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Shota Cock Garden Party (story I found)

“Eh. He’s alright.”

Mrs. Lane hefted Timmy Smith’s hard cock, gauging its length and thickness. “He’s… I mean, he’s a solid seven, that’s not bad, but nothing compared to my William. There’s a reason I named him that, you know,” she said proudly, looking over to where three of the other mothers were crowded around her proud boy, admiring his fat nine inches.

“There’s more than size, you silly slut,” Mrs. Smith said fondly, stroking her son’s hair. “Look at his balls. There’s more and sweeter cum inside Timmy here than in any three other boys, no matter how big they are. And seven inches ... Continue»
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Lisa's Sessions Ch 4. Karl's Super Girl


Two days after the all-nighter with King, the receptionist and his Twink-boy I returned to Dr. Heard’s office. The receptionist, Nancy, smiled and proudly showed off her swollen lips. Apparently King’s Twink took quite a liking to her and fucked her mouth so hard she’d earned a pair of fat lips. She said nothing about it to me because she knew I already knew what had taken place. She showed me into the office and brought me some tea to enjoy while Dr. Heard finished with his last patient of the normal day in the next room over.
I also knew Nancy was expected at King’s place in a... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. Paula is incredible. Wait until you read what happened next!!!

As we dressed after our shower (she had a shirt and shorts in a pool bag) I discovered that Paula was being accompanied by her Aunt Z who had had an allergic reaction to some shellfish they had had the night before. Her aunt had been married for five years when her husband lost control of a motorcycle and had gone into the front of a semi-truck. That had been just over a year ago. Her time of mourning was over and she h... Continue»
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Exercising with Lucy

Exercising with Lucy

Alex watched his petite girlfriend sliding her tight little asshole back and forth on his peter. Lucy was on her hands and knees in front of him. Her head drooped, sweat was dripping off her nose, and she was grunting like a racehorse mid-gallop. It was her favorite way to sex. He was trying hard to think of something other than her tight rectum so he could last long enough to make her climax. He thought of their first meeting…

Alex’s f****y lived in a Co-Op in NYC. It had a gym on the top floor which was rarely used. He originally went up there to look out at... Continue»
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A Fat ASS ;)

I remember I was fresh out of college and my wife wanted to visit her f****y. We drove the long drive and when we made it it was rewarding to see her hot mom because she was so much taller than I was. My face came up to her breasts and if I hugged her normally I would be hugging her ass. She was In shape for her age and height which was awesome. She is a modest lady and always wearing a silky black dress which hugs her wide hips and dips inside her cheeks. She has bent down in front of me many times to pick up stuff from the floor and it was tempting every time to reach and get a nice gentle g... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part 2

Jenny, Mum and Dad.
Part two
When Sharron felt Brains cock twitch against her and saw the look on his face she snapped him back to reality and said, “What the fuck are you thinking?” He look at her and said, “I think that she might have heard us and it might have turned her on or she’s just horny like you and needs to do herself before going to bed. I don’t fucking know.” Sharron wondered the same thing but had to ask about his twitching cock.

He now had that guilty look on his face and said, “Look at her. Look at how beautiful our daughter is. Look at what she’s doing and don’t tell me ... Continue»
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the wife and her s****r..

it was a Friday night and the the wife's s****r was visiting us as she was going through a rough patch with her husband, we were sat having a drink and the door bell went, Susan asked my wife Jane who could that be? Jane looked at me and i looked puzzled then i remembered i had rang Ged to come over and have some fun with the wife and i, it totally slipped my mind.

i looked at Jane and said it was Ged he was popping in for a drink with me! i answered the door and i shut it behind me and told him what was going on he said it was ok he would come again another night, i said no do come in for... Continue»
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Fire in the cabin

There times were sex is more then the physical reaction. For me this was one of those times. Sometimes I think about being married and the reasons that I love me wife. Sometimes I wonder why the sex comes far and few, but always ends with her talking to her girlfriends about how mind blowing it was. Yet I figured that she is happy but I am not, that not to make a big deal. After all, I am having more sex then when I was younger. Then one day I crossed the line, on how I viewed sex and the emotions that went with it. It all starts with my choices of life, when I am bored and have nothing muc... Continue»
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stuck up s****r in law pt2

Having fucked Shelley in her kitchen I retired to bed feeling quite pleased with my self, getting to fuck that big titted slut in her own house, In bed I climbed in next to my d***ken wife, Her totally unaware that not ten minutes earlier I had fucked and slapped her s****r around the kitchen. I slept soundly awakening with a ragging hard on from the previous nights activities. I rolled over and lightly rubbed my wifes firm nipples feeling them stiffen, mmmmm was the slight moan from her lips. I moved my hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy, as I slowly stroked and teased her pussy she slowly... Continue»
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back seat blowjob

Breck, Bobbie, and their parents were out the door heading to the f****y car for a long trip out to the campground for the summer. Breck hadn’t really wanted to go, as it was always the same old boring thing. But Bobbie had convinced him otherwise. Standing next to the car as he was complaining she whispered in his ear “if you promise not to complain or tell I’ll make it worth your while” in a sexy voice ending with a nibble on his ear. The two were b*****r and s****r, but as Bobbie was the total freak with blond pig tails, a very short red plaid miniskirt, and a brazier for a top (one that lo... Continue»
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I have been a happly married man for the past twenty years. like all marrages that marry young we had our ups and downs, but all in all life was pretty good for myself and Deborah my wife.

Deborah was at the time of the incident was forty years old. Due to a good diet and work outs she had a firm fit body, she weight 8 stone, size 10, with a good size 34c tits.

Deborah has two s****rs and it was at the wedding to one of them (Michelle)that the incident happened.

Michelle was divorced and had taken up with a new bloke called Daz. Due to the vast distance between our homes we rarely... Continue»
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Stuck Up s****r In Law

Although my wife and i have been happily married for quite a few years now, it hasn’t stopped me playing around. It was some five years after I married her that I had my first conquest with her older s****r. In fact she has two older s****rs but I will come on to the other later.

Di, my wife and I were invited to a Christmas party at he s****rs house. Shelly and Tony had been together for four years and at times she could be a complete bitch, a right stuck up cow always superior and putting any one down with a flippant remark

Half way through the evening I happened to walk past the front... Continue»
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Basic Training

It was a quarter till nine in the morning and I was running late. Well, not really. I was just in a hurry to get to the health club. I'd volunteered to be an instructor in 'free weight training' a couple of months ago, and I'd found it was something I never regretted. This morning for example, I had an appointment with a new chick that had just joined a couple of days ago. Her name was Lisa, and from what I'd seen of her the other day is what put me in such a rush this morning. She was a knockout!!

I'd been down in the free weight room in the middle of instructing some high school k** in do... Continue»
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Humiliated By Two Girls

I enjoy camping. Most times I just go to a campsite and pretend to rough it with a hundred or so of other suburbanites. This was one of those times, and once my tent was up, I ventured out for a swim and checked out my surroundings. There were a few families, couples, and a few single people. No one seemed like they would get out of hand and ruin the stay. The beach was fairly packed and the water warm. I surveyed the eye candy once I got out deeper and pretended to tread water as I pulled my trunks down and rubbed my dicklette while checking out a few girls in string bikinis diving near ... Continue»
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my first time thinking of men ( i became a sissy c

Growing up I always enjoyed dressing up in my mom’s and s****r’s clothes. I never saw my fascination with dressing as anything weird, and as a matter of fact I was never attracted to men or thought about men while I dressed. To me, I found dressing as just something fun and not to mention it always gave me a sense of feeling sexy – even at a young age. The thought of men never crossed my mind until I was in my teens, and when I finally did think of men it happened abruptly. During the summer of 2005 I was 14 years old. I was still dressing up but I would only do it at night when everyone was a... Continue»
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My Grandma

I, 19 years old, of course, know that I must not fuck my grandma is married .....
But I was after the last action with the massage just awesome in this woman. So I went back down times to help her something on the farm, of course, only to find a remedy again and experience a horny situation. My grandpa was with the truck on the long trail, somewhere in North Africa with expensive designer clothes to sew as last time.
My mother brought me there and also stayed overnight since the easy route almost 500 km was. My grandmother came out of the house as we drove up the driveway. Direct I noticed h... Continue»
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Cuckold asks wife to cheat again

Me and my wife are fairly recently married but we have been in a cuckold relationship way before marriage.
For those of you who have read my stories, as you know we entered this life style when I caught my wife cheating on me... The story is one of the earlier stories on my page so feel free to read it.

Anyway this story happened a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty horny and my wife Sue was out on a date so I decided to read some of my older stories and remember all the hot experiences me and Sue had... My bi experiences with some of her Bulls, when she exposed me as a cuckold to all my fr... Continue»
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The Boy from Neighbor (Netfound)

I'm really not the woman who writes down everything. We, my f****y and I stayed for quite some years here in Berlin in a better area with single-f****y homes and small apartment buildings. I was 48 years old, had a rather exuberant female figure and did not find me really great. The ass too big and the big tits hung halt. However, I had a pretty flat stomach whereby the breasts seemed even taller than he already was. From my husband I had separated me 3 years ago and stayed with me my two c***dren Jan, 14, and Andrea 16 Years Old.
As in Berlin as usual, we had no Jalosien or large curtains. O... Continue»
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What a sissy wants from her Daddy

Many people ask me, Why are you a sissy? What do you get out of it?

Well I will explain.

I'm male and when I'm in normal clothes and at work, I look like a normal guy. I like girls and am straight.


I have another side!

Becky my sissy side!

Such a lovely little girl, cute, loving and submissive. Becky loves her Daddy or Mummy. She likes kisses and cuddles and loves being hugged.
Becky loves pink satin panties with white lace frill. Ivory sheer tights and stockings, pretty knee socks or frilly ankle socks and patent black Mary Jane shoes! Satin Dresses, Japanese Sailo... Continue»
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My partner Phil her teenage daughter Sue and son Sean and I lived in Brighton
We are both bi and love all kinds of horny sexual adventures
When we got together first Phil confessed she loved young cocks and cunts
Her great fantasy was to be fucked by a group of blacks with big cocks
but she had very little experience as her ex husband had dominated her
I told her I loved the same as her as well as older women virtually anyone who fucked well
Philis a tall thin brunette with small pert tities .She has a beautiful arse with plump arse cheeks
and dresses very slut... Continue»
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