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Me and my s****r Lisa

I was in the bathroom showering, when Lisa came in the bathroom. " Get out. Why you always come in here when I'm in here" I say. " Oh shut up nobody want to see you, I don't feel like going downstairs to the other bathroom and you a'int got nothing I want to see anyway" she laughs and says, as she sits on the toilet and plays on her phone. I continue to shower and ignore her little ass. We shared a common bathroom, as it was accessible from both of our rooms. Lisa was my younger s****r. I was older than her by 3 years. Our older b*****r was away at College and it was just Lisa and I and o... Continue»
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Daughter Internet Pics Discovered!

I'm looking for some advice from my fellow xHamster members out there.

A few days ago I was up to my usual perverted hobby of searching the internet stroking my cock to random porn jumping from site to site in hopes of finding something to help my blow my load. While looking through Tumblr I find a blog devoted to teens which had some extremely hot little dirty sluts, when I pass a pic of one of the dirty girls that catches my attention. I quickly scroll back to the photo & realize something. The girl in the pic with her dress hiked up over her perfectly round bubble ass, white thong pulled... Continue»
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A chance encounter with friends

Occassionally reality and fantasy collide. Sometimes it is very messy, such as when a wife discovers a man's prediliction for being whipped by a neighbor woman. Other times it is wonderful!

This is a quick "diary entry" about one of the latter such instances that happened this summer. It is not full of details because of the need for discretion, but.... Let's just say it is ALWAYS good to meet fans of my writings and especially this wonderful f****y!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!

Last month I had a business deal in north central England that had to be finished face to... Continue»
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Meeting my teen b*****r after 12 years

I can still remember the day I left. I was his nanny of sorts, looking after my k** b*****r meant everything to me. Then came their divorce and we were split up, with him going away to another country to be brought up, and with the years passing we got into a routine and soon we were never thinking about each other again.

I was sixteen back then on the fateful day, and he was just two. Now I was engaged to be married myself in six months time, I was 28 and a business woman, and my thoughts were of my k** b*****r, he should be here with me on my big day I thought, and so I made tentative enq... Continue»
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Danielle is a SLUT (Day One)

It was a humid August evening, rain was in the forecast after a week of high temperatures. She walked briskly through the moonlight lit park, checking her high value watch as she went. Despite the beads of sweat forming on her brow she pulled her fur-lined jacket tighter around her toned body. 2:15am, if she wasn't careful she'd be late and it would delay the rest of her schedule. Adrenaline coursed through her entire body and a smile spread across her face as she approached the bench that was her destination.

She looked around, checking up and down the paths for any nearby people before s... Continue»
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My Model Friend Turned To My Personal Slut

My Model Friend Turned To My Personal Slut

Slut, whore, bitch, fuck toy…. For some women, this is the best thing they can hope for. Amazingly, some of the most sexy and beautiful women I know have met turned out to be the best sluts I have ever used and abused! This story is about one such beauty. Born with incredible good looks, grown into a fantastic body and filled with the knowledge of how to turn the head of even a blind man, she was my friend. Then she got d***k; made a confession. Now she is my slut, Jade.
... Continue»
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Taking An XHamster Lover and Teaching Her PT 1

Taking An XHamster Lover and Teaching Her PT 1

Recently I have met a beautiful woman on here who has shared some amazing images of herself with me. While I am not at liberty to share either her user name or any of the pictures, I have taken what she has shared with me and written a story of what it would be like if she would just relent and consent to meeting with me for a night… or two… or four…..


For my vacation, I was riding my motorcycle out to Sturgis. That’s ... Continue»
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The bus home

When I was on the bus home a couple of weeks ago a man stood behind me started to squeeze my buttocks. As the bus was crowded and I didn’t want to make a scene I simply stood there and let him. Soon it was my stop and I dashed off the bus not looking back in case I recognised the man which would have been very embarrassing. The following day the same thing happened again. I went home feeling confused – I knew it was wrong but at the same time I felt a bit excited and proud that someone considered by arse worth feeling up. When I woke the next morning I thought about the journey home and before... Continue»
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Barber shop

Years ago I went to a barber shop that was in an older end of town. It was owned by this really nice guy. Some times he had a second barber who was there most of the times I went in. I will call the owner Sam and the second guy Leon. Sam was super friendly at least 10-15 years older than me slim very dark skinned black men.. Maybe 150 and 5'6-8". Leon was a pretty good sized guy 6' to 6'2" very dark skin and maybe 250 could have been 5 years younger than Sam. I had been in his shop a few times before and was always greeted with a big welcoming smile from both men. Most of the time there was a ... Continue»
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Mother and I having Sex with two boys

Mother was a strange creature of habit, and I have had to wait almost twenty years to write anything about her, mostly to make sure I got my facts right, but also, the mood and the words that would go into making her somehow acceptable, in light of what she is, and more so, what she instilled in me, her daughter, and my quirkiness when that little three lettered word, sex, is mentioned or enacted.

My earliest memory was on a Winters night, when all hell was loose outside our house, and inside, the fire blazed and the candles burned, as I sat quietly and watched her bathe my b*****r, on the ... Continue»
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Another afternoon at Helena's home

Another afternoon at Helena’s home

My sweet Ana had gone for a complete week visiting some friends in San Francisco; so, I was home alone to enjoy a good time with my loneliness.

On Friday midday I was cooking a light meal, when Ana’s girlfriend Helena called me.

“You still own me a second visit to my home, you little bastard…” She said.

I had had a very good afternoon at her home some time ago; when I fucked Helena and her friend Camila. Then I though both bitches were waiting for me again there for a new wild sex session… But I was very wrong…

My slutty Helena opened the door.... Continue»
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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 1

The Story I am telling is my true story which happened 13 years ago. I will write this story in many parts, so make sure to check back.
A bit about me
I am a pakistani Housewife based in Pakistan, now aged 41. My husband is 20 years older than me (I was remarried after my divorce). I was divorced from my first husband because he found out about my affair with someone. My current husband is not good in bed so I had to get my sexual satisfaction elsewhere. My husband is a business man so has to travel much and doesnt have much time.

The Beginning
It was the end of August 2003... Continue»
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a summer job

Looking to make some money during the summer, I went to the normal places. Fast food restaurants, stores in the area malls, and and some gas stations and repair shops with no luck. So the only things left were outdoor jobs.
I when into the neighborhood knocking on doors asking if I could do yard work or odd jobs. Finally after walking about ten blocks, a older man said if I was willing to do some hard work he'd let me earn some money.
The first day I trimmed bushes, edged the sidewalk and drive way, cut the grass and raked up and bagged. Impressed at the short time it took me, he showed me ... Continue»
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A MILF Taught Me To Pleasure A Woman

35 years ago at the age of 18 I learned a very important lesson at the hands of a neighbor woman who today we would call a MILF. She used to layout in her side yard, secluded from all eyes by her house and her neighbors house on either side and bushes in front and a fence behind. She would go out there and remove all of her clothes and lay out nude nearly every day of the summer and sometimes she would even masturbate out there.

How do I know? A few years earlier I had been up a tree getting a ball of some kind down when I ... Continue»
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Would you Marry a Girl like me??

As a little girl I used to prowl through my mothers wardrobe to wear her things, and the first surprise was the smell of leather, hanging there. This weekend I laid out these garments on my bed, as I had inherited them after she had gone, and as I looked at these expensive hand sewn garments, through experienced adult eyes, I could only imagine the beautiful woman inside them, that was my mother, and the scenery around her, that could only be imagined in an adult mind.

That was my dear mother, a temptress and a disciplinarian, a lover of young men. I am sorely tempted to use the word 'Very'... Continue»
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Young man seduced on a plane by an older woman

> As I wait in line for my flight to Mykonos, I spot a shy young man looking unsure of what to do. It looks like this might be his first international flight. As I approach him to offer my help, I notice how well built his body is, but how young and innocent his face looks. I wonder whether his mind has caught up to his body yet.
> "First time overseas?" I inquire. "Anything I can do to help?" He turns around and smiles at me sheepishly and responds "Yes, ma'am. I was wondering how we get our seat assignments?" "This airline let's you chose your own. Why don't you sit by me an... Continue»
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When I was 18 part 2

I will start where part 1 stopped ! Well Saturday evening came and my boyfriends parents were gone for the weekend and we had plans to just hang out there. I went over there about 7 pm. We had a few beers and were listening to the stereo when we started making out. This got hot very fast and the next thing I knew my top was off and he was sucking on my breasts. I really love having that done. Then he unbuttoned my pants and slide his hand in my pants. He was rubbing my pussy then put 1 finger in then 2. I was very wet the I had him go down on me He was licking around and don't get me wrong I... Continue»
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A mommy's Love

Being a 36 years old single mom has meant that I have gone a long time without sex as I was concentrating on raising the sunshine of my life, my only son. We have always been very close as it has been just the two of us – no boyfriends, no husbands. Only a mother can understand when I say that the love between us is unbreakable. The absence of lovers in my life has not been for lack of male attention. I am not bad looking - my breasts are a little heavy, one could say sagging just a little from years of breast feeding, I breastfed Pat until he was 5 years old, and to be truthful the latter ye... Continue»
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My Old Teacher and I

I hurried down the hall. I couldn’t believe I’d almost forgotten to stop by Ms. Thorn’s class after school. My f****y was vacationing for the next week and my cousin had asked me to swing by and grab her work from Ms. Thorn, as she hadn’t had it ready for her earlier in the day. My cousin was a cheerleader and had to leave school earlier to cheer at a sporting event. As I walked down the hall, I thought about Ms. Thorn. She had taught me two years prior and there wasn’t a day that went by I didn’t fantasize about her. She had long perfect legs that were often displayed underneath a pencil skir... Continue»
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Suzanne's Slutwife Weekend

I wrote this for a friend yesterday with a hot wife named Suzanne. Much of the action is based on what he likes her to do and the rest is me filling in the blanks. I hope you enjoy!!!

Suzanne’s Slutwife Weekend ….. by cyote57 June 2016

Hubby’s Story

Earlier this week, I had told my wife, Suzanne, that she had been rented for the weekend. I like to give her plenty of time to get prepared and get her mind wrapped around her performances. Suzanne has been my hotwife / slutwife / submissive petwife since we were practically first married a long time ago. I learned that she was a very su... Continue»
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My teacher

Growing up I was never a fast learner. My grades were nothing to sing about, but I did pass each year, but if not by the skin of my teeth. When I made it to middle school, it wasn't much better, in face some clown put the alphabet in math. Guess someone thought it was funny.
My first semester was a nightmare, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. The teacher asked what the problem was, I told him I just don't understand it and math is my worse subject. Half way through the semester he called me to his desk and asked if a tutor would help, I said I hope it would but my mother couldn't affor... Continue»
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altruistic sexual mothering

I am a woman in my early thirties, still active and fit. Older boys, my son's friends to be more precise, think of me as a MILF, and they are sixteen, on the cusp of manhood, no wonder I get wet in their presence.

Of course as a well balanced and sexually experienced woman, I keep those powerful sexual urges in my panties, but secretly, I do tease, just to encourage these thoughts of self denial, but hoping, deep down, I do give them thoughts as they lie in bed, and stroke their cocks.

Whenever there is a stay-over, I always check the bed-sheets for semen stains, a tell-tail sign my nau... Continue»
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My Lunchtime Encounter

So again, debated on putting this out there...

It's embarrassing, annoying me and it's kinda funny (from y'alls perspective), so Im gonna share. Y'all seem to like my pathetic and funny stories.

A couple of weeks ago now I tried again to meet someone to fuck. He is a young 29yo black man within 25 minutes of me.

We met twice for lunch to chat and we made out a little in the car each time.

The third meeting I met him at his house but I was on my period and he is not down with that (of course my luck...) so I knew we weren't gonna fuck, we made out and I sucked him until complet... Continue»
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written on 2015-08-08

Maybe one of my best experience.

To refresh the context. On this period, with my best friend we have try some things.
My last acquisition was a magic wand and a full lycra hood (total obscur).

She love playing with me. And I'm in total trust with her

We have not play again since some month (I was on couple in the meantime

We are at my flat in the evening.
The deal is if I refuse to do whatever, I will not have the right to cum tonight.
Nothing to eat, so we order pizza.
Waiting, we talk, and she want I show her some t... Continue»
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Bar Encounter

Peggy drove looking for a good spot to just let loose without having any worries of someone she knew seeing her. She pulled into a parking lot to a bar just on the outskirts of the town which looked pretty fun. Stepping out of her car she tugged her skirt down over her round ass then walked to the door, she was met by a large man, “May I help you” he asked, “I was just looking for a nice plae to have some fun” Peggy said, “Well miss, you came tot he right place. Step right in, it's women's night any way so there's no cover charge” the man said as he stepped aside letting Peggy walk past him.... Continue»
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Meeting Julie - First steps towards an adventure

The email was pretty much like most of the others, short and to the point – What a lovely body you have, great pair of boobs, I would so like to make love to you.

And that made me stop and read it again. Normally these mails were much cruder, telling me for example how much I would be screaming within minutes, and how many gallons of cum would be offloaded over me, sometimes so much that I could imagine myself being drowned in the torrent !

But this one was different.

I looked at the sender and suddenly my mouth dropped. It was from a woman !

A woman had contacted me and she wan... Continue»
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whats up everyone ! i just wanted to share another epic fender bender story of my interesting life and chronicle the events that have happened over the last 48 hours while everything is still fresh. i never write short stories.. i like to reminiisce about each detail as i remember it

life is like a box of chocolates.. you just never know what your going to get!!

first off... if you are reading this .. you can check out my profile page AZNSWAG, remember to read the requirements if you plan on adding me. i was an uploader but recently got the dreaded 3 strikes... Continue»
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The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to t

The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to the penis - chpter (1)

I'm from Amman, Jordan I was born in 1960, we were means and my father was in the army and as I remember that my f****y was moving from house to house many times, in 1967 as I remember there was a man took me to a abandoned house it was close to our house as I usually play near it, that man undressed me and start kissing me all over my cheeks& lips, my body down to my ass then he rub his dick up my ass, I've given up and I do not know what he is doing to me, after a while I heard a sigh coming from him and felt hot l... Continue»
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My wife the e****t

My Wife “The e****t Call Girl”.

My wife and I had been together for 2 years, we had met on a blind date arranged between two mutual friends and we hit it off from the word go, she was 18 years younger than myself I was 39 at the time.
We did everything a normal couple does and had a blast of a time, she got pregnant after a holiday on a Greek Island and of course 9 months later we had a lovely Baby Boy. It was after the birth of my son when she sort of changed a little in different ways.
Sex became even more frequent than before and it was pretty frequent before, sex in unusual plac... Continue»
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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 1)

"Did you want to grab something to eat this afternoon? My treat?" I said, eagerly awaiting Sar's response.
"Sure thing, Bianca! I have a lunch break at one. Wanna meet up?"
"There's a great Italian place not far from your office. Paradise Restaurant I think it's called. I've been thinking of trying it for a while." I lied. I had been there before, but I wanted her to feel like we were experiencing something new together.
"I think I know the place. I'll see you there soon."
"Sounds good!" I hung up the phone and let out a deep breath. Sara was gorgeous, with long ... Continue»
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Mom Makes My Fantasy Come True

It was the summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I was working nights as a busboy, smoking weed almost daily, although I’d been caught by my parents and threatened by my father that if I’d do it again, he’d kick me out into the street. That would have been a real disaster because I couldn’t possibly function on my own out in the real world. I had no confidence, was constantly being told by dad that I wasn’t measuring up, and had basically become a loner. I was still a virgin and had only kissed a girl once – and she was so d***k that she ended up throwing u... Continue»
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Project Pussy Drama Part 2(True Story)

If you read the first part you should know where we left off.

"Diamond, you in there". Me and Mariah paused for a bit and looked at each other. She looked nervous. I never seen her look like that before. She was always so cocky and nonchalant. She seemed shook, something I never thought I would see in her. But it was so attractive and cute. It's like I seen this lioness before and all of a sudden I see this scared lil kitty. But I knew how she felt because I was on the same situation and I'm nervous too. I had to say something fast though, so I just said " yea, I'm in here." Then my cousin ... Continue»
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Inside the life of a sex mad girl

I am going on holiday, so I shall be away from my gateway to all you lusty horny men for the next two weeks. I plan to try some moves for your reading delight, some ball stirring stories, and cum shooting exercises.

A determined woman willing to take it all the way, and a cuckold husband wanting a wank over my rising bottom, as it grinds down an another man's cock, yes it will be that kind of holiday.

Most women, even when they don't admit it, have developed an instinct for sussing a man's desire for her, a look, a touch, even a small hint, is enough, I mean, over millennia, you know whe... Continue»
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Silent Auction Night - Bidding For Me

The bidding on Ashley was over. She always goes for a premium price. She’s 38. I’m 52. So now I was the last one to be auctioned off. The men were able to see me but I could not see them. Nor could they see one another. Privacy is what made this fund raiser work.

The women knew that they would be expected to do a fashion show in a private hotel room at a 5 star resort in our lingerie or in a bikini. For that, our club would raise a lot of money for the local SPCA.

The master of ceremonies asked me to turn with my back to the video camera so that the guys could see my backside. ... Continue»
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My s****r in law with 18 year olds.

My s****r in law hasn't been fucked for many years because her husband (not my b*****r) cannot get it up. He will not lick or suck her and he will not let her give him a blow job.

Jane is very proper, sings in the choir, has never watched porn so is innocent for her age 50+. Jane has grey hair that she has died blond and cut in a modern style. She has a curvy figure topped of by boobs that every man would love to suck. When she is at the net and I am serving I have to really concentrate to keep my mind on the job in hand. However, I usually take my time so I can enjoy the sight of her great... Continue»
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My First Dirty Little Secret

Ever since I was a young boy, my mother was a dedicated volunteer worker for the Catholic church. She and several other women would get together regularly, and discuss matters related to the church,requests from the priests, things the nuns needed for the school, etc. The women my mother would meet with all looked alike - older, repressed, dressed like they were without sin. It was as if they were prisoners in their own skin. But there was one who stood out. She was different. She was special. She always made my heart race fiercely every time I saw her. She was always very nice to me.

Her n... Continue»
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Girlfriends son

I had been dating a woman for about a year. She was in her thirties at the time, and had a young son I got along with fine. We had a great relationship going, and she loved the fact Her son and I got along well.
One day I received a phone call at work that stopped me in my tracks. She said the neighbor across the street called and said they caught her son and theirs doing something discusting, and I should have a talk with him and find out what it was since no one would say. After a mind taxing day I went to her house, we ate dinner and I took her son back to his bedroom to find out what happ... Continue»
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Astra's Lover

I had been dating Jack for quite some time. We would kiss every now and then, but nothing more. I knew he wanted more, but I wasn't sure. I was really nervous about ANYONE seeing me naked. I decided I should give him something. So the night before a date we had planned, I stayed up and watched a lot of porn. I was going to give Jack a blowjob.

After our date, Jack walked me up to the door.

"This was really fun, Astra. We'll have to do it again sometime."

I could feel my face turn red as his kiss softly danced across my lips.

"Goodnight." He said, turning to go.

I gently grabbe... Continue»
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Dad, Daughter and Dog

The back screen door slammed shut as Kellie returned home from her evening jog. Her father Al sat in his easy chair behind his newspaper. "That you, honey?"

Kellie snorted, "It better be or they'll be trouble!" Rex, her shepherd dog, made klik-klik noises on the linoleum with his nails. The two had been inseparable since he arrived in the house a tiny puppy.

"Can you come in the living room for a minute?"

"Sure." She walked in lean and lithe, barely five feet tall, tiny breasts held in a sports bra and tank top, tight bottom in running shorts, her chestnut hair tied back in a pony tai... Continue»
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My first time

One day, I was just hanging in gay dating website. At the moment I was really horny and I had a hard erection going on. I wanted more than a wank. But it seemed that there was no interesting men. So I decided to check my inbox. Maybe someone had an interest on me.

I was lucky. Someone had flirted to me. I checked his profile. He was 18 (like me) and “little bit fat”. Sounded good for me so I decided to flirt him back.

I didn't visit the website for a while and when I finally managed to go back to check my inbox, my expectations were not really high.
He had answered to me: “Hi. You hav... Continue»
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Mom’s Used Cunt. part 2

Here I am lying in my bed staring up at the ceiling thinking back to last night when I fucked my mom, when who should walk in to my bedroom but her. She had on her tee shirt, cum nightie and straight away, I noticed her braless tits pressed up against the thin material.

Mom sat down on the bed
“I know what you did last night” she said then crossed her legs slowly making sure I saw her do it.
I started to turn red and I was getting prepared for a right good rollicking when I released she was wearing nylons, how strange I thought with her nightie.

Mom crossed her hands and placed them on... Continue»
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I could not believe the situation I was in!

I was standing in front of a group of people all of which were strangers and my husband was in the process of selling my clothes!

He was telling them I was a reluctant stripper who needed encouragement to showing my body and what was he bid for my little black dress!

Let me explain a bit about how I find myself in this situation. I had heard about a new club in the big city, a club where live sex, totally uncensored sex, could be seen on stage. I knew the name of the club and where it was. I had always had a big sex drive and being much... Continue»
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Cheating with my Neighbor

Cheating with my Neighbor
Remembering the night I had taken my neighbor by surprise and how that night introduced me to the life of cheating and fucking other men while I was married.

My ex and I would fantasize about us having a threesome or foursomes with other men while we had sex. He would dare me to find a man or men and bring them home.

Jeff moved across the street from us with his f****y. I wasted no time in asking my husband to invite them to a welcome to the neighborhood get together on the weekend.

We were drinking and all having a good time and getting along. Jeff’s wife ... Continue»
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Note: This is the first story I have ever shared on here. I did kind of get some inspiration from someone while formulating this story. Feel free to let me know what you think about it. If there is enough of a response or need for another part, then I will try to see if I can make a second part to this, enjoy!

It was around 7:00 pm, and I was just finishing up with my lab report at the library. I was starving and could not wait to leave this godawful place. At least the air conditioning was on full blast. Although summer was coming to an end and fall was approaching, it was still f... Continue»
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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 2

Part 1 concluded with the arrival at LHR (London Heathrow Airport). For a better understanding you should read the previous part first.

We had rent a two bedroom flat, one bedroom for me, one bedroom for my stepson and a living room.
The rooms of flats are really small in London.

The “best” thing was the shower which was a tub and then covered with a curtain. It was a chamber-like room without a door. At least the WC was separated and ok.

My strategy was to use the shower when my step-son would not be at home to avoid embarrassing situations.

We couldn't renovate the flat much bec... Continue»
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New Neighbour New Role

It was a hot damn day and my neighbour was out in her balcony with two of her pals, laughing, drinking and enjoying the heat. I'd just moved in next door and our balconies are parallel to each other, no private divider. At eighteen, these were my first moments of independence and I was loving being able to do what I want – a home to freely play with my boypussy. Although at this moment in time all I'd managed to do was unpack a couple of essentials - TV and console.

So yeah, I was checking them out in between haphazardly setting up my den and enjoying myself at the same time - what kind of... Continue»
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The first time Jess cheated and I caught her

My wife Jessica is around 5’6 and 120 pounds very tanned, tattooed and with fake tits. She is really beautiful and never had trouble getting the attention of men. We have been married for several years and were together before that for a long time. While we were dating I had cheated and gotten caught. We would fight and break up but always got back together.

After we got married, we didn’t have the option to “temporarily” break up and get back together. I had not cheated on her in a while, we got married and were happy but when I was on a busine... Continue»
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Shocking, Disgusting, Factual, and Reality.

I feel I'm no different from any other woman alive. I want my freedom as our forefathers envisaged, not domination or subjugation, that's a sexual state of mind, not a gender or a political thing.

To see a beautiful young woman, a teenager, or younger, and want to lift her skirt, pull her pants down, and have those minutes with her, then walk away, satisfied in the knowledge that you left her with something that could change her life forever, is a male dominating, testosterone loaded, fantasy that has been with us since time immortal.

The world over females have been crushed, used and a... Continue»
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The Card Party

It was Saturday afternoon and Dan my neighbor from across the street and I were leaning against my car in the driveway talking. My next door neighbor Todd was having poker game tonight. I had never played cards with any of the guys from around here and Dan was giving me the scoop on the players. The whole time we were talking he had a sly smile on his face, I couldn't guess why, he just smiled and said I would enjoy tonight.

At 8:00 I told Shirley I'd see her later, she gave me a quick kiss and jokingly told me I better not lose all my money, cause she was not going to support me until ... Continue»
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Gay teen fucked in school bathroom (real)

It was early in my senior year and i had always been old for my grade so i was already 18, so i had only one thing on my mind. Fucking.

I had grown to love anal over the years with the use of anal toys that I had found or had made myself. Of course I started to get used to them and I needed more to fill my asshole to the point of orgasm.
I got very horny one day during my 3rd period class, which at the time was my AP English 12, and my next class was leadership.

Leadership at my school was basically many k**s from all grades in our high school together to plan and set up our school even... Continue»
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