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my life 3 true story

Over the next few weeks things continued as before Paul wasn't therI had left , I would be with Frank on my own, which always led to sudescribed her wanking or him fucking me
His cock was so big for me back then, when he penetrated me it hurt but the pain would subside and it became easier.

Wednesday nights became a regular night for us, while I was training one night he said he had a friend coming that night, and asked if I still wanted to go back to he's place I said OK but was a bit pissed off , I was feeling really horny.

We arrived back at his place he explained the women's na... Continue»
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the Dildo

Marie cursed for the umpteenth time that day quietly to herself as she dragged the mop bucket in the bedroom of her mother.

"On a Saturday morning to clean the apartment instead of times really good sl**p is anyway already a silly idea, but with such a big head like me it just makes it even more not fun"

She cursed again that they still had two more cocktails last night of the cute guy in the bar can invite, even though they had actually already at 11 clock go want to be fit for their mother's birthday today. And then this guy still believed he had with the two spendierten d... Continue»
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stepdads favour pt 5

Was it weakness, the weakness that most men have when faced with the female form, was it a shambolic sex life with an unloving wife, or was it genuine emotional feelings towards the girl in front of him that had placed john in this position. There he was, perched on the edge of his bed, staring at the empty door way, his naked step daughter stood in front of him with a look of panic on her face. Both frozen in time. Just like the picture that Sally just took.
'You need to get that phone off her!' John said standing, he picked his discarded robe off the floor and wrapped it round ... Continue»
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intro- my naughtiness

Mum told me to take my s****r TO THE SHOWERS. We got in the beach toilet....and hoped in the shower.....I looked up, and a man was watching us.....over her cubical thing I know, he was getting in the shower next to us......he took his clothes off, and started chatting to us.....’What’s your name.....gorgeous?” “Saskia”....”hi cutie”.....his penis was growing....till he had a full erection......He asked if he could can join us, under our shower....cause his showers was broken So we said, ‘OK’, and he did. She was looking his swollen penis. He knelt down, and talked to her....that'... Continue»
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helping widow mom date again Part III

Next day my mom said nothing. I felt she didn't want to talk about it. She stayed all day in bed watching TV and reading. She probably felt soared by the hard penetration of the day before.

Eventually I returned to studies and finally finished my degree as a mechanical engineer. I, then got a job near home. So I was able to stay at home with mom.

One day she invited me to try out the gym she was going. I went there not knowing what was expected to me. After dressing in the locker room I started at the treadmill. She then walk towards me, change some words and then rushed through the wor... Continue»
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Nurse and Orderly in Horny Old Man’s Room Gi

Trina was the on duty nurse for the evening at Aged Oaks Nursing Home. She looked at her watch, noting with a sigh it was only 1 a.m. She had six more hours before her shift was finished. At least she had her eye candy orderly, Ben, working with her tonight. She was over him in seniority and he was there to do the heavy lifting, an easy accomplishment for Ben, since he was a regular at the gym. Since it was the night shift and the residents were all in bed sl**ping it was just the two of them working on their wing. So far everything had been pretty quiet. Ben had just sat down at the nurse’s s... Continue»
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Photoshoot With Cousin

Photoshoot With Cousin

She wasn't really my cousin... But she was... like an older s****r? Yet we weren't really close to be honest. She was just a f****y friend. Our families grew up together and have been extremely close ever since. We barely ran into each other but there was always that rivalry. She was always compared to my older s****r and I was always compared to her older b*****r. It was frustrating because I was the little shrimp in the f****y. I could never win! Well years have passed we grew a little older and we grew our interests. I was getting into photography and my cousin so... Continue»
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The Twin s****rs’ Erotic Escapades

The Twin s****rs’ Erotic Escapades

The day had been terrific. I'd had a good session with my publisher, my book was on track, on schedule, and I felt great as I let myself into the apartment I shared with my twin s*ster Pat. I glanced over, as usual, at Teddy, and he was lying face up on the table by the door. This was our signal that we had someone intimate in the apartment. Very unobtrusive, just give Teddy a pat, and slip him on his back, arms and legs upward, ready for action.

I slipped my shoes off, and wiggled my toes in the deep carpet, as I walked down the hall. Not surpr... Continue»
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Discovering My Love of Cock Part 2

Part 2

For the next week we fell into a sort of rhythm. Up early, feed the chickens, slop hogs and other farm chores then go back to the house for breakfast with grans. After breakfast she left for work and we went back to work. About three days after our encounter, after she left he said “come on Billy, let’s go down sand take a shower”. My stomach immediately started doing flip-flops and I knew something was going to happen.

We headed downstairs and began to strip, I kept stealing glances at him and when his cock pulled free of his pants I could see he was already half-hard. I was thr... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"But, Mom..." Terry said haltingly as his lovely mother led him by the
shaft of his sperm-covered cock out into the slanting rays of the
morning sun. "We can't do this outside ... can we?"

"Certainly we can, Terry! We can do anything anywhere! You don't mind
fucking little Wendy on the beach, do you? I don't see why we can't fool
around on our own private sun deck!" Sheila said in mock amazement,
rubbing her thumb over the extremely sensitive head of her son's swollen
dick, making him jump with pleasure-pain.

"H ... how did you know? About me fucking Wendy on the bea... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 6

Chapter 6

By the time she reached the safety of the quiet beach house Sheila had
managed to regain some semblance of self-control after her terrible
ordeal. Her experience had been not only a physical ordeal but an
emotional one as well. Not only had she suffered physical torment at the
hands of the brutal r****ts, but her image of herself had suffered too.

In the years since her divorce, Sheila had considered herself too good
for the many men who had lusted after her, had considered herself apart
from them. All men were bastards, and she had had no intention of
submitting herse... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Terry was surprised in the morning to find his sheets covered with dried
sperm. He vaguely remembered having had the wildest dream that night,
but it took some remembering to coax his dream to the surface of his
consciousness. It was almost as if he had tried subconsciously to forget
the dream that had made his cock squirt sperm all over his bed.

When he finally f***ed himself to remember some of the details of the
dream, he realized why he had tried to forget it. He had had lots of wet
dreams, but this one took the cake.

He remembered seeing his mother standing over... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Terry turned, facing her, looking down at his mother's lovely face, the
face of a wildly exciting woman. He still couldn't believe that she was
actually kneeling between his legs, still couldn't believe that she was
talking to him so obscenely, so teasingly, still couldn't believe that
she would really do any of the things she was suggesting.

When he felt the touch of her soft hand on his upper leg, he realized
that he wasn't dreaming any more.

Sheila felt her young son's legs become stiff when she laid her hand on
his muscular upper leg only an inch or two from the ... Continue»
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The Night, Daddy's Boss took a Shine to Me

We communicate with our words, the more word power enables one to enrich or embellish ones experience, and thus draw another into, 'The Fly on the Wall' syndrome.

Likewise, the 'Visual Imagery', a sort of Dickensian verbosity, where expressive and evocative language is used like a hidden cam, which can and does induce those amongst us, to enjoy the authors actions or what is physically happening to her, without being discovered.

I am now 24 and making my way in life. My home was a happy home as was my upbringing, and education. My parents did everything in their power to provide their d... Continue»
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My s****r & I part 2

This is the follow up story to the first part that I told of the "sexual" experiences I shared with my younger s****r Melissa as we grew up. I hope everyone enjoyed my first story and enjoys this one as well.

The next time I remember doing anything we were at my grandparents house, which I now live in with my parents. It was early in the afternoon and we both slept downstairs while the parents and grandparents were all upstairs. Our parents were still sl**ping and I knew our grandparents didn't come downstairs very often. So I went into Mel's room and laid down next to her on the be... Continue»
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Like Mother Like Daughter A BBC Slut

My name is Lucy and I am sixteen years old. I am the only c***d of my mom and dad which is cool getting all of the attention but at the same time it can get kind of boring not having anyone to hang out with or talk to besides my friends. My mom and dad work a lot and I guess they need to so we can afford the nice house, cars and stuff. Because my parents work so much I have learned to do many things on my own because as much as my parents shower me with attention when there around I am home by myself a lot. Lately my mom has been home more so we have been hanging out doing stuff like shopping,... Continue»
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The final examine

Today marks her final exam and I'm sure a few corrections. Six months ago she came to me to ask if I knew anything about the being forward stuff for sex. She has an issue at home, her husbands complaints about her not being forward related to sex. I knew it wasn't directly D/s that he was searching for but after an hour long conversation that seemed to be what she was asking me about in-directly. I told her that it is one subject that you can talk about for hours but it is better to experience it if you wish to understand it. She was reluctant for her first few days of thinking about it b... Continue»
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Tina's first time

As Tina spied on her parents having sex, she could see her dad’s huge cock slamming in and out of her mum’s pussy, her mum moaned and groaned as he rammed his log into her, she could see her mums huge tits swaying as Maureen (Tina’s mum) moaned begging for more Ted (Tina’s dad) spanked Maureen as she begged for a good fucking, Tina could feel her pussy getting wet, as she run her hands over her young tits, Tina was 18 and had just finished college and had the summer to rest before university, putting her hand up her skirt and down her panties Tina started to rub her pussy, closing her eyes, al... Continue»
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Morning light 3

The auditorium was packed on Friday night. The graduating class included over 800 k**s. Hundreds of parents streamed into the auditorium rushing for the front seats. Jennifer found a seat in the back near the entrance, trying to be an inconspicuous as possible. Since she really didn't know too many people, she felt that she was pretty safe. However, she was still uncomfortable being in such a crowd of people. It was unfortunate, but also good news, that Jimmy's father couldn't make the ceremonies. That might have been hard to explain or at least look very suspicious.

Finally the auditorium ... Continue»
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My Mates Girl 2

We stayed together like that for a short time both of us utterly spent my cock slowly sliding out of Sheryl. "Do you want some wine" I said "oooh yes please" said Shez so off I went like a good boy to get a bottle from the fridge.. "I've got to say Shez" I said when I had charged our glasses "that was the best orgasm I've ever had" .."me too" said Shez smiling "its a shame we are both spoken for I would give up anything to fuck like that every week" she laughed "fancy another go" ..."give me a chance babe we've just finished" ...she looked a bit embarrassed but with a twinkle in her eye and a... Continue»
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