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Mom's boyfriend

Around the time I had my first period, I realized that I loved sex. I hit puberty much later than my friends, so I think I was 16 when I got my first period. But the hormones wrecked havoc in my body and with my mind.
I could not keep my hands away from my pussy and my clit for long in any day. My itch was so bad that I even snuck away during school to masturbate in the bathroom.

I grew up with my mother, my father left early in my c***dhood. My mother, Donna dated a lot of men through the years, but they never got to move in with us.
After my puberty, I started to realize that my mother... Continue»
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Halloween to remember

Halloween, this is my favorite "holiday" of the year. More so after this last year's Halloween night.
I was going to a Halloween party with my girl friends like we had done the last 5 or 6 years. It was always at a little club in our town and normally a really fun time.
I packed my stuff in my bag and went over to my friend Grace's house. We were all over 21 finally so we could drink without getting caught. Not that were drinking much, but we did not need much to feel the affect either.

I was dressed like a witch with lots of dark face paint and also a mask. My dress was very slutty and ... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 9)

I stood there completely dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe Daddy had told me to take my clothes off in the middle of the golf course mid-day. It had to be some kind of test or joke. I started to remove my shirt reluctantly. When it was completely off my br other chuckled lightly at my bare, pale chest. I had just started to put my arm back through the hole. I KNEW it was a joke! I felt so stupid. Just then Daddy held his hand out to me, gesturing for me to wait and he turned to Chris.

“Whatcha laughin at?” The question was sincere and Chris shrugged. “You looked just like him w... Continue»
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Right from the start when I started to date my future wife, Mary often brought along her best friend, Amelia. They did everything together and they acted like s****rs. I did not mind, since both of them were attractive and I thought outright hot.
Mary and I got married after dating for a couple of years. During the wedding reception, Amelia was pretty d***k and acted a bit funny towards me. We had always got along and often hung out without Mary. It was Amelia at times lived in our apartment. So I was surprise when she made some mean comments and walked away. I asked Mary what was going on an... Continue»
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My s****r and me 2

The next morning I felt the bed move and the waight of my s****r's head on my chest lighten up, I opened my eyes to see Cindy turn and look at my face and then she smiled at me when she saw my eyes open, then I felt her hand on my all ready hard dick, "My, I think someone is awake all ready this morning wanting more of what it had last night."

"Yes I do, if we have time before check out which is at two o'clock."

"It's just eleven right now." with that s*s bent down and sucked the tip of my cock head into her mouth and licked around the head with her tongue.

I reached over and pulled o... Continue»
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Husbands Fantasy Comes True 1

It all started one day when I was at work when I started to receive some text messages from my husband Paul. We texted a lot so it wasn't out of the ordinary. We started chatting about sex and our fantasies. Kind of makes the long boring day at work a bit on the bright side.

We have a healthy sex life. We are very open and express our desires and wants and needs and we have sex a good 3 times a week. Not bad for a married couple who has been married for 24 years.

I just turned 45 and my husband is 51. He still calls me his beautiful bride on occasion and of course makes me feel like ... Continue»
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Husbands Fantasy Comes True 2

Having sex with my son a few nights ago has made me a better person all around. I can see myself as a changed woman now, for the good of life. Ever since the other night, I have thought more positively about myself. I feel more beautiful. Maybe it was because my own son wanted sex with me as much as I did with him. I just know, deep inside, my love for him and my husband is starting to develop more strongly than I have ever imagined.

I was laying there on my stomach feeling my husbands dick tearing my pussy apart as he fucked me incredibly hard from behind. I had my face buried in my pi... Continue»
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I loved going over my bestfriend’s house. I’ve been going to Kim’s house since we learned how to ride bikes. It was always so free there. As long as we didn’t break anything, didn’t take anything, and told the truth when something happened, we were free to do whatever we pleased. Kim’s mother was a very pretty woman. Fair skin, long curly hair, petite body, large tits and a very nice ass. She wore really skimpy clothes. You could always see her cute little ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts and you could always see her perky brown nipples. She never, EVER wore a bra or panties. I recognized ... Continue»
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He took his monster dick out and shoved it inside of his petite daughter with no hesitation. He pounded her even harder than he pounded me! Definitely not the first time getting in that pussy! Kim’s lips and mine were the only thing touching at that time. I loved every minute of it and so did my bestfriend! She screamed louder and louder until she squirted all over her dad’s dick!!! It was so warm.. running down my legs and pussy. “I love you daddy..” she said quietly as her weak body rolled off of me. He picked me up and wrapped his arms underneath my thick thighs and my heavy ass! He slid hi... Continue»
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My Friends Cousin Urvashi

I went to a art one night at a friends house, the kind of boring part with too man relatives and not enough beer. I lived around the corner from him so would go back to min and smoke then return when bored.

During the evening his aunt and uncle turned up with his cousin who as barely legal, dressed in a nice dress and looked really sexy. She was so cut and good looking it was hard to believe she was related to my friend at all.

She was the good girl and dressed like one and acted like one at least she did in front of f****y that is, but she was actually a young dick crazy little slut w... Continue»
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Anal Puke Whore - part 4

Oh my god, keep reaming my butthole
Shellys mom comes out of the shower fully nude and starts masterbating while watching her daughter get sodomized while Sam pounds away with extreme thundering fuck-thrusts
Sam - I'm going to fucking cum... Hold your buttcheeks open after I cum and pull out. Diane, come here, put your face under your daughters pussy.... Catch all the sperm when she pushes it out. You better not waste a fucking drop.....
Diane - yes daddy
Sam unloads what feels like a gallon of cum in Diane's daughter and keeps his dick buried deep in her colon....he grabs the camera whi... Continue»
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one day in the woods

This happened about two weeks ago.
My home backs up to some woods where k**s and young adults go to party and have sex, They even had a small beaten up shed with some lanterns and an old mattress in. I sometimes take a walk out there during the day just to check on tings. Well I was walking out two weeks ago Saturday afternoon as I got close I started to her a girl moaning (oh boy I think to myself) As I get to the area I knew I was coming from behind the shed where I would not be seen but I did know there were a few holes in the shed that I should be able to get a nice view of some teens g... Continue»
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Annie 2


Last week of school. Summer was close. Annie was almost running on the street with this piece of paper in her hand. She was wearing a nice red top and an extremely short brown skirt. Except for the belly and the ass cheeks that she was ostentatious showing around she looked like a little business girl. She was cute.
Annie ran late because she couldn’t find the address in the first place but she was sure she’s gonna make it. It was a bad neighborhood and the number she was searching proved to be an ugly blockhouse. With a hesitation she stepped in. The elevator wasn’t working. “Ughh... Continue»
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A father and his daughter

What's a father to do
A year years ago I married a beautiful black woman. She was every thing a man could want smart, funny and very sexy and sexual. Just how sexual I later found out. But first I must give you some background on my f****y.

This is not my first marriage I was married to a lovely white woman and we had an even lovelier baby girl who is now fifteen years old. Her mother ran off one day leaving me and Beth to fend for ourselves. Beth was just ten at the time and I watch my baby grow up to be quite a stunner, 5'4 inches tall and 105 pounds with just the perfect fig... Continue»
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hotwife alone in a club

Last friday night me and my young s****r in law decided to go out to watch some live music at a place name „Fez“. We also planned to go to clubbing at famous jakarta club „Dragonfly“ later that night. I wore this really red short sexy dress that my beloved husband bought for me, its low cut in the front so my breast were kind of exposing (see at my gallery) and it is also really tight so peoples see my figure and my but. My underwear this night was a pink thong and black bra. With the add of high heels it just complete the look.

So we went to Fez first, we arrived there arround 12 o'clock t... Continue»
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PT How big.

AD As long as the cucumbers I used to play with so I knew I could take its length easy but it was a lot thicker than them.

PT So did he hide it all in you?

AD HA-HA what do you thick I wasn’t going to waist any of that’ Like I’ve said before I don’t understand porn stars who want to fuck men with 13 inch cocks if your only going to take 10 inch’s in you? If he has a 13 or 14 inch cock then I want all that in me’ Hard and tight ha-ha’ So yes he hid it all.

PT After that was it gangbangs all the way? And did the lads give you lots of dp time? Did you try two... Continue»
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PT At this point had the boys tried to touch you up at all?

AD No they were very good but I could see that they now had full hardons and it was at this point I said to them err boys are you hiding cucumbers down there or are you just pleased to see me ha-ha? Well there faces went bright red and they looked down and said Oh err well you can’t blame us Anne as you do look err well very sexy the way your sitting’ I tried to look all ‘What do you mean’ kind of thing and looked down at the back of the chair and said OH MY I’ve not looked like this have I and got up’ We joked about it... Continue»
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How did she go from TV golden girl at the BBC EAST MIDLANDS TODAY news show to being the star in a 15 man gangbang’ Then going on to get fucked stupid by 27 black men at once’ Her obsession of Gangbang’s’ How she demands to be brutally fucked very roughly with know mercy’ Her love of huge black cocks’ Her anal and cum additions’ Her fetish for young lads’ And her love of fisting.

PT Well Anne welcome to Porn Star Today.

AD Thank you glad to be ... Continue»
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Daddy with Bethy

As a student I didn't have a lot of money. Neither did anyone. Apart from the trust fund k**s, and there were a few of those at my uni, everyone was scrabbling for pennies. My poverty was becoming a big problem as the mid-term vacation rolled around and I went home with £50 to my name and considering getting a part time job.

Back home during one of the vacations I met up with Mr. Newark. He was taking me out for dinner and we were going to go back to his to get reacquainted- payment free, as a one off, but I was getting dinner out of it- and have a few drinks. His wife and k**s were visitin... Continue»
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Janet and John On Holiday Part 2

Janet and John are on holiday at Doggers in the October half-term.

Doggers is dedicated to fam1lies who love dogging.

Janet and John are too young to understand First Base, Second Base and Third Base.

First: Kissing, Second: touching over or under clothing, Third: proper hand job.

Janet had her own bucket list of sex-positions for this holiday (Oral, Anal, and Cuntal).

Janet has already ticked off Oral, when she sucked the Biggest Blackest Cock in the World.

Janet and John visit chalet number 4, dressed in their scariest Halloween outfits.

John knocks on the door: "Wait a... Continue»
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