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RoadToGlory: MilfHunt - Marise (57yr) [Chapter 1]

This is my first time writting a story, so i hope you enjoy it. I do appreciate comments and feedback!

This is a short story about giving a kind mature lady for what she deserves.

Note: Name has been changed in the story.

Name: Marise
Age: 57
Height: ~175cm
Weight: 48kg
Breast: A cup
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

I've first met Marise a few weeks after starting my new job. She was introduced to me as an admin staff that will be handling all the paper work in the office. Marise was a rather mature lady but has... Continue»
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I like to watch

My wife Meg is a 5'2" with red hair and a 34-29-35 body
measurements. There's no fat on her at all. Her green
eyes make you want to melt when you look into them and
my buddies are always trying to see down her top or up
her skirt.

One night I got Meg pretty d***k when a couple of my
friends were over. She had on a pair of see-through
panties on. She was sprawled on the couch and I slowly
lifted her skirt up until my buddies could see she how
nicely she keeps herself clean shaven.

That got them going, my buddy Biff said he'd give me 500
bucks if I'd let him fuck her. H... Continue»
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My slut

Valerie had been paying the bills for Ray's design work
for over six months. Ray had finished the job after four
weeks but repayments, sex with my wife, would last a
year. Both Val and I had happily agreed to the deal.

We both, Ray and I, wanted to widen Val's sexual
boundaries and Ray had done that. It started with Ray
fucking Valerie twice a week and now he fucked her as
much if not more than me. Ray loved to take photos of
Valerie naked to share with his friends.

Initially the fact men I didn't know, were seeing my
beautiful English Rose nude, worried me, but Valerie... Continue»
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I knew he wanted to fuck my wife

My boyfriend Dave and I are into anything BBC and
interracial fantasies. It's a big secret to our friends
and f****y but we smoke late at night and play with each
other (and my BBC toys!) for hours and hours.

So when my boyfriend tells me he has an idea to take our
fantasies further than just our bedroom, my stomach
starts to tingle (and everywhere else!) because my bf's
"ideas" always lead us into some super kinky fun.

Dave tells me that he wants to test one of his buddies.
I tell him to go on.. He says that his black friend
Tyrone is always staring at me when I'm no... Continue»
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milking of ryan pt 1

Ryan Connolly stood in the arena, stripped to his shorts, a sneer on his perfect lips. The x-treme fighting match had yet to begin, but his confidence practically glowed with the same sheen as the arena lights reflecting off the sheer layer of perspiration on his smooth chest and perfectly defined six-pack. The light caught the coppery highlights of his auburn hair as he turnes to face the crowd, emerald green eyes sparkling. He sneered again. In his head he knew that every man in the arena wanted to BE him and the girls wanted to fuck him. Of course, a few of the fags wanted to fuck him too, ... Continue»
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My wife got used by a Black couple

After living together for almost two years Judy and I
decided to get married. Judy had been married once
before and I had been married and divorced three times
by my twenty-ninth birthday. In my profession I was
around ladies all day and my wives were really jealous.
I was forty-three and Judy was forty-four.

To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five
foot two, one-hundred and ten pounds, blonde hair, green
piercing eyes that you never wanted to get angry at you.
My favorite points were her double Ds. Her measurements
were 34-24-35. When she walked passed all me... Continue»
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I dare you

My wife Sue likes it when I make her show off her tits
or even her whole body to strangers. After a night of
that, she is dripping wet and needs a good fucking.

After she had dared me to flash my cock at a woman cop
and I ended up doing 25 hours of community service
picking up trash from the roadside along with a $1500.00
fine, she knew I was going to make her do something
really wild to get back at her.

I waited for a couple of weeks and really thought about
what I would dare her to do. I wanted something so
radical that she wouldn't be able to bring herself to do
it,... Continue»
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I needed new dick

I guess I should start from the beginning. Jon and I had
been together for a while. Life was good. He treated me
well and I loved him. One day we started talking about
our exs. I learned that he had a pretty wild
relationship before me. He is older than me. I am 23, he
is 29, so I knew he'd had previous relationships. I just
didn't realize how wild the sex with this ex was.

We had a great sex life, but nothing like he described.
I'd only had one other partner before him. I mean, I'm
pretty. At 5' nothing and 100 lbs, I get a lot of
attention and I love it, but I never act... Continue»
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i luv black dick

Hi, I'm Mara. My boyfriend Alonso and I love the
outdoors! We both work at pretty dull jobs in Los
Angeles and the thing that gets us through the grueling
and monotonous routine of our day to day existence is
going camping whenever possible. Ideally it's great to
get away for a few days for a long weekend but that's
not always an option so even an overnight trip to
someplace close by helps.

One of our favorite spots is a place in Apple Valley
known for its hot springs. It's special to us because
it's where we first went camping together when we
started dating and we've b... Continue»
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The Black Dealer

My boyfriend Dave had been getting me into interracial
sex for a while now. I must admit, at first I thought it
was gross. But now, I find it as hot as he does. Those
monster black cocks are so erotic, so a****listic. So
taboo. I was beginning to have a true lust for a BBC
experience, well it's what he wanted anyway, wasn't it?

Soon, my bf had surprised me with a couple "lifelike and
life size" black dildos for us to play with. We would
watch hours and hours of filthy interracial porn and
roll play with me and my BBC toys. I actually fell in
love with both of them! They m... Continue»
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fun night out

My name is Samantha, Sam for short. I am living in
Bradford West Yorkshire, I'm 28 yrs old 5' 6" tall with
medium length brown hair, and I have a long term
boyfriend called Chris.

I stayed in Bradford living with Chris after graduating
from university. An old university friend of mine Sheila
had returned to Bradford after living and working down
south in London. I had not seen Sheila for several
years, in fact I didn't know she had returned until I
bumped into her whilst I was down town doing some

We swapped phone numbers arranged to meet up again at
the end... Continue»
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My ebony BBW coworker pt. 1

I've been working in the same office building for years now, and it's been the same old sausage-fest it's been since I started. I'm a mid-30's white guy, and the only other person older than me in my department is my boss. Everyone else is in their early 20's, and all they talk about is the last "ho" they fucked at some shitty bar downtown over the weekend. The bar scene in my town sucks as well, just a bunch of aging, lonely housewives that only know how to talk about their teenage k**s and how well they do in school. Sigh. I was about to cave in a join a dating website, or one of the many "f... Continue»
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Husband tries to breed his new wife with stranger

I was 19 and my wife was 21 when we got married in August 30+ years ago. We lived with my wife's older s****r for two weeks after we got married and then moved into our new apartment. We lived on the lower floor next to the laundry and storage cage room. Right after we had moved in my wife was doing laundry and had put a new load in the washer and came back into the apartment to take a shower. I had been putting things in our storage unit so I went back into the laundry room to get to our storage unit. As I walked into the laundry room there was another young man behind the washer and the... Continue»
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My name is Cindy. I’m 27, 5’1″, 103 lbs., size 34c and I’m a “slut”. Married for six years to my husband Bill who’s 52, and says I’m his insatiable little slut and I love it. Our sex life is exciting and other guys are never included unless we’re together and I like it that way. It’s never another girl, he says I’m already more than he can handle and with a guy I love to tease Bill, it’s exciting for both of us. Seeing me totally satisfied, he says it’ll never happen but it would be his ultimate fantasy. Mine to.

We like tal
... Continue»
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Cuckold Hotwife Interview

This is an interview we did as a couple for an on-line swinger magazine. The interviewer we'll call "Int", my husband we'll call "Cucky", and I am CG (my hubby calls me cuck goddess):

Int: thanks for participating in this interview. You both seem like a fun couple who have really embraced the lifestyle. I have no real agenda and am hoping we can just have a nice free flowing conversation.

CG: well thanks for having us. You're very beautiful

Int: thanks, so are you! And sexy!! So, how long have you two been in the lifestyle.

CG: almost 25 years. My husband a little longer.

Int: w... Continue»
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The Master Next Door v1

The Master Next Door

Lauren didn’t know what was happening to her. Her body was on fire but all she felt was overwhelming pleasure.

She looked around but there was only blackness. She could make out flashes of dark limbs and skin.

She tried moving but a heavy f***e pinned her from above. Something powerful. Thrusting into her and taking her breath away.

She writhed from the heat building between her legs but could do nothing as the furnace engulfed her. It was like she was being simultaneously torn apart and made whole for the first time. She felt powerless but alive
... Continue»
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Neighbor Charlotte

Right after John got divorced, he was sitting home, just chilling. Knock came on the door. It was Scott from across the street. He invited John over the next Friday night. He was having a small party with booze, bonfire, and music. John said we'll see.

Friday evening came, John hemmed and hawed about going to Scotts. Scott liked to party and get high. He was married, but his wife and him fought a lot. They we're together I think mostly for their 3 k**s. Her name was Charlotte, five foot six, thin, small breasts, average looking with blondish hair. John heard the noise from across the str... Continue»
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Silver Chains (Male Bondage)

She led him slowly, only touching the small of his back to indicate where she wanted him to go. He stepped carefully, keeping his arms close to his sides as he did so. It took all of his patience not to demand where they were going, even though this endeavour had been his idea to begin with.
With each step, he grew more apprehensive, calming his breath only when she indicated that he stop and stand still. He began to question this fantasy of his, this desire to let another have control of him. The door swung open, a rush of air fanning over his neck where she whispered that he step forward, ... Continue»
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NO STOP...please, put a condom on my cock!!!

Have you ever said no to sex? Have you ever been afraid of sex, but still had an erection? Have you ever been dominated by women who were literally stronger than you are?

Well… I have.
I had no idea what a group of 5 women were planning to do. I had seen them the night before, during a party of a female friend of mine. They caught my eye because they were a strange looking group. Five female bodybuilders. I was quite scared of them to be honest. Every single one of them was at least 6’2 with big fake tits and biceps bigger than the average male bodybuilder. All of them had a fake tan. The... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise – A memor

In the days before I ever met my lovely Louise, when in my twenties before married to my first wife... in the early 80’s I travelled quite a bit with my work, and this gave me a chance to make contact with couples looking for single guys. Mainly I would meet people through the contact section of esteemed publications such as Forum and New Direction, now both sadly gone.

I at the time was still coming to terms with my sexuality and becoming less guilty about my bisexuality (that’s what a strict Catholic upbringing does). However I still did not want people to know because of my job and so I... Continue»
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