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Anne's past

One night after an interesting sex session with Anne and her dog and when Peter was not around, I asked her about her relationship with Peter and how the whole dog thing had started. She told me that from a young age, she had regularly been fucked by her dad and granddad, Mr. Dean who owned the garage, two of her uncles and she told me that her mum and one of her aunties also taught her about the joys of lesbian sex. Once Peter was old enough to cum, she often had sex with him.

She said that, on most occasions, the sex was part of a show for other people who were there and it was not uncomm... Continue»
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Young cravings CH. 01

The balmy early evening slowly slipped into night. As soon as it was dark, he gave me a knowing look and quietly snuck away from the block party. I calmly rose from my chair and followed him away from the crowd.

He was waiting where he said he would: half way down the block; well out of sight from any of our party-going neighbors. I nervously walked up to him.

"Come on, let's go," he whispered to me. "This way." He placed his hand on the small of my back, sending shivers through my body. "Careful you don't trip on any bushes."

He led me between two houses, away from the ambient glow o... Continue»
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Helping widow mom date again

My Dad died just a few months ago, and I had to interrupt my college degree to try to help my mother pass through this experience.

I loved my dad very much and so did my mom. She was 51 at the time, but aged well besides being already a little to old to be considered a knock out to most men. She his a small woman, petite body, with relatively wide hips and medium breasts. She always used her hair short and blonde, although everyone could see it was colored hair.

I've never had fantasies with my mother, although the fact that i used to jerk fantasying about mature women could be a sign t... Continue»
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my neighbour big titties wife

hi again,this is the last prt of story.HOw i have said in last stories i have a nice neighbour whit big tits that is fucking whit my mom.I have come fro college for the weekend.My mom has kiss me on face and i have start to tell her how is at college.At night i have go to Carmen house to salute and to see her nice tits.I have knock on her doree and she has open the door.She was in her bathrobe.She grab me and she give me a hot kiss.She told me that she has miss me very very much and she miss for my big cock.I have slap her ass and i have tald that i want to fuck her assmbut she has told me tha... Continue»
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Wendy52, young cock slut

Hi, my name’s Wendy and I have to tell you I’ve been a bit of a dirty girl. My husband was away, again! I had woken up feeling horny and really a rabbit doesn’t quite “do it” for me. I love feeling a hard cock thrusting into me and being able to grab onto the owner with both hands. So I just got dressed and went to work. I’d spent the day looking at the young men in the office and my pussy was getting wetter. I’m amazed I didn’t have a wet patch from my seat I was so wet. But work isn’t the best place to find cock outside of your marriage, it may well get you into trouble. So after work I was... Continue»
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Flirty chemist assistant

About five years ago I suffered enomously with insomnia, on my fifth day or night without sl**p I decided to go for a drive, I ended up about 40 miles away from my hometown, it was 9:30 in the morning and I parked up in a village and looked round, finding a chemist I went in and asked the assistant if she had anything that would help me sl**p.

She was a petite blonde haired girl around 20 years old and when I asked she was very flirty. She said she'd give me something to help relax me, and I flirted back the same. After I'd purchased some Nightol tablets she said "I've something better than... Continue»
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My Husband’s Fantasy Makes Me Excited

Hi friends I am Sindhu from Bangalore. I am a regular reader in iss because of my husband makes me a habit of it. Here describes about us I am 28 yrs old fair and good structure 36-30-36 and my hubby 30yrs old good looking handsome guy. We have been married since 2 yrs.

We both are very happy in our marriage life especially on bed we both are very excited and we use to watch bf regularly. Mostly we use to watch group sex blue films while watching we tried to do
... Continue»
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Call Boy To My Hot Aunty

I am Sumanth Name Changed nick name raj with my first true experience. I’m regular reader of professionally I am a call boy in Mysore now but your eagerly wants to know how I become a call boy? So this is my true story for you. My earlier stories are and my house owner’s sexy daughter, fucking Guajarati house wife, call boy at your service. You can mail me your comment

My dick size is 8”long 4 inches wide stamina 2 hours good looking average body and I was in Pune that time living with my friend’s flat. His flat located in
... Continue»
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First Time Fucking My Hot Mom

I am Praveen from southern part of Kerala. I am 22 year old guy with 6.2 inches ht and 73 kg weight. I would like to tell you a story of mine with my mother. Her name is Shooba. She is 48 year old housewife. She had a sexy fig of 38c-32-42. She has deep oval shaped navels which make her sexier in sari. She wears her sari below her navel. She wears nighty at home. My father is working abroad and comes home once in a week. It was 2 years ago first I had sex with her.

One day I came home from college at noon as the class was su
... Continue»
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Mom Got Groped In The Train

Hi all, this is vinay. I am talking about a real incident which happened few months ago. Yes my mom was enjoyed by few low class men in a general compartment. My mom valli, a 42 year old lady who maintains herself very well. As she does yoga daily, which helped her maintain her body well with a figure of 38-28-36. Any day she looks hardly 30 and can give run for money to those college going girls, but she not such kind of lady who would be carving for extra marital... Continue»
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Slave in white leggings

You have been told to go upstairs and put on those white leggings and the skimpy top we bought in Inverness, no bra or panties,and the two leather cuffs on your wrists that you will find laying on the bed, your wondering where your Master is going to tie you up,not outside, as its too cold, maybe in the garden room, or the garage, perhaps to the spare bed or here in our bedroom.

You brush your hair and put on some lipstick, a nice and sexy red.

You go down stairs into the kitchen where your Master waits, you watch his reaction to the way your dressed, he looks at you witha satisfied smil... Continue»
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A Chubby slapper

I was stood in town on a sunny day when I saw this slapper bawling at her k**s, she had three toddlers in tow and a baby in a pram, she was smoking and her and her friend were swearing at each other, but looking beyond all that she had a pretty face even though she was well overweight, she was wearing a black blouse and black slacks.

As I stood staring at her she caught sight of me and said "What are you fucking looking at", Charming I thought, but I carried on staring. She came over to where I was and said "Well!!", I said "I want to fuck you now", I could tell she was shocked as she stood... Continue»
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Die Witwe

Es war so damals als ich um die 19 Jahre alt war. Ich war noch in der Ausbildung. Das hieß immer früh aufstehen und arbeiten. Dafür hatte ich häufiger denn Nachmittag frei. Da mein Gehalt auch so toll war half ich bei einer unseren Nachbarinnen aus. Sie hatten vor kurzem ihren Mann verloren und das große Haus mit Garten war viel zu viel für sie.
Sie war noch gar nicht so alt, hatte es aber schon geschafft mit ihren ca. 55 Jahren in Rente zu sein. Mit der Witwenrente ihres Mannes konnte sie wohl auch ganz gut leben. Sie pflegte einen gehoben Stiel und war immer gut angezogen. Im Moment war es... Continue»
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A Boy and his Mother

A Tail of a boy and his Mummy

Xenophobio, at 18 had been raised to understand his Mother Dearest's
attitude towards the need for discipline for boys and in particular his
need for it.

Valoria Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had always been strict, but her stern
attitude increased with the teen's age and he knew it would just continue
that way.

Mrs. Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had no intention of letting up on her son
and was always finding ways to increase his shame and the regularity of
his now routine spankings.

She simply believed it was his cute girlish bottom that n... Continue»
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Looking through the window

Looking through the window

Victor and I had taken one week on vacation for spring break. We had shared a wonderful time with our eternal company, Cecilia and Peter and now during the last day we were getting ready for a back home trip.
After lunch our friends decided to go downstairs to the pool. Victor joined them, but I had a light headache and told them I would stay at our room, would have a shower and a relaxing quiet siesta.
Back in our room I took a quick shower. I toweled myself dry while looking out the window at Victor and our friends chatting by the pool side. Then I plopped dow... Continue»
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Old lady next door

This storie happen to me 2weeks ago I was just sitting out side one morninn just enjoying the little bit of sun we got until winter is here cold I was alone in the back garden in my shorts no t shirt and next door was a lady doing here flowers I could hear her sing harming doing stuff in here back garden she didn't know I was there cause she alway has a storie or two is she find someone to talk to plus she is not like most older ladie her body scream fuck me but I never get any chance because she was older than me I didn't talk to here that much she lived alone sometime she goes to see here g... Continue»
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Dark Chocolate

Up to this point the night had been one long period of foreplay. I had sucked numerous cocks, licked pussy, stripped for hundreds of men and made out with everybody I could find. However, Don was the winner.
We took a cab to our hotel and it was now app. 3 a.m. but for me the night was still young. Usually when we have someone new to play with, we take our time but after all this foreplay, I just wanted to get right to it with Don. My hubby went into the bathroom and by the time he came out I had Don laying on his back with his cock in my mouth. I looked over at my hubby and smiled as I saw h... Continue»
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The wife's promotion

Works Christmas party 1992.

Promotion for my wife was not a certainty she'd have to go to an interview in the new year, but she really wanted this job more then anything. At the works Christmas party the party was held in the office. Food was brought in and everyone was told to take a bottle in and the party would start at 12 noon and finish at 7pm.

My wife, Donna was 17 stone, 5'6", 44DD tits and this day she was dressed in a black dress, black stockings and red knickers. The first part of the morning was business as usual but come dinnertime the party started. At around 3pm most were ... Continue»
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The awakening

The awakening
Our story is centred round a friend`s wife it is a change of direction for me as usually my tales are consensual. its one of awakening and unfortunate f***ed sexual awareness, pain, suffering and all that stuff .

Her name is chris, she`s housewife from Harrisburg, Indiana and she`s on holiday with her husband in Mexico at a nudist beach resort. This alone is out of character for her, as her husband had persuaded her to drop all her usual careful ways and let her hair down in a place she was not known. Her having been worn down by his persistence over the past year, and the ... Continue»
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My Father Watched as his Friends Touched Me

Pole-dancing and Lap-dancing, are erotic movements and gyrations, used by females to both excite and titillate men.

Rubbing ones genitalia against an upright pole, which is representative of the male penis, and grinding ones buttocks against the real thing, may or may not, be pleasurable the the girl performing the act.

The above, if you care to believe it, was written by a fifteen year old girl, I should know, as I am that girl, and my English Master was a man in his fifties.

I watched as he read through my wordings, he was fidgeting in a slightly uncomfortable manner, my imagination... Continue»
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