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my shemale fantasy

It was late June and I was looking for a place to happen, I like small quiet little bars where a guy can talk and meet interesting people. I was down on the water front, and that's where I found Sams place, just what I was looking for as I entered it was dimly lite, about 10 tables and some booths and a long bar at the back. Not very many customers., but the bartender was hot so naturally I sat at the bar.

The bartender "Sam" and I started talking and discovered we have almost everything in common. From our bisexuality to our love of our shitty baseball team. Sam was tall 5 foot 11, l... Continue»
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A Celebrity Fantasy Part 3

Alison swore to keep their secret to the grave until they felt it was time for everyone to know. They went shopping and discussed everything.

The guys were are tour again, with a bunch of other bands, most of them their friends. Jordyn stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her hair and body before stepping up to the sink and brushing her teeth. She then went into her bedroom, she smiled as she moved to the music that was blaring out of her stereo speakers and looked in her closet for a cute outfit to wear. Sully had no idea she was coming to surprise him. She figured it was abo... Continue»
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Well, it has been almost a month, since I started cruising in search of a female for casual fun. I tried everything, but, as I sayed before, with no luck.

My game is weak, I thought. On the other hand, I started thinking through my advances, and realised, I was approaching only 10s and 9s, so there could be a potential problem.

So i turned to a dating site, made only for Serbia. I tried to make some contacts, but, most of those profiles are fake, so no luck there.

So, I desperately got onto a advert site, where singles are looking for marriage partners, and I found an interesting pr... Continue»
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Couples massage (part 1)

One might have accused me of pampering my wife. In over a decade of marriage, not a month would go by without me giving her funds for a trip to the spa for her hair, manicure, pedicure and a massage. Each time she would return refreshed and advocating for me to join her sometime in a couples massage. She always said that it would be a nice break from the stress and demands of my business. However, I always declined.

You see, I am a "take charge" sort of man. In business and in bed, I tend to call the shots. Something about laying on a massage table with limited vision having a stranger... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:1

After the gay boy pet slave 18 year-old Jimmy dutifully fucked 39 year-old Master John’s big, thick, long, hard, white with his tight, white, hairless, bubble-ass hole for 15 minutes, Master John again emptied his formidable load of Master seed deep in Jimmy’s cunt hole.

As Jimmy sat at rest, naked on Master John’s pelvis with John’s freshly cum-soaked cock stuffed balls deep up Jimmy’s butt pipe, “Did you cum inside me Master?” Jimmy modestly yet sincerely asked.

“It will keep you wet for next time,” Master John replied wisely. “I’ll watch you eat my cum next time,” he added with a smil... Continue»
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Christmas Eve...

I met Brain K. at the local Walmart, I bumped into him by accident in the grocery section...we struck up a conversation casually about being alone for Christmas. Some how I invited him to my apartment for a drink.

Once we arrived he saw that my desk top was on and while I was in the kitchen Brain managed to turn the screen on. One of my short comings is that I leave my desk top on when I go out for a short time, I had no ideal I was going to bring company back.

After a few drinks Brain asked if I watched gay vids because I was gay, taken aback by his question I stuttered. Brain slide ... Continue»
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Just a Story from my Past....

Hi every body, I'm Brain, a friend of David'. I just put him to sl**p with a serious fuck session, he's out like a blown bulb. I want to tell you a story about what happened to me back in the day, you know from high school.

I forgot if it was fall or spring but I do know that it was warm weather, we were dressed in short sleeve shirts. The trees were still green and grass was high. A group of us tenth graders were skipping class in the gyms locker room.

There was Clarence and Carl, a set of twins, Will, Sammy and Chris, yeah I was there too. We all knew each other from school and clas... Continue»
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wife out

"So, did you get lucky last night? Did you get some action?" I asked my wife, as we finally cuddled in bed one Sunday night. She had been sl**ping most of the day after returning at 8am from a night out, and there hadn't been any opportunities to ask my burning question due to the k**s and other commitments. We didn't have an open relationship, but I felt sure it was a reasonable question to ask in the circumstances.

"What do you mean? Of course not," came her slightly stiff reply. "Like I said, we went clubbing, and it took ages to get home." It wasn't usual for my wife to go clubbing. She... Continue»
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my 33 year old s****r fucked by 71 year old ugly v

hi.my name is Shahdab.am 25 years old.my s****r's name is Shahziya and she is 33 years old.our parents live in europe and have a textile business there.we live in mumbai.as we are rich we do something for time pass.i worked for a private company but resigned has i found it boring.as i don not have to worry about money.my s****r filed a divorce from her husband as he was a cunning man and always ask for money from her.now she stays with me in our row house.one day i told her why not we do some some business as we can gain experience and also earn money and as we do not have to worry about capit... Continue»
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My first time with a man, not related to me

By the time I turned 18, I was a father, and quite the seasoned lover thanks in large part to my wonderful f****y.

A few days after I graduated from high school, a buddy and I joined the military. And when we got to boot, we realized that we had gotten ourselves in a world of hurt, but we pushed through and eventually graduated at the top of our class in the number one and two spots.
And for my fellow vets out there, you understand that this means that we got our choice of duty stations from our dream sheet.

We went to Hawaii, and did quite well for ourselves. We would take off and go ... Continue»
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Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 5

Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 5

This story involves (i)ncest…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 10
Mark and Julie playing together…

Linda was sprawled on the couch, her black nightgown bunched at her waist; her firm little tits and her pussy were fully revealed. Her legs were spread open still, hot from the licking her little girl had just given her, her ass barely on the couch. She could feel a gentle breeze that was very pleasant, that was helping to cool off her nicely trimmed pubic mound.

Linda looked down a... Continue»
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Company Christmas Party - First Fuck Of The Night!

So last week my husband and I went my office holiday party, I was really looking forward to this one as it was being held in a winery just outside Portland. No stuffy office party, there was lots of drinking and food and fun... best of all, we were already set up with a hotel nearby!

We mingled and laughed, drank some wine and had a few much harder drinks, which loosened me up a great deal and I even danced a bit. After a couple hours I noticed that Nick (yes, the one that stole my panties in a previous story here) had shown up and was watching me from across the room, he smiled when I saw ... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After she made the suggestion, Darleen dropped her gaze demurely and
blushed a rosy pink. After a moment she gazed up through her lowered
lashes to see how Caroline had taken the suggestion. Caroline looked a
bit bemused, but not at all shocked or disgusted or angry. And she was
smiling slightly.

"Have you--ever--with a girl?" Caroline asked.

Darleen shook her head. "No. Never," she whispered. "But I've thought
about it a lot--like when I told you, in school and--and later,
Caroline. I've thought about doing things with you."

The girl blushed more deeply at ... Continue»
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Accidental Affairs: The Grocery Store.

A burst of lust took control of me as I reached out and groped her breasts only to suddenly awake with my eyes clenched shut tightly as I tried to fall back into the lustful dream I was having. My erected cock lifting my boxers and bed sheets up as I groaned in sexual frustration, I could still see the image of my hands groping her breasts firmly but it was fading fast. I slowly opened my eyes as the imaged faded into my eye lids. A loud sigh escaped me as I tucked my morning wood under the elastic of my boxers holding it firmly against my crotch. After a quick shower I went into the kitchen f... Continue»
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My Love For Vintage Pussy

I would have to say that my love for vintage pussy started with my three older s****rs that used me as their practice sex doll. They wanted to know what it was like to kiss a guy, they would practice on me. Wanted to know what it was like to jack a guy off, they would practice with me. The same for giving head, getting eaten out, fingered, and of course sex. And they shared me with their friends also. So my early to mid teen years were pretty much a cornucopia of fresh pussy and not only did my s****rs learn a lot but I learned tons about women and their pussies.
So then I dated and fuck... Continue»
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Cumming to School

Cumming TO School by Dogcrusher

Night school. I was working on my Masters degree in Computers. It was a long time since I'd been on campus. I almost forgot how it felt.

I looked around and saw nothing but young people. Ok. I'm 59. That means most of the people here are about one third my age. I could be their father, or maybe grandfather.

It really didn't bother me. I appreciate the scenery so much more. I see young women in various stages of life. All sexy in their own way.

I remember how I thought with my cock when I was in college. If it moved, had big t... Continue»
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My GF Fucked By Two Strangers At Concert (True)

This is a true story that happened about a month and a half ago when my girlfriend Sarah and I went to a concert and I had to share it.

Sarah and I are the kind of couple who loves to go out and have fun whether it be going to a movie, bar or just to the mall to walk around. For a stretch we were just lazy I guess really not doing much just sitting at my place when one day Sarah came home from work and said she had a surprise for me. She handed me two tickets to a concert in a smaller town about fifty miles away which was ... Continue»
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Pious hijabi bhabhi

My b*****r Ali married Aliyah a year ago. We all lived in the same house. I was still not married back then as was staying with them in Islamabad while I worked there on a contract. Aliyah was a very shy girl. Always praying or reading quran, she used to wear hijab, jilbab and even niqab when outside the house though in the house she would take off her niqab. She was really pretty with lovely big eyes. She also had a really big pair of tits which poked through her jilbab and their shape could be seen even though her jilbabs were not very tight. Her ass too could not be contained by her jilbab ... Continue»
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My cuckold marriage (part 3)

Continued ...
Back home Sally was out about 3 nights a week on a date and often she would have dates in the day and evenings at the weekend. She told me that there are about 20 men now who "service" her.
Sally told me that the young rugby playing stud had asked her if she would put on a show for a mate of his Stag night do. She said there would be about 20 other rugby players there and it was at the rugby club in a month's time. She said it would just involve stripping off and giving the stag a lot of attention by sitting on his knee etc. Plus they would pay her, she did not say how much but... Continue»
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My neighbor


I have a neighbor who is 50 something. Very successful in her career and very good looking. She is always wearing these shirts that are cut just low enough to show just enough of her breasts to get attention. Usually in tight jeans that show her ample butt.
She has this habit of always either bending over in front of me and letting her breasts roll almost out of their bra. I have seen just enough to see that she has enormous auras. Then other times she wiggles her ass when no one is looking especially if no one is outside.
So anyway my wife is away on busin... Continue»
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