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f***ed to be Female Pt1

The last thing I could remember was walking out of the Bank and crossing the road to my car. I had just been to see my bank manager to discuss transferring some money from one of my accounts into a high interest savings account.
I had won quite a bit of money on the Lottery, enough to change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was going to change.
I had just reached my car door when I felt someone bump into me. Then everything went blank...................!
The next thing I remember was being faintly aware of people standing around me and talking in low voices. As my sense started ... Continue»
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Meeting my teen b*****r after 12 years

I can still remember the day I left. I was his nanny of sorts, looking after my k** b*****r meant everything to me. Then came their divorce and we were split up, with him going away to another country to be brought up, and with the years passing we got into a routine and soon we were never thinking about each other again.

I was sixteen back then on the fateful day, and he was just two. Now I was engaged to be married myself in six months time, I was 28 and a business woman, and my thoughts were of my k** b*****r, he should be here with me on my big day I thought, and so I made tentative enq... Continue»
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Missed the Bus.

Well it started out like this.........
I was walking down the street just missed my last bus home and was not very happy about it. Things didn't work out that night and I find myself walking home alone and very very horny..That damn bus...Why couldn't it run later..I am not at all familiar with the neighborhood I'm walking threw but decide to turn down a quite street and hope that it might turn out to be a short cut. Its a hot and sticky out and lucky for me its really really late. I take my shirt off so the cool night breeze can cool me down a little. I know no one will care.. I remembe... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 9

You want me to fuck you with it while I’m sucking you I asked Jason? Fucking of course he said back. I told Jason to sit on the edge of the bed and open his legs. I put a little more lube on the tube and got on my knees between Jason’s legs. I placed the tip on his asshole and slid it in. I slowly pushed it about half way and held it there.

I then grabbed his hard cock with my other hand and held it up straight and lower my mouth onto it. I started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth while I was fucking his tight ass with the toy. I did it slow at first, but then started going faster. ... Continue»
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The Awakening Of A Sex Fiend

I think at one time or another most married men have fantasized or thought of having sex with their Mother-in-law. I have been married thirty years and to be honest I too have had a fantasy or two.

My Mother-in-law is about 70 years old, but she looks much younger. Her salt and pepper hair, I view as a badge of honor. Her figure is much nicer than most her age. In short, she is very good looking. I never thought that what I am about to tell you would ever occur.
It was about four months when my wife and I went to visit for the Super Bowl. When we arrived my wife's father was out trying... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 8

I grabbed our empty beer cans and walked out telling Jason I was going to get a couple more beers. I also wanted to make sure none of the lights were on that shouldn’t be. I left the hall light on which gave us some light in the bedroom. When I got back to the room with the beers, Jason was laying on the bed stroking his cock. I handed him his beer and we both took a couple of gulps before putting them down.

I told Jason let’s do it a couple of times on the bed like we usually do. Jason got both of the pillows and put them behind his head, propping himself up some. I got on the bed and posi... Continue»
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Letting an Old man savour my Youth

There are things in life we do, have tremendous urges to do, and then, silence.

We have all felt these urges, they are momentary and communicated by a simple glance, encouraged by a simple act of kindness, and devoured to hide the fact that two people just did something very, very, wrong together, an act culminating in swallowing another's humans forbidden body fluid, an act that helps to shape who you are and what you do.

I was nervous as I walked towards the train. I imagined the men in uniform were looking at me and would stop me and find I could not afford the ticket back home.

M... Continue»
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Silent Auction Night - Bidding For Me

The bidding on Ashley was over. She always goes for a premium price. She’s 38. I’m 52. So now I was the last one to be auctioned off. The men were able to see me but I could not see them. Nor could they see one another. Privacy is what made this fund raiser work.

The women knew that they would be expected to do a fashion show in a private hotel room at a 5 star resort in our lingerie or in a bikini. For that, our club would raise a lot of money for the local SPCA.

The master of ceremonies asked me to turn with my back to the video camera so that the guys could see my backside. ... Continue»
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The Bell

I ring the bell. You open the door. The heels on your boots raise you to the point where I have to look slightly up to meet your gaze. Our eyes lock and you stare straight into my soul.

"Come in" you say and I'm not entirely sure whether that's an invitation or a command. It doesn't really matter whether I accept or obey. I step inside where New Age minimal music sets a relaxing mood. A slight scent of incense fills the air. The room is dimly illuminated in dark red tones. Everything meticulously planned to enhance your mesmerizing features.

You close the door behind me and put your hand... Continue»
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85 Avis & Jon f****y visit (4)

85 Avis & Jon f****y visit (4)
The morning had come too quickly and Avis and I knew we were to be heading home that day after our visit to her daughters.
We rose up and went up to the living room and found Mike and Carol were already awake, up and Mike sitting on the sofa while Carol took the recliner. I had noticed Avis was a bit antsy when we kissed good morning and that usually meant she was in the mood. "Mike looks so alone" I whispered to Avis. She looked at me, back towards him, "Maybe I should keep him company" she replied. "Go ahead, have fun" I answered back. Avis kissed me g... Continue»
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Big Boob Gamer Chick - An Adult Story

I looked down at my phone on lunch. I had two emails in my inbox. The first one was junk mail. The second was from Stacy Somers. We met online a few weeks ago. She finally wanted to meet up for the first time, for drinks at a bar near her house.

I was just hoping now that she did not lie on her online dating profile. She said she was 5ft 6inches in heels and loved to tease her blonde hair up. She liked long walks and meeting new people. She was a English teacher at a high school across town. She was 34 years old. I was really 20 but told her I was little older.

It was ... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 7

Jason called me two days after he and I had sucked each other the first time at my neighbor’s house. He asked me if I had gone over there yet today to do the stuff that I was taking care of: bringing in the paper and mail and watering the lady’s plants. I told him that I had and he seemed a little disappointed. Of course I knew exactly what he really was asking. He wanted us to go over their again and do some more stuff together. And of course I really wanted to do that too.

I told him I can go over there anytime I want, they weren’t coming home for another week and a half. I told him I’ve ... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1) by Claude van Feinbod

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1)
by Claude van Feinbode

Every once in awhile I find myself working as a tutor while earning my PhD. The university offers tutoring to high school students that demonstrate exceptional academic skills. So during the cold winter months I find myself tutoring students that probably never get past first base because they are more worried about their rock polisher or telescope than trying to get in the pants of some beautiful young coed.

Imagine my surprise when a goddess like in a French art film arrived unexpectedly. The door opened and squealed sl... Continue»
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Local MILF

So a few weeks ago I met up with a 31 yo milf from Craigslist for a blowjob. I met her in a hotel. When I met her she was waiting in the hotel room watching tv. We made some small talk for a few minutes and suddenly I found myself standing in front of her while she was on all fours at the edge of the bed. She was wearing denim shorts and a low cut top. She had dirty blonde hair and tattoos on her chest and arms. After she felt I was comfortable and we started talking about some dirty stuff she unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock. Now call me crazy but there's something about a woman pul... Continue»
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84 Avis The next stage

84 Avis The next stage

After my experience with sucking dad's cock and mom's tits, I couldn't help but think about what I had not only done, but just how much I actually enjoyed what I had experienced.
It proved to be a while before the three of us were alone again and dad made the most of it as he next had me try another aspect of sex that was new to me.

Dad was feeling particularly horny one afternoon and after my b*****r and s****r had gone off for the day, he came into the kitchen where mom was and taking her by the hand, led her upstairs to the bedroom. Since dad was alway... Continue»
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Light under the Door

It's August and you are one month from starting your Freshman year in
high school. You are a perpetually horny boy that just turned f******n a
few months before. You have a s****r who is one year older than you. She
will be a Sophomore.

Tonight your s****r has a bunch of her friends at your f****y's house
for a sl**pover. Although your s****r sometimes treats you like a pesky
little b*****r, most of her friends have always been really nice to you
throughout the years. Plus her friends are now hot f******n and fifteen
year old girls. Bonus.

Your s****r tolerates you h... Continue»
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Cuckold in Afrika - Afrikanische Träume

Afrikanische Träume

Ich spürte wie sein Atem immer schwerer wurde und wusste, dass es Zeit war ihn zu bitten herauszuziehen, aber ich schwieg. Stattdessen legte ich meine weißen Hände auf seinen pechschwarzen Po, damit er sogar noch tiefer in mich eindringen kann und flüsterte ihm in sein Ohr: „Komm in mich. Komm in meine weiße Pussy!" Seine Stöße wurden auch sofort immer intensiver und sein schwerer Atem verwandelte sich in ein wahrnehmbar lautes Stöhnen; plötzlich verblieb er tief in meiner Pussy und seine Pobacken verkrampften sich. Da fühlte ich bereits wie er... Continue»
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Young man seduced on a plane by an older woman

> As I wait in line for my flight to Mykonos, I spot a shy young man looking unsure of what to do. It looks like this might be his first international flight. As I approach him to offer my help, I notice how well built his body is, but how young and innocent his face looks. I wonder whether his mind has caught up to his body yet.
> "First time overseas?" I inquire. "Anything I can do to help?" He turns around and smiles at me sheepishly and responds "Yes, ma'am. I was wondering how we get our seat assignments?" "This airline let's you chose your own. Why don't you sit by me an... Continue»
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Horny 18 yr old and married man

 I was just 18, had split up from my first serious boyfriend and got a job in a local bar (UK, not US!). I was upset after the split and just wanted attention and a good time. After finishing the night in the pub I started getting a taxi onto one of the local nightclubs. One of the drivers was in his late 20's and was easy to talk to . Even though I hadn't before been attracted to older men I found him strangely attractive. We started flirting and I was finding that every time I ordered a taxi it would be him! Things progressed and we ended up having sex every time I had a lift. It was tha... Continue»
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bathroom fireworks

Well, it was a good weekend, was invited to a cook out with bunch of friends. Though did not know everyone there wife and I knew a few and we worked around the party. This was casual drinks and a cook out, which they didn't start cooking till we got there so was going to be a while. Among the people there was the Hostess's s****r, which we had dated long time ago. She was looking very good, at 5'3", light carmel skin, with nice dark hair, and her ass is one that you just want to dive into. We smiled at one another as the Hostess went to introduce us, we hugged and she said "we dated". Th... Continue»
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