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Pantyhose with Megan

The next week I went again to the charity shop to meet Megan. I was once again wearing my sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset removed. I arrived before her and studied the dvd's and books before moving on to the lingerie. I had selected a pair of stockings and a couple of pairs of pantyhose and had also found some very nice see through panties and a suspender belt when I noticed that there was another guy also studying the lingerie. He looked a bit unsure and embarrassed as if he wasn't used to buying lingerie. I had been buying for years so had no problem with looking and buying.... Continue»
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The Taxi Part 2

"Now there's an amazing woman," I thought to myself as she walked away. I hadn't seen a ring on her finger, but then I never wore mine anymore anyway. I hadn't ever "stepped out" in almost twenty years of marriage, but really had not been looking for opportunities. There was something about the beautiful creature I had shared the cab with that really had my hormones raging. I shrugged, went to my room, changed into shorts and runners, and headed down to the gym. It was getting late, and if I tired myself enough I might forget about the throbbing in my privates.

My member had other ideas, t... Continue»
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Stories of Lizzy Chapter 2

Oh god, who on earth could it be? Lizzy thought to herself. What a bad timing to call upon.
She sat up on her bed, listening again, making sure that there was an absolute need to attend to the door. There it went again, knock knock.

Reluctantly, she stood up with her bikini bottom falling into a heap around her ankles, she bent over and curled them back upwards. It was rather uncomfortable, to put on that cold piece of cloth against her warm body, the water from the pool mixing up with her own juices that had trickled down her inner thigh, causing it to dry up. She was almost certain that... Continue»
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The i****trious house of lannisters( GOT)

This is not my story. I found this on the internet.Thought u guys might like it

For generations the Stark’s f****y motto had stood as a constant reminder to the rest of the kingdom that somewhere beyond the edge of those warm long summers waited the bitter sting of winter. Fitting then that they kept themselves in Winterfell the coldest place this side of the wall.

As the keep's farmers and smiths kept up their work, seemingly oblivious to the cold, a cloaked figure moved unnoticed by the townspeople and moved discretely but shivering through the marketplace. The figure, unlike those sur... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 8

Darleen had been embarrassed about fucking a dog at first, and had
admitted it only reluctantly, and only then because Caroline was
denying her a suck until she confessed.

But once Darleen had revealed the truth, she seemed to want to talk
about it. And it had made Caroline horny as well, she realized. Far
from thinking that Darleen had behaved shamefully or disgustingly,
Caroline had been inspired to give her some great tongue and had
gobbled up plenty of second-hand dog cum, too.

After she got her rocks off on Caroline's nimble tongue, Darleen
stretched out along the couc... Continue»
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Interracial Revenge

You and your boyfriend had broken up for a couple of weeks but then you got back together. Everything was going well until one of your friends let slip that your boyfriend had fucked another one of your friends while you were broken up. This made you really upset and you wanted revenge and after a long and hard thought process about it you finally decided a taste of his own medicine. One of his friends wouldn’t do for this revenge to really be effective it would have to be someone your boyfriend hated. You had just the man for the job. He was a regular at the coffee shop you worked at who hit ... Continue»
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Hot gym shower encounter

Since I know I am bisexual, I had some difficulty to take a shower at the gym. I believe that seeing so many naked men and dicks by my sides would get me hard in front of everyone. I always wait to be the last one to go hit the shower to avoid the humiliation.
One evening after my workout, I was alone in the change room, well I thought so.
I went to take my shower, started by washing my body and finished with my hair. After I was rinsing my hair and cleaning my eyes, I saw one hot guy at the opposite me. He was about 6 feet 2, muscular body type that could weight around 200 lbs of muscle, sh... Continue»
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I walked right into it

It was a usual Saturday at my old school chicks house. She and I had been fuckin all Friday night and didn't get up to do anything but grab a drink out the fridge. So by the time mid day Saturday came both of us were covered in dried caked up sweat. With a bush pussy plus cummy juices half dried and moistened between her legs, booty cheeks and pussy lips the aroma in her bedroom was prominent. I loved it. Mean while in the living room she had a friend staying over for a few days, that had been having a hard time lately. Monday she was supposed to leave and move with a relative. She was slightl... Continue»
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Denise's Erotic Porn Star Life

I worked out at the gym the next day, after waking up early and riding my lover until he sprayed his sperm deep into my bald slit. I smoked a cig while I drove down to the local fitness center. I’m sure I looked hypocritical as I finished my smoke outside in the parking lot before entering. I really needed to keep in shape because I knew this kind of lifestyle could be hard on me. I lifted and then ran on the treadmill before I finished a grueling workout on the stair climber. It felt good to stretch out and afterward, I went into the martial arts area and practiced some of my punching and kic... Continue»
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Caught Red Handed Pt 2

Mrs. Johnson couldn't wait any longer, wanting to feel young Kevin's hot tongue on her bare pussy. She looked down at him saying,

"Reach up and pull my panties down, and make sure you keep your face right where it is!"

Not saying a word Kevin reached up, and pulled her panties down over her hips, her thick, black bush now directly in his face. He could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, not to mention the aroma of her arousal. He pulled back just enough to see her beautiful bush.

The one thing he noticed was not only was her bush thick and hairy, but she had trimmed around her l... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 38&39

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 38

It took James only about five more ... Continue»
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Pantyhose in the woods again.

A week after our last encounter I was once again dressed in my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset removed. I had arranged to meet Megan in the same charity shop we had met in before. As I walked along the road to the shop I spotted her car parked not far from the shop and glancing in the window as I passed, I spotted a bag on the back seat with its contents spilling out. There were several packs of pantyhose and stockings and at least one suspender belt and some other articles of sexy lingerie.
I moved on quickening my pace to the charity shop, my stiffening cock rub... Continue»
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Our First Swinging Experience

It all started when Justin (my husband) and I were dating. I’d catch him staring at some girls when we were together and asked him how he’d like it if I checked out every guy I met. To my surprise, he said he’d love to see me with other men! Neither of us did anything outside the normal relationship bounds but did discuss it during sex. It turned him on when I would wonder out loud how big another man’s dick is or that other men were sexy.

We got married in 2013 ... Continue»
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Hook, Line and Sinker - Sergio

Hook, Line & Sinker:

Following my encounter with Sergio, my hubby’s coworker at the local track which ended up with him releasing his entire inventory of sweet Latin cum down my throat he began calling even more than before. This was no surprise at all. I knew after that blow job I gave him that he would be begging for more and not to mention I wouldn’t have minded having his stiff brown cock in me either.

Things were kind of odd at first. I would talk to him on the phone while he was at work, with my hubby. And of course he was talking about when we could hook up, etc. He was p... Continue»
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Coffee adventure

written for glnwar148

I went to get a coffee at this cute little shop I know as I walked in there were a people there nothing special but the girl at the counter was especially beautiful she was a petit vixen couldn't be taller than 5'6 or so but i didnt mind it put her face directly at my breasts. Anyways im 6'2 and very busty at a 36dd and very sexy I was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sport bra ready to go to the gym as i waited in line for my coffee i couldn't help but notice the brunette servicing everyone she looked beautiful even though her uniform wasnt very flattering b... Continue»
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Caught Red Handed

Kevin worked part time in a small, f****y owned grocery store while attending the local community college. He had worked there since he was a sophomore in high school. Now at 20, he was still a bit of a loner, not a real popular kind, but he worked hard and lived at home while going to school.

Mrs. Johnson's husband Arnold hired him, and he worked weekends during school, and when he was on Spring break he worked full time. He did the same on his Christmas break, and during the summer. One afternoon when Kevin came in after class to help Mrs. Johnson with the new stock that had arrived she ... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 7

“Janet turns you on doesn’t she?” asked Claudia.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in these two rooms who don’t turn me on,” I replied.

“But yes, I do find redheads very attractive,” I said.

“It’s not because she is the skinniest woman in the room?” asked Jack.

“Not at all,” I replied.

“I actually prefer women with curves to skinny women, plus skinny women tend to be pillow princesses and I’m more into women who are aggressive, confident and like to be active partners,” I continued.

“You like aggressive women, eh?” asked Claudia as the sound of someone in the next room having a m... Continue»
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Club P HD6363

Arrive at the club in very questionable attire the usual but functional dress. Strapless, Cut out at the front revealing all your cleavage leaving little to the imagination of the other men as we enter. Many men take notice but also take full view of the young stud on your arms. Decked out in white long sleeve shirt, red jeans and white loafers with a classy gold chain. Portraying that not only am I younger and hotter than them but in a much better financial position. This sends fear in them bringing any thoughts of bringing you home with them to a halt.
Now that we’re in the club it’s time ... Continue»
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My Sixtieth Birthday

It was my sixtieth birthday and I went to New York City with three of my sexy female friends. We went to dinner and a show one night. Did some site seeing and attended a swinger party the following day.

At the party i was sitting alone at the bar after just fucking a young man when a young woman sat next to me. Everyone was naked at this point and most were having sex. She was very young looking but I knew she was at least 21 because that was they minimum age for the party. She started talking to me. While we wer... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 5

Chapter One

When I woke up at Everett’s house, it was to an empty bed. I was kinda stiff and sore, but in the most glorious of ways. I stretched and yawned and got out of bed. The clock said it was 10:30. Wow, I never sl**p that late on the weekends. I went to the bathroom and releived myself. I found his discarded shirt from last night and put on over my naked body. As I got the hallway, I smelled something wonderful. Everett was in his kitchen making breakfast.

“Hello babygirl.”

“Hi Daddy,” I said blushing.

“Make yourself at home, I’m almost done. Are you hungry?”

... Continue»
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