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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 9

Chapter One

It started out as a very stressful weekend. My step-monster had stolen the money from the sale of my salon. Master had arranged to meet with her to discuss the problem. She had threatened to call the gossip magazines and out Master for being in the BDSM lifestyle.

Master offered her $1,000,000 for her to go away and never have contact me again and to buy her silence. In order to get the money she would have to submit to Master for the next three days.

This is Sunday, the last day of her submission. Master has had me me busy doing other things because he felt that I... Continue»
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Brandy 2 (Chapter 3)

Whipped for His Pleasure
Brandy licked her lips, enjoying the salty taste of his thick cock. It had been a long time since he had filled her mouth and belly with his cum. He pulled the suction cups off of her nipples, but they stood out hard and erect, the slightest breeze across them stimulating where the cups had abused them. She was sure that Michael’s fingers would continue their abuse.
With her legs spread so wide, she was defenseless, seeing the eighteen-inch ruler he pulled out of the bag, the heavy wooden ruler swooshing through the air. He had just cum, yet Michael’s cock was still ... Continue»
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I was on my way to work, stopped at the light. Suddenly, my car shook sharply. The driver behind me had hit my car very gently. The light changed and we pulled into a lot across the street. I got out waiting for the driver to get out of the beat-up old car.

She was 5'10-1/2 and black, or at least part black. Her skin was lovely cocoa color. Her hair was crazy-curly-on top, but flat on the sides. Her boobs where Double D's at least. Her shirt was pink, silky, and tight. I /could see a fair amount of cleavage. I thought the buttons might pop of. Her pants were some gaudy African pa... Continue»
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The first time I ever squirted!

Well I can tell you the first time I ever squirted it was a huge shock to me!!! As my fantasies were evolving overtime I was getting more and more turned on. I could literally feel my pussy open wide for my husbands cock while he was plowing into me. My clit would swell up squelching and dripping with my pussy juice....and the best thing of all was my hubby was more than happy to indulge me with these fantasties and I with his :-)

This particular night I was playing porn star on a live cam show with my husband. This was one of my sordid fantasies and I took to the cam shows immediately, I ... Continue»
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It was the Friday before spring break, my junior year of high school was spinning out of control. Bruce Charlie and Daniel was assaulting me when ever they wanted to, even though Daniel had been expelled, he still showed up on campus when ever he wanted to fuck me. It all ways happened the next day after Bruce or Charlie had ordered me to satisfy one of them.

But today on my way ho,me the three of them cut me off and pulled me on to the play ground, even though I was terrified I didn't think they would attack me out in the open. Bruce began to speak '...tomorrow is Saturday and we don't ... Continue»
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Mature and Prime


Stella's ears caught her name in the conversation of her granddaughter's boyfriend, Tom. He had said something like he would bang Stella if he got the chance. He was without tact begging Kelly for another piece of pussy which she had replied that they had fucked twice already. Tom had kept on saying that Stella's red panties looked full of hot cunt. It made her wonder when he had seen them, since she had worn red today? She wondered if this 19 year old actually wanted her? 63 years old, 7 c***dren with a hoard of grands, used, old cunt, to a young... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 12

2581 - 1.29

Chapter 12
Day of Fun

As Cindi lay naked, tied to the picnic table she at least had some comfort, she wasn’t hanging from a tree. She had boards to lie on and a warm sun beating down onto her very sore body.

It lasted for some time as the men extended their breakfast into lunch allowing Cindi some time to regain her energy. If they were going to play with her again today she would need it. Cindi enjoyed a lengthy rest before her master came to retrieve her. She was lead down to the beach, as it was the men’s playtime. All the men with the exception of Cindi’s hero were... Continue»
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Corporate Boday Chapter 13

3139 - 1.66

Chapter 13

As she lay there in silence she heard someone coming down the stairs, and when she could see, she saw that it was her master with lotion in his hand. He hadn’t gone to bed after all. He said nothing just spread the white cream all over her sunburned skin. What was this, an act of kindness? Could it be he really cares after all? She didn’t ask, but rather just enjoyed the moment. He left as he came in, complete silence, not a word was spoken.

Morning didn’t come early enough for Cindi with the pains in her legs and arms. Although with the sunbur... Continue»
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Best of both

The following story contains scenes of bi sexual interaction, if that's not your thing, that's cool. Else enjoy.

Scott was driving home to his parents from University for the Easter break, he had hung around uni over the preceding weekend and then stopped at his b*****rs for a few days on the way back. Arriving at his parents house around 4pm, he let himself into the house. His mother heard the door and stuck her head round the kitchen door to see who it was. Seeing it was her son she excitedly left the kitchen and flung her arms around Scott in a motherly embrace. "Forgive your Dad, he's... Continue»
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Cowboy Cock - Part 3

Well, following the “tractor ride”, the calls came more frequently. The country gentleman became the horny gentleman very quickly, but still used his manners and good old boy demeanor to get what he wanted.

A week or so following our picnic, he invited me to a BBQ at his house. This was somewhat awkward because I’m married and this is a relatively small town. But I guess since he had been f****y friends for so many years nobody thought anything of it. I went to the BBQ and had a good time drinking and hanging out. There was nothing real spectacular to mention, just a good time, good ... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 9

Miss Stone had asked me to stay after class, as it was my first day I expected a lecture about what was expected and what sort of behaviour wold be tolerated, blah blah blah etc. Boy was I wrong, she indicated that I was to sit in the front row directly in front of her desk and went and locked the classroom door. She then returned to her desk but rather than sit behind it she sat on it right in front of me and only a few feet from me, I swallowed hard and started to sweat as I looked at her, her boobs looked like they were going to pop the buttons on her shirt and her skirt was so short that i... Continue»
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My 42-year old neighbor 2

When I arrived at home with a huge big hard cock, the first thing I did was going to the toilet and help myself to a nice orgasm to relief the pressure. This while I was already thinking about an opportunity to meet with my hot neighbor Diny again and what I would love to do to her.
The opportunity came faster than expected. It was the next Thursday I arrived home from college at around 1500 hrs. to discover there was nobody home and had forgotten my keys that morning. Thus I was f***ed to stay outside. As it was mid-October already and quite a cold, windy rainy day I decided to check if som... Continue»
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The weather over the weekend was great and we decided to go dogging.

Kay came down the stairs wearing a knee length coat and boots..shes a curvy uk size 16 with big soft 38dd tits and shes fully shaven.

We drove around a few local spots but not much was happening until we got to the last one we were going to try. There were a few cars parked with guys sat in them.

We pulled over to the far corner where she undid her coat exposing her big boobs.
I was a bit surprised when she took it off and threw it onto the back seat leaving herself naked and looking very sexy.

I put the light on... Continue»
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The Back Room of the Bar

“Oh my God!” That was all could think.
He put his entire cock in me on the first thrust. I was wet, I had been anticipating this little tryst. But still I was taken aback as my vaginal canal completely filled with warm flesh. The head was stubby with a wide rim, enough such that you could feel it. His girth was average, not too big. It was the length that told the story. It was clear from the first thrust that my cervix would be involved in this hookup. He either had to step forward with each pump or bend awkwardly at the waist to push his dick in me completely. No time was wasted.... Continue»
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Alone with Sarah

It was a cold, damp, rainy night. I was home all alone in the living room watching TV naked when suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I then put a towel over me and went to answer it. Afraid of what may be on the other side, I opened the door slowly, as I was not expecting anyone as nobody called or texted me about possibly coming over.

As soon as I opened the door, I noticed it was my neighbor, Sarah. Sarah is a redhead who is 5'5" and has a slim body type.

"Uh hi," I said in a surprised but hesitant tone, "I didn't know you were coming over this evening. You never called or texted me ... Continue»
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Tan twink fun 2

Just as a reminder this is a story that is made up completely in my head. I did change the view in which I started writing thisstory, but hey, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, I also added some details Iforgot to put in my first story “tan twink fun”. Please leave comments and letme know what you think or what to add for my next one. Thanks :)

The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. I looked atwhere Angelo had been and for one fearful moment I thought I had dreamed itall, then I heard pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen so I got up.I went into the bathroom and used the toi... Continue»
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Teenage Booty Sluts

Barely legal..."

"But dressed to impress all the same..."

"Cool outfit."

Yeah, right. Most families spend July 4 slouched around the barbecue pit
passing wind. Mine spend it sprawled around a photo album, passing
comment, and while I can't say I've ever contributed much to the
conversation... I've certainly never brought one of my own albums along
for inspection... it's hard not to get sucked into the occasion.
Especially when cousin Margie is around, with half your own teenaged
years in glowing Kodachrome.

Gary, her husband, tore his eyes away from the television. "... Continue»
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Dominant Facefucker in Atlanta

Recently I had a working trip to Atlanta with a couple of days to fill with „entertainment“
I therefore searched various sites to see if I could find some horny men to suck off.
On “Craiglist” I stumbled on an ad which rose my interest.

Dominant Bi-Top, 54, 6.4, 280, very hairy is looking for slave throats (M/F) to fill with cum and piss.
Throats must take a deep fucking. Swallowing is compulsory.
Contact me here for further info’s.

I wrote a note to him and two days later got the answer for a meeting.

The order was that before arriving at his house I had to call him. He than woul... Continue»
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Barb and the ruckers

Barb and the Truckers, Part one of three

Barb was slowly unbuttoning her shirt just after entering the NYS Thruway exit 39 eastbound; her beautiful breasts were slowly being exposed as she was very intently checking the traffic for any State Troopers. We had several hours of driving ahead of us, but with her fairly recent discovery her joy of exhibitionism and its excitement, it promised to be an enjoyable trip. She was fully naked by the time we passed Exit 34A, now it was my turn to remove my shirt and jeans. We had found some unusual outfits that had snaps along the outside seams so the... Continue»
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Barb and the Truckers Part III

Five weeks later Barb called Evian to inform him that ovulation would occur in 5 to 7 days to which he replied that he needed to check schedules and would call back. A few hours later he informed her that unless we traveled 500 miles, neither team would be near us for a while. After talking for a few minutes they targeted a date a few weeks away!
A few days before we were to meet, Evian called my wife to find her status. We had met him and three of his fellow truckers/employees on a trip to Maine. Barb started our trip stripping and riding naked and playing with her vibrator. She was obs... Continue»
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