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Cleaning services

Both my wife and I had full time jobs and my wife felt that we spent too much of our weekends cleaning the house, so she asked if we could get a cleaning service.

It was awesome to come home every Friday to a clean house, since we had scheduled the service to come Friday mornings.
My wife and I got a lot more time on the weekends to do fun stuff instead of cleaning. It was well spent money.
I did not know who was over at our house. The cleaning company was bonded, insured, and had a very good reputation.

After a couple of months, my wife told me that it felt like someone had gone throu... Continue»
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Alexus Initiated To Daddy Club

Alexus watched as her s****r Danni rode their daddy's cock. They did not know that the younger s****r was watching as the two enjoyed the taboo sex.

At first Alexus was shocked but as she listen to the two it became apparent that this was not the first time and then she heard Danni say something that caught her attention even more.

"So Daddy is my pussy as good as that slut Amber?" She said as she fucked him

"Fuck yeah Danni! You know I like to fuck her too but yours is the best you little slut. You know the other dads sa... Continue»
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Giveing Beth what she wants

My cock was still wet from my girlfriend when I pulled up to my s****r’s boyfriend’s house. I beeped the horn twice and waited, my mind flashing to about 10 minutes earlier when I was laying on my girlfriend’s bed as she rode on top of me, cumming on my cock as I filled her with my load.

When I saw the front door open and my s****r step out, all thoughts of my girlfriend were pushed from my mind and my cock started to fill up again. Her hips swayed confidently as she walked to the car, Smiling brightly at me, she opened the door and sat in the seat next to me.

No sooner t... Continue»
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The GILF Next Door

My roomate and I had been renting the house for nearly 8 months now, both of us college students at the local University. Most days I had the place completely to myself because my buddy Mark was always at his new girlfriends place. Our next door neighbor Mrs. Jones was an older woman in her sixties, she had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and was always dressed in the most expensive, top of the line clothes. For being middle aged she still had a great body and I had been fortunate enough to catch a few glances of her in her backyard in her two-piece sunbathing. I had met Mrs. Jones a week a... Continue»
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My wife, Kathy, and her s****r, Linda was not very close, so I was surprised when I one day came home from work and found Linda sitting at our dining table with a bunch of suitcases next to her.
Kathy told me that Linda would be staying with us for a bit, since she had left her husband.
I was surprised to hear this. I thought that Linda was in a strong solid marriage, but it turned out that he had been cheating on her. Linda did not know who the other woman was, but she knew enough to leave him.

So Linda was going to take our spare bedroom until she could figure out what to do next.

... Continue»
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Linda picked up Serena at school and the mother was looking forward to a get away with her daughter. The two would spend the long weekend shopping in the big city.

Linda looked at her pretty daughter as they set out on the road. She could not help but think of herself at that same age. She remember moving into the years were her body transformed into a woman. She wondered if Serena had already given her virginity to some clumsy boy.

Linda remembered how her early sexual experiences were so disappointing to her. Her mind flashed on her first few boyfriends who would beg, plead and try eve... Continue»
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Wife Visits Hunting Cabin and Fucks my Best Friend

My buddy Dave and I love to go to his hunting cabin, and fish, and hunt, and eat food that our wives won’t let us eat at home, and drink beer, and etc. Dave has wifi at the cabin, and there is a kitchen, and a bathroom, and two bedrooms. In one of the bedrooms there are two single beds with about 24 inches between them. In the other bedroom there is one single bed. Sometimes we have another friend join us, and our other friend was going to show up a few days later. When we have a third person, Dave and I usually stay in the room with two beds, because we are used to each other, and we don’t sn... Continue»
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The ‘Hot Mom’ and the Foot Rub

The following is a true story.

When my friend Lena went off to college out of state I was crushed. Lena and I had been part of a fun-loving crowd in high school, but after graduation, everyone disappeared one by one. Except for me. Stuck in my small town, I found going to the local “commuter college” boring and anti-climatic.

So when Lena called from Arizona State to tell me to pick up some “stuff” I’d left at her mom’s townhouse, I was happy to oblige. After all, what else did I have to do?

“My goodness, you look like you’ve come from a funeral,” said Lena’s mom, Lois, when sh... Continue»
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I was a horny teenager with no girlfriend to help with sexual frustration. I guess my main problem was that I was not in the "popular" crowd, in fact I was much more of a nerd that one of the attractive guys.
So I never had a chance to more than kiss a girl. I had never touched a breast or seen a pussy in person.

My mother had me when she was young, she had not dated any man as long as I was growing up. Or it might have been more correct that she never took any man home with her, so I never knew that she had a sexual side.
The last few months she had started to go out dancing and hang out... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part one.

The camera clicked, lights flashed.
“Mark, can you just adjust the silk, its slipped.”
I walked across the studio, and pulled the flimsy material back into place, so it covered the models tits. Covered but not hidden. Her red erect nipples were still visible through the see through material. I moved back out of view of the camera, as Gerry continued photographing the girl.

I had been working for Gerry for six months. Six fantastic months. Photographic assistant. Three days a week, three poorly paid days per week. Still, it was the experience I needed, that and the foot into a very compe... Continue»
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The Babysitter’s Initiation

At twelve, Jason had reached the age where he resented being babysat. Even the term "BABY-sitter" offended him. He insisted he was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. And his mother bought it — most of the time.

"Dear," she said patiently that Thursday evening, "if I were just going to be gone for the evening, I would leave you here by yourself without a second thought. But your grandmother needs me, so I’ll have to be gone for the entire weekend, and that’s different. You’ll have to have a sitter, and that’s that."

Jason sighed. He knew that tone, which meant his mother had t... Continue»
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moms and sons

How many women can honestly say they've fucked the same boy they once babysitted? I'm one woman who can.

Believe it or not, I first heard the term cougar on one of those afternoon TV talk shows I'm addicted to. This one had a bunch of women on it—women of a certain age, as the expression goes—all of whom had one thing in common: they were over forty and they had fucked men half their age. The women on TV were pretty well preserved, considering, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I still thought that none of them had anything on me. At forty-nine I think I still look great. I work out... Continue»
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Home alone with cousin Michelle

When I was a sophomore in High School my dad Had to take a long term
temporary transfer for training at the FAA facilities in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma. So they took my younger s****r and b*****r with them but left me
home to continue with school so my education wouldn't get screwed up by
multiple schools.

My Grandparents were supposed to be my legal guardians while my parents
were in Oklahoma but occasionally my sixteen year-old cousin Michelle was
given the job of babysitting me because she was now a married "responsible"
adult. That was a laugh, she was married because her boy... Continue»
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I Help My Aunt, Who Helped Mom

I Help My Aunt, Who Helped Mom

My mom and I have lived alone since I was nine years old when my dad just up and left us and never returned, or even calls to talk to me, or even see how I’m getting along, or invites me to stay with him, where ever he maybe in this world.

My mom never dates any one, she doesn’t go out drinking or partying any more, since dad up and left us, and she could have any man that she wanted, unless it is because my mom has a k** to raise and they don’t want any k** to get in the way of him and my mom, because mom and I are very close as any mother and son can be, ... Continue»
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Melissa and Her Loving Sons

My name is Melissa. I am 45, about 5'4", shoulder length red hair, and have
managed to keep my body in very good condition. I am a little plump, but my
curves are womanly as a woman should be. It isn't easy, but I have managed to
keep my figure to 38-26-36C with exercise and dieting.

Since being left a widow 10 years ago, my time has been devoted to providing a
home for my two sons, Kevin, 20 and Patrick, 18. They were just boys when their
dad was killed by a d***k driver, but they pitched in and helped me in every way
they could. The three of us became quite a team.

I wasn... Continue»
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Cherry Limeade

"When I count to 3 you'll wake up and remember nothing of what happened here today. Do you understand?"

"Yes," came the dreamy reply.

"1. 2. 3."

The older lady sitting in front of me opened her eyes and looked around, as if to reorient herself.

"Was I really hypnotized?" she asked.

"Yes, you were."

"Was anything accomplished?" she asked.

"I'll know more when we meet for our next appointment, which will be," I checked my appointment book sitting in front of me, "in 2 weeks."

"Am I to do anything special until then?"

"No. Just go about your daily life. I've planted som... Continue»
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Mom and son go to doctor

Diane and Brian Adams married young. Soon after their honeymoon Brian got a promotion and they purchased a bigger house. They moved away from the city into suburban Long Island. Diane was a good mother and very devoted to her f****y. f****y activities were rather normal: picnics on the beach during the summer and ice skating during the winter. Brian kept excelling at work which he paid for by having less time to spend with the f****y so Diane played a major role in raising their k**s. She was a great housekeeper and a great mother.

She was very protective and would rather get up early to d... Continue»
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First Blowjob From My Irish Exchange Student

I watched Kathleen my 19 year old red haired Irish beauty head bouncing up and down between my legs, and she sucked hungrily on my engorged cock. Who knew that four weeks ago this 19 year old virgin had never had a man before, so much as tasting a man’s cock in her sweet mouth? Kathleen had been sucking me for about five minutes now as I felt my cum rising from my dick. I moaned and arched my back as my young Kathleen realized I was cumming. Kathleen had learned her lessons well; she sucked even harder on the head of my erect cock in order to draw the semen from me. Then it hit!!! I shot a l... Continue»
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Lover’s First Fuck!

Natalie had been on her way to the bus when she saw Jake slip into the girl's locker room. She decided to follow him in. She watched as Jake was discovered and then as the three hot cheerleaders used him as a sex toy. She was rubbing her pussy as each of them sat in his face, sucked and then fucked his wonderful cock.

Ever since the brief episode at the bus stop where she had felt that big cock with her own hand the horny girl wanted nothing more than to be Jake's willing sex plaything. The thought had made her so hot she had f... Continue»
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Mother-in-law fuck

Mother-in-law opportunity
Sam noticed Jim had left the door open for him, and couldn’t resist going straight inside. He saw Wendy inside, spread out on the bed, deep asl**p. She was still wearing her party clothes…high heeled sandals, black stockings, a low cut halter dress that barely contained her tits.
He stood inside the doorway, debating. She was breathing heavily and evenly. She’d probablly had a lot to drink and passed out. He felt safe having a closer look.
Shutting the door quietly Sam walked into the room. A bottle of vodka sat in a bucket, all the ice melted. He picked it up and... Continue»
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Mom goes camping!

My husband died in November leaving me with two teen-age sons to raise by myself. He also left us well off. Enough so that I would never have to work again. However, I am young enough to miss him badly. I loved my husband but for sometime before his untimely death.
We had not done much in the husband wife department. I had always enjoyed sex; I was easy to climax and somewhat adventurous. During our sixteen years of marriage I had read a few books that suggested that there were more than one way to have sex. I tried to tell my husband I wanted to try something different, but he simply ignore... Continue»
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Cum. Love at First Taste

I was 19 when I found an ad looking for someone to move in with a mid 40's couple to help with yard work and chores and room and board provided. I emailed the couple and setup a meeting. I really liked them and they seemed to like me the shy little community college student with no f****y in the area. Tina was a average looking lady with a few extra pounds, nice large tits and black hair. Bill was about 5'10 190 with a small belly and moslty bald reminded me of my high school principle. I moved in with them the next week and helped out around the house cutting grass, cleaning gutters, and... Continue»
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Her Mom and I help her LOSE her Virginity

I had a nice house but had a small fire one day that required me to get a rental home in a really shitty trailer park here in North Georgia. The place was ok but crowed with young single parent mom's and their equally slutty trailer trash daughters that would hang around all day with no job or anything else for that matter except a welfare check every month, which they used on beer and cigarettes, and their government paid trailer homes.
One good thing about it was that since I worked from home on computers and did photography and video, I could watch them all through my window, running ar
... Continue»
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s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

Tina s****r Barbra called in the middle of the night her power had gone out and Dave her husband was out of town, and she was scared and did not won’t to mess with it. So Tina asks me to go over and look at it I got up and got dressed and went over. When I got to Barbra’s house it was in total darkness. She stood at the door with a flashlight shining in my eyes. I took it from her and as my eyes adjusted I noticed that she was in a see threw nightie. I shook my head as I walked past her. I told myself regardless of what may hap... Continue»
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Spanish adult book store

A few years ago , when I was still experimenting with my Bi side , I went to Spain for a few days , walking round early one evening I chanced on a sex shop , .I went in and it was huge , I saw things that I hadn't anywhere else , I was in heaven.

Going further in there was a sign for theater so going through a door I found myself in the room with cubicles and little video players , I was pretty nervous but went and sat in one and started watching the films,
again the content was so sexy and new , to me , straight gay , lesbian but most of all it was the shemales, I was transfixed.
I wat... Continue»
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The Anniversary Party

My mom had sounded very disappointed when I told her I wouldn't be able to make
it to their home for their 30th wedding anniversary.

"But, Richard, your b*****r can't be there either."

"Sorry, mom, but I can't get out of the trip I've got scheduled. And I'm not
responsible for Ross's life. What about Marie? Will she be there?"

"I haven't talked to your s****r yet so I'm not sure" I could hear the hurt in
her voice and it was hard to keep the secret of the plan we three siblings had
agreed to.

Ross, Marie, and I had already discussed mom and dad's anniversary and had
dec... Continue»
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Jack & Jessie

“Dammit!” Didn’t expect it to rain today, so I didn’t have an umbrella or raincoat. Even though I was 18, I didn't have my license, much less a car. So after school, I made the half mile walk home from school in the rain. Normally, it wouldn't bother me, but it was still early spring, so it was chilly to the point I was shivering by the time I got home.

When I got inside, I stripped off my wet clothes, and went straight to the shower to get warmed up. After dropping my clothes in the hamper, I stopped to admire myself in the mirror. 18 years old, and I was fully developed. 36C breasts, 115l... Continue»
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When I was a Busboy

This happened years ago when I got a job working as a busboy in a really swanky restaurant. I was kind of shy but after a couple of weeks I was almost getting used to talking to customers. Some of the customers were kind of snippy but most of them were nice to me.

This story is about what happened on a weeknight...not a Friday or Saturday when the place was jammed with people. I was watering tables (pouring water into empty or almost empty glasses. I was walking past one table that I had recently watered when I heard the woman there call out "Busboy!" She was about the age of my mother..... Continue»
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A Visit with my s****r

I work as a field engineer going to various maintenance jobs throughout the
day as I'm dispatched. My only link to the company is through my pager.
They page me and I go to the next job as soon as I finish the one I'm on.
So I pretty much control where I go and when I go through the work day.

One day work was pretty slack and I found myself in the suburb where my
s****r lived. It was lunch time and I hadn't seen her in a while so I
thought I'd just drop by for a visit to see how she was doing. My s****r
works at odd jobs, mostly house cleaning, so she is often home in the
middle ... Continue»
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BBW Sarah

Sarah and John have been friends a few years now. Sarah was a sexy BBW, brunette, pretty, nice tits, and loved sex. She was 20 years old but loved hanging around 43 year old John. They had lots of fun together especially partying. They drank almost every weekend. She had a hard time keeping a boyfriend because of her size. Younger guys don't really go for chubbier chicks.

Saturday night came, Sarah and John went to the bar with some other friends drinking beer and doing shots. Sarah tried all night to get a guy closer to her age. Not much luck for her though, she even told a guy she wante... Continue»
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DaDee's Girls

Joanie and her best friend Carla are in the same Sex Ed class. So how come Carla knows so much more about boy thingies than she does?

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted 2011 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted.

Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is i*****l for you to be here. If it is i*****l for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave n... Continue»
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I was about 12 or 13. My mother and I were supposed to go out someplace - I really don't remember where but I remember I had to get dressed up for it. I walked into my mother's room. She was in front of the mirror and had a short robe on. She turned to me and said "I want you to take a shower before we leave. So hurry up." "Ok," I said. And turned to walk out of the room. As I crossed the threshold she told to stop. She looked at me.
"I can tell your going to take way too long." She hesitated. Then said "Here, jump in the shower with me and we can be quick."
'No, I don't want to d... Continue»
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Here cums the train!

This is my naughty story and I'll start from the beginning:

l was on my way to Nottingham this morning to visit some f****y and thought this was the perfect time to start this series for you guys! So I was on the train, l'd managed to get a seat with a table and the train was quite busy. I'd bought my lil black love egg and I'd got my phone out to watch a couple of vids and read some stories to get inspired! I was watching one of my favourite videos of a library masturbation and I was getting very horny.

l kept thinking to myself l can't wait until l get to my parents and then to my old ... Continue»
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The Stepdaughter

Sam came home to find the house empty. He performed his ritualistic
coming home actions: placing the keys on the key rack, emptying his pockets
of their items, and finally changing into more comfortable clothes suitable
for lounging around the house. He made a perfunctory check around to house
to see if anyone was home but out of view. He almost always jerked off
while his wife and stepdaughter were away. Pretty much, he was checking to
see if things were a go for a quick toss-off. He stepped into his
stepdaughter's room to see if she was actually there or not. Looked around
and... Continue»
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Showing Off Wife to Neighbor

My wife and I used to live in an apartment complex, it was single story, with long buildings that faced each other with a sidewalk and a tiny yard in front. There was a living room and kitchen that were in the front of the apartment, and all of the apartments were the same. In the kitchen there was a big sliding window, and in the living room there was another bigger sliding window that had three panes, the panes on the sides would slide open, and the pane in the middle was stationary. Then to the right of the window was the door. As soon as we moved in, I saw the neighbor right across from us... Continue»
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Crabby Old Woman

Right after college I got a job at a car dealership that sold high end autos. I was a customer satisfaction agent and my job was to go out to customers and help them with any problems they may have with their cars. When you pay the kind of money these people paid for these cars, someone should come to your house and kiss your ass when you are too dumb to figure how something works. I wanted to go play football in the NFL but that did not happen.
I was dispatched to the owners of the dealership house. Seems his wife was having a problem. I drove there knowing she had a reputation for bein... Continue»
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My Loving Little s****r

I never knew just how much my little s****r loved
me until that night that she came to me when the
girl I had been dating for several months, having
regular sex with her told me to go to hell, that she
had found someone more exciting than me.

We had had a date scheduled but when I went to
pick her up she had another man there, one older
than me. She was already topless when I knocked
on the door and she came to the door. Hell I could
even see the fresh sperm on her lips. Then I heard
a male voice yelling from the living room.

"Hurry up bitch, get back here and finish fucking... Continue»
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My friend Jim.

I had come home off of leave to see my f****y and my old friend Jim. We had known each other since c***dhood but became close running partners at the age of 21 when we both returned home. For two years we hung out getting high, going out drinking and having a good time just partying.

Jim was a red head with long red hair a thick well trimmed red beard and a lightly freckled skin tone . Same medium height and build as I, we met up again at my old girlfriend’s house. We were both driving the same economy car and they were both the same weird green color. We became very close friends.

But J... Continue»
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Fast Times In Hardintown!

Jake watched as three of the hottest senior girls at Hardintown High School walked towards the locker room. He knew they were going to change into their cheerleader clothes. Jake was horny as always and wished he knew how to talk with girls.

Not that Jake was going without his share if pussy lately. He fucked his mom or older s****r nearly every day. Then there was Lisa the sexy mom of Sara who recognized him at the glory hole. She started to seduce him but he showed her he knew how to fuck! Yeah his sex life had changed dramat... Continue»
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Boy Slut Confessions

I love older men. Always have, always will. Older men tend to love me as well if only because I look younger than I am. I helped matters along in that regard once my pubic hair grew by shaving it right off, as I didn't like the look of it. Luckily, the rest of my body hair was very fine, so I didn't have to worry about shaving my legs. I left my armpit hair for appearances sake.

Keep in mind that I had begun shaving my cock and balls even before I lost my virginity. I already knew I was gay at that time, and knew I had a thing for older men using me, having fantasized about it regularly. It... Continue»
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Three girls and one dog.

Three girls and a Dog !

Samantha, Kelly, and Tina were best friends. They attended college together and shared a modest house just off campus. Samantha was the smart one, taking pre-med and working hard at her schoolwork. She was tall and blonde and bright blue eyed, with a natural hard body and a shy introverted personality. She couldn’t quite understand why all the guys hit on her when it should have been obvious that she just wasn’t interested in that sort of thing. Samantha was still a virgin and intended to stay that way until she was properly married. Being a 21 year old virg... Continue»
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Shemale Surprise

A married man is seduced and taken by a friend of his wife's.

"You can stay with Robert if you wish," Mary said on the phone.

I looked up from my laptop where I was pretending to be working when, in reality, I was reading, for the hundredth time, the brilliant novella 'Shemale School: a Teacher Seduced'. The story had created a new obsessive fantasy I had never even considered before: to be with a Shemale.

I even contacted the authoress to tell her how much I enjoyed it, and have since became one of her editors. I had just finished editing a gay cocksucking story that, althoug... Continue»
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Mary the Secretary Part One

Mary just got hired as a new secretary for the company. She is about 40 something years old,4 foot 10, blond hair, big D cups, and is little bit on the chubby side. She's married from what I heard.

John was a maintenance guy, and got a call for fixing the drawer on Mary's desk. Just so happen that day Mary wore a knee length skirt with a sweet blouse showing her huge cleavage. John arrives knocks on Mary's office door.

"Come on in, door's open", Mary yells. "Hey, John glad you're here, this dang drawer keeps getting stuck, see what you can do huh".

John says sure, no problem and... Continue»
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Halloween Night.

My wife has been at her mothers the other side of the country and will be for a few months, so I thought this would be the perfect time to go all out and see how convincing of a woman I could make myself. I bought hair removal cream, razors, new sexy lingerie, a sexy Halloween outfit, a wig and make-up. Naturally i received a few looks from cashiers, but I managed to smile and make a comment about how my wife's at work and leaves everything to the last minute.

As soon as I rushed home and got inside I began preparing even though it was still early, I knew id need extra time since iv never d... Continue»
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Mrs Jone gets a taste for young cum

Mrs Jones lived on a grand 5 acre plot, centered with a large mansion. Her husband had several car dealerships and worked most weekends, their busiest time. Being such a large property they had struggled to keep on top of the gardening. To solve the problem each Saturday Mrs Jones had employed a young lad to mow the lawns, cut the hedges and clean out the stables.

At 45 Mrs Jones had been married for 23 years. After only one c***d she had remained slim with larger than average bosom. Her marriage was comfortable but uninspiring, and her love life was somewhat unsatisfactory too. Mr ... Continue»
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Wifes first BBC experience

My wife and I became swingers a few years ago after being exposed to it. We were having a very good time swinging with other couples. One night I told her she had enough sex drive to handle 10 men. She laughed and said jokingly that I should set her up a gangbang. I asked her if she was serious and she said "if you set it up I will do it". I assured her I was serious if she was and she agreed she would try it.
I attempted several times to set one up however none of the guys I contacted wanted to do it. They all wanted her alone but not in a group atmosphere. I advertised on swinger sites and ... Continue»
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young old sex, with a nice fling to start with.

This is a true story. Sometimes in life, a geek like me can just get wise, and sometimes they pay a price for that sex. This story is about a fling a good 10 years ago. I am a young 26 year old man working at a nursing home. I work with residents and their families all the time, and its only natural to make friends with them. One lady who I visited all the time on my routes around the building, her name is Terri. I always stop in, and seemed to always bounce into her daughter, Lois. Terri was nearly 96 and Lois was just turning 60. I never knew her age, as for looks; she was amaz... Continue»
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Caught in panties

It was Saturday and I needed to go into the city to get some new clothes. As I opened my underwear drawer a flash of pink grabbed my attention from the back. Ah my stash..... You see after my last girlfriend dumped me, she had left some of her underwear behind. At first I was going to throw them away, but for some reason I kept them. She was a size 8 and I knew from trying these things on before when we were together for giggles they would fit me. I rummaged around and pulled out a pair of pink satin panties (you can see a pic in my underwear album). As I looked at them I remembered how good s... Continue»
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The Surprise

A divorced man finds love unexpectedly.

My wife left me a few weeks after my fortieth birthday. She ran off with a coworker, leaving me with our condo in the city. Getting dumped was a wake up call for me. I joined a gym and began working out and eating healthier. I was never fat or anything, but I got really lean and cut and began to feel confident in myself.

My friends looked out for me, inviting me out to dinner and fixing me up with friends. Maybe I wasn't ready to date yet, because there really wasn't any spark with any of the women they were introducing to me. I wondered if ... Continue»
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Next Step - - - Sucking Cocks for the first time.

My married 47 year old girl-friend and I were invited back to the home of the married bi-couple whom we met on Craig's List.
On the last visit I had my cock sucked by the husband who took my cum in his mouth and swallowed. That was a major first for me which had my cock lusting for more when I got home.
As usual, when we arrived we were given a few drinks to relax us and also some groping among each other. That certainly relaxes both body and mind, especially for a young guy like me, who is basically embarking on a bi-sexual life-style.
The wife, as usual, asked me to accompany her on the s... Continue»
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