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My S*ster Eva Started It All 3 by loyalsock

We rolled around on my bed, her on top, then me again, then Evie once more as she came at least three more times on my rock hard cock. I returned to the top position and began pounding her relentlessly as she stared into my eyes. I grabbed her feet and placed them onto my shoulders making her groan in pleasure before she cried out "Oh god yes, Dale. Fuck me and make me cum WITH you. Fill me with your cum, claim my pussy as yours and yours alone!"

I rose to the occasion and released my cum as it plastered the back wall of her pussy with my huge load of cream. Evie screamed and kissed me deep... Continue»
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Sex in the Car, Atop Uncles cock

'He's here', I hear my mother call out to me. I'm packing my bags and beginning on my journey back to boarding school, after Christmas break.

I heard my uncles voice and mothers laugh, as she calls up again. 'I'm coming', I shout back, as I zipper-up my bags, and drag them downstairs.

In a way I am glad for the lift, otherwise a four hour train journey was the alternative. I know mother was grateful, being 14 and looking like I did, she feared I would be ****d, not in as many words, but it did not take imagination to know her meaning.

I smiled warmly to uncle, he looked large and powe... Continue»
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The Truth About Wolfie and Little Red

Introduction: I am here to set the record straight. The story of Little Red Riding Hood has been told as one with threats and a big bad wolf. Well, I am the wolfie but that is not how it all went down. Listen, I didn't want to eat her, okay? Hell, I'm not a cannibal. Might be a little pervy on the sniffing thing but I mean, I'm a canine so what do you expect? Anyway, what follows is the true story of what happened on that infamous day.


She didn't have red hair as many have suggested, nor did she wear a “riding hood”. In fact, she didn't wear a clo... Continue»
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Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 7

Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 7

--------- Chapter 13
Susan is so naughty…

On her way out of her bedroom she grabbed her robe, and put it on as she rushed into the kitchen. Linda knew it would be her son; she quickly walked into the kitchen and found him and Julie drinking a Coke.

She was glad it was both of her ch(i)ldren, she hadn’t been expecting that, they had come home together. Ooohh this is going to be fun….she thought.

“I have a surprise you for both..…Ssssshhh ….Don’t say anything….!” Linda sternly whispered. They both looked back at her with strange expressio... Continue»
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My Stepdaughter the Slut!

My name is John and I am 58 years old. My wife passed way a couple of years ago. Since then I have spent most of my time alone watching porn and jerking off.

Then my stepdaughter Julie called and asked if she could move in for a couple weeks since she had just left her husband.

Frankly I really did not want to have her around but decided that a couple of weeks would be ok.

Julie did not do much but stay in her room on her computer and go out once or twice a week to see "friends".

One night she went out and I decided to... Continue»
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cousin sins

HI im, arwin Andrews im, a chubby bisexual guy me my b*****r my cousin s****r were all living in the same house in the suburbs with my parents and his b*****rs f****y me my b*****r and cousin all studied in the same school.+

when I was 20 in my college my b*****r was 18 and my cousin was 18she was graduating high school her name is vinu Andrews I used to lust over my aunt from the day I knew sex but it was like the holy grail I could see but could not have it she was the hottest milf my friends used to come to my house to see her cleavage and her swaying ass but I never had the wrong inten... Continue»
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We're not triplets

We are not triplets, Shauna and I are twins, Cally was adopted, but by coincidence she has the same birthday as me and my s****r. For that reason we were raised as triplets and most people presumed we were all siblings.
Our parents did their best for us all, we grew up in a 2 bedroom apartment, which meant I always shared with the 2 girls. To us this was never a problem and as we matured we just got used to each other’s ways. Living in such close quarters, a certain amount of nudity was never an issue between us, we all knew what each other did on dates, and if one or other was masturbating i... Continue»
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Daughter in law

When I met my daughter in law for the first time I knew we would be friends forever. We just bonded immediately.
About 15 years after she married my s_on we were out shopping. We had the whole day to ourselves because my husband and s_on went to a baseball game. I had always had a fantasy about being with her sexually. She is very beautiful with an amazing body. We finished shopping and went back to my house. The guys wouldn't be home until late that night.
We were sitting at my kitchen table when she said " can I ask you something that may be completely out of line or inappropriate? I know ... Continue»
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S*ster's Licker 2 by loyalsock

"You go lay out the food with Mae. She'd be wondering where we've got to." His voice was gruff to his own ears, and he almost heaved a sigh of relief when she said lightly, "Okay." And her steps receded away from the clearing. Soon he heard her calling out to Mae, and only then did he relax, looking down at his discomforting erection, pressing it down furiously.

"Fuck!" he swore, hating the whole situation. For how long was he going to keep his unholy feelings from his s****r, from his whole f****y? It wasn't going to be easy....

When he joined the two girls some time later, he found the... Continue»
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s****r's Licker 1 by loyalsock

Lacey tripped down the stairs to find her mom and b*****r in the kitchen. Her mom turned from the sink to give her a disapproving look.

"Sorry I'm late, mom! But you could have woken me!"

"We tried! Well, Max did. He went up to your room, but found you dead to the world as usual."

"Yeah, I know, sometimes I sl**p like a log," she grinned at her b*****r, who twisted his lips.

"That's a mild way of putting it," he muttered.

She came to him to give him an elbow in his side, but he drew away as if stung. Shrugging, she faced her mom, who was now drying the dishes.

"So, when ... Continue»
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Mother/Step-Daughter Swingers Party Part II

Our monthly swinger’s party had gone well for my wife Carol and my step-daughter Angie. Carol was in an upstairs bedroom getting fucked by a young stud and my step-daughter Angie had just been introduced to the joys of lesbian sex. I saw my wife on her way to an upstairs bedroom so she could suck some young Marine’s cock. I later learned this young stud had only started; she was in for another good hour of fucking at best. My step-daughter was in the basement with her head between some dyke’s legs doing God knows what. And here was I alone, with my dick in my hand. My luck changed when I spot... Continue»
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My name is Julie, and I have long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, green eyes, long coltish legs, and a very tight and well-toned body, which is the result of years of playing soccer. Although you can’t see it, my puffy labia are covered with light, downy hair that resembles a feather and my breast are little more than puffy buds topped with pert, pink nipples.

You have arranged for us to go camping and hiking for a week. Since mom isn't the outdoors type, it will be just the two of us for the next seven days. You pull your car into the State Park ... Continue»
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Best Friend Sharing A Secret, And Her Dad.

This is another fantasy story of mine, hope you enjoy guys and gals.

When my mom, dad and I moved into a new house in a quiet little neighborhood it was scary for me not knowing anybody but that changed when I met my neighbor and soon to be best friend Ali. Ali was around the same age as me and we quickly became friends.We hung out at school together and I spent a lot of time at her house since my mom and dad were constantly working. Ali lived with her dad who was a nice guy but really quiet and kept to himself.Ali and I sat up in her room listening to music, trying on cloths and doing each... Continue»
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Showertime With Mommy

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

When my dad left leaving just my mom and me it was hard because I always loved and looked up to my dad but after a year passed my life began to get back to normal. My mom and I became even closer because like she always smiled and told me "We only need each other". My mom had tried to start dating again but she always said she wasn't sure if she could trust men again. And by no means was it hard for my mom to get guys because she has always been very beautiful. My mom has long blonde hair, blue eyes, a pretty face and a slim b... Continue»
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Concert Sex with s****r and Mom

Kyle and Kylie were twins but only those who really knew them would have been aware of it because they were fraternal twins. Although close to the same height, they looked nothing alike. Kyle had black wavy hair, dark brown eyes and the type of skin that easily tanned. Kylie had blonde hair, green eyes and very pale skin that burned easier than it tanned. Kyle’s face was more square-ish and Kylie’s more narrow and oval.

Kylie was a very pretty s*******n year old with a thin shapely body set off with a set of 32 C breasts. Kyle had a ruggedly handsome face and muscular athletic type body. M... Continue»
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Losing my virginity

This is a true story. I am writing it more for introspection that for you to get off...

At the time I was a 17 yr old young man... I was so shy I was afraid to even talk to a girl my age... I didn't date, had few friends outside of school sports. I was a competitive Diver and Gymnast. Looking back I know I missed out on a ton of experience and kick myself in the ass for not being more assertive then. I was 17, 6 feet tall with the muscles of a k** who did rings and highbar and the frame of someone that would do a reverse 3 1/2 from a 10 meter high board.. I didn't understand how good-look... Continue»
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Naughty Nicky I: Cousin Gabe, A Repost

A memory I had written from a previous account on here, Please comment!

Growing up was tough for me because it was just me & my mom so she worked a lot of overtime at the factory which ran on a rotating shift often worked a lot of overtime just so she could buy nice things & nice home which meant I would end up staying at my aunt’s house while school was in. I hated being there because my aunt didn’t have cable, good snacks or many video games. The worst part of staying with my aunt was my cousins Rita, Tanya & Gabriel because they were all older than me & had a lot of resentment towards me... Continue»
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Arabic/Muslim woman on train

I’ve always been turned on by curvy women – even as a teenager.

I was 18 years old and took the train to High School in Boston. I’d come across all different types of people, everyday – all ages, shapes, ethnicities, etc.

One day, as I was walking towards the train station I noticed a woman in front of me pushing a baby carriage. She was Arabic/middle eastern/Muslim and wore a head scarf; she was wearing one of those full dresses that I often saw women of this ethnicity wearing.

I instantly noticed her hips and ass – her hips were wide and her ass jiggled with each step. She w
... Continue»
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Five (5) Short Stories by Pia

Most of you know me, Mariel, and for years I have mentioned my daughter, the precarious and wonderfully uplifting Pia.

Teens are not blank canvases for your fantasies, as many writers try to convey in their stories, yes they can and some will allow that extra step, but more for their own curiosity, than the man's pleasure, but when put together, they are both the same, as from my own experience, I wanted to see the man cum because of who I was, just as much as he wanted to put his seed into something considered i*****l.

I now hand you over to my girl, and through her short stories I hope... Continue»
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This story is inspired by the comic artist Gary Roberts.

I awoke up, not sure if it was a dream or not. I felt something in my mouth, some type of cloth. It was pulled tightly, pushing back my lips, stretching my mouth open. It must have been tied because I could not get it out. I could feel drool running down my chin, my mouth dry. I tried to lift my arm but couldn’t. That is when I realized that I was not along and something was wrong.
My name is Tiffany. I live in an apartment with six other girls, all students at the local university. We’re all fairly well off, the parents paying th... Continue»
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