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Fucking a friend

I use to work with this girl named Michaelina, heavy set woman but still good looking. We use to work at a deli in my home town, I was going out with Linda at the time and Michaelina came up too me and brush against me a lot. I remember one night I was in the back working, Michaelina came up too me and grabbed my cock, it was soft but she put her breast closer and I got a hard on from that. She squeezed it and went on with her work. She wanted to fuck me very badly, I know because one closing night it was me, her and another employee, the employee went on break and Michaelina went in the walk... Continue»
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Soft Kisses

The tips of our tongues barely graze the each other as I explore the softness of your lips, breathing in your breath as you breathe out. You then, in perfect sync breathe me back in as I exhale. There is slow, steady gentleness of our breath that carries with it a faintness of the wine we savored earlier.

As I run my tongue over the smooth polished surface of your teeth, I take my hand and lay it flat across the width of your belly. With gentle pressure I push in against your abdomen and then start to slide my hand down toward the bulge of your pubic mound. Just as I reach the place where... Continue»
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Linda Can't Hold Her Liquor

I am NOT putting these stories in any particular, but am posting them as I am reminded of them by people concerned. Linda, herself, reminded me of this story just last night.

I had been in Vung Tau for about a month by this time. I had been working the night shift, (1800-0600) which I preferred, for the whole time. The only time I had any problem was when I was trying to get some sl**p. Trying to sl**p in the barracks, with the normal coming and going, was near impossible. Many times the only way to get some sl**p was to find a quit place away from other people, which was nearly imposs... Continue»
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"I am nervous" he said. I said "it is not
needed I am there with you
na. we will bang her hard. now you just
concentrate on a way to her
house". he said "I am nervous because this
is my first time. well,
when she called me to her house, initially I
was in heaven. but
now...... will she feel okay looking both of us.
I said "I know her.
she is very hot & curous about sex. almost all
boys of our class has
touched her whole body. It will be not a
great deal for me to convince
her for sex.
we reached at her door. I knocked it. she
opened the door. she was
suprised looking at me.... Continue»
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The Fort

Growing up me and best bud, Joe always did things together. As we hit that age, our teen years, we started thinking about sex and girls. We really wanted to have sex and started to think of ways we could do that. We built a fort out in the woods near our house. A place we could store our porno mags that we had found and a place we could fuck a girl when that time came up. We built this fort with some scrap lumber we found and put a small couch and some carpet in there. It was not weather tight but enough to give us some privacy. We even stole a bottle of wine and some candles from my kitchen... Continue»
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When Fantasy Becomes Reality

This is a true story, with our names left out, his name changed, and it goes long with the pics we shared....

We are finally on the extended part of my business trip when it's our own personal vacation time, and we decide that the first day we'll spend sightseeing in the city. So to get there, we use Uber for the first time. The Uber driver available to us is named Tre and he looks like a young black man on the Uber app. When he arrives at our hotel, he's indeed that, and he seems to be a nice guy. We chat with him on the drive into the city and he gives us some local flavor. I know it... Continue»
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fucking my dads girlfriend

I've been fucking my dad's girlfriend for a couple months and last night she let me go bare inside her. Her pussy was amazing. For a woman in her late 40s she's still got it going on. My favorite thing about her is the dirty things she says when my cock is inside her.

Last night my dad's girlfriend Elizabeth told my dad she was having a girls night out. I had been home all night and got a knock on my door at 11. It was Elizabeth I didn't have a chance to say anything and she was grabbing my crotch and pushing her way into my apartment. Within seconds we were passionately kissing and... Continue»
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Clara's Dream

Clara's Dream 

“How did I get here? I don’t know where I am.”

Clara closed her eyes and gently floated away into an uncertain alcoholic euphoria. She could just hear the gentle ticking of a windup clock marking out every single beat of time; marked out as every gentle beat of her heart marked out a beat of her pleasure; marked out every bead of sweat that gently formed and then trickled down her delicate naked back, down over her soft pleasant round buttocks and slowly dripped cool wet patches, unnoticed onto the floor.

Smells of Clara’s perfume and stale, long forgotten vodka ... Continue»
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Moving to Brooklyn, as a medical technician, didn't afford me the luxury of a hi-rise apartment. Instead I found a 2 bedroom apartment situated over my Landlords garage. It was completely renovated and had central air. It was detached from the main house and you had to walk a narrow pathway along the side of the garage to get there.
I loved it and the rent was affordable. My landlord was a Widow from Jamaica, she was a school teacher and lived in the house with her teenaged daughter. My landlord was about 55 still had a nice body, but her face was butt ugly. Mrs. Barnes was a nice w... Continue»
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Theater gangbang of cockslut Kitty

I drove to the old-and-rotten-unofficially-turned-adult-theater that I had been too before, parked and headed in. I walked in, went to the counter to pay and the clerk gave me a once over.

"Ladies are free on Friday nights," he said.

Did I really pull off the appearance of a girl? "Oh, I'm not really a girl," I said, not wanting to cheat the establishment out of revenue.

"Hot stuff, you are close enough for my tastes," he said with a dashing smile. "Have fun up there." He then winked at me.

He was a cute boy, maybe mid-twenties, tattoos, and hoop piercings in his ears that stretc... Continue»
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Better than your wife!

I had to do some shopping one night, and I happened to be feeling particularly naughty. I put my hair in pigtails, put on my makeup, pink lipstick, black bra, white tank top, black thong, pink miniskirt, white stockings, and pink 6" heels. After grabbing my purse, keys, and phone, I headed out the door.

I arrived at the store and parked my car. As I went inside, I could feel guys checking me out. I picked up some vegetables, got some pasta, I was looking at the meat case, when I heard some hater say to the guy she was with, "I can't believe they allow sluts like that (she points to me) in h... Continue»
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collage play

collage play was 2 girls one as a guy and one a girl . I share dorm with the one who a guy DAMN she flat a a cup look like a guy
casey was trying to fool the rest of guys . Why k.c ? if i can you get robin big c tits all for yourself she promise . cool so i went with gag for a while but i had the make up team make her mustdash since it was the 1970's . She share dorm with me i was sl**ping she hop on top of me nude she yelled eat it . okay if u as for it her clit was was 2 inches big than most girls she shaved it too i was pig in heaven she cum all over me . she said after ca... Continue»
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Bonus Wife: Sex with wife motives the sales staff

It’s hard to pin down the moment when I first had the idea to become a pimp and make my wife a whore. Many thoughts were swirling around in my mind at the time. My beautiful wife Anne, my high school sweetheart, and I had just celebrated our tenth year of marriage. I had recently taken over management of my father’s company and needed to find a way to motivate my sales f***e. I didn’t at first put together my wife and my all male sales f***e in my head, but once I did, I couldn’t get it out.

I have been with my wife since our senior year of high school, we married as soon as we graduated... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on vacation (Part 3)

On the last night of the trip, both Anna and I got pretty loaded, and after the bar decided we were in the mood for a late night swim and headed over to the adult pool. It was late enough that the pool was almost deserted; the only people in it a small group of people roughly our age. Half of them seemed to be leaving as we arrived, so when we finally stripped down to our underwear and jumped in, there were only two guys in there with us.

Anna had been drinking and is a pretty flirtatious person, so before long she’d struck up a conversation with the guys, and the four of us moved together... Continue»
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My First Time with Linda, A Footnote (as it were)

This story is meant to illustrate a small part of the attraction and devotion I have for my wife of 46 years.

I was EXTREMELY curious about a girl that, by all the stories that were related to me, as free-wheeling, and ready to do any and all sex-acts with anybody who asked.

When I met and saw in person, the girl who would later become my wife, I was totally fascinated. She not only accepted men's advances, she would encourage them. She had a VERY affectionate nature, and was totally comfortable in her own skin, without being slutty about it, with no apologies to anyone. She, very s... Continue»
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Last Sunday, mid-afternoon, I went to the northside mall and immediately went to the washroom in the food court. There, I met a guy just leaving the washroom. He has sort of a funny horny grin on his face. A few steps behind him, I meet another guy leaving the washroom. I quickly glance at his crotch and see that he has a boner or at least a semi going on in his jeans. To me it seemed obvious that they were together.....but walking a dozen steps apart. I almost said out loud "can I cum and watch"? However, I did not. I stopped and took out my cell phone, ostensibly to make a call. I turned and... Continue»
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True Stories: Rachel and John

In the time where Rachel and I practiced an open marriage, she was with three different men. I have already written here about the first (Frank) and second (David.) Of all three men, it was her relationship with John that was most baffling to me. To this day, I can’t understand what she gained from their odd relationship, or why the sexual aspect of that relationship came to such an abrupt end. All I know is that once that relationship ended, so did her desire to be with any other man outside of our marriage.

One of Rachel’s duties at work requires her to work side-by-side with a security t... Continue»
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Smelly Sex

Donna had gone to work and I was deciding what to do with myself as I hadn’t any jobs to do this particular day. I’d just started up the laptop as I really needed a wank as Donna and I hadn’t had sex for a couple of days, when suddenly there was a knock on the door, which startled me, as I approached the door I saw one of Donna’s oldest friends stood there.

Maize was ten years younger than me, 44, she was also heavier than Donna by about 5 stone, ugly to me, wearing her work trousers and black top. As I let her in she started to moan on about her husband, apparently he’s not touched her for... Continue»
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Tara starts in porn. part 1 - the pick up

Her first big job, a 24 hour booking in a central London hotel. Tara waited nervously at King's
Cross where her agent was due to pick her up and take her to the location for 5pm. He had told
her all about the job, some big shot producers were flying in from the US and needed some
English girls to shoot. Most of the first evening she would just meet the producers, and the cast
and crew, have an evening getting to know them, Tara, as the female talent, would then
get an early night in a top quality hotel room and spend the following morning making herself
look awesome for the shoot. Filmin... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 20

I awoke late in the morning and everyone else seem to be already down stairs having breakfast.
As I stood in the bathroom having a morning wash, I heard the door open and Zoe my hot blonde cousin stepped inside.
She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts that showed off her long tanned legs and with a smile she proceeded to use the toilet right next to me.
"I need a pee" she said quickly pulling her shorts down revealing her bald shaved pussy before sitting down on the toilet.
I heard the flow of water and tried to look away, the image of her bald pussy reminded me of being with her the ni... Continue»
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