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The Bra from Hell

They are kind of rare these days but this was an actual cocktail party given by the professional association to which I belong. So being work related I had no choice but to be there. This one was easy as it was held in a restaurant’s bar and I was going to meet friends afterward.

I was standing in line waiting to get a drink when a very lovely woman got in line behind me. When I looked to see who it was thinking perhaps it might be a colleague, she gave me a welcoming smile so I said, “Can I buy you a drink?” “Well since they are courtesy of the association I guess you can!” she ... Continue»
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Fantasy Realized

I have always had a difficult time sl**ping in moving vehicles, and I knew from previous experiences that this train trip would be no different. So about 11:30PM, while almost everyone in my car was either asl**p or preparing to sl**p, I decided to gather my things and go to the Snack Car to pass the night, where I could spread out at one of the tables and have more room to write, read, or whatever I felt like doing.

I picked my way through the Observation Deck crowd, attempting to not step on the people already spread out on the seats or the floor, and descended to the Snack Car. I ordere... Continue»
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A New Toy

It was back about our 5th year of marriage when I decided to do something different. I was gone to Norfolk Virginia on business; I was gone for nearly a month and a half. After going out with the guys several times I started missing Trish even more. So for a solid week I did nothing more that think of how I can improve our love life. I thought of so many things, knowing that Trish had a good past before we married; I just was not sure how I could improve ours.

I did what every red bl**ded American man would do in this situation. I stopped by the local triple X store to see what they had. I... Continue»
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My boss's daughter!

This is a story of a day in the office, and a few days that followed.

I work for a company where I am my own boss and I pretty much do and say what goes. Most of the time I am busy with work, but when I'm not busy with work, I spend my time surfing the web and teasing myself to no end.

This particular day was a crazy one in the morning, and all I could think about was sex. Finally, I got caught up and decided it was time to do a little reading. Most days I am in the office by myself, so I usually don't worry about anyone walking into see something they wouldn't expect from me. I was re... Continue»
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Different Type of Sex

My wife and I are unable to enjoy normal sexual relations do to an ongoing medical condition with my wife. She is completely unable to have any form of sex without pain and severe bleeding. I have tried to be understanding, but it does get difficult sometimes. However, my wife came up with a rather interesting way of solving the problem.

Since she has lost all interest in sex, I have had to resort to masturbation; an affair is not something I would never do. My wife did say that I can chase all the girls I want, but I am not allowed to catch any. Recently she bought me a male masturbation s... Continue»
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Driver's Seat with a View

While there are other video people at our company, it's always a thrill when Sara and I are assigned to work together. That usually means crafting scripts together, in very close contact. We'll sit at the table in my office, and I'll find myself smelling her perfume, looking at her blonde hair, undressing her with my eyes...

Ahem... while we are in the office, she is very careful to remind me that while people SUSPECT we are having an affair, no one has any proof, so I will occasionally get a stern look reminding me to keep my mind focused on the work at hand, instead of running my hands ov... Continue»
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Black Satin Thong

He opened his bag and started to unpack. He hadn't been away long so there wasn't much. Before long he was at the bottom, only the small bits and pieces remained, then his fingertips brushed against satin. He smiled as he remembered the last time they had felt it. It was only last night, in the car before they had parted. He didn't take it out of the bag straight away, blindly savouring the feel of the satin. He closed his eyes and smiled, in his mind his fingers found that damp material between her legs and brushed lightly over it. He could hear her moan with pleasure as she had when his fing... Continue»
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Day at the Museum

Before I met Kat, I never viewed museums as sexual. Now I can't walk into one without getting an erection.

It was a simple enough place, a small two story house of historical significance, run by a small foundation. I was just killing time. I had a meeting in a few hours and nothing to do in the meantime. I was walking the streets and noticed the museum. It was only five dollars, so I decided to go in and look around.

It was nothing special. At first. Nobody else was around, so the tour guide took her time, letting me look around and enjoy the rooms as long as I liked. She also didn't se... Continue»
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Barely Virgin Night

He went over to Elizabeth's apartment. They had been instant messaging and emailing one-another for months online, but had not met in reality yet.

And his cock wanted that to change.

As did her pussy, and her tits.

She was in college in Indianapolis to learn massage therapy. He was a semi-professional athlete who needed massages often. At 26, Ryan played college football and basketball, but hadn't quite made it "big time." But he hadn't quite given up. He'd played a year of professional basketball in Europe, and was working in the arena football leagues around America now.

Elizabet... Continue»
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This took place quite some time ago but I look back on it with very fond memories.
I was in the car going to some shops close by where I live. Stooped at the shops and went and bought what I wanted
When I came out of the shops there was an attractive late 20`s to early 30 young woman who approached me and asked
if I could let her have £20-00 as she needed it disparately for her rent as her landlord was going to evict her if she didnt pay.
I said no why should I give £20-00 to someone I didnt know. She said I am desperate for it I will do anything to get it.
I of course an... Continue»
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Anal Week

Anal Week

Kathryn could feel her period was approaching. She tingled with excitement because she knew what that meant. It meant her man would have no choice in the matter he would have to fuck her arse. She cheekily rang Brad and declared her "friend" had arrived and with feigned sadness said her cunt was out of action for a few days. Brad's sadness was equally insincere. "You know what that means? You can only fuck me me up my arse!" she intoned.

Brad grinned as he said "well you know I can't stop fucking you because you want cock no matter what, so it will just have to be in your ars... Continue»
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A chance encounter

I was in the military and at one post I had a group of friends that were not in the military, but knew a few of the civilians that worked on post and that is how we ended up meeting. One evening we out drinking at a local watering hole and everyone else had to leave as they had work in the morning. I was off for two days and one of the other guys that was in his 40's was also off the next day. He asked me if I wanted to go over to his place and a few more beers, so I accepted and we headed over to his house in town.
I have been bisexual since I can remember having any type of sexual th... Continue»
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Mr McCullagh

It was Summer and Carl took on a job doing up a guys house. There wasn't much to it and it only needed the two of us to finish in a few week. Which was great as meant we got lots of chances to have some fun with each other! The house belonged to a couple in their late twenties and they were both quite fit. She went to work most of the day but Mr McCullagh worked nights and would be home sl**ping until around lunch when he would get up and sometimes help us out. We would normally start at 7 just after he arrived home from his shift so we had a key to let ourselves in to work as his wife left ea... Continue»
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My s****r part 2

My s****r was spitting out my cum from her mouth, while at the same time trying to cover her tits and pussy from my view.

Im still standing there with my cock in my hand and im feeling it wont go down, its still hard as a rock.

I enjoy seeing my s****r sitting in the tub spitting and cursing and still thinking with my cock i start to slowly stroke it again.

When my s****r notices that im still in the bathroom and that im stroking my cock, she turns her face towards me and she scream "Get the fuck out of here your perverted son of a bitch".

When i dont move more then my stroking ... Continue»
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My Little Softball Nympho

In school, I loved playing intramural sports. It was spring so softball was the sport. We had a dorm team and a co-ed team. I missed the practice session for the co-ed team, but I heard all about it. A freshman girl that they recruited named Cami was quite interested in me. Evidently she knew who I was and was disappointed that I wasn’t at practice and wanted assurances that I’d be at the games.
I’d seen Cami around the dorm. She was short and a bit overweight. She was cute with brown eyes and dirty blond straight hair and a sweet smile. She wasn’t fat and didn’t carry weight in her s... Continue»
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She said it'd be okay, continued

Barb straightened her posture in the chair when he walked in and waited a moment to speak. I was sitting across from her admittedly a little smitten and felt as though I was caught doing something wrong. We heard a set of car keys land on a table and quiet footsteps in the nearby hallway.

"Rick, come in here please. I want to introduce you to our neighbor."

As Rick walked around the corner, I made an effort not to show my surprise. From spending a few hours with this woman I believed I was getting to know her a little and never would have imagined her husband ,as he was in... Continue»
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My Fantasy

Captured and Tastefully Displayed

I am wandering in a park setting near my apartment one early fall morning with nobody around and enjoying the sounds of nature (birds chirping and dried leaves blowing in the wind). Suddenly from all directions, three hooded individuals (I think 2 men and a woman) come rushing out at me wielding clubs and threatening to use them on me. While two of them hold me, one of them quickly cuffs my hands behind my back and then heavily gags my mouth (first with a ball gag then additionally with tensor band wrapped around the head in the mouth area). Still b... Continue»
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Ecstasy & The Double BJ in the restroom

[X] Ecstasy & The Double BJ in the restroom [X] One Saturday night I was riding with a friend of mine around the city looking for some fun to get into, and we ride past this club . I noticed that it was a gay club by the flag on the front . He says " Damn if we was gay, we'd be in there turnt up ". I laugh , but in the back of my mind I'm thinking to myself "b*o, if you only knew". I keep my bi curiosity and my fascination with transsexuals to myself. But we eventually make our way back to his house, as the city was pretty much dead ( besides the gay club) I get a bright idea. I can get rid o... Continue»
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The Creation of Suzy Slut & Her Cuckold (from

This story starts with events that really happened, and continues with what could have been. If you're not an adult into kinky things stop reading. Names are changed, similarity to real people coincidental, etc.

After dinner, couples who are close friends use deception to transform a model monogamous couple, the hostess and her husband, from a prim and proper wife, mother and matron to a cock craving gangbang slut and her unwilling cuckold. I hope you enjoy it.


The Deception:

Susan came from a small Southern town where everyone knows everyone else. She met her husband Bob at the ... Continue»
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Slut meant for sharing

Slut meant for sharing:

My iPhone began to buzz, making my handbag shudder gently. Lifting the phone out of the bag I could see that Brian was calling.
Holding the phone up to my mouth, I swiped the screen and accepted the call.
"Hi Brian and what do I owe this pleasure?" I drawled.
"Can I pop round, there is a few things I want to discuss!" Brian blurted.
"Things you want to discuss or me you want to fuck?" I teased.
"Am I that transparent?" Brian giggled.
"Come round now honey and I'll wear something sexy for you and you can fuck me! Anything you fancy in particular? Stockings, boot... Continue»
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