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St Marys St Pt 2

After that initial meeting in his flat in St Marys St all I could think about was that big cock of his and my mind was full of fantasies about him and me and my wife. While she was heavily pregnant at least she was wanking me off occasionally while I played with her enlarged tits dreaming about THAT cock in her and me. It was almost 2 months before we met again, on nights as before he approached me and said "I want your cock now" I was already hard as he spoke. I arranged to be at his flat 30 mins later. As he opened the door he was naked and rock hard and he pulled me in hard against the wall... Continue»
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DONNA - Breaking in a virgin 32 years younger

Nathan was 22 years old he’d been transferred to our store from another 7 miles away. He and I were always having a laugh and joking around. On our break he came and sat next to me, as our conversation flowed I found out he was a virgin. He’d never been out with a girl let alone touched one but he did say how desperate he was to lose his virginity. That got me thinking.

A couple of weeks later the manager asked me if I wanted an extra couple of hours overtime, I asked what it entailed and he told me it was sorting out in the store room, he said it smiling as he and I and Richard had had a t... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 4

i was lead to the back room where there was a table in the middle. there were chairs all around the table which i assume was for the audience. this was an event where the audience had to pay to be there. i also noticed that there were several video cameras around to film the whole event. knowing that there were potentially hundreds of people goihng to see this really got me excited. i was given more coke to keep me in the mood before we started in on the fun. i was layed down on the table and my legs and hands bound to the legs making me totally immobile. a rolling table was wheeled next to th... Continue»
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Stressful day for her.

You have just come home from work. Stressed and aching. You grab the tv remote slump yourself on the sofa and turn on the tv. You being to day dream of a break from work and a spar day. All of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You manage to drag yourself to the front door. You are greeted by an attractive man you subconsciously look him up and down he interrupts you mid way and say. "Good evening miss I hope I didn't  disturb you". You look into his eyes and reply "not at all" with a seductive smile on your face. He hands you a business card and say "I've just moved to the local area and ... Continue»
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Totally spent Part I

I laid there, breath more labored than if I had ran a 10K. My cock was raw and slowly shrinking back to normal.

She laid there with my cum dripping off of her breast. Can I lick the last couple of drops off of you she asks?

I do not think there is anything else coming out I laugh. She laughs, and curls up in my arms. That was insane she said. I nodded in total agreement. We both laid there exhausted, but almost silly in our post sex haze.

This was how it started. 10hrs before it was a different story all together.

We were both at a dorm party my floor was hosting. She... Continue»
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The Black Dress

Sylvia had bought a really nice black dress to wear for a very fancy party that she had no choice but to attend. Sylvia wanted to try the dress on again, and make sure she had just the right lingerie to go with it. After paying a great deal for the dress Sylvia realized her only black bra looked pretty tacky under the dress, and it felt uncomfortably tight as well.

Rather than take a chance at feeling uncomfortable and self conscious all evening she returned to the mall to buy a bra that fit properly. Sylvia picked out a couple of bras, and took them into the dressing room to try them on. ... Continue»
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Sadie loved being painted. She had the body the artists loved. Today she was with Sam and she was standing naked as he looked over her nude form. She had big firm tits and a nice round ass and a flat stomach. He also was naked except fr the brief speedo he wore which hugged his nice thick cock. He decided to do a jungle theme on her body. After he was done he would take pictures and send them in to a company for further jobs. He needed to cover her whole body with a basic flavored cream lickable paint so all the colors he added would show. He started at her neck and his hands rubbed the paint ... Continue»
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Kilronan Castle & Galway - part 1

Like many couples, the last few years for us have been financially very difficult, and with three k**s at home, luxuries like a holiday have just not been possible. Last summer was our 20th wedding anniversary, and as it fell mid-week and whilst the k**s were at a summer camp for the week, I convinced Marina that we should make the effort and get away for a few days down south. Just the two nights, and to give it an element of surprise I'd book the first night and she could book the second. The only criteria was that as it was to celebrate our wedding anniversary, it should be romantic. Marina... Continue»
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Accidentally, or On Purpose?

College was always a fun time, despite the extra studies I was so involved in. But despite all the work and late night papers, I somehow still managed to make a few friends. One friend in particular, Jess, and I had become quite close. Close enough that we shared a small house and expenses close to school beginning with our second year. Being we had many of the same classes, not only was sharing the expenses working out so well, so was our studies together. We ended up even sharing spring break together, part of it with my parents, and part with her parents.
As we hit the road head... Continue»
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Trevor's Hot Night at Home

Hi," I say in a sultry throaty voice, from the couch in the living room. You come closer into the living room, lean over the couch, and kiss me on the lips, teasing me with your tongue, while your hands slip down my almost see through shirt, to caress my bra-less breasts. My nipples harden for you, as you rub your rough palms over the sensitive tips. I break away from your kiss to moan, "Oh, yes, Trevor." in a breathy voice. I am panting gasping breaths, as you nibble behind my earlobe and unbutton my blouse. The fabric of my shirt flutters to the floor, as you throw it away from me. I sigh an... Continue»
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Pounding my hot s****r

My name is Timothy,I am 18 and have a 19 year old s****r named Anna.I am tall and athletic with a 7 inch cock.Anna is petite with perfect tits and in my opinion the best ass in the world.I have always had fantasies about fucking her and jerked off to her regularly.one night when my parents and two b*****rs were out of town visiting my other s****r,me and Anna decided to go for a swim.Anna's swimming suit was a tank top swimming shirt and a short swimming skirt that showcased her amazing ass.

"Timothy if I wasn't your s****r would you think I was hot?"Anna said out of the blue.

"Yes I gue... Continue»
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bye bye virginity (fantasy - Im still a virgin in

It wasn’t long until i finished work on a late Thursday night, to be honest Im glad I finished 5 minutes late. I didn’t want the hastle of having to say night to all my co-workers. ‘Just great’it had started raining just as I was walking to my beat up silver ford focus. Age was beginning to show on it, the rust covering the wings, the side skirts and worst of all the boot/trunk. The drive home was horrible, every slight turn of the wheel the car was sliding across the road. Eventually I made it home and stirpped out of my clothes not bothering to put on a pair of Pjs or even some pants/underwe... Continue»
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My wife was working one of her overnight jobs and I was bored as hell. I didn't care to watch TV, it was Monday night and there was nothing on worth watching. I had already seen all the new stuff on my porn sites and was tired of it for a while. I wanted to get out of the house but didn't know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I don't go to clubs or bars.....why pay for one beer what I buy a 6-pack for and have to shout to be heard by the person sitting 2ft away all the while having to deal with d***k assholes? Here in Mobile that are exactly 3 "gentleman's clubs".....which I... Continue»
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Mother-In-Laws Healing Touch Pt 2

After some fantastic sex, Maggie smiled and gave me a kiss and squeezed my cock as we dozed off. The next morning I woke up to find Maggie was already up. I could smell the coffee coming from the kitchen as I got ready for work. Once I was dressed I went down to find coffee and breakfast all ready for me.

I thanked Maggie for thinking of me, and quickly ate and was off to work. When I got home, Maggie told me that Karen had called and said her trip would be ending sooner than she thought, and she would be home by the weekend. She looked at me as if she were waiting to see what my reaction ... Continue»
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massage equals pleasure

He had been looking forward to getting home and pleasuring her all day.
So as he walks through the door he tells her to strip naked and lay on the bed. He strips off his own clothes getting himself naked. Shes laying there her shaven pussy on show and them lovely titties staring back at him.
"lay on your front "
She does as she is told. straddling her ass his cock laying between her ass cheeks. oiling his hands he begins to massage her shoulders, rubbing her muscles making her body relax. His fingers running over her back and using his thumbs to press on them tensed muscles. Working his ... Continue»
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Zamieńmy się rolami

Miałam kilka celów wysyłając około godziny 14 wiadomość do Pana A. Zrobiłam to aby Go zaskoczyć, zdziwić, zbulwersować, podniecić, zniesmaczyć, zakłopotać i rozpalić do czerwoności. Już samo wyobrażenie sobie Jego miny, Jego wykrzywionych ust, zwężających się źrenic, przyspieszającego oddechu i nerwowo trzęsących się dłoni powodowało, że moja krew krążyła szybciej a na karku czułam rozkoszne mrowienie. Wiedziałam, że się zdenerwuje, zdawałam sobie sprawę, że wstrząsnę Nim do głębi ale nie obchodziło mnie to! Dziś chciałam inaczej. Dziś miałam być kimś innym niż dotychczas, chciałam wyłamać się... Continue»
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How my wife became a Hotwife Part 4

Where we left I was relaying the story told to me by my wife of just what happened in that fateful afternoon when Bonnie almost instantly changed from a wife and mother to a Hotwife in need of cock. She was being seduced by Hank...Hank is an older gentleman who seems to have the power to turn women into insatiable whores. He did this exact thing to my wife, and she has never been happier. As with part 3...this part was told to me as well by my wife some two weeks after the event. Bonnie had just been told by Hank that she was going to suck his cock and get him ready to fuck her. He did not f**... Continue»
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Hot iron, cold steel

Chained helplessly against the chamber’s wall, the smooth bare skin of her back restrained perilously close the razor sharp spikes, Blair felt her heartbeat quicken at the sight of those red hot branding irons heating in the flaming coals of the brazier, their glowing tips poised to rip long desperate screams of almost unimaginable torment from her lungs. Tearing her eyes away from the horror of those hot irons Blair suddenly noticed the heavy whip lying alone on a small table near the chamber’s entrance, its nine long braided leather tails each ending in a set of small, evil looking razor sha... Continue»
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Anna get's a*****ed Part II

Hi everyone it’s me.
Please be kind as once again I venture down an un tread story line. I realize the language is a lot more corse than I would usually use , but somehow it fits this story line, and yes there will be a part III and perhaps even part four in this series. I apologize to those who waited such a long time for me to finish this. Please read this to the end as the climax reaches it’s crescendo at the end of the story.

I lay with my back against the cold brick wall quietly sobbing. I was shaking with fear and cold. My a*****... Continue»
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Late Night tryst...

I was in my second year of college when I had become sexual fodder for elderly men to explore. Not only did they appreciate having some young ass to pop they were very generous financially. Almost every other weekend I could find a horny senior citizen that wanted to breed some tight young booty.

I usually made my rounds just after dark in places that I had scouted out during the day, where I knew I could bump into men in there fifty's and sixty's. I didn't like to suck their penis, some were not all that hygienic, but if the price was right and they lived near by or was willing to spring... Continue»
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