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Our First Swinging Experience

It all started when Justin (my husband) and I were dating. I’d catch him staring at some girls when we were together and asked him how he’d like it if I checked out every guy I met. To my surprise, he said he’d love to see me with other men! Neither of us did anything outside the normal relationship bounds but did discuss it during sex. It turned him on when I would wonder out loud how big another man’s dick is or that other men were sexy.

We got married in 2013 ... Continue»
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Fat neighbor

I am a young housewife that has been married for about 5 years.
Before I got married I held several jobs, ranging from office work to retail and as a waitress. Since I got married, I managed to loose my office job when the company down sized. My hubby thought it was not worth looking for a low paying job so I went back to school to get my college degree. I graduated a few months ago and have since looked for a job. I want to get a job in a Finance department, but have not found the right job yet.
This means that I spend a lot of time in the house when I am not on the job hunt.

My hubby t... Continue»
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The bitch

I hate my dad's new girlfriend. She was bossy and snotty towards me. I don't know why she had such an attitude towards me, but it did not feel good to be in the house when she was around.
Sure she had a hot body and a very pretty face, but she was a total bitch to me! Kept asking myself how my nice and good guy of father could have this bitch around. I don't think he ever got to see her true behavior when he was around. She put this nice face and attitude, but as soon as my dad was far away enough not to hear what she told me, then it would spew out of her.
She kept telling me that I was wor... Continue»
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Car Service

I was not very happy with my mother. I got home late since my parents had a party and I did not want to hang around and it would be too noisy if I stayed in my room so I had gone over to a friend's house. It was closer to 1 AM than midnight and I was surprised to see how many people were in the house when I came home.
I was annoyed by the fact that almost every adult there was really d***k. It was noisy and people behaved like fools. I guess that when you are sober you see things in a different way. Some of the people were making out and I knew that they were not couples, they were married to... Continue»
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Stepdaughter's First Orgasm

I am married to a gorgeous 45 year old MILF, I do everything for her she is one gorgeous lady the problem has always been her daughter who was always trying to interfere in our marriage. One day, I walked into the living room after work and I could hear moaning coming from one of the back bedrooms. I suspected my stepdaughter Angie was probably fucking some guy in her bedroom. This girl had a stream of skinny college guys who bedded her down and then for some reason dumped her after a few weeks. I chuckled when I heard her say to her boyfriend in disgust “Steve you came already, it’s only b... Continue»
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I peed, seeing him wank himself, at me.

When did I see my first one, and did it affect me?

I was just a girl at the fair, when I needed to have a pee. I went behind some bushes, pulled my panties down, and started peeing.

I saw him when he moved, he was watching me, I was side on to him, my shorts and panties were at my ankles, and I was nude all the way up to my bikini top, so even side on, he had a lot of flesh to look at.

My natural instinct was to cover up and hide, but I was peeing mid stream and I simply could not stop, he must have been watching my stream of piss streaming out from behind my ass.

He moved quickly,... Continue»
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When daddy caught me watching

It was a typical weekend occurrence whilst growing up. Mum and dad would go out and I would be left at home with just the babysitter for company. One night as I lay in bed, I wondered what time mummy and daddy would return. I soon fell asl**p only to be woken in the early hours of the morning as was often the case. Mummy and daddy had arrived back home clearly d***k and still in high spirits from their night out on the town. The babysitter had left and as mummy and daddy finally quietened down I was able to get back to sl**p.

Sometime later I had woken again. I tossed and turned whils... Continue»
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Suzie Smith had finished dressing for school. She locked the door to her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed. The young sophomore reached into the bottom drawer of her dresser and pulled out a magazine that she had secretly borrowed from the neighbor's home the night before while babysitting.
The cover of the magazine had a young lady dressed in a Catholic school uniform, much like the one that Suzie herself would wear to school. The blonde girl was posed very provocatively, reclining on a bed with her pleated skirt pulled up and a naughty smile. The title of the magazine... Continue»
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supermarket tranny

It was a typical Saturday morning. I was at the grocery
store doing my weekly food shopping. As I was perusing
through the vegetable section my eyes caught sight of a
a very attractive woman. She had long dark brown hair,
pretty face and a nice body.

I worked my way over to her and checked her left hand
for a wedding ring. She had none. I made some remarks
about the slim pickings the supermarket had. She and I
quickly engaged in conversation about cooking etc.

We walked around the store side by side picking our own
groceries an just having a good time. It was time to
c... Continue»
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My aunt

My uncle came home for his 14 days and I limited myself to only using "Jean's" panties. I tried peeping a couple times to see if I could catch them fucking but somebody had moved the curtains. One day while they were out, I "fixed" the curtains again and that night I got to watch as they fucked. I watched my aunt suck my uncle’s cock and then watched her have a couple huge orgasms as he ate her pussy. They started out fucking in missionary then she got on top and rode him then they ended up doggie and that's how they finished. While they were fucking doggie I could see "Jean's" tits swinging a... Continue»
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Caught Red Handed

Kevin worked part time in a small, f****y owned grocery store while attending the local community college. He had worked there since he was a sophomore in high school. Now at 20, he was still a bit of a loner, not a real popular kind, but he worked hard and lived at home while going to school.

Mrs. Johnson's husband Arnold hired him, and he worked weekends during school, and when he was on Spring break he worked full time. He did the same on his Christmas break, and during the summer. One afternoon when Kevin came in after class to help Mrs. Johnson with the new stock that had arrived she ... Continue»
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Not proud

Is there anyone else who fucked a woman and will never tell anyone else about it?

My friend, Travis and I had been running out 10 K run as we normally do every other day. We biked and swam too, so our goal was to be competing in Iron Man races.
It was early Friday evening and we got back to his house drenched in sweat. His parents had a big house with a swimming pool and gym in the basement of the house. They also had a sauna and a hot tub outside.
Our legs were really sore so we jumped in the hot tub. Since it was only the two of us, we did not get swim trunks.
It was really relaxing ... Continue»
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Fucking my Girlfriends s****rs

The background to the story is I met my girlfriend when I was 22. She's 18 and a bit overweight but I find it sexy, more to grab onto, her name was Ella. She had a boyfriend at the time but she ended up cheating on him with me and eventually leaving him for me. After about a month of hiding our relationship we told everybody.I had just met her f****y and introduced to her s****rs. 1 was 21 and the other 16. Both of them are beautiful. The 21 year old which was called Nat had big breast nice curvy thighs, only problem was her buck teeth but it didn't bother me too much. The 16 year old was perf... Continue»
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My first Cock

The first time I saw and touched a cock I was very young. My self and my next door neighbour built tents out of sheets and we played in there for hours. Even young I was curious about cocks. We used to show me yours and I will show you mine. we were both so tiny back then but I still remember seeing a cock go hard for the first time. I loved the feel of his cock and the taste of it as well.

Several years later and I turned 17 and went to a party at a posh friends house. His house was massive and had a huge barn type thing in the grounds. The party was banging and it was packed. The girls w... Continue»
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The pastor's wife has needs..

My name is Cheryl. Rex and I have been married 30 years. I am 50 and Rex is 60. Rex has been a pastor most of that time in a small southern town. About 6 months ago his church was gutted by fire along with the home we lived in next door. We lost everything; there was no money in the church to help them so we decided to move north. We moved in a large town but had to stay in a lower income part to afford the rent. Rex got a pastoring job while I searched for a job and as such was left at home alone for most of the day and even nights as Rex try to build up his church. There was an elderly ma... Continue»
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Neighborhood sex orgy - Elise confronts Tim

The first two parts of this story were well received and told the story of something akin to a BD blind date that was suddenly ended when the women discovered they were related to the men! Part 3 told of the Father and daughter who had some issues to work through. This story tells how the older woman and her step-son worked out their situation.

If you are interested in exploring this taboo subject, settle in and enjoy!!!


Elise pulled on her sports bra and her pink and black running top. She had already put on the matching shorts and pulled her hair back in... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner

My mother and I have all ways been close with dad working long hours and taking trips that has him gone so much of the time, and when he is home, mom and I still spend a lot of time together since dad wants to be left alone to either work on something from work or reast up for the next day of work, and what gets mom and me is, he is not the owner of the company he works for.

One Friday night it was just mom and I home alone again, which we started watching a movie on one of the stations that she liked to watch from time to time that had a lot of romance shows, which is what we would watch o... Continue»
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Pantyhose in the woods again.

A week after our last encounter I was once again dressed in my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset removed. I had arranged to meet Megan in the same charity shop we had met in before. As I walked along the road to the shop I spotted her car parked not far from the shop and glancing in the window as I passed, I spotted a bag on the back seat with its contents spilling out. There were several packs of pantyhose and stockings and at least one suspender belt and some other articles of sexy lingerie.
I moved on quickening my pace to the charity shop, my stiffening cock rub... Continue»
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M I L part I: You want me to do WHAT to your mothe

“You want me to do what to your mother?” Part I

Let’s start by defining who we are. I‘m not religious, as in going to worship often (almost never now), but align myself with a religion, however, in name only. My parents were very religious to the point of ad-nausium. During my growing up years, religion was crammed down my throat to the point of turning me off toward it. However, I still believe in God…. It’s His fan clubs I have a problem with.

My wife came from an even more religious f****y. Two of her uncles are clergy. Her Father and Mother were active church goers, and active ... Continue»
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My Teacher

I sat there transfixed on the sight before me. Mrs. Farr was leaning over talking to me and I could see right down her shirt, those large melons calling for me. I could see her nipples! This was not the first time for this to happen as she wore loose fitting tops all the time.
Mrs. Farr is no super model sorry to say. But for a eighteen year old k** that has always struck out with the ladies this is just as good. Mrs. Farr is average height, curly brown hair with some gray. Big warm brown eyes. Freckles, on her face and chest. A small pot belly and maybe her ass was nice when she was yo... Continue»
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Hot gym shower encounter

Since I know I am bisexual, I had some difficulty to take a shower at the gym. I believe that seeing so many naked men and dicks by my sides would get me hard in front of everyone. I always wait to be the last one to go hit the shower to avoid the humiliation.
One evening after my workout, I was alone in the change room, well I thought so.
I went to take my shower, started by washing my body and finished with my hair. After I was rinsing my hair and cleaning my eyes, I saw one hot guy at the opposite me. He was about 6 feet 2, muscular body type that could weight around 200 lbs of muscle, sh... Continue»
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Neighborhood sex orgy - at home with Lindsey, we d

Parts 1 and 2 had me, pops with Lindsey my young offspring. Elise and Tim had their own situation. Now Lindsey comes home and we have to work things out.. and in the process we both get worked up!!


It was 3:00 a.m. when I heard the car pull into the driveway. I was lying on the couch wondering just how bad things could be. Elise had jumped up off of Tim, taken a swing at Bob and then burst into tears and run for the stairs. Lindsey had stood there for only a moment before calling us all a bunch of bastards and racing upstairs after Elise. Bob stoo... Continue»
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The men in my girfriends f****y

Anyone who has read any of my stories knows that I love taking deep dickings and being bred. Best feeling in the world. And that I am not necessarily attracted to men, but attracted to their cocks and the cum they give me. I still got aroused at the sight of a girl.

I was an average k**. Nothing special to look at. The only reason I did get attention was from guys that knew I would suck them off or let them fuck me. So when a girl from school actually started to show interest in me, I started to get interested in her.

She was average looking, too. But she was smart and nice. We would ta... Continue»
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Torrid Young Policewoman's confession

We were put on short standby, as trouble brewed down-town. Fellow officers were out and reports were coming in that numbers were increasing, and our radios were alive as fights broke out, with colleagues calling in for reinf***ements.

I was a rookie just into my twenties, more a pin-up girl than a butch fighting feminine policewoman, in fact I was caught up between the sexes, with as many of my female friends as desperate for my attention, as male colleagues, during our patrols.

The high testosterone and oestrogen levels attributed to the nature of the job, then there was the power surge... Continue»
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Coach Kristen

What does she do when she's off the field?
My niece plays softball in a little league that is sponsored by the city we live in. Her coach, Kristen (not her real name), is really the only fun thing about the games.

Kristen is on the thick side. She has sort of a chunky face that she packs make-up onto, and pouty lips that are the same dark-red color as her long, curly hair. She’s not what I would call a classic beauty but she is definitely “doable.” And if I had to guess, I’d say that she was probably in her early to mid-30’s.

Kristen also gives off the vibe that when sh... Continue»
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First anal with a college freshman

This is a true account of the first time I had anal sex with anyone. For starters I am 6 foot, male, athletic (six pack etc.) and am pretty lucky size wise (7 inches and thick). I am still finishing college, and this took place my freshman year. While I was at school I regularly had sex with a girl who I will call Jess.

At maybe 4 am one Saturday morning I got a knock on my suites door, I had just gotten back from going out and was not tired yet. Opening the door, I found Jess waiting in what were obviously clothes she had been out in that night. I remember a black pencil skirt and heels we... Continue»
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Gloryhole Wife

A few weeks ago, my wife and I had an experience unlike either one of us has had before. This happened completely spontaneously, perhaps that is what makes is so erotic to us both. At first, she didn't want me to share the story, however, she told me she wouldn't mind if I wrote about it. So hear it goes.
We were on the way to the beach for the week. Her friend has a condo in Charleston, SC that we could stay for free if we'd only pay the cleaning fee. No problem!!! It was slow at work anyways, so I we both headed out late on a Friday night after finishing the work week. Originally, we were ... Continue»
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Bi friend

Tom started to undress and of course he had no underwear on, normally that wouldn't be a problem but tonight we were sl**ping in the same bed. He was walking around with his cock flopping all over the place, Tom has no modesty and I could resist taking a few glances when he was looking. I noticed that Tom had a nice cut cock with a large mushroom head probably about 7 inches. His cock wasn't real thick as opposed to mine which is also 7 inches but extremely thick and uncut. Well I started arguing with him that he better not get to close tonight in bed and hit me with that thing, he got me so m... Continue»
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Hubby Prefers Black Musk

Being a school counselor can have its rewards in different ways sometimes. This is one of those times that a counseling session in high school was remembered ...

Yes, I was the part-time high school counselor when Todd was called in for counseling. I worked 2 days a week as a high school counselor at Todd's school and 3 days a week I worked at an inner city college as a Special Education teacher working with k**s that were failing and falling behind.

Todd, a husky, black tenth grader, who lived with his elderly grandmother, was brought down to me because of his penchant for pinching girl... Continue»
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I was a popular guy at my High School, mostly among the girls. Before I hit puberty I was a nobody, then my body changed and even more so my penis started to grow in size and soon it was well known around school that I was hung like a horse.

The first once that suddenly showed interest in me, was the "slutty and easy" girls. None of them were very attractive, they all liked attention and got it from the guys by sl**ping with them. At first it was fun to get their attention, but some of my more normal female friends warning from doing anything with them, since I would be clumped into their "... Continue»
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Sex Ed

This story is a little hard for me to write. It is about my first time to have sex. I am not sure why it is hard to write but here it goes. My mom has always been hot and we have always been close. We have a lot of fun together and I think we feel more like friends than mom and son. My mom is five foot eight, slim, nice ass, and perfect 34 "C" cup tits. She has long blonde hair with brown underneath and big brown eyes. She keeps herself in really good shape. People mistake her for my s****r all the time. All my friends say that they would fuck her in a heartbeat. I have seen her naked many t... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #2

Saturday morning I woke up with the usual morning wood, so before getting out of bed I started jerking off, thinking about what my mother and I did last night while watching the movie that we watched, after we had changed into our night clothes, even thou I do not sl**p with anything on at all.

I was the first one to get to the kitchen so I popped the popcorn then got us some soft drinks to drink with the popcorn, then put it on a tray that mom had, just for taking drinks and snacks to another room of the house when two or more, was having snacks and drinks.

As usual my mother had on a s... Continue»
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My Xhamster meet in hotel parking lot

I met this girl on xhamster for a few months now. She said right off the bat that she wasn’t into older guys, I told her that was fine and that I understood. She ended up excepting me as a friend, we actually talk a lot but it is never really sexual. Well I found out she actually lives close to where I work. She had told me at one time she was having car issues, I asked her what kind of car she drove and she told me. Well just the other day while on my way to work I see a car drive by my work, one like she drives. I went online later and asked her if she was driving by and she said it wasn’t... Continue»
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Hi my name is Tina its actually Ted but when I go out in drag it becomes Tina anyway I'm a software designer working for a small company mostly its exciting work but sometimes I get bored and need to spice things up a bit! I have a feminine body I take after my mother shes Italian gorgeous slender and beautiful my father is a handsome but big burly guy who can't understand how he got stuck with this girly son but he still loves me... I like to go to a club that's far away so I won't meet anybody I know from work or anything they don't know my other side and I'd prefer they didn't not that I'm ... Continue»
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Hook, Line and Sinker - Sergio

Hook, Line & Sinker:

Following my encounter with Sergio, my hubby’s coworker at the local track which ended up with him releasing his entire inventory of sweet Latin cum down my throat he began calling even more than before. This was no surprise at all. I knew after that blow job I gave him that he would be begging for more and not to mention I wouldn’t have minded having his stiff brown cock in me either.

Things were kind of odd at first. I would talk to him on the phone while he was at work, with my hubby. And of course he was talking about when we could hook up, etc. He was p... Continue»
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Having a husband help me take his wife by f***e

I am a 27 y.o. married black truck driver. I travel the western U.S. and Canada. I met a guy on here who is 70 and his wife is 66. He sent me some clothed pics of her and she is still attractive. He said he was no longer interested in fucking her but had fantasies about her taking a young black guy like me. He said he only had 5" when it used to get hard and it turned him on thinking about her taking my hard black 10". I asked him what she thought about it? and he said she was very religious and probably wouldn't go along with it. I told him I didn't know what I could do about that. He asked i... Continue»
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My sex slave

I had a friend who claimed he wasn't gay come to my house today. There was a tranny I fucked regularly there that helped me find out if he was into girls with dicks or not. I brought him to my basement blindfolded and when he got downstairs I Had her bound with her ass and balls exposed and she was gagged with a ball strapped to her face. "Does this turn you on" I asked him. He had on sweatpants and a t-shirt with no underwear on. I told him if his dick gets hard he has to fuck her ass. "don't pay attention to her cock just look at her asshole" I said. I had on a black suit with a red tie. The... Continue»
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Face time

I had been working with this model on a couple of fetish projects. Most of them had some kind of bondage theme, while this does not really excite me. This model did really got my bl**d boiling.
She was a curvy soft spoken woman in her early 30s. She seemed to be a shy woman, until she stripped out of her clothes to become a very different person.
I don't know why she wanted to do all the bondage photography, but since I liked her so much and enjoyed seeing her naked body displayed in front of my lens, I kept working with her.

At a couple of our sessions where she was tied up and restrain... Continue»
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A short story of the past good days.

This is Kimmie with a short story from the days when we
started having full sex. This was at the age of about
1three or 1four. We never thought to write down the exact
date and time.
Tim was asl**p in bed with me after our parents went to sl**p
for the night. He was just wearing a pair of gym shorts and I
was in gym shorts with a half tee shirt on. It came to just
below my breast. When ever I would stretch or reach above my
head the lower part of my boobs an sometimes my nipples would
be in full view. There were times when I would see older
b*****r and even dad looking at me ... Continue»
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M I L part II

Aunt Mary

This is a sequel to: “You want me to do WHAT to your mother?”

A quick synopsis of the first story.

Wife asked me to “service” her mother, as her father had a stroke and heart attack, then he dies. So for 3 years, she did not have sex. My wife said “No holds barred, but keep it down to every couple of weeks or so. I want to be kept satisfied and mom gets you afterward.” Since “mom” (as she wanted us to call her) had married Dad just out of H S, she did not have “man” experience before hand. Moreover, dad was ultra religious. In their religion, women served the man, and th... Continue»
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Hospital bed

I recall years ago when I was laying on a hospital bed and getting an ultrasound done to see if I had a bl**dclot in my leg. I had not had any sex for awhile and all the nurses were hottttt to look at. As I lay on the bed waiting for the ultrasound tech to arrive, my mind wandered to sex as usual due to all the pretty nurses walking around. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door and in my doorway was one of the hottest looking gals I'd seen in a long time. She had long brown hair with brown eyes and what apperared to be a perfect set of little titties and then her legs...mmmmm....she was bui... Continue»
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Mary and the door-to-door salesman

Mary and the door-to-door salesman

For the past five years, I've been married to a beautiful woman, several years younger than myself. Mary has the kind of face and figure men dream about. She is now thirty-six years old, stands five feet five inches, and weighs about 135 pounds. Her measurements are a stunning 37-28-38. Her tits are firm and full, with very large nipples and she has wide well-rounded hips that have a seductive sway when she walks.

Mary is a perfect lady, well dressed and well mannered. But she always wears a garter belt and stockings with brightly colored bikini panti... Continue»
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Random Shopping Mall Hook Up

What happens when a random teen kisses a random older man as he walks through a mall? What happens when he walks back to his car? Going to the mall will never be the same for you after you read this story!!


It was Thursday evening and I needed to get a fancy picture frame and have it engraved for my nephew’s high school graduation so I walked into the mall and went straight to the kiosk where the story directory was displayed and found the quickest path from where I was to where I needed to go. I then turned around and nearly bumped into this tall young gir... Continue»
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Mac was a married man and his wife was knocked up with their sixth c***d. He loved sex and his wife loved having babies. Her mother had given birth to eighteen k**s and her grandma twenty two. She married Mac as he could afford her all these babies. Mac also loved to fuck. When he was not fucking his wife he was sticking his dick in young Sue. He first saw her when she was walking down a back road and she had on a tight knit shirt hugging a nice full set of tits and short shorts that showed an inch of her ass cheeks. He pulled over and asked her if she wanted a ride with big daddy and she smil... Continue»
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Got gang fucked by 3 fuys at same time @ 18yo

My names Sara and this is the story of how i had my first gangbang experience wit three white guys and one black guy. I was a freshman in high school. There was this one senior his name as mike, he always used to flirt with me, my best friend Carrie who was 16 was dating his younger b*****r Chris so we all spent a lot of time over his house, his parents were never home so we always drank and partied over there. Mike and his friends always brought beer for the parties, it was mainly mikes friends who were all juniors and seniors.

One night Mike was having a birthday party there and we were ... Continue»
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My wife and me Fucked by four men

It started quite innocently enough. Me and my wife met a friend Dave for drinks.
My wife is a sexy beautiful BBW and oozes sexiness.
On drink lead to another, (and another). and my wife was openly flirting with Dave ( I knew that she fancied him)
The pub was closing, so my mate asked if we would like to go to his hotel room, for more drinks. We were far enough gone by now and it seemed like a good idea.
We arrived at his room in the hotel and he poured our drinks, put on some music and started to dance with my wife. It didn't take long before the effects of the drink and the sexual electri... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote XV - Cheats and Chumps

Guys, I just wanna say thank you so much for being such great readers. I love all your PMs and comments and suggestions. It's great knowing that you enjoy my work so much.
Sarah grinned up at her lover’s face. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked as she squeezed his cock between her breasts. “You like feeling my big tits around you.”
“Oh yeah baby,” Jerome replied, reaching for her breast.
Sarah slapped his hand away. “No touching,” she warned.
Jerome raised his hands and leaned back in his chair, watching her. Sarah kept eye contact as she slid down and took the head of his big bl... Continue»
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Caught Red Handed Pt 2

Mrs. Johnson couldn't wait any longer, wanting to feel young Kevin's hot tongue on her bare pussy. She looked down at him saying,

"Reach up and pull my panties down, and make sure you keep your face right where it is!"

Not saying a word Kevin reached up, and pulled her panties down over her hips, her thick, black bush now directly in his face. He could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, not to mention the aroma of her arousal. He pulled back just enough to see her beautiful bush.

The one thing he noticed was not only was her bush thick and hairy, but she had trimmed around her l... Continue»
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wife's side of the story

My husband has written about some of my extramarital sex. He only knows what little he has seen and some that I've told him. He left his laptop on this site so I figured I'd post on his page and let him discover it. He doesn't know everything I do , just what I tell him. He works Monday through Friday and is away from the house from six am till six pm those days. I'm a stay at home wife and I have eight full hours a day to do what ever or who ever I please. That's the time our son is away at school. I try and have at least one encounter each day. Most of the time its with just one guy but havi... Continue»
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the wifes friend.

So my wife Jenny went out Saturday night with her friends, she often did and I didn't mind cause I would go down to the local watering hole and a have a few beers with my mates, so all was good.
It was very late in the night when I wandered home and stepping inside the house I was surprised to see the lights on.
So I strolled into the front room to see what was going on and found my wife Jenny, a short brunette woman with nice fit body on the sofa kissing and fondling her friend Kelly, a tall stunning blonde with a great tan and a great slim body.
Not sure what to do or say I stood watching... Continue»
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