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The Master Next Door v1

The Master Next Door

Lauren didn’t know what was happening to her. Her body was on fire but all she felt was overwhelming pleasure.

She looked around but there was only blackness. She could make out flashes of dark limbs and skin.

She tried moving but a heavy f***e pinned her from above. Something powerful. Thrusting into her and taking her breath away.

She writhed from the heat building between her legs but could do nothing as the furnace engulfed her. It was like she was being simultaneously torn apart and made whole for the first time. She felt powerless but alive
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Neighbor Charlotte

Right after John got divorced, he was sitting home, just chilling. Knock came on the door. It was Scott from across the street. He invited John over the next Friday night. He was having a small party with booze, bonfire, and music. John said we'll see.

Friday evening came, John hemmed and hawed about going to Scotts. Scott liked to party and get high. He was married, but his wife and him fought a lot. They we're together I think mostly for their 3 k**s. Her name was Charlotte, five foot six, thin, small breasts, average looking with blondish hair. John heard the noise from across the str... Continue»
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Silver Chains (Male Bondage)

She led him slowly, only touching the small of his back to indicate where she wanted him to go. He stepped carefully, keeping his arms close to his sides as he did so. It took all of his patience not to demand where they were going, even though this endeavour had been his idea to begin with.
With each step, he grew more apprehensive, calming his breath only when she indicated that he stop and stand still. He began to question this fantasy of his, this desire to let another have control of him. The door swung open, a rush of air fanning over his neck where she whispered that he step forward, ... Continue»
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NO STOP...please, put a condom on my cock!!!

Have you ever said no to sex? Have you ever been afraid of sex, but still had an erection? Have you ever been dominated by women who were literally stronger than you are?

Well… I have.
I had no idea what a group of 5 women were planning to do. I had seen them the night before, during a party of a female friend of mine. They caught my eye because they were a strange looking group. Five female bodybuilders. I was quite scared of them to be honest. Every single one of them was at least 6’2 with big fake tits and biceps bigger than the average male bodybuilder. All of them had a fake tan. The... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise – A memor

In the days before I ever met my lovely Louise, when in my twenties before married to my first wife... in the early 80’s I travelled quite a bit with my work, and this gave me a chance to make contact with couples looking for single guys. Mainly I would meet people through the contact section of esteemed publications such as Forum and New Direction, now both sadly gone.

I at the time was still coming to terms with my sexuality and becoming less guilty about my bisexuality (that’s what a strict Catholic upbringing does). However I still did not want people to know because of my job and so I... Continue»
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**** fantasy I wrote for someone.

We pass each other almost every morning walking out of the apartment building. I have never asked your name but you always glance at me and I can't help but to stare at your ass as you walk away. I can't bring myself to even say hi but I can tell you like me from the passing glances.

I sneak behind you one day just to find out your apartment number. Days then months go by and we always glance but we have still never spoken. Finally one evening I see you in the lobby and I muster the courage to introduce myself and invite you over. You decline and say you are too busy that day. I ask a few ... Continue»
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BBW Sarah

Sarah and John have been friends a few years now. Sarah was a sexy BBW, brunette, pretty, nice tits, and loved sex. She was 20 years old but loved hanging around 43 year old John. They had lots of fun together especially partying. They drank almost every weekend. She had a hard time keeping a boyfriend because of her size. Younger guys don't really go for chubbier chicks.

Saturday night came, Sarah and John went to the bar with some other friends drinking beer and doing shots. Sarah tried all night to get a guy closer to her age. Not much luck for her though, she even told a guy she wante... Continue»
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Naked Pictures of my Wife at Indy 500

I like to carry naked pictures of my wife with me when I travel, and I do lots of traveling for work. Every year I used to go with friends to the Indianapolis 500, and it was a crazy time, we would go down to Indy the night before, and party all night, and look at all the girls down there who would show their tits, this was the main attraction, then watch the race the next day. This time I was riding with my buddy Bret in a van his b*****r in law had. I didn’t know his b*****r in law very well, and so I wasn’t sure what kind of van he had. My friend Bret and I had known each other for a while,... Continue»
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Jenny - Part 1

John and Jenny are great friends. John is divorced, Jenny has a boyfriend. John is 43 years old, and Jenny is 25. They work together and almost always have lunch together. Jenny is very attractive, 5 foot 4, blond hair with highlights, small A cup breasts, dark brown eyes. They have been friends a few years now, and knew each other well.

Jenny was outside during her first break, having a smoke. John strolls out and sees Jenny sitting there. He lights up too, and they start to talk. John being the horny old guy that he is, is of course thinking dirty over Jenny. His cock wakes up, starts t... Continue»
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Mary the Secretary Part One

Mary just got hired as a new secretary for the company. She is about 40 something years old,4 foot 10, blond hair, big D cups, and is little bit on the chubby side. She's married from what I heard.

John was a maintenance guy, and got a call for fixing the drawer on Mary's desk. Just so happen that day Mary wore a knee length skirt with a sweet blouse showing her huge cleavage. John arrives knocks on Mary's office door.

"Come on in, door's open", Mary yells. "Hey, John glad you're here, this dang drawer keeps getting stuck, see what you can do huh".

John says sure, no problem and... Continue»
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Wife first gangbang

My wife and I recently went to a swingers club for the weekend for her birthday. Friday night was gangbang night. We have always talked about going to something like that and my wife has never had a gangbang, although she does not like the term gangbang, she has no problem with having multiple men.

We got to the club in the afternoon and checked into the room. We took our time relaxing before the night events. Then my wife started to get ready. She put on her black thigh high stockings, blue lingerie with crotch less panties and high heels. (Pic below) We went down stairs to the club area a... Continue»
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His wife cheated, and he did what had to be done.


His name was Carl. Carl Montefiore. He was a tall, angular guy--good-looking, I guess--with a smug look. Even if he hadn't been fucking my wife I would probably have wanted to kick the shit out of him.

But at the moment his look wasn't smug--it was stunned. When I came into his office he thought he was meeting a prospective client for his software firm, not coming face-to-face with a cuckolded husband. He stood to greet me with an affable smile, and I could see he didn't even remember my face, though we had met se... Continue»
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Her New Surprise

Dominique could not wait to put it in my ass. Dominique (you) bought the strap-on almost on a whim; you were walking by Good Vibrations and saw it proudly displayed in the window. It almost appeared like it was begging her to come inside. It is black and good sized. The light makes it seem shiny. When you touch it, the silky smoothness has you hooked. This is your cock. The harness is just as beautiful. Designed with black leather with metal studs, it reminds you of some dirty cowboy movie with cheesy one-liners. However you do not care, it is perfect.

When you walk inside your little one b... Continue»
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Wife on her own

Firstly let me say that this is a story written by the husband, as told by the wife's account. We have discussed this meet many many times and she wanted me to write it for her. So please accept my apologies if it sometimes goes from 1st to 3rd person. My wife has proof read it and is happy it is as she experienced and reads as if she wrote it.

Husbands Account.....

We had been talking to this guy online for a while and the usual tell tale sign that she wants someone cock is to introduce him during during love making and if she starts calling his name to fuck her, then it's like a 'we k... Continue»
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Fucked in the Local Club

Fucked in the Local Club

This story starts out at our house it was just Terry and I. We had been watching a XXX movie and drank a few beers, which always gets me horny. We moved to the bedroom and started to undress when a knock was at the door hubby goes and checks and it is three of his friends. He called for me to come me out I said wait a second. He said no you don't need to get dressed come on out. Well I'm not shy plus a little d***k so what the hell. I walked out with the only things I hadn't taken off, which were my stockings and panties. My tits were out for all to enjoy. Terry... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's Cum Addiction

John went to a medical symposium on one of the days and luckily for me, he was gone when I got a text from Anthony. He wanted to give me the video that he and his friends had shot when they had gang fucked me. I agreed and hoped that we could meet and remain friends and even lovers, on occasions, if he could handle it and be civil. He handed me the cameras and even though there was no way I could verify that nothing had already been downloaded or even posted, I took his word and we had lunch at a nearby fish taco stand. We talked and I let him know about my husband being in town and he asked ... Continue»
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Older Lady From The Resturant

My f****y and I were eating at a buffet on Easter Sunday this year. I was in town from school and was headed back after we finished eating dinner. As I am talking, I look up and spot this older 40 something year old white lady checking me out from across the restaurant. She quickly turned away and acted as if she wasn’t. It was her and I’m guessing husband or boyfriend sitting at the table. I act like I didn’t see and kept eating my food. Slowly but surely I see her out the corner of my eye looking and staring again. I tell my s****r about it because it was starting to get uncomfortable. I was... Continue»
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Agent TANG saves the Penis from extinction

"Agent TANG and the Island of Lesbos"

A rip roaring, bosom heaving thriller with plenty of gratuitous sex: Written, published and distributed by Tim1936 at the cost of ten orgasms per copy. Get your copy from all good De Sade bookshops .
Chapter One: Agent TANG gets her assignment.
It had been a few months since I had been required to do any work for the TANG spy agency, when I received an urgent email requesting my services as a matter of National importance; So, here I am outside the door of the penthouse office of the Master of TANG, butterflies in my tummy with a wet pussy in anticipa... Continue»
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My First Times

I've been reading some awesome stories on here lately. It makes me want to tell mine too, but with proper punctuation and stuff. Usually I just bang my posts out, but I can spell and my teachers say I can write pretty well too, so here goes.

Yeah, you might have noticed I said First Time(S). That's because I had two. The VERY first time (when I lost my virginity) was with this guy my mother was fucking. I'll call him "Butch" because I don't want to put his name on here. This happened about 5 years ago, when I was young, very young. My parents got divorced a couple of yea... Continue»
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My sexy s****r in law

I was out in the evening having a few drinks with mates in Canterbury
There was plenty of girls out wearing not much, I love walking through packed pubs and clubs as you can rub yourself up against some sexy girls, some hate it , others like it :)
I'd had a good skinfull this night and made our way to the club, it was heaving . So we made our way to the bar , got a drink and headed to the dance floor for a dance and a grope. Not much luck other than a squeeze of a blondes tits and ass. I was thinking about getting a cab home when I couldn't believe it when I saw my s****r in law , she was w... Continue»
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