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Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand

Chatting with a nubile on here the other day inspired this one…

God I hope she likes it!!


Stepping out of the shower after a long hot day of landscaping and I figured I deserved at least some ice cream as a treat since the wife was out of town. I slipped on some shorts and went commando since I did not plan to be out long before coming back and going to bed.

I pulled up and ordered my ice cream. While I waited I looked over and saw two girls with “Congratulations grad“ shirts on. I smiled, they giggled. The blonde was in a miniskirt, the brunette was in cut off short... Continue»
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My Wife's Best Friend

bisexual wife - threesome – fmf – friend - swinging – bikini – facesitting


When I stepped naked from the bathroom and strode into the living room of our small apartment, as I did every morning, I was shocked to discover that my wife, Brooke, was not the only one sitting on the couch in the living room. Beside her sat her best friend, Nikki, and, wow, was I giving her an eyeful!

Besides my slim and somewhat muscular body, I was showing a shrunken four-inch version of my eight-inch long cock which I knew was four inches more than my wife was comfortable with me showing her ... Continue»
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Introduction to Bi

bisexual threesome – mfm – suck husband's cock – woman loves bisexual men – multiple orgasms – sharing semen – sensuous bi seduction – bi couple seduces – bisexual initiation

An open-minded young man is introduced to bisexuality by a sensuous couple I was 29, and still recovering from my fiancée's breaking up with me. I hadn't dated in many months and found it difficult to motivate myself to get out of the house, so when I saw an ad for a weekend seminar on personal goal-setting, it sounded like a good way to break out of my rut and be among people again, and maybe learn something us... Continue»
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Sharing my husband with my teenage niece.

Celine bent forward and her top drooped outwards to expose her perfect pair of tiny titties and pink nipples.

I smiled, thinking back to when I used to do the same thing. Bodily changes like growing breasts, or having a flush of light pubic hair on your pubis, are the sign we girls look for, when growing up, bur for what, now there is the question?

Celine our niece is thirteen, and already she is playing with fire, she knows she is showing herself to my husband, and if she is following form, as I did, she will be masturbating too.

We were looking after a little sex bomb, and I needed ... Continue»
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Her Presents

cock ring – creampie – panties – stockings – domination – strap-on – role reversal

She had a number of surprises for him...

We had just gotten back from a friend's wedding. They had a nice ceremony on a golf course under some trees and then a party afterwards inside the club house. It was an open bar and they had hired a band. We spent most of the night making the rounds saying hello and visiting with both families. After several drinks and a couple of dances we said goodnight.

We got home and snuggled in bed. It was the first time all day we had to ourselves. After some much n... Continue»
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Noises in the Night

A lil harmless noise in the night that could get anyone wild up.

It was the noise that distracted me. It was so soft at first I thought I was imagining it. But it was there: a slow and steady hum broken with little noises I couldn't identify at first, until they started coming faster and faster. They were moans. My mother's moans, accompanying her vibrator as she pleasured herself in the next room. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard.

I was 26, recently separated from my wife. We'd married too young and three years in found me cheating on her with a woman from work. I... Continue»
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My 1st trip to the Gloryhole (True)

Ok, well lets get started, my husband and I have been exploring different sexual adventures as you can tell from my previous posts. I have been really busy and for the last few months we have kind of had "normal sex". Not that the normal stuff is bad but we had gotten away from being crazy adventurous. I think having a k** that is growing up and insane careers can do that. Well last night we took a sudden leap forward. I was supposed to be going to dinner with my f****y and my husband was working late. My daughter decided that she wanted a sl**p over at Grandma's house so I said ok. My ... Continue»
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Our Trip to Vegas

Tim & I flew to Vegas to meet with a client to sigh some contracts. We met with the client, signed the contracts and were going to spend the rest of the time doing some gambling and seeing the sights. We were in the bar at one of the casinos having a drink when a gentleman came over to us and said you’re Shauna Riley, aren’t you? We had never seen the man before but I answered yes I am and asked how he knew me. He smiled and said he had seen my pictures & chatted with me on Xhamster. This brought a smile to Tim’s face. We invited him to sit with us. After talking for about a half hour he asked... Continue»
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The lessons of Hitchhiking


It started with me hitch hiking one night after a fight with my boy friend. I left him at a bar and started walking down a dark road. A few cars stopped and offered me a ride, but I didn’t like the way they looked so I turned them down. I had walked for about a mile when another car slowed down: it was a middle aged black man in an older Cadillac. He asked if I was alright. I said “Yes I’m fine. He said “Can I give you a ride somewhere, this road isn’t very safe a night” I hesitated answering him as I looked him over and he seemed like a nice guy, so I said... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Richard raised his hand which held the remaining of the hot ejaculation and tasted some of it and then kissed the boy again mixing the sperm with the boy's saliva. After the kiss he raised his hand to Francis' mouth so the boy could lick the remainder of the hot juice. "Have you tasted your own cum before" Richard asked? The excited boy said no and then saw the hand approach his willing mouth and he licked and sucked the rest enjoying the salty taste. When he finished Richard raised his face and kissed the boy agin as the two exchanged saliva and semen.

Do you want to shower a... Continue»
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Naughty d***ken Claire Part 2

…………………….. there I was sat naked on hubby’s friends lap

With hubby looking on with a big grin on his face. So it looked like it was back to me, so I put Steve’s hand back to my pussy saying there you go sir is that easier for you, there was a slight bit of resistance as I placed his hand and pushed it against me all the time staring at hubby for some sort of reaction, I glanced up at Steve and he was staring across at hubby too, but hubby had his gaze fixed on our hands over my pussy so I went to move mine and Steve pulled his away, so I said doesn’t sir like my pussy isn’t it wet enough f... Continue»
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The business trip - 2 guys, 1 fleshlight

It started on one of my business trips. My colleague, Dave and I had to attend a conference in Geneva. We are both straight, in our early thirties, and still in the phase of being horny almost all the time.
We’ve travelled together a few times before, and we always end up talking a lot about hot chicks and stuff. He is happily married though.

On my longer trips I usually bring my fleshlight. When I get back to my hotel room I take a quick shower, and have a good bate session using the fleshlight. I’m a pretty heavy shooter, so I jerk off 2-3 times a day. Otherwise I leak too much precum... Continue»
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Road side gloryhole visit.

My husband and I were driving back from South Caroilina
when we passed an adult bookstore with a full parking lot.
I had been teasing him since it got dark and had my pants
off playing with myself for passing truckers. I told him I
am so horny I would be dangerous in a adult bookstore. He had
a big grin on his face and After talking about it for a
few minutes Greg turned the car around and headed back.
We parked at the far end of the parking lot and quickly
walked into the store.
I don't know if the few customers that were skulking
around weren't used to 'new' people, or may... Continue»
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Shemale Surprise

anal – shemale – transgender – transsexual – oral – pantyhose – first time – stockings – wedding – lesbian

"You can stay with Robert if you wish," Mary said on the phone.

I looked up from my laptop where I was pretending to be working when, in reality, I was reading, for the hundredth time, the brilliant novella 'Shemale School: a Teacher Seduced'. The story had created a new obsessive fantasy I had never even considered before: to be with a Shemale.

I even contacted the authoress to tell her how much I enjoyed it, and have since became one of her editors. I had just finished e... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction

Synopsis: My wife's girl form another marriage is home before going to grad school. I happen to see her getting out of the shower unexpectedly..... For the rest..... Read on....

Adult c***dren of your spouse from another marriage are not really yours… so it isn’t really i****t, is it??
Tara is Jane’s daughter…. And that girl… well read the story….

The flat tire on the car was an unexpected stroke of good luck. I called my boss who told me that since I had already hit my quota for both the week and month, I could just take the d... Continue»
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I Always Wondered

threesome – bisexual – mfm

I admit it. I always wondered. Even before my first experience I thought about it more than once. Even though I thought about it I still tried to deny my desires, especially publicly. All guys have thought about it at one point or another. Many guys desire it but won't admit it. Only a few are strong enough to admit it and pursue it.

I had no idea how much my life would change when I came home from work that day. My wife and I had talked about expanding our horizons many times. We had talked about all the normal things open minded couples discuss. Threes... Continue»
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Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy Lessons

By billy69boy

I was so engrossed in solving my daily crossword puzzle that I hadn't noticed my young neighbor approaching.

"Good morning, Mr. Gaines! You're up early today," the sweet voiced girl called out cheerily. I immediately looked up from my newspaper and instinctively closed my legs so as not to embarrass the girl, or myself, for that matter.

"Hello Kendra, how are you?" I had forgotten that school was done for the summer, and as in years past, Kendra had come over to do some sunning and make use of my pool. I hadn't seen her in a bikini since last se... Continue»
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Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

Holidaying on the Mediterranean suited my parents, who were both naturalists. Nudity was never an issue, and I grew up in that relaxed atmosphere, seeing men swing as they walked past me.

Being an only c***d, I was left to my own devices and thoughts, reserved and curious, I self-psychoanalysed, watched with interest and hoarded those days, deep in the recesses of my mind.

I knew where babies came from, but never questioned how they got there, even when I stumbled on my mother in the process with three men in our hotel room one night.

That night saw the end of my blissful c***dhood, a... Continue»
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My girlfriend's granny

This happened a long time ago. I was in my first year of college. Being just 18 at the time, I was always horny and felt the need to masturbate practically every day, however, being a somewhat religious young man I tried my best to avoid masturbation. The tension would build up after a few days to the point that my balls would ache and my throbbing cock wanted me to stroke it. It was a constant struggle.

Anyway, this incident with her granny happened during a break from college. I traveled to see my girlfriend during the break. She was always extremely horny and would wear her shorts so sho... Continue»
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Honey I'm Home!!


It was a great day at work I had just been told that I was going to get a promotion and that meant a pay raise for me. It was going to come in handy because I and my husband had just purchased new home in an upscale neighborhood. We were so happy there because everything was so perfect, the house, our neighbors. We had only lived there a short while, but we had gotten to know our next door neighbor Jessica and her husband. They were a much younger couple with no c***dren yet. He worked for a big international company and had to travel for work a lot and she worked from ... Continue»
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My First Gay Time

This describes my one and only gay experience with another man. It is a mixture of fact and fiction, but mostly fact.

Many years ago I was staying overnight with a friend at his parents’ house. He had recently told me he was gay. I told him I wasn’t gay but that we could still be good friends. We shared a double bed that night. I had no intention of having sex with him, but things don’t always happen as one intends.

As I lay beside Pat, I couldn't help but think about him being gay and me laying beside him under the covers in my t-shirt and jockey shorts. I laid very still beside ... Continue»
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DDDD breasts and BBC(Big Black Cock)

I was in the area to visit a friend and turned down the wrong street. It was humid outside and I was really starting to sweat. I was wearing a cute little sun dress that hugged my big hips and butt, it also showed off my huge DDD breasts. The dress was starting to stick to me so I decided to pull over at the next corner store and grab a juice or something. I turned at the next stop sign and seen a store but there was alot of people outside standing around and talking, playing music. I got nervous because I don't like waking past alot of people especially a group of guys I dont know. But I pull... Continue»
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Waking up wet

Everyone in this story is over 18 so fuck off.

I lived with my mom and stepdad and everything was great. I had my privacy so I could jack off 2 or 3 times a day at least.
Then my stepb*****r, Jimmy, moved in. He was a skinny, blonde haired blue eyed k**. We had plenty of room but he had to sl**p in my bedroom. Now I wouldn't have the privacy to engage in my favorite hobby. We got along fine, being almost the same age, and liking the same things; sci fi, ninjas, war shit, movie monsters, etc. But not being able to jack off whenever I wanted became a problem. Even trying to lock the bathroom... Continue»
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Worship my Manhood!

I love to have my cock and balls and asshole worshiped teasingly and slowly until I erupt like a volcano! When YOU do it, start with me in the doggy style position and you kneeling down behind me. Open my asshole to see my most private and sexy area. Study my anus and see the wispy pubic hair around my shiny pink rosebud. Open me up further and inhale deeply to smell my manly odor and essence. Sniff all around my asshole, noticing the fragrance get stronger as your nose moves in closer to my anus. After smelling me out for about 5 minutes, you get to taste me. Start by licking the top crevice ... Continue»
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Two Teen Nymphos From the Ice Cream Stand Pt3

Two Teen Nymphos From the Ice Cream Stand Pt3

The saga continues. As Teen Patti, with the dark hair, nice rack and womanly body cleans up the mess we had just made, the more petite blonde minx, Ellen leads me out beside the pool…. Oh, did I mention, I am 50+ and she is just 18. I am still mostly clothed but she does not have a string on as we walk out into a gorgeous sunny afternoon…..


“Okay, it isn’t right for you to be the only one wearing clothes. Don’t be shy, re... Continue»
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19 year old Nigger fucks her first Big White CocK

I'm married to an attractive White woman I'm a horny bastard I fuck her til she cums her asshole quivers everytime she can only take so much of me so I do tend to look elsewhere. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. I'm an attractive middle aged man blonde hair and blue eyes the black chicks hit on me often. I am selective about which ones I choose to fuck I have my Pride. This one I could not resist. I fucked the black preachers daughter she was 19. A fine piece of ass a perfect 10. She was about 5'9" had big firm tits small waste and a huge ass. After fucking her ruining her hair we... Continue»
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Naughty d***ken Claire Part 1

I’d been on a night out with the girls and was a bit worse for wear due to too much alcohol. When I got home I stumbled through the front door and into the hall when I heard voices in the lounge, I thought oh no who is here and tried to straighten myself out before opening the door to the lounge.

I walk in as best I can hiding the fact that I’m really d***k, and hubby and his mate Steve were there watching match of the day, I said hi and hubby asks if I’ve had a good night, after a bit of general chatter with hubby and Steve I excused myself as I was desperate for a wee. As I’m sat on the l... Continue»
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Feminized by a Black Thug

I had been with my girlfriend since college. Somehow despite being a buxom blond she didn't mind my less than average size member or my slight slim stature, we're almost the same size. We were taking a big step now that we'd graduated, we decided to move in together. My girlfriend, Katy's parents gave her their condo in the north side of Chicago. The place was incredible. 2 bedrooms, a view of the lake, and a balcony, and a sophisticated security system complete with cameras.

I hadn't found a job yet, so I was home all day while Katy was at work. This gave me time to indulge in my secre... Continue»
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First Threesome Ch. 3

Bisexual male – bisexual husband – hot wife – blow job – oral sex – anal sex

Why don't you call him and see if he can come over this weekend?" Lynn asked in response to my question about when we might see Ben again. I took a long sip on my coffee. I hadn't thought about the prospect of getting together so soon and I wasn't sure I liked the idea. I was well past trying to deny that I'd found the inclusion of Ben in our sex life exhilarating, but I wasn't sure I wanted Lynn's and my sex life to revolve around Ben. On the other hand, I didn't really have any reason to say "no" and the p... Continue»
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My First Time as Sara... Pt. 01

crossdresser – sissy – virgin – sissy boi – anal – lingerie

I only knew Steve as my landlord. To be exact, Steve was the only son of the two people that owned the small apartment complex I am currently living in as of right now.

My reason for moving here was out of necessity than anything else. Three months prior to moving in the 20 unit complex I lived on the other side of town with my then fiancé Sara. We're both late 20 something k**s that moved in together after collage and while the first couple of years seemed grand, it was bad things that were under brewing in the relation... Continue»
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My first cd sexual experience w my virgin roommate

My dorm room was wrecked trashed with take out containers and empty beer cans. I would ask my roommate Matt to help clean the place but he was always face deep in his hdtv playing video games. Maybe if he got laid atleast once in his life he would put the controller down. He never tried talking to any girls because he was always afraid they would turn him down because of his weight. And as much as I really needed the place cleaned I wasn't going to clean a dish but had a better idea. A few weeks ago I went into my room after class and created a cliche sexy girl name online account in hopes to ... Continue»
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Sexting my Daddy by mistake

I never lost it to a man, it was more a thing, an inanimate object and in a supermarket. It was a bit of a dare and just as well I was wearing a dress, had I been wearing pants or denims, it might never had happened that way.

I was always adamant I would never be considered a 'trophy', to some jerk-off guy, to be hung-out on his bedpost, so that Saturday lunchtime, I pushed a 4" banana into my pussy, and walked around the whole freaking store, with my panties holding it up inside me, while my girlfriend Carla, giggled behind me, as proof I surrendered my maidenhood to a piece of fruit.

... Continue»
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Following Ella into the Barn

I swa her from across the field leading him into the barn. I know her well enough now to know what is going on. I run to the barn following them inside and head to the back ladder knowing they are already up in the loft. I sneak around the hay bales and peek out in time to see Ella, already between his legs. I can't see everything as Ella's long hair covers her face, but the look on his face tells me that her wet mouth is already wrapped around his hard cock, her hand is moving, stroking him. He leans back, his cowboy hat still on and lifts his hands behind is head. I drool at his tan, muscu... Continue»
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Cat Burglar

She enters the room quietly, her black latex thighs gleaming in the low light of the moon spilling over the window. The suit appeals to her sense of daring; she gets so tired of sensible cotton. It's a spectacular piece of nonsense, really, but then it has its uses...For one thing, the tight latex holds her in, making her feel lithe and confident. Her hips are wide and her curves barely contained, but the suit is perfectly smooth, with no buttons to catch on door handles or extra material rustling, and so dark that she disappears into the shadow of the walls. The sexy costume keeps her conscio... Continue»
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My Awakening

Some of this story is true and some just fantasy. It's up to you to decide what's what!

I was a teenager, shy and not yet sexually aware. I got hard on a regular basis and had wet dreams but that's as far as my experience went. Then it all changed. One day, when I was getting dressed in the small bedroom I shared with my b*****r, m*m suddenly came in to see that I was ok. Seeing that I only had my underpants on, she became frisky and tried to pull them down in a very playful sort of way. This only lasted for less than a minute and after I managed to fend her off she left the room. I found t... Continue»
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Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

strapon – turned gay – ass fuck – femdom – male anal sex – feminized

She came in holding papers I recognized as the one I ripped from my ex’s diary describing our sexual exploits in great detail.

She waved them in the air with one hand on her hip, “Why would you keep this from me?” I didn’t respond.

After a few awkward moments of silence a smile broke across her face. She wagged her finer at me in mock severity saying, “You’ve been a bad boy (punctuated with a girlish giggle) and I want to know all the dirty little details!” and with that she jumped up on the bed and snuggled... Continue»
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Taking care of my sick sweetheart

This happened quite some time ago, back when I was still a teenager in school, right smack in the middle of that golden age where you'd still be exploring your own personality, but absolutely couldn't wait to start exploring another person's body all at the same time. This other person, let's call her Annette, had been in my life for a few months already up to this point. From that first feeble, trembling kiss shortly after we met, we had lost enough of our shyness to finally dare touch each other a little more.

She lived in an apartment building in a relatively small city. When her parents... Continue»
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3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck

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Watching several twenty-one year old men alternate fucking your beautiful thirty-seven year old wife over the course of three days and nights, might be enough to send most men to a mental institution. Up until last year, I would have been one of them. But I have learned that no one really knows how they might feel or how they would react until they are there, especially when a cosmically perfect set of circumstances falls into place.

Ever since our ho... Continue»
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Growing Up In The Country.

The events that are unfolded here are all real and not just a part of my fantasy world that I must admit I do often sink into.

I was born and lived in a small Village in the countryside of the East of England, and it was not too long after the war so most of the people around us were sort of poor (like us) and many were farmers too.

Life was easy going and as a teenager who needed pocket money ? I was doing my daily "Paper Round" delivering news papers and magazines to many of the local farms that surrounded our house in the small village, and this was a Monday to Friday task th... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman

Frank or Francis as his mother called him was entering his freshman year at university. He was staying at the residence on campus sharing a dorm room with another first year student who was very athletic and popular with everybody especially the girls. Francis was a chubby guy and had very limited experience with girls. The vast majority of his sexual experiences was masturbating while dreaming and imagining being with a variety of sexual partners. Recently he had explored a variety of porn sites and found that videos with older men and young guys excited him the most. He discovered sites whic... Continue»
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I Made My Auntie Pregnant

I walked in to the pub and there was my Auntie Kim and Uncle John mingling with the rest of the tarts and vicars having a swift drink or two and laugh before setting off to the annual charity fundraiser held at the local stud farm.

It’s one night when nearly all the farming community come out, let there hair down and have some fun and tonight the theme was tarts and vicars. I could not take my eyes off the women dressed as tarts in there short skirts, fishnet and a lot of naked flesh outside of there bras.

This was my first year of going, now I was working for my uncle in his contracting... Continue»
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Saturday night is normally a night I have all to myself and can indulge in all my fantasies what ever they may be at the time. My wife works nights and my daughter normally stays over in her uni apartment. Saturday night enables me to dress up. wear make up. dildo myself and all those other things you do when alone.

On this particular Saturday my daughter was home for the holidays. She had a few friends over in the afternoon and they were all getting ready. Now having 4 19 year old girls wandering around the house in underwear is a sight to be seen. But I was the cool dad and my face showe... Continue»
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I lost my Virginity to an Older Woman

Part 1: Spain

This is the story of a journey. It started in Spain, continued in France and finished (climaxed?) in London. It was a journey of discovery. This was when I first discovered the thrill of intimacy with a real woman. This was when I lost my virginity.

This is a completely true story. It happened over 50 years ago but I can remember much of it as if it happened yesterday. (I have used a little “artistic licence” in filling in memory-gaps with actions that probably happened, anyway.) Such things make a big impact on a young mind so I am very grateful that my “teacher” of... Continue»
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Waking up wet part II

I finally figured out the mystery of why I was waking up wet. My s*********r, Jimmy, was sneaking over to my bed while I was a****p, sucking my cock, and getting slobber all over the front of my underwear. The second time I was awake when he did it I made sure he knew I was aware of what he was doing, and eager for him to continue. We didn't speak about it, but I made sure I welcomed him into my bed each time after that. I also became much more affectionate toward Jimmy during the day. When my folks took a picture of us once I casually put my arm around him jokingly, but when I saw the picture... Continue»
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Cat Burglar Part III

Part III...Comeuppance

It is impossible to breathe with so much cock in her mouth. She fights panic, telling herself that she is in control here. She can make him beg - after all, she’s done it before. But first she has to get him to stop pushing and squirming, stop forcing his swollen thick root down her throat...She grips his hips and pulls her head backwards, slowly sliding the full length of his erection. "You're choking me," she says firmly. She plays for time, looking up at him while she swirls her tongue around the bursting head. He closes his eyes and moans. She relaxes a little,... Continue»
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Deep Throat Games

oral – bisexual – deep throat – curious – strap on – dildo

I had always wished Lori would fulfill my fantasy and deepthroat me during oral sex. Lori, my wife of four years, is a stunner. At 5 feet and 7 inches tall, she has oversized breasts and the ass and legs of a sprinter. Before I married Lori, I had many girlfriends. One of my girlfriends was such an accomplished cocksucker that she could take my whole prick in her mouth and tongue my balls at the same time. My wife Lori sucked my cock, but she couldn't or wouldn't deepthroat me.

My life changed the night I complained about ... Continue»
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School Nurse Confidential 3

School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 3 of 3
by DirtyMindedMom

My whole world was different. Ever since Nurse Cady had opened my eyes (as well as her pussy), I was seeing things in a new light. I sat in fourth period English and stared at Mrs. Hughes moving around in front of the class talking excitedly about Catcher in the Rye. I’d never paid much attention to her before, but now I was compelled to study my seemingly asexual teacher in a new way.

She was tall and slim. Her breasts were small but their existence was undeniable. Her hips had no discernable curve beneath the plain skirt she wore... Continue»
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Hot Tub s****r

"Anybody home?" Matt didn't see or hear anybody, thought he might have
the house to himself after football practice.

"Just me." His s****r Ashley's voice, from the back of the house. "Mom
went to the store and Dad's working late."

She came bouncing down the hall, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans.
The two of them were pretty much as opposite as a b*****r and s****r could
get. Matt, eighteen and a senior, was the jock, tall, muscular, blond,
with the kind of jaw that usually got described as "granite." He was the
captain of the football team, and all the girls follow... Continue»
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Picking Up a Sissy at the Grocery Store

Not my story, but very hot:

I saw you while I was walking through the grocery store. You were bent over, picking up something off the bottom shelf. At first, I thought you were a girl, because of your nicely shaped ass and the fact that your low rider jeans were riding down, exposing a lacy white thong.

I was so turned on, my cock started to get rigid right away. If I had been wearing jeans, I probably could have hid it, but as I was coming home from work, I was in a suit and tie, and the thin fabric of my suit pants did little to reveal my hard dick.

I walked up to you, expecting to ... Continue»
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f****y Panties

I'm writing this tale because a friend of mine interrupted my new Tommie story by write a f****y I thought about it and here is part one...
This story contains taboo issues..Mom/Son..Dad/Daughter..f****y sex..if these things offend you plz pass on this story

f****y Panties

My young daughter and I have been fooling around for a while now. The fault lies completely with panties. I love them...I wear them...the softness, the feel of nylon or satin against me..keeps me fairly horny most of the time. I did... Continue»
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