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mother in law strapon

My name is Paul and I love my mother in law, we have always got on well together ever since I married her daughter 20 years earlier, we had even progressed to a little titillation and on more than one occasion she had caught me looking at her legs when she sat cross legged on the sofa and a couple of times when I tried to peer down her top to see what color bra she had or if she even wore one or as much of her breasts as possible, she would always give me one of those sexy knowing smiles.

Carol my Mother in Law had divorced her husband Bob 8 years ago and she now lived alone but only an ho... Continue»
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catching mother in law

My mother-in-law is not the prettiest woman in the world, but to me she is the most beautiful woman I have loved. Her name is Lynn and she is thirty nine years of age. She has straight Brown hair, Brown eyes and beautiful full lips. “Mom” also has the prettiest smile I have ever seen.

Her sight, her nice smell and the feeling of her next to perfect breasts pressing against me when we hugged or when she kissed me excited me ever since I met and married her daughter, we were staying with her Mom due some financial difficulties and she was helping us out.

Tonight was an unusually warm summe... Continue»
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flashing the mother in law 2

a story of the three times my mother-in-law and I "accidentally" let the other see them undressing or naked. After these happened it was all I could think about, and when I thought about it my cock got hard. Remembering back to the sixties and seventies, television and movies were quite tame. No nudity and hardly a hint about sex. A young guy took whatever glimpse of female nudity he could get. So when I saw my mother-in-law naked, it really turned me on. Partly because this was a naked woman, but mainly, this was my wife' mother. Also, my mother-in-law, Stella, has twice seen me naked. So far... Continue»
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flashing the mother in law 3

I had never thought about my mother-in-law in a sexual way during the three years I have been married to her daughter, Linda, even when circumstances caused us to move in with my wife's parents. But since the time she peeked into my bedroom as I was undressing everything changed. I had never felt so sexually excited. Later that day, when Stella left her bedroom door open allowing me to watch her undress I started seeing my mother-in-law in a different way. Seeing Stella naked made me aware of the shape of her body, the slightly sagging tits, nice rounded ass, in a way that I had not noticed... Continue»
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mother in law promise

My name is Paul, my wife is Carol and for the past 3 days my elderly mother in law has stayed with us while my wife is away for a week visiting her s****r interstate, her name is Rita, she is 76 Years old, she has a nice body, no movie star just a plain figure but she is not a barrel or a bubble either. I have always been a boob man and hers are a nice size, and have often tried to see down her top or in her blouse to catch a glimpse of cleavage, on the odd occasion she has caught me and given me a little cheeky look..

At every opportunity I walk around naked and often my mother in law has... Continue»
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flashing the mother in law 1

I had lost my job. We moved back to our hometown and settled in with my wife's parents. It was going to be just temporary, until one of us found work and then a place to live. My mother-in law, Stella, was a fun person to be around. We had always gotten along well. She did not work outside the home and was glad to have someone around even if was only going to be just for a short while. My father-in-law, Frank, was just an ordinary working guy. Went to work every day, came home to dinner, went bowling twice a week, that was about it for him.

It was an older one story house that had been rem... Continue»
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Strappn b*****r

"Jules, hi! Waiting for a shower?"

I looked around to see my s****r-in-law. I knew she came to this gym, but I'd never actually seen her there before. It was a Saturday morning, not my usual time for working out. "Oh, hi. I was, but there seems to be a long queue, and I don't like the communal ones. I think I'll just go home and shower there."

She nodded agreement. "Yeah, dunno why, just doesn't seem right."

I hesitated. "Want to come back to mine? Shower there and then grab a bite? Mark's away so we could have a nice girly lunch."

"Sure. Nat's tided up doing something all day. Tha... Continue»
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Strapon b*****r 2

"What you doing today?"

"Fucking you. All day." I'm a doctor and work shifts, so despite being mid week I had a day off. Unfortunately my husband did not.

"Afraid not - I'm working all day."

"I'm so fucking horny."

"You've been horny since Annie fucked you up the arse. She really got you."

"Annie fucked me up the arse because I was so horny. Come on, a quickie?"

"I really have to go - I'm already late."

"Spoilsport. Pass me a dildo then."

"Front or back?" He'd pass me a smaller one if I said back. So considerate and understanding.

"Hm. Actually, both."


... Continue»
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Strapon b*****r 3

"I've got a request." My s****r-in-law and I were sunbathing naked in my garden. We'd had a couple of drinks and were nicely relaxed.

"Uh huh."

"Most people would think it pervy and disgusting, and although I know you are perverted and disgusting it may even cross your strange code."

"Try me." My hand went to my pussy in anticipation.

"Well, you know you said that you didn't like big things up your bum."


"And your husband has, well, a big thing."

"Yeah." I genuinely didn't spot where she was going.

"And I do like big things up my bum ..."

Ah. Got there no... Continue»
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A Visit From An Old Boyfriend

My wife has told me many stories over the years, and it makes me hard when she describes sex with her other lovers.

Her very first boyfriend had the biggest cock of all of them, and she told me he made her cum multiple times every time they fucked. I've often looked at her busted hymen and imagined him taking her cherry with that big cock.

One day last summer, she got a message that he was in town, and asked if I minded if he came over for dinner. I didn't mind, and soon we the three of us were drinking and talking after dinner. My wife wore a summer dress that was mid thigh, and cut to ... Continue»
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A Thousand Words - Part One

Summary: 'A picture is worth a thousand words', and it was never more true for what Rhea had in mind for herself and her husband.


The Rake:

"It's fascinating how the perception of people towards an activity, thought and sometimes even a person changes with a change in environment". At least, that is what Rhea contemplated as she walked the length of the art gallery, admiring and sometimes abhorring the paintings and photographs on display. The exhibits were based on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, and naturally, the ... Continue»
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Day at the Office

This is a story of a day in the office, and a few days that followed.

I work for a company where I am my own boss and I pretty much do and say what goes. Most of the time I am busy with work, but when I'm not busy with work, I spend my time surfing the web and teasing myself to no end.

This particular day was a crazy one in the morning, and all I could think about was sex. Finally, I got caught up and decided it was time to do a little reading. Most days I am in the office by myself, so I usually don't worry about anyone walking into see something they wouldn't expect from me. I was re... Continue»
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Strange Trail

It was a strange trail that Tod began that night. It was to take him in a direction that, while he may have fanaticized about, he would never have thought possible. His mother, Kitty, had been much in need of a vacation, after having worked the last two years without a day off. His father’s death had left her with a small computer repair facility to run with little personal knowledge of the business. After finally getting it to the point where it would run with a manager, she had sent Tod to stay with his father’s s****r, Nora, for two weeks, while she went on a cruise with a cousin.

Tod d... Continue»
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Stripping Anonymously For My Mother

It was due to my college tuition that it all happened. After my parents had divorced two years ago my father had moved across the country and cut off all contact with me. My Mom had had to take two jobs for awhile just to get out of the pile of bills she was under partially due to the divorce so when it was time for me to go to college I had to pay my own way. My first year I had to work long hours to pay for it and it was difficult to find enough time for studying let alone for a social life.

It was during the summer when I was nineteen between my first and second year of college that my ... Continue»
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Part 3


When i got home Dawn was sat in the kitchen i said hi how was your day she
said i went for a drive and went to the shops i said sounds good then she
said i needed a pee and was close to that toilet you told me about so i went
in there and it must off been seconds later i heard someone in the gents
i could not see his face but knew he was looking at me i did nothing the next
thing he pushed his cock through the hole i touched it the rubbed it even
sucked it i said did he cum she said yes i said where she just smiled said
listen im not finished once he had cum he left so ... Continue»
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Fucking Judy’s Roommate

This is an offshoot of my story “The Husband’s Tale,” about my first good fuck, a woman named Judy, who I hooked up with after I'd finished college. As I wrote in that story, Judy was a great fuck, with a nice, big set of tits, and a real cock-hungry cunt. But she could be bitchy at times, and our relationship had its share of ups and downs. (As well as ins and outs!)

Although I had graduated, Judy still had another year of school to go. She had moved out of the dorm room where I first fucked her and into an apartment with three other girls. I was working and living in another town a couple... Continue»
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Chastity Locked Midget

“Hey, E,” Shayla Fields greeted her baby daddy.
“Hey, sexy,” smiled the tall, slim former high school basketball star. “Wassup?”
“I gotta work over. Can you pick up Katelyn from my Uncle Lamar’s house,” she inquired referring to their ten-month old baby daughter.
“Yeah. What time?”
“As soon as you can go.”
“Aiight bet! I’ma head out in five.”

Errol Reynolds locked the door of his efficiency apartment and hopped into his black 2010 Ford Focus sedan. He sped down the highway eager to retrieve his youngest c***d. He had two others – both boys. He was a stereotypical... Continue»
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One thing led to another

Jacquie had been meaning to buy some new underwear for long enough and decided it was time she was measured properly prior to renewing her lingerie drawer.
An appointment was made with Marks and Spencer’s for their free fitting service. On the morning of the fitting Jacquie wore stockings and suspenders, but as it was a hot summer’s day, no knickers. A summer dress was worn, and as she was planning to buy a new bra there and then she did not wear one.
The drive in was fairly uneventful until entering the multi-storey car park. When she parked the car and set off towards the stairwell a gust ... Continue»
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Baker's Dozen 1

The night was quiet as I baked. Baked isn't as glamorous when I use it. By bake I mean, I placed frozen dough on pans lined with wax paper, sprayed with nonstick stuff, and put them in an oven. There's no sifting or measuring for me. I work in a grocery store. I don't mind it, though.

My night starts at midnight, when I put my finger on a small device that clocks me in, grab a cart, and begin removing out of date product from the shelves. All the while I make a list of what I need to replace said stock. All in all, pretty dull, but I don't mind it, though.

The night goes as usual, put t... Continue»
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My New f****y

I know many c***dren don't want to see their parents divorce, but I was happy to see my Dad escape the clutches of my mother. She was a selfish woman, wasting my father's money on her so called friends. When the divorce was final, I chose to live with my father. My father dated different women but I never got to meet them. I asked questions about his dating, but he told me that he'd let me meet someone whenever he got into a serious relationship. Finally, one day he told me there was someone important he wanted me to meet. Her name was Tracy, and when I met her, I couldn't believe how gorgeous... Continue»
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