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Jen’s Birthday Surprise

Jen and Jim were happily married. They had a unique relationship in that they truly did enjoy each other. They were more than just lovers and husband and wife. They were friends. They liked so many things together and that included an extremely active and imaginative sex life. They had discovered early in their relationship the importance of keeping sex fresh and new. This included exploring sexually fantasies to see where they would take them. Over the years they had lived many of those fantasies out together and separately.

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Ana in a rock concert

Ana in a rock concert

One Friday afternoon Anita came home early from work and surprised me with two tickets to a rock concert in a town a couple hours south of our place. It was nice, because I really loved that band since I was young. My sweet Ana told me one of her coworkers, Robert, was a fan too and he had given her the tickets.
“He is a real nice guy, hun, you will meet him there”. She smiled.
On Saturday afternoon we were ready to go. Ana got dressed in her old jeans full of rips and holes and I wore my eternal “Metal” black shirt with skull and bones…
We travelled to the small t... Continue»
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Lara's longest afternoon

storia non mia, ripresa da www.rosebuttboard.com e qui riportata per tutti gli amanti del genere ;)... enjoy!!

Lara J***ns broke her ass when she was twelve years old.
It had been an accident, when it happened, but she never
regretted it.

Lara, at twelve years old, was a little stick of a girl.
One of the shortest in her class, definitely the thinnest,
she looked practically anorexic, being bony and thin, and
rather long-legged, which gave her an even greater sense of
break-ability. She was paled skinned, dark haired, and had
deep brown eyes that gleamed with innocent an
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Sexual Athletes at ART CINEMA: a report from Doc E

We just LOVE this couple. Our fantasy is to have a foursome ON STAGE at Art Cinema with them!. READ that story of a public fuck session at ART'S:

Over the past few months we have visited the Art Cinema in Hartford and taking baby steps leading up to her taking on a bunch of guys downstairs. It started with our first visit where we stayed in the balcony and played in front of the other couples there. Then a few weeks later we played with another couple in the balcony. Next we ventured downstairs but remained clothed as she sucked my cock in front of the masses.

A few weeks after that she... Continue»
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Fat Paulo's captive Lana in Paradise I

One day recently sarahhmf sent me a PM describing the snippet of a scene described in a single paragraph. It was an incredibly erotic image. A huge black man, seated at a table, ignoring a tiny white girl beneath the table, licking his feet and sweaty legs. You only see the man when you enter, then he pulls up the tablecloth……
Sarah, your image has become the centerpiece of this story!!!

Okay, it is the middle of the hottest month in the tropical nation that I am visiting and I expected it to be hot as hell, but the heat is not the killer The humidi... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 7

I woke up in the morning and found the house empty, Veronica had gone back to work, and the k**s had gone back to school and college, as I worked from home I didn't have any where to go so I just got up and headed down to my office.
After a couple hours I decided to go for a walk, I left the house and set off to parts of the village I hadn't seen yet.
For a hour or so I strolled around the quiet streets of the village until I spotted a cut through between a couple of hedges, so curious I followed it until I found myself standing at the bottom of someone's garden.
Realising my mistake I went... Continue»
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New Harem Slaves

It was only a day since Amber and her mother, Sharon were captured and sold as slaves. Their idyllic vacation in Egypt was ended when the men d**gged them, her father taken from them. They were stripped naked, probed and fingered until they were sold to the highest bidder at a slave auction, just like a****ls. Their Master that purchased them was an evil man, glaring at them while he stroked the bulging erection in his pants.
Sharon was already stripped naked and bound, chains on her wrists drawn to the ceiling until her naked body glistened in sweat, her limbs drawn taut. Her legs were secur... Continue»
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Granny sex in Madeira

I recently returned from a 2 week holiday in Madeira and had to write down a toe curlingly sexy experience that I had.

I am 40 and have always loved older women. Madeira is the ideal holiday destination to see refined, well dressed English ladies over 60. My f****y spent most of the days out and about so I had the opportunity to lie on a lounger round one of the pools in my hotel (next to Reids) to catch the sun and the eye of a few ladies.

On the day in question I founder a lounger in a shaded area and hidden slightly from the pool and others by 2 big palm trees. The reason I sat ther... Continue»
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Cum to my desk..now!(1)

It was a really hot day. Suited up, tie was never so uncomfortable, even wearing light summer suit, started to swear at the moment I reach the street. People was looking at me, almost all wearing tshirts, and women started to wear a week ago those short dresses, and cleaveages appeared suddenly from nowhere.

Who wants winter? I think..but also, I was thinking about my bad luck, dont have any day off until summer passes.

Bus was crowdy, and there you can realized about the funny and weird mix in the air..dirty sweat smell but with oil fragance, from people going to the beach. Also, some ... Continue»
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I Cannot Have What I Want

I like this site, because it shows women and girls being controlled by men with their beautiful hard cocks. That's what I crave, but I can't have it because the real-life presence of a naked man with a gorgeous hard-on freaks me out!

Less than three weeks after I hit puberty, my pa came into my bedroom. It was a hot summer night, and I was sl**ping nude on top of the sheets, window open, trying to get some relief for my young, overheated body.

"Lili," he whispered as his left hand explored my flat tummy and budding breasts, "Your mom is being a bitch again, and I need some comfort... Continue»
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Donny's Lessons from Mom

Donny's Lessons from Mom

Ever since he had returned from the farm, Donny had watched
his mother for signs of sexuality. Until that point, Donny
hadn't even thought about her having a sex life. She was
simply his mother, a person who was always there. As far as
he had been concerned, she might as well have been asexual.
Of course, he knew that she and his father must have engaged
in sex to conceive him, but beyond that he hadn't thought
about it. That his mother might have a sex life, that she
might, in fact, be having a sexual relationship with some man
even that point, was n... Continue»
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Slut Stripper Fun part one

Slut Stripper fun:

I was at work being my usual flirty self, teasing Adam, one of the young guys in the office. This guy was straight out of college and very confident with the younger girls but he was intimidated by me! Probably it was my curvaceous figure and the tight revealing attire I would adorn! I noticed him on many occasions looking at my figure and one time I was sure I saw some movement in the trouser area after he spent a long time gazing at my tits! You all know I did a bit of stripping and dancing a few years back and I’m sure Adam would have been privy to some of the office g... Continue»
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Politics & the Page

It was an election night party, we gathered at the ball room of local hotel waiting for the results to come in. I was attending the event with my wife,we had been supporters and donators to the incumbent candidate who was in the battle for his job, the polls going into the election night we're neck & neck so it was a rather nervous night at the grand ballroom. We had invested a lot of campaign dollars into our candidates relection. The early numbers did not look good & my frustration was showing with my wife. Here have another drink she said as she handed me another glass of alcohol. "Shit" I ... Continue»
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Sex with an e****t

I did it. Finally I'd picked up the courage and booked an e****t.
Her name was Jane she was 27 and was due to call at 2pm. I'd booked her for 2 hours and hoped it would be money well spent.
I'd seen a picture of her online and just hoped she was as good looking in the flesh.
"Ding Dong"... that was her. Already i was shaking.
I answered the door and beckoned her in. Wow...the picture didn't do her justice. She was a stunning Blonde and was dressed in casual clothes that hugged her very curvy body.
"Hi., you must be John?". "Yes..er please come and make yourself comfy. Can i get you a drin... Continue»
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Summer Work With Benefits Pt 4

Summer Work with Benefits Part 4

Jill had worn a pair of very baggy shorts and a boat neck halter top. She was wearing a pair of lacy panties and a black pushup bra. Mary was wearing her tennis skirt and a white blouse tied just under her black bra.

“So I hope you have a lot of time, what about the k**s?”

“Oh they are fine I have a babysitter for the night. So this is going to take that long?”

“Oh you never know how long things will take. So I think I am going to talk to John about your situation next time he is here but we have to be clear he is at my place on Thursday and ... Continue»
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Evolution of Shitty Anal love, it started early

I have always had a fascination with the female ass, since a very young age. And by chance, my very first sexual experience was anal. That is the truth, but it's because I was d***k and inexperienced. I fooled around with my girlfriend's tits, and fingered their pussies, but real sex was just around the corner.

I was a freshman in high school (always the youngest in my class) and a girl named Sandra transferred to our school early winter. She was from Texas, and I lived in the north east. I was hooked on her curvy frame right away. She walked into class wearing tight jeans and a fluffy sw... Continue»
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First time with a tranny I met on grindr!

This is a true story. I am a straight acting 23 year old, 5ft 10 and an athletic 160 pounds.

To this point I've only ever been with one guy before in a wild, spur of the moment spring break fling but it had opened my eyes to a world I knew I wasn't finished with. I had joined the gay app grindr in search of a tranny to fulfill my fantasies and finally I found one!

Her profile read "looking for a submissive bottom to be my bitch" it was just what I wanted! I eagerly messaged her but began to get cold feet and when I started asking too many questions, she told me to "fuck off if you're go... Continue»
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Three Horny s*s

Soo, Nila and Maala had been in the United States for some five years but the s****rs still put a lot of stock in their tribal traditions. For example, in the remote region of South East Asia, where the three s****rs came from, the eldest daughter had to marry before the younger daughters could even consider it. Consequently there was a lot of pressure on Soo, who was 24, to get a move on.

For three months she had been going out with Jacob Stillman, a young man she`d met at a party. Never having had great success with women he was completely blown away by the fact that this dusky beauty wou... Continue»
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The Adventures of Amber

Chapter One Amber by the pool

From my hotel room I could see a young women strutting down toward the pool. She was sporting a hot red bikini, which barely contained some very large breasts. I was going to make a point of running in to her by the pool. I texted my friend Dave who was in an adjoining room only to learn he was watching the same scene as me except he was beating off to her. "Dave I want the real thing I will catch up with you later" my text response. "Keep me in the loop if you think you can land her" was Daves text response. "You can count on it Dave I would love to DP t... Continue»
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I need her cunt like I need water.

Her cunt was a f***e of gravity on a lithe frame. Those lips. They’d eat you alive, those lips. I came inside of her twice on our first night together. Didn’t know if she was on birth control, didn’t care, just let them lose because I never wanted to be outside of those lips again. They hugged the life out of my cock, every drop of it. Her legs were so smooth the next morning, smoother than I had ever felt. I couldn’t stop rubbing them, touching them, getting so close to her hot, wet, cunt. That massive, massive cunt. lips like their male equivalent would be a 12 incher. Those lips on that tin... Continue»
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