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Jake Cums at Home

This story is continued from "Daydreaming on the Hardintown Bus" here is a link:

Jake walked home from the bus as fast as he could he really wanted nothing more than to jack off and think of Natalie feeling his cock! It had only been an accidental touch but for a teen boy it did not take much!

He arrived at home and was alone. He quickly went to the dirty clothes hamper. With two s****rs and a mom there was always a pair of used panties to sniff while he... Continue»
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Cross country with my aunt

So this summer im taking a break from college and my aunt jo has invited me to come on the road with her for the summer. An opportunity to travel across the country and see new places. I just couldnt turn her down.

Were about to set out for a fun summer. I hand up her suitcase and as shes putting it in the back i cant help but notice shes wearing some nice running shorts. As shes bending over the bed fitting our suitcases in i catch a little slip and notice her black thong barely covering her pussy.

We finally head out onto the road. After awhile im sitting there bores evetually all road... Continue»
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Curious Daughter Shared!

This story is a continuation of the curious daughter story. Here are links to the two previous episodes and one about her mom!

I looked down at my cell phone when it rang and sure enough it was the call I was dreading!

I dreaded this call like a man about to receive a death sentence. I really had nothing better hope for since my best friend Ken had caught me fucki... Continue»
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Curious Girl – First Daddy Gang Bang

Gary Adams opened the door to see Jay and Ken standing there. They were all friends but Ken and he shared something a little more since they had both fucked His daughter Amber.

Every time Gary thought of Amber he got turned on! The sexy little teen was drop dead beautiful and since he has fucked her with his wife's permission he had found her to be the sexiest partner he had ever had.

"Hi guys what's up?" He asked wondering why they were there

"Jay has something he wants to tell us both. He would not tell me so I'm just m... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 4

When my orgasm had finally subsided and my head began to clear, I heard Brian talking to me.

“Nana…Nana. You OK?”

“Ummmmm-hummmm.” I slowly answered.

I realized that Brian’s body was more relaxed now. I filled my hands with his cock and immediately felt that it had lost a great deal of its firmness and girth but still felt wonderful in my hands. I knew we were done, for all practical purposes, but I lowered my head and took the plump head of his dick in my mouth again anyway and lovingly sucked on it.

“Oh God” Brian groaned. “You look so hot doing that.” He told me.

“I mean yo... Continue»
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Dicked Down

Chris felt the vibrator buzzing away in his ass, pressed tightly against his prostate. The vibrations rolled and buzzed up the length of his cock and were swallowed by Mika's pussy. She had come home with her s****r after being at the club all night and crawled into his bed in the middle of the night to fuck. She was d***k and smelled like coconut rum, cigarette smoke, and perfume. He remembered her climbing on top of him, straddling his waste and pulling her white dress over her head. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. His cock was instantly hard and her wetness welcomed him in with e... Continue»
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Daddy’s Little Cheerleader

Danni Fox was so happy at being a cheerleader! She loved being the center of attention. In particular she loved the way that the boys and men looked at her but this was nothing new. Danni had always been one of the pretty girls that seemed to draw attention and she liked it.

A couple of years before when her tits began to develop Danni noticed how guys would look at her chest. Then she noticed how many of them would suddenly try to cover their crotches! She had asked her mom about it and her mom explained that when guys get exc... Continue»
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Natalie Does Daddy

This story started with "Daydreaming On The Hardintown Bus" here is link if you want to know that part of the tale:

Natalie turned just in time to see Jake start to fall down the stairs on the bus. He crashed into her and his book bag fell to the ground. Suddenly he was leaning against her and she realized that her hand was holding a large and very hard cock. They both looked at each other for an instant and then pulled away as the k**s and bus driver howled with laughter.... Continue»
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Glory Hole Conspiracy 3

Beth followed Lisa down the hall. She could hear the moans from people having sex in porn movies. They came to a door that opened into a booth. Lisa pointed at her and the door with wink. As she stepped in Lisa showed her where the money went to play the movie. Beth stepped in and closed the door.

The movie started and it was a woman kneeling between two guys with monster cocks. The girl worked hard on one cock and then the other. Beth wondered what fucking multiple men would be like.

"Hi there! Would you suck my cock?" Aske... Continue»
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100 kisses

I was lying awake in bed listening to the quiet house, waiting for my
parents to be asl**p in the bedroom next to mine. I felt a warm feeling in
the pit of my stomach and my nerves were working overtime as I waited for
the quiet that comes in the wee hours of the morning. I was nervous and
shaking a little because I planned to collect the debt from my s****r that
she had promised me earlier that day. She had promised me 100 kisses if I
would take her turn at the kitchen chores after dinner so she could go to
the mall with her girlfriends. My stomach lurched when she made the offer
an... Continue»
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Camping with Mom

Camping with Mom

Hi to all.I was reading Iss from last so many year,N finally i wrote something.Please any gals or aunties from anywhere in gujarat for any kind a relation do contact me on my id

It was January 2008 and I was your normal almost 19 year old… always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. At nearly six feet tall, one of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains, near our home. Ever since I was born, my mom, dad and I have taken trips up into... Continue»
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My Three s****rs

I stared through the large old fashioned keyhole into my older
s****r's bedroom as she got dressed for school. She wasn't doing
it slowly or even very sensuously, just very matter a factly like
she did most days that I watched her, but I still found it
incredibly exciting. Just the sight of her long, raven colored
hair, tanned legs, flat stomach, round ass, large breasts, and
glimpses of her dark, perfectly shaped bush and pink, pouting pussy
lips were enough to drive me into a frenzy and turn my dick into
a tent pole. On certain glorious occasions, she would have to bend
o... Continue»
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Me and mum part 1

Part 1
It all started when I was about 9, thinking about it my mum would wash me in the bath but she would spend a lot of time cleaning my cock and that sort of area.
That is my early recollection when it started then the next thing that would happen would be when I was having a pee my mum would just walk in on me (no locks on doors) and not say a word but just look at me having a pee I never thought much of it back then but over the years I got used to it.
As I was starting to get bigger and reach puberty she would just walk in to the bathroom even when I was in the bath and just pull h... Continue»
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(Gay) Scummy Streets Of Vancouver

The following is a true story. Not one I'm particularly proud of, but t's real and it happened. Enjoy.

This story happened because of two things.

One - my friend Laura and I planned a one month holiday to Vancouver.

Two - I was beyond horny.

So, after the first night in Vancouver, homelessness was aparent. No one is blind to it, we just choose to filter it out. And I think the other thing was that it was literally in every doorway along Granville St.

On the first night here, I couldn't help notice that there were a few homeless guys who w... Continue»
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(bF, ped, mF, i****t, oral, blackmail, reluc, mDom)
by E.A. Grant

Jeff thought it was cool right from the jump. And he was right.

He couldn’t remember exactly when it had started but it had been a long, long time ago; his mother touching him, that is. For some reason lost to the past she had often been in his room holding him, rubbing his back, helping him to get to sl**p. Maybe he had been sick or had nightmares or was just afraid of the dark… but she was there.

When the other stuff had started was just as vague to Jeff. She was certainly getting him hard long before he wen... Continue»
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My Nephew pressed against my nude body

My b*****r had been divorced for about six years, when he called me to ask if I could babysit his 10 year old son, my nephew Brian, he was invited to a conference in the States, which was for a week, and he was stuck, as there were no one else he could turn to.

He lived way down south close to the coast, where he had a nice beach property, 'OK', I said to him, 'but I'm staying at yours, I could do with a short holiday, and I am due time off from work'.

I took the overnight express and arrived there 10 hours later, time enough to spend a day and night with him, to familiarize myself about... Continue»
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Fun with My b*****r-in-Law's Dog

Once we gave Buddy away to my aunt, we didn’t have a dog at home anymore. That didn’t stop me from getting my kicks though. My s****r is 10 years older than me and she got married when I was around 16. Her husband had a wonderful dog named Barney who was a black and tan German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix. He was about the size of a shepherd, with all the goofy enthusiasm of a young energetic dog not long out of puppyhood. I spent a lot of time after school at my s****r’s house since she lived only a couple streets over from me and I didn’t have much else to do once homework was done.

Barney ... Continue»
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Me and mum part 2

Part 2
She said that she loved me as well and if I was good she would show me more things and teach me so I said “I would like that a lot.”
Mum got up and said to get dressed as we still had to go shopping now and with that she left me to it.
I just sat there thinking what was she gonna teach me as I got dressed then went downstairs to go shopping.
As we drove to the shops mum said that she had really enjoyed this morning and if I wanted we will try some new things tonight as she wanted me to sl**p with her.
As I didn’t understand really, I thought what did she mean, anyway I said “y... Continue»
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Glory Hole Conspiracy 2

This is part 2 of 3 here is link to the first if you missed it:

Sara and Beth waited in car as they watched their moms disappear down the alley. Sara was suddenly very nervous as she started to think about having anonymous sex at the glory hole. She looked at Beth and wondered if her friend was having the same feeling.

Sara knew she would enjoy it! She loved having sex! Her daddy had fucked her every day since he had taken her virginity. Her mom and dad and her all had ... Continue»
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Georgina - A Slut Is Born

Georgina was so tired as she finished her shift at the Hardintown General Hospital. She had moved to town a few years before when she moved away from her f****y. She had a brief surge of mixed feelings as she remembered her b*****r.

There was jealous as she thought of his sexy wife and how many times she heard them fucking half the night. Then there was sexual arousal as she remembered how her b*****r had taught her about sex when she was so young. Finally there was anger when she remembered how her b*****r had turned her into ... Continue»
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A Weekend With Daddy

Stacy woke up with a wet spot between her legs on her sheets. She fell asl**p after sending a warm flood of cum into her hands. The liquid was sweet and sticky and as she was cumming she felt the fluid squeeze through her fingers and drip off of her knuckles. Her head rushed, her body tingled, and she fell asl**p. Now, she was awake and hungry. She pulled on a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts and a t-shirt and headed down stairs, smiling at the big stain in the middle of her bed. She looked down her thighs and saw they were stained with her own cum. Stacy licked her fingers and rubbe... Continue»
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Glory Hole Conspiracy I

Connie looked her daughter Beth while she stood next to her friend Sara as both the teen girls looked at their moms. It was embarrassing to be standing there with cum stains on her dress and probably still in her hair from her time at the glory hole. Of course Sara's mom Lisa looked just as used since she had been in the booth just down the hall from her where she had sucked and fucked the evening away.

"What's a glory hole mom?" Beth asked as she looked at the cum stains on her mom's dress

"It is none of your business young... Continue»
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Encouragement 2

The night after my mom let me cum all over her I had a hard time sl**ping. I guess I was still in a little bit of shock. Between the embarrassment of getting caught masturbating and the fact that it eventually lead to my mom helping me out had me in a blissful but confused state to say the least. Really all I could do was keeping picturing her standing in front of me in her bra and panties and of course the image of my jizz running down her face and body was something I would never forget. I kept getting massively horny and was debating in my head going into her room to either push my luck or ... Continue»
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My Daughter Amber Sprung a Surprise on Me.

'See that guy over there, watch him'.

We were in the cafeteria sipping a cappuccino, and a coke. Amber my daughter, watched him through her fringe of shock blond hair, with her straw in her mouth, sucking some coke occasionally, as her blue eyes followed him.

I was wondering what was going through her mind as her eyes followed him, she was on the cusp of a sexual revolution, whereas I, was in my MILF stage of life, at 38.

'What exactly am I looking at', she asked me nonchalantly, still staying focused on his activity, as I studied her chiselled Scandinavian good looks, and pouting lip... Continue»
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Daydreaming On The Bus

Jake walked toward the school bus as he remembered his experience the Friday before when had managed to sneak into the porn shop here in Hardintown. He still could not believe the feeling of having sex with a woman.

He blushed a little each time he remembered how he had licked the woman's asshole so that she would suck his cock. He did not want to do it but he did. He was amazed at how turned on the woman got and then after she got off she sucked his cock and made him cum. It was so much better than jacking off but not nearly a... Continue»
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True Stories: Our First Swinging Experience

I could probably write a novel about how my wife, Rachel, and I decided to begin swinging. That decision was a culmination of s*******n years of rock-solid marriage, a wide-open channel of communication, and all of the trust and honesty credits that can be accumulated through such a long time together. I will spare you all that story and cut to the action.

We booked a vacation at a resort called "Desire", which is in Cancun, Mexico. This is an all-inclusive "clothing-optional" resort, which features three restaurants, a pool, a beach area, a disco, a huge hot tub, and several other amenitie... Continue»
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The Preachers Wife

My buddy lived next door to me. His father was a preacher at a big church in town. His mom was the typical conservative preachers wife type. Average looking, blonde brown hair, not over weight, a few wrinkles. Not wanking material at all. Any way I would spend the night over there and my buddy would spend the night at my house. So spending the night, you sometimes see things, which are not too big a deal. But some times they are a big deal.
This night I spent over at my buddy's house. We were all to get up in the morning and go fishing, very early. But for some reason they left me. They ... Continue»
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Daughter and Dad

His daughter Anita was all Jim had left of a 20 year marriage that ended
abruptly when his wife walked out and was never returned again. She had
disappeared when Anita was 12. The memories of her mother were fading from
Anita's memories. Jim had been devastated. His life had become eat,
sl**p, and work. Although he managed to take care of his daughter's basic
needs, he wasn't much of a father for the first 4 years, resulting in Anita
almost bringing herself up. Now that she was 18 (almost 19), she was a
very independent young lady, but she still adored her Dad, despite his
i... Continue»
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Kate Gets a Puppy

Every morning, Kate started her day with a jog along the beach. The fresh sea air, the sand under her feet, and the sense of freedom was the perfect way for her to clear her head as well as keep fit. Her typical running outfit consisted of tight Lycra shorts and a sports bra which struggled to contain her ample 34D chest. She usually wore her long, raven hair in a ponytail but at times let it flow freely, and the sun beating down on it made it shine like silk. She was an exquisite vision, and never failed to gain the attention of any male passersby (and on occasion, the random female). Kate pa... Continue»
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Sitting for Kelli

At first I thought `what have a gotten myself into?' I had agreed to
babysit for the neighbors whenever they were going out, since I was home
alone in the evenings anyway. I had made the mistake of telling Pete
and Judith, who lived in the adjacent townhouse, that my wife worked
nights and that I spent most evenings watching cable and playing games
on the computer. Their eyes had fairly lit up when I said that, and
they had immediately asked if I could babysit their two k**s from time
to time, so they could get out of the house. Ugh. How could I refuse?
I'd just told them I did n... Continue»
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Moms new lover

Let me tell you a story about a boy named Jerry. Jerry grew up in a small, lazy town in the Midwest. From the time he was five, he ate slept and drank baseball. Baseball it seemed, was the only thing his dad cared about as far as Jerry ever knew. By the time he got to high school he was pretty damn good, starting short-stop and one of the best hitters on the team. Jerry owed a lot of his success to his old man showing him how to play the game from the first time he was old enough to pick up a bat. His dads one weakness however, was alcohol. And when Jerry's knee blew out sliding in to home one... Continue»
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A few years back I had a situation arise that caught me totally off guard. This occurred while I was s******n and Becky, my cousin, was t******n. While we didn’t actually do things together because of the age difference at the time but we were together a lot because of f****y and only living a few houses from each other. We would run into each other at school because the eighth through twelfth were in the same school building.

It was Saturday morning about eleven AM. I was in our garage working on putting things in order. Mom and dad had decided to spend a weekend at som... Continue»
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F(a)mily camping trip - Part 4

F(a)mily camping trip - Part 4
Sub Title…Naughty f(a)mily fun! – Part 4

--------- Chapter 8
Saturday night
At the campsite…

Mary found it hard to think of anything other than the erotic tale her 14 year old niece had just told her…she knew it was true, and it was so incredibly erotic...


While Steve and Darren arranged the fire and started it, Natalie and Mary prepared dinner…

They ate in a tense silence as the sun set, Mary cleaned up the dishes afterward. It was eerily quiet in the forest that surrounded them… and they spoke little or softly a... Continue»
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Fucking A Newbie Bi Couple (True)

This is a true story of mine that happened back when I moved up to college. I hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I knew most of the people who lived in my apartment building because my place is where most of the party's were held. Now Justin and Katie had been in the building for awhile and I had met them and talked to them in the hallways and such but they never really came to party's and were kinda a quiet, keep to themselves kind of couple. Justin was kind of a cool guy and I always thought Katie was kind of cute but like I sai... Continue»
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The Babymaker

The first time I came inside a girl, I was hooked. Not only because it
felt great, but more because I imagined my sperm swimming around one
of her eggs, a million of them wriggling like crazy until one got
through. I'd seen a video at school just a few days before, in health
class, and I'd thought that was the coolest thing ever. Seeing a girl
get pregnant and after that, all I could think about was knocking
someone up.

That might sound a little strange, I'm not sure, but I was only
fifteen years old anyway, so I didn't tell anyone. I mean, all my
friends liked talking about girls... Continue»
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New Years Party

It was New Years eve and my 16 year old daughter Lisa and I were fixing up
the house for a big party. I had just taken down the Christmas tree and
was putting all the ornaments away. There were about 15 people who were
supposed to show up tonight. The food was prepared and the champagne was
on the counter, just waiting to be popped. I hoped I had enough stuff.

I had sent my wife to her parents house for Christmas on the plane, and she
was supposed to be back the in two days. She had been gone for 10 days,
and I was really missing her.

After climbing down from the attic,... Continue»
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Mother's Milk

Jack pushed the door open with his foot awkwardly and entered his house.
Both his hands were occupied; he was carrying with a large plastic bag of
disposable diapers in one hand and two bags of groceries precariously
balanced in other arm. Jack set the packages on the kitchen table.

No answer.

He looked in her bedroom, and saw his mother cradling his baby b*****r.
A half-empty plastic bottle was lying near her feet. Both mom and baby were
fast asl**p. The scene looked so peaceful compared to night before when
Bobby kept them both up with his frantic crying. ... Continue»
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Giving Relationship Advice to my Friend While im F

Been friends with this guy mike since we was in bootcamp together, funny cool and loyal friend. I was always the bros before hoes dude or i wanted to think i was. After we both did 4 years in the Marines we both ended up in Tampa, quickly after that mike married a girl he knew back in Ohio where he grew up. She was gorgeous long dark hair sexy tone body and gorgeous face, huge perky tits and she was petite. They were both white, normal middle class upbringing, she grew up in the church he really didn't but would go special occasions. Easter 2012 they invited me amd my girlfriend at the time, "... Continue»
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Ghost cum

So lately i have been going through a rough patch in my life...just recently ive moved into my grandparents house...out here in the middle of the woods on an old plantation...its very creepy...growing up i swore this place was haunted...ive seen a ghostly girl when i was younger but it could of just been my imagination....ive been here for a week now...havent gotten a chance to jerk off so my ball are achingly full of while outside working on the grounds i swore i saw some girl in my bedroom window...beautiful in here early twenties i think...i shook my head in disbelief and she di... Continue»
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Friend's Daughter is Such a Tease

Friend's Daughter is Such a Tease

By billy69boy

Part One

My best friend Joe inherited his parents' shore house after they passed away. He has been living there permanently ever since his divorce several years ago. It is a quaint little bungalow, with an open layout and three small bedrooms. My wife Barbara was away with her girlfriends up in the mountains for two weeks, so I thought I'd spend a few days at Joe's helping him out with various projects. Joe has a disability which prevents him from doing much in the way of physical labor. He is a CPA and has amassed quite a few busi... Continue»
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Virgin Boy Scout Butt Fucked

Ok, I am ashamed of this but DAMN...I loved it all and I just wanted to tell my story to SOMEBODY before I grow old and die!

I an now a lot older and I know that lots of you have fantasized about maybe sucking your first cock or maybe even having a good large one shoved

in your ass! Well, let me tell you that's it's great and the first time is something you will NEVER forget!

Now first, let me say that this was back in 1943 so I know lots of you don't know how things were back then but they were a LOT different than

now. If you even looked like you were having fun with a perso
... Continue»
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Flexible s****r

This is an original story – enjoy.


I’m Ted, and I have a story that I have to share with somebody because it is just too amazingly sexy not to tell you. My little s****r, Lisa, can lick her own pussy, and I have watched her do it, many, many times.

There now you know.

Yeah, there is more to this story of course, and so here is what happened about how she found that she had this exceptional skill, and how I became involved in her sexual awakening.

We live in a nice Chicago suburb with mom and dad, just the four of us. Lisa just turned 18... Continue»
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Uncle Cedrick

Growing up I spent every summer in Buff Bay Jamaica with my Grandmother and extended f****y. I had loads of fun,being with my cousins and just enjoying the clean waters of the beach and the island life. My grandmother lived in a spacious 4 bedroom house, which the backyard led straight to the beach, and she owned a tourist shop. She lived quite well as Buff Bay was a resort town.
She lived alone but my uncle Cedric came from across town and often spent a few days with her caring for her home and business. Uncle Ced was my mom's oldest b*****r and he owned a charter boat service that r... Continue»
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Blowjob at work

My secret tactic

This story is true. I changed names and certain details to protect privacy.

I am an interior designer and my husband builds furniture. Together we run a business doing everything from custom upholstery on home interiors to automobiles. He builds chairs, tables and shelves, while I hand paint furniture and sew d****s and upholstery.

Usually I meet with clients and write the ads while he draws the designs and does all the woodwork. This last week was no different, I had 3 appointments before noon while Kevin was drawing up plans for a yoga studio.

I looked at my s... Continue»
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Based upon a story By Jack Paterno
Revised and expanded by Jason Bourney

My cousin and I room together at school, and thanks to hanging around with him I've had some wild experiences with a lot of women. But this last summer on vacation, I had an experience that I never thought would have been possible.

It all began on a Friday night at a dull party put on by my cousin's parents. The people there were all f****y and friends of our folks, and my evening started out really dull. Thanks to my cousin, however, it didn't stay dull for long.

First, my cousin t... Continue»
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Kathy's free house

Kathy’s mom and dad were going out for the night, so she had invited her friend Melissa over to stay and keep her company. At fifteen they had known each other for most of their lives.
Melissa arrived just as Kathy’s parents were leaving, and after getting the usual instructions of what to do and what not to do, Melissa put her overnight bag in Kathy’s room, the plan was that Melissa would use the blow up bed, on the floor.
The two girls settled in to watch the TV, American idol was on, they were watching for around half an hour when Kathy went in to the kitchen. She brought back two beers, ... Continue»
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Sexual Awakenings with a Mature Couple

I've been wanting to write this story for a while now, as thinking about what happened the first time I met John & Linda really turns me on and I hope it turns you guys on too!

I'm a 40yr old man, living in the UK and separated from my wife. This story took place around 12mths ago, just as me and my wife were splitting, although it had nothing to do with that. I love sex, always have, and what has happened during the last year has really awakened some hidden feeling that I'd never acted upon before or even knew were there. I watch a lot of different genres of pornography on this website,... Continue»
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Chris's hard Choices Index-5

Chris's first weekend at home was great, his mom and Lea made sure his cock stayed wet, either with their mouth, or with their cunts. Today was Monday and they both had to work, and for once his life, he was glad to have the day to rest from sex.

His life was looking up, he had movement in his legs but needed help in strengthening them. He decided to call Maria (his physical ther****t) and see if she could give him a helping hand. Once he had her on the phone, he began explaining to her what he wanted. "I need some help but I don't want anyone to know what's going on. I needed to talk to so... Continue»
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Gloryholes and hot cum

I was young when I first started to think about what it would feel like to have another mans hot cock in my mouth. I used to fuck around with this guy all the time at his parents house. They would be sl**ping upstairs meanwhile we were 69ing on the queen cot down stairs. I would sl**p on the floor and I laid in wait for a quick tug of my shirt, just to raise up and stuff this thick monster in my throat......soon it turned into me fucking him up his ass. Which felt amazing sinking my hot thick cock deep into his waiting ass was pure bliss for me and even though i never not had luck with th... Continue»
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My wifes new hobby

I'm the kinky one in our marriage but I wasn't careful what I shared with my wife. At first if I ever brought up the subject of her having sex out the marriage I would get the I can't do that speach . Then one night after a small Christmas party at our house one of our friends had decided to stay over due to being over served. He was in the spare bedroom asl**p as my wife and I started cleaning up. My wife had on a nice skirt and a Christmas sweater. Her legs where covered with coffee colored pantyhose and I had been seeking peeksat her legs all night. I ran my hand up one of them and rubbed h... Continue»
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