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The Mother in Law

Ok bare with me. I must first explain who this has come from. My b*****r has a b*****r in law who married a girl from the country. The f****y were loaded and their parents had a big fall out and Father and Mother split up. This is where I was told what happened a few years ago.........

About two years ago, Paul (although this isn't really his name) and his new wife had accepted an invitation to the woodland chalet her parents owned. It overlooked some forest around the midlands.

Her Mother was having a hard time of the break up and had fallen into a bottle and not surfaced much. No... Continue»
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I Slept with His Cock in my Ass

I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. The cool evening air having an immediate effect under my short dress and the omission of wearing a brassiere, having the a similar effect on my nipples, now hardening to the drop in temperature.

'Excuse me', was all he said, and as I turned he grabbed me and pulled me into the dark allay. I was so taken aback I never even shouted or attempted a scream.

My face was up against the brick wall, and I can remember the smell of the green coloured growth as my face was f***ed against it. His breathing and the noises he was making made it obvious to m... Continue»
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Million Dollar Investors wife........

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon grey clouds covered the sky like a cotton blanket.
It was winter just before tax season I had been on the investor hunt for years for my company and finally I had meet Max while tattooing On Miami Beach. We partied and got fucked up after he got a tattoo at the Tattoo shop I worked at Ru Tattoos. Russian ink studio. Max was from aboard we will say... Kool accent and laid backed. Nice 6'2 built 30 dirty blond with the Build of a Viking. I sat and watch women just bounce of him like bullets as we shot pool together. You must be married too. I told him..he laughe... Continue»
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Hitch Hiking across Europe (part 2)

Sue and Gavin (I finally found out their names), were a working couple who both worked in the city and so left early Monday morning, before I woke up, and I awoke to find a note...darling Kaye ...stay as long as you want, we will be back on Thursday evening, so I rose showered and shaved all over , and had a poke around and found a wonderful maids uniform, sweet frilly dress with apron attached, beautiful silk seamed stockings, superb black basque with 8 suspender straps to hold up my stockings, and a cute bonnet.... oh I did look the part xxxx
So I wandered around the house and did some t... Continue»
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GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #1

I awoke with a start. It was the middle of the night and there were people all over the cabin snoring and sl**ping. It was my fiancé’s f****y “winter retreat” which had involved snowshoeing, ice fishing, and lots and lots of alcohol! People had started retreating to rooms and various corners around midnight. Tina and I had been among the last to turn out lights. I had laid my sl**ping bag behind the couch while she retreated to one of the lofts where the women were sl**ping.

There was a hand over my mouth and in the shadows of the room I could not tell who it was. The perfume and smel... Continue»
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Girl from the typing pool

This is a true story of one of my affairs I had between marriages. When I was divorced I had the unfortunate luck of living in a very conservative southern city. It was almost impossible to meet a girl without being first introduced to them by someone. Of course, like most guys, I was trying to get into the pants of the single slim attractive girls who guarded their pussy better than Fort Knox.

I was getting very horny and tired of jerking off when I received an invitation from the typing pool to attend a picnic. I accepted. That Saturday I went to their picnic and after a couple of beers... Continue»
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Taming the Tease

Ron was the sort of man that was just dealt a bad hand in life. He was a male in his mid fifties who lived alone and seemed to live with no purpose. His wife had long since left him for another man, and he had grown out of touch with his k**s after they moved out with his wife.

As far as looks go, he was never much of a desired man even in his youth, and now in his mid fifties he has let himself go to the point that an attractive woman would cross the street a block ahead of him rather than make wager the risk of making eye contact with him. He was bald with the exception of wild unkempt h... Continue»
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A little Cheri on top!

The night started like a Death Metal Video. Cannibal Corpse blasting out of the speakers at full volume. The lyrics are dark and sinister. The lead singers voice is strained and demonic. The thunderous chords of the guitar and bass are slamming me like a sledge hammer. My ears are hurting but I don't care because I feel alive. This is what fun is suppose to be like. I drop all of my pretenses and prejudgements because tonight I re-invent the lost boy in me.

The car pulls to a stop in front of small, college town bar called "Eruption". The music is still blasting from the car speakers as we... Continue»
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Sarah and Kimberly

The sun was taking its time coming up as Sarah dashed from my car to knock on Kimberly’s door. The waiting was over; our holiday was here and we were making a good early start. Sarah had invited Kimberly to come and spend a week in Yorkshire with us and she was now as excited as we were.

Regrettably her s****r Frankie had decided not to come. I had spent some time with her and fucked her a couple of times since I invited her but she has as I always expected found a lad of her own age and was now spending time with him. I wished her well and she knows that she is always welcome at my hou... Continue»
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My biggest fantasy, sharing my sub gf at the nude

Beach fantasy part 2,
*Now I know that this story isn't a true story like all my others and is just a fantasy but everything that I say about Jess is true, she is the longest and by far most open and obedient sub I have had (so far). Once she got her first taste of submission with me three years ago she was hooked and was so eager to explore more pushing her limits only to realized the more she tried the more she love. So very luckily for me became the perfect sub.

After an amazing start to the day seeing my biggest fantasy happen right before my eye's my well used and happy sub and I tak... Continue»
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M4M Erotic Massage- I guess I am bi-sexual!

I entered the new apartment with anticipation and a bit of fear. We discussed erotic massage but I was unsure of exactly what I was walking into... Is he a good guy, will he respect boundaries and go at the speed to make me comfortable, or will it get out of hand? If I were to get beaten up or robbed I can't really call the police... What am I worried about?! I have done this before and he seemed like a good guy on email?.... oy!

Then I meet him and at once I am at ease. He shakes hands and gives me a light hug and welcomes me to make me feel much more at ease. He wants to talk first and ha... Continue»
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The Tutor

“Go to school or get a job”. That was the rule. Just finishing my first year at the local JC and with no particular career direction, I decided to take a break. And given I was still living with my parents, that meant finding employment…

The thought of flipping burgers at a fast food joint just didn’t appeal to me, so I drove around town looking for something different. Passing one of the small strip malls in town, I spotted a local sex shop with a ‘Help Wanted’ sign. The shop had been open for about a year. It was one of those new upscale places that catered to suburban adults looking to s... Continue»
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Sarah and Frankie

‘I worked my way back up kissing her breasts, biting each nipple gently and then kissed her as I pushed the head of my cock toward her juicy wet cunt. A slight push and my glans entered the eternal city. She was not as tight as Sarah is and I was able to push in much easier and much deeper. Her cunt was so hot and felt just so good. I thrust in and out of her slapping my body against her; her hand came down and she began rubbing her clit and in moments I could see that she was cumming’.

I was stroking my cock as I viewed the video that Sarah had shot with my camera of me fucking Frankie; th... Continue»
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Demon Dream

Last Saturday night, I brought a guy home, looking to get fucked. Turned out he was a wimp: when I said "no," he actually took me seriously and stopped! Jesus! Whatever happened to men?????

After he left, I was frustrated, my body on fire with the need for cock. Before wimping out, he had fondled my breasts and licked my nipples. I was insane with lust! I went to bed alone, my tits hot and swollen, nipples erect, my cunt soaking wet. I'm amazed I got to sl**p at all. At least, I think I slept!

I lay nude on top of the covers, my long, smooth left leg lying straight, ... Continue»
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my girlfriend is a little slut but i dont care

Is my girl to much of a slut?!live_your_dream48
is it a good or a bad when the woman u build up a life with is a real sexfreak?

Well on one side its great to have plenty of sex all the time and that she always horny and that her pussy is as wet as a waterslide.
Can a girl be to sluty in your guys opinions?

Even tho Its a strange feeling that probaly alot of your friends banged her.
On one side it really turns me on her slutty ways, and it doenst matter to me, even tho she would fuck like 500 dicks a year.

Well we are together almost 3years now . She is 28, has kinda a... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 6

Chapter 06: A Youth Participates in Holi

He was waiting her. He was Pritam's cousin and he had been chasing his bhabhi to smear color on her and throw water at her. He had successfully cornered her, when Binita cried off, insisting that she be allowed to go change into casual clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

She had taken well over an hour to return. First Thakur had gone up and returned and then Thakurain. Yogesh thought it was all to do with some household matter as his uncle and aunt had some work to attend to with which Binita was associated.

He had no way of knowing tha... Continue»
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Cunnilingus Enthusiast

I pick you up and seat you on my desk, hiking up your skirt to leave your bottom half completely open to me. I grab your ankles and bend your legs inward so that they are in a butterfly position, with your feet touching, and I begin sucking on your left great toe, and one by one add a toe into my mouth. You watch my lips as they slide over your toes, and my tongue as it swirls around them. I lick and kiss and suck your succulent toes, and I put as many as I can in my mouth at once. I lick up and down the bottom of your feet, from the heel back up to the toes, all around the front and the b... Continue»
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He was maybe 5'7, he was more of a botterscotch in complexion and somewhat between athletic and muscular. His beard thick and a light low cut faded hair, or whatever you guys call it. It was obviously he had a recent hair cut, maybe 6 hours fresh because the lines were sharp. It wasn't my intention to have sex with him, it honestly wasnt. We were just meeting up to see each other because hey, pictures dont always tell the truth.

Now, lets start from scratch, i initially met him on a dating app, afterall i'm new to the area, single and was innocently looking to meet new people to socialise w... Continue»
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a good hostess

my bf and i were relaxing at home watching a movie, cuddling in the couch, i was wearing what i usually wear at home, just a short, cute robe, no bra, no undies, very comfortable. around 9pm the doorbell rang, my bf went to open the door to find an old friend of his who lives out of town, coming to pay him a surprise visit. ah! the famous gabe, i'd heard about him. my bf was happy to see him, asked him in and called me over. hmm, should i put some clothes on? i thought, i didn't want to seem rude and go lock myself in the bedroom to change, so i went into the living room in my skimpy robe and ... Continue»
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Subbing by GPS

The moment of highest risk is exiting the car. From the car into the woods. Once I am in the woods it is relatively safe, but I leave the car on a major road. There is a curve above and below where I park so I have to rely on the sound of engines to know when the coast is temporarily clear, but the walk into the woods is a hundred yards or so, so there is always the possibility... That's what turns me on.

I hike into the woods with my bamboo walking stick and my black bag of goodies. I am wearing my tennis shoes. My clothes and the keys to my car are locked safely away in the vehicle.
... Continue»
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