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Body Corporate Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
The Branding

The auction had ended, the evening was over. Again the slaves were staked to the ground in the back yard. Even though Cindi’s bed was just upstairs, she shared the lawn with the rest of the slaves. Sheila was given Cindi‘s bed as tomorrow she faced more pain than most people would feel in a lifetime.

The next morning came more quickly then Sheila had wanted but it had to be done and the sooner she got through this ordeal the better. There was a set ritual for the branding of a slave, which had not been done a lot over the years as most sla... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The Auction

After the ordeal with Sheila, the room went back to normal and the auction continued on with the first slave to exchange hands. She was brought to the centre of the stage completely naked, in chains, where she was mounted onto a spreader. This allowed everyone to see the complete body not a person but a body to be easily inspected by all. The body was that of the blonde that Cindi had been so impressed with when she first saw her arrive. The bidding started quickly which indicated she was popular.
All the money raised at this auction went to ... Continue»
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Braces in a hotel part 3

So the conclusion of my adventure. I had just fucked Heather in her sweet ass and came all over her face. She barely made it back in time to clean up.

Though I came a lot, seeing her cute, just-pounded ass scurry along, getting caught by maids, and nearly having customers see her cum-covered face, really got me hot. I stood in the lobby as a few more sets of customers checked in. I stared at her face, seeing the glossy sign of the cum too hastily removed. Some people noticed it, some didn't. That, and i stared at her cute smile and ever-sexy braces. I was hard.

"Hey Heather," I sa... Continue»
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The Babysitter

We had been out drinking and dancing all night. Both me and my wife had been flirting and been flirted with. We were ready to fuck! We took a cab as we were too d***k to drive. Once at the house we ran inside me chasing after my wife. She ran past our babysitter, Angie, up the stairs to our room. I stopped for a minute and told Angie thanks and gave her four twenties and then I ran up the stairs also. My wife was sitting on the edge of the bed naked, legs spread wide. "You better get over here and fuck me!" She exclaimed. "Let me pee first." I replied. "Hurry, if I pass out you better fuck me ... Continue»
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Office Erotica

"Hi it's me babe. I just wanted to call, and tell you I'll be heading home in a few minutes. Samantha's just finishing up a few things around here," John told his wife.

"Alright Dear. I still don't see why you have her as your receptionist. I know she's a good worker, and very dependable, but she dresses so frumpy, and she has those horrific horned rimmed glasses."

"Dear, we've already had this discussion. Her abilities far out weigh her looks, not to mention that people like her."

"Alright, I give up. Remember that I won't be here when you get home. Tonight's my meeting with the girl... Continue»
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True Story - I Fucked a BBW & I loved it

A True Story :

Only the names have changed to protect her.

I thought I would write this story after the person no longer works for me.

They have moved to another state.

I own a small company that installs and maintains computers for the hospitality industry. I have maybe about 30 employees from computer tech to sales. Almost 98 percent of my employees are men. The only woman in the company actually hire all my employees. She is a great judge of talent and character. So far every year I have thrown a Christmas party the day before Christmas. We usually throw the party at a down town... Continue»
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Oh Carol

I had met Carole through an ex partner and we had only seen each other at the school, when we were collecting the k**s. It was after we split up that Carole and I became good friends and really hit it off. I had helped her to move flat and decorate the new one. We did loads of things together but, somehow, I had never seen her as more than just a friend. Although she was a gorgeous, petite brunette a couple of years older than me, she was really just like one of the lads, so to speak. That was, however about to change. We had been good friends for around a couple of years and one day we were ... Continue»
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Girl Scout Cookie Delivery - Thin Mints

It was shorty after 10am when I heard the door bell. I rolled out of bed and put on some tan cargo shorts. I could not find a shirt. "Coming!! Be right there." I said. I was bare foot as I looked out the privacy hole in the front door. Who was outside my front door. I was not expecting anybody today. I saw a girl with a big white shirt tucked into her tight blue jean skirt. She had brown hair and a small green sash was hung over her shoulder. She had a small green beret on her head. I could see she was looking around checking my Christmas ornaments on my house.

I turned the knob to my front... Continue»
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Co-worker's wife part 1

A few years ago, a new guy, Steven, started working at my company. He worked in a different department and was a junior member but we had frequent interaction and became work “friends.” We would occasionally have to attend conferences or travel for work and over a short period of time, I got to know him pretty well. Steve was a good worker and a nice guy. He was somewhat of a newlywed, married about 2 years, no k**s. Steve and his wife Jordan were both early 20’s and I was mid 30’s and married with three k**s. I had met his wife Jordan a few times and she was a girl next door type cutie.... Continue»
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Kinky Carla - Part 1 “Post-Christmas Party I

Our office Christmas party is legendary in our building, complete with catered food and a bartender. This year was no exception. I guess the typical office party winds down at about noon, since the employees prefer to pursue more personal things on the afternoon of Christmas eve. By the time the party was over, most of the building was empty.

By the time I reached the parking garage, very few cars were still there. As I moved to my driver’s door, I heard sounds coming from the car parked next to me. With my curiosity now piqued, I approached the car to investigate the source of the sou... Continue»
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Fucked In My Office By My Car Lover Eric

About three weeks after my encounter with Eric in my car, he shows up unexpectedly at my place of business after hours. After unlocking the door and letting him in, he followed me to my office where we could sit down to talk about a business proposal he had in mind. I offered Eric a seat as I sat behind my desk. He began talking about his idea and I tried to listen in earnest but his voice washed over me and before I knew it, I was imagining his lips in various places on my body. ... Continue»
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The Last Night With The Love of My Life

This story is completely true and owned by me.

We had been discussing if for a few days. My long distance girlfriend, who captured my heart from 700 miles away, and the girl that I was truly in love with, had fallen in love again with the man she loved first. She would come and see me every few months for about four or five days. This time she had stayed six and said it was going to be the last time she came to see me.

I didn’t want to believe everything she said was true. I knew in the bottom of my heart, but refused to even look at... Continue»
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A hooker for my husband

I was enjoying a lazy relaxing morning, doing not very much at all. I’d showered, but not much more. I was sitting drinking a freshly made coffee, reading the Financial Times. I heard the door, and then my husband walked in. He looked serious.
“You’re home early, I wasn’t expecting you until at least seven! Coffee?” I asked.
“Please,” Hubby replied.
I poured him a coffee, strong. Black. I placed it in front of him, lightly kissed him on the cheek. Then re-tying my silk wrap, the only thing I had on, I sat back down. I waited, he’d tell me what was up, when he was ready.
“I’m on my way to... Continue»
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Sandy revisited AGAIN

I didn't want this thing with Sandy to become a full blown affair, I was more than happy with my wife. After all I got everything I wanted sexually from Suzy and there was no good reason to spoil that. But I am a guy and when your sack is full and you are shown a little interest from a good looking woman what more can you do than fuck the ass off her!
Sandy wasn't a problem, she was just a bit frustrated with the ordinary sex her and Ted had been doing for years, she had been awakened by the 4some and the fucking I had given her after that. She was excited by sex again for the first time in a... Continue»
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Pantyhose in the woods

It was my day off and everyone was busy. I had the day to myself. What was I going to do with myself. I decided that the first thing to do was to dress properly so I got out a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist, tan pantyhose with the gusset cut out. I put on a t-shirt and trousers and a pair of slip on shoes and was ready for going out. Where to go? I decided to go do a little shopping first. I jumped in my car and drove to the local town centre. I would have a little wander round the charity shops. I have picked up some of my best lingerie bargains in the charity shops. There wasn't any... Continue»
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Breaking Susan

She was all attitude when I first saw her, attractive, poised, and arrogant. Her name was Susan and she was the executive secretary in the office of a construction company I worked for. She worked for her daddy of course, was spoiled, and beautiful. She was always dressed perfectly with skirts just a little too short, and a little too tight. She enjoyed the stares from the scores of office engineers and especially the laborers and foreman employed by her father. Showing her perfectly shaped nylon covered leg in slit dress and stilettos, revealing tops showing off her perfect décolletage. She r... Continue»
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Lady chatterley's lover - my version (summer

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch
... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 5&6

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 5

Andrew came home a coupl... Continue»
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BLACK l****a

BLACK l****a

When he entered and softly closed the door behind him, so that he wouldn't wake her up. He quietly walked over to where she laid sl**ping. Looking down on her sweet angel face flashes of his wife's face when she their daughter's age invaded his thoughts. Deep within the darkest part of his mind, Jack wondered if this beautiful angel laying before him, could be as sweet as her mother was the first time that he was inside her. The thought of fucking her sweet young pus... Continue»
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The Old Man Again

About a month after I gave the old man next door a blowjob i was out in my back yard watering my flowers when i saw Doug. My husband was out for the day golfing and I thought what a perfect time to get some of that big old man cock in my pussy. At first he didn't me so I called over to him. He finally looked my way and we met at the fence.

After a few pleasantries I had to get right to the point and asked him " hey Doug remember what you owe me?"
At first he didn't get what I was talking about. Then the light bulb went on and a big smile came across his face.
" Yes yes I do. Do you ... Continue»
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