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a weekend visit 1

I met my wife Dawn 6yrs ago, my wife is a beautiful woman, 5'6", 150lbs, large C cups, and thick thighs that ended at a perfect ass. Dawn and I have always enjoyed a wild sex life, from role playing to group sex. But the first summer we were together started something amazing...
That summer Dawn had her 2 nieces come and visit, Adriana 15 and Michelle 11. Adriana was built just like her aunt and Michelle was shorter smaller chest and a little more on the chunky side. Both girls were cute. And when they would run around in bikinis, I could not not help but look.
One day Dawn took Michelle out... Continue»
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Remembering Brooke And Finding New Love!

Remembering Brooke And Finding New Love!

I don't know how I managed it, but I gave the Eulogy at Brooke's memorial service. I referred to her as "Brooke" throughout the service, never stating that she was my wife or my s****r. I think, looking back, that most people had figured out our relationship, especially mom and dad, but they have never said anything about it.

I had Brooke cremated, and still have her ashes. Mom and dad allowed me to make all the decisions, and never argued with me about anything.

I never returned to St. Mary's or the apartment we shared. Dad, sensing how painfu... Continue»
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My s****r Brooke (Repost)

Originally written by fotisampini

My s****r Brooke
I came home from class and heard my mother and s****r, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn't afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weeken
... Continue»
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kate tuesday continued

I thought about the walk to the park , my mind full of doubt but I summoned up the courage to go, also the fear of what Kate might do to me , if I didn't go. I couldn't take another beating
I left the room as it was and went down stairs ,
I looked in the mirror , I could see I was quite convincing as a girl , so I walked out onto the street , the sun was hot on my legs and the occasionallya light breeze blowing up my skirt added to the excitement, I reached the road I had to cross to the ally leading to the park
I walk to the crossing , two women was talking, they paid no attention to me... Continue»
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I saw my parents do it.

How I caught my parents being naughty
And so it has all started when we were young
I like being alone. I like working alone. I like living on my own and I would never trade my freedom for the comfort of a married life.

Or so I used to think.

I still think there are advantages to a bachelor, carefree and independent existence. Why bother with a f****y at all? Well, there might be several good reasons for that.
My mother, for instance. My buxom, overweight and over-worried bundle of anxiety and overprotection, of sensuous, exuberant presence, sexiness, despite her post-menopausal age. ... Continue»
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Teacher seduced by lesbian schoolgirls, part 5

Finally, part 5!!

For those who haven't seen the previous parts, you might like to read these first, to find how Anna was initially seduced by the sexual charms of two of her sexiest pupils.

Here is how Anna continues her sexual journey of discovery...................

I couldn't wait to get home after leaving Kim and Amy to go our separate ways. My mind was in a compl... Continue»
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My Transgender BFF

One of my best friends Sarah is a transgender. When we first met I had no idea, no one did. She has always looked very feminine, I sometimes think that she looks better than me. She had some classes with me so we started to talk and we became friends quickly and started hanging almost every afternoon. Eventually she stayed the night at my place.
Things were normal until it got late and we were both in my room laying down. She was going to sl**p on the ground but instead she was laying in bed with me because we were chatting. We were both facing each other and my bed was small so we were v... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Lover

First off my husband Hakan and I had been married for about five years. We had great sex life and just enjoyed being with each other. I am a police officer in our home town PD.

Hakan started asking if I would enjoy being with another man while he watched. Hakan kept after me for months and started talking about me being with his best friend and my Sargent Hasan. Now Hasan was Hakan’s best friend from high school. He would talk about him all the time during are play times and I have to admit it did make me think about him while he would do this and Hakan could tell I loved it when he did be... Continue»
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Best friends mother wants it

My friend Dave mother is a naughty naughty lady.
I been going over the there house for 10yrs now we used to love to watch wrestling. at the time i was just 16 so at that age we still like to copy wrestling moves on each other. He was a only c***d so him and his mum are close. I can remember one night i stayed over, we stayed up late watching Tv and playing computer games, The next day we both sat down to watch the sunday wrestling. After it all finished his mom came into the living in a sort of wrestling costume. Tight leggings and a leotard over the top saying I'm the champ who whats to ch... Continue»
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Bet Gone Wrong

Ryan and Joseph were walking back to Ryan's house when they noticed his mother sitting out on the porch. She wasn't a bad looking woman considering she was in her early forties. Ryan wasn't to bothered he just thought of her as mom. Some of his friends had other ideas though.

"Your mom is one hot MILF." Joseph said as he continued to stare at the woman on the porch.

"Shut up, my mom is a saint," replied Ryan knowing that Joseph was only joking.

Normally that would have been the end of the matter but Joseph was feeling bold so he continued.

"Seriously, I would fuck her if I had ... Continue»
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I watched daddy fucking, then joined-in

I am a girl, I am considered beautiful, I have a sexy body, and one more thing, I love to 'Fuck'.

Now you may be forgiven for thinking, this little slut is a nymphomaniac, but you would be sadly wrong. I love to fuck, because I can orgasm, and it is the point of arriving at these bodily rewards, that makes sex for me, nothing short of brilliant.

I am an exhibitionist, which means I dress in lingerie, and no underwear. I leave home with the minimum of outer clothing, as it allows me to add to my 'Flashing' addiction,

I love look at my photos, and look around me as I indecently expose ... Continue»
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Selfie Incrimination!

Cindi could not believe how hot the guy was that she met at the club last night. He was so hot and the girl could help but fantasize about being with him. The problem was that he was in college and she was just an 18 year old in high school. He had spent some time dancing with her but then another older girl had come by and the two disappeared into the night. Cindi had no doubt that they probably fucked in the parking lot.

She sighed as she thought how unfair life was. She then reached for her purse to get her phone. As she reac... Continue»
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The Oldest Man I've Been With

The oldest man I've ever been with was Tom, an 84 year old. We've gone to the same church for years and even though he was a quiet old man everyone knew him because he had gone there so long. His wife had passed away a while ago and everytime we talked he would always say I reminded him of her as a young girl.
One day he was talking with me and my mom when he mentioned to her he has trouble keeping up with cleaning because he was getting older so my mom volunteered me to come over and help. I was ok with it because he always seemed sweet and I liked to help so one day after church my mom drop... Continue»
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Teen Transvestite in Public Loos (1970s) TRUE STOR

A small northern town, on the outskirts of Manchester, this small smokey place was quite unassuming. It’s people went about their daily lives in the normal busy body way. The town had about 50 shops, and the High Street was always quite busy and not like it is today. The small town even boasted a tiny Woolworths store, something that would just not happen these days, but mid 70’s it was commonplace.

On the back of the High Street was a very small and very dated public ‘swimming baths’, and next to this old building was a set of similarly aged public toilets.
The location was super. The sw... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need

I have a buddy whose wife has always caught my eye and a few months ago he told me she was wearing him out. I laughed at him and told him that was what he got for marrying a girl ten years his junior!! He corrected me as he always does and said it was only eight years!

Now Lynn is a tall square shouldered woman, who is just a shade under 5’10” and with a few extra pounds that make for nice full hips and eye catching breasts that she loves displaying and having guys stare at. She has jet black straight longish hair which stands in co... Continue»
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Cumming Home

My name is Joe but I am called Joanne. I am a preop transgender/transvestite but being in the Military I had to be careful not to be caught. Though it is easier now it wasn’t many years ago. I have been taking hormones for 15 years now and have a respectable 38C/D pair of breasts with nice large dark brown nipples which I adore having stroked. I love my wife Sally very much and she has been very supportive. I also have a boyfriend called Bobby – he lives with us now. All 3 of us sl**p in the same huge bed and lovemaking alternates between the three of us.

Ahead of my return from a tour in I... Continue»
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a surprise thief

My wife Claire had talked me into meeting her at the Mall after work, she had some shopping to do and suggested we get some food one of the restaurants there. It was on the drive home that her real reason for our trip came apparent. As I drove home she turned to me saying, “You know that toy you gave me a few years ago….” I did, for fun I had bought her a small vibrator while I was on a business trip, she claimed she never even tried it out, but it has always been kept at the back of the drawer beside Claire’s bed. “I do” I said. She looked a little embarrassed, Claire always found it difficul... Continue»
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She said it'd be okay

One quick drink turned into three and we laughed and talked. I think there was a little flirting but that ended when her husband came home.

I didn't know my neighbors until that day, having only lived in the house a few weeks. I was out in the yard making the best of a bad sprinkler system earlier in the day when this melodic voice over my shoulder said hello. The woman had a smooth tone, an octave or two lower than most women. Sultry would have been an accurate description. I was digging in the dirt and sweating over a particularly difficult repair but I turned my head to try and see who w... Continue»
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Gloryhole Fantasy

This naughty thought came to mind. Like I stated in the opening blog, we decided… Well she decided to play a game with our “Fuckit List” we made in another blog entry. Right now, I have the ball and I get to choose anything on our list to do. I could lose possession but right now I have the choice. We aren't sure anything like this will happen, but it’s kinda nice for a fantasy and even nicer to talk about while we are fucking. One of the rules is that I have to tell her while I’m fucking her, so recently I told her about this. I knew she might be reluctant but when I whispered it into her ear... Continue»
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Sunday Afternoon Snack

I saw a window of opportunity to get out of the house and away from the husband. I text Mike and asked him if he could get away from the wife as well. He said yes. During our plans, he kept asking me where I was saying I was going, how was it going to work, that sort of thing. I finally had to spell it out for him: Just get a hotel room at 1:30 and be naked when I get there. His response? I can do that!

It had been almost two weeks since we have gotten to see each other and we were both so anxious. He told me to text him before he left to let him know it was still a go. When I was sure I c... Continue»
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