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My Daughter’s Dildo

Being a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter. Nicole’s mom has been out of the picture since right after her first birthday, so it’s been just the two of us for the past sixteen years. It wasn’t easy early on, but I managed to provide a stable home and raise a pretty good k**. I admit she was somewhat of a tomboy, but she was healthy and happy, did well in school, and the two of us got along great. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean I was at all prepared for puberty.

It was something I’d avoided thinking about, but before I knew it there she was. My little gir... Continue»
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Fucking My Best Friend's Girl

The night started out like most other Saturday nights, I was over at my buddies house pre-drinking for another party somewhere. Except this time, his woman was going with us. I didn't care, I've always enjoyed her company, got along great with her, didn't matter to me! But my buddy was a little ticked about it, he had another girl at the party he was wanting to hook up with, so she was gonna be a major pussy block for him. Plus they had been fighting, so they were both being bitches. Bound and determined to make the best of the night, I tried my best to play good cop and cheer her up. Finally,... Continue»
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18 Only: Daughter Swap!!!

the Daughters

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I watched my friend Mark and his daughter, Laura pull up in front of my large suburban home. Mark got out of the Lexus and helped Laura with her suitcase as they made their way to where I was standing on the stoop. My cock had been waiting for this all week.

Mark and I shook hands before I gave Laura a peck on the cheek.

"Her clothes and some other surprises are in here, Jeff." Mark said, handing me Laura's ... Continue»
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A girl and her dog

The house was about a mile from the little village of
Flangeville, where Dotty also attended the small
country school. Farmhouse, barn and sheds were nestled
in the fringes of a thickly wooded copse that sheltered
a gurgling brook which fed the cool farm pond in the
woods behind the barn. They lived far from town, and as
the road went nowhere else, no one ever seemed to visit
the farm.

There were no other c***dren nearby the Simpson farm
and as she grew up Dotty was f***ed to find her own
simple pleasures and she early on discovered a special
satisfaction from her long s... Continue»
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Older b*****r tries out hypnosis before he leaves.

It was the night after our parents left for a week that I made my move. I would be leaving to live on my own soon enough, and there was something I really wanted to try. If I fucked it up, well like I said, I'm leaving soon and don't have to see my f****y again, so I'm going for it.

I had been studying hypnosis, and how to alter and manipulate the mind. You'd be surprised as to how close to correct those cartoons actually are. Spirals, sl**piness, relaxation, a soothing, trustworthy voice, all can have a profound effect on one's mind when used correctly.

At midnight, I walked into my you... Continue»
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When I first started cumming I was always on the toilet jerking-off.I had a few small girlie mags and would stretch out on the seat as I looked through the mags and played with my then small hard rod.I was so horny then that I could cum right away.I wanted the good feeling to last awhile though so I would stop playing with myself just before I came and would let it go down to a semi before I started playing with it again.I had discovered edging right at the beginning and didn't even know what it was.The only kind of mags that I could get in those days were ones with pictures of girls tit... Continue»
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4th of July with Mom

It was hot outside, really hot. It was the 4th of July and Mom and I were relaxing in the pool. We had decided that this year we would just stay home and enjoy our vacation week, hanging out in the pool and watching movies. No work, no schedules, and since we were staying home, no crowds or traffic to contend with. Lying there on the pool float I was thinking how this was just about perfect. The only thing better would be if I had a girlfriend to hang out with instead of my Mom.

It had been a few months since I broke up with Jill.

We had been dating for about six months and we had gotte... Continue»
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Older b*****r seduces and takes cute nerd s****r&a

I wasn't necessarily eavesdropping, as they were d***k and not really talking quietly...I could hear them clearly from the vents that went from my room to hers.

That said, what I heard shocked me.

"I can't go through my whole senior year a virgin," Lisa, my s****r, whined.

"It's only November," her best friend, Andrea, pointed out.

"It's almost December," Lisa countered, before singing playfully, "All I want for Christmas is to get laid."

"Does oral sex count?" Andrea questioned with a giggle. "Because if it does, y... Continue»
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What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her

What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her

“Dude, you know who I would really like to fuck?”

“Anyone who moves, I imagine.”

“True. But do you know who my most constant late night focus of my daily stroke-fest sessions?”

“Beth, the head cheerleader?”

“She’s in the top five, no doubt.”

“Well, who would be number one then?”

“Promise you won’t judge?”


“Seriously, this is really embarrassing.”

“Fine, I promise not to ridicule you too bad.”

“My Mom.”

“That’s not so bad. I was expecting Big Bertha or Old Woman Burgess. First, your Mom is ridiculously h... Continue»
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s****r for Christmas

My younger s****r Kristy and I have always been very close. Since we are only a year apart, my parents treated us like we were a twin set of boys. By that I mean we took baths together until we were about 10 and we were f***ed to sl**p in the same hotel bed on f****y vacations until I was 16. We finally needed our own beds because even though we were close we still always fought about everything, just like any other b*****r and s****r.

When we were younger my s****r was quite the tomboy. She always chose to follow my friends and I to get in whatever mischief we were in. She would even parti... Continue»
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Coed Cheerleader Daughter joins him in the shower

Frank Williams was just about through with his shower, and was letting the warm water beat down on his shoulders, when he heard door to the bathroom open. The shower scene from "Psycho" flashed through his mind, but he was quite sure it was not some maniac with a knife.

He was right. "Daddy?" a sweet young voice said to him. He recognized the dulcet tones of his darling daughter, Mandy, and his cock started stiffening.

"Hi, Honey. Why don't you come in and join me?" The thought of what she would do for his cock once she was in the shower caused it to become fully erect.

"Okay, Daddy.... Continue»
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Jeff thought it was cool right from the jump. And he was right.

He couldn’t remember exactly when it had started but it had been a long, long time ago; his mother touching him, that is. For some reason lost to the past she had often been in his room holding him, rubbing his back, helping him to get to sl**p. Maybe he had been sick or had nightmares or was just afraid of the dark… but she was there.

When the other stuff had started was just as vague to Jeff. She was certainly getting him hard long before he went to Mary Wilson Jr. High school. He remembered her in his old bedroom befo... Continue»
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I'm glad you like them, now good night, honey

When Jacob was about **, he started to notice me in a way he had not before.

I had been divorced for a long time by then, not dated much. I got looks and some offers, but I kept myself pretty busy -- too busy -- between work and Jake at home. I was almost 40 at that point, and I guess people
would say I am pretty, but I'm not one of those women who still look like they did when they were 20. My face is round and my dark blond hair is still natural if interspersed with a few gray hairs. I am short, so probably the word "cute" was used more than "pretty" when I was younger, but I am kind of ... Continue»
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I was just trying to get home after spending a few days helping out my
s****r and her husband. The weather was lousy. It had been raining all
day and there was no let up in sight, raining steadily, usually lightly but
sometimes it came down in buckets.

Jack had broken his leg in a motorcycle accident the week before. Then
Mary had to have an emergency appendectomy. Jack couldn't do a damned
thing while on his crutches and he had three wild k**s to take care of
while Mary was recovering. Their neighbors had helped out some when she
was in the hospital, but now that she wa... Continue»
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My Wife and the Old Man Next Door

It was a nice day and so I had decided to walk to and from work. I usually drove but the old guy next door had woken me up, mowing his lawn at a ridiculous time in the morning. I decided that the best way to get rid of my anger would be to walk it off and enjoy the sunshine.

My next door neighbour was an aging man, who seemingly spent most of his time half naked in his garden. He wasn't in too bad of shape for an old guy, quite a slim, slightly athletic physique. He had silver hair, which was complimented by a 'glorious' tan, as my wife once put it. He once chose to sunbathe in his back yar... Continue»
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"Hi, Daddy." The voice on the phone was very familiar to me.

"Hi, baby. How're things going with you?" I asked my daughter.

"Not so good, Daddy."

"What's the matter?" I asked as I mentally prepared myself to be hit up for some cash.

"Well, I lost my job. I've been looking, but so far nothing that interests me. I've been working in a fast food joint so I can buy some groceries, but I can't pay my rent this month or last month and... I've gotten an eviction notice."

"So you need for me to pay your rent?"

"No, I can't do that, Daddy. I know you would, but I just don't see... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad Pt4

Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part 4.
Brian was truly amazed at her stamina and so aroused and proud by how filthy she is. He was going to fuck his daughter’s ass before the night was over but for now he really wanted to have a rest. He needed a cold drink and to cool off before he was going to be doing anymore fucking and he said to her, “You’ll have to wait babe, your dad needs to cool off a bit, so hop up and I’ll get us a drink.”
Jenny wanted to stay there laying in the comfort of her dad but she obeyed. Slowly they got up and when he moved away she collapsed back down on her side and waited for ... Continue»
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My Daughter and My Wife Go Black

Our white daughter is 19, attends a nearby college. To save money still lives with us. She has her own bedroom and sometimes has male friends over when we are out. It took a while, but we got used to it.

This one Friday night my wife and I were supposed to go out for dinner as usual, but there was a long line at our favorite restaurant. We decided to just grab a couple hamburgers at a drive-through and head home -- a couple hours earlier than usual.

As we sat in the kitchen eating our hamburgers, we heard the bed squeaking in our daughter's upstairs bedroom. My wife and I looked at each ... Continue»
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b*****r in law's wife.

The Job I have sends me to Chicago ,about a two hour drive from where I live, from time to time for new training. Usually when I go out there I get something to eat, hang out at my hotel room, fall asl**p, then wake up and go to class. A lot of the time I just go for one night. I have went out a few times just to take in the sites but it's not the same without my wife. Not too long ago my b*****r-n-law's wife (lets just call her Mary) got a job in Chicago. Mary seamed to be a nice women. She was about five foot seven, with brunette hair that had blond highlights. Mary wears glasses ( ro... Continue»
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Surprise of a lifetime

Well I thought this might be worth sharing. Sorry for the background information but it’s needed to set the scene. My step son had divorced his wife and left town. I remained in close with his ex michelle (name changed) because of the grandk**s. I would help out all I could fixing things around her house etc. One evening I had been over fixing a bad burner on her range. She had a bad day at work and had a few drinks and when I finished I sat down and enjoyed a few shots with her.
To this point our relationship was the typical FIL DIL. Now with things changed , conversations were different. I... Continue»
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Daughter in Love with her Daddy that Summer.

'You need to get to know who your father is', was all mother said to me. He and mother had parted ways shortly after I was born, so I never got to know him, let alone see him, except for photographs.

I had learnt through the f****y g****vine he was homosexual and that had been the reason for their breakup, but mother never talked about him, anger I suppose being duped into marriage and a baby to follow, I could not blame her for seeking love elsewhere, albeit as a used woman, her stock had fallen, and her new beau was a man as old as her own father, lucky him, as she was still a vibrant and... Continue»
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She wouldn't stop fucking me until I filled h

This is a true story, only the names have been changed.

It was Rene's 24th birthday, and we tied one on with friends and f****y. Rene is by the outsider's observation, a quiet and curvy blonde with strawberry blond curls that she bundles up in a pony tail. I saw to it that she let those curls, and her pants down.

We had decided to wrap up her birthday dinner with a movie in our basement suite. Her best friend, Dayna, stayed and we watched a movie and drank vodka. The vodka kept us going well into the night, until Dayna decided it was time to go home and let us "celebrate."

No s... Continue»
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"Can I spend the night at Melissa's?" asked Brenda.

Her mother thought for a moment and answered, "Sure, if it's okay with
her parents."

Brenda giddily spoke into the phone, "She said, yes! What time should I
come over?" Brenda listened and then shouted to her mother, "Mom! Can you
drop me off at Melissa's around seven?"

Carol brushed her chestnut hair from her face. "Sure Honey. Ask
Melissa if her mom or dad can come to the phone."

Carol took the receiver from her s*******n-year-old daughter. "Hello,
this is Carol Morgan, Brenda's mom."

"Hell... Continue»
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Caught Masturbating in my Hotel Room! By the Clean

I know allot of people masturbate with a vibrator and I'm one of those people. It's really hard for me to let loose and use my vibrator without worrying that someone may hear me at home. I have got in the habit of spending the night in a cheap hotel to get away every once in a while. I usually just tell my mom I'm spending the night by a friends house. That couldn't be anymore of a lie. I don't know what it is about summer but I get so turned on and my dirty mind cant stop thinking about masturbating.

I've been using this back massager I bought from br#ok##one years ago called the turbo mas... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 17

The Sleeepover - Chapter 17

by samslam

"OH YEAH! FUCK BRANDON! JUST LIKE THAT!" Lauren screams a few minutes later as her orgasm rumbles full speed ahead and I pound her mercilessly.

"I'm... there... too... S!s..." I pant, thrusting my hips as I slam my cock home, shooting deep inside her contracted cunt. "Oh fuck!" I moan as I jerkily deposit my load into her pulsating pussy. Collapsing on her soft breasts, my lips find hers but we're both breathing too hard to do much kissing.

"You really don't want to fuck dad, huh?" I ask when my breathing is under control. I'm ... Continue»
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Gloryhole Moms

Here a fantasy of mines. And well most of us right?
Starts now

"Bull shit," I called Ralph out, who was usually full of shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was the truth that was a very good day.

"Seriously," he said, more animated than usual.

"You're telling me that you got a blow job at lunch time at the adult store?" I asked, still not remotely believing it.

"And she swallowed every drop," he continued.

"How do you know it was a girl?" Joey asked.

I laughed, "Yeah Ralph, you probably just became a homo."

"No, no, it was definitely a ... Continue»
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The Lake

The story I am about to tell happened last summer. It was a hot day in June so we decided to go to the lake for the day. I talked my wife into wearing a sheer summer dress that at the right angle of the sun, you can see right through it (she’s not aware that the dress is see-through). I knew there were going to be lots of young guys at the lake sure to be eyeing up my wife all day. We packed up our SUV and started to head to the lake for what turns out to be a fantasy-come-true day for me.
On the way to the lake I start to rub my wife’s leg to get her feeling playful. She immediately res... Continue»
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When young I spent a lot of time with my friend Rich at his house
His mother Diane was divorced but a sexy blonde with big tits tight arse lovely long legs
and wore very very short tight minis
Rich had a year younger s****r Kate a brunette with little pert tits at the early stage of sprouting
I had a very big cock when erect which was most of the time as I get so horny watching porn
I spent a lot of time trying to look up his moms skirt to try and see her panties
I stared at her big tits in her lacy bras as she always wore tops that showed off her cleavage
I think she was aware becaus... Continue»
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Health Care Assistance.

My mobile phone buzzed an incoming message. "Go to see Mr C he needs help". I'd seen him before he was a mid 50's man close to death from cancer, I knew the f****y well. On arrival I was met by the wife and daughter, Sheila and Annie, they ushered me into the living room where Pete was lying in bed, it was obvious to my trained eye that he was dead, he had been very ill for 8/9 months so it was his time to go. I turned to Sheila and Annie and said, 'He's gone.' They both approached the bed and said their farewells, the daughter then left the room leaving me alone with Sheila. Now Sheila ... Continue»
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My wife's name is Elsa. We were taking a bath together, watching each other, when I first thought of this. We were very much in love. All of a sudden she asks: “What are you thinking?”
I answered: “I was thinking what a very beautiful and perfect woman you are”.
“You say that just because you are horny” she said.
“Yes, I´m always horny and I want to fuck you” I said. “Every cell in my body hungers for you and loves you.”

She rose from the bathtub and I watched her body, mesmerized. She was washing the soap from her hair, knowing that I was watching her pussy. She was perfectly shaved ... Continue»
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Mature Wife's Intimate Resume v2.0


Name : Penelope

Nationality : English

Age : 52

Current Employment :

Highly competent and enthusiastic part time secretary/receptionist working in a small office environment. She is well organised and provides efficient administrative support to her work colleagues. Approachable, well presented and able to establish good working relationships with a range of different people. Duties include typing documents, distributing memos, handling emails meeting and greeting vi... Continue»
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A fine summer vacation: one morning

Bonnie was dressed for work and standing at the sink washing her coffee cup as Danny came padding into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes from sl**p. It did not surprise her that he was stark naked and his dick was sticking out straight and stiff as it so often did when he awoke. As she placed her cup in the drainer she felt his hands at her waist from behind as he grabbed her pants and pulled them along with her panties down to her knees and slapped her thick exposed bottom twice.

"Honey, I can't. I have to leave for work in five minutes!" she said.

"C'mon, Mom, " Danny whined, trying to spr... Continue»
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Shemale Mom

It was a sunny day when I got home from School, My Mother asked me how my day was to which I replied that it was okay, she seemed pleased with my answer, then she said we'd have to have a talk after dinner, I went up stairs and laid down and started thinking about how I was bullied in school again, was it my fault I had a slight built and girls while nice did nothing for me.

After eating dinner I helped my was the dishes then we went into the living room to watch The Bachelor, she kept commenting on how cute the guys were. Later she said we need to clear the air son I told her okay, she sai... Continue»
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My Town IV

The next day I walked into work and saw that Carl was chewing Becky out over something stupid. I put my head down and went about my job hoping the asshole would leave me alone.

I was in the back store room sorting a new load of boxes out when Jolene came back. She seemed to be a little sore and when she went to sit down she flinched.

"Hi Jolene! How are doing today?" I asked.

"Ok I guess. So has Carl jumped your shit yet? I saw him bitching at Becky. I guess he feels like he needs to take his problems out on someone else.... Continue»
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Homework Assignment

I sat in Mr. Teague's class day dreaming about Mom. We were supposed to be starting on our homework assignment. Mr. Teague was nice enough to let us do our homework in class instead of waiting until the last minute to give us our assignment. I just could not concentrate. I kept thinking about last week.

I had got off the school bus and entered the house. It was Monday and was a long day at school. It was unusual to see Mom's car in the drive way. When I shut the front door and looked around, there was no sign of Mom. So I went back to my room. I started to change my clothes when I... Continue»
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My s****r in Law

This is pure fantasy. No one one was harmed in real life but they may have had great fun.

My b*****r in law cannot get it up so Julie hasnt had sex for many years. For a long time we only met in the company of her man and my wife.

When she took up bowls I offered to teach her the basics so we arranged to meet and I told her how to deliver the bowl. In the process I stood close up behind her so that my chest was touching her back and my cock was pressed against her bum. She made no complaint so we did it quite a lot during the lesson.

Following the lesson we went for a coffee and a ch... Continue»
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Sheila and June the next step.

Over the last 9 months or so I've been shagging my neighbour Sheila, and also her friend June. Both women are older than me Sheila by 12 years and June by 7 years(Sheila is widowed and Junes husband works away for weeks at a time). On Friday when i got home from work Sheila was waiting for me as i got out of my car, she asked me if i wanted to join her and June for supper. I told Sheila i would be with them in about 30 minutes as i had to shower and change out of my work things, Sheila told me "don't wear too much, it won't be on long" and squeezed my balls as she walked away back next door. I... Continue»
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Catching a nice one

I didn’t expect him to show up at this place. As a remodeling contractor I met him at a local church. Their board president called me to bid a total remodel of their office complex. I met the pastor, a nice fellow named Tom, and went through what they wanted.
I put in the bid and never heard from them again. After about 6 weeks I gave the church a call. His secretary said that Tom was off that day and that he was going fishing she thought.
I didn’t give it much thought. I drove out of town to bid a deck remodel at a lake home about 25 miles out of town. I did the bid and the homeowner wante... Continue»
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Fucking My Girl While My Ex Watched (True)

This is going to be a true story of mine from Monday night that I thought I would share with you all. Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

Pictures above from left to right--(Nikki+Sarah)-(My Cock)

My ex Sarah was over helping my girl Nikki and I get the rest of my stuff unpacked into Nikki's house which made me kinda realize just how much shit I have mostly consisting of CD's, movies, posters, cloths but I do have my prides any joy like my 2014 Chevy Camaro which I will be paying for until the day they put me into the ground and... Continue»
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Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel

Okay, I am brining this series to an end, but before I do, I have to tell the part of Petra and Bali right before we all showered and I went home exhausted.....

Petra came around the side of the bed closest to my head and she bent down and kissed me on the lips. It was one of those very weird upside down kisses where tongues could and did slide past one another and when she moaned into my mouth I could feel the sensation clear down in my soul. I could also taste and smell the s... Continue»
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The Accident

Kevin was a lonely guy. His life bordered on reclusive. The only time he went outside his small, one bedroom apartment was to go to work and get some groceries. For a man in his sixties, the only women he’d ever been with were prostitutes. Sure, he’d had some women in his life that he wanted to date but his awkwardness never allowed him to develop any relationships. The last few years had seen Kevin go from making a pretty good living to eventually settling for a menial job at a call center, barely making enough money to get by. One day after work, Kevin was driving home and a dog ran ou... Continue»
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Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel

Sometimes the worst of times become the best. Such is the case when you are told to go pick up the new contractors at the airport and one of them looks like her… And the others are beautiful as well!


I was summoned into the boss’s office a month ago and asked / told that this past Sunday I would be picking up three of our contractors from India and one from Egypt. I complained, I made excuses and then I was tol... Continue»
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The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party
This year the work Christmas party was being held at the Cataloo Lounge in the town over from the factory. My wife Lisa and I were excited to go to the end of year event as it was a nice night without the k**s for a change. I was dressed in white slacks with a light gray button down shirt, tucked in, and a charcoal vest. Lisa put on a dark blue dress with a plunging neckline and her Greek goddess sandals.
It started raining as we drove to the Cataloo but we weren’t going to let that dampen our night. I parked the car and we went in and found our seats. We were seated... Continue»
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Fucked my bbw s****r in law

I've never been that attracted to my s****r in law Becky. She's 35 bbw nice but not really my type...until the last several months after I had an erotic dream about her. I wasn't obsessed about fucking my wife's younger s****r, but after I thought about it, I decided that if it ever came up, I'd fuck her...or at least mess around with her, maybe a blowjob or a nice make out session. Anyway, Becky had a fight with her husband, and was staying at our house for a couple of days until things blew over. I had a comp day off one of those days and my wife was at work...Becky was there so we chatt... Continue»
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Horny men

Mike came in to my apartment yesterday afternoon looking pretty angry. When asked what his problem was, ‘his girl would not let him do her in the ass’ was the answer… I honestly laughed; this dude is 6’5-230lbs (I think, cause he is ripped) and his girl who is Spanish is about 5’2-160lbs (cute sexy chubby girl) and he can’t get her to take it in the ass, well after thinking about it, if he f***ed her that’s **** right there.

Mike sat down rubbing his crotch, “dude go relieve yourself in the bathroom if you need to” I said to him still smiling. “You don’t get it b*o… I came home horny as fu... Continue»
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Experiencing puberty and involving daddy about sex

If you men think life was tough for you as a boy, then imagine the complexity of puberty as a girl, when you only have a daddy to turn to, and yes, I was a vixen and played on my poor fathers nerves.

That sugar and spice stuff was really pointing to where my poor old dad was avoiding, the little orifice between my legs, that came alive, with so many questions, emotions, cramps, urges and needs, and one of those needs hung between my daddy's legs, and I just had to have answers, after all, that was what puberty was about, awkward questions and serious answers.

Growing up with my daddy was... Continue»
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Truth or dare gangbang

My wife had a longtime friend of hers’ that was roughly 10-15 years older than her, but they were always close. They were always there for each other, even though they were separated by state lines and then some. She’d come stay with us when my wife needed her and vice versa. One day my wife, Jessica’s phone rang with her friends’ ringtone and I half listened to the conversation. Her friends’ daughter was getting married and she needed help with the rehearsal the weekend before the wedding. I knew she wasn’t going to say no. She told me I was going to have to hold down the fort and that she wa... Continue»
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A few years ago, I had my head handed to me in divorce court. Rita got
the house, nice house, 3,500 square feet more or less, three car garage,
pool, etc. and I got the shaft. Through a series of astute moves, I owned
the house free and clear until I lost it all to Rita, so I at least escaped
having to make house payments. Additionally she got half of everything
else too, stocks, bonds, and interest in several other properties that I
had acquired through the years.

Rita won full custody of Jesse, our precocious daughter, who had just
turned twelve. The court decreed th... Continue»
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The Fitting Room Hard On (Fiction)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

It was my least favorite time of the year again back to school, well not even back to school but the shopping for cloths and supplies. The reason this was not my favorite time of the year was my already very busy mom dragging me around town frantically while juggling her cell phone keeping up with her job and tons of guys both married and single leering at her in the stores. I have never once looked at my mom in that way but even I have to admit she is very beautiful with her long blonde hair, pretty face, blue eye... Continue»
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New neighbors

About 18 months ago, the Campbell's, our neighbors since we moved to the neighborhood three years ago, put their house up for sale. My wife Brooke and I were anxious about who might move in as the new next door neighbors. Sam and his wife Donna were a little older than us and both of their k**s had left the home.

Donna had wanted to downsize now that the k**s were gone and informed Brooke and I that they were moving. We had grown extremely close to both of them and they practically treated us like f****y. I am 31 and my wife is 28. We have both talked about starting a f****y of our own but ... Continue»
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