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dinner party number one

It’s always great fun to dress up, black tie and all that. And the ladies have such a chance to shine on such occasions. Something away from the day to day humdrum of motherhood wear, or just poppin’ down to the shops for a loaf of bread and some eggs apparel.
No, a dinner party in formal attire is an occasion, a time to get the long dress, skinny straps, low cut revealing just a bit more cleavage than your man would normal find acceptable, tight to the waist and then slit way up the side so that when you walk or move and especially when you sit you seem to be revealing more leg than even a ... Continue»
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[Story]Pt.1.Our Hebridean Holiday..

Well as we promised,our holiday in the Outer Hebrides,Scotland,(James,s cousin,s Wedding,(Sarah to Jamie McDonald,Islander)
James & myself left home at 05.00am on Wednesday 17th June for Oban,Scotland where we would get the ferry to Lochboisdale,South Uist on Thursday 18th June,03.10pm.A long drive,almost 600miles,sharing the driving,we arrived in Oban at 02.00pm going straight to hotel we had booked into for overnite stop,,James,s f****y & my s*s(Barbara)they travelled up on Monday, where also booked in same hotel,we checked in to our room,lovely big king sized bed,dropped our overnite bags ... Continue»
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My very first time cuckolding my husband (Check it

On a Sunday afternoon I had decided to go on a date to see Jurassic World with this guy from tinder. I was so nervous and excited to see him, as from his Tinder profile he was really cute. I was waiting for him at the movie entrance when I saw him walking up to me, calling my name “Hey Nika!” We chatted for a bit (He didn’t know I was married because I had taken my rings off) and got some drinks before heading into the movie. It was so dark that I nearly slipped on the floor as he led me to this dark area in the back of the theater. We found a secluded spot and sat down. We smiled and we talke... Continue»
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Anal Alan

I was sitting by the phone and hoping that Alan would call me. The phone rang and as I picked it up i noticed that it was from Alan. I said " Hello ". I heard Alan on the other end say that he got the package that I sent him. I asked him the put it on and meet me at the park in one hour. He said okay and then i hung up.

I freshened up because4 i knew what will be happening this afternoon. I jumped i the car and drove to the park. I backed in and waited for Alan. There he was and he pulled in next to me. He got out and I went over to give him and big hug and a kiss. As I was standing... Continue»
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Being taught how to fuck your own wife

True story!

Looking directly at me, fucking in to her from behind, he said words that I've replayed over and over again in my mind countless times since, normally causing my cock to erupt and gush cum all over my fingers:

"Take a good look buddy, I'm about to empty my balls and cum deep in your wife"

"God YES, cum inside me, please cum in me" she begged

And with a roar, his entire body tensed and he emptied in to her triggering her own orgasm. For 20 seconds or longer their bodies crashed against each other as orgasms ripped through them both. Her on all fours, head down, pushing ... Continue»
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Ms. Johnson’s Glory Hole Story

Lisa Johnson was glad that the school year was coming to an end. Her students had been good but in her personal life had fallen apart. Her husband of twenty years announced that he was no longer in love with her and walked out the door but before he did he told her that she was as sexual as an amoeba and that he had found a woman that actual enjoyed sex.

It was devastating to say the least! At first she denied that any of it could have been her fault but then she thought about it and could not remember the last time she had act... Continue»
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b*****r Caught Peeking At s****rs Pt 2

If you recall from b*****r Caught Peeking at s****rs, f******n year old Jim had finally admitted to his mom that he peeked through an already open door and saw his three older s****rs naked and playing with each other. He also admitted that he had his first erection and ejaculation and that his s****r’s caught him. He told his mom that he was curious about sex and seeing his s****rs, so his mom Ann, stripped naked in Jim’s room and taught him about a woman’s tit and pussy. She pointed out the various parts and Jim touch and kiss her tits and clit. Ann had an orgasm when she had her son suck o... Continue»
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Mistress sissy slut

Waking up, sometimes, can be rather difficult to do, especially when you know that you were d**gged the night before. Or, at least you HOPE it was only the night before. And this time, it was far worse than the first times. So many things have changed about me from the first time I was d**gged, unwittingly and unwillingly, though as I look back, I can’t really say that I am upset about the outcome of each of these times. Well, I have to admit that I was, kind of, pissed off the first time, as I never really expected something like that. But that was quite some time ago and now, well, I gues... Continue»
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The shame of being caught

I have dressed as a girl since I was young boy, I have early memories of my mother having caught me dressed taking me to see a c***d psychologist, I distinctly remember him telling me mother I would grow out of it! Well I never did. However I did have a normal up bringing, got married and carried on dressing throughout my life with increasing secrecy. After a successful career in IT, I was in it at the right time I retired early. Our c***dren have grown up and left home and with my wife and I only in the house life has been quiet. After retirement the opportunities to dress have multiplied co... Continue»
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Dick On Dick

i recently had my first frottage experience. i had stopped by a friends house and we were talking about work. i needed to pee and got up and went to his bathroom. as i came out through the bedroom i saw a bunch of polaroid pictures on the nightstand. i stopped and glanced at them and the were pictures of his wife nude and semi nude.i was shocked but still couldn't help looking at what i could see. his wife is very attractive even at 62 but some of these were of her in her early years. damn she was hot. I meant to walk away but just as I started to he came in. he saw what I was looking at and s... Continue»
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My Blackmailed Wife

My wife is 65 years old but still very beautiful and fit. she is 36c and still has a full bush. sexually she is as good as she ever was. although very sexy she had never been with another man. then about 2 years ago I had gotten into limewire for music downloading. my computer was open for others to download songs from me also. what I didn't know was that if you did a search of a persons computer you could search picture files also if you typed in jpg. I had a file on my computer with nude photos of her from when she was young up to about 50 years old. one night I was downloading some music an... Continue»
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In the Parking Lot

"I want you to suck my big hard cock," you growl into my ear, as you rub your stiff member against my ass and your strong arms cage me against the car. I let a small whimper escape as I rub my butt against your prick, feeling it thicken and lengthen. "Or I could just fuck you over the trunk of this car." I gasp as one of your hands raises my short skirt and fondles my ass, gently skimming my black lace panties. You lean close again to place your tongue on my throbbing pulse on my neck, and cradle my soft butt between your hard thighs, pinning me against the car.

I moan again as you nibble o... Continue»
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My Business Trip

As an IT sales executive, I get to travel a lot. Sometimes, it is visiting other states whilst other times, it is visiting other cities in my own state. This story recounts what happened on one such trip.

It was early May. After chasing a meeting with a particular customer for almost three months, I was excited when the IT manager finally said yes. I quickly put my laptop into my car and drove the 54 miles to his office. The meeting was scheduled for 1pm but I go there by 11am. With 2hrs to waste, I decided to visit a cafe and have some breakfast. I had a wonderful breakfast washed down wit... Continue»
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Working Late at the Diner

I am working the night shift late, at Amy's, a dank seedy diner on the wrong side of town. I sigh, as I look past my reflection in the dirty window glass to see the rain. Trevor loves the rain. I think sadly to myself. I wonder what he is doing while I toiled away at this job. I sigh and then my eyes narrow as they see my reflection in the glass. Ralph, the diner's owner has just issued us new uniforms, again. The top cut so low that my ample breasts were straining to get out. I turned to see the back is high enough, that my blue satin panties peek out, when I move my hips. I grumble, as I pul... Continue»
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Doing Jessica and Getting a Big Surprise

The story of how I Fuck Jessica and Get a BIG Surprise!

She was really good looking, her bikini barely covering her big amazing tits and drop-dead ass and legs. She was sunning by the pool, her skin slick with oil and sweat. I had been watching her, trying to not let my hard cock show like a tent pole in my bathing suit. Apparently I failed, because as she turned over from her front to sun her back she noticed me, and gave me a big smile and wink.

This was many years ago, before I was married. I worked for a firm that conducted conferences around the U.S. so I got to travel fairly... Continue»
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New Sexual Friend

Gosh, after all this time I was finally able to have an adventure that it was hot and that is cool but could not ended with cum, it was matter of time. but let me tell you what happened on that day, last Saturday; so my f****y went out to visit some relatives they were coming back later at night , I tried to be off from work as soon as possible thinking that I wanted to find someone and have an adventure.

It was little late when finally get off from work, so I was going back home since I was alone, in the Transmetro (public bus) there was a guy looking at me, I knew this guy was looking f... Continue»
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Caught by mom and my aunt

Mom and dad divorced when I was about ten, it wasn’t a very amicable divorce, so when everything was finalised me and mom ended up living in a small 2 bed apartment near town, and I only got to see my dad about once a month, and on birthdays and holidays.
About six months after we moved in to our apartment Aunt Paula moved in with us, to help mom out. For the last five years she shared a room with mom, so I could have my own room. I recently discovered she’s not really my aunt, and being only just sixteen and a little bit naive, only realised why she moved in.
For my sixteenth birthday, dad ... Continue»
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with my b*****rs wife

Hi readers this is Ram and this story is about how I went into a sexual relationship with my mother like innocent Bhabhi, Radha. We are two b*****rs Murli and I and I was younger and around 18 years old my b*****r Murli was married to Radha Bhabhi. She was hot and sexy female from Pune. She was homely but no one would stop staring at her beautiful body.   She had huge busty boobs and lean waist and bulgy round ass. She was tall enough and also had long black hair. She was very down to earth and innocent and her face was so cute and also sexy. She was so beautiful when she smiled. My b*****r an... Continue»
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Born to Be a Girl: M***rs' Choice

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

Are you familiar with those stories where the f***r raises his daughter as his son, because he is desperate for at least the appearance of a male heir? This is one of those stories, only, it isn't.

My m***r had already raised a son, birth to adulthood, when she became pregnant with me. She was determined to have a girl, come hell or high water. My m***r, by the way, essentially ruled our household. When I was b... Continue»
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Getting Fucked By My Hung Best Friend (True)

This is a true story of mine about the first time I had sex with my best friend Brent in college. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I first met Brent in high school and we instantly became friends. We had a lot of the same interests like metal music, tattoos and partying as much as possible. Brent is tall and thin with short brown hair and has some tattoos s**ttered on his arms and he has it lip pierced. We stayed friends threw out high school and eventually decided to go to the same college. We ended up getting an apartment together and quickly our place became the party spot where there was a... Continue»
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New Bra

It was my usual Friday outing into town to do my weekly shop, I started in the supermarket buying my vegatables and meats along with the necessities of life my favourite bottles of wite wine, with my shopping done and packed neatly in a carboard box I walked back to my car where I deposited them in the trunk, then it was back to the mall where I wondered from shop to shop window shopping for nothing in parcular.
I saw the sign for the toilets and walked down the alley way into the ladies, several woman both young and no so young were at the sinks washing their hands after using the toilets, t... Continue»
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Babysitter, Wife, Dad, Mother-in-Law and Me

Originally published as Best Father's Day Gift Ever but due to low response I am re-posting under a different title.

True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab’s mom Helen was visiting at the same time my dad was and the two of them hit off and got married. Helen ... Continue»
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The Wife's New Trainer

Yvonne walked into the living room were Jim sat in his recliner drinking a beer and watching the game. He looked up at her and said;

"Hi there baby! Give your old man a kiss."

Yvonne leaned over and kissed him on the lips. She felt him squeeze her tit while their tongues played. Yvonne did like the attention but she knew what was about to happen and it kind of made her sad.

"Mm mm baby you sure can make me horny! How about sucking my cock? You know how much I like that!" Jim said

Yvonne slipped to her knees as Jim pull... Continue»
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Emmy's First MMF and More

Emmy’s first MMF and More

My flight had just arrive from Georgia, and Emmy was there to pick me up. She was dressed to kill. Hair and makeup done, tight black dress, stockings, and stilettos. It was Valentine’s day and I had made reservations at a four star restaurant in Indy. I had been gone since Christmas so needless to say it had been awhile. I got in the driver’s seat and before we were out of the lane she had my cock out, seconds later she was coating it is spit, forcing it all the way down her throat. While she was sucking me I pulled her little dress up to play with her pussy to dis... Continue»
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And Her s****r Makes Three

My partner, Sue, and I have been together for a year living on our own in comfort in a large detached house on the coast near Salcombe.

In our forties we're both on our second relationships and have a great time living life to the full enjoying our common interests of sailing, walking, eating, drinking and socialising. Better still our sex life is fantastic and we fuck ourselves silly. Until recently I thought it couldn't get better! That was until her younger s****r, Anne, came to stay after breaking up with her hubby.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea and felt she would be an intr... Continue»
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Can I Borrow Your Phone - An Adult Story

was out of town making some sales calls. It had been a long day on the road. I pulled over to get a six pack to bring back to my room. I was staying on the 7th floor. I walked passed the tourist in the lobby. I smiled at the front desk girl as she waved to me. I just shook my head when I saw a big crowd of people walking down the hall toward me. There must be a big convention staying at the hotel. Most of the people were in business suits as they walked passed me. I was in some tan pants and a white button down shirt. I had some brown sandals on.

I had my cold six pack in one hand as I... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.5 - The Party

This is the fifth and final installment of the story of our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. Earlier installments are Tenth Wedding Anniversary, Stripper, Paula's Turn, an Paula's Bi Interlude.

At the end of our week in Vegas, I gave Paula her anniversary present, a diamond and blue sapphire dinner ring. The 14 diamonds were inherited from my grandmother, but even with that, the gold setting and sapphires brought the cost of ring to over $1000. Needless to say, Paula was elated with the gift. That night, she dressed in a very exotic outfit, a mini skirt, thigh-high stockings, 4-inch "fuck-me" pum... Continue»
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The Marine's Wife

While she had never admitted it to him, after a few years of hints he began to get the idea that his wife had a desire to be spanked. On more than one occasion, she teased him during an argument with, “what are you going to do, spank me?”. The whole concept was pretty new to him, but when he could find the time, he explored a little on the web to better understand her kink. Just as with his military career, he took on all things with vigor and enthusiasm. He just wasn’t one to approach things half-assed and he wanted to fully understand what it was his wife desired, before he ever tried to att... Continue»
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The Pin

Cindy meets Scott, but who is he and what does he really do?
This is a long story over 26,000 words.
I changed the name of the dead guy, who has a very minor part in the second half of the story, because I don’t like saying his real name.
This story is total fiction, which means this is not a true story. I made the whole thing up… well most of it.
I have more thoughts at the end. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Pin

My name is Cindy; I’m twenty one years old and in my third year of college. I’m about five foot six and weigh about one thirty. I have hazel eyes and natur... Continue»
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My Four Legged Whore

Lester adopts a dog, but not for long.
Disclaimer: This has not and will not ever happen in real life! I'm a strict vegan, but have a taste for writing disturbing material. Anyone doing this to an a****l in real life should be severely published.

You wouldn't think I'm this fucked up. I look like every normal man you see. My f****y is wealthy, I have a good job, and I'm polite to everyone. As they say though, looks can be deceiving. Anyway, I usually start my day off by reading the classified ads in the paper. I do this to find my next victim. A victim of my perversions e... Continue»
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So young and so cute

It was a year ago and I had been out on the town with friends and had a lot to drink. In all fairness I was hammered and staggering home. After the call to the local kebab house I guided my way through the streets probably dropping more meat than I was eating. I managed to stumble through the door and into the kitchen. In the fridge was a cold Bud and I opened it and had a swig. Even in my head I was saying don't do it but it was so refreshing. I turned on the TV and leant against the worktop watching some crap. I heard the foot steps coming down the stairs and my daughter came around the cor... Continue»
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Hey teach

Christy was finally enjoying herself. She was at the mall shopping and finally had some time to herself. Things had been tough lately. The k**s were wearing her out. Her husband was always at the firehouse. It was causing stress. She couldn’t spend another day hanging at the pool or working out at the gym. Though those days had given her that firm body she always wanted while having k**s got her the C cup she desired.

As she walked though a store, she heard a voice call her name. As she turned, she didn’t immediately recognize the face. When he walked up and said hello, she realized it was... Continue»
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My wife Shree told me that she once laid naked wit

Before we get married, we have had chances to meet each other thrice or four time between engagement and wedding. Shree shared so many things about her and her life and her f****y. My wife Shree is a beautiful lady to proud to own her. But one day she was weeping and did'nt replying to anything but sobbing with tears in her eyes. It has been midnight when she told me the thing I wan never prepared as I believe to knew that I knew everything of her. She told me that before she married to me, she was in love with a tiwari brahmin boy to the extent that they were just to marry when their relation... Continue»
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Young Clare visits Daddy

Clare’s visit to her daddy after school

Mum and Dad had divorced a few years now so I would visit him after school whenever I could.

As I was nearly fifteen I went round to see him just before my birthday , he opened the door to let me in, my uncle was there with him and I could tell they had both been drinking a lot as they were laughing and joking around.

Daddy said he was pleased I still had my little school dress on as he loved seeing me in it, thanks dad I said,
with that he picked me up to kiss me on my lips at the same time he put his hand up my dress onto my bum he held me l... Continue»
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Grandmas Manfriend Fucks Me With A Great Ending

Jeremy was wrapped around his Grandma's boyfriend's finger, and while Ted had introduced Jeremy to many things, he had withheld the thing that Jeremy wanted most.

Jeremy didn't want it at first but as the nights went on he started to change his mind, especially after when he got the chance to witness his grandmother and how she reacted when at the receiving end of Ted's massive manhood.

Tonight, Jeremy was to learn, was the night.


Ted had asked me to join him in the cellar after the TV had gone off under some phony pretense of helping him find something he wanted, so ... Continue»
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Wifes Holiday Party

As the holidays rolled around, I was looking forward to taking my wife
to her companies Christmas party. It meant a night out with her all
dressed up, and a night in of tasting her sweet pussy since our two
k**s were with f****y for the night.

Mary is a knock-out. 37 years old, two k**s, yet a nice 5'2" frame with
115 pounds on it. She has 36D's, which I love to suck. She is rather
modest, though, and has never really been wild at sex. I enjoy it when
it happens, but it always consists of me eating her out before fucking
her. Since she tastes so good I can't really complain, but she ... Continue»
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The Dogs That Started It All

I knew about sex since I was about 13 but I only started experimenting when I was about 15, I’m 26 now. When I was 15 I began to “do a little research” I guess you could call it… I watched porn. I saw rather sexy woman get fucked rough and hard by men with huge dicks. I also watched as women played with their sexy little pussies and cum all over the place. Needless to say, I began to masturbate.
But, this story isn’t about all that. That was just a little background information. This story is about my dogs Buddy and Rocky.


When I was still “researching” sex when I was about 16, I... Continue»
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My College TA

Some of this is real, some things added for entertainment. This is my first story so please leave constructive criticism!
It was my second year of college. I was majoring in nursing so we had a pretty strict guideline of classes we had to follow in order to be accepted into the actual nursing program by junior year. While most of my freshman year was spent doing the required breadth courses for the university, I was finally getting out of that stage and now doing the prerequisite courses for the program. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I couldn't tell you why, but ... Continue»
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Curse of the gypsy woman - Part one

I wasn't sure what to call this series, but I think this is the right title. It is still a work in progress, so any ideas, thoughts on where to next and what to do to spice the story up is well appreciated. It will be taken into consideration, but I won't make no promises. Have fun reading.
Melissa kissed her husband on the cheek as he said goodbye and made it through the door. It was 7:30 in the morning and she had been up for about an hour, making him breakfast, fetching his paper and serving him coffee as he prepared for work. She usually regretted seeing him off in the morn... Continue»
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Surprised to see B, not surprised to end up in his

It had been a long time since I ran into B - both busy with life, doing our thing and both with our individual partners now. I hadn't been with another guy since my last outing with B - out of sight, out of mind, right? Last Saturday, shopping at a local mall, guess who I ran into? Yup, B!

I'll skip the 'catching up over coffee' hour and bring you straight to his bed.

His bf was out of town for two weeks. My gf was with her friends for the day. I'm walking through B's front door, knowing I'm about to get fucked life I haven't been fucked in a long time.

The door closes behind us, B l... Continue»
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Wendy's World - 2

Chapter One
I'm at the skate park surrounded by the group of guys. We were down in the pit of the park and couldn't been seen by passersby. There are six or seven I'm not sure. They are all naked and leering at me. I look down and find myself with just garters, stockings, and high heels. Jason is the clear leader and is standing there. His thick cock is right in front of me. He helps me down to my knees and I lean in to kiss his cock. My hands cup his balls. His shaft parts my lips, as he pushes his thick cock down my throat. There is a rumble from the crowd at my ability to take him down to ... Continue»
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Wendy's World - 3

Chapter one

When I get home from the warehouse fuck, I go shower and lay down. I still feel overwhelmed by the bawdy day with two scrumptious cocks. I text them both that I got home and didn't have a problem with the cop, he had fallen for my lie. I strip off my shorts and blouse and slip into the shower. After drying off, I fall into bed for a quick nap. There's is still no message from Mack, my husband but both guys text me back that they are looking forward to coming over and hanging out by the pool. The thought of them coming over helps me to drift off to sl**p.

When I wake up, it’... Continue»
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White Bikini, Tina, Water, Oh My!

Sweet fresh water slid down my parched throat as I bent over and drank from the spigot, cooling my mouth and moistening my arid throat, bringing blessed relief I'd desperately needed. Bending over further, I let the cold water run over the back of my head and neck. It felt like an ice shower, heaven in this one hundred and eighteen degree heat. Straightening, residual water ran down my chest, dampening and darkening my polo shirt, and trickled teasingly down my spine making me shiver. The cool relief felt wonderful.

The smell of brine floated on the air from the sea, seagulls swooped and ... Continue»
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Boi CD Hooker

There I stood, by the gas station waiting for my next "client" to come along. "Client" makes it sound so professional. Shit, I was waiting for
some horny old man to come by and pay me for my ass. I admit I looked good. All 5 ft of me, long black hair, smooth tanned skin, wearing
tight torn daisy dukes with a hole in the ass for easy access and a bra covered by a leather jacket. No underwear, of course. That just gets in the
way. I'd had three "clients" tonight. I'm sure i could have another soon. Who were these clients? Whoever would pay my fee. What do they look
like, I don't usually reme... Continue»
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Trying to get home

Friday I was leaving Dallas on my way home around 10 pm. I was going to drive to about Memphis and rest a little then come on home to enjoy the weekend. I was on the middle of no where Arkansas when my car let out a huge puff of smoke and I was stranded on the shoulder of I-40 at 1:30 am. I tried to Google some wreckers on my phone with no one answering when I finally notice a wrecker pulling in behind me. I went back to the wrecker and he said they also had a repair shop so he could town me there. He loaded my car up on the wrecker and I climbed in the passenger seat. He was a friendly ... Continue»
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Clare tells how her b*****r fucked her tight arse

Clare tells how her b*****r Merlin fucked her arse

I have three b*****rs all older than me, I would go to school with Merlin the youngest of them, he was a few years older than me, for some reason mum would make me wear stockings to school although I was the only girl there that did, I didn’t mind to much because I was nearly a teenager, even at that age I loved to have my skirt as short as possible and didn’t care if the teachers or boys got to see my school knickers.

Merlin would walk to school with me and every now and then he would put his hand up my dress and grab my bum giving it a... Continue»
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Sharing a room

My name is Kyra and I am the single mother of two k**s who are both in their teens. Although my daughter Macy is a few years younger than her b*****r Ethan, they generally got along with each other, but since they were both in a difficult age they still picked fights an argued over almost anything imaginable. Having said that, you can imagine their reaction when I told them that they would have to share a room for the next couple of nights, because our house is being refurbished and there is not enough space for everyone to have their on room. Since the refurbishing started with Ethans room it... Continue»
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Biker Slut Wife

I have been married to my wife for twenty seven years now. She is forty nine years old and looks damn good for her age. Brownish blonde short hair with big brown eyes and high cheek bones, 34 "C" cup breast. Nice cowgirl ass. Around 130 pounds. She gets hit on a lot. I am the only guy she has ever been with. But after twenty seven years the sex is just not what it used to be. We decided to help spice things up we should take a couple of weeks off from work and rent a Harley and go ride around and see the country. We bought the complete biker get up, chaps, vest, the full meal deal.
The m... Continue»
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Wet Wipes - An Adult Story

Wet Wipes

A Golden Shower

Shugar Lips

Same Story Written with 3 different Middles and Endings

The Same characters with 3 different outcomes to a story

Trying something Different

Hope everyone likes



I just graduated a few weeks ago. My parents were trying to get me out of the house more. I had studied hard the last few months before the end of school. I got some money for graduating. Now I did not have to get a job until the end of Summer. Most of my friends had to get a Summer job right away. It kinda of sucked not hanging out with them now. I staye... Continue»
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The Fifth Visit To The Master (And His Men)

Gloria arrived as scheduled eager to start another session of adventurous fantasy fulfilment. On this occasion, on her first apparatus, The Master advised her he would not be fitting the eye mask until he had her comfortable. When she saw what he had planned for her she understood why he made this decision. He needed her to be able to see what she was doing.

In a small room, with the usual viewing rooms on either side, a leather sling was suspended from the ceiling by four chains, one from each corner. The sling was difficult to get into, even with The Master’s help and direction. Finally ... Continue»
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