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The Shelter

Over Christmas I did the odd bit of voluntary work at my local homeless shelter, I have got too know a few of them over the holidays & feel for them. Most are in the situation through no fault of their own, just bad luck & circumstances. They only have twelve beds, sometimes eight turn up other night's we have to turn people away or find them other accommodation.
I Knew I was doing the sl**p over on the 27th, I would be the only worker after 11pm in the shelter. So with this in mind, knowing what a dirty slut Karolina was, I thought of an idea, that could make... Continue»
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The Big Switch

When we were married, my wife and I used to swap with other couples, not so much parties where disclosure almost certainly follows but with smaller numbers, where you could make friends with those you were meeting. We became friendly with one such couple. a little older than us, which wasn't a difficulty (actually nothing was a difficulty, as long as the sex was good) and they were nice people. Bob, the husband, like me, as bi and his wife Angela was straight, so we were a good match. They both liked long slow foreplay, which suited us much better than joining people in a room, shooting all ov... Continue»
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All Rise!

The Judge:

Well, I met Don through a mutual friend he worked with. He was a recently divorced judge and was just looking to just go out and have fun. I agreed to meet one day for lunch at a local restaurant. He was very flirtatious. He had hungry, wondering eyes left you would expect from a man who hasn’t been properly fucked in a while. I was not really interested in him. He was rather on the heavy side and just not really my type. We did talk on the phone though for several weeks. I was just being nice and being a person who was there for him as company during his new divorce. Our... Continue»
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My Punk friend

So as many of you know I knew a bunch of slutty girls in college but by far the hottest and slutty-ist was my punk friend. She was really hot with a sexy pixie cut and amazing eyes. She also had nice small tits and an amazing ass! We became pretty good friends but I always was either staring at her ass. One day I found out that she did some nude pics and like the guy I am I saved them to jerk off too.

After a month of jerking off to her I accidentally let slip that I did and instead of getting pissed she teased me about it for a couple of days, until she came over to my place and wanted to... Continue»
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Comforting Mom

Mom sat me down and said “Your dad’s been having an affair it’s been going on for three years” I felt shocked, I was 18 years old and looked up to my parents as role models, but now I felt depressed as if their relationship had been a sham. As mom cried I felt sorry for her “So have you been without” I asked her “Yes for two years he hasn’t touched me”.

As mom went upstairs I heard her run a bath, 45 minutes later I went upstairs and I could hear her crying in her bedroom, as dad was out, again, I slowly opened the door, mom was sat on the bed wearing her housecoat, crying. I moved closer t... Continue»
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The Unnoticed Fruit

The college year is almost over and steve has exams left, he is studying hard and thinks he will do well he is 6 foot athletic build brown hair blue eyes and you can tell he works out a little..

For this year of college he has been staying in Diggs, it wasn't the plan but he couldn't find an affordable place to live with friends so it had to do.He couldn't complain the f****y were lovely relatively young and treated him very well.

Steve had never thought about sarah in a sexual way because she had a husband and because he rarely seen her she tended to work long hard days. what he did kno... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 10

Ah Saturday morning! Mom and Dad out for the day, Grandpa can get down the stairs and my s****r is at her friend Kate's, nothing better than a good wank. I raid Dad's porn stash and put a movie on, strip naked and settle back on the couch and begin slowly stroking my cock. For some reason I prefer to masturbate naked it just feels better and as there is no hurry I can work up to it slowly. So there I was , after about fifteen minutes of slowly teasing my cock watching some really hot porn my s****r Susan and her friend Kate arrive unexpectedly, as they do! Given what we had all shared I didn't... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 2

We entered the room and found a small crowd already gathered. Everyone was chatting and sharing a drink and as we entered I could tell that this was a classy group and the quality of the rooms were very good, clean and that from all appearances this was a good group and the night should be a fun one.

We were introduced to Ray and Janet, a nice couple in their late 40’s who were clearly experienced in events like this. I found Janet particularly attractive with her long red hair, milky complexion and round hips and large milky breasts. Janet’s body was particularly amazing in the red dre... Continue»
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"Η συνάντη&am

Αυτην την φορά η συνάντηση με το μωρό μου θα ήταν ακόμη πιο συναρπαστική γιατι θα κοιμόμασταν και αγκαλίτσα όλο το βράδυ! Ηταν Παρασκευή μεσημέρι όταν μπήκα στο δωμάτιο. Ο παίδαρός μου με περίμενε έτοιμος με το γκαβλί του σκληρό σαν πέτρα. Μόνο που τον αντίκρισα αρχισα να στάζω ολόκληρη... δεν αντεχα ούτε να ξεντυθώ. Έπεσα πάνω του και τον έπαιρνα τσιμπουκάρα ενω ταυτοχρονα προσπαθούσα να βγάλω τα ρούχα μου. Αυτή η γεύση του, αυτά τα ζουμιά του με τρελαίνουν, με γεμίζουν γκαβλα. Χωρις δεύτερη σκέψη ανέβηκα πάνω του και άρχισα να ξεσκίζω εναλλάξ τις τρυπούλες μου. Έχυνα συνεχόμενες φορές και συ... Continue»
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I sit alone in the dark except for th flicker of a TV. My wife (sometimes its my wife and sometimes it my girlfriend when I imagine it) had been out for almost and hour. Her only instructions, "Don't play with your cock when I leave. I want that cum for myself." As soon she left. I immediately strip and turn on some porn. I can get off to anything and everything. I guess its a sign that I am either extremely one minded or simply perfectly perverse. I like to think I am date perfectly combination of both.

There in the dark I fun my cock and balls. From time to time I lean over and spit down ... Continue»
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I was just finishing up my shift. It was around 8am and I was driving down a rural road when I came upon a car that was parked along the side of a deserted road with someone sl**ping in the driver seat. I pulled my unmarked car in behind the vehicle and approached with caution. I discovered a female driver passed out behind the wheel. She was rather attractive, large breasted wearing a low cut shirt and shorts. I opened her door and woke her. She was surprised to see a cop standing above her.

Drivers license and insurance I commanded. She was very groggy but proceeded to look thru h... Continue»
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Open House

It’s the summer and just for the fun of it I decide to go to a real estate open house for a garden apartment in a newly renovated brownstone. It’s beautiful place, everything is brand new with a landscaped garden in the back. The owners have paid someone to stage the apartment with new furniture.

You are there in sun dress and you’ve been showing the apartment for the last two hours; the open house is coming to an end and I and another guy are the last two people there. Just as we get ready to leave the sky blackens and the rain comes pouring down. It’s so hard that you can’t see out th... Continue»
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Cock Sucker

I told Chase that I'd love to, and headed towards Michael's tent. I unzipped the left side, and poked my head through. I found Jordan on his knees sucking down my sons cock. I unzipped the right side and walked the rest of the way in. I managed to startle the two, and Michael asked me to zip it back up. I zipped both sides back up, and kneeled down next to Jordan. He was struggling to get the first 3" inches down his throat. I told him to try to relax more.
He seemed too eager to manage its full size. Michael had him gagging like crazy. Michael’s dick was a little wider than mine, so I saw w... Continue»
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Walk in the woods

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I decided to go out to a local park to enjoy the weather. Apparently, a LOT of other people had the same idea, because the park was crowded as hell. I headed for the trail through the woods, where I knew it would be a lot more private, more relaxed.

A few minutes into my hike, I came across three of girls walking together. There was one smoking hot blonde with a tight body and a great ass, one black (or mixed, I couldn't tell for sure) girl with decent legs but a rather chunky upper body, and a thick brunette with HUGE tits and daisy dukes on. As I came... Continue»
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Casual sex with married paki muslim woman

This is an actual confession about me and a girl who lives 2 doors down.

To start with let me introduce myself I wont disclose my name but my xhamster alias is there for all to be seen. (If you do want to get to know me please feel free to message me) I'm 26 6 foot 3 medium athletic build and of Pakistani descent. I run my own recruitment agency and have been doing so for the past 2 years. Live with my f****y in a basic terraced house although we have two houses converted into one. The point is I'm a particularly regular young Pakistani guy.

I live in a small town I wont say where to... Continue»
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Her Slutty Surprise

She had been planning the surprise all week. She missed his cock. He had been gone too long. She purposely didn't pick him up at the airport, and made him take a cab home. He called her and wanted her to come over because he missed her too. His cock throbbing from not touching her wet tight pussy. But she declined, she said she had plans and that he should at least take a nap so he wasn't so tired from the trip. She was grinning from ear to ear as she told him all that, secretly she just didn't want him tired so that she could have her way with him as much as she wanted. She was waxed and smoo... Continue»
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Perfect night

Perfect night

I take my wife out for dinner and after for drinks at a local bar. She's dressed casual showing off a little cleavage. Little does she know I have plans for her tonight. After a few drinks and shots I meet up with a guy at the bar that I set a meet up with. I give a quick intro to the wife that he's an old but I used to work with ages ago and we chat for a while. Before we leave he insists on doing a shot with us and goes and gets a round before we leave. He gets the shots but adds a little something to the wifes shot. We slam it down and head our seperate ways, as far as she ... Continue»
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Shopping Adventure

We arrange a rendez-vous for a Friday lunch time for a few drinks and lunch.
You are dressed in pleated skirt, boots, black opaque tights and blouse with jacket. You look delicious. Drink flows and discussion turns to naughty experiences we've had in the past.
Boldly I suggest an idea to you and I am over the moon when you agree to carry the idea out....................must be the drink, but who cares!!!!
We leave the bar and pop to Anne Summers on the high street - we purchase a vibrating love egg and 8 inch silver tipped vibrator.
Carrying our purchases and both extremely excited by what... Continue»
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40's spring break

My wife and I decided to take a weekend trip to St. Pete's Florida for a few days. We didn't realize that it was also spring break. So on our first day we were at the pool drinking while these 2 college guys were checking out my wife. Now for 40 and having a few k**s she's still in great shape. 5'6" and 120 with a nice 36b chest. She still wears bikinis, which I love, and I think age still loves to show off her body a little. Anyway, these guys kept looking over and I told my wife there was some interest in her going on. She laughed and said they are too young with a smirk on her face. So as w... Continue»
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Story about a Cockold Hubby

My wife and I were in need of a bit of rest from work so we decided to go to Nashville for a quick get-a-way and maybe some fun, but that turned out to be an understatement. We have been married for nine years now and have dabbled in the Swingers lifestyle for several years with only a handful of actually nsa romps. Rachel is definitely the reluctant one when it comes to playing with others especially when it comes to allowing penetration, and frankly even our own sex life had hit a brick wall, leaving me frustrated and her at odds with her own decreased libido. I guess the old saying is true:... Continue»
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