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I have to tell you that i have a fetish. I love to smell used panties. I realized that when i was a teenager.
This year i am working at the pool bar of a hotel. Before one week a couple from UK arrived.
The guy was 25 and the girl was around 18. She was tall and chubby with tattoos at her legs. Her tits were big, not enormous, and when she was wearing her bikini you could see two very nice nipples with piercing. Her belly button was also pierced.
The bottom of her bikini was a brazilian thong with pink colour. It was rubbed at her legs and i was trying to imagine the... Continue»
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Curious Girl – First Daddy Gang Bang

Gary Adams opened the door to see Jay and Ken standing there. They were all friends but Ken and he shared something a little more since they had both fucked His daughter Amber.

Every time Gary thought of Amber he got turned on! The sexy little teen was drop dead beautiful and since he has fucked her with his wife's permission he had found her to be the sexiest partner he had ever had.

"Hi guys what's up?" He asked wondering why they were there

"Jay has something he wants to tell us both. He would not tell me so I'm just m... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt5

She came back in with her phone stood at the end of the bed and immediately snapped a pic.
"No.. don't!" I closed my legs. Bringing them up so that my cock was hidden from view.
She snapped another.
Damn. She's taken a shot of my ass with the end of the butt-plug visible. That was worse than just me with my junk out.
"I'm sending these to Janie." oh no! Her best friend. The one I had wanked off to on more than one occasion. Imagining fucking her.
"Please don't! I don't want her seeing me like this."
"Just her? I don't want HER seeing? Not, I don't want ANYONE seeing?"
"Of ... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt2

Lucy enters the picture... literally.

I could hardly wait for Friday. My folks were away on a second honeymoon so me and Lucy were on our own for the next two weeks. She was off somewhere so I had the house to myself when I logged on and made the connection.
And then I found myself looking at the crotch of someone sitting in front of the camera. The camera on me showed me just from the waist up. I'd been thinking a lot about the purpose of this call but, like an idiot, hadn't thought about how I should position my own camera.
It was obviously Bruce, but then I heard his voice telling me ... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt4

Next morning I woke alone. Lucy had got up without waking me. I could smell coffee. I guess she was making breakfast.
I went into my bathroom did the morning rituals. As I soaped myself up in the shower I got a huge hardon. Remembering the sex I'd had. Images of a beautiful bald pussy stretched around a thick hard cock. A pussy I'd put my mouth onto and then emptied my cum into.
There was no rush to do anything. No parental pressure to perform weekend chores.
After I dried off I went back to my bed. I lay down and started to stroke myself.
Remembering how Lucy had heightened the sexual... Continue»
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A daughter's Homecumming. Part 3

At long last, a continuation of the events when Kim and Andy's young daughter Helen returned home from Uni, and the surprise waiting all three of them.

You may want to read parts 1 and 2 to get some background to our sexy f****y!


The story continues:-

After my mum left my room, I just lay on my bed for a moment, my fingers drawn back to my soaking wet slit where they seemed to be spending so much of their time recently.

"God," I thought to myself as I rubbed away at ... Continue»
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Taking Advantage of a d***k Girl

"Hey, John," I said to my buddy John Thorne, "Thanks for the great party. I'm afraid I've got to go, I've got to work in the morning."

"Thanks for coming, Chris, hope you had a good time!"

"Sure did! It's always good to drink beer at the beach with good friends."

"Hey, Chris--can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"That girl over there"--John pointed to a girl staggering around by the water--"She's super d***k"--that was obvious--"and she came with that group of college k**s but she's a high schooler, and they're worried about getting her home. Would you be able to ... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index-8

Dex had fallen asl**p against me before we'd recovered from our first time together. The smile on my face wouldn't wash away even as I felt, again, the shame and guilt for what I'd done. I'd taken my own son's virginity, letting him put his fifteen-year old penis inside my body, in the very hole from which he'd come into the world. Even as I lay awake late into the night, holding him, my vagina felt wonderfully sore from my son's cock. My pussy had drooled down my thigh and soaked a large wet spot onto the bed.

I can't say why I wasn't more troubled than I was. Sure, I felt the pangs of jud... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


Karen Burke’s Apartment
10:28 PM


Janet had waited till past ten to creep out of bed in the dark and make her way to her closet. Quietly, she pulled the bi-fold doors open and then stepped in and pulled them back together before turning the interior light on.
From behind some boxes, she slid her water bottle full of industrial gelatin. Ballistics gelatin, her science teacher had called it.
“You c... Continue»
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Uncle Cedrick

Growing up I spent every summer in Buff Bay Jamaica with my Grandmother and extended f****y. I had loads of fun,being with my cousins and just enjoying the clean waters of the beach and the island life. My grandmother lived in a spacious 4 bedroom house, which the backyard led straight to the beach, and she owned a tourist shop. She lived quite well as Buff Bay was a resort town.
She lived alone but my uncle Cedric came from across town and often spent a few days with her caring for her home and business. Uncle Ced was my mom's oldest b*****r and he owned a charter boat service that r... Continue»
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Natalie Does Daddy

This story started with "Daydreaming On The Hardintown Bus" here is link if you want to know that part of the tale:

Natalie turned just in time to see Jake start to fall down the stairs on the bus. He crashed into her and his book bag fell to the ground. Suddenly he was leaning against her and she realized that her hand was holding a large and very hard cock. They both looked at each other for an instant and then pulled away as the k**s and bus driver howled with laughter.... Continue»
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The morning I needed a hand job, part one

I had just woken from a deep restful sl**p to the sound of my s****r Lori giggling in the open door way of my room . My eyes slowly opened and focused on her standing there in her pink nightie. She never wore panties or a bra to bed and I could see right though.
As I realized what was happening I felt a soft tug on my hard cock I saw a feminine hand softly stroking my morning hard on. It was
my mom's best friend Sandy. She lived with us and often came up stairs to wake me on school days when I overslept . That's when I realized what happening. The night before I had spent the evening dres... Continue»
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Teacher and her lesbian schoolgirls. Part 4

Finally, I have written the next part to this story. Hopefully, part 5 will follow a lot quicker!!!

That afternoon I found it hard to concentrate on my teaching, especially as the last lesson of the day would have my two new young lovers sitting at the front of the classroom.

Sure enough, just as the lesson began, the two of them walked into the classroom and sat down immediately in front of me, and just as immediately, opened their legs showing me that under their short uniform skirts they were wearing nothing whatsoever, and I could clearly see their trimmed pussies, displayed for me o... Continue»
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A few years back I had a situation arise that caught me totally off guard. This occurred while I was s******n and Becky, my cousin, was t******n. While we didn’t actually do things together because of the age difference at the time but we were together a lot because of f****y and only living a few houses from each other. We would run into each other at school because the eighth through twelfth were in the same school building.

It was Saturday morning about eleven AM. I was in our garage working on putting things in order. Mom and dad had decided to spend a weekend at som... Continue»
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hottie sized 32.28.36

I am 19 years old shakib a enginearing student. I have well shaped average body size & 7 inches penis. today I am gonna tell u'all my story. . I am used to study in by balcany. A year ago another building is been constructed next to my building & there is another balcany very close to my balcany. . There is been a women named zubina, 24 years old, who daily dry clothes on that balcany. but the problem is she always come wearing hijjab in front of me. her whole body is been covered, except her attractive eyes. she has black dot (til) on corner of her right eye. . she just talks with me & we cha... Continue»
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Couldn't Have Planned It If I Tried

OK, well, and don't think less of me, because this was an all time low for me......

the setting: a uncontrollable horny morning where nothing will work but a tight pussy or warm ass or mouth at a minimum.

a CL ad surfing that wound up finding a hot college guy while was out Friday morning (19, almost 20 that wanted to try it with an older man....I know, I know, don't say it).

a chance meeting at his house while his dad was out of the country and his step-mom was playing tennis with the ladies.

a murphy's law thing where if it can go wrong, it will, but then correct itself......
... Continue»
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Near Miss (Part One)

This is the second instalment of my story that started with “Please Miss!” and continues the story of a young man’s awakening lust for his English teacher.

Near Miss (Part One)

Another day, another English lesson. In the two weeks since my amazing encounter with the delicious Miss Smales, I’d had little opportunity to try and get myself another detention with her as she’d been on a training course for one week and the following week, it didn’t seem to matter how much I slacked off or how often I tried to sneak a glimpse up her skirt, she didn’t react.

This week, however,... Continue»
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Jenny trains hubby turns in to cuck


We had only been married about a month when my wife, Jenny, and I attended a party for a friend's birthday. We had been there a couple of hours and had a few beers. I think Jenny was in the lounge whilst I was in the kitchen with a group of lads. Anyway, the conversation got around to what we liked about girls' underwear. There was a general agreement on stockings and garters. When I agreed with this someone said that presumably Jenny wore stockings. I didn't know what to say to this. I didn't want to say yes because this would have given the secrets about my wife's underwear away, bu... Continue»
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I 'am a Cock Slave , & Love IT !

My favorite time of day is when my MASTER walks thru the door . I'am there anxiously waiting on the floor in my slave toga & leather collar, on my knees, with my ass in the air , & my head on the ground laying upon my crossed arms . I start to speak , he ends over , & slaps my ass hard , which makes me moan, & whimper with delight .My MASTER then tells me, "No talk just do your duty , & pleasure me ! " & slaps my ass again sharply , mmmmmmmmm it's now making my cock hard !! my MASTER goes, & sits down , as i follow him ,crawling toward HIM still on my arms , & knees ,ass high in the air , i kn... Continue»
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Agents: Going down

Having successfully recovered the stolen Russian thermonuclear weapon Lesley decided to take a well-earned week off shopping in Paris, “It was my second evening in Paris and I’d stopped at a small café to enjoy a glass of wine as I watched the Eiffel tower silhouetted by the slowly setting sun. I’d just paid my bill and was walking back toward my hotel when I felt a sudden sharp pain in the small of my back. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up here, wherever here is.”

Lesley awoke to discover she was hanging suspended in a small metal walled chamber, her wrists and ankles l... Continue»
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