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Much awaited sequel to Just This Once.

“Working late again, Ms. Stevens?” A voice says. I let out a yelp and almost knock my mug of cold tea on myself. I glance up and see Mr. Tate standing over me with an unreadable expression on his handsome face. Its way past 6 p.m. on Thursday and I’m still not even close to being finished my workload. It’s been over a month since the promotion and I’ve been swamped with emails and extra work that I haven’t been able to accomplish within the normal 9-5 work day. It’s put a strain on my friendship with my co-workers, affected my sl**p and overall health, and most importantly ceased all flirting ... Continue»
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Donna Me and the bible basher

As luck would have it, Donna and I had just been in the shower and were having some 'us' time, I was feeling her up and she was getting quite turned on. Then someone knocked on our door, I ignored it but the knocking carried on. Throwing my pants on I came downstairs to see who it was. Donna wasn't far behind me. When we opened the door there stood a bible basher.

I looked at Donna and she looked at me, remembering what had happened when the telephones were down, I invited him in. He was 29 years old, slim and about 6' tall, called Paul. We settled down in the lounge listening to the rubbis... Continue»
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The taking of Nadia Craig 3

The taking of Nadia Craig 3
The dawn found the five women clinging together for warmth, the occupants of the second cage doing the same though in their case fear was the reason for the need to stick together
Tat face and a burley chap with a scar arrived and fitted his women neck collars, and wristlets clipped to their collars and with a chain from collar to collar it was like the days pre William pit the women reluctantly were led from the cage and with tearful goodbyes they were herded through the doorway, Nadia never saw then again.
All too soon it was their turn, Van dam and his men op... Continue»
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Osman o Pazartesi yine her hafta olduğu gibi yakın arkadaşı Ahmet'in evine karısı Burcu'yu sikmeye gidiyordu. Hatırlayamadığı kadar uzun süredir haftada iki gün Ahmet'in işte olduğu saatlerde karısını sikmeye gidiyordu.

Bugün de tıpkı diğer günler gibi olacaktı: eve gidecek, Ahmet'in ateşli karısını saatler boyunca hayvan gibi, öldüresiye sikecek, sonra da kendi evine geri dönüp hiçbir şey olmamış gibi Ahmet'lere misafirliğe gitmeye hazırlanacaktı. Burcu'yla bunu çok tahrik edici buluyorlard... Continue»
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Alice's Daughter and her best friend

I was in the kitchen washing up when someone came to my open back door and said "Boo", it scared the shit out of me as I was in my own little world. There stood Wendy, Alice's daughter, and her best friend Sophie. She still looked rough, and her friend looked just as rough, they were coming up to see her mum but she was out, thought she'd say hello.

I felt trapped and asked her if she wanted a drink. As they came in I sensed that Sophie was shy, she was 17 and a couple of years younger than Wendy. They came in the lounge and we were chatting and having a drink, when Wendy, who was sat oppos... Continue»
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Looking after the neighbour

It was a beautiful sunny day so I deceided to go and see an old friend who used to live next door at our old house. As I knocked on his door there wasn't an answer, "Typical" I said to myself. I knew the couple next door and probably knowing they might be at work, her mother usually comes up to the house during the day, so they may know where he's gone.

I went to his neighbour and knocked on the door, no answer. I went round the back and knocked again, no answer. Odd I thought, so I had a cigarette, then knocked again, no answer. I thought I heard a noise so I looked through their front win... Continue»
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Cuckold Fiancé

Hello there. This is Paul's wife Susan. You may or may not have read the two other stories my husband wrote that involve me. One was my
early experience with a bachelorette stripper. The other was when I seduced a very young student who was my lab partner. This story I am writing alone as my husband wasn't particularly involved. i.e. I was working in Toledo and he was living at our home in Cleveland. Paul and I met in Cleveland and shortly after I was transferred to Toledo. We always thought this was a good, natural way of making certain we didn't rush into things. Within a year, Paul and I ... Continue»
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Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part four

This story can be found online at the now-abandoned blog, “Shared Cindy”. As it's a true story and far too good to be allowed to disappear, I'm putting it on my blog here for everyone's pleasure.

This is part four, and things are just starting to heat up. Enjoy!

Joe Arrives

“Uhmm… why don’t you just let me show you?” I asked.

“You have to show me? You can’t just tell me?”

“I’d just rather show you,” I said. “You’ll be more receptive them.”

A very exasperated, “Tsk…” and a sharp intake of breath was all she could emit as the three of us quickly riveted our attentio... Continue»
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Bev was leaving her daughter Lily at her own fathers house so she could spend time with her grandfather. He had raised Bev and she knew what would be in store for Lily. He loves young girls and even his own daughter. He had fucked her all her teen years and shared her with his friends. When she took Lily in he looked at Bev and smiled and said "Are you staying for some of my cock too? I know you must miss me fucking you." He then sat Lily in a chair and took Bev to his bedroom and pulled her clothes of and shoved her on the bed and began to suck her tits as he fingered her pussy. He said "You ... Continue»
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FIELDS OF DESIRE - PART 2 - Shirley vs Gladys

FIELDS OF DESIRE – PART 2 – Shirley vs Gladys
Although she had seen Joyce and Paulette in the field, Shirley had kept quiet about it and had not asked questions although she suspected something was up. Her mind was more on Gladys and Annika. It was pretty obvious the two lesbians had taken advantage of Shirley’s absence to have sex. Shirley had her eye on Annika since day one and, although she was not expecting Annika to be exclusive, she was hurt that the Dutch girl had not slept with her first. Shirley had made a pretty obvious pass the day they met but Annika had brushed her off. Now that ... Continue»
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Church helper

I was in my local church last Sunday and after the congregation had gone home I was helping to put all the books away, when Caroline a regular in church since the year dot, asked me if I'd help her sort out for a Christening later that day. As we were the only people in church I said I would. Caroline was 72, 5'5", long dark hair, slim,she was wearing a white top with black pants.

We continued to clear up when she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, "Yes" I replied, so she locked up and we went in the back. I asked her where her husband was and she said "He's too busy on the council", she sa... Continue»
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Married co-worker part 3

We kissed with me still inside her with her head turned backwards for..well, shit, i have no idea how long but I know it was long enough that we got to a point where we were still except our heads and wandering hands. I could feel her pussy still rhythmically gripping and releasing my dick kind of like an orgasm aftershock. we disengaged long enough to look at each other. I was still in awe at how sexy her body was. She was not a model type by any means. Very feminine though. I'm not even a guy with a breast fetish per say but hers were magnificent and she had just enough curves elsewhere ... Continue»
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I Do What I Am Told

6:12 am. I've just waken up this morning and there is already a cock dangling in front of my face.

The early morning sun only sends in a few dim rays of light through the broken slats of the cheap plastic window blinds. That is the only indication that a new day has begun. The rest of the room is filled with the darkness and cold air of the night prior.

My eyes are still puffy, my hair still frayed as my face hangs off the side of the bed from a long night of broken sle.ep. I've yet to fully wake as I partially dangle off the mattress. That is no excuse as the man continues to stand... Continue»
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Dominating A 18 Year Old Birthday Girl

I am at this birthday part for a hot little virginal blonde girl who just turned 18. Her b*****r what to watch her get fuck hard, see her get fisted and take my cum. So, I was up for some fun so I said sure.

I started to chat up the tight sexy blonde birthday girl. She said she knew nothing about sex except how to give boys lap dances and suck there cocks. I could feel my cock grow as I was talking with her. She had a sweet innocent voice. When the party was coming to a close I asked if she would what to have have some fun back at my place. She was very eager to come back with me I told her... Continue»
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A Romantic Encounter...2

I slid my arms around Ron's shoulder's and caressed his head and shoulders as I nestled my lips between his head and shoulders as he slowly and deliberately worked my bung hole. I could feel his muscles flex and tense as he skilfully made luv to me, my entire body was quaking with each movement he made.

I placed my hands on each side of Ron's face and pulled his lips to mine and kissed him deeply as I surrendered myself to him. I sucked eagerly on his thick tongue and lips as Ron hunched and grind his manhood deeper and deeper into my bung.

Moaning and groaning my submission to him I ... Continue»
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An Affair to Remember

I loved the excitement of my secret affair. I couldn’t get enough. And that was the problem…

My affair with Dan started innocently enough in an online chat room and blossomed into a series of steamy encounters. I looked forward to our daily emails and chats and longed for the times when we met. But, in the eight months since we had known one another, we only been alone a few times.

Dan and I, both married to other people, always met in public places. The coffee shops, restaurants, beaches and public pools we frequented together afforded little privacy. Our physical relationship w... Continue»
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Vacation to LA part 5

As I walked back inside i felt my b*****r in laws cum running down my thighs and i was very horny i thought bout taking a shower and getting dressed but instead i layed on my bed rubbing my clit. I brought myself to another orgasm but it wasnt good enough i wanted derricks cock inside me i wanted him to fill my pussy with his big black cock, so I put on my black g string bikini and matching top put on my dark eyeliner and black lip stick and 5 inch spike heels. I walked back outside he was sitting by the pool lounging around i walked up knelt down infront of him took his cock out and started g... Continue»
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My Second Time With Judy

Weeks went by and I didn't hear from Judy. I was beginning to think it was just one of things, an alcohol induced encounter. One day out of the blue I got a text from her. It began as idle chit chat, then she asked me if I could get away for a bit. I told her I could and she said she would text me in about 45 minutes where to meet her. I patiently waited for her text. When I finally got her text I loaded the address into my phones gps and started to drive. It showed she was about 30 miles up the highway. I drove and about 40 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of a f****y run motel. I ... Continue»
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The Man in the Dress Shop

Growing up with very little, I knew what it was to want things I could never have. The only thing I did have was my body. I started developing early. By 13 I could already pass for 16, maybe even 18. So by the time I was 18 I was well versed in how to use my body to get what I wanted. I wanted material things and I wasnt afraid to use my body to get them. I grew up in a small town, my mother worked hard but she never really did much mothering. She would screw men to pay the bills. Rent was cheap in our building for everyone but it was even cheaper because on the first of every month my mother ... Continue»
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My Slut Mom

I knew I had to hold out just a little longer, I made a few more very hard, very deep thrust and finally mom started to shake and buck as she screamed out and her pussy clamped tight around my cock. I exploded coating mom's insides with my seed. We were both out of breath as we always were after our sex sessions. We laid there together, my cock deflating inside her warm, wet pussy catching our breath and enjoying the after glow. This is something we have done for five or six years now. "Wow mom! That was incredible. You are an amazing lover." I said. "Well thanks, I have always got good revi... Continue»
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