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Destroying my mother in laws pussy

This happened over thirty years ago. My father in law died my wife and I helped her all we could, doing things for her, staying a nights we her, things like that. 8 months later we planned a trip to Florida, and my wife asked if she could ask her mother to go with us. I really didn't won't to but what can you say. I knew fucking would be out on this trip. We arrived later in the day and checked in, I decided to take a dip before eating. Dot asked Hilda her mom if she wanted to swim, she said later. We got in our clothes I wear shorts instead of a swim suit because my cock shows too much. While... Continue»
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A Rough Night: She gets some rough handling

I sat on the edge of the bed, biting my nail and ruining the smooth polish I had applied earlier. The red of the digital clock illuminated the dark room and my lashes fluttered as the clock display switched to 10:38. On February 14th at 10:38, I finally admitted to myself that I would spend the entire day alone.
I should just go to bed.
I sighed.
I thought of the last time we had been together as I pulled open the drawer to the nightstand. I thought of how he had slowly stripped my clothes off, how his hands had felt on my body, and how he had fucked my brains out on this very bed.
My hand... Continue»
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On Valentine Lake (Part One of Two)

This is the newest installment in a series of stories collectively titled "Loving Lizvette." They are the recollections of a middle-aged man who found himself falling in love with his teenaged daughter's young friend, who calls him "Daddy" partly because she is carrying his baby. At this point in their romance, they have not been alone together for several weeks and have arranged to play hooky from school and work to enjoy their first Valentine's Day as lovers, alone on a boat at a nearby lake. It was a day they would both remember.

The story is told in nine scenes.

This is a work of fi... Continue»
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On Valentine Lake (Part Two of Two)

6. In A Haze

As Lizvette cradled my head at her breasts, letting me drift in and out of my lover's haze, her eyes explored the boat. After several minutes of silence, she said quietly. "It would be fun to have a boat like this, daddy. Are they very expensive?" I opened my eyes and lifted my face from between her pillowy, expectant mother's breasts and looked at her. "You know I have a baby on the way, right? I really don't have money for a cabin cruiser right now. I have to start another college fund."

"Poor daddy. I bet you didn't know how expensive I was going to be, did you!" She thou... Continue»
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Strange night at a club

I received a phone call from a friend telling me one of our friends was having a party for his sons birthday. It had been years since I had seen him. After time in the service, we drifted apart. Thinking it would be nice to see him again, I agreed to meet them at a club across country. At the time I was living in Montana, I booked a flight to Nevada and made reservations for a room at a nice hotel outside of Reno. Not realizing how hot it was, the clothes I packed were to heavy to wear. Being there for just a few days I bought a couple of pairs of pants and some shirts there. I showered and dr... Continue»
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gina dan om om

Angka menunjukkan angka 3 dan pintu lift pun terbuka. Gina keluar dari lift bersama dengan beberapa orang lainnya. Gadis cantik itu langsung bergegas menuju ke kamar yang disebutkan oleh Om Herdi ditelepon tadi. Sesampai di depan pintu kamar bertuliskan nomor 257, Gina mengetuk pintu tersebut beberapa kali namun sama sekali tidak ada jawaban. Begitu ketukan terakhirnya juga tidak mendapat respon, ia mencoba membuka pintu kamar tersebut. Rupanya pintu tersebut tidak terkunci dan gadis cantik itu pun dengan hati-hati masuk ke dalam kamar. Ruangan kamar itu memang terlihat kosong, namun sayup-say... Continue»
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Fun with Freddie

Mindy was a high school senior at Elm Street high. She had long dark hair, tanned skin, large ample breasts and I nice round ass. As she sat there threw 2nd period history she could barley keep her eyes open. She had been partying the night before and got absolutely no sl**p. As the teachers slow monotone voice rambled on and on about god knows what. She laid down her head and quickly fell asl**p. Once she entered the dream world, Freddie took a moment to look the girl over. She was quite a beautiful piece of ass. It had been a very long time since Freddie had gotten any. He decided that he wa... Continue»
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Only if I wanted to

There was no way he could catch me. Not if I did not want him to. Not if I did not allow it!

I am 5’2”, 22-years-old, weight about 110lb and fairly fit. He is 6’1”, 43-years-old and must be around 200lb. He also loves alcohol and cigarettes a little too much. Nevertheless, catch me he did. Egged on by the promise of intemperate love making and with a little, tactful help by myself I was soon in his evil clutches – right where I longed to be!
He chased me all the way up the field. A slight sk** in the sludgy cow-manure notwithstanding, he shot off after me with an admirable spring in his s... Continue»
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I'm a CockHero!

I've just discovered the best video game ever. It's kinda like GuitarHero... only different. It's called CockHero... it's a video game for your wiener and it's awesome! Has anyone else played it? I'm addicted. It's not actually a video game... it's porn.

The game is simple enough. Each game (usually around an hour) is made up of several shorter rounds... the rounds are sexy music videos set to a thumping, good stroking beat. The early rounds usually start slow... a pretty girl or two... dressed sexy... dancing to a slow steady beat... maybe one beat per second. Your assignment... should you... Continue»
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It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...

I'm smiling so hard my lips hurt. "You're two hours early" I say, trying not to giggle as she glides by me through my just opened door. I'm trying to be cool, I've been talking a lot of shit with this girl online. I want to act hard, but right now I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"I decided not to stop at the hotel before coming over" she tells me. "I freshened up at the airport before picking up my car... don't you like surprises?" She asks with a wicked grin.

Well, yeah, I like surprises... but I can't talk right now because I'm looking at her. I know it's rude to stare... but sh... Continue»
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In Hell Part 2

Catherine and Jennie were too busy being horrified to pay any mind to the demonic pimp. They could see it in each other's eyes, clear as a c***d's guilty look. The desire to get through the deal, to avoid an eternity of prostitution but, most of all, to make the other stop being so fucking annoying. Jennie, usually so adept at poker faces, simply couldn't hold back a contemptuous look, nor could Catherine disguise her excitement at the idea of turning the girl into her porn character. For all the halcyon days spent together, they knew that, in a single gaze, their friendship had lost all meani... Continue»
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The Motherly Thirst Of An Indian Son

My name is Rishabh Rajput.. It started when I was in my 11th standard and i got my first computer. I was pretty excited about it as we belonged to a middle class f****y and hence wasn’t such privleged to get anything unless it serves a good purpose. Along with the computer came the internet as well.. My parents thought it’ll help me learn many a good things.. In fact it did..!!

I learned a way too many things during the whole day but at night’s i learned even better things..!!

That’s the point of my life when i was introd
... Continue»
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TV Mechanic broke my husband’s trust on me!

I am Girija and am here on this site for the first time to make a true confession about my debauchery, after enduring 6 months of mental torment due to shame & guilt. I am 35 yrs old, married to Anantha who is 37. I am a South-Indian fair skinned woman. Men & women from my community are generally brilliant in academics; my husband & I are both Post-Graduates in Metallurgy & Science respectively.

Even at this age, I look very fair & attractive; I stand 5’9” tall, which is quite a good height for Indian women and my jet black
... Continue»
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Housewife Travels Alone For A Wedding

Hi I am Radha . Typical south Indian housewife. This is a real incident happened 2 years before when I was 35 old. Now I’m 37 old. Telling about me I’m 5.7 tall . I’m 32 32 34. Slim with little big ass.

To be frank to say I’m a dream aunty for everyone. I don’t look aged also. I can easily dress into homely dresses like saree and modern dresses t-shirts and jeans. But I don’t dress vulgar. Coming to the story. I reside in Chennai. I have to attend my cousins wedding in Delhi. Husband couldn’t come. So me and my small k**s
... Continue»
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Awesome experience in Atlanta at first job trainin

I went to a training for my first job in Atlanta back in 1999 and had quite a good experience with a BBW there!

I was only 22 at the time, and the name of the hotel I (and my co-rokers stayed at) was the Peachtree. (I think it was a Hyatt or Doubletree.) The BBW in question was actually one of the front desk receptionists. When I arrived, I just got the impression that the receptionist who checked me in, Brandy, was being extra nice to me. She was super cute with bobbed blonde hair, blue eyes and dimples. I found reasons to revisit the front desk and talk to her, and when not too many guest... Continue»
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In Hell Part 1

Jennie was dead.

The opposing truck's headlights had morphed into a great white expanse after the deafening crash. There had been no pain, not even any sensation beyond utter surprise. Some d***k wanker had taken a turn way too hard and fast, right into the only other vehicle driving around at this ungodly hour. And wham, that was it for Jennie van Sant, and her best friend Catherine Belmont. Cause of death : Loss of third dimension.

A shame, really, but Jennie always knew her last words would go something like "FU-". She lived fast, loose and without much of a plan. She had been an emac... Continue»
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Job Posting for a New Lover (Satire)


Mistress Emma is a 49yo , SWF, 5'9", 240lb, 42DD, BBW, uninhibited, sexually adventurous, dominant female who lives in the Portland, Oregon area.  By day she is a senior project manager for a large company, with a Master's Degree who has travelled to 4 continents and over two dozen countries.  She doesn't do d**gs, drink excessively, gamble or have financial problems.  To the outside world, she is a very responsible, respectable and productive member of society.  Her one vice is that she has a VERY, VERY dirty... Continue»
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The Nun!

Sunday morning mass was as boring as ever and I simply couldn't wait to get out of church and have a cigarette! Why did I go? f****y tradition, I guess?
I decided to take a walk around the vast church grounds whilst I smoked my cigarette. I was walking slowly and I was about seventy yards from the church when I noticed the nun walking down a wooded path towards me. As she got closer, she smiled sweetly, hands clasped in front of her. "Good morning! What a fine day it is"! She smiled sweetly and I couldn't help but notice her glance at my cigarette packet. She was young, about twenty five and ... Continue»
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Is She Or Is She Not

relationships today follow a very predictable pattern:
They push men for
They get what they
They lose interest in sex

They become attracted to someone else

They start cheating

They become angry and resentful

They begin telling their partners that
they need time apart
They blame their partners for their behavior...and
eventually, after making themselves and everyone around them miserable for an
indefinite, but usually, long period of time, ... Continue»
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Was It A Dream?

What a visit/dream..

* I was going out after work, to meet up with some old friends that are actual great guys,*
* and we are among the few that keep our friendship*

* new.*

*We had survived. Maybe we had some survivors guilt to get over. Or maybe we just needed to occasionally celebrate still having a job during the Great Recession, since we all still worked Manhattan.*

*We went to an almost trendy little Club in Midtown Manhattan, nice atmosphere when you have some cool people as a base in between dances, since there is no table space. Nevertheless, good times happe... Continue»
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