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helping widow mom date again Part IV - Blackmail

The final day had come. I arranged a meeting in our house pretending to be my mother and specifically noted that this would be the final and only payment to this guy blackmail. I was hoping he would be the only one with access to the video, although it was possible that the other college students that banged my mom would not resist in sharing the video file. I was hoping this wouldn't happen in the next years or my momma teaching career would have to end sooner than expected.

My mom was terrified with this encounter and wanted that I would be present in the house hidden, in case the guy sta... Continue»
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Mother And Son Bonding In Hotel

My name is Katie and I am thirty nine years old. I live with my husband son Heath who is six teen and is my everything. My marriage at first was amazing but as the years passed after Heath was born my husband changed. My husband for one is a very jealous person who hates it when I hang out with my guy friends and even some of my girl friends. I get where he's coming from because I will admit I get hit on all of the time. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes and I am tall and thin with large breast and a nice ass. Eventually fighting with him about me going out with friends got old so I just decided ... Continue»
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Our first Bi

Mwife and I are blessed. We’re both in our late twenties. I graduated from school just as the internet social media was heating up. I’ve made bundles of money and don’t have to work much. We have an estate that is very private, guarded by lush landscaping.
Jenni and I met in college our sophomore year. We were both on the tennis team and we still stay in great shape.
I’m 6’4”, lean with detailed muscles.
Jenni is 5’9”. Blond, smallish titties that are still firm. Small nipples that grow dramatically when she is excited.
Our estate has 5 bedrooms. The master has a large whirlpool. We have... Continue»
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F amily holiday 1

I woke up and rolled out of bed, making my way out to the rear patio to see the rolling French countryside bathed in an early morning glow. I was on holiday, staying a French villa for two weeks with my wife, oh and the rest of her f****y - her mother & father, her b*****r & his girlfriend.

The villa itself was all set out on one level, so my wife and I had the rear bedroom with the en-suite bathroom, whilst my mother and father-in-law had the room in the opposite corner of the villa. My b*****r-in-law and his girlfriend had the smaller room next to ours.

We had flown into the country ye... Continue»
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I wanted to fuck her the moment I saw her. She was wearing the cutest
little miniskirt that couldn't have been more than eight inches long. It
fit her athletic ass tightly and when she walked up to me and held out her
hand, it moved up her creamy thighs as they whispered together. I could
smell her delicious scent and her white blouse was buttoned up in front,
but with only two buttons. The top couple were undone and the bottom ones
were open so she could tie the blouse up under her breasts, exposing her
soft stomach and belly button.
I tried to continue looking into her big blu... Continue»
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Like daughter like mother

Sep 28
Like daughter like mother.

This story is best understood if you have read previous stories posted by me, but none the less here goes as I write from memory. I change all names to protect the guilty. I'm Keith my wife is Lisa, and our daughter is Amy and you might think this is about my wife and daughter. It isn't it is instead about my daughters friend Char and her mom Peg.

I ran into Peg, Char and Char's dad Mike at the grocery, Mike is a local minister and although we've known them for years for some reason Mike makes me a little nervous. I'm not sure why something about mayb... Continue»
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Like daughter like mother with pic I hope

Sep 28
Like daughter like mother.

This story is best understood if you have read previous stories posted by me, but none the less here goes as I write from memory. I change all names to protect the guilty. I'm Keith my wife is Lisa, and our daughter is Amy and you might think this is about my wife and daughter. It isn't it is instead about my daughters friend Char and her mom Peg.

I ran into Peg, Char and Char's dad Mike at the grocery, Mike is a local minister and although we've known them for years for some reason Mike makes me a little nervous. I'm not sure why something about may... Continue»
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my daughters friend

as waiting for my daughter Susan to land home eventually she flounced in with her new best friend Sheryl "hey girls how are you two today" I said " OK thanks dad can Shez stop tonight" said Susan "ok" I said "but don't stay up chatting all night".
So I fed them then they both retired to Susan's bedroom for a night of movies and chatting.
I stuck my head in Susan s room at about midnight to make sure they were both asl**p Susan was fast asl**p in bed while Sheryl was asl**p at the foot of her bed on the floor the light from the open door must of disturbed her cos she threw off her covers and ... Continue»
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Playing House with Suzy

Suzy and I have been bathing together for years. we have finally got to the point where she will let me "clean" her pussy and she will take care of my needs. She is much younger than me, but, she feels these sexual pleasures and enjoys stroking my cock and sucking my dick. She even lets me cum in her mouth. It started out as a game when she realized that there was a lot of pleasure to be had from taking care of each other. Typically nowadays it is a very sensual time. We very much look forward to our baths together. Until, one day we got busted. It happened one bath day when Suzy was doing her... Continue»
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Oh mom !....

I woke up in the morning, it was monday I was very tired I had a good Sunday night I went to my friend joes house for a piss up it was not a house party just a few friends getting wasted, but I'm getting off subject I was in bed and my mom knocked on the door with breakfast. She said "Jason!, breakfast!
I replyed by grunting as I was half asl**p, I rolled over and drifted back off to sl**p and I swear I felt my moms hand run down my back and squeeze my arse cheek. I awoke again about five minutes later, got dressed and wolfed down my breakfast, I had toast and milk. I quickly gathered my thi... Continue»
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The Erotic Adventures Of Jazz and Jezzabell

Jazz And Jezzabell – The Book Store Adventures – The Beginning

My wife and I had been talking about going to the adult video and toy store and do some looking around. We have a fairly large collection of toys so it was far from our first visit to one. The store just happened to be on the way from my school to her work. I had a couple hours to blow so instead of wasting gas going home and coming back, I decided to drop in to the video store and see what it was like.

We had just found the place when she started her new job. We had gone to another place closer to us a couple times, but it ... Continue»
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The Twin s****rs

A good friend of mine who has read and really enjoys my stories gave me a picture of his twin s****rs and asked me to write a story about them. He basically told me to write whatever I wanted only to just change the names so here it goes. Hope you all enjoy.

My name is Bella and I live with my mom, dad and my twin s****r Anna. We are both seven teen years old and since I can remember we have always been more than s****rs but best friends. When we started going to the high school Anna and I were both nervous but we always... Continue»
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Looking up my teacher, dress!

I was the only boy in detention, with Miss Meek. My music teacher. She instructed me to get with my homework, and sat at her desk, and began, marking our tests. I had purposely sat straight in front of her desk. With her glasses on, I knew, she couldn’t see me clearly, so I pretended to work, but stared right at her. I have had, so many; wet dreams about her, ever since I saw, up her dress, in grade one music. I got a massive stiffy, in my school pants. I un-zipped my pants, and pulled it out, under the desk. After a while, I asked her for some help. I hid my penis, under my school jumper, as ... Continue»
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Fuck my Indian Landlady

It is a real story of my first experience of having a sexual encounter. I was not married at that time. I had just joined as a restaurant manager at Indore (basically I am from Ahmedabad). I am around 22. I was in my full youthfulness. The owner had made for me arrangements for my accommodation there, as i did not need a separate house since i was bachelor. I was living as a paying guest with one mr.vinodh, a businessman. They provided me a big room on the first floor. Two other rooms on that floor were locked. They lived on the ground floor. My room was well furnished with a double bed some c... Continue»
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I sit in the stylishly decorated but dimly lit waiting room. Women flipping through magazines, reading books or playing on cellphones fill the room. No one looks directly at each other, only looking up to hear the nurse when she calls a name. One after another, names are called. Finally she calls for me.

As always the nurse runs through the mandatory mundane pre-examination questions. When she is satisfied with the answers she hands me the dreaded paper top and large sheet. She says, “go to the bathroom and undress completely. Put the paper top on and d**** the sheet across your bottom”. T... Continue»
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Fucking neigbor

My husband gets extremely excited when I show off whether it's out in a see through top, showing on Watchersweb, or my favorite a skirt with no panties. He also enjoys hearing me talk about what I'd like to do to other guys. Another thing he enjoys is swapping pictures and videos. I can't remember how it started but he sent a picture of my tits to our neighbor Randy. This led to a lot of flirting back and forth and eventually racier photos exchanged. I know that Randy wants me very bad and I know that my husband wants to watch but I've been very hesitant to do anything. My husband was in the s... Continue»
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Morning light 6 FINAL

The bright morning light rushed into the room as Jennifer lifted the window shade. She walked over the bed, a smile on her freckled face.

"Wake up sl**pyhead," Jennifer said as she gently shook Shelly.

It was ten o'clock and the young girl had barely stirred. Jimmy was outside mowing the lawn and getting things ready for the cookout with Robert and Rhonda.

Shelly turned over and opened her eyes with that "deer in the headlights" look on her pretty face. It took her a minute to realize where she was. When she did, she smiled and held her arms open to Jennifer. "Thank you so much," s... Continue»
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Looking For Men, Took One Home, For Daughter

If anything has excited or liberated it's the image of women masturbating. As a woman, it is something we all grew up doing in the privacy of ourselves or with our husbands, but never in the view of other men.

Strangers having even a glimpse of something considered sacred to a woman's soul, would indeed be rare, to be in possession of such imagery, would be sanctimony to our very being, tantamount to surrender and shame.

Now we are liberated. The internet is awash with videos of wives and daughters, females falling from grace, from upon the pedestals where we once perched, today we kneel... Continue»
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Caught wanking in school

This was my first sexual experience as a shemale, I was still in school, I loved the girls in the school uniform, tight white shirts so thin it would show their bras through and tiny short skirts, some flared and some really tight too, I would always end up getting a cheeky view up some of their skirts and I couldn't help but stare as their tight bald pussies or their tight perfect little asses. I had to wear that uniform too and I always had to wear little panties to hide my big cock.

We had just finished a P.E (Physical Education) lesson and we had all come back to the changing rooms, as ... Continue»
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Twisted Step-s****r XV (She gets some help)

Jumping forward to Saturday morning I wake by being shaken as I open my eyes I see Mom trying to get me up. I learn that it is just after 9am. The last time I was still in bed this late yes this is late for me I was sick.

I am tired and ache all over not sick just feel like I was in a fight and lost.

Last night I played every down of offense and defense. I ran the ball 19 time for 79 yard and two TDs. Mostly used for blocking made a key block that fueled a 45 yard TD run. On defense I had a pick for a 10 yard return to their 30 yard line we later scored. A QB sack that caused a fumble th... Continue»
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