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Sloppy second fuck for son

In my first year at University of Sao Paulo, I moved out of dormitory
to an adult student housing because It provided more free doom and at
lower cost, and My new roommate was a black Brazil dude.

Back on those days, We always flat broke near month end, homemade wine and
beer was the only entertainment we had on weekend. People often exchanged
hiding thoughts and ideas when under influence of alcohol thus We compared
notes most of the time about women at school. On one occasion we were talking
about milf, and sure enough that our moms got in to the conversation. That
when ... Continue»
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(Gay) My Best Friends Dad

Hi lads,
Thanks for all your continued reading, conmenting and thumbs up on my stories. You guys are awesome.
As always, this story is 100% true. Some names have been changed though.
Remember, comment and thumbs up if you enjoy it. And as always friend requests accepted.

My friends dad is what you call an opportunist. Leave it lying around and its gone.

He's in and out of HMP and has a record as long as your arm.

At 42, there's really no chance of him changing. Especially since the stolen goods are normally sold off for d**gs... Continue»
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Part 2 of the Cousin.

The last was deleted so I will have to edit this a bit.

So it had been years since I had seen my C....n Katie. I Had gone into the Marines, and was getting out. I was now divorced and had a son I would see on the weekends. I got an apartment in a very hot part of the city (NY) with a strip of Irish pubs. This area gets wild around St. Pats.

Katie, now 19 was just moving back, but to a suburb. She now really didn't have friends in the area, and the burbs are boring. I invited her to come over some weekend because I could get her into the pubs. This became a common weekend deal. She was ... Continue»
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Fucking My Next Door Neighbor

These people moved in next door about ten or twelve years ago and the husband was kind of a jerk, very unfriendly and I hardly ever saw him. But the wife.....I did not see her much at first either. Then I started noticing that she liked to do yoga stuff on their deck and occasionally a little sunbathing. I started taking notice. Not a beauty but not bad either. Then she was about 37-39 5'8ish and maybe 140 lbs slightly chubby, dark hair and complexion.

I grew blackberries on the fence that separates our property and a lot of them are on her side of the fence and she came down one day when s... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 4

Sue went into great detail telling me how much she loved sucking Cody's big cock for the first time. Admitting she loved her first taste of cum and had been addicted to it since then. All this time when we were married to others and just friends I thought she was a sweet innocent woman. Sue was the woman of my dreams and loved sex as much as did. Although she had sucked multiple boys off at the same time she had never had two guys fucking her at once. She was very excited for this to happen and just couldn't believe I wanted her to do it just as much as she wanted it. She kept asking me if I ... Continue»
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Sexy with my Aunt ( a Teacher)

When was in 10th standard , i was studying a lot and lot .Due to some work my parents went to my home town ,i was staying alone with my neighbour aunt is a Biology teacher , she is 41 years old with good body . i used to ask doubts in subject she used to clear my all doubts,On sunday we both were there in the first floor ,its was a bit boring day for me, there was a door which connects to our single bed room portions,
she opened the door and told me to ask her if i have any doiubts., i was happy for that time .. and my aunt was in a beautiful saree ,i went to her house to clear some doubts... Continue»
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taboo (with my s****r) don't say anything!!!!

Me and my s****r have always been very close, in and out of the shower without covering up that kinda thing. We would tease each other about how we looked to each other but deep down I always thought could there be more? Well as you know I'm married and she is also married with k**s. Well one day recently we are at her house, her husband was at work the k**s are in school. Well she was napping on the couch fully dressed of course and barefoot she never wears socks. I sat down real easy and lifted her feet up and lay them back on my lap. I started gently rubbing her feet and playing with her to... Continue»
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The Sleeepover – Chapter 8

The Sleeepover – Chapter 8

by samslam

"Who's next for Brandon, the stud?" Lauren says as she exits the bathroom. Her three naked friends are lying on the bed looking at each other.

"It's my turn," Alex says, excitedly, "I haven't gotten laid yet."

"Perfect!" Lauren says, turning to leave the bathroom.

"Aren't you going to stay," Alex asks. "You can play with his balls as he fucks me. He liked it when I did that when he was fucking Kristina."

"Maybe someone should spank his ass while he's fucking you, Alex," she seethes. "I bet he'd like that." She turns and he... Continue»
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Jen’s Painful Lessons

Susan called me and asked me to stop by her house after work. Susan was a real pain. She was the widow of my dead ex-partner and, as far as I was concerned, a real nut burger, to put it mildly. Jim, my old partner had been a good friend. I owed him (and his f****y) I guess.

While Susan was ditzy, she was also very beautiful and so was her young daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer, “Jen” to her friends, had been a marriage surprise. Susan thought she was putting on a few pounds when her doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Susan went from being a young trophy wife to becoming a mom, Jim a dad, an... Continue»
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Pleasure of fucking my friends mom when he's

His Mom Never said: (stop)


__”Hey dude, your so hot for my mom, you get red in the face around her.” Troy got red in the face, but said nothing. We laughed as I said: “Good luck, ya can’t touch her, others have tried.” Then I whispered: (“I can’t even see her naked, she’s a ’no go’, even now that my dad’s gone.”) We continued to talk quietly about how hot she was.

I told him how she always locks her bedroom door, the bathroom door and how I can’t even sneak a peek at her. Troy asked: “Dana, what does she wear first thing in the morning?” I said: “A thick robe and buttoned at ... Continue»
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The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters - Par

The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters

Sarah and I had gotten married pretty quickly, we had only been together just over a year before walking down the aisle. But, that was not really a surprise as our sex-life from the beginning was adventurous and fully open, why wouldn’t we want to decide to get married. We had done almost everything together in and out of bed, together and with others, toys, bondage, role-play, W/S. Sarah also being bisexual not only accepted my bisexual desires but encouraging them, also she had no problem with my passion for wearing fact at our weddi... Continue»
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Fammily Business

f****y Business
By Gandalf ©

It was in the late fifties and I was in my early teens which did not mean a lot then. My mother took me to my grandmother who was a nurse, where we had tea and cake. Nothing unusual, families were quite close then especially after the war. After tea my Gran stood up and told me to follow her into the next room. I looked at my mom and she nodded and indicated I should follow. I knew what was coming. Gran checked out all the k**s in the neighborhood to see if they were developing correctly, now it was my turn. I dreaded this. Gran pulled the curtains to and told... Continue»
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On my stomach.

We walk into her bedroom and she shuts the door. My heart is beating faster than normal. I'm nervous and excited. I've fantasized about this moment for years.

"Strip", She says with confidence and authority. It sounds louder than it was in the quiet.

I immediately take all my clothes off, my cock quickly filling with bl**d. I put the clothes on a nearby chair, and then stand next to the bed. She walks next to me with her front facing my side. I feel her lean into me. Her clothes touch my bare skin. My nakedness becomes highlighted by this. She is clearly in charge.

I'm startled by the... Continue»
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The Sleeepover – Chapter 7

The Sleeepover – Chapter 7

by samslam

While I'm waiting for the shower spray to get hot, Kylie slips into the bathroom.

"Want me to wash your back, Brandon?" she asks. What the hell, why not?

"Sure," I answer as I move aside to invite her into the shower. We stand facing each other with the shower spray hitting her back as she lathers soap over my cock and balls.

"I thought you said my back," I tease.

"We'll get to that," she smiles as my cock recovers more quickly than I expected.

"Mmmm," Kylie purrs as I caress her breast and pinch her nipples. "Once we g... Continue»
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Seduced By Mom's Best Friens

I was 20 and just arrived home for the summer after finishing
a grueling semester at college where I was majoring in Biochemistry.
I was taking it easy in the week between school and the beginning
of my internship working for a d**g company, doing research
on stem cell technology. I had slept in, enjoying my free
time with no appointments, responsibilities or deadlines.

Leisurely, I rolled out of bed, worked out to my P90X routine
that had firmed and toned my body, giving me six pack abs
and impressive guns. Topping off my workout was an 800 meter
swim in the pool. I st... Continue»
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After School After Work

I was sitting at the dining room table doing homework when Mom arrived home. I could hear her car engine stop in the garage. It was mid week and things were fairly quiet. When she came in she put her purse on the counter and saw me.
"Hi sweetie." She only used the term "sweetie" when we fucked. I immediately froze and looked up at her.
"How was school?"
"It was okay, I guess." Actually it kind of sucked but I was curious about what she was thinking.
"Do you have much homework?"
"Oh not much. I'm almost finished."
She reached into the cabinet and pulled down a glass. Then she pu... Continue»
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All her idea...

But in retrospect she must have known that it was an idea that we all might get into.

Afterwards I must admit I think we all enjoyed it very much.

A guy that we have had threesomes with in the past phoned to say he was looking to come for a visit.
She was on the phone with him making the arrangements when I first heard her mention it.
Her request was once we all got situated in the hotel room we’d meet at, she wanted him and I to begin our encounter with him and I sixty-nining.
She would then go back and forth between us joining and helping as she saw fit.
When she hung up t... Continue»
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Camping by our favourite lake

We have always been a nature loving f****y. I remember the years as a k** when we went off with heavy back packs into the mountains for a few days of hiking and tenting in the wild. A mixed experience as a k** but now almost 10 years later as an adult, it was something I really looked forward to. This time it was only me and mom that would do the trip I had done once before although I couldn't really sort out the memories from the different hiking trips.
"It is the one with the basecamp by the small lake between the three mountains", she had explained to me. We were to set up a basecamp there... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 3

"Please let me see the other photos you have Sue!!" I begged. " I am so ready to cum, you have me so fucking excited."

"But I have not even touched your cock yet babe." Sue replied licking her sexy lips looking at my cock.

"I want to see the photos of you and the boy Sue"

"That really turns you on, doesn't it?" She said excitedly. " Just promise the nothing will change the way you love me and I will show you the photos of Kate and I with the boys."

"You know nothing will ever change that Sue." I said right before she leaned over and kissed me..

I was watching her cute little as... Continue»
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Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 5

Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 5

Their touching and feeling and finally fucking in the kitchen had started Tim's motor running and he was ready to take his mother to bed. He knew this was going to be the night when he got his way. He could tell by her actions that Jill was also ready for the final act in their little game. Tim caressed Jill's ass as they went up the stairs to their rooms to change into something more comfortable and, he hoped, more sexy. As Tim picked out just the shorts of his boxer style PJ's in his room, Jill was standing naked in front of her closet looking over her... Continue»
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