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Sancta Sara #8: Susan & Nat-1

Sancta Sara is a nice nunnery for free fornication
Sancta Sara is way up in the hills of upper Sexonia

Nice naughty nuns and novices seek sexy satisfaction
Nice nuns from Sweden, the Americas, lots of novices

Priest Professor Peter Poet is the only male there
Priest Peter provides consolation after Confession

Peter Poet is a Professor of Sex and of Lusty Liturgy
Peter Poet invented praying by oral sexy stimulation

Sancta Sara is almost self-sufficient to be independent
Sancta Sara has its gardens, vineyards and many meadows

Professor Priest Peter almost has his team th
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Fucking my Girlfriends s****rs

The background to the story is I met my girlfriend when I was 22. She's 18 and a bit overweight but I find it sexy, more to grab onto, her name was Ella. She had a boyfriend at the time but she ended up cheating on him with me and eventually leaving him for me. After about a month of hiding our relationship we told everybody.I had just met her f****y and introduced to her s****rs. 1 was 21 and the other 16. Both of them are beautiful. The 21 year old which was called Nat had big breast nice curvy thighs, only problem was her buck teeth but it didn't bother me too much. The 16 year old was perf... Continue»
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Neighborhood sex orgy - Elise confronts Tim

The first two parts of this story were well received and told the story of something akin to a BD blind date that was suddenly ended when the women discovered they were related to the men! Part 3 told of the Father and daughter who had some issues to work through. This story tells how the older woman and her step-son worked out their situation.

If you are interested in exploring this taboo subject, settle in and enjoy!!!


Elise pulled on her sports bra and her pink and black running top. She had already put on the matching shorts and pulled her hair back in... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #2

Saturday morning I woke up with the usual morning wood, so before getting out of bed I started jerking off, thinking about what my mother and I did last night while watching the movie that we watched, after we had changed into our night clothes, even thou I do not sl**p with anything on at all.

I was the first one to get to the kitchen so I popped the popcorn then got us some soft drinks to drink with the popcorn, then put it on a tray that mom had, just for taking drinks and snacks to another room of the house when two or more, was having snacks and drinks.

As usual my mother had on a s... Continue»
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Summer Job Pt 4

As she said thos words my eyes moves towards the bed. There my eyes met another vision; completely naked lay her mom, she was an almost perfect image of her daughter, her breasts were larger and her stomach not as flat but in front of me was body as similar in every way to that I had seen in the bathroom.
'I , I so r get what's going on?? ' was all I could mange. I didnt know where to look, to take in the new site before me or feast my eyes on the teenage temptress beside me. My thoughts were still a mess as her mom spoke,
'Isn't it obvious?? I want you to fuck me, you've had Beth and she's... Continue»
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Foreplay with real s****r

This is a real life story happened with my s****r.

I have being fantasizing her since c***dhood & wanted to kiss her passionately so much that I finally took the courage to ask her & made her to do so.

My s*s has beau soft lips & average breast size, which I just love so much to suck. She is married but I could have given anything to be her husband.

We both were visiting our relative in a small town & have been put to stay in one room. At night my s****r wanted me to go out of the room so that she could change into nightwear. I took this opportunity & hold her hands & looked straight ... Continue»
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Terri took a few minutes to glow in the bliss of having taken all her men. She had felt them release their lust in full spurts of cum inside her. After 13 years without cum, her cunt oozed with the fertile offerings of young, hard cocks. Standing, their combined cum load felt heavy in the pouch of her cunt. Walking, it streamed down her inner thighs. Stopping to wipe, she held a small towel beneath herself and squeezed her cunt muscles. Think, clumpy cum farted its way out to drip and cover the towel. Over and over she squeezed until the flow stopped, leaving her with just a wet patch in h... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #7: Jennifer-1

Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia, the nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha
Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices, first nun is her yummy younger subby s1ster
Sexy Sasha and nice naughty Natalia grew up as tall tasty teens in Russia in very sexy s1sterhood
Sasha invented from ancient sacral secrets their red-hot ritual to honour mighty Mother BL00DY Mary

S1ster Jennifer is the third nice nun to join us from the Americas, she is to be Mistress of Ceremony
Specialized in corporal discipline, her instalment initiation ritual shall be a lecture to a
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@ddams F@mily

Wednesday Addams looked out the window, waiting for
her b*****r to arrive. The length of cording in her
hand was starting to make her hand cramp.

She smiled to herself. She _liked_ cramps.

A movement at the end of the walk... yes! It was
Pugsley. She watched as he bounced along the walkway
between the hedgework. Almost time... almost...

Pugsley glanced down, and saw a small "x" chalked on
the walkway ahead of him. He paused, glancing up
without moving his head. Yes, there... behind that

A mischievous grin spread over his face. He stepped
over the mark.

... Continue»
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My Aunt Pt.2

A couple weeks went by and my uncle came home for his time off and my aunt and I were not able to play. The one and only time we ever did anything of a sexual nature while he was home was one day my uncle and his friends went fishing and left "Jean" and I at home. About 11AM, "Jean" went outside in her bikini to get some sun. She was wearing her bikini and I got an immediate hard-on watching her ass as she walked past me. She put a towel on the grass at the corner of privacy fence so nobody could see her and lay on her back for a while. I was sitting on the porch watching her while I wor... Continue»
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Neighborhood sex orgy - at home with Lindsey, we d

Parts 1 and 2 had me, pops with Lindsey my young offspring. Elise and Tim had their own situation. Now Lindsey comes home and we have to work things out.. and in the process we both get worked up!!


It was 3:00 a.m. when I heard the car pull into the driveway. I was lying on the couch wondering just how bad things could be. Elise had jumped up off of Tim, taken a swing at Bob and then burst into tears and run for the stairs. Lindsey had stood there for only a moment before calling us all a bunch of bastards and racing upstairs after Elise. Bob stoo... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt. 3

"Looks like you had a great time in Vegas, Mom" Rang in my ears as I was stripped by my daughter standing ready to go into the shower. I thought back to my time in Vegas, the men who had sex with me, I thought about Bonnie, and how she showed me that eating pussy wasn't all bad, then I thought about seeing Bob, my now Ex-Boyfriend, showering, after what I assumed was his fucking my 12 year old daughter, Then I thought of Jake, fucking me after I got home, and he had just started to eat my cum filled snatch when Amanda hollered at me, and now here she is standing, looking at me all naked and su... Continue»
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Stepdaughter's First Orgasm

I am married to a gorgeous 45 year old MILF, I do everything for her she is one gorgeous lady the problem has always been her daughter who was always trying to interfere in our marriage. One day, I walked into the living room after work and I could hear moaning coming from one of the back bedrooms. I suspected my stepdaughter Angie was probably fucking some guy in her bedroom. This girl had a stream of skinny college guys who bedded her down and then for some reason dumped her after a few weeks. I chuckled when I heard her say to her boyfriend in disgust “Steve you came already, it’s only b... Continue»
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Tiffany's New Boss Chapter 2

Tiffany sprinted from William’s office sobbing her eyes out and straight to the bathroom where she washed her mouth out with cold water. She brushed out the dried up cum that had become matted in her long locks and scrapped her hair back into a ponytail.

She headed to her car and sped away from the haulage yard and back to her house where she enjoyed a nice hot shower, she desperately scrubbed her face and hair hoping that it would make the memory of what just happened in William’s office disappear, but much to her frustration all it did was upset her more.

Her shower was disrupted by he... Continue»
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Sex Ed

This story is a little hard for me to write. It is about my first time to have sex. I am not sure why it is hard to write but here it goes. My mom has always been hot and we have always been close. We have a lot of fun together and I think we feel more like friends than mom and son. My mom is five foot eight, slim, nice ass, and perfect 34 "C" cup tits. She has long blonde hair with brown underneath and big brown eyes. She keeps herself in really good shape. People mistake her for my s****r all the time. All my friends say that they would fuck her in a heartbeat. I have seen her naked many t... Continue»
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Walking in the night

I didn't know what had woken me. I felt as if I had been drinking earlier without getting d***k and had woken neither d***k nor sober.

I considered the possibility. I didn't remember drinking. I had come straight home, to my new home, after a frenetic week at work. I'd microwaved lasagne for one while Tom Waits growled about love from the stereo. Later I woke with my cold tea on the sofa's arm and my paperback, page lost, in my lap.

Perhaps people who claimed alien a*****ion felt as I did when they woke after spaceships, interrogation centres, intergalactic zoos or whatever. The line bet... Continue»
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BBC "Poke Her Night"

BBC “poke her” night
A couple of days after the meeting at Joseph’s camp house he called and said that he had a poker night every week there and asked if I wanted to come. I asked when and he said it would be tomorrow night about 7PM. Hubby was still out of town so I said I would like to go. I wanted to actually see Bill and Troy for the first time. He said meet him at the location about 6 and he would lead me down to the camp house. I thought about where I could tell hubby I was going that late. I decided to tell him I was going to stay with our daughter in law since my son was working ni... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner

My mother and I have all ways been close with dad working long hours and taking trips that has him gone so much of the time, and when he is home, mom and I still spend a lot of time together since dad wants to be left alone to either work on something from work or reast up for the next day of work, and what gets mom and me is, he is not the owner of the company he works for.

One Friday night it was just mom and I home alone again, which we started watching a movie on one of the stations that she liked to watch from time to time that had a lot of romance shows, which is what we would watch o... Continue»
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M I L part I: You want me to do WHAT to your mothe

“You want me to do what to your mother?” Part I

Let’s start by defining who we are. I‘m not religious, as in going to worship often (almost never now), but align myself with a religion, however, in name only. My parents were very religious to the point of ad-nausium. During my growing up years, religion was crammed down my throat to the point of turning me off toward it. However, I still believe in God…. It’s His fan clubs I have a problem with.

My wife came from an even more religious f****y. Two of her uncles are clergy. Her Father and Mother were active church goers, and active ... Continue»
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M I L part II

Aunt Mary

This is a sequel to: “You want me to do WHAT to your mother?”

A quick synopsis of the first story.

Wife asked me to “service” her mother, as her father had a stroke and heart attack, then he dies. So for 3 years, she did not have sex. My wife said “No holds barred, but keep it down to every couple of weeks or so. I want to be kept satisfied and mom gets you afterward.” Since “mom” (as she wanted us to call her) had married Dad just out of H S, she did not have “man” experience before hand. Moreover, dad was ultra religious. In their religion, women served the man, and th... Continue»
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