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first time

For as long as I can remember, my favorite person in the whole world has been my uncle. I love my mom, my f****y, my best friend, but sometimes I just don't want to be around them. That has never been the case with Uncle Benny.

Uncle Benny has a way of always knowing what to say. He makes me smile when I'm grumpy. Can cheer me up when I'm sad. Makes me feel good about myself, when I'm feeling down. He even knows when to just sit and be quiet when I want him around, but don't want to talk. He never speaks down to me. Even when I was little, he would talk to me sincerely about everything from... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 7

Chapter 07: Binita has a Change of Heart

There is nothing like a long absence to cure an addiction. And Binita seemed to have taken good advantage of a prolonged absence from her in-law's place to cure herself of the lust she felt for Thakur, her husband's father.

The last time she had met with him had been on Holi, the year before last. She had avoided going with her husband Pritam for the ritual f****y visit on more than one occasion, including the next following Holi. Staying away on Holi in particular had been an important act of self-control for her because it was the preceding Holi... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 8

Chapter 08: Father-in-Law Seeks Daughter-in-Law

He felt lost without his right hand man. A Thakur without his henchman was like a man in the Wild West without his gunslinger. But there was no way Thakur Singh could have gone to the city with anyone else, given the mission in his mind.

Binita had avoided him for several months now. It all started with her late evening visit to his farm to convince him that she should be allowed to marry his son. The hot, wild sex started that day. Since then she had allowed herself to be taken a few times. The last time was in his car and she had found h... Continue»
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Pregnant Pick UP

I walked across the road from my hotel into one of those chain steakhouses and gave my name to the hostess. There was a lot of noise from conversations, dishes rattling and a drone of some up tempo music in the background. The small entry way was crowded with people waiting so I told the hostess that I would be at the bar.

As luck with have it, there weren’t seats at the bar either. I shouted my order of bourbon on the rocks over the shoulders of a couple that were hunched over their drinks. Just as my drink arrived, a seat opened up next to a really pretty pregnant woman. I scrambled ove... Continue»
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Stories I like: My wife's BBW Grandma

My wife's BBW Grandma

I am 28 years old and my wife is 26. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 105 lbs soaking wet. ;-) we had been married for a couple years when my wife's grandfather passed away and left her grandma all alone. She is 76 years old and the f****y didn't think she should live alone. We have a 3 bedroom home. Planning to have k**s but we don't have any as of yet. So we invited her to come live with us. So she moved over 2,000 miles to come live with us in CA. I had never met Eunice before but I had seen pics of her. She is only 4'11" and weighs about 150 lbs but she wears ... Continue»
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The First Noel

Angela sat on her empty bed and did her ritual of missing her husband, who had died a year ago, before bed as she did almost every night since. Everybody said it would be better in time, that time would heal, she'd soon find the will to move on, but it seemed that the only thing time did was make it worse. She found herself missing her husband more every passing week. Dating again was only a thought she flirted with. And for a woman of forty, with signs of how she'd look when she was sixty starting to show because of the constant frown on her face, it wasn't easy to find the proverbial satisfa... Continue»
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Sex on a Bus

Being a voyeur can bring me as much pleasure as being a direct participant. I have watched my wife fucking multiple partners at home, in a car, and have watched as she sucked cock in adult theaters and kneeling behind a bush where she might get caught. When younger I would be a "peeking tom" while watching neighbors as they fucked, and once I hid in a closet with a buddy and we watched his wife service a big black cock of a stranger she met in a bar.

But one of the most erotic times watching others was when my wife and I were in Belize riding in a very crowded bus. Anna and I were sitti... Continue»
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My Horrible Dogging Experience, in Edinburgh.

Do I think sex in the beginning was better then, than the sex I do now in my late twenties?

Now I am talking about from a female perspective, a receiver, rather than a giver. I always think of a man's cock as a giver, therefore the aggressor, and a woman, should always be the receiver, and she should never say 'No'.

Now before you think that last statement outrageous, just ask yourself this, have you ever walked up to a beautiful woman and said, 'I want to fuck you'?

I bet none of you have, so when I say women should always say 'Yes', to a request, the chances of it happening, are ver... Continue»
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Humiliate your Husband

Humiliating your husband is creating mortification leading to a state of being humbled. Here is a list of how to humiliate your husband:
Tease your husband with the idea of, you sl**ping with another man.
Comment on how good other men look to you.
Tell your husband that you like big endowments.
Tell your husband that his endowment is not big enough for you.
Tell your husband your lover/s are much better at sex.
Tell your husband he is a wimp.
Tell your husband he is a jerk.
Laugh, grin, giggle or shake your head in contempt every time you see your husbands frown.
Tell your husband you... Continue»
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Mature Extreme Tranny Prostitute Part 3

I heard someone unbuckling his belt and shuffling behind me. He was obviously getting into position.
I felt a strong pair of hands on my buttocks opening me up before I felt a hardness inside me. His cock was quite thick and extremely hard although it wasn't very long. He held my hips as he pumped into me. My eyes were closed tight as he pushed himself into me. He was gasping and groaning as he pumped me full of his meat. He only fucked me for a minute or so when I felt him withdraw.

"Go on mate you - you next" said Dave as the next stranger took position behind her.
His cock also was ... Continue»
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GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #6

Once the carbs and heavy food hit stomachs, everyone started drifting off in pairs or small groups to cuddle and nap. I lost track of Tina so I headed out onto the sheltered back porch and hopped in the Jacuzzi. The air was cool crisp and clean and the water was hot and soothing. I decided that Jack Daniels and I would keep each other company while everyone else slept.

I heard the door open and out stepped Mom. Tina’s Mom was not quite 50 and owned a string of fitness stores back where we all lived. Needless to say, she was in shape and she had already proven to me that not only did she... Continue»
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My Grandmother recently celebrated her 75th birthday and we had a f****y gathering to celebrate her. I came home from School and stayed in my old room. f****y came from all over,and a few stayed with us, as our home was spacious.
My favorite aunt Angie, my mom's younger s****r, stayed with us. She came with her 3 k**s, Lisa, and the twins Aiden and Aaron. They were my favorite cousins as well, my little b*****r Tim and the twins stayed in the room playing video games and Lisa followed me around everywhere.
Lisa was a pretty girl, smart, talkative and she was a big girl on the heav... Continue»
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lara the milf

i came back from my jog feeling good, all sweaty. as soon as i opened the door i could smell it. i could hear them talking and laughing, my son trent and someone else in his room, hanging out and listening to music, partying like school k**s. his door was open so i went to say hi. you guys having a party? i said as i stood at his door, oh, hey mom! trent said all casual, his friend's eyes opened real wide as he checked me out in my little runner outfit, super tight, little shorts, tight tank top, sneakers. this is trevor, trent said, introducing his friend, i went in smiled at him (what a cuti... Continue»
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Sex with a Stranger Pt 2 - In My Room, Well Just I

I carried my beautiful fuck doll into my room and shut the door. My cock was rock hard and throbbing from our little escapade in the elevator. I told her it was her turn to please me... leaning my back against the hotel room door I pushed her sexy self down to her knees. I didn't say a word, she knew what to do. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. Her tongue kept flicking her hot lips, I couldn't wait to feel that hot tongue on my cock. She pulled my big thick cock out of my pants, her eyes got huge. I could tell she liked what she saw. I looked in the pretty face and said "su... Continue»
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GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #5

I had just finished rubbing lotion onto Tina’s back for her when a bell rang. She turned and looked at me. “What’s that?” I asked.

“There are only three hours this whole weekend where everyone has to participate together. Dad started this three years ago and to be honest everyone thought it was a bad idea, but he was right. From now until lunch we have game time. Just keep an open mind and have fun!” She gave me a kiss and took me by the hand and we joined the rest of the f****y in the main room. No one had on a stitch of clothing!

The games began with us dividing into teams and th... Continue»
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Helena and me in the garage

Helena and me in her garage

That morning I had stayed at home while Anita had gone to her office. It was strange to me receiving a phone call from Helena, my wife’s best friend. I asked if Ana was with her, if everything was fine; but then I was surprised when she told me she was alone at her home; feeling horny and looking desperately for a nice hard cock.
I could not believe what I was hearing; that sexual goddess talking to me about sex???

I asked her for her husband Jorge, but she said that useless man was out of town and insisted she needed to be fucked properly… by my hard cock or... Continue»
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GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #4

As Tina pulled back the curtain on the shower my heart was pounding. Only minutes earlier I had seen her Dad and other male relatives acting out a Turkish bath house scene in that very shower. Mentally the images were seared into my mind!! But the sounds coming from behind the curtain now were much more feminine.

Tina turned and grabbed my cock and kissed me savagely! I could feel my cock swelling and I thought again about just possibly mounting her instead of interrupting her Mom and oldest s****r, Amber. But Tina turned and opened the shower curtain. “Mind if we join?” The two wome... Continue»
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NaughtyGirl Round Two - She surprised me! and Roun

So my naughtygirl set up Round Two so very nicely... waking me up with her hot little mouth and letting me finish in her hot asshole...

Naughtygirl122381's Blog
Big Bull's midnight wakeup

I woke up to a very pleasant ache between my thighs and blinked remembering him groaning and driving into me wildly... It got me wet all over again... I rolled to my side and saw him laying there passed out naked dick in a semi hard state... I slid down and began sucking him to hardness ; I wanted to take a ride. I fondled his balls a... Continue»
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NaughtyGirl Round Four

My favorite NaughtyGirl told me she has a fantasy about being fucked by a group of older (preferably married) men who are all friends. Now I am not married anymore but I do have several married friends who would definitely be down with fulfilling this hot little cumslut's fantasy. I arranged for a few of my friends to come over Saturday night to watch the playoff games. I debated on telling them what I had for halftime entertainment. Should I just surprise them or should I let them know so they have time to edge this week thinking about it?? I decided to tell them... the anticipation would get... Continue»
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Naughty Girl Round Five

The guys and I were just sitting in the living room watching the game and drinking some beers. After we finished cumming all over my NaughtyGirl I told her to go take a shower and lay down in bed for a bit to rest up. It was odd sitting here with Kenny, Ron and Roger ... we are all naked, dicks hanging but everyone seem really just cool with it. While they were watching the game I was secretly checking out their cocks. Ron's was long but not super thick but had a nice fat head on it. Roger's was thick, about 7" and really veiny when hard. The one that really caught my attention was Kenny, he w... Continue»
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