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Recuerdo que en mi niñez acostumbraba acompañar a mi madre a hacer las compras en el mercado local por las mañanas; uno de los lugares preferidos de mi madre para comprar las verduras era un local modesto el cual atendía a una mujer de edad avanzada junto a una niña de mi misma edad que era su ahijada, esta niña se llama Teresa pero de cariño todo el mundo le decía Tere. Mi madre sentía una especial debilidad por esta chica y supongo yo era por su triste historia de vida pues sus padres habían emigrado a los Estados Unidos y la habían dejado al cuidado de su madrina. También a este trist... Continue»
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Jamie had never been one to show off and let others watch her as she enjoyed her sexuality. In fact, she was very different than many very sexual women I had been aware of over the years in as much as she seemed to manage just one lover at a time seldom seeming to play with a new one until she had stopped the relationship with the previous one. I doubted that she realized the pattern and hesitated to even mention it

I was one of the few exceptions to her “pattern”. We maintained a relationship of very intense emotional communication that turned as sexual as a relationship could be while ... Continue»
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Slut wife exhibitionist

After meeting and fucking Biff (yeah I know, but that was what he wanted to be called) Cindy kept in touch with him and tried to work out another time to see him. She came to me and asked if I minded if she stopped into the bowling alley where he was in a league. I of course told her to have fun. I watched as she took a shower, and then got dressed for her night out. By the panties she slipped on, black lace, I knew she was hoping the night would end in sex. She wasn’t disappointed.

She left the house around 7:00pm and headed out to the bowling alley. I thought about following along... Continue»
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Fun on the Road

I had a conference in Houston and with the airport hassle and costs I decided it would be easier to drive than fly. I had driven down from our home via I-10 with no problems and the meetings all went well.

That all changed on the trip back. I decided to take smaller roads home due to stretches of highway paving on the west-bound lanes and the resulting back-up that seemed to run for miles. Around midnight on a deserted stretch of highway miles out from home it started raining and turning colder. As if that wasn't bad enough all of a sudden the lights went dim and red lights started co... Continue»
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Sex Without my Husband

Sex Without My Husband
Hello, my name is Nicki, married with three c***dren. My husband always tells me I'm a knockout. I have some of the not-so-great leftovers from having my babies but I try to keep in fairly good shape. I have shoulder-length brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a great pair of boobs and smile. My husband is always telling me I am a beautiful "self made" woman that any man would be proud to call his wife.

It is funny the effect one person can have on another. Take my story for instance. I have been married to my husband for about a year or so, and during our time toget... Continue»
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rescuing Tamara


Back in 1984 I was at my girlfriends just finishing dinner, when her phone rang. Chris answered & after a few words handed it to me.
" Tamara (her roomate ) wants to talk to you. puzzled I took the phone. "hey Tam, whats up?" Her voice was slurred badly, she was hammered! " Guy I need you to come get me please, I'm so fucked up I will get arrested if I try to walk home."
"Tam, I just finished a 12 hour shift, I'm beat, take a cab."
"I'm broke, please! I'll make it worth your while." She begged.
"how are you going to due that if you hav... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 8: Sean Comes Home

The door connecting the kitchen with the garage opened and Pamela struck
a pose. Sean emerged from the doorway and saw her. He set his bags on the
floor and stepped to her, saying nothing. She said nothing. And then his
arms were around her and they were kissing.

"Oh, Sean, I've missed you so much, darling," Pamela said after they
came up for air.

"I've missed you too sweetheart," Sean replied, giving her an extra
squeeze. "Is this outfit for me, or were you expecting company," he added
with a sly grin.

"Don't spoil it," Pamela said punching him lightly on th... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 3: Home Movies

Putting down his phone, Sean got up and walked into the master bath. He
took a hot shower and put on a short shaving robe which he belted.
Slipping a pair of fleece lined moccasins on his feet he padded out to the
living room to wait for Pamela's return. Melissa had been a real
firecracker in bed and he knew he'd want to see her again. But it was
Pamela he really wanted. She was his one true love and no matter how hot
other women might be, she would always be the one for him.

Footsteps in the corridor from the garage announced Pamela's return.
Sean stood to greet ... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings, Chapter 4: Threesome

"Hi, Darla, it's Pamela.... Yes, he wants to meet you.... No, I didn't
tell him we'd had our little bit of fun.... That will be our secret for
now.... Haven't quite figured that out, no.... I think I'll surprise him
by joining the two of you and making it a threesome... I know, isn't it
hot? Christ, I feel like a teenager... Yes, a post menopausal teenager...
OK... Let's meet tonight... Food court at the mall in front of the coffee
place... Can you be there by six? ... Yes? See you then... Kiss-kiss...

Pamela ended the call and switched to text mode. She ... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 5: Consequences

"Explain what?" Pamela asked in a light tone, trying to avoid the topic
of what had just transpired. She knew it was a lost cause.

Sean snorted. "Yeah, right."

"Wasn't that intense though? When was the last time you came that hard?
I'm still all tingly from it," Pamela said.

"Explain how you ended up in bed with me and Darla. You've never done
any girl-girl sex in your life - at least none you've ever told me about.
All of a sudden you're going face first between another woman's legs. She
wasn't even surprised to see you, which suggests that the two of you
we... Continue»
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One of the things that happens when a man loses a lot of weight over a
relatively short period of time (probably happens for women, too, but since
I'm not one, and it seems rather indelicate to ask, I can't say with any
certainty) is that his libido suddenly reverts to that of a hormone infused
teenager. Well, this story is about a man who made some lifestyle changes
in his late 50's and suddenly dropped about 100 lbs. Part of the lifestyle
change was a rigorous and regular gym routine involving a good mix of
cardio and resistance training. He was fortunate to work near a Univer... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 2: Pamela's N

Pamela Mainwaring sat in a bar about five miles from her home and looked
at her watch. Her husband was probably balls deep in the little strumpet
she'd picked out for him by now and Pamela hoped that by the time her phone
beeped announcing the "all clear" signal he would be sated enough for her
to risk the bedroom without fear of being mauled. She shook her head. It
really was amazing.

She looked at her watch again and took a sip of her scotch. She stared
into the dark amber fluid and waited.


Pamela turned and saw the person she'd been waiting for.

... Continue»
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No Need to be Chai

After the work day I had, I decided to go get something to drink. My company had lost over ten thousand dollars, and everyone thought it was my fault. Thankfully, I not only cleared my name, but I figured out a way to get the money back. Almost went home without a job, but, I pulled it together, and won the day. That deserved an icy cool beverage. I hadn't had a coffee drink in a long time, and I decided that was what I wanted. I headed to the coffee shack. I knew what I wanted, so I didn't even have to look at the menu, but I checked to make sure the price hadn't changed. Doing this distracte... Continue»
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Hot Fun in the Sumertime

Let me first explain how I got here.

My name is Kaycee. I have always had a rather unconventional view of sex (for a woman) I suppose. I can honestly say that I don't actually recall when or how I lost my virginity. I can recall sexual play going back to my c***dhood. As a young teen I engaged in groping and playing with boys and some girls. These sessions at times included some of my cousins. But it wasn't until I was a bit older that I feel I really hit my stride.

But the really different thing about me was, I never felt any guilt nor did I ever feel that sex or sexual play was that ... Continue»
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Watching...the k*ds - Part 1

Watching...the k*ds - Part 1

Sub Title...
Little girls wet the bed too – Part 1

--------- Chapter 1

The week had been long and stressful for Jenny, she was a 32 year old single mother of two young ch(i)ldren. Her life was very hectic with handling work and the fam(i)ly by herself. The weekend was her time to relax and relieve her stress. One of her favorite ways to relax was to watch her young daughter as she sl(ep)t…

Jenny stood outside of Emmy’s room, upon cracking open the door she saw Emmy lying on her side, facing the door. She leaned against the door,... Continue»
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I banged my first BBW.

It all happened last summer, I was hired to clean a couples pool. I get in my truck and head to the address of the house. In the town were the couple lived at, there was a ton of hot girls outside.

I knock at the door, the lady that opened up the door was a very pretty bbw. She had sky blue eyes, blond hair and a perfect bbw body with massive tits. I caught my composure and said: "Hi, I'm Randy from Carson's pool cleaning. " She said: "Hi, I'm Ms. James."

Ms James took me to the pool to clean it. Then, her husband said to her: "Hey fatass, stop eyeing the pool guy and make my fucking lu... Continue»
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Jealousy Turns To Lust

Jeff was naturally a jealous and insecure person. He always started confident but eventually his self inadequate nature would get the best of him. He'd been cheated on before. Betrayed and heartbroken so he was terrified of relationships. Nevertheless Jeff fell in love with Kate. It started off great as it always does. He was everything to her, swept her off her feet and they eventually got married.

Kate was 5'7 with dark features, a really sexy body and flirty nature. She was a bartender afterall. She would always dress promiscuously which made Jeff nervous. No matter how sweet Kate was t... Continue»
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The Cop

Sweat was rolling down her sides as the young thing labored above the
guy. She was squatting above him. His hands were cupping her ass. His
big, fat cock was fucking in and out of her almost hairless cunt and she
was just about to cum again. Her blonde hair was plastered to her forehead
and her cupcake size tits were covered with perspiration, her tiny nipples

Stan Thompson had a big smile on his face. This was working out quite nicely.
He was sure the young thing was going to cum again and then he was
going to get her on her knees and drive her insane. He was h... Continue»
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Back to Campus Early

My dad always was early in everything he did. So it was no surprise that he wanted to take me early back to college. I was suppose to start class on Tuesday and we were suppose to come back to college starting Monday. I told him I was suppose to report Friday. They never locked the dorms and there was always people at campus all year around. I figured I have 3 days off before I had to start class and be away from home. If the dorm was lock there was always the broken window in the back of the dorm that you could get the window open and get in.

My Dad dropped me off next to the dorm at 6am, ... Continue»
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The Cheating Husband & Kitty's Wrath II

The following story is part two. In the first part Kitty has discovered her husband Bob is fucking her best friend Judy.
I thought through what I was going to do about Bob's infidelity. It was one thing for him to have fling with someone I did not know but another to have him fucking my best friend!

Well if he was going fuck my friend then he will have to get over me fucking all of his friends. I smiled as I thought just how humiliated he would be the next time he played golf with them and knew each of them had been in bed wit... Continue»
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