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That curious incident at the night time

It was well after midnight, and I was in my car, driving with my eyes completely focused on the road, and my mind reminding myself - don't go above 40 kmph, don't go above 40 kmph. Driving faster would have meant reaching home sooner for sure. But I was aware that I was still somewhat under the influence of alcohol I had consumed at the office party at the farmhouse.

I am usually very careful never to drive while d***k. Even if I have had just one beer, I know that my tolerance is so low that I can not be trusted with a car. But that was a night of many firsts and my decision to drive d***k... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 13

The Sleeepover - Chapter 13

by samslam

A few days later, I find out how right I am about my s!ster's intentions with Kristina. Apparently, after I dropped her off at home, mom came into her room and they talked late into the night. According to my s!ster part of the conversation went like this.

"Mom, I want to know how you and dad and the Andrews did this," Lauren asks.

"What do you mean?" Mom says sounding fairly perplexed.

"I mean were you in separate bedrooms, were all four of you together, did you spend the entire time with Mr. Andrews or did you trade off wit... Continue»
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My work friend makes me his sissy

I'd always been a little insecure about my sexuality but was embarrassed by my fantasies and had never tried to explore much.

I had recently moved to a new town and didn't have too many friends but wished I could meet some more. I had a coworker that I was kinda friendly with so invited him over to puff a blunt and watch some TV one day. I wasn't intending on anything sexual and still kinda thought i was straight but he was pretty attractive. He was tall, black and muscular, about 2 years older than me.

He said he was down but didn't have any trees. "That's cool, I have a bit we could sm... Continue»
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Gymnast Jimmy and the Chair

Gymnast Jimmy and the Chair

Time: Near the end of summer…
Jimmy crawled into bed and drifted into a gentle sl**p. His asshole and peter were softly throbbing from his latest session with Coach. He knew he would awaken tomorrow, yet again, with a special stickiness between his thighs… a heavenly mix of Coach’s and his juices. Coach was so much FUN! And Jimmy was so very HAPPY! His sweet mouth smiled as he entered his amazing dreams… of his beautiful Coach.

Time: The start of summer…
Jimmy awoke already excited. Today he would start training with his new gymnastics coach. He had ... Continue»
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Taylor Made

My first story.

Taylor Made.

I saw her from a distance, her bare ass sticking out like a beacon in the hot sun. She was sun bathing, laying on a towel, on the beach, on this small island nation I was visiting on vacation. I was walking along the beach, looking for fish and shells and that sort of thing, when I saw her, and I found myself memorized, held captive, my rapt attention upon her.
Now, you might be thinking, I’m some sort of closet perv or something like that, but I assure you, I’m nothing of the sort. I’m very open about what I like, sexually and or otherwise. It's the ones th... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce Janie (and me) Part 6

This installment of the saga follows on from the episodes linked here:

Categories.... This story has anal, first time, blow jobs, gay male, lesbian, crossdressing, voyeurism, taboo.
Pick your poison.

Lucy had been masturbating while she watched Janie fuck my ass with the big strapon.
Now she suggested that since it had ... Continue»
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The After Date

Mom was still up when I came home from my date with Michelle. She was laying on the couch asl**p. Her night gown was very sheer and I saw her black hairy bush through the fabric. It had been a few weeks since I had her pussy. Now that I was dating Michelle I was getting my pussy from her. Mom didn't seem to mind as long as I would take care of her needs on Sundays.
Michelle and I went out to the drive in and ended up doing it at the show. She had to get up early to work so I dropped her back home at nine. It was now about nine thirty. I was still feeling horny and there was Mom. I... Continue»
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My Fantasies

Women can also enjoy sex and have wild fantasies too.

When my mother was in her late teens she had sex with the son of a f****y friend.

She became pregnant and ran away to Manila and worked as a massage ther****t and then gradually became a sex worker. She met my dad when she was already pregnant and when I was born I was sent back to Cebu to live with my grandfather and another half s****r. I was the second Secong bastard c***d - LOL Second Secong....

I met my f****y maybe once a year. My mom and stepdad did marry and had three c***dren. My parents love them and I always fe... Continue»
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The Final Frontier


Seeing What I Could See #9. Fantasy based on a shred of fact!
My relationship with my “Auntie A” was now been going on for nearly 9 years. It started as fairly innocent curiosity on my part as a p*****n about mature, full figured women of which “A” was a prime example. I had carried a fondness for her since c***dhood because she had no c***dren and always treated me as her own and she dressed and acted so much more “free-spirited” than Mom and my other aunt. She was also very pretty, tal... Continue»
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Island Doctor

Island Doctor

The tiny brown girl was bent over a special table. An enema bag was delivering warm liquid to her asshole. Her belly was bulging and her open pussy was showing pink excitement. Stuart sat beside her gently holding one perfect little foot while talking softly to her… soothing her. His mind drifted to how all this started…

Stuart’s story: I retired to a tiny Caribbean island after selling my business in the States. I now lived in a small village with very limited resources. The area was pretty much crime free which is one of the many reasons I moved there. My main... Continue»
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My wife’s cousin 3 of 3

“Hi Joe”, she said “you wana short time?”

“Not today thanks, pretty sure you have plenty of custom for long time, no?”

“Sure Joe; navy back, but they cheap, you me jig-a-jig long time; half price and still make more!”

“Appreciate the flattery, but have a few things on my mind and need to have a quiet beer and figure some shit out.”

“You buy drink and Pussy Pie help you figure, then maybe we go long time?”

I laughed and called the hostess over. “Two tequilas, and PSM (Philippine San Miguel as opposed to the Hong Kong brewed poison) and whatever you want too” I said.

‘Pussy Pi... Continue»
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MY best mates mom PT 2

She saying "what are you doing little boy, your gonna make mummy cum",
I say "mummy needs a fat cock in her wet pussy",
she said,"no no no you can't" .
I continue to play with her pussy then put her in a head lock and said "this is you re-match", we wrestled a bit, she got out of breath so i easily got her on the floor on her back. I kneeled down over her and pin her arms then counted to three. She said you win again, but instead of getting up i got both her tits out instead then unzipped my jeans and got my cock out and dropped it on her tits.
Her first words where "oh my gosh... Continue»
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Visiting Aunt Mary

I'm a college student, 23 years old, just finishing my engineering degree. While engineering studies are somewhat masochistic, I've really enjoyed school and learning and have been talked into continuing my education by one of my professors with a masters degree. I've already mentioned that I enjoyed school, but the thing you need to know about engineering schools is that there is a weird mismatch between men and women. I'm not going to speculate why, but will say that they're this song I heard once, I think it's titled, "Men" and one of the lines in it is "so throw your rubbers overboard, the... Continue»
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Shower With s*s

Brittany turned the shower off and got out. She began to dry herself, and marveled at how soft the cotton towel felt against her smooth skin. She felt her nipples harden as she dried them and then she saw her reflection in the mirror.

"I wish I was a cup size bigger," she thought as she cupped her firm B-cup tits in her hands.

She followed the line of her body down and thought, "I do have a firm body though." She smiled. She had just shaved and her pussy and legs glistened in the soft bathroom light. It was cold standing there without a towel on, and she saw her nipples getting hard in t... Continue»
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Taking the Charge on

Jenny, my little s****r, had a rough year the year my k**s went off to college. She'd lost her job about a week before her husband, Eric, had first been laid-off. Eight months later the bank announced foreclosure on their home almost the exact same day her husband received notice that he was being called to service from out of the reserves and he would be spending at least the next year overseas.

My s****r called my wife crying and there wasn't even a discussion before my wife told her to come and move into our guest bedroom until all of this could be sorted out.

When she moved in, inste... Continue»
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Humiliated and punished for flashing Part1

Humiliated and punished for flashing – Part 1

I was walking along a street early one morning when I saw a crowd of about ten young schoolgirls waiting at a bus stop. The sight of their school uniforms, their short skirts revealing their firm young thighs really turned me on and y cock hardened I my shorts as I approached them They were young, aged from 12 to 16, my 12 inch clean shaven cock twitched at the sight. Just before the bus stop was an alley. I went to the end of it and stripped out of my shorts and t-shirt then came out of the alley wanking slowly. They all howled with laughter wh... Continue»
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I looked at Olivia my next door neighbor lying on the grass in lovely pink frilly see through panties and
matching pink frilly bra holding her lovely tiny tits
I gazed at her lovely cunt lips clearly visible in her pink lacy panties
I stroked my hardening cock as I imagined riding Olivia's pink cunt hole
I had left Lor down stairs my young schoolgirl niece dressed in her tight white micro mini and a white silky
blouse her young tits bulging against the silky material
As i gazed at Olivia she rolled over on her tummy revealing her tight little arse
wrapped in her frilly pink panties My... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 4

Hassan the Overseer, the muscles of his gleaming black body rippling, pulled Belle to her feet by the hair.
"Big banquet tonight, my beauty," he said. "You'll be there." He grinned. "Not at table - as you once were, but to display your wares."
Belle listened to the words with resigned despair. There was no more rebellion in her. She submitted as a slave should.
"Yes, Master," she said softly.
"Guests like to see tits like these," said Hassan, fondling the lush white orbs with his black hand. "And ripeness like this ..." He fingered the lips of her depilated sex. "You understand?"
"Yes, Ma... Continue»
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Indian Daughter-in-law's Dilema

My name is Suganya a house-wife aged 37. I reside with my husband and our four c***dren, at Chennai in India. We are a middle class South Indian f****y. My husband is a nice man and takes good care of my c***dren and myself. Though I have four c***dren with him, yet somehow, my private relations with my husband is not so fulfilling. That is because, unfortunately, my husband is a physically weak man. He is short, thin and very timid in nature. Though at least once a week, I do satisfy his husbandly needs, I get quite frustrated during those times. That is because, neither does he have the p... Continue»
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One In The Same (short story excerpt...)

“I’m gonna fuck you dead” she spat, both a sob and a hiss.

“Shhh …” soothing, conciliatory, and he put his mouth to her left breast, and then her right, sucking her nipples gently, deliberately, not as a hungry c***d but rather as an a****l relishing its prey. Lowering his head, he slung his arms under her legs and kissed and licked her lower belly, where her legs joined her hips, and along her inner thighs; he would not concede her real pleasure just yet and she knew he was stalking her and her warm aroma grew ever more moist. Maggie finally placed her hands at the back of his head... Continue»
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