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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 6

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling pretty weird. I had a nightmare that Jenny and I were on the couch and she was giving me one of her World Class blowjobs when her mom walked in. What was weird about it was that when I looked down at Jenny to see what her reaction was, it wasn’t Jenny but instead it was her mom between my legs and it was Jenny who walked in on us. I felt ill because now they were both mad at me for using them. Each one was mad that I had been seeing the other one too. They left together and left me holding my own cock. To top it off my dad comes walking in right then and sta... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 1

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth!

I don’t know what pervert said it to my s****r but I wish I could find him so I could shake his hand and thank him.

I was home from college when my steps****r, Jenny, came home from high school in a huff. We were not really tight as her mom and my dad had only been married four years and I had been gone 2 of them at college. But she looked at me as a confidant and older b*****r. She felt she could come to me when she had problems and needed help. Twice in the last month, she had called me at school for help with a school problem and once for a problem wit... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 2

Let’s just say after Jenny polished my knob, I was horny all the time. Jenny was mum about our experience together even when it was just the two of us around. She played the good daughter with our parents and even seemed to be doing better in school.

A day after our oral session, a buddy of mine asked me along on a fishing trip he was taking with his dad and I agreed. I agreed begrudgingly as I wanted to explore the wonderful possibilities with Jenny. We went up into Canada and found some cool fishing cabins off Lake George. The fishing was awesome as we caught more than our limit each... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 3

I passed out about 5 minutes after Jenny left my room. I had a hard-on when I woke up that could break bricks. I don't know what my dreams were about but I knew they had to have been good. I remembered that I had told Jenny to come back down after our parents went to sl**p but really didn't know if she would. I glanced at my clock and it was 9:45. I was starved but wanted a shower first. I dragged myself to the stall and showered. I thought about beating off but decided to wait to see if little Jenny would be stopping by. After my shower, I went to my room and put on something so I could go up... Continue»
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I sit alone in the dark except for th flicker of a TV. My wife (sometimes its my wife and sometimes it my girlfriend when I imagine it) had been out for almost and hour. Her only instructions, "Don't play with your cock when I leave. I want that cum for myself." As soon she left. I immediately strip and turn on some porn. I can get off to anything and everything. I guess its a sign that I am either extremely one minded or simply perfectly perverse. I like to think I am date perfectly combination of both.

There in the dark I fun my cock and balls. From time to time I lean over and spit down ... Continue»
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Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire

(mff, anal)
(this is one of Puppy's stories)

I was 18. It was the summer between my senior year of high school and leaving for university. My parents were fairly conservative, so I had been sent to a boarding school up north during the year, but was expected to come home for the summer to do work around the house. To be honest, I would rather have stayed up at school with my friends. Summer at home meant chores every day, and since home was way out in the boonies, it meant being bored most of the time.

It was a dark evening, in the first week of summer, w... Continue»
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Pears And Strawberries

My father and his b*****r died in an airplane accident in their own little four-seater when I was four and left me and mother on our own and the same faith was shared by my uncle's wife and there c***d, a girl a year older than me.

My dad and Uncle was successful stockbrokers long before it was a "normal" occupation and made a fortune long before they were thirty. They weren't poor to start with my grand-father had a business with more than forty employees and he had given them the capital to start the firm and was the oldest client they had so he too had improved on his wealth and he nev... Continue»
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My first sexual encounter with my cousin Rebecca

My cousin Rebecca and I are 9 years apart, she is 22 and I am 31, for as long as I could remember my cousin Rebecca would always fallowing my every foot step as we would play together in our grandparents back yard like a b*****r and s****r would, I always knew Rebecca loved me with a passion as I love that girl to and I would do anything for her as she would do the same, we have always been close to even this day where we share very intimate discussions of our life situations, she understands me and I understand her.

Rebecca and I have always been around each other till I hit the age of 13... Continue»
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Casual sex with married paki muslim woman

This is an actual confession about me and a girl who lives 2 doors down.

To start with let me introduce myself I wont disclose my name but my xhamster alias is there for all to be seen. (If you do want to get to know me please feel free to message me) I'm 26 6 foot 3 medium athletic build and of Pakistani descent. I run my own recruitment agency and have been doing so for the past 2 years. Live with my f****y in a basic terraced house although we have two houses converted into one. The point is I'm a particularly regular young Pakistani guy.

I live in a small town I wont say where to... Continue»
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Sex in University Library

Basically me and my ex had a relationship that was held together by amazing sex and nothing else. But because the sex was so good and so frequent, it lasted a good year and we both got some amazing stories out of it. One of my favourites is the time we were both tired after a long day of lectures, seminars, reading, and writing assignments and we had been in Uni for about 8 hours and both needed to relax before we went for dinner.

We were in the basement of the library and had been for a number of hours, trying our best to actually concentrate on the work that needed doing. It got to about ... Continue»
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Wrestling with Mom

It was an accident that we’d both been hoping for…

We used to have this boxer-sharpei mutt Bear, who was supposed to be a guard dog but was too sweet to everyone except the neighbors’ yappy dog. He died in 2010 but we loved him up till the end, possibly because he brought us closer.

Mom was single and I had no b*****r or s****r so we needed a guard dog especially when I was too young to defend the homestead. It wasn’t a bad area but Mom still worried – she carried a butcher knife in her bath robe when I was a toddler. To train Bear to protect us, Mom used to “hit” me. It was just playing... Continue»
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A Meeting of the Good Wives Club

My husband was on the cover of the local business journal. William was pictured sitting in a chair suitable for Buckingham Palace with the words, "Businessman of the Year," in big letters across the top. I was so proud of him that I passed out copies to everyone I knew, including most of the guys I date. One of those guys, Jeff, is in one of the pictures included in William's feature story inside the magazine. In that picture, he and William are wearing suits, ties, and white hard hats, and they are shaking hands at a ground-breaking ceremony full of civic leaders. Little do any of those busin... Continue»
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The Business Men

The business men

"Hey, Jon we are almost done. We have been working at this project for two weeks now. It is time to let loose. So let us all go out tonight and have some fun. You must know some good places to get drinks and meet some fine locals?" I had been working on a project with technicians from Miami to install upgrades and establish the connection to a new fiber optic sea cable to our island telecom company. Mark was the loud one and the party man of them. He was the younger one in his mid twenties. Oscar, the little bit more serious and married on, was somewhere in his thirt... Continue»
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I took my own virginity on uncle's cock

I stood over his d***ken body as he lay there snoring. He lay dressed only in his underpants, the noises of the porno still reverberating of the walls, the smell of his sweatiness, in the heat of the room, sweet and sickly, the **** of the girl being fucked by the numerous black men, against her will, flickering on the big screen, made my own cunny tighten, as my eyes fell on my uncles underpants and the outline of his cock, hard and thick, tempted my resolve for me to reach out and touch it.

I was but a girl of twelve, barely starting on her journey of change in both mind and body, menstru... Continue»
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Watching…Emmy - Part 4

Watching…Emmy - Part 4
Sub Title…
Young girls wet the bed too – Part 4

--------- Chapter 6

Very early Saturday morning…

Jenny wondered what happened to her the night before. She had always cum so easily, yet last night she had had a problem. But, when her son pissed into her cunt, she came stronger than at any time of her life.

Neither Bobby nor Emmy thought anything about it, they were so young and inexperienced, they were easily excited by anything they did together.

She knew she wanted to fuck and suck with them, that was natural, but now she was feeling... Continue»
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The seduction......

As the weeks passed it, the sexual tension was immense. Anna had been servicing her son for long enough for it to feel, oddly normal, but it was time things started to develop. Pete and his mother had been remarkably restrained, for the only thing holding the barrier in place between the two of the them was the sense that things could get too strange or too hot. It would either ruin the entire relationship or allow it be swallowed up in a twisted gaping hole to depths of depravity, filth and absolute sexual ruin. Pete had gone over it all in his head but still didn't make sense. Or it did but ... Continue»
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Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

Doctor's Orders Ch. 01

Currently Bobby was sitting in the waiting room for the doctor's office with his mom. His mom, Rachel, was only 36, twice the age of Bobby himself and she had a great body, large tits and an ass to die for. Bobby was no slouch himself in the looks department and received complements all the time from girls in his school. Bobby and Rachel lived with Bobby's two s****rs Lisa and Theresa, they were twins. Bobby's dad left Rachel for another woman when Bobby was 14.

Bobby's mom had decided it would be best if Bobby saw a doctor for his problem,... Continue»
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I was dating this girl who had a daughter who was a swimmer and played tennis. She was absolutely beautiful and very flirty. One day while doing some sit ups she walked into the room and her mother on the couch and stood over me in a tight little tennis skirt and I could see right up and to my pleasure she had no underwear on. She paused for a while letting me get a good look at what I thought I would never have. She like to sit with her legs spread at times where you could see what ever she had on and I found myself thinking about being with her masterbateing all the time never actually think... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - 00Heaven

Big thanks to gwensational and panting4urhose,
whose kind comments, messages and good stories inspired me to write this story,
I'm sure you're able to see your helpful influences throughout!

Also a special thank you goes to gwensational for allowing me to feature your wonderful creation of Agent 78, I'm very much honoured by your permission to use her in this story,
I hope I've done her a real good justice and are pleased and satisfied with my take on her :)

For those of you who haven't read them, check out gwensational's excellent Agent 78 stories here:

A Sti... Continue»
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Young Mistress : Old Sub - Chapter One

Carrie was eighteen, and the most shy girl I had ever known, but also behind that shyness, as kinky and dirty as anyone I had chatted to. For the last few months she had been coming out of her shell more to me online, and had become my Mistress. We were now due to meet for the first time. It was not the first time we had been due to meet, but the previous times her nerves had got the better of her, this time I had arranged things so that hopefully she would not back out. I was not sure what it was about her that had me so hooked, but I was. I had a real need for her, a craving to be the one wh... Continue»
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