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Dinner time with Becky Part 1

My first sexual experience began when I had just started school. My s****r Becky was 3 years older then me. She had long, dark, curly hair and a slender body. Since as long ago as I could remember, she would play "House" with me. I was always her baby and she would dress me up, pretend to change my diaper, feed me and things like that. One day she decided to take even more of a motherly roll.
Playing like usual, Becky told me "take off all of your clothes Timmy so that I can change you again". I was getting too old for this now and it was becoming more and more frequent, but, I didn't ... Continue»
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My Wife's Best Friend

bisexual wife - threesome – fmf – friend - swinging – bikini – facesitting


When I stepped naked from the bathroom and strode into the living room of our small apartment, as I did every morning, I was shocked to discover that my wife, Brooke, was not the only one sitting on the couch in the living room. Beside her sat her best friend, Nikki, and, wow, was I giving her an eyeful!

Besides my slim and somewhat muscular body, I was showing a shrunken four-inch version of my eight-inch long cock which I knew was four inches more than my wife was comfortable with me showing her ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction

Synopsis: My wife's girl form another marriage is home before going to grad school. I happen to see her getting out of the shower unexpectedly..... For the rest..... Read on....

Adult c***dren of your spouse from another marriage are not really yours… so it isn’t really i****t, is it??
Tara is Jane’s daughter…. And that girl… well read the story….

The flat tire on the car was an unexpected stroke of good luck. I called my boss who told me that since I had already hit my quota for both the week and month, I could just take the d... Continue»
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Yet again my husband had been getting on my nerves, never any big arguments just little things that wind me up, the same as the other day when he came home from work and said he had just been chatting to the neighbours and we are both going to his party tomorrow, thanks for asking me I said, I don’t drink often and there is nothing more I like than staying home on a Saturday night and settle down to my TV. Anyway I said, you have snooker Saturday night so we can’t go.
Oh I will just go later, about 8 and you can go home, the party is an all day thing so as long as we just pop round for an ho... Continue»
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Playing with Grandpa's morning Woodie

My first sexual compromise was made at 10:30 am on the Saturday morning just after our parents left for town to do some shopping.

I had just looked at the big 'Westclock' on my dressing table, as the door shut behind them, and my younger b*****r poked his head around my door to see me lying in my thong.

I knew he was there without looking back, he always was, whenever we were left alone together, and I knew he was touching himself, jacking-off to my nudity, as I flicked each page of my magazine, in a nonchalant manner, not really reading, lying face down, but propped up on one elbow, so ... Continue»
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stuck up wife with part 2

Andrea,my young wife,is a teacher,slightly stuck up,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.After many refusals she finally agreed to wear black stockings for my birhday.At the restaurant I drop my fork twice to bend under the table to get a glimpse of her thighs but legs are together,I asked for a short skirt but she did put on a just above the knees one,when I get up she look at me with commiseration shaking her head The young waiter is luckier than me,I note how he gets the best angle to look ... Continue»
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Road side gloryhole visit.

My husband and I were driving back from South Caroilina
when we passed an adult bookstore with a full parking lot.
I had been teasing him since it got dark and had my pants
off playing with myself for passing truckers. I told him I
am so horny I would be dangerous in a adult bookstore. He had
a big grin on his face and After talking about it for a
few minutes Greg turned the car around and headed back.
We parked at the far end of the parking lot and quickly
walked into the store.
I don't know if the few customers that were skulking
around weren't used to 'new' people, or may... Continue»
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Busty Mom watched by son

I'm 19 had horny for my 44 year old mother.

On a warm summer evening my mother was sitting in a shorts and t-shirt on the back patio, enjoying the good weather. She sat facing our my room. Our house was a ranch in the shape of a U. I sat down briefly with my mother and we talked. I quickly noticed that she's not wherein a bra and i could see her nipples through the fabric. After a lengthy conversation about my s****r who was away at collage i leaned in for a hug , I could feel her large breast pushed up against me I was getting hard I peaked her on the cheek and wished her a good nigh... Continue»
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cheating mom

This goes back some 30 + years but I can still remember it as if where only yesterday when I caught my 44 year old mom cheating on my dad with one of his best friends. But first let me say a few things about sherl, my mom. she is a natural red head, When I was a young boy she would walk around the house in her panties and bra and as a young horny boy I would look at her and see her red hair through her panties and her hard nipples poking through her bra. She has 38 C tits with soft pink nipples that got really hard. When she would leave for work I would got into her bedroom and take her pantie... Continue»
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blackmailed wife

Andrea,my young wife,is a teacher,slightly stuck up,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She and our toddler just came back from eastern europe,where they spend the summer with her parents and beloved f****y.During that time i was able to get a few things done,one was installing micro security cameras throughout home,invisible to a naked eye ,Andrea hate cameras so i had to do it without her knowing,also hoping to record fucking her but the low light conditions always make the camera enter the... Continue»
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Shower Time Champ

This true story came to me from a friend, please enjoy!.
My first time to have sex was pretty weird. I played soccer for the high school soccer team. I was not very good but I really wanted to play and play well. So I tried and practiced alot. One of the coaches was a woman. A very masculine not very pretty woman. We all thought she might be a lesbian even though she had a husband. It was the way she acted and presented herself. Dressed like a man and acted like a man. Her name was Fran. I don't know if that is short for something or what.
One day I stayed late after practice and to ... Continue»
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Honey, He's the Boss!

I have been married to my husbnd Nate for 8 months now. We couldn't be any happier if we tried. I want him to be the father of my c***dren, but we have decided to take it slow and focus on our careers. He works in finance and I work as a secretary for a major law firm. I love my job as much as I love my husband Nate (well, I love him more). I work on behalf of major individuals from all around the globe. My boss is often trying to hit on me. Of course, I am always rejecting him. I would never cheat on the love of my life. Besides, my boss is not very attractive to begin with. Granted -- he has... Continue»
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Meeting Helena's gynecologist

Meeting Helena’s gynecologist

Friday afternoon my girlfriend Helena asked me if I could go with her to meet her gynecologist. She had an appointment after office…

She told me I would like her gynecologist Doctor; she was a woman; a lesbian one, very beautiful, with a nice smile and a killer body.

But when we were there a male Doctor called Helena from an examination room. My girlfriend asked for her own usual gynecologist, but this kind young man said she would not be available that day.

"Mrs. D’Angelo, are you ready? Come this way, if you please."

The Doctor looked at me and to... Continue»
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Anal Play

Our sex life was much better than I thought it would be and Josh and I had great mind blowing sex often. One thing I did not get from Josh was the anal sex I craved. (I like it at least three times a week.) I had brought it up before but Josh was a typical guy from a semi-religious home and felt that anal sex was going too far. I figured I would work on him slowly.

I began by touching his ass while giving him head. This went all right and after two weeks I was fingering his asshole and sucking him off until he blew his load deep in my throat. This became an activity I did every time I gave ... Continue»
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Teacher's Punishment

As the new assistant dean of the Business department, I was determined to increase the caliber of our offerings to that of a four year university's. I planned to start by auditing some of the courses of the more experienced teachers to see what techniques they may be able to share with the rest of them. From the instructor evals, I see that Prof Randy PSR is very popular. I think I'll start with him first to see what the secret to his success is.

Evening classes are typically filled with older students trying for their degrees while working full time. It's always interesting to see the... Continue»
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Lor and I went into our flat leaving Olivia sunbathing in her lacy pink bra and panties

My wife Phil came home and came into the sitting room where I was watching porn
"Hi darling your favorite girl,Olivia is putting on a sexy show next door" I informed her
Phil was wearing a black cross over dress which was held closed by a small bow
As she walked it opened and revealed her skimpy red satin panties and her matching red
frilly see through bra as she rushed up stairs to,look out the bedroom window
As I entered the bedroom Phil was watching
Olivia bent over her young schoolgirl daughte... Continue»
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Autograph 3

"Ladies, when you draw, use all you senses." Ms. Purdy was giving her art students a lecture. I was standing at the front of the class, naked as usual. Ms. Purdy was beside me. The evening was hot, the room stuffy and humid. "Don't just look at your subject, observe your subject. The smallest details are as important as the obvious ones. Notice the shade of his skin, the lock of hair that falls out of place, the glint in his eyes, even the beads of perspiration rolling down his cheek."

Ms. Purdy caressed my cheek with her index finger. A bead of sweat rolled on to the tip of her finger. Sh... Continue»
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First Experience

It started with exchanges on xhamster but when I got the invite from a couple to go to their house for a meet up, I couldn’t resist.

The man who answered the door was mid-40s, fit looking. We had agreed not give our real names so I called him John. His wife came out of the living room and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a hand-shake. I called her Mary. She had short brown hair, small with a round build but sexy as hell in a low-cut sweater and jeans

I knew they were experienced swingers and both bi from the messages we had exchanged earlier. I had never done anything like this be... Continue»
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70s Summer

In the early seventies, I was taking some time off from
school. I was a member of the counterculture, 22, and
was living near my divorced mom’s house in the San
Fernando Valley. I was then about six feet tall, and
weighed about 190. A friend had taken off to the East
Coast, and had left me with some exceptionally powerful
marijuana. My girlfriend too had left me, and I was
feeling down, so I would go over to my moms quite a

My mom was still at 42 very attractive. She was about
5’5" dark haired, and thin with big boobs. She probably
weighed about 120. She had tried ... Continue»
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Mr Perv and the Cucumber

My name is Julie...

Yesterday was Sunday so of course that meant it was a morning of worship for me at my church. After a morning of Bible study, singing in the choir and listening to our pastor give a fire-and-brimstone sermon about whether we want to serve God or the devil in hell, I returned to my peaceful home out in the country.

During the school year I rent out an apartment in Fayetteville. But during the summer I live at my parent's house, which is about a mile up a dirt road and several miles from tiny Huntsville, Arkansas. This summer my parents are touring South America so I ha... Continue»
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He needs more

Sara could not figure out what was going on with her husband. After dinner last night he stripped her naked in the kitchen and bent her over the table and fucked her. Then while she was cleaning the kitchen he kept his fingers in her cunt or ass. He then took her to the den and they were going to watch a movie and he fucked her twice more and when his cock wasn't in here it was his tongue or fingers. It was non stop. In bed he fucked her three times then woke up twice and fucked her then again first thing in the morning. It was a good thing Sara also loved fucking and liked the new side to her... Continue»
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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 3

Jake met his friends at the bar and after ordering a cold one He decided to return Allyson´s calls. But she wouldn´t answer.

The girl was busy packing up her things in his room, totally ignoring her cell phone, totally ignoring her cell phone. She was done crying and now anger began to take over.

“Son of a bitch!” – she cursed as she took the books she had lent him even if he Jake was not the kind of guy who actually enjoys reading. That would be me.

Her tea was getting cold in the kitchen so I decided to take it t... Continue»
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A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

I am a flasher. I love being naked, wanking and spunking in front of women and young girls. I often go to parks and forests, strip naked and walk around wanking until come across women then I stand and come in front of them. I love all their reactions, some are shocked, cry out and run away, others laugh and watch, others get angry and insult me but they also stay to watch. I have often been attacked by women that I flash to, punched, kicked and slapped as they insult me which satisfies the masochist side of my sexuality, I love pain and especially hum... Continue»
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Like Mother

It was no wonder Lori grew up to be a whore. She grew up listening to her mom fuck men at night. There would be a knock on the door and her mom would answer it and let him in and take him back to her bedroom and Lori would lay and listen to them fuck. Sometimes their was lots of dirty talk. She would hear a man tell her mom "Get down here and suck my dick" or "Spread your legs and show me that nasty cunt." "I am gonna shove this big dick in your cunt and fuck you so hard." "Stick your ass up here you dirty whore." Even "How do you like a big black cock?" Lori liked when they left the door ope... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 2

A Step in the Right Direction 2

Otherwise known as “A Second Step “

In the first story, I accidentally walk in on Jane’s daughter who is living with us. She was getting into the shower and… well things happened. When that finished up I was truly thinking that life could not get any better. But then this past Tuesday I came home and… well…..

As I came home from work last Tuesday, Tara was just leaving I assumed to go to work. She has a summer job of waiting tables at a Cracker Barrel as she is waiting to go to anothe... Continue»
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visiting my friend

When I was young I had a friend that had a pool. I would go over to his house nearly every day to swim. His dad had one rule, shower before getting in, and shower afterwards so we wouldn't smell like bleach.
I was getting out the shower one time and his dad walked in the bathroom. I was standing butt naked drying my hair when he came in. "Well, I the water must have been cold" he said laughing. I dropped the towel and covered my little dick. I look up to see Mr. Franks smiling. Confused about what he said I just said it was ok, picked up my clothes and ran to Jeffs room to dress. After dres... Continue»
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Legal brothel

When I was in my early 20's, I got a chance to travel cross country working as a mover. The money I earned sucked but I got to see all kinds of new shit, partied and had a blast. One of the cool things I saw was one of the few legal brothels in Nevada.
At the time I was sexually in my prime, and I had a smoking hot petite girlfriend at home. I usually only played with skinny chicks if I could help it. When I walked into that little hole in the wall, I immediately thought it wasn't for me. The driver I worked for asked me if I wanted to go try it, but when I saw all the fat women working there... Continue»
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My First Gay Time

This describes my one and only gay experience with another man. It is a mixture of fact and fiction, but mostly fact.

Many years ago I was staying overnight with a friend at his parents’ house. He had recently told me he was gay. I told him I wasn’t gay but that we could still be good friends. We shared a double bed that night. I had no intention of having sex with him, but things don’t always happen as one intends.

As I lay beside Pat, I couldn't help but think about him being gay and me laying beside him under the covers in my t-shirt and jockey shorts. I laid very still beside ... Continue»
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Old Man Stepdad

The blue of the moon echoed throughout the night. I had just turned 18 and was looking at myself in the mirror naked. I was a bit skinny, but had good muscle definition. I was flexing and thinking about how horny I was. I was up late on a school. I was excited becuase there were only a couple months left of school and soon I would be done forever!! I used to like school it was all about learning and being productive and smart. but ever since i transfered to a public high school. All anyone seemed to care about was girls and getting wasted.

Now I like girls and everything but, what seemed ... Continue»
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f****y Voyeurism

Summertime aproaching, school's over and it's time for me to find a job in order to raise enough money to go on a road trip with my friends.
I'v always been a little bit lazy and bad at manual works so i'v had the best idea that my teenage mind could develop to overcome those little problems: math and english tutoring lessons!
Easy for me to find the worst students of my school and presuade one of them to be concerned about his bad grades and the horrible future awaiting for the ones that not even graduate at high school...so my little summer job got started.
The first week was pretty frust... Continue»
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The Exam.

A Colon Exam and a ‘Quickie’ can be a good thing.

A friend asked me if I’d ever had to go to the hospital after a meeting with one of my friends. I did, a few times, but not because of what he did. I did have to be treated, on occasion, for an irritated bowel; irritated colon is the better term.

This usually happened when I lived with a guy for a while or was dating someone who wanted sex numerous times in a week. The condition actually began when I was in my teens, it was treated then but, no one questioned ‘why’ it happened. When I was living with my one boyfriend it was an ongoing pr... Continue»
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A Warning to White Husbands!

A Warning to White Husbands

Appreciated what you have. That is the lesson that I hope to pass on to those of you who read this. What I relay to you in my text is not a glamorous story, something that I am proud of, nor is it an erotic tale. I am taking the time to write about what happened to me as a warning to the other white husbands may be heading down the same path that I have walked. There are seemingly so many white men cruising the internet seeking and reading tales of the cheating white wife, wives gone black, and cuckolded husbands. Those of you reading this take my story for what ... Continue»
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what teachers get upto!

Parents evening at my local Primary school is boring but educational and lets me find out how my sibling is doing. This particular evening my wife couldnt make it as she was working late so it was just me, I dropped my sibling off at a friends and I walked to school.
There was a few parents still around but i was the last one , No messing about with times. I know what time i have to be there and just wait for the last parent to leave.
Waited 20 minutes and had to go to the mens room. I was gone about 15 minutes to the other side of school. I finished and hurried out over the playground and ... Continue»
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First Time

Someone wanted me to tell about my first time having sex. I can tell you, the first pussy I saw was my cousin. I did not fuck her, but I wish I did. We were young, my f****y just gotten a above ground swimming pool. So I went to my room and change into my swimming trunks. My cousin went in my room after me and changed into her bathing suit. Well my door couldn’t close where it latch shut, but you can close it enough where you can’t peek in. My cousin closed the door but no all the way, she even asked me if it was closed all the way. I said yes. I looked in and watched her get undressed, she sa... Continue»
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New Beginning

All summer, Lisa had dreaded the thought of this week. Her only c***d was leaving for college and she faced endless days and nights virtually alone. Lisa's husband, when he was even home, either paid her no attention or was forcing himself upon her in whatever room they happened to be in with the smell of alcohol permeating the air.

Only her eighteen year old son, Michael, seemed to care and now he was packing up for freshman year at school. Michael was not blind to what was happening at home. He saw the pain his mother tried to hide from him and he had sympathy for her, despite not having ... Continue»
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A perfect stranger in a party

A perfect stranger in a party

A winter Saturday night my loving Victor and I were invited to a “special” party. We both knew our hostage and his wife liked the swinger style; so, we thought it might be a swinger night after all…

Their house was enormous and had several decks and levels. Victor and I danced, mingled with strangers and had some wild margarita shots.

We both suddenly stumbled on a secluded hot tub. There was a young guy already in the tub; I thought that if we started making out he would get out and go away. So, I started making out and getting very involved with Victor.... Continue»
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My thick ass mexican wife

Last night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for dr**ks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5'9 and about 200lbs with most of it in her fat ass culo. She has dark skin and average size breasts, about a bigger C. But with huge dark areolas and big dark nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge booty. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass

Now she isnt the best looking women, but she more than makes up for it in with 2 things. 1. That big ole butt and 2. She is a fucking lush. I mean she only needs a few and shes smashed and horny. Also... Continue»
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I Always Wondered

threesome – bisexual – mfm

I admit it. I always wondered. Even before my first experience I thought about it more than once. Even though I thought about it I still tried to deny my desires, especially publicly. All guys have thought about it at one point or another. Many guys desire it but won't admit it. Only a few are strong enough to admit it and pursue it.

I had no idea how much my life would change when I came home from work that day. My wife and I had talked about expanding our horizons many times. We had talked about all the normal things open minded couples discuss. Threes... Continue»
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Introduction to Bi

bisexual threesome – mfm – suck husband's cock – woman loves bisexual men – multiple orgasms – sharing semen – sensuous bi seduction – bi couple seduces – bisexual initiation

An open-minded young man is introduced to bisexuality by a sensuous couple I was 29, and still recovering from my fiancée's breaking up with me. I hadn't dated in many months and found it difficult to motivate myself to get out of the house, so when I saw an ad for a weekend seminar on personal goal-setting, it sounded like a good way to break out of my rut and be among people again, and maybe learn something us... Continue»
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Rough Rider

I had just moved back to Ohio from Florida, into a small town by the lake, needing to keep in shape I joined a gym and started working out, there's quite a few ladies but only a couple that are naturally attractive, two of them work there, and another one is a member, and they are all pretty hot.

It was a Wednesday afternoon , I was at the gym getting my cardio workout when in walked an incredibly sexy and flirtatious red head, named Iris skin like alabaster with piercing eyes of green and soft melodic voice she must have been 5' had a tight fit body with a nice rack dd 34 .

She introduc... Continue»
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Autograph 1

I was tired of the same old thing. Pose like this, pose like that, hold that pose for five minutes, now move like this. These were my instructions for two hours a day, five days a week. My mind was numb from the boredom and the twenty bucks an hour I was getting wasn't much compensation. Being a nude model for a college art class was no fun at all. When I first started this job I thought I'd have sexy coeds coming on to me in droves. Afterall, I had a ripped body and was well hung. After my first week I realized all I was to these people was a slab of meat to be studied. I was a nobody. No one... Continue»
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Cum Diaries: Escapade in Venice Part 1

Few places are so mystical they almost give me the creeps. This place is one of them. I outright refuse to do any hard stuff when she asks me, a gentle high or tipsiness is all I could afford in these windy humid streets. There is a reason why locals vacate in the tourist months and it’s not only to do with the tourists. Those in the service industry just bite their upper lip, just like Sorena. She’s biting her upper lip looking at me from across the lobby and I look at her through t... Continue»
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Autograph 2

During my job as a nude male model for an art class at the local college, I realized I loved being naked in front of women. After each class, I would race home and jack off. As I stroked my cock, I would think off the many eyes that had devoured my naked body during the two hours I posed nude. I'm sure some women, judging by the way they had looked at me, would go home, think of me, and masturbate, or fuck their boyfriend or husband with me in mind. The idea that they were getting off while visualizing me in their imagination drove me wild. It wouldn't take long before I'd shoot a large load o... Continue»
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Mia liked babysitting for Jon. He was handsome and kind and a single father. Tonight he was going out to have a few drinks with some guys and Mia was taking care of the k**s. When he got home she had the k**s asl**p in bed. They chatted for a few minutes then he got the money out and began to pay her. He stopped and looked at her and said "Want to earn more money?" Mia asked "How?" Jon told her" Take your top off for me." Mia laughed and pulled her shirt over her head. She was not wearing a bra and had just developed nice round tits. Jon looked her over and said "Now the rest of your clothes f... Continue»
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My Second time Bi experience...the FIRST hour!

So, the Next week I couldn't wait for Monday evening to roll around. I was still in a little bit of disbelief over what had happened the Monday before (See First Bi experience). Finally after being semi hard all day (More so than Normal for my 18 year old cock!) I headed to the book store and as was the case the last week, there was only one other car in the lot when I parked. I sat for a minute collecting myself, torn between feeling a little ashamed of what had happened the last week and the Excitement of it possibly happening again! It didn't take long for the Horniness to take over and I g... Continue»
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Shooting my load

I hoped it would happen. The mature blonde next door was home alone all week. On Friday afternoon she called me with a computer problem. I said I would come over right away and she said "Give me 5 minutes I need to change" When I got there she had the lowest neckline shirt you can imagine, with her 38C cleavage and I could see nearly all of those tits. She said her husband's overseas till next weekend - hint - I kept looking at her cleavage while I was talking to her fixing her network. When I was done she thanked me and I decided this was the time to push my luck after knowing her for years.I... Continue»
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My wife can't handle her pop

Hi my name is David and I am a 22 year old man who's now just starting
to really enjoy watching his young wife with much older men.

Now this is my first story about what happened the very first time that
I had ever watched my young wife with a much older man.

I was sitting in my chair and getting bored while waiting for my wife to
get dressed. So I then called out. "Come on Jenny hurry up, or we will
be late for your little office party."

I then heard my wife Jenny answer me from upstairs. "Ok, I'll be right
down in a couple of minutes hon." After about 5 minutes , my wife ca... Continue»
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Rita's husband

Rita’s husband

When living in Los Angeles, I met a very nice black girl called Rita and we share good moments at the gym. Rita was married to a black man, but she confessed me she was also bisexual and she loved white women.

One afternoon, after our workout at the gym, we went together to the changing room.
I slipped out of my gym nylon cat suit and got under the shower; Rita did the same as she stood right next to me. I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head; so she had a good view of my boobs and erect nipples.

Then Rita said that I had some nice tits; I smiled and than... Continue»
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Contractor's BBW Lover

One of the reasons I enjoy remodeling my house is that I love watching blue collar men at work. They are so masculine, capable and talented. Today I have a construction laborer coming over to work on demo'ing my bathroom. so I can remodel it. I hope he likes to play with plus sized women. I'm in the mood to play with a boy toy. I'm enjoying being a cougar as I grow older. I like sharing my sexual experience and knowledge with younger men.

My dog starts barking and I look out my picture window to see a big, red 4x4 truck pulling up. A white man with well defined muscles and a ruggedly... Continue»
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Lindsay Gets Freaky

Working as a Hollywood casting agent is hard work, but it has its perks. It was 2002 and I was casting the movie Freaky Friday. A mother and daughter switch bodies. Stupid stuff, but it was work. I knew we wanted Jamie Lee Curtis as the mom. I remember seeing her huge tits back in Trading Places. We needed to find a teenage girl with the same…attributes.

I had auditions scheduled all day long. Teenage girls would come in, read the same few lines. They had to act, but they had to look the part. After they read for me, I would ask them to remove their top and bra so I could see if they would ... Continue»
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