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injured stepson

I'm susan,35, pretty and i have a very nice body for a 35 year old. I am married to john,50. It was my first marriage and his second. we've been married for just 2 years now. John and his first wife are divorced. john has a beautiful son,Greg, who is 18 years old. he's tall and slightly built. He's a football player and a very active boy. he also loves motorbike racing.

I have always wanted to fuck a 18 year old. Young studs got a lot of stamina and unlike my weak 50 year old hubby, they can give me give me more pleasure and a deep long fuck. Well, i always fantasized having sex with my ste... Continue»
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nephew loves my tits

Hi there! My name is Beth. This story is about how opened Pandora’s Box, and man, did I love what was inside. I’ll start by telling you alittle bit about myself, I’m rather tall for a woman, close to 5’10” but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not small, by any means, actually I’m quite heavy. Clothes can be quite expensive for me, as I have to buy plus sizes, the upside to this, is my breasts are actually quite huge by today’s standards, 46DDD to be exact. I don’t really care for them, but the seem to attract some attention from the more open-minded guys I see. I divorced my husband a couple ye... Continue»
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f****y Ties

Jack, Betty, Melanie, Dirk, and Daphne, the Hoyt’s: a loving f****y. Jack and Betty had k**s very young, at 18 to be exact. They were young, stupid and very horny. That sex drive carried from them to their k**s. Melanie was 17. She was a junior and she was always one of the most popular girls in school. She was 5’10” 115 pounds. She had blonde hair down to the middle of her back and a nice pair of 38 c tits. She loved teasing all the boys at school by showing a lot of cleavage but of course she would never go anywhere with any of them. Dirk was an average 16-year-old k**. He played hockey in t... Continue»
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Toms sperm test

Elizabeth Blay was was anxious, because her 18 years old son, Tom, had pain in his bladder.
Fearing that it was an urinary tract infection, she wanted to take him to a doctor.
She was also worried for another problem. His son had a hospital- phobia. Even that medicine
smell in the hospitals was enough to make him very uncomfortable and uneasy. Having all those
thoughts in her mind, Elizabeth called the hospital to get an appointment for his son.

A day later she took Tom to the hospital to see Doctor Susan Heyes.
After completing the inspections and required tests Dr. Heyes said;... Continue»
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MFF Threesome - First Time

I love being a cruise social director because it enables me to travel all over the world and meet a wide variety of interesting new people.  This week we are heading to the Greek Islands surrounded by crystal blue waters and pristine white sands.  Greece is so much fun to visit because they are so open sexually as is evident by their phallic symbols peppered throughout their tourist shops.

My best friend Jessica, who is 10 years younger, and I like to tour the ports together so we can try the local cuisine, explore the sights and meet interesting new people.  We decide to take a private sno... Continue»
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Good Mother From Train Was Sex Starved

After getting into milfs and couples I was so horny whole days for one month. I was waiting to explore a lady more wildly and harder. Anyway thinking of this whole night passed away. Next day I m leaving my home town via prasanthi express from bangalore to bhubaneswar.

Ola cab dropped me at station and went to my seat. I was unaware of my co passenger as most of times men’s or old ladies around. Just before departure a lady with 2 k**s came, politely asked excuse me is this s7,yes mam, she said thanks. She went on placing
... Continue»
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Mature's and Step-s****r - who could want mor

I awoke the next morning to find Laura gone from our bed. I looked over at the bedside clock and noted it was only 6 am – and realised I’d only had about 3 hours sl**p. After our threesome, and a period of recovery (for me) and champagne drinking, I had fucked Jen one more time before we all fell asl**p. This had been at the request of Laura, who wanted to watch the two of us together, whilst she sat across the room, fingering herself to another orgasm. Jen and I had taken our time, enjoying one another’s bodies with hands and tongues, before Jen climbed on top and slowly fucked me until we bo... Continue»
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A quick tune up

My husband(mike) had a great job which paid well and provided more than enough money to live very comfortably. The downside was he frequently traveled for weeks at time which left me at home to care for the k**s, house, dog and most importantly myself. He had been gone for about 2 weeks and was due to fly home late that evening. After long trip like this i send the k**s to my parents for the night and picked him up at the airport so we could get some alone time that i desperately needed. That day i had several errands to run so i got dressed up and did my makeup before going out. I wore... Continue»
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usu... Continue»
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The First Time

The evening at the dinner table was the same as countless others during the years following my father's passing. Mother had prepared the meal, we ate together, and then I took care of the clean-up and dish washing afterwards. We both worked outside the house during the day, and this living arrangement worked well for both of us. Conversation was usually not too deep or involved over dinner; we were not in the habit of sharing our problems, fears, or serious concerns. Tonight, however, mother announced that her best female friend, Stella, had propositioned her and wanted to penetrate her w... Continue»
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Uncles wife first, then Tracy ???????

My Story relates back 20 years when I was about 40 years old, it started at Christmas when my wife and myself went to my Uncles home for Christmas drinks. We had a good drink and were feeling quite merry, then as the pubs emptied more people joined us. One a couple of girls consisted of my Uncles step niece which had come from his wifes previous marriage (he was married 4 times) the step nice was Rachaul a chubby girl not bad looking but all Breast and backside with moody sorry for her self attitude, not my type at all even at 19 years.
Her friend was the real deal in my eyes slim, peti... Continue»
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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Second Part)

We had kissed in the shower and held each other, but nothing else happened. She was my mistress while we were together, I realised that, and I was her loving and obedient subordinate. I never knew how overwhelmingly powerful that could be. My body just wanted her attention and I was on the edge of sexual arousal all the time.

Alison wanted to “chill out” this morning and we both put on bikinis and went onto the decking besides the pool and the luxurious loungers. The sun was warm, the pool looked so welcoming. I wondered why we had bothered with bikinis, but after ten minutes, I realised. ... Continue»
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Fucked by my Friend's Dad

After getting back home from my second year of college I couldn't wait to see my best friend Jasmine who I hadn't seen in around six months. Excited to see each other we decided that we would spend the night together at her house; talk about college, guys, and other girl stuff, watch movies, eat junk food, just like the good ole days. Now I had always had a crush on Jasmine's dad, Scott, who was 42, 6'2, muscular, and had short brown hair and blue eyes that would always hold my stare anytime we made eye contact. Having not seen him in quite a long time, I had forgotten just how attracted I was... Continue»
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Bound for Hawaii

“So this is how it’s going to be”, I thought to myself.
I looked around at my crew and couldn’t believe my eyes. This is what I get for putting an ad on Craigslist. I should have known better.

Free Trip to Hawaii

I am off to sail the South Pacific and need crew to help sail my boat to my first stop in Hawaii. No experience necessary, just a healthy sense of adventure, no fear and willing to learn and work. Please text me at …

All the men that responded were either pretty weird, running from the law, were lazy or afraid of water. I have no clue what’s wrong with men these days.
... Continue»
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Former Mother In Law Went Shopping (Part 1)

This was a bit long (and it would take me too long to type it all at once) so I've split it into 2 parts. As with all of my other posts, this too is true.

I'd been having a bit of a fling with my former mother in law, (step-mother in law, technically), Gail for a couple while now. It started when she & I went to a baseball game one night and she blew me on the way home. For a bit of refresher, Gail is 55 or 56, about 5'4" and a slightly overweight (really more thick than fat) with dirty blonde hair. Her build & hair is similar to the actress Jennifer Coolidge.

So on to our most recent ... Continue»
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Andy and Amanda - Episode 2 - House Party, told by

This is the second in my series of stories about Andy and Amanda. Each story is published twice. Once as told by Andy and once as told by Amanda. Try reading them both and let me know what you think about the different perspectives.

The next morning I arose early to finish clearing up after the night before. Amanda joined me downstairs around 11.00 and we shared a little breakfast. We talked about how successful the party was but neither the Jacuzzi nor Jerry were mentioned. The rest of the day past by quietly and we had an early night, both being tired. I suggested a quickie but Amanda sa... Continue»
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The Awakening of a Sex Fiend

This story is fiction.

I think at one time or another, most married men have fantasized or thought of having sex with their Mother-in-law. I have been married thirty years and to be honest I too have had a fantasy or two.

My Mother-in-law is about 70 years old, but she looks much younger. Her salt and pepper hair, I view as a badge of honor. Her figure is much nicer than most her age. In short, she is very good looking. I never thought that what I am about to tell you would ever occur.
It was about four months when my wife and I went to visit for the Super Bowl. When we arrived my w... Continue»
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First bull experience

I always had my suspicions, but 6 years into marriage and I discovered what I had instinctively knew all along. That my wife had cheated on me with a number of other men in the past. I tried to be the better man, forgive, and let go, but in the ensuing argument I only asked one thing. That she not talk to those men again over facebook and other social media... to which she replied "I'll talk to who I please, and if I did you'd never know anyways".

This would spark a new phase in not just our marriage, but within myself. I became jealous, and a spy. I spent years going through everything. It... Continue»
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Weekend away

Dan was sitting at the kitchen counter, half concentrating on his news feed on his tablet, and half on the focus of his latest fantasy. His portfolio of fantasies changed regularly, but his faithfulness to his wife always held him back from attempting to fulfill any of his kinky thoughts. He could still recall vividly the day this current fantasy became his current erotic favourite. Like this morning he had been catching up on the latest news, when he noticed her, she was preparing for the last rehearsal for her dance recital, she was only a few feet away, doing some stretches when she bent ov... Continue»
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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (First Part)

A young girls journey to womanhood

First Part

My name is Daniella. This story is not my story, but one of another. I am part of this story, and I am so pleased to have been privileged to be so. It starts with me smelling coffee as I wake up naked in the white linen sheets of the bed. My body is still glowing, still feeling the residual after effects of many orgasms and yes, I feel the pressure of the butt plug deep in my ass, already starting to give me my next sexual thrills of the day. It is in this warm sensual luxury I open my eyes and see Alison, the giver of all my sexual highs las... Continue»
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