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Annie's Bad Night

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Annie's Bad Night

Life was good for Adam! The last year had been a tough one but it was
all over now. Final exams were finished and he had passed with flying
colours. Come September, he would be entering his final year of college.

The twenty-one year old was now back in his hometown for the summer. He
was living in the apartment over his parent's garage which gave him a
certain degree of independence and he was working at his uncle's car
dealership. It was good to be back home, he thought. Seeing old friends
and famili... Continue»
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Captain Jack's Journal

March 17, 2037 Stan's Memo

Unknown to Margie or the boy's, I was well aware of their activities. Her oldest son Roger, always had eyes and intentions for his mother. I have watched their relationship develop over the years. When he reached puberty, he often was caught masturbating by both of us. We both encouraged him to understand that it was normal. We became closer as we spent extra time in man talk. I impressed him with stories of my nonexistent sexual conquests. When he reached dating age, I steered him away from girls as much as possible convincing him that most were after the f****y... Continue»
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Moms at the Beach Ch. 01

I woke to the sound of Ann puttering in the kitchen. Andrew was fast asl**p. He might fuck like a man, but he still slept like a teenager. I knew I needed to talk to Ann. I put on a short robe and found her wearing skin tight shorts and a sports bra, ready for her morning jog.

"Morning sl**py head. I was wondering when I'd see you. Wanna go for a run?"

That sounded like a good idea. It would clear my head and be an opportunity to chat. I got my shorts, bra, and tee-shirt from my gym bag and changed. And, although I had stripped in front of Ann hundreds of times, I found I was self-consc... Continue»
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Moms at the Beach Ch. 02

We also listened to Annie and her son in the bedroom below us, her a****l moans confirming what I already knew, her son was a helluva fuck. They kept at it, grunts and groans intensifying, until, singing in harmony, they came. Then all was quiet.

Steve kissed me playfully on the ear. "They must have passed out. Mom, get on your stomach, let me give you a back rub."

Using a jar of g**** seed massage oil sitting on a table by the bed, he worked my shoulders and neck before turning to my spine. Starting at the base, he massaged the muscles running up along it. As he did so he complimented m... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 06

Mike went out for a while that day to see his friends and play some soccer. While he was gone I went online and found my friend. She was the lady who had seen her son naked in the shower and was desperate to fuck him, she had watched on webcam while I gave my son his first blowjob a few days ago.

I told her all about what my son and I had been up too, how he had been fucking me senseless and how I had left him tied to the bed. She was fascinated by what I was telling her. She said she was incredibly horny and was even more desperate to fuck her son.

I told her that later today I planned ... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 07

We were both a sticky mess after our fuck session. I had cum on me and my son's body and face was glistening in sweat and my juices, we both needed a shower.

"I am going to take a shower baby...would you like to come with me?" I said giving my son a seductive smile.

He smiled back at me and nodded his approval. We both got up from the sofa. Puddles of cum clung to the cushions and big indentations from where my knees had been dug in during my ass fucking. The whole room smelled of sex, a strong potent smell of cum.

I took my son by the hand and led him out of the living room. I was am... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 08

We spent the night sl**ping, cuddled together, butt naked in the big bed. I awoke the next morning, feeling the warm morning sun shining through the window. I had my leg wrapped over my son's groin and I could feel his big morning wood underneath. I had my breasts pressed against his side and my arm d****d across his chest.

I thought back over yesterday's fuck sessions. I had finally had my son's overgrown cock shoved up my ass and taken him hard up my pussy several times. My body still felt weak from the hard fucking's he had given me and the countless body shuddering orgasms.

I eventua... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 03

Later that day, I waited for Mike to come back home, he had been out to his soccer practice, although after all our fucking I don't know how he had much energy left.

It was just after 5pm when I heard the door open. I walked into the hallway and saw my son standing there. He threw his bag onto the floor. A tight t-shirt clung to his chest, framing the outline of his muscles.

"Hi baby, did you have fun?" I asked

"Yes Mom, but my legs hurt, think I might have pulled a muscle."

"Oh dear baby" I replied, walking over too him.

"Well go upstairs and get undressed and mommy will come a... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 04

When I woke up the next morning, I could feel my pussy still dripping with cum. We had fucked hard five times more that night and he had made me orgasm more times than I could count.

I climbed out of bed, leaving my son asl**p. I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee and breakfast. Sitting at the table I remembered the amazing sex my son had given me over the last days. How huge his cock was and considering he was still so young just what a fantastic lover I had discovered. The fact he was my own son did not seem to matter, he certainly did not seem to care. He loved giving it to hi... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 05

I left Mike handcuffed up while I went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out I walked past my bedroom door. Mike had fallen back off to sl**p, his arms still tied over his head, he was butt naked with his limp cock resting on him.

I went into my closet and got a t-shirt and some shorts out, after getting dressed I went downstairs and tided the kitchen.

About 11 o'clock I went back upstairs to check on Mike. He was awake but laying silently.

"Hey big boy," I said as I walked over to the bed.

"Mom, I need to use the bathroom," he replied.

I reached over to the bedside... Continue»
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Mom's Insatiable Hunger

My life has always been a typical teenage male's. I am still a virgin at 18 and like any virgin male I continuously jerk off to subdue my urges but of course no matter how many times I try I can never satisfy them. My name is Bryan by the way and I stand at 5'11" and weigh 200 lbs with an athletic build and have short brown hair with green eyes. I am a senior at my high school and am a member of the football team. I live at home with only my mother and s****r since my father passes away 8 years ago and since then I have not seen my mother date but I have heard humming noises from her room at n... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 01

As any 38 year old woman can tell you, there are times when you just want sex all the time. I am a horny lady who loves sex and need it almost every day. I am very orgasmic and love to masturbate. I have been doing this for most of my adult life. I have had several affairs when I was married, but since my husband could not keep pace with my sexual needs and desires, I have since divorced him.

I have medium length brown hair and deep blue eyes. I am always being told that I look younger than my age. I am just over 5ft 6 tall and I have a slim figure. The major exception to my otherwise ordin... Continue»
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My Son's Huge Cock Ch. 02

Mike reached up and took my breast as he put his lips around my nipple, sucking on it as I wiggled my hot pussy from side to side taking all of his enormous, young cock into me.

His big cock had me filled so full as I slowly worked my cunt back and forth, enjoying the intense size with every move I made. There I was, sitting on top of my son's big cock, bouncing hard, giving him my plump pussy as we fucked. What a slut I was, fucking my own son, my own big pricked son.

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Shoot it on her Prego Tummy

I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks. I was done unpacking and getting settled in. The last box I opened was my BBQ grill. It was small but did the job. I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer. I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door. I then tossed the steak on the grill. I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake potato. I tossed them on the hot side of the grill.

I was sipping my beer, minding my own business. I could see the smoke coming from under the hood of the grill. My apartment building runs... Continue»
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Picked up in Bar - Fucked By Mom & Daughter

I leaned back and swung the pool cue forward. The white ball moved fast across the green felt and slammed into the 8 ball. The 8 ball rolled into the side pocket and I won another game. I was getting lucky all night at pool. I had won about $40 dollars and a couple rounds of drinks in this dive of a bar. It was a couple of blocks from my house next to the beach. During the day I take people fishing in the Florida Keys for Marlin or Sword Fish. Most of the time they just want to get away from the office and sport fish all day. Today the group of tourist caught a few fish. I decided after fishin... Continue»
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Car drive whit my mom and dad

Hi guys my name is Mike, a few years ago I was 19 years old then, we (my mom and dad) were planning a road trip. We were going to move my stuff to my collage address, a 5 hour ride.
Well, I didn’t know this trip was gone chains the rest of my live.
We were planning to make it a f****y day, I haven't seen my dad much the past months due to his busy job as representative with a big company.
My dad is a good looking guy of 48 years (back then) and when I was younger and he had more time, he always had spent much time with me and therefore he wanted this to be a “going away f****y day”.
My... Continue»
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Becky And The Mirror

Becky stepped out of the shower and in two steps came into my field of view. Her brown hair so wet and bare shoulder so white. She stood in front of the sink looking in the mirror for just a few seconds and then wrapped a towel around her wet head. This gave me a wonderful view of her tits. She was 36DD and they were firm, hard would be a better description. Her tits just stood straight out from her chest and never even jiggled as she dried her hair with the towel. This only lasted a minute and then she stepped out of view towards the bathroom door. I could hear the door open as she quickly st... Continue»
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Spying on my s****r in law

This whole thing started when we purchased this home and I was painting the master closet. I was taking all the switch covers off and realized when I removed a solid cover down low that it only had one screw on the top. So this thing would swing back and forth. So as I remove it I see there's a one inch hole. So I look in and see it goes right into the guests bathroom. We haver f***ed hot air and the hole came through the back of that res****r and someone had painted it black so nobody could see you. I laughed it off as who is going to look at their k**s.almost a year goes by and my wife's you... Continue»
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A special night on Chatropolis - Part 1

I had been looking forward to this night for some time. I just wanted to enjoy myself on Chatropolis, looking at the naughty pics the others posted, posting some naughty pics myself and jerking off at the same time.

I sat on my bed, naked, and ready to go as my l***** b****** entered my room. I had never been caught being naked and watching porn, much less jerking off by anyone before and I wasn't expecting him to be the one to run in on me.

His eyes grew big as he spotted me sitting there, naked, my cock half erect in eager anticipation, my cock tip slightly covered in moist precum. I t... Continue»
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blowing his mind

I went to one of those old fashioned schools where they had prefects and liked to indulge in corporal punishments. These were usually administered by a prefect unless the crime were particularly heinous then it would be done by a master.
The best thing about the place from my point of view was the time I spent in the bogs wanking with my two buddies Nick and Ed. Two of us would meat up at lunch time, slip into an empty cubicle and toss each other off, all great fun. Eddie would meet me on Saturday mornings, when his mother was at work and we would go through her very nice underwear and sniff ... Continue»
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