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poveste de familie


Ma numesc Ioan. Am 35 de ani si sunt casatorit de cateva luni cu Aura, o tanara de 24 de ani. Locuim in aceeasi casa cu sora sotiei mele, Daniela. Ea are doar 14 ani si e sora vitrega a Aurei.
Trebuie sa va spun ca sunt foarte indragostit de Aura. De aceea, aproape in fiecare noapte imi arat dragostea, futand-o la greu. Are un sex-appeal femeia asta… cum o vad - in camasa de noapte, cu chiloti sau fara - mi se scoala si trebuie s-o am…am facut sex in toate pozitiile, i-am penetrat toate gaurile. Dar… Nevasta-mea are o idee fixa: nu vrea copii. Nu-mi permite sa-i ejacul... Continue»
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Cand viata bate filmul...

Cu ceva timp in urma, un prieten de familie mi-a povestit o intamplare pe care a trait-o vara trecuta in concediu, impreuna cu sotia lui. Pentru ca a citit si i-au placut fanteziile erotice publicate de mine pe site-ul asta, m-a rugat sa scriu eu povestea lui si s-o postez aici. Am acceptat pentru ca mi s-a parut foarte interesanta experienta traita de el, cu atat mai mult cu cat atinge o latura destul de sensibila si de controversata a sexualitatii.
Marturisesc ca nu mi-a fost deloc usor, pentru ca din dorinta de a evoca cat mai exact faptele am fost nevoita sa-i pun o multime de intrebari ... Continue»
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mama, cea mai buna amanta

Era de mult, aveam cam 18 ani si eram la mare cu mama. Ea avea 32 ani si era divortata de tata, care a uitat definitiv de noi. Asa e viata! Eram pe plaje si ma uitam cu coada ochiului la fetele care faceau plaje fara sutien, me excitau rau. Intr-una din zile, intru in apa, ma racoresc si, cand vin la patura, mama facea si ea plaje fara sutien. Am ramas blocat, mi-am pus repede ochelarii de soare, negrii, sa nu vada ca ma uit la ea. Avea sanii rotunzi, nu prea mari si sfarcuri roze. Am simtit cum mi se scoala penisul si m-am asezat pe burta, imi era rusine, doar era mama! Timpul a trecut si, ac... Continue»
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cu matusa la munte

Salut,numele meu este Dragos ,iar astazi m-am gandit sa va povesteac intamplarea avuta cu matusa mea la munte.
Pe matusa mea din partea mamei o cheama Florina si are 34,adica dublu decat mine. Trebuie sa mentionez ca arat foarte bine.
Acum cateva saptamani parintii mei s-au decis sa mergem 3 zile la munte impreuna cu Florina si inca un frate al ei impreuna cu nevasta si doi copii.
Ziua plecarii a sosit,am ajuns si la mune unde ne-am cazat im urmatorul fel:
Mama si tata o camera.
Cei 2 copii o camera
Cealalta sora a mamei cu barbatul ei o camera,iar eu cu Florina intr-o camera deoar... Continue»
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Hurt me daddy!

Had been on Craigslist looking for a nice piece of ass. Had posted an ad, and was about to give up when I get messaged by Tammy. She tells me she is into older men, is very submissive and has always fantasised about being used and abused by older guys.
Thinking this might be fake she sent me a face pic, she was stunning. we emailed for a few days and then I called her. She told me in her original email she was 19 but then confessed she was actually 16. I was shocked and told her that I wasn't interested as she was just too young.
A few days past and she emailed me back, saying how sorry sh... Continue»
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So mom and I went at it again, this time with Ginger there to see her in all of her glory.

Mom came over last night, to celebrate Ginger's clean bill of health with being pregnant. Mom was a little upset when she first heard, but Ginger and Janice convinced her that we were all so very happy and looking forward to becoming parents. And truth be known, mom wants grandc***dren, as well.

Janice went to bed with a migraine, and mom and I were toasting the night away sipping our beer (while Ginger drank g**** flavored water), when mom asked me to bring out the good stuff, so we started havi... Continue»
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Lip Gloss

He watched closely as the tube of lip gloss slid slipperily over her lips. She has beautiful lips, thick and pink, and she had them sticking out in a funny way so she could get maximum surface area for the gloss. She put the gloss on thick, then did it again, and those beautiful pink lips glistened in the sunlight.

"This one's watermelon," she said. "Oh you gotta try this it's so good!" She reached the tube out in his direction.

"Sorry, I don't put on lip gloss."

"Oh come on! Just a taste!"

"There's only one way you'll get me to taste it."


He looked at her, waiting f... Continue»
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This Time It's All Different

The party was a total bust. I went with my friend Cindy but she ran into a guy she used to know and they hooked up and I was left to fend for myself. I didn't know anyone else, and I was totally bored. At least there was a place outside, kinda around the corner, where I could just sit and be alone and try to figure out what I should do--should I get a cab? It'd cost a million dollars to get home from here, and I don't have much money.

Right about then this guy came around the corner and was a little surprised to see me. "Oh, hello," he says.

"Hi," I say. He was an older guy, but he ... Continue»
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Cousin Gina

It all started when I was in 8th grade. Girls were drawing my attention more and more every day it seemed. I was becoming distracted by them during class and pretty much everywhere I went.

Then one day it hit me like a freight train. I was sitting at lunch with some friends when I glanced up at the counter. There was a blonde, with some shapely hips and long legs. She was shifting her weight from side to side in a very provocative way. Her blonde pony tail tossed back and forth with her movements. My eyes were locked on that tight ass and narrow waist. It seemed like an eternity that I sa... Continue»
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Hot Tub Girls

I had just settled down in the jacuzzi with a nice glass of local wine, a wonderful red, when I heard some giggling from the path leading to the hot tub. Oh, fuck, I thought to myself. I'm buck naked and I don't even have a swimming suit with me.

Before I could even react--jump out of the pool and toss some clothes on or something--two teenage girls appeared through the bushes. They were beautiful young girls, couldn't have been more than fifteen, one taller, a nice-looking thin blonde, and the other shorter, dark hair and eyes, a real stunner, sultry and beautiful, filling out her litt... Continue»
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The Cattail Girls

Pulling hard against the current with my paddle straight down in the water, I executed a sharp turn around a thick bank of cattail reeds. I knew that right here the river channel opened into a wide, deep pool with a sandy bank on the right-hand side. It's one of the finest places to swim on the river, which means you need to be damned careful as you maneuver your canoe blind around the corner. The last thing you want to do is hit a k** on the head with the prow of your boat. At the speed the current is propelling you, you just might kill them.

And today was no exception. Although, there w... Continue»
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Hütte am See 2

TabusDie Hütte am See Teil 02
Die Hütte am See Teil 02

3 -- Einstieg in eine neue Welt

Liebe Freunde, einige von Euch haben bei mir um eine Fortsetzung der Geschichte gebeten und da ich im Moment gerade gut drauf bin, füge ich noch zwei Teile hinzu, bis die Story endgültig zuende ist. Ich hoffe, die Teile gefallen euch!

Gut, dass mein Vater hinter mir stand und mich hatte auffangen können.

Ich konnte nicht fassen, was ich gerade gehört hatte. Mein Bruder hatte Sex mit meiner Mutter? Und diese freute sich darauf, wenn mein Bruder auch endlich mit mir schlief, weil es ihr ... Continue»
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Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Mom

In taking control of Pop, Megan had shown how brutal slut she could be. But the next day things continued in a most unexpected way.

Mom came home after staying at the college the night before, she was greeted by her perverted daughter... and, well, If you thought Bryan, the Pop had trouble controlling this young woman, wait to you read how she treats Tina, her Mom!!


As Tina pulled into the drive her heart sank. Bryan’s car was gone, which meant he had alr... Continue»
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Caught by the Neighbor Crossdressing While Home Al

Do you know a crossdresser who got caught in the act?

This is a real life story of a crossdresser caught in the act!

This happened around when I was 15 yrs. old.

As my s****rs were off at college and it was just my mom and I at our apt. I was home from school as we didn’t have any school that day. But my mom was still at work. So I got myself all dressed up looking pretty. As I thought I will make it a girl’s day in. I decided to wear a pair of my mom’s dark navy pantyhose with one of my s****r’s jean skirts and a blue and white sweater with some black 3 1/2 heels.

I put my ma... Continue»
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sunt un tanar de 18 ani,cu o mare pofta de sex,mai tot timpul ma gandesc la sex si am pula sculata
Locuiesc cu mama,o femeie de 41 de ani,voluptoasa si frumoasa si foarte sexi.
De foarte mic tata ne-a lasat si nu mai stim nimic de el,de atunci am fost barbatul casei
si in fiecare noapte dorm cu mama in pat.
De cand eram mai mic mama era exhibitionista in fata mea,umbla mereu in lenjerie si chiar dezbracata,acoperita de halat,sau
rochii sexi.Ma invata sa dorm in chilotii,iar de multe ori vara dormeam in pula goala,acoperit dor de cearcas.
Ea dormea mai mereu intr-o pereche de pantal... Continue»
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Freaky Friday fun!

Freaky Friday fun!

OMG-----Last Friday was incredible! When I got off of the commuter train Barb and Scott were there waiting for me. When we got to the car Barb said that Scott would drive while we sat in the back seat so we could all chat. We talked about what happened on July 4th, my cuckold boyfriend and their personal history which was really nice. By the time that we pulled up to their condo building it felt like we were old friends. They live on the top floor of a six floor condo building with a very private balcony and it's the tallest building in the immediate area.

Once ... Continue»
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Weekend la Constanta

Prima parte:
Sotia este din Constanta si intr-un weekend ne-am hotarat sa o vizitam pe mama ei.
Plecam de vineri si urma sa revenim duminica seara.Petreceam acolo tot weekendul.Soacra mea este o femeie de 45 de ani,voluptoasa,cu sanii maricei la care am observat de multe ori ca nu poarta sutien iar din cand in cand,i se ridica semet sfarcurile.Are un mijloc de viespe iar fundul este destul de bun pentru varsta ei.In fusta fundul parca cerea sa fie mangaiat.
Zis si facut.Plecam la drum.Scapam de aglomeratia Bacaului si dupa 2 ore iata-ne in Constanta.Descarcam din masina lucrurile si eu m... Continue»
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O mama fiul...

S-a intamplat intr-o zi de vara mai exact intr-o dimineata trezindu-ma pe la ora 10:30 si ca orice persoana(om)cand se trezeste dimineata se duce sa faca un dus asa ca m-am dus sa-mi fac un dus stand in dus mai mult de o ora mama vazand ca nu sunt in camera mea a inceput sa strige prin casa:
-Da mama...
-Esti la dus...
-Ce doresti...
-Pai vreau sa-ti spun ca te astept in bucatarie sa bem cafeaua impreuna...
-Da mama asteapta-ma acolo ca vin si eu imediat...
Si bineinteles ca dupa mi-am facut dus m-am dus(indreptat)spre b... Continue»
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Mother takes her Sons Virginty

I was young, ignorant about sex and had a very strange up bringing as a young man. I knew both my parents were swingers, having caught them

fucking other people several times when they thought I was sound asl**p in my room and I had even found hidden and watched video tapes of

them fucking each other as well as other men and women they met somewhere or other! From the videos and pictures I had seen, I knew my

mom was a total slut and she did some things that shocked the piss outta me and even my dad was kinda wild and I once even saw him eat the

cum a man had deposited ins
... Continue»
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My Son’s Secret Desire – Mom & Sam

It had been a few months since I had discovered my son's attraction to older women. I still looked through his sketch pad at the young boys and the older women having sex. It excited me so very much!

My son now had sex with me whenever he wanted and he was becoming a wonderful lover. We had decided from the beginning that we would live out whatever fantasies we had and with a teen boy that can be a challenging commitment.

Our first fantasy was for me to have sex with another woman and once it was clear; to have Tony join us.... Continue»
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