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Forbidden Lust for the Church Pianist

This is story about a forbidden lust at the last place you would think it would happen; at a church. Several years ago our church hired an attractive young lady (I’ll call her Ann to protect her identify) in her mid 20's to play piano and the church organ. When she was first hired she dressed very conservatively wearing long dresses and modest blouses. Over time she started to dress more modern even to the point several women in our congregation started to complain about her short skirts and tight pants.

She immediate... Continue»
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Older Lesbian with Four Inch Tongue

The much younger Alma looked down as Gretchen’s head bobbed up and down between her legs as her older lesbian lover explored her pussy with her magnificent four inch tongue. The tongue that had conquered her like so many women in the past. Gretchen had skillfully worked her way up from her ankle, up her calves and finally to her inner thigh leading to her now sopping wet pussy. Gretchen’s long tongue started at the base of her pussy as she ran it up to her clitoris, the flicking it gently over her “button” until she began to writhe in pleasure. Then it hit!! Gretchen lowered her head and inser... Continue»
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Mrs Ellis

True to his word, it was not long before Sam introduced me to his wife at an intimate level. I had seen her quite often at the farm when visiting there with Uncle Charlie - she was always a very welcoming woman and seemed rather jolly and happy all the time. She was well built with big broad hips, a large arse an ample tummy and a really huge bosom which seemed to rest on her tummy under the apron she always wore. I had noticed her underwear on the washing line from time to time. Her bras seemed enormous compared to my mothers and she also obviously wore corsets occasionally because they were ... Continue»
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Fucking My Aunt Lindsey (True Story)

This is the true story of when I went to stay with my aunt Lindsey for a couple weeks. A couple months after I turned s*******n my parents decided they weren't in love anymore and that they were going to get a divorce. My dad had decided to move out and since he and my mom had been fighting so much they called my aunt Lindsey who lived about three or four hours away from us and asked her if I could stay with her for awhile until my dad had moved out. She of course agreed and the n... Continue»
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Poker Night

Jack had a beautiful daughter. She was also very sexy and he had raised her to be very obedient. She was his sex toy and he loved using her at his poker parties on Friday nights. Five of his horny nasty friends came over to play poker and with he and Jan. Tonight Jack got her ready. He first fucked her then showered her and douched her and shaved her pussy. Then he finger fucked her and sucked her nice big tits while he had her in the shower. He then put her on her knees and had her suck his cock. She knew how to take every inch and take it down her throat till he filled her with cum and watch... Continue»
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Sumer of 1988

It was the summer of 1988 and my s****r Jane was going through a nasty acrimonious divorce. Well Jane is actually my half s****r as my mother remarried after her divorce. Still half s****r or not Jane and I had always been close. In 1988, Jane had been 40 and I was 27.

Jane had called me in late May and poured out her sad tale of woe. Her husband had cheated on her and she had caught him. They were in divorce proceeding and Jane’s husband was fighting her tooth and nail on every issue.

At last, Jane pleaded with me. “Karen can you take Brad for the summer? Brad is all upset with his fath... Continue»
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Three of three

Three of three

This is the third story in a set of three about three ladies I slept with over 6 years all related to my best friend Davy.

If you are reading this then it would be better if you read Times three first as it will explain what has gone before? You will find it here.

Followed by Two of three which is here.

It will help make a bit more sense of this one.

I had been good friends with Davy for a lot of years by now and if you have read the stories leading up t... Continue»
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Growing Up

This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual
interactions between young teenagers.


I sat on my chair cross-legged, eyes glued to the monitor and my finger
clicking the mouse periodically. I guess you could say I was a nerdy k**.
I spent most of my days inside playing my shooter games. The people I
talked to the most were my online friends, who of course I had never met.
Most twelve year olds were outside playing football, basketball, riding
their bikes, etc. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy those t... Continue»
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When I lived in Surabaya my girlfriend Erica worked as a mamasan at a karaoke bar. Erica had wit and charm and was more intelligent that any of my local office staff – but for her life had taken her on a different path.

At 18, she fell in love with a young German boy who took her back to German to marry, but he dumped her as soon as his f****y objected. Back in Surabaya she was now spoiled goods, none wanted her as a bride so she drifted into becoming a prostitute. It was a business that she ultimately adjusted to, and from her accounts, had a rollicking good time for 12 y... Continue»
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Amy cums of age

Some of you may have read Hurricane Ike, this is the full story. Depending on where you live it may have just been news, but here in Ohio it was an event that all this way from a coast had a big effect on us.
We lost power for 4 days, we did have hot water at our house but no light. My wife went to say at my s****rs place not too far that for some reason only lost power for a few hours. I was not leaving our house to the possibility of robbers after dark.
The night we lost power Amy our daughter had a friend over for the night. Amy and Cheryl had been out just celebrating their plans of head... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

As he leaned back against it, Mark Jordan's hands gripped the counter top rhythmically as he gazed down at the sight before him. With his shorts around his ankles, his best friends' mom paused to swirl her pink tongue over the pulsing head of his thick cock as it glided up between her breasts. Seeing the glazed expression on his face, the sexy brunette MILF smiled and wrapped her big jugs even tighter around his pole.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my tits Mark," she moaned as he slid back down the soft valley for another round trip.

Gasping for air, he placed both hands on her shoulders pulling her ti... Continue»
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A Chance Encounter of a Swedish Kind Part 2

It was with this Desire and Passion for Her, it was in this moment of Pure Lust, that I totally gave into the magical moment of chance, of a chance encounter with this beautiful women who seemed so sensual and sexy but in truth, who who so hurt and broken from being left by her boyfriend while on vacation together and yet here I find myself giving pleasure, women are so such strange creatures, and so pushed hard while pulling her into me. I stop and kept the full length of my 9 inch cock deep up in her tight pussy. I held her close to me and whispered nothing but sweetness into her ears.

S... Continue»
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My Sister-in-Law Fantasy

This is an account of my sexual fantasy's about my wife's s****r, Linda Stevens, and her youngest son Grant, 19. Linda is 46 years old, blond and although petite most of her life, she has put on a few pounds over the years, but still physically attractive. Grant is short and skinny and prematurely balding, and the same height as his mother who is probably 5'5". I would dearly love to have an intimate relationship with her and have entertained many sexual fantasy's about her. The people are real, but the names have been changed, to keep me out of trouble.

She is a take charge kind of a girl,... Continue»
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My first time

For some reason I grew up with a vivid interest in sex, as it probably was one thing never shown or discussed during my c***dhood. I enjoyed playing with my tiny penis, and my butt. I grew up, and spent time with my cousins (all males) at their homes during sl**povers, some of the older cousins would share their bed with me, and fondle me at nights. I enjoyed the sensations these pettings gave me. I noticed sometimes their penis would be sticky at times, and occasionally, he would vigorously jerk on his penis, and jerk, as thick white stuff came out.

Some years later, as I entered into my t... Continue»
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My first bisexual insident

I don't no how to start my first bisexual incident with you hmm you know i love f-a-m-i-l-y sex but i love bisexual sex too but i don't believe it happens to me too pardon me for my English so here i start my story now and huh today i also upload my mummy's juicy spy pictures when she took bath and upload here so when you see these picture dont say anything abusive thanks i love my mom a-lot and mature women's , milfs just shown my passion about my mom and those who love there own mom's and mom there loves own sons thats all ,so here is my story,
My name is babar and i live in Pakistan
... Continue»
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Fate of a Lady

Stopped on the road by masked brigands, Lady Beth watched helplessly as her attackers brutally butchered her f****y's retainers. Beth's worst fears confirmed as two of the foul brigands dragged her from her carriage and cruelly ripped open the bodice of her gown exposing her full ripe bosom to the cold leering eyes of her assailants.

Terrified beyond words, Beth could only watch in horror as the leader of the savage bandits casually paused to wipe the bl**d from his sword before saying to his men, "This pretty little thing should fetch us a handsome price from the Baron."

A darkly omin... Continue»
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She Made Me Down And Have

This is incident happened to my close friends. They were friends from c***dhood and we been always share everything in our life. There was one moment that changed their lives.

The moment was:

As i was heading towards my friend house i saw her. She was gorgeous and makes a beautiful dimple. She always in my c***dhood and i never seen any difference until now. As i gone towards her and speak continuously without break.

I like her smile, cheeks and lips. She never hesitates to speak frankly and that made me confidence. Wh
... Continue»
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True Story: Surprise threesome with girlfriend

In retrospect, I still contend it wasn’t my fault. I ended up in a threesome of sorts with my longtime girlfriend and one of her friends. It could have ended our relationship but only fast-tracked it.

Jenny and I met in high school. I was so lucky to find her. She was beautiful and changed everything for me. I never saw women or sex the same.

Read my previous story if you want to know more about Jenny.

Jenny and I went to a party with a large group o... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Girl

Sarah's surprise for Daddy.
It was one of those lazy Saturday mornings perfect for lying around and doing nothing. It was slightly overcast and there was a chance of rain. Sarah came up from downstairs and crawled back into bed with her dad. She cuddled up next to him, dressed only in one of his large t-shirts, and rested her head on his chest. Her hands came up to his stomach and she lightly ran her fingertips over her dad's stomach. She tilted her head up so that her eyes met his. He kissed her on the forehead and she smiled. This felt right. Even though it was so wrong, it still felt so ri... Continue»
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Mariella's Secret

She wants to fuck her father with her friend's help
Mariella Varone stood at the foot of the bed. She had dreamed about this moment for two weeks. Her heart was thumping aggressively as she worked up the nerve to make her fantasy a reality. She glanced to the right at the leather chaise lounge by the open window. Her best friend Alexis was sprawled across it, completely nude. Moonlight and a gentle breeze flowed over her supple body. She playfully sucked on a cherry Tootsie-Pop. Mariella had one in her mouth moments earlier. Lexi gently rubbed her vibrator between the folds of her beautiful c... Continue»
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