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"Arresting" Officer

I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark brown hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. Abo... Continue»
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The Rainstorm

I love running. It's the endorphins, really. They are an addiction to those of us who enjoy it. It keeps me in shape and the charity races are always fun. Every week I run at a certain park. It has wide paths, fields of seasonal wildflowers, and shade trees. Just like a gym or a bar, there are regulars. They are the people you see ever week or so with their dogs, c***dren, and their cells phones.

Many people walk at the park while talking on their cell phones. That is what "Poodle Girl" does. I see her just about every day. She is a beautiful sight: dark, straight hair with soft highlights... Continue»
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Craigslist BBC for Nikki and John: Round 2

I ate Nikki's stretched, cum-filled pussy while she sucked his giant black cock back to life. I was loving the position I was in, my tongue deep in my wife's pussy, tasting & eating all his cum, while she's sucking his dick back to rock hard cock god status. She used the hand that wasn't playing with his huge black balls to grab my hair and pull me down hard onto her pussy, nice and low so I could get my tongue as deep as possible... but unfortunately blocking my view of her amazing bbc blowjob skills. It's okay, I thought, I'm gonna eat her pussy so fucking good until she moans and ... Continue»
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Happy birthday Angie

She was so nervous she could hardly contain
herself as her parents got ready to go out. They felt safe leaving her home by
herself, now, since she had Davey to protect her. Just a few days before, Angie
wouldn’t have even dreamed of the things currently running through her mind.
The difference between then and now was that one of her friends had sent her a
forwarded e-mail, saying “OMG this is sick! You have to see it!” When she
opened the file, she’d at first been stunned to see a huge Great Dane fucking a
woman as if she were another dog. After getting over t... Continue»
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Watching my friend's wife get dominated

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured an update was in order. My enjoyable situation continues, but I've found that it's been tougher to just write about it. Most of my Saturdays are very similar to previous posts, so as fun as it is, it makes for a repetitive read.
Last Saturday was a little different though, so I figured it was worth writing about. So as fucked up as this might sound, one of the aspects that I've unexpectedly come to enjoy from this arrangement is watching Anna let herself get treated like an object.

That statement deserves a little backstory, so here goes: S... Continue»
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How I Was Turned Out Too BBC Only Girls

I Guess I should start with the fact that I have always loved IR porn, and grew up in a plenty diverse area. Just so you know I didn't just happen upon this situation or was caught by surprise at all. Well I can't say not at all, but not completely.

I met a girl while I was visiting some f****y, Jen was here name. She was short, with shoulder length hair, full lips and a nice round ass. She was wearing excercise shorts when I met her, which was awsome! So I have this pretty girl being friendly, she's halfway interested, and currently staying at my b*****rs house. Then from down stairs... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning when I arrived at the airport with my beautiful girlfriend, Becca.

Normally, it was difficult to find parking near the airport. However, luck was on our side today.

There was an available parking spot that was relatively close to the airport doors.

“We're here,” I told Becca, as I parked the van that I recently rented.

“Thanks again for the ride, dear,” Becca said, as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“You're quite welcome,” I told her.

Becca was heading to Orlando, Florida for a cheerleader competition. She was planning on recr... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 14

Whether they let her sl**p for an hour or for a few minutes she had no way of telling but she started awake as the door was thrown open and a guard entered.
Unceremoniously, he hauled her to her feet and back out into the corridor, holding her arm then pushing her forward, indicating that she should walk ahead of him. To the right, Melinda glimpsed two more of the white-tiled shower rooms, and then there were several solid doors on both sides of the passageway, each with large mortice locks on the outside. Though they did not have the large porthole windows they were provided with a smaller ... Continue»
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Long Long Distance Fun

The plane finally touched down in Cleavland. It had been a very long journey 9 hrs fight plus two stop overs normally I would have been tired. I was kept awake by the thought of seeing her. The anticipation and excitement kept me alert and bl**d flowing. The last time I could remember being this excited was when I was younger at Christmas waiting to unwrap presents.

I packed light just a small carry on as I always worried about loosing my luggage and always felt ripped off have to pay the extra cash. I had planned a route to her place where I could pick up some things that were not allowed ... Continue»
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Revenge Fuck

Spencer woke from his sl**p naked with the scent of alcohol and pussy on his lips. He wondered if last night's activities were a dream. Spencer grumbled, turned over of his right side, and was about to fade back into dreamland when he felt his bed shift and a woman moaned right next to him. He slowly turned over to his left and saw what he thought he had dreamed. Sasha, a 5'6" black goddess that made guys drool at work. With her 35D breasts, slim 24 inch waist, and 36 inch hips and ass combo, she was a brickhouse. How she got into Spencer's bed was another story.

Sasha, still asl**p, turne... Continue»
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Old Friends

Phil and Gary hadn’t seen each other since they were about 14 when Gary’s f****y moved away. Now 40 years later, they still couldn’t believe that they ran into each other by accident not to mention that Phil remembered Gary so quickly. Back in the day, they were inseparable and were heartbroken when Gary’s f****y moved to another state. Now they sat in the bar talking nonstop – playing catch up.

There were a lot of similarities in their lives. Both attended the state university of their respective home state and both competed in athletics while there. Gary married his high school sweet... Continue»
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Hubby was away on business again and we were having some new kitchen appliances fitted. The day arrived and I received a phone call to say they’d be here within the hour, I phoned my husband and we had phone sex as I was dying for it, I told him the items were on their way and he said “good”. I got dressed after we’d had phone sex but it wasn’t enough.

As I was sat downstairs in a skirt and top still feeling fruity my mind wandered to when he’d return in a couple of days’ time, my hand slid up my thigh as I felt my breast, moving my hand upwards it was soon touching... Continue»
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Naughty d***ken Claire Part 1

I’d been on a night out with the girls and was a bit worse for wear due to too much alcohol. When I got home I stumbled through the front door and into the hall when I heard voices in the lounge, I thought oh no who is here and tried to straighten myself out before opening the door to the lounge.

I walk in as best I can hiding the fact that I’m really d***k, and hubby and his mate Steve were there watching match of the day, I said hi and hubby asks if I’ve had a good night, after a bit of general chatter with hubby and Steve I excused myself as I was desperate for a wee. As I’m sat on the l... Continue»
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A Driving Lesson

Nathan waited at the end of the driveway for his driving instructor to pick him up for his first lesson. He was kicking the tree as he waited. Not only was the instructor late but he'd just had another argument with his mother. He didn't think driving lessons were necessary, he could drive well but his mother said he needed intensive lessons and she didn't have the time.

This sucked, he thought, all his mates already had their licenses. His father had tried to talk her around but she insisted that Nathan was not going for his license till he had driving lessons and it had to be with a qual... Continue»
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A Desire Reawakened

I am a man that was still in his thirties, even though I had raised a c***d that was eighteen when she finally left home to move in with a girlfriend and start college. I had dated (and had a very steamy sex life with) her mother, Maria, while we were in college ourselves, and she had gotten pregnant in our second year together.

She had been nineteen and I barely twenty when she gave birth to a baby daughter, Briana.

Maria and I had a great marriage for twelve years despite marrying and having a c***d so young, until a d***k driver shattered that part of my life.

Maria had not only ... Continue»
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He loves his mom's friend, his former teacher

I was adopted by a loving couple and raised in a small town in Northeast Ohio. When I was 18 years old in high school, I developed a strong interest in math mainly because I had a very good teacher, Mrs. Pauline Rogers, who also was an attractive lady: about 5'2" and 120 lb, blonde, firm boobs, and slim legs. When ever I was close to her, I tried to inhale her intoxicating perfume. I worked hard to please her, who I guessed was about 35 years old. In turn, she was glad to have one male student interested in learning math. There were rumors that Mr. Rogers, a basketball coach, was cheating on h... Continue»
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A Drink of Milk

I had known Emily since she was a baby. I watched her grow from a young c***d to an exuberant teen and finally to a very sexy young adult. Yes she was half my age, and to be honest, when she was an 18-year-old gymnast, there were times that I had less than wholesome thoughts about her, but as every father thinking things like that about their k**'s friends, I kept them well to myself. I suspect that as she grew into her early twenties, those full body hugs she gave me, the ones where she couldn't seem help but press her hips tight to mine, were an indication that she had picked up on those hid... Continue»
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Ryan Matthews walked into his office and was immediately struck with a severe case of Mondayitis. He placed his suitcase on the green couch which was placed against the left wall of his office, pulled a file out of it which he put back in its place in the filling cabinet on the right hand wall, before trudging over to his desk. With a sigh he sat down and pulled the monthly report in front of him and started up his computer.

As the local manager for Essam Reality, a nation wide real estate agency, Ryan's life had become one monotonous blur. It seemed he was always at the office, and when he... Continue»
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Day At The Beach

We had carefully walked down the very narrow path from the high bluff to the beach below. The waves were crashing in and the winds were high as they always are on this stretch of the PCH. She made me promise to take her to a nude beach and after many conversations and searching we finally agreed to go today. The sun was bright and very warm and the beach was empty except for some really big boulders and what appeared to be mini-forts out of white washed wood propped up by some rocks. We found a spot next to this very large boulder, spread the blanket, and Beth stripped off her top, and shimmie... Continue»
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young man finds a willing, older partner at work

It was going to be a long day, as Saturdays usually were. The weather was beautiful outside, which made me all the more bitter for being stuck at work. Library patrons always seemed more demanding on Saturday afternoons and doubly so on nice ones. They'd simply wave and beckon on me to attend to their needs. A dude has a to have a pretty strong stomach to deal with some of these people. The homeless people and the whores are always hooking up in this place. Saturdays are different, though. The riff-raff usually stay outside and the families come in to look at books. Thankfully, it was quiet fo... Continue»
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