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Meeting With Son’s Teacher.

Meeting With Son’s Teacher.

Hi i am julie, and this story is based on a chat i had with a very good friend i have on here :D He asked if he could make it into a story. an here is the result of our chat and his work :D

I am sitting in my office at work when I get a call from my sons school telling me that his teacher needs to talk to me about my son right away. I tell them I will be there after I get off work. Hanging up the phone I think to myself what did he do now. I show up at his school after all the students have left for the day and find my way to his teachers classroom.

“H... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girlfriend

Daddy’s Little Girlfriend

"Daddy, can you come help me for a second?"

"Sure baby, be there in a minute."

That's how it all started. My daughter had just turned 18 a week ago and was getting ready to go to school; she was a senior in high school this year. She is very beautiful with long dark hair and green eyes, nice athletic body with curves in all the right places. Long smooth legs and a perky chest make her a much looked at girl. I even look at her 'in that way' sometimes.

I left my wife a few years back. My daughter had decided to stay with me. We had a close relationship and ... Continue»
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Curious Daughter

My daughter Amber had always been curious about things. When something got her attention there was no stopping the girl.

It should have come as no surprise to me the day she saw my wife and I having sex. Donna my wife was sucking my cock while she was grinding her pussy in my face. My wife is a talented cocksucker but if she gets her pussy licked at the same time b*****r you better watch out!

I was just getting ready to bust my nut when our bedroom door burst open. I could not see anything but I could hear both my wife and A... Continue»
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Wife's ex boyfriend fingers her in front of m

Today I edited and uploaded a video to Xhamster, this true account is what happened that day and accompanies the video.

My wife and I travelled back to our home town for the weekend where we both grew up. We now live about 300 miles away and tend to only go back once every couple of years to do the rounds of saying hello to f****y and old friends etc.

Earlier this year we went back and were invited to an afternoon BBQ at an old mutual friends house.
It was a nice day, sun was shining and everyone was in the garden, about 30 people.

Most were old friends from school who we hadn't ... Continue»
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Teaching TWO young BOYS...the HARD WAY

I had always had this desire to stick things in my ass. I was really young when this started and I found all sorts of objects around my parents house

that I could use. Glass bottles, tooth brush handles and even some of my dads tool from the garage. If it would fit, I would shove it in and I would

cum every time I inserted something. Once, my mom even almost caught me while I had one of her hair brush handles shoved in my ass while I

was under the covers in my bed.

I had an older b*****r that DID catch me once and he started laughing at me but soon after, I found him doing
... Continue»
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Butterflies in my Stomach 1: Taken by surprise

You are restless all day. In the office you are hardly able to concentrate. You write an e-mail twice, and only notice it quite at the end, thank goodness before hitting the send button. When you bring a cup of coffee to your boss, your hand trembles and you ruin a document on his desk. Your apology is stammered and indistinct. He looks at you blankly – confused by the change in your behavior. Then, on the way home, you step into a gully and brake the heel, the right heel of your new black pumps, those you've bought just for today. Bought just for meeting me...

It has been three days since... Continue»
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I took some convincing…

I had been thinking about having sex with a man for many years. I came close multiple times. I had always come to a point where I had to choose whether or not I was going to go through with it. I had always chickened out. This time was different.

I was traveling for work. Being alone in a hotel room gives a married guy too much temptation. I jumped on Squirt and surfed around looking for some attention. That's when Jonathan instant messaged me. Jonathan was older than I was. He was in his mid 50s while I was 46. We chatted for nearly an hour. I was getting really horny as I asked him what... Continue»
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Sitting on my sons lap!

It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldn't fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

I heard him come out of the house. I turned around and saw him carrying his 42 inch flat screen TV.

"Where are you going to put the TV?" I heard his father ask.

"I don't know, but I don't want to leave it. Maybe we can move some stuff around in ... Continue»
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The Week I Went Commando Was Brilliant.

Every woman and girl, thinks about her inner curves, especially one that is always feeling down there for a little self entertainment, from ages 12 to 70.

I was mid teens when I decided to 'Go Commando', the idea excited me, somehow, the thought of removing that protective layer of cotton, made me groan with sexual titillation, and the very reason for wearing panties, to soak up my girly juices from my vag, had just that effect, I walked around in a semi-state of sexual arousal.

Call it self awareness or experimentation into me, I wanted to find out many things on many layers, and as tee... Continue»
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Mother put me to bed with a man of 76 years old.

'This is my daughter Joanne, the girl I have been telling you about'.

'She is very very beautiful', he replied, then he extended his hand from where he lay to me and I took it.

He felt very frail, looked equally frail, as he held me and caressed my hand. I looked at mother as she studied both of us with a smile on her face.

'I have dreamed of seeing both of you together Joanne', she suddenly spoke, 'you and he will get on well together', she continued, but I was confused, and I think it showed on my face.

Mother was Matron in an Old Folks retirement complex, and this morning had in... Continue»
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He Did it in My Mouth

... first time, on my knees, dim basement, older man.

I was quite young when I learned that the word “cocksucker” was more than just a word and that some males used the word to provoke others. And, I became excited when I learned that some males actually did suck on cocks. I became dizzy from the instant cravings that ignited within me. It was all I could think about for days even though I had fears of a being called a “queer” or “homo”, etc. I fantasized nightly to thoughts of hard cocks in my mouth but, being shy and lacking confidence, I wondered if I would ever actuall... Continue»
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Summer Holiday

This is what happened to me on my holidays last year .
My husband and I bought a villa with friends of ours in Spain about 15 years ago we have spent many a happy time there but what happened last year will stay with me forever .
What usually has happened over the years is my friend and I take the c***dren out with us and our husbands catch up a week or two later when they finish work .The same happened this year although the k**s are all grown up and go off and do there own thing now .
It was one night when the k**s had all gone off to a local club for a big party night my friend and I ha... Continue»
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New Neighbors

It was the start of summer and I had just finished high school. I seen the moving truck pull next door, a SUV and a pick up pulled up behind them in front of our house. I watched the beautiful dark haired women get out of the SUV. She was hot, and sexy wearing a crop top t shirt, extremely short shorts that showed just the bottom cheeks of her fantastic ass. As she leaned over the open back hatch and pulled a small box out of the SUV, my cock started twitching around looking at her firm, tight ass. As she turned I could see her camel toe, so fucking sexy I said to myself. She was tall and slen... Continue»
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True Tales of a Salesman #3

Well it’s been awhile since my last true story. For those of you who have read #1 and #2, this one’s just another tale of a traveling salesman (me) as it happened.

Finally, after a few years of being on the road with my custom mobile showroom (my motor home), I relented, and decided to be a vendor at the Chicago Spring Apparel Show. Upon my arrival at the arena, part of the major chain hotel, after unloading my racks of apparel in my assigned booth, I was told that the garage could not accommodate my motor home as it had 8 floors all on a 15 degree slope. There was no option of park... Continue»
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My dad is a Doctor and I am a voyeur

Let me explain. My father is a successful and popular Doctor in a smallish mid west town. I am studying computer science at the local College where I am singularly unsuccessful with the girls. I have had lots of sex; however, it would be nice to do it with another person one day. I am about five feet six and as a result of a bone disorder when I was young, have one leg very slightly shorter than the other. It does not bother me; however, it meant that I could never be any kind of an athlete, although it has been suggested that I could try swimming. Have you seen some of those swimmers? Six foo... Continue»
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Tricked by a shemale

I was out with a couple of guys from work, Brian and Dave, and we were having some drinks at a local bar. I'd never been out with them before, but they invited me and I didn't want to be rude.

While we were having our drinks I had made some negative comments about gay men at one point, you know how it is, right? Just trying to make some conversation, but they hadn't said anything back, negative or positive, but they did exchange a look that I didn't think about until later... much later.

Brian ordered us another round and I excused myself to take a leak. All I remember after that was ... Continue»
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Swimsuit fantasy sex #2

Swimsuit fantasy sex 2
This one builds more slowly than my last story, hope it is just as hot at the end! My fantasy sex stories are unconnected to each other, are completely made up and are not a series. Maybe some of them might turn into series, but for now each one is a standalone story. This one was inspired by a sexy pic in my favorites, he's not hard to find :) Enjoy

I was about 22 when I decided to go camping at a campground far from my home. I wanted to try sunbathing in a tiny yellow bikini bottom that I thought could pass for a guys speedo. My (then) girlfriend had recently... Continue»
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I would not have believed it possible, but it happened. I have heard it said that more all less any woman will fall for enough flattery and clearly that is what occurred to me. I have actually been quite shy all my life and that is what made it all the more surprising.

I was travelling home from work on the train, a bit later than usual. Being a bit later it wasn’t quite so crowded so I had a seat and was enjoying a bit of a read, a nice girly book I had been promising myself as a guilty pleasure. Very lightweight, nothing to heavy duty.

A couple of nice enough looking fellows came and s... Continue»
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Call me megan.

I was in high school, and i was about to go on the school trip to germany.
I was really excited to go and enjoy my week off, until i found out one previously unmentioned fact in the trip meeting, that we would be sharing rooms with two other boys.
I had recently started masturbating about guys, and was desperate to feel the thrill of giving another guy head, so desperate i had spent the last two weeks in my room every evening, sucking on the rounded back handle of a hairbrush whilst my dick grew harder and harder in my boxers, then sliding it into my tight teen ass and cumming over my toned ... Continue»
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First Time Cock

So I had been chatting to a few guys about my dressing and had cammed a few of them, even fucking my ass with a liquor bottle once or twice for him/them. I was feeling especially horny and had the afternoon to myself. So I got on craigslist and was browsing in my area.

I came across an ad from a guy in a hotel, last day in town, set to check out in a couple hours, looking to get sucked off before he had to leave. I sent him an email, gave him my stats and sent a pic. He must have liked what he saw because he emailed me back very quickly. Asked if I was a total bottom (yes) and if I was wil... Continue»
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M Visits a Swingers Club (a true story- FMMMM)

M Visits a Swingers Club

Work ran late and I had to change (short black skirt, sheer black top, 4” spiked heels, and no panties) before going to a swingers club so the night didn’t begin until around 11:00 pm. A hostess named Cassie or Carly (let’s call her Cassie), and dressed like a sluttier version of a Hooters girl, provided a brief tour of the place. The main door opens to a bar/seating area, with about 20 tables, and a dance floor with another 10-15 tables around it. The dance floor has two raised platforms, one on each side, reminiscent of Go-Go booths, and a stripper... Continue»
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In The Saddle With Mom

The first time I really noticed my Mother as a “woman” and not as my Mom, was when I was only thirteen and Mom was twenty nine. I had been getting spontaneous erections for the past year and a half, but I wasn’t about to embarrass myself by telling anybody about them, especially my Mother.
One night we were getting ready for bed. I had already undressed, turned off the light and got in bed. Mom usually went into the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. This time she did not close the door completely when she went in. I looked across the bed and saw... Continue»
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My Only Gay Experience

Okay guys,

This is my first story, so please tell me what you all think. This is also a repost from an old account I used to have (Maybe_Gay69). I have deleted and re-uploaded it here

Well to start off with, I’ll give you a bit of a background on myself. My Name is Bob, I was 19 at the time and had always considered myself straight. Anyway, lately I have found myself more bi curious. The following story is my only real gay experience I have to work with. At first I was conflicted about it, now the thought of it makes my cock hard. So hopefully the story has the same affect for you fell... Continue»
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Katie Used By B*****r – Gangbang

This is a follow on story about Katie who has been used by her older b*****r. Here is a link to the original story.

Katie walked home from school and she knew what was going to happen when she got there. Shane her older b*****r would push her on her knees and make her suck his cock. He would push it down her throat and fuck her mouth. If he didn’t do that he would rip her clothes off and fuck her hard and if he felt like it he push his big cock up her tight little asshole.... Continue»
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Chub cub takes his first anal load

I took a cum load up my asshole for the first time yesterday morning.

Initially I met the guy online, but we got together at a local motel so that he could have his way with me. He loved my titties and was excited that I love sucking cock. I told him I’m really good at sucking dick and I would love to call him daddy. He said this really turned him on. I told him that I was a hungry boy who is eager to please his daddy and beg daddy for his load. He said it made his dick really for a cute boy like me to call him daddy.

I told him that I would love to be fucked up the ass and have him ej... Continue»
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Daddy Time With Sara

Sara had hurried home after school. She was still reeling from the news that Amber had shared with her today. Amber and Beth were two of her best friends and they shared everything but today’s news was still burning the pretty girl’s ears. Amber said that she was no longer a virgin! Not only that but she had said that her hot looking dad was the man who had fucked her first. Gary Adams was a hot looking guy and both Beth and Sara had talked about how they would be happy to have the good looking father of their friend introduce the... Continue»
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Pigtails for Daddy

Krista had a craving she couldn't satisfy. It made her whole body tingle and itch, she thought that this must be what heroine addicts go through when they can't score. Her nipples were on fire, her clit pulsed and screamed at her for attention and she was sure that if she spread her legs, she'd see that she had soaked through her panties and jeans. Her inner thighs felt hot and humid. She would have killed for her vibrator right now.
But, she didn't have her vibrator. She was stuck in a plane seat 30,000 feet in the air and wouldn't be reaching Dallas for another half hour. A half hour until ... Continue»
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I finally did it!!

I posted a story a few days ago giving a little background on who I am and what I like, I was surprised to get a whole bunch of private messages, liking my story and giving me advice. I'm in the waterbury Connecticut area, I received a private message from an X hamster guy in my area who said he would gladly offer up his cock for me. I sent him my private email address and he sent me a few pictures of his cock, which was at least 8", cut and black as coal, he was shaved and from the pics looked to be in pretty good shape. He seemed pretty cool and I asked him for his phone number so I could ve... Continue»
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Young Mistress takes Man to Hotel

This story is a true one, it just has not happened yet. Mistress L will recognize herself in the first paragraphs.
For the rest of you, this is a story of a young woman and an older man meeting in a hotel room. I have written this scenario a few times before, so if you are just looking for a hot story to go with the picture...scan down to where they get to the hotel. That is where things get.... boiling!!

There had been a flurry of PM’s and texts going by all the previous day and even this morning. At first th... Continue»
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Mama T's - Visiting and meeting her household

Mama T had made a happy man of a passing skinny white boy on a summer's night.... But what happens when a few nights later he decides to see if she is interested in going for it again?

Many of you said the first part of the story was hot.... Put on your fireproof undies, grab some lube and enjoy part 2!!!


Walking down Euclid Avenue I saw that there was a light on in the front of the house where Mama T lived. My heart was pounding and I hoped that I was not being stupid, but when I got to her sidewalk ... Continue»
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Ok, first of all, thanks for reading my story but please don't think that I'm weird or anything because of what I'm about to tell you. PLEASE, I know

it's different but it's all true and it really happened like this.

I lived in a nice home with my parents and I had one s****r. She was older than me but very pretty and I loved her a lot! She and I shared a large

bedroom together and mom and dad had of course the master bedroom down the hall. We were a normal f****y in the suburbs and we even went

to church every Sunday! My s*s and I were both in high school and she was a c
... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.6

The morning that Clare is to meet dad in town for the insurance on her new car he gave her, we ate our breakfast and drank some coffee out on the patio in the nude, and while we ate and drank our coffee and made small talk, three does walked out into the clearing on the back edge next to the tree line, and went to eating grass.

After we finished off another cup of coffee, “I guess I better go get ready to meet dad at the insurance agent or I’ll be late and you know how dad is, when we are not on time.”

“Yea, he either starts looking for us or just up and leaves without us.”

“Are you... Continue»
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When my wife was 17

My wife told me her first 3some experience was when she was 17 and on holiday with her parents in Dorset, England. She had lost her virginity a few weeks previous and was still very inexperienced. This was the first time she had any sexual activity in a 3some. She met a couple of local lads and one afternoon the 3 of them went for a walk into the forest. After a while, the conversation got round to her pussy. They asked her if she would pull her knickers to one side to show them, which she did. She let them take turns putting their finger inside her and after one had fingered her, he put his f... Continue»
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Beth Needs a Daddy – Hardintown Bus

Seth Wilson looked at the k**s lined up to get on his bus. He really liked his job. The pay took care of his basic needs but the fringe benefits were being able to see the sweet little teen girls getting on and off his bus. It was like a smorgasbord of teen pussy.

His absolute favorite was a cute little hottie named Beth. By coincidence his route was to pick her up first and drop her last. He loved watching her with her oversized tits on her small frame. He also loved her short school girl dresses that were the dress code. He... Continue»
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The massage

"Good morning Miss, I'm Daniel, you booked me for a massage"
"Hi, come in, where would you like to set up?"
"I'm sorry I'm very unprofessional today. I've come straight from the airport so I havent got my massage table, would the bed be ok?"
Well that explains the shorts and tshirt I guess.
"Um yeah sure, follow me"
We go upstairs and I grab some towels laying them out on the bed. He takes 1 from me folding it into a strip. Handing it back to me he says "I'll wait outside while you undress, lay on your front, head at the bottom of the bed, with this over your bottom, call me when your... Continue»
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The Truth

I know everybody says their stories are true even though we all know most of them are bullshit, I swear the experiences that I write about here are the real deal. I can talk about them here as I cannot talk about them to 99.5% of people I know in my everyday life. I would be happy to talk with people in my area who have the same "secret" likes I have, just send me a message or friend request.
I'll start with the obligatory background info.

I'm a 40 year old, masculine white male who has been married for the past 12 years to a woman I love deeply. We are both educated, moderately attractive... Continue»
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Watching my roommate masturbate, then gay fucking

I live with my wife and our roommate Mark. One night my wife was out of town, Mark came home d***k. He had been drinking a lot recently ever since his girlfriend dumped him. He said he needed a break from women. I inappropriately laughed at his face, noting that is what all people say when they’ve got girl problems.. He was a very sad man, the alcohol made him even more emotional. I apologized for laughing, but I reminded him some day he would find the humor in that. We talked quite a bit; he told me that being in his 30’s, it was time for him to settle down. All the good ones are being taken.... Continue»
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My Daughter Did Porno - My Wife!

This story continues the tale of a Dad who discovers his daughter has done a porn video. There are two previous chapters.

"Holy Shit!" Was my response as my daughter informed me that her mom had also done a porn shoot

Allison just smiled at me as my cum dripped down her chin. I could not believe what she had just told me.

"Your mom has done a porn movie!" I said in the most shocked voice of my life

"Daddy, sh... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.3

Every day my s****r and I would wake up and have a morning round of sex and loving, then go out and use the restroom so to speak, then have breakfast, then either take a hike on up the mountain or just sit around the camp site and talk about different things and about our new relationship, and on one hike we found a nice spot to sit and over look the mountain peeks and while we were there, we had us around of sex, then sat and talked some more before going back down to our camp site.

After we had our dinner, we would go to the lake and do a little bit of fishing or just lay around sun bathi... Continue»
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Lost Dog & Pussy Found

Nancy was having a tough year. Her asshole husband had been arrested for fraud and was now in jail for the next three years. She discovered that he had committed the fraud to keep his mistress living in luxury. Naturally she had divorced him but her employer was concerned that she was somehow involved so she was fired. Now her only companion her dog Buster had gotten free and was missing.

Nancy quickly printed lost dog flyers and walked around the neighborhood putting them up wherever she could.

She was sitting thinking ho... Continue»
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A Bi~good time

I had met John and Jane previously for a drink, we all got on well and had decided to meet up the following week in a hotel for some, well lets just say 'FUN'.

John was in his mid 40's, about 5'10", with a regular guys body and I wondered what he held in his trouser department! Jane, was also in her mid 40's, standing 5'6" in her stocking feet, although Jane always wore quite high heels (which I do love immensely).

The day had come and I was full of anticipation, the hotel was booked (a Village Hotel), I arrived at around 2 pm, John and Jane were to arrive at around 6 pm, so I knew that ... Continue»
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The Park: Mark and Sarah part I

I'd just broken up with my girlfriend of four years. I was completely gutted, I was going to propose. I had come back early from work one day to hear moans and slaps coming from the bedroom... odd, I thought, so I crept quietly up the stairs. Looking through the open door I could see Tina on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her pussy and slapping her arse. She was squealing with delight.

"Bitch" I thought angrily, "you were always so tame in bed with me."

Next I hear her moan "fuck me in the arse, Jason, you know that makes me cum". Her lover pulls his cock out of her pussy and ... Continue»
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My s****r in law

To start this off my name is Mike I've been married since I was 16 . I have watched my wife's lil s****r grow up since she was 10 years younger than us . I always thought she was a hottie back when she was in her teenage years . But move forward I was 36 when this took place. So she was 26 . It all 1night her and her ex husband was over playing cards . We had all been outside smoking when her husband said he was going to roll another. I excused myself to run inside to grab something to eat . Standing looking threw the cabinet for a little Debbie or something . My s****r in law came in runnin... Continue»
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Curious Girl – The Next Day

This is a follow up on the original story. Here is a link.

I watched as Amber and her mother finished licking my cum off of each other’s faces. It was so fucking erotic. My sexy daughter looked at me and smiled.

“That was fun daddy! Was I a good fuck?” she asked as she giggled

“Alright that is enough for now. Amber lets go get you cleaned up.” Donna said as my wife and daughter headed for the bathroom

As I sat back I had many thoughts run through my head. I had jus... Continue»
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Moms maid.

Let me start by saying this took place when I was still living at home and not working yet.

My mom had a housekeeper hired to come in a couple times a week. She would clean do the laundry and such. I would guess she was close to 40. Fairly tall and slimish with darker skin and very long dark hair. I think she might have been native American. She was a bit plain and never talked much or smiled. I was so young and inexperienced I was curious about any woman though.

One day I was up early going to the bathroom and saw her inspecting my hand towel closely that had came from my hamper. I ... Continue»
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My Niece, Then My s****r

I got the call from my baby s****r Gina on Wednesday that she was divorcing her husband. They'd been married
for about 13 years. I asked her what happened. She told me her side, through tears, and said she had nowhere
wise to go. I told her that I had a couple rooms available, as long as she was able to help with rent and
bills. She said she could and would be looking for a job when she got here.

I'd just gotten a divorce from my wife about 9 months before this. After 16 years, there were just too many
burnt bridges to repair and she chose to get out. I was sad to see her go, but... Continue»
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Mother's Day Present

John was 19. He had told his mother he had a special surprise for her on Mother's Day. He had recently been learning about hypnotism and offered to test his newly-acquired skills on her, knowing how she had been very stressed out lately. She had often wanted to try hypnotism as a form of relaxation so was keen to try it.

He led her into the bedroom and she sat on the edge of the bed. "We'd better do it in here in case I can't wake you up again", he joked. He held his hand in front of her face and told her to follow it with her eyes. He began speaking softly, suggesting she begin to relax an... Continue»
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Teen couple start cuck lifestyle

My sexy wife Julie and I have been together 10 years now since we first met in college. I want to tell your members about some sexual adventures that we had back when we were still newlyweds. Because of the bizarre experience we had when we first got married I am a big fan of your wife sharing stories, especially the ones involving innocent young wives being seduced by older, dominant men right in front of their husbands. And I have been sharing my sexy bride with other men since our first year of marriage.

Julie was a freshman in college when I met her during my senior year. She was a fr... Continue»
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The neighbour's Son Part 3

One morning I bed I told Jane that Peter’s mum, Sarah had asked my advice a week or so ago about a problem with Peter. I confessed that she was concerned about him using her underwear to masturbate with. My wife was a bit shocked.
“His own mother’s underwear?” was her reaction. I explained that it was not that uncommon and that I was sure he also used his s****r’s but did not say why I thought so.
Obviously I did not tell my wife about the phone sex I had had with Sarah after our little discussion which had got her so turned on she needed some relief, as had I!
I suggested that we should ha... Continue»
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Finally Taking Granny Susan's Ass

This is a continuation of my night with Granny Susan and I found out she is one very special GILF. As usual after a few dates I fucked this silver-haired beauty. I was surprised when she admitted had not been laid in ten years. She sure acted like it; this woman went crazy as I fucked her until she had her first orgasm in years. She also gave a fairly decent blow job. But what really interested me in her was what she said towards the end of our first encounter together.

We were almost done when she said “Get the lube and stick your finger in my ass! I loved it when my ex-husband used to... Continue»
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