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Pussy Redux

It is a long story, my wife busted me fucking our 18 year old neighbor, then they found out I was fucking the 18 year olds mother, the neighbor, and the lady that lives behind us. So my wife took pretty much everything I owned in the divorce. Then for some salt in the wound, I learned that my wife was fucking my boss for some time so I got fired during the divorce. So I had to move back in with mom, with nothing to my name. Mom is one of these pure Texas women, beautiful blonde hair, nice figure, petite, and tells it like she sees it. Mom is very upscale and classy out in public but at home sh... Continue»
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The Boy NextDoor

The Boy NextDoor

My name is Jack Duncan. I am 45 and a professional
photographer. My wife Debbie is 32 with wavy, natural
blonde hair atop a 5'6" body weighing 123 pounds.
Blessed with a beautiful face and stark green eyes,
Debbie has shapely hips carried on long, lovely legs.
With supple breasts filling a B-cup, she is an
attractive woman.

My appetite for eroticism to some is strange. I am a
voyeur and having a vivid imagination and pretty wife I
am highly aroused watching her flirt with other men. I
even encouraged her to get a boyfriend. Of course this
hurt... Continue»
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Another afternoon with Frank

Sunday morning I woke up wet and in serious need of relief. Mornings like this are becoming more common. At around noon I headed out for a jog. After almost 5 miles I was back at my apartment building. The jog gave me time to think and that seemed to make me even more horny. During my run I kept thinking about Frank, a retired guy that lives in my building. Frank and I have been friendly for over a year. It was just this summer that I took things to a new level. A couple of weeks ago was the first time I went beyond teasing to actually fucking and sucking Frank. (You can read a previous post f... Continue»
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The BOLD Steward - contd.....1

In continuation to where i left of last time. ( )

I opened the chain and peeped out it was Bhanu.

Me- Are you free now?
He- No!!! will be busy for a couple of hours still.
Me- WHat you want now?
He- My friend also wants to do with you...!!

I skipped a heartbeat, thinking this guy must be telling all the staff there.

Me- Forget it!!!! I dont want to do anything with him or you. Leave now and dont bother me again.

I was a bit scared as in India people are not open to the concept gaysex. Many people would get very ang... Continue»
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A Nudist Beach Encounter

I visited the beach about thirty kilometres from the nearest country town. I knew it would be quiet when I arrived, with only two cars in the carpark. There were two guys fishing together which accounted for maybe one car. The beach itself was absolutely beautiful, nice sand, sheltering trees right down to the dunes; the beach was probably a couple of kilometres long. It was when I was a few of hundred meters from the carpark a woman walked out from under some trees onto the beach. She was naked, a bit older than me by probably ten years, but in not bad shape, and had a magnificent tan. I bid ... Continue»
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Mature Black Bred 2nd Attempt

My white wife's first breeding attempt failed, this is her second attempt. My wife is 38DD-32-39, gorgeous long haired blonde, blue eyed, curvy. Her big natural breasts with their veins showing, hairy bush and large pussy lips are a magnet for well hung young black studs. My wife is 61 but looks 15-20 years younger, so young black studs think they'll be impregnating a beautiful mature white woman. As black young studs have told her, they live to impregnate a big breasted mature white woman, it's in their genes!

My wife's first breeding attempt with Rodwell failed, but he still thinks she's... Continue»
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My First MILF

My First MILF
Part 1

When you grew up in a conservative small rural community in the mid-west back in the 1960s, it was not unusual to reach high school graduation without being initiated into the practical realities of sex. None of my friends had had sex. Petting or copping a feel was a big deal. One of my friends claimed to have felt his girlfriend's tits a few times, but I was more than a little suspicious about that. One of the girls in my class was rumored to have been "ruined" by a college guy. That was it.
But that doesn't mean that my adolescent hormones weren't raging total... Continue»
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Mature White Wife's Young Black Stud Breeding

My gorgeous 38DD-32-39 all natural with great curves, long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, mature white wife goes on an every 6 month "sow her oats" session. She was 60 when this story occurred, but she easily passes for 15-20 years younger. She likes to select a young black stud who's well endowed to breed with her, or rather, that's what the young men think! She's a magnet for these young black men, they simply can't resist a big breasted, full bush with big pussy lips, white mature lady. She'll go for a weekend or week and very rarely slightly longer.

She visited a nude camp site. After... Continue»
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Wendy's World-4

Wendy's World - 4
Wendy Counsels Some Big Black Cock
§§§ Fact or Fiction ? Kisses

I have been a guidance counselor at the local University for years but decided a few years ago to retire and provide counseling at home to a select few of entering freshmen. Several weeks ago I received a young man at home for a session. His name was Nathan. He was a walk on Backetball player wanting to eventually go on to the NBA but wanted a career in radio or TV if that didn't pan out. I had scheduled him for early this morning and he arrived promptly at ten. He is a tall young black man. I was struck by ... Continue»
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Favour returned with interest .......

Margaret had left and I was all hot and steamy. I douched myself and then had a shower with my favourite large butt plug in place. I could feel it stretching me. As I withdrew it in the shower a small amount of s**t escaped. I pushed my fingers in my anus and feeling the warm water more s**t escaped. I pushed my hand further and further and soon my whole hand up to my wrist entered my wanton tranny pussy. I pushed and withdrew several times and then let the warm water wash my ass pussy clean. I Pushed the s**t down the shower plug with my foot and stepping out the shower was amazed at the sens... Continue»
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One boy was really pressing his finger right up where my arse hole was saying - Her arse
hole is right here’ Yeah & her cunt hole just here’ This went on for 15mins.
The boys were Feeling my body with me on my back’ front’ sideways all over’ I was dieing to get hold of there cocks but made myself hold back ..for now, But it was to much for 2 of them as all of a sudden a huge torrent of spunk blasted on my tits & face’ To say it was only 2 loads they both had a hell of a lot of spunk on them, Oh wow that was nice’ I ran my fingers in it all then licked it off’ HMMM that’s lovely’ Then... Continue»
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Sometimes when a guy is cumming & his cock is jerking away I grab the back of his arse & pull him as tight to me as hard as I can until he has totally empted his balls’ Fuck so its like that when your with a group of guys? Hell yes! The more the better hhaaha’ Have you ever made a video of yourself being fucked,
I have actually yes maybe 4 or 5’ A couple of them some guys filmed & I don’t know what happened to them but the best one was video of me in a gangbang with loads of Black guys! Oh wow have you still got it? Oh sure’ We called it 16 black pipe fuck frenzy’ & before you ask No y... Continue»
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Going Shopping

My story began in a small community near Louisville, Kentucky. I was a 18-year-old at the
time, a fivefoot five, slender girl with a 34-B top. One day I went to a local shopping mall to purchases a new
I went to a small specialty shop on an early Tuesday morning, because a girlfriend of mine
complained to me, that when she went to that store
the woman that waited on her turned out be the owner, and was feeling her up while she was
measuring her. She also measured her with her bra on and then measured her with her bra off. The
woman told my girlfriend that if she ever needed a... Continue»
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‘Aunt’ Joan

My aunt Joan was very old, or at least that’s what I thought at the time when I was 18, in reality she was around 38. Ever since I could remember, she was really nice to me when she came which was often as she only lived a few streets away. She wasn’t a real aunt but a good friend of my parents so I was sort of adopted by her as she had no k**s of her own.

After I reached puberty and became aware of sex I looked at her in a different way, she was actually very attractive and had quite large tits which I liked. She took to wearing quite open tops and blouses that showed a lot of cleavage whi... Continue»
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Mature couple use me as interracial sex slave

A few years ago I made contact with an older middle class couple, S & A, on an amateur porn site. S asked me do some tribute pics for A and this led to more as I regularly chatted to them and masturbated on cam for them. S & A had been married for 25 years and A was a virgin when they met and they were looking for some more excitement in their marriage. As we got to know each other better S & A started to use me more as part of their fantasies and role playing scenarios. In the most common of these I was the couple's brown skinned sex slave who was used to fuck A while S gave me orders of ... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 3

I just tried to breath, as my ass shook off the last of my orgasm. As my world slowly began to come back into focus, I looked up at my grandson. I had been neglecting him. For how long? I’m not sure.

I felt his cock pulse and twitch in my hand. It felt like it got a little bit harder if that was possible. I captured some of the pre-cum oozing out with my thumb, and smeared it along his shaft as I stroked him.

Up & Down― Up & down― Up,
I stopped for a second and gave what he said some thought.

“I’ve never had anything this big in me.”

I felt Brian push up into my hand more often ... Continue»
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Cathy; A Great Fuck While It Lasted!

I'd known Cathy Winston for about 23 years; she had been my late wife’s best friend from school but at 43 had never married. Although I'd often looked at and vaguely fancied her in a way, I'd never done anything or made any suggestion. But even before I split with my girlfriend Anna I can remember going to Canazzaro Park with Cathy on a lovely summer’s day, lying on the grass while she remained sitting, looking up at her tits which I started to want in my hands; she looked at me and probably guessed as much, some unspoken intimate message passed between us. However after my wife died and my gi... Continue»
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Angela and a Surprise Fuck

We had both gone to bed in our separate rooms at the end of a lovely day, but nothing had happened of a sexual nature which was okay as I didn‘t really expect it to.

I got into bed and started thinking about Angela in the next room. I’d been quite turned on in the morning over breakfast when we were both in nightclothes so she had no bra on and as it was obvious her nipples were hard as they stood up beautifully, but I said nothing. Suddenly I started coughing quite badly, I don't know why, I just did. Then I stopped coughing and lay back thinking that it was good it was over and hoped it h... Continue»
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I should have done this earlier

My Mexican wife was 4'11" and had such juicy 42ds which she loved sucked. Her huge breast were the first thing men paid attention to when they saw her. She would tell them "My eyes are up here!" She was very conscious of her breast though. A real prim and proper wife/lady. But Sally was a real nympho goddess in the bedroom though. Besides loving to ride on top of my cock she would insist I suck her breast and I would, that always made her crazy. She would lean back literally shaking while she climaxed. We would have sex 3 to 4 times a week. I'd always finish her off with her on her back and he... Continue»
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My Daughter Did Porno - My Wife!

This story continues the tale of a Dad who discovers his daughter has done a porn video. There are two previous chapters.

"Holy Shit!" Was my response as my daughter informed me that her mom had also done a porn shoot

Allison just smiled at me as my cum dripped down her chin. I could not believe what she had just told me.

"Your mom has done a porn movie!" I said in the most shocked voice of my life

"Daddy, sh... Continue»
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