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midday sex with friends girlfriend, oops.

Reading some of the stories take me back, one of the few times I had sex and afterwards I felt bad. I love the sex but the person was a friends girlfriend and afterwards their relationship imploded because of the sex. I am sharing hit, because that same woman and I just started to chat again.

Well my tail starts years ago, living in near the Jersey shore. I was just celebrating my 21 birthday. At a buddy's house, there was a party. I drank before but that party i hit a new high on being d***k. I remember starting to drink then waking up the next day in the tub. Later that day, I ran into St... Continue»
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Ms Lauren aka Jessica Rabbit (Thank you Stefhavre4

Mom looked so angry with her fiery red hair and
unnerving hazel eyes as she studied my face for guilt,
shame, remorse or what I expect is trying so see if I
was even her son anymore, or human for that matter. You
could cut the tension with a knife it was so thick in
the air. She had just listened in on my phone call with
my friends when I thought she busy with gardening

I didn't know how much she heard but she heard enough to
hear some of the most twisted things we admittedly
talked about and it all revolved around my mother and
how we would fuck her in differen... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

I found this one on the web and it is pretty hot, but slightly disturbing.... Weak of heart take note!

This is to let all of the husbands out there know that
watching your wife have sex with another man is not all
it's cracked up to be.

My wife and I have been married to each other for
almost 5 years now, I am 35 and she is 30. My wife was
a virgin when we got married so she had never been with
another person before. We had actually met at my
b*****rs wedding, she was a bridesmaid, and I was my
b*****r's best man.

I guess my fantasizing about watching her have sex wit... Continue»
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Taboo Voyeurism

My wife and I both grew up very sexually active, and we always believed that our c***dren should be allowed the freedom of pursuing their own sexual interests as they grew up and they felt the early awakenings of their own sexuality.

Whenever the k**s....two girls and a boy....wanted to discuss anything about sex we would be factual and non-judgemental about whatever the k**s were interested in.

Our oldest dau**ter was always very prim and proper and what interest she showed in sexual matters indicated she would be pretty straight sexually. The youngest dau**ter was another matter. Four... Continue»
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The Joys of Polyamory

I had submitted this story to Literotica some years ago. Here it is with some additions and editions.

I met my wife Julie when we were both seniors in high school. She was an only c***d and her parents had divorced when she was 3, so she grew up with her mother Linda. By the time I met Julie, she was a tall, busty natural blonde whose height seemed to be 2/3 legs. I stood a few inches shorter, but unlike many guys I was not intimidated. It also helped that she, unlike many girls, did not find shorter guys a turnoff. I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs an... Continue»
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Camilla and Maxime have sex in cinema

Breaking up after cinema

Maxime is almost seven years older than his girlfriend, 19-year-old super sexy Camilla, and the time has come for them to go their separate ways. They decide, however, to make the breakup as smotth as possible and make an appointment to go to the movies together - a sort of final "date", though they both know it will end between them.

It's a really hot evening in the middle of summer and the thermometer puffs almost 30 degrees whi... Continue»
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Beautiful, sweet, young Andrea comes to me....

I can't believe I'm writing about this. In fact it's hard to believe it even happened. Let me take you back, briefly, to the beginning of this adventure.

There is a well known chain restaurant near where I live that I go to often. It's attached to one of the larger hotels and they get a lot of walk in's from the hotel side. I prefer to sit in the bar area and because of that I've gotten to know several of the female bartenders reasonably well, in a customer/waitress sort of way. I guess I'm what you'd call a 'regular'. I'm usually generous with the tips when I get excellent service and nat... Continue»
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Grannies Pool Party Pt. II

Read on, this is Part II of a great story. In Part I we discussed my invitation to my grannies Sandy and Alma’s pool party. As I mentioned before five years ago I retired and moved to Oro Valley, Arizona near Tucson. I joined a senior’s over sixty social group and I never knew my life would change like this. You see I discovered Grannies, single ones, divorced ones and married ones and my sex life has not been the same since. Two of my favorite grannies are Alma and Sandy. One lucky day I got strange E-Mail’s from both of them; it read “Pool Party at Alma’s house!!! 1 P.M. having a “2 fur” we... Continue»
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THey will let me watch

A very attractive couple drove up to me as I started to enter the barn. They wanted to use my farm for their nude photography and they said that I could watch. So naturally I said, “Yes.”

They started out in the barn with her standing next to me. As she removed an article of clothing she would hand it to me to hold.

What a lovely young lady she was!

Joy had just turned eighteen the day before and she wanted to get started in the porn business right away…or be spread out in Playboy…or become a famous country singer…or maybe a high fashion model.

To tell you the truth that s**ttere... Continue»
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Seven Nieces

I was raised as an only c***d. My father had been married before, and I had a s****r from that marriage, but she was raised by her mom, and I was raised by mine, in separate households.

I didn't know my s****r Zanah very well growing up, or half-s****r I should say. Her mom and mine got along pretty well, despite things, and Zanah would visit sometimes on f****y occasions, but she was almost nine years older and pretty much in her own world. She was a popular girl in high school, with a lot of boyfriends, while I was still in grade school. I thought she was cool, like a grown-up.

W... Continue»
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the work closet experience

Ok another story about my job, but this one is a fictional one, a story that could have been and still might happen. One of the things I do at my job is putting away stock, and organizing the stock closets. Recently due to overcrowding of supplies, we gained another closet. It was closed for sometime due to water damage and the repairs. So one day, my boss lady and I went in to start cleaning up the dust and move the stock around. The room once was a security room, and so it had one key, the one we had. Now the boss lady, name is Ashley was not the typical hot chick there, more like a nic... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part XIV - Just Rewards

Jake woke early, having already slept between moments. Time was already a totally different concept to him than it had been before, it seemed. He looked at the clock by the bed, noting that it was only 4 in the morning. Plenty of time to get started on the day.
But first, it seemed there was some unfinished business to take care of. Jake had meant to spend some time next door last night, and had got so caught up with Katie that it had slipped his mind. A quick shower to freshen up and an apple from the fridge later, he was whistling to himself and strolling out the door.
He’d taken the l... Continue»
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La mia prima volta con mamma

Qual è il desiderio segreto di molti ragazzi della mia età?? Frequentando molte chat nelle quali si parla di argomenti “piccanti”, un desiderio alquanto diffuso è quello di avere un’esperienza sessuale tra le mura domestiche con la propria sorella, la zia, la cognata o come me con la propria mamma. Mia madre, infatti, è sempre stato il mio desiderio sessuale più segreto. E’ una bellissima donna di 46 anni, alta, formosa, un bellissimo seno (una 5^taglia credo) e un culo ed una figa da spavento.
Da diverso tempo mi piaceva spiarla quando entrava in bagno per farsi la doccia, o quando in camera... Continue»
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la mia famiglia

Faceva un gran freddo quella mattina.
Il vento, fuori, sembrava non volere più fermare le sue raffiche impetuose.
Dal caldo del mio letto diedi un’ occhiata annoiata al termometro che segnava 2 °C.
“Cacchio che freddo !!” esclamai ancora assonnato, e mi rimboccai le coperte fino al naso beandomi di quella giornata di ferie.
Dopo una ventina di minuti però, la voce imperiosa di mia madre mi costrinse a superare il momento di torpore e ad alzarmi dal letto.
Ancora in stato di semi incoscienza mi diressi verso il bagno per la solita doccia mattutina.
Non accesi la luce (come al solito) e mi... Continue»
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Aunt Laura's Lesson On Love

Cory found himself being volunteered to spend the summer with his Aunt Laura after the untimely passing of his Uncle in January. Cory didn't mind though, he'd always had a thing for his Aunt Laura, and looked forward to spending some time with her. She was about twelve years younger than his Mother, and always look sexy as hell. She was in her late thirties, early forties, but she looked at least ten years younger.

She had short blonde hair, and really sexy blue eyes. Her best assets were her long sexy legs, a great ass, and nice firm tits. Once Cory arrived his Aunt made him feel right at... Continue»
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TY AND I part one

I met Ty one late afternoon in the laundry room of the apartment building. He was seated on top of one of the washing machines as I entered and I immediately noticed his cock peeping out of the leg hole of his cut off shorts. I smiled and nodded at him and proceeded to put my own laundry into one of the other available machines and then sat down in one of the folding chairs, opening my sketch pad but I stole glimpses his exposed cock....and now a single testicle had slipped free. It smooth brown and hairless. I estimated his age to be about s*******n or eighteen. I only passed him and his moth... Continue»
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Comforting Mom

Mom sat me down and said “Your dad’s been having an affair it’s been going on for three years” I felt shocked, I was 18 years old and looked up to my parents as role models, but now I felt depressed as if their relationship had been a sham. As mom cried I felt sorry for her “So have you been without” I asked her “Yes for two years he hasn’t touched me”.

As mom went upstairs I heard her run a bath, 45 minutes later I went upstairs and I could hear her crying in her bedroom, as dad was out, again, I slowly opened the door, mom was sat on the bed wearing her housecoat, crying. I moved closer t... Continue»
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Mom Jobs

From kindergarten through high school I lived next door to Mandy. Mandy was the prettiest and most popular girl in my class. I was never part of the cool crowd, but because we were neighbors she and I were always pretty good friends.
My mom always seemed to think that Mandy and I would get together one day. It was like she was oblivious to the social pecking order. She was always pushing me to ask Mandy out, even though guys like me didn’t date the most popular girl in school.
Then one day my mom and Mandy saw each other outside and started talking. My mom brought up the topic of dating. Man... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 10

Ah Saturday morning! Mom and Dad out for the day, Grandpa can get down the stairs and my s****r is at her friend Kate's, nothing better than a good wank. I raid Dad's porn stash and put a movie on, strip naked and settle back on the couch and begin slowly stroking my cock. For some reason I prefer to masturbate naked it just feels better and as there is no hurry I can work up to it slowly. So there I was , after about fifteen minutes of slowly teasing my cock watching some really hot porn my s****r Susan and her friend Kate arrive unexpectedly, as they do! Given what we had all shared I didn't... Continue»
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Jill sat on her chair in the downstairs TV room. Her b*****r, Tom, sat on the other. Their parents had made a room for them in the cellar so they could watch their own shows. It had transformed into Jill's and Tom's private sanctuary. For a b*****r and s****r, they got along fairly well, but Tom was still the little b*****r and, at times, did irritate Jill. Today she was looking at him differently.

At school this week Jill and her friends were in their usual “boy” conversation when the subject of cocks came up. Sam, short for Samantha, an only c***d, had revealed she was envious of Jill b... Continue»
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