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s****r's Home Movies Ch. 02

"Don't look so forlorn, Ronnie," my s****r said, wrapping her arms
around me from behind as I stared out her living room window. "We both
knew this day was coming."

"I know," I answered quietly, placing my hands over hers. "I just
didn't think it would come so soon."

"None of us did." Maryanne rested her chin on my shoulder and I could
feel her breath on my neck. "Mark was as surprised as anyone when he
became part of the troop withdrawal."

"Don't get me wrong, s*s," I said, turning to face her. "I'm very happy
for you that Mark is coming home," I said, looking... Continue»
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Episode 59 - Father's Day 2020

Mr Jones latest K1ddie-Synth Angie is working in the kitchen when his smart-watch detects the regular up and down movement of his left wrist, which can only mean one thing –he’s masturbating in bed again. Angie quickly scans all the household sensors, detecting Mrs Jones ‘exercising’ in the downstairs gym with her ‘personal trainer’ Teen-Synth Brian. She is teaching him the best anal penetration depth to maximise the length of her orgasm on the rowing machine. Brian is a quick learner, knowing just when pound her deep and slow or keep perfectly still and let her do all the work.

Angie pulls... Continue»
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Wife and her Step Dad, Fathers Day

Linda went over to her parents house. She has a step dad and her mom of course. She went over to take a father’s day card to him. He got more than a card. Linda tells me stuff, like if she masturbates or had phone sex with another guy, she knows I get very horny when she tells me.

She arrived at there place at 6 pm, her mom went out to the store to get some food for father’s day. Linda knocked on the door, her dad answers. She goes in and sits hands him the card. They chat for around 5 minutes. Linda had to use the restroom so she went. As she was leaving, she stopped by her old bed room. ... Continue»
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Flexible S****r part 3

Flexible $i$ter -

This is the third part – check out the other chapters on my profile. This story will make more sense if you do.

Susan has just walked in on her best friend and her friend’s br0ther having sex…


Susan’s face melted from complete astonishment to a sinful smile in just a matter of seconds…

“Oh my – you two have been baaaaad!”

I was struck dumb, I mean really what could I say about what she was looking at? A br0ther and $i$ter covered in cum, laying sweating on th... Continue»
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On the phone with the plumber

I was out of town for the day, having a meeting a few hours away, I would get home that same day but in a very tired state. While I am bunking down for lunch, after the first part of the meeting my phone rang, Kiara, my girlfriend calling.
“Uh, Andy, did you take all the cash..?” She asked, and she sounded genuinely worried. “Yeah Hun, I just took my wallet.” I explained to her as I sipped my glass of water. I heard her gulp. “Well, I called the plumber to fix the bathroom sink, and he already finished fixing it.We owe him like, 80 bucks.” She explained to me. I sighed softly, running my han... Continue»
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The Wild Farm Girl Chapter 1

originally by Frank Brown


The first thing Cindy did after her parents disappeared down the long driveway in the pickup truck was to kick off her shoes and head off across the back pasture for a walk. The dust of the pick-up hadn't yet settled, and she could hear the truck turning out of the driveway onto the road far below in the valley.

The realization that she might never see her mother again, and the realization that from now on it would be just her and her dad and the farm a****ls living alone here at Walnut Grove Farm, saddened her in one way, but thrill... Continue»
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The Wild Farm Girl Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Cindy stepped out of the bathtub and patted herself dry with a thick, fluffy towel. She'd let her hair down, and it hung straight, well past her shoulders. Since she'd kept her hair pinned up in recent months, never letting it down when her mother could see it, her mother never realized just how long it had grown lately. It was blonde and lustrous, satiny. Her mother would have been furious to see it so long, would have called it a vain and sinful display.

Cindy spread a thin layer of baby oil all over her body, giving her smooth skin a sheen and a sweet scent. Her pussy... Continue»
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caught spying on my moms friend.

When i was a teen we had a really hot summer i was horny and stupid, i had caught glimpes of my moms friend getting changed almost by accident. I had been at the very back of our garden sneaking a beer one night and seen her in her bedroom taking off her robe and turning off the light, she was big with large breasts long dark hair and i wanted to see more. This day was exceptionally hot and i was sitting in the shade of the garden shed when i saw her at the bedroom window in a bikini top an ugly orange colour and a little to small for her, but i knew she would be in her garden soon enough.
sq... Continue»
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No longer the horny schoolgirl but still horny!

I had not seen her for a couple of years, but today in town she was there playing in a jazz band. I knew her well and had lusted over her when she was a secondary schoolgirl. As a teacher I knew her well and I knew her reputation with boys from an early age, and I mean with boys not just a boy. She was one of those class of girls who was made for sex, craved for it and usually got it.

I had proof of that one day when I walked into an empty classroom and there she was. Not long into her teens and three older boys. One had his hand between her legs - she was lying across two desks, her school... Continue»
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My Return

I hadn’t been home to Seattle for a year, there was nothing there to come back to really but my father and since he worked frequently in San Francisco which is just a bit north of Stanford we had easily kept in touch. Coming home at the end of my freshman year was a cluster fuck from start to finish. Dad had rented an apartment in a gated exclusive hotel not to live in but as a meeting space. It was also near his Hospital although at that moment the significance of this had no meaning to me. Within an hour of landing at SeaTac airport I had been whisked to this unit by my father’s people and w... Continue»
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Discovering My s****r

It was one of those days, you know, where my lust had just been out of
control. You know, the days where you're just desperately horny. I had
woken up horny (not that I don't always), feeling desperately in need of a
fuck, and despite giving my hardon some repeated attention, my desires
refused to subside.

And it only got worse. Perhaps it was my desires skewing my vision, but
the universe seemed to be playing a cruel joke as I began my day. The
ratio of stunning women I encountered was unreal. Seemingly everyone I met
or walked past on the street was absolutely beautifu... Continue»
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Getting her mom into bbc

I left the car at the repair shop; the check engine light came on while driving to work that morning. Since the shop is only a mile away I walked home. I figured that since I couldn’t go to work I’d stay home and do a little cleaning. The house would be quiet with my daughter at school and I could finally clean out my closet in peace. After calling work and telling them I wouldn’t be in today I changed into some old clothes and began to clean out the closet. I hauled out boxes of old clothes and shoes to be picked up by the charities and threw out a lot of old magazines. Finding a box of old... Continue»
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One Night with Mother

I am with my 19 years horny for my 48 year old mother. When she falls asl**p watching or I befummel it, sometimes I fuck secretly although I think they very well noticed that ......
On a warm summer evening my mother was sitting in a shorts and t-shirt on the terrace, enjoying the good weather. She sat right on the side and was able to look into our house. My 20 year old s****r was probably not home. I sit down briefly with my mother and we talked. I quickly noticed that they like so often wore no bra and could see her nipples through the fabric. I tried one or the other view to catch ... the... Continue»
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Just keeps getting better just keeps getting worse

A long time ago, when I was a lad of 18 or 19. I had a friend who had a s****r who was drop dead gorgeous. Not to skinny but not to fat. Long legs, tan skin, long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and, last but not least, a nice round ass and perfect DD or possibly even E breasts. Needless to say I have spilled more then a fair share of seed thinking about that Italian goddess, but she never really looked my way. At least until one fateful day.
I remember I had just received my very first digital camera from my parents for Christmas a few days ago. I walked over to my friend’s house to show him... Continue»
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Peter, ch. 4 - The Party

Peter came to the house. It was our annual holiday party with about 20-30 friends and neighbors. Always a good time with lots of drinks, lots of laughs, and usually a memorable moment or two throughout the night that would give us something to talk about until the next December party came around. Usually nothing bad or torrid but always something "on the edge" of decorum.

Peter brought a friend, Paul and they both mixed in with the rest of the party perfectly.

It was quite an evening. The wine, beer, scotch, and frozen mudslides flowed freely, the music got louder throughout the night,... Continue»
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kate Wednesday night

I got home and carried out Kate's instructions
Kate phoned and said she might be late, but sally would be coming round to drop some stuff off,
What are you doing she asked,
Just watching telly I replied,
OK I shouldn't be long just a late appointment
I watched telly for a hour, the bell rang
It was sally, I invited her in and made her a drink
Sally put down two carrier bags and we went into the garden and just chatted
She was wearing her work uniform, a black skirt , grey blouse with yellow piping round the collar,she had black tights and flat shoes
She lit a cigarette and crossed... Continue»
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The business trip - 2 guys, 1 fleshlight

It started on one of my business trips. My colleague, Dave and I had to attend a conference in Geneva. We are both straight, in our early thirties, and still in the phase of being horny almost all the time.
We’ve travelled together a few times before, and we always end up talking a lot about hot chicks and stuff. He is happily married though.

On my longer trips I usually bring my fleshlight. When I get back to my hotel room I take a quick shower, and have a good bate session using the fleshlight. I’m a pretty heavy shooter, so I jerk off 2-3 times a day. Otherwise I leak too much precum... Continue»
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Cougar Nurse Sheila

Cougar Nurse Sheila

Mickey had his slender dick in his younger (by nine minutes) b*****r’s ass. He would go slow and then speed up. Then return a few minutes later to slow and deep. His little b*****r was so tight and hot inside. Roger had a perfect little hole between his ass checks. Mickey made his b*****r’s ass jerk and shake. When he looked down, his b*****r’s muscular little butt cheeks reminded him of their mother’s breasts.

Mickey leaned forward, placing his hands on Roger’s back. Mickey started to rabbit-fuck his b*****r as hard and as fast as he could. Roger’s little chec... Continue»
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Working Late

While sitting at his desk, Jack’s IM window opened. It was a message from Priya, one of his coworkers who needed his assistance.

Priya: Hey, when is this report going to be completed?

Jack: Let me look it up. What is the report number?

Priya: 35603.

Jack: Next week.

Priya: Ok, great. I have a bunch more questions if you don’t mind.

Jack: Not at all. Why don’t I come to your office. it will make it easier.

Priya: Really? That would be great. :)

Jack grinned as he packed up his computer and headed over to Priya’s office. He always looked forward to seeing her as... Continue»
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Business Trip

Tom’s phone rang at the end of the day, just as he was packing up to leave from his office in northern New Jersey. He sighed and picked up the phone. It was his boss, telling him that he was needed in the Boston office first thing on Monday. It was Thursday. His boss also told him that he would be traveling with his colleague, Tessa. Tom smiled when he heard that news. Tessa was a very attractive woman who worked in another department and the two of them had a little flirtatious friendship. Both of them were married, but Tom’s relationship with his wife was a trainwreck of co-dependency... Continue»
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