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The Joys of Social Media

Carvel exited out of the app to check and email that had just come through from c***dhood friend. No sooner than he had done that, he got a message notification from KwikPing saying he had been deleted from the #BBC456 group. Carvel figured the rural Southern people still could not handle his style. He eventually moved on the chatting with a couple of guys on Konnekt that wanted to come through but could not because they were working, or with their girls, or they had no ride. Yet again, Carvel went to sl**p with no dick in his soft, pliable derriere.

Carvel awoke the next morning and, as us... Continue»
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Friends and / or lovers

This is a story from my high school graduation that really left its mark in my life.

She was my best friend, but I've always wanted her to be a little more than that. She was my greatest temptation from the day we've met, but she never looked at me like a boyfriend material. For me, she was the devil. The fiery temptation that will eventually make me burn. Her eyes were emerald green. Her long and dark hair was waving without the need of the wind. Her satin soft skin and her tight breasts were so inviting. I didn't even hide my interest, but she will always stay on the safe si... Continue»
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Shy chubby girl at work

Imagine a boring day sat at work pretending to be busy, well that was me when I got an email from hazel who worked in my team.

Now hazel was a great girl with lovely personality but I had alway thought she was pretty boring. She had been with her boyfriend since she was about 16 and was probably the only girl in the office I hadn't asked out.

Looks wise hazel wasn't a stunner, she was 5'4 and a few pounds over weight, pretty chubby really. She did have huge boobs and a big juicy arse, her face was quite pretty and she wore glasses which were quite sexy.

I clicked open the email w... Continue»
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Fucking a Big Busted Girl

This story is fully factual and happened about 25 years ago but it is still as fresh in my mind as if it happened only yesterday.
The setting: A large bank in the North of England with a large foyer and huge reception desk.
The time and place: A wet spring in Yorkshire, UK.
The Bet: I worked with several guys who all used the same bank as me. There were a few different receptionists but one in particular was what we would talk about. She was about 5’ 6” tall with mid brown short hair, her shape was what you would now call a BBW. Her one feature that caught everyo... Continue»
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A footjob from Rachel

On Saturday night we had a take-away and it was a nice evening, made better by Rachel’s bare leg brushing against mine under the table. Occasionally she would slip her bare foot out of her flip flops and run her toes across my ankle and foot.

Afterwards, we sat in the lounge with the patio doors open. We were sitting in armchairs, next to one another and Rachel put her legs across my lap. "Would you mind massaging my feet, Pete?” she asked, “they ache a bit.”

Slowly, I started to rub her feet. They were incredibly soft and my erection was almost instantaneous.

Starting at her heels,... Continue»
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2 Holiday surprise

2 Holiday surprise
Happy Englishmen like me toddle of for a holiday once a year, to get away from the world.
Now if like me you had a stressful job (or at least I did have back in the 80`s) to avoid a stressful holiday, you needed to satisfy the wife as to where you went, while still managing to keep the k**s happy while not having to travel overseas, mainly as I can`t stand the French, have no interest in the rest of Europe, and couldn’t afford to go further afield anyway!
To fulfil all the criteria would be a good trick I knew, so we had discussed our holiday destinat... Continue»
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Early days down at the allotment

Jenny - A long tale (M++ F, NC, Teen)

She had been coming around to my house since she was eight years old and
every time she always helped me on my allotment.
Her mum had always come with her and she didn't mind, when we would return
after, spending a couple of hours up there, we would sometimes arrive back home
a little dirty but what with the digging and weeding, you had to except that, she was
well know by the other gardeners and they teased her once in a while but, no harm
came of any of it. In time, she started to grow up very fast and I started to think maybe
she ... Continue»
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Borderlands the sexequal part 3

As Axton shoot off again Roland was getting annoyed and said ' look man athena's one hot piece but theres a time and place for that besides I got a job I want you to handle'. Ya about that i'm on vacation man cant you get one of the others to do it Axton said as he was straightening himself out, you and Athena are the only people close enough to the spot I want you to check out. So whats the job Athena said as she whiped the cum off her face and tits, well word is theres a vault key running around the wasteland in the hands of two pencil pushing corporate guys and I dont want handsome jack get... Continue»
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Another f****y affair chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ruth my 34 year old wife was clothes shopping for Josh our 15 year old son; however she saw a beautiful bathing suit and decided to try it on while Josh was trying on clothes he had picked out.

As Ruth impatiently waited for Josh to emerge from the dressing room she decided to show him her suit, Ruth walked down the common hallway to Josh room and opened the door.

“Mom can’t you knock?” said the naked teen as he quickly tired to cover himself up

“Stop it I have seen it before she said, what do you think of my suit?”

There stood before him was his drop dead gorg... Continue»
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The Horny MILF at Work

Bob looked across the table at Janice and started his favorite fantasy in his mind about fucking his sexy MILF coworker. She had the most amazing ass. He loved to see her black pants as she walked around the office. To go along with that wonderful ass was a pair of delicious looking tits. Bob was married and he was more than just a little bored with his life as it was. He really did not want an affair but he could sure use a casual fuck.
Janice was also married and appeared to be quite happy. She was not like model beautiful but ... Continue»
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Sarah: Lessons in Mild Kink - 1

Sarah…I’ve written about her before…about bending her over a pool table in her hotel suite and fucking her…and about fucking her by the light of a full moon. She was ten years older than me and way more experienced. She’d been married twice and had given it up to innumerable boyfriends in and around the marriages. She taught me so much about sex. She was intelligent, well-educated, and a respected professional in her field.

And she made it very clear, very early on in our relationship that she wanted me to treat her like a whore. And she loved to act the whore for me by introducing me to n... Continue»
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OHGirl, Velvet & Denise Porn Star Tour


My daughter definitely did not need to use d**gs. She still seemed so young to me, but I remembered back to when I was 17 and my sexual addiction had pushed me over the edge. I had been d**g free for nearly a year and I was slowly trying to give up smoking. I was limiting my cigarettes to after sex treats only and it seemed to be working. I was going to talk to my mom to make sure that she kept an eye on her granddaughter also, but until then, we had another 3rd Generation sex scene to film today. After the shoot we would be leaving for Miami and would spend a week there doing inter... Continue»
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Caught Looking (MMF Groupsex)

Caught looking

"Why don't you take a picture - it'll last longer." I said to John. I had just caught him red handed, or red-faced in this case, staring at my wife, Catie's cleavage.

John and Catie had been standing and charring in the narrow space between the fridge and entrance to our kitchen. I had approached from behind Catie and slid my arm around her waist - as she turned her head towards me and away from John I clearly caught him look right down at Catie's tits. I guessed that he had been wanting to do that for a while, and seized the opportunity. Of course, who could blame him? Ca... Continue»
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I Gave Away A Jade

When I graduated from college I went to work as an architect and was doing pretty well, so Jade and I married the next year. The first year went ok, but the only problem was in the bedroom. I just wasn't able to give my lovely jade the loving that she needed. She said that it didn't matter, but I thought it might.
Then a couple of years after that I came home from work about 6:30 and the house was empty and all dark. I was sitting on the couch drinking a soda when I saw splash of lights on the front windows. I just waited for her to come in and when the door opened I could hear her laughing l... Continue»
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Down On The Farm

Nick got into his car and started on his road trip to the mid west. He had to be at a meeting at the end of the week, but he deiced to take some vacation time he needed to use or lose to spend some with f****y on the way.

As he drove along, drawing nearer to his location he noticed the check engine light begin to flash on and off intermittently. He'd had his car gone over before he left for his trip so nothing like this would happen. He was in Kansas in the middle of nowhere as the flashing became more persistent.

He looked out his window seeing nothing but farmland for miles around. S... Continue»
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Living in Cockington.

My f****y and I arrived in the village of Cockington on a hot Saturday afternoon, it was a lovely little place full of small cottages and large country houses and it was going to be the perfect place for the k**s to grow up and live.
After the removal van had left and we had spent several hours unpacking everyone wanted to go for a wander, so Milly my teenage daughter and ben my youngest went off to find the park, my wife Veronica went to find a local shop and I thought I would go visit the neighbours and say hello.
Strolling down the lane the first house I came to was a lovely old cottage w... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl


Meet Shadow, Shadow is not his real name, just a nick name. He has a beautiful daughter, he loves her very much. In hindsight he and her mother weren’t mature enough to have had c***dren at that time but he has no regrets, he loves her, she makes life worth living. It’s not easy being a single parent either, he had to grow up fast, never got to go out every Saturday night, have a bachelor pad or any of the things young free men get to enjoy. Now that Brianna is a little older he is trying to make up for lost time. Tonight is his first date since Brianna’s mother.

“Are you... Continue»
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A Freshman Surprise...

So I haven't completed this short story I started a week or two ago, but I would like some opinions none the less :) Merci <3

Luke looked forward to Friday night more than he looked forward to Christmas each and ever year, because even Santa couldn't leave hot pussy under the tree for him to unwrap. That's why he loved clubbing so much, he knew there would be plenty of girls from his college dancing sloppily in the crowd each and every weekend...ripe for the picking. The cab ride seemed longer this Friday which was probably due to the anticipation Luke was feeling- he had not been o... Continue»
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Legendary Whore

Legendary Whore

Part One

I wrote this as a gift for gg854

I grow bored as I wait at the coffee shop, I don’t even drink coffee, I’m British! The tea here is awful. I take out my fountain pen and begin to write notes for a dirty story. I give up and start doodling, I draw the cute coffee shop girl’s head with a look of ecstasy on her face, she has a bruise on her neck cleavage so I write ‘Choke me daddy!’ underneath. Next I draw a woman holding a man’s head between her legs then superimpose the coffee shop girls head onto it. I tear the page off, put it down on the... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Three The Main Course

Written as a gift for an xHamster member
Girlfriend on Loan
Part Three
The Main Course

Truth be told I’ve always been like this, I’ve always loved to tease and it’s not like I didn’t warn her. I’m like a cat, a Cheshire Cat, I like to play with my food before I devour it, if I choose to devour it. Sometimes I like to tease my prey just for the fun of it. I can't help it, I was born that way, it’s instinct. It is very cruel but afterwards I am always forgiven for how can you stay mad at me with my silver tongue and a cheeky grin? It’s just a game to me, I mean no real harm. Some ca... Continue»
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