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Which (bisexual / gay) acts do you think about, an

Fantasy or Real Life?

Which (bisexual / gay) acts do you think about, and which have you done?

There are a lot of straight (or formerly straight) guys out there who have watched f***ed-bi clips, humiliation videos, gay porn, or have fantasized about a bisexual or gay experience. This could be a recent thing, or it could be something that you have been thinking about for a long time. I know that I am not the only one out there who has had these thoughts.

But, which of these bisexual / gay acts have you fantasized about and which of these have you actually done? I'm curious if most guy... Continue»
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Dad Stays With Amanda While On Business

The mixed race female offspring of a man welcomes him to stay with her on his business trip. Maybe there was a little too much alcohol… or maybe it was just the right thing to have happen. Either way, this is a story of sexual love that even the ladies will enjoy and men…. Well a man wrote it!!!

Get ready and enjoy!!!


I was in Dallas two weeks ago for business so instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with our daughter who is a Physician’s Assistant down there and doing very well for herself! After having a taxi drop me off at her apartment and catching up a bit sh... Continue»
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My Awakening

Well I guess I was of average age when I first got interested in sex. I'd be wondering what it would be like after seeing some pornographic magazines that a friend had in her bag while we were on lunchbreak and within a year or so I was maturing and attracting the attention of quite a few boys.
I went on the odd date and mainly kissed them but this developed into them feeling my tits through my clothes and eventually sucking them under the railway bridge by the park whilst I rubbed their bulge through their jeans.
The first time I actually dared to undo the zip and get out a hard young cock ... Continue»
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Empty Nest Fam Fun in the Bedroom!!

Empty Nest Fam Fun in the Bedroom!!

If you are into the taboo relationship of i****t and group sex and bondage… then get some lube and maybe a toy and sit back and enjoy!!

If that turns you off…. Then move along, there is nothing else here for you!!!!


There is always something deliciously erotic about being blindfolded and at the mercy of another. This was just the situation last Friday evening when my wife told me we needed to go home from our date night dinner out right after supper. It was a supper where as an appetizer she slid a litt... Continue»
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Mother's and Son's making headline News.

Glancing through this morning's newspaper, I was not surprised, yet again, to see how women are responding to their new found voice, on all matters sexual.

Usually it's all about nudity, or infidelity, and of course school teachers, entertaining boys by not wearing her knickers and giving them a peek of her wet cunt(men get hard, we just get wet), or taking them to hotels, or her home for a complete strip-down and a good shag.

But this morning a couple of reports struck a chord with my own experiences, which I will share with you, and only because I am wet, the female equivalent o... Continue»
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First DP (MFM)

Did you jerk you cock off for us the last time we had a chat? Did you spray your cum, imagining it spilling out of my pussy and ass, covering my face, or creaming over Clyde’s cock? We are so excited and turned on by you...we love your aggressive, sexy, hard fucking... I so want to be used like I know you want to take me; pin me down so I am unable to move as you have your way with me! Make me feel your dominant, masculine strength, feel your f***eful, hard fucking! We imagined you with us last night, and the intensity of our love-making still raises goosebumps over my body as I think of i... Continue»
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Everything is Better with Coke

It was mid September and I had just finished my annual Fall decorating around the house. I was exhausted but taking in the colors around my living and dining rooms back dropped by my Mustard Yellow walls it was worth it. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The vibrant colors of the trees and decor around town, the feel of the cool breeze in the air, and the strong aroma of pumpkin spice everywhere you turn, which happened to be one of my favorite scents ever. People are also nicer in the fall. I think it might have to do with the oppressive heat finally dissipating and the exhil... Continue»
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How I turned office newbie into sissy (Part 2) Tru

As soon as I got home after dropping T off I got set to work, booked a semi-local hotel, set my alarm and got an early night. Woke up at 7am with the hardest morning glory I've had in a long time. Was tempted to have a wank but thought I'd save my cum for my sissy. Sent T a picture of my cock and he replied "Can't wait Sir, I'm so excited but nervous". I didn't reply. So I went out early to buy some supplies, went to the local adultstore to buy an enema kit, lube, lace thong and small butt plug. Sent him another pic of the contents of my bag to another similar reply from him..

Anyway, check... Continue»
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Two Bound Cocks At My Service (Fortage, MMF, DP, C

Come closer, my lover…I want to share a fantasy with you. I want to know that your cock is throbbing as you read this little daydream…I am going to make you cum for me. While I tell you my fantasy, I want you to obey me…to do as I say at each point along the way. Promise me now, that you will, and I will make you spray your hot cream all over your belly, pooling in your navel and dappling your chest with delicious drops of pearl.

(This is a story that came out of a conversation with our sexy, kinky, and charming friend Kaiser; I have incorporated many of his lines, especially because... Continue»
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Sex on the Beach (MFM)

This story is an adaption of a wonderful conversation I had with Thomas, an incredibly sexy and passionate man whom both Clyde and I truly adore. Some of these words are mine, and some are his…

We recently took a few weeks’ vacation to visit Sweden, staying at the home of our lover, Thomas—our time together filled with delightful days enjoying the country, and our nights filled with passionate lovemaking. The three of us are always of one accord, and Clyde and Thomas’ b*****rly affection only serves to enhance my attraction to them both. They remind me of twin golden gods…so similarly bu... Continue»
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Caught Shaving

Caught Shaving

True Story

My Norwegian wife, Karoline is the stereotypical Scandinavian blond bomb shell, great body, sense of humour, just pure sex on legs. Her 18 year old daughter, Astrid is an absolute stunner. With long shapely legs, an unblemished firm body, she is a mirror image of my wife 20 years ago. No guys, I was never been tempted to touch. Look yes, touch no. Sex with my wife is so great I wouldn’t jeopardise our relationship for an attempt that is sure to fail. I’m twice Astrid’s age and she is fighting off younger more hansom guys, richer and probably with bigger equipm... Continue»
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How I tuned office newbie into my sissy (Part 1)

The new boy started a few months ago, let's call him T, college drop out, 18, naive and innocent. As the closest employee to T's age my boss set me to look after him and show him around for the first week. From the moment I saw T I knew he was a sissy. 5'6, light caramel complexion and a perfume too feminine for someone wearing a shirt & tie combo. So I did what my boss told me to do, took him out for lunch for the first couple of days, got to know him fairly quickly and reached a comfortable level of friendship.. That's when I decided to test T, I was adamant then he was 1- in the closet, 2- ... Continue»
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When Beth walked into the room and I was standing there rubbing my cock with her panties, I thought I was dead. I thought my wife Tina had taken our son and his new bride to go get some food while I fixed a door in the closet. It had taken me two minutes. Then I had found the bag of dirty clothes and pulled out the silky red ones I had seen as I carried a load in earlier in the day. All morning I had thought about those panties; that and Beth’s beautiful body.

The girl is almost as tall as I am; thin as a rail with one very notable except... Continue»
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Dressed as a schoolgirl

I have been texting and emailing D for several weeks when he first suggested that we meet up after I showed him some photos on Craig's List. I was very excited and I couldn’t wait till we met but it would be my first time out in public. I thought about it all the time and at first the only odd part was what he wanted me to wear.

He texted me "Can I ask you a bit of a kinky favour?”

“Sure I said.”

“I want you to dress up as a schoolgirl for me,” I thought about it for a few seconds then smiled to myself.

“Yes I said :).:

“Its just a fantasy I want to try out."

Mmm I thoug... Continue»
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My wife loses a bet

It all started as a simply little bet. It was one of those bets where we were both 100% sure that we were right. Sound familiar? First the bet was for $5, then she upped it to $20 and I upped it to $50. That’s when things got interesting. She said “I know you’re wrong but if you win, I’ll do anything you want me to do, but if I win, you have to do anything I want you to do - anything at all!”

This did not intimidate me in the slightest as I was so sure I was right. “OK, I’ll take that bet.”

Less than ten minutes later I proved to her that I was right and she was wrong. Now all I needed t... Continue»
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Watching Neighbor 4, BUSTED!

It was about a week after that night I babysat for my neighbor (see Watching Neighbor 3), That my neighbor's step daughter, came up to me and said "I think you did something to me." I just looked at her and asked "What the fuck, are you talking about?" She just looked at me and then looked around to see where her step mother was at. "That night you babysat, I know I was d***k, and I know I had fucked my boyfriend, but when I woke up the next day , I could find no signs of being fucked." she said. "You're crazy!" I said, and she just stared at me.
She went on to say she remembered coming in ... Continue»
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Why We Like Threesomes

This writing is my attempt to explain why I love sharing my wife with other men. There really is no other feeling that matches what it’s like to be lying in bed next to your naked wife, having caressed her, kissed her and hold her and she responds likewise to how much you love her, and seeing her on her back with her body giving her up showing how much she needs and wants raw, uninhibited sexual satisfaction. The man we have both agreed to share her and our bed with is now naked and his cock expresses how much he desires to take her and make hot, naughty love to her. She is eagerly spreading h... Continue»
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Under the Table Blowjobs

We have this friend in Gatineau, Quebec, who we visit 3 or 4 times a year. We've know him for a decade now and he is one of our best friends. Last December, we visited him over New Yr's and after a few drinks Kenzie was able to coerce him into his bedroom for some friend-to-friend fucking. We have always thought a Friends With Benefits [FWB] relationship was sexy, and Kenzie had been interested in seeing what Don was like in bed for a little while. That story, however, is for another day. This story is about our second encounter with Don, which happened just last Friday [August 2... Continue»
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Back Alley Bang

I see you. Watching me from the corner of the room. Waiting for the right moment to come over. I know you want me. I can feel your eyes on me, undressing me. And I like it. I watch you shift in your seat as I take the cherry from my drink and and put it to my lips, licking the whiskey that clings to it before popping it into my mouth, and I know I'm making you hard. I wonder to myself what your dick looks like, and realize how wet the thought of your erection is making me. I need some air. I slip out the back of the bar, but not before I look right into you. Out of the corner of my eye I see y... Continue»
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Brandy's Bedroom


My daughter dove into my arms. I stumbled back and nearly tripped over the porch steps. It felt good to have her in my arms again after so long. "I've missed you, baby."

"Brandy!" her mother hissed. "Don't hug him like that!"

My daughter let go and stepped back, rolling her eyes for only me to see. I was taking her in. I don't know when she got so tall. She must've been 5'6". I was sure she was under 5' the last time I saw her. She really sprouted these last three years. She had filled out a little too, with a tiny waist and wide hips. Her breasts had grown as well, and her b... Continue»
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My Teen Boyfriend Impregnated my Mother.

I listened to a friend's story and realised I was not alone in my experiences of sexual 'enlightenment', a word I use place of the more harsh, 'abuse', which by its very terminology, would not fit in with describing something I enjoyed, when it was happening.

She was describing a time when in her youth, her b*****r and she had just bathed, not at the same time, and were sitting watch TV, in their bathrobes.

'I did not realise I was showing too much flesh to my b*****r', she had commented, 'and then, from the corner of my eye, and unbeknown to our mother, he was masturbating, looking at w... Continue»
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Birth of a Sissy

I met Jeff one day at the nearby tennis courts. I could never have imagined
what the result of that meeting would be. I suppose I should tell you a bit
about me. I'm a happily married 34 year old. About average in most
respects. A little spare tire trying to form around the middle but in
decent shape. I wear my hair short with a mustache and goatee. I had been
married for about 6 years and had been physically faithful to my wife. I
say physically, as I did think about other partners on occasion, though
probably no more than most men. What was a little unique was my "dark"
sexual se... Continue»
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My Not So Innocent Cousin

My Not So Innocent Cousin

By billy69boy

I picked up my phone. "Hi mom, what's up?"

"Someone's here to see you," my mother replied rather cryptically, "can you come over?"

My mom lived about a mile away from my apartment, so it wasn't a big deal.

"Who is it?" I inquired curiously.

"You'll see soon enough: it's a surprise!" she answered enthusiastically.

I walked through the front door and looked into the kitchen. Sitting at the table with my mom was Serena, my cousin whom I hadn't seen in years.

"Well, hello!" I blurted out. I was definitely surprised to see her, no d... Continue»
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The Wedding

The Wedding
Nikkie Silk
Part One
Trust me when I tell you I don't normally check the wedding announcements. I hate weddings. Ever since I was a page boy at my aunt’s wedding, when my mother made me wear a pale blue tuxedo. I was six, for God’s sake. She said I looked so cute.
Aunts and Uncles oohed and aahed at me as I walked down the aisle with the rings on a little satin pillow, but I hated it. You see, what I really wanted to be was one of the bridesmaids in their gorgeous frothy, frilly pink dresses. Even at that tender age I knew that I would rather be a girl than a boy.
There I’ve ... Continue»
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The Ride Home

It’s been a long day and I know that the train ride home is going to be long, boring and hot. I’m glad I wore a light weight filmy pink flowered sundress to work and even more glad that I pinned my hair up that day.
I find a car that is pretty vacant and settle in for my hour and a half ride home from the city to the suburbs.
I’ve just pulled out a book from my bag when I feel eyes watching me. I glance up slowly, seeing nobody watching me I go back to my book. I’m midway through the fourth chapter when I sense it again; eyes on me. This time when my head snaps up and I see him.
He... Continue»
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Haunted House Hook Up

In well done, professional haunted house attractions, adreneline runs high, need to be with someone else becomes paramount and strangers are knit together in strange circumstances that otherwise would never happen!!!

That's what happened the other night for me. I don't kiss and tell all... But I will tell you how the most fantastic weekend of my life started!!


I have always loved haunted houses! I went to them all of the time when I was single and for several years I worked in seasonal haunts on the weekends! The downside though is that when you are 50 and your w... Continue»
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Helping my wife's Boss

My wife is all the time volunteering me to help her boss, Julie. It involves household repairs like changing out a faucet, checking out her air conditioner or trimming her trees, the kind of stuff that I don’t want to do around my own house let alone someone else’s. I usually try to get out of doing it but my wife nags me until I give in. Julie doesn’t even pay me, at least until recently, but my wife makes it up to me by giving me sexual favors in return for helping Julie out.
Julie is not an attractive woman but she is not ugly either, she is only about 5 feet tall and I would gues... Continue»
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my gloryhole requested

So I had remarried when I was 27 to a hot little chick and the sex was great, but many times I found myself daydreaming about cock and reminiscing about Charlie and the other cocks I had sucked. I was faithful to my wife for most of my marriage, but one time after a visit to an adult bookstore with all those gorgeous cocks starting me in the face I picked up a gay magazine and it had personal ads in the back. This was before the internet so I rented a p o box and started writing to several guys, sharing our experiences back and forth and would always wind up jerking off as I read and then wrot... Continue»
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Well; I never expected that !

My name is Jane, I am 40 years old, and would describe myself as being of the athletic type. I work out every day down at the local gym, and have a 38-26-36 body, long shapely legs and short brown hair. Not bad for a woman of my age, even if I say so myself.

It had been quite a few years now since I last had any sex, and had almost forgotten how fantastic it could be until; ................well let me tell you about what happened to me just about a week ago now.

I had just come out of the shower clad only a bath towel around my body and a smaller one around my head, when I heard some unu... Continue»
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Jessica meets Master M and Mistress V (Part 1)

Jessica was lazing around in bed one weekday morning. She rolled to the side and reached for her tablet on the bedside table. Laying face down, naked under her duvet, her little clit pressed against the mattress.
She unlocked the tablet and opened the browser to log online and check her new messages on her favourite site. When she opened her inbox and saw new messages from the married couple she was chatting with her heart beat a little faster and a smile grew on her face.

She read the messages, re-reading to make sure she had read everything correct. They were going to be nearby that week... Continue»
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So what is The Pimped Out Mistress name all about?

This whole thing started years ago...many years, thirty or so.... At a young age i was buying penthouse magazines and fascinated by the beautiful women and the men with the cocks id never seen in person. Id ride down to the local convenience strore and buy my penthouse and run home with it and lock myself in my room while looking at pictures and rubbing my young pussy til i squirted on the floor. Id go back later and read the forums of sexual escapades and be swept away in my head imagining myself in these scenerios. I hid my magazines because i wasnt old enough to buy them but had managed... Continue»
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First taste of cum for a Crossdresser!

I had never really been with another man before and I had always thought about it as I dressed up as a slutty girl and played with my little toys to orgasm. I'm a little tall at 5, 9 and with heels a monster! I have an average body, nothing feminine, but not out of shape and a nice big bubble ass.

Until that night. I had been sent to Dallas for a business trip and was super excited to dress up in my hotel room and play around! I played around a couple days in my room and just got dressed did my make up and wore my wig playing with my little dildo before passing out exhausted from all the... Continue»
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The Interview

I slammed the door to the house and muttered a few choice words after getting home from my nine to five piece of shit job irritated by the course of events that I had encountered that day.
What was I going to do? I needed to find a new job desperately, but the job market in the city I lived in was shit.
My husband wasn’t home from work yet, so I decided to do some job searching. After doing nearly an hour of searching on several job seeker sites I was coming up empty. Feeling defeated I logged onto one of my social media accounts and noticed a post from a guy that I had gone to school w... Continue»
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Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

***This is a work of fiction that is taboo****

If you are not REALLY into Taboo, then please do us both a favor and skip this. This story is based loosely on a role play that I shared with another person on here not too long ago. I cannot emphasize enough that this is FICTION and that I am writing it because they wanted to know how my mind would work the specific elements they gave me into a story.


I hoped that I had not just wasted $60. Abbey had seen me in the adult store looking at a magazine on f****... Continue»
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The Lake


It wasn't until I went on a vaction that it finely came true. I had gone up north to stay at a cabin on Lake Tahoe. Everything was beauitful and clean. I had just finished unpacking, and need a shower. The lake looked so cool and inviting. Realizing that no one was around, I stripped all my clothes off and ran down to the crystal blue waters of the lake diving into the blissfully cool water without a moments hesitation. Pure bliss! Somewhat shocked by the sudden cold of the water, for a split second I thought I might go into sh... Continue»
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Oh Mary!

Oh, Mary!

The title of this story says it all really and I guess it started about 6 months after we had married. I hadn't known Mary for all that long but we are both in our early 30s and I guess we just clicked and a couple of months after we met we got engaged.
Mary isn't what you would call a stunner but she just oozes sex appeal. Some people just have that I guess and certainly her large breasts probably helped. There are pictures of Mary on the authors profile and you will see she is a pretty and ample blonde with a lovely smile

I had heard a few snippets from her friends that le... Continue»
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My Awakening - What Happened Next

If anyone has read “My Awakening”, this is what may have happened later. It didn’t but I still wanted to have more of my mother

Nothing happened between my mother and I until my b*****r had left home for university. I had continued to touch her tits whenever I could but these opportunities became few and far between. There was always someone else in the house which made it difficult, and I had started dating girls my own age. However, an opportunity arose as my father had heart problems and was admitted to hospital. My b*****r had come back from Uni to visit him but then returned a couple o... Continue»
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Officer Dan responding to a call from Angela (a police dispatcher), saw them in front of the alley, congregating again.

Jesus, these hookers are like cockroaches; you just can't get rid of them he thought to himself as he turned on the red & blue lights of his patrol car.

Dan thought about calling it in, but decided against it; he wasn't very well liked by his fellow cops these days. Nothing good would come from mentioning this to dispatch.

Officer Rosita, his former partner had just been assigned desk duty, pending an investigation thanks to testimony that Officer Dan had ... Continue»
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Boy LEARNS from a BIG HARD COCK neighbor

I was at a party with the cool and horny people from SwingingBiCouples. They are a balst and after we had all fucked each other and I had a few large loads of cum pumped inside me, we started talking about our past experiences. After I told them this story, they said I should write about it and have it posted here on Hamsters so here it is!

First of all, it's true story that many of you can probably relate too. I was young of course, curious about everything and not really sure about my sexuality, one way or another. I knew my little dick would get hard whenever the wind blew acroos it
... Continue»
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Exterminator's Inspection

I was at the house waiting for the Exterminator to show up. He was not due for Half an Hour.. Thinking I still had plenty of time I got ready to jump in the shower. Just as I am about to step into the shower I hear the door being knocked on. Shock of shocks he is early. But before jumping back into my Night cloths, putting on a towel or finding some sort of cover. I look out the window just to make sure. Yea it is him, tapping on the window to get his attention I hold up one finger to make sure he does not leave. I grabbed my Pajama Pants and slipped them on to answer the door. Inviting him in... Continue»
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CD Road Trip: Nikki's Adventure

“OH” is all that escapes my lips as a cock slides in my ass but the only thing that crosses my mind is how ironic it is that I’m losing my virginity in a cornfield. I’m from fucking Indiana and of course my first sexual experience is in a cornfield. I mean come on, but you know I really don’t care because I’m finally getting what I have dreamed about for years. My jean shorts are on my thighs, my panties are pulled to the side, his hands are under bra grasping my tits, and my cock is dripping cum all over the blanket. This is probably where I should state that I’m a crossdresser. Hi, my n... Continue»
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Called To The Office

I was very nervous as I waited outside the principal's office. It was like
being back in school myself. My name is Laurel Hennessey and I was
thirty-one years old that cold November afternoon. I'd been summoned to school
because my son, Jeff, had gotten into a fight and was going to be suspended,
or possibly expelled.
I sat there wishing, for the ten-thousandth time, that my husband, James,
hadn't gotten himself killed in a stupid accident while driving d***k. I
wished I was younger and prettier and had a husband to help me. I'd looked at
myself in the mirror before leavin
... Continue»
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I Fucked a Transman

I first met Jack nearly 20 years ago. He was a long-distance truck driver that used to visit a little roadhouse that I owned. He would park his rig at my lot overnight and usually be gone before the sun came up.

“Do you want to hear something that will give you the shock of your life?” Jack asked me one Friday night when the place was nearly packed. “What?” I asked him.

“I was born female,” he told me with a smile. I figured he must be joking or d***k and I didn’t have time to play along so I just nodded and went back to my business.

As I was closing up Jack came up to me and grabbed... Continue»
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My Little Girl is Busted

My Little Girl is Busted.[/b/]


On Sunday morning I awoke to a text from Mistress Lisa. “Give me your credit card information so I can order some fun for Thursday.” I considered the demand for a couple of minutes. Another text came through with a picture of me in action with my co-worker. “Want me to include Mom on my next text?”

I sent her the information.

So Thursday morning comes and as Tina fixes her lunch and I drink my coffee and scroll through some internet crap, Lisa appears in th
... Continue»
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Fun In Mykonos

I am 52, married for 32 years and enjoy a healthy sex life. We holiday in the Greek islands twice a year and in May this year we went to Mykonos. I have always loved the film Shirley Valentine but have always thought that Mykonos was the gay capital of Greece. On the flight out this thought was endorsed by the number of male couples on the plane. However during our first week we had seen a guy in his early forties regularly and said hello each time and made general conversation in the bars and tavernas.

One afternoon we were takeing wine in a beach taverna when he came in and asked if he m... Continue»
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Saturday night is normally a night I have all to myself and can indulge in all my fantasies what ever they may be at the time. My wife works nights and my daughter normally stays over in her uni apartment. Saturday night enables me to dress up.. dildo myself and all those other things you do when alone.

On this particular Saturday my daughter was home for the holidays. She had a few friends over in the afternoon and they were all getting ready. Now having 4 19 year old girls wandering around the house in underwear is a sight to be seen. But I was the cool dad and my face showed cool and ca... Continue»
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Dave's night out

Unhooking the zip of my dress with a shrug of my shoulders it landed on the floor. I had been looking forward to this night for a while. A night when I had our small apartment to my self. A night I could spend pampering myself.
Dave called me. At f******n he had really began growing up in the last few months, tonight he would be staying in his friends house so I would be home alone. I divorced his father when he was very young and I still managed to turn him into a lovely young man.
"Where's my mobile phone?"
"It's in the kitchen pet, have a good night". His friends parents were ... Continue»
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The Event (bi sucking for an audience) Part I

I had attended the monthly event mostly to watch and watching was what I was doing.  I was sitting on a sofa next to Mike, a fireman, whom I had just meet about an hour ago when all of us newbies had had to make our introductions and to hear about and agree to the club’s rules before being allowed to join in the activities.

Kneeling between Mike’s open knees was Amber, a 30-something short-haired blonde with an ample bosom that made the buttons on her pale white blouse strain and whom I had also recently meet.  She had sworn during her introduction that her name really was Amber and then bo... Continue»
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As I hugged him, I realised, Daddy was Hard.

'What the Fuck'.

I'm Carla.

Sorry, I know my fucking name is not sexy, like Amber, or Britney, but my father was a jerk-off, a man who's penis went limp once I was born, and so here I am, with a boring tag called 'Carla'.

But you know what, you have caught me just in time, because I'm hot.

Not because I'm menstruating, but hot because my sexual hormones, have hijacked my young body, and all I can think about is sex.

Well sex is second actually, being fucked in every hole I possess, yes even in my poop hole, is what I really want, 'Jesus Fucking Christ, my f******n year old cunt... Continue»
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Thirteen Inches

My name is Brenda Shynes and I’ve been married to my husband for about three years. We’ve known each other seven years and we’ve never had a single argument. It seems like the relationship that people say doesn’t exist but, we have no issues. With us being so highly attracted to each other, I assume that makes it easier, as well as both of us being kind and easy going. I have no problem satisfying him in every perverted way he’s ever thought of, and vice versa. I swear I love him with all my heart and I would never trade him for anything, but one day last year I made a mistake. I was caught of... Continue»
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