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Lucy, My Niece

The bedroom door creaked open. Lucy, my 16 year-old niece, stood there in her school uniform. Her white cotton blouse, normally fastened primly to the neck, was now open showing the uplift of her pert breasts which had grown nicely since I'd last seen her to a nice tight stretch across her chest. Her short grey skirt was cut well above her knee showing a nice expanse of long teenage leg.

'I thought you'd like some coffee Steve.' she said smiling and showing me the tray she carried. She often used my first name.

'Well thanks Lucy. That's very thoughtful of you. Put it down here.' I said... Continue»
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Pink Mini

I couldn’t help myself. I just had to take a long slow look at her sexy little ass, half-covered as it was by her thin, pink mini-skirt. Her white thong panties were only just visible in a little bulge over her cunt. Her cute cheeks pouted below the skirt which must have ridden up as she slipped down the sofa.

She was d***k of course. It was what all teenage girls seemed to do every Saturday night. Lying in bed reading I’d heard her come in at around 1.30 in the morning; a couple of hours earlier than usual, and like you do as a responsible adult I listened for the tread on the stairs and... Continue»
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My s****r's Baby

I know it's corny but my little s****r Emmy really was frightened of storms. If she heard thunder or saw a bright flash of lightening she would run and hide, or if it was at night she'd crawl into our parents bed to be comforted. That's fine when your six, but not when you're twelve or thirteen and starting to display some of the teenage charms that will develop into a fully rounded female body by the time you're sixteen.

It was inevitable that my parent's would ban her from their bed as being 'inappropriate'. Emmy didn't really understand why. She pouted and complained at the change a... Continue»
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My s****r's Bottom

I’ve always been a ‘bum’ man. Not that I don’t appreciate the other soft and seductive parts of a woman’s body. I like firm and pert breasts and long shapely legs. A smooth, shaved cunt that opens like a flower when I part a woman’s thighs and is wet and ready to be fucked is pretty close to heaven. But for me there’s nothing quite as luxurious as a woman with a perfect rounded arse. Fit, firm, full and prominent cheeks, a teasing little valley between them and a lovely brown, star-like anal pucker just asking to be stroked and kissed – heaven!

I don’t know if I was born with this passio... Continue»
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Goodbye to my Hymen, Hello Cock

I closed my eyes as tightly as I could, lying there, on the cold leather couch, nude from the waist down, I felt violated, as his cold fingertips touched my warm thigh, and ever so slowly made their barely touching way until they stopped on my reason for being there, in this situation.

I heard him say to my mother, who sat on the other side of the curtain, 'Puppy Fat', and as he said it, he was parting my labia and touching my clitoris, pressing it down into its small sheath, which his fingernail had sc****d back, causing initially pain, then a warming deep pleasure, as I started involuntar... Continue»
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Kimmie_Tim advance to vaginal sex.

Picking up from about the time that our older b*****r
caught us. I, Kimmie had to service older b*****r's
dick for about 3 months with oral sex. I also
was dped by Tim and older b*****r on several days.
Not in my pussy, just in ass and mouth.

The first time he wanted to put is dick in my
ass (Kimmie) I was so scared, nervous and
excited all at the same time. He was a lot
thicker than Tim at the time. I thought Tim
was going to punch his lights out when I
screamed in pain. It hurt so freaking much and
burnt like fire at the same time. He was not
at all like Tim, in that h... Continue»
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Father's weekend a black and white affair

It was early just this last November, and winter wasn't too bad so far and my Daughter Amy called to ask me what I was doing on the up coming weekend? If you've read some of my other stories you may know that my Amy, my daughter is at Ohio state. Amy invited me to fathers weekend but not there but at Ohio University which is in Athens. I answered well I'm not an O U dad, but she said that we'd just be joining her friend Beth and her dad. Beth does go to O U.

I was a little disappointed because I was hoping for some naughty time with Amy, it had been a long time. Amy said there may be a ch... Continue»
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In Need by loyalsock

Luanne was going crazy, it had been nearly two days since her last orgasm, and if she didn't get one in a hurry she would lose her mind! Even though she was only a eighteen year old junior in high school, Luanne had been having regular orgasms for over two years, and once you start, it's like potato chips, you can't eat just one!!! She picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed Lennie Webster's number, and said out loud, "Please be home Lennie, please be home!" The receiver was lifted on the other end of the line and as luck would have it Lennie was there to answer it. "Hello, Webster's residenc... Continue»
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Did s*s Start it or Me

I guess I'll start with my s****r first, she stood about five feet at the time this happened, and her tits were about a B cup with eraser size nipples, maybe a tad bigger if any, light brown hair down to the middle of her back, a nice little tight sexy round butt that a quarter could be bounced off from, and blue eyes. She wasn't the smallest chested girl, yet not the biggest either, comepared to the other girls her age in school. By the way, her name is Marry.

Now for me, I was only about five feet three inches at the time and still skinny, comepared to the other k**s in school my age. The... Continue»
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Watching…Emmy - Part 3

Watching…Emmy - Part 3
Former Title - Watching…the k*ds – Part 3
Sub Title…
Young girls wet the bed too – Part 3

Chapter 4…Edited from the original.
Chapter 5…NEW CONTENT.

--------- Chapter 4

Late in the evening, that same day…

Jenny was very happy that night, she had the whole night for them planned out…she went about the house singing, humming, a smile on her face. She had never felt so good in her entire life. She loved to fuck…and now it was with her own teenage ch(i)ldren; she had so many erotic thoughts swirling around in her mind…she had talked to so... Continue»
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AfterLife 1

^6am, two hours away from the farm "AfterLife". Josh behind the wheel with a smile on his face. Thoughts of the last few days had him much happier than he had been in 20 years. No more daily wonder of terrorism, daily lock up, or Government control.`His little f****y tighter than ever, closer than ever. Candace was hotter in the ass than ever, fucking continuously and Cindy was a new sexual toy. He heard that patter of bare feet just before Candace rubbed his shoulders saying, "good Morning, Big Boy. Thought I'd wake to get some early morning wood". Before he could reply, she walked away and l... Continue»
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How to fuck mom Part 1

And so begin, my name is Roma, my mother Lida, my father Oleg, besides, I have a s****r (of which we are not talking) we are the most ordinary f****y. I'm in grade 11, I'm 17 years old, my mother 37, 4 breast size, I have her best ass and the most beautiful legs. My dad is a soldier, and the house once in half a year (he was in another city, comes a week)

This story consists of several cases

My mother always dressed frankly, today was supposed to arrive dad. Mom cook something in the kitchen, and I was sitting in my room and masturbate (well, I loved this deal) Mom called me, I went into... Continue»
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Mother Olga

Chapter 1
     The Beginning
     This is the real story about the relationship between a mother and her son. Initially start with a description of her mother. Her name is Olga. This is a very beautiful woman 35 years old, who always looks great. Take care of yourself, stylish and expensive dresses, preferring all the best. As I said in her gorgeous appearance: height 174cm, beautiful breasts, beautiful face and ...
     In general, it simply does not have flaws, and all the men only dream about it! Son's name is Sasha, he just turned 11 years old. Still lives with them their father... Continue»
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Pervert humiliated in the pillory: Part 1 -

Sitting as I was, chained to the wall of the town jail, I could hardly claim that this was unfair. Truth be told, I was in a situation entirely of my own making. From the narrow slit of a window I could see that dawn was already starting to break, which meant that my punishment would soon be due to start. Before I go in to details of that, perhaps I should tell you the story of how I ended up in this situation...

I'm a complete and utter pervert, that I won't make a secret of. A particular favourite fetish of mine is humiliating women and doing degrading things to them. I remember my first ... Continue»
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She is pretty little thing. About 5'3" , 115 and tiny little A cups that are mostly just nipple. She does have beautiful brown eyes.
We had met at lunch with some of my buddies. There were five guys and two girls, but she stood out. I was imidiatly taken by her as she was pretty shy and not the flirty slut that her friend was. I got a nice little handshake when she arrived, and a hug (and her e-mail) when I left about an hour later.
Her friend, is a pretty Hispanic girl who is a stripper and a fine piece of ass, but not a very nice person.
Tinkerbelle though, is a sweetheart. 19 years ... Continue»
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my fantasy part I

I've always been interested in being a prostitute but never had the guts! This is what I would do if given the opportunity!!

It was another morning alone in my dump of a one bedroom apartment. Sexy shemale porn playing on my laptop and me performing my usual morning edging session!! I was strolling the web and came across some pictures of sexy crossdressers hooking on the streets! This made me want to cum so bad but I couldn't because I was edging and it felt to good when I stopped myself from cuming. I usually edge for an hour or two until I get so much precum my hand is sliding up and do... Continue»
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wife helps me suck my own dick

I like to sit in front of my computer naked reading a good nasty story while my wife lubes up my asshole and inserts a large vibrating bullet and turns it on. Then she lubes up my cock, balls and nipples and starts massaging until everything is erect.

I like it very wet, so she applies a lot of lube and keeps it very moist with her saliva. I keep pumping my cock until I am about ready to cum, then I stop and restart many times. This builds up an enormous amount of cum and a very strong orgasm. When I cum it shoot's out hard, I have squirted all the way across the room.

I usually don'... Continue»
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My First BBC

There was this younger black guy that came I where I worked and bought supplies for his company. He always would duck in my office, sit down and talk, while the counter guy’s got his stuff ready I always loved it. I got laid off as they closed the store I was working at due to being slow (oilfield). After that hubby and me would see him occasionally at the gas station in a neighboring town, he would always make it a point to come over and talk (especially when hubby went in to pay). It had been several months since I was laid off and I was at the gas station filling up and he was there too (hu... Continue»
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[b]DON'T TALK ABOUT IT! by blueheatt [/b]

True Story, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, i****t

my virgana got so wet
....A few years back we both had 12 years olds, my boy, and her girl. We were comparing notes about them. A few glasses of wine, and I broke the code. I asked her if she ever got turned on when she felt her little girls body. She got quiet for a while. Then a devilish smile, she leaned real close to me and whispered: (“…oh god Julie!, you too?”) and that was the start of us talking hush hush about our sexual feelings about our k**s.
Our husbands were out of town one weekend, and I wanted her to s... Continue»
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Taking Mom Down to the Woods by blueheatt

Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, i****t, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Teen Male / Female, Young

Taking Mom Down to the Woods

__I was so proud of the fort I had made down at the woods. It was hidden in a bank by the creek. I told my mom how cool it was and how no one could see or find it. She smiled and said how her dad had built her one when she was young. A private place where dad and her could go to talk private. Talk private? I wondered what they would have to talk ‘private’ about.

She would say no more but just stared out the window with a smile... Continue»
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