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Another completely true story(regretably so I must

I start by saying that I am a happily married woman. married … years in fact to a man I adore. With that said, I have made some Ill advised decisions due to the fact that I am probably the horniest woman alive. No joke, my sex drive is more like a mans. I love to fuck and my husband and I are perfectly matched freaks. My desires would flare up at work a lot though and the hours until I would be home to mount his cock were too much to take. I work with mostly men and many would tell me how sexy I am. I played into it by wearing tops that would allow my big boobs to be very visible to all who wa... Continue»
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Wife and husband get fucked in bus trip

My wife and I went to for pilgrimage that included five hours journey in a rickety small bus packed with filthy, ugly and big black villagers. To make things easier, it was dark, very dark. Unplanned things happened.

When we just got married, my wife and I decided to go to a temple located high up on the Himalayas. It is a very special temple where Shiva and Parvati got married and we thought it would bring good luck to our newly married life.

The temple is located at a very high altitude of 8,000m above the sea level and understandably it is bitterly cold there. Being young, the only... Continue»
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True s****r b*****r

Who I am is unimportant. What I am is a doctor of psychology and a counselor to people in trouble. Unlike a psychiatrist, I listen to people and help them heal themselves. A psychiatrist dispenses d**gs, the quicker the better, so that he can afford that big house on the hill with two Mercedes. There is a reason that psychiatrists have such a high suicide rate and their patients have an even higher one.

Over the years, I have heard many stories: some shocking, some mundane, some funny, some sad. Then I heard the most unusual one of all. One morning, a new patient came in. My receptionist ... Continue»
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Morning Surprise

I see you log in about 7am! hum...

So there you are just logged on... as you are reading my last msg (about
an hr earlier), you feel a light breeze inside your legs that are open
because you're cock is getting excited. You look down and see my hand
right in front of your panties hovering above your swelling cock! What a

You can see up my skirt that my panties are wet with excitement. I'm
wearing my new blue silky m&s panties and they feel so silky on my stiff
cock that i'm leaking pre cum into the gusset.

You lean under your desk to get a closer look, you reach ... Continue»
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Kelly Bundy Lap Dancer

Jefferson Darcy could not believe it. He was at the
nudie bar while Marcy was at work, like usual. When a
new dancer came out on stage. The new stripper was his
gorgeous, blonde, teenage neighbor, Kelly Bundy.

Jefferson had seen Kelly in various states of un-dress
since he had moved in with Marcy, but never like this.
The music blared from the sound system as she stepped
out onto the tiny stage in the middle of the bar.

This was not the usual bar that he would frequent with
his best friend and Kelly's father, Al Bundy. That was
a pretty tame place compared to this. Over... Continue»
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Do you like massage?

You lie naked on the bed, I have a large bowl of hot water with oil warming and retrieve a towel from the sink that is hot and wet, I lay the towel on your back to warm you and draw the bl**d to the surface, before it cools too much I remove it and you feel the hot oil drizzle on your back. I hurry to spread it all around so it doesn't drip off onto the bed. the warm towel is on your upper legs now as I continue spreading the oil on your back. Now the drizzle is on your legs and I smooth it around refreshing the towel for your lower legs; repeating the process of apply and spreading the oil.... Continue»
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National Lampoons Clark and Ellen

a few doors down the hall, Clark and Ellen
Griswold were just finishing up some packing. Clark was
messing around with their new camcorder and Ellen was
finishing up a shower. Ellen stepped out of the shower
and Clark walked into the bathroom filming her.

"Oh Clark come on, get out of here" she said as she put
one hand over the camera lens and one over her face.
She was wearing a towel that covered her nice body.
Ellen had a great body for her age. She had nice
athletic legs and full B cup breasts. The best part was
her strong nipples. They sat on her chest like small
... Continue»
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Contento lui........contenta io.

“Adesso mi devi spiegare cosa intendi quando mi chiedi qualcosa in più”
Avevamo appena finito di scopare e il mio caro maritino per l’ennesima volta mi chiedeva qualcosa in più, dopo oltre 20 anni di matrimonio in cui gli ho concesso tutti i buchi disponibili non riuscivo a capire cosa volesse.
“Ma si un qualcosa di diverso, qualcosa che ci ecciti maggiormente e che rafforzi il nostro legame, magari qualcosa che risolva il mio problema”
Il problema di mio marito è che lui è molto bravo di lingua e con le dita mi fa impazzire, però quando mi penetra dura poco, un minuto al massimo e se ne... Continue»
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Stan brought her from the room to the play room. She was dressed in a sheer robe and nothing else. He took the robe from her and let it drop to the floor. Her tits were huge just as he loved them. She was chosen for his needs because of her huge tits and very sexy ass. She also loved sex and any kind. Even rough, kinky, and nasty. Of the three whores he had in his control she was the one he fucked daily. The other two were used for sex shows. He had them either fuck each other as he loved to watch the lesbian sex or he would bring men in to fuck them. They were extremely nasty and sometimes he... Continue»
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Who let the kitty in?

Everyone and everything in this story was over eighteen years old at the time of writing.


His wife slept next to him every night. And his wife's cat slept curled up on the end of the bed by her feet. The cat was black, which made a big difference, because each night around 3:00 am the man would wake up in a pleasant daze and listen for a while to his beautiful young wife's peaceful breathing, except that when ever he glanced at the end of the bed, the cat sitting calmly looking at him. And without fail each night, when he glanced to the end of the bed, that black cat placidly staring, ... Continue»
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A different trip to the Adult Theater

Sunday afternoon arrived. I sat in the dining area of our town home nibbling at a sandwich, waiting for my wife, Cheryl to come down from our room after showering and dressing in one of her slut outfits, ready to go out for some hot fun.

"So, where are you taking your slut wife today, pervert?" She asked in a nasty voice, as she now stood next to me in a black cotton mini skirt, black hose, loose, wrap style, pale blue blouse, under which she wore a black shelf bra which held up her tits provocatively, and four-inch heels.

"Mmm, I thought we might have a little fun at the theater this a... Continue»
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School Nurse Confidential 3

School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 3 of 3
by DirtyMindedMom

My whole world was different. Ever since Nurse Cady had opened my eyes (as well as her pussy), I was seeing things in a new light. I sat in fourth period English and stared at Mrs. Hughes moving around in front of the class talking excitedly about Catcher in the Rye. I’d never paid much attention to her before, but now I was compelled to study my seemingly asexual teacher in a new way.

She was tall and slim. Her breasts were small but their existence was undeniable. Her hips had no discernable curve beneath the plain skirt she wore... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 12

A week passed. Melinda's routine was relentless. The morning: shower and shave and toilet, a vigorous workout, the solarium. In the afternoon: various menial tasks. In the evening: cuffed to the bed, the metal block between her legs.
She had not seen the Master, but she had the strong impression that he had been watching her. The lights had been left on in the cell, and the video camera was operated, its lens zooming in and out, focusing on her naked body. She could see his eyes, cold and blue, and imagined him laying on his bed naked, his big smooth cock erect and excited.
She was not depre... Continue»
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Star Trek: Enterprise Universes Collide Welcome to

There are many realities, more diverse then just good and evil; there are different shades of each, all influencing the behavior of every person in that universe.

‘How far out are we Travis?’ asked Captain Jonathan Archer, staring intently at the view screen from his Captain’s chair. The Enterprise was investigating a strange tear in space and time, forming near the border between Vulcan and the Andorian space. Because both Andoria and Vulcan could not trust one another, Commander Shran had asked the Enterprise to mediate between the two races again. It was up to them to investigate the tea... Continue»
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Tulsa Cuckold: Part 1

It was early afternoon on a Friday in April. I had been looking forward to this weekend for A few weeks. Me and my husband, Andrew had just starting cuckolding a couple of months earlier. Although we were trying hard to find partners for me, we were not having much success. During the course of those past few months, I had only been with two guys in total. But this weekend we were trying something different. To prepare for the weekend I went to the mall. I went from store to store trying the find the sexiest outfits. I ended up purchasing five dresses and three pairs of heels. After I left the... Continue»
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The Dice Game

I’m Chuck and in March 1999 I was twenty nine years old and had been divorced for five months. I met this eighteen year old girl that I thought looked good. Her name was Christy and she was five foot two and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has blue eyes and long silky hair that looked reddish in certain light. Her skin was very pale and she has a lot of reddish freckles on her breasts and shoulders. Her breasts were a natural B cup topped with pinkish nipples that got about a half an inch long when she was aroused. She was a shy-sweet, innocent, adorable, chubby little cherubic girl... Continue»
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A Dark Parking Lot

I connected with a guy named Trevor on craigslist and we met one evening at a nearby parking lot at a nearby strip mall. I got there first and park in a dark area away from the stores. When Trevor pulled up beside me, I got out and joined him and settled into the passenger's seat of his car.

There was enough moonlight that I could see that he was middle aged, in shape and handsome. Trevor was probably around five foot ten, with salt and pepper hair and he was nicely dressed. We started chitchatting and I learned that he was married and wanting to explore his bisexual tendencies in an uncom... Continue»
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When I moved into my new house, I couldn’t help but notice I was surrounded by gorgeous guys.

It was an obscene wealth of knockouts, from the tall, slender Air f***e officer next door, who jogged in slinky, clingy shorts that revealed every detail of his anatomy, to the scruffy ne’er-do-well around the corner, with his perpetual half-smoked cigarette and mop of bleached blonde hair.

But the fella who first caught my eye was the non-com across the street.

I have a thing for tall guys – tall and skinny. Invariably they have huge cocks, but it’s also their body shape that turns me in. I ... Continue»
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The Lawyer

I did my best to hide my new gender identity from my parents. I loved them dearly, but they were very traditional. My father was half Vietnamese and my mother was a Russian immigrant. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand. I wasn’t sure I understood the changes I was experiencing.

I was nearly nineteen when they died. When I went to their funerals, I went as my male persona. They'd left me some money and I was able to make the leap to being a woman full time. I felt liberated and uninhibited.

I frequently visited their graves as ‘Angie’ and tried to explain myself to them. Obviously, I c... Continue»
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Me And Mrs. Jones

So I’m sure we all had a teacher we had a crush on in school, well mine was my second grade teacher. I assure you that this has nothing to do with c***d porn I’m not a sick fucker like that.

Like I said my 2nd grade teacher was fuckin’ hot; she always dressed conservative not showing much but she had a nice pair of perky tits and a nice round ass, shoulder length brown hair and she was always done up with makeup.

So years down the road I was at the bar having a few after I watched the Miami Heat win it all, happy not only because my team won but because I won about 1000 dollars on the se... Continue»
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