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Who the hell was that?!?

"UUUHHHH!!" I groaned out loud as he entered me. We were in a small alley just off the sidewalk. We were going for a quickie. With no panties on he needed only lift my leather skirt up. I usually stay quiet when we do this. Fucking outside in public is so hot, but we have to be quick and somewhat quiet. The fear of getting caught brings arousal to a different height. However, getting caught can be more than awkward at times. The sudden stretch of my lips caught me off guard. I felt the dull ache of my cervix getting touched. "OW, fuck!" I was wet, but the immediate presence of an e... Continue»
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Hitziger Sommer (im Netz gefunden)

Es war stickig heiß, die Sonne brannte vom Himmel, schon ab Vormittags war es im Freien kaum auszuhalten. Der Sommer hatte uns voll im Griff, und das mit Temperaturen, die für uns nördlichen Mitteleuropäer eher ungewöhnlich waren. Ob es nur eine Laune der Natur oder tatsächlich die Auswirkungen der Klimaerwärmung sein mochten, darüber stritten sich allerorten die Experten, ebenso unstrittig war aber die simple Tatsache, dass es einfach viel zu heiß war. Seit inzwischen drei Wochen, so heute morgen die Ansage des Wetterdienstes im Radio betrug die Tagesdurchschnittstemperatur 27 Grad. Über eine... Continue»
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It was the cool of the evening, around 8:00PM, Betsy, Hal, Jim and I had just finished a couple rounds of torrid sex and where sitting around sipping drinks and engaging in conversation. Betsy and I were stripped down to just garters, hose and heels while sitting at the small dinette table in their small cabin. The two guys, totally naked sat in the den drinking their beer while regaining their strength for some more fun!

My husband Jim and I had agreed to stay the night and since Betsy and Hal's cabin was located in a very secluded spot, I figured that Hal had some outdoor activities in m... Continue»
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Stripping Anonymously For My Mother

It was due to my college tuition that it all happened. After my parents had divorced two years ago my father had moved across the country and cut off all contact with me. My Mom had had to take two jobs for awhile just to get out of the pile of bills she was under partially due to the divorce so when it was time for me to go to college I had to pay my own way. My first year I had to work long hours to pay for it and it was difficult to find enough time for studying let alone for a social life.

It was during the summer when I was nineteen between my first and second year of college that my... Continue»
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I prefer the Older man for Fucking

I just had my birthday and everything was changing fast for me. My periods were now as regular as clockwork, which was a relief, after two years of gnawing cramps, headaches and so forth, now I was enjoying the fruits of entering womanhood, and my body rewarded me with spasms of sheer pleasure, breasts to die for, and legs that seemingly went on forever.

'See ya', I called back through the door as I left to catch my bus to school. Stepping outside into the morning Spring air put a zing into my long steps, until I reached the corner, when turned and out of sight of out house window, I reache... Continue»
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I'm the Man of the House 3

I’m the Man of the House 3

As mom and I figured, that ass hole of a so called dad didn’t come home when he was supposed to, and so mom called his office to find out just when he would be home from his business trip, she was told that he is home and wouldn’t be back here till maybe next week, so mom asked them when he transferred to where he is at now, and they told her he had done that like a year ago, when he got the promotion to manage the other office building.

The following day of the phone call mom made, we got the call from the realtor that we needed to go to the office, and sign... Continue»
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After Party Hardcore Sex: Quickie Girl Part 5

It's funny how writing one story leads to another, I'd almost forgot about this one! We'd been talking a little bit off and on like normal, but honestly I was trying to fuck another girl, who I had just happened to invite to my buddies party. Well she got wind and invited herself to the party as well, major fucking cock block. I think this was at a point in our love hate relationship where we fucking hated each other, well I hated her, she just wanted to be in love with me. Anyway, I was a total dick all night at the party, at which by the way I got shit hammer d***k. I ended my night early in... Continue»
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s****r In Law calls at an inconvenient moment.

I posted this under another name with Peter in it several years ago.My stories all have a moment of two that inspired me to take it further.

My Wife Deann and I were fucking one night. She had her ass up and her face buried in her pillow when the phone rang. She said I should just let it ring, but I shook my head "NO" and picked up the receiver.

It was my wife's s****r who lives in Ohio many miles from us. We both call her Chatty Kathy because she can't seem to ever quit talking . I said, "Hello" I heard Kathy say, "Peter! Is my lovely s****r anywhere around?" I slid my cock bac... Continue»
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An Easter Tale

An Easter Tale for Sariboo

Something to think about when the sermon goes too long this Sunday

Sari is a friend of my daughters, and since she moved to my area at some distance from her home, and my former home, I have tried to help her to adjust to being on her own. I helped her find an apartment, move in, a trip to Ikea to get furniture (and much assembly required), a search for just the right pots and pans; well you get the picture. And once or twice a week I take her to lunch or dinner. I try and find places that a twenty something would like.

We have become qui... Continue»
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It was several months after my encounter with Jake that my husband Jim and I were relaxing while watching some television one evening when a passionate love scene was burning up the screen! I glanced over at Jim and noticed him viewing the action with that intent look he gets when his mind is fantasizing. I don't remember what movie was on, but it had several erotic love scenes in it though it wasn't a porno.

I knew that it would just be a matter of time before Jim suggested I meet another guy. This time however, I intended to bring up the subject first and tell him of my fantasy!

The... Continue»
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Pregnant and Horny

Pregnant and Horny

Twenty two years old: my whole life ahead of me, and I get fucking pregnant by some coward who runs the other way when he finds out. I don't blame him. It's all my fault, really. Or at least I take responsibility for being so careless.

But now it's Saturday night and I'm out of my mind with wanton lust. I'm weeks away from giving birth. I don't know if my hormones are all whacked out, or if I'm just a slut, like my father is always quick to point out. But I'm desperate for some sort of release: and the nastier the better. I take a long shower and shave everythi... Continue»
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gfs father

Hey guys this has just happened last weekend. Me and my girlfriends father (jim) were going to the pub to watch the football on the weekend as her and her mother were going shopping. When we arrived at my father/mother in laws house the old man already had a few cans of beer d***k so I had to catch up. I say old byt he ia old to me as am 27 and he is 57. I drank 3 cans in about 5min and could feel the affects starting to kick in. The girls left to go for lunch and shopping as me and Jim continued to drink. We headed off after about another hour of drinking in the house at this point we were qu... Continue»
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Trophy wife

A story I wrote on another site:Trophy Wife My husband is a successful business man that is working more on his career than his wife. But he loves to use my olive Asian body as arm candy that he loves to show off at his business parties. My 34a breasts don't need a bra and wearing a thong, there are no visible lines under my tight black dresses. Prior to one of his parties I received a peculiar email: "I know your neglected. I see it in your eyes. I want to take that neglect and make it lust. I hope to see you at the party. The things I would do to you..." It was signed "Steven". I read and re... Continue»
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kate monday evening continued

Paul was really reluctant, but did what he was told ,
He turned and face me and started kissing me ,
Cuddle each other sally said,
We both responded
Kate stood up and placed hand cuffs on Paul's wrists, he didn't resist, he knew his objections would fall on deaf ears
Kate looked down ,
Why aren't you hard Paul, is it because girls are here , would you rather us leave so you can fuck Chris?
No I just want to leave Paul wimpered
Oh but you was OK sniffing our knickers, you had a hard on then, sally take your dirty knickers out of the bag
Sally passed the knickers to Kate
She held... Continue»
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My Girlfriend paying her rent

My girlfriend a few years ago, let's call her Mindy, was living with her parents at this time because she was a college student and her parents graciously let her move back in with them. at this time I was in my mid-twenties and Mindy had just turned 20 herself. She stood about 5 foot 5 and she had brown hair and wore glasses to looked a lot like Velma from Scooby-Doo. Mindy had nice b cup tits and she also had a nice little ass. Our sex life was great we had sex almost every single day that we work together we could not help ourselves. She was a beautiful young girl and I was totally int... Continue»
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GIrlfriend pays rent

A few years ago something amazing happened with my girlfriend.

My Girlfriend at the time Lets call her Mindy who looked like a really cute version of Velma from scooby doo. she stands about 5.5 a tiny bit on the chubby side with glasses and cropped hair like velma. Her tits were not huge the were bcups a little pointy but very nice. She also had somewhat of a bubble butt. Okay it wasn't somewhat she did. This girl gave the best head I had in my life, and she loved it too. We would be relaxing watching tv and she would just bend over and start sucking my cock out of nowhere. But enough of ... Continue»
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Harry and the Grangers 1

Hermione moaned out loud as she felt her mother’s tongue thrust in and out of her wet pussy. She couldn’t believe how good her mother’s tongue felt inside of her and thrusted her hips trying to get more of her mother’s tongue inside of her. She heard her mother moan, which sent vibrations into her pussy making it even wetter. Behind her mother was her best friend, Harry Potter. Harry was thrusting his cock in and out of her mother with vigor.
“Does he feel good in you mom, does my best friend feel good inside of you” Hermione panted
Emma Granger couldn’t respond to her daughter as her face w... Continue»
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Harry and the Milfs 1

Lily Potter was enjoying her new relationship with her son Harry and thought it was time to teach him something new. She got in touch with her close and best girl friend Alice Longbottom. Alice was in the same boat as her. Her husband was on the same assignment that Lily’s was out on and her son was spending time with the Weasleys this summer. So that meant Alice had time to do some ‘teaching’.
Harry entered his mother’s bedroom to see his mother and his godmother in a 69. His eyes bulged and his cock harden at the sight.
“Oh, hello Harry dear” Lily said casually as she looked up from Alice’... Continue»
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Fucking Not My Aunt in Law

Fucking Not My AIL

*Some parts of this are true*

I'd always had a thing for my AIL Dana. She was so sexy it was crazy. She's in her 40s, short blonde hair, and 5'5" thick with big tits and a juicy ass. She was a total pawg. She'd always wear tight shorts and yoga pants to show off her big ass and low cut shirts to flaunt her cleavage. My cock would get rock hard anytime I'd see her. I totally fantasized about fucking her on tons of occasions. One night we had all gotten together to play poker. I was dressed up all clean cut because I was going to a birthday party afterward. I walked into... Continue»
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Evie, part one

I was spending the weekend with one of my fuck buddies after a very enthusiastic first night, Vanessa had to go work for the day. After she got dressed for work, I had her climb on top of me, push her panties to one side and ride me cowgirl. I shot my load deep into her cunt, after some cuddling and kissing, she climbed off my cock, adjusting her panties as she headed out the door.

I fell back asl**p for a couple hours and woke when I heard some strange noises. Climbing out of bed, I pulled on my jeans and a tshirt and headed into the hallway. The noises got louder as I approached a door a... Continue»
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