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flower joint local sg gal

it was abt 1 year ago, me and my friend went to a flower joint club to hav some drinks...looking at those dancer(thais) dancing and mingle with us..
then suddenly 2 gals carrying tequila shots come to our table, said they need to put down the tray for awhile cos their hands is tired carrying the tray...I chat with 1 of them(local), she look like mix-bl**d...asking her Chinese or malay...she said her father is a Chinese and her mom is a baba...not bad looking for a gal... so I buy 2 tequila shots for her...at first she sit quite closing to me...then her hands start to land on my legs and we ch... Continue»
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Fun with superior's daughter

Been a while since I had spotted a rendezvous or had a fling myself. I have a new superior Amanda joining us on board recently and she is 1 hell of a chio woman. She belongs to those new age woman who can talk everything under the sky. She had always portrayed herself professionally as a corporate lady and she is my director of sales. Alas, my good impression of her was tarnished when I spotted her behaving intimately with a big client of our company. Always curious to check it out, I followed her everyday after we finished work and that client never failed to pick her up at 7pm sharp. I would... Continue»
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Hard Face-Fucking of Anonymous Stranger

Well, not fully anonymous, but fun nevertheless. Another 100% true story, just a few days after it happened.

Feeling energized after my last craigslist encounter, I took back to the board and found a post titled WANT TO BE ON MY KNEES FOR YOU.

I wish I still had the ad (he's deleted it), but essentially he was looking for a big, masculine, hairy, str8/bi guy to come in and get sucked off.

Well, hell, I fit that description just fine. I'm 40, about 5'10", 270, with an average-but-thick cock. So I emailed, sent some pics, and we set it up. I told him if we was looking for a hard cock... Continue»
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Cuckold Superbowl

It was Super Bowl Sunday. This was always one of Paul's favorite days of the year. Sue, not really a football fan was working against a month end deadline coming up on Wednesday. This was a very big deadline for Sue. Most people in the company knew that someone would be promoted based largely on the results of this very report. It was a dead heat between Sue and another employee, a minority, for the job. Sue's boss was bringing his k**s over to watch the game. He mentionend that he wouldn't mind getting a preview of her report,,, which Sue thought would give her a bit of an edge.
Sue's boss ... Continue»
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Jack Ass Jackie

Jackie Mason raised burrows in the flat lads off Stanton River. Stanton River Gorge, Montana a fisherman's paradise and favored hunting area. Sand bars, foot bridges,rapids and swimming holes brought out the tourist. Pack mules and horses were the allowed transportation by the conservationist. She and her two grown sons provided the area. Bud Mason had started the business but a severe stroke had left him with walking difficulties and nearly speechless. His business sense remained so he was "overseer", now.

For 4 days, it rained. The river flooded and Bud uttered, "move them to Upper Pa... Continue»
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my pet

i have a neighbor who is my pet. he is 19 and beautiful. very fit and always hard for me. he is athletic, surfs a lot, shaves his entire body and tastes sooooo good. he has an 8" wonderfully straight cock which i love to suck. he works nights so he's often around in the day, and always willing. 

i met him one morning a couple of months ago when i was trying to get a heavy box out of my trunk. he was jogging by, saw me struggling with the box and offered to help. i said "yes please, it is soo frigging heavy!" he laughed, came over, easily lifted it and asked me where i wanted it. he was just... Continue»
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Making the New Boss Happy

I had just been promoted to VP of the Company. I got a hefty raise along with a new car and house paid for by the company. The only draw back was I had to move across country to NYC. I did not mind moving, I just did not want to give up the great pussy I was getting. I had two employees having sex with me on the job. I was also banging a few of the wives of the guys that worked under me. I was single and I had been blessed with a nice cock. Once I got a girl to see my cock and then touch it, she was mind forever. I had a big party the last night I was at my old job. I said goodbye to my whores... Continue»
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MILF Home Alone

It was a Monday and my Mom left a note on the dining room table. I was to stop by her work and pick up some grocery for a friend of hers who lived across town. It was noon when I picked up the grocery and got directions to Mrs. Gloria Beam house. She lived in the rich part of town. Her husband had violated his parole and was sent back to jail for a few more months to serve out his sentence. After putting away the grocery I was to ask if she need any help around the house.

It took about 30 minutes to get to her big house. I parked at the end of the driveway and walked up the hill leading tow... Continue»
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Milk U Later

It all started on the drive to work. It was just before 9am. I had missed all the traffic on the beltway. I took the first exit. Then down some side streets. I was using a short cut to get to work faster. I was hoping my Friday would fly by. Then I could go out tonight. It had been a few weeks since I got out. I took a sip of my Coke. Before I slowed down at the next intersection. I was looking out the side window. I was minding my own business. Sitting in my big SUV.......

"Wham! Crunch!!!" I felt my SUV roll through the intersection. I quickly moved my hand off the radio d... Continue»
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Daughter was Big the Mom was Bigger

My dick was stuck to the side of my leg. It was all dry and sticky form doing Tracy Bittler all night in her Cinderella Bed. She had just turned legal and I had seen her around the used car lot checking me out. I worked in the body shop and loved when hot chicks would come in to check on there cars. I had gotten many phone numbers and pussy working as a mechanic. I learned long ago to fuck little girls hard but there mothers harder.

I rolled over and looked at her Hello Kitty alarm clock it was just after 7am and saw her 40 stuffed a****ls strewn across her bedroom. She had a little pink de... Continue»
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true story about marlene

"Where are you going marlene?" the ‘leader' of the pack asked me, winking at his mates as they all eyed my body.

"I just need to get home, I had enough for one night," I shrugged.

"Oh I think you've not had anything like enough yet SLUT!" he laughed, indicating to a couple of his stockier friends to take hold of me. My terror made me stand still, feeling muscular hands gripping my arms, pulling them behind my back, pushing my breasts forward against the flimsy material of my top. "You've been teasing us all night with that sexy body of yours," he raised a hand to stop my protest and cont... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 6

"Oh fuck yes!" I hear my mother yell, as I open the front door to Uncle Harry's house. He's been dead for over six months, but I still think of this as Uncle Harry's house. I quietly follow the sound towards Uncle Harry's bedroom, which mom and I have been sl**ping in since we got here.

"Ohmygod!" Mom screams, as I move closer to the open bedroom door and peek inside. Fuck! The t****ze bar is back up over the bed, with some sort of sling type harness hanging from it, supporting my mother! The sling is about a foot wide and wraps under mom's stomach, much the way that k**s sometimes lay acro... Continue»
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Punishing Ginger When She's Bad

If you've read my previous stories, you know that I am involved with two women on a regular basis. My wife, Janice and I have been married for more than 6 years. My s****r, Ginger and I have been lovers for over 11 years. She also lives with Janice and I, and we share our bed.

But any f****y can have only one leader, and in our f****y, that would be...me! I both demand and expect Janice and Ginger to obey all of my rules. Now that doesn't mean they don't have any freedoms. In fact, they pribably enjoy more freedom than most married couples. But I have my rules and I expect both of th... Continue»
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Teacher's Private Tutorial

Susan was the heartthrob of every male high school student in the small rural town. At 24 years of age, she wasn’t much older than the students that sat and drooled over her in class. She had graduated the previous summer with her teaching degree and received her state certification and was able to obtain her first job in the farming community teaching English and public speaking.

The goddess as the boys called her behind her back stood a majestic 5’10”. She had long natural blonde hair that hung over half way down her back. Her emerald green eyes lit up a face that any model or actress wo... Continue»
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the white lace lingerie

i've never had "game". i'm not even a particularly handsome guy. how i've ended up with some gorgeous women is beyond me, but i've enjoyed it immensely.
brittany was one of those gorgeous women. when i first met her, she was a security guard at the company where i worked. even in her uniform, it was obvious that the body beneath it was firm and fit, but i never gave her a second look because she told me that she was married. i always stopped to talk to brittany for a few minutes when i was on my way from meetings because she was nice and was always friendly; she had a smile that could light u... Continue»
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My irresistable admin

I have couple of admin ladies working for me in and out for years but i never had any thoughts of flirting with them until i hired this new lady from Indonesia. She's young, petite and very fair... obviously, she's from Bandung. If you guys venture a lot with Indonesian ladies you will agree with me that Bandung girls are way too hot to resist.

Started working with me since Nov 2012. She was new, mainly to the industry and also to the job scope hence a lot of coaching time needed to spend with her.

We started with casual team dinners.. spend time at the bar after dinner and we were getti... Continue»
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Pick ups

Was at Velvet last week with my colleagues, been a long day and we wanted to chill and be young again. We were talking, not the best place to talk I will admit when I noticed a group of young bods chattering. Feeling quite bored and wanting some risk, I approached them. After hitting on the group, I felt the urge/challenge to relive my old days. Managed to get into the group by catching one of the girl's attention from afar.

Thus, I walked over to greet them, opened and told them jokes, running some tests. All the while, I was negging C, ignoring her while I addressed the group. she was lau... Continue»
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Lara lived at home till she was eighteen then she got a job at a diner and moved into her tiny apartment. She felt free and very adult at her young age. What she did not realize was how sexy she was and how the men noticed her at work. She was slim and petite with huge tits. Brad came in every day and sat in her area and got to talking to the sexy girl. After two weeks he asked her to go to dinner with him. He was older and very handsome and she said yes. She did not know he had big plans for the sexy youth. At dinner they talked a lot and he learned that she came from a very sheltered life an... Continue»
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Fist-Esta's Brood

Dave Armstrong walked the crowded streets of Key West with a sexy beauty on each arm. Dave is wealthy, cultured, over 6ft tall, physically fit, 36, single with striking Latin looks. On one arm, Gina. A shapely, red head, 38, single also. On the other, 22 year old, Kathy aka "Kat", a classic, blond.

Key West, is a play ground where nearly anything goes. It is "adult" in nature. Every place, shops, clubs, hotels extend the unspoken welcome to come in and do what you want to do. Every building has a banister, balcony, platform or deck where guest can sit outside in the great weather. Flashi... Continue»
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A f****y Affair, Part 1,

I am going to try something I have never done on here and that's write a story with four parts. I have never known how to go about it or had an idea that I could stretch to four parts. Well now I do and I am going to give it a shot and I would love to hear your feedback on it. The pic attached is a f****y I have known for awhile and I decided to use there pics to give the stories some realism. Each part of the story will be based on one of the f****y members. Hope you enjoy.

Part One, Melissa aka Mom

My f****y has always... Continue»
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