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The Other Daddies Pt. 3

The two Other Daddies burst into the basement bedroom where I had been secretly watching their escapades with my wife and s****r via security camera. They were both still completely nude, their huge cocks hanging down obscenely. I moved away, but they had cornered me. Each grabbed an arm and proceeded to drag me upstairs to where the orgy had been taking place. I struggled all the way up but it was no use, they both were extremely strong and either one of them could have taken me alone.

As I was pulled into the upstairs bedroom, my wife was standing naked at the foot of the bed, hands o... Continue»
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Monday afternoon, after dropping my wife off at her s****rs, I went to the park.
As I exited the car, I noticed that the guy in the front seat of the car beside me
was rubbing his jeans between his legs. I took a brief walk and when I returned
to the car, I gave my package a rub in such a way that he could clearly see it.
I drove around to the washroom at the opposite side of the park. I saw in the
rearview mirror that his car was behind me. I went to the washroom, it was empty.
I stood at the right side urinal, He stood at the other urinaql when he arrived.
His cock was cut, maybe 3 ... Continue»
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Angela gets a lesson for being a slut

Angie awoke, groggy and confused. She felt cold. When she tried to move she realized she was restrained. She tried her best to clear her head and assess her situation. The first thing that Angie realized was that she was naked, vulnerable. The last thing she remembered, she was having a drink at a party. But how did she get here? What happened?

She was bent over some kind of wooden bench. Cold metal dug into her ankles. Her feet were shackled. Her feet and legs were spread wide apart. Angie's shoulder's ached. Her right hand was pulled straight out to the right, with a rope tied to her wris... Continue»
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Private Party

This is how it worked.

We were to book into a hotel and wait in our room. The house phone would be used to give us instructions. So when it did ring I answered and took the detail. My wife had to go to a prescribed room on a different floor, and then they moved her on to another to prevent me from knowing exactly where she was. She was to wear just black hold ups and black hi heels (we had been told the clothes selection that would be needed) and the towelling robe from the bathroom. She was to take her mobile; they would take pictures for me. She had ten minutes to get there or we would be... Continue»
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being supportive to a friend

My wife, Laura, and I had been working for several years in the same company. She was up on the 10th floor, and I down on the 3rd. We had a good work life together, and a good married life together. We still had sex, even after 15 years, but not as often as we'd have liked.
Our best friends were a couple we had met at work. I worked with both Jeff and Ginny when they moved into the company. Ginny stayed on, while Jeff moved on to a better job with a different company.
About 2 years ago, things started getting bad. Something happened and Ginny's self-esteem tanked. She was always a good wo... Continue»
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Jack and the ladies - Part 1: The Red Head Bombshe

Jack and the Ladies - Part 1: The Red Head Bombshell

(This is a fictional series i made up for the fun of it.
It is also a test to see how well i could write a sexy story so like if you like it.)

As I entered the bar I by habit started scanning the room for potential partners.
I was there looking to get laid and was eager to find my first bit of pussy since my break up a yesterday.
I had always found that getting laid was a good cure for heart ache for me.
My eyes landed on a cute red head with a round ass at the bar.
She seemed to be drinking by her self.
I walked up to a spot... Continue»
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Velvet Crush Shares Her Past

I flew into Miami on my way back to the states, from my porn work in Africa, and then flew to St. Johns to meet my client and lover, John. We had a beach side room with a walkout to a hot tub and hammocks right on the beach. The limo had dropped me off and a personal butler had met me with a glass of champagne as he took my luggage into the room. John was in swimming trunks and a tank top when I arrived, so I stripped down and went nude out onto our private beach area. The butler seemed to take it all in stride as he brought us a tray of fruit and more drinks and John and I ate and drank, whil... Continue»
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Maia Mitchell part 1

Maia Mitchell woke up naked in bed in her hotel room. The pretty 21 year old Aussie had just flown in from Australia to start filming her new movie for Disney. When she arrived at her hotel, she wasn’t the least bit tired so she decided to hit some clubs and have a few drinks. She remembered getting pretty hammered and she also remembered running into a few people she knew at one of the clubs.

She pulled herself up out of the bed and looked in the mirror. Her makeup was streaked and her hair was matted with sweat and cum. She could also feel quite a bit of dried cum on her pussy and h... Continue»
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Maia Mitchell part 2

“Oh good, she’s here.” Maia Mitchell opened the door to her hotel suite and Kendall Jenner came bounding into the room. She was talking a mile a minute while she took off her coat and set her bag on the floor next to the couch. She didn’t even notice Maia when she came in but when she turned around, she got a good look at the cute Aussie standing in front of her wearing nothing but shear black thigh high stockings and 6 inch heels. Kendall stared at her and then said, “I thought we’d hit a couple of clubs but I guess you have something else in mind.” Maia walked over to Kendall, took her ... Continue»
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My Sex Story

Hello everyone. I just want to take a few minutes to tell my sex story. :)

I went up to Minnesota to go visit a long time friend of mine named "John". He invited me to go to a baseball game with him. At first, I didn't want to go because I don't like baseball that much but since the tickets were free, I decided to go anyway. We pre-gamed at my friend's house and drank a few shots of vodka before going to the game.

When we got to the baseball game, we met John's coworkers there. Apparently, the tickets were from his workplace and they were handing out free tickets to their employees. It w... Continue»
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Claire & Angie's Holiday Adventure

Pretty much a true story, this comes from an old clubbing friend I hadn’t seen for years.

Claire & Angie’s Holiday Adventure

I never really intended it to happen, but sometimes these things just do. Blame the heat, blame the booze if you like, and you can even blame me, because I don’t regret a thing. At least we’ve managed to contain it to once or twice a year since then, Brokeback Mountain style, but for women.
I’m Claire, she’s Angie, and we met at work five years ago, hitting it off immediately, finding we had a matching humour of a sick and hilarious bent. We would share the odd... Continue»
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Competitive Cuckold. Pt1

"How the fuck could you do this to me..." I stare at her, unintentionally letting every detail sink in while I wait for a response. "Amy! Stop fucking this guy and say something."

She doesn't say anything, just turns to him and accepts whatever happens happens. In this small amount of time I see everything; my eyes follow her sun kissed skin and slim figure, her messy brunette hair, her arms and legs moving in a rhythm while she lays under this dark horny stranger, this dead horny stranger.

"Get the fuck off my girlfriend asshole!"

I threw my bag down and shoved him off her, I was ... Continue»
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So not a camper... but I might be warming up to it

How the heck did I let her convince me to go camping, I hate being outdoors! The things we do for love, I kept reminding myself... oh well.

"This camp site is lame, there's nobody around for miles, my cell phone reception sucks, and I forgot my pillow," I complained to my girlfriend. She wasn't listening, she was too busy giggling with her girl friends as they left me and the "gay" friend James (he wasn't gay, he confessed that he got laid way more often pretending to be gay than when he acts straight, so he just preferred it) to setup the tent and sl**ping areas. This tent was huge, you ... Continue»
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What a ride!

I spied her from across the dance floor... She was a sexy green eyed bombshell of a woman with dark raven hair and an incredibly voluptuous body. She wore a white blouse, a black skin tight mini skirt, and was sporting a pair of sexy three inch high jet black heels. As I watched her gyrate to the house music, I lost myself in the moment and fantasized that I was beside her.

“hmmmmm just a fantasy…” I thought to myself, and returned to scanning the dance floor. I was immediately struck by the se... Continue»
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The Long Way

The college had just started and I was faced with a new experience, new people, new city, everything was different from what I got used to. It didn't take a lot of time to meet people, it's the way things work, but after coming out from a serious relationship, emotionally crippled, my lust for sex was at its highest.

The very first day I only knew one girl, who seemed sweet, but I didn't want to do anything with her, I just wasn't feeling up to it. We were wandering about the college building when she introduced me to her friend, Natalie, who is a violin player, a part time actress and a si... Continue»
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Fucking An Annoying Guy Stalker Of Mine (True)

This is a true story of mine that took place when I was in college, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I got to know a lot of people in my college apartment building most of whom I became good friends with and others were just acquaintances. When the new group of people moved in there was a guy named Ryan who quickly became a stalker of mine. He lived a couple floors up from me and would always show up at my apartment or text me wanting to hang out. I tried to be friendly with him because most of the other people in the building w... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 2

Please read the first part of this story.

Part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/moanw/posts/457700.html

Part 2:

Just then a younger woman sat down. She was nude apart from her Viking helmet. She was an attractive pale redhead with a smooth, thin body. She was hot.

I asked her how she got here. As she started to speak, cum oozed out of the side of her mouth. I noticed that she had this giant cum shot on the side of her face. She smiled and explained that ... Continue»
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Halloween Party – Part 1

I had no interest spending Halloween in the suburbs. My friend, Billy, had been spending almost a year trying to convince me otherwise. He and his longtime girlfriend, Sara, were invited to party last Halloween. Actually she was invited by a coworker. She wouldn’t go without him, so the hosts let Billy join her.

Sara worked for some engineering firm in the ‘burbs. She has been there for four years. Last October her best friend at work convinced her to... Continue»
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I hired her to pull weeds! the sex was amazing!

I hired a gal Britney to pull weeds she is a very attractive and sexy I am a 61 year old man and she is a 33 year old Woman. She showed up in jeans that hugged her butt and sent a tingle through my cock, I was showing her where she should start and as I walked past her from behind my hand kinda brushed across her ass we both pretending it didn't happen but I saw a little rise in her eyebrows and a slight smile on her face, I went into the house and she started to work I was checking her out through the window as she was bending over to pull the weeds I felt a surge of power rush through my coc... Continue»
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Dinner with Rick

Dolly's first lover, Rick, took us to dinner one evening. The invitation came via email, on a Friday. We met him at

the restaurant of his choice the following night.

I was more than a little curious about how Dolly would react. She had been with him only once, and was still hesitant

to talk about it much. Honestly, I doubted if she would go. It was one thing to have sex with him in our bedroom, but

I think we were both concerned that the role playing may spill over into a public place. After all, we have

reputations and careers to think about. To my surprise, she agreed to g... Continue»
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