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Dinner time with Becky Part 1

My first sexual experience began when I had just started school. My s****r Becky was 3 years older then me. She had long, dark, curly hair and a slender body. Since as long ago as I could remember, she would play "House" with me. I was always her baby and she would dress me up, pretend to change my diaper, feed me and things like that. One day she decided to take even more of a motherly roll.
Playing like usual, Becky told me "take off all of your clothes Timmy so that I can change you again". I was getting too old for this now and it was becoming more and more frequent, but, I didn't ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction

Synopsis: My wife's girl form another marriage is home before going to grad school. I happen to see her getting out of the shower unexpectedly..... For the rest..... Read on....

Adult c***dren of your spouse from another marriage are not really yours… so it isn’t really i****t, is it??
Tara is Jane’s daughter…. And that girl… well read the story….

The flat tire on the car was an unexpected stroke of good luck. I called my boss who told me that since I had already hit my quota for both the week and month, I could just take the d... Continue»
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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 3

Jake met his friends at the bar and after ordering a cold one He decided to return Allyson´s calls. But she wouldn´t answer.

The girl was busy packing up her things in his room, totally ignoring her cell phone, totally ignoring her cell phone. She was done crying and now anger began to take over.

“Son of a bitch!” – she cursed as she took the books she had lent him even if he Jake was not the kind of guy who actually enjoys reading. That would be me.

Her tea was getting cold in the kitchen so I decided to take it t... Continue»
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Lor and I went into our flat leaving Olivia sunbathing in her lacy pink bra and panties

My wife Phil came home and came into the sitting room where I was watching porn
"Hi darling your favorite girl,Olivia is putting on a sexy show next door" I informed her
Phil was wearing a black cross over dress which was held closed by a small bow
As she walked it opened and revealed her skimpy red satin panties and her matching red
frilly see through bra as she rushed up stairs to,look out the bedroom window
As I entered the bedroom Phil was watching
Olivia bent over her young schoolgirl daughte... Continue»
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My best friends mother wants it PART 2

She saying "what are you doing little boy, your gonna make mummy cum",
I say "mummy needs a fat cock in her wet pussy",
she said,"no no no you can't" .
I continue to play with her pussy then put her in a head lock and said "this is you re-match", we wrestled a bit, she got out of breath so easily got her on the floor on her back. I kneeled down over her and pin her arms then counted to three. She said you win again, but instead of getting up i got both her big soft tits out instead. She said "you dirty boy,can you handle them", i didn't answer i just unzipped my jeans and got my... Continue»
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My best friends mother part 3

I decided to take Lucy (my girl friends little naughty s****r) to my best mate dave's house. It wasn't planned we were just driving by and we had some time to kill.
We got the and parked up and we walked up to the door and rang the intercom. Dave's mother answered and let us in. We got in and sat in the kitchen at first and Miss Brown dave's mother offered us a drink and sat down and said "dave's out for the day but you two can stay for a while if you want'. I took her up on her offer and me and Lucy went to the living room and turned the TV on.
We sat watching Tv for a while and then i nee... Continue»
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Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy Lessons

By billy69boy

I was so engrossed in solving my daily crossword puzzle that I hadn't noticed my young neighbor approaching.

"Good morning, Mr. Gaines! You're up early today," the sweet voiced girl called out cheerily. I immediately looked up from my newspaper and instinctively closed my legs so as not to embarrass the girl, or myself, for that matter.

"Hello Kendra, how are you?" I had forgotten that school was done for the summer, and as in years past, Kendra had come over to do some sunning and make use of my pool. I hadn't seen her in a bikini since last se... Continue»
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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 2 of 4

Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a f****y pool party.

Part 2

"BOO! Haha! I scared the shit out of you guys, didn’t I!?" Rick came bursting up beside them from under the water.

Mark quickly pulled out of Kimberly and pulled up his trunks. Kimberly started splashing Rick as a distraction.

“What are you two party poopers doing over here, huh?” Rick asked.

Kimberly and Mark looked at each other nervously trying to come up with an excuse.
“We were talking about what movie to put on for the k**s.” Ki... Continue»
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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 3 of

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 3 of 4

Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a f****y pool party.

Part 3

Mark had come back outside after everyone was settled down for the movie. He had hoped to continue where he and Kimberly left off when he heard the noises. He knew what they were doing. It was hard to see in the dark, but he heard the splashing and the moaning and the grunting. It filled him with equal parts jealousy and lust. He was able to walk right up on them without being detected. It would have been easy to stop them but he didn’t want to. All... Continue»
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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 4 of

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 4 of 4

Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a f****y pool party.

Part 4

Rick held Kimberly's back against him. His arms under her knees, spreading her legs wide open. Both men were rock hard and wanting a release. Mark saw the opportunity and slid into the warm pool water.

“Man, you really did a number on her.” Mark laughed.
“I’ll be honest with you, man. I’ve been wanting to do this to her for a long time now.” Rick admitted.
“Yeah, you’re not alone there. Try living with her. Blue balls every day seeing her wal... Continue»
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Her Dad

I stayed at Carol's house many times. We were best friends. This night about 2 AM Carol was asl**p and I went down to the kitchen to get a pop. I had on a tube top and bikini panties. I have nice firm DD tits and love to show them off. I was getting ice when some one grabbed me and kissed my neck. I turned to see Carol's dad there naked. He had been watching me and his big thick cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. He was very hung and I liked seeing him hard. He grabbed me and began kissing my mouth and giving me lots of tongue. Carol's dad is single and quite handsome and now I know... Continue»
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The Pool Mens Locker Room

I always looked forward to going down to Florida to visit relatives. There was always so many hot older men at the community pool.Many of them tan and hairy with salt and pepper hair wearing their short shorts.

On this one particular day i was heading in to shower as the pool was about to close, i was thinking about all the sexy old men i had seen that day. There was one in particular that i could not stop thinking about. He was one of the few still left at the pool, he had an athletic build for an older guy, strong thick hairy legs, grey beard and hairy chest.

throughout the day i kep... Continue»
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Unplanned d***ken 4Some with my GF, best mate and

Me and my girlfriend booked a holiday to Spain this year and my best mate who was also looking for a holiday for him and his girlfriend asked if they could join us on ours as they thought it would be more fun going on holiday together.

After looking at hotels we quickly noticed that we got better value for money if we shared a villa instead of paying for two rooms at a hotel.

Both couples are in their early 20s so as young people do we got really d***k one night near the end of the holiday, all four of us were sitting around our outdoor table by the pool having a few more drinks at the ... Continue»
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Santa Lovers – Alicia and Sam

Santa Lovers – Alicia and Sam

Alicia was under her special uncle. He was very gentle but his huge belly spread across her tiny one and hung down over her sides. She felt wrapped in love and protected from the world. She was so warm and safe with her Uncle Santa. Her slender legs were spread wide and she was being stretched incredible open between her legs. When Alicia’s sweet pussy had been opened like this in the past, she always felt like it was too full to ever close up again. As her uncle’s dick went deeper… and then deeper… and then deeper, she gasped with love and pleasure. She... Continue»
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Meeting a female exhibitionniste Part 1

Meeting a female exhibitionist Part 1
It was summer, a hot day, I was walking down the path of a park dressed in shorts and t-shirt, my cock half hard in my shorts, I am a flasher so I was looking for women to wank in front of.
As I passed by the k**dies playground, I stopped dead, through the bushes I could see a young woman aged about 18 sitting on a bench, she had her skirt raised up, she was not wearing panties and she was fingering her cunt vigorously, moaning with pleasure. My cock hardened in my shorts. I crept into the bushes, stripped naked and stroked my 12 inch very fat cock gentl... Continue»
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]The Party…..a Sample Story

The Party…..a Sample Story

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. I do not condone the actions taken by my fictional characters.

This is a Sample of the conclusion of a Very Real Story. The Complete Story and Full Ending can be read by Friends Only. If you would like to it read, and my other stories send me a Friend Request.

The Ending to this Story is very real...I would like to read comments on what my readers think about the ending. Want to read more stories like it?

--------- Chapter 17
The Party……

The... Continue»
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A Golden Oportunity

I don’t seek out sexual partners at work. I try not to shit where I eat. But sometimes a golden opportunity just falls in your lap.

I was in my early thirties, in good shape, recently divorced, and in possession (though not necessarily in control of) a 9 inch cock. I was working on a project with a colleague when our boss got us a new fulltime typist to help with our reporting requirements. My friend and I were in my office discussing something or other, when a perfectly beautiful, slim, young woman appeared at my open office door, sporting shoulder length wavy blond hair, and wearing a whi... Continue»
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Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 1 of

Pool Party With Stepdad and His Friend: Part 1 of 4

Synopsis: Kimberly seduces her stepdad and his friend at a f****y pool party.

Part 1

It was getting dark. Mark could tell his friends, especially his wife, where way past tipsy. Alcohol was the only reprieve from a 7 year old's birthday party. The c***dren were playing loudly, thrilled to be in the pool after dark. All but Kimberly, his stepdaughter. She was the only teenager. Too old to play with the k**s and too young to join the adults.

As Mark watched the girl lazily floating on her back in the deep end of the pool, he foun... Continue»
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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 2

Allyson - my roommate´s girlfriend PART 2

I closed the door, speechless. That jerk just broke her heart big time and there was nothing I could have done. Actually I didn´t know what to do at that very moment.
Maybe instinct or maybe some clever part of me took over and I opened the door.

Allyson was out of sight, by that time she had already walked around the corner I rushed to catch up with her.

Wait!” – I shouted – “Allyson?

She was not walking, she was just standing there, a cigarette in her... Continue»
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Football Mascot – Gabi

Football Mascot – Gabi

Gabi was sucking on his favorite dick stick, the one owned by the black tackle of his dad’s football team. Talon was massive all over, but especially his cock. One of Gabi’s hands was sliding up and down on it. Gabi’s other hand was stroking the massive cock of the Center on the same team. Larry was white and even heavier than Talon but his cock was slightly, but only slightly, smaller. Pedro was between Gabi’s legs using his own massive cock to gently slap back and forth against Gabi’s sweet peter. It was a game invented by Gabi. Pedro was the Latino offensive... Continue»
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