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The Dream

Something a bit romantic and inoffensive since I keep getting banned from erotica sites for being too dirty :D

The Dream

I had a most peculiar dream about you. It was incredibly corny but I want to tell it to you anyway. It was about you and it’s not often that I get the pleasure of dreaming of you. Prior to the dream I was laying on the sofa watching a film down stairs. At some point I must have fallen asl**p.

The next thing I knew it was daytime. The light was shining through the curtains. I was still laying on the sofa, my trousers still on the floor so that I don’t over heat be... Continue»
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just a little fantasy..

It all starts at the bar, were getting d***k and hitting it off. You drop a line and ask if i know how to play pool. I answer honestly and say I'm not very good at it, You assure me that you're the b**st teacher ever with a wink and a seductive smile. I giggle and give you a flirty shove. You rack the balls for us, and ask if I have ever used a pool stick. I have, but still am no good at it. You come around behind and wrap your arms around me. You're so close to me, I can smell your cologne. The smell of you, on it's own turns me on. You place your hands over mine on the pool que and position ... Continue»
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Nighttime Action: Part 1- "The beginning"

My name is Anna and this is a story about me. Maybe you're wondering what it's about, or if it will turn you on... Well I can assure you that my story just might be more interesting than you think...

-This part of the story will describe my most recent events... as a late night entertainer...

I was working extra late tonight, since customers usually show up when it's late and they can't slee-p alone at night. I had my usual pretty dress with the slit in the front that practically showed my breasts to any customer walking or driving by the neighborhood. I was walking around near by the... Continue»
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Neighborhood Sex Orgy with i****t

Most neighborhoods do not have a high concentration of swingers, but down here.... We are lucky. But with my little girl having just turned 18, could I really continue living that way....?

Bob is a perverted neighbor that I have known since we moved into the subdivision 20 years. My bride and I were introduced to swinging by him and the hot tub on the back porch has had as many as eight naked people in it as a time, thanks to Bob.

Then my wife died brain cancer five years ago. The parties moved to Bob’s place and I joined in them less and less. ... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 4

Chapter One

I finally met my Sir. His name is Everett. He is one of the newer executives at the insurance firm I work for at night. We’ve been seeing each other for the past few days. He has been taking it slow with me since I am a novice. I now wear his collar, a soft leather choker with an O-ring in it. It’s more discrete so that it can be worn in public. I find myself touching it all the time. It reminds me of him.

We still text each other constantly, mainly about what I am to wear that day. He may also have certain rituals that I am to perform for him. He sends me things to res... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 6

“Hi handsome, how are you,” said Claudia to me, and I immediately reached over and cupped her breasts and moved in to kiss her.

We began to kiss deeply while I felt her large 38E breasts in my hands. Claudia’s mouth tasted like a very sweet pussy and I now realized what Angela tasted like. I reminded myself that I’d have to get myself a first-hand taste of Angela later that evening if at all possible.

As we broke off our long kiss, I replied, “I’m doing great now baby, so nice to meet you Claudia.”

“Same here honey, I hope we all have a long fun night tonight,” she replied and then mo... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 1

Chapter One

My name is Michele, yeah that’s right, one L only. That’s the least of my worries now. You see, I got an e-mail the today from an unknown co-worker. In the e-mail it told me that I had left my journal in his office and he have been reading it night and day. I have no idea who it might be, but it has all my secrets in it. Things I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Now he’s telling me that unless I do exactly as he says, he will make my journal public and I will be ruined.

My journal has all my dark secrets in it. I’ve been writing it since I was in High School. I don’t have ... Continue»
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Howwee And His Mother


Mom caught me masturbating for the first time when I was twelve. "IT" was a terrible sin. She was going to have my dad give me the big talk but he never did and I continued to play with myself. Of course I got caught again, and at some point didn't care if she caught me anymore. I found myself wanting her to see me because it was her that I thought about most of the time when I was playing with my dick. Think Karen Fisher after she put on some weight. Full bodied.

Mom and dad didn't party often (she was a teacher and had an image to be concerned about) but when they did ... Continue»
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Wash n Blow - BBBBTS

Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I had just got a new SUV about a month ago. I had not driven it more than 200 miles before it need to be cleaned. I was driving along Curtis Ave when I spotted a sign on my right for a car wash. A local high school cheer leading team was washing cars for $10.00. I checked my watch. I had some time before I needed to get back to the office. I put on my turn signal and pulled in.

I smiled as about 4 cheerleaders started to wash my SUV. I rolled down the window and gave them $20.00. About ten minutes later they all smiled as the SUV was finished. I got ... Continue»
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coraplar (alıntı)

7 kere boşaldım
O zamanlar Ankara Çankaya`da oturuyorduk. Eşimden boşanalı 2 sene oluyordu, 38 yaşında oğluyla oturan yalnız bir kadındım.. Emir, yaşamın bana sunduğu tek armağandı sanki.. onsuz düşünemiyor , konuşamıyor, hiçbirşey yapamıyordum. Onu herşeyden herkesden çok seviyordum. Arkadaş toplantılarında Emir`den başka birşey yoktu dilimde. Bu onları sıkıyordu biraz belki ama umurumda değildi. Biricik oğlumu canımdan çok seviyordum.
O sıralarda lisede resim öğretmeniydim. İşimi seviyordum, hemen hemen oğlum yaşında çocuklarla haşir neşir olmak, oğlumu tanımama da yardımcı oluyordu. Bunu... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates

A warm, gentle breeze blew across Jilnar Jardaly's sexy bikini-clad body, caressing her completely hairless skin, which was as smooth as silk and as gold as honey. She loved nothing more than chartering a private yacht on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, nor did two of her closest girlfriends who had come to enjoy the Caribbean getaway with her. It was just the three girls together, along with the yacht's owner and captain, a local girl named Elly, who was every bit as hot and gorgeous as Jilnar and her two beautiful fellow television media celebrity girlfriends, Basinah and Fahada.

They were a... Continue»
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Underworld: Gretchen

While no stranger to the obscenely agonizing delights found within the Underworld’s dungeon torture chambers Gretchen still felt a sudden sense of unimaginable terror coursing through her as she materialized within one of the Underworld’s countless dungeon torture chambers. Despite having died thousands of time within the Underworld’s bl**d soaked torture chambers this was the first night Gretchen faced death by impalement.

Entering the torture chamber Vlad smiled at the obvious look of terror already visible within Gretchen’s eyes as she stared in horror at the ominously torturous impalem... Continue»
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The new move has REALLY paid off

Ok so here it is. I have recently moved to the outskirts of a Northern City and into a nice quiet Mid-estate semi-detached, ones with the Bay Windows and the Trees on the road. The good / bad side to this is the fact that our neighbours can see into my house / can be seen. I suppose you think this is a problem? For me it did originally. Until just a few weeks ago.

Now that winter has gone and the weather is starting to warm up once more, I get to see more of the neighbours. Opposite me on the other side of the Road is an old middle aged couple who are very prim and proper. I swear he... Continue»
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With my office collegue

Hi, my name is Babul working in an IT firm in pune. My colleague Sarika, she got promoted and was working on the same project with me. Sarika, she was a good looking female, not very hot, just simple beautiful girl.

We have been working on the project for about a year, we use to only have office discussions and nothing more. For giving project details we were called to our Mumbai head office. It was a weeks discussion with our seniors.

We started to Mumbai in my car. while on our way i got to know more about her. She was married and having a daughter. We reached Mumbai at 3.00 pm and che... Continue»
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The Life of a True Male Slave

There is a picture in this vast collection which is in two halves. On the left a slim female in fantasy outfit with a whip. It is labelled "My idea of a Domination Fantasy" On the right is a picture of a slim female in ordinary clothes on a sofa relaxing while in the background is a male hard at work in the house. This one is labelled "Her idea of a Domination Fantasy - and my reality."

I laughed because it is so true. If you want the first, go to a professional; you are not being dominated, you are in charge, just paying for a service.

If you want the second . . . Well, would any many... Continue»
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BBW Wife Gone Wild Part III

I am sorry it has been so long since my last story but a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Those of you who read the last story recall the night she had a gang bang with some college boys. Well it turns out it was a lot more wild then we thought. A few weeks after that we found out that she was pregnant. However we did not know who the father was. We weren't sure if it was me or one of the college guys. After nine months she gave birth to a red red headed girl. Obviously was one of those boys from the gang bang. So shortly after giving birth we had her tubes tied and ... Continue»
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e****t booking an e****t

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e****t booking and e****t?!
Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted a blog. I guess things have changed concerning our meets.
We now see females or couples only. Why? Well, we don't need the money, but we like the sex :-)
Besides, alot of guys out there are sexual let-downs.

So anyway - I felt compelled to update you all with a rare and wonderful story.

2 weeks ago my husband had a call from a 23yo polish e****t wanting to book in with us to 'practice' her new job skills?!


Odd you think? Well, my husband laughed and put the phone down... Continue»
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The Challenge

Grace, Kelly and Rio were over at Brenda's for their monthly get together. The girls hadn't seen Brenda's new house, and it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. Rio, a very sexy African American woman with curly black hair, and beautiful soft brown skin was the first to ask Brenda, a sassy little redhead why her husband was around.

"This is supposed to be just us girls."

"He's putting some finishing touches on the bathroom down in the basement, he won't bother us."

Grace, who was a very attractive Korean woman, and Kelly an equally attractive blonde said they didn't mind if Do... Continue»
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Matt was in the den with Paul showing off some videos of he and his wife. Matt was almost 50 and his wife was 22. She was so sexy with her nice big tits and bubble butt. Paul asked Matt how they met. Matt told him "I was at a pool party at her dad's and I was wearing a speedo and she kept staring at my big cock. I finally whispered in her ear that she could have my monster if she wanted to just call me. The next day she showed up at my door and in ten minutes I had her naked sucking her nice firm tits and then fucked her three times. The third time it took me 90 minutes to cum again. She was c... Continue»
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Hot Summer

I would like to share an experience I had back when I was married to my second wife, it doesn’t involve my ex-wife but my step-daughter Bev who at the time was 19.

It was a really hot summer and it was proving quite hard to keep cool, it was the weekend so me and Bev were at home but my wife was at work.

Bev walked into the lounge and said “phew it’s a hot one today” as she passed though into the kitchen, she was a little on the chubby side but not too much, if you know what I mean, she has got a great arse and a huge pair of tits, I have often fantasied about her body while having the o... Continue»
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