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Blond Filth

Nicolette was beautiful and I had wanted her for so long. I was sure of our future and that we would be married, that is until her father, who had once approved of me changed, his mind.

He said that the high society families of the Jupiter Circle had purchased land at the outskirts of town then built ostentatious mansions, huge garages for their elongated million-dollar cars, and a pleasure palace near the glen. They had gained influence over everything. They were haughty and considered themselves superior and Nicolette's father believed that uncertain futures faced anyone who was not in... Continue»
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Excommunicated and on the run

Linda and Kate were wife 5 and 6 of Edward Folger a 62 year old Mormon. Both had been ceremonial brides selected for Edward when they were teenagers. Both had one male c***d born only months apart. Neither had a love attachment to Edward, only a duty attachment. Together they had planned for years knowing the time would come when their son's would be run off by the elders as threats, under the disguise of adulthood. Rodney, Linda's boy and Toby, Kate's son knew their time was near as they were becoming less appreciated by the elder men. All four had hidden money and covertly stashed clothin... Continue»
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New Neighbors

New Neighbors

This story is about Cathy, age 14, and her b*****r, Mark age
16. Their father's name is John. Their mother died from a car accident when
they were young so they really never knew much about her. The car accident
was the other person's fault so the f****y received a large amount of money
as a settlement. John had a good job until the company shut down and was
put out of work. They decided it would be cheaper for them to buy a house
and move to the country. It would be a good change and they were looking
forward to meeting new people. They found a nice house about 2... Continue»
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Cock Sure

It was about like any other weekend getaway to the desert except that we decided we'd like to try a clothing optional resort. It was the first time for both of us. We pulled up to the front gates of the resort, got out of the car, grabbed what little luggage we brought with us, (mostly suitcases filled with fine wine) and rang the bell at the entrance to the resort.

We were greeted by a pretty young woman clothed in light summer wear and she brought us on to the grounds of the resort. It was hot. Really hot. The desert in August afterall. s**ttered around the pool were scores of naked bodie... Continue»
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ménage à dog by Tague Micheals

I wondered where Sammy had gone off to. She was supposed to let me where
she was. At 14, I was a pretty conscientious baby sitter which was why her
single mother allowed me to actually do overnights from time to time, such
as this particular night.

Sammy was a fairly cute, not beautiful, 8 year old with hair the color of
copper and a bouncy bob haircut that showed it off nicely. I'd been
watching her for the better part of a year but had known her and her mother
since she was born. Sammy was pretty good about keeping me posted about
what she was doing. Typically their 3 year old Ro... Continue»
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Fucking The football Coach!

This happened on my 18th Birthday. It was at our home coming game. I was a cheerleader for my high school. The Freedom High School Patriots. I had a lot of guys always asking me out and wanting to fuck me. I loved the attention. I was so blessed to have amazing breasts. I use to let guys pay me a few bucks to just hold them and suck on them. I get really horny from it. Some of them would get lucky.

Anyways this is about the coach of our football team. He wasn’t really good looking guy or built rock hard. He was kind of fa... Continue»
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My New Step s****rs - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I seemed to always be in trouble growing up. It was no surprise that my parents divorced over my bad behavior. When most k**s were going to college, after high school. I was in the back of a bus, going to prison. I was sentenced for stealing a few cars. 25 to be exact. All over one weekend. I got off the prison bus and headed inside. With good behavior, I could get out in a year.

1 year later:

I walked out of prison, a changed young man. I did not want to go back. I took a taxi back to my house. My Dad had remarried while I was serving ti... Continue»
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"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a Good Whor

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

"Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a good Whore!!!"

It was a dark Friday evening, just a little passed 10pm. I had been sitting in my patrol car all night. I looked around outside. I could see a light out above the old gas station. It was your typical slow boring, small town night. I had moved from the big city a few weeks ago. I graduated from the Police Academy. Worked two years on the mean streets of NYC. I needed a big change in my life. I decided to move down to Maryland. Out on the Eastern Shore. As far away from civilization, I could get. I ran ... Continue»
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Coupon Boobie - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

Coupon Boobie

I rolled into the news paper plant, around 9am. I had overslept again. I hate Monday mornings. I had party the whole weekend. I had just passed my 2nd semester of college. I was interning for a small news paper in my home town. A college professor had gotten me the job. I was her pet project for the semester. She gave me good grades. I gave her my big cock after class. It was a win, win, for me. She was very voluptuous. I had been attracted to skinny girls before I met her. I changed after she rocked my world.

I got out of m... Continue»
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The Wjeel Chair - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

The Wheel Chair

I just got home from the hospital. I had some minor surgery on my right leg. They game me a walking cane, to use after a few days of rest. At the moment, they gave me a wheel chair to use. I wheeled myself out to the curb to get a taxi. The taxi driver let me out in my driveway. I used the garage door to get inside my house. I then opened the big doors to my basement. I used my small elevator to get to the 2nd floor of my house. I wheeled myself over to my big king size bed, and fell asl**p for the night.

The next morning, I... Continue»
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The f****y Road Trip- BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

More adventures of my hot New Step s****rs and New Huge Boob Step Mom

Recap of previous Story - Went to prison for a year. Got out on parole. Went home to find my Dad got remarried. He is out of the country on business. My new Step Mom is super bodacious. Her two daughters turned out to be real big nymphos. They came home from private school. They put on a naughty fashion show. One thing lead to another and I end up fucking both of them. Also without my knowledge, my new Step Mom was spying on me, when I was asl**p.

"Good Morning! sl**py ... Continue»
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Something a little different! Enjoy... x

“Close your eyes and open wide.”

His warm tongue brushed mine as he slipped the small round pill into my mouth for the second time that night.

My tongue accepting willingly as his hot breath washed over my face, enjoying the closeness.

He lingered there for a moment; teasing my tingling lips with his tongue before finally pulling away and smirking at me.

“Good girl” he said softly, leaning back to the grass below and gazing up into the dark sky. I watched his cheeks sink inwards as he inhaled deeply, the cigaret... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part XIII - Nocturnal Em

I keep getting messages saying you love this story. Thank you all! Remember I am always open to comments, criticism and suggestions/requests. And this part is the end of Katie's sl**pover, I promise.

Katie came hard when Petra flashed her dad’s dick-pic at her. It was completely without warning; one moment she was eagerly anticipating the sight, and the next she was biting her lip and squirming, trying desperately not to moan. She felt empty inside, and she knew exactly how she wanted to fill that emptiness. She wanted the cock in that picture, wanted to peel that hand off the shaft ... Continue»
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Episode 46 - Jenny's Ganbang

Back Yard Nudity
“Uncle, take my picture”.
I had just stripped off and heard Jenny calling from the back yard.
“Take my picture Uncle, while I’m cumming”

Jenny, my favourite Niece, had come to stay over for weekend and was looking lovely.
Jenny was leaning back against the old tree; eyes closed, grinning. Both hands down the front of her blue shorts, masturbating hard.

I carefully framed her pretty face and shoulders, just including the straps of her new white bikini.
It was difficult to avoid those junior tits, already spilling out of her first grown-up swimsuit.
I snapped ... Continue»
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Lizzy loves being a bad girl: Part 4

Part 4:
After my allowed playtime was over I looked at the clock and I realized it was already 6 in the evening. I couldn't believe how fast this weekend was ending since Sunday was our last day together and then I had to go back to work on Monday. Sam will be gone again, or at least until next weekend...

Sam took me by the hand after changing me into a new dry, thick cartoon printed diaper and we came out of my playroom heading for my bedroom. As we got to the door I said, "What are we having for dinner daddy?" Sam replied, "We're going to that restaurant I always said I'd take you to bu... Continue»
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How it Ended up Being Mom and Me 3

Mom and I had fallen asl**p in each others arms and when I felt movement next to me, I woke up to see mom setting up on the side of the bed, then looking back over her shoulder at me, and seeing that I was awake too, "Do you have any regrets about what we did before we went to sl**p?"

"No June, I do not. I'm glad that we did what we did cause I love you so much and I want you to be happy and feel loved as you should be feeling. Now do you have any regrets?"

"Yes and no."

"Yes. Why?"

"I had sex with my son, which a mother is not supposed to do. No, is because I love you very much to... Continue»
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Birthday Games by loyalsock

Lisa had always been the "doucumentor" of the f****y. She seemed always to be
taking notes at every gathering and could recall with great detail what was
said or done by anyone there.

Since my 21 year old stepdaughter received the camcorder as a gift last
Christmas, it has been her constant companion, traveling with her wherever she
goes. Alternately it has become almost a permanent fixture on its tripod in the
corner of our f****y Room, silently and watchfully recording candid views of our
f****y life for posterity. Last weekend Liza knocked on my study door for a
short v... Continue»
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I posted this on fictionmania a few years ago - it

"Wow." Andre looked at me over the top of his too small glasses (well, he
had a big - read fat - face, maybe glasses weren't made in his size?).
"That is so awesome - a spell of possession!"

We had found an old book in the back of the stacks of the Miskatonic
University. Andre was an "intellectual" - he was always thinking about
something. If he wasn't thinking about one thing, he was thinking about
something else. So, he gravitated to libraries, and I was his best
friend, so I sometimes gravitated with him.

It was a very strange book; the binding was like nothing I had ever seen
... Continue»
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The Best Part of Waking Up—The Izela Series

Author's Notes:
-No u******e persons despite language.
-Interracial (bf/wm) but no explicit descriptions.

Tags: Daddy Kink, DD/LG, D/S Undertones, Praise, Cunnilingus, Female Orgasm, Light Nipple Play, Brief Masturbation, Titty-Fucking, Oral, Cumshot, Facial

Izzy carefully rolls from the warmth underneath her daddy's heavy arm, while regretting each shift that takes her further away from her favorite little nook. But last night, after he'd filled her up, slid her panties back on, and tucked her into his side, Daddy had given her explicit instructions.

"Daddy has to get... Continue»
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A helping hand from Mom.

"Pete wake up!! Yeah you up there in the pit of a room. PETE GET UP!!...NOOOW. Damm k** never does what I tell him these days, I don't care if he' officially a teenager now but that k** needs wake the fuck up and get his ass outside to mow the lawn. I will tell you now, teenagers think they are adults but trust me he ain't.

I caught him yesterday and he didn't see me. I got to admit I could of embarrassed him but hey he's young, full of hormones and needed a release. We all gotta get some in our a day to day lives. My life as a 46 year old is dull - I need to get some.

Anyhow back to P... Continue»
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