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Thanks Mom

Summer had just started and I was halfway thru my s*******nth year. I was riding my dirt bike and had a pretty bad crash, broke both my wrist, my arm and got banged up real good. I had both arms in a cast from my hands up to the shoulder, one of those that hold your arms up so I looked like the mummy as my arms were out all the time. I could not do anything for myself, I could not pee, poop, take a bath, eat, anything. My mom was a stay at home mom and she had to help me do everything. It was plenty weird. And I was going to need the cast for six to eight weeks.
The other draw back that s... Continue»
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My Personal Banker

My Personal Banker

I had a little issue with one of my bank accounts about 6 weeks ago, so I headed to the local branch and met with Kelsy, a personal banker. Kelsy was about mid to late 20's, beautiful dark hair, really pretty eyes and a great smile. She was on the heavy side though, not overly fat but if she had dropped about 30 pounds she would be considered hot. Her tits weren't as big as you would expect and small for the rest of her but she had great legs, especially in the small heels she was wearing that helped accentuate her ass. We fixed what was wrong and I left. About a month l... Continue»
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Fucked at Cousins Wedding

My Mom and I flew down to Texas for a cousins wedding, We were booked into a hotel where most of the out of town guests were staying, we got ready, I was 17 years old what you would call plump, 5.4 tall very fat tits and ass shoulder length blonde hair, I wore a short green dress that made my Big Tits really stand out. We made our way to the church for the wedding, Once done there we moved the reception hall for the party. During the reception I met some of the grooms cousins, Dan, Chuck and Sam all 3 were really good looking guys between the ages of 18 & 20 years old, I could tell by the way... Continue»
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Greatest EROTIC Female ...... stars

I don’t Like watching Porn – But I like see Passion and Lust on screen
So this is an EDITED LIST of ………… Greatest EROTIC Female stars.

If us search these names ……… these Ladies will not let ya down

Thank u to my fren ……… ShitJustGotReal

Legendary Women (Min. 10 Years, 24 Titles Per Year)

Nina Hartley - 30 Years - 1,027 Titles

Katja Kassin - 11 Years - 704 Titles

Sharon Mitchell - 34 Years - 700 Titles - RETIRED

Jada Fire - (Ebony) 16 Years - 678 Titles

Debi Diamond - 30 Years - 621 Titles - RETIRED... Continue»
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blk mom daughter doggystye

The sun was almost down now. I thought to myself, I wish I had went another round with the black men, before I let them go. I smiled. I went in and threw on a tee shirt and some shorts. I went around cleaning the house, while I waited for mom.

She pulled into the drive, and headed for the door. As she walked to the door, she looked good. I knew where I got my looks from. I smiled. I hope I look that good at 42, I thought to myself, as she walked into the house.

Hi honey, she said as she hugged and kissed me. Coffee is ready, lets sit and catch up, I told her. Where is the great white hun... Continue»
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My Hot Cousin Shruthi

Hi guys I’m Akash and I’m a good looking guy with an aesthetic physique. I am going to narrate an awesome night with my hot cousin Shruthi. She is a really hot girl and she has some of the sexiest assets any girl could long to have for. Her boobs are perfectly round with a nipple that is custom made for that size.

The incident happened a few months ago. I’m 21 and she is 20 and we both used to be very close to each other since our c***dhood. I didn't really have much of sexual intentions about her but after seeing her after a long time like 4 to 5 years; she has turned in to a sex bomb. I w... Continue»
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Hot s****r Pacified By Me

Hello everyone, my name is Ajay, I am a student at Welingkar College in Mumbai pursuing my MBA as of now. I have an athletic body, I am quite young and energetic, and I regularly involve myself in a lot of competitive sports activities like football and cricket. I am quite a decent looking guy and have my own way with girls. I have had many girlfriends in the past but none like my cousin s****r Sneha. I will jump to the story now.

I was in my dad’s office one evening as my dad had gone out of town. When i was busy talking to a few employees, a hot girl wearing a grey spaghetti top and skinn... Continue»
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A visit to my anal slut Ex-Girlfriend with friend

I received a call from a close friend that he was bummed out from a messy break up he had with a girl he had been with for years. I told him I'd swing by and we could hang out and he could bend my ear for a bit about his problem. I got there and he talked for nearly an hour about his girl, I tried to seem like I was interested, but secretly I was becoming bored. He was saying that he was used to fucking almost every night, and now it had been almost 3 weeks and he had only jacked off to porn. I mention my EX, Renee... I tell him all about how I took her to two different gangbang parties each w... Continue»
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Partying with Molly

Molly and I met at work when I was in college. She and I got along well, and it wasn’t long before we were hanging out outside of work. We had fun together, generally by drinking and getting high, and there always seemed to be a sexual undercurrent in our friendship. We were not fucking or anything, we just both enjoyed sex and had little problem with discussing it with each other. She was cute too; a short girl with short hair, a perky little rack and an amazing ass. That ass of hers would constantly fill my head with naughty thoughts about everything I wanted to do to it. Unfortunately nothi... Continue»
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I have been talking to Jennifer through emails, instant messages, and on the phone for the last several months and it was now time for us to finally meet in person. We had discovered each other in a chat room quite some time ago during a discussion about a woman's natural tendancy to be submissive to a man, and somehow we ended up going to a private room to further our own discussion on the subject. She was currently in a marriage with a man that she felt no physical, emotional, or intellectual attraction to, and was really just looking for someone to make an online connection with. She was no... Continue»
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The only way my wife could cum

My first wife and I both came from families that were extremely religious, and the general rule was if something brought you pleasure it had to be a sin. Our wedding night was a disaster: my wife was a virgin, and she "gave" herself to me only because she was told it was her duty to do so. Neither one of us had any experience, though I had found a source for old black-and-white porn movies, and I wanted to try everything I saw in the movies. I wanted to eat her pussy, fuck her mouth, have her stroke me, even see other cock in her. My fantasy life was rich and varied, and, in fantasy, at lea... Continue»
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First Gay Experence Getting Fucked By Older Bear N

My name is Ryan, I am seven teen years old and I live with my mom and dad in a quiet, rural town where most everyone knows each other. My mom and dad are hard workers so when there not at home they have had our next door neighbor John watch me and as much as I hated the idea at first I soon found out John was a cool guy. John is a single guy who is in his fifties but is in decent shape since he considers himself an outdoors man. John is tallish and stocky with a black goatee that is starting to grey. Anyways hanging out with John was always fun because he didn't treat me like some random boy w... Continue»
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My Evil stepmother part 6.

So after catching me fucking his wife again, my stepmother Melinda, my father moved over sea's indefinitely and Melinda and I were left to our own devices.
We soon were fucking like a regular couple and things were good for a while, then my father cut off the money, and stopped Melinda's credit cards and Melinda had to go to work cause I didn't make enough money to take care of us both and a house.
It take Melinda long though she was in fact a well educated woman and very quickly she got a job in advertising with a big advertising firm and with in a few months she landed a very important big... Continue»
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Pity Fucking My BBW s****r Like A Slut

My name is Jacob and I am six teen years old. I live with my parents and my s****r Katie who just turned eighteen. My household is like any other I guess, my parents work a lot to pay off all of our nice things so its just usually Katie and I doing our own thing but its usually me more so than Katie. I am tallish and in decent shape with blond hair, blue eyes and I will admit I have a nice size dick not that I like to brag. Now I am the kind of guy who likes going out and hanging with my friends and picking up girls which isn't that difficult for me but sometimes even when I am having a good t... Continue»
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Extreme femdom torture

I did not write this. What is given below is a first hand account of one slaves extreme punishment at the hands of a Mistress who shows no mercy.

link: http://www.maxfisch.com/thehang/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showthreaded/Number/1556910/Searchpage/1/Main/147753/Words/chalet/Search/true/Long_term_imprisonment_torture


I was fortunate enough to spend three days with Madame Celeste de Monial, at the house of Madame Carah, at Germany's infamous Chalet of Pain (COP).

http://www.sm-langzeiterziehungen.com/gastladys.ht... Continue»
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Fucking My BF With A Strapon (Written By Sarah)

Hello all. This is Sarah again and because most of you seemed to really enjoy my first story I am going to try writing another one. It's my day off so I hijacked my boyfriend David's account and am going to again try my best. Hope you all enjoy :)

Now as I am sure most of you have read David's stories so you kinda know how our sex life is. We have done a lot of things and its gotten to the point where we are trying to think of other things to try. One day David and I were sitting at his place bored out of our minds so we d... Continue»
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The night I fucked my s****r

t was Christmas night we had f****y over and a lot of alcohol. I drink beer mostly but s*s goes for the hard stuff. By 10pm she was already passing out. Company was just starting to leave and every Christmas my mom spends it at her parents house. Dad couldt hear a dump truck drive thru the house and my other b*****rs are moved out. So that left it with just me and s*s in the house. Plus her two k**s spent the night at friends house. So it was the perfect setting. I was tipsy from the beer and when I drink it feels like i have the balls to say and do anything so s*s was passed out on the couch ... Continue»
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You win some, You loose some - That's life I


Many of my long time fans have been asking me lately, "Sue, why haven't you posted anything new in so long?" For a while, I have basically been telling people, "I think you have seen just about all there is to see of me...I don't know what else I could show you that is new". This was only partially true.

However, there's actually a reason why I haven't been posting my encounters with strangers lately and it's far more complicated than you may imagine. In the spirit of keeping it "r... Continue»
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Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

It had been over a week since Vicky and I were together as we were both busy. She called me and asked if I was ready for her and Mary tomorrow and I said it just so happened I was free and best of all I could spend pretty much all day with them. She was really excited with that aspect and said the she and Mary had plotted a day I would never forget.

I arrived at Vicky's house wearing only a t-shirt and my bathing suit. Before I could ring the bell, they opened the door and greeted me with big wet sloppy kisses. They were wearing matching ba... Continue»
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The New Manager

Eventually Donna got a permanent job at the store, she had been working there in a temporary part time position but now she’d landed a permanent part time position. After she’d been there a good couple of months she was doing an extra two hours when her line manager, Sally, asked if she’d sort out the clothes for the sale in the store room at the back of the store.

She was walking round to the area when Steve caught up with her, “Oh you’re back with us” he said, “Yes and I’m permanent” she replied, “Shame as I’ve got a promotion I leave the day after tomorrow but be careful the new guy does... Continue»
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