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The Concert 2

Jolene and I skipped home from school as it was Friday afternoon. Friday before half term. A week and two days off. Nine days of fun, I hoped. Trip to Uncle Eddie's, rock concert and time with my best friend: Jo, my twin s!ster.

Just inside the door, Mum had placed our packed suitcases, ready for departure. "Go and get changed," she said before the front door had closed. "We leave in half an hour whether ready or not -- whether dressed or butt naked or in-between. Which reminds me: Showers for both."

'Yeah right, Mum,' I thought. The words coming out my mouth were more respectful, "OK, M... Continue»
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A new meeting with my old friend Jerome

A new meeting with old friend Jerome

I was alone in New York on a business trip, while my loving Victor was flying to Chicago. On the second day I got really bored out of my two coworkers I travelled with and then decided to hit up my old friend lover Jerome, the most handsome nigger I had fucked in my whole life…
He was also in town and of course delighted to hear I was horny and looking for a dick.

I asked him to meet me at the hotel where we could have a couple of drinks and eat at the restaurant inside the hotel. We would see later what could happen…

I was sipping margarita at t... Continue»
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You have to sign for the package

You have to sign for the package

Friday morning I was at home, still naked at bed; home alone as usual, because Victor had a quick flight to a near place and would return that same night.

The doorbell rang and I wondered who it could be so early. I got up and walked naked to the window. Looking out the large front window, I could see a delivery truck parked down in the street in front of our park lane. I wasn't expecting anything.

Suddenly my eyes caught some movement on the porch. I saw the grinning face of a young black guy staring back at me. He was enjoying the view of my huge fi... Continue»
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"The Blow Up Bed."

This is just a fictional fanasty story about Sophie Starxxx hooking up with her favorite male pornstar* Lee Stone.


Sophie Starxxx & Lee Stone


"The Blow Up Bed."

An air mattress fully blown up sits in the den. Sophie Star appears wearing only shiny hot pink skin tight latex boots. Sophie rubs her pussy down with two fingers. Shes carrying a bottle of baby oil. Sophie pours the oil over her huge 36 double d's. Her tittys shine when she rubs her nipples in the oil. Sophie moans as her nipples get hard. She lays on the air mattress. She keeps rubbing the oil all over h... Continue»
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Helping my s*s fuck a black cock

So the other night on the weekend we were out at the local bar having some drinks. We do our thing where we ask "who would you want to fuck most" game and we tease each other under the table and jokingly talk dirty. It was getting around 12 and i kept noticing that this black dude kept checking her out from across the bar. So i jokingly told her that this dude definitely wanted to fuck her brains out, so she looked over and caught him in the eye. They had a sexually tense stare and then she looked at me and said wow you are totally right...we both agreed that we don't really like black guys bu... Continue»
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Cheating and Cuckold – A Husband and Wife&rs

Chapter 1 through 21

Chapter 1 – Fran

I’ve been a bad girl.

You see, I’m married, to a nice enough guy, Dave. But….

I heard my girlfriends talking about thee hottest guy, Darren, who was instructing at a local kickboxing class for women. I told my husband of ten years that I’d sign up because my girlfriends were there and it sounded like fun, plus the benefit of some exercise. I was a tad nervous at the first class but quickly saw what the attraction was. Darren was a piece of work. Tall, very muscular and well built, absolutely gorgeous, and the way he pushed us, panting, out... Continue»
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Married Chinese Woman From My Commuter Train.

Another TRUE story from my on going adventures:I noticed Rose and her husband on my train on several occasions,we would get on the same train car in the morning. She was late 40's attractively slim with no outstanding physical features such as big tits or extra nice ass etc but in general a nice figure and she dressed fashionably well . I began to stalk her on the train with the precision of a sexual predator hungry for prey. I would make sure I would stand next to her on the train while her husband was standing right next to her and try to get her attention by staring at her. It eventually e... Continue»
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Day in the life of a Cuckold Part 2

My look who we have here says a deep black voice and my wife startled turns around to see little clitty locked in a cage and my sexy lingerie and heels giving me away for what I am; a very naughty slutty girly boy. Oh my god she says you silly little slut I thought you would be in bed by now having wanked yourself silly; no Miss, sorry Miss.

Well you can just watch David here take me like a really man should, come and have a look at the size of this man cock, come on stand up now and come here. With shaky legs I cross the room and into view comes a monster black cock, not even fully... Continue»
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Shuttle Bus Cum Squirt on Indian Auntie

I was a typical young white western male backpacking around Nepal and in this bizarre sexual experience, I was minding my own business, traveling alone and simply wanted to file into our shuttle bus that would take us to a hotel for the night. Most of the passengers were Indian but we were all exhausted from traveling late that night.

The shuttle bus might have been 50 years old but all I know is that I was on first and as more and more passengers shoved and pushed their way on I found myself in standing with my back pressed against a luggage cage. The most unusual thing is that there was ... Continue»
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Happy Evening mmmm

I had met a beautiful hot lady who and I were very compatible- as she loved dressing in sexy shoes, stockings, and dresses and no other undergarments. She loved to meet at dimly lit bars at happy hour where we could get a table and drink and have fore play - looking for a third ---she really wanted a male - and yes so did I. One evening as we were both hot we both found a wonderful well built athletic looking black man -- she approached Frank and started a conversation-- she really worked on him - pretty soon Frank was asked to go home with her. She came by and told me of the plan... So I ... Continue»
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the subway

years ago, when chat rooms were big i used to frequent chat rooms that had black men.... i was BBC starved... i wasn't having much success.... i kept writing out there that i was a whit male from NY and i was looking for a BBC to suck in public.. i was being cursed at and called all kind of names, but it didn't stop me....i would even send private messages to guys, and sometimes i didn't get any response, or a fuck off fag, and every once in a while i'd get a response from someone who actually chatted with me, who would be willing to get of sexting..... seemed most guy were either not from NY... Continue»
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First time with an e****t, in Dublin

It had always been my fantasy to shag a black woman,but at 43, I reckoned my chances were next to zero. So Idecided to pay for it,with an e****t.I had checked a well known site many times, and eventually picked up the courage. My wife was away on a conference,again, and we had no k**s.So I had the peerfect opportunity.
I picked Princess, a visiting e****t from London,and who was staying in an apartment in Clonsilla,not too far from me,but not too close either.After arrangeing a time,and receiving the address, I nervously rang the bell. Princess opened the door wearing a sexy lacey body suit ... Continue»
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My first black Pussy

I was around 24 years old when i had decided I wanted to have sex with a black female. I had always had an attraction and figured it was time. I started flirting with a sexy lady named Tanisha on a dating site. She was 34 and lived alone in a neighboring town. We chatted for weeks just getting to know each other and after agreeing that it would only be for sex because neither of us wanted to deal with the racist static you get from dating another race the time had come. Tanisha sent me a message early on a friday morning that said.....Im going to some friends house tonight to drink and play ca... Continue»
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Valentines day suprise.x

my girlfriend is let's say a little racist she says ew when she sees a black guys cock

In porn so I thought I would give her a little treat this year on the holiday of romance.

thanks to the help of a kind black gentleman I met online, a 35 year old african man with

an 11 inche throbbing monster and I asked if he would help me out He was happy to help.

7:30pm valentines day night I walk my princess to his car she has a blindfold on and has no idea

whats gonna happen I keep her from peeking on the way to Rick's apartment and just as we get in the door

I tell her to get on he... Continue»
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Day After Liquor Store Booty

Geneva Campbell put on her small silver hoop earrings and walked to the kitchen. She said to her husband, “I’m going out now.”
“Alright,” replied Barry Campbell. “I’m going to watch the game this afternoon at Phil’s. So I’ll be gone when you get back from church.”
“Okay. I’ll see you tonight,” she offered as she walked out of their house and got into her white 2014 Lexus LS 460.

Barry continued watching ESPN. He picked up his phone and made a call.

“Hello,” answered the sweet angelic accented voice.
“Hey, sissy!”
“Hi, papi,” Mateo Rivas beamed.
“My wife just left. You ready for me?”... Continue»
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Sex Party

I said I would tell you about the small gathering of Ladies who like me were selected for a BBC sex party, part for breeding and part for our multi orgasm pleasure with these a****l monsters.
The 2 rooms were one for breeding Ladies and the other for us to have our pussies filled and filed over and over again.
One of the Ladies who loved to breed with African BBC men was Sue. Sue is a blonde Lady of 35 yo and about 5' 3" tall. She has a big ass and titties with huge brown nipples. Her belly is well stretched as she has had a few k**s to varied men over the years. To better describe her belly... Continue»
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h4h Hannah: angel at day, slut at night ( I )

I was outside für some business, when I got Hannahs text message..

I feel my pussy.. I know it’s wet even without touching it

mmm love

I’m so horny love, if you were here right now.. I would not care what you are doing and stand infront of you naked.

mm I want you badly

I’m soo ready.. my body is in heat right now.

I was done with my job, I ran to my car and drove home as fast as possible. I didn’t care about getting a ticket.

I need you to fuck me love. I am already naked and my legs are spread out..

I’m on my way love!
... Continue»
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Mac and Leslie

That long mousey brown hair and her big blue eyes. She spent the night with us and she was instantly attracted to me. While playing around she noticed my hard cock protruding in my pajama pants. Her hands around my neck she rubbed her pussy against my shaft. The fabric of my pjs and cotton panties were the only thing between us. She smiled and really started to bring her ass into me. If we had been home alone.....
Later that evening she was laying under a blanket while we watched TV. No one noticed her legs were spread and she was working her pussy. She would make eye contact with me from tim... Continue»
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6 mature big breasted, white ladies bbc cottage6

6 mature, big breasted white ladies have all been exercising together, following their previous shiatsu, foot reflexology, herbal and vitamin regimens to recover their bodies so they all lose their pregnancy fat, present great hip to waist ratios and keep their old and tired wombs and ovaries functioning to release healthy eggs allowing their much younger black men to continue breeding them. Thus far, over 5, 5 week breeding sessions over 5 years they've produced an impressive 45 black babies. Because these mature, white ladies are all in their fifties they have a great interest in trying to i... Continue»
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My Wife Fucks a Black Man in the Community Pool

“Go ahead and take the car, I’ll walk home when I’m finished.” I shouted to my husband as he walked out of the gym, wanting to get in a few more miles on the tread mill. Shortly after my husband left a tall handsome black man came into the gym and started running on a tread mill next to mine. He was about 6’5” in great shape with a muscular build, short buzzed dark hair and dark skin.

After jogging for a few minutes the man removed his sweat drenched t-shirt and tossed it on the floor behind him. I did my best to keep my eyes forward, but to no avail. I glanced over and saw his muscular ch... Continue»
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