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Sometimes Mom’s Need A Good Fuck!

Donna pulled the car up in front of the high school to drop Amber off. She could not help but check out all the hot young boys. She smiled as she remembered her afternoon fuck with the boy from the grocery store but that had been almost two weeks before and she was ready for some more cock. Amber seemed to notice her mom checking out all the young guys and smiled at her.

“So what do you think mom? Any nice guys you want to fuck here?” Amber said with a giggle

Life at the Adams house had changed quite a bit since she walked i... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Hot Mother

Many years ago, I began dating this young girl named Cindy. She was quite attractive and petite. Although I usually prefer girls with more curves, she had an incredible appetite for sex. She also had a very tight little pussy and knew how to work it around my thick cock. I had heard the term snapping pussy, but not experienced it, until I met her. She definitely had a "snapper" so we were basically fucking each other's brains out. I was in my 20's and horny all the time and she had a huge sex drive as well.
I had went to work out one Saturday and she was coming by my place. I was horny and l... Continue»
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Curious Daughter’s First Ass Fuck

Amber bounced to her room. She was so happy! Her mommy had a date with Sara's daddy that night and was excited about getting fucked!

Life had changed so much since her f****y started having open sex with each other and their friends. Tonight would be good too since it was going to be her night with her daddy alone. Sex with him was special! She was already getting wet when her cell phone buzzed. It was her friend Beth.

"Hi Beth! What's happening?" She asked hoping for the latest gossip

"Amber you have to see this video I ... Continue»
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My Baby Girl


I turned just in time to see my grinning daughter halt her mad dash across the sand and lob a squirming crab at my face before shrieking and running off again. Laughing, I nudged the little guy off the towel with my toe. Shae was tearing across the sand towards the surf, arms flailing like a lunatic, loose golden hair steaming behind her. If I hadn't been so comfortable I would have chased her.

The beach had been a good idea. Being an executive of a global logistics company was stressful sometimes, but it did give me a flexible schedule and it was n... Continue»
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My mom is a true hottie. She had me when she was sixteen, the result of a wild d***ken weekend with her friends. She was never sure who the father is. Anyway she is now thirty two, long blonde hair down to her dynamite ass, nice "D" cup tits, big blue eyes and a banging body. And when she has a couple of drinks she will spread her legs wide. Don't get me wrong, she is a great mother but she does like to have sex.
So I spent many nights listening to her fuck threw the wall. Every so often I would peak thru her open door to watch. When I hit puberty I began to watch more often. Some times ... Continue»
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Jenny and I-4

Janice was a bit tentative at first, but I let her set the pace since she was paying for it. I wish I could say that it was my great technique that moved us along fairly rapidly, but, in all honesty, I must admit that Janice proved to be very horny when she warmed up a bit.

Janice took her own blouse off simply because I was trying not to push her too hard, but it took less than 10 minutes for us both to be naked from the waist up and locked in a lovers' embrace. Neither one of us needed instruction in French kissing, so we took that route very early on in the date. We kissed for a few minu... Continue»
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My Weekend Part I

Here I was all alone for the weekend. My parents were out of town for a business trip. I had the whole house to myself. I picked up some porno and was going to spend much of the weekend just satisfying myself. Friday after school when I got home I popped in some porno as I undressed in the living room. My cock already starting to rise to the occasion. I gave it a few strokes. I settled onto the couch and proceeded to watch the action on the Big Screen as I stroked my cock. After a few minutes. I could feel that I was ready to blow my first load. As I was watching the lesbian scene and one gorg... Continue»
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I touched my Hymen for the last time.

It was freezing as I stood waiting for the bus to arrive. I was cowering in the corner as the wind blew its icy blast up my legs and around the exposed flesh of my upper thighs, my heavy woollen stockings protecting the rest of my legs, and my buttocks and crotch also suffering the same indignity as my panties were nothing more than a thong like triangle.

As snow began to fall a car drew up alongside the shelter, providing some relief from the wind, and the passenger side window came down.

'Like a bit of business love', he called out, and I came towards the car and poked my head inside, ... Continue»
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Renee Becomes Daddy's Slut

"Welcome to Hardintown!" Daddy said as we pulled up to our new house

"It looks like a nice place! I hope I can make some new friends but Daddy I know we both needed a change so this will be good." I said as we got out

I watched as the movers unloaded our stuff and put in the house. I could not help but be a little sad. You see my mom was killed by a driver who was too busy texting to notice her riding her bicycle. Now it is just my dad and me and we decided to move to a new town and make a new beginning.

The mover's had j... Continue»
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Friend's Daughter is Such a Tease

My best friend Joe inherited his parents' shore house after they passed
away. He has been living there permanently ever since his divorce several
years ago. It is a quaint little bungalow, with an open layout and three
small bedrooms. My wife Barbara was away with her girlfriends up in the
mountains for two weeks, so I thought I'd spend a few days at Joe's helping
him out with various projects. Joe has a disability which prevents him
from doing much in the way of physical labor. He is a CPA and has amassed
quite a few business accounts in the area, which keep him busier than h... Continue»
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My wife and I purchased our first house. It was a very small two story
house with two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, a living room, dining
room and kitchen on the main floor and a front porch. We still did our
laundry at a nearby laundromat. We had so little grass that I used an
old unpowered push mower. It suited the two of us.

After a few years, I was offered a job in another city. The housing
market was quite depressed at the time. We were able to purchase a
larger house in the new city, but we didn't have a chance of selling our
starter home. We were only paying $180 per m... Continue»
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Jenny and I-2

Jenny flopped back into the position she had been in for our previous fuck, and I moved between her legs. She raised her knees and spread them as far as she could. That gave me a direct shot at her cunt, and I had no trouble finding the right place to put my cock this time.

Ever mindful of the hints that I had received from the previous time, I rubbed my cock head up and down in her pussy slit to make sure that it was wet with her lubricating oil. Jenny was dripping liquid from her cunt hole, so there was no question about having enough lube for me to penetrate her.

She must have really ... Continue»
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My First Experience as a HotWife

So there I was at Shane’s house with Shane and two other guys from my husband sport’s team. We had just gotten back to the house after a night of dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of fun – and flirting. We always flirted when we hung out, even when my husband David was around.

Earlier in the evening, David and his friends had a game – and as had become the norm, we went out afterwards to a local bar/club. But that was really the only thing that would be usual about this night.

By the time we got to the bar after the game, my husband started complaining that he wasn’t feeling good. He ha... Continue»
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Fiona looks at James

It was another hot summer day. I was dispatched to the orchard to pick lemons for the dessert but as I approached I noticed James, my wife's nephew removing his pants and underpants. I hid behind the sprawling and heavily laden fig tree to avoid embarrassment.
I continued to watch as James lay on his back in the sun and proceeded to masturbate using what appeared to be women's panties as an aid. I have a view looking at him from the feet up. As James was furiously involved in rubbing his cock he failed to hear the orchard gate click. I looked around and saw my wife Fiona approaching. I franti... Continue»
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End of innosence

Last summer my wifes cousin came for holidays to our city.

Eighteen years old, brunette, green eyes, short with small boobs and perfect round ass. She was all the time wearing hot shorts. My imagination started to run. I would love to fuck her but it was too risky.
One night we were sitting at the sofa and we were laughing and telling jokes so i started to tickle her! We fall down and as i was tickling her i was touching her boobs and her ass. She didn't say a thing and i with her knee was rubbing my hard dick. i don't know if she did in on purpose or not for that i didn't make another mo... Continue»
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Slut wife, just dont tell her husband.

Im bored so i thought id write a short story about a slut wife.

Sarah is a slut. Theres no other way of saying it, shes a cock hungry slut. Everybody knows about her slutty ways except her husband.

Theres only 2 things that sarah works hard at, 1: getting fucked and 2: making sure her husband has no idea.

She was a slut from the first time she got fucked in school. She and her boyfriend skipped a class and had sex for the first time in a toilet. From that moment on sarah was addicted to cock. If it meant boyfriends leaving her she didnt care, she just had to have cocks fucking he... Continue»
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Finding A Big Black Cock For My Wife (True)

This is a true story from about two weeks ago when I decided to let my wife have a little fun and found a black cock for her to play with. Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

This whole thing started like they usually did with my wife Sarah and I sitting at home bored, horny and looking for a little extra fun. We threw around some ideas of what we could so when I asked her if I could go online and find a guy to come over and fuck her but I wanted it to be a surprise so s... Continue»
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I fucked your wife on Craigslist

Did you know that you’re wife is on Craigslist? So you think you know what a cum craving slut she is and the lengths she’ll go to get filled with a hot load in every hole, but I imagine she would surprise you if you saw how she was with me…

She tried to keep her ad decent and down to earth, but she was just too fuckin horny that day I guess. Anyway, it sounded like it was worth a shot and it had only been posted for 12 minutes so I replied basically telling her I wanted to help fill her up with my thick throbbing member, and I could almost hear the gasp from here when she opened the pic I... Continue»
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A Day on the Dunes

My name is Samantha. I’m 41 years old. My story begins one afternoon this last July. My son Steven asked me if I would take him to the sand dunes to do some dirt-bike riding.
This was something his father used to do with him ever since Steve was eleven. Now, since his father {My ex.} had married his twenty two-year-old secretary, three days after our divorce was finalized, he hasn’t had time for his son.

Steve is fifteen now, almost sixteen, and loves to ride that dirt bike. I don’t ride with him like his father used to, but I help him load up the bike on the trailer and hook it up to the ... Continue»
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Mommy and Daddy Really Love Me

It's Friday and I can hardly wait to get home from school. Tuesday was my eighteenth birthday and Mommy and Daddy have promised me that Tonight will be the best birthday party I've ever had. We're going to spend the entire evening and night celebrating. Now I'm an adult and tonight Mommy and Daddy are going to show me how big people love each other.

I've been looking forward to this evening for years. I remember when Daddy first noticed my boobs starting to grow. I had just gotten out of the tub and he was drying my hair.

"Susan, come here", he shouted. "Our Candy Baby is growing up!"

... Continue»
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Friends teen daughter cums camping

A friend and I planned a camping trip for the weekend. I'd looked forward for to it for months. Then the week of he tells me he's bringing his teen daughter, Chelsea, along. Originally I was thinking, what the fuck? This was suppose to be "Mans Weekend"! She is gonna whine the whole time, and now we can't get quite as shit faced and certainly won't be able to smoke the quarter of weed I scored for the trip. I was not going to miss this camping trip though.
So, Friday comes along I'm packed ready to go waiting for my buddy so we can head out. Chelsea was walking to my place after school to mee... Continue»
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My Sexy Daughter

"Be sure to call me when you get there so I know you're safe," I told Amy, my wife, before kissing her soundly on the lips, despite the fact that I was the one leaving the house and heading for work.

"I will," she replied, brushing aside a lock of her orange hair, which had fallen across one of her eyes. Then she gave me a sour look with her pale freckled face and added, "Robert, you worry too much."

I nodded to her. Then I said sternly to our son, Josh, who stood beside her "And you, young man." Then I smiled and said, "Have a good time."

He smiled back at me, and replied, "We are go... Continue»
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Joining Boyfriend's Bowling Team

My older gay lover of several years Don (age 59) always liked his Tuesday night bowling. There was an opening on the team and Don asked me to fill it. There was just one thing, the team is made up of all older gay guys from my work and they had a deal. I knew they had all shared each other’s company at one time or another so it was nothing for they highest scoring bowler of the night to get a blowjob from the lowest scoring bowler. Don said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a 195 average so the chances of you having to give head to anybody are slim and none”.

Now, I have fucked around a lot on Don o... Continue»
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A Wife's Revenge

"What the hell is this!"

Michael Landers turned slowly toward his wife. She had been changing the sheets
on their bed when she came across an unexpected surprise. When the couple
finally stood face to face, Michael noticed his wife of three years staring
back, her left arm pointing straight at him with a purple bra dangling off her
index finger.

"Well, um, it looks like a bra," Michael answered.

"Ya think? Gee Michael, I never would have guessed if it hadn't been for you.
What I really want to know is who it belongs to and what it was doing underneath
your pillow."

"Wha... Continue»
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Breeding Tiffany ( A True Cuckold Story ) My Fuck

The Events Below are real they took Place 5 months ago

My name is Morgan 24 years old from Egypt

I am Middle Eastern , Hazel eyes , Black hair , Strong Jaw
6.2 ft , Wide Shoulders , Wide Back , 22 inch arms , Very Muscular ,and 6.5 inch Cock , very thick

7 months ago i started chattting with this Very Sexy Couple from USA , Tiffany and Mark

They were the sexiest young couple , i saw their profile and Messaged them Straight away tiffany was the one online at that time , I checked her pics and loved them , she went crazy when i showed her My Cock , We got along quiet well a... Continue»
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I was ordered to watch.

My wife has always been an out going person. She is one of those people that can make the best of any situation. I introduced her to cuckolding . I did it by accident. I would leave the history on our PC uncleared. She knows how to search it to see where I have been. One night while we where dinning out she brought up the subject. Over an after dinner drink I was complementing her on how pretty she looked in the dress she was wearing. She out of the blue said does it make you horny when other men look at me? What do you mean look at you? She said like tonight, I'm setting here and I've allowed... Continue»
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Best sex ever

Not mine but great story

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and have two k**s, ages 9 and 4. So it is a very rare treat that we get to go out on a date. But we try to make time and one weekend we got a babysitter and decided to go out to a comedy club. A little about myself, I am 5 ft 6inches tall, 118 lbs, and 34B size breasts. #6 years old and damn good looking if I say so myself. Hubby is 5 ft 10 195 lbs. Very handsome. So anyways, I decided to wear a nice short dress, mid thigh and hubby wore a dress shirt and jeans. As we got into the car I showed him that I had on remote ... Continue»
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My wife KIm a Prostitute?

My wife Kim and I have a great relationship and we have kept things fresh and exciting during our marriage. We have done many exciting, adventurous things particularly in the area of sex. This story starts innocently enough.
We often sail nude and if we ever dock on the French side of St Martin we remain nude. Kim often hops onto the dock and secures the mooring lines. On one particular day she did so with a fishing charter next to us. The boat was inhabited by about a dozen d***k fishermen who became quite boisterous when they spotted naked Kim completing her tasks. They were cheering ... Continue»
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My wife KIm was Gang Banged

About two years ago, I had eight very rich and successful businessmen charter my yacht for a day trip. I asked my wife to serve drinks in her string bikini. The men loved to watch her and as the alcohol took effect, she was "felt -up" and at one point requested to serve in the nude. I told her it was her decision and she answered by untying her top and brief bottoms. The men went crazy when they saw her nice shaved pussy and perky boobs with hard nipples. The situation became even crazier as now she was occasionally fingered and this led to a request for her to have sex with them. I took her b... Continue»
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Hippie Girlfiend's

I was tired. I’d been working all day, rewiring an old workshop down the road.

I sat out on the porch with a beer, contemplating what to do about dinner. Then I saw the hippie woman walking towards me through the back yard.

They were camping on my land up on the ridge. I’d said it was ok, so long as they don’t leave any garbage or toilet paper behind. They can even swim in the pond up there. My land is 80 acres, 1 wide and 80 long, starting from the main road and stretching up through the hills. It was a huge single property once, but had been subdivided into these strips each with a b... Continue»
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Silver Haired Devil

I looked down and there was my 48 year old MILF/GILF girlfriend Kate with my cock embedded halfway down her throat. With her short hair I could see everything that she was doing to my cock. Watching her sucking my cock always turned me on, especially when I was getting a blowjob from my lovely Kate. I had met Kate three weeks ago at our bowling league. She was a lovely brunette in her mid-forties who was neglected by her sports-addicted husband. I’m sixty-four, but two years ago I let my hair go completely white. I soon learned women in their late forties and early fifties just loved this loo... Continue»
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Double crossed by my wife , and happy

My wife is a pretty blonde five foot four ninty five pound spitfire. The entire time we dated she always wore either tight shorts or short skirts. All my buddy's used to joke about how she was a tease. I never had a thought of her cheating on me. When we where alone she was always very passant, her pussy would get soaking wet very quickly.

After we married I begain to show her my more kinky side a little at a time. I bought her corsets , garter belts and stockings and even a pair of thigh high black high billed boots. At first she would laugh at the gifts and tell me there is no way she wou... Continue»
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Jenny and I-3

I had plenty of time to rest and eat some lunch before Jenny showed up from work. She was a little bit tired, so we sat on the sofa in the f****y room to talk for a few minutes while she rested. For no reason other than just making conversation, I told her what had happened at Mrs. Jackson's house that morning. With practically anybody else, I would have been better off keeping my mouth shut about Mrs. Jackson and the fucking episode.

However, Jenny and I had always shared our secrets. I guess I had conveniently forgotten that Jenny had not told me about her fucking sessions before we start... Continue»
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Cuckolding My Husband With Hung Boy

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I will admit I look good for a women of forty three years old, constantly getting hit on by guys every time I go out but the one guy who should be taking advantage of my body isn't and that is my husband. I still have my slowing blonde hair and amazing body but for some reason my husband has stopped being as sexual with me as he's been in the past. Now day's sex for me is about a ten minute disappointment where he comes and I go to bed without getting a release. I was nice about it for awhile but its seems to have been so long... Continue»
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For the Love of Daddy

My dad Logan, his girlfriend of ten years, her three k**s and my half-b*****r, who was almost two, lived in a small town in the South. Even though he said that he had feelings for Rebecca and supported her and her k**s, he never would commit to marriage because he said his heart always belonged to my mother and me.

My mother passed away when I was twelve. It was very hard on my dad and myself, but I was strong and helped hold him together, growing very close to him. A bond that would never be broken and grow deeper as I grew up. Rebecca and I never saw eye to eye, mainly because of the love... Continue»
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Broken in at the Glory Hole

"Please write a gloryhole story about a innocent girl trapped.”

My first attempt at writing from the female perspective.

Enjoy :D

I was walking home from work, it was such a hot day. It was Friday and I decided to stop by at the bar and treat myself to a cocktail. A tequila sunrise, the cool refreshing taste and alcoholic kick just what I needed. I’d waited all day for it, my only solace in my depressingly sad and boring life. Just then I noticed a man wearing a suit looking at me with a huge grin. We made eye contact and held a gaze for a second, he had beautiful dark eyes and was s... Continue»
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I was 18 high and d***k when i stumbled onto a tranny hooker neighborhood and i stupidly picked up a sexy girl not realizing she had a huge 9in uncut cock and was almost twice my age!! I'm 18 thin great body lots of girlfriends and this night changed it all!!!!!

i went back to her place and we got naked and started smoking and parting and listning to house music and thats when i realized that i wasn't the top in this situation!!i was gonna bottom !!!! she dressed me up and shaved my ass and legs and head, put a wig and fishnets and a skirt that was really 2 short and black t... Continue»
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Forbidden Fruit

I was in school and my parents signed me up for a self defense class. Being a growing girl my parent's wanted me to be able to defend myself from predators. They felt I was becoming a target. I was 5'1, slender, had big blue eyes, long brunette hair, and my breasts were just growing in at around a 34A. That's where I met Jack. He looked young at the time but I didn't find out till a few months in that he was actually 26 years old and I was exactly half his age. He looked so much younger than that. He was a very handsome man, 5'5, with an athletic build, black hair, and brown eyes.

My dad c... Continue»
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Wife and boss weekend away with group sex.

"I'm going away next week with Darren to a trade show" Ruth casually told me once. "Only for four nights, we'll have to leave on Sunday so as to be there bright and early for Monday". Not an unusual event, she had to go away now and again and basically managed the stand while they were there. Eye candy of course, and Darren (her boss) loved having her there as they had been having casual sex for quite some time. "Guess you'll be taking all your best lingerie then" I teased her. "Hell yes, and the video camera" she replied.

She text me on the Sunday night. It read "I'm about to call you but ... Continue»
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Georgina & Daddy

Georgina groaned Mike pounded her ass hole. She was really beginning to enjoy anal sex since she had performed in the anal gang bang video. The producer seemed to think that there was even more money to made for the sexy half black half white woman.

She felt him grip her shoulders as he really fucked her ass with hard deep thrusts. Georgina could feel another orgasm developing and grinned as her partner fucked her.

Mike stopped by at least a couple of times a week to discuss a new role for her. Each time she would end up lik... Continue»
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The Kitchen

My thought processes were completely shot. I had ran late for work this morning, I could not find a decent parking place, and once there, I realized I’d left the very important project, that had taken up so much of my time, on the desk in my study. The one lone bright spot from the past few days was the incredible and unexpected blowjob I had received in the early hours of the morning. As I drove home, I could still feel the warmth of your mouth waking me up as it gently glided up and down on my partially hard dick. But as I drove, I came to the conclusion that it was the slurping noises you w... Continue»
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Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

........Masturbate, like immediately, right then and there?

I would like to tell you a story that happened to me a while back.

I was working in a grocery store as a produce manager, it was kind of a temporary thing, but it was a decent enough job. Well one day I was going through the produce section, checking inventory and straightening up the stock when I hear my name being called. A woman's voice and I turned around and it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. Her name was Maria, and we broken up on not the best of terms, mostly because she was absolutely bat shit crazy. But that had bee... Continue»
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Tyrone's Crossdressing White Pussyboy

Submissive whiteboi becomes a sissy faggot pussyboy for his nigger master.

It was to be a night of romance. My Nigger lover, Tyrone, grunted
as he pulled his glistening cock from my aching, cum filled asscunt. He
had just shot a massive load of man slop into my steamy, gripping
entrails. Our lovemaking had been a brutal affair, as it always is, which is just the way I like it. I am a subjugated fuck slave, nothing but a sissy faggot sperm receptacle for my dominant nigger lover.

Tyrone is the envy of every guy in our neighborhood. He was an
All-American linebacker in high school in A... Continue»
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The night I fucked Liz Leach in her ass!

One day Liz and I was working at the Bristal and she was sitting in her office on the phone, Liz didn't know I was standing behind her looking at her beautiful ass my dick was rock hard!!! So I unzip my pants and I pulled my 10 inch dick out and I start to jerk off behind her hoping I wouldn't get caught, I was just standing there jacking off on my boss ass and she did not know it! I jacked cum off all over Liz's ass all over the back off her pants! I thought Liz was going to feel my cum hit her ass but she didn't notice it. I was afraid some one would walk in and say Liz u have cum all over ... Continue»
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Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:1

After years of stroking my dick as a teenager, I finally was set to loose my virginity at 19. I chatted with a local lady, who I never met in person before, on Yahoo. She was about 10 years older than me and she agreed to service my virgin cock.

I met up with her at a local park. She was decent looking with long brown hair, big breasts and a little extra padding making her quite the nice bbw. I recall greeting her and we quickly moved things along. We got in the back seat of my car and began kissing. Everything about her felt so soft: her lips, her tits, and her hands as she groped me thro... Continue»
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Photo Day

I was so excited once I got out of bed. Today was the day! The photographer was coming to our house to do the photo shoot!! I had worked Mark over pretty well the past few days and he finally caved in. I was going to share the center with Monica. She's definitely a hot little number! I went through the normal routine of the day. Take a shower, feed Mark clean up. Anything to keep my mind off of the pending party. I know it sounds silly, after all I DID spend the last few days begging to be a part of it. But I still get just a wee bit nervous. I think every center does. Or at least, let's put i... Continue»
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My first day at work

Yeah, I knew I was stud, but didn't know I was a pansexual Hedonist! I was six feet, weight 176 and hardly any body fat. I also had a thick 7" cock that seemed to stay hard. I also had a very firm bubble butt. So, on my first day at the bath house I lost my clothes in a locker. donned a bath robe and met Jerry's partner and older boy toy. Both gave me the grand tour as they explained my duties including sex with Jerry and boy toy.
The place was dimly lit, but expansive and nicely decorated. At first we walked down a hallway with small private rooms and then through some double doors to the po... Continue»
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Just as well I'd had a wank in Sandy before I went for a walk. She's a
dirty bitch and loves cock and she knows what my real likes are.

"Have you" I said?

"Yeah just got it yesterday," she smiled.

"Cool," I said, "so, does it feel alright, is it a nice bra?"

"Yeah," she said as if I was stupid, "and its a starter."

"So you're a woman now then," I said, "that's nice."

"Dunno," she said looking down.

"Well you must be," I said, "when you get bosoms you're a woman aren't

"S'pose, yeah," she said looking up and smiling, "but they're ... Continue»
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First Time With A Guy And First Time As A Gurl

worked summers in a factory by my house when I was in college. Nice, clean summer job. Charlie, the Chief Engineer was my boss. He played Div. 2 college football and still was in great shape. Thick arms and legs, big hands, broad shoulders. He was going a little bald, but otherwise...anyway. I wasn't into guys, so I didn't notice those little 'things'...signals, whatever. I had a somewhat steady girlfriend, but she went abroad that summer.
Being 19 I was, it seemed, always thinking about sex. Loved jacking off to the 'Men's Magazine; I found in the guys locker room. I especially found the Fre... Continue»
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How it became that loose.

My wife returning home with a relaxed vagina isn't anything new. I've been cuckold my entire marriage. I enjoy listening to my wife as she shares her sexy encounters. Most often I'm cleaning her creamy pussy while she is telling me how it got that way.

Two evenings ago we where relaxing on our deck when my wife told me she was thinking about letting Don fist her the next time they are together. She said he had been asking her to let him put his fist in her for a couple of weeks. I asked if that were something she would enjoy? She told me that she does love the feeling of being stretched. S... Continue»
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