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Bottoms Up

Jay had the girl bent over the end of the couch with her heavy tits hanging down and her ass in the air as he rammed his thick cock in and out of her young tight ass. He loved fucking a girls ass the best of any thing. He was long and thick and loved to see that tight hole stretched to the max as he rammed in and out not caring if it was painful for the bitch he had bent over. He had even tied many girls if they tried to stop his big cock entering the tight assholes. This bitch had huge tits that hung down as he ravaged her tight ass. He reached under her and slapped each fleshy mound. He twis... Continue»
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Jan's College Daze

I work with quite a few people from around the country. My company currently operates in 10 states across the south and Midwest. Consequently I meet some other employees that lean the same way I do. :) Jan is a petite woman in her late 50's. She is from the southeast. We were having a series of meetings about an upgrade of services. She was on my team. During a team dinner one night we go to talking and as one of the younger women in our group said that her college days were wild and she was glad no one had put her on Tumblr or Xhamster a few of us laughed. Marcy was trying to determi... Continue»
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Naughty nite out with the girls

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my first of many true stories. Every stories I will write is true and has happened to me not a 3rd party. Wish that being said let the fun begin

It was this past Xmas and we were about to leave my fiances company party. It was a fun event with an open bar but its time to leave. But I want to keep the night going as she was looking foxy and may I add she went without panites. So I was very turned on and wanted to ravage her body in the car. As we made our way out her coworker Dannielle asked if we were going else where. We invited her back for drinks which i ... Continue»
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Jane the slut and Ian

After a year or so Jane was getting used to married life and enjoying it on the whole. She wasn't lonely she had lots of friends and often went out when Paul was away working and up to now, had remained faithful.
Then one day she received a call from Paul telling her his trip had been extended by a further 3 months.
Initially she felt upset then angry. She decided she would go out at the weekend and drown her sorrows.

Jane had a good evening with her friends then towards the end of the night there was just her and her friend Gill left. Gill was married too and a bit older than Jane and sh... Continue»
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Winning Team

Bukkake Stories
I was shocked when Christie asked me to be a center of a bukkake party. She had told me a little bit about it before and I admit I was really interested in it since I love cum. But I never actually thought I'd be a center. She gave me the details about what was going to happen and what was expected of me. And of course not to worry about a thing because Marl would be there. It was for their football team, if they won. Part of me wanted them to win and the other part wanted them to lose. I agreed to keep that day open just in case they won. With their record, it was almo... Continue»
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Blue Room

“I thought we’d shake things up a little.”

Megan watched her boyfriend produce the unassuming white letter-length envelope and lay it on the black laminate bar, nudging it her way. She watched his face for a telltale sign but his only response was to grin back at her and wink.

“What is this?” she asked coyly, a slow smile spreading across her face.

It had been five years to the date since they’d first met and while she’d been hoping for a small blue box from Tiffany’s with the clear-cut solitaire that she’d been eyeing for months, this clearly wasn’t it. And yet something in her stirr... Continue»
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Neighborly love (True Story)

Ok guys so it's been quite a while since I've posted my last real life experience story. The wife and I have had a few get togethers with others since then but nothing like the story. Pretty basic experiences with mostly shy guys.
This true experience happened to me not too long ago and Only 2 other people know about and I just feel like I need to tell someone. So here it goes...

Where I live is considered a duplex apartment, side by side units. We share a back patio that has a view off into the ravine below. It's fairly secluded. Our neighbors are pretty new to the area and have been liv... Continue»
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The night we met Jenna Haze

So a few years back I had heard on the radio that Jenna Haze was going to be dancing at a local strip club, Club Risque. Now to say that I'm a fan is an understatement, she has always been one of my favorites. Think it was a Monday when I found out, she was doing Risque Philly on Friday night and Risque Bristol Saturday night. Having been to both, I decided on Bristol as it's a bit smaller and thought it would be more intimate. I couldn't wait to tell my wife!

When I got home that night I was grinning from ear to ear! Kelly gave me a kiss and a sassy smile and said, "What's got you all ... Continue»
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The fedex guy

In high school I knew a girl named Tiff. she was short and kinda heavy set but she had a huge set of tits. They had to be a 42GG and on a girl who was 5'3" it made it worse. We never dated but would like to hook up once in awhile. One of these times was a summer day I got a call from her about noon. She told me that she was horny and just out of the shower and wanted me to come over. Tell me the door would be open and she would be naked waiting. I got dressed and ran over there as fast as I could. When I got there there was a FedEx truck parked on the street in front of the house. I walked... Continue»
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Here cums the Bride

I was working as a bell hop at the Grand hotel when they came wandering in, I say wandering but they actually stumbled in and barely made it to the reception desk.
"Mrs winter and Mr winter checking in please" said a blonde haired mature lady in a white wedding dress, as she did her best to hold up her new husband who was clearly very d***k and barely conscious.
"Yes here we are the bridal suite" said Jenny behind the desk.
She then waved me over and I quickly went out to the car to get their suitcases before showing them up to their room.
As we stood in the elevator heading to their floor... Continue»
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Dr. Jeckell and Ms. Erica Hyde

My name is Doctor Henry Jekyll. For years I’ve been studying the female body trying to understand it’s every need from having sex with random women to having sex with my own wife. Yet, I was no closer to finding anything to understand it. Finally I thought I found a solution to the problem. My answer was a big huge cock. Women love huge cock. So I took to my lab to create serum that will give an average man or less average man a huge cock. After a year of research and testing, I thought I had finally had the serum perfected. I was so wrong! As I mixed the two components together and they tur... Continue»
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The black gang**** of a white trash whore

Disclaimer: This really happened in the spring of 2014

I had since long a fantasy of being brutally and violently ****d and humiliated by a bunch of well hung black guys. I fantasized about it often during masturbation and decided it was about time it really happened. I had a good relationship with the owners of a local sex club that had arranged gangbangs for me before. So I called them to see what they could do for me. I asked them if they could get a few well hung black guys to really brutally and violently **** and humiliate me. I wanted them to make me feel like a filthy white trash wh... Continue»
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My s****r In Law 01

My s****r In Law 01

It had been a hard day working in the wood clearing fallen rotted trees, chainsawing them into manageable sections and carting them up to the house to be stacked really for the wood burner in the lounge.

The shower was most welcome the pulsating hot water eased the stiff back muscles and the rough towelling down acted as a Swedish massage, putting on a bath-sheet tucked tightly around my waist I brushed my hair then padded down to the kitchen.

Although it's an old farmhouse, it has not been a working farm since the 1950s, the biggest job we did was to replace the s... Continue»
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Welcme Home

It was a warm sunny July day as she pulled into the picnic area. She had arranged to meet her friend whilst she was at work so her husband would have no idea that she was having affair.

As she drove in she saw his car parked at the end of the road near a path that went into the woods.

She pulled up beside him and he got out as she did.

She was now 46 years old but her friend was a lot older than her at 57 years. Despite his age he was so fit as he worked on the oil rigs for 4 weeks at a time. He had just come back and she had not seen him for over 4 weeks.

He had texted her as soo... Continue»
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Lorry Sex

It was a very cold winter’s day as she pulled in to the lay-by.

Also parked in the lay by was a large red lorry exactly where he said he would be parked.

It had all started with an online chat on a sex site that she visited. She had chatted about her fantasies with him, one being having sex in the cab of a lorry.

So here she was as arranged, she got out of her car and as she did he jumped down from the driver’s side of his lorry. He as not the normal sort of man she would meet but needs must!

He said he was 40 years old but she instantly though that he was nearer 60 than 40! He was... Continue»
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Two men and me

The car park of the Premier Inn was half full as she pulled in. She had arranged to meet the two men in the adjoining beefeater at 1.30. She was slightly late but soon got of her car and walked in to the pub. He had told her that they would be in the bar area as she entered the pub. There were only two men sat together and as soon as they saw her come in on her own one of them came over and said’ Sally’ to which she replied ‘Yes’.

‘Can I get you a drink?’ he asked and she replied ‘Yes please, I’ll have a glass of red wine please’.

He told her to go and sit with Jeff which she did, intro... Continue»
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Change of Plans Results in Our First 3Some

From our earlier story you know we have only recently been exploring alternative sexual experiences. We hadn't worked up the nerve to try full swinging; especially in a swingers club or anything like that. Up until a few weeks ago we didn't know what dogging was, but we had our first dogging experience and it really turned us on at the time and since then our sex together was off the charts.

We had made plans not having any obligations on Saturday night so we could try our luck again dogging. We were excited and couldn't wait to see what the weekend would bring. Our plans were dashed wh... Continue»
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Wife Submits to boss for her hubby's Job

Michael Canell sat in bed wearing the light blue pajamas his wife had given him last Christmas and tried unsuccessfully for the third time to read page 132 in his new spy novel. He just couldn't concentrate. He tried to hide it but he was worried.

Michael barely even noticed when his wife, Adrianna, entered the room wearing a silk baby doll nightie that clung to all the best parts of her shapely figure. Adrianna was about five foot six with a mane of curly dark brown hair and a face that was a cross between Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, with a few adorable freckles on her cheeks and the t... Continue»
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M Part 1

As one goes through life, many opportunities are presented. Whether or not to partake of them is a matter of personal choice. I have taken some on and skipped others. This is a story of a path taken…

I had been married but she was lost in a d**g-related accident. I’ll not dwell on it but the short part is she loved sex and I was often on TDY on various assignments our Uncle Sam dispatched me on- and way too often. At some point, like other women, the need for good sex outweighed her honesty, fidelity, and common sense. And, the sex eventually was not enough and d**gs began to add to h... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 14)

Mommy and I sat there, me on her lap, straddling her chubby stomach with my knees. Her hug was crushing, pressing my small chest against her as we lost control making out. It was sloppy and loud as we moaned and drooled all over one another. I grabbed her huge breast with my little hand for a moment and she wailed. I didn't know if id gone too far so I stopped and she panted. We both looked at each other, catching our breath. Both our faces were glistening with slobber and we started laughing.

Just then Daddy walked into the living room smiling. He was still naked but looked refresh... Continue»
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