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My Bitch Mom & My Revenge!

I love my Daddy!

He has always been so loving to me. Ever since I was little he had always taken care of me. He taught me things, made sure that I ate right and got my homework done. When I sick or sad he would hold me and make it better.

My mom on the other hand only acted like a mom when she had time or when my grandfather visited. As for the rest of the time she was always going to a party or out with her friends.

I felt more like I was a nuisance to her than anything else. I would have just ignored her too but then ... Continue»
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The Story Of My Aunt And I (True)

This is the story of the first time my aunt Tina and I had sex. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My f****y has always been a tight knit one but always there for one another but for the longest time nobody in my f****y talked to my aunt Tina probably because even though she was in her forties she still loved to have a good time and was never afraid to speak her mind and tell you exactly what she thought. Now even though the rest of my f****y seemed to distance themselves from Tina I would always go over to her house and hang out wi... Continue»
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My Son's Secret Desire - Samantha Joins The F

Tony watched as his mom shook with tremendous orgasm from being eaten by Samantha. He smiled as he knew his mom had been growing in her appetite for sex with women. To see the two women he cared so much about enjoying sex with each other was the best.

The two were now kissing and Tony decided it was time to make himself known.

"What's going on here?" He asked he walked in on them

Both of the naked women looked at him. Samantha was obviously nervous as her boyfriend looked at her in his mother's arms. His mom sat back and ... Continue»
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Sharing a room

My name is Kyra and I am the single mother of two k**s who are both in their teens. Although my daughter Macy is a few years younger than her b*****r Ethan, they generally got along with each other, but since they were both in a difficult age they still picked fights an argued over almost anything imaginable. Having said that, you can imagine their reaction when I told them that they would have to share a room for the next couple of nights, because our house is being refurbished and there is not enough space for everyone to have their on room. Since the refurbishing started with Ethans room it... Continue»
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His s****r Insisted On Going Too

He was irate that his mother was making him take his younger s****r with him to the party on the banks
of the Snake River. Yes, the part was on the beach of the river behind the coffer dam that was put across
the river while the main dam was being constructed.

There were going to be a lot of the teenagers there and also as always a lot of k**s twelve and under.
Charlie was s*******n and had a car and was pretty much doing what he wanted as long as he stayed out
of trouble and didn't get any tickets.

He didn't want to take his little s****r, just turned thirteen , but he knew that ... Continue»
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My out of control gangbang

Hi guys, I haven't written anything in awhile, a few things have happened, but last weekend brought me to a new level of being a slut!

As you know, I'm a dancer here in Las Vegas and it's no secret that I love anal and big black cock too. I was working last Friday night at the club and a group of guys came in, 4 black and one latino. I was giving them all lap dances and as usual, I could feel all of their hard cocks as I rubbed against them. This always turns me on and is something I love about my work lol. Anyway, I was giving one of the black guys a dance and I could feel that he was fuck... Continue»
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Son dominates mom

I got home from school and heard my mom laughing. The way she’d been acting lately this wasn’t normal. I had no clue just how un-normal my life was about to get as I headed toward the living room to see what was up.

When I turned the corner and saw my mom on the couch I got the strangest feeling–like my whole body suddenly went numb, except for a weird tingling in my balls.

She was totally naked, her legs spread wide apart, feet in the air, and she was pulling her pussy lips open so much that I could see right into her hole. It took me a second to realize there was someone else there. A... Continue»
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Daughter Did Porno - The Confrontation

This is a follow up from a previous store: http://xhamster.com/user/mooremike/posts/428228.html

My wife and I waited patiently for our daughter to come out of the secured area of the airport. Allison had been in Mexico with her friends on spring break. Her mom waited anxiously to hear all the fun things that had happened.

I was also anxious but for other reasons. I had found out just how Allison had afforded the trip after I said I would not pay for it. She had done a porn video! It just so happened that she did it for one o... Continue»
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Katie’s Story - My b*****r Used Me!

Katie loved to tease her big b*****r! He was 25 years old and had just moved back home after finishing college. Despite the fact that he eight years older than her the two had always been pretty close or at least they had been.

Katie had been just becoming a teen when Shane moved away. He had spent almost six years going through undergrad and graduate programs at a school on the other side of the country. Now that he was back he seemed different.

One morning Katie walked down the hall to the bathroom and when she opened the ... Continue»
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Knocked up by Daddy

I wake up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday in October. I sit up in bed wearing nothing but a pair of pink Victoria’s Secret panties. I reach over and turn off my alarm and get out of bed and look into the mirror, inspecting myself, admiring my 17 year old body. My 5’4 107 lbs. frame, my messy long black hair, tan body, and perky 30C size tits. The perfect body of an athlete like myself. I decide to start my day like every other, with a shower. So I grab my hip length robe, which is downright tiny. It does manage to close but just barely, and it doesn't cover my crotch. Of course I can't help but 'forge... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I

My s****r and I walk to and from school since we just live like twelve blocks away from the school, and she is in the eleventh grade and I'm in the twelveth grade, fixing to start one week of Spring Break, since our lives are about to change, as soon as school is out and we get home on this Friday afternoon, unknown to us.

At noon during lunch break, my s****r's boyfriend broke it off with her and she was pretty upset with him cause of the way he broke their relationship off. He walked into the Cafeteria with another girl and they sat down with each other at the same table, which my s****r ... Continue»
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Mama T's big tits on a hot night swim

A mature African woman, taking a dip at night, when a skinny white dude walks by…. You will just have to read the story to see what happens!!


The air conditioner was broken and the rain that fell just before sun down only served to make the air feel like you should cut it with a knife before trying to breath it!. So I went to the refrigerator, grabbed a couple of beers and decided to take a walk until I got tired enough to fall asl**p.

So it was tha... Continue»
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Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Dawdy 2

So it is Independence day weekend. Megan wants to make it a special day for her and her friends. She wants there to be thrills and fireworks and... she wants it breath taking!!


Megan smiled as she sent the simple message to Tina, her Mom. “Have fun tonight. Don’t come home.” It was Thursday but because of the next day being a holiday she and all of her friends were going out and when she got home she did not want to have to deal with “the old woman.” Besides, s... Continue»
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Son dominates mother pt3

It was Saturday morning and I joined my dad at the breakfast table. He was reading the owner’s manual for the gas grill he had bought last year and was still in the box out in the garage. What a dork.

Becca came in right after me, her hair done up in five pony tails and looking all crazy. Mom was at the stove frying eggs and bacon for Dad. It was the perfect picture of lame suburban bliss.

“You sl**p good last night, Mom?” I asked cheerily.

“Not especially.” She slid the eggs onto a plate. “Had a very bad dream.”

“Was I in it?”

“As a matter of fact you were.”

“Aw, then it co... Continue»
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My b*****r Makes Me Hide in the Closet with Him

The first thing I noticed was his hand over my mouth. It was a scary
thing to wake up to in the dark, but when he pulled me out of bed and
half carried me out of my room I began to understand why. There were
voices coming from downstairs, strange voices, and sounds of cabinets
being broken open.

We were being robbed.

"Jim," I mumbled through his hand, eyes wide with fear.

"Shh! Don't say anything!" he whispered nervously.

We got to the end of the hall before he let go of my mouth. "We
gotta hide, s*s," he explained.

I nodded dumbly. Was this some terrible nightmare?

He o... Continue»
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Hurt me daddy!

Had been on Craigslist looking for a nice piece of ass. Had posted an ad, and was about to give up when I get messaged by Tammy. She tells me she is into older men, is very submissive and has always fantasised about being used and abused by older guys.
Thinking this might be fake she sent me a face pic, she was stunning. we emailed for a few days and then I called her. She told me in her original email she was 19 but then confessed she was actually 16. I was shocked and told her that I wasn't interested as she was just too young.
A few days past and she emailed me back, saying how sorry sh... Continue»
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Son dominatesmother pt2

I was still in bed the next morning when I heard the shower go on at about 9:30. My heart started beating faster. My dick was already hard from when I woke up. I made myself not touch it, which was like torture. I was tempted to get up and go into the bathroom and watch my mom taking her shower, but I stayed where I was. I wanted to see if I really could make her come to me.

The shower stopped and I listened carefully. I couldn’t hear much, but it sounded like she was going through her usual routine. After about ten minutes I heard the bathroom door open. This was it. I silently counted do... Continue»
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F(a)mily camping trip - Part 2

F(a)mily camping trip - Part 2
Sub Title…Naughty f(a)mily fun! – Part 2

--------- Chapter 3

Early Saturday morning
The Shower Building…

Mary lay…wondering how it had all happened for a while…sensations flowing wildly through her body…she felt a love for him now, more powerful and deeper than for any lover she ever had…

She lay, listening to her sons breathing as he sl(e)pt. Her pussy was full of her son’s cum and it felt good as it seeped out, running along the crack of her ass...she felt of her pussy, touching it tenderly, she licked her fingers clean…smi... Continue»
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My s****r and me in Vegas

I suppose you could call it what you want, but fucking my older s****r
started when I was sixteen and she was twenty two. She had come home
from college traumatized by her rejection by her then fiancé George.
Jill was a very passionate and emotional person and the rejection by
her fiancé, a well off young businessman had been hard on her. My
mother told her to come home and get herself together, that she could
finish her degree in the fall, so she came home.
First, let me tell you that Jill was hot back then. She was
tall, had long, blonde hair that fell to her shoulders in waves... Continue»
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Lusting for b*****r

Gross. That's what they would call her. Well, if they knew what she thought about, how she wanted him so bad,

that she ached for him. Even now she was watching the clock, waiting, knowing that when she got home from school

he would be there. Her name was Allie, and she was lusting after her own b*****r.

Allie had just turned 18, a senior in high school. She was pretty, with long, flowing dark hair, big gray eyes,

a cute little upturned nose, and a mouth that most guys considered a blow job mouth. She had a hot little body,

with a perfect hand-full of tits, and a smooth, shav... Continue»
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s****r ordered me to sl**p with Daddy

I am 5 years younger than my older step s****r, Emma, from daddy's first marriage.

Last year he split from my mother and she, like Emma's mother, left both us girls with daddy, and Emma started to be sexually involved, when I came home and saw her on her knees sucking his cock.

We were not so close as step s****rs, as normal s****rs would be, Emma never really got on with my mother and was always in conflict with her, and at 16, started being sexually provocative, parading herself in front of father in her undies, and acting weird.

When mother left home, she slept with him, in his be... Continue»
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Melanie's New Black Boss

Melanie had only recently moved to Florida from Montana where she had lived all her life. Her little town there only had a few hundred people and most of them were related. It was because of this that thought she would never marry. She had managed to have sex with her married fourth cousin a few times but that was it for men and sex in her life.

Then she met her husband Steve who was in the Air f***e when there was a crash just outside of town. He was sent investigate and they met and in six months they were married. It was no... Continue»
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Mom and dads video file

Last night I stumbled on a video that I can't stop thinking about, making it impossible to hide my raging hard on all day at school. All I can think about is getting home, releasing this bulge from my tight jeans, watching the video again, and jerking off until I unload my balls, covering my hand in hot jizz. Even for a sex-crazed 18 year-old boy I'm way hornier than usual. I've seen plenty of porn and a few teasing videos from girls at school, which I like, but this one? This one is amazing.

After my mom went to bed last night I went downstairs to use her computer. It's hooked up to the p... Continue»
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Mom Falls in to son's plan

"Damn it. Why can't you ever wait for me to cum? All
you have to do is be patient. Twenty years and you
still don't know how to get me off. Some husband I
married" my mother shouted. I hurried back to my room,
as my mother would certainly be headed for the washroom
after her weekly attempt at sex with my father.

I had been watching this routine since I was thirteen
and five years later I still can't get enough of
watching my mother having sex with dad. Every Friday
night at 10 PM they would head to bed and try their
best to get each other off. My dad was a hard worker
a... Continue»
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The New Neighbors

For about seven years I lived next door to a gay man. We were cordial and spoke in the yard a few times a year. Then he moved away. His house sold after a few months on the market. I first noticed a middle aged man who drove a jeep. I saw him from a window in my house. Then I noticed an elder woman in the back yard looking over her dog. They were there a few weeks before I met the man. His name was Roger.
"Hi. Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Jack Quick."
"Well hello Jack. I'm Roger Bolger. Pleased to meet you."
"So Roger I noticed a lady in your back yard the other day."
"Oh... Continue»
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Daddy uses my TIGHT ASS for FUN

Being a single c***d and having my parents both work, I usually had the house to myself all day and sometimes until late at night.
I was in high school and as any young man would be, thought about sex all the time! It seemed like I was always horny and when I would get

home from class, on most days, I would go up to my room and play with my cock! One afternoon, I was looking through some old boxes in the attic
and I found what must have been dad's porn stash! There were all kinds of magazines showing naked women and men, fucking each other and

doing other cool stuff! As I went thr
... Continue»
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F(a)mily camping trip - Part 1

F(a)mily camping trip - Part 1
Sub Title…Naughty f(a)mily fun! – Part 1

--------- Chapter 1

Mid Friday morning…

“Wait up, Aunt Mary,” Natalie called. Mary stopped and turned to back to look at her young teenage niece. They were walking the nature trails near their camp site.

“I gotta pee,” Nat said, stepping off the trail.

They were almost back to their camp site; they had spent the last few hours hiking around the cliff overlook of the fjord. They had set up camp earlier that morning and, at Steve’s insistence, had taken to the hiking trails soon after.

S... Continue»
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Showing for my neighbour.

I had never given the small toilet window that overlooked my flat any thought, given that it always seemed to be closed and had frosted glass. Had I, I may have at least put up a net curtain but as it was my large windows afforded a good view into my utility room. I can't really remember when I first noticed it open, but over the coming weeks it appeared to be open wider and wider. Now I was curious and without blatantly staring at it, I took to checking it out of the corner of my eye each time I went through the utility room to my toilet. I hadn't even thought about the fact I often wandered ... Continue»
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Getting Along With s*s

"Gary." my mother's voice drifted up the stairs.

"Coming mum." I yelled back after groaning to myself.

Putting down my latest copy of Playboy and stuffing my erect tool back
into my trousers, I got off the bed and headed for the bedroom door
wondering what mum wanted now. A few minutes later I found out what it

"Gary," mum said as I entered the kitchen "your father and I have to go
away for a week, Sandra will take care of you while we are away and I
want no arguments from you."

Inwardly I groaned at the thought of having my s****r in charge of me
for a week, she wa... Continue»
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old man made me a dirty wee slut.

This story is true and only happened 3 years ago. I was living in my first flat by myself at the age of 18 and had a couple of neighbours. Single mum with a few k**s and a older man around the 60 year old mark. He was such a nice man helped me with everything I needed. One night I was out with friends and got really d***k and headed up heading home I got to my floor and Barry opened his door he say erin are you ok I said yeah am great bit d***k but good. He then asked me to come into his for a wee drink and to keep an old man company because he was a really nice man I said yes. We were in his ... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.2

Waking up to the clapping sound, "I better get out there and make sure everything is under cover right quick."

"I'll help cause I'm not staying in here without you, with all that thundering going on." then a flash of lightning lit the sky up.

I pulled my, now hard dick, out of Clare's pussy to hear, Clare moan, "I wish you could leave that in my pussy, while we check out everything."

"Then we wouldn't get anything done, but yet, I wish the samething too." as I was unzipping the tent door, just as the clap of thunder sounded out again, off in the distance.

As I stepped out the tent ... Continue»
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Losing my Virginity

It started during summer before my junior year of high school. I was (not) only 16, innocent. Internet social media started to get really big, blogging and anonymous questioning. So there's this site, Tumblr where you can blog and people can ask you questions. I didn't have many followers, mostly friends and random people I knew of at school. One night a hot black guy that had just graduated asked me something. ME. I was so young and he seemed to be so mature that something lured me towards him. He gave me his number and I could not believe it. We texted for a while then one late night, he sai... Continue»
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Interesting afternoon at the cinema

This particular Wednesday afternoon, it was raining and cold and as there was a film I wanted to see at the cinema, as the wife was working I decided to go on my own. I got my ticket and sat on the back row as it was the furthest away from the screen. I thought it’d be quite full but it was largely empty, there were two young lads in front of me and one further on the row and that was it.

I knew I was a little early, about half an hour too early, as I sat there minding my own business I noticed the two young lads in front of me were cuddling each other, as I slightly watched out of the corn... Continue»
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Cheating Mother 1

3 weeks ago I was supposed to go to the cinema with friends after work. I wasn't feeling well when my shift ended so I cancelled and had them drop me home on the way. Mom's car was at home but the door was locked. We lived in a pretty secluded area so the door was rarely locked when someone was home. I opened it and stepped inside to the low sound of romantic music.

I was surprised since Dad was away with work for the whole week, not that there was a whole lot of romance in my parent's relationship anyway. They didn't even have sex anymore never mind make love. I decided to investigate qui... Continue»
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I Gotta Jack Off!

I rushed home as fast as I could, my cock throbbing from
getting a look up Missy Coen's skirt at the end of school. Who would
have guessed that the class bookworm went commando?! She wasn't as
hot as a lot of the other girls in my class, but holy shit, she had
the sexiest looking pussy! I know I've got about 30 minutes before
my little s****rs get home, but the way my dick is leaking pre-cum, I
doubt it'll take me more than 5 minutes to blow my load!

As soon as I was inside and locked the door, I made a beeline
to my room and tore off my pants and boxers so I could s... Continue»
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Bi Curious: Part 1

Bi curious part 1:

... Starting since around the fifth grade I noticed when I looked at one of the boys in my class, I felt the same way I did when I liked a cute girl. I had a crush on a cute boy named Sam who was a new student and he had the most gorgeous long blond hair with blue eyes and even a few freckles too. I blushed when he looked at me, and I became super nervous whenever he'd try to have a conversation with me. I knew for a fact that I had the same feelings for those of either sex since at least the sixth grade, but yet I had only had a few "girlfriends" in my early life, mainly... Continue»
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Parking lot sex w/unknown young woman

Sometimes things just happen in the most serendipitous manners. You are in the right place at the right time and then WHAM….
Take for example this little incident from a couple weeks ago….


After work I drove over to the fast food place and got a large iced tea and then drove to the far end of the parking lot like I do a couple times a week. It is not that I am really weird; it is just that I have to wear dress clothes, including long slacks to work in and I like to hike after work out at a park nearby. When I was young, I worked in restauran... Continue»
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Camping with my wife

So here we are a married mid fifty couple ,empty nesters now. We decided let's buy a motorhome and travel this beautiful country. We want to go out west as were in New York but first we want to try it out and do a short weekend and end up at a nascar race in Dover Delaware . We end up parking in this huge field with coaches everywhere and barely enough room to set up the awning and open the pull outs but all goes well. Lots of drinking going on with all our neighbors the first night and we were tired and went back and crashed. The next day lots of walking and viewing venders we went back and s... Continue»
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A Voyeur Story

Donny sat in his rental car and his heart pounded as he waited. He had told Sandy that he was going on a business trip and would be gone until Friday. He did not know what to expect but he had to know the truth.

It had all started a few weeks before when he was at home. His wife's cell phone was on the table and Donny noticed it was ringing. He saw the picture of a guy he did not recognize. Just then Sandy walked in the room and she hit the ignore button and smiled at Donny.

"That’s the new guy at work. I told him not to bot... Continue»
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Sheila at the Park

Mistress strips me naked and puts handcuffs behind my back, then inserts a vibrating buttplug in my tight asian hole. She puts a 10" vibrating dildo inside my pussy. Then locks them both inplace with leather thongs (the vibs are remote controlled). Black stockings and 4" high heel boots are put on me along with a very short school girl skirt. She puts on nipple clamps that are attached together with a little silver chain. A small shirt that just barely covers my nipples is put on me, it does not cover the chain hanging off my nipples. My hair is tied into 2 pig tails and she puts red lipstick ... Continue»
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John gets caught

John gets caught
At the request of strokingforfun in Austin, enjoy

The workers were downstairs and John sat down his computer to see if anything new had been posted on X hamster. One of his favorite’s, cc_rider, had posted some pics of a girl getting ass fucked and some really nice ones of men getting gang banged. He had never been with a man before but the thought kind of turned him on. He had been corresponding with cc_rider for a while but had never connected physically. He liked his gay ass fucking videos as much as the girl ones. He was naked and had his cock out stroking it looking a... Continue»
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Sweet Young Seductress part 1

I used to be married, and had a step-daughter and she had a lot of friends. This is a story about one of her friends. She was the same age, cute blond, killer body. She had 3 b*****rs, so she spent all of her time at my house hanging with my step-daughter. One day they were outside on the trampoline sitting, my step-daughter had her back to me and she was facing the house. I went outside to see what they were doing, and she was wearing these tiny shorts, legs wide open. She smiled at me innocently....

I saw a glimpse of her cute pink pussy but I wasn’t really trying to get too worked up o... Continue»
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I’d taken Donna to work and as I drove on our street I saw Mrs Sutcliffe hanging her washing out, she’d lived with her husband, John, on our street for the 30 years we’d lived there but I never really spoke to her before, her husband was a grouch always moaning when the k**s played with a ball or made any noise, we’d had run in with him over the years.

I parked the car up and walked towards there house, she motioned for me to come in the garden and approached me smiling, she asked me if I’d like a drink and I replied “Yes please” as I sat down on their garden furnit... Continue»
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My Gf's Gloryhole Vday Present (True)

This is the story of a couple years back when my girlfriend Sarah gave me the best valentines day present I had ever gotten. Enjoy guys and gals.

It was around the beginning of January when Sarah began to tease me about my valentines day present. Everyday she would smile and say "You are gonna love what your getting". Usually I was pretty good about waiting but as she teased me more and more I started to really wonder what it was especially when she gave me the hint "Its something you've always wanted to do with me". It was rea... Continue»
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Cjeating Mother pt.2

"Ok mom, I'll put it away if that's what you really want." I challenged.

"It is, now put it away. You shouldn't be doing that in front of me."

"Prove it."

"Prove what?" Mom asked getting flustered. "I said I wanted you to put it away."

"So prove it." I repeated. "Let me touch your pussy. If it's not wet I'll leave right now and never bother you about this again."

"No! You can't touch me there. It's wrong."

I continued to stroke my cock, working it faster now as it approached full size again. Mom eyes bulged as she stared at it. She shook her head and tried desperately t... Continue»
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Bi-Curious: Part 1

*REVISED* 100%

Bi curious part 1:
...Senior year came around much faster than I anticipated and I had turned 18 in September. I was single, ever since I broke up with Kathy back in May. I guess I was still coping with my apparent loss and I just couldn't get myself to ask another girl out. Sometimes I just felt like I wasn't fit to be in a relationship and I thought I would just stay single until I went to college... but then I met someone else.

One day during lunch, as I was in line I noticed there was a guy behind me eye balling me for some reason. I turned my face slightly to confir... Continue»
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Today I fulfilled my fantasy of sex with an older

This morning I got online and started checking out the latest uploads on Xhamster. The uploads were unusually nasty and they really got me incredibly horny. So around 11:30 I decided to go for a run. As I was running back up to my apartment building after my 4 mile run I met Frank at the door. Frank is the retired guy who hangs out at the complex swimming pool on hot days. I have talked to him at the pool quiet a few times. I love to tease him with my skimpy bikinis. I think he might creep some of the other women out a little, but I really like him. There always seems to be room at the pool by... Continue»
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new landlords

My name is Matt I'm 32, my wife's name is Jillian she is 26, we have been
married for almost 6 years. I am your average guy five foot eight inches tall a
little over weight, jillian is five foot three inches tall and a hundred and five
pounds. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. She has a great body, a really small
round ass, I call her tits her torpedoes because that's what they look like, when
they hang down they look like torpedoes and the nipples are huge and look like the
detonators. Two years ago the company we worked for and where i met my wife closed
leaving us ... Continue»
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Showering And Playing With Mommy

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

It seems like just yesterday my dad left leaving my mom and I on our own but as hard as it's been we've managed to get closer than ever before. To me its fun to have it be "Girls day" everyday just mom and I shopping, going to movies, getting our hair done whatever we feel like doing that day I guess. Mom and I will sometimes do each others hair and makeup just because were bored and well cause were girls I guess. I was lucky to have gotten my moms looks like her golden blonde hair and blue eyes even though body wise she has m... Continue»
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Caught As A Slut For Black Cock

Anyone who has read any of the stories i share, sees a common theme. The idea of getting caught with another guy, while leading a very straight lifestyle, is both terrifying and intoxicatingly thrilling. As such, I continually put my self in situations where it may be discovered that i like cock too. Such is the case when my roommate came home to a surprising scene.

I now live with a girl roommate who is pretty chill and open-minded about things. We've hooked up a couple times when we've both been super horned. That said, to her I am totally straight. Because of this, I try and... Continue»
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