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Surprised to see B, not surprised to end up in his

It had been a long time since I ran into B - both busy with life, doing our thing and both with our individual partners now. I hadn't been with another guy since my last outing with B - out of sight, out of mind, right? Last Saturday, shopping at a local mall, guess who I ran into? Yup, B!

I'll skip the 'catching up over coffee' hour and bring you straight to his bed.

His bf was out of town for two weeks. My gf was with her friends for the day. I'm walking through B's front door, knowing I'm about to get fucked life I haven't been fucked in a long time.

The door closes behind us, B l... Continue»
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hot nurse, hot hospital, hot passion sex

Sometimes just being in the right place can lead to a nice sweet time. See it all started with me working at my job. I was dropping off food for a resident. I did my usual hellos, and checking out the hot nurses. As I walked back, Ashley came towards me, saying something about a dinner request. I watched her walk then trip over a cane that I spotted far too late. Ashley landed weird and soon she was hopping on her left foot. After a check of her right foot, We both figured she sprained her ankle, and needed a doctor. I drove her over to the hospital, I was off the clock and wasn't going to tu... Continue»
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Grandmas Manfriend Fucks Me With A Great Ending

Jeremy was wrapped around his Grandma's boyfriend's finger, and while Ted had introduced Jeremy to many things, he had withheld the thing that Jeremy wanted most.

Jeremy didn't want it at first but as the nights went on he started to change his mind, especially after when he got the chance to witness his grandmother and how she reacted when at the receiving end of Ted's massive manhood.

Tonight, Jeremy was to learn, was the night.


Ted had asked me to join him in the cellar after the TV had gone off under some phony pretense of helping him find something he wanted, so ... Continue»
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Watching Grandma And Manfriend Fuck

It had been a hot day and hadn't cooled off much during the evening. Grandma's house didn't have air conditioning so the place was usually a little uncomfortable on nights like this, even with the presence of fans all over the place.

I was dripping wet even though I was only wearing pajama bottoms. Sweating like a pig even though the PJ's were made of lightweight fabric. I was perspiring so much they were stuck to my skin, and my mouth was getting so dry that I was tempted to suck the sweat out of them. I would have given anything for a drink.

The problem was that I was unable... Continue»
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Sex And Grandmas New Man Friend The Beginning

This was a whole new experience in this summer of 1993, because while I had been sent to spend the summer with my Grandma every year since Grandpa died four years ago, things had changed around the old farmhouse.

Grandma had a boyfriend, and I know that the term sounds funny when you attach it to a man that was in his mid-sixties like my grandmother, but that's what he was. My mother didn't know about it and I think that was because Grandma was embarrassed about it. I don't think that I would have been shipped out here had they known about him.

The purpose of me being out there wa... Continue»
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TY AND I part 4

I have been seeing Ty on a pretty regular basis over the last several months. It is now the summer recess and he is out of school but we still must evade the growing suspicion of his grandmother. As previously noted Ty was permitted to be free when he was in my apartment. He loved his growing wardrobe and wept each time I bought him a new article and was always eager to try it on. For his birthday I bought him a nightgown made of sheer white lace with matching underwear. His eyes flowed with grateful tears and kissed me wildly. I sat and watched him model his new clothing. I loved the way his ... Continue»
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Biker Slut Wife

I have been married to my wife for twenty seven years now. She is forty nine years old and looks damn good for her age. Brownish blonde short hair with big brown eyes and high cheek bones, 34 "C" cup breast. Nice cowgirl ass. Around 130 pounds. She gets hit on a lot. I am the only guy she has ever been with. But after twenty seven years the sex is just not what it used to be. We decided to help spice things up we should take a couple of weeks off from work and rent a Harley and go ride around and see the country. We bought the complete biker get up, chaps, vest, the full meal deal.
The m... Continue»
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Caught by mom and my aunt

Mom and dad divorced when I was about ten, it wasn’t a very amicable divorce, so when everything was finalised me and mom ended up living in a small 2 bed apartment near town, and I only got to see my dad about once a month, and on birthdays and holidays.
About six months after we moved in to our apartment Aunt Paula moved in with us, to help mom out. For the last five years she shared a room with mom, so I could have my own room. I recently discovered she’s not really my aunt, and being only just sixteen and a little bit naive, only realised why she moved in.
For my sixteenth birthday, dad ... Continue»
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White Bikini, Tina, Water, Oh My!

Sweet fresh water slid down my parched throat as I bent over and drank from the spigot, cooling my mouth and moistening my arid throat, bringing blessed relief I'd desperately needed. Bending over further, I let the cold water run over the back of my head and neck. It felt like an ice shower, heaven in this one hundred and eighteen degree heat. Straightening, residual water ran down my chest, dampening and darkening my polo shirt, and trickled teasingly down my spine making me shiver. The cool relief felt wonderful.

The smell of brine floated on the air from the sea, seagulls swooped and ... Continue»
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Crossdressing leads to first homosexual experience

I've been wearing panties for over ten years, ever since my former Mistress made me switch from my mens' boxers to womens' panties. She gave up the BDSM lifestyle years ago when she met a man who was not into it. She was going to f***e me to have sex with a man but we never got that far. I have not had a real time Mistress since but I continued to wear the panties.

A few months ago, I bought a couple of night gowns and sl**p in them occasionally. I've been wanting to buy a dress for awhile now. I was too afraid to buy it at my local Walmart since I often see people I know shopping th... Continue»
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Young Clare visits Daddy

Clare’s visit to her daddy after school

Mum and Dad had divorced a few years now so I would visit him after school whenever I could.

As I was nearly fifteen I went round to see him just before my birthday , he opened the door to let me in, my uncle was there with him and I could tell they had both been drinking a lot as they were laughing and joking around.

Daddy said he was pleased I still had my little school dress on as he loved seeing me in it, thanks dad I said,
with that he picked me up to kiss me on my lips at the same time he put his hand up my dress onto my bum he held me l... Continue»
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Step moms panties

Jake took his fuck budy, Ellen up to his step-moms room.

Jake tugged the curtains closed: thin as they were, the room remained fairly well lit. Ellen strolled idly around, looking at things. Framed f****y photos on the dresser, a paperback book left on the floor by one side of the bed. At the foot of the bed was a wicker laundry basket. Ellen lifted the lid, and peered inside.

Jake watched her. ‘

You kept looking at Carol at the party,’ he said simply.

She looked up at him, a cat playing with a mouse. ‘Little cub,’ she said. She brought her hand up: on the end of one extended fin... Continue»
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How My Deviant Life Started Part II

Now, you have to understand that I grew up in an conservative, but open-minded household. There was nothing special about us....working class parents with two teenage k**s just trying to keep head above water type of f****y. We lived in a suburban paradise in the northeast and we just got over one of the biggest natural disasters the east coast had ever had. We had four channels on our black and T.V.s, banana seats on our bikes, and the only pools were the community ones. Life was much simpler.

That being said, jerking off in front of my s****r was so far from the norm! But the thrill ... Continue»
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First Cock since I was a teen ...

Where do I begin .. It all started out as a couple of young teens finding his Dads porn and experimenting... Fast forward 20 years or so ..

I had been having phone sex with a married woman for quite some time now revealing all kinds of things I jacked off about and to on the

internet.. Mostly to Hung Tranny and then moving onto vids and pics of Hung Thick White Cut Man Cock !! She knew I craved it, needed

it..wanted it .. She even bought me a toy to play with for our XXX kinky phone sessions .. I had sucked and fucked that toy for her sooo

many times .. came on it and cleaned i... Continue»
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Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.5

I pulled my hard cock out of Janet's pussy and helped her up to a sitting position, then helped her to the floor with mom moving to the floor and over to get between Janet's legs, and when Janet was laying on the floor on her back, "Mom, stick your butt up in the air as high as you can, over Janet's face, while you eat out Janet's pussy, that way I can get to your pussy as Janet sucks on my dick."

With mom and Janet in place, I kneeled down for Janet to suck and lick my dick clean, and I bent down the best that I could and started licking mom's pussy.

In a short time, mom laid over pulli... Continue»
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At Mothers Window Again
We were horny young guys just past the cusp of puberty. It was summer
holidays and we were allowed to stay out far past the falling of darkness.
It was the late forties and k**s were safe in the streets, even in a
working class neighborhood like ours.
Women on our street all stayed home keeping house and raising their
broods while their husbands worked twelve-hour days to make a living. The
heat of July baked the houses during the day and kept the screened windows
wide open all night to attract the slightest breeze.
Throughout th... Continue»
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Babysetting the Twins

Leigh entered the kitchen and noticed Julie, his babysitter, talking on
the phone. She was soaking wet, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped about
herself. "Hi," he glanced her up and down.

"Oh my God!" Julie squealed, "I thought you were at a friend's!"

"It's after midnight! Didn't my mom tell you I have a curfew?"

"Is it that late already?" She glanced at the wall clock and sighed,
biding her goodbyes to her friend at the other end of the line,

"I"ll call you later. Un huh. Un huh. Yep. Cool. See you on

As she hung up the phone and glanc... Continue»
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The Halloween Party

Shelly and her b*****r Justin were going to host a small Halloween party in their basement. They invited a few of
their friends, including Shelly's best friend Nina and her b*****r, Tomas, Justin's best friend Kenny and his s****r
Kimmy, as well as their neighborhood friends, a pair of twinsJoseph and Joanne. They invited the pairs because they asked them to comeas their favorite pair of characters from books, TV, movies, or whatever.

They also invited them as pairs because they had talked their friends (not necessarily their siblings) into having a sex party. Shelly and Nina ... Continue»
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A bulls perspective on cuckolding

By edlangston from Lush Stories

I recently had a very informative email exchange with a dominant man named Steve. I was trying to
understand what it is like to be dominant, and what dominant men think of cuckolds who like to eat
cum from their wives’ pussies. Steve asked me to write, with him in first person, about a real
encounter that he had with a cuckold couple.
My name is Steve and I live in Ohio. I am of South Asian decent, and I have always taken a dominant
posture in all aspects of my life. I was raised in a culture where the men are always in charge in
f****y situations, and ... Continue»
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The Chair Shoppe

The Chair Shoppe 1-4

Part 1

Kevin, along with several others young men, stood nervously while guests at the Hotel filtered into lobby where all the Shoppes were.
The first floor housed different Shoppes catering to the special items only found on the Femina Islands.
A PantyPets Shoppe, but unlike the others on Merchants Road, it dealt in very exclusive & expensive panties. Made from silks & other exotic materials from around the world & exclusive only to the Shoppe at the Hotel where rumor hinted of ... Continue»
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