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Her New Surprise

Dominique could not wait to put it in my ass. Dominique (you) bought the strap-on almost on a whim; you were walking by Good Vibrations and saw it proudly displayed in the window. It almost appeared like it was begging her to come inside. It is black and good sized. The light makes it seem shiny. When you touch it, the silky smoothness has you hooked. This is your cock. The harness is just as beautiful. Designed with black leather with metal studs, it reminds you of some dirty cowboy movie with cheesy one-liners. However you do not care, it is perfect.

When you walk inside your little one b... Continue»
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Wife on her own

Firstly let me say that this is a story written by the husband, as told by the wife's account. We have discussed this meet many many times and she wanted me to write it for her. So please accept my apologies if it sometimes goes from 1st to 3rd person. My wife has proof read it and is happy it is as she experienced and reads as if she wrote it.

Husbands Account.....

We had been talking to this guy online for a while and the usual tell tale sign that she wants someone cock is to introduce him during during love making and if she starts calling his name to fuck her, then it's like a 'we k... Continue»
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Fucked in the Local Club

Fucked in the Local Club

This story starts out at our house it was just Terry and I. We had been watching a XXX movie and drank a few beers, which always gets me horny. We moved to the bedroom and started to undress when a knock was at the door hubby goes and checks and it is three of his friends. He called for me to come me out I said wait a second. He said no you don't need to get dressed come on out. Well I'm not shy plus a little d***k so what the hell. I walked out with the only things I hadn't taken off, which were my stockings and panties. My tits were out for all to enjoy. Terry... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's Cum Addiction

John went to a medical symposium on one of the days and luckily for me, he was gone when I got a text from Anthony. He wanted to give me the video that he and his friends had shot when they had gang fucked me. I agreed and hoped that we could meet and remain friends and even lovers, on occasions, if he could handle it and be civil. He handed me the cameras and even though there was no way I could verify that nothing had already been downloaded or even posted, I took his word and we had lunch at a nearby fish taco stand. We talked and I let him know about my husband being in town and he asked ... Continue»
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Older Lady From The Resturant

My f****y and I were eating at a buffet on Easter Sunday this year. I was in town from school and was headed back after we finished eating dinner. As I am talking, I look up and spot this older 40 something year old white lady checking me out from across the restaurant. She quickly turned away and acted as if she wasn’t. It was her and I’m guessing husband or boyfriend sitting at the table. I act like I didn’t see and kept eating my food. Slowly but surely I see her out the corner of my eye looking and staring again. I tell my s****r about it because it was starting to get uncomfortable. I was... Continue»
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Agent TANG saves the Penis from extinction

"Agent TANG and the Island of Lesbos"

A rip roaring, bosom heaving thriller with plenty of gratuitous sex: Written, published and distributed by Tim1936 at the cost of ten orgasms per copy. Get your copy from all good De Sade bookshops .
Chapter One: Agent TANG gets her assignment.
It had been a few months since I had been required to do any work for the TANG spy agency, when I received an urgent email requesting my services as a matter of National importance; So, here I am outside the door of the penthouse office of the Master of TANG, butterflies in my tummy with a wet pussy in anticipa... Continue»
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My First Times

I've been reading some awesome stories on here lately. It makes me want to tell mine too, but with proper punctuation and stuff. Usually I just bang my posts out, but I can spell and my teachers say I can write pretty well too, so here goes.

Yeah, you might have noticed I said First Time(S). That's because I had two. The VERY first time (when I lost my virginity) was with this guy my mother was fucking. I'll call him "Butch" because I don't want to put his name on here. This happened about 5 years ago, when I was young, very young. My parents got divorced a couple of yea... Continue»
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My sexy s****r in law

I was out in the evening having a few drinks with mates in Canterbury
There was plenty of girls out wearing not much, I love walking through packed pubs and clubs as you can rub yourself up against some sexy girls, some hate it , others like it :)
I'd had a good skinfull this night and made our way to the club, it was heaving . So we made our way to the bar , got a drink and headed to the dance floor for a dance and a grope. Not much luck other than a squeeze of a blondes tits and ass. I was thinking about getting a cab home when I couldn't believe it when I saw my s****r in law , she was w... Continue»
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The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles Part 1

I have had certain difficulties with 'eliminating waste' since I was very young. In my thirties now, it has finally gotten bad enough that I decided to see a doctor about it. My super hot f****y doctor referred me to a urologist that is a little older but also pretty hot.

The first time she saw me, the urologist she said she was probably going to end up referring me to other doctors but she wanted to get a good close up look first.

"I'm going to leave the room. When I come back I want you to be wearing nothing but this gown," she said, patting the folded white garment on the examina... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom part 4

It was almost close to 10 by the time we left Shreya's place. It was a
Sunday the next day and it was almost impossible for Mala to get out of
the house with her hubby around. I had plans of my own too, had to
catch up with a few friends. We had planned a friendly cricket match in
the morning. Mala dropped me close to home in a cab and went home.

Snehal called me in the morning and asked me my plans, she wanted to go
shopping and I told her I was off to play a match. She knew better than
to ask me to cancel my plans, she knew I was crazy about cricket. She
asked me what time I ... Continue»
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A slutwife story from the female perspective

Wife story with female POV (If you know who wrote it..pleeease let me know).

Wife, mother, career woman, suburban homemaker -- that's all me. Nothing out of the ordinary in my life -- or so I thought. Happily married to Phil for nine years, and the mother of charming, brilliant, adorable, 6-year-old Bobby, I was comfortable with my role and responsibilities. I guess that's why finding Phil's "secret" was such a shock to my system. Let me tell you about it: It was a beautiful Spring Friday and Phil had volunteered to help chaperon Bobby's nursery school class on the trip to the zoo. I volunt... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom part 2

It was almost a month since I had met ‘Aunty' I would call her by her
first name when we were alone together, Mala was her name. Her hubby
was back from his tour, his timings were never fixed, so we decided not
to take chances and if not him Sneha was always around. It had been a
while since I had sex with Sneha too.

It was one of those days when I was at Sneha's place, doing nothing.
Sneha had gone to take a shower when Mala came over told me she had
made plans to meet me, slipped me a piece of paper gave me a quick peck
on my lips, winked and went back to the kitchen. I opene... Continue»
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Naughty Neighbor Continued

I slid my tongue slowly up a and around her pussy, making sure to get her beautiful clit ultimate desire. I placed kisses passionately on her pussy. She grabed the back of my neck and moaned,i placed my hands on her pussy and went deeper, she put her leg around my back and pressed hard with her foot as I worked my tongue and fingers , orchestrating her into a much deserved orgasm. Mary continued to moan in exstacy as she gripped the my back with her long toes. Her pussy was dripping, I rose up and griped her firm ass hard I rubbed my cock up her leg , and onto her thigh. I she grabbed it and ... Continue»
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Turned her on so much the first time

After arranging my girlfriend a stranger to fuck (see other story) she was so turned on by it she asked for more. After returning form work one day I come home to find Faye up stairs in the bedroom completely naked with the undeniable "I just got fucked" hairdo. We had talked about having her fuck other guys but we had made an agreement that she was to only do it while I was present, for both personal pleasure and safety reasons. She explained to me that she meet this guy and he was so cute and all that and it just happened, she kept saying over and over "I'm so sorry I don't know what come ov... Continue»
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Victoria's Russian Ordeal

When Victoria Justice woke up, she found herself handcuffed and blindfolded. Her ankles were also bound and she had something in her mouth that prevented her from speaking. The last thing she remembered was doing a photo-shoot for a magazine. She had finished for the day and went out to get in her car when everything went blank. She started to move and then heard voices, men’s voices, but they weren’t speaking English. It sounded like Russian. She also realized that she was in a plane. She was sitting on the floor and it was cold. As she struggled against the handcuffs, she heard one o... Continue»
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It was Christmas and he gave me something for life

We had arrived a little worse for wear, and finished up standing in the doorway of my communal entrance, my pants down at my ankles, and my skirt raised, when my old age pensioner neighbour walked into the building, and caught us engaging in sex.

It was December 19th, and I was so pissed I never even clocked him as he walked past us humping like a pair of bunny rabbits, up against his wall.
I had been drinking since I had entered the office, and the whole day was turned over to boozing, groping and having our genitalia photocopied and passed around the office and personal emailing listing.... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 01

Chapter 01: A Thakur Challenges Her Womanhood

The marriage preparations were abruptly stopped. As usual, there was no provocation for it beyond a sharp exchange of words, and egos were bruised on all sides. The boy's father, Thakur Hari Singh, flew into a rage when his plans for the young couple's future were challenged by the girl in front of her father and other f****y elders.

But what really set the stage for what happened next was the way in which the disagreement became a war of words. In the typical swaggering style of a feudal lord, the Thakur had pronounced that he would wait for... Continue»
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One wild night with an ex in college

This happened back while I was in college. I'm writing it now because I saw my ex and remembered all the great sex we had.

I met my ex (we'll call her J) at a party on campus, I was late due to baseball practice. J was already d***k and dancing as soon as she saw me she immediately stop an jumped into my arms and kissed my savagely. J was 5'3 dominican with a lilith frame A cup breast but a nice firm round ass. "Come with me" she said and lead me out of the window onto the roof of the dorm. We went to the far end away from the window. "Tonight's going to be the night we finally fuck" she pu... Continue»
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....just me being a slut

I whimper and moan with lust as your fat veiny cock slides in and out of my well trained slutwife asspussy.
i push my ass out to get as much of you into me as i possibly can, my cunt wants your whole cock.
you slap my ass with a loud smack "you lovely little whore, you cant get enough of my cock, can you?" you laugh while manhandling my body "NO, I want your cock all the time" I gasp from your hard and deep thrusts "I need to be filled all the time!" you yank my head back even further shove 3 fingers into my mouth and hold my mouth open not missing a beat plunging deep into my bowels. Your ... Continue»
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The Pastor's Property

I Wouldn't be lying if I didn't say I was nervous. We just moved into this community 6 months ago and only got accepted into the local church last month. It was honestly an honor. Pastor Marvin and his f****y have been known for their work, but are famously secluded. In was only through a work contact and a dinner with a well sitting f****y in the church that we were asked to attend services. That was 3 months ago. I was interviewed last week, It's my wife Melissa's turn this week.
f****y is very important to this community. Traditionally young families with at least 1 c***d are ac... Continue»
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