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Mother In Law

How it started, I don't really know.

My wife (Pam) and I have a great relationship. We have sex at least 3 times a week maybe more. But things do get stale.

My mother-in-law (Debbie) comes and visits 2-3 times a year for a week long visit just to catch up. I have known her a long time, from when I was in high school. Debbie has a so-so body, but really likes to show off her more than ample 38D chest. We have always flirted.

When Debbie's second husband past away, we invited her to come and stay as long as she liked. Pam and I thought it would be a couple of weeks, however we realiz... Continue»
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The Night I picked-up My d***k Daddy.

I confess, I do read erotica and get wet, meaning, I am turned-on by filth, as far back as when I was thirteen, and yes I was wetting back then, so when I ask you readers, 'What turns you on', you might tell me, at the end of my feminine confession.

First I think you need a woman, not just any woman, but a young woman, preferably a girl still waiting to experience her first penetration, front or back.

Secondly, losing your virginity, as I did mine, has to be a f****y affair, a stolen moment in the early hours, a strange man's finger, a b*****r's interrupted masturbation by his horny s***... Continue»
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My s****r in Law again

About a year ago I wrote about an incident that occurred when my s****r in Law was staying with us. Usually when Jayne comes down to visit she stays with Judy’s mum down the road; however, on that occasion a cousin and her husband were visiting too and they were staying down there so we had the pleasure of entertaining Jayne.

Jayne is several years younger than me and indeed when I first met Judy, Jayne was still at school. Ironically, I did not feel attracted to her in any way at that time but as she has grown she has blossomed. It seems that every time I see her the attraction I have t... Continue»
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out to lunch

i couldn't help it! i told my bf i would not cheat on him again and i meant it when i said it, but when john asked me to lunch at work i said yes, knowing he'd probably want more than lunch. i thought we'd just go eat, talk about work and that's it, but.... all day he had been staring at me, i was wearing a cute and very short summer dress and cute sandals, which i had off at work, i prefer barefoot, my legs must've looked real good to him because i caught him staring at them a few times and he'd just go on staring, made me feel hot! around 11 am he came up to me to talk about some work stuff ... Continue»
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As you read in my previous story on here, I suspect that my GF is cheating on me. One of the major reasons I believe this was after a curious delivery came to our house that she tried to hide from me. It was a pair of skimpy thongs and sexy bra from Ann Summers. I thought this would be for my benefit, but apparently not. She wore it the next day with no attempt at having me observe it. But I will start this second installment by explaining further why even the very fact that she would wear something like that was curious in itself.

For the five or so years we have lived tog... Continue»
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Fucking One of My Mother's Card Club Friends

My dad and mom loved to play Bridge, and they had a group of three other couples--their Card Club-- who played together every week at our house. I was very interested in learning the game. When I turned sixteen, my parents let me watch them play. Occasionally, I got a chance to sit in for a few hands, while one of the men took a break to make drinks or go to the bathroom. I was an apt pupil and picked the game up quickly. Although my bidding was a bit quirky, I discovered I had a natural aptitude for playing the hand and enjoyed pulling off a tough bid with a nifty finesse.

One of the moms,... Continue»
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Sex with an Old man

Stand completely nude in front of a full length mirror, and just imagine a group of men looking at you. Your eyes are their eyes, and whatever part of you you look at, I challenge you not to get excited, with the thoughts coursing through their minds.

If you can do that, then it goes to show you know the power you have to do it., so why are you still standing there, go out and do it, just once, and thrill yourself silly being passed from man to man and being groped without the power to stop it, until they have expended their seed all over you.

Believe it or not, I was thinking like this ... Continue»
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How I Came engaged to a Pinay girl

I am now divorced to my now 44 year old Korean wife
whom I secretly filmed showering and in bathrooms didn't have much fun with her other than getting the thrill of placing peep hole camera and filming her routine shower schedule for 5 months before she noticed my cell phone on top of the toilet

Since then we've been seperated, (waiting to get divorced )and saw lots of jap porns of boyfriends or husbands placing blindfolds and tieing the wife / girlfriend to the bed and then switching with another man to fuck her, or where guy hide his friend in the room and waited for the girlfriend to b... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 1)
by Claude van Feinbode

Every once in awhile I find myself working as a tutor while earning my PhD. The university offers tutoring to high school students that demonstrate exceptional academic skills. So during the cold winter months I find myself tutoring students that probably never get past first base because they are more worried about their rock polisher or telescope than trying to get in the pants of some beautiful young coed.

Imagine my surprise when a goddess like in a French art film arrived unexpectedly. The door opened and squealed sl... Continue»
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Azncrazy's wild wild Adventure to marry a Pin

Jan 12 at 3:50 PM
I am now divorced to my now 44 year old Korean wife
whom I secretly filmed showering and in bathrooms didn't have much fun with her other than getting the thrill of placing peep hole camera and filming her routine shower schedule for 5 months before she noticed my cell phone on top of the toilet

Since then we've been seperated, (waiting to get divorced )and saw lots of jap porns of boyfriends or husbands placing blindfolds and tieing the wife / girlfriend to the bed and then switching with another man to fuck her, or where guy hide his friend in the room and waited for... Continue»
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Those very early female orgasms

If I am anything, I am a realist. I am female, and I like sex, not love sex, but like sex.

For me sex is an interaction between two consenting people, and note, I did not say adults, because like a lot of women, sex begins in their teens, and in a lot, before their teens, because I feel nature is preparing young girls for connecting to males, by introducing them to the penis, via unscrupulous fathers and uncles, and as in my own particular queries, my b*****r enjoyed my fumblings as I perfected my skills on his boyhood cock, during those darks wet windy nights, when we shared a double bed, ... Continue»
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I think my GF is cheating on me. And I want you guys to help me distinguish whether I'm just being paranoid or if she really is the slut I think she's turned into. The reasons exactly why I think this will be explained in full as the story goes on, but trust me here when I tell you - there is a clear reason why I suspect her of this. Her name is Kayla and she's 27 now. I am a few years older than her and we've been living together now for almost 5 years. Once things started to get a little fishy, I reached out to a friend of mine, Bree for some advice on the matter.

Bree was hot as hell. Sl... Continue»
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Aunt Rose Dressed Me Like A Girl

I was at that age in between the single digits and teen years, old enough to have noticed the opposite sex but not yet able to fully understand what to do with the stiffness between my legs. As an only c***d my curiosity about the opposite sex was limited at best. It was summer vacation and my parents had planned a trip abroad and gave me two options. I could go with them or go stay with my Aunt Rose.

The trip sounded boring and my aunt had always been nice to me so I opted to stay with her. My mother and her s****r looked so much alike that if it wasn’t for Aunt Rose’s heavier figure a gu... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 4

Chapter 04: Binita Around the House

The woman massaged the oil into his limbs. Thakur Hari Singh luxuriated in the ceremony of the long oil bath he treated himself to once every week. His weekly routines had been interrupted for a while now because of the preparations needed for his son's marriage to that saucy, town-educated girl Binita.

"Binita," he thought and sighed. The girl had come to talk to him about the stalled marriage when both he and she had descended into lust and for a good hour, they were only man and woman. No relationships, no norms, no taboos crossed their minds as the... Continue»
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He Offered to Share Her, How Could I Say No !!! Pt

I have a guy I've worked with for several years. He and I started getting together outside of work, having drinks, golfing, etc.
One night recently after a tough day at work we decided to go have drinks. We both had a bit more then when realized and I blurted out how fucking horny I had been. My recently FWB moved away and I just hadn't had time to seek someone new out. He was feeling his drink as well and decided to share a secret with me. He preceded to tell me how he had been fucking his 20 something son's hot little girlfriend. Told me she was the best fuck he has had in years. Appa... Continue»
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A Mothers Secrets


I will try to tell you how my love for young boys turned into something much more than just a daydream.

But before I start I will let you know a little more about me. I am a mother of two handsome sons and I currently live in Sweden.

My first sexual encounter with a boy was when I was 19 and he was only 13. The relation was kept a secret. I was ashamed of my feelings for young men at the time so I went the "opposite" and married a man almost 10 years older than me.

I met my husband when I was 19 and I got pregnant at 21 - at that time I thought I had lost all contact with my de... Continue»
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Working at Tammy's - Part 3

Part 2
I left her house and kept glancing at the bag on the seat next to me as I drove away. After I left her subdivision I knew I just had to look in the bag. She wouldn’t know if I looked now or in 30 minutes so I waited until I stopped at the next light to open the bag. I knew they had to be panties but these were different. They were red or burgundy in color and I could see lace around the edges. The light changed and I quickly tossed the bag back on the seat to continue driving. I kept thinking about her and her incredible body. It all felt like a dream, but the bag next to me reminded m... Continue»
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Me and Ella - Chapter 1

The following story was written by Mr Erandal and it is mostly true. The photo is of Ella (not real name) who was genuinely frozen that day last summer...

Me and Ella - Chapter 1

It was a lovely mid-week day at the end of the summer holidays with only light patches of cloud to fill the sky. The wife’s s****r Ella was visiting with her daughter from Spain and she had wanted to go to the beach in England so we quickly packed a bag with snacks, a beach towel, sandcastle buckets and took the cars down to the coast.

We went to a place called Camber on the south east coast, ... Continue»
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The most insane runin ive had on xhamster

Craziest encounter with a user on x hamster..... omg this bitch was insnae it started out innocent n sweet she lives very c;lose to me and is attractivebut. u can kinda figure out whos who. when i have mroe time ill edit it.. Im sorry I like when a girl dominatesme takes charge n kinda makesme her bitch. but dildos up my ass. male chstisty belts thatwont let me get an erection. AND SHE WANTED ME TO BUY THE TOYS B4 WE MET. I THOUGHT WHAT I ASKED WAS VERY RESAON ABLE.

... Continue»
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Dude Looks Like a Lady

Last night I was at a bar for a few drinks with the guys after hockey. We were joking, drinking and playing some pool. On the table next to us was a beautiful woman in her late 20's playing against her boyfriend. She had huge boobs that were spilling out of her tight tank top. I was having a very hard time concentrating on my game because every time she bend over to take her shot I got a huge glimpse of her wonderful rack. Her Boyfriend noticed I was staring and didn't look to pleased. He was also twice the size of me. After I finished my beer I told the guys I was tired and left. As... Continue»
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