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Agents - Spilling her guts

Paula's high-pitched screams of terrified desperation echoed off the stone walls as the hit man thrust the knife deep into her lower abdomen and began to slice her open.
It had been late when she got home. She'd parked her car in the parking garage across the street for her apartment building and been waiting for the elevator when suddenly she'd been grabbed from behind. And before she could scream she felt a sharp pain in the side of her neck as her a*****or injected a syringe full of powerful sedatives directly into her bl**dstream.
Paula awoke to discover herself bound tightly against a... Continue»
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Agents - Buzz saw Kate

The information hadn't come cheap but finally in Hong Kong Kate at long last had found her first solid lead on the elusive DeCavelle Investments Group. Her informant, a Chinese industrialist with a serious girls and gambling problem, had for two million dollars US, sold Kate copies of the customs paperwork that accompanied the half-dozen DeCavelle Investment's Buzz Saws he'd purchased for his Thailand lumber mill earlier that year. The shipping invoices didn't list a company name only a street address, a street address in Bogota Columbia.

f******n grueling hours later, as an exhausted Kate... Continue»
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Three ugly Africans


Traveling is my favorite thing. I've been all over the world without any problems, until Africa. I had rented a car to explore one of those exotic dictatorships of the dark continent and I was having a really great time. As a gorgeous, blond, single woman, I have come to enjoy men learing at me lustily, undressing me with their eyes. It was a blast, until I tried to leave the country...

Handcuffed behind my back I sat on a wooden chair next to a table in a room with no windows. I must have been there for an hour when a uniforme... Continue»
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Black Island Cherry

We had been married for some 16 years and were not exactly living 'happily ever after' and they say. Somewhere in those years we had had the standard two k**s, both of whom were teenagers now, and while we had grown apart somewhat, we had kinda mutually agreed to stick it out and be parents until the youngest reached 18, then maybe if things hadn't improved, we'd reassess and perhaps split the sheets. Seemed reasonable and the adult thing to do to me....but I wasn't quite sure of my wife's intentions.

I had been faithful...thought it was what I agreed to in the vows, and despite several... Continue»
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Sharing my wife with friends

This story is about a young couple where the husband
discovers his sexy wife has complete blackouts when she
drinks. So he uses it to his own advantage.

For those of you who think this is not possible, think
again. This story is loosely based on fact and I know
someone who can be abused in this way when d***k and
asl**p or even partially awake and remember nothing in
the morning. So enjoy the story and believe is CAN

I’m not sure when the change in my attitude to Vikki
began. I’m also not sure what set it off but I have an
idea about that.

She was 18 ... Continue»
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The need for oral sex

Tammy sat on her bed crying softly. Another month had passed since her boyfriend had died. It was a tragic car accident that had left her alone and depressed. Every passing day seemed to pull her deeper into despair. She was left to a life of loneliness and misery.

The car accident had not only killed her boyfriend, but it had left Tammy's face disfigured. She had two huge scars running down the left side of her face and burns covering her forehead and scalp.

High school was supposed to be a happy time in a young girls life. Now it was a living hell for Tammy. No boy wanted to date her. ... Continue»
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Girlfriend ! ;)

Maria bit her lip and tried her best not to look bored. She stared at a spot on the ceiling as Mike, her husband, labored on top of her.

"Oh yeah baby, gonna come, gonna fill you up."

Maria uttered silent thanks and winced at her husband's outburst. Did he honestly think it was sexy to come out with stuff like that? He probably didn't care, she thought, Mike had never been proficient in the bedroom. She glanced up at his chubby features, eyes closed in mock concentration. Oh well, she thought, better get into character.

"Oh Mike, oh yeah, I'm so close baby, come on!"

"Yeah! Here it... Continue»
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Angelo: A taboo revealed from my teen years

Hello, my name's Jessie, I don't know why, but others call me either Jess, Jez or Joseph (don't ask). But the contents of this story are indeed true, but the name for the one comfortable withk my virginity is fake due to me having relations with him. The story takes place 3 years ago, when I had turned 18 and thinking of starting college.

It was your typical summer day in August. But for me, it turned out differently. During the last few days of Summer, my auntie, her husband and two of her c***dren went out to Tennessee to move my uncle back to Colorado. Before leaving, ther... Continue»
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D, the girl that wants to please

So in this class i was taking this summer, i met an amazing young lady named D(to hide her id of course). As stated in my profile im in a loving relationship but im also looking for some action to spice things up a bit. Needless to say this petite blonde goddess was the first person i noticed when i entered the classroom so i had to get to know her. The day came and went and after class all of us went for a drink and i got to introduce myself.
Her name was D and shes from a french speaking country so she has a sexy as fuck accent that immediately hooked me. As the evening progressed we got... Continue»
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'little s*s' chapter 6

wish I could say having scott make my pussy shoot a quart of cum made my rage towards his b*****r fade at least a little bit. I had all weekend to dwell on my closest female friend renting a room to lose her virginity to my life-long companion. I contemplated burning her house down. I contemplated taking a baseball bat to his balls. I decided to remain relatively calm. I planned a different type of revenge.

I guess I should tell you more about lauren. I was totally separated from normal k**s in sixth grade. I met all the other k**s from local schools also in the gifted program. I didn’t ha... Continue»
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Julie wanst to be naughty - Part 1

Julie wants to be naughty – Part 1

--------- Chapter 1
The Mall Food court…

Julie certainly was a cute little thing, with her flowing, honey-colored hair and sparkling mischievous blue eyes. The expression on her face was what her mother thought of as “a natural innocent sexuality” she was just born with it, some can learn to do, but for some, they try, but will never achieve it. Julie’s lips were full, moist, and velvet soft, set in a small, c***dish pout that gave her an appealing look. And, Linda thought in total honesty, Julie’s body for a n(i)ne year old was a complement to h... Continue»
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My Daughter The sl**ping Beauty Pt2

This is part two of the story I wrote for a girl on here. I hope she and all of you enjoy. Check her out if you get a chance.

Weeks past as every night when my wife left for work I would sneak into my step daughters Talia's room and fuck her while she slept. Talia would always tell me how she had the weirdest dreams about me coming onto her room and fucking her while she slept. Talia had really bad insomnia so she took sl**ping pills which would explain how she slept threw most of what I did ... Continue»
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Her hands trembled as she desperately stabbed the key at the lock to her front door. Whether it was the effect of the alcohol she had consumed or the excitement of the bulging crotch pressing insistently against her tailbone, she was having a hard time getting the key in the hole. The hands groping her 34B-cup titties and the hot, breathy voice whispering urgency into her ear weren't helping matters either.
Gretchen Warren--no, Gretchen Chambers as she would have to get used to referring to herself again, was celebrating. Not only was today her 34th birthday, it was also the day her divor... Continue»
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My Father Watched as his Friends Touched Me

Pole-dancing and Lap-dancing, are erotic movements and gyrations, used by females to both excite and titillate men.

Rubbing ones genitalia against an upright pole, which is representative of the male penis, and grinding ones buttocks against the real thing, may or may not, be pleasurable the the girl performing the act.

The above, if you care to believe it, was written by a fifteen year old girl, I should know, as I am that girl, and my English Master was a man in his fifties.

I watched as he read through my wordings, he was fidgeting in a slightly uncomfortable manner, my imagination... Continue»
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lara the milf

i came back from my jog feeling good, all sweaty. as soon as i opened the door i could smell it. i could hear them talking and laughing, my son trent and someone else in his room, hanging out and listening to music, partying like school k**s. his door was open so i went to say hi. you guys having a party? i said as i stood at his door, oh, hey mom! trent said all casual, his friend's eyes opened real wide as he checked me out in my little runner outfit, super tight, little shorts, tight tank top, sneakers. this is trevor, trent said, introducing his friend, i went in smiled at him (what a cuti... Continue»
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The Infiltration


No, I'm not letting you go camping with your friends at Camp Parras this weekend," I said steadfastly. "The whole idea sounds like a recipe for trouble."

"Since I graduated, I feel that I can make my own choices, Mom," he retorted.

"But you still live under my roof. As long as that is the case, you will follow my rules," I replied.

It was an argument that my son Ken and I had been having for days. He had just graduated from high school, and several of his friends were planning to go camping at Camp Parras t... Continue»
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Die Webcam8

„Hallo, Mama! Ich bin wieder da und habe Meike mitgebracht!" Tobias wusste auch noch nichts über die Gründe von Meikes Verspätung.

„Hey, was war denn los, Süße!" begrüßte Sandra das Mädchen.

„Große Scheiße. Wegen meinem Stiefbruder."

„Was ist denn mit Kai?"

„Der Arsch hat sich voll in die Scheiße geritten. Mit so einen blöden Schnepfe da unten."

„Erzähl in Ruhe und von Anfang an.", forderte Sandra.

„Der hat wieder mal den großen Aufreißer gespielt und am Strand jedes Mädchen angebaggert. Natürlich haben alle diesen Idioten abblitzen lassen. Bis er dann doch Erfolg hatte... Continue»
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Von Mo zum Mann gemacht3

Nach jener wunderbaren Nacht blieb ich natürlich liebend gern Kais Geliebte. Immerhin bekam ich später doch einige Gewissenbisse und für einen gewissen Zeitraum überlegte ich mir, - nicht zuletzt wegen Kai, - ob ich die Affäre nicht doch lieber beenden sollte. Es gab für mich Momente, in denen ich hin und hergerissen wurde von den in mir widerstrebenden Gefühlen. Auch wenn Kai nun mein Liebhaber geworden war, konnte ich einfach nicht vor mir selber verleugnen, daß er immer noch mein Sohn war. Mehrmals versuchte ich mit Kai über die problematische Verbindung zu reden.

Kai lehnte es jed... Continue»
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Close Call

Close Call by: KS44

I’ll start by setting the scene. It’s Saturday morning, my wife and her s****r and her daughter who were staying with us on their vacation, had gotten up early and headed out for a day of shopping and doing girl things.

I woke up to a quiet house. Getting out of bed I used the bathroom then putting on my robe, headed down the hall and into the kitchen to make some coffee. My wife had left about two cups worth in the pot but it was cold. I poured a cup and put it in the microwave to re-warm it. The microwave beeped, I took out the cup of now hot coffee, added ... Continue»
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Life With Our Mutual Sons!!

It was on parent’s teachers meeting that I first saw Ajay’s mom. She was so radiant and energetic that she instantly made friendship with me. Her charisma was so overpowering that I invited her to our home. And there started the beginning of a long relationship that changed our life.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Sandhya, 35 year old, single mom to my only son Shyam. I am a widower and live alone with my son. I am left to fend myself as I invoked the wrath of my relatives by marrying a person from outside our religion. With my job, I managed to send my son Shyam to a private school al... Continue»
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