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Deceived Newlyweds

Looking at the wedding invitation in his hands from his frat b*****r, Tyrone Milton let his thoughts drift back to the end of his junior year in college. The invitation came from Brad Wilton, the frat b*****r who had beaten him out of the coveted office of president of the fraternity for their senior year of college. He began to fume as he tossed the invitation off to the side of his desk. "That fucker! I owe him one!" he muttered loudly.

The fraternity that Tyrone and Brad Wilson had joined, in their freshman year, was one of the best in the college. The frat was noted to accept only thos... Continue»
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Guildlines for HotWives

OK, you have heard about "hot wives," married white women who take black lovers, generally hunky young studs. It sounds sexy but a little scary, too. You have lots of questions and uncertainties and many of you have written to my b*****r, Homer Vargas for advice. Well, he has asked me to respond because this is something better handled between us girls. With two grown daughters who have given me six biracial grandc***dren, three biracial c***dren ages 3, 2, and 1, by as many black men, and another bun in the oven, I've "been there done that."

Probably your first question is "Why should I b... Continue»
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Lesbian Lover Whips Me For Cheating

I turned sideways and looked at my back in the mirror, there were a two red whip marks on my back from where my girlfriend Angela had whipped me the night before. The rest of the eight lashes I received last night were on my ass. I just hoped they healed before my husband came back from his business trip. I knew he was getting suspicious of the red marks that were appearing on my back and ass but I told him it was a rash. I could tell he was beginning to doubt me and suspected Angela had something to do with it. If he only knew that Angela had introduced me to sadomasochism and I loved it.
... Continue»
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surburban mom cums fuckpig

I don't want to give my name.

I am a forty-four year-old suburban mom. I work in the city at a good job. I have been married for eighteen years. I have two c***dren, aged fifteen and s*******n. I love my husband and my f****y. I am a devoted mom and very active in our upscale community in Connecticut.

I am also owned by a stranger I met on the internet.

He is a thirty-three year-old stock broker who blackmailed me in to sexual slavery. He has a stable of ten slaves all of whom were captured using the same scam.

This happened over two years ago.

My owner does not know I am writ... Continue»
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“I want to suck your dick”

Eileen was hired as the office manager only two weeks before I was hired as an analyst. She also doubled as the secretary for whoever happened to be our office’s director at any given time. She was married to a wealthy real estate developer, and she was just working there so she’d have something to do since her youngest daughter went off to college. Over time, she also assumed the role of head rumor monger, frequently spreading rumors about who in the office I was screwing, none of which were true. She was in her 50s while I was in my 30s, one of the few young men in an office full of retired ... Continue»
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penari bispak

Sialnya, hari itu pasar agak sepi, dan sesudah dua jam saya baru dapat Rp5000 sesudah menari di pangkalan ojek. Saya nggak bisa konsentrasi, kepala penuh dengan pikiran, gimana caranya supaya nanti kalau pulang sudah punya cukup uang untuk bayar kontrakan. Belum utang-utang lainnya. Menjelang siang, saya sedang jalan di barisan toko-toko besar di samping Pasar.

Dan di depan toko beras paling besar di Pasar, saya melihat Juragan sedang menghitung segepok uang. Beliau baru saja terima uang banyak, rupanya ada orang yang habis mborong. Saya waktu itu cuma kenal beliau sebagai ‘Juragan’. Beliau... Continue»
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A MILF Taught Me To Pleasure A Woman

35 years ago at the age of 18 I learned a very important lesson at the hands of a neighbor woman who today we would call a MILF. She used to layout in her side yard, secluded from all eyes by her house and her neighbors house on either side and bushes in front and a fence behind. She would go out there and remove all of her clothes and lay out nude nearly every day of the summer and sometimes she would even masturbate out there.

How do I know? A few years earlier I had been up a tree getting a ball of some kind down when I ... Continue»
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How I Lost My First Wife

Jessica and I met in college, fell into bed and then fell into love. I was only the 2nd man she had ever had sex with. We married because her parents wanted us to, and finally got our degrees. She actually finished before I did and began working full time as I finished my final classes to become a teacher. She went through 3 different jobs before she found the one that seemed to suit her and stuck with it. She was a junior executive with a national retail outlet and was making really good money for that time and her age. Dallas was a great place to live when you were young and had some money. ... Continue»
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Military Strength

My wife Lauren is thirty-five and I'm thirty-four. She was a virgin when we married. She is four feet eleven inches tall and weighs ninety pounds, with a body you would kill for. Lauren and I have fantasized about her fucking someone else while I watched, but nothing like that has ever happened in the sixteen years we have been married. Recently we took a vacation together and enjoyed one wild time I'll not soon forget.

A number of servicemen just happened to be staying at our hotel. They were at the pool drinking and enjoying the water and sun, as were Lauren and I. I invited one of the g... Continue»
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The Resort

We assembled in the lobby, all seven of us naked, and it was the first time I really got a good look at the other women. More than anything, I was shocked at how young Melissa was. She couldn’t have been more than twenty. She was gorgeous — almost six feet tall, skinny, flawless alabaster skin, with blonde curls almost to her bellybutton. I’m sure she had had loads of sexual experience — she probably had to fight the boys off. But I couldn’t imagine what would lead a girl so young to a place like this.

Peggy was clearly an old pro. She had jet-black hair in a pixie cut, rings in both nipple... Continue»
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loved feeling Don's tongue against my pussy. He would gently stroke my clit with it, then run it along the length of my hairless slit, hard, like his cock did just before it penetrated me. The tip of his tongue would tease its way into my inner folds, then back to my clit again, and he'd turn gentle again, teasing, coaxing my trembling body ever closer to a climax.

I felt my pussy gushing as he sucked my engorged clit, gently tugging it between his lips, then stroking it again with his tongue, then pulling it back into his mouth, then his tongue, then his lips, back and forth until I worri... Continue»
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Wife Brings Home a Creampie

My wife and I have been happily married for 12yrs and have 2 k**s. She enjoys being 106 lbs and doesn't want to have a 3rd c***d yet, she's not on the pill and I haven't been clipped, so a condom is always a condition of me having sex. She also wants to be absolutely certain that we minimize our chances of an unwanted pregnancy so when I'm ready to cum I always pull-out and finish by hand.

She began dating secretly about a year ago after I suggested that she take the night off and go to the bar with her girlfriends, while I stayed home and sat with the k**s. Her so called "girlfriends" w... Continue»
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The bus home

When I was on the bus home a couple of weeks ago a man stood behind me started to squeeze my buttocks. As the bus was crowded and I didn’t want to make a scene I simply stood there and let him. Soon it was my stop and I dashed off the bus not looking back in case I recognised the man which would have been very embarrassing. The following day the same thing happened again. I went home feeling confused – I knew it was wrong but at the same time I felt a bit excited and proud that someone considered by arse worth feeling up. When I woke the next morning I thought about the journey home and before... Continue»
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Another dangerous taxi driver

Another dangerous taxi driver

Victor and I had attended a very nice joyful party that summer night.
We have danced for hours, chatted to some friends and had really had a good time.
But as I danced with some of my girlfriends, my lovely Victor had visited the bar; more times than I had waited.

Then later that night I found my sweet husband was “out of order”…

When it was time for me to leave I hunted him up, easy enough, because he was at the bar still and suggested that it was time to go.
No way was he driving us home. We had to leave our car overnight, because I had taken some... Continue»
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Craziest Gay Fantasy

I was horny very late one evening. I was jerking off to porn while chatting with a guy who lived across town. He was much older than me, a retired professor, at the time ( just a sophomore in college). We were in serious roleplay, I was a late night jogger and he was hiding in the bushes. I would run by him and he would jump me. I would be f***ed to having sex with him up against the tree. The conversation was pretty graphic....enough to get me to cum twice. I was going to call it a night when he thought we should do it for real. I was tired and thought we should try it another time. He pleade... Continue»
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Becoming a Rubberdoll Part I

This story is a work of fiction. I have always fantasized about becoming a woman and in real life that is what I am working on right now. I have also fantasized about being a rubberdoll. That might happen in real life for me as well, but my story will be fun!

My name is Cody Jackson. I am a recent college graduate who got two degrees in Biology and Psychology with an emphasis in genetics. In college I did an independent study on Alzheimer's and I discovered a way to alter or reduce the decay of the brain. My research was well received and I got a fantastic job opportunity straight out of co... Continue»
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Becoming a Rubberdoll Part II

I wake up in a cloudy haze after I have been knocked out for God knows how long. The room I am in is very small with a bed, table, chair, and a toilet. The motif of this prison is just like everywhere else at Femco: black and pink. I start to get up and after I pull the latex sheets off of me I realize a horrible discovery. All of my clothes have been removed and my cock is placed in a tiny chastity cage. I try to take it off but I get a horrifying shock that knocks the wind out of me.

"I'm sorry sweetie but that teeny cage is not going to come off for a long time." Amanda's voice was comin... Continue»
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from England Friday night

Well--I received this from my wife about a week after the first one.

Oh dear:
I may have made a mistake letting Gail lead me down this path.

I went to work on Monday and Gail was as cold as ice. In fact she did not even acknowledge my presence.

Then I got a text at lunch time.
We are both off tomorrow --news to me-- lets go back to ***** club tonight.

I realized we had to keep it cool here.

I agreed---please forgive me.

We went in earlier and planned to stay all night.
I only wore a skirt, t-top and shoes, making undress & dress easier.

Damn I was simply horny and... Continue»
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mila II

Besoknya jam 10 .50 pagi , pintu kantornya di ketuk . Dan Milla masuk menemui pak Solihin . “ Ah Milla , sayang kamu tepat waktu , “ kata pak Solihin, sambil melihat jam tangannya .

Lalu pak Solihin , duduk di sofa . Milla masih berdiri , terpaku . Dia menunggu dan menebak kira kira apa perintah gurunya .

“ Milla , kamu boleh pilih , mau aku entot , apa kulum ******Ku sampai aku keluar..” kata gurunya . Milla diam dan menjawab pelan “ saya kulum punya bapak saja..” .

“ Ok , tapi kamu buka rok kamu yah , saya mau lihat celana dalam kamu..” kata pak Solihin lagi . Milla membuka roknya... Continue»
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It was 4 AM and Sam was waiting for his daughter to get home. It was way past her curfew. He finally heard a car pull up and then the front door quietly opened. He waited till she closed the door before he grabbed her. He yelled "Where the hell have you been?" She looked at him and did not answer. He dragged her to her room and sat on the bed and bent her over his lap and began to spank her ass. Then he pulled down her pants and really spanked her bare ass. She fought trying to get away but he held her there. As she struggled he noticed her pussy was wet and he then realized she had been fucki... Continue»
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