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Baxter's Plan


My name is Baxter Marshall Jr. and I have something very special planned for my 18th Birthday.

I am going to fuck my identical twin s****rs.

A little backstory...

Now if you saw me...and then saw my s****rs, you would think that I had a better shot of getting crushed by a comet than fucking them. I am 5' 5" and about 139 pounds soaking wet. I am not ugly. It's just that I'm sort of invisible. When I walk down the halls of my high school, I'm fortunate to be ignored by the bullies. But unfortunately, I'm also ignored by every cute girl as well. My s****rs on the other hand are l... Continue»
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5th Anniversary to Remember

A couple enjoys their anniversary with a special guest!
Sebastian and Olivia's fifth anniversary celebration had been spectacular so far. First, they had an amazing dinner at Nobu Fifty Seven. Followed by second row center seats to the Broadway hit, "The Book of Mormon". After the show, they took a romantic stroll to the W Hotel on Broadway. Their suite was waiting for them (along with Olivia's surprise).

As they walked from the theater to the W, Sebastian couldn't help but notice that every man within a 30 foot radius was locked onto his beautiful wife like moths to a flame. It gave him a... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

The entire weekend was dedicated to celebrating her 18th birthday and the beach house was full of f****y and friends, all wishing her a fabulous birthday and the best in the years to come. The group had headed down the coast to Mariano's for dinner, but she started feeling queasy after too much cake and too much wine so I offered to take her back home. By the time we got to the house, she had fallen asl**p. Rather than wake her or carry her all the way into the house, I put her on the bed in the cabana and I stretched out on the chaise by the pool, intending to finish my last beer and go to be... Continue»
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Maggie Pintero was a beauty. The first time I saw her, she was wearing what I guess could best be described as a sundress, made of soft, light cotton with small pink and green flowers against a yellow background. Small cap sleeves, a low bodice that displayed the warm soft blush of her breasts, and a full gathered skirt that when she walked fluttered, whispering of the treasure beneath. I remember the dress so vividly because as a young man just graduating high school, our neighbor lady down the hall, with whom I'd had my first sexual experiences that summer, had a similarly colored dress.

... Continue»
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Working mother

I have a major problem, which I have no idea how to solve. I may be pregnant by someone other than my husband and the baby will be black. It's an impossible situation, which is mainly my fault, and this is how it happened.

I am a 35-year-old woman with 2 c***dren and I work for a large multinational company as a personal assistant to the divisional director. My husband has always encouraged me to involve myself in my job and I always have. A couple of months ago my company had some employees over from a branch based in the United States to work with us for 3 weeks. We were told it was all p... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls Part 3 - Ashley and

Professor Doyle watched Ashley and Brandy in the back of the class as the two talked and did their nails, deliberately trying to provoke him. They were the most popular girls in the school and very attractive. Especially, Brandy. She brushed her long blonde hair from her face, hair that hung down to partially conceal her breasts. While she didn't have the largest breasts among the girls, they were so pert, abundant cleavage always showed. Half of the time her nipples were hard and jut out her tops. She didn't even try to hide them, thrust them out, taunted him with her firm breasts and hard ni... Continue»
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Mom was her first

In my teenage years, my mother was always my best friend. We were really

close. We did everything together as I was growing up; we even took baths

or showers together from time to time together. Since dad was always

working I spent almost every night in bed with mom snuggled closed to

her. I would always remember the scent of mom as I snuggled closed to

her during those bad thunder storms. Mom would always tuck me in close

to her body and I could feel her breathing in my ear. I always felt so safe

in my mom’s arms.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and mom was out at t... Continue»
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My Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave

My Mother Made Me Her Sex Slave

By billy69boy

I was floating on Cloud 9, in anticipation of marrying the girl of my dreams in less than a week's time. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, so I was curious as to why Sue, my fiancée, wanted to meet up with me after work, and on a Tuesday night, no less. I walked into the bar and found her sitting at a corner table, with a half-finished drink in front of her. I could detect a sense of nervousness and dread when she looked up and acknowledged my presence.

"Hi, Honey, what's wrong?" I asked, as she dropped her eyes and stared at her... Continue»
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My wife's first time with another man (pt 1)

I had harbored a fantasy of seeing my wife have sex with another man for as long as I could remember. Not because our sex life wasn’t good, it actually was, but just because the thought caused something to stir deep in the back of my mind that got me harder than anything else could. I had never told my wife about this fantasy because it was kind of embarrassing and I figured she would get pissed off at me for mentioning it. She enjoyed sex but she wasn’t terribly adventurous, probably because she had only been with one guy before me and that was way back in high school. She would give m... Continue»
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beckys diary

not my goes to unknown author

Day 1

I guess when one begins a diary, one has to tell a little about ones self. So here I go. My name is Becky and I'm 14 years old. I live in a small town with my dad. My mom passed away three years ago. We live in a house away from the town and I am in high school with far. I have long black hair, like my mom and very green eyes. Some say I'm very pretty, but I never thought so. I'm short and petite. But my body is in really good shape. All the boys in school tell me so.

It's a good thing that this is a diary and I hide it fr... Continue»
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"Are you done honey?" Gina asked me, picking up my plate even before I could answer. I tried to speak with a mouthful of raisin bread
"Hey...I waff shtill fokking oo it"
I tried to grab the plate but despite her girth and age, Gina was too quick for me.
We were still in love, even though she was now pushing 48 while I was barely 21. We didn't have as much sex but I liked her 5'5" body, slightly taller than my mother's, her 44 JJ hooters that swung lazily across her 38" wide belly and her 55" wide hips laden w... Continue»
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Feeling My Son’s Cock pt2

The cold reality of what had just happened hit me while sitting on the toilet listening to the plopping of my son’s thick creamy sperm leaves my fanny and hit the water. Could we put it down to the alcohol and we didn’t know what we were doing, but he did call out mom, when he was about to squirt in his dear old mom.

I tucked my tits back inside my girdle before leaving the bathroom, unsure about the situation I was to face.
“Mom I’m sorry” he says, “I got carried away”
“No need to be sorry, as much my fault, lets forget about it”
“Thank Mom”

We held our arms out for a hug and stand... Continue»
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Mom 5

She looked up at me with my cum dripping from her lips, I suddenly realized I just had the sex with my mom that I always hungered for. All this time the sexual desires that I had, it never resonated as i****t. In my mind I desired a woman who I found incredibly attractive, who happened to live in the same house as me. I never thought of her as my mother in all of those fantasies. I remember how we had played out this dance with one another over the years. A touch here or there, a hug that held a bit longer and maybe with a slight grinding into each other, a kiss that lingered with a tiny nibbl... Continue»
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Home is where the heart is

Don’t run away with the wrong idea. It was my actions which led my father to fuck me although he took to it with a lot of enthusiasm after he got used to the idea that I was a young woman with a very active sex drive. Nothing i*****l either. Let me explain.
I was a shy, eighteen year old girl. A little studious and with no really good dress sense. Hair was always in a pony-tail and I never bothered with make-up. I would clam up when I meet a member of the opposite sex and the boys at college finally gave up trying to entice me out of my clothes. All of which is probably why I wasn’t as... Continue»
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Summer the 4th time

So there I was standing in the bathroom taking in what I had just seen ( see summer the 3rd time )
The sight of little amy recovering from her 1st orgasam delivered by her own big s****r was making my cock throb even more. I wanted do to see Nicki naked now and fuck her so hard. I did not care if it was in front of her little s****r either.
Nicki was looking at my cock and licking her lips at the same time. She told amy to get in the bath and wash herself as she took my hand and led me to her room.
It was a typical girlie room that you would expect to see any teenage girl. There was a poste... Continue»
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aunty and nephw

Hi Friends. This story is about a love that generates within the f****y. It’s between me and my aunty (mom’s elder s****r) from Kozhikode, Kerala. Let me explain the whole situation.

My aunty’s name is Priya married and has 4 daughters. 2 of them already married and the other 2 are studying for higher degree. Aunty is in her 40′s and still gorgeous.

I dont know how to explain her. She usually wears sarees when she goes for outing. Her sarees are usually low neck. We can see her huge cleavage if she removes her pallu. Her blouses are so tight that we can her breasts craving to jump out.
... Continue»
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Feeling My Son’s Cock

Widowed for fifteen years I had no sexually desire what so ever until I felt my sons cock pushing in to my bum one night. It all came about when he took me to a relative’s funeral 300 miles away and the car broke down.

The garage was unable to fix it until the next day so the only option was to find somewhere to stay for the night. That was easer said than done with the only hotel in the village having only three bedrooms and two of them were taken.

I looked at my 30-year-old son “I don’t mine sharing if you don’t,” I said to him
Sorted for the night with somewhere to sl**p we spent th... Continue»
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Teenage Foot Massage Sessions with my Aunt (True S

As a teenager I would go to my Aunt's house once a week while I was taking drivers education classes in the evening. I would have dinner there and then walk back to class as my parents lived in the country about eight miles.

My Aunt was quite a bit younger than my parents and had been married and divorced. At the time she was in her late twenties and was quite attractive. She worked at a clerical job during the week but would get home shortly after I was there after school.

I had been stopping on a weekly basis for a month or so when she came in the house one late afternoon and commented... Continue»
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"You lookin' for a little fun tonight?"
The young black girl was leaning through the open passenger side window. She a bit older than the usually girls he picked up off the street but he was never shy about trying something different and found the girl pretty in her way.
"I guess I must be," he responded.
"You a cop?" she asked.
"Do I look like one?" he answered.
She shrugged her bare brown shoulders. "Who does nowadays."
"I'm not. Are you?"
"Do these look like the tits of a cop?" she asked and opened her shirt wide enough to quickly reveal modest sized breasts.
She sli... Continue»
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Best Friend ? part 5

Sam came round on friday after checking i was dressed as i should be he took linda out, she told me to be ready for her when she got back as sam was telling her all about what was planed for me,
about three hours later they came back linda looked a mess and went straight upstairs telling me to follow, sam looked at me and said see you tomorrow sweetie and gave me that evil grin as he put a bag in the hallway, i went up to linda who was in just her underwear kneeling on the bed, get under here i have two lots in here for you to clean, i got between her legs and looked up at her swollen pussy a... Continue»
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