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Dogging experiences of a slut wife

It was my hubby, Andy's, 40th birthday last week and with abit of planning and searching on the internet i managed to make one of his fantasies come true. For the past few years we have spoken, normally when having sex, about having other couples and singles join us for fun. We have done the dogging bit, but only let people watch, this always turned both of us on, but we never took it any further.

Anyway i found a free contact site,signed up and started to put my plan into action. I looked at adds from couples, females and males. I also put my own add on saying what i was looking for. I sta... Continue»
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Taboo 1

I wanted to fuck my step-mom; there was no doubt about that. My dad had married her three years ago and all I could think about since she walked into the house was fucking her raw. I was fairly certain that she felt the same way, but I needed to be sure.
“JJ have you seen my dark blue button down?” my dad was packing for a business trip; I smiled slowly to myself thinking that I’d have a good two weeks alone with mommy dearest.
“Yeah, it’s in my closet, again.”
I brought the shirt down the hall and stood by the bed watching my dad pack. If everything went according to plan I’d be fucking... Continue»
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Lonely Fam!ly Fucks


This is a story about a desperate fam!ly that was all alone. The mother left the father about a year ago, the son was always single and the s!ster had been single for about 4 months and they were having no luck hooking up. They didn't know why. They were a good looking fam!ly.

Stan (the father) had short dark hair; very clean cut. He had broad shoulders. He kind of looked like your typical gag card poster boy for over the hill. You know the ones where there's a hot guy on the front saying, "you won’t get this anymore now that you're over the hill."

Ka... Continue»
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My Little Girl is Impregnated?

My Little Girl is Responsible
My Little Girl is a Pervert
My Little Girl is Impregnated? = Week 3

Synopsis: My 18 yr. old daughter, Mistress Lisa caught me having sex. In exchange for her silence, I was to serve as her slave on seven Thursdays while her mom was at work. This is the story of week 2.


On Friday morning, Lisa came into the kitchen as I was eating my breakfast and her Mom was fixing a salad for lunch. Lisa lay across my shoulders and I could feel her nipples rubbing into my back as she leaned forward and bit my ear! I damn near ... Continue»
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My Little Girl is a Pervert

My Little Girl is a Pervert

Mistress Lisa became owner of my life a week ago when she showed me that she had caught me fucking someone who was not her mother. So my dear little girl, who had turned 18 only a few weeks earlier, beat the hell out of me and then used me… well you can read about that in “My Little Girl is Responsible”

The second Thursday went down this way…..


Lisa or, I mean Mistress Lisa met me at the door to our home. I walked past her and put my computer bag on the couch. As I walked past she slapped my ass hard and I yelped. A c... Continue»
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Caught in the woods

After the first time Chris M*de me give him a blowjob in the hay loft he had used my mouth almost every day. It was summer and since he lived at the end of the road and both my parents worked either they would send me to his house or he would come over to my house to take care of me while they were away. The back half of my parent’s property was wooded and backed up to someone else’s property. While we were out exploring Chris and I had found and old club house looking thing in the middle of the woods, there was a bunch of blankets and even an old penthouse magazine inside. Chris loved to ... Continue»
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naughty housewife

It started simple enough i live on my own and Janice lived with her husband and two young daughters across the road.
Janice was an attractive mum who flirted with me while we waved across the street doing the usual collecting of garbage cans picking up the paper. She would tease me in with little arm lifts to show her mid drift but nothing more than a tease between friends.
That was until my birthday, everything went wrong that day, my friends bailed on me for one reason or another and my f****y was too far away to be my back up plans.
Feeling down i went for a bike ride just a quick once ... Continue»
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New situation with my neighbors!

If you've read my other blog or stories you know I have an ongoing relationship with a woman from my neighborhood, who is married, and her husband is ok with it, however up until now it was just her and I. I think she would just tell him about it afterwards and she took a couple pictures on one occasion, but other than that it's just been her and I. Well this weekend my wife was out of town and she invited me over, only this time Mike (husband) was home, they are both in their late 40's, Mike might be 50, but great shape. So I was hoping this wasn't the meeting where Mike says he doesn't want ... Continue»
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my seduction

Growing up and coming of age in the 60's had its advantages as well as typical teenage stuff. With my parents permission I would have friends sl**p over on occasion and we would stay up late watching tv and talking. Johnny was my best friend and he would sl**p over often on the weekends. My bedroom only had a full size bed, so we would sl**p next to each other.
We would invariably compare cock sizes and have sword fights, or what is now called frotting. Johnny liked to take my hand and put it on his cock, which was very thin and about 6", but it curved sharply upwards towards his belly. I ... Continue»
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Belle's story (Daddy/babygirl)

He opens the door and steps into his home, relieved to be home and exhausted from a long day. But more then anything, he's relieved to be back to the place where his princess is. And the fact that she hasn't come running the moment he stepped inside suggests she must be sl**ping.

And after hanging up his coat, he moves straight to her room, gentle opening the door to peer inside. Indeed she has fallen asl**p, though clearly not a proper sl**p, she rarely sl**ps well when he isn't home. Instead she's fallen asl**p ontop of the covers, the light on her nightstand is on and there are crayons ... Continue»
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New College Roommate - Cousin Emily

My fourth year at college proved to be very memorable. I was doing well in school and had a part-time job, but not much luck with the ladies other than an occasional date with someone from school or work or a d***k hook up after a night out at the club. I shared a two bedroom one bath quiet apartment off campus with a buddy from high school. As the Christmas break neared, he let me know he was dropping out to take a job working offshore. Soon after, he moved his stuff out and we settled up and would remain friends. I then posted a note online seeking a new roommate. I wasn’t so keen on l... Continue»
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Caught Flashing co-workers in office (Recorded)

During the summer I was sweating in the office environment, the air-conditioning was working intermittently, and temperatures were rising, as well as body heat.

The following day I brought a fresh change of underwear, which amounted to panties, as my breasts were firm enough, and smallish, not requiring me to wear a brassiere.

After lunch I was sitting behind my desk, shifting uncomfortably, feeling rivulets of sweat run down both back and front, and more annoyingly, my panties had worked into an embarrassing 'Wedgie', more like a string cutting through between my labia and ass cheeks, t... Continue»
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I studied my reflection in the mirror, twisted my tie around nervously and flipped down my collar to adjust the knot. "So tell me again why I'm putting on a suit just to meet your parents" I asked, knowing the answer already.

My girlfriend Sierra and I had been dating for about 6 months, and deep down I knew that I would have to meet her parents eventually. She talked so much about them that I felt as if I already knew them. Considering how often Sierra had her mother on the phone, I figured she had heard as much about me already as well. Now that the day had finally arrived to meet, I was ... Continue»
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Seduced By A Granny

"Honey, I'm home," I joked, entering the apartment me and Jake recently rented.

I assumed he was home since I heard the shower running. I needed to use the toilet myself so I knocked on the door before entering; right there peeing my guts out, feeling relieved.

"Oh, that was nice", I said and washed my hands. "I hope you're not too busy. I got plans for us and it involves the opposite sex. You hear me?"

"What? Who's that?"

I learned that the voice behind the shower curtain didn't belong to Jake. She stuck her head out the curtain and I got a good look at her. This was not Jake's u... Continue»
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It had been a few months since my experience at the ‘dogging’ site and I decided to go back. It was a glorious sunny warm day when I parked up in the car park, and there were quite a few cars in. I made my way down to the grassy area passing a few men who smiled at me, then I arrived, sitting on a wall I got a cig out.

As I sat there smoking a young lad came and sat next to me, we made small talk as I weighed him up, he was wearing a white shirt and black trousers with a school blazer. “What’s with the school uniform” “I go to the private boarding school up the road” “Oh how old are you” “I... Continue»
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Fucked By My Straight, Hung Friend (True)

This is going to be a true story of mine I thought I would share with you all, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I first met my friend Brian in high school and we instantly hit it off, we had a lot of the same interests like music, tattoos etc. Brian was about a foot taller than me and thin with medium length brown hair and some tattoos on his arms. When it was time to pick the college we were going to attend Brian picked the same one as me so we ended up moving in together in a small apartment building near campus. Brian and I's apartment quickly became the place where most of the parties ... Continue»
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Cruising pays off

I haven’t been able to get to my favorite glory hole for a few weeks now and so I thought I’d go cruising at Devil’s Lake State park. I had my cock out and in my hand and slowly stroking it as I drove there. About half way there I saw a hiker and thought I’d see if he wanted a ride. I pulled over and he came to the passenger window and asked how far I was going so I told him just a few miles up the road. I completely forgot about my zipper being down exposing my semi ridged cock. He said that was better than nothing and climbed in. As we talked he said it looked like he had interrupted my... Continue»
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Pastro John Visits School Teacher

Pastor John enjoyed his success and decided he would try his luck with a harder target.

He selected Janet, a school teacher who would be available during the long summer holidays. Janet was unmarried and that caused John to wonder why. Could she be a secret lesbian or had she been hurt by a man? Still, in order to find out he had to get closer to Janet. She was part of his charm hug on meeting in all circumstances.

Janet was probably about 39 - 45, naturally blonde hair, slim (so slim she had no tits. This caused John to wonder what her nipples would be like if erect.) well no tits is wr... Continue»
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s*s and I finally hook up

Sorry I have taken so long in writing my stories, but, life has been hectic and busy. I hope I can continue to write about my life, so you can enjoy it almost as much as I have. So, on to the next chapter. I last left you with the story of Thanksgiving. Well, sadly to say, not much else developed with Kayla. From what I understand, as told thru f****y circles, she fell for a guy and is currently all about him. Oh well, life goes on.

Now Kelly on the other hand, thru a lot of phone calls and text messages, I got the impression that she was quite the closet cockslut. All prim and proper "I-a... Continue»
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My sexy wife at the XXX bookstore

We went out to dinner at a fondue place that my Sexy slutwife loves to go to and she had a few glasses of wine with dinner. She was feeling pretty horny all day and the wine was helping her to get even more aroused. After dinner we went to a strip club and ran into Michael a black guy we had met there some time back.
We were sitting at one of the female strip stages and she played with his cock for a long time under the bar and he was playing with her tits. She had on one of her really loose low cut shirts so he was able to tweak her nipples and expose her tits quite easily to everyone around... Continue»
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Public Transportation

With the lousy, icy weather we have been experiencing lately, I decided to ride the bus to get to and from work. No need to risk wrecking my car on the slippery roads. On my way home after work one night, things got a little more interesting.
I had my heavy coat on over my white blouse and skirt, but it was really warm in the back seat of the bus on the ride home, so I took it off and sat on it. At the next stop, a guy that looked like he was probably homeless got on the bus and took a seat in the very back on the opposite side from me. He smelled of booze and seemed pretty out of it as he... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I had been dressing privately for a number of years and never
been with anyone while dressed up. That is, until I discovered
this support group for other CD/TV and TS girls. I joined
the group, which held meetings once a month about 40 miles
from where I lived. I quickly made some friends and after
the first meeting Emily asked if I wanted to go to the local
gay bar and hang out. I had never been to a gay bar before,
or even out dressed other than the meeting site. There were
about 12-15 of us "girls" at the bar and we had
taken over 2 or 3 tables and just talked and got acquainted.
... Continue»
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111 The k9 learning curve

111 The k9 learning curve
This story is based on an e mail I received from a “friend” who swore it was a true episode, her husband of two years, she reported as being; a “ half empty oil can and a brick short of a full load as well!”
As a blush saving exercise we will refer to him as Nigel and her as Tina, they live in a modern brick semi detached suburban estate, known locally as filofax ally, full of bottom rung wanabee stockbrokers.
He, Nigel came from well bred stock with money, and had been sent to the city to learn a trade, probably to get him away from home, not bright enough to driv... Continue»
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The Geek

I began having a lot of problems with my work laptop, so once or twice a week I needed to go into the office and see the IT guy.

He was shy, maybe a little younger then me, and I would consider him a geek or nerd type.

He always had the same song playing when I visited his office. I eventually heard it on the radio and got to hear the whole song, it was “Someday” by Sugar Ray. Listening to the lyrics led me to suspect it was no coincidence. That song was playing for me. I think he had a crush on me.

I can’t prove it, but Gary does have access to my laptop without me since it was a ... Continue»
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My New Nephew

This is my first attempt at writing a story. The best part is that this one is true. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. My older half-b*****r had just remarried, and I learned that I had a new nephew, that we will call Bobby. I had just turned 18 and he was one year older than I was. After the normal introductions, my parent and my b*****r and his wife started supper, but suggested Bobby and I go out and grab a burger and get acquainted better. I didn't have a drivers license yet, so he drove his Mom's car and we went out to town. We grabbed a burger at a local b... Continue»
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Young Wife’s Ass Too Small For Anal

One of the reasons my wife Cindy married me was my healthy nine inch cock. Cindy and I enjoyed a great sex life and we wanted to experiment with new things. But it turned out that anal sex was out of the question. Every time I went to put the head of my sizable organ into Cindy’s small tight ass she screamed in excruciating pain. I understood why, her asshole was so small in comparison to my huge cockhead that I knew there was no way I could assfuck her. So we just decided to rule out anal sex. That was before we met our neighbors Tony and Carol, we soon were having group sex together but n... Continue»
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Straight Boy Bottom: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Alone at Last

So in the last chapter you learned how it all started. My girlfriend Gwen
had a thing for taboo sex, and as it turned out, so did I. After
introducing me to ass play, she started to use a strap on on me. I would
be lying if I didn't say I loved it. after awhile she convinced me to let
her friend Nathan fuck me while she watched. I would also be lying if I
said I didn't love that.

So there I was, a straight (I swear) guy who had just been fucked in the
ass by another dude and loved it. I didn't know what to do or think.
After 2 weeks of semi-norm... Continue»
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Gregory & Mom

Gregory and Mom
The story of a Young Ebony Sissy Boy pt1

I lie between Gregory’s large smooth thighs and slam my cock in and out of his boy-pussy harder and faster as I feel myself about to cum. He grunts and throws his phatt Brown ass right back at me, matching be stroke for stroke like the complete bottom Bitch he has become. I know that I am going to cum in another minute or two and I know that it’s going to be big. At that moment I hear the door to the house open, then his mom steps in and yells “hey boys, I’m home”! Gregory freaks out and tries to get away, but I hold his ankles tig... Continue»
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Mother in law


I Had Sex With My Mother In Law
My Dear Mother In Law It all started before I was married. I bought a car from a friend and the engine was in parts. I was working on it in my future in laws garage. I will call her mom for this story. I was in the garage and nobody was home. Mom came home and used the front door to get in. Apparently she took a shower and changed up. She came downstairs and opened the door from the garage to the basement and called me over for a drink of water. She was wearing a thin nightgown and was clearly naked underneath. I was greeted with a kiss on the lips i... Continue»
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Bicurious first time (true story)

Hope you enjoy my true story of my first time, this is the only place I can share this, not something I can chat about with friends down the pub.

A bit about me, I have an athletic build, short hair and a nice trimmed 6.5 inch uncut cock and had come out of a long term relationship 8 years ago. At that time I had always considered myself straight and had no attraction to men, the difference now is that while I don't have an attraction to men, I am attracted to a nice cock and open minded enough to have realised that pleasure can be given and received by both sexes. I think lots of guys feel... Continue»
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I love cock. Can't deny it. Can't escape it. Not guys, as such, but COCK. I am married, love my wife and f****y, and will do nothing to endanger them or my marriage. But I love cock. Am I repeating myself?

With local University connections, I am able to make use of the 5 different gyms and work-out centers on campus, in addition to the 3 pools they have. I admit, that at the pools I spend way more time looking at the co-eds, than anything or anyone else.

I tend to use the gyms either early in the morning, arriving well before 8am, or later after dinner, close to 8pm. I try to pick on cer... Continue»
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Mandy's First Black Cock

Hello, my name is Mandy. I am a happily married white woman. I am 34 years old, I have natural brown hair, both on top and bottom, a slightly olive colored complexion, and I am somewhat slim but I did put on a little extra weight after having a c***d. As a young girl I have always fantasized about black men, even though I knew I would never date one, and I had always wondered if what I had heard about the size of their cocks was true. On my first job after high school, I began having daily contact with one of the black employees that worked in the warehouse and he began flirting with me every ... Continue»
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Helen's naughty tennis lesson.. A little fan

A warm sunny morning in the south of England.
Dan was sipping his tea while reading the Saturday papers when Helen walked in and did a little twirl, asking,
"Do you like my new tennis dress"
"Looks very good on you, a bit short for tennis though I would have thought"
"What do you mean, short"

"Well when you bend over to pick up your ball anyone standing behind you will have a lovely view of your arse''
''Oh Dan sometimes you can be such a prude, all the tennis ladies wear dresses like this''
''Would this new dress have anything to do with that new coach at the club you were telling me... Continue»
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Your a Cocksucker

Sometime after ten o'clock, following a late administrator's meeting about next year's school year, I pulled into a truck stop that I drove past every day but had never stopped at and went directly to the restroom...barely able to keep from pissing myself...still half an hour from home.

I walked into the restroom and went directly to a stall, pulled out my cock and began pissing.

From a stall directly behind me, I heard someone say, "Hey cocksucker, we have an audience."

I looked behind me, to see the stall was wide open and a burly black truck driver was standing up with a smile o... Continue»
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Married Pussy Boy

A few weeks ago, I attended a training conference in Hilton Head, S.C. The company I work for has multiple locations throughout the southeast and paid all the expenses to the four day program. They were willing to pay at least half of the accommodations or all of it if we were willing to share a room with another company employee. All other expenses, including meals, were paid for as well as a small daily expense account for entertainment.

I'm 28 and my wife and I just purchased our first home a couple of years ago and as you can imagine, we are on a really tight budget. I gladly opted for ... Continue»
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Black Gold

My wife and I had been married for three great years. We were high school sweathearts in the middle of small town USA. She is the only woman I have been with and I was the only man who she had had. I was a normal looking guy, dark hair, average height and weight. My wife was a cute little blonde. She had shoulder length hair and a nice little body. She was petite with a nice little rack. She looked alot like Christina Aguilera except she dressed much more conservative. Our sex life was good as we had that special bond of only making love to each other. We were very excited when an old friend f... Continue»
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Married Pussy Boy PT 2

It's been a little more than a month ago when I met a man who would forever alter my life and my wife Laurie. I met Steve at a conference in Hilton Head where I was attending a sales conference. Steve was a trainer at the conference and my company teamed attendees up with trainers, at least those who elected to do so, in order to cut costs. It was at this conference that Steve seduced me and by the end of the week, I had completely submitted to him as his gay cock slut.

I had never given a thought to being with a man before and I was completely blown away that in a period of days this man h... Continue»
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Boredom had reached the point beyond relief as I took a shower that morning. Making love to my wife had become an unbearable routine; a robotic missionary position kind of thing. Moving to Hong Kong as I got transfered by the company I work to had made no difference at all. I thought it could spicy things up a little bit but no. Everything was just the same.

The truth is that I cannot blame my wife. Such a waste - a beautiful and intelligent woman, really attractive but raised in a puritan environment that somehow ruinned her ... Continue»
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First Time Pegged

"Hunny?!" I Shouted, shutting the door behind me; I had just got home. There was no response.

I walked through the house looking for my wife, I knew she must be home. I needed to know if the mail had arrived.

"Sweetie?" I heard her purring behind me. She was stood against the door frame, naked except for her new feeldoe. "It came this morning." She said with a grin.

My cock stirred, I hadn't cum in days, not since I told her my fantasies, not since we ordered it. Now it was here. It was time to give her my ass.

I had always dreamt of being ass fucked, but it was just a fantasy, I ... Continue»
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How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You

How to Get Your Wife to Cuckold You

Most husbands start out trying to get their wives to cuckold them by putting the emphasis on "fucking other men." This is a critical mistake. Just because this idea turns you on, doesn't mean it is going to turn your wife on. Women think differently than men, especially married women---and the key word here is married. Women learn very early as little girls that being a good wife means being faithful to our husbands. We also have some preconceived ideas about marriage that makes the idea of cuckolding seem anti-marriage. Women are taught to nurture the re... Continue»
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Best Man

The soft yellow glow of lampshades lulled Charlie to sl**p in the late hours after the guests had gone home. His roommate, Kevin, clanged the last of the empty wine and beer bottles into the bin before retiring next to him on the couch. Kevin yawned drowsily when he noticed that his friend had dozed off. He sank into the plush cushions and gazed wearily at his girlfriend, who was still tidying up from his party in the kitchen alcove across the room. She looked beautiful in the twilight, and Kevin felt himself a lucky man.

There was still a certain strangeness in thinking of Kelly as his fia... Continue»
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Two for one

I went to the Newport glory hole yesterday. When I pulled into the parking lot there was only one other car and I thought to myself that this may be a waste of time in stopping but since I was here I’d check it out. I walked in and sure enough the place was empty except the clerk and one guy buying sometime. I walked back to the booths, they were all empty, and found my favorite one. I fed the machine and sat down. At least I could have a good stroke and enjoy myself.
I had been there about 5 minutes when I heard footsteps and the door next door closed. After a few seconds I leaned over ... Continue»
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My Wife's Friend's b*****r

My wife asked me to move her friend Natalie into her new house with the help of Natalie's b*****r Phil. I arranged to pick him up in my truck and we had all her stuff on board in a few hours. When we arrived at the house we took out all the boxes and stacked them beside the truck, thinking that it would be better to bring in the white domestic appliance's and the suite ,tv,etc. We had most of the furniture in when the heavens opened with the result that the cardboard box's got soaking wet, Natalie had them labelled so we proceeded to put box's for the kitchen into the kitchen and so on. I... Continue»
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Where I grew up, just outside of town there was a huge stand of poplar trees. I used to go there to climb. I had a favorite tree and I would sit in it for hours contemplating things and life. I even jerked off up there a time or two.

One afternoon, while I was in my tree, I heard voices. It was Sam & Betty from school. They sat under a tree close by. I could clearly see them through the branches and foliage.

I kept quiet, hoping that they would not see me.

Betty and I had never dated but we always got along well with each other. She was eighteen, same as me. She was very bright in ... Continue»
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Dressed as a girl for craigslist

One evening I posted on Craigslist asking for a dick to suck and fuck and I got a few responses and I replied and met three of them.
I dressed in a pair of blue bikini panties, a pair of black yoga pants, a blue bra with my fake boobs, and a tight black shirt. The first guy was about 6 feet tall Hispanic with a nice 8 inch cock. He came over to my place and I had him come in and as he came in he started kissing me and pushing me down onto the floor and he grabbed my ass and played with me there in the floor. I rolled him over and got on top I sat down on his crotch and I felt his penis pokin... Continue»
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Sex Education 2

As I said, when I got back to the swimming pool everyone had left so I just dove in and swam a couple of laps. While I was resting by the side of the pool the locker room attendant came in and sat down at the edge of the pool. He waved me over to him and told me that the pool was closed. I started to get out but he told me to stay put. He told me that he had seen me back in the shower room with those 3 guys and it looked like I was enjoying being fucked and now he wanted to know how good I sucked cock. I told him that I had never sucked cock before and he informed me that it was time for me to... Continue»
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Lesson Learned

The wife and I have been married for twenty years. It has been good. But like most of you all I have long fantasized about my wife, Susan , fucking another man. Susan has always been very conservative, the way she dresses, the way she acts, everything. She has always been happy to spread her legs and take my seed, but a wild and crazy fuck she is not. But over the years I have pestered her about taking another man and she always blew it off saying that is gross or she is happy with me. The way I had fantasized it happening is we would find the perfect guy, a friend, a guy I work with who was... Continue»
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A Gift for the Gifted Student

Gifted student sounds a little not PC. But that is what we called ourselves. Accelerated student might be a better way of putting it. But none the less we were very smart k**s and the school district wanted to make sure we did not get bored and go some where else so they came up with these special events and classes and field trips for us. I mean there were only ten of us in the program. I was excited about this trip to the city for a week. We would get to stay at a fancy hotel and go see all the museums and art gallerys. My parents had something come up at the last minute and could not go. ... Continue»
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Beth Wilson arrived home late. It was 1:30 AM, and she was beat. She thought to herself, I'd better check on Nancy to make sure she's OK. Beth peeked in Nancy's room and stood in the doorway dumfounded. She saw Nancy, another young woman, and a grown man all sl**ping together! Obviously, none of them had heard her come in.

Looking closer, she saw her daughter and her best friend, Louise, sl**ping in her big bed. But she didn't know the man between the two girls. All three were naked, their limbs intertwined, and sound asl**p. From between the splayed legs of the girls, Beth noticed a gliste... Continue»
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My wife and I met, fell in love, and married shortly after college. We live in a small house in the suburbs just outside of Atlanta, it's a nice up and coming area with plenty of other people our age. My name's Steve, I work in the banking and finance sector. My wife, Stacey, teaches fourth grade at a local elementary school. We aren't exactly wealthy, but we maintain a comfortable lifestyle and don't have many monetary complaints. We are both relatively young, I recently turned 34 and my wife is a few months shy of 29 years old. Our parents have been starting to pressure us into having k**s b... Continue»
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