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A Well Seasoned Woman

It was date night. That is what Kitty and Peter call the nights when all else was put aside and the only thing on the agenda was enjoying each other and lots of fun sex.

Kitty was ready for a hot night with her man. She had spent part of the day tempting and teasing one of her online lovers and got herself quite worked up.

Mid-afternoon, while preparing a salad for supper, the carrot she was going to use was so firm and so long, Kitty couldn’t resist working it into her pussy for a few minutes to relieve the pressure. Oh that carrot, it was so firm, so hard and so handy! Date night could... Continue»
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The Diary: Primal Lust

She had been with me as far back as I could remember, after my mother left, and long after my father had passed. In truth, I had no recollection of him, nor could I consider her anything other than a parental figure. She raised me to adulthood, and I watched her struggle. Single parenthood took its toll on her adult life, and she found herself facing the pitfalls of being single in her mid 40s. Weight gain had robbed her of any chance at remarrying, or so this was the case in her mind. Once confident, she had grown to fear her reflection, starring at what she could only view as a shell of her ... Continue»
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The Caretaker Takes Care Of A young Man

The Caretaker Takes Care of A Young Man

My mother and I constantly moved from place to place. I was in my mid-teens when we rented an upstairs flat at the rear of a two-storey block of four flats. The caretaker Vera, a pleasant happy English lady, occupied the front flat downstairs. Soon Mum was able to get a rent reduction of five shillings a week if I did a range of work to help Vera. As I received a shilling of this from Mum I was fairly happy with the arrangements. I pushed a mower around the small area of grass front and back, chopped wood and kindling, and other minor tasks in my spa... Continue»
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visiting my dad in the desert gets me laid

I drove 800 miles down to Arizona to visit my dad. He lives off the grid out in the desert. No city power, no city water, etc.. He lives in a trailer and a couple of shacks. No air conditioning. Kinda makes me and the s*s nervous because he's 72. It gets hot there.

Anyway, he knew I wouldn't be comfortable there. He called a few of his friends and asked if I could stay at their houses in town. He got ahold of his friend Ronald, one of his best friends. My dad has repaired Ronald's cars for years, I guess, is what my dad told me.

Ronald said I could crash at a small house he owns... Continue»
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wifes mother catches me watching porn

me and my wife had just got married and were staying at her parents house her dad worked away and one weekend my wife took the baby to her grans and was going to stay as I was working it was just ann and me in the house
I finished early on saterday and went home as ann was leaving saying she was meeting a friend
so as I got my porn mags and put a movie on I was reading a story about a real wife needing a bigger cock as her husband was only 6 inches and worked away a lot reading more it described the wife just like ann heavy with big tits and she said she had sensitive nipples and a very ha... Continue»
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My Husband’s Birthday Present

I called my husband Ray on his cell phone rings and told him to come to a hotel that is 30 minutes away. I gave him the room number and told him I have a present for him. I had left the curtain slightly open as I was getting ready for him to arrive. My dress is laid out neatly on the bed along with stockings and a pair of high heels. He knocked and his eyes almost popped out when I answered the door completely naked. I have spent the afternoon doing my hair and make-up. I had a manicure and pedicure with a sexy red polish. I took a step back into the room and posed for him. I was waiting for h... Continue»
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The d***ken Dance

It was a Friday night at around 8 pm and I was beginning to think it was going to be another dreadfully boring one but as if on cue I received a text message from a friend wondering if I wanted to come out for drinks. I thought she was kinda hot so I obliged. About an hour later we were a few shots and beers deep when I run into an old friend from school he and his friends sit down with us and we are chatting for about 40 minutes when my female friend tells me she has to get home because she works early in the morning. I'm a little bummed at this but I decide to stay at the bar with my old pal... Continue»
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We’d all had a long but enjoyable day on the beach. It would be difficult not to take pleasure in the amenities that the isolated hotel offered. It was based on the southern tip of the Island and, for its heavy price, ensured privacy, great food and five star services. “We” was my wife and I and my step-s****r-in-law. We are all in our fifties and, thankfully, the Gods had been kind to us and kept our figures reasonably trim and our minds alert.
Shy, my wife, was trim and boasted a well shaped pair of breasts and a very pert bum that even the occasional waiter glanced at. Cee, my step-s****... Continue»
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My Husband’s Birthday Present

I called my husband Ray on his cell phone rings and told him to come to a hotel that is 30 minutes away. I gave him the room number and told him I have a present for him. I had left the curtain slightly open as I was getting ready for him to arrive. My dress is laid out neatly on the bed along with stockings and a pair of high heels. He knocked and his eyes almost popped out when I answered the door completely naked. I have spent the afternoon doing my hair and make-up. I had a manicure and pedicure with a sexy red polish. I took a step back into the room and posed for him. I was waiting for h... Continue»
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The Power of my best friend’s mum, Angelina

I had an interesting encounter with my best friend’s mature mum Angelina when I was 18 years old. My best friend Bruce, was a sibling of one older b*****r, Carl. I’ve always liked his mom. Whenever I am at Bruce’s house, his mom would always flirt with me slyly by winking or accidentally on purpose pinch my ass, or brush her massive cleavage across my chest when we pass in the hallway. She was 40 years old at the time.

I was at Bruce’s place listening to some rap tunes, when his mum called him and asked him to post a letter by recorded delivery at a post office which was about a mile ... Continue»
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My wife's best friend and her mom

I am a big overweight guy that is in his late 40's. My wife is heavyset and has a big rack and gives the best head I've ever had so far. We have a decent sex life. Not great just decent.
I have a wondering eye. I think it's because we have a pretty blah kind of sex life. It's in a rut and she won't think about anything kinky. Kinky is what I like. That's why I think I crave the mouth of another guy on my cock.
We have this couple as friends. Robin one of my wife's best friends and her husband is an OK guy. She is good looking with a drop dead ass and the legs to go with it. She will be 50 so... Continue»
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Transit Authority !

It was 7 am as I was waiting for my subway train to arrived at my stop,
I was standing beside the new Transit Inspector name Liam as I heard
him say to some one on his walkie Talkie that the train going to be delayed
for about 15 mins, I said " OH Fuck " out loud as he gave me a dirty look.

I then apologized to him before we started to have a good chat, He told
me he has just move over from Ireland about 6 month's ago and he is staying
with his younger s****r for now. I told him that I work for the Fire Department
as a dispatcher for well over 10 years, And I have my own condo 2 bloc... Continue»
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Black Busty cougar fucks White boy (with comic)

\\The Black Mature I met at a LA night Club --fucked my brains out//


I met this black Lady at a club

We swapped no.s

She called and we met for lunch a few days later.

We got flirty.

She asked if I like Black woman --sexually, am I attracted?

I responded shyly..."umm, yes m'aam , because she's about 10 yrs my senior."

She took me back to her place that evening.

She did all the work,

Laid me out.

Rubbed her wet pussy on my cock to get it standing up.

Her pussy milk leaked out on my genitals and smothered my dick in go... Continue»
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Confessions of Ass Eaters - The Mother's Stor

My name is Mitty Linden. I am 49, single, white and an ass addict.
Don't judge me too quickly. Listen to my story and tell me if I had any other choice.
Like so many women here, I am a mother of a 21 year old, beautiful boy.
I still remember when Justin was born. He was so beautiful that one look at him, and I forgot everything else.
I forgot that I was single and hand no one to care for me or my c***d. I forgot that I was broke and had no money to care for him.
I even forgot that my "boyfriend" was a married man who had several other girlfriends beside his wife.
Clayton was 10 years... Continue»
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Slut Wife For A Night

I know I am not a super model. I am a homey nerdy looking 40 year old with "b" cup boobs and light brown hair with brown eyes. I am on the skinny side, 110 pounds and 5.5 feet tall. I wear dark rim glasses. Guys have never chased me nor lined up at my door. I have only slept with two guys in my whole life and have been married for about 25 years. I have two great k**s and belong to the PTA at their school. Don't get me wrong, I love sex and will do anything to please my man, I am shy around men and just plain looking.
So my story is about a business trip for training I had to go on with ... Continue»
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Fantasy #1

I arrive at the house to do some work as promised the week before on the back garden for some f****y friends as the husband has a bad back from an accident and the damn thing is getting over grown.

I have always had a thing for Mags - about 50 I would guess with a large pair of breasts that always keep me occupied when we go round to visit, and always gets my vote when I see her in her skirt and tights/stockings (wasn't really sure what they were until that day)

It was hot and sunny when I arrived at John and mags for a days gardening and was greeted by Mags at the front door in all her ... Continue»
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CATHLEEN. Diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s.

CATHLEEN. Diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s. PART 2

My extra work on Friday evenings had never interfered with my job at the factory. The factory work was quite simple and since I had finished my secondary schooling, I was put in the office doing invoices, shipping notes, bank stuff, etc…I was one of ten clerks doing pretty well the same thing and we were supervised by an office manager who was an Irish girl like me but around 50 years old. She was about my height, a bony face with short black hair, a modest bust and wide hips. Most people would call her plain looking but on the other ... Continue»
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On trip to Sydney for a wedding

This is a true story which happened when I went to Sydney to go to a wedding.

I was waiting for my plane in the airport and my ipod was dead so I just sat there checking out the girls around the area. I saw one that was a little chubby but not fat by any means. She had great tits that were showing a lot of cleavage and a really gorgeous face with long blonde hair. As we were boarding the plane I could see my seat and just as I sat down the blonde babe reached above me to put her bag into the compartment above us. I had such a great view of her massive tits stretched out with her tight shirt... Continue»
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Taming a wild slut, or Will She Need More

Taming a wild slut, or Will She Need More

Tina the slut is going to be showed how to be more of a slut. The slut will be taught commands. Example given "now" will mean start cock sucking, "bend" meaning bend over & grab your ankles, "open" means a waist high table or chair with legs spread wide & "down" means lie face down on the floor with hands out stretched, “back” means lay down on your back with legs wide saying give me cock give me cock.

Bend! you little rotten slut, The slut quickly grabs her ankles & gets a rub on her ass! Good, that's for... Continue»
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Threesome – Me, Mom, Maid

But I received lesser or almost no emails from any women which is a bit saddening. For those who don’t know me I am Vikram, 19 yrs old studying in Sybcom in Mumbai and more interested in older women above 35 yrs of age. Here I am with a story that will interest all.

As I told u all earlier, I and my mom Geeta enjoy sex ever since that day when I fucked her first. My sexcapades with mom were not only limited to bedroom in afternoon but also in kitchen bathroom li
... Continue»
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