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Mother and I having Sex with two boys

Mother was a strange creature of habit, and I have had to wait almost twenty years to write anything about her, mostly to make sure I got my facts right, but also, the mood and the words that would go into making her somehow acceptable, in light of what she is, and more so, what she instilled in me, her daughter, and my quirkiness when that little three lettered word, sex, is mentioned or enacted.

My earliest memory was on a Winters night, when all hell was loose outside our house, and inside, the fire blazed and the candles burned, as I sat quietly and watched her bathe my b*****r, on the ... Continue»
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A Birthday Surprise

Polly and I have had a good marriage for four years now,
although lately she's been hinting about starting a
f****y. Oh, I want one as well, but I think we must be
sure we can afford one. I'm making a decent salary at
this stage, but we just bought a house and I'm not sure
we can afford for her to quit her job while we have a
baby added to the equation yet.

We don't have any f****y nearby that might be of any
help. I'm not sure what help I expected. I grasped at
straws. My folks are divorced. My Mom, believe it or
not, married some guy in Denmark. My Dad bagged
everythin... Continue»
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A Boater's Paradise

As an adult, for the first few years, I (Jim) lived by
myself and developed the habit of not wearing clothing
in the house, nor outside if I could do it without
causing an uproar by the neighbors. I had a privacy
fence around the back yard, and only those in the
apartment buildings across the street could see into my

I was about 30 when I met my wife (Karen). She almost
always dressed like she stepped out of the 1900's. Dark
colors, long skirts and blouses that you could hide a
truck under. But she had a great personality. When you
could see her figure, it was pre... Continue»
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In Your Room (Part 2) - Mom is out of town

A few days after the incident in your room, your mom has to travel to Dallas for work. I'm sitting in the living room, watching the game, having a couple of beers. After the game is over, I flip through the channels and I come across some soft-core on Cinemax. It's about teens...of course. I've got a bit of a buzz going, so I let myself think about you, asl**p in your room, and how I watched you last Saturday night. How I stroked my cock while I looked at you, how I nearly came all over you.

I shouldn't risk getting caught doing that again. I can't even imagine what your mom would say or do... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

Jane picked me up at work on Friday and we drove to a really nice restaurant where we ate oysters for an appetizer and steak and lobster for dinner! Before the main course came, she excused herself and walked to the restroom. She looked VERY nice and there were more eyes than just mine watching her as she walked by in the black dress with the deep plunging front and back that made it clear that she could not ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 4

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 4

I do not know who was more stunned: Myself or Tara. She pulled back into the corner of the day bed as Jane faced the wall and Tara’s boyfriend Thomas lined himself up behind my wife’s naked ass. “I told you that you might need to be tied up! It is for your own protection!” Jane said as she looked back over her shoulder at me. Glancing over at her dau8hter she added, “And you, my dear sweet slut, picked a winner!! I have never been fucked like your young stud does it! I hope you don’t mind, s... Continue»
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Swapping Dates

Chloe knew there was never any spark. She knew that Danny was not the lad for her. Chloe had dated many lads but they all seemed to be idiots. Chloe was looking for someone that was well built but certainly no dick. The problem was is that quote simply Chloe went for badboys, the lads know as Chavs. The one she had met tonight was a lad called Danny Johns. He was slightly older than her by two years. He was 23. He had a steady job as a mechanic but had this attitude that seemed to really grate for Chloe.

Chloe felt offended that he was no gentleman. He had made her pay for the refreshments ... Continue»
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Mom’s Used Cunt

I’d been on tender hooks all night waiting for the taxi that was fetching my mom back from her night out with the girls to stop outside the house. Last week I just happened to see the taxi driver kiss mom while her skirt was up past her waist before coming in to the house totally plastered.

I watched from behind my bedroom curtains as the taxi stopped and the driver turn around in his seat to talk to mom. Minutes later, he is helping her out from the back of his car.

Mom’s arms were soon around his neck, holding on to him and they started to kiss passionately. He had her wedged up again... Continue»
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Мојата полусестра - Ивана

Од секогаш ме привлекувале теми со семеен секс, а и сакав да читам такви приказни на нет. Подолго време како живев со мојата мајка и мојот очув. Бев дечко на 24 годни, кој работеше и заработуваше онолку, колку да не барам од дома. Со моите живеевме во мала но скромна куќа, во која веќе неколку години имам своја соба. Претходно со нас живееше и моја полусестра, која веќе пет години како е мажена. Инаку мојата полусестра се вика Ивана и од мене е постара три години и всушност немаме никаква родова врска бидејќи не ми е сестра, туку само ќерка на мојот очув. Од кога се омажи мојата сестра, јас се... Continue»
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My three s****rs xossip

My first story start with sneha didi....

Episode 1: sneha didi with dadaji

My first experience start with sneha didi, after marriage she shifted with her husband to USA and she was working with him in a firm as a manager, when she left just after marriage, she was very much sober and innocent , she was shy in nature.

We got a call from sneha didi , she is coming delhi to stay with us for some time later we understood that she is not happy with my jiju. We ( my self and Mahohar uncle) reached airport to receive her. Once I have seen sneha didi coming out from arrival gate, I mesmerised... Continue»
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A perfect stranger in a party

A perfect stranger in a party

A winter Saturday night my loving Victor and I were invited to a “special” party. We both knew our hostage and his wife liked the swinger style; so, we thought it might be a swinger night after all…

Their house was enormous and had several decks and levels. Victor and I danced, mingled with strangers and had some wild margarita shots.

We both suddenly stumbled on a secluded hot tub. There was a young guy already in the tub; I thought that if we started making out he would get out and go away. So, I started making out and getting very involved with Victor.... Continue»
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Playing with Grandpa's morning Woodie

My first sexual compromise was made at 10:30 am on the Saturday morning just after our parents left for town to do some shopping.

I had just looked at the big 'Westclock' on my dressing table, as the door shut behind them, and my younger b*****r poked his head around my door to see me lying in my thong.

I knew he was there without looking back, he always was, whenever we were left alone together, and I knew he was touching himself, jacking-off to my nudity, as I flicked each page of my magazine, in a nonchalant manner, not really reading, lying face down, but propped up on one elbow, so ... Continue»
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My thick ass mexican wife

Last night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for dr**ks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5'9 and about 200lbs with most of it in her fat ass culo. She has dark skin and average size breasts, about a bigger C. But with huge dark areolas and big dark nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge booty. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass

Now she isnt the best looking women, but she more than makes up for it in with 2 things. 1. That big ole butt and 2. She is a fucking lush. I mean she only needs a few and shes smashed and horny. Also... Continue»
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sl**p play and online e slave

It's late at night I'm out walking the streets I see an open window on a house across the street where the stunner from the local pub lives. She's really hot but is also very shy and never really talks to me. Anyway back to the story I cross the road and jump the small fence to have a look through the window it's curiosity more than anything. There's a small lamp lighting the room there on the sofa asl**p is the girl she's in a short nighty her hairs a mess and she has no makeup on but she still looks hot. I walk away as quietly as I approached but something inside was telling me to go back. I... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 2

A Step in the Right Direction 2

Otherwise known as “A Second Step “

In the first story, I accidentally walk in on Jane’s daughter who is living with us. She was getting into the shower and… well things happened. When that finished up I was truly thinking that life could not get any better. But then this past Tuesday I came home and… well…..

As I came home from work last Tuesday, Tara was just leaving I assumed to go to work. She has a summer job of waiting tables at a Cracker Barrel as she is waiting to go to anothe... Continue»
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RP fiction with blitzrider34 1: noato's vacat

Heres the naoto RP we did

Noato: hello there, may I ask you a few questions, I'm new around here.
Me: sure what do you wanna know? I look at naoto a bit and notice her curvy body, and her big chest almost protruding out of her shirt as I feel a small bulge in my pants as I try to hide it (btw was thinking shed look a bit older like this for this scenario)
Noato: I'd like to know where the nearest motel is so I can stay for a while. My friends are coming over to join me i... Continue»
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Shower Time Champ

This true story came to me from a friend, please enjoy!.
My first time to have sex was pretty weird. I played soccer for the high school soccer team. I was not very good but I really wanted to play and play well. So I tried and practiced alot. One of the coaches was a woman. A very masculine not very pretty woman. We all thought she might be a lesbian even though she had a husband. It was the way she acted and presented herself. Dressed like a man and acted like a man. Her name was Fran. I don't know if that is short for something or what.
One day I stayed late after practice and to ... Continue»
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Anita's first black experience Part 1

Anita's first black experience

My wife Anita is 45 years old. She has long brown hair, and some big beautiful brown eyes.
She is working as a teacher home in Norway, and that's how this all started.
Anita was informed by her boss, that she was selected to attend a two weeks training course abroad this summer.
Anita does not travel a lot, so she was quite excited about the opportunity to go to the US .
Well ahead of the departure she started to prepare . Buying some new summer dresses, and a new bikini .She also brought home some sexy new sandals , which I liked a lot.
I have alwa... Continue»
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70s Summer

In the early seventies, I was taking some time off from
school. I was a member of the counterculture, 22, and
was living near my divorced mom’s house in the San
Fernando Valley. I was then about six feet tall, and
weighed about 190. A friend had taken off to the East
Coast, and had left me with some exceptionally powerful
marijuana. My girlfriend too had left me, and I was
feeling down, so I would go over to my moms quite a

My mom was still at 42 very attractive. She was about
5’5" dark haired, and thin with big boobs. She probably
weighed about 120. She had tried ... Continue»
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Michelle and fun

Michelle started to strip and watched as Chris slipped in to bed, she was feeling nervous, as this was the first time in 5 years since she had slept with any other guy except her husband, Chris had been away and only just moved back into the area, he suggested he take her out for a meal but, it would only cause problems, if Mark found out, he had caught Chris and Michelle in bed once and he had left, Michelle and Chris fucked on the day she got married, and on occasions after, Chris was a good size not too big and knew just how to use it, Mark was below average and couldn’t hit a barn door wit... Continue»
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