. It's mostly restacking books, but she likes her co-workers and she likes the library and it's dull but low stress. Plus it pays her phone bill and for going out with friends.

The highlight of the job was... Continue»
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The Evil Cheerleaders on Halloween Night

I heard it was true, the Evil Cheerleaders were coming.

I worked at my small town's convention center for 10 months and I'd heard all sorts of stories about the Evil Cheerleaders. But I'd always assumed they were more of a myth. The type guys at comic conventions and stuff make up because who doesn't like a silly, sexy myth.

The simplified version was this: There was a not-so-secret organization called the Evil Cheerleaders who went from convention to convention, causing all sorts of trouble, mostly fucking men, breaking up ... Continue»
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Neighbour Photoshoot (see photos)

Rajesh and I were chatting late at night

Priya says:
Sweet dreams
Rajesh says:
this was for Arvind ! I suppose?
Priya says:
no, for u Rajesh.. to think of ur wedding anniversary ....
Priya says:
it is noon for him... he cannot go to bed now
Rajesh says:
what sweet dreams ? all scary 1’s only
Priya says:
bye and good night Rajesh
Rajesh says:
bye but u din tell me when u wan 2 use my digi cam.
Rajesh says:
u'll click for urself or need help?
Priya says:
what time u r back normally... actually he was on leave today so I could get hi... Continue»
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Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 7. Aunt Barbara

Check out my profile for the previous chapters of the Taproot saga: hardlivers

Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 7. Aunt Barbara

My dad and his b*****r Jack had inherited a big rambling lake house that had been in their f****y for several generations. So for as long as I can remember, we’d spent a week or two there in the summer with my extended f****y: Uncle Jack and his wife Lynn and their k**s, my folks and my two siblings, and occasionally some other f****y members. We’d swim, water ski, fish, kick back and have a great time. The adults were always really relaxed... Continue»
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Fucking a d***k Girl

"Hey, John," I said to my buddy John Thorne, "Thanks for the great party. I'm afraid I've got to go, I've got to work in the morning."

"Thanks for coming, Chris, hope you had a good time!"

"Sure did! It's always good to drink beer at the beach with good friends."

"Hey, Chris--can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"That girl over there"--John pointed to a girl staggering around by the water--"She's super d***k"--that was obvious--"and she came with that group of college k**s but she's a high schooler, and they're worried about getting her home. Would you be able to give... Continue»
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The Plumber

It all started one ordinary morning,i had just finished breakfast & was about to wash the dishes when it happened,disaster!
I put the tap on to run it so it would get nice & hot & went to make sure there were no more pots lying around in the other room,when i came back water was leaking from under the sink every where the floor was flooded,so i quickly turned off the tap & opened the cupboard & more water ran out,so i started to empty the cupboard & could see where the sink was leaking from,anyway i cleaned up most of the mess first then decided i would have to ring a plumber.
As it happen... Continue»
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tako smo nas dvije jednog dana pripremile malu zamku njenom Ivanu... kad smo se opet jednog dana sreli na cesti pozvala sam ga da dodje gore.
rekla sam mu da imam jednu prijateljicu koja je nesretna u ljubavi i zeli mladog frajera samo za sex... znam da i ti volis malo starije, zrele zenske pa sam odmah pomislila na tebe!
“hoces ti gledati ili se prikljuciti” odmah me upitao.
“pa, vidjet cemo, u pocetu bi gledala sa strane a onda, tko zna ....”
“jako je vazno da ne otkrijes identitet barem dok ju dobro ne posevis. ona ce takodjer nositi periku i masku, da sutra ne pricas prijateljima iz ... Continue»
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caught by sexy s****r in law

I didnt really want to do it but I had promised my wife I`d go round her mums and move some things. I knew her s****r might be there and really didnt want to see her, she`d been offish with me the night before. I let myself in, the house was queit so I made my way upstairs to the spare room, I could hear the shower running so someone was in.

I went into the spareroom to get the boxes and on entering could see her s****rs clothes from the night before in a heap on the floor, her gorgeous short tight white dress, heels and O wow my heart skipped her white lace thong!

I could still hear the... Continue»
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Vickys Fun

your phone goes, its a text from a number you dont know, just giving a hotel adress, room no, date and time.
you turn up a key has been left for you at the front desk.

on entering the dimly lit room you can make out a person lying on the bed, she`s dressed in a dark navy blazzer, white blouse, short tight navy skirt, black stockings and high heels.

you close the door and when you turn around she`s walking over to you, she stops just in front of you whispers "hi i`m vicky" into your ear and then i start to kiss you gently on your neck and around up onto your lips flicking my tongue into ... Continue»
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