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What a day.

This story is purely fiction, but it is the first time that I have ever tried to write a story in the first person. Feel free to make comments and maybe make suggestions for other stories. Enjoy my fellow perverts.

I can't believe the day that I just had. I woke up to a phone call from my girlfriend and she said that it was time for us to us to see other people. "We lost our spark." she told me. 5 years gone down the hole. I tried to get her back but she said no. I went to start my car before going to work and it wouldn't turn over. I couldn't take care of it right off the bat so I had to g... Continue»
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Self suck and first time ass play

So one night in bed i was smoking some weed i had just used this nice gar wrap to roll a blunt...high ass fuck i start getting horny a dn begin rubbing my cock getting it nicr amd hard it has been a hard week and been quite a few days since ive cummed soni had a huge load ....i pull out some playboys amd begin jerking offbut the playboys just wasnt doing it for me looking down my cock was so hard and big it was makng my mouth water so i decided id try sucking my own dick ive been able to do so before with some persistence and i started rubbing my cock i got it nice and hard i cross... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure

I loved Saturdays. They were easily my favorite day of the week. There was something so great about them. Yeah, having no classes was nice. Yeah, the beer was great. Yeah, the football was pretty awesome. But my favorite thing about Saturdays was the cheerleaders. College cheerleaders. While I had a hardon for most cheerleaders from most of the nation's schools, the cheerleaders from my own school, Rasington University, were the sexiest of them all. Those firm breasts, those short skirts, those big asses. They were perfect.

Our colors were gold and blue. Rasington's mascot was the Roosters.... Continue»
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Lizvette in D Major

Teen mommy-to-be takes a licking from her best friend's Daddy on a secret vacation they will always remember.

I held Lizvette by her ass as she clung to me with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, covering my face with kisses. Her tight round little butt, so firm and soft in my hands, reminded me of something. "You know what, baby?" I asked.
"What, Daddy?"
"I didn't get my second dessert last night."
She had promised me in the shower the night before, as I washed her bottom, that I would have a s... Continue»
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Friend at work

This woman had the one thing that I look for in a fuck buddy, she was female. Again, I openly admit that I am a horn dog, a pig or whatever else you want to call a guy who will stick his dick into just about anything female.
She was in her late thirties, Latina, a little pudgy, and was 4 inches short of being 5 feet tall. She was one of the cleaners where I work, and she would come in and use my desk phone to check in and we would exchange pleasantries. Her english was broken but I would throw in a few innuendoes, which she mostly ignored until one day she answered back with an innuendo of... Continue»
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Blowjob at work

My secret tactic

This story is true. I changed names and certain details to protect privacy.

I am an interior designer and my husband builds furniture. Together we run a business doing everything from custom upholstery on home interiors to automobiles. He builds chairs, tables and shelves, while I hand paint furniture and sew d****s and upholstery.

Usually I meet with clients and write the ads while he draws the designs and does all the woodwork. This last week was no different, I had 3 appointments before noon while Kevin was drawing up plans for a yoga studio.

I looked at my s... Continue»
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MY younger aunt

MY younger aunt

This is the one thing that I really can not forget in my life because it provides an easy experience that I can not forget. On my 20-year old friend of mine has asked me to go home with it at Sihanoukville, it guaranteed a place to stay and a place to eat, but if the story is easy, it does not ensure anything if the desire is to find yourself, and I have not said anything, because I am supposed to play there to have been bathing the sea and eating seafood only. Think things seem too random for me, is this very thing that I'm not busy thinking about that. After holding with m... Continue»
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Ghost cum

So lately i have been going through a rough patch in my life...just recently ive moved into my grandparents house...out here in the middle of the woods on an old plantation...its very creepy...growing up i swore this place was haunted...ive seen a ghostly girl when i was younger but it could of just been my imagination....ive been here for a week now...havent gotten a chance to jerk off so my ball are achingly full of while outside working on the grounds i swore i saw some girl in my bedroom window...beautiful in here early twenties i think...i shook my head in disbelief and she di... Continue»
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First Time Meeting the Neighbors - Next Day

The next morning Tad awoke to Sherry cuddled up next to him and softly stroking his cock. When she felt him stir, she kissed him passionately on the lip and told him how much she loved him and the new house.

Tad blinked a couple of times to finish waking up and asked what brought that on. Sherry blushed and told him that she had a dream about what had happened with Rick and Alysse the night before. That got Tad’s attention right away and his cock quickly responded. After going to the bathroom, he laid back down on the bed and asked Sherry to tell him about her dream. She smiled and started... Continue»
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Pretty Poison

Pretty Poison:
I had insomnia. It wasn't the stressed out, "I'm worried about this or that," kind of insomnia, rather, it was simply my eyes opened and though it had only been five hours of sl**p instead of the usual eight, my body was telling me it was time to get myself moving. But move to where at 3 AM thought I?
So, after not more than a few minutes of dwelling on it, I brushed my teeth, got dressed, ran the electric razor over my face to remove any overnight stubble, washed my face and after picking up one of my baseball hats, I made the thirty five minute drive downtown to one of the... Continue»
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First Threesome with a couple

I enjoy sharing some of my experiences over the years, and I had been with quite a few married ladies, but this is about the first time with the husband present. I am tall about 6'5", pretty athletic build and I must be fairly good looking as I've had a lot of luck with ladies. My cock is probable a little above average, eight inches long and very thick.

I met this couple at a swingers club in Atlanta. I had heard about the club and this was my first visit. It was pretty crowded on a Saturday night, so after registering and paying a fee, I got a drink and began to mingle with the crowd.... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 11

It was Saturday, time for the neighbours party,
The k**s had gone to their friends for the night and around about 8 the wife and I took a short walk round to the neighbours.
Knocking Bridget opened the door in a little black dress.
"Hello, Hello come in" she said smiling.
"You can leave your clothes in the next room, Haley will give you tag for them"
"What?" I replied
"Give Haley your clothes, and she will give you a tag so you get them back later" repeated Bridget.
I looked at Veronica and she looked at me back and then we stepped into the next room.
Haley a short brunette girl with ... Continue»
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The Life Model 2 : Gary

The Life Model 2 : Gary

This is the much requested Sequel to The Life Model, so read that first,
I really can't be arsed to recap.

I was 17 and a college student. I had a boyfriend Jonathan who had
claimed my virginity. After the events of The Life Model, I'd seen
Gary around the college a few times and he'd always smiled at me.

One Saturday night at the end of term there was a party at the home of
one of Gary's mates, whose parents were abroad, and Jonathan and I were
invited, as was of course Gary.

I arrived with Jonathan who swiftly got rather d***k, talking to his
... Continue»
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The promotion young couple first time bisex

Erwin and Jacqueline were busy trying to dress for a dinner organized Jacqueline’s boss. For both of them it was an important evening to make a good impression. The salary of her or was not so low and Erwin still studying, her income was not enough to pay the rent for their new apartment and the bills piled up. And who knows tonight Jacqueline could make such an impression that she would be eligible for the vacant job of assistant, they could certainly use the extra money.
As she drew her black dress she saw Erwin watching her. She and Erwin knew each other from primary school and since th... Continue»
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car broken down on the motorway

I was in big trouble.I had been out with a group of girl friends in a hotel on the other side of the city.The hotel had a nightclub attached, and we had all booked double rooms,to stay the night.So I brought the car , planning to drive home the following day.It was a great night,and we all got very d***k.Especially Sarah, who I was supposed to be sharing a room with.But Sarah had pulled some hunky guy,at least ten years younger than her,and was in all likelihood,still bonking away in her room.I had walked in on them,and saw Sarah on top of him,her tits bouncing up and down.The slag.But it di... Continue»
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Macy's -- Customers and Coworkers Part II

I followed the redhead inside the two-story condo, my eyes fixated on her pale white legs. She closed the door behind us, locked the deadbolt and removed her coat. The black teddy made her white skin look so soft and inviting. We embraced, our mouths going after each other as if we were starved for one another. I grabbed her wrists and pushed them behind her back. Hold her wrists with one hand, I moved my other hand to the back of her hair, grabbing a handful of her silky soft red hair. Pulling her head away from my mouth I bent my knee and pushed it against her crotch. Grinding my knee agains... Continue»
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Our Holiday - Part 1

This is basically a true as it happened story with a few small changes. We'd like to introduce ourselves.. I'm Mark, totally straight and my wife is Kel who is bi-sexual, we're happily married and are on holiday celebrating Kel's 30's birthday! :)

Please don't be too cruel in the comments as this is our first attempt at a blog.

Kel and I begin to wake, holding each other close as the morning sunlight streams through our hotel suite window. Opening my eyes I glance at the clock seeing its still quite early so continue to cuddle Kel and we begin to kiss, pausing to say "morning" to each o... Continue»
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Life imitating art - the 70's partial creampi

I previously blogged this on this site, but it wasn't long enough to allow for a 'story.' So I'm adding some funny dialogue that I found in my journal at the time of this awesome tryst, not present in the original blog entry. When I was in college in the md-late 1990's, I bought a vintage porn flick on DVD called Bel Amie (1976). It starred Harry Reems (of Deep Throat fame) and featured a very hot scene with Reems and a gorgeous African actress (whose role was a sort of Nubian Princess). She fucks Reems and it was obviously a genuinely good lay because it ends with her riding him, she pops of... Continue»
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Molly the Manager: Part 6 Happy New Year 1983

these events actually happened. Names have been changed. Geographical locations have not, as it ads to context.

The week after Christmas, 1982 up to New Year 1983. Those were some of the happiest years of my life up to that point.

The week between Christmas and New Year was a busy one for both of us. Molly, being a manager spent, literally, opening and closing at the return/exchange booth. I on the other hand, was dropped to 25 hours. My saving grace is people that had purchased new televisions wanted a little more than rabbit ears on that nice set. Remember, most large ... Continue»
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My Wife Use to Masturbate a lot

Linda and I been married for 14 years now, the sex is maybe once a week maybe. She use to be a horny woman when we first met. We fucked every night, and when she was horny at night and I was a sl**p, she would suck my cock and get on top and ride me, of course that woke me up. I fucked her for 30 min to and hour, then go back to sl**p. If she wasn’t pleased with the sex she would masturbate. Some nights she would just masturbate and not wake me up, but I heard her moans and lie there and listen. One night she was rubbing her pussy, she was moaning and I guess she was about to cum, well I got a... Continue»
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