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The best aunty

As an early teen prefect at school I was allowed to leave school at a lunch-time, I used to go to an aunts for my lunch, usually just a sandwich or just a snack. During one time my aunt was having some building work, new kitchen extension to include a new bathroom upstairs. It was one lunchtime when I was desperate to visit the toilet for a pee, “ You’ll have to pee in a bucket” my aunt said. No problem I thought, until she brought a bucket out and held it and said, “Go on, it’s not if I’ve never seen your willie before”. “No I can’t do that in front of you” I said. “Don’t be shy, you may enjo... Continue»
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The Supple Milkmaid

Adam had always been trouble, if he wasn't causing a nuisance he was seducing women at bars and clubs, and his disruptive ways had finally pushed his parents over the edge.


"What do you want mom?"

"Me and you father have been talking, and since you've decided you're not going to university we're sending you to live with my b*****r and his wife."

"What the hell are you talking about, aren't uncle Christopher and aunt Glenda part of some cult or something?"

"Don't be stupid, they're not part of a cult, they're Amish!"

"Amish?! What the hell's the point of sending me to ... Continue»
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Valentine's Gang Bang

It was my freshman year at college. Away from home for the first time in a strange place, well, for any length of time that is. There had previously been trips to my Grandparents farm for a lot of the summers along with the summer camps that I had to attend. In fact it was one of those summers when I lost my virginity. It was there that I had my first taste of sucking on a guy’s cock and the taste of his semen in the back of my throat. Oh what a summer it was. I will never forget that as long as I live. In fact that is probably what got all this started.

Returning back to school f... Continue»
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...the dance

Emily loves to dance, she enjoys being the center of attention, and really likes to tease leaving others in anticipation ultimately wanting...craving...needing more. Her friend Brian often desires her attention, wanting...craving...needing more. She decides to give him what he wants but little did he know her terms would leave him craving her more than ever.

Text exchange
Emily: How's your day going?
Brian: Ugh...long day at the office. Probably not going to the gym tonight :(
Emily: Rough one? Wouldn't the gym help you relax?
Brian: Not rough just long. Too late for gym but yes I need ... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Colonic (Finale)

Fancy that! One day you go for a colonic and the specialist somehow winds up balls deep inside you. Then you give him your number and what's supposed to be a date (of sorts) turns into a private session of marijuana and pink champagne before you find yourself on his bed being all but fisted and fucked with a vibrator.

Well, if you've read the last chapter you're well aware of what comes next...

Besides you and anybody else turned on by the story so far!

The head of Danny's cock pushes in through my slippery hole and stops right there before he goes any further. I swear, I don'... Continue»
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Fucking Moms Jerk Bf Trying To Break Them Up

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals

When my dad left my mom and I it was obviously hard on the both of us but after many months passed my mom started trying to date again. Now it was never hard for either my mom or I to get guys because we are both very pretty. My mom has long blonde hair and a curvy but stacked body while I have the same blonde hair but am kinda short and petite with nice boobs and butt. But still my mom would come home night after night alone telling me that most of the guys she met just wanted sex and she wasn't sure if she was ready to ... Continue»
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Henry came in naked to see if Lily was ready for the game. She was his best young slut yet. She was tied to the table with her arms down and her legs spread wide and up in the air. She was totally controlled. He looked at her nude body and walked to her. "I love to see you naked and ready for my game. Tonight I have a special plan for you. You will enjoy it as I will enjoy watching. He is like a raging bull for you." He then ran his hand over her tit and pinched on a nipple then down to her pussy. He rubbed her clit and then pushed a finger in her cunt and pumped her twice. He pulled the finge... Continue»
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Who was he...or what?

She was bored. Very bored as a matter of fact. She had been sitting playing WoW for most of the day, it was no about 11 pm, most of the chatrooms very empty for some strange reason and beside of a few horny teenagers pretending to be grown up men there was not much happening online.
More problematic was that she was also horny. She had thought about her toys, maybe a shower with just a bit of finger play but it was just not what was on her mind. She needed a real man. And there weren’t any around. She sighed, got up and looked around in her messy little room that was dimly lit by the computer... Continue»
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While the Girlfriend's away...

While I was stationed in Korea, Chuck, a guy I worked with, was living with a Korean girl named Haijin, a dancer from one of the clubs downtown. Haijin was about 5' tall, probably weighed all of 95 pounds fully dressed and sopping wet, with long black hair and brown eyes (like all Korean girls). She had nice-sized tits, not too big, but bigger than average for a Korean, and a truly gorgeous ass.

Chuck used to rave about what a good fuck she was, and how she gave great head. One night, while we were out drinking and carousing, he told me that she was the only Korean girl he knew who really... Continue»
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Mother is my whore

My mother Uma has been a deeply religious lady(at least I have believed so far) until yesterday. What I saw shocked me. My father works in USA in a big form and I live with my mother in our big bunglow. My dad comes once in three months. I am Rahul, a second year student, aged 21. I live in hostel and visit my mother once a week. Uma Devi has her own temple in one part of the house. In this temple she prays and worships God and often has great Gurus and Swamis visiting her. Yesterday I came home and found mother and her Swamiji. Mother asked me to touch Swamiji’s feet and I did. Swamiji was an... Continue»
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The Longing

The Longing

I know when she's ready. Mya goes quiet and distant and dark for a couple of weeks, she won't let me get close to her then she makes that long distance call from my office with the door closed. When she emerges an hour or so later I can already see a change in her demeanor. It’s like a weight's been lifted from her shoulders and her dark mood seems lifted, she smiles and d****s her arms around my neck, holding me close and kisses me fully on the lips for the first time in weeks. This is the pattern of her life that re-emerges sometimes, it's been almost eight months now a... Continue»
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My best friend Anjali and her mother c*********ed

My name is Manu, having a lot of friends in my college. Anjali is one of my college friends who is 22 years of age. I share everything with her and same she does. She is 5’5 tall, white and great plumb body that attracts everyone. To be precise she has 34 28 34 figure and her ass is so great that whenever I see her ass, I just feel like grabbing it or simply fuck her. Once I tried to comment about her sexy body but in reply she got angry on me and warned me not to say such dirty comments about her. However, I can't stop looking at her sexy ass and her cleavage occasionally when she bends down.... Continue»
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Concert Sex with s****r and Mom Pt 2

The ride home from the concert was one that Kyle will never forget. After having sex with his twin s****r Kylie and mom Nora at the concert, he was told on the way home that they wanted more. He asked his mom if she had seen him and Kylie and she said not only had she seen it but it was part of their plan. That news caught him off guard and then asked if they had really planned it, to which Kylie responded by asking him if he wondered why they were both commando and wearing such short skirts out in public. It finally dawned on him that his mom and s****r had actually planned to seduce him at t... Continue»
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A MILF in the Night

During my college days I was a very determined person. I had goals for my career I was working hard to fulfill them. Unfortunately that meant that I didn't have much time for dating and girls. For my first year of college, I was in a bit of a dry spell. I had broken up with my high school girlfriend Abby and with the exception of a couple 1 night stands I had not had any sex.

During the spring semester I had gotten a job in an Emergency Room in a hospital near school. Having almost next to no skills, my job was to transport patients back and forth from the ER. Most of my shifts were from 7... Continue»
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MILF gets BLACKED at mall

When you publish a story on here, you have certain categories you can label your story with. One I rarely use in interracial. But a woman recently asked me to write a fantasy for her of a mature woman taking on 2 young black cocks. The story turned out well, and she asked for another one.

It got me thinking. How would a MILF, a mature white woman go about finding a young black stud to anonymously fuck?


Tina knew she looked obscene. That was the whole fucking point. She was 52 and still had... Continue»
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My First Gangbang

I was so excited to go to a barbeque at my fuck buddy Brian's house. He said it was going to be a fun evening of grilling out, beer pong, and fun. I figured it was just a good excuse to show me off to his friends for the first time. Brian and I had been hooking up for a couple months by this point and I was his dirty little secret. Seeing as how I was 18 and he was 42 I can see why he would keep our "relationship" quiet.

After school and hitting the gym that Friday I went home, cleaned up and got dressed for the
barbeque, wearing black leggings and a pink tank top. By the time I got to Bri... Continue»
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42 The Second German Adventure

Well about 2 months ago, we made a friend on here a lady in Germany, who provided services we were looking for, money was high but after a few chats .we decided to go out there, she had advised me not to wash my pussy for at least 2 days before going.
Hubby and I flew over and were met by an older woman around 55 or 60, in tracksuit bottoms long jumper big tits her hair tied back dyed blonde with grey coming thru, rose tinted big sunglasses her name was Bridget, she took us to a tatty old Volvo and drove us to an area a bit like Norfolk, flat with loads of farms.
We pulled up after... Continue»
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First encounter at the disco

I’m at the disco dancing to some fine techno. I catch you looking at me and give you a friendly smile. To my surprise you don’t smile back. Instead you wet your lips with your tongue and signal me to follow you. I’ve never met you before but decide to follow you. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

You take me to a room in the back of the club. Once inside, you lock the door. This is getting interesting…

You’re in front of me, with your back towards me. I get behind and start kissing your neck. You feel my cock getting harder as I get aroused from your soft skin and sweet s... Continue»
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Ray walked into the room where Lee was. She was so sexy and young and a freak in and out of the sheets. She loved to fuck and he loved fucking her. He was naked but not yet hard. He soon would be when he started messing with her body. She was wearing a bra and a thong and looked so ready to be fucked. He removed her bra but left the thong on and as he kissed her he pulled the thong tight into her pussy lips. He had doubled up on his cock pills so he and this sexy gal could have a great morning. He then pulled the thong off and wadded it up in his hand. He kissed down to her nice big firm tits ... Continue»
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My First Time

As I was sitting and relaxing with a beer and watching TV, there was a scene on a show I was watching that triggered a memory of my first time with a woman. I was young, around 19 and I was visiting my Aunt for the summer. Now my Aunt was not what one would typically picture when one thought about their Aunt.

The sweet older woman, with her hair in a bun and glasses baking chocolate chip cookies for company. My Aunt Mae was 32, with a great body, and a matching personality. She was funny, outgoing and always the life of the party. She was my Mom's younger s****r, and the complete opposite ... Continue»
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