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Taylor Swift and Michelle Trachtenberg: The fan

Another night on the road. Taylor Swift had just finished a sell-out Hollywood show, straight from stage she was hot sweaty and elated. It gave her a real buzz, 50,000 fans eating out of the palm of her hand.

Dancing with her hot crew in those sexy outfits was fantastic, but she couldn't help feeling a little turned on by it all. That many people screaming your name, and the sexy male and female dancers gyrating with her, but no... She was a professional, you don't get involved with the crew.

She absent mindedly stroked her long leg, thinking of Hayley Williams and how cute her little b... Continue»
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Hitch Hiking across Europe

I wanted to go visit my cousin in Germany but couldn't afford it really, but on a whim I decided to go for it, just pack a few essentials and hit the motorway with my thumb out. Anyway to cut a long story short I finally got a lift from a couple in a nice big Mercedes, and started chatting, like you do about everything and nothing, when we came to a service station and they had to fill up with petrol and have a bite to eat, explaining i was kinda broke, the wife says that is okay, we will buy your lunch in return for a favour, and nothing else ......we sat have a meal and coffee, and the... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 4

Chapter 04: Binita Around the House

The woman massaged the oil into his limbs. Thakur Hari Singh luxuriated in the ceremony of the long oil bath he treated himself to once every week. His weekly routines had been interrupted for a while now because of the preparations needed for his son's marriage to that saucy, town-educated girl Binita.

"Binita," he thought and sighed. The girl had come to talk to him about the stalled marriage when both he and she had descended into lust and for a good hour, they were only man and woman. No relationships, no norms, no taboos crossed their minds as the... Continue»
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( Vistinska prikazna) MAJKA MI I TETIN MI

Nekolku pati imav prilika da gi zirkam moite ili majka mi kako ima/aat neverojatno dobri seksovi.

Posleden pat bese okolu 6 godini - bevme na gosti familijarno kaj baba mi na nekolku dena. Bese nekakov familijaren rucek, i bevme site sobrani vo kukata na baba mi. Tamu bevme nie i tetka mi (sestrata na majka mi) i tetnin mi ( nejzin vtor maz - major vo penzija na nekoj svoi kasni 40ti, koj izgledase mnogu mazestveno i vo relativno dobra forma za covek na negovi godini.)

Tetka mi tetin mi ziveat vo istiot grad/drzava kade i baba mi.

Majka mi i tetin mi bea izlezeni za da kupat neko... Continue»
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s****rs part 2

The Captain moved around in front of me. I was mesmerized by the sight of the soldier’s huge cock playing with my s****r. My plight returned, the Captain not content with watching my s****rs r4pe, he wanted to abuse me. His hands returned to my panties. His fingers slowly played with them, letting them slide down my abdomen, teasing me, forcing me to accept the humiliation of being stripped naked. He picked up one my ankles and tied a rope around it, making me groan in pain when he tightened it so tight. He tied another to the other ankle and moved behind me again. I trembled in fear, knowing ... Continue»
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teacher's pet

i loved the days when i had to wear my cheerleader outfit to school, mmmmmmm! it looked so cute on me and every time i wore it i felt like every boy and every man who saw me wanted to fuck me, and i was so sweet about it, pretty smiles for all of them and lots of flirty gestures. yep, my nipples would get so hard, i loved how they poked through the fabric, looking sooo cute, like they wanted to be sucked on. i'd wear my hair lose and a little messy, dolled up make up, lots of mascara and eyeliner, hot red lipstick, which i loved to touch up often, loved putting it on in front of boys, they'd s... Continue»
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He Offered to Share Her, How Could I Say No !!! Pt

I have a guy I've worked with for several years. He and I started getting together outside of work, having drinks, golfing, etc.
One night recently after a tough day at work we decided to go have drinks. We both had a bit more then when realized and I blurted out how fucking horny I had been. My recently FWB moved away and I just hadn't had time to seek someone new out. He was feeling his drink as well and decided to share a secret with me. He preceded to tell me how he had been fucking his 20 something son's hot little girlfriend. Told me she was the best fuck he has had in years. Appa... Continue»
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knee pads

hello, can i help you find anything miss? the cute guy at the sporting goods store asked me as i walked down the aisle. oh, hi, yes, i'm looking for a pair of knee pads can you tell me where they are please? sure, follow me, we have several types, do you play volleyball? me? oh no. basketball? no, no. gymnastics, you look like a gymnast. i do? i asked him and giggled, no, i'm not a gymnast, then i remembered all the fun positions i've been in while having sex and smiled to myself. well, there are many types of knee pads for various sports, it'd help to know what you need them for when making a... Continue»
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MMF - BI -

Donna and I were talking one night after having a good fucking session, she said “I think we’ve done everything sexual now except a mass orgy which you know I won’t do” I had to agree we have done everything. Then she said “I want YOU to suck a guy while he fingers me” I said “You do?” “Yes like you did to that lad from the coffee shop years ago”.

If you read our stories then you’ll know what she’s talking about. I replied “If the situation turns up then I’ll do it for you” she said “Yes you will I do stuff for you” and I answered “But you enjoy what you do” “But I like to see some stuff yo... Continue»
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Wife fucking other guys

My wife Linda has been helping out at shelter type, she helps with the food and other things. She helps out 3 days a week, she's been doing this for about 2 months now. I went down there one day to say hi, and I didn't see her. I asked where Linda was and they told me she got off around 1pm it was almost 2pm, she told me she gets off at 3pm. So I went in the back where they park there cars and looked for our van. I found it, but I saw it was shaking. So I went up too it and peaked in, I saw Linda face down in the back seat with a guy on top of her, her pants and panties was off and so was the... Continue»
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The conference

This is a true tale of one of my experiences with a pregnant lactating beauty

Many years ago when I was in the military I had the hottest time with a pregnant officer. Some back ground, she was about 5'10 tall had a slim almost hour glass figure, a beautiful pair of 36D's, We knew of each other throughout our military assignments over the years, she was married to a senior NCO from another command. I was assigned to a few commands that coincided with her assignments from time to time and we got along together great. Now to the story

Lt Col L and I had been selected to attend a confer... Continue»
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I met Sara through an adult personals website. I had originally posted my ad on a night I was home alone d***k and horny. So I was surprised , a month later, when I got an email. Sara lived in the same town as me, so we met on her college campus on a Friday afternoon. Initially I was disappointed in her appearance. Sara was 5'5", kind of chubby/stocky build, small tits, short hair, average looking at best....she looked like a brick ...having no distinguishable waist line. She dressed like a tomboy. To top it off she was shy...so getting her to say more than a couple words to my questions was t... Continue»
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The Park

The day had been long, and he was ready for the time of evening he enjoyed most. Working as hard as he did, being his own boss, was more challenging than he could have imagined. And while he needed the thrill of making it succeed, he had come to treasure this time for himself, knowing he needed it as well. Reflection had become a key factor for him, as it had ever been.

He selected a cigar from his personal blend and locked the door behind him. He paused on the stoop, inhaling the crisp flavors of fall in the air. The day had been warm, but not hot or humid, although the coming night had th... Continue»
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Wife Visits Biker Bar

It had been two weeks since I had caught my suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by Butch her biker boyfriend in our basement. A few days later I searched our basement and found a large trunk. I opened it and wow!!!. It was full of clothing a “Goth” or biker chick would wear. There were tight cut off shorts for summer, black leather bras, black nylons, leather vests and leather pants. I found a pair of black combat boots and a denim vest with the words “Butch’s Old Lady” embroidered on the back.

Again, I went out of town on a business trip but I decided to come back two days early... Continue»
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Movie Night

Marie and I had been friends for a few years.  We had met when she was dating a buddy of mine, and from the beginning, there was an obvious attraction.    A few months ago, my buddy and she broke up, but Marie and I stayed friends.  

Marie is a beautiful woman with brown hair and deep blue eyes.  She has naturally tan, smooth skin and a great body.  After she and my buddy broke up, she went through a little bit of a rough patch, but came out the other side with a new found confidence that made her all the more sexy.  Over those few months, she and I hung out a few times, and began talking p... Continue»
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show off

He loved to show off his wife. He loved the way men looked at her, they lusted after her shapely figure encrusted in tight clothes, with desire burning in their eyes. Even on their wedding day he made sure she was dressed just a little more provocatively than somewhat. Her skirt was tight with a long slit so every time she moved she revealed far too much leg. Her top plunged far too low for the occasion with a large percentage of breasts on display for all the guests to see. Her makeup dark and smokey slut style and her heels just a bit higher than wad appropriate for a demure bride.

In fac... Continue»
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The After Party

So back at Kathy's place, Linda led me to a shower upstairs, almost urgently washing us both. She was excited. In fact, I couldn't say I'd ever seen her this excited. Her excitement began to energize me and I had a feeling I was gonna need it.

Out of the shower I realized I didn't have any clean clothes. "Don't worry about it," Linda said dismissively. "Come on."

Grabbing my hand she led me naked down a hall to a door. I could hear people down stairs. Linda opened the door and led me into a darkened room. When she shut the door and turned on the light, I said, "Whooa!"

The walls were ... Continue»
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My lovely fuckloaf

It was my first day at university and I was at a mixer for freshers in my halls when I found myself staring at a girl. She was worth a stare, straw blond hair neatly tied in a single plait, pale blue eyes set high in a slightly pudgy face above the cutest little nose, and lips parted in a wide smile revealing perfect teeth. However, it would take me a beat or two to notice her most attractive features. I must admit it wasn't her beauty that had me staring at her, it was that she had neither arms nor legs. During that moment while I was so rudely gazing at her, she happened to glance in my dire... Continue»
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Eating pussy and no birth control

I love eating pussy, what better way to get a woman turned on fully and hot to trot. It doesn't matter really if they are bushy, trimmed or shaved although the last two are preferred . I've had em sweet, tangy, buttery, and juicy as hell but all of em have been clean in all ways needed. I've gotten to know all these women a little bit before actually meeting and through that made sure that they were clean, a mutual trust and I could provide proof of me being clean, still can. During our chats I left birth control up to them and all I would ask or wanted to know was if they were on the Pill, to... Continue»
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The Business Meeting Part 2

When I returned from the bathroom, she was lying on her side, her face still flushed, that strand of hair still stuck to her forehead. She flicked it away and then, as if noticing me for the first time, smiled.

Well, I suppose there was something to notice: a naked man in the middle of the room with a glass of water in one hand and a stonking hard on.

“I’ve been very selfish,” she said, with a flirty look. “Now then, what can I do for you?”

When a woman with killer eyes, great tits and long legs in stockings says that to you, it’s difficult to know where to start. My cock knew though.... Continue»
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