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A fantastic Experience

One day I m on chat on xham. I have been decided to call a old friend listed on my friend list. Than I call and ring is going on. Suddenly the phone is picked up from that side. After Introduced of my self as friend. Than I ask about a warm and hot date. Its my good luck that agreed after 1-2 years trying that they agreed.

After that we decided to meet. I went from home to their home next day. Me is very excited that I m going to meet my one of old friend.And also afraid that how they looks and how they react. In that circumstances reached the destiny.

After reached the destiny I am s... Continue»
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Seduced by Neighbor's Son

We had new neighbors move in next door at very beginning of summer. They seemed like a nice f****y with a high school aged son. I made an effort to meet them a day after they moved and took them a plate of homemade cookies. I gave them our name and phone numbers on a card in case they needed us for anything. They seemed grateful and thanked me.

A couple of days later, I carried a load of laundry upstairs to our bedroom and began folding everything up to put away. I noticed the neighbor’s son cleaning the pool. He was wearing a tank top and swimsuit and looked very athletic. I recalled them ... Continue»
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Mom taught my b*****r and I about sex.

My mother was more like an older s****r than a mother, perhaps her divorce from daddy had something to do with it, but I was just a teenager, and way too young to be hanging out with my mother, not that I thought she needed to as she was all woman and never without a man panting after her.

'We need to talk sex'. My mother looked up from her coffee, 'Why', she asked, her eyes dropping to my stomach, looking for the answer.

I left it hanging there, just to hear her reaction, 'Are you in trouble', she finally asked? My younger b*****r was laughing, as the breakfast table came alive to the s... Continue»
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My Golden Girl, Chloe

Her name was Chloe...
We had met online a couple of months before, but kept missing really meeting, till now. I was traveling, doing a job, and being bored, I looked on our site, and there she was, In my town, visiting a friend. I zipped off a message right away, and she responded in about a minute and half...
"YES, Please come to see me."
I was there about 45 minutes later. We had a drink and she invited me to her room, in 10 mins.
Chloe is a young beauty, about 23 years old, with golden hair, and light blue eyes. She stands 5'4", and is about 120lbs of gorgeous young woman.
... Continue»
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Nancy Meets Santa on Christmas night

Santa entered the living room and froze. His instincts told him that everyone in the house was asl**p, but he had assumed they were asl**p in bed. Not so at all! There on the couch, sound asl**p sat 22 year old Paul, naked as the day he was born. The only thing he wore was a smile, and looking under the Christmas tree, Santa understood the smile very well!!

She was not tall, but her long body showed the definite curves of woman and not a girl. Nancy wore a red Santa hat and three strategically place bows! Her blonde hai... Continue»
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My Wife's Friend

Last night started as a typical Wednesday night. Going to the gym with my wife at 8. However, this time was going to be very different. She invited her friend Karlie to workout with her. Karlie is a 26 year old theater teacher. About 5'3 with nice breasts, a curvy soft body and a very nice round ass.

My wife had of course shared all the stories with Karlie about our love life and how much of a handful I am in bed. Karlie who was recently single after a boring long drawn out relationship of 5 years was curious to say the least. I knew from what my wife told me Karlie was sex starved. I of c... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

This true story was sent to me by David in Texas. Please keep sending your stories to me! These are great. This is as told by David...
My neighbors have lived next door to me for as I can remember. Debbie Lawson and her husband, Willard. They were older than my parents but Willard still worked. They kept their house, yard and everything immaculate. Always had new top of the line cars. Willard Lawson made a lot of money at his job and traveled a lot. When ever he left town I would keep up the yard work. Willard told precisely what had to be done and how to do it. They paid me good money fo... Continue»
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Your first holiday together

You are on your first real foreign sun holiday with your wife, the place you have picked is everything you thought it would be. The scenery, the restaurants, the pool, the beach, the only thing your wife has found to complain about is that her bikinis are a bit out of date and she needed to buy some new ones. Shopping for new bikinis wasn't your thing but you could go and find a good place ot eat and meet back with your wife back at the square in a half hour or so.

Your wife was a little lat, but as she explained the sales girl was really helpful and helped her chose a few more modern style... Continue»
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Brad loved big tits. He guessed it was from his mom nursing him till he was in his teens. He loved to get naked and lay by her nude body and take turns sucking each full tit. She was huge and so full of milk for him. As he got older his cock began to get hard as he sucked the milk from her. He would press it tight to her leg as he sucked. Once in a while she would allow him to rub her pussy as he sucked. He loved the feel of her wet bald snatch. He began to watch porn on his computer and then one night as she nursed he was rubbing her pussy and he shoved a finger in her cunt and began to finge... Continue»
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The New Guy At Work Fucking Me Hard "True Sto

This is a true story of mine, hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Well I guess this story starts when my friend Tim started at my job. He was just like most of the new people that come and go quiet at first but slowly began to open up with people. I was instructed to train Tim in so I got to know him better than most. We had a lot of the same interests in music, movies and tattoos. Tim and I would talk about girls that were in the store as we worked comparing who had th... Continue»
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Donna and the 3 lads

This happened in 1999
We had just bought a new bed and the guy in the shop said they’d deliver for free, we arranged a date and a time, the following Friday. Friday came and went, after ringing up to complain they said they would deliver the following Monday. Monday morning, half past ten and there was a knock on the door, Donna answered it and there stood Keith, 26, Ian 23 and Andy 25.

They brought the bed in, took it upstairs, removed the old one, and then came back in. Donna was in the bedroom making herself comfortable laying on the new bed when the three lads went for her to sign for ... Continue»
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In the Back Room

There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to watch your normally reluctant wife suddenly turn it on for another man. But John, a 40-year-old contractor, had that chance to see his 31-year-old wife perform at a convention last summer at an upscale hotel in New York.

Cindy wore an unusually revealing red dress that evening. It was shorter than anything John had ever seen her wear in public. Being that this was a formal dinner and dance with potential professional contacts, he was reluctant to have her wear it at first. But Cindy, who had a shapely but very petite 10... Continue»
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Donna's Holidays

Donna went into the office at work to book some holidays, Steve and Richard were there doing the rota’s, she knocked on the door and Steve opened it, apparently when it shut it automatically locks. As she went over to the desk she asked if she could see the holiday rota, as Steve showed it to her it was obvious he had something else on his mind especially after the store room incident, and Donna would do virtually anything to get her holidays.

She stood at the side of the desk as Steve showed her the rota, when suddenly he turned her head to him as she looked at him he leaned in and kissed ... Continue»
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Poopy Dick

It starts with a glance by a woman in a sleezy back alley bar.

He then proceeds to walk up to this woman and produce a lighter for the cigarette she is about to smoke. She sais "thanks My name is Merl" he replies "no problem, my name is PoopDickDave", their eyes lock to one another. Merl's eyes are fueled by confusion and a small percentage of fear, while PBD's eyes are dead set in lust. He said to Merl " Do you poopy dick girl ? " Merl then sits looking vacant in the face not knowing how to answer this, she said "WTF Is poopy dick ?" PBD replies " How bout we go in the bathroom and I show... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 4

Princess Venetia occupied her throne, surrounded by a dozen or so members of her Court. They were seated on couches set in semicircles on either side of the throne, and included the Ladies Flavia, Cera, Nerine, Miralda, Mena, Nyrene and Tavia. All of them, apart from Tavia, had once been slaves of Princess Alexena - now Venetia’s newly acquired slave and known simply as Xena. In subservient attendance were numerous male and female slaves, ready on the instant to serve these Ladies. The female slaves were stark naked and depilated; the males wore leathern restrainers only. Sparkling white wine ... Continue»
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A Night of Ecstasy and Pleasure (True)

Last night was an night of ecstasy, pleasure, and release. After an late afternoon nap i wake up to a dark room and my my half naked girlfriend laying next to me. As we layed there in the silent room I then gently began to caress her softly starting at the bottom of her legs slowly making my up past the calf muscle to the inner thigh. From there I smoothly glide my hands across her slightly haired wet pussy across to her other thigh. I continue to move from though to though slowly adjusting each leg further apart from each other while she is still sl**p.

As I manage to get them as far a... Continue»
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Threesome.....Moresome!! (Visit our website @ www

Lots of you are always asking what is a typical playnight at our local club like. I have found that there is no such thing as a "typical" night.
To give you an example this past Saturday night was what is called "BANG" night at the club. The basic concept is that people who are interested in swinging and chat about it on line get a chance at a reduced price to come to a real swing club meet each other and see what the scene is all about. As usual the place was packed. My hubby and I never miss a BANG night if we are in town. We really enjoy seeing the newbies and wannabees and how they react ... Continue»
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Me and my wife are blacked owned and made to be wh

It was a Monday me and my wife were fighting over money for the 10 thousand time. I told her I need a while and walked out. I went to a small bar in a little town about 1 hour away from are house. We lived in a dry county so no sale of anything fun ! I had about 3 beer's I have never been in trouble I never drink and drive . On my way home a officer pulled me over and after a long while of test and line waking she said I was DUI.

She brought me to the little station and there was no one there. she was the only one on duty and she had me strip and change. I got my mat , bag and walked w... Continue»
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The Real Workout Part One

It was a Tuesday night, and as such it was on my schedule to head to the 24 hour gym where I have a membership.
I was 17 years old at the time, and a senior in high school. I was involved in a lot of sports and extracurricular
activities, and as such I could only make it to the gym during some of their least busy hours. Although it was
usually late at night when I could get a chance to get in an extra workout at the gym, keeping my fit form was
important to me, and so I did what I had to do to make it work.

Although only at an average height, about five feet and 8 inches, I had worked ... Continue»
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Stop: Hannah Time

**If you read "AYCEB", the part of "ST" after I get to the restaurant, and "HT", it helps this all make more sense, but it's not necessary to get the story.**

Today was one of the few Saturdays my wife had to work, so I took advantage by doing nothing. Well, not "nothing", per se. I had my cock in my hand, stroking it, thinking about how my wife had enjoyed her gangbang. I wasn't at all in a hurry to cum, so it was just a leisurely stroke, where I would occasionally rub my nipples, thinking about how I had watched my wife get fucked by twelve guys, and The Solution; a little "thank you" for... Continue»
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