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Holiday fun

We both love our holidays in warmer climates, and we had been to the Caribbean several times. Barbados was where we got married, many years ago, and this was our 6th time back there. We had looked forward to this holiday for months, away from work and everyday life.
The flight over was smooth and good, although I didn't get much sl**p, the wife had a few hours, and landing made us both excited to be back in the sunny Caribbean once more.

After a couple of days relaxing in the sun and drinking banks beer and a few super strong rum and cokes, we had talked about the possibility of moving to ... Continue»
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Earning "Daddy's" warm cream, insid

Dirty Old Man: Been hoping to see you around.

Julie Monroe: I come around from time to time...

Dirty Old Man: Been craving a certain gothy slut.

Julie Monroe: Strange, I spent all last night and most of today thinking about a Ron Jeremy kinda dirty old man's grabby hands and stiff dick.

Dirty Old Man runs a hand across his thick belly.* That so?

Julie Monroe: Nmmhmm...

Julie Monroe moves in close and rubs her hands over his big belly, loudly rubbing as she does.
... Continue»
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Back in the Saddle

It was two-thirty in the afternoon when John Birch's bleary eyes watched
the brown Cadillac pull into his driveway and park where his wife Kathy use
to park her car. Hers was no longer there, nor would it ever be again.
What was left of it was sitting in old man Sprietzer's wrecking yard where
it had been for the last seven and a half months. Kathy had been
broadsided by a semi on her way home from work one evening killing her
instantly. Her parents had flown in from upper Manhattan for the closed
casket funeral but his own mother wasn't able to make it due to a bad case
of th... Continue»
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In the hood

The hobo had been hanging around the junction most of
the day. Dubbed 'Squeek' by his friends he had been
living off the streets most of his adult life, earning a
buck where he could. Handing out newspapers and washing
windscreens for tips wasn't bad work but it was getting
late into the afternoon. He was getting hungry and
needed a meal and a bottle badly. Maybe even a dollar
suck from one of the crack whores on his block.

Rattling his change bag Squeek grinned to himself. Yeah.
Another hour of this shit and he would head over to the
soup kitchen on the corner of Brooksd... Continue»
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The Mother and The Boy Scouts

When I accepted an invitation to accompany the local boy
scout troop on their annual week-long camping trip, I
thought it would be a chance to reconnect with my
c***dhood, which was filled with many camping outings
and outdoor activities. I am a 47 year old mom, whose
c***dren have outgrown organizations like the Scouts.
While I have been generally happy in my marriage, I felt
somewhat bored as my husband engaged in his own
activities, such as golf and fishing with his buddies.
This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to do
something fun on my own.

When we arrive... Continue»
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Testing My Wife with a Stud

My wife Debbie and I have been married for 4 years and I
see the way she looks at other guys all the time. She
seems to go for black guys who are good looking and look
like they could be athletes.

Anyway Debbie asked me what I thought about her going
out of town for a series of sales meetings. I had to
agree that and I said you can't do that over the phone
and she said she had to present how their new cleaning
system works in person.

I wasn't happy about it and said so, but she said she
would get an extra $250 a day and for every day she was
on the road she would get ... Continue»
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Do Not believe your Eyes

Do Not Believe your Eyes. Not all Plane Jane's are Plane

The high school I attended only had about 200 students.
In our first year, there were three of us named Charlie.
One, everyone called Car, because he was the only
freshman to have his own car. They dubbed me Lee for
some reason, and the third, we all called DS for dip
shit, but someone told him it meant Distinguished
Student, and he believed it, so we never told him any

All through high school, I held a B average. Not a
brain, nor a dummy either. I had very good relations
with the boys ... Continue»
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Best mother ever

MOM!! I need you again.

Here we go again. He needs me for something at least
every hour. I hope this is over soon, because this is
getting really old, really fast, thought Gina. So she
wiped her hands on her apron, removed the apron and
trekked up the stairs to her son's bedroom. As she got
closer, she could feel the tension building. She had a
pretty good idea what to expect and she wasn't

As she stepped into her 13 year old son's bedroom, the
first thing she noticed was his 10 inch cock standing
straight up and looking like a soldier at attention. The
... Continue»
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Another Man

I had never seen her with another man and never expected too either.

After 20+ years of marriage it’s not something you think about and yet in front of me a virtually naked big fellow was sitting on the edge of ‘my bed’ with ‘my wife’ behind him, her arms entwined around him stroking his chest. He still had his boxer shorts on. She was down to stockings and flimsy knickers; she had lost the rest of her clothes ages ago.

‘He’s so beautiful’ she was rubbing his chest. ‘Look at how firm he is’ she was stroking him in a very admiring way, like a prize poodle.

She kissed his neck and he ea... Continue»
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My First Orgasm

I was 20 at the time and although I certainly wasn't a virgin I was still a bit naive when it came to sex. I had never had a climax with a boy, only with my fingers. I didn't have a steady boyfriend at the time so I compensated for it a lot by masturbation. It was summer and I didn't have anything much to do. My neighbours asked me to watch their dog, Bruce, a five year old Alsation Cross while they went on holiday for a week rather than put him in kennels, they thought he might fret away from his own home, they asked me to stay there.

I agreed simply because I had nothing better to do pl... Continue»
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ROD-part 1
Years ago when I chatted on various sites with all kinds of guys, I saved a lot of them as text documents. Once in awhile I grab the flash drive that they are saved on and read them again. Some are pretty exciting, horny too. I can not confirm that the situation is real or accurate in any way. Maybe I've been had! Maybe not. For what it's worth, here's a chat I had with Rod from 2009:
Me: Good morning. I've just read your profile and wondered if you wanted to chat? Rod: Good morning, sure I'd like to chat. How are you? Me: I am fine, you? Rod: I am feeling bette... Continue»
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David started working at the pharmacy about 2 years ago. He's a really cute guy, maybe 5'10" & he has a solid thick linebacker's body. I always wondered what kind of a package he'd be blessed with but since he always wore a lab coat his crotch was always covered up.
Several months ago he had suggested a spray for my sore throat. I wanted to discuss this medication with him and one Friday PM proved to be the right time. There were 2 people working behind the counter so I grabbed a bottle of the spray off the shelf and walked over to him and said "Can I talk to you about this spray."
He say... Continue»
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I am on my way home from visiting my aunt and uncle. I am short of cash and stop at the bank. I use the ATM and take out $100. Getting into my F150, Toby Keith is singing on my AM radio. He is a favorite of mine but if I'm going to listen to Toby, it's not on AM radio. I switch to my USB drive and select his album. "I Love This Bar" comes on. I crack my front windows an inch or two, turn up the volume and sit there listening. A cute 40 year old woman comes out of the bank and walks to her car which is a couple of car lengths away. She looks over at me and grins. As she approaches my... Continue»
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55 Penny and rick pt5

55 Penny and rick pt5
Before you begin it is advisable to read the stories no 51 Penny and Ricky 1 to 4
However in case like me you’re too tired to go look!
My heroine is Penny South, 45 ish, never married big breasted nice if a little plump figure, 5ft 8, ash blond shoulder length hair, a masochist who lives from her art, and her immoral earnings from the pain she loves. She lives with her son Ricky who is a youthful sexual newbie, in a bungalow isolated but with a converted wash-house that doubles as a dungeon for her three regular clients master John and Master Jack, who visit alternate ... Continue»
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My wife's first time cuckolding me. Scotland,

I have ALWAYS been a lover of the cuckolding scene. It all began when I was 16. My first proper girlfriend was also 16. She was a filthy little slut and I loved it. She came across whiter than white. But I knew different!

It started one night of me randomly getting her phone while she slept and going through her texts. There were texts sent back and forth with three different guys an it was filth. They were telling her how they wanted to fuck her tight ass and pussy and she was lapping it up! And so was I. I could feel my cock throbbing as I read about these guys wanting to fuck her. I dec... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 10

Stacey got down on her knees in front of me and then bent forward and opened her little round tanned ass cheeks, I could see her little brown hole begging me to stick my cock in.
I knelt down behind her on the rocks by the river and positioned my cock, it nudged against her little tight hole and she let out a soft groan.
By now Kate, Stacey's twin s****r and Mary and Kira had climbed out of the river and were now sitting around us eager to see me stick my cock in Stacey's ass.
I pushed forward forcing my cock head into her little asshole, Stacey groaned loudly as I pushed deeper into her vi... Continue»
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A late night wake up

I walk in to the room the only light is from the TV, you fell asl**p in the recliner. You must have just gotten out of the shower you are naked under that blanket. The volume is down low, I sit on the couch next to you and watch you for a bit. After a few minutes you let out a little gasp and a moan, it seems the dream you are having is pretty good. You start to mumble softly, harder, faster. A smile creeps across my face watching you squirm under that blanket. You moved around so much that the blanket has fallen away, you seem to be sweating a bit so maybe you were to warm. I watch a little w... Continue»
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Carrie's wrist was getting tired hammering the dildo in and out of her sloshing pussy. There was a puddle of cum and pussy juice on her sheets, leaving a big dark stain. Each plunge the dildo made inside of her squeezed and purged more juice out of her. Her clear, shiny nectar had been transformed into a frothy, white cream.
She pulled the dildo out with a sloppy pop, pulling thick sticky ropes of cum with it. Her lips wrapped around the dildo and she hungrily slurped the cum off of it. The puddle of cum began to disappear as it soaked into the sheets and mattress. Carrie ran her hands up and... Continue»
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Pool Party

Chris woke up to the sound of laughter out by the pool. It was about 11:30, his room was flooded with warm yellow sun light. He sat up in bed, wiped the sl**p from his eyes and looked out the window. His mom Carrie, s****r Krista, and two other women were sitting by the pool drinking and smoking. He rubbed his eyes again and saw that they were all topless, and his s****r was completely naked. Interesting.
He knew that his mother would never invite any one over who wasn't comfortable or discreet with knowing about her "special" relationship with her son and daughter, but he had to be careful. ... Continue»
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Fisting in Houston

Chris laid on the bed. The sheets and covers were cool and clean, recently changed by the maid. He stared at the generic flower paintings hanging on the wall that it seems all hotels seem to share in the decor. The room was lit only by a lamp by the bed. It wasn't a 5 star hotel, but it was clean and comfortable and quiet. Most important of all, it was private.
It was 5:30 in the afternoon, she wouldn't be off until 7, sitter wouldn't be to her place until 8, so she should be there around 8:30 or 9, depending on how quickly she got ready. He checked his in box again and read her text messages... Continue»
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