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Fucking My Dads New Bitch Girlfriend

My name is Daniel and I am seven teen years old. I live with my dad and have ever since my mom took off when I was younger which led to my father and I getting our own place. My dad and I since my mom left have had kind of a distant relationship each of us living our own lives. I sat in my room which I enjoyed because I have always been a shy, quiet type person while my dad went out every night trying to find his next wife even though he never seemed to have much luck. I would lay in bed hearing him fucking strange girls from the bar night after night until a couple months later when out of no... Continue»
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My slut mother

My name is john and this is my story of my mother and her slutty ways.

My mother and father broke up when i was 18 which led to me living with my mother,she drank a hell of a lot going to pubs and clubs in Dublin where she wanted to be young again and have a good time.A brief description of my mother shes a lil chubby but she is the spitting image of Sarah Beattie(check her out on here).

While she would go out to town I would sit at home and go through her washing basket where I found a sexy red thong.I picked them up for closer look and the smell was the first thing that got me was the ... Continue»
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My slut mother part 3

After my mother watched me and daddy fuck in the shower she decided to join us.”Ill show you how to take that big cock john like a proper slut” she then bent over and spread her cheeks showing me and daddy her hairy lil shithole I felt like spunking their and then.The tip of his massive bellend went inside her and she let out a big moan then he went in all the way.”oh fuck Stephen pound my lil shitter you dirty cunt” when she said this Daddy let rip and start pounding her hard and fast,
”You want my spunk John you dirty fuck”
“Yes please daddy let me taste it I need it bad”
He pushed my hea... Continue»
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My slut mother part 2

After watching Stephen fuck my mother I was so fucking horny luckily I had the knickers that Stephen spunked in earlier so I grabbed my cock and start rubbing it where his juicey bellend spunked and my mothers filthy cunt was I shot so much spunk over them which made it more fun to lick them clean every inch of them.

Weeks later Stephen and my mother decided to bring me on holiday with them to Crete of course as an 18 year old I would rather be with my mates then with my mother and her fat cocked boyfriend.We checked in to the hotel which was right beside the beach and went to our room we g... Continue»
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Trip with MOM

I had the best mom ever. And I do mean ever. I was an only c***d until
I was seven or so, when my mom and dad had my baby s****r, Angel. Sure, I
got jealous about having to share my parents when before I had them all to
myself, but right around when I turned ten, my mom realized they had been
paying all their attention to her, and she started playing basketball with
me. Now, most guys would be embarrassed to practice basketball with their
moms, but it never really bothered me. I got to spend time with my mom,
and I got good enough to get on the fifth and sixth grade basketball... Continue»
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Alpha Male, Mr. Michaels Part 1

"What's done is done", he said pulling his cock out of her cum filled cunt.

She looked down in horror as the cum dripped from her snatch. "I'm not on the pill", she whimpered.

He took his semi hard cock and slid it in her again. "And you like the way it feels, don't you... my cock in your pussy, filling it with cum". She loved feeling his cock again. She had never been fucked by someone so skilled. She enjoyed every minute of the last hour.

He pulled it out again. He took her panties and slid them on her legs. "Put these on so you have something to remember this by.

She stood u... Continue»
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MOM, ME & BREE - My First Thresome


I was in college at this time. Bree had been my mom's friend for a couple months. They knew each other from work, for how long I didn't know, but it must have been for awhile. Mom had never mentioned her before, and one day they went out after work and didn't come home until almost midnight. I was in bed when they came giggling, trying to whisper. From my bedroom, I heard them flop onto the sofa. Then I only heard soft moans and kissing sounds for a while. I really wanted to check out mom's friend, but didn't dare ruin thei... Continue»
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To start I never thought I would have the guts to write this EVER. In a way its a confession. Also I never thought this site allowed this sort of story but having read similar and far far worse I suppose its "OK".

f****y fun. I was introduced by a horny father who decided that I should wank his huge cock for him on a Saturday afternoon as he watched the racing many many years ago. Really truthful I loved it. He was simply huge and glugged porn in honestly fantastic amounts. He could have been a porn star no problem. I know cocks look big when you are young but we are talking 8-9" soft and h... Continue»
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Paul's, not so lonely day off

My name is Paul, I'm in my late thirties, and I live alone with my dog Riley on the country side where there weren't a whole lot of people around at all times. Saturday is my only day off of work and since all the other days of the week I would come home tired that would be the only day that I often played with my dog Riley. Riley is a well trained golden retriever and my he has been the only one that keeps me company ever since my last relationship about a year ago.

I was home alone, just me and my dog on a typical saturday afternoon watching tv, when I suddenly turned it off. I got up fro... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #4: Malina-1

I invite my best friend in the net to my sexy studio to cure her main mental hang-up about her body

I invite my Malina for a very special sexy tasty treatment to my studio at a small canal in Amsterdam
I invite my Malina to cure her main mental hangup: to learn her to love to see herself in the mirror

I know why my Malina hates mirrors as she immediately focusses at her few body parts she likes less
I know why my Malina hates any mirror as she immediately sees her nose which looks a bit thick to her

If my Malina looks in a big mirror she gets the impression her thighs
... Continue»
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Not sure how this will play but here goes.

I have giving in to my womanly needs and taken a lover,
he asks what my needs are things I would like him to try.

When he first sees me he grabs a fist full of hair pulling
me to him kissing me with hunger taking my breath away placing
his hands on my bum pulling me into him he knows I feel his
excitement as I am sure he senses my excitement guiding me along
the hall stopping at our he pushes the door open holding it
open for me as I step in he comes up behind me pressing into me
as he walks us further into the... Continue»
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Young Boys Delight

I am a divorced 46 year old women who is still very
attractive and sexually vibrant. That's why having
been divorced for over a year has been so painful for
me. Not that I missed my ex, but I missed a cock. My
husband and I may have been kind of kinky by some
peoples definition of sex. We enjoyed corresponding
with other couples who ran ads in dirty magazines. We
used to write hot letters and trade photos and videos
with other couples quite often.

We used to watch the videos while we fucked and
fantasize about being with the couples on the screen.
Now all I can do is f... Continue»
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Mr. Hurley was More than a Grocer

This is a work of fiction based on true events of my life.
Names and location have changed to protect the paradox!


Summer break was a few days away and I was giddy with anticipation. I finally start high school in three months! With only two years into the new decade, MTV was almost a year old and Hungry Like the Wolf was on heavy rotation on the FM radio and I could smell the summertime change in the air!!! This was going to be the best summer ever!

I get home without any homework, thinking about grabbing my BMX bike and meet my friends at the track for some racing and jumps ... Continue»
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Regina Goes it Alone

Regina came and asked if she could take Boots for a walk. Normally I wouldn’t past up a chance like this but I had things I need to get done.
I told her sure, but be careful if he gets on a sent there is no telling what he might do. She responded, “I know.”
She told mom she was going, Mom said to be back for dark.
Off she went, I don’t know who was leading who. They disappeared up the road. I was getting a boner thinking about what they will be doing.
I couldn’t do it, let them go alone. I’d have to finish my stuff later. I put my stuff up, trying to hide my full boner, as I walked out ... Continue»
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Young Wife Does b*****r-In-law

Hi, my name is Marsha, and I have a great, true story,
about how I discovered that size does make a

This story starts when I was just 15 years old and a
sophomore in high school. I was hanging out with some
girlfriends at a little fast food place when a car full
of guys pulled in. One of my friends knew the driver, a
very good looking guy named Jon. The other guys were
his friends, one was his b*****r, Jerry.

As we talked, I felt very comfortable with the driver.
One of my girlfriends had a crush on him, so I was
trying not to interfere.

We all decided to... Continue»
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Doctor Anal Exam

It was time for my yearly ob/gun exam. I was lead into exam room by a nurse and told to disrobe and put on the gown and sit on the exam table. I had just trimmed my pussy because this was my first time with the new younger partner of my doctor who I had been with for years. He entered and talked with me before examine me. He asked about my issues if any. How was my period,?breast tenderness was my only issue sine it was just ended the week before he told me I was probably ovulating now. I told him my nipples were tender, probably because I hd sex the night before and my hubby had really wo... Continue»
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my visit to aunt normas house

In this occasion i want to tell you a story about when i went to visit my aunt Norma
i haven’t seen her and my cousin's in 3 years.

last time i saw here i was 5 so when i went
to see her i was 8 so i was excited and nervous at the same time..
i had never slept over anyone house but my parents thought it would good for me to go visit after all and although i was skeptical inside about the whole idea ultimately i wanted to go. I just never traveled on a plane either its harder being in a wheel chair but I was very excited

my parents called my aunt to let her know she sounded excited a... Continue»
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The Second Time I Fucked

**** Since I got a good response to how I lost my virginity, thought that I'd tell you how my second sex experience went. This is a true story, so hope that you enjoy hearing about it ****
*** Let me know what you think in the comments :) ***

This happened last summer when I was 20. I had just recently met this girl through a slightly younger (she was 18) mutual friend and we seemed to get on alright. Disappointingly, she had mentioned that she had a bf so it seemed like nothing would happen.

One evening, she messaged me to ask if I fancied going for a drink. Most of our friends wer... Continue»
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stepdaughter loving 3

It was Saturday morning And I sat at the kitchen table eating my breakfast, Trish my loving wife was stood by the kettle making a shopping list when Kim walked in.
My stepdaughter looked stunning as ever in a small T-shirt and little shorts, showing off her slim toned light ebony body.
Her little nipples were sticking up against the material of her top as she stood in front of me and I unintentionally stared longer than I should.
"Morning daddy" she smiled
I quickly glanced away and said good morning hoping my wife hadn't noticed.
Fortunately she hadn't, she was still busy writing out her... Continue»
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Footballing The Girls

Coach Bob Porter was a science teacher at Fielding High School, home of the Fighting Pirates. He was also the coach of those fighting pirates, and he'd done a pretty good job of building up a credible team. Things had been going pretty well in the two years he'd been at Fielding. But now he sighed as he thought about what he'd agreed to. A bunch of the cheerleader's mothers had come to him all excited about having a powder puff football game during half time at the homecoming game. And he'd agreed.

As he thought about it, the reason he probably agreed was that it was Megan Miller's mother ... Continue»
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