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The blonde I couldn't catch

I see this hot blonde come past me on the trail. She is running at a pace that I can't manage but I admire her ass as she goes off into the distance. It is another "oh well it would be nice to catch her". After a few minutes I come around the trail bend and she is sitting in tears at the edge of the path. Apparently she has twisted her ankle rather badly. Of course I ask if there is anything I could do.
So she explains about the twisted ankle and that she isn't sure that she can walk on it like that. We are not far from my car where I have an ace bandage, so I get her to clasp me around my ne... Continue»
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Hijabi bengali gets it hard

This is a true story told by Fatima to me…… names have been changed to keep identity of people hidden. I do apologise for my English and grammar in advance.

Rayna and Boshir were married for over 5 years, on the outside every thing seemed blissful, everyone thought how much of a model marriage they had and were the envy of their tightknit Bengali community. They both were in there 20’s and had their own business running a saree shop with trade that was booming.

On one unfaithful morning everything was about to be out in the open, the deceit and infidelity was to be finally exposed. Bashi... Continue»
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Down by the river. True Story

Myself and my girlfriend at the time decided to go for a hike one day and explore the town we were in. We walk around town and there was really nothing in it for a small hick town. As we were walking back we seen a trail going off into the wood I said let see where this goes so we turned onto it. Its was a beautiful day and I was feeling frisky so I started playing with her you know grabbing her ass groping her breast. She was pushing me away and telling me to stop but I could not she was just to sexy with nice 36c breast. I started pulling up her shirt and playing with her tits lifting her b... Continue»
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My Changing Life- The Diary V

I woke up to aching breasts and an aching butthole. Bobby stretched me beyond what I could ever imagine. But it was a good aching. Now, If I can just get this milk pumped. Where were the girls? It was only 6 am. They're not usually up this early.
I eased myself up and gingerly walked to the bathroom. Ah, there they are in the shower, wrapped in each others arms. They looked so lost in Sapphic love. Such a different world we have found ourselves in. I so wanted to join them and have them drain my aching boobs. They saw me and motioned me in. They knew just what I needed and they wanted breakf... Continue»
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a weekend visit 1

I met my wife Dawn 6yrs ago, my wife is a beautiful woman, 5'6", 150lbs, large C cups, and thick thighs that ended at a perfect ass. Dawn and I have always enjoyed a wild sex life, from role playing to group sex. But the first summer we were together started something amazing...
That summer Dawn had her 2 nieces come and visit, Adriana 15 and Michelle 11. Adriana was built just like her aunt and Michelle was shorter smaller chest and a little more on the chunky side. Both girls were cute. And when they would run around in bikinis, I could not not help but look.
One day Dawn took Michelle out... Continue»
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My Changining Life- The Diary IV

11:00AM- at Dr. Glenda's office for my check-up. He nurse meets me at the private entrance that I use and ushers me into a treatment and exam room. She hands me a gown. "How are we feeling today?" she asks as she hands me the gown.
"I'm good today. How are you?'
"Really good. I had a wonderful weekend. Now, go ahead and get undressed and the doctor will be here in a minute or 2. Be sure and take everything off. I'll be back shortly to draw bl**d."
She left and I followed orders. She is so damn cute. I'd love to have her over for the weekend. But, I bet she is into jocks. I heard the knock o... Continue»
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The Lost Virginity on the Sand.

I will never forget Brighton beach. The nudist beach that is. It was that very beach in the summer of 2009 where my life changed radically. I was never able to live my life in the same way. I had just finished my A-Levels and to get over the stress it was my mums idea to spend a week away on the coast. Simply to get away from the hustle and bustle of books, school. Well London really. For a weekend we packed the car and headed down to Brighton.

The issue with Brighton was really that we were strangers there. This would be at our expense, namely because we ended up in the wrong place and the... Continue»
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First day at the office

Nervous. Quite nervous. Butterflies in the stomach, first day at work wasn't and will never be easy for anyone. My lucky suit. Don't know if other people believe in those things but I wear it anyway. Grey, mix of cotton and kashmir, my favourite one. Stand straight, look at myself at the lift's mirror straighten my tie, big smile and here we go. I was born for this. Making people feel nice and confident and selling houses. Being an estate agent is not easy. Lots of psychology involved and "reading" the minds of potential buyers. You just tell them what they want to hear in the way they want it... Continue»
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Sarah's gangbang fantasy

This story is pure fiction.

We will grab Sarah off the street as she goes to work, straight into the back of a van, tied up and blindfolded. She will be stripped to her underwear and driven to a remote location.

Once she is in position, the doors will be left open, she will be left in silence, able to feel the cold air on her exposed flesh but completely unaware that she is being watched by 20 men, including 3 blacks with the biggest cocks you could imagine.

She will be silent for a while, trying to hear if anyone is around, then she will start to fight against her bonds, her t... Continue»
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Throwing Caution To The Wind

I'd been chatting with a few guys on the porn site and had several offers to meet up, which I declined. And then I got an offer which for some reason intrigued me. He was a five hour train ride away which promised an extra sort of anonymity. It seemed a chance to go and do something reckless. For once I actually started contemplating it.

We both talked about rough sex and shared the same tastes in the porn we watched. Just thinking of getting on that train heading south turned me on.

All of a sudden I agreed to it, against every principle I'd ever had. I'd go down there, get a hote... Continue»
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Penny's Second Day

Penny’s Second Day at Finishing School

Penny was very satisfied with herself and her first day. She finally got some real cock penetration but only in her arse. She thoroughly loved it, in fact, she was now an addict for anal penetration. She loved everything about it, the way it made her feel like a filthy whore, perhaps even the thought that she had probably gone a lot further than her mother ever would have. Perhaps it was some kind of weird Electra complex playing out but what she couldn’t shake was the idea that after every depraved thing she’d done, and had done to her, she was still ... Continue»
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Slut who loves to swing

Slut who loves to swing.

James and I have enjoyed the most sexually liberating year thanks to the involvement of my most recent lover, Mac, into our open relationship. We have been active swingers for more years than I can remember, and during this time I have enjoyed some savagely large cocks in my shaved pussy and almost all of them, in my full lipped mouth. James has had the pleasure of some delicious tight pussies and on a few memorable occasions, a very tight asshole to plunder! Sometimes we've enjoyed the pussy together, where I've put my busy little slut tongue to work on some writhi... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Lover

First off my husband Hakan and I had been married for about five years. We had great sex life and just enjoyed being with each other. I am a police officer in our home town PD.

Hakan started asking if I would enjoy being with another man while he watched. Hakan kept after me for months and started talking about me being with his best friend and my Sargent Hasan. Now Hasan was Hakan’s best friend from high school. He would talk about him all the time during are play times and I have to admit it did make me think about him while he would do this and Hakan could tell I loved it when he did be... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need 2

I have over 100 stories posted on here all original with me. The first of this series was probably accepted his best as any I have ever written. So I hope you enjoy this one as well!

As I pulled into Lynn’s garage my heart was already pounding in anticipation of what the evening held for me! I could still taste her strawberry flavored lips and when I closed my eyes her firm full mature breasts swaying and leaping filled my mind and imagination. God that woman had me as hard as stone just remembering how wet she was!

Turning off the engine to my truck, I spit my gum i... Continue»
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b*****rly Love

Jason called me. He's younger than me, and has been a little less brutal than Orrin, who is older.

He said he was coming by. I knew exactly what that meant. I would be fucked. That was it. I had no say in the matter. So I showered, knowing that he (along with Orrin ) wanted me clean when they put their cocks in me.

As I shampooed my long, auburn hair, and soaped up my naked, alabaster body, I thought about how Orrin and Jason had been draining their balls into and onto me for so many years.. I was horrified as to what would soon occur, but also aroused. My breasts were full, taut, swolle... Continue»
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Camping Trip

Five summers ago, I went camping with my cousin Ron and his friend James. We had a three bed camper, it was nice, it had a mini fridge and they brought a little propane grill. There was a T.V. as well, what more could you ask for. If we had to take a shower or use the bathroom, we had to walk to an area that had that. The camp was in the national park. We were going to stay a week or two. So this is how it went with the beds. There were three beds, one on each end of the camper and the 3rd one next to one of those ends. Ron and James slept on the ends and I had the bed next to Ron. The first n... Continue»
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Harry and the MILFS 3

Narcissa Malfoy & Lily Potter

Narcissa awoke naked strapped to a bed by her wrists and ankles. She had no idea how she ended up like this since the last thing she remembered was she was in Diagon Alley doing some shopping.
“So you’re awake?”
Narcissa turned her head and found a redhead that looked really familiar. It took her a moment to realize that was Lily Potter standing in front of her. What was going on, and why was this Mudbl**d here?

Lily waved her wand and a silver doe appeared and then went through the closed door.
“What is going here Potter, where am I, why am I tied up?”... Continue»
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Finally Fucked Lisa

Lots to be said about fantasizing about sex with friends. I've wanted to fuck Lisa since my wife first introduced me to her six years ago. I always kind of thought it was mutual, the flirting and her going out of her way to talk to me at get togethers, etc. Lisa is a big girl, I like bbw's if you haven't been with one you have no idea what you're missing out on...they are so much better in bed than fit women are. We would flirt, usually smile and make googie eyes with each other when we'd speak, Lusa would occasionally tell me how attractive she thought I was and even said she thought I ha... Continue»
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Sex club SF 2002

2002 was the first time. I became an oral enthusiast when I met a couple at the Power Exchange in San Francisco. Thursday night couples night turned into a trip back to their hotel. My girlfriend and I swapped and fucked the couple for about an hour and a half. I noticed his cock was 9 inches, strong and beautiful. I kept it in my sight all night. As we were ready to leave, he asked if I would like to play with them again. I noticed he asked out of range of my girlfriend. That was a hmmm moment. We exchanged numbers and I said we would call them to play soon.

About 2 weeks later they calle... Continue»
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Wife has a thick cock for lunch.

I stayed home today from work. Things are running smooth at the shop and since I'm the owner I thought I'd take Wednesday off and spend time with my wife. I didn't let her know my plan so when she walked into the den this morning she was surprised to see me watching TV. What are you
doing home she said? I answered I took the day off to spend with her. She said well I have plans for lunch. OK that's fine I said. She got herself some coffee and came back to the den.

I kept waiting to hear what her plans where but she never offered. She looked very sexy setting on the couch with her legs cro... Continue»
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