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Night with the step-mum

I am a 19 year old male, average build with a 7 inch cock.

This is what happened.

I was staying round my dads for the weekend, I usually stay every other week due to the costs of getting there. I had never seen any affection towards my step-mum, she was a 40 year old, nice build with 32DD breasts. I had often jacked of to the shape of her body, I had often hoped to find a pair of her knickers to get a nice smell of her pussy.

It was Saturday night, my dad had arranged to go out with some of his friends, I was left alone with my step-mum for the night. We ordered a pizza for dinne... Continue»
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My son's girlfriend

I live in a large house on the outskirts of a English city, I am how sixty-two years old, some five years ago my wife passed away with cancer, not long after my son and his wife decided that he was going to get a job down south as the money was a lot better down there and at the time they were having trouble paying their mortgage. He decided he would go down first and find somewhere where they could live and would it be alright if Jayne stayed at my house she always got on with my three daughters so she moved in and settled down quite nicely, she was a lovely looking girl with long blonde hair... Continue»
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Too Much to Drink

"What a night" I say to myself as I am pulling into the driveway of our house I look over at my un¢ons¢ious girlfriend Sara and laugh, she had never been able to handle her wine and tonight she definitely went overboard, I had to carry her passed out from the party. I open her door and lift her from the car slowly, her head falling backwards limply and her small black dress bunching around her tanned thighs. Sara doesn’t make a sound as I carry her towards the front door of our house. Duke our adopted Saint Bernard stands by the door watching us as I walk inside with Sara in my arms. I careful... Continue»
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Hot Summer In Dallas

Hot Summer In Dallas
By Victor Lima
(MMF, wife sharing)

When the water pump went out on the Oldsmobile, I resigned myself to the fact that I’d be out several hundred dollars for the repair. Talking about it during a break at work on Friday morning brought an unexpected offer from Ken to fix my car on Saturday. All I’d have to do is go down to the parts store and buy the new water pump and related items. To Ken, fixing cars was entertainment. I gratefully accepted the offer.

Ken showed up at my house at 9 and we proceeded with the task. At 11:30, my wife, Linda, wandered out from the si... Continue»
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Our Little Game

I've known Tablitha, or Tabby as I affectionately dubbed her, since we were in high school. She was the new girl and completely wild and crazy! We clicked right from the get go. I look back on those days like they're yesterday. Hmm, more like 15 years ago at least. I've lost count. She and Mark are really the only two folks I've kept up with. Anyways, Tabby is a huge sport when it comes to satisfying my desire to embarrass the hell out of her.

It started in high school after I'd known her for a good while. Man, I've taken her blind folded just about everywhere and not once has she tried to ... Continue»
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How I started sharing my girlfriend PT.1

My girlfriend and I have a very open relationship. We share everything with each other, even our deepest sexual secrets and desires. Unfortunately there are many couples out there that spend their whole lives together and never open up to each other about what they really want sexually, they keep their fantasies locked up inside never to be fulfilled. I decided at a young age that I wasn't going to be one of those people (thanks to a girl I dated when I was in my young twenties who introduced me to a sexual side I didn't even know I had at the time).

So a question I get asked every once in ... Continue»
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She's Legal, so Why Not

She's Legal, so Why Not

By billy69boy

My wife died of cancer when she was young and in her forties. We never had any offspring, so I was pretty much alone. We lived in a small town, and a few of the neighbor ladies took to stopping by, bringing casseroles and generally caring for me. My next door neighbor, in particular, took a fancy to me. Beatrice was divorced and lived alone with her daughter Jessie who was quite the wild one growing up. She did all the things that parents dreaded, including dropping out of high school, drinking and d**gs, disrespecting authority and eventually ... Continue»
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More than an Office bonus

Soooo, I started a new job a while ago and moved to a much smaller business. Before I'd work in extremely corporate environments where everyone was in business attire and there was a very serious atmosphere in the office. My roles have always been financial and quite straight laced. It's a go go go environment.

The new place however is very different pace of life. I still have a lot of responsibility and I'm semi senior, but we have some pretty high flyers because everyone is generally qualified in whatever field they are in. no one just has a diploma or standard qualifications, almost eve... Continue»
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Affair With Not My MIL

This is a work of fiction.

I've always been attracted to my 50 year old mother-in-law Amy. I love her fat ass and pretty eyes. She gets me hard when she wears her white pants you can see through. And she ALWAYS wears colorful panties with her white pants that are clear as day in the right light. I'm always staring at her ass enjoying the view. My wife knows how much I want to fuck her and sometimes agrees to pretend to be her. This has been going non since we've been married and I've gotten to cop the occasional feel of her ass and tits.

One day my wife told me my mother-in-law needed s... Continue»
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“Can I get some of that lube?”

Caroline and I shared a few college classes at night, and enjoyed each other’s company, but our schedules never seemed to sync up. I had a conventional 9 to 5 job, so I had my evenings and weekends free, while she was a waitress who worked evenings (when she wasn’t attending classes) and weekends (when her daughter wasn’t home from college.) We hooked up a few times on the odd occasions when our schedules would allow, but one or the other of us usually had commitments elsewhere.

I hadn’t heard from her in a few months, when out of the blue I got a call from her in a local hospital. I rushed... Continue»
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I Get to Feel Him Tonight...

My eyes shot open. There it was again. My whole body flushed as I heard the hallway floorboard groan under his weight. His weight.... My eyes rolled back as I remembered his weight and my breath caught in my throat. Another step. I feel a surge and throb as my legs began to separate on their own. I quietly rolled to face fully down on the bed and my hips raised up in anticipation as I felt another gush begin to escape my swelling lips. The doorknob. It's happening. After dreaming of it all week, it was finally happening again. My doubts that I wasn't enough for him evaporated as my heavy breat... Continue»
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my aunts wedding (true story)

It was a Saturday morning my Aunts big day, I arrived at her house early looking dashing im my black tux. She was getting her make-up done while i was chatting with a few f****y members and friends. After a while i went to greet my aunt, congratulate her on her big day. She then introduced me to her bridesmaids and that's when i saw her, she was wearing a pink saree exposing her toned stomach, long black hair, big plum lips. "This is Hani" my aunt said to me "hi" I said to her nervously, "hi how are you? you look handsome" Hani replied. smiled and said "thanks you too" she said "aww". At that ... Continue»
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My First - A True Story

Note - This story is 100% true, with one exception: For the purpose of publishing here, I describe myself as being 18 at the time. In real life, that was not the case. PM for additional details, if interested.

When I was 18, I had my first sexual experience. I already knew, from endless teenage masturbation, I was attracted to women. However, as I watched more and more porn, I sometimes found myself fantasisizing about being on the receiving end of those cocks. I wondered what it was like, since the girls in the videos seemed to love it so much when a hard cock thrust in and out of their mo... Continue»
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MILF s****r in law offered herself to young man

My very hot s****r in law Suzaine came to live with us for 4 weeks as she review for the state nursing board exams. She graduated long time ago but didn't take the exams since she became a plain housewife. My wife and I are both 22 and she was pregnant with our first.

We just married couple of months ago and though she is only 4 months into pregnancy she had been refusing sex with me already and I was begging her for hand job but she refused either. She never did me a blow job as well.

Suzaine is 31 and 9 yrs older than us but she was well maintained and looks as if she was just a year o... Continue»
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Ganneki mithas

Ramu apni masti me chala ja raha tha tabhi apne khet ki khatiya par
bethe huye Hariya kaka ne use aawaj di
Hariya- are Ramu betwa kaha chale ja rahe ho, aajkal to tumne mere pas
aana hi band kar diya,
Ramu- are kaka, thahro abhi aa raha hu,
Dophar ke 2 baj rahe the, Ramu apne ganno ke kheto ki aur chala ja raha
tha lekin uske khet se thodi pahle hi Hariya kaka ka khet tha jaha Hariya
kaka ne bahut sari hari sabjiya laga rakhi thi aur din rat vah un sabjiyo ki
rakhwali ke liye vahi pada rahta tha, Hariya kaka ke khet se thoda aage hi
Ramu ka ganno ka khet tha vahi Ramu ne apne sone ke ... Continue»
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Ever wish you had X-Ray Glasses?

This happened back in 1962. My Mom's favorite cousin came to visit my Grandparents then came to stay with Mom and me for a couple of months. She quickly turned into my favorite "Aunt" though she was actually my second cousin.

Suzanne was ten years, ten weeks and ten days younger than my Mom. She had her hair done up in a perm which was not popular at the time, but looked really good on her.

When I first met her I was polite and all, but then she had me come with her out to her car to help bring in things from her car. She lots of boxes full of things and pointed out two boxes that I ... Continue»
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The Funeral

I guess this story is about my second time to have sex. My high school girlfriend was my first. We had dated for over a year before I finally got to actually have sex. Then it was awkward to say the least. We did not have a rubber, I had to pull out, we really did not know what we were doing. We had done it five times and none of those times went real smooth or were real enjoyable. Then one of my girlfriends relatives died. Not like anyone she knew real well. But she had to go to the funeral and it was the next city over about an hour away from us. She wanted me to come along so she would no... Continue»
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A New Waitress in Town

Moving to a new community is always difficult, especially when you're alone, with no friends or relatives to turn to. The advantage though is that you can be anyone you want.

My name is Robin and I recently graduated from a Boston University, where my f****y has lived since coming to the US from Ireland. I was only two years old when we came here and have no recollection of Ireland at all. I was very settled in Boston, a good school, swimming competitively on the school team, an excellent job as a waiter at an upscale restaurant, girls, you name it. Things were about to ... Continue»
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Who the hell was that?!?

"UUUHHHH!!" I groaned out loud as he entered me. We were in a small alley just off the sidewalk. We were going for a quickie. With no panties on he needed only lift my leather skirt up. I usually stay quiet when we do this. Fucking outside in public is so hot, but we have to be quick and somewhat quiet. The fear of getting caught brings arousal to a different height. However, getting caught can be more than awkward at times. The sudden stretch of my lips caught me off guard. I felt the dull ache of my cervix getting touched. "OW, fuck!" I was wet, but the immediate presence of an e... Continue»
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Hitziger Sommer (im Netz gefunden)

Es war stickig heiß, die Sonne brannte vom Himmel, schon ab Vormittags war es im Freien kaum auszuhalten. Der Sommer hatte uns voll im Griff, und das mit Temperaturen, die für uns nördlichen Mitteleuropäer eher ungewöhnlich waren. Ob es nur eine Laune der Natur oder tatsächlich die Auswirkungen der Klimaerwärmung sein mochten, darüber stritten sich allerorten die Experten, ebenso unstrittig war aber die simple Tatsache, dass es einfach viel zu heiß war. Seit inzwischen drei Wochen, so heute morgen die Ansage des Wetterdienstes im Radio betrug die Tagesdurchschnittstemperatur 27 Grad. Über eine... Continue»
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