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The awakening

This story is 100% fiction. The people don’t exist and events have never happened.

My daughter had just finished having a shower when I walked into the bathroom. There she was toweling down with droplets of water running from her hair, down her face and neck and over her breasts to drip onto her flat stomach and run down to her smooth pussy.

My heart jumped as I looked at her. Sure I had seen her naked many times before, but somehow tonight was different. Maybe it was because I had just got home from work and was about to take a shower myself and I was standing there naked ... Continue»
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Naughty Nicky II: Cousin Gabe Is A Gamer!

After being with Cousin Gabe, he didn’t have to come over again until the following weekend which gave me time to think about what I did with his dick at the creek. The look of enjoyment from what my mouth did for him, playing with his thick cock in my hands, the head of his stiff dick fit so well in my mouth. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the memory of the way this new thing smelled to me, cum. I woke up on a Friday after a late night of video games & soda to a quiet house. It was going to be another hot afternoon, so nothing else to do but make a bowl of cereal & get ready for more v... Continue»
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A Girl's Story (aka: A Slut's Story)

So... the guy I'm with really liked the idea of sharing me and seeing me fucked by a group of guys. I'd never done anything like that before, but thought of it alone made me soak my panties, so after talking about it for a while, we decided we would try it. We didn't specifically decide on when or with who or anything, just sometime in the near future. He decided to surprise me. Two of his friends loved the idea of gangbanging me and a couple of days later, they came over to play some games and hang out. I didn't know what he'd planned, but I noticed them eyeing me like a piece of meat the who... Continue»
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Watching Cassie – Part 2

Watching Cassie – Part 2

--------- Chapter 3
Wednesday Night…
Late that night…Tori can’t sl(ee)p

It was late at night, and Tori was in bed wearing a sheer nightgown; she had been going over and over what happened with her daughter earlier that day. She tried to feel guilty, or at least ashamed. She had hid behind her inhibitions for far too long; if her daughter had no problems with what happened, why should she? Her daughter had felt her pussy of her own accord; she had not been f***ed. She could only feel an excitement, a vague feeling of impending adventure.

She was not a... Continue»
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Velvet and Denise: Secrets revealed


While I was in LA, I decided to visit my first husband and our two twin daughters. They were both nearly 15 years old and it had been a while since I had seen them. I hadn’t been back to see my former gang members since I was using d**gs and about 5 years had passed. I had moved back to LA and was living on the streets, with my pimp, and hooking when I had decided to visit my ex back then. He had seen me and took me in to help, pressuring the man, who was selling me on the streets each night, to give up his interest in me. I began to recuperate and because he was no longer in the g... Continue»
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Lizvette chapter: Denver, first night, part 3

I pried Lizvette's warm, baby smooth ass cheeks apart with my tongue and tasted again her musty sweet flavor. My mouth watered so much that my saliva rolled down from between her crack and puddled on the blanket where her little ass rested. "Daddy... Go deeper," she said. She lay on her left side with her legs tucked up against her tummy and her hands between her thighs. I put my hand on her hip and with my thumb lifted her top cheek to reveal her puckered little asshole, dark and smooth and wet, slightly open and waiting for my tongue to dive in. With my nose pressing against her top cheek an... Continue»
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Auntie Vera Discovers She is a Cougar!

It was a bad time in Vera's life. Her husband just left her for a girl half his age. Vera at first could not understand how her x could have ever gotten infatuated with a person he had nothing in common with. At first she moped around but then she started craving sex. She had always enjoyed sex with her husband but now she really frustrated since he was longer around. She got up enough nerve to go out to a bar. She had never gone out looking for sex but she was going to try.

Despite her desperation to screw none of the men at t... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.2

When I was dressed and ready to go, I went down to the living room where I met mom at the snack bar, that devided the living room and diningroom from the kitchen, to see that she had on a tank top T-shirt showing quite a bit of cleavage, and her nickle size nipples trying to poke through the shirt just below the straps of the shirt, and it was cut off one half inch above her belly button.

Looking on down from mom's belly button, I saw she had on a pair of short shorts that I had never seen her wear before, and when she turned around to pick up a bag full of bottled waters, I saw her butt ch... Continue»
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Changes in the Bedroom

Changes in the Bedroom

It was July in Tennessee and it was hot at 99 degrees! George and Linda Baker lived on the outskirts of Farragut and they lived on a cul-de-sac. They had one of the few homes in the area with a full sized pool in the back yard.

George was a life insurance salesman and Linda was the office manager at a local business. George was 45 years old and his wife was 43. They had been married for 20 years now with no c***dren. They had went to the doctor after not getting pregnant for the first year of their married life and both of them went through a series of t... Continue»
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My First Time Pt 2

We kissed again, tired but happy from a hot sex session. Mae turned over, while I snuggled up to her, my cock resting against her ass as we both dozed off to sl**p. The next morning I woke up early finding Mae already up and getting ready to leave. She looked at me and smiled,

"How are you this morning.....any regrets about last night?"

"I didn't have them then, and I don't have them about you?"

"Same here. By the way, It's going to be really hectic for the rest of the week for me. The big bosses are coming in next week for their yearly evaluation of our company. It means a ... Continue»
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On Holiday In The Dunes With Mum

It had be a lovely few days sitting by the pool at our hotel in gran canaria, drinking the all inclusive drinks and enjoying the good food. I was away on holiday with my parents to relax for the week which I was doing very well. We was a few days in and was getting a little bored by the pool when we decided we would take a trip down to the beach for the day. I was sitting on the sun lounger when I was discussing this with my parents when dad had mentioned that he wasn't fussed about going and would rather book himself in for a day of fishing. Me and mum was still keen to go. I have always look... Continue»
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Girlfriend needed a lesson!

I was pumping her pretty hard when I felt my balls twinge again. I asked her where she wanted my second load in an hour and she quickly responded... "my face!"

I pulled out and gave one good long squirt on her cheek and led it up to her nose, eye brow and forehead. She pulled up her phone and started in with the pictures. She was sending them to her boyfriend that she caught cheating the past weekend. She took out an ad that stated simply, "Nicest cock gets revenge on my cheating BF". I guess I won, because she responded with an email with a face pic and a hotel room address. We were fuc... Continue»
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My sissy son,by his dad and lover Part 6

So 3 years have gone by since I last spoke to you.
Many changes,mostly very good,even my ex is OK too.

I got promoted in my job,much more responsibility,longer hours,but a bigger salary to match.
I /we had to move as well,from England to America,huge upheavel,but worth it for both of us.
Because we live in the States now,Lucy can finally discard all her male attire..and be Lucy 'daughter/my wife' full time.She looks after me/the house,and while other men who work
for the company employ maids/servants for their wives..Lucy's happy to do it herself.We've
been to parties,bbq's org... Continue»
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An Angel on a Bus

I'm a 200lbs, 30yr old, 5 ft 10, single male. The day started off
with my car breaking down, so I had to take a bus to my parents
shore home for their anniversary. I stepped onto the bus and was
amazed how packed it was, people were standing, every seat was
taken, only place was to stand at a pole.

The next stop even more people got on, squeezing everyone closer
together. Figures that everyone had to use the bus that day. I
noticed something bumping into my crotch, I looked down and saw a
little girl standing there. She was about 13-14 years old with her long
dark brown hair in a ... Continue»
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Don't Tell

Cara and Bridget are 18 years old and inseparable. Even though
they're best friends, they are very different. Cara is quiet and
shy. She's 4'2", weighing 64 lbs, has light brown hair down to
her shoulders, and brown eyes. Whereas Bridget is loud and
outgoing. She's 3'9"l, 60 lbs, has long auburn hair, and green

It's Friday night and Bridget is sl**ping over Cara's house.
After their showers, they meet up to play in Cara's room.

"Cara, I need to tell you a secret."

Cara scoots in front of Bridget, "Ow, okay!"

"Yesterday, I was on my father's laptop and I must've pressed ... Continue»
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Bus Ride Home

One earlier morning, my mother woke my s****r and I up to tell us
that we were going to go swimming. She mentioned we had to take a
bus to get there because dad took the car, he had to go into work
on his day off. I was surprised she was wanting to take a bus
since shes not a thin woman and has trouble walking due to a bad

We all got onto the school bus and it took 60mins to get there.
We live in the sticks and the pool resort was 40 miles away. The
ride wasn't bad, my s****r and I just text our friends. When we
got there we filed off the bus, I had to carry the cooler and m... Continue»
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Me, my girlfriend and schoolgirls on the train

My name is Andy and I must tell you about an incident that happened to me and my girlfriend Alexandra. One Saturday we had been in town doing a bit of sex toy shopping in Ann Summers. We were on the train going home and by the time we were getting near our station the only people left in our carriage were us and two schoolgirls. They were in their uniforms, red blazers, white blouses, short grey skirts, white ankle socks and black shoes. They kept looking over at us and whispering and giggling to each other. Alexandra thought that she recognized them from near to where she stayed.

Eventuall... Continue»
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A Tale of a Traveling Man

Who would've thought a simple thirteen hour ride to Georgia could
be exciting? I was on a bus traveling to Georgia from
Philadelphia. When the bus made a stop in Baltimore, a woman and
her two c***dren got on the bus. Since I was sitting alone, she
asked if her daughter could sit in the spot next to me. I said
sure and the little girl sat down while her mother and her
younger b*****r sat in the seat across from us . The lady, Karen
and I got talking and she said her husband left her for another
woman, so she was taking her thirteen year old daughter and nine year
old son back to G... Continue»
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Sharing with my wife

My wife was a very sexy Latina woman. During our play times, I asked to share some things sexually from our past in order to spice it up. I began to tell her about my Step Dad who was a retired Southern Baptist preacher. I mentioned how I knew he was a major old pervert. I was going into detail about how I had found some of his playboys and OUI magazines. I also told her how one night I had woke up late one night needing to pee. I remembered walking out down our long hallway and the top of the wall had lattice so I could see lights flickering on the other side. When I made it to the middle of ... Continue»
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Mistress wife takes a new lover

Today was so strange for me.

Mistress Jane, my wife, knows how much I adore her and want to be with her as much as possible, but today she was a little nervous about what would be happening later. For this reason she was spending a few hours at her s****r's house. Jane, her s****r and their mum would have lunch and coffee as usual, except that later in the afternoon she would be going to see Robert, alone, for the first time, It was probably best for us to spend the afternoon apart, as I would be too excited and frantic with cuckold nerves. I wanted Mistress Jane to be as calm and relaxed ... Continue»
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