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The Story Of My Aunt And I Pt2 (True)

I have received a lot of messages since posting the story about my aunt and I and many wanted to read another story about the times her and I had sex so here ya go. Hope you enjoy.

After about three weeks of my aunt Tina and I fucking at her house we both talked and decided that it was maybe time to stop because as fun as it was we both knew it was kinda messed up. About a week and a half passed where I didn't even go visit my aunt and I will admit I missed fucking her a lot and it was killing me to not be able to but one day w... Continue»
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All Amped Up

(Disclaimer: This story is originally mine as I was darkviperministry on xhamster. So I can post this.)

So, dude and dudettes, rock on. Well, your boy Ace has one hell of a fuck story for you. Well, as you
know, my band Ace & The Deck was touring the states, and we came to the hellraising community of
Waterloo. So, we set up shop in McElroy Auditorium, which was on the ground of some cattle congress
bullshit, oh and trust me, with what i am gonna tell you, a lot of beefsteak was shared. So, we rocked the
place out.

During one of our hit songs, as i was rocking to the instr... Continue»
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My Schoolgirl Fantasy

(Disclaimer: Since I originally wrote this as darkviperministry, which is now a dead account on here, this work is mine and not stolen.)

As I sat on my couch, i was thinking, "Being alone doesn't have good perks. Maybe if I wanted to dream something naughty, it might be cool." So, I closed my eyes, and I dreamed of a very naughty schoolgirl who would do what i like. All of a sudden, I heard a sexy female voice say to me, "Hey Viper, you bad boy, you big stud." I woke up, and there was this hot girl who was dressed as a naughty schoolgirl. She had nice lovely pigtails, a very sexy tied... Continue»
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Crazy Things

A mother will go to great lengths for her son but I never dreamed I would go as far as I did. It all started when I had lunch with my daughter-in-law, Melissa. Of course she was late, which spoke volumes about her reliability. I didn't like to drive in Los Angeles so I had caught the morning train from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to meet Melissa for lunch. We were to meet at the Harvey House Restaurant in L.A.'s Union Station.

I sat drinking water with lemon and nibbling on breadsticks for a half hour before I caught the busty bounce and flowing yellow mane of my 23 year old daughter-in-l... Continue»
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My "special" employee

I am recently retired from a profession that has to be one of the best in the world: I was the owner and operator of a 100' charter vessel that worked in Alaska. It was a high end operation that never took more than 12 passengers, there was a crew of 15, and we would spend 7-15 days exploring some of the most beautiful areas in the world. My passengers were typically 50 years and older and wealthy. Occasionally I would get much younger people as well, and they would be m/f couples, m/m, and f/f.

I traveled the waters of Alaska for over 20 years, and had many exciting and satisfying exp... Continue»
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Paki slut, pretending to be innocent.

This girl looked like you average innocent and sweet pakistani girl, born and raised in the UK. She goes to work and comes back home (often full of cum), or at least that is what her f****y and husband believe. She dresses modestly, she has to. Her chest is unnaturally big, enormous shapely boobs, that stick out from her petite frame. Her skin caramel brown and blemish free, her face stunning. Shapely lips, full and most of the time coloured bright red, her lips are often placed around a stiff hard cock, large cocks of course, this slut only likes big cocks. She works in office in a small town... Continue»
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good start to an amazing summer

Note:this is a fake story that I hope you will enjoy. Hi my name is Will and I am 22 ripped because of baseball in college and I have a sleeve tattoo on my left arm I'm 6'4 and a ladies man theirs only one girl I have wanted to have sex with and never have. She's my steps****r Kim she's 19 now and this summer I plan to finally get this little goddess to let fuck the shot out of her. She looks almost like my stepmom who I would also fuck really hard their both really short about 5'2 each and they both have nice C cup tits I would say and they both have nice asses like perfect bubble butts like ... Continue»
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Watching My Son Getting Fucked By His Friend

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My son Matt and I have always been close but got even closer when my husband decided to up and leave him and I a couple months ago. I was strangely OK with it but always worried for Matt because he was already a keep to himself, shy, no confrontation kind of boy and I worried his dad leaving with really scar him. I began doing more things with Matt like going the movies and stuff and I always teased him when he was gonna find a girlfriend at school because he has always been very handsome with his short blonde hair and blu... Continue»
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My parents and the neighbors were away this weekend so that left myself and their son Tim alone,but since I was still a junior and Tim a few years behind me Mrs C was having her mom babysit, granny was OK. Granny was about 60, but had a hot body still , average looking for her age , a real GILF one thing she liked to drink,and pretty much always had a buzz on,she could be fun. I spent most of the day at home,around 4 I walked across the yard and knocked on the door, playing video with Tim and watching TV,would pretty much be the rest of the ... Continue»
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I had done the daughter but Mum was something else

I have previously described the first time my neighbour Sue, and I had met and become very intimate. Our first night together was wonderful and I have documented the first time we shared sex orally.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying rather quiet and wonderful sex where we fucked each other twice during the period of a few hours. In fact it was early morning when I dropped her home. I left the car down the street rather than wake both her parents and mine as I drove the car down the drive between the two houses.

We continued to meet and fuck each other regularly for about a mon... Continue»
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David had just fucked me and we were lying on the bed after the best fuck of my life.

Then Mike and Sue walked into the room, holding hands.

Mike said shit you two were noisy


Sue said to me how was it.

I said absolutely fantastic – wonderful, the best time of my life.

Sue said great – would you like to do it with Mike now or wait till later.


David said – later - we have a couple of things we have to do first.

Mike said fine but save one for me – I want to try her too.

I hadn’t imagined we would be fucked by both of them and I had always imagined th... Continue»
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TWO YOUNG GIRLS -TWO OLDER MEN - The final episode

David had fucked me, and fucked me beautifully - It was now Sues man Mikes turn to fuck me.

David and Sue stopped to watch us for a couple of minutes and then left. They saw him get on top of me and we fucked missionary style. We did it like that for a few minutes then he wanted doggy. When he felt for my tits and found none he went back to missionary, I think he wanted to pull my tits as he fucked me. I saw him look at my tits a couple of times while he was on top of me and as I had none they didn’t bounce like the girls who have then do – like I have watched on the porn sites. I cant wait... Continue»
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Vegas for birthday

My wife and I are very grateful for the wonderful lifestyle we’ve been blessed with. I pursued the right computer related degree in college and everything fell into place.
Some weeks I work long hours, but when the projects are done I’m rewarded with weeks off at a time. I make bundles of money, more than we’ll ever spend.
Cindi works in marketing just for something to do. We belong to the snooty clubs and go to great parties.
We’ve both been fitness fanatics, that was a big part of our attraction.
Cindi has long dirty blond hair, long legs and perky 35b titties. She tans outside so someti... Continue»
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All in the f****y

I sit here in front of my 27 inch I mac with a cock so hard< I surprised I have any bl**d left thats not boiling between my legs, to write this story. The movie Im watching is All in the f****y. I was hopping to see meathead Mike, fat polish cock in hand, face fucking Edith with his eyes glued on his wife Gloria as she sucks on Archie Bunkers surprisingly large cock. But instead I have a Father who is my age plowing his daughters best friends sweet little 18 year old ass. That's not f****y. I except to see a 18 year old boy fuck his hot 40 year old mother while licking his twin s****rs hot sna... Continue»
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Another f****y affair chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Baby we must keep this a secret alright?”

“Yea sure mom no problem because I want more lots more of you”

“And I want you too baby lots more”

Ruth thought of a park and ride that was on the way home and decided to pull over to finish what they had just started back in the dressing room and movies she still had not had her fill. It was dark and only a couple cars remained.

She climbed in the back seat quickly took off her dress and bra and laid down with her legs open

“get back here and eat your Momma”.

Her teen son fumbled getting is pants and shirt off a... Continue»
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A man need to eat humble pie from time to time

I was starting to get anxious now cos something wasn't right, I could feel it as the sense started to seep into my being like damp in the wall of a cold wet night all chilly, like something gone off.

It had been a pretty good night all in all. We'd gone out to that new, classy restaurant on the high street. The food was fantastic, the service flawless, the ambience just perfect and the company, well it would have been out of this world if she hadn't insisted on dragging that gay bloke she called her old friend along. It was our first anniversary since we first began seeing each other but h... Continue»
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New Wifes Horny Daughter

I was divorced in 2000 and after a few years of screwing my brains out with any and all cummers, I got fed up and decided to go solo for a while, like that was evergoing to work.

Anyway, I was on a holiday, scuba diving, when I met Anna, a very beautiful lady who swept me off my feet and into a relationship which saw us married a few years later, the only problem was that she brought her 7 year old daughter with her.

Now, Olga was a lovely c***d, but never having had a Dad, or any male influence, she really didn’t like men especially the one who had her momma’s interest, and she w... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy – Part 3 the Conclusion

Wendy & Tommy – Part 3 the Conclusion
Twins playing with each other – Part 3 the Conclusion

…………Chapter 7
Late Friday evening…
Wendy & Tommy playing together

Wendy and Tommy were 10 year old twins who were at this moment snuggling on the couch, their mother having gone to bed just a few minutes ago; leaving them to do as they pleased with each other…

Wendy lay on her side on the couch and her twin b*****r snuggled at her back; together they were watching the latest Star Trek "Into Darkness" movie. Tommy was just wearing a pair of boxer briefs, his young cock was hard and snu... Continue»
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Fantasy & Reality

I've been away from this site for several months but it's good to be back. First I checked for invites and messages, scanned my news feed then began checking out the latest gay and lesbian videos and photo gallerys before coming here to enjoy some gay male stories lol.

Couldn't help notice both here, tumblr and flickr there's a lot of **** fantasy stories and tales of physical threats or intimidation used resulting in tbe authors violation at the hands of stonger men.

I couldn't help but wonder if the majority had had the remotest real experience or had actually been ****d themselves o... Continue»
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s****rs Swap Husbands, Mf

My wife, Di, and I were having her s****r and husband visit us for the week. Mary was Di's older s****r but the two of them were fairly close to each other. Mary's husband Jerry was about as easy going as you could get. The two of them made a good pair as neither one seemed to get riled up about anything. Di and I were really easy going as well and naturally it was not a surprise that the four of us got along as well as we did.

Mary was only three years older then Di and at forty-one was in great shape. The similarity between the s****rs was unbelievable. Both were about the same height of... Continue»
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