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Truth or Dare


A while ago we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with our best friends Dan and Claire (it was also Dan's birthday the same day) .

Copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed during the meal out and when we had gotten back to our house. The girls (if we can call them that, Debs and Claire were both 45 and had been at school and uni together) were very tipsy.

Debs is always up for fun and it was her that suggested the age old game of truth or dare. We had known each other for so long I thought what was there any of us could not know about one anothe... Continue»
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GangBanged our Buddy's Fat s****r

I was in town for a couple days visiting my mom & dad. One night I hooked up with a couple old buddies Stan & Jay we went out for drinks at a local watering hole. We were playing pool, having a few beers when this woman Candy came over to say Hi, Candy was another buddy Jim's s****r we all grew up together Jim lived out of town, she was his older s****r. Candy was 38 about 5.6, Fat 280 lbs, Short Blond Hair, she joined us playing pool drinking we got into some shots by the end of the night we were all feeling pretty good. We were getting ready to head out, Jay said lets go back to my place Can... Continue»
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Aftermath of Mom's Confession comes to an end

This is the third part of “Mom’s Confession Land’s her in Trouble”. Months had passed since the incident in the Police station. Now a day’s mom spent most of the time in the church praying or to be more correct to escape from dad’s beatings which had grown worse since our arrest. He rarely used to sl**p at home spending the other nights with prostitutes. It was in those days that a headline in the news paper caught my eye.
“Convict escapes from Jail,” it read.
It was Andrews all right. I informed the matter to my mom who had almost fainted when I narrated the entire story. We were caught ... Continue»
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Brian My Cruel Master

Brian my cruel master

*note this is fiction based loosely on fact

I met Brian early one Spring evening when I was 20.
I was out for a walk, no job, no school, just aimlessly
walking about.
He was standing there on the sidewalk of the
pleasant, tree lined neighborhood with a younger friend
so I walked up to them and introduced myself.
Hell, I had just moved into the area, I was bored and lonely
and wanted to make a buddy or two, nothing more.
The conversation went something like, “I live the next
town over and I saw you standing here and figured,
what the heck, you look l
... Continue»
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Mae was rich and in her fifties. She was still very sexy with nice big firm tits and a great looking ass. She made her money in the adult movie business. She ran away from home when she was just fifteen and found out the only way to survive was to fuck for a living. Older men loved sex with a young gal and that was the most of her business. She also loved fucking the men and sucking on their cocks. She gave these men just what the wives would not. She even loved the feeling of a big hard cock filling her asshole with his warm cum. She even had men that loved her fucking their assholes with her... Continue»
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**** education in forest

Today, I took Moe, my fuckslut, for a walk in the forest. It was a nice sunny day, so she wore a pretty summery dress, but with no panties, as usual.

We found a nice wooded area and, walking through, we found that some scouts had pitched tents on the grass beyond. We watched them together from the bushes. I lknow Moe likes young boys. and my finger was inside her pussy feeling it getting hot and wet. I... Continue»
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Me and the older security guard liam(A TRUE STORY)

I work at a office and i am 161cm, C91-93 chest and have a big nice ass and is 23 years old. All man of all ages loved me even the 61 year old security guard liam. He gave me a love letter one day and i was mad and disgusted i told my manager. my manager scolded him and gave him another chance. A few weeks later i felt sad and guilty when i found out he was leaving alone and had no one. so i understand why he did it. So to apologize i found out his address and bought a small watch to give him as a gift. i went to his house and gave him the watch. He said thank u and forgave me and the wa... Continue»
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Flirting with Strangers (cuckold) 2

After my last conquest, (see Flirting with Strangers (cuckold) ) My husband and I have now decided that it is far better, and kinkier, to find impromptu meets with strangers. Instead of knowing when, where, and with whom I am going to have kinky cuckold sex with via arranged meets. The excitement of not knowing, for both my husband and I, of when it's going to happen is wonderful, each day I get braver and more comfortable in my new flirting hobby. Although suggesting sex with perfect strangers has been a nerve racking experience for me, it has also been a very exciting one, not knowing if I'm... Continue»
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That one guy she was always looking at

One night after some vigorous sex my girlfriend brought up the subject of inviting another guy. I was presently surprised by the suggestion but I assured her that I had no interest in touching another guy, but I would love to see her being pleased by "others" and willingly pleasing them in return. She said of course, I wouldn't expect you to have anything to do with them. So with that the search ensued, after several adds on personals sites/pages with no serious replies I/we had all but given up. Then one day completely by accident my girlfriend was out in the front yard and this guy walks by ... Continue»
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Anal Sex with my Girlfriend's Anorexic Grandd

I had been dating my girlfriend for a decade. We met when I was 40 and she was 55. A notable age difference but we had had an instant attraction at first glance. She was a well-kept woman of Hispanic descent with a gorgeous face with full, plush lips, still pert, uplifting tits and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. On our very first date I had sodomized her tight, well-oiled asshole for hours thanks to a little blue pill. I have been gaping that elastic hole daily to the size of a golf ball ever since then such is her insatiable appetite for unnatural sex. She actually prefers it ... Continue»
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sally and her dog

The incident occurred in the summer of 1979. As we don't really know the young man's name, we'll call him David. He was 20 years old and home from college for the summer. On the day it all began he was hanging out at the volunteer fire station, where he assisted as a volunteer paramedic/firefighter.

It was early afternoon and he and his partner Phil were in the ambulance, on their way back from a late lunch at a local fast food place, when they received a call. After acknowledging to the dispatcher that they were available, the following message came over the radio:

"Medic 352, respond t... Continue»
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First time cuckold...

My wife was speaking with her friend Staci about hooking up with guys on the internet while her husband watched. After speaking with her friend on the phone, my wife pulled me into the bedroom and explained what Staci was up to, but not in a morally convicting way. She was explaining it to me sort of in a convincing way to get me on board with it. I asked her, “So what are you saying? You want to do something like this?” She said, “Honey, it’s only one time and if you don’t like it we can stop.” I said, “You got to be out of your fucking mind if you think I will have my wife giving up her ass ... Continue»
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My mother-in-law in heat...

Over the years, I have spent my share of time traveling on business. During that same time, my wife was not always happy about it, because she was the jealous type and thought that I wasn’t always behaving myself when I travelled. Although I was always on my best behavior, this year turned out to be quite a bit different.

About three years ago my mother-in-law moved in with us after the passing of her husband. She seemed very lonely and depressed all the time. I think she was also lonely because she moved away from her friends out of state to be with us. During the time that she’s lived wit... Continue»
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Something happened to me and I reacted like a fool, and I took the initiative to solve that problem for a short time.

It was in 1990 and there was something wrong in the bathroom. Indeed, all the water has been invased the room and the best way was to call the plumber.

So, I gave a phone call and said that there was no problem and could come immediately because they had plenty of time.

When I opened the door, I did not realized there were three man.

Of course if I describe them : the first one was almost bald because he had 55 and was the boss : his name was Kevin and said he had b... Continue»
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Third MMF with wife and long time friend his house

A couple of months passed since our last fuck date and he was getting very horny for my wifes holes again. We would dirty text back and forth about how much fun we had fucking my slutty wife together often. I loved knowing my boy was wanting my wife so bad it's a huge turn on! He said he wanted to play at his house for the next round. He has no close neighbors lives alone and constantly looks around his house at places he wants to fuck my wife. We planned for a Saturday to stay the night and wear each other out the next week. I took my wife out shopping for some tight outfits I k... Continue»
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Me and my wife - forever fucking, everywhere

Me fucking my wife's big ass in latex strings at home. We are fucking with fully opened doors to our room. A number of other people are presented at our home together with us at this moment, so they can freely enter our room and see that we having sex. Clapping sound of my wife's ass is so loud that it can be heard anywhere in our home, even in distant rooms. But we try to fuck even louder to pay more attention to us. All other people are hearing this sound and they know that we are fuck... Continue»
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His Affair, Her Affair

Married salesman picks up married hooker in a hotel bar.

He sat at one end of the bar, nursing a drink. His sport coat was unbuttoned and his tie pulled down. His eyes kept darting down to the blonde sitting at the other end. Of medium height, she wore a black leather skirt. Already short, that skirt was cut up the side, showing the tops of her fishnet stockings and the straps of the garter belt that supported them. She crossed and recrossed her legs, obviously aware of his scrutiny and just as obviously ignoring it.

The next time the bartender wandered down to his side of... Continue»
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"Best Wife Ever!" 12 Days of Sexmas (Mus

Summary - Wife plans 12 sexual adventures for herself & husband.

THE FIRST DAY OF SEXMAS...Wednesday December 14th, 2011

I woke up 12 days before Christmas with my wife, a third grade teacher, already in the shower. I rolled over and there was an envelope on the bed. The envelope said DAY ONE. Curious, I opened the envelope and there was a note inside.

Dear Jeremy,

If you dare, get ready for the 12 Days of Sexmas. Each day will be a whirlwind of sexual pleasure. You will never know when, you will never know how, and you will never know where you will come. But I pro... Continue»
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Celebrity Sluts: Part 1 - Jennifer Lawrence and El

Celebrity Sluts:

Part 1- Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks

Jennifer Lawrence became an international star overnight, earning universal critical acclaim, winning an Oscar and making millions. There were some downsides to this fame and to being in the public eye. Especially her private life becoming public... and her sex life.

Jennifer was on set filming the last part of the Hunger Games series. After filming finished Jennifer returned to her hotel which was luckily close to the set. Her room was directly next to her co-star's room; Elizabeth Banks. Jennifer knocked on her door afte... Continue»
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Gift from My Owner

I was in the shower when Daniel came home from work. I had just got in. A few minutes later, a tap on the door, he came in and sat on a stool in the bathroom and watched me through the glass. He made a little small talk before I got out. He picked up my towel and started to dry my dripping body. He dried all of me and swept me up. He had his arms under me, cradling me.

He took me into our room. He put me the bed. There was a flat, pink, wrapped box sitting on it. He put the box in my hands. I slipped the pink and white ribbon off of it. I pulled the top off; there was a black, leather colla... Continue»
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