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Adventures at the Bundy House

It was a beautiful morning in all of Chicago. The sun
was slowly starting to come up, the birds were singing,
and Al Bundy was enjoying his favorite part of the day,
his sl**p. It was the only time where nobody bothered
him. In his sl**p, he could think back on how great of a
football he was.

Also, he continuously fantasized about the girls in his
favorite magazine, Big Uns. All those hooters for his
disposal in his dreams, it was perfect. Even though his
wife, Peggy, had pretty nice tits of her own, Al only
liked other women whom he felt didn't set out to destroy
his li... Continue»
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Long Time Coming 2

Long Time Coming 2 (Apologies for the delay)

A work of fiction

Part 1 @

David visited his aunts graveside regularly every month come rain or shine. He removed the old flowers and placed new ones in the vase. He removed any weeds and when he was satisfied that all was tidy he knelt on the grass beside the grave. Looking around to ensure there was nobody in earshot he spoke slowly. “Well I’m here again aunt Betty, it’s turning cold again and the leaves are starting to turn brown. I really miss you and our times together, I told you... Continue»
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Gary My Hero

Gary My Hero

A work of fiction

It was getting late, it had started to rain. Rose Tyler normally walked the long way round to her home, but tonight of all nights, she chose to take the shortcut across the common. A sixty one year old widow, she rarely stayed out late, but tonight she had been visiting a sick friend and had lost track of the time. So it was well after ten thirty when she started the short walk through the dark area known locally as the Common.

The two men, stood behind one of the many old elm trees that grew on the common. As she passed, the larger of the two men,... Continue»
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The Candle Part Two

The Candle Part Two.

Part One @

A week passed and Tommy was disappointed that Mrs Hudson had not asked him to go to her house. Of course she still visited his mother, but there was never an opportunity to speak to her as they were never alone together.

One evening, the phone rang, as Norma was near to it, she picked it up. “Oh, hello Maureen, no, I’m not busy.” Listening before speaking again, she answered, “yes of course, be about five minutes.”

Replacing the phone in the cradle, she turned to her son. “I just have to pop i... Continue»
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Brady Bunch: Massaging Marsha Brady

Greg was up late watching a movie. Marsha had been out
on a date. The rest of the f****y had already gone to
bed. Now was their chance. It was after 11, when Marsha
got home. Greg was watching TV, by himself. He heard
the door open but pretended not to notice. He didn’t
want to look too anxious. Marsha tiptoed up behind him.
She bent over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks for waiting up." He turned sideways and their
lips met.

"I’ve been waiting, to get together again, all week."
He blurted out.

"Me too." Marsha said with that million-dollar smile.
"Why don’t y... Continue»
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Brady Bunch: Marsha's New Bikini

The bikini Marsha was trying on, could barely be called
a swimsuit. It was more of a suit for tanning. Barely
covering anything. Two small triangle's capped her
large breast and a barely there triangle covered her
crotch. Her honey blond bush of pubic hair was sneaking
out around the edges.

"You're going to have to do some trimming their girl."
Jan said pointing to Marsha's abundant pubic hair. They
both laughed. Marsha turned sideways to see how her
butt looked in the mirror. This was the really
scandalous part of the suit. The back of the bikini
bottom consisted of a ... Continue»
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Brady Bunch:Greg and Carol Brady

He was supposed to meet her on the school Quad at Noon.
Greg Brady's Step-mom, Carol, was coming to visit him
at college. This was Greg's sophomore year at State
University. He only got home about one weekend a month.
So it was a welcome, change of pace, when someone from
the f****y came to visit. His step-s****r Marcia had
been up about a month ago, for the weekend. They had
gone to a Concert, then a Frat party. Then back to her
Hotel, to fuck like monkeys, until the sun came up.

When he and his b*****rs had first met their future
step mom, Carol was just what they neede... Continue»
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Back to the Future: Marty Fucks Up

What REALLY happened between Marty and Lorraine in her
bedroom after Lorraine's father hit him with the car...

I woke up in a bed. In semi darkness. Through the
window, I saw it was raining out. Heavy. I also saw
someone standing there, gazing out the window.

"Mom?" I said groggily. "Is that you?" The figure time
toward me.

"There, there now." It was mom. "Just relax." She put a
cold washcloth on my forehead. "You've been asl**p for
almost 9 hours now."

"I had a... horrible nightmare," I said. "I dreamed I...
went back in time... It was terrible..."

"Well... Continue»
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First time hotwife part1

My wife and I have been married for 25 years we are both in our mid 40's and we are in the lifestyle. It was not something that was planned or even talked about. We met our freshman year of college and started dating soon after and married our Jr. Year. My wife has always been a player from the beginning she dated football and basketball players in the early years behind my back., I always suspected it but at the same time i was in denial, friends told me but I just couldn't see what was going on because I was so deeply in love with her, l guess I need to describe her a little. When we met she... Continue»
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Daddy Fantasy – Bree

Daddy Fantasy – Bree

Bree had her wrists secured to her thighs. She was leaning forward at the edge of the bed with her pretty feet hanging in the air. Her face was pressed into the sheets. She looked like a triangle from the side with her beautiful ass in the air. A blindfold covered her eyes; she felt helpless. Her lover was standing on the floor between her feet sliding his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. He varied the speed and depth of his thrusts. Sometimes hard and fast so that he was pounding her with his body; sometimes slow and gentle with a loving motion. Occasiona... Continue»
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School Nurse Confidential 3

School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 3 of 3
by DirtyMindedMom

My whole world was different. Ever since Nurse Cady had opened my eyes (as well as her pussy), I was seeing things in a new light. I sat in fourth period English and stared at Mrs. Hughes moving around in front of the class talking excitedly about Catcher in the Rye. I’d never paid much attention to her before, but now I was compelled to study my seemingly asexual teacher in a new way.

She was tall and slim. Her breasts were small but their existence was undeniable. Her hips had no discernable curve beneath the plain skirt she wore... Continue»
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Hot Tub s****r

"Anybody home?" Matt didn't see or hear anybody, thought he might have
the house to himself after football practice.

"Just me." His s****r Ashley's voice, from the back of the house. "Mom
went to the store and Dad's working late."

She came bouncing down the hall, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans.
The two of them were pretty much as opposite as a b*****r and s****r could
get. Matt, eighteen and a senior, was the jock, tall, muscular, blond,
with the kind of jaw that usually got described as "granite." He was the
captain of the football team, and all the girls follow... Continue»
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Milking Machine Alan

Milking Machine Alan

Alan had his sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole... his tongue tip alternately thrusting and spinning in circles. The taste and smell of warm honey flooded his mouth and nose. His hands were sliding loose skin up and down a large shaft, milking it. The staff throbbed so hard it seemed to quiver. Vibrations from the special seat he was straddling sent shock waves all the way to his cute toes. Alan and his dad both panted. They both felt so lucky to be with each other.


Alan was a wonderful boy. Red-haired like the rest of the f****y but with t... Continue»
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My Professor of the Sexual Arts

My First Year of College, I came home for the summer. But coming from a small town, all my friends that also went off to college decided in their first year to stick around their perspective college towns and work jobs they had, hang out and party. Me on the other hand, studying to become a veterinarian, I came home. I just wanted a break from the books. I soon found myself bored out of my mind and my mom was getting agitated with me hanging around the house all the time. One day she suggested I get a summer job helping a neighbor of ours.
Mrs. Marshall was a lady I had known most my life (yo... Continue»
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Star trek enterprise the experiment

Captain’s Log: May 15, 2153. We are studying a Class 4 red giant. The crew is enjoying some down time and relaxing, except for my communications officer Ensign Hoshi Sato. I ordered Ensign Sato to sickbay and report to Dr. Phlox.

Hoshi walked into sickbay and looked around, when she didn’t see anyone she said, “Dr. Phlox, are you in here.”

Dr. Phlox walked out from behind a curtain and said, “You’re up late Ensign, shouldn’t you be in your quarters resting?”

Hoshi looked at Dr. Phlox and said, “I was on the bridge, the captain sent me down here because I have a bad headache. I am sorr... Continue»
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After a break up

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I opened up the message, “I’d like to talk to you about why you broke up with Jenny – ZB”. I didn’t recognize the number but guessed ZB must be Jenny’s mom. It was my last summer before I went into senior year in High School, and me and Jenny had only split up two weeks before. We had begun dating at the start of high school. Both of us were virgins until a few months ago, and when we did start fucking, it wasn’t what I’d imagined it to be, well not like they do it in porn films.
“Drop by the house when you’re finished work - ZB” another text, I was working in a ... Continue»
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A good beating and more Part 1

A good beating and more Part 1

At 14, I was already quite perverted, an exhibitionniste in fact. I loved walking around naked in public with my little boy’s cock hard. It was at that age that I got my first real beating and was ****d by men.

It was summer, I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. I was walking through a park , I went into the toilet in the middle of the woods and stripped naked in a cubicle. I stroked my cock to erection then went out and walked slowly along the path. Rounding a bend in the path, I came face to face with two young women. They stopped dead and after ... Continue»
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The Hotel Stay

<textarea name="body" class="std inp" id="body">My company did sales all over the country and as a senior sales rep, it was my job to go out and finalize and secure business for the firm. I was in Cleveland Ohio and had just registered in to the hotel. I always tried to pic a hotel who had a 5 o'clock happy hour. The hotel was full but I had made a reservation. After getting settled in my room...I headed down to happy hour. the plane ride was long and bumpy and I just wanted to get a drink and relax. The bar was full and I notice there were a lot of ladies in the crowd. I found a small table i... Continue»
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Back To The Future: Back In Lorraine

"Fuck me ahhhhhhhhhhh" Lorraine moaned as Marty pressed his tongue down on
her moist pussy. Marty pressed his tongue deeper into Lorraine as she moaned.
came into Marty's mouth. Marty slams his tongue deeper into her pussy making
sure to swallow all her juices. "OH MARTY THAT WAS AMAZING!" Lorraine moaned
with a smile.

Not wasting anytime Lorraine starts to rubbing her hands against Marty's
underwear. "The purple underwear is really turning me on, Marty."

Lorraine lowers her mouth towards Marty's coc... Continue»
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Star Trek : TNG SEX

This story takes place within the last 30 seconds of the movie Star
Trek : First Contact (You’ll see!)

Complexities and Paradox’s

“Engage the temporal field Mr LaForge,” said Captain Picard, gesturing
forward with his arm.

“Aye Captain, temporal field is opening.”

The Enterprise E shot forward from it’s orbit around Earth, a rippling
in the space around them began to form and then the ship disappeared,
leaving behind Zefram Cochrane and the Vulcans to make history.

Inside the temporal field, the Enterprise travelled smoothly, Data
worked on the computers, his face was still... Continue»
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