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Slut Nikki's Cluster Breeding Cuck Gangbang

My neighbor Nikki and her husband Rich wanted to have a baby and Nikki had some very strange theories on how human breeding should be conducted. Based on her study of ancient Italian history and theology she was convinced that there was an old breeding ritual that translates into english as “cluster breeding” or gangbang with the intent to impregnate in more modern terminology. What is even more exciting is that I was chosen to organize the event. My plan was to have 3 other men of various races, myself and her husband partake in the process. There are a few rules:
Everyone must be STD ... Continue»
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The Husband’s Tale 1: My first good fuck

(This is a counterpart to my story, “The Wife’s Tale 1: Fucking in the Sauna”)

It’s another night when we’re lying in bed together, naked, but just sort of lazing around, occasionally stroking each other, intending to fuck, but feeling no need to hurry. We’re just enjoying each other’s company and the touch of each other’s hands.

“Okay, it’s your turn,” she says. “The other night I told you a story of one of my early sexual adventures…now I want to hear one of yours.”

“Anything in particular you want to hear about?” I ask?

“How about your first fuck? Not very original, I know, but ... Continue»
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A "Date" with Heather

This story is a sequel to my first story, “Dream Girl Heather”.  I suggest reading that story before continuing with the post below.
I was disappointed when I hadn’t heard from Heather after a few days.  She was friendly at work, but made no mention of my visit to her home, or what had happened.  I was worried that my premature ejaculation problem had ruined any chance of another encounter.  I had decided that if another opportunity presented itself that I would jack off several times before meeting with Heather and Larry again to reduce the chances of any more issues in that area.
Hea... Continue»
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Becca’s s****r Dances Striptease For Us

Becca’s s****r Dances Striptease For Us

A couple weeks ago, our live-in housekeeper/babysitter Becca asked if her younger s****r Vicki could come visit for a week. We told her that would great and we promised to behave ourselves while Vicki was here and Becca said that would be very kind of us. She asked if Vicki could stay in the guest room and we said that would be fine.

Becca is 22 and her s****r Vicki is 19. The two were close growing up but after Becca graduated high school and moved away from home four years earlier, the s****rs have only seen each other a couple of times and they... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt2

Lucy enters the picture... literally.

I could hardly wait for Friday. My folks were away on a second honeymoon so me and Lucy were on our own for the next two weeks. She was off somewhere so I had the house to myself when I logged on and made the connection.
And then I found myself looking at the crotch of someone sitting in front of the camera. The camera on me showed me just from the waist up. I'd been thinking a lot about the purpose of this call but, like an idiot, hadn't thought about how I should position my own camera.
It was obviously Bruce, but then I heard his voice telling me ... Continue»
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Angela Sand**al Part One

Angela was a former co-worker of mine. She was from El Salvador and a very limited English vocabulary. She lived with a guy. But she also had a work boyfriend. A Mexican dude named Honorio. She might have been fucking some other guys also. I'm not sure. Anyway when we were working together I had taken her out to dinner a few times. She said that the guy she was living with would go out every saturday night and come home boracho and go right to sl**p. I know she was getting laid by Honorio at least once a week.Anyway Angela was about five foot tall and probably about 170 pounds. She was chubby ... Continue»
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caravan holdiays

When my husband came home and told me he had bought a caravan for our holidays I could quite easily have rung his neck, oh the thought of being cramped in a small tin box for a week or two had me shaking with rage so much so that when he slipped his hand between my legs in bed that night i just pinch his finger and made him remove it even though i was gagging for sex.
Anyway eventually the holiday came around and on that first Monday morning three I knew all my friends were flying off to Spain, Portugal or other exoctic places I also knew my holiday was going to horrid and therefore decided t... Continue»
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One night at a train station

I knew about a restroom on the Platform no.1 of a local train station that was used by men for sex. I had even sucked some cock there and shot a few loads, myself, down a willing throat or two. I was feeling froggy one night when I was there, and I checked out the place. There was a guy in a stall, so I decided to take a risk. I got into the stall next to him, dropped my pants, and sat down. The dividers between the stalls only have peepholes, but they were enough for me to see that he was jerking his cock.

He was a medium-skinned man, looked middle-aged. I stroked a bit, myself, and then t... Continue»
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....more from the Cuck worries Part 2

....Nat was well up my tight slit and very much enjoying his possession, his crown jewels he said up his Princess. His hot hands slapping my ass, it was a bit painful and stingy with each slap, but I liked it as the pain of the slap was taken away by the pleasure of the monster dick sliding into me deeper and deeper. my G spot was being stretched wider and rubbed with a friction that intensified. Mick(hubby) was still moaning on about it and I could feel from the tension in Nat's dick , the only way fucked woman can do that he had had enough of the shit from Mick!!!
He suddenly ripped out hi... Continue»
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Can I Take You To Bed? (Complete)

Can I take you to bed?

I've been meaning to ask you for some time now. We started out sitting on the couch. We started kissing, then we were lying down on the couch and had gotten carried away. That happens.

I love the feeling of getting so excited, of feeling your excitement grow against me, sticking into my hip. It's when the same happens to me and we brush against each other that I begin to lose control, feeling that first sting of pleasure run through me, radiating through my loins.

It's hard enough being so breathless already, fighting for air as my tongue fights yours for... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


Karen Burke’s Apartment
10:28 PM


Janet had waited till past ten to creep out of bed in the dark and make her way to her closet. Quietly, she pulled the bi-fold doors open and then stepped in and pulled them back together before turning the interior light on.
From behind some boxes, she slid her water bottle full of industrial gelatin. Ballistics gelatin, her science teacher had called it.
“You c... Continue»
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Kitty's Roommate

Let me just start by saying that before my final year in school, I had never even really thought about being girly or sissy shemale. I mean, I might have thought about it but just like something that might have gone through my head, not something I really considered doing. I was doing just fine with chicks (less and less with passing days) and cocks (more and more with passing days).

I was about 5'6’’, with head full of jet black hair, deep dark eyes...oh yeah, I'was slim and petite…always. So anyway, I was scoring enough the first two years in college; then I actually moved out of the dorm... Continue»
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Morning Sex w/ My Friend

Stef was going through a messy breakup. That on top of everything else. Her dog just died, she was having trouble at work. They say everything happens in threes - the proverbial "They" who are never of any use!

About Stef, briefly. I've known her for about four years. She's 22 and built big enough to kick your arse and she will if she has to, trust me. I like strong women and she has a bit of a young Lucy Lawless look to her. yes, we've already fooled around in the past.

Well, I tongue fucked her before we were interrupted and then our relationships seemed to just keep getting in the wa... Continue»
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Uncle Cedrick

Growing up I spent every summer in Buff Bay Jamaica with my Grandmother and extended f****y. I had loads of fun,being with my cousins and just enjoying the clean waters of the beach and the island life. My grandmother lived in a spacious 4 bedroom house, which the backyard led straight to the beach, and she owned a tourist shop. She lived quite well as Buff Bay was a resort town.
She lived alone but my uncle Cedric came from across town and often spent a few days with her caring for her home and business. Uncle Ced was my mom's oldest b*****r and he owned a charter boat service that r... Continue»
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My wife and I have an open marriage. We actually compete with each other to see who can get the best lay or fastest lay or any other number of things. We have fun with this. We also go to swing clubs and do wife swaps. We take pictures to s each other how our conquest went and tell each other about what happened and that leads to us having some great sex with each other.
So this huge party we had to go to, for our work. It was a big house and lots of people there. Wife and I had decided what we were to accomplish and set out to make it happen. I went with my favorite-the granny/MILF olde... Continue»
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Jade and the pro-bono lawyer

Jade was recently incarcerated for shop lifting. With no time to prepare to getting a lawyer and the public defender failing her miserably, she received a sentence for sixty days. Due to overpopulation she was sent to a maximum security women prison. Within the first week she was already feeling about to break inside the prison cells and then it happened. An officer called her out of her cell, cuffing her hands behind her back as standard procedure. Jade was scared asking the guard, "what's going on? Where are you taking me?" The stiff brute was practically dragging her forcing her by her arm.... Continue»
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The Preachers Wife

My buddy lived next door to me. His father was a preacher at a big church in town. His mom was the typical conservative preachers wife type. Average looking, blonde brown hair, not over weight, a few wrinkles. Not wanking material at all. Any way I would spend the night over there and my buddy would spend the night at my house. So spending the night, you sometimes see things, which are not too big a deal. But some times they are a big deal.
This night I spent over at my buddy's house. We were all to get up in the morning and go fishing, very early. But for some reason they left me. They ... Continue»
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hottie sized 32.28.36

I am 19 years old shakib a enginearing student. I have well shaped average body size & 7 inches penis. today I am gonna tell u'all my story. . I am used to study in by balcany. A year ago another building is been constructed next to my building & there is another balcany very close to my balcany. . There is been a women named zubina, 24 years old, who daily dry clothes on that balcany. but the problem is she always come wearing hijjab in front of me. her whole body is been covered, except her attractive eyes. she has black dot (til) on corner of her right eye. . she just talks with me & we cha... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 1

My wife Natalie and I met when I was 19 and she was 18 and in 6th form school, We were both virgins.
Natalie is a size 16 with and amazing body and large breasts, The first thing I noticed about her as she was talking to her friends was that she smoked. I have always had a smoking fetish but never told anyone about it as I thought people would find me weird!
We ended up dating and our sex life was amazing and over the next few years things were perfect between us.

After we bought our first house she became pregnant and a little girl was born.
We soon got back into our routine of work and... Continue»
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The Arrival.

This is the next "chapter" after The Day Continues. Once again written in first person but not from personal experience. I noticed I have developed many of fans and likes, but may I ask that if you request me as a friend here after reading a story could you just comment fan or something like that so I know its just not random. Thank you and happy masturbating.

I don't know what time it was when the car finally stopped and trunk popped open. I stayed laying there until Roger came and opened the trunk fully. I looked up at him and smiled. He tossed me a blindfold and told me to put it on. So ... Continue»
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