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I.S.B.: Ginger, My Ugly Little Si ster

Ah,the Memories!

*Ginger was a fat, mean spirited, ugly little four eyed bitch! She's just like Mom, even looks like her. What more can I say? Oh,yeah, She's also one Hell of a Fuck! At least, Now She Is!*

It was a Saturday morning, Ginger and I were at the kitchen table eating our breakfast. Mom was leaning against the counter smoking a cigarette, and waiting for the potatoes to fry, that's when Ginger said
"Guess what, Mommy?" Her mouth full of partially chewed scrambled eggs "I went to go pee this morning and George was in the bathroom with the door Open! AND He was Playing With Hi... Continue»
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Candy walked in the bar and saw him standing there. She was dressed for a quick pick up and her cunt was raging for cock. She needed to fuck often or her body would explode. She could never be satisfied and coming to the bar always got her laid. But she wanted this man. He was older and wealthy and hung and she loved a man with a big cock. Her friend had fucked him two days ago and bragged how huge and thick his cock was. Candy was naughty and a dirty talking fuck. She knew what she wanted and voiced her instructions loud to the male. She had been fucking guys since she was thirteen when she d... Continue»
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How mom did with her brother

One day I and AJ and his aunt (bhua) were sitting in the garden drinking tea.
Bhua said to us, my daughter (Pinki) from UK will be here 2 days from now we
should pick her up at the airport. Sure we will go to airport and pick her up.

How old is she aunt?
Aunt: she is 19.
Me: so she is at right age for fun.
Aunt: I told her all bout fun.
Me what do u mean told her?
Aunt: I told her all about you and my son AJ and maid and Raja.

Me: you are naughty aunty

Aunt: woman got to do what got to do.
Me: should we tell maid and raja?
Aunt: there is no harm in telling.

Me :... Continue»
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Good Friday Turns Into Great Friday

I was to be off on Good Friday but made the discussion to go into the office to finish up a few thing on my desk. I knew it would be quiet there as everyone was off. I got in around 5:30 AM and got right on work. Around 7:30 AM my wife called to check on me and all was fine. About 8:00 AM the weekend cleaning crew came in to clean so they did not have to work over the weekend. The head cleaning lady came into my office to make sure it was ok to clean while I was there. I assured her it was and told her to do what ever she needed to do.

As she turned to walk out of my office I noticed how n... Continue»
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The Sketch Artist's Model

Several years ago, when I was a poor college student, I was looking for ways to earn a little money with a side job. I had a part time job in a warehouse, but I was having trouble making ends meet. One day at school I saw an advertisement for models for an art class on campus. At first glance I figured they were looking for women only, but on closer inspection I found that they were looking for adults of any gender. I thought, “Why not? It’s on campus so it’s reputable and it pays quite a bit for a very short period of time.” I am a guy of at least average good looks and was extremely fit and ... Continue»
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My Sister in law very hot

My b*****r in law and his f****y were staying with us for a while. His wife (Nicole) is smokin' hot!! I've fantasized about her many a time while doing my wife.

One morning the b*****r in law took their k** and went shopping, leaving me home alone with his wife. Mine was gone to work and his was still asl**p. He said they'd be gone a couple hours and that Nicole would probably wake up in a few minutes.

So, I go down the hall to the master bedroom and am straightening up. I hear their door open and then the bathroom door. The next thing I hear is the shower running...the door is still ope... Continue»
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Chapter 4 FemDom pt6

"tomorrow" never came, well at least it didn't come the next day.

when i arrived home from Mistress's, i found it hard to sl**p. my mind kept me away, reliving all the dirty slutty things that i had just done or had been done to me. the way Mistress and Baroness used me like a toy, was amazing.

those thoughts kept me awake most of the night. thinking about being filled with those rubber cocks would make my cock hard, but i was not aloud to play with it, per Mistress's instruction.

i did finally fall into a decent slumber, and when i awoke, i had a text.

"Not today slut, tom... Continue»
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Business Trip

I finally got to the airport just in time to catch my flight to Arizona for a business meeting. As I was seated, i found myself sitting next to this handsome man. As we got ready for takeoff, he asked me where I was going. I told him I had a business meeting in Arizona. He asked me my name and I told him Jennifer and he told me his was Steve. The plane took off and we were on our way. He was very nice and very cute. As we chatted he kept on moving around. I asked if everything was okay and he was a little embarrassed But I noticed he had a big bulge in his pants. I ask if there was anything th... Continue»
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Friends and adventures 1


Stewart and I were inseparable friends during our early years growing up.
Although we went to the same school we lived vastly different lives at home. I grew up in very middle class suburbia while he lived on a sprawling farm, where we spent many, many days exploring the dams, fields and forests of the property, carefree with no adults to supervise, watch over us or tell us what to do.
One summer’s day his father suggested that on our wanderings we go for a swim in the dam near the rear holding paddock to cool off, as it was shallowe... Continue»
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Mmmmm I can feel it now as Rocky still has my throat full of his gigantic huge cock as he caries me over to the bed his giant form toweres over the bed as he dropes down to his knees and slides his huge cock out of my mouth and lays me on my back on the bed he lays the gigantic long shaft overtop of my body sliding the shaft up over my stomach through my cleavage up till the head is resting on my lips ,im trembling with both fear and anticipation my tiny virgin pussy is spasming waiting for it to happen his giant of a cock the head bigger than a g****fruit is leaking bits of cum from the last ... Continue»
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Hiking in the Mountains Part II

When I got home from my hiking trip in the mountains, I had a message on my answering machine. It was John whom I just met up on the mountain. I hit the play button and listened to what he had to say.
" Hello Goodhummer. Just wanted to thank you for making my day so enjoyable and making me want to enjoy life again. It has been very hard since my wife passed but you have shown me that life goes on. I would love to take you to dinner to show you my appreciation. I hope that you except. John "

I thought that was so nice that I called him back. We made plans to go out the following week on Tue... Continue»
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Handing Over Hayley

Handing Over Hayley –

Their car is already at the motorway services when I arrive and I deliberately cruise slowly by to make sure that both husband and wife are sat waiting. I see two pale facea, his and hers, in the glare of my headlights and I know that my plan is going to come to fruition. I move past where they are backed into the furthest corner and park myself a good 200 yards closer to the bright lights of the service station and position my car to be facing directly towards them.
I call Antony to check that all is OK and to give him his instruction... Continue»
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"The Infamous Five": A Tribute

A "tribute" pornographic parody of the main characters in the wonderful Enid Blyton series.

The k**s are now of course "legal", having spent by now many school and half-term vacations together on exciting adventures together, involving "secret passages", raunchy rogues, up-hill gardeners, ass smugglers and various circus freaks.

Georgina is very butch, short, dark haired, wants to be a boy, and insists on being called 'George'.

Anne is a very pretty blond and very feminine, and likes to 'keep house'.

'George' and Anne often share a bed together on sl**p-overs. They're young, s... Continue»
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Driving Home.

It was around 1:30 a.m tonight 4/18/2014. I was over at a friends house to play some video games and i decided to call it quits so i said my goodbyes and headed to my car. When i got into my car i felt a little horny and thought to myself that i would jerk off a bit on the way home. I turned on my car and took off, I unzipped my pants and lowered my boxer briefs to be just below my balls my soft cock greeted my anxiously awaiting the pleasure i would soon give myself. As i drove down the street i got to the first light and their was no cars in sight so i kept stroking my cock and moaning since... Continue»
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The Mexican Maid & The White Man

Añita (25) was a gorgeous young Mexican woman. She was 5'4, beautiful brown shining skin, long black hair, nice smile & a Butt so big it got every single males attention regardless of race, age or even orientation. She arrived in America from her native Mexico in 2013 & had taken work as a house maid in a upper-middle class white neighborhood in Los Angeles. She spoke very poor English, but well enough to comprehend. She was in the country i*****lly & was scared of being deported. She had a husband back in Mexico who would cheat on her very often. She left him for a better life in America.... Continue»
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getting one over on my boss Part 1 of 3

This is a fantasy story a friend asked me to write about her. We hope you'll enjoy it.

It is in 3 parts. Here's the first. Please feel free to comment.

If you'd like a fantasy story written for you, please contact me!

Have fun.

I knew, from the moment I walked into the room for my job interview, that she was going to be a tough boss.
Five years ago I believed I could crack her, soften her, humanize her but I was wrong. I couldn’t find the code to unlock that cold outer crust. That frosty glare. That aura of authority.

Firm but fair is what my new colleagues tol... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XII

“Interracial Scenes I”, with Darko (OC) and Diane (based on an Alazar pic)


Diane was the typical middle-aged woman that many would land on the ‘MILF’ side of labeling. She had been married for 14 years with Floyd and it was a very happy marriage until she knew he cheated on her with multiple women, most of them closest friends of her.

After the divorce, Diane left town and moved to the big city, where she could enjoy all the pleasures she was denied when she was married. And by n... Continue»
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A Chubby Shy Girl I Fucked (True Story)

A true story of mine about a sexy chubby girl I fucked named Amber

When I moved from a small town up too college to me it was as good as it got. I moved into an apartment complex into my own place and my best friend from high school moved into an apartment a couple floors up. We went to school for the day and when we got home we quickly began partying. We made a lot of friends so our parties were usually pretty big packed into our small apartments. I met a lot of girls some of ... Continue»
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My first time swinging part 2

I entered the porch and like a naughty school boy summoned by the headmistress waited for further instructions. Sensing my nerves Debbie took my hand and said it was OK and led me through a very lavish house and into the conservatory where her husband Bob was sat enjoying the afternoon sun. I was surprised at Bob's appearance he was much older than Debbie I would guess she was forty and he was almost sixty but had obviously kept himself in shape. Debbie offered me a drink and I accepted as she brought it through she had a smile on her face that said a thousand words I knew she was a dirty bitc... Continue»
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Jenny comes home, and Alexandra (#6)

Educating dear dod Jenny is all up to me, after she got expelled from school in first month.
She loves to learn everything she can from me. Sexuology is her special subject of interest.
In a few months she knows almost all she wants from me, also in practise. Only a girlfriend fails.
Luckily for us (and her) also Alexandra got herself in sexual trouble at school. Can we help her?

Alexandra is an awesome sweet sexy Swedish blonde boyish beauty

After Jenny had been expelled from school, I had started to tutor her at home in sex and science.
I kept in contact with her headmaster fo... Continue»
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