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It was a beautiful August afternoon, warm but not too hot, only an occasional breeze stirring over the garden as Sam woke from his lazy slumber. He got up slowly from the deck chair and turned to see the cottage bathed in the bright afternoon light. He rubbed his hand lightly over his naked bronzed body. It had been a good summer, and here in the privacy of his garden, both Caroline and he had enjoyed the rays of the summer sun completely uninhibited. Just the thought of Caroline stirred something within him.
They had been together for many years now, but even now in their more mature years,... Continue»
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A Quickie: the feeling is mutual.

I’ve known Kate since university, but she’s quite pretty and curvy and olive skinned, so I thought I wouldn’t have much of a chance with her, so we’ve remained good friends but nothing more. Every now and again we meet for coffee at a cafe and discuss world events, or go to a movie. At one of our cafe meetings, she mentions her wish to watch Deep Throat because she saw a documentary on it. But her husband isn’t into those sorts of movies.
I think nothing of it. But one day she rings me up and invites me over to her place to watch Deep Throat. Her husband is away for the weekend.
I t... Continue»
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The Temp

The Temp

The week started off kind of special... my regular secretary
was off on a two week vacation and it was the first day of the new temp...
usually they are older woman...plain... and not very exciting...but this
one was more than special as i was about to find out... you walked into
the room ...tall blonde and very attractive... your smile brightened up the
my day immediately... your dress was conservative by it still had a hint of
your sexuality...its very hard to hide that and i could see from the way
you walked and your actions that it ... Continue»
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My Little s****r and Flashing a Maid - by Bigsofte

I have always loved flashing my cock and seeing the reactions to my actions. I've driven up to girls on the street and flashed them as well as let my cock hang out of my shorts when my wife had one of her girl friends over for a visit. I always got good reactions from flashing them and sometimes I'd even cum while they watched.

Well, a few years ago I was on a trip from NY to Florida with my k** s****r (she was 35 at the time). We decided not to drive straight through so we stopped at a motel. They had only one room left and it only had one bed but we took it as we were both very tir... Continue»
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The Anniversary Week - Tuesday

The following story is an original work of fiction.

I awoke feeling refreshed and excited. Of course part of my energy was from my early bedtime the evening before. Sierra and I had gone to bed right after our dinner and bath time together, which couldn't have been much later than 9:30. But mostly it was because my mind was abuzz with all of the possible scenarios Sierra might have planned out for us to engage in throughout the week. With her in charge, they could be anything... Well, almost anything. We did have a budget to think about so we couldn't do anything too crazy. C... Continue»
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The Bath by loyalsock

Marcia Ingram glanced out the window from her living room and then checked her watch for the tenth time in the last five minutes, "Where is he," she said softly, "he's fifteen minutes late!?!" She continued paging through her magazine and was startled when the doorbell chimed indicating someone was at the front door, she jumped up and quickly covered the twenty some feet, opened the door, and invited the blonde haired young man into her parlor!!! "Good afternoon, Peter," she said graciously, "and how are you today!?!" "Just fine, ma'am," he replied softly, "and you?!?" "Uh, good, very good," s... Continue»
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Another Day at the Office

The story your about to read is true and took me completely by surprise,
And I still can’t believe it happened at my desk at work.

To keep my sweet disposition at work I have page open on my computer.
Usually to blow off the stress of the day.
Keeps me nice & helps my sunny disposition with all of my customer service duties.
I do enjoy chatting a bit usually the dirty the faster my mood improves.

I went to work wearing a cute short skirt & low cut top. Which is not the normally the case and usually I wear pants… as seen in my photos.
But it is a nice spring day an skir... Continue»
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Listening to my co-worker, Jessica talk about her latest 'adventures' with boyfriend, Mark, had left me feeling pretty depressed and probably doubled my own frustration. Being sent on business trip after business trip as part of my new job as an Assistant to a major CEO within the US had left me feeling lonely at night as I lay in a double bed alone in a empty Hotel room. I haven't seen Ronan, my boyfriend in a few weeks, and the different time zones had limited our interaction through phone calls, iMessages, Skype and social media.

I dropped my towel to the floor, still feeling damp from ... Continue»
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The Lustful Wife

Erica paced nervously taking quick deliberate drags from the glowing cigarette between her fingers. The wind blew her long brunette hair back and forth, as the chilly December night air caused her tiny pink nipples to stiffen upon her gorgeous perky 34c breasts. Her nipples poked out against the sheer fabric of the old Chicago Bears t-shirt she had thrown on to come downstairs. She cautiously looked around again as she took the last couple of drags from her cigarette. The wind blew once more causing the shirt to rise slightly, exposing her tight bare ass to the darkness. Erica flicked away the... Continue»
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Lets play a game.

“Jake where are you? This isn’t funny.”

I’d walked into his house to be met by the pitch black, suddenly, I felt two hands grip across my eyes.

“Jake for God’s sake stop it!” I heard an impish giggle coming from him as his hands slid down from my eyes to round my waist, I spun around to face him, my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness as I saw his cheeky smile shining through even in this low light.

“What are you doing?” I questioned him.

“I thought we could play a little game Ashley” his eyes were lit up like a little boy, filled with excitement.

“Huh?” I asked with genuine c... Continue»
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The first night out

They walked back to Steve and Susie’s place from the pub. Jim and Carla walked behind everyone in an air of nervous anticipation. Jim quipped, “She’s got a nice arse.”

Carla retorted, “Advantages of being 22. And stop rubbing your crotch in public.”

“Well, I can’t help I’ve been staring at your tits all night.”

As they enter the house Susie asks, “Anyone want a drink?”

Jim and Carla look at each other and after a moment’s hesitation Jim bleats out, “No, let’s just get down to it.”

Another moment of confusion then Steve says, “Bedroom.”

Steve and Susie rush off showing a ... Continue»
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College cock-crush

I grew up in an environment where sexuality wasn't even discussed let alone encouraged. None of this mattered to my typical-male raging hormones but outlets for their expression were limited.

My early experiments were fueled by clandestine glimpses of Playboy at a neighbor's house; later, by the tight jeans and swelling breasts of my prettier classmates. So on and so forth, until I was married and free to indulge as newlyweds often do, for a while.

Backing up a bit, there were the inevitable curiosities about what other guys did to relieve pressing urges. One semester at college I had a... Continue»
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Lustful Wife

Erica paced nervously taking quick deliberate drags from the glowing cigarette between her fingers. The wind blew her long brunette hair back and forth, as the chilly December night air caused her tiny pink nipples to stiffen upon her gorgeous perky 34c breasts. Her nipples poked out against the sheer fabric of the old Chicago Bears t-shirt she had thrown on to come downstairs.
She cautiously looked around again as she took the last couple of drags from her cigarette.
The wind blew once more causing the shirt to rise slightly, exposing her tight bare ass to the darkness. Erica flicked away... Continue»
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The Fantasy


Have you ever had a fantasy where its so vivid, that its like YOU were really there? Well tonight, I will share one of my fantasies with you. And you will be here, with me, watching me, reading my every thought, as I live my dream for you…..

I’m wearing one of my sexy outfits….standing in the middle of the room, the music is playing softly…very sexy music…it sends tingly sensations up and down my spine…my eyes are closed, and when I open them…. you are there ….standing before me….

Our eyes make contact …I can see... Continue»
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The Mall


You know the day that opportunity knocks you have to take advantage of well this was the i entered the mall i noticed you there... walking slightly before me...your firm ass cheeks moved very seductively under your brightly colored summer dress.. as you walked your skirt flirted with your long legs... shifting up on one side exposing a tantalizing amount of creamy flesh....and then to the other side as your hips swayed...
my thought were of an angle walking before me.... your long blonde hair falling down over you... Continue»
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Cocksucking Ex Girlfriends

It always goes back to my first girlfriend who probably sucked off dozens of cocks before she met me to be as perfect a cocksucker as she was! For her to be able to make any cock cum in under 5 minutes, while knowing exactly when the load was going to shoot, exemplified by the fact that she never swallowed a load, proves this point! She would always take her mouth off the swollen purple head the moment before the load was squirting. It takes an absolute cocksucking whore to know the moment a cock is orgasming by mouth alone. One of my friends once confessed to me, while his eyes got wide and g... Continue»
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Erica's Sexual Transition Part 3

Mark and I had been dating for 3 years and eventually wound up getting married. Our relationship was mostly the two of us arguing over one thing or another. I always wanted to go out and do things and he wanted to stay at home and watch Sports Center. Our sex life was almost non-existent. We only had sex once, maybe twice, a week and it was only to make him happy.

He never showed me the attention that Steve once had. In 4 years of having sex with Mark, I never came as close to an orgasm as I had with him. I often wondered about him. I found out through Tara that he eventually found ... Continue»
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Journey Towards Sex With Mom

I am 22, live in Pune and work in an IT firm. My parents live in Mumbai. My dad had bought a house in Pune long back and thus I live in it alone. My mom and dad visit frequently and stay over the weekend.

My dad had to go to London for business work for 2 weeks and hence my mom came to live with me in Pune while he was gone. Living alone, I had got me into some very bad habits like masturbating twice a day, watching a lot of porn. I also had habit of watching i****t porn and reading ISS so I was a little horny and had it somewhere in my mind that I want to have sex with my mom.

My mom ha... Continue»
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Masturbation Room by loyalsock

Mark Davis surveyed the twenty plus women typing away in the steno pool, and then after careful consideration walked over and tapped Maria Benedetto on the shoulder and asked her to follow him out into the hallway! As they made their way down the tight aisle to the doorway at the far end of the room, Mark could already feel his nut sack begin to tighten in anticipation of seeing the buxom young Italian exposing herself to him in the masturbation room their company had set up next to the lunch room!!! Once out in the hall Mark turned to Maria and asked softly, "Are you having your period yet, I... Continue»
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Watching the nieghbour shower

At the time of the remarkable incident I was sharing an apartment with a workmate. He was often away with his girlfriend at the time leaving me to ponder the best strategy to find a girlfriend of my own. I was somewhat introverted and somewhat awkward around members of the female sex, as I look back I realise there were missed opportunities!
This particular evening neither the TV nor books nor radio were holding my attention for very long. Yep you guessed it boredom city! This in Montreal was inexcusable, it is a city of many wonders and delights which some years later I still remember fon... Continue»
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