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am what you call the average Joe. I have a best friend that would have women come up to him and just jump in his lap but never me. I guess he always just had a look or something. It always Pissed me off because i always had to chat up women and work to win them over. I struck out more times than i got lucky because I'm shy and i never lied to women to get them to have sex with me. I'm married and settled down and haven't cheated nor have I tried to get with another woman but like most married men i have wondered what I would do if a woman came onto me strongly. Something wild happened to me a ... Continue»
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Cuckold Turnon Momeant

This is a list, in no particular order, of things that are real hot buttons for a true cuckold. It was compiled by me and my wife:

Backseat Playing: love it when my wife and I meet a hot guy and we agree to go back to our place. I always drive and my wife gets into the backseat with her stud. As I drive, they start making out and his hands are feeling her up all over. Her shirt is undone, his hands are under her bra and she's moaning her approval. Then, without asking...she fishes his cock out of his pants and starts giving him a slow blowjob. I watch through the rear view mirror and if sh... Continue»
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Saint George Of The Dungeon in Master Of The Nymph

As a man I am not used to being the one pursued upon. My new friend George was a new client who I had written some lines of business with. Over the course of the last three weeks we had to work many hours closely together. I had the impression that he might be gay. He was in his early forties with no wife or k**s living alone. He was a decent looking man with a handsome face. We would meet at his real estate office. His receptionist was a little hottie. Marlene was twenty five with a killer body and smile to match. I kept asking George about her but he always blew it of and changed t... Continue»
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I am 26 old guy having a hunger for sex 24/7, I own a tool which is not gigantic as its described in the stories here, I have a 6.5 inch tool with a 2.5 inch circumference. I am working for a reputed company as a territory manager in Hyderabad. I have to travel a lot within AP and Pune. Few months back we had a requirement in one of our centers and had to hire a junior for which we started hiring. And one of the candidates was Bindu; she was 25 silky hair and stats of 32 24 36. Damn she was hot and I already made my plans of fucking her soon. I interviewed her and obviously selected her. Few w... Continue»
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I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want

Been a while since I wrote anything, but we had a pretty good time this weekend, so I figured I’d share the experience.

My friend Dave and I were hanging out, playing videogames, when Julia decided to join us. She was fresh out of the shower, wearing pyjama bottoms and a tight blue tank top. There was no mistaking her bralessness in the tank top, her nipples were erect and the tank top’s tightness clung to her curves. Judging by how my buddy’s play took a nosedive after she arrived, I was certain he’d noticed as well. Dave has been single for a while, and we’re both good friends with him, s... Continue»
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Babysitter screwed by the k**s

Imagine laura babysitting a group k**s outside. At the end of the day, when all the other k**s were packing to leave, three k**s go up to Laura and one of them says, 'We saw you naked all over the internet, until my dad found out and beat me for it'. Laura, shocked with a since of sorrow,began to be at a panic. She then tells them to not tell anyone and its very important. 'It's important that no one knows, I could get in a lot of trouble, and I didn't put those pics online. You guys are just k**s, so you don't understand now. But no one was ever to see them. Please, please forget about thi... Continue»
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جلنار جردل Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the Groom

Hiya, guys!

It's your favorite horny, TV news anchor and all-round nymphomaniac, Jilnar Jardaly here. I love it when you guys get all horny and stroke yourselves off over my naughty, slutty sexcapades so I thought I'd share a brand new one I had only yesterday...

I love fucking men. All men! I don't care if they're fat, skinny, tall, short, young, old, black, white, Asian, married, single, rich, poor.... I love them all! But one type I can never ever resist is a man on his wedding day. I love to fuck them right after the ceremony. I love draining everything he's been saving for his new b... Continue»
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my teenage lover

So after my little scence with ashtyn my babysitter, I waited few days and invited her out for some coffee she looked cute as all hell when i saw her already waiting for me at the coffee shop. She was wearing a cute white button up longsleeve shirt and a pair of tight jeans with great looking pair of boots. I thought wow she really dressed up not to mention she wore her make up just the way i like which looking back on it it was kind of a dead giveaway she was into me. I sat and we talked and drank coffee when i brought up what happened between us and out of the blue she leans over and kisses ... Continue»
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Granny Taught Me How

My mom had me when she was just fifteen and her mom had her when she was s*******n so my granny Peg was just a few years older than most of my friends moms. My mom and I lived with granny Peg all my life and it was a lot of fun. Granny and I would do all kinds of neat stuff together whenever mom was at work or on a date. Granny was a good looking blonde who had a lot of boyfriends. But she said I was her best boyfriend. She would take baths with me and when I out grew baths and started to take showers she would take them with me.
We would wash each other and play. Granny had a nice set ... Continue»
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Fucking Carol Next To Her Passed Out Man

So my neighbor was a big girl BBW for sure, huge tits, big fat ass and a pussy that was so good it was definitely built for fucking. We had been fucking secretly for a while as she was cheating on her long time boyfriend with me and would come over for a regular fuck every few days. She was the type of woman that I could just slip in her ass or pump her mouth, she didn't care what I did or when I did it so long as I filled her with cum or busted over her face or huge tits. This particular time she had been out with her man and he was really d***k, so d***k he passed out in the hallway. She kno... Continue»
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Taking What I wanted

So I was eighteen and was living in my first apartment on my own, I had friends that would come over and hang out often. One night everyone seemed to be busy and I was at home bored when I got a phone call from a friend who was in a rural location and needed a ride home. So seeing as I had nothing better to do I drove out to pick her up, I had just entered the location when she called and told me that she had already got a ride and had already gone. I was kinda pissed but decided to go for a drive anyway as I passed through a rural village. I needed some smokes so I stopped at the small shop a... Continue»
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she is perfect

Jack had the girls standing naked before him. There was eight of them in all different stages of pregnancy. He had a very smart business. He would breed these beautiful sexy girls and then the babies would be sold to couples that could not have babies. He had a long list of want to be parents waiting for babies. They paid a lot of money for a baby. He now looked at each girl. Liz was about to give birth to her fourth c***d. Then she would rest for thirty days before he would begin fucking her and breeding her each night. He kept the girls for ten years and after the tenth baby he would let the... Continue»
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More fun with Fiona

I met with Fiona again the following week but she had called and said come to the house instead. I arrived at the front door and as I went ring the bell the door opened, Hi Mike she beamed. Hi Fi , you're a bit eager, I replied. Oh no she said I just didn't want you standing in the cold she laughed. Walking in I notice Fi's nipples were poking out through her blouse, yes there is definitely a nip in the air I said joking. fi looked down at her blouse, Hahaha she laughed. Let's go into the louge she said it's a lot warmer in there with the log fire. Fi went and made a cup of tea coming back in ... Continue»
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Bottoms Up

Jay had the girl bent over the end of the couch with her heavy tits hanging down and her ass in the air as he rammed his thick cock in and out of her young tight ass. He loved fucking a girls ass the best of any thing. He was long and thick and loved to see that tight hole stretched to the max as he rammed in and out not caring if it was painful for the bitch he had bent over. He had even tied many girls if they tried to stop his big cock entering the tight assholes. This bitch had huge tits that hung down as he ravaged her tight ass. He reached under her and slapped each fleshy mound. He twis... Continue»
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Jan's College Daze

I work with quite a few people from around the country. My company currently operates in 10 states across the south and Midwest. Consequently I meet some other employees that lean the same way I do. :) Jan is a petite woman in her late 50's. She is from the southeast. We were having a series of meetings about an upgrade of services. She was on my team. During a team dinner one night we go to talking and as one of the younger women in our group said that her college days were wild and she was glad no one had put her on Tumblr or Xhamster a few of us laughed. Marcy was trying to determi... Continue»
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Naughty nite out with the girls

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my first of many true stories. Every stories I will write is true and has happened to me not a 3rd party. Wish that being said let the fun begin

It was this past Xmas and we were about to leave my fiances company party. It was a fun event with an open bar but its time to leave. But I want to keep the night going as she was looking foxy and may I add she went without panites. So I was very turned on and wanted to ravage her body in the car. As we made our way out her coworker Dannielle asked if we were going else where. We invited her back for drinks which i ... Continue»
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Jane the slut and Ian

After a year or so Jane was getting used to married life and enjoying it on the whole. She wasn't lonely she had lots of friends and often went out when Paul was away working and up to now, had remained faithful.
Then one day she received a call from Paul telling her his trip had been extended by a further 3 months.
Initially she felt upset then angry. She decided she would go out at the weekend and drown her sorrows.

Jane had a good evening with her friends then towards the end of the night there was just her and her friend Gill left. Gill was married too and a bit older than Jane and sh... Continue»
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Winning Team

Bukkake Stories
I was shocked when Christie asked me to be a center of a bukkake party. She had told me a little bit about it before and I admit I was really interested in it since I love cum. But I never actually thought I'd be a center. She gave me the details about what was going to happen and what was expected of me. And of course not to worry about a thing because Marl would be there. It was for their football team, if they won. Part of me wanted them to win and the other part wanted them to lose. I agreed to keep that day open just in case they won. With their record, it was almo... Continue»
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Blue Room

“I thought we’d shake things up a little.”

Megan watched her boyfriend produce the unassuming white letter-length envelope and lay it on the black laminate bar, nudging it her way. She watched his face for a telltale sign but his only response was to grin back at her and wink.

“What is this?” she asked coyly, a slow smile spreading across her face.

It had been five years to the date since they’d first met and while she’d been hoping for a small blue box from Tiffany’s with the clear-cut solitaire that she’d been eyeing for months, this clearly wasn’t it. And yet something in her stirr... Continue»
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Neighborly love (True Story)

Ok guys so it's been quite a while since I've posted my last real life experience story. The wife and I have had a few get togethers with others since then but nothing like the story. Pretty basic experiences with mostly shy guys.
This true experience happened to me not too long ago and Only 2 other people know about and I just feel like I need to tell someone. So here it goes...

Where I live is considered a duplex apartment, side by side units. We share a back patio that has a view off into the ravine below. It's fairly secluded. Our neighbors are pretty new to the area and have been liv... Continue»
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