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Girlfriends son

I had been dating a woman for about a year. She was in her thirties at the time, and had a young son I got along with fine. We had a great relationship going, and she loved the fact Her son and I got along well.
One day I received a phone call at work that stopped me in my tracks. She said the neighbor across the street called and said they caught her son and theirs doing something discusting, and I should have a talk with him and find out what it was since no one would say. After a mind taxing day I went to her house, we ate dinner and I took her son back to his bedroom to find out what happ... Continue»
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Explanation to my wife

Trying to tell my wife how this all happened was tough to say the least! I am married to a lovely early 40's brunette with large 38dd breasts on a very lovely not fat but thick frame. When we met she had already had 3 c***dren youngest Bradley 13, Dakota 17, and Daphne 23. I work alot of hours at night so Katherine and i dont get to see alot of each other at times,but we are very very much in love with each other. I am 37 a decently built man 6'3 212 pounds not ripped but in good shape. My main asset is that i have a fairly large cock...its over 9 inches!!

One day i came home from work to a... Continue»
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Sunny days!

Now I am never one to pass up on an opportunity for a bit of nudist activity. Especially with the Mother in law and s****r in law. My wife is totally cool with our naked frolics, and encourages me!!! During the recent hot weather my wife suggested that I set out a few sunbeds in our semi secluded garden, so being the dutiful husband I did exactly as I was told. Two sunbeds out, my wife came out in the garden in her see through beach dress, nude underneath, and ordered a few more beds be put out..... hmmmm interesting! Once id finished I slipped off my shorts and laid on one of the sunbeds, my ... Continue»
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Daughter Internet Pics Discovered!

I'm looking for some advice from my fellow xHamster members out there.

A few days ago I was up to my usual perverted hobby of searching the internet stroking my cock to random porn jumping from site to site in hopes of finding something to help my blow my load. While looking through Tumblr I find a blog devoted to teens which had some extremely hot little dirty sluts, when I pass a pic of one of the dirty girls that catches my attention. I quickly scroll back to the photo & realize something. The girl in the pic with her dress hiked up over her perfectly round bubble ass, white thong pulled... Continue»
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A nasty Auntie at home

A nasty Auntie at home

My old girlfriend Susan had asked me if her eighteen years old son could stay with us a couple days; until he could get a room downtown. He was coming to L.A. to start studying at the Medicine School here.

My loving husband Victor said it was fine for him, because he was leaving for a long business trip those days; then I could stay home not so alone during his voyage.

Mark was a very nice guy; Victor and I had known him since he was born.

On the second afternoon at home, I was in the bathroom taking a shower.
I had left the bathroom door open; really I h... Continue»
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altruistic sexual mothering

I am a woman in my early thirties, still active and fit. Older boys, my son's friends to be more precise, think of me as a MILF, and they are sixteen, on the cusp of manhood, no wonder I get wet in their presence.

Of course as a well balanced and sexually experienced woman, I keep those powerful sexual urges in my panties, but secretly, I do tease, just to encourage these thoughts of self denial, but hoping, deep down, I do give them thoughts as they lie in bed, and stroke their cocks.

Whenever there is a stay-over, I always check the bed-sheets for semen stains, a tell-tail sign my nau... Continue»
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Lucky Me

I don't know if I consider myself lucky, or unlucky. Like most, perhaps
a bit of both. But looking back now, I'd have to say the day I broke my
arm, along with my opposite wrist and a broken leg as well, turned out to
be one of the luckiest moments of my entire life.

We had just graduated from high school and a bunch of us seniors had
planned on a senior camping trip. (The girls were all supposed to come up
the following day and at least spend the day with us). After setting up
camp my friends and I decided to go for a hike, climb a few hills (looking
for make-out spots w... Continue»
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Ruined Wife

I have been trying for the last few years to get my wife to have sex with another man. She said that she would never do anything like that. She did start to let me take nude pictures of her and of her playing with some of her toys. One night when I was talking to someone in an interracial chatroom when they ask me if i had any pictures of my wife. I had never thought about sharing them with anyone else. I started getting excited just thinking about someone else looking at her naked body. I knew that I had to hide her face in case someone we knew might see her and recognize her, so I used a pic... Continue»
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9 into 1 The Destruction Of A Bitch Pt3

Scott withdrew the speculum from his partners pussy her vagina was well and truly destroyed gaping wide open a cavernous mess dripping what was left onto the sofa below he then quickly shoved his head between her legs lapping away his face buried deep Scott was now the cuck of the group a chuckle went around the watching party Dawn moaning sat up "that's enough my poor pussy is throbbing" another chuckle rose from the group "get on that table now" she was lifted by myself and two others and placed front down on the pool table once again "are we going to have any more complaints from you" said ... Continue»
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Husband's Revenge

I couldn't believe it. After 24 years of marriage, two wonderful boys, both doing very well in college, a colleague of mine at work was sitting in my office telling me that I better pay more attention to my home life. "Listen Bill", he said, " my wife and I have gone through some tough times too. You are 46 years old, your wife is 45, its natural for some boredom to set in. There might not be anything to it . Its just that, as a friend, I thought you should know that last Thursday night when you were out of town, I saw Sally leaving the Hilton Hotel at midnight on the arm of some guy."

I w... Continue»
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Morning with Melissa

So you think having sex three times in one night would be enough, but sometimes for me its not. This starts with my wife having a bit too much to drink, and leading her to be very horny. I was in bed, when she stumbled in and climbed right up on me. Three hours later she is asl**p and I am drained. So I head out to the living room, watch some tv and check my texts. At 4am, didn't think I have any, but I had one message. It was from Melissa, a s****r of my wife's best friend. She only text me if she was straight out bored, d***k, or depressed. It turns out she was two out of three. I text her ... Continue»
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How I Drilled My Mom! By The Help Of Tinder

Hello people out there, this is a true event which took place few months ago…

I use a social app called tinder . I just matched a girl on that app.. And after a conversation with her for 4 weeks.. We had a topic out and we talked about our sexual life. I told her about my sex scenes with my girlfriend and she told me her sex scenes .. And I don’t know the topic got so interested that we started talking about our f****y sexual life’s..

Here the point came where the girl told me about her f****y sexual life.. She told me
... Continue»
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Two MILF Teachers

After fucking Mrs. Brown for about a month. I asked her how things were going between her and Mrs. Meyers. She asked me what I meant. So I told her I saw the photos of the two of them. I asked if Mrs. Meyers was a lesbian. She said Oh no, Her husband had a stroke and can't have sex anymore. Been about a year now. A couple days later I went to Mrs. Meyers room armed with pictures in my bag. I told her I was sorry about her husband and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her. She told me that she was tired of mowing the lawn every Saturday and if I wanted to do it that she could p... Continue»
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May Fantasy turned into reality

Well this is a story that connects with a fantasy I wrote about a Daycare Mom. See I had a crush on her for some time. The fantasy story was a means to satisfy my hunger, and yet the desire was still there. Well I finally banged her and it was worth every moment. So this is how it played out. She had pulled her k**s out of the daycare, due she to switch to a job that wanted her to travel. Two months go by and I get a Facebook message from May about bring the k**s back. I ask about why not hit me wife up with that, and she said in responds that she like talking to me instead. For the business ... Continue»
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After 20 years of marriage my wife Diane informed me she was leaving me as she was in love with
her niece's (Ingrid) ex boyfriend Dave and went to live with him at Ingrid's council flat
He was more than 20 years younger than my wife.
I was greatly supported by our friends and in particular by her older s****r Liz who was a divorcee
We had been visiting and staying with an old friend John who also was divorced
John had to go away so Liz came to stay with me at his house
Liz cooked and looked after me and although she had a long term boyfriend she
went out with John as a fr... Continue»
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Sex with the ex for the last time (true story)

There is a gap of 10 years between my 2nd story and this one. I left Germany which was my 2nd duty station, got married to a white BBW. I don’t think my marriage had much of a chance as I was deployed every other year during my marriage. When I got back, I snuck away and secretly saw Monica (from Story 1) for at least a day after each deployment. I did not step out on my ex with anyone other than Monica the entire time I was married. However, what goes around does come around. I started to see email traffic from other Soldiers and black men on my wife’s computer. It was obvious from the t... Continue»
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Neighbor Turns Wife Into a Lesbian

Back in the 1990’s I lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with my wife Carol a typical suburban housewife. That all changed when she became friends with our single neighbor Angela a local high school gym teacher. I noticed that Angela had some real male mannerisms and could even be considered a “masculine” woman. My wife was a very feminine petite lady with movie star looks. That summer I began to notice that Angela spent a lot of time with my wife. Soon every time I called home from work “Angela” was at my house; one night I was out of town and called at around eleven at night and my wif... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 5) first gloryhole expierence

Its been awhile back so I can't quite remember how the idea came about but my wife and I had decided we wanted to go to a strip club. We wanted to do something new and exciting that night so this seemed like a perfect idea. Neither of us had ever been to one before tho so we wanted someone to go with us that had been before. To show us the ropes I guess you could say. My wife had stayed in touch with Lynn thru Facebook and knew that she had broken up with her girlfriend. She frequented strip clubs quite often so asking her to join us would make for a fun night. Within an hour and a half we wer... Continue»
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First lesbian encounter with my best friend

After spending all week home sick from school, missing out on my senior year of high school due to a pesky case of strep I was ready to get out of the house and socialize with my friends in the real world again.There was a party that night at the hottest guy in town's house. I begged and pleaded with my parents to let me go, but my mom "the nurse" said she thought I should stay home and rest up since I would be behind upon return to school Monday. I was crushed. I wasn't a pretty girl or a girly girl anyway so the chance to be in the same room with every hot guy in our high school was the culm... Continue»
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Old Man And Indian Wife

*beepbeep* *beepbeep* *beepbeep*

My wife’s cellphone buzzed and rang multiple times to announce the arrival of several text messages as soon as she turned the phone on after the pilot announced it was okay to do so.

“So Shipra.” I said icily, “I guess those are all text messages from Jeff?”

Shipra ignored me and her fingers worked the keyboard furiously as she replied to the text messages.

“Only two of them.” Shipra said once she got done. “The thir
... Continue»
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I Drilled Virgin Punjabi Girl From School

My name i ankith .This incident happened when i was in my 12std ……when i fucked a Punjabi girl thanvi(name changed)….

I will not waste time in saying my and other stuff etc….this incident was beginning of my sex life….

When i lost my verginity…..when i was studying i had many friends both boys and girls …..and once we had to give some dance program for the inogration of club in our college…

So we guys used to practise and i was in the dance and there wer
... Continue»
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Nickname Horse

Hi there. My name's Mike and I'm twenty-three-years old. I'm happily married to Shelly whom at twenty-five is just a little older or at least I thought we were. We'd been married for just over a year when once night as we laid in bed after sex, Shelly said "she'd often wondered what it was like to make love with other men."

Shelly had been a virgin when we married and although I'd read a number of stories in this newsgroup about men that get off watching their wives fuck other men, I'm not one of them. I told her that we had too much of a good thing to risk on crap such as that and shortly... Continue»
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High School Hottie


To this day, the mere mention of that name brings back images of a tall,
straight-haired brunette goddess.

It was high school, senior year. I had turned 18 during the summer.
Glenda had transferred in the previous year when her f****y relocated, and
immediately the gossip started. It was true that she had failed a grade
somewhere along the way, and she was a year older than I. Some of the guys
said they called her 'Fed-Sex' at her last school, as in 'when you
absolutely, positively need to hit that overnight', paraphrasing the ads
for the shipping company. ... Continue»
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Neighbor's wife

Well this is my first time sharing this story with anyone, but I just had to tell it. A couple of weeks ago I came home a little early from work, it was a very hot day as it usually is in this area during the summer and I had just turned on to my street when I noticed there was a small k**s swimming pool in the front of my neighbor's house. I thought it was a little odd, I mean they had a couple of younger k**s, but even though I have none of my own it seemed a little reckless putting the pool in the front with the street so close. Anyways as I got closer I noticed there was someone in the poo... Continue»
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The First time I Fucked my Wife

The first time I was with her it was terribly exciting, extraordinary actually. She was 26 yrs old and very inexperienced having only one lover for short time after college and after moving out of state she had not had sex for two years. She was raised a catholic school girl and her head was a swirling mixture of lust and guilt. Small in stature at 4' 11" with a beautiful set of 34B tits, firm with large nipples that pointed straight forward and a lovely untrimmed natural bush surrounding her pussy.

We met while I was visiting a friend who managed the apartments where she lived, she came to... Continue»
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Slut gets it

I made a deal with a buddy of mine and he said he and some friends were more than glad to help out. When they brought her back to me well fucked out and covered in cum I asked one of the guys to tell me what all they had done with her. "It was a wild night man. That woman got more cock stuck in her last night than any whore I know. She was enjoyed it, even with all the cum we filled her with." Your old lady was at the bar with some dude named Bates and when he went to the bathroom we spiked her drink. After just a couple of sips of that drink she didn't know who she was. We told her that the g... Continue»
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My Model Friend Turned To My Personal Slut

My Model Friend Turned To My Personal Slut

Slut, whore, bitch, fuck toy…. For some women, this is the best thing they can hope for. Amazingly, some of the most sexy and beautiful women I know have met turned out to be the best sluts I have ever used and abused! This story is about one such beauty. Born with incredible good looks, grown into a fantastic body and filled with the knowledge of how to turn the head of even a blind man, she was my friend. Then she got d***k; made a confession. Now she is my slut, Jade.
... Continue»
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Bowling alley chic, part 2.

So I woke up before she did. I get up for work at 3:00 during the week for work, so sl**ping until 5:00 is sl**ping in to me. Looking at her as I got up was amazing! I was now sober. She was 19 but sure didn't look it. She was laying on her side with the blanket covering her from her chest down. Her one leg was out and her foot looked so cute. I didn't want to wake her so I was quit. After a show I cut up some fruit, and toasted some English muffins. By now it was about 7:00 so I woke her with the breakfast and some champagne.

She was very impressed! After eating and some champagne I asked... Continue»
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Bathouse Fun. First Time getting Fucked.

I have always known I was bisexual since I was a k**. I have topped but never bottomed, I have attempted bottoming a few times. First time I was 16 my friend and I tried, we didn't have lube and I wasn't streached out properly. A few months ago I bought a butt plug which is 4 inches long and a 8 inch dildo. I lube every night and put the plug in and every other night the dildo. It feels good when I do so. A description of myself, I am a black male, 51, looks to be in my 40's. Slim 5'8, 140 lbs. I have a 8 1/2 inch uncut BBC.

Last night I go to the bathhouse, I was feeling extra horny. I pay... Continue»
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Meating with the Minister

I didn't want to take the job but my wife wouldn't hear of me turning it down. I started going to church with her because I thought it would be good for business and it has been. I am a contractor that specialized in custom building and remodeling.

The church board came to me and wanted remodel their office complex. They needed walls moved and everything updated. I agreed to do it at cost plus 10% as long as I could do it on my timeframe. I was given a set of keys to the place and told to get at it.

My wife had been "reminding me" of the job for about two weeks and I promised I would get... Continue»
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High Jacking

It’s been more than three years & to this day I’ll never know what came over me on that red-eye flight back to Baltimore. I’ve never done anything like it before or since. I’m not that kind of woman (or at least I didn’t think I was). Sometimes it seems like I just dreamed it.
But I can’t forget the exhilarating, sweeping sense of power & erotic ecstasy it gave me handling that handsome stranger’s huge cock — & the dirty pleasant of sharing him with the flight attendant. My God! I’m cringing & blushing just writing this. It’s both the most shameful & most thrilling experience I ever had.
Wha... Continue»
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Fucking when you weren't Planning on it

I recalled a story that I'm sure is not so uncommon. It falls under the variety of 'having sex when you weren't planning on going all the way.' I went on a blind date when I was in my early 20's. The woman, Sara, and I instantly hit it off. Our mutual friend knew that I liked curvy women (which Sara blessedly was) and that Sara liked skinny guys as long as (or especially if) they had big cocks. Our mutual friend was a platonic friend of mine, Kelly, but she knew I fit the bill in terms of thinness but with a big cock when I (purposely) lost in a college strip poker game. Best two pair I ever f... Continue»
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Mom’s surrogacy contract

Hi Readers. My name is Royden, 21 years old student, and I today share the story of me and my 43 year old mom. For about three years, I and my biological mother are in a sexual relationship. I encountered sexual intercourse with my mother when she was married to dad. We maintained our relation in secrecy for almost a year. It was getting difficult for mom so maintain her relationship with both me and dad, sharing her body with two males. So she decided to choose one, and I got lucky. Mom wanted a divorce from dad but couldn’t l... Continue»
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Rest Area Fun

It was around 2am on a Thursday Morning. I was driving from a funeral in another state. I was an hour from home but had been on the road for 5 hours and 3 hours since my last stop for gas to pee. I really needed to stretch my legs and was also feeling a little tired.

I pulled into the rest stop their were 3 other cars there, I parked away from them as we were spread apart, one left as I got there. I took a walk for 5 minutes to stretch my legs. I got in my car put my seat and decided that I was going to take a power nap for 30 minutes. About 10 minutes two bright headlights shine in the... Continue»
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The chubby run

I've always had a thing for thick girls. So at my floor party in college. I went straight over to Denise. She was short, 5'4", dark hair, big glasses, she was wearing a low cut top showing off some nice cleavage. I introduced myself and asked if she wanted to dance. Denise agreed and we worked up a good sweat. After a few songs, we got to do a slow dance. Denise didn't hold eye contact very well....which was good because I could look down on her sweaty breasts. Afterwards we went outside to cool off and to chat without yelling into each other's ear. We talked about our majors, where we were fr... Continue»
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stranger's cock

one rainy evening i decided to go to my local adult store. i am white chubby with some nice legs and a nice ass from what i was told.
so i put on a pair of panties and leggings and a loose shirt because i like the feel of panties and tight pants. i got to the place and it was packed with cars. so i go in and the store has two areas one filled with booths and the other is toys and movies. i got a couple of tokens and went into the booth area. it was low lit and had 20 or so booths with curtains. there was a lot of guys there walking around most of them were older but a couple of younger guys l... Continue»
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New Neighbour New Role

It was a hot damn day and my neighbour was out in her balcony with two of her pals, laughing, drinking and enjoying the heat. I'd just moved in next door and our balconies are parallel to each other, no private divider. At eighteen, these were my first moments of independence and I was loving being able to do what I want – a home to freely play with my boypussy. Although at this moment in time all I'd managed to do was unpack a couple of essentials - TV and console.

So yeah, I was checking them out in between haphazardly setting up my den and enjoying myself at the same time - what kind of... Continue»
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Reluctant Booth Wife

Not in a million years would I have ever dreamed I would be sitting at a keyboard and typing this account of what happened only a few short months ago. I had thought about putting this into words several months from now, but decided I needed to do this now, not only because the memory is fresher, but also due to the fact that I will soon be pre-occupied with a situation you will soon read about.

I don't quite know where to start, and I don't want to bore you will meaningless historical details of my marriage so I'll try to hit the high points and go straight to the "meat".

My wife and ... Continue»
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birthday present for wife

For my wife’s birthday I decided to give her something she needed and would never give herself. It all started the morning of her birthday I told her that for her special day I had something special planned I needed her to go take a shower and when she was ready let me know and I would come in and shave her. She got done and called me so I stripped and got in with her and she spread her legs and I shaved her pussy and legs real smooth for her. I got out and dried her off and told her to lie on bed and I put lotion all over her. I then put out a sexy outfit for her and to... Continue»
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I could hear that the shower was running when I woke up, the slut had decided that she needed to get cleaned up after her gangbang. As I entered the bathroom she was drying herself, you could still see the faint writing on her body from the marker pens.

I looked at her then asked. "What the fuck was all that about, letting three black men fuck you?"

She began to cry as she told her story. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself, they were at the club the girls took me to. I was slightly d***k when they began to dance with me, they all took turns and kept on telling me what they wanted to ... Continue»
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Blowjob at Krogers during rain storm story and vid

I posted the video "Blowjob at Krogers during a rain storm. Here is the backstory to what lead up to that video.

Saturday I went my local Kroger's to do my shopping. As I am walking up to checkout a black chick in workout clothes cuts in front of me in line. I notice she has a nice ass in her workout pants and I don't mind looking at it as she is in front of me. She checks out and gets a phone call and walks out and I proceed to checkout. After paying for my groceries I walk out and notice she is parked next to me and loading her car while talking on the phone to a guy and it sounds lik... Continue»
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Cuckold Husband Accepts It

I had heard that my wife had dated black men and that she had been sexually active with a lot of other men before we met, but the truth is that it never bothered me at all. I found the idea that my wife was attractive and sexy enough that other men wanted her, and that she enjoyed having sex with them as simply reinf***ement of her sexuality and certainly a thrill for someone like me. Joyce was 25 and I was 29 when we got engaged. It was rather quick in that we had only known each other for four months and when I told my friends that we were serious and that I planned on marrying her, they tri... Continue»
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Size Matters

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention. That may be true, but in a lot of cases, it's just plain dumb luck, as in this case. I have, I think, inadvertently stumbled upon a new way to get laid. Granted it will never be one-hundred-per-cent effective but at least it worked once, and that's a hell of a lot higher success rate than most of things I`ve tried over the years.

But first let me bore you with some background. The millions of dollars the government spent on AIDS education in the eighties and nineties were not wasted on me. All the television ads and pamphlets made a... Continue»
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How to finger your girl the right way

How to finger your girl the right way

We thought that while we already provide for your virtual sex life, it wouldn’t hurt to pimp your real sex life up a tiny bit. So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. But unlike in the Bible, we think that you have to put something in there first before anything cool can happen. For example a finger.
Why should you finger her in the first pla... Continue»
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9 into 1 The Destruction Of A Bitch Pt2

Mark climbs on to the table straddling Dawn's shoulders with his knees pinning her down allowing the ones holding he arms down to enjoy her "Lets punish this cunt now" Gary has a full tube of KY Jelly he asked Dave and Matt to hold he fanny open for him they oblige stretching her hole with two fingers each Gary squeezes the lube into her making a fist he punches it deep inside she screams in delight his arm deeper than anybody else had managed so far working it in with a twist Dawn's moans grow louder and then he drags it out with a loud pop her hole agape, Jeff has an empty litre bottle of Ru... Continue»
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Wartime Passion

A few years ago, my wife was having a midlife crisis while I was away serving in Iraq. She was both lonely and horny. She had been without me for nearly 8 months and I still had four more months to go on my tour of duty. Char is an attractive 40 year old woman, 5'8" tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She keeps herself in great shape and still has a body to prove it, 36-30-36. Our sex life is absolutely wonderful when I am there, and I would not change a thing. She is a Hottie and we are still best friends, soulmates if you will.

I tried nearly everything to take her loneliness away and ... Continue»
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Lucky Me part 2

I'd enjoyed one of the deepest most relaxing sl**ps I think I had ever
had. Still half asl**p in fact, semi-dreaming as images filled my head,
along with some very pleasant sounds. I was still struggling with images
that now began to fade like vaporous ghosts, while other things became
gradually sharper in my mind. Sounds...movement, giggling. I woke up.

As my eyes popped open, I felt movement on the bed next to me. I didn't
have to do much of anything but lay there taking in what I now saw.

"Morning sl**pyhead," Kathy said grinning at me, as mom then did. She
wa... Continue»
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Wife Gets Blacked in Jamaica

My wife and I never talked about it. I'm really not sure how it became a thing with us either. It's possible she saw the porn I always had on my computer. I think years ago she saw some stories that I had printed out and read them. She never acted on them, nor talked to me about what was in them, but if she read them, she knew what I was reading and jerking off to. While I don't think that was the sole reason we went down this road, I believe it planted a seed in her mind that percolated over the years. I'm also pretty certain that she already had a latent desire herself and more and more comm... Continue»
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A scenario for ..................

I came up with a basic scenario but it seemed to snowball and this is how it ended up.

It starts off with a stranger coming up behind you as you take a walk in the woods. You don't see who he is, as he pulls you up against a nearby tree and ties your hands behind it. He slips a modified blindfold over your eyes, which has an opening at the bottom, so you can only see downwards. He then comes to stand in front of you and you see him ripping your t-shirt open at the front, before taking out a small sharp knife, which he uses to cut the front of your bra, letting your beautiful tits spill out... Continue»
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A chance encounter with friends

Occassionally reality and fantasy collide. Sometimes it is very messy, such as when a wife discovers a man's prediliction for being whipped by a neighbor woman. Other times it is wonderful!

This is a quick "diary entry" about one of the latter such instances that happened this summer. It is not full of details because of the need for discretion, but.... Let's just say it is ALWAYS good to meet fans of my writings and especially this wonderful f****y!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!

Last month I had a business deal in north central England that had to be finished face to... Continue»
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