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Jerome tries a hard anal session on me

Jerome tries a hard anal session on me

My old black lover Jerome called me that Friday evening, knowing that my loving husband was out of town on a business trip.
He warned he was willing to fuck me only in my ass. I could not refuse…
When Jerome arrived to my home, I was waiting for him, ready to be well butt fucked. I had put some gel deeper in my anus and had stretched my rear entrance with a huge black dildo.

Jerome had already established from the beginning of our relationship that he was an "ass man" and his main desire was to see my stretched "gape" and having a slut not being ... Continue»
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Making Julie and Emma my slaves Part 1

Making Julie and Emma my slaves Part 1
After flashing to several women in a park, I was in the men’s toilets in the park, I was naked and wanking gently, staring out of the window which overlooked the path.
Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked in. Instinctively, I covered my cock with my hand but I didn’t have to worry, she approached me and got onto her knees.
“Please sir” she said, “I saw you earlier wanking in front of several women, I need help, I need to be punished, tortured and humiliated sir”
“Stand up and strip naked bitch” I ordered her. I inspected her body, she ... Continue»
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Dr takes her vitals...

Wrote this for a friends wife tailored just for her.

Patient and dr. I take total advantage of you at my office. Using you and your body at my pleasure......

Twice a year you go to your regular check up. And every time its the same ordeal. Lay down try to relax and then the ultimate all clear have a good day bit. But this time when you go to the office they mention that the dr is running a couple min late. No worries you think as you make your way to the private room and dress in the paper gown. You pull out your phone and play a game as you wait .......
I'm just leaving the hospital w... Continue»
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The Punishment of Amy & Larisa .........

The Punishment of Amy & Larisa .........
It was a saturday night, & it was pissing down with rain, i had my mate Jim around for a porn & wanking/ sucking session Jim had an awesome 11" cock that was so fat i could not quit touch my finger & thumb around it when i wanked it.......dispite Jim being a very fit guy he loved to be a sub, & i had him tied up in my attic sex room, Jim was in a recliner black leather chair with his arms tied at the elbows behind the chair back,with a cushion behind the small of his back to push his cock & balls forward & out on show.......i had just slipped the teat... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 6

I told Mike I wanted too see his cum squirting into my wife's mouth. He told me he was ready to cum and to let him know when I was going to cum. She gripped our cocks tightly furiously pumping her hands up and down our cocks. The heads of our cocks rubbing together added to the excitement.

"I'm going to cum !" I moaned as my cum started squirting out into Sue's wide open mouth. I watched as Mike's huge cock erupted and his thick white cum gushed into her mouth with mine. Her mouth quickly filled as she swished it around in her mouth. Some of our mixed cum leaking out the corners of her mout... Continue»
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A ggod beating and more Part 5

A good beating and more Part 5

Helen walked into the toilet and stopped dead when she my mother and s****r.

« Don’t worry Helen » mum reassured her, « He’s my son and this is his s****r. He has told us all about what you do to him and why, I am in total agreement with the treatment you inflict on him and we’d like to watch and join in »

In the car, Helen and mum discussed me. Mum told her she agreed that I should be castrated and turned into a girl, she also told her about the treatment that I now received at home and at school.

« That’s great » Helen said, « We’ve thought that... Continue»
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The crazy sex

my girlfriend and her mom. We just went in city for shopping, food, ect. At Walmart, after I walked off from my girl to go piss, I came back and she hadn't seen me. I wanted to see how she would react to this. I walked up behind her and grabbed a big handful of ass and rubbed my hand down her thigh. She was wearing some extremely short shorts, yes jean daisydukes pretty much. She freaked at first and then realized it was me and then she was ok. I continued to give the little gestures of getting her excited.. the usual. My arm around her hip would slide down her thigh with a little pressure. Sh... Continue»
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Fucking Christine

Fucking Christine
Christine was a full figured sex bomb. She had long brunette hair and a nice set of tits. She had deep grey eyes and was one hot Mexican bitch who wanted to fuck me off. I remember dancing with her, and my hard on bulging between my pants. Her pussy probably got real wet from my manhood. I waned to cup her ass cheeks in my hands and ram my tongue down her throat.
I can imagine having her hot pussy—fucking off together. We’d start frenching and grinding on each other, she can’t wait, so she reaches into my pants and pulls out my erect dick. Stroking it hard, she gets on her... Continue»
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seducing the new girl

A new girl in the office is always is always good news for me as it gives me a chance of seduction, I love to be a straight girls first lesbian encounter and teach her all I know so when I heard a new girl was starting on, Monday morning I looked forward to meeting her.

I was in my office around 10 AM when there was a knock on the door I said come in and Sam my manager walked in with a very attractive blond and introduced her as Fay the new girl in purchasing so I stood up introduced myself and welcomed her to the firm, she looked to be in her mid twenties slightly shorter than me with a s... Continue»
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NightClub Pt.1

Young Ted had a tremendously arousing and sensual experience just two weeks ago and it's time that you heard about it. The story begins with the young man walking home from a movie and seeing all the pretty girls going into the night clubs that line the streets on his way home. At each one he stopped and looked longingly at the pretty ladies. He couldn't help but think of all the fun they were having and all the sex the guys that got to go home with them were no doubt having. If only he could get inside one of those clubs!

The reason Ted was at the movie theater was because they only charge... Continue»
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First time with my stepdad

We have a bar in my house and me him and my husband were drinking one evening. Well my husband had too much too fast so he went to bed and passed out. Me and my stepdad stayed awake. Well he started flirting and hitting on me and to be honest it was turning me on, especially when he'd do a little groping or grabbing. I noticed he had a huge bulge and said something like "looks like someone is getting excited!". He was like, "want to see just how excited I can get?". I remember biting my lower lip and was like "Maybe". Before you know it he's pushing me to my knees and I'm grabbing at this huge... Continue»
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s****r's Home Movies Ch. 02

"Don't look so forlorn, Ronnie," my s****r said, wrapping her arms
around me from behind as I stared out her living room window. "We both
knew this day was coming."

"I know," I answered quietly, placing my hands over hers. "I just
didn't think it would come so soon."

"None of us did." Maryanne rested her chin on my shoulder and I could
feel her breath on my neck. "Mark was as surprised as anyone when he
became part of the troop withdrawal."

"Don't get me wrong, s*s," I said, turning to face her. "I'm very happy
for you that Mark is coming home," I said, looking... Continue»
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That Sexy New Guy

I almost not want to tell you honey cuz I really like my new Filipino lover. I almost fall for him. But not you worry. He was my dentist last year. You keep telling me to get my teeth checked and clean. So I make appointment. Oh wow, he was sooo cute. And only about 33, younger than me. I imagine my panties just disappearing with him. He looked at me too with desire. I knew we could not do anything cuz he my dentist. His touch was so gentle and sensuous as the touched my lips and did his work. When I make appointment I have give my cellphone number so I know he can call m... Continue»
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Flexible S****r part 3

Flexible $i$ter -

This is the third part – check out the other chapters on my profile. This story will make more sense if you do.

Susan has just walked in on her best friend and her friend’s br0ther having sex…


Susan’s face melted from complete astonishment to a sinful smile in just a matter of seconds…

“Oh my – you two have been baaaaad!”

I was struck dumb, I mean really what could I say about what she was looking at? A br0ther and $i$ter covered in cum, laying sweating on th... Continue»
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Candy's Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Party.
It was a week before Halloween and I was being dragged to yet another excursion on the Army base with my wife. I always hated these things. Number 1, I wasn't in the army, I was in the Air f***e. Number 2, most of the people at these parties were people my wife knew from work, and NOT people I knew very well. And number three, well, I don't get d***k. So sitting around casually with a bunch of people while they all get sloshed, is not my idea of fun.
Regardless, I was on my way there, and as we arrived, the first thing I noticed was the area. The party was being he... Continue»
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No longer the horny schoolgirl but still horny!

I had not seen her for a couple of years, but today in town she was there playing in a jazz band. I knew her well and had lusted over her when she was a secondary schoolgirl. As a teacher I knew her well and I knew her reputation with boys from an early age, and I mean with boys not just a boy. She was one of those class of girls who was made for sex, craved for it and usually got it.

I had proof of that one day when I walked into an empty classroom and there she was. Not long into her teens and three older boys. One had his hand between her legs - she was lying across two desks, her school... Continue»
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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 1

My b*****r is an asshole, let´s put it this way. But he´s good looking and has this sly talk that can catch girls just like sugar can catch flies. And Allyson is one of them. A gorgeous twenty two years old tall blonde with piercing eyes totally with in love with him. And he, as the asshole that he is, doesn´t treat her right always taking her for granted; At least not the way I´d treat her.

Yeah, at this point you can guess I have a huge crush on her. I´ve always had. Since day one I thought she was way out of his league. She ... Continue»
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I lost my Virginity to an Older Woman

Part 1: Spain

This is the story of a journey. It started in Spain, continued in France and finished (climaxed?) in London. It was a journey of discovery. This was when I first discovered the thrill of intimacy with a real woman. This was when I lost my virginity.

This is a completely true story. It happened over 50 years ago but I can remember much of it as if it happened yesterday. (I have used a little “artistic licence” in filling in memory-gaps with actions that probably happened, anyway.) Such things make a big impact on a young mind so I am very grateful that my “teacher” of... Continue»
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St Paddy's School for the Scandal – The

St Paddy's School for the Scandal – The Head Girl does her Oral Examination

First – this is a naughty schoolgirl bondage fantasy for adults – it is not intended to imply any u******e or other practices!! Think St Trinians!

In the wilds of the countryside there exists a School. It has large lush grounds, playing fields and woods. The main school building is probably Victorian in era. One can never be quite certain about these things, but it is a large gray stone building with fake Gothic arches and spires and it has ivy growing over it. The main building houses the teacher’s offices an... Continue»
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It really does pay to be nice & .....

I'm the kind pf person who tries to help others when I can. Call me crazy but I still believe in this thing called "Karma"!!! Sometimes you/I don't get anything right away except just a good feeling from helping out. But then there are times .....

It was in '83 right after I'd moved back to Oklahoma City after separating from my wife in FT Worth and was dealing with everything which goes with that plus really missing my 4 young c***dren. I'd been at my job here for a few months and still tried to visit Ft Worth every not and then. I worked in a hospital and there were some absolutely beaut... Continue»
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