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My Heather, My Whore

I couldn't believe it when I heard the tentative knocking on my apartment door. My stupid ex-wife really had browbeaten Heather into visiting me during Christmas break! I knew that my daughter had been telling Sylvia about my m*****ion and **** of her over the years, but, apparently, the dumb fucking cunt had refused to believe her. Much to my delight, I must add.

I opened the door and there she stood, Heather, my beautiful 19-year-old daughter, whom I had first penetrated when she was twelve. Her shoulder-length auburn hair was just as wavy as the last time I'd cum on it, her soft, ... Continue»
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Aunty Ann

As I watched Aunty Ann get undressed and turn the shower on I could feel my cock go real hard taking it out of my trousers I rubbed it slowly as I watched her soap her real sexy body through the spy hole I had made about a year earlier when spying on my s****r Heather, and my mum Helen I could tell Ann knew she was being watched as she soaped her body she smiled and gave a sly look towards the pin hole camera, that was nearly un detectable to the naked eye, her hands soaped her large tits and let the soapy water run down her body towards her hairy pussy, my cock was rock hard and getting to th... Continue»
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My Mother Made Me a 69 Year Old Panty Lover

Ever wondered how a 69-year old retired photographer who likes to show off in panties came to be that way? Why do I have an irresistible desire to masturbate with men while in panties?

I blame it ALL on my mother.

I clearly recall the afternoon when I got home early from school and lay on my bed to play with myself. I was twelve and had discovered P...boy magazine and how my cock would get hard looking at naked women. I didn’t notice when my mother came into the room but when she said softly “I wondered when you’d discover that smut.” I froze. I quickly pulled a sheet over my withe... Continue»
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My cousin's cottage

I had just gotten divorced after a 10 year relationship and 4 years of fighting and bitchin’. I was ready to fucking move on and horny as a goat. I would have fucked anything in sight.

My cousin, we had been best friends for all of our 50 some years, invited me to her cottage “you can have it all for yourself for a couple of weeks” she told me on the phone. Located on a small island in Canada, by a fast running river, this is exactly what I needed.

I got there on a Friday night and she was there with her f****y, friends and our mutual families. Fireside chats, great dinner with a littl... Continue»
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Moni and Marc's best freind

My hubby Marc decided to be a writer
Mostly true but fictionalized a bit.

My name is Marc. I am a professional working at a large
construction firm in the Canada. I had remained unmarried
into my mid twenties partly because I didn't want to give up
the variety of different women that I bedded and partly
because I couldn't find a women that I was willing to
wake up next to for the rest of my life.

I met Moni at a party about two years ago, and was
immediately captivated by her looks as well as her
personality. We started dating and fell in love. Soon
after, we got... Continue»
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Wife takes the first step?? - would welcome commen

Hi All

Bit of a context first... We are a happily married mid 30s couple, been together since we were 18. Got the house and k**s to show for it, lol. For a number of years we've fantasised about others, particularly the wife sucking off another guy in front of me or being fucked while I watch. We've always treated this as nothing more than pillow talk or merely fantasy but over the last year or so it's developed a bit as the fantasies have been more graphic and the discussions more frequent. It used to be my wife saying "I want to be used by a group" or "fucked hard while you watch" etc etc... Continue»
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Mother and I wanted sex with the same old man.

When you get to the age where men start to notice you, many feeling can be both confusing and appealing. It's all to do with the physiological and psychological changes occurring simultaneously, never mind everything that had happened four years, back when mum and dad separated, I started my puberty close to my twelfth year, and breasts shortly afterwards.

Mum and I had moved home to another town, close to where her s****r, my aunt Anita, stayed. We had taken a top floor apartment, two bedrooms and an open-plan living room with adjoining kitchen.

The apartments was six in total, where mo... Continue»
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Date with Young Katie

Fun with crossdresser Katie

So here I am browsing online ads to see who is out there that may be interested in meeting up for some safe adult fun. Lo and behold I’d come across this ad online that I’ve saw before of this young 27-year-old cross-dresser. Other times I was unable to meet with this young thing because of my work schedule so I never answer that ad. I said to myself here goes. I to put a few more pictures in the e-mail, cock, body shots and see if I get a response. I received a response from this young hot, sexy cross-dresser. Wanting to know whether not I was real and serious... Continue»
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my mom my lover

Dad had past away. I'm still in collage. Not a whole lot to say other than I always thought Mom was pretty. She dressed like Mrs. Cleaver. Dress, Stockings and High Heels. This is early 1970's
We were always close,you know hugs kisses avery day. After Dad passed about 6 months we got even closer.
We started hanging out tighter and more often even going out for dinner, dancing, just being close.
Mom always looked very nice an attractive Lady.
One evening she said, why don't we go to the club you like to visit and I thought that would be great. She always pretended to like the music that I l... Continue»
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I Can't Make It Without Mom's Ass

My hands were shaking. The knot in my stomach was a constant reminder of what I had to do if I was ever going to be sane again...

She, who is my mother, was sitting on the couch reading one of her many romantic novels, oblivious to my pain. Before I get into my problem allow me to describe what has been torturing me for the past five years: My mother is what I would call cute and pretty. She's a natural beauty who never needs more than a little make-up to enhance her beautiful hazel eyes or her plump, red lips. Her straight, chestnut hair has blonde streaks which makes her look younger than... Continue»
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Being The Party Favor For Dad and His Friends

My name is Mason and I am six teen years old. I lived with my mom and dad until about a year and half ago when my parents decided to mutually separate leaving me with my dad. He was heartbroken at first of course but shortly after began going out with his friends and even sometimes bringing random girls home to have sex with. Dad and I still had a good relationship even though he mostly did his own thing going out and stuff. One night I was at home while he was out and like I usually did when he was gone I made my way to his room and into the dresser where he kept all of his porn mags and movi... Continue»
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My Uncle's Wife

Uncle Dave was only 6 years older than I. His wife (my Aunt Betty) was only 3 yrs. my senior. We had always been a very close f****y and the 50's seemed a slow and easier time. It was that closeness that led to my very first "Piece of ass." Even more fantastic was the fact; I lost my 'Cherry' with the girl of my dreams; Aunt Betty!

David was in the Coast Guard and stationed in San Francisco. They had only been married 6 months and she was now living with my parents while he finished his tour of duty. What a nice lady she was. I had just turned 18 and was unbelievably shy with the girls and ... Continue»
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My sex tutor

When a boy starts puberty, his curiosity and desire
become very strong. He could think of nothing else but
sex. Then one day his aunt became the answer to all of
his questions and desires.


Back in 1967 when I was approaching 13 years old, my
parents were both killed in a car accident and being
left with out a dad and mom, my mother's s****r Elsie
took me in and continued to look after me.

She was 34 years older than me at that time and had
been divorced for a number of years. And since she had
no f****y and was living alone, we became very close
friends. ... Continue»
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My first time with Molly Part 2

Molly had said to me that once she knew I was watching her she intentionally did things to grab my attention to see how I would react. She also stated that she knew I'd come and work for her at the beginning of summer knowing that this would be my last summer at home. She and Louisa talked for a few minutes alone in the sitting room and returned with a plan. Molly told me that if I wanted her I'd have to please Louisa first. Louisa would then report to her and tell her if I was worthy of Molly. Louisa led me to Molly's guest room where she closed and locked the door behind me. She stripped dow... Continue»
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Happy Anal Anniversary to Jilly

My son is banging a neighbor house full of sluts. Trying to get back in his wife's good graces he drafts me.... Hang on for what happened next!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About two months before their third anniversary, my son called and asked if I would be willing to help him surprise his wife by helping him build a deck on the back of their house.  I agreed and over the next few weeks we measured, made plans and I even pre-made the railings and a few other features for it in my shop.
So last Saturday was 3 days before the anniversary and he had managed to get her to go shopping with her mother... Continue»
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My first time with Molly Part 1

Molly was my long time neighbor, she lived in the house behind mine. She had been a widow for many years before I formally met her. Molly was always well dressed, blouses, skirts, heels and stockings. I never saw her in anything but heels, not even on the snowiest of days. I first noticed Molly at the age of 16 when she was bent over in her garden. Her stocking tops were exposed and I caught a slight glimpse of her ass in black satin panties. Her slip was blocking a good portion of the view. I later learned that she never owned a pair of cotton panties in her adult life, always satin, silk, or... Continue»
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Mom's Bad Boy

Mom's bad boy

Note: ——I am NOT the author!

Well here I am at my mothers funeral. Im now forty-two, been married for 10
years and have 3 beautiful c***dren. As I stand in the cold January wind, I
think of growing up with mom.
My first remberance of my sexual cravings was when I was 7 years old. I was
late for the school bus and had to get into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
The door was closed, I knew mom was in there, so I screamed, "mom if you don't
get out of there now I'll miss the bus.""Serves you right for taking your
time" she answered back. Finally she told me I c... Continue»
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Thanks Mom

Summer had just started and I was halfway thru my s*******nth year. I was riding my dirt bike and had a pretty bad crash, broke both my wrist, my arm and got banged up real good. I had both arms in a cast from my hands up to the shoulder, one of those that hold your arms up so I looked like the mummy as my arms were out all the time. I could not do anything for myself, I could not pee, poop, take a bath, eat, anything. My mom was a stay at home mom and she had to help me do everything. It was plenty weird. And I was going to need the cast for six to eight weeks.
The other draw back that s... Continue»
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choose your fate

The twins had always done everything together. When they were younger their mother would often get them confused. Their older siblings often teased them saying their parents had mixed up their names so many times they really couldn’t be sure who was Tracy and who was Stacy. The girls were soon using their similarities to their advantage though. They would often switch classes in high school, much to the chagrin of their teachers. Stacy even took her s****rs drivers test since she was always better at those things. The instructor had no clue. In their final year a nasty rumour even spread aroun... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (8)

The nigh Clare met the pizza delivery man at the door in the nude, we all sat and watched a movie when we finished eating the pizza, with Beth sitting on my lap with my hard dick in her pussy all through the movie, causing her to have several miny orgasms, then when the movie finished, mom told Clare and me to go and satisfy Clare's horny pussy, so she could maybe sl**p through the night, then I was to go to Beth's bedroom and sl**p with her.

Every night from Sunday till Thursday night, Clare and I slept together, after I would have sex with Beth, then Friday night and Saturday night, I sle... Continue»
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