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Hitch Hiker Part 2!

............We set off now in the dark night from the Services and since Mick had driven about 15 miles to get here, that is the other side of the motorway, he wanted to know where our guest wanted to go to?
He asked my lover, 'Where to my friend?' 'Is gud Massa if you take me Leicester,' he replied. We were about 2 hours from there. Mick said .'Ok, what your name?'. My name is Jomo, mean Big Spear!', he said to Mick. This made me giggle out loud and Mick gave me a strange look in the rear view mirror!!! He had no idea where Jomo had just had his BIG SPEAR in! I reached over and said in a wis... Continue»
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First Time Cuckold

My wife and I decided to take a trip to Casino with a Hotel and spend an evening doing a little gambling just to get away for a night. We are not gamblers at all but wanted to see what it was all about and we set a limit as to how much we could lose. I understood the basics of playing blackjack and figured I would be able to play long enough to make the evening last.

We arrived in the early evening and checked into our room. Before heading down to the Casino floor we heard a knock on the door to our room. However it wasn’t the exit door but to a door that was shared between two rooms.... Continue»
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Playing with fire: My wife and BBC

*disclaimer* as of this writing this is a fictional story. It is my most raging fantasy and hopefully one day becomes reality.

My wife and I have been together for 12 years, married for 2. She is a gorgeous 5'6 145 lb with long hair and 34d tits. We have the best sex together and she is open to everything. She is hot, and a slut in the bedroom. It seems like forever ago at some point we started talking about adding another someone to our sexual adventures. Couples, women, men, we talked about it all and whenever we did, it made the sex even hotter and spicier. For her though, it seemed like... Continue»
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Moni trained part 2

The following day after our little episode with Lamont and the guys Marc and I went for lunch from our hotel. All was OK but the black waitress was eying me giving me some dirty looks. I had no idea why. She came to give us the bill and said you the bitch Lamont fucked last night aren't you.
I looked at her in surprise and looked around and saw him sitting in the far corner and waved at us.
He got up and came over and sat next to us. I see you met my girl here he said. She is a little upset at me so to I gotta buy her stuff to get her on my good side again. But you see I gots no money so ... Continue»
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Ayanna's Promise

Mama!" Ayanna's best friend, Trisha, pleaded. "The ice cream truck! The ice cream truck!"

"OK," her mama answered, "hold your horses, one second."

"Hurry! He's already been there for like an hour!"

Trisha's mama shook her head and smiled, then took her wallet out of her purse and handed her daughter a five dollar bill.

"Thanks Mama!" Trisha said.

"Thanks Mrs. Freeman!" Ayanna said, too, and the two girls ran up the hill from the beach to the parking lot where the ice cream truck was sitting and playing its silly music, "ding, ding, diiing, ding," to the tune of "Daisy, Daisy."
... Continue»
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Selena and Justin

Selena Gomez and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber were relaxing by the pool. Selena had just bought this house a few months ago. She felt it was time to move out of her Mother’s house and this was the perfect place, so she thought. It was isolated, in a wooded area about 30 minutes north of LA. The nearest neighbor was three miles away and she loved the idea of being alone and maybe then, she could finally get some peace and quiet.

She and Justin had been seeing each other for some time now but they still hadn’t had sex. Selena told him flat out that there was no way she was going to let... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker

I was travelling with Mick and he wanted to pull over after a few hours of driving, he needed to pee with him having weak bladder! We went to motorway service station and it was just becoming dark as we pulled up. I said,'OK meet you in Cafe, then we have coffee.'
Mick walked off to Gents toilet. I know he would be a long time as he will only pee in a cubicle as he is embarrassed in case someone will see his tiny dick!!! The cafe was over a bridge of the motorway, so I set off to climb steps to walk over there. I was in my black leather mini skirt, stockings(black) and knee boots with heels. ... Continue»
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All Black Cuckold Fantasies

I pushed my cock into Kasim Muhammad's asshole, and the big Black man squealed. I smacked his hairy Black ass and told him to shut the fuck up. Looking at us while fingering her pussy, Kasim's sexy wife, a chocolate-skinned Somali beauty named Khadija, winked at us. Clearly the Black woman was turned on by the sight of a well-endowed white male fucking her husband in the ass. I gripped Kasim's hips tightly and rammed my cock up his shit hole. I always wanted to try this, reverse the whole cuckold fantasy thing, you know? In most cuckold stories, a big Black guy dominates a white woman while ... Continue»
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Dark Secrets - 3

Chapter Twelve – Naomi

When I woke up next to Megan, we were both naked. Her arms laid across my breasts. It was comforting. I thought back to last night, to Marcus, and all the things that happened. It was a lot for one night but as I was remembering, I could feel my body respond. I rolled over and kissed Megan. We ended up making love. Things were certainly different now between us and I was liking it. I felt unrestricted. It’s amazing how giving up your freedom can do that. After she left, I texted Bubba to find out when he thought he’d be home. He responded pretty quick back that he t... Continue»
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Caught By Mr. "D" - Part 1

I just turned 18. It was a hot summer day. Nobody else was home. All my friends had summer jobs and I wouldn't find mine for another two weeks. The neighbors on one side were in Italy, and the neighbors to our right - an African American couple in their mid 30s with two young girls - were all gone for the day too. Both parents worked and their two girls were at the same day camp as the one my little s****r was attending that summer.

So I decided to run around totally nude in our back yard. I knew it was still risky even though everyone who could see me was gone for the day, but the risk ma... Continue»
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Wife's First bbc and fucklick

You might think "How can a man watch another man seduce his wife and not stop it?" I asked myself the same question everyday, but I could come up with no logical answer. Karen is a beautiful petite blonde girl and had never had another cock in her since our marriage fifteen years ago. At 34, her eyes still sparkle and she's a prim and proper wife and appears that butter wouldn't melt to on lookers but she's a secret slut in the bedroom & especially when she's had a few drinks she turns into someone else.

Not to mention her figure which makes younger girls envious. We had a party one ... Continue»
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Black and white Painter

My name is Earl,I am 46yrs old,and from the W.Indies,although I have been here since i was 4yrs old.I work as a painter and decorator and although you hear the stories about guys fucking the client,all i can say is its never happened to me,or anyone i know really,Thats why this was such a surprise,
Just recently work has been tight I have been getting jobs,but few and far between,so quite a bit of time has been spent at the pub,this was leading to rows indoors.To tell the truth my happy marraige was on a low,
Then a cple of weeks ago,A young cple that use the pub offered me some money to do ... Continue»
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Dark Secrets - 2

Chapter Eight – Naomi (this is not a standalone story. You should read the previous episode before going any further.)

I helped Naomi prepare for her first meeting with Marcus. Even though she had recently shaved her pussy, I suggested she remove any stubble from her nether region. Once her skin was completely smooth and free from hair, I rubbed her skin with lightly scented coconut oils. While she was loving the attention she was getting from it, I was secretly teasing her and working her into a frenzy. Naomi is my best and closest friend and I couldn’t wait to share my man with her. As ... Continue»
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A better Cuckold Contract

Cuckold Contract

This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their cuckold marriage:

Hotwife _________________ & Cuckold ____________________

agree to comply with the following agreement.

This agreement creates a 3 month trial period whereby the hotwife will become a black only cock slut, and the husband will become a chastity cuckold. This means that the hotwife will not have sexual relations with little white dick (her husband) and is obligated to worship and satisfy big black cocks only. Furthermore, the cuckold is to remain in... Continue»
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His version and mine

Before my wife and I were married we lived together. Well I was drinking and being a ass and she got fed up with it and moved out. Well I realized how bad I fucked up and got straightened out right away. Well she was going to make me suffer. It was almost 2 weeks later and she wasn't talking to me yet. Some friends talked me into going out with them but I said I was done with drinking and would only have soda. Well we went to a couple of places that I thought she may be at but no luck. There was one place left a meat market but once we went in there she was. I was really surprised she was ... Continue»
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The Horny McCormicks

The Horny McCormicks

Paradise McCormick walks into the house she shares with her husband, tosses her purse on the entry table, and slams the door. Her slick body drenched by rain water stands in silhouette under the glare of the overhead chandelier. All legs with an hourglass shape sitting on top of them and water droplets slipping down every inch like the sand trickling out each minute detail. Her beautiful features are reddened by the cold touch of the wet covering her with a slight blue ting circling the rose pedal of her lips. Her glaring dark green eyes stare off down the hall towards ... Continue»
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Both sides of the story

Before my wife and I were married we lived together. Well I was drinking and being a ass and she got fed up with it and moved out. Well I realized how bad I fucked up and got straightened out right away. Well she was going to make me suffer. It was almost 2 weeks later and she wasn't talking to me yet. Some friends talked me into going out with them but I said I was done with drinking and would only have soda. Well we went to a couple of places that I thought she may be at but no luck. There was one place left a meat market but once we went in there she was. I was really surprised she was th... Continue»
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Your girlfriend is going to get fucked

Your girlfriend is going to get fucked

"Your girlfriend" Lynn whispered, her soft lips tickling the edges of my ear as she spoke, "is going to get really fucked."

Her slender fingers lightly grazed my hard cock through my pants as she said this. She also readjusted her luscious ass against my leg, and I could swear I could feel the heat radiating from her wet little pussy where it touched me.

A short while earlier, I had been sitting with my girlfriend, Melinna, on that very couch. The number of guests had dwindled down at the raucous party, and the opulent villa was now... Continue»
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Monday Blues

As dawn broke I got out of my car in the car park, thinking of nothing in particular. As I walked to the underground elevator, I quickly look back at my joy and lock the doors with the familiar beep and flash of lights. Pulled my over coat closed as a breeze of bisque morning coolness blew through the car park. Arriving at the elevator, the quiet air of silence that only early morning offers. Still waiting...finally the audible bell as the doors open, still moving in a robotic manner as every other day nothing new nothing special just Monday blues. Positioned towards the back of the elev... Continue»
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Larry Is One Lucky Bastard Part I

I am about 6 ft tall, black, with a medium build. I have always loved to travel and decided that I wanted to take a trip to Austin, no reason I just hadn’t been there in awhile. I felt I needed a break from work and a week in a big city was the perfect thing to make me forget about work. Work had been pretty rough the last 6 months and to be honest I felt that I earned this break. But, I couldn’t find a way to relax that is until i met Kim and Suk…

Kim and Suk were Korean with vey pretty faces and bodies that seemed to defy aging. Kim seemed to be a little older that Suk but if you had... Continue»
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