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My hand was gliding back and forth over my solid erection as I listened to my young teen stepdaughter taking a shower. From where i was I could look directly down into the downstairs bathroom. But while she was actually in the shower I could not see anything at all, I could only hear her. It was when she was undressing before or drying off after a shower that I had a superb view of her naked body. When she stood directly below my vantage point the top of her brunette head was less than 3 feet away from my eyes. If she was brushing her hair I could see how well she was getting the part in her h... Continue»
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Mari's treat (2)

Part I :

Part II : Hors-d’oeuvre

When she came back to the resort, she went straight up to her room. She quickly discovered that someone had left a large purple present package on her bed. It could have been frightening but as soon as she read the gift card attached she understood: “I know you saw… I know you are not insensitive…”. And below was written a room number. She opened the box with her heart beating wildly. It was a beautiful lace nightie, delicate and fiercely suggestive. Mari quickly closed the box, totally disoriented. It... Continue»
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First trip to a sex cinema

Before I came out to the greater world my need of cock was satisfied by going to sex cinemas. It was an easy answer to a difficlut question, how or where can i see and touch cocks. In my early 20s I used to spend a fair amount of time in Germany, just short break holidays here and there. I had noticed that almost every town in the then West had some kind of "Sex KinO" in the town, larger cities having a good choice.
Since I was not confident about going into any gay sex cinemas I used to go to the ones for st8s. My first time was when i was about 23 I was in a town that to or three sex kino .... Continue»
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My Camping Trip

I went camping with my aunt, uncle and cousin. My Aunt Dawn, in her 40’s so is my Uncle Sal, my cousin Jackie was around my age, a year younger than me. They had a small pop up camper that had three beds. Two of them was a full size and the third a twin. I had the twin size bed, it was right next to my cousins bed, on the other end was my aunt and uncles bed. We got to camp, no one was really around us, we set up and made a camp fire. Around 11pm everyone went to bed, I have trouble sl**ping at nights, so I was awake, it was dark but not dark enough you can see anything. I could still see.
... Continue»
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I'd visited the park regularly after the night on the picnic table, it was still something I thought about and even jerked off to at times, being use by to hard cocks and my first time being fucked, remembering how good it felt,that cock exploding in my ass,pumping it's hot cum into me. Now it was what I wanted, every encounter I now had, ended with me letting myself be fucked,a few times buy more than one ,sometimes one was not enough,I liked cumming hands free and did what I had to to get satisfaction but it was getting harder.
... Continue»
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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

So, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy (it had been a week since I gave her head and I was still hungry for taco;) ) so we had a good session, missionary to doggy to legs up and back to doggy for my big finish. I had done laundry the day before, but had neglected to place sex towels by the I told her to drain the mess onto my hot watching our sex drip out!:p
Well she had to go and run some errands and deal with so... Continue»
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She Can Make Any Man Go Crazy

I live in a 2 story apartment. The heroine of the story lives in the 1st floor and I live in the ground floor. She is a working lady in her late 30s, married with no k**s.

When they 1st moved in I didn’t notice her properly. But the perfume she used was so strong and intoxicating enough to seduce any man. That’s how she caught my attention at 1st.

A week later I saw her and she was one of the most sexiest ladies I had seen. Clad in saree most of the times,
... Continue»
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Nudist Retreat Humiliation (NFNM, Femdom, Handjob,

I had just turned 21 and I was enjoying the sun at a nudist retreat that catered to adults, partially to work on my tan, but mostly to try to overcome my shyness at being nude.

As I became familiar with my surroundings, I noticed that the retreat was pretty busy with a higher ratio of women to men; just then my thoughts were interrupted as a hand slapped my bare ass.

I whirled around and was shocked to see Sharon, a sexy cougar that had been my neighbor next to my c***dhood home. Sharon was a petite-yet busty 5'4” African-American woman with wide sexy blue eyes that seemed to smile at... Continue»
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Joe's first blow job

Naked tied up and X spread on the bed with his wrists and ankles tightly clamped to the steel frame with four sets of handcuffs, Joe’s erection was growing harder and harder. The still fully clothed hooker was using her gentle hands to caress his naked body all over as he got more and more aroused. He was shaking as the sexual tension grew inside him and his experienced tormentor knew exactly what she was doing to her virgin client. At least it was his first time with a hooker even if he had been married for 20 years.
Joe thought he was going to burst as the hooker slowly moved between his sp... Continue»
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Mari's Treat (1)

Note : English is not my native language but I did my best. Apart from that, keep in mind that it's just the first part ;)

Part I : Mises en bouche

Mari had spent the end of the day reading on the beach, not too far from the resort she was staying at. It was time to go, she had scheduled a massage before dinner. Since her boyfriend had to live her alone for a few days, why wouldn’t she relax and take time for herself? The weather was really nice, and on her way back she enjoyed the French Riviera sunset while a gentle breeze was making her sarong caress her silky legs. As she was ... Continue»
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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 8

Janice thought about what Jane had said and decided to let Jac put her hand on his cock but once again she wan't sure how to go about it, so she Txted Jane to ask how to do it. Jane told Janice that she should assert herself and take charge: "Janice you should surprise Jac so he knows you are a woman who knows her own mind and is not afraid to take charge.. You do that by puting you hand down the front of his trousers. He will be wearing underpants ofcourse so you will still be touching him through material.

Just in case Janice acted quickly Jane txted Jac to tell him what to expect. Jac im... Continue»
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"Mid-Life Crisis"

So I'm lonely and having kind of a my midlife crisis. I'm hornier than I can remember any time in my life and my husband is away at war. I am so hot and horny after 7 months without getting fucked. I am an attractive woman 5'8" tall with blonde hair, and stay in good shape 36-30-36. I love my husband but what's a girl to do?

I can't deny the ache that creeps into my clit. The ache to have my hole filled with his dick, thrusting away. I love it when he fucks me and it is delicious. He pounds me the way I like it, my head thrown back just taking it over and over, steady, with my juice... Continue»
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Big titty hijabi Indian / paki / Muslim at Costa,

So a few weeks ago I was at my local Costa coffee just doing some work I had to finish on my day off work, as I looked up from my laptop my mouth sprung open as the barista brought my latte to my table, she wasn’t the girl who served me she must have just started her shift, she was wearing a bright pink hijab, which attracted me even more to her, her costa shirt was tight and I could see she had big tits, she wasn’t petite she was about a size 10-12 and short around 5 feet, she didn’t have much make up on but she had a cute face, I couldn’t take my eyes of her tits they was so big and I wasn’t... Continue»
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Danielle is a SLUT (Day One)

It was a humid August evening, rain was in the forecast after a week of high temperatures. She walked briskly through the moonlight lit park, checking her high value watch as she went. Despite the beads of sweat forming on her brow she pulled her fur-lined jacket tighter around her toned body. 2:15am, if she wasn't careful she'd be late and it would delay the rest of her schedule. Adrenaline coursed through her entire body and a smile spread across her face as she approached the bench that was her destination.

She looked around, checking up and down the paths for any nearby people before s... Continue»
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Taking the boy to the country

5:00 showed up earlier than I wanted. I got up, made coffee and toast, thinking we'd eat on the road. I went to get the boys up. I walked into Roberts room, turning the light on I see Robert had turned over and Danny was laying up against him. Pulling the sheets back I see Danny must of fucked Robert during the night, and now he has Roberts dick in his hand. I come over and sit on the bed, I run my hand over Dannys back and down to his butt. Kneading his cheeks, Danny moaned, and moved a leg giving me access to his hole. Fighting temptations, I just rub his butt and reach over and rub Roberts ... Continue»
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Caught by daughter inlaw 2

Sorry it has taken so long to get back but life happens and things are put on hold !

In story one I was caught smelling my daughter inlaws panties! She videoed me jacking off into them,
licking my cum from her fingers and then threatened to show every one if I didn't do as she said.
This fills in from were I left off driving to her house.

I cant belive whats happened in the last month. I went from a normel guy looking at sexy girls asses and tits to being
a cum eating, toy ,slave to my daughter inlaw ! It was a mistake and I m paying for it now. It wo... Continue»
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My night with Submissive J. (A True Story.)

It was her suggestion. She would come to spend the night with me, so much better than a brief meeting at her place.. She would submit to anything I chose to do to her. I could treat her like a whore for the whole time we were together. (She loves being called 'whore'.)

And I would be able to use the riding crop on her - the riding crop I had recently bought her. I stipulated that at no time was she to wear knickers.

She arrived earlier than expected on a bleak afternoon in early March. A woman in her late 50s, dressed in a long winter overcoat, with knee length leather boots. Just like ... Continue»
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John's Not Gay

Erotic Gay Musings by AB

(MM, exh, mast)

"Doesn't it feel good John? Oh god you look so sexy lying there jacking off. I love to watch you doing it John, your cock is so big compared to mine," I said as I slowly pulled at mine as he lay there masturbated before me.

"You look so strong and big, I wish I was as big as you, I wish you'd let me touch you John." I begged again for the thousandth time. But no, John never let me touch him; he said that he wasn't gay and that he wasn't going to do anything ... Continue»
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Amazing natural tits

One night i was on my way home from a night out, I was taking the train home and was sat in an empty carriage apart from one woman who was alone, she looked about 40 and also looked as if she had been drinking that night. She was wearing some sexy high heels with a beautiful short skirt and stockings, and wearing a beautiful white low cut top showing off her amazing cleavage. I could not help but stare at her tits she was so beautiful, sexy and I love older women. Just seeing her amazing cleavage and her tits slightly bouncing along the train ride was starting to make my cock swell and grow ha... Continue»
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Girlfriend Changed My Life Forever


I have enjoyed the sensation of wearing women's clothing since the summer of 1976. I discovered my liking for female outfits after I my girl-friend, Jane, left her black bra in my bag & I found myself trying it on & wanking. When I told Jane about her bra,she said she hoped I hadn't stained it with cum. I looked at her & told her I left it in my bag all the time,& I returned the item to her. Later that night, after a bottle or three of wine I admitted to wearing it to wank. Still giggling Jane asked if ... Continue»
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