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"Arresting" Officer

I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark brown hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. Abo... Continue»
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Fucking In Back Of The Van During Roadtrip

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine that I thought I would share with you all, Hope you enjoy guys and gals......

It was time for my families long awaited road trip to a campsite that we began staying at once a summer as kind of a tradition that I had been more then looking forward to for months. It was going to be me, my mom, dad, cousin and aunt Lindsey whom I always enjoyed being around because she was always very nice to me and really funny. We climbed into the van and headed to Lindsey's house where she was standing outside in a tight black dress which pressed against her nic... Continue»
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Friends Hot Wife Burrowed. 3

You will need to read Parts 1 & 2 to fully appreciate this story. Martin was shattered by the death of his wife in a car accident, then discovered that she had been cheating on him with her boss. To help Martin recover, his friend John has encouraged his wife Deborah to help Martin sexually on two separate nights.

Chapter 7

Deborah put the kettle on and was only just pouring two coffees when she heard John's car on the driveway. She was back in the living room, handing a cup to Martin when John came through the door. "I'll have one of those two, thanks Deb?"

John threw his keys down o... Continue»
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Gay Male Cage Fighters Fuck! (1) (Erotic Gay Male

Caucasian male cage fighter friends in their late 20’s betrayed each other and had sex with each other behind each others backs. They got in trouble with law officers who blackmailed them for sex. When his ex-boyfriend crashed in and discovered the law officers blackmail red-handed and his best friend and lover’s sexual betrayal, all sexual hell broke loose!

This last August 2nd, 1:30 p.m., near Friendswood, Indiana, a small town just outside Indianapolis, (part of the U.S.A. mid-west), Aaron a 27 year old, Caucasian male, 5”11” tall (180 cm), 205 pounds (93 Kg), with deep-set blue eyes, ... Continue»
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Punked By Nextdoor Neighbor

"What the fuck, Kevin?" I said as I walked into my bedroom catching a friend of mine sitting on my couch completely naked masturbating to Mila Kumis going down on Natalie Portman in "Black Swan".

Making no effort to get up or stop what he was doing Kevin said, "How can you have this movie and not get horny man? This is almost a good as porn!"

"You can do whatever you want when you are in your own bedroom, but I don't want your naked ass all over my futon! Can't you go 1 night without jacking off?"

Kevin is my neighbor that I can't stand, but my parent's try to f***e me to hang out wit... Continue»
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My History of Sexting and sending Nudies.

I am a female, and I began sexting when I was just thirteen, and am I ashamed of it?

In a word, 'No'.

Everything about me was changing, I was more aware of who I was, strange new me, with tits that made men stare, my bum lost my 'puppy-fat', as my physical activity increased, and hearing those wolf-whistles, actually made my knickers wet.

After one such strenuous workout I went home and bathed, came out of the bathroom and went into my bedroom, turned on my computer, my webcam, and had the most powerful trip ever, with some old bloke stroking himself, to my blatant nakedness.

The f... Continue»
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I’m a Gangbang Slut Wife Who can’t get

I’m a Gangbang Slut Wife Who can’t get Enough

Hi I’m Jill a white slut housewife with an insatiable appetite for big cocks and massive quantities of hot cum filling all of my holes. I would like to share my latest gangbang with you all.

It began Wednesday night when I was invited by my husband who was given his friends bachelor party, and to be the evening’s entertainment for the men. Now I have been gang fucked a few times before by different size groups of guys. 38 men about three years ago was the largest number of guys I did at one time. All I was told by my husband wa... Continue»
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Favorite Fucking Fantasies-Naughty Neighbour.

I live in a basement flat of a three story house, the floor above is owned by an older gentleman, a retired something or other he’s rarely there, spending a fair bit of his time traveling so I don’t see him that often,the top floor is owned by a couple who are about 30, Dan and his wife Sam,he’s an engineer of some sort,she works for a local estate agent,we sometimes pass each other coming or going, but that was about it, we’ve never really spoke to each other.
My flat has the garden, what there is of it,a bit of gravel and a few overgrown flower beds,I can’t be bothered with it, but Sam some... Continue»
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The Homeless College Girl

The Warm Winter Van

I see you standing next to a barrel with a fire in it. You look like you are freezing. I stop my Van and roll down my window. “Are you okay, you look like you are very cold.” She walks toward me with her arms wrapped tightly around her body to stay warm. “Can I get inside for a few minutes to warm up.” She says with a smile.

This girl is beautiful. Large breasts, perfect ass, beautiful face. The kind of girl you search a lifetime for and rarely find. Here she stands beside my van asking to get inside. She is homeless and needs my help to survive the cold, frigid night... Continue»
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Over the summer

Over the summer.

This story is copyrighted by m0dzyz at xhamster 2016 all rights

The people that ran the place that I was staying at would bring in people off of the street. They wanted us to have sex with them. I always thought that they got off on the whole idea of it. They had brought a young man in to the building. They wanted us to have sex, but he thought that they would give him a place to stay and some food if he would do that with me. The guy was so emaciated that you could see his bones through his shirt.

We were both around the same age. He was still wearing the... Continue»
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When it's Good, it's Damn Good

As my first story on Xhamster, I found it fitting to write a true and personal story. One that portrays a bit about who I am and where I come from while also entwining some sexy tidbits. As I mention later on, I have a day job which I love, but I also have a night job which I love even more and that's writing. This isn't the sort of thing I typically write, so it might be a little different. A fair warning, this story does have some length to it. Although I would hope if you're reading stories, length isn't an issue.

I have known this woman since before my twenties, going on 11 years now. A... Continue»
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Sex Party

I said I would tell you about the small gathering of Ladies who like me were selected for a BBC sex party, part for breeding and part for our multi orgasm pleasure with these a****l monsters.
The 2 rooms were one for breeding Ladies and the other for us to have our pussies filled and filed over and over again.
One of the Ladies who loved to breed with African BBC men was Sue. Sue is a blonde Lady of 35 yo and about 5' 3" tall. She has a big ass and titties with huge brown nipples. Her belly is well stretched as she has had a few k**s to varied men over the years. To better describe her belly... Continue»
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Peek into the Back Yard

It was a pleasant Tuesday afternoon, and I had taken the day off work to play golf in the morning. After I got home and took a shower, I was drying off when I happened to look out of my second-floor window. My neighbor, Maggie, was sunbathing in her back yard. It was a beautiful day, her 3 c***dren were in school, and her husband often traveled on business; so she was enjoying some time alone.

I stopped to take a look at her. I had always been curious about what she would look like in a bathing suit, and I was not disappointed. She was in her late 30's and had a face that made her look a bi... Continue»
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Perfect Start to the Day

I wake up to the sound of my blaring alarm clock, silently cursing the fact that I have to leave the comfort of my nice, warm bed to go to work today.

I suppose I should be thankful that I have a job, given the state of the economy and all, but that doesn't help me feel any better right now.

I slowly roll out of bed, savoring the last few moments of the feeling of silk sheets against my naked body. Standing up, I yawn and slowly stretch as I catch a glimpse of sunrise through the cracks of the blinds. I rub the sl**p from my eyes and stumble around in the near-darkness to head to the bat... Continue»
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Personal Masturbator

We were talking, Eric and I, about fantasies. Sexual fantasies, of course. I didn't get out much, but Eric had been round the block. He had a stable of fucking partners, most of them young starlets, willing for just about anything if you could believe Eric.

"It's all very well for you," I said. "I don't get the fucking you get. I have to play with myself."

"You mean masturbate," Eric said. "Don't knock it. It has its moments."

"One of my fantasies is to have a masturbating machine," I said. "Something I could turn on and it would make me cum. Maybe all sorts of gadgets to do it in dif... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need

My next door neighbor, Jennifer who is a real MILF, was telling me about the tough time her friend Diana is having. You know the economic crunch has hit just about everyone. Dianna had in fact lived in the house Jennifer currently rents. Dianna a MILF herself had gotten divorced and moved out.

Dianna is in her mid thirties, a real looker for the age, highlighted blond hair, blue eyes and a body to match her attractive face. I have often fantasized about Dianna, as she would walk her dogs around the pond we live on. She would wear short cut off shorts and tank tops. Her tits would bounce up ... Continue»
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Night to Remember

I was by my window watching her pick up boxes and bring them inside her new house. I have to say she has a body which every guy would like to see up close and personal and she's living right next door to me!!

Now for all the guys out there who want to know what she looks like, I'll tell you since I'm a nice guy and all. She's tall, maybe 5'9" with silky black hair, a beautiful smile, and a stunning body. I would have to compare her to Salma Hayek, minus her Spanish looks.

Since I'm a nice guy I am going to tell you what she was wearing that first day I saw her but I can't do that yet s... Continue»
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Watching his wife

I'm heading to bed in the dim lighting of the night lights. As I approach the bedroom door, I see my wife walk naked from the bathroom toward the bed. I hear the shuffling of sheets and then there is dead silence.

I decide to stop in the hallway and listen for a few minutes. I begin to hear some sounds of movement, but I'm not sure what it is. It seems very slow, then fast and then slow again. I peek into the room and my wife with her back to me is bent over the corner edge of the bed. Her legs are spread apart with a pillow tucked between them. She is sitting on it and pressing up and down... Continue»
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Husband's Fantasy...

A Husband's Fantasy, A Wife's Pleasure

My Fantasy is to have you pretend that you’re with another man, a man you’ve only just met and know nothing about. All you know is that he’s very sexy, and that he has a large cock that you’re curious about...Since his cock is fatter than mine you don’t quite know what to expect, or what it’ll feel like.

If you like it, and if it feels really good, I want you to enjoy it utterly and completely, as if he were really there and I were not. In fact, if you’re comfortable with it so far, we can even give him a name and you can tell him how you like it, ... Continue»
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Jacking Off Treatment

In graduate school I really tried to develop a more normal sex life. I knew it was impossible to break my masturbation habit, but I hoped that I could learn to have normal sex with girls at least some of the time. I was still morbidly shy around the opposite sex, but I became good friends with Vina, a nursing student, who (to my surprise) seemed attracted to me. After a couple of dates we wound up alone at her apartment and I knew now was the time. I was terribly nervous about having sex, but Vina was a take-charge kind of girl and, with her leading me every step, we began to make love. But ju... Continue»
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