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Gloryholes and hot cum

I was young when I first started to think about what it would feel like to have another mans hot cock in my mouth. I used to fuck around with this guy all the time at his parents house. They would be sl**ping upstairs meanwhile we were 69ing on the queen cot down stairs. I would sl**p on the floor and I laid in wait for a quick tug of my shirt, just to raise up and stuff this thick monster in my throat......soon it turned into me fucking him up his ass. Which felt amazing sinking my hot thick cock deep into his waiting ass was pure bliss for me and even though i never not had luck with th... Continue»
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Friend's Daughter is Such a Tease

Friend's Daughter is Such a Tease

By billy69boy

Part One

My best friend Joe inherited his parents' shore house after they passed away. He has been living there permanently ever since his divorce several years ago. It is a quaint little bungalow, with an open layout and three small bedrooms. My wife Barbara was away with her girlfriends up in the mountains for two weeks, so I thought I'd spend a few days at Joe's helping him out with various projects. Joe has a disability which prevents him from doing much in the way of physical labor. He is a CPA and has amassed quite a few busi... Continue»
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New Years Party

It was New Years eve and my 16 year old daughter Lisa and I were fixing up
the house for a big party. I had just taken down the Christmas tree and
was putting all the ornaments away. There were about 15 people who were
supposed to show up tonight. The food was prepared and the champagne was
on the counter, just waiting to be popped. I hoped I had enough stuff.

I had sent my wife to her parents house for Christmas on the plane, and she
was supposed to be back the in two days. She had been gone for 10 days,
and I was really missing her.

After climbing down from the attic,... Continue»
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Peanut Butter

To begin with, let me tell you something about myself. I'm a divorcee, recently out of yet another unsatisfactory relationship. Our last time together, "Ralph" tied me down to my bed, stuck all four of the pillows beneath my hips, gagged me with my own panties and bra, and then instructed his dog Rodney on how to make love to his girlfriend. I kicked the son of a bitch out of the house.

One afternoon a month or so after the assault, I was in the kitchen, making a pitcher of Lipton Iced Tea. I glanced out the back door, having seen something from the corner of my eye. It was Loopy, the next ... Continue»
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Jake & Lisa – A Cougar’s Fantasy

This story continues some of the characters from Hardintown. You can enjoy this story alone but at the end there are links to other connected appearances of Lisa and Jake.

Life continued to change rapidly for Lisa and her f****y. Her husband and Sara were going away for lover’s weekend. Lisa was looking forward to going back to the glory hole where she would have sex with all kinds of men. Just the thought of what would happen later that night made her pussy cream!

Lisa walked out to get the mail when she looke... Continue»
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First Time Sucking Cock

I was in my 20’s the first time I sucked a cock, and, ironically, at the time, sucking a dick was the furthest thing from my mind.

I was living in North Carolina; for years had been watching porn at home on videotape, and every once in awhile, I visited the porn booths at an adult bookstore. Some of them had glory holes but whenever a man poked his finger through, I would either leave or stand with my back to the hole while I jacked off watching my straight porn of choice.

On this occasion, I was in a porn booth, watching a video of a swingers orgy, wishing I could be in the middle of a... Continue»
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Cool down tent

My wife and I ,joined a local nudist camp in the summer last year. We heard from other couples it was a pretty wild place after dark. We paid our membership and set up our tent, and campsite. We thought It was a great time to cool off and take a swim at the large pool. ( Now the rest of the story is going to be carefully worded , to avoid banned words or ideas)
The whole nudist retreat was filled with nuclear and extended groups, of all ages, mostly white in this particular area of the Pennsylvania mountains. We got a drink and sat nude in two chairs admiring the sun drenched flesh of all a... Continue»
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Revenge Is Mine!

Wife dumps husband to trade up. Big Mistake!

The day that changed my life started out as a normal day. It was not until I returned home after work that I got the bad news. My wife Karen was waiting for me at the kitchen table "Please sit down Rich, we need to talk." I knew right away this was going to be bad.

"I'm very sorry but I have already moved out of the house and I have filed for divorce." Karen was talking fast and not looking at me, her words seemed rehearsed. She slid a manila envelope across the table to me.

"Where are the c***dren?" I was in shock at this po... Continue»
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Here is a true account of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, totally unplanned and totally unexpected!

My Husband and I went out for a walk around a well known place not far from us in Berkshire, lots of greenery, a lake and plenty of fresh air to take in as well as enjoying the sun and having a little picnic. I was wearing my black cotton see through leggings, white lacey knickers and white vest top. My Husband had commented on how see through my leggings were in the sun and that my knickers were clearly visible!

We had been wandering around for about 20 mins and passed several... Continue»
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Gym buddies

Every week I go down to my friend’s bar for a couple of beers and a catch up to moan about life, people, love and talk about any news we feel may be of interest. Recently I’d joined a gym with my mate, and 3 times a week we’d begrudgingly meet early morning to work out and encourage each other to finish our circuits. Chatting over the week’s events and sinking another beer, we started going on about the gym and what we could do to improve things, when a voice from behind the bar asked “which gym do you go to?”

Emma was about 5’7”, brown hair tied in a short pony tail, always smiling showi... Continue»
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Shy wife blindfolded and shared

This is a true story of how a husband can share his wife without her knowing and you'll have to decide if I've broken her trust or I'm leading her and myself to a better life.

We're Dave and Michele and we are both 34 and live in the UK, we've been married for just over 14 years now and my wife came from a strict catholic f****y. We didn't have sex before we married so I had to be content with the odd fumble and heavy petting with my wife-to-be calling a halt to it when I got carried away.

We were both 20 when we got married and sex was a totally new experience for my young wife as ... Continue»
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Sara needed to have a room to live in and the only way she could afford one is to offer sex. She had a room in the house of a man and his son. Every night one would come to her room and fuck her hard and long. Last night the man came in naked with a hard cock. He was usually good to for two long fuck sessions. Sara was young and broke but sexy. She had nice full tits and a great ass and a tight cunt. He pulled back her covers and sat beside her and began to suck on her nice round tit. He let his hand rub down to her pussy and then she felt two fingers go in her as he sucked on her big round ni... Continue»
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Granny Knows Best

I could feel the cock swelling inside me, any moment I would be receive the reward I had been working so hard for. With every thrust, then he pulled my hair and pushed in deep and everything just froze for a moment. Then he exploded deep inside me, I love this so much that when that gush of spunk hits my walls it triggers my own orgasim. My pussy clamps down tight around the cock, almost as if to milk more cum from it. It was a large thick load. As soon as we both calmed down he pulled out of me, I turned and knelt down and cleaned our juice from his cock with my mouth. I stood up and he pul... Continue»
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Mindy Masters lay stretched out on her bed wearing nothing but a
yawn. It was a scorching hot summer day, not to mention boring. Mindy
was wondering how in the world she was going to make it through a whole
long, hot summer without a man.

Mindy, a petite 20-year-old brunette, was home for the summer and
separated from her boyfriend, Vince, who'd had to return to his own home
town hundreds of miles away. Vince had given her plenty of steady loving
over the past three months, and Mindy missed it desperately. In fact,
she missed it more with each passing minute, and aft... Continue»
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To Bi or not To Bi

I always considered myself 100% heterosexual, always chasing girls from an early age never interested in men at all. When I was 24 I was sort of living with an older woman in her early 40's, when I mean sort of things were rough between me and my parents so I would crash at this ladies apartment. She was a fellow student at art college, Jane was much more aware sexually than me and although I couldn't call her my girlfriend we did hit it off and get it on a few times. Jane would enjoy the company of other men while I was staying with her and occasionally other women, to be honest it did annoy... Continue»
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My first real thoughts of sex happened on the last day of school when I was barely a teenager. Danny said that he saw his s****r Heather putting on her clothes after her shower this morning, seems she left her door slightly open and Danny could see her in the full length mirror in her room. As Heather who is a year younger than me removed the towel from her body turned to admire her growing tits and shapely ass wondering when she would get the big tits like her mother. Danny's mom is the talk of all the men in the neighborhood , blonde hair big boobs tight ass and friendly to ... Continue»
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Rent due

I was desperate. It was the fourth time in the past six months I was late with rent. When I told my landlord he just looked at me. He told me he would give me one more week to come up with the money if I sucked his cock. I quickly refused and he just laughed. “Fine”, he said. “Rent in full by this evening or the eviction notice will be on your door in the morning.”
I gave in immediately, really had no choice. I started to get on my knees and he laughed again. “Oh no, Princess” he chuckled, “I want you all dressed up and pretty.” I blushed. When he had come to do some repairs a few weeks earli... Continue»
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Under the table reception fun

A few months ago we were invited to a wedding of a coworker of mine. I wasn't excited about going I usually don't care to go to these types of things, but since we are a pretty close group of coworkers we went. I work with a lady her name is Julie that I have gotten pretty close to she is very good looking and a lot of fun to work with. We do a lot of flirting with each other and I have gotten the impression from her that I could maybe even get into her pants, but up to this point it hasn't happened. When she told me her and her husband were going to be at this wedding I was a little bit m... Continue»
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Mother in law...

I don' t know if this things happening only to me or everybody here have these experiences.

I have to tell you first that i have a young mother in law. She is 50 years old, blonde with big boobs and in very good shape. Although had never looked at her with the erotic way, i have a very bad habit. I love panties and i don' t mind who was wearing them...

Before few days my wife told me to go to her parents home and take some things for our home. She gave me the keys because at this time both of her parents were at work.

I went at my parents in law home and as i was taking what i was to... Continue»
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Helped by he black farm labourer

I was walking by the stables as a young girl and saw a
big stud reared up on the back of a mare. He had just
gotten on her as I approached the run around area. I
stopped to watch them mating. Then I saw his huge horse
cock as it slid from his sheath. It was so long and
very big in diameter.

I was amazed at the shear size of his big cock. It was
wet and red with the head dripping its precum. I stood
there and watched as he jammed that cock into the
waiting mare’s pussy. I saw him as his haunches drove
that monster to her, sliding it deep in one quick move.

My hands we... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 1

I had no interest spending Halloween in the suburbs. My friend, Billy, had been spending almost a year trying to convince me otherwise. He and his longtime girlfriend, Sara, were invited to party last Halloween. Actually she was invited by a coworker. She wouldn’t go without him, so the hosts let Billy join her.

Sara worked for some engineering firm in the ‘burbs. She has been there for four years. Last October her best friend at work convinced her to... Continue»
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Tina takes on Three at Work

Tina takes on Three at Work

Tina says if you don’t like me going out buy myself or with friends you could all was come a long "You must be k**ding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start going out after work. We continued our breakfast in silence the only words spoken were of Al’s request to pass the butter. I tell Tina I have a busy schedule today with meetings right up to 6pm. All I wanted to do after work was to eat my dinner and fall asl**p in front of the TV. We finish breakfast I gi... Continue»
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My first time as a bottom and with a tranny

So this is the story about how i got my first experience being a bottom, and why it was with a tranny

I was 18 and wanted to try being a bottom. For a long time I had experimented by myself at home with different things (hair brushes handles, screw drivers handles, ping pong paddles handles etc...) but I really wanted the real thing. I had the fantasy about sucking dick and getting fucked. I had been watching anal sex porn, gay porn and shemale porn for a long time, and always I thought the tranny porn was the best. The idea of having a beautiful woman fuck me was very very exiting for me.
... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 2

Please read the first part of this story.

Part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/457700.html

Part 2:

Just then a younger woman sat down. She was nude apart from her Viking helmet. She was an attractive pale redhead with a smooth, thin body. She was hot.

I asked her how she got here. As she started to speak, cum oozed out of the side of her mouth. I noticed that she had this giant cum shot on the side of her face. She smiled and explained that ... Continue»
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My Slut Mom Fucking Campers And Chaperons

This is a fantasy story of mine..Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I always hated when my mom made me go on our schools yearly camping trip because I was more of a keep to myself kind of person and hated being around a bunch of people from my grade most of whom I barely knew or talked to. To make this year probably the worst yet my mom signed on to be one of the chaperons along with two other of the dads. Now I loved my mom but I hated the way everywhere we went guys leered, catcalled and would just come up to her to ask her out even when I was with her. My mom is very pretty with long blonde ... Continue»
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Girl loses her black virginity

My name is Lori. I have been carrying the shame of what I did, and what happened to me, at my bachelorette party with me for 5 years. The guilt and shame are almost unbearable at times. I have thought about telling one of my close friends or my s****r, but have never worked up the courage to do actually do it. I am thinking about going to a counselor just to talk about it with another person, while maintaining confidentiality.

The only people that know this story are me and the guy that was involved. I thought telling the story in writing and confessing on this site might make me feel bett... Continue»
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The neighbours wife

I've always been infatuated with the neighbours wife, she is very attractive for her age which must be 50 something at least. She has a young face and a very curvy body. Every time I see her she never looks bad and always seems to want to look her best all the time no matter what.

During the summer months here in England we can enjoy a lot of rain but on the rare occasions it decides to be sunny she is in the back garden in a tight flowery sun dress or laying on her wooden chair trying to tan in a variety of revealing bikinis. She must be a show off as we live down a country lane where pass... Continue»
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My First Black Cocks

I discovered that I enjoyed watching porn films when I mistakenly clicked on our PC's history and found out that Richard my husband, had being viewing various sites. I guessed he was watching when I'd gone out or to bed. I didn't mention it to him, reckoning that most men like porn and anyway I had my own secret fetish which he was unaware of. There was nothing wrong with our sex lives, we were quite adventurous, though with him frequently travelling and working away we didn't fuck as much as I'd have liked.

Sometimes I'd look at the history and find he'd deleted it, more often he forgot. ... Continue»
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First Time.....

I'm a 50 year old straight guy, fairly good looking, married.

I couldn’t resist dating here

I got loads of replies (probably because of the pic I posted with my ad hehe) but most were either one liners or pretty aggressive seeming guys who seemed to be into some weird shit, but this one bloke stood out and seemed to be a nice genuine guy who also wasn't that experienced, so after a couple of emails and picture swapping he gave me his address and within an hour I was knocking on his front door.

It hadn't really seemed real up until then and as I suddenly realised what I was getting... Continue»
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The swimming hole

Tommy grew up on 160 acres in rural Oklahoma. His f****y owned the land since the Oklahoma land run. Growing up on a farm had lots of perks. He was free to roam all over and his parents never worried.

One of his favorite places to go was the swimming hole in a creek about a mile away in the middle of the mile section. It was a small creek most spots were a mere inches deep, but there was one spot right after a bend that washed out to 10 ft deep. The ridge above the spot was 15 ft above the water. On the inside of the bend was a sand bank that stayed dry unless the creek was flooded.

To... Continue»
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Spying on Anita and my special guest

Spying on Anita and my special guest

That Friday evening I had invited home to have some dinner an old friend; a black guy from my former office; who I had not seen in any time.

Anita seemed to be disappointed. She surely would have preferred to go out that nice night, alone by ourselves.

Everything was ready for a nice dinner, but then I noticed we had no more red wine. I told my friend Lukas I could run to a near store to get some.
I kissed goodbye Anita and left, but after walking two blocks I realized I had forgotten my wallet, so I headed back home quickly.

I opened the fro... Continue»
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Egyptian Fantasy

Nagwa was a good Muslim wife. She always kept herself covered as she went into public. She respected her husband and cared for her c***dren.

Nagwa enjoyed things the way they were but her husband Ahmed seemed to be restless lately. It has started when he was assigned to work with the American who was doing some kind if study here in Egypt. In some ways his changed personality was a pleasant change for Nagwa as he seemed much more passionate in his love making.

That was one aspect of her life that she did enjoy. Even on her... Continue»
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The Hunter

Part One: Showtime

When our new neighbor forgot (?) to pull her shades down she put on quite a show for my husband and me.

"Honey," my husband called to me from the bedroom. "She's doing' it again. Come watch."

We had a new neighbor, a single woman named Shayla. We had talked to her over the fence a few times, but really didn't know her very well. We thought she was a little shy. We were going to be proved wrong on that.

A few weeks after she moved in Lee and I were lying in bed with the lights out when he noticed Shayla turn the lamp on in her bedroom. As we lay there she... Continue»
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Watching Young Newlyweds Fuck

Sometimes things happen that you know you're very lucky to experience and will likely never experience again. This is one of those events (although something kind of similar happened to me again only a year ago. But that's a story for another time.)

I love to watch people fuck. Straight couples, gay couples, groups, doesn't matter to me, as long as I can sit with a clear line of vision and jack off while they do it. Finding a couple into being watched is a lot harder than you might imagine. Finding a couple who are both smokin' hot who WANT you to watch is nearly impossible.

A few year... Continue»
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Hannah Puts Her Ass On The Line

Hannah headed off to the rich side of Hardintown. She was going to have her first client meeting since joining BD and Associates as the sales entertainment coordinator. That meant she was fuck whoever she was told to. So far her boss Mr. Washington had trained her to be a good fuck for his black customers but today was the real deal. If she could get Mr. Hall to sign the contract there was a huge bonus for her.

Hannah still had mixed emotions about what she was doing. She was fucking just like a common whore but she also did en... Continue»
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A Gangbang fantasy

John smiled as he watched his wife bend over the pool table. He smiled not only because he knew his wife would probably miss the shot, but also because he had a great view of his wife's luscious buttocks as they peeked out from underneath her summer dress. His beautiful wife of 5 years, 27 years old, delicate and pretty, was a rank novice at pool but a seasoned professional at turning him on. The billiards clicked as she took her shot, the ball missing the hole by a good three inches. Her pouting face turned to his, and he grinned. It occurred to him that she had probably never even been to a ... Continue»
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A Secret Surprise

A Secret Surprise
My wife and I have been married for over 20 years. Our sex life had become rather mundane and static. She and I would make out a bit, I would play with her clit until she was wet and then we would fuck, usually missionary. We don’t use condoms or other birth control because we’ve had k**s and are getting older.
I have suggested things to liven up our love making like watching some porn or maybe a toy but she never seemed interested. In retrospect what I did, I did out of frustration and resentment more than passion. However, the results were astounding.
I was bored one... Continue»
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Going to the Gym

“I’m headed to the gym, baby,” the six-foot-three-inch two-hundred-sixty-pound Black man said to his wife of seven years.
“Ok,” she replied barely looking up at her beefy, brown-skinned husband. “I’ll be at the hairdresser by the time you get back.”
“Alright. See you later,” Darius Woodham smiled.

The former Division One linebacker started his black metallic 2012 Ford Expedition and backed out of the driveway. At the end of the street, he stopped at the intersection and pulled out his phone. He sent a message to the person he was heading to see.

Three months prior, Darius was watching ... Continue»
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The lookout and the Stranger

We like fucking outdoors. The trick, given that Wendy doesn't play or want anyone watching us in person, is finding somewhere private but with the possibility of getting caught. That does excite us both.

Now that the weather is warming up we thought we might get outdoors for some fucking... A couple of years ago we fucked and did some pics at a secluded bush lookout not far from where we live (pics posted - look them up and comment if you like them) and as we both had a day off this week we thought we might go back... so we did.

Driving there and knowing that we are both going to get of... Continue»
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Old Fred and the Coed

Old Fred and the Coed

Old Fred really wasn’t that old, but most of the younger neighbors called him that anyway. At 64 years of age, he was still in pretty fair shape. He walked several miles every day and kept active with yard work and helping others in the neighborhood. He stood 6 foot tall, had salt and pepper hair and only weighed 175 pounds. Fred would often show off for the school k**s by doing a hand stand and then chasing them before dropping back to his feet.

Fred’s wife had died a number of years earlier from cancer and he never dated or remarried. Most of his friends tried to... Continue»
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being supportive to a friend

My wife, Laura, and I had been working for several years in the same company. She was up on the 10th floor, and I down on the 3rd. We had a good work life together, and a good married life together. We still had sex, even after 15 years, but not as often as we'd have liked.
Our best friends were a couple we had met at work. I worked with both Jeff and Ginny when they moved into the company. Ginny stayed on, while Jeff moved on to a better job with a different company.
About 2 years ago, things started getting bad. Something happened and Ginny's self-esteem tanked. She was always a good wo... Continue»
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Lisa gets a ride at the body shop

Lisa couldn't keep her mind on the road as she returned home from dropping the k**s off at school. The day was full of things to do and she had to get ready for the banquet she and her husband had been invited to this evening.
The banquet was important to her husband and could mean a promotion, but she couldn't help but think he was embarrassed to be seen with her. Two k**s and a busy life had robbed her of her hourglass figure she had 10 years ago when they were first married. She still had her curves, a fact she was proud of, but they were definitely larger curves than they had been.
Her h... Continue»
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My first time as a Crossdresser

Its 18 months ago. I had now become comfortable wearing womens clothes. I had been experimenting for around 3 months. I gradually started to get more confident in both my clothes ......and without. I started to dress more like a slut. Short skits. Suspenders. Corsets. I had also become more comfortable with my body as well. My hole was tight as could be. Like everyone, i started with fingers, one, two .....before moving on to small toys. After a few months, i had graduated to a 9 inch dildo.....although i still struggled.
I felt so hot. So right.

I had been chatting with other CDs and m... Continue»
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Making a House a Home

It had been a long weekend of moving furniture but we were finally moved into our first house that we owned. Kim and I were both exhausted but after we got the k**s to bed we cuddled in our new, although sparsely decorated bedroom. We talked for a bit about our plans for the house and how grown up we felt as new home owners. We both felt that excitement that those milestone experiences evoke.
Even though we were tired we were both still wide awake and decide it would be bad luck if we didn't make love our fist night in our new house. I lay next to Kim, face to face and began to kiss her lips ... Continue»
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My Dad is a Doctor & I am a Voyeur Ch. 03

Mrs Valentino with her magnificent melons and her black hairy pussy.

In my previous tales, I have told of how I had installed a video camera in a vent in my father's surgery and that it was attached to my computer. The camera is very expensive and has a brilliantly silent zoom facility. The camera also has a small lateral and vertical range. I am delighted to share some of my more interesting and exciting tales with you, the reader. How true are these tales? Maybe one day you will read about me in the newspapers. I hope not.

I am addicted to watching and listening to the many beautiful ... Continue»
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So not a camper... but I might be warming up to it

How the heck did I let her convince me to go camping, I hate being outdoors! The things we do for love, I kept reminding myself... oh well.

"This camp site is lame, there's nobody around for miles, my cell phone reception sucks, and I forgot my pillow," I complained to my girlfriend. She wasn't listening, she was too busy giggling with her girl friends as they left me and the "gay" friend James (he wasn't gay, he confessed that he got laid way more often pretending to be gay than when he acts straight, so he just preferred it) to setup the tent and sl**ping areas. This tent was huge, you ... Continue»
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Private Party

This is how it worked.

We were to book into a hotel and wait in our room. The house phone would be used to give us instructions. So when it did ring I answered and took the detail. My wife had to go to a prescribed room on a different floor, and then they moved her on to another to prevent me from knowing exactly where she was. She was to wear just black hold ups and black hi heels (we had been told the clothes selection that would be needed) and the towelling robe from the bathroom. She was to take her mobile; they would take pictures for me. She had ten minutes to get there or we would be... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part Three

Please read the first two parts of this story.

Part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/457700.html

Part 2: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/457706.html

Part 3:

The rooms started to get more crowded. Across the hall, I heard two men talking dirty to a girl. Siobhan showed me to the room. That was the room where she had sucked off her boss. He was still in there. He must have taken a little blue pill. This old man with white hair all over his body was standing with a little hard-on and telling a girl what to do... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 4

Please read the first three parts of this story.

Part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/457700.html

Part 2: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/457706.html

Part 3: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/458863.html

Part 4:

I was hearing Susie again. This time she was making a lot more noise. No words. Only moans. I had to see what was happening to my girlfriend.

There she was. She wasn’t blowing that guy anymore. He was fucking her from behind as she was sucking yet another guy off! These two suburban, midd... Continue»
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True: Midnight at the adult arcade: Offer from a

Always been a sucker for suckers. Show me a willing mouth and my dick is hard right now. Don't matter to me--- male, female, queer, fairy, dyke, whatever. Like them fresh-faced, smooth, fem, and eager. If you like dick in your mouth, I got a good seven-and-a-half for ya. Long as you swallow.

And I can tell you, it's a helluva lot easier to get a queer to spread his mouth than it is to get a woman to spread her legs-----generally speaking of course----and hell, I love the feel of a warm & wet & moving mouth. So much more fucking action than pussy.

I've had my share of girls who sucked d... Continue»
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