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Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

Currently Bobby was sitting in the waiting room for the doctor's office with his mom. His mom, Rachel, was only 36, twice the age of Bobby himself and she had a great body, large tits and an ass to die for. Bobby was no slouch himself in the looks department and received complements all the time from girls in his school. Bobby and Rachel lived with Bobby's two s****rs Lisa and Theresa, they were twins. Bobby's dad left Rachel for another woman when Bobby was 14.

Bobby's mom had decided it would be best if Bobby saw a doctor for his problem,... Continue»
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I was dating this girl who had a daughter who was a swimmer and played tennis. She was absolutely beautiful and very flirty. One day while doing some sit ups she walked into the room and her mother on the couch and stood over me in a tight little tennis skirt and I could see right up and to my pleasure she had no underwear on. She paused for a while letting me get a good look at what I thought I would never have. She like to sit with her legs spread at times where you could see what ever she had on and I found myself thinking about being with her masterbateing all the time never actually think... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - 00Heaven

Big thanks to gwensational and panting4urhose,
whose kind comments, messages and good stories inspired me to write this story,
I'm sure you're able to see your helpful influences throughout!

Also a special thank you goes to gwensational for allowing me to feature your wonderful creation of Agent 78, I'm very much honoured by your permission to use her in this story,
I hope I've done her a real good justice and are pleased and satisfied with my take on her :)

For those of you who haven't read them, check out gwensational's excellent Agent 78 stories here:

A Sti... Continue»
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Young Mistress : Old Sub - Chapter One

Carrie was eighteen, and the most shy girl I had ever known, but also behind that shyness, as kinky and dirty as anyone I had chatted to. For the last few months she had been coming out of her shell more to me online, and had become my Mistress. We were now due to meet for the first time. It was not the first time we had been due to meet, but the previous times her nerves had got the better of her, this time I had arranged things so that hopefully she would not back out. I was not sure what it was about her that had me so hooked, but I was. I had a real need for her, a craving to be the one wh... Continue»
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Helping Amanda and Tessa - Melissa comes to grips.

This is the third installment of my story of helping Amanda and Tessa, a Mom / daughter home that needed some help. They head off to the shower leaving Melissa, my daughter and I alone and naked in the bedroom...

Amanda and Tessa both got up off of the bed after recovering from their shared pleasure. Melissa and I barely stirred. We were all rather tired and spent and even with the tight bindings on my privates, I was starting to lose some of my arousal as my mind tried to comprehend what had happened.

While Tessa took off her belt and toy,... Continue»
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Labelled by the medical/psychiatric profession as the ultimate state of confusion – whereby a person is not clear whether one is male or female – nowadays the notion of androgyny is ridiculed rather than clinically dismissed as deviant. Subsumed under the label of the hermaphrodite it tends to be perceived as an idiosyncratic adoption of maniacs or new-age freaks. Retrieving the positive – and more ancient – meaning is not an easy task. Keep in focus that this is the same society with very dismissive ideas about God, who incidently, is androgynous…both male and female.

Gender is also a cont... Continue»
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Surprise Anal Sex

As all my stories are, this is 100% true.

I have been married to my wife for five years. She is a kinky slut and we have a great sex life. I've banged her in every spot in our house and quite a few public areas. We've done every position we can think of. We have even posted her nude pictures on my profile page. Tell us what you think of her. Ever since we first started dating, I've wanted to put my dick in her butt, like all guys do. She told me this was the "no fly" zone. I asked a couple times while we dated and a few times after we got married, promising I would go slowly and if she did... Continue»
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f****y [Re] Union

I had just come out of the shower and was drying my hair when I saw her in the mirror. She startled me and I turned around while wrapping the towel around my waist.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Waiting for you."

Then I noticed her clothes thrown on the table. She had the covers pulled up to her chin.

"Aren't you staying with your mother?"

"She and aunty Lyn went out, they won't be back 'till...real late." She lifted her arms and stretched. This pulled the covers down, exposing her upper chest.

"Where are you supposed to be?"

"With my stupid cousins-or with you."
... Continue»
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Teaching the Taboo – Lesson 4 : Catfish Part

It's funny how I spend every other Friday nights with my friends at bars. We'd share success stories and our troubles. They often label me as the "humble one" because I don't brag a lot about what I've accomplished; truth is, what I consider as a success isn't something someone would share to their friends. The network of social circles I've built would see me as the guy you call when you want to party, hike, or go cliff diving. They see me as the guy who'd sl**p around with girls I meet in dance clubs and bars, read a book or two every now and then, and loves pizza. A normal guy who likes nor... Continue»
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How I Lost My Cherry

This happened a long time ago, when I was 18—ancient history. It is the story of how I lost my virginity back in the early '70's, the time before Reagan, when it was still legal to have fun in America, the days of Sex, d**gs, and Rock and Roll. Also, because of the more sensible laws of that era (what was it I said about it being legal to have fun?), nothing that happened was i*****l (or wrong for that matter).

It was the beginning of 10th grade. Because of a c***dhood illness (rheumatic fever), I had started school a year late, so I had turned 16 at the end of the 9th grade and had gotte... Continue»
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The day before I was planning to attend a Sacred Masturbation class I had one main concern: I hope my cock looks awesome. I was on my way to a queer group masturbation workshop where I was going to be in front of strangers for approximately two hours. If the world was ending anytime soon, at least I was leaving with a bang. Multiple bangs if I was lucky.

The leader of the workshop is the androgynous spiritual leader of the Oikos Intentional Community, (above) Dasa William Griffith. Talking to the Dasa, it’s impossible to believe he’s married to a hottie like Alysyn. His... Continue»
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Growing Anticipation

It was the beginning of summer. Time for sun and fun was here. Mom and myself had just arrived at
a secluded cabin that my uncle owned by the lake. It was just going to be the two of us for a month.
With as stressful as school was for me and work for her, it was a much needed vacation. The car
pulled to a stop and we got out. I went to the trunk and pulled out the luggage and took it inside.
Mom only took in a couple bags. She was the small type, only 5'2". Long wavy brown hair with deep
brown soulful eyes. She was honestly one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. She just had
one ... Continue»
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Helping Amanda and Tessa continues!!

This story picks up where the story "Helping Amanda and Tessa with their electrical needs" leaves off. It just gets hotter too! Bryan never saw this cumming, but cum it does... over and over again!!

I hope you do as well!!!

There was far too little bl**d going to my brain due to it all having been working so hard in other parts of my body for me to even begin to respond in any rational way. I grabbed a corner of the bedspread and threw it over myself and began to yell at my daughter Melissa. Amanda put h... Continue»
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Passionate Femboy

[Lauriselle]: -She grins at the slim femboy to her side, reaching over to slide an arm around his waist, pulling him close, her head resting on top of the shorter elf's- "Well hello there cutie" -She purrs, holding the boy close to her-

[Crystalwine]: He makes a cute little noise as he's grabbed, and puts a hand across Lauri's stomach. "Hey there, stud. Looking for a little slut?"

[Lauriselle]: -She smiles down at the boy, pulling him around to her front and wrapping her free arm around his waist, holding him close in an almost protective embrace- "Mmph, always" -She purrs as she presse... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 2

Out of this world
Part 2

Nookumick returned a few hours later with a white uniform for me to wear. “Where's my robe?” I asked, putting on the uniform he brought me.

“I'm told, it's still in quarantine,” He replied.

“Okay. I'm hungry, can I have some food?” I asked.

“Of course, I'll have some brought up to you.” He replied leaving the room.

A few minutes later the door opened and a second alien entered. This one was clearly female. She was brown, with blue eyes walked in pushing a cart of fruit with a glass of water. Then she left again. After eating, I began to wonder wha... Continue»
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Sylvia Catches Her little b*****r

It was 11:37PM on a Thursday night. Alan was under his red
sheets, looking at a magazine. He was lying on his side, with the
book on the bed and a thin, yellow flashlight in his left hand.
With his right hand, he was stroking his hard-on through his gray
gym shorts.

Alan had short, black hair and brown eyes. At ten years old, he
was a slim, dark-skinned boy. Because it was a hot night, all he
wore to bed was a pair of shorts.

Alan's older s****r, Sylvia, who was just coming out of the
bathroom, peeked through his ajar bedroom door. Her eyes were
also brown, and she ha... Continue»
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craving another mans cock and cum

While I always been heterosexual, I have for years wondered what it would be like to give another man a blow job. This curiosity has resulted in an ongoing fantasy about what this experience would be like.

And while it has yet to happen, I hope this is only a temporary situation.......

I do not know how I find this man who is to be my teacher, for a teacher is what I seek. One familiar with the art of cocksucking and willing to be my master for a day.....

There we both are at his place. He has just put a porn tape on and then comes to sit near me. We are dressed only in bath robes as ... Continue»
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Dr. Evans and his wife Olivia

For the past few months I've been going to see a chiropractor named Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans is a 57-year-old rich white doctor that lives in Anaheim Hills with his wife Olivia. The therapy I get is for a groin injury I suffered playing in my sunday baseball league so I have to expose myself to him twice a week, every week. I've gotten to know the doc pretty well and he's shared a lot of things with me about his life. He has three daughters from his first marriage who are all grown with k**s of their own. He divorced his first wife more than a decade ago for having multiple affairs behind his back... Continue»
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Being m*****ed by Allison

"Joe, come here," Alison called as I walked by her room. I stopped, then went in thinking that she was going to show me a favorite doll or something like that. "Sit down here," she patted the bed next to her. I sat down.

She put one of her hands on my arm and the other on my thigh, "You know, I really like you."

"Well, thank you honey, I really like you too." I was a little surprised, not the usual sort of thing a thirteen year old said.

"I think you're really cute," she said.

This was getting kind of weird, my girlfriend's daughter was an outgoing k**, but... She reached up an... Continue»
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Dog Sitting Boner

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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