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Late Night, very kinky, sexy time

I had been horny all day, and playing with my butt here and there. But we were watching TV before bed, not really planning on having sex. However, the show we were watching had a lot of sex in it (Ascension on Syfy, everyone has sex with multiple partners), and my partner got really turned on by it. Even though it was late, she really wanted to play.

I started by standing behind her and kissing her neck, caressing her and scratching her back. She took her yoga pants off, then her shirt, and finally her panties. Once they had fallen to the I saw how wet she had gotten, they were full of her... Continue»
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my math teacher fucking my twink ass day 3

So I'm sitting here in some pink panties with my dick popping out but I'm not ready to jerk off just yet so I figured I would tell you about the third time I fucked my high school math teacher. So this is the day after we fucked for the first time and two days after I blew him for the first time. If you want those stories, they're on my page. Anywho! Here's the story of the first of many mornings I went in for a fuck.

I was only a freshman at the time so my mom had to drive me to school earlier than normal for what she thought was tutoring. She figured I was so quiet because I was sl**py bu... Continue»
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Our fifth anniversary

Our one and only experience that qualifies for your site came on our fifth anniversary. I was 42 and my wife (my second) was 28. We live in New York where I am a fairly successful investment banker. For our fifth anniversary we took a week’s vacation at an exclusive resort in St. Maarten.
I love going to beach resorts with Jennifer. In fact the beach is where I originally met her not too long after my divorce. She is a knockout in a bathing suit. She is a Florida blond, about 5’6", 105 pounds and a body that perfectly fills out a bikini. She tans great and is very athletic, so the tan really ... Continue»
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the freak n me

Hi I'm a freak ass man. that like to dress up in women pantie and play with my 2 dildo so one day I got on my computer and put a picture up in me in some sexy pantie and said LOOKING FOR SOME BIG DICK and as soon I post it I got 8 hits so I start to talk and telling the I need a the biggest dick on here so a white guy put up a picture of his dick and I was like WOW that big so I start to hook it up so I can have that he must b horny as me he give me his number so I can call him so I call him and give him the in for he needs so while I was waiting I did some couple line of coke and smoke some ... Continue»
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it started in the office: chapter 2

"Yes please Miss Amanda," Sandra said, her voice husky with her arousal.

"Alright. Here's the deal. Since you accepted the task, if you fail to do it, I take you home, and we're done until I choose otherwise. If you do as I ask, I will bring you home with me, and we will spend the night together so that I can make sure you are properly rewarded for being such a good girl. Understand?"

"Yes Miss Amanda."

"Ok, When I tell you, you will quickly crawl under the table. I will feed you your half of the cheesecake while you are there."

Sandra blushed and her mind tried to find some way ... Continue»
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it started in the office: chapter 3

`We will have to teach you at least a basic service protocol my dear, but that`s for later. Here`s to something wonderful." Amanda raised her glass and Sandra did the same and then drank just after Amanda took a sip.

They didn't notice the time until 2:30am. Amanda's eyes widened and she smiled down at Sandra. "It looks like we've been getting along fabulously my dear."

"Yes Miss Amanda, it has gotten much later than it felt."

"Indeed. That is always a positive sign."

"Yes Miss Amanda."

"Follow me please." Amanda ordered.

Sandra stood and followed a step or two behind.
... Continue»
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My Daughter and My Wife Go Black

Our white daughter is 19, attends a nearby college. To save money still lives with us. She has her own bedroom and sometimes has male friends over when we are out. It took a while, but we got used to it.

This one Friday night my wife and I were supposed to go out for dinner as usual, but there was a long line at our favorite restaurant. We decided to just grab a couple hamburgers at a drive-through and head home -- a couple hours earlier than usual.

As we sat in the kitchen eating our hamburgers, we heard the bed squeaking in our daughter's upstairs bedroom. My wife and I looked at each ... Continue»
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it started in the office: chapter 1

Sandra sat at her desk and read the email over again. "My dear Sandra, I had such a good time with you last night that I wanted to send you a little thank you note. Your company was wonderful, and well, after, well, I have to say that I have never been with such a kinky, and generous woman before. You are truly amazing....... Leanne."

"Now that is an interesting call back," Sandra's boss Amanda suddenly said as she leaned over Sandra's shoulder to hand her a cup of coffee.

Sandra blushed, and hard. Though she had never made it any secret that she was a lesbian, she had never revealed an... Continue»
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Fuck on a public beach

I love taking my girlfriend to the beach. Her big tits were always pushed up to a quite pleasant angle by the shape of her bikini top and her bottoms clung to her round bum in a way that turned the eyes of everyone who could see it. So as we lounged on our towels in the hot summer sun I could not help but stare at her rubbing lotion on her smooth, sexy legs. I found myself fantasizing about kissing up and down them till I reached her…

“Babe?” I heard her voice say.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts and gave her a smile, trying to hide the slowly growing erection my fantasies and her voi... Continue»
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I've been learning to smoke! Part 2 - The Rev

So late last night my hubby sent me a quick text from the airport to let me know he'd landed and would be home in about 45 mins, I sent one back to say I couldn't wait to see him, I'd really missed him. Then a few minutes later I sent "To be completely honest, it's your cock I've missed most, I hope you're not tired because I'm gonna need to feel it in all my holes tonight!" Followed by "I'll be upstairs waiting, be naked and ready for some fun when you come up"

I got a quick thumbs up text back so I went up and got ready, chose some dark makeup to accentuate the roll I planned to play, got... Continue»
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I like to tease

I was sitting on the couch when my boyfriend got out of the bathroom. He informed me he was going to bed and I should too since it was late. I still needed to do some work so I said I'd be staying up for a while longer but I'd get to bed as soon as I can. I ended up not being able to go to bed until 3 hours later. When I finally stripped off all my clothes and climbed in he was fast asl**p. He's almost always the one to initiate sex but I was feeling horny tonight and he was passed out so I decided to take it in to my own hands.

I slid my hand under the covers and down his chest to his stom... Continue»
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I am a masochistic cocksucker..

I am a masochistic cocksucker. I mean, I like to give oral pleasure to a
hyper-masculine, abusive-type straight guy. I like it when the guy calls me
names, like "faggot," "queer," "bitch," or "pervert." I like to have the
guy make me feel ashamed of myself for being so queer for him at the same
time that I'm doing my best to make his dick feel good in my mouth for him,
sucking on it. I like to be spit at and slapped around abusively while I'm
being called names. I like it when the guy calls up his buddies on the
phone and tells them he's got a "live one," while I'm down on my knees
b... Continue»
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My wife's gets her pay back!!!

I was working out of town for a couple weeks, and my wife was not happy. When I got home we kissed and then she told me to go shower. When I got out of the shower she was wear some sexy lingerie that showed off her beautiful thick body and all her curves. I was getting hard already. I walked up and tried to put my arms around her, she stopped me and told me I had to be punished for leaving her for 2 weeks before I got to touch her. She sent me to our room.

Once in there I saw a tall guy in just his underwear. He was skinny and had no body hair, baby face, and looked about 20. I didn't know ... Continue»
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In the Club (Shelly and Katrina)

I was out one Saturday night hanging at my favorite club. I was in the back half of the club where the lights were dimmer and they played a different style of music than the front half of the club. I was standing in a dark corner checking the scene and trying to see who was coming home with me that night (if I was lucky). I started a conversation with the females closest to me to but no one was biting so I moved to a different location. I met a girl named Shelly and we just kind of hit it off immediately. She was a white female, 5’8 and 130 lbs. She was cute and I wanted to get to know her a... Continue»
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Interracial Office. Tony and Paula

I hope you get off reading this. Please vote and leave comments. So I know what you liked or hated!

Anthony Stewart Smith stood looking out across the southern part of the city thinking. He saw his tailored dark gray pinstripe suit reflected like a ghost image in the window and he smiled. He had come a long way from the projects. He had left behind the d**gs, the whores and the nightly gunshots. He remembered the summer the Hispanic gang decided the block he lived in was going to belong to them. It was dumb luck he was standing beside the state representative when he saw the gun. It... Continue»
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Cheryl's the Center of Attention

Cheryl is the center of attention at a party

My wife, Cheryl, knelt on the floor of our living room, you might think she was praying, but that was only partially true. She was praying in a way, to the big, ten inch black cock aimed at her mouth. She licked the head of the black dick as she slowly stroked him, then took the head of the cock in her mouth, slowly letting him deeper into her throat, as he gently held her head. She pulled her head back, the cockhead popped from her mouth. She then lewdly rubbed the head of his cock all over her pretty face, smearing the pre-cum obscenely over... Continue»
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The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party
This year the work Christmas party was being held at the Cataloo Lounge in the town over from the factory. My wife Lisa and I were excited to go to the end of year event as it was a nice night without the k**s for a change. I was dressed in white slacks with a light gray button down shirt, tucked in, and a charcoal vest. Lisa put on a dark blue dress with a plunging neckline and her Greek goddess sandals.
It started raining as we drove to the Cataloo but we weren’t going to let that dampen our night. I parked the car and we went in and found our seats. We were seated... Continue»
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Seduced by my auntie Rita and uncle Peter

I was 18 and started work as an apprentice. I lived in Kent and worked in London. Auntie Rita and uncle Peter lived in South London. They were keen 10 pin bowlers and asked if I wanted to join one evening which I quickly agreed to. After we had finished it was late and my parents agreed that it would be a good idea to stay the night with them. I slept in their spare room and as usual I had a wank before I went to sl**p.

I wanked into a handkerchief, put it under my pillow and went to sl**p. I got up in the morning, had breakfast and went to work. The next week I went bowling again with the... Continue»
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Making Julie and Emma my slaves - Part 1

Making Julie and Emma my slaves

Part 1

After flashing to several women in a park, I was in the men’s toilets in the park, I was naked and wanking gently, staring out of the window which overlooked the path.

Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked in. Instinctively, I covered my cock with my hand but I didn’t have to worry, she approached me and got onto her knees.

“Please sir” she said, “I saw you earlier wanking in front of several women, I need help, I need to be punished, tortured and humiliated sir”

“Stand up and strip naked bitch” I ordered her. I inspected her... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad Pt3

Jenny, Mum and Dad.
Part three.

Walking on wobbly legs Jenny followed her father to the pool. He stepped in onto the first step and held out his hand for her which she gladly took and thanked him. Her body was so hot that when her toes touched the water she stopped on said, “Oh shit it’s too cold dad.” Brian smiled and then pushed her in and said, “That’s the whole idea of having a pool baby girl,” and laughed as she went under. She came up quick and gasped as her body adjusted to the cold. When she looked at him he asked if it feels good and she was a bit pissed and said, “No dad and that... Continue»
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