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Dear Serena Sutherland,

So it would start that you come all the way, from Texas to bring me back, an to be your husband, we're sitting in a McDonald's eating, and you tell me "Well for one Mr. Willis, all of us in the lone star state absolutely love your music and your type of entertainment, and I was wondering if I could persuade you of coming back to Texas with me, and letting me help you start your record label on a bigger platoe." I say "Well I love the West Coast, I'm born and raised in San Jose, I don't know if I could turn my back on my hometown." You say "I'm sure they love you out here, but you've been worki... Continue»
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Does feminism hurt masculinity?

Not really sure this is the place to have any kind of blog, but at the same time i like the idea of expressing myself on a site where no one really knows me.Huh...that's kind of cowardly isn't it? Either way, I wanted to talk about sexist people and actions that I've witnessed recently and why they came to be. This should go without saying but i don't think myself as sexist. Yea women and men are different, but does that mean that one of us is inferior to the other? Absolutely not.

So why is the stereotype that plague our sexes so strictly upheld. Women claiming that they can't do certain ... Continue»
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Cuckolding My Husband With Hung Boy

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I will admit I look good for a women of forty three years old, constantly getting hit on by guys every time I go out but the one guy who should be taking advantage of my body isn't and that is my husband. I still have my slowing blonde hair and amazing body but for some reason my husband has stopped being as sexual with me as he's been in the past. Now day's sex for me is about a ten minute disappointment where he comes and I go to bed without getting a release. I was nice about it for awhile but its seems to have been so long... Continue»
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Hippie Girlfiend's

I was tired. I’d been working all day, rewiring an old workshop down the road.

I sat out on the porch with a beer, contemplating what to do about dinner. Then I saw the hippie woman walking towards me through the back yard.

They were camping on my land up on the ridge. I’d said it was ok, so long as they don’t leave any garbage or toilet paper behind. They can even swim in the pond up there. My land is 80 acres, 1 wide and 80 long, starting from the main road and stretching up through the hills. It was a huge single property once, but had been subdivided into these strips each with a b... Continue»
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Wife and boss weekend away with group sex.

"I'm going away next week with Darren to a trade show" Ruth casually told me once. "Only for four nights, we'll have to leave on Sunday so as to be there bright and early for Monday". Not an unusual event, she had to go away now and again and basically managed the stand while they were there. Eye candy of course, and Darren (her boss) loved having her there as they had been having casual sex for quite some time. "Guess you'll be taking all your best lingerie then" I teased her. "Hell yes, and the video camera" she replied.

She text me on the Sunday night. It read "I'm about to call you but ... Continue»
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Dear Serena Sutherland,

So it would start that you come all the way, from Texas to bring me back, an to be your husband, we're sitting in a McDonald's eating, and you tell me "Well for one Mr. Willis, all of us in the lone star state absolutely love your music and your type of entertainment, and I was wondering if I could persuade you of coming back to Texas with me, and letting me help you start your record label on a bigger platoe." I say "Well I love the West Coast, I'm born and raised in San Jose, I don't know if I could turn my back on my hometown." You say "I'm sure they love you out here, but you've been worki... Continue»
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Ultimate Workout

Another Friday lunchtime like many others see you heading off to the gym. You walk down with the same few characters as always, your mind wandering from one thing to another. The stresses of life right now almost getting the better of you but you're stronger than that. The prospect of a new job, moving house and getting your little boy to sl**p through the night all weighing on your mind right now as well as wondering where your special pen-pal had gone AWOL to. You put all thoughts to the back of your mind and prepare yourself for the workout ahead. You reach the changing room, quickly... Continue»
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Nancy the Boricua from Paterson (Part One)

Nancy was another former co-worker. She had grown up in Paterson and still lived there. She admitted to being ghetto. I was repairing a packaging machine in the room she was working. Her cousin Gina came into the room. She said, Why are you staring at my cousin? I said, Is it that obvious? She said Yes. I said Nancy was very attractive. Anyway, we became friends. But we became better friends after I quit my job and went to work for competitor. I will say one thing she was always very honest with me. I would borrow her money and she paid me back every time. She was a little wide, nice tits and ... Continue»
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Skinny Dip x 3

The weekend is drawing closer and closer and your little secret is burning within you, screaming to be released. This secret of yours cannot be disclosed to your work colleagues though, this was your own private taboo and yours alone. You are heading for a works lunch and I just happen to have an invite too, now that we work in the same location. Everyone had been given a +1 invitation and I was yours, being a friend you'd known for some time. No one suspected there was anything between us, why would they? as I had only been there a week.

All afternoon in the pub we had enjoyed the comp... Continue»
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Chapter 3 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt

Chapter Two sees Dan's wife, Helen, bound, tied-up, blindfolded and helpless. Unbeknown to her and against her will she is about to get her slutty wet hairy cunt well and truly creampied ... and more ....

Chapter Three of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt: Creampie surprise

I was consumed with utter horny lust and I was drooling precum from my cock and my mouth was salivating as well. Fuck, I needed to be so deep inside Helen’s warm and wet slutty hairy fanny right now. I stood up and then climbed on top of her. I positioned myself so th... Continue»
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Sky High - Part 2

You open the door, knowing that it would be me waiting on the other side. I'm dressed casually for our evening together and i'm pleased to see that you've prepared yourself for a relaxing evening by sporting your PJ's. I'm instantly aroused at the sight of you with your hair held high, exposing your lushious neck line. You take the offered rose from me, smelling it briefly before thanking me for the gift.

Before I can mutter another word you throw your arms around me, all I hear is you saying softly "i'm so glad you're here!" before your lips lock with mine and we are transported back to... Continue»
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The nearby Naturists/swingers

In late 2014 I got chatting to a couple who lived about 10 miles from me and who I met through a naturist website. I wont refer to them by name as to keep their anonymity but they are both in their late 50s. We met up a few times for drinks but due to several reasons there were long gaps between the times we were able to meet up. We got on well at these meetings in a pub near to their home and we chatted about naturism and how they got into it and where they went locally.

As we got on I got an email asking if for the next meeting I wanted to go to their home. I arrived for an early afterno... Continue»
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Sky High - Part 1

The office day is drawing to a close when I receive an email requesting volunteers to attend a three day seminar in Germany for our employees, regarding the future of the company. I am on the verge of dismissing it when I suddenly think of you down South with your team. The very next day I message you to see if you know anything about it. You reply that something had been mentioned on your morning brief, which might have been what I was referring to. I ask you to check and see if it is and you hurry off to confirm. You soon reply with a message to say it is and they want some of the s... Continue»
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Forbidden Fruit

I was in school and my parents signed me up for a self defense class. Being a growing girl my parent's wanted me to be able to defend myself from predators. They felt I was becoming a target. I was 5'1, slender, had big blue eyes, long brunette hair, and my breasts were just growing in at around a 34A. That's where I met Jack. He looked young at the time but I didn't find out till a few months in that he was actually 26 years old and I was exactly half his age. He looked so much younger than that. He was a very handsome man, 5'5, with an athletic build, black hair, and brown eyes.

My dad c... Continue»
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57 The Mayflies. Part 2,

57 The Mayflies. Part 2,
keep with it folks it gets better

They promised one another that the situation was not to be raised till Monday morning; he needed to think and not fall to being persuaded. Then and only then would he make his decision so the weekend became a strange mix.
The Saturday passed fast; sex, food, the telly, each had its place with them carefully avoiding the big issue, vanilla sex that evening lasted till late and then they slept.
Sunday early again he took her, straight simple gentle missionary position sex, hard but vanilla just as the day before. They sat to break... Continue»
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Friday night into Saturday

This continues where I left off

So I found myself with aching balls and 3 naked women fast asl**p--what was wrong with this.
My fantasy of being on an island with naked women was long term, there is no way I can properly take care of 3 women for 2 days--I am human and still partly fucked out from this week anyway.

I finally sorta fell asl**p in a chair and so it went.

Then some time before dawn, Linda jumps up and says I gotta pee, heading for the door she did not even put on her sandals. The outhouse is a short distance on a stone path, --she did not make it. As I was heading out ... Continue»
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First time

I was in Jr. high, and was considered a lady's man back then. I worked out, had a great body, on the football team.. never thought about being with another boy.
I use to walk home from school, there was a bowling alley that I always stopped at, got a hot dog and coke while I did homework and watched the old people bowl before going home. both parents worked and usually got home around 6pm, so I had time to kill.
one day as I was crossing the bowling alley parking lot, I see this older man standing outside his GMC panel van, he was trying to unlock his door. he looked at me and asked if I c... Continue»
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Anita tries a new BBC

Ana tries a new BBC

My sweet wife Ana had been telling me that she needed a big Black cock. A new one, she said. She was getting bored about her actual black lovers. She wanted know a perfect stranger to fuck her brains out…
So, one Saturday night we went on a night out with some friends. Everything was going well but the suddenly people started to go home. After the last couple decided to leave, Ana wanted to stay out and move onto another nightclub. I said it was OK.
Ana was looking particularly stunning on that night. She was wearing a tight fitting red lacy dress that only just cover... Continue»
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Hot Encounter With a Sexy Cougar

Several years ago on a Wednesday evening I was feeling that itch for female companionship. At the time, Houlihans was a popular bar, especially for middle-aged women, cougars, on the prowl. After a few drinks, I noticed a blonde who appeared to be about ten years older than me smiling my way. She was nice looking, not gorgeous by any means, but had a certain sexiness about her. She carried a few extra pounds, but had one feature that was impossible to miss.
Her breasts were enormous! Full, round, and beautifully accentuated by her snug fitting sweater. I don't know if it was the drinks or if... Continue»
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Chapter 1 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt

This story is about a sexy mature curvaceous women, Helen, with super juicy big tits, a lovely big shaped arse and a scrumptious juicy wet hairy fanny. I have lost count as to the number of times I have wanked over her. Encouraged by her hubby, Dan, I have written this story based on my own fantasy about what I want to do to Helen and how I want to use the fuck out of her slutty wet hairy gash.

The story is a slow build-up to full on erotic dirty sex with bdsm, restraint, anal, pissing and creampie surprise fucking. In writing this story I have perved all over Helen’s pictu... Continue»
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