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Daddy's Plan 2

The next time he read her diary:
"... Every night Daddy takes me to heaven. I'm addicted to his touch. After all those years feeling abandoned, Daddy is making those memories disappear. I'd like to make him feel good too. Daddy touching me is all I can think about. I may've failed a few tests at school because I can't concentrate. ..."

Dad was worried, maybe he'd gone too far too fast. A week later she handed him a mid term report card and Jessi was barely passing. He told her that there will be no more bed time stories or kissing lessons if her home work wasn't done. That lit a fire under... Continue»
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Aunt Patrizia

I remember this like yesterday.I was 16 and my aunt 41 years old.She was always a gorgeous woman…dressing like a slut all the time but still gorgeous.I always had fantasies on her.My first thoughts when I started masturbating were about her.
She was average height, blonde hair falling to her waist,green sweet eyes.But the true beauty was her body.She had all the right curves.Even today I think she’s one of the sexiest milfs I’ve ever seen in my life.Of course her being my aunt didn’t leave much to my imagination.We were relatives,she was my sexual fantasy that’s it.Until that day…
It was Au... Continue»
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The washing machine

When you read the title you may find this hard to believe but it's a story based on facts. I am Jake and I am 18 and I have a s****r, Kara who is 20. She is as tall as I am which is around 5 feet 9. She gets a lot of comments from my friends especially about her lovely long legs and nicely shaped butt that is apparently more boyish than mine. I don't really understand why they call it boyish. I don't think it's boyish at all. She looks very hot in a pair of shorts and her flat abs and c cups make her very exciting to dream about as well. Her figure is a lot slimmer than my mom and that makes h... Continue»
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Weekend Experiments

I was 18 and summer was here, school had just let out and I decided to go camping with my two friends Jeff and Steve. Jeff was athletic and loved anything outdoors; Steve was the popular guy at school and in our little neighborhood. He had blonde hair, muscular body, and all the girls wanted him.

The three of us would go camping all the time up at my f****y’s lake, which was on the backside of my grandpa’s tree farm. It usually took us a half hour to walk through the woods to the campsite, from my grandpa’s house. He would check in on us periodically to report back to our parent’s that ev... Continue»
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Last day of school

Every guy has had a thing for a teacher. It's a part of growing up. School is, after all, where we spend most of our developing years. We start noticing breasts and other curves. I was in highschool then. There was this hag of a woman that the whole class used to hate. She was in her mid thirties, tall and very skinny - not much to look at. She did have pretty eyes and nice black, straight hair, and after two k**s, wide hips. We'd make fun of her in class, talk behind her back and all that teenage stuff. I'm not sure about the rest of the guys, but I've always had a massive hardon for her.
It... Continue»
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caught by my wife

It all started with my wifes bother calling round to see us as he normally does, upon his arrival we had a few beers in the garden and just chatted and chilled out. As time was pushing on my b*****r in law suggested we venture to town for a drink which I was more than up for doing but my wife didnt want and suggested we go without her, we were all happy with this decision so thats what happened.

We arrived back from town at about 2:30am and were a little worse for wear and stumbled into the house as quietly as we could and sat down in the lounge and chatted about the evening. Whilst chatti... Continue»
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Janet & John and Chloe

A story written for rocknrolla990, who seems to like getting young girls pregnant:

Janet and John are twins.

Janet and John haven't hit puberty yet.

Janet has short dark hair just like John.

Janet has to wait a few more years for her tits to come.

Janet and John always wear the same clothes.

Their favourite clothes are a short white tee-shirt and tight blue shorts.

From the back it is difficult to tell Janet and John apart.

Janet and John are lying down in the park, legs apart, little bottoms pushed up towards the sky.

It was a hot day; nobody else was about, Janet a... Continue»
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More with my new friends..

My head was full of mixed messages as Randy continued to give my cock as much pleasure as it had ever felt. Kathy ran her hands through my hair and asked me, "Do you like his mouth? Isin't he a bad little boy?" I did like his mouth and he was a bad little boy, but what did that make me? Was I bisexual, I guess the rest of the night might tell me that. I continued to suck Kathy's swolen pussy and tried to put the conversation out of my head. As my tongue pressed into her soft meat, I could feel the wet trickle of her juices begin to flow. Her muscles were contracting and her moans turned into s... Continue»
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My First Time With a Dog

It was late on a Saturday morning and I was feeling restless. I had just come back from my daily run. Today I did 5 miles. At 41 I took pride in keeping myself in shape. I was in my bathroom about to get in the shower. I dropped the robe I was wearing and looked myself over in the mirror. My legs were toned and long. My ass too was high and tight from years of running. Stomach was flat even though I had two k**s. The only thing that was a little out of place were my boobs. They were on the large side. When I was pregnant with my daughter they had ballooned up to 36D and just stayed that way. T... Continue»
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Real experience with not my s****r

When I was young, I began to notice my older s****r developing into a woman, she is only a couple years older than me. When we were going through puberty, my s****r and I started to develop sexual curiosities and experimented a little with each other. It started out with us wrestling on the couch or the floor while watching tv, groping and tickling each other all over, until I succumbed to my s****r riding on top of me. Our rooms were right next to each other and were connected by an old sealed door, in the door was two holes on big one small, my s****r had purposefully covered the door with h... Continue»
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Tammy's Thirst

I slowly came to consciousness lying face down in a puddle of salty, filthy water. I inhaled a little into my nose, making me cough violently and waking me up. I sat up, having no idea where I was. As I looked around, it hit me like a bolt, my recollection of the night before. I was sitting in a puddle of cold salt water in the left-hand stern corner of a very large wooden lifeboat.


Where was she? Had she made it?

"Tammy! Tammy!" I screamed, looking frantically around the boat. Dozens of weary and dazed men turned their head towards me, sitting throughout the rows of seats arou... Continue»
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the naughty sitter

Now this is another true story from my younger days, I bring this up as it became a topic I wrote about on another site regarding sexual behaviour of young people.

When I was a k** back in the day we had a sitter who looked after us in the evenings as our parents worked until around 10pm. The sitter was around 14 or 15yo at the time, I would be a few years younger. The sitter (Susan) was quite a large blonde girl and was a 2nd cousin relative. I do remember quite well what she did to me during her "experiments". I think this introduced me to sexual behaviour earlier than most.

My sitter... Continue»
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smoking crack with wifes friend pt 1

after a night clubbing my wife ann invited liz her friend back for a toke I got a crack pipe out as liz asked what it was as I told her asking if she wanted one after me and ann had a couple each
liz said yes and as she took a smoke she said it was amazing and as we smoked chatting we got round to sex as ann said to liz I always wanted to stick my 8 inch cock in her saying the thought turned her on as we had fantasised about it many times
liz was red faced asking what we thought about
as I told her how I imagined her to have nice tits with big dark nipples and a dark hairy cunt liz said I ... Continue»
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Sharing Breakfast with Daddy's Sausage.

'One minute you are my little girl, and the next, wham bang, you're a hot woman'.

I was sitting at the breakfast table, in the minimum of clothing, straight from my bed, and daddy, who held me transfixed, was speaking, and as he spoke, his cock grew before my eyes, rising and raising his t-shirt as it outgrew its length, and teasingly slid down its shaft as it thickened and rose.

Daddy really was a big man, and my keen 20-20 vision, followed the thick venous veins pulsing with warm bl**d, along his length, as the protective foreskin peeled back to reveal its bullet like head, and a dew-d... Continue»
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A Show For Denise (Part 1)

This is a true story.

It all started when I was eighteen. At that time I just went out of a relationship with a pretty girl at high school and I was feeling a bit bummed and angry.

It was a Saturday morning, I was going over my grandparents' apartment to lunch after a basketball practice. Since I was playing outdoors, there was no shower to use to get cleaned up good so I walked over there all sweaty and tired.

As they greeted me - grandma Denise with a big kiss and grandpa John with a mere nod of the head watching TV - Denise saw I was all sweaty for the effort and asked me if I want... Continue»
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Pay Back part2

Pay Back, part 2
She made the call for someone to take care of my needs while she was out of commission. Then she told me grab a shower and head to the bedroom she would send her in when she got here. I was excited Susan was no 10 in the eyes of society in general but she turned me on for some reason. It was going to be weird with her being Sugar’s best friend though. I started hoping it not mess up their friendship or Sugar and I’s relationship. I wondered if I made a mistake. Maybe I should call this off before it happens and there is no going back? Fuck…. What do I do now? Were things rol... Continue»
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re-write so innocente

so innocent
this is my very first attempt to write a story that actually happen when i was very young i was about 9 years old im 35 now.
i was at a f****y gathering everyone was out having a great time at backyard
bbq music drinking i was inside my uncle house watching tv a relative of mine not sure if cousin or aunt she was 5'7 about 140 nice voluptuous beautiful round breast as nice as nikki fritz thick sexy legs
nice tanned smooth skin, long brunette hair lovely brown eyes any how..
her name was tatiana.

what happened next was she came in... Continue»
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Arab guy impregnates a married indian sikh woman.

This is another of my real stories.

A little about me first: I am an Arab muslim guy living in Vancouver, Canada. I have a fantasy for Indian Hindu/Sikh girls, because for them a muslim cock is like a forbidden fruit.

I met Harveer Kaur (name changed for privacy) on a dating site. She was married but unhappy. She told me she wanted to leave her husband and move on, thats why she was on that site. Soon she got separated from her hubby and started living by herself and we started dating. She was young, no k**s, nice round curvy body. She told me she had little f****y in Canada, and had mov... Continue»
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son/b*****r cuckhold.

This is a story about me fucking your mother and s****r at the same time while you are unable to do anything but play with your cock.

Your mum & s*s are laying on the bed in there sexy lacy undies. You are sitting in a chair in the corner. I walk in the room straight past you and kneel on the bed in front of them both. Your s****r starts running her foot up and down my inner tight. Her foot stops on my bulge and she begins to rub it with her bare foot.they both can see I'm rock hard just thinking of what is going to happen. Your mum sits her self and plants her sweet sexy lips on mine. ... Continue»
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Precum Bubbles

Can I have another PRECUM LOLLY, Daddy? Please? I’ll be a good. I’ll kiss it on the lips to get him BIG AND STRONG, so his BULGING VEINS are Throbbing and sticking out like a 3D ROAD MAP. I’ll lick up and down every road going up and down those Big Hills until I get to my REST STOP at the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, where the CLEAR LAVA Cums out of that DEEP HOLE going down to the Center of the Earth. I’ll rub my tiny warm wet tongue on that hole as far as the tip will reach so I can taste it every time it climbs up to the surface. Sure, Sport. MMmmm Daddy It tastes so GOOD. Whoah! there is so... Continue»
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