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on the farm with my aunt and my dog buddy

I was in the barn with buddy and i done my work for the day and buddy started playing with me then i sat down on the hay and he put his nose up my skirt and sniffed my fanny it felt good so i let him lick me it sent it was like a water fall out of my fanny then he kept licking me and then he climb on top of me and tried to put his willy in me but he could not get the right spot so he got down then i got on the ground he came in from behind me and sniffed my fanny then licked it for a bit then he jumped on my back and tried to mount me again this time he got it straight in my fanny and i moaned... Continue»
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Stuffed on Thanksgiving

It was Thanksgiving and the extended f****y was at my house for dinner.
My cousin and his best friend ended up staying over for the night. The
turkey wasn't the only thing that got stuffed.

It's almost that time of year again, Thanksgiving Day. It's been nearly
forty years and I still remember that day when I was f******n going on
fifteen. As the day grows closer I will make the trip up into the attic,
rummage thru the old trunk retrieving my worn out diary I kept as a
teenager. Again I will fumble thru the ragged yellow pages till arriving
at the one with a folded edge. ... Continue»
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Saturday night session with mum.

It was a Saturday evening and I was planning on going out for a few drinks to see some old friends. Being cold and frosty outside I couldn’t actually be bothered to bring myself to get ready and go out in the cold. Id not long had my shower and was lying in my towel when mum came past my door. ‘What are you doing hunny, are you out tonight?’ she said asked. I told her that I didn’t really fancy it and that I was staying in. ‘that’s great you can keep me company, your fathers working late’ she went on to say. Off she went back downstairs. Lying on my bed in my towel I done what most of us guys ... Continue»
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Daddy and the Sitter (Title Change)

I had just got home and walked the babysitter home, which was admittedly not far as she lived next door. My twin daughters had gone to bed so I poured myself a drink, stripped to my boxers and put on Young Harlots in Detention and settled down to an evening of watching porn and playing with myself. My wife was on a weeks residential course in Edinburgh and I was feeling horny.

Walking Mhairi, my neighbour's daughter, home hadn't helped She was sixteen and liked to dress extremely provocatively whenever she came to baby-sit. In fact once or twice I'm sure she has watched me and Donna fuck... Continue»
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Number Fifteen

This true story happened about thirty years ago, a time when boys could do something like this without everybody getting their panties in a wad and crying sex offender. A time when men were men and women wanted to fuck. My buddy, Jason, had just got a Polaroid camera and wanted to use it. It was the kind of camera that shoots the photo out when you click the button and then the picture develops right away.
We decided that some nude pictures would be good and thought of this stupid plan to go to the mall and get some ladies to pose for us naked and we could take pictures. We would act l... Continue»
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Wife and Irish Exchange Student

I came into the kitchen and I was quite surprised so see my forty-seven year old MILF wife Kim embracing Kathleen. Kathleen was a stunningly beautiful red-headed Irish Exchange student who had come to live with us for the semester. Kathleen had nothing on but one of my large T-shirts which barely covered her. My wife a prominent attorney in town was all dressed up for court in a formal black business suit. I thought I saw my wife’s hand going up Kathleen’s shirt and I could swear she was fondling her breast. I wasn’t sure so who cares. They both gave me a nervous smile and left.

This stor... Continue»
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Oops...wife came home early.

I had plans to meet a guy I met on a bi/gay hook up site for a little Friday afternoon fun. The guy was looking for someone to come over and just lay back, relax, and let him give them a long, slow blowjob. I usually like to meet someone that is looking to suck & be sucked, but there wasn't a lot of guys looking for fun on a Friday around noon, so I agreed to go to his house. When I got there her opened the door wearing a white housecoat. "Come on in" he said, and I followed him inside. His house was very well decorated, clean, and I could tell by the pictures on the wall he was married... Continue»
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when me and s*s had to stay at my nannas for a mon

mum had to go away for work and got nan to look after us we had to share a room with nan she was only 49 years old cause she had mum when she was 12 years old and one day i heard nanna talking to her mate on the phone saying that she was looking after us and that we had to share a bed between the three of us and we had tea then watched tv for four hours then i realised we had to have a bath so she ran the bath and she was getting undress and i asked her how do boobs get bigger i told her she will have nice ones went she is older but i asked about now i said u will have to get a bra and insort ... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part two.

It was two days later, when Mark called up the stairs. “Mum, are you up there?”
He walked through the open bedroom door, as I sat painting my nails, wearing just a silk dressing gown. I crossed my legs, and the silk fell away reveal my thigh.
“Gerry rang. He wants to know if Linda wants to do some more modelling?”
I said nothing for a few moments, but noticed that I was no longer Mum, but was again the model. Linda.
“He wants to do some more? Wow, I thought it was a one off.”
“You must be joking, you were fabulous.”
“When does he want to see me?” I asked.
“This afternoon.”

“Hi Linda,... Continue»
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The day I pushed my Father over the edge

'Frida, it's gone seven'. The gentle knock on my door is what arouses me from my deep slumber.

The drumming of the rain on the window pane makes it feel cosier under the duvet, and I respond by snuggling into it.

'Luxuriating', that's what my daddy used to call it, back then he would physically drag me out of bed and onto the carpeted floor, then stand over me, as I squirmed in the cool morning air.

Then one morning he got a shock, as his cold hands grabbed my ankles and began pulling my and my duvet from the bed. He was powerful, I could feel that by his grip, he pulled and I shrie... Continue»
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Your girlfriend is going to get fucked

Your girlfriend is going to get fucked

"Your girlfriend" Lynn whispered, her soft lips tickling the edges of my ear as she spoke, "is going to get really fucked."

Her slender fingers lightly grazed my hard cock through my pants as she said this. She also readjusted her luscious ass against my leg, and I could swear I could feel the heat radiating from her wet little pussy where it touched me.

A short while earlier, I had been sitting with my girlfriend, Melinna, on that very couch. The number of guests had dwindled down at the raucous party, and the opulent villa was now... Continue»
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The Morning after..

As I open my eyes my head instantly aching from the sun beating down on my face

ending long night of partying with my friends Shan and Lala. I look around my hotel


The sheets laying on the floor, the tv on mute, and the drap3s spread wide open and

my clothes missing from my body.. then I realize the shower running in the bathroom

..quickly trying to get up I collapse back onto the bed my knees weak and numb and

the insides of my pussy feeling painfully sore..i hold onto the blanket and find a

purple dildo sitting on the bed..

Using all my strength I stand... Continue»
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A business trip I will never forget

It was about 10 yrs ago when I hired Kerri. She was fresh out of college and a bright girl with a killer body. Blonde hair, 5'5, nice breasts, and an ass that turned heads. She later married and had a c***d with her husband who died a few years back in a tragic accident. She and I always had a good working relationship and I admit there was some discreet flirting between us in the office. She knew I thought she was sexy and I would like to think there were many mornings and evenings where I brightened her day with some thoughtful and tasteful compliments. This true story happened last... Continue»
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I came on my friend's wife

So the story starts with a party at my house. I had several people over for a typical summer bbq. Just a chance to hang with friends and have some drinks. There are several couples there including my wife and myself. All of us are mid-late 20's, and are all in good shape. My one friend's wife, Whitney, is particularly good looking. Blonde, about 5'-5" with b-cups and a flat stomach. Nice long legs that stem from a nice tight ass. The other girlfriends and wives are all attractive but there's something about Whitney that has always drawn my eye.

As the party goes on we begin drinking games... Continue»
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Biggest Black Meat Ever

“Shit” I said when his big black dick pushed slowly in my dark hole. My ass was up and my face in the carpet, his left hand was pushing my back down while his right hand held on to my hip. I closed my eyes as I felt his inches dig deeper in my ass. “Remember to breath” I said to myself as I grip the carpet, this was the first time him and me were fucking and he did say I wouldn’t be able to handle it… Now I see why. This guy had to have at least 14 inches of black meat, and I do mean black. When he started to pull out to the tip, I swear I probably took only three inches before he pushed back ... Continue»
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All I Wanted To Do Was Go To sl**p!

I was so fucking tired. I had gotten off a plane at JFK at 7:30 am that morning after working on the plane all night, spent hours with clients in meetings, fucked the girl whose tuition I pay at Columbia to use when I'm horny in NYC, and just made the flight back to London. All I expected, all I wanted, was to go to sl**p and dream about how my Columbia girl, Elana, and I ravished each other for two hours before I had to leave. She had finished herself off by straddling my tongue---I could still taste her---I purposely didn't shower because I love her scent so much.

Easing into the rear ... Continue»
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18 year old Marissa loses her virginity

These are TRUE STORIES about a girlfriend. At time she was 18 and and about 5 months away from turning 19 and I was in my late 20's. She had never really been in a serious relationship nor had she ever fooled around with a guy more than a handjob. We dating about a month and she had mentioned that she was ready to have sex for the first time. I was going away for business and she was invited to come along. After arriving to our destination and checking into our hotel we got into our bathing suits and headed down to the indoor swimming pool. Unfortunately there were about 5 older people in the ... Continue»
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grinding on her panties

We watched movies together all the time snuggled together on the bed. It was totally innocent up to this point, after all, her mom would destroy me if she found out.
She would get ready for bed, in her long nightshirt, and I usually had nothing but boxers on. We spooned under the blanket and watched 1 or 2 movies, until she got up and went to bed. This time as she kept snuggling, her nightie rode up pretty high and my dick fell out. I didn't realize at first, but my dick was rubbing right up against her silky little panties. As I got harder, she kept rolling her ass up and down against me. I... Continue»
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Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 1

I just turned 18. It was a hot summer day. Nobody else was home. All my friends had summer jobs and I wouldn't find mine for another two weeks. The neighbors on one side were in Italy, and the neighbors to our right - an African American couple in their mid 30s with two young girls - were all gone for the day too. Both parents worked and their two girls were at the same day camp as the one my little s****r was attending that summer.

So I decided to run around totally nude in our back yard. I knew it was still risky even though everyone who could see me was gone for the day, but the risk ma... Continue»
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Saturday Morning Solution


The Keyhole Adventures continue…
A couple weeks had passed since Mom and I almost did the deed. It was hard to concentrate on school work wondering if and when we would explore one another next. I thought and thought and realized Mom was thinking she may have “missed out” on some things marrying young at the height of the Great Depression and me coming along after the big war. Dad was also 10 years older than Mom and might have been losing interest in sex and the very same time my interest was at its peak. I... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part three.

Part 3

The morning flashed by, a pure lingerie shoot, I lost count of the different bra and panties I’d worn. Mark was on hand, clipping and un clipping my bra, pulling my knickers down on occasions, buckling shoes, un buckling shoes. It was glamorous. I loved it. I loved it, but I couldn’t but help think of the afternoon to come.
“Sorry love,” I said to Mark, “those are a bit wet.”
“You need to stop thinking about this afternoons shoot, and concentrate on this mornings,” Mark said.

Linda handed me the pair of purple knickers she had just taken off, there was a wet patch in the gusset.... Continue»
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Sex at the gym

I was done with my work out and always finish with a swim. Pool cleaner noticed me doing laps and jumped in the pool to do a few himself. place was closing soon so he asked for a race if I won i could keep swimming for another half hour if I lost i owed him 10 bux. I agreed. anyway he beat me fair and square so i got out the pool went to dressing room to change and get him his 10 bux. he followed me to the change room but as i gave him the money he held onto my hand and asked if ive been with a man before. I said once or twice. i cud already tell where this was headed. he told me i could carr... Continue»
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young and hung and house wives in need

we both had small backpacks on. our walking sticks in hand, we managed to circumnavigate the poison ivy that lined the small trail by walking the beach a small distance and rejoining the path a few hundred feet further.

the tide was quickly rising so any other hikers, would have to run the poison ivy gauntlet or wade the thigh deep water to follow.

"wait, wait, jesus don't forget the food is in my backpack." i called out to kim.

she stopped, turned to look at me, laughed and called cheerily. " keep up, i'm already moving at a snails pace."

she leaned back agains... Continue»
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My Older neighbor

Shortly after I took my new apartment I noticed how my neighbor Eric was checking me out as I lay around the pool . We should have drinks sometime soon he said as he kept glancing at my crotch . I would like that I said as I pulled my left leg to my chest and slightly wiggled a bit to give him a quick peek as my smoothly shaved balls poked thru my flimsy sweat shorts , my semi hard cock making a very visible bulge as he ran his tongue around his upper lip . I covered up with my towel and told him I had to take a shower and would see him later . After my shower I sat naked in front of the compu... Continue»
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The Horny McCormicks

The Horny McCormicks

Paradise McCormick walks into the house she shares with her husband, tosses her purse on the entry table, and slams the door. Her slick body drenched by rain water stands in silhouette under the glare of the overhead chandelier. All legs with an hourglass shape sitting on top of them and water droplets slipping down every inch like the sand trickling out each minute detail. Her beautiful features are reddened by the cold touch of the wet covering her with a slight blue ting circling the rose pedal of her lips. Her glaring dark green eyes stare off down the hall towards ... Continue»
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my sexy neighbours

It all started one hot summer's day about 4 years ago. I live on the top floor of a high rise building. There is a block of flats directly opposite me. I'd noticed a couple had just moved into the flat a couple of floors lower than me directly opposite. I didn't take much notice of him but noticed she was a bit of a stunner. I smoke but always out of my window because I don't want my flat stinking of cigarettes. I could see them moving their furniture into place as they had no curtains up and every now and then they were coming out onto their balcony for a cigarette as they too were smokers. I... Continue»
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The Theater

My girlfriend had just left me without giving a reason. I think she was being polite for I had given her many. Not that I was a bad person or anything it’s just that I was always in a constant state of arousal. Bored I grabbed my jacket and went for a walk.
After an hour of aimlessly strolling through the core of the city I happened across an adult theatre. Not a bookstore but an actual theatre. I decided to enter.

“To the right are the straight films,” said the usher/teller. So I look straight I thought to myself as I enter. I notice the doors ahead but I chickened out and veered to th... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker

I was travelling with Mick and he wanted to pull over after a few hours of driving, he needed to pee with him having weak bladder! We went to motorway service station and it was just becoming dark as we pulled up. I said,'OK meet you in Cafe, then we have coffee.'
Mick walked off to Gents toilet. I know he would be a long time as he will only pee in a cubicle as he is embarrassed in case someone will see his tiny dick!!! The cafe was over a bridge of the motorway, so I set off to climb steps to walk over there. I was in my black leather mini skirt, stockings(black) and knee boots with heels. ... Continue»
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Motel Fuckslut

When Helen was tired they all slept in the motel room til the next morning. Helen awoke early and slowly pulled back the covers on Gordon and exposed his cock. Her cunt-smell was still on his cock and she could taste his cum as she started to suck his fat but soft cock and as she sucked he began to get hard in her mouth.
As he woke she motioned to him to be quiet as she sucked his fat cock so that they didn't wake her hubby beside them. She wanted to fuck Gordon without her hubby knowing.
They carefully got off the bed and got onto the single bed beside the double.
Helen lay down on her ba... Continue»
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my 2015 dr visit

Every year I have my annual Dr's appointment and it seems it is getting a little different each year. like in the past years I've been seeing the same Dr. and nurse. I make my appointment and as usual I show up wearing panties and a a/b size bra. I only own panties and since they have seen me in them in previous years it is no big deal. I do wear pretty panties with lace around the waist and leg bands.

When I was called back by the nurse as usual she had me take off my shorts and top and put on a gown and commented on my pretty bra and panties and told me to keep them on since they were... Continue»
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unexpected fun

After a long day at work I often enjoy going to a local bar and having a few drinks. It's a quiet and dimly lit bar that is a little off the beaten track. I can almost always find an isolated booth in a corner and just relax. This night, however, was an exception. The bar wasn't packed, but all the booths were occupied by at least one other person, and there were no empty stools at the bar. A waitress approached me and told me that she could seat me at a booth with only one other person if that was OK with me. She then pointed to the back of the bar where a woman was sitting all alone. I wasn'... Continue»
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Ayanna's Promise

Mama!" Ayanna's best friend, Trisha, pleaded. "The ice cream truck! The ice cream truck!"

"OK," her mama answered, "hold your horses, one second."

"Hurry! He's already been there for like an hour!"

Trisha's mama shook her head and smiled, then took her wallet out of her purse and handed her daughter a five dollar bill.

"Thanks Mama!" Trisha said.

"Thanks Mrs. Freeman!" Ayanna said, too, and the two girls ran up the hill from the beach to the parking lot where the ice cream truck was sitting and playing its silly music, "ding, ding, diiing, ding," to the tune of "Daisy, Daisy."
... Continue»
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Cuckolded on Wedding Night...

Cuckold on wedding night...
Lying nude in the dim light, covered under bed sheet, on the huge nuptial,bed, I was waiting for hub by to join.
He was wealthy, handsome and looked attractive.
He slowly entered the suit, got out of his clothes and joined me on the bed.
In the dim light I could not see his cock properly. He lied down on the bed besides me and joined me under the covers..
He held my face and started kissing me deep. I could feel his tongue forcing deep in my mouth. I liked his kiss...I responded him and pulled him closer to me ..It was fun I was waiting for days. Slowly his han... Continue»
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Both sides of the story

Before my wife and I were married we lived together. Well I was drinking and being a ass and she got fed up with it and moved out. Well I realized how bad I fucked up and got straightened out right away. Well she was going to make me suffer. It was almost 2 weeks later and she wasn't talking to me yet. Some friends talked me into going out with them but I said I was done with drinking and would only have soda. Well we went to a couple of places that I thought she may be at but no luck. There was one place left a meat market but once we went in there she was. I was really surprised she was th... Continue»
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Mommy's Little Leg Humper

he had done all of his chores for the day and was waiting on his knees for his Mommy to come home. She had been his Mistress for almost a year now and he was eager to continue to please Her.
All of the dishes had been done, floors swept and vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, and he had poured Her a glass of wine, her favorite.
he heard her car pull up the driveway, her heels click in the walkway, the door opening to his beautiful Goddess. She was dressed in knee high black leather boots,black nylons under them, a tight skirt and white blouse. he was on his knees wearing only the panties She allowe... Continue»
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My experience with a much older woman....

When I was 30, and the internet was a much newer concept that it is now, I got chatting to an older woman via an online chatroom. We got on pretty well and there was a bit of flirting - it turned out she was only out of a very long and not very happy marriage. Well, out of as in separated, not yet divorced.

After a bit of persuading, she agreed to meet me, and we met at a motorway roundabout one day which seemed like a handy neutral venue and was easy to get to for both of us. After a chat in her car, where she obviously decided I was fairly human and not scary, we went to a nearby park for... Continue»
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First Time Being Watched

After a night out with friends and work colleagues the wife and I were staying at her friend Gary's house as we live quite a distance from everyone else. We and another couple made our way back where we continued talking and having some more drinks. After about an hour the other couple left and shortly afterwards the wife said she was going to bed. Gary and I wished her goodnight and carried on chatting. Gary was a work colleague of my wife's who I'd met once or twice before and had always come across as a nice guy. After a few more drinks he asked me if I knew that he was bisexual, I said yes... Continue»
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I Got Gangbanged

I Got Gangbanged 4-25-2015 (By Slut Wife Tina)

At this time I am 47 and married to a husband that loves me very much, he lets me fuck anybody I like, I am horny all the time and he just cannot keep up with me. I have a full figure with large c-breasts and a very strong sexual urge like I said I am wet all the time. I love both gals and guys and have no problem picking up both but I most like gangs I just love to be well used, [I had no idea at my first sexual encounter at Twelve I would love sex so much!]

A group of us left a local club at closing, were we all agreed to go bac... Continue»
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Asifa 2/10

“Why don’t you show me how bad of a little girl you are for me?”
“How can I do that?” I asked.
“Sneak into your kitchen with your parents asl**p and find a bad toy to play with.”
“Okay,” I typed excitedly for the opportunity to push myself farther for Jim’s pleasure.
“Let me throw on my robe, brb.”
“No, no robe. You must go completely naked.” I wasn’t sure I could do that but a huge part of me wanted to. Hell, I think part of me wanted to even be caught by my overly strict parents walking around naked with whatever naughty toy I picked out. I could feel by cunt dripping with excitement a... Continue»
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Got shy wife to cheat with my buddy

I have this story for you to read, and hope it gives you nearly as much pleasure as it has for My Wife Jade, My old Mate Tony, and myself, the memories are fantastic, and it changed all our lives for the better.....A long story, but I think it is worth reading!!!
Jade and I met 2013 when we were at a mutual friends 21st party, we hit it off straight away, we chatted all evening and drank lots, Jade told me she was 18 years old, and worked in a local hotel/pub called the Red Lion, we danced to the music, and when the slow numbers were played we smooched, I thought my luck was in.....As the ev... Continue»
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My Indonesian House-Maid

This is my first of my sexual memoirs. I chose my first sexual memoir to be about me losing my virginity to my Indonesian House-Maid. The story takes places in Kuwait in 2007.

Marrissa, an indonesian house-maid that used to work for my f****y was always the naughtiest of the housemaids, as she was more forward and wasn't afraid to ask questions or speak her mind. She looked pale with the typical indonesian woman nose feature and cheeks. Her cheeks were high up and made her smile look better. She had shoulder length black hair and looked around 30s. ( found out later she was 38 or 42, I forg... Continue»
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Weird 3 Way

I had a rather weird 3 way experience a few years back. I answered an add on Craigslist from a couple that was looking for a Bi Male to join them in the bedroom. After a few emails back and forth we exchanged phone numbers so we could text. We texted for 3 days, telling the husband what turned me on, what experience I had, what I was hoping for if I got the chance to meet him and his wife. He shared very little about himself or his wife, only that she was smoking hot.
Finally I got the text I was hoping for. They were ready to meet. He wanted me to come to his house at noon the next... Continue»
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Exhibitionist wife - Room service tease

We had decided to take a little break and booked ourselves into a large South coast hotel for a couple of nights. The hotel was only about a quarter full and we'd spent the first night sitting at the bar with Mrs O flirting with the young barman who seemed only too happy to join in, exchanging the odd suggestive comment and peeping down the front of her dress while i egged her on.
The next evening we went out to a bar in the town returning about 9.00pm for a dirty early night. On the way back to the room we saw the guy from the bar delivering some drinks to one of the rooms. On seeing Mrs O ... Continue»
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Best Friend's man

My friend Jen, from college, and I had always been best friends from the day we met. Less than a year after we got to know each other, we were doing everything together. So much that we even got an apartment that we stayed in long after college.
Both of us had, and still do, a huge appetite for men. We always compared our boyfriend and told each other of our sex adventures. We never had any lesbian desires, but if we had, then we would have explored each other.
On a couple of occasions, we had sex with our boyfriends in the same room but we never swapped partners or anything like that.
Jen... Continue»
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Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......
........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.

I was working in a grocery store as a produce manager, it was kind of a temporary thing, but it was a decent enough job. Well one day I was going through the produce section, checking inventory and straightening up the stock when I hear my name being called. A woman's voice and I turned around and it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name was Maria, and we broken up on not the best of terms, mostly because sh... Continue»
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Latest Cruise Excapade, Nov 2015 Part 2

The cruise over, we are headed home. Leaving Miami, with a connecting flight in Houston, going to San Diego. Two warm places, so I dressed in a short sleeved blouse. Once on the plane I knew that was a mistake and asked for a blanket to cover my arms. The flight from Miami was two and a half hours, and uneventful. A two hour layover in Houston, we boarded the plane to San Diego at five forty PM. While entering the plane I asked again and received a blanket. We get to our seats, my husband in the isle seat, I'm in the middle because I'm smaller. People are filing down the isle. I see this big m... Continue»
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Wake-Up Call

So, my girlfriend Beth works as a nurse and is currently working night shifts 7pm-7am. She gets back to our flat usually 7:30-7:45 and usually goes straight to bed trying not to wake me if it's the weekend. This morning however (Saturday) I woke to find more than my usual early morning wood going on. I could feel my cock getting some attention and woke up to find Beth, wearing nothing but her bra and panties, licking my shaft and kissing my bell-end.
Looking up at me, she smiled the dirtiest smile you ever saw. "Sorry, babe, did I wake you?"
Returning her smile with one of my own, I nodded... Continue»
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Him and his wife

Ok so I met with a guy
When I got to his house his wife was there to
She said I hear you are going to give my husband a blow job
I said that was the plan
So she said ok well I'm playing to dropped her dress then got me naked Told me to stand looking at the wall why she used her tongue on my ass hole she made it so wet
Her husband was stroking his cock
Then she told me to go to her husband and crawl so I did
She followed me over but as I got half way she said stop so I did and she went mmmmmmm! Then I felt her finger push deep into my ass!
She said carry on crawling with my finger i... Continue»
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I got a raise and so did my boss


I’d been away on business for a week and I knew Donna would either be gagging for it or would have satisfied herself with someone whilst I was away. I rang her as the taxi neared our house and I could tell she was gagging for it. Tim, my boss, was with me and I told Donna that he’d be calling in for a chat about the trip.

As we walked in through the door Tim and I made our way to the conservatory as Donna made some drinks, she was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse, the usual no bra, had me all worked up as soon as I saw her, as she knew it would. I left Tim a... Continue»
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30 day cum load

Ive been watching alot of huge cum load videos lately. Watching this cocks so hard and big exploding cum all over it got me so hot.I wanted to do this myself. I wasnt sure how well i would do i masturbate quite often but maybe i could do it with some determination.

I decided to stop jerking off a month ago in an attempt to have the most amazing cum shot ever. Everyday i would watch porn and tease my cock for hours at end . Going out places was incredibly hard as i had to constantly hide my boner at places like the restraunt, beach, grocery stores.

I was getting close to day thirty. Today... Continue»
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