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I Fear There's Nothing I Can Do....Yeah

Anyone who has ever received an emergency text, knows the feeling of being concerned that something bad has happened, especially if the text was as vague as this one. "Come ovr. @ home. Need ur help!" was all the message said.

The text was from Sally's friend, Julia, who also happens to be my wife's parents' other daughter. I was concerned, as I said before, so, I hopped into my car, and drove the eight-or-so blocks to Julia's apartment. When I got there, her front door was open. I closed and locked it carefully, so that whoever was in there would have a little more trouble getting out. It... Continue»
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kate 9 cont

I followed Kate up the stairs to mums room, the batteries in the vibrator, was dying and it was starting get hot inside me,
Kate told me to sit down
I told her my wrists was hurting and the vibrator getting hot
Turn round she said, my knickers and tights was pulled down, she turned the vibrator off and eased it out, it was such a relief,
She then undid the handcuffs being able to stretch my arms felt great.
Do you want to keep the knickers on she asked,
I don't mind I said
Let's take them off she said, she slipped the tights and knickers down my legs , you can wash these tomorrow she s... Continue»
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The Babymaker (Part 4)

Thursday morning I woke up and it took me a minute to realize my dick
ached, stiff and swollen just like it should have been. I'd kinda
worried about it actually, since cumming five times the afternoon and
night before had been a whole lotta cum! I'd gone to sl**p figuring I
wouldn't get a boner for a week probably, but there it was! Everything
was okay and even though I sorta wanted to use the bathroom just then,
I gave my dick a little squeeze and spent five minutes thinking about

I missed her, you know? I hadn't seen Julie at all the day before. I
hadn't even talked to h... Continue»
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The Babymaker

The first time I came inside a girl, I was hooked. Not only because it
felt great, but more because I imagined my sperm swimming around one
of her eggs, a million of them wriggling like crazy until one got
through. I'd seen a video at school just a few days before, in health
class, and I'd thought that was the coolest thing ever. Seeing a girl
get pregnant and after that, all I could think about was knocking
someone up.

That might sound a little strange, I'm not sure, but I was only
fifteen years old anyway, so I didn't tell anyone. I mean, all my
friends liked talking about girls... Continue»
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The Babymaker (Part 2)

Sunday afternoon probably wasn't the best time to be sneaking my
thirteen year old girlfriend up to my bedroom, but I was just fifteen
anyway...What did I know about it? I'd never had a girlfriend before and
when Julie told me she wanted to "do it" again, I wasn't going to try
and talk her out of it!

Jules was a little hottie anyway, except she was just in the seventh
grade. That pretty much sucked because I was in high school and having
a little k** for a girlfriend wouldn't impress anyone, you know? I
really wanted a girl my own age, or even a little older would be
really cool, ... Continue»
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The Babymaker (Part3)

I was doing my homework, sorta, but mostly I was just laying on my bed
and thinking how my sheets smelled like Julie after we'd had sex
twice. I'd cum inside her both times too and I wasn't exactly sure if
her plan was a good one or not. I mean, yeah, I wanted to knock her up
and everything, that would be seriously cool, but she made it sound
like after that we'd get married and everything!

There was no way I could marry a seventh grader though! Man! My
parents would kill me if I told them me and Jules were gonna get
married. They'd probably kill me if they found out her baby was m... Continue»
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s****r Victoria's Secret

"You can go right in, A.D. Moore is waiting for you." The secretary
smiled briefly and went back to her typing.

I suddenly wished I'd used the bathroom before coming up to the eighth
floor. It wasn't every day that an agent trainee had a personal meeting
with an Assistant Director of the FBI. I opened the door slowly,
peering into the spacious office, and then deciding that was a bit too
meek, I stepped inside properly.

"Close the door, Wells, and have a seat." The man was older, in his
sixties, and wore horn rimmed glasses. He was behind his big desk,
reading a file of some sor... Continue»
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My wifes new hobby

I'm the kinky one in our marriage but I wasn't careful what I shared with my wife. At first if I ever brought up the subject of her having sex out the marriage I would get the I can't do that speach . Then one night after a small Christmas party at our house one of our friends had decided to stay over due to being over served. He was in the spare bedroom asl**p as my wife and I started cleaning up. My wife had on a nice skirt and a Christmas sweater. Her legs where covered with coffee colored pantyhose and I had been seeking peeksat her legs all night. I ran my hand up one of them and rubbed h... Continue»
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A tale of two s****rs P3

Smell the blossoms on the hot night air Homie. You’re in beautiful California, home of the best pussy on earth. You’re me, fucking my pretty little buddies, Kaylee and Sonia.

Sonia's on my lap on the love seat, I'm prying her ass apart so I can check out the spectacle in the mirror behind her. Sonia points out Kaylee and says, “She’s so pretty... let’s train her.” I’m shocked; “Me and you?” I ask. “Like a Choo-choo!” she giggles.

We spread Kaylee out gently so as not to disturb her. Sonia sniffs her sissy’s pussy. “I do this at home sometimes. I finally got my finger in there t... Continue»
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S1ster's Show

"Will the passengers for Plein Sud du Ligne on Air Pandora flight 25935 please come to the information desk."

The tannoy was barely understandable, but I got the gist. When I reached the information desk, it was chaos. All 500+ passengers of the Airbus 380 seemed to be s**t1ered around the desk and a lot of shouting was going on. Instead of trying to manoeuvre myself to the desk, I went over to a neighbouring airline's desk. It was empty except for a single attendant following the commotion at her rival's desk.

"Excuse me," I said politely to her.

She looked up. "Sir?"

I tossed my ... Continue»
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Jim's Discovery - Part 1

Jim was halfway through his afternoon in the office. He hated his job. Well he didn't really hated it, it was just too boring. Especially on such a nice Friday afternoon. He tried to concentrate but he couldn't, the job was just too boring, but then was saved by the bell. Or rather the ringing of his phone. He looked at the display and saw the number of his mother.

"Hi mum, how are you?", Jim answered the phone. "Hi Jimmy, I'm fine, how are you?" "Great mum, but I'm at work, so I don't have too much time. What can I do for you?" "Ohh I'm sorry to interrupt you honey! I just have a favor to ... Continue»
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Living with my two lovers. Part 1. How it began

I had only been dating Rick for 3 months when he told me he was going to England for the summer to work in a holiday camp. We had both finished college for the summer,and I thought we would try find bar work like the previous year. But his best mate Jack had worked in the camp before, and said he could make twice as much money.Jack was from London,but had lived in Ireland for years.I wasn't happy at all. As we weren't dating that long,we were still in the honeymoon period.We were having sex daily,and it was incredible.
Rick was 6 foot tall, a couple of inches smaller than Jack, and was blond... Continue»
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The messed up life of a normal guy (diary)

I know I need help and that I should consult a psychologist but I guess I am too proud… Or I’d like to think I am.

In fact, I’m scared to death about the consequences of anyone finding out about my hidden lifestyle and the darkest secrets I have…

Instead of consulting I will write my story as a diary that will be opened to anyone. Of course I’ll try to keep my identity a secret. This blog will be my therapy.

At this point, you’re maybe wondering why I’m being so bold by putting my diary out on the internet.

“Is it a true story?” “What’s the catch?”

Well, to be completely honest,... Continue»
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Angela Sand**al Part Two

We continued fucking every saturday evening mostly in her car. Sometimes she would be able to sneak out to dinner on a friday night. I knew that this was only about the sex. I didn't have any illusions. Sometimes she would ask for $20 or $50. I always gave it to her. I mwas clearing about a G a week. So giving away a little money wasn't a problem.I know she was still fucking at least two other guys. One time she called me up on a thursday afternoon. She asked me to pick her up when she finished work. Just before 4 in the afternoon I parked at the side entrance of my old job. Honorio came out f... Continue»
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A Blackmailed MILF Slut

Chapter 1

Why am I such a slut? I knew my need for young cock was going to get me in trouble one day. I love my wonderful husband so much. But I can't stop wanting those hard, wanting cocks inside me. I've been fucked so often that I've lost count. And I've sucked even more cock than that. But until recently I had never been caught. Mark, a friend of my husband had caught me. He had pictures of me on my knees sucking a young black man.
I had gone to a local skate park to watch the boys. I had done this many times before and I suspected the boys knew why I was there. It wasn't long bef... Continue»
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Episode 56 - Mated

This story is loosely based upon the new TV series ‘Hunted’, in which a team of nasty police attempt to track down individual nice people on the run.
The nice people tend to stand out like a sore thumb – cold, unfed, dirty, dishevelled, carrying a huge rucksack and followed everywhere by a TV crew.
The nasty police have all the advantages of a nice warm office, constant hot coffee, access to CCTV cameras, tracking cash machine withdrawals, mobile phone usage, intelligence databases, loads of hi-tech gadgets and covert operations. Nothing much happens when the nice people are caught – they ... Continue»
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Spring Break With Mommy

Stacy's tits were bouncing violently. Her father's cock was smashing her pussy as he rushed to finish and cum. It was early morning, still dark out, just before sunrise. Stacy hadn't had time to even wipe the sl**p from her eyes before her dad had spit on his cock and slid it into her waiting snatch. He had walked in, kissed her awake, then led her by the hand and leaned her over her bathroom sink and began pounding her harder and harder. It was the last pussy he was going to get for the next two weeks. He had brutally fucked his wife Sarah the night before while Stacy was at a friends ... Continue»
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New Neighbors 5

"AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.....OH...OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME,FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!" Tom screamed as Alicia shoved her fat ten inch cock all the way up his ass. She roughly fucked him stretching his asshole even more with two of her long fingers up his ass along with her big cock.

Tom was bent over his desk with his precum making a huge puddle beneath him. The pleasure of Alicia fucking him was so intense and he loved it so much. She really knew how to fuck his ass for both of their enjoyment. She would pull back until just the huge head of her cock remained in his stretched asshole, then cram it all the... Continue»
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Nurse Jenny

My wife once worked at a small f****y medical clinic. She handled the
appointments and insurance for the patience. The great thing about a
small-town clinic is that the whole staff is pretty chummy. My wife, Anne,
had a rather interesting close relationship with Jenny, one of the nurses,
that spilled out to include myself and the nurse's f****y.

Jenny was always kind of flirty- with nearly everyone. Male and female
patience were always getting a touch, a smile, and often a warm hug. This
had the men in this small town visiting the doctor more often than usual
because Jenny wa... Continue»
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Room for rent

So, I'm a business consultant. My work requires me to travel for extended
periods of time. Sometimes I can be in one city for four or five months.
Once just over a full year. Sometimes, I just grab a cheep motel on the
outskirts of whatever town I'm in but I prefer finding 'rooms for rent'.
This is what I did when I took a consulting job in Alabama recently. I found
the add on a web list, it read: "Need to bring in more money - Room for

I had a great conversation with Sarah on the phone where she described her
situation as being very tight. She works two jobs, is on a... Continue»
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